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May 4, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 4, 2018

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PAGE 30B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 4, 2018 lnt e 1/2, Par Diem 8o.75, . Twstea shall p teed wrfh Pursuant to Sertion with intePst a cwing at Smalls lll, 100 Feldar Cr6ek Rd, 14, 32 H0LE, 1/V201 4, 72, $6,431.24, 83.17; Herbert detault in lhe manner set to h DelauW Balance $1,528.00 the sale ot the Prop6rty as 721 .856, Florida Stat es, the rate of (See Exhibrf ,4") Summe ille, SC 29483, 1/2 #| 5214/56-61, 86,431.24, $3.1 7; G Pe z and Priscilla Perez, in this notice at any time betore DefauW Data 10117114 BRIAN provided in Section 721.8M,the undersigned Twstee as per day, with r6gard to the,Season-Float WaaMloat Unit, Fn Chewbin and Lucimene 9926 sw Eas!brook Cir, Porf lhe undersigned t stee's sale K. SMITH a VONDA .u. Florida Statutes, in which tase, appointed bL wEsTGAn tollowing al property located,B-1114, 22/0DD, 11/2812016, Ch ubin. 38 Robbins Lane, St Lucie, FL 34987-2432, 1 ot your timeshare interest. lf you SMITH, 6336 DAWNFIELD the undenigned Twstee shall: VACATION ILLAS, uc in Osceola Coun . Florida: 502411023, 82,712.00, $1.34; We bu . NY 11590, 1 F xed Fixed WaaMixed Unrf, FFF- do not object to the use of lhe LANE RICHMOND, VA 23231, (1) Provide you with wrmen mereinaWar rete ed to as (See Exhibk A fime Share Toni M LearanJ Robin E Lear, WeeMiwed Unil, GGG-16, 14/ 07, 45 H0LE, 1/2/201 4, tvsl86 foreclosure procedure. fimeshare Unit 14305, Week nolica ot th6 sale, includin We gate") hareby tormally ' lnt8r8st(5) (Saa Exhibrt A.'),1420 N 16 St, LatayeWe, IN WHOU. 11V2014, 5214/56- 5214/68-72, 86,431.24, $3.17; you will not be subje to a 37, Annual, Timashare lnterest lhe date, lime and location notifies you that you have accoding to the Timesharing 479O4, 1/2 All Season-Float 61, 84,839.42. 82.39; Maria Clarence S Lombad and deficiency judgment even if 1, Par Diem &1.55, Default thePof: (2) Reco th6 notice defauWed under the Note Plan tor lhe Westgate Town WeaMloat Unit, B-1703, 21/ E Ca alho, 14708 Daybreak Sh6|ly L Lombad and Marc the proc68ds hom the sale Balance 83,133.oo, DefauW ot sale in tha Public Records and Mortgaga by tailing to Center, retoded in tha OMcial EVEN, 1 1/28/2016, 485ol2o22, Dr, Lu,FL 33559. 1 Fixed Lombard, 1329 s Meadow or your timesha interest Date 1 0 27/1 3 RICARDO ot Osceola Coun,Florida; and make the paymant due on Records Book 1564. at Page $2,673.15, $1.32. WeeMixed Unk, HHH-05, 20/ St, Mataine, LA 70003-5921, a insumtienl lo oWs& the |. GONZAW 6 MIREYA (3) Publish a copy ot the notice (See Exhibit wA") and all 1479, ot lh6 Public Records April 2T; May 4, 2018 WHOU. 1/v2014, 5214/56- 1/2 Fixed WeeMixed Unrt, amounts secuPd by the lien. GONZAW, 63 TEMPLE ot sale two (2) limes. once each subsequant payments. You ot Osceola Coun . F!orida L 165393 61, $5,294.80, 82.61: exia FFF-08, 18/0DD. 1/2 2014, By: GREENSFOON MARDER. STREET APT 3 SOMERVIUE, wee for two (2) Succ8Niv8 cu ently owe Wastgate lhe (lhe Plan ). Together wkh the C Takell and Martha L Takell, 5214/68-72, $7,194.14, $3.55; LL,T stee. MA 02145, Tlm85ha Unit weehs. in an Osceola Coun a Dunt of (See Ewhibit A right to occupy. punuant to 1 15 WOODSIDE AVE, Trenton, James F Gallagher and Ma WNIBIT "A" - NoncE OF 1N01, we6k 50, Annual. newspaper, provid6d such a wrth intere actwing at the Plan. Building(s)Wnrt(s) NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND NJ 08618 EWa R Treadwell, 9 K Gallagher, 31 Grand Ave, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO fimeshare lntere 1, Per n6wspap8r 6x s at the time the rata ot (See Exhibk A") (See Exhibh A"l, during Unk INnNT TO FORECLOSE Baysho Blvd, Goose CPek, Lynbrook, NY 11563 Tracey FORECLOSE Diem $1.55, Datault Balance ot publishing. lt you fail to per day, wrfh gad to the Week(s) (See Ewhibrf A"l, wuTGAn VACATION sc 29445, 1 Fixad k/ o Loughlin, 753 Rockaway Owne sVObligor(s), Tlmeshare $3,1N.00, Detault Date cure tha d6fauW as set forfh tollowing al proparty localed during ANign8d Yea s), TSee VIUM XW nLE: 2TT . 3T Fixed Unk. HHH-06, 121 Av6 Apt 1A, Valley StPam, lnt6 st, Building-Unrf, w68kl 10n7/13 DANIEL SIMMONDS in this notice or take other in Osc6ola Coun,Florida: Exhib A"l. 7T00 Westgate Pursuant to Section 721.855, WHOU, 1lV2014, 5214156- NY 11581-2027, 1 Fixed AMign8d Year, D auW Date. a JESSICA M. REYNOLDS, appropriate a ion wrfh gad (See Exhibh A Tlma Share Blvd Mimm88, FL 34747, Florida Stat as, wEsTGAn 61, $4,591.16, $2.26; Michael Wa6k/Fix8d Unit, Fn-13, 511 Boo Paga ot Recoded Len, 392 AIRPORT RD APT. 216 to this toreclosure maWer, you lnt6r6st(sT (s66 Exhibh A' Building m6r8in Tlme Share vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS R Drfata, 63 PoNum Dr, New WHOLE, 11212014. 5214 6a72, Amount, Per Diem Amount NORTH BAY, ONTARIO, P1 risk losing own8r5hip ot your accor ing to the Timesharing Plan (P pe y) Addr8N"). As AssoclAnoN, INC. Faimeld, CT 06812-5012, 112 89,572.37, $4.72: JacWy Marie Michael R Howard, 524 w 8x1 CANADA, fimashare Unit timesha inte th ugh the Plan tor tha W6stgat8 Tow a sult of he atorementionad e inaW& f6 8d to as Fixed WeeMixed Unk, III-02, Jamas, 2342 RocWont Dr, William David Pkwy, Metairia, 15705, Waak 38, Triennial C, twst68 to&losu procedure Center, r8Gord8d in the O cial detault, We gata h6r6by alec s We gata"), has recorded a 7 0DD, 11V2014, 5214156- Saint Louis, MO 63136-6131, LA 70 5, 112 Fixed Weekl fim6sha lnt8r6st 113, Per e ablished in Sertion 721.855, Racods Book 1564, at Page to sell the p pe y punuant Claim ot Len in the amount 61, 87,194.14, $3.55; Claud 112 Fix6d WeeMixed Unit, Fixed Unk, UL-D6, 110>D. D m 8o.42, DetauN Balance Florida Stat es. You may 1479, of th6 Public R6cods to Se ion 721.856, Florida of (See Exhibrf wA"l, with M Dawkins and Delores M GGG-02, 2/0DD, 112/2014, 11v2014, 521 41390-396, . . DetauW Date 10117114 choose to sign and s6nd to ot Osceola County, Florida Stat 6s. Please be advised inte st acc inq at he rate of Dawkins, 1367 Highway 18, 5214168-72, $6,488.29, 83.2o: 85,457.26, $2.69; Shakria MARK O. WAUER. 705 e undenigned w ee an (th6 Plan . Togath& wrfh lhe that in the event th your (See Exhibit A per day, and Louin. MS 39N8, 112 Fixed hman Bakkar, 187 Riyadh StavEns. 90 3d Ave Apt nsHER DR ROCKWELL NC obja ion form, 8x6 ising your right to occupy, punuant to obligation is not b ught cu ent record6d in O.R. Book (See W68Mix8d Unit, III-07, 181 Milila Ho p, Po Box 7897, 2d, Bay Sho,NY 11706, 1 28138, Tlm6share Unk 15508, right to obje to 18 use ot the the Plan, Building(sTNnk(s) (including the payment ot any Mibk A,at Pag6 (See Exhibit ODD, 1 u2014, 5214156-61, Ri adh, SAUDI ARABIA 11159, Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, UL- k 43, Annu,Tlm6sha tw 66 lo&losu p cedure. (See Exhibk A"), during Unrf tees intut d by Westg e in A"), ot a Public Recods ot 85,457.26, 82.69; Lnda M 1 ixed Wee Fixed Uni ,GGG- 06, 10 H0LE, 11V2014, lnt& 1, Per Diem $1.M, Uponth6und8nign tw 68's Weak(s) (See Exhibil A,tomn ncing thi5 to lowR Ostaola County, Florida, and Toppin, 21 B kenham Crt, 07, 27 H0LE, 1/v2014, 52141390-396, $4,989.42, DetauW Balanc6 S3,133.oo, r6c8ipt ot your signed ob ion during ANign8d Yea s), (S6e p caMT wMin thirfy (30l M6 undenigned Tw ee as Etobicoke, ON, CANADA 5214168-72, 86,4o3.48, $3.16; $2.46; Me ande Bwno and De uW Date 10127113 JAMES torm, th6 tO tlosu of th6 Exhibrt A"). 7700 Waslgate daSs hom the fim date of appointedbyWe gate,hereby M9C3K8. 1 Flxed w68hl Enmanual N Diaz Casado and Su yxBwno,158ChainOHills M. COLES, 106 USSERY li6n with 5p t0th6 detauW Blvd uimm86, n 34747, pu lication, the undenign6d tom,notmes (See Exhibk Flw6d Unk, III-10, 40 H0LE, No i A Santos Mella, Co a Rd, ls6lin, NJ O, 1 Fixed, STREET ANNA, IL 62906, specified in this notica sh,Building me in Tlm& Share Tw5t86 shall pmeed w h Ma A th duato yourtailuR to 11v2014, 5214/5661, Rica No 36 Ens o,Sanlo LLL-07, 15 H0LE, 11v2014, fi sha Unit 18606, Week ba subject to the judicial Plan p pertyl Add&5"). sala otthe PDparty as pDvid8d pay the annual aM8Mm8 (s) S6,431 .24, 83.17; Ca os Domingo Dn, DOMINICAN 521 41390-396, 84,989.42, 40. Biannial EVEN, Tlmeshare lo&losu p cedu only. a &ult ot the ato m6ntion8d in S6ttion 721.856, florida dua on (Saa Exhibh A and Federico Veintimilla Chiriboga REPUBLIC, 1,Season- S2.46; Roba o Rodrigue , lnt t 112, p& Diem $0.83, You hava tha right to w your datauW, w65tgat8 hereby elerts Statut6s, in which ca56, th6 all ass8Mm8nt(s) thereaWer, and Maria Del Carmen Float WeeklFloat Unit, GGG- 1712 Pion Ave Ste 1845, DatauW Balante $1,680.00, defauN in the manner s& lorm to sell the Dp6rfy pursuant undenigned Twrt68 shall: (1) you a cu ently in defauW Ca aKo Duenas, Urb El 10, 36 H0LE, 1 v2017, Chay6nn8, WY 98116, 1 Fix6d Da W D e 1OI27 13 RUBENS in this notice at any tin befo to S6 ion 721.856, FIDrida PDvid6 you whh wrmen notice of your obligations to pay Condado, Calle B Y C le |, 5214 68-72, $1,102.96, $0.54; Wee xed Unk, LU-08, 11 PORTS S SILVANA MEDEIROS he undenignad t stea's sale Statlrt . PI6as8 be advisad otthe sal6, intluding lhe date, ssmants dua to Westgate Oa5-12, auito, ECUADOR, Angal Santana and Adelina WHOU, 101v2014, 5214 390- DE SOUZA PORTS, AV otyourti rna im& t. lfyou that in wa event that your time and loGation m&eol; (2) on tha tollowing described al 1 Fixed WeaMixed Unit, III- Santa Maria, 9 Madison St. 396, $4,886.28, 82.41: Emma D. ROMUALDO COEWO do not objert to the use ofMe obligationis notbDughtGu ent R o the notite of s e in pDp8rfy lotated in Oscaola 16, 491WH0U, 11v2014, Newark, NJ 07105 April Belo, Susana De Vllla,1960 NE QUADRA 3a9 CASA 15 v. DOS twstee to closu u . rlncluding Me pay nt of any the Public Racords of OK8ola Coun Florida: (See Ewhibit 5214 56 1,$4,989.42, 82.46. 384 Lafaye e St, Newark, NJ 198THTER, Miami,FLN179, 1 CABANOS BARCAREN,you will not b6 wbd to a t intu by Bgat6 in Coun ,florida;and(3)Publish A,B Ma lnta st(s) @| T;May 2O18 07105-2704, 1 Fixed Wa6k Fix6d W8e x6d Unit, MMM- PARA B L 7 BRAZIL d cienty judgment ev rf encing this tor lowre acopyotthanolic6ots 8two (See Mibil A as defined in L16N94 Fix6d Unit, GGG-14, V 02, 2VWH0E 1/212014, fim85hal Unrf 19404, w k th6 p ceads hom the s e p ceu) whhin thir (30l (2)tim6s,onc8Bad w for th6 Detlaration ofCovenants, WHOLE, 11v2014, 5214168- 52141390-396. $4,989.42, 8, nu,fim ha lntera of your tim ha int& day hom tha fim data of two (2l wcceuive w,in Condh ns and R trirtions 72, S6,431.24, 83.17:. 1 Flxad $2.46: Loranzo &antes and 1, P6r Diem 8o.76, Default a in5umti8nt to oRset th6 publitation, th6 undanigned anOK8olaCouWnewspap6r. tor the tg e Vaca on NoncE OF DEFAULT nND WeehlFixed Unk, GGG-14, v Ada,L nez d German R Balanca $1,547.00, Default amounts secu d by Ma,n. Tmst88 shall p ceed whh the p vid6d suth a newsp Vlllas xlx, O tial Racords,TO FORECLOSE WHOU, 11v2014, 5214168- Madrid and Ana L Ce anlas, Data 9120115 THE UNKNOWN By: GREENSPOON MARDER, sal6 ofth6 p p6 y as p vided 6xists atth6ti otpublirning. Book 1132, Page 1485, ot wuTGAn v^cAnoN 72, S6,431.24, $3.17; Club Colonia TRjO 20 1 Avanida SPOUSE, HEIRS, DEVISEES, LLP Twrtae. in Se ion 721.856, Florida lt you il to wP the defauW the Public Records ofOsceola UAS wx nLL TT . S6|8rt Resorfs and Tlm ha 11 Call6 San P8dD Zula, G ES, ASSIGNEES, EXNIBIT n" - NoncE OF Stat 6s, in which cas6, he a5 s& torth in this notic6 or CouW,floridaTthe Plan")and Punuant to S ion 721.855, Trade lns, LLC. 10923 w HONDURAS. 1 F ed w68 UENORS, CREDITORS, DEFAULT AND INnNT TO und6nign8d T ee shall: (1) tak6 other app pri 6 artion all amandmenl(s) thereto, rf norida Statlrf8s, wEsTGAn Slata Hwy 176, Walnw Shade, Fix6d Un,MMM-,451 TRusnEs, AND AU OTHER FORECLOSE PDvid8 you with wriW6n notice wkh gard to this tor losu any. Tog6th6r wkh the right to vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS MO 65771, 1/2 Flxed Weekl WHOLE, 1M014, 52141390- PARnEs CL MING AN Own6 s)IObligo s), fim6sha ot he sale, including the dal6, ma er, all sums due and occupy, pur5uant to lhe Plan, ANoclAnoN, INC. Flxad Unit, GGG-15, 421 396, a,989.42. 82.46; Tamig INnREsT BY, THROUGH, lm&est, Building-Unh, kl tima and lotation lh&aot; (2) owing under th6 Note and Building-Unk(s) (See Exhibit maT8inaw8r fer d to as EVEN, 11212014, 5214168-72, LLC A Nevade Lmked UNDER OR AG NST THE As5ign8d Y D6 uW Dat6, R o e notice or sale in Mo gaqe 5hall be accelarated wA,during Unk Waak(s) (See W6rtgat6,has 0 6d a $2,588.56. 81.28; AI8xand6r Labil yCompany,36O5#port EsTAn OF LUANN BERRY. BookPag6 ot R8cod6d Len, M6 Public R8co 5 otOsceola and wil b6tome immadiataly Exhibk A,during Assign6d Claim ot Len in the amount p Gunn and Julia A Gunn, 28, WaySo h,Sea la,WA98134, DECEASED, 718 NICWL unt, p& Diem m coun ,norid and(3)Publirn due and payabla. Add ion ly. Y8a sl,(S66 Exhibit A .77OO ot (s Exhibk A,with Nurse Road, Cheadle Hulme, 112 Fixed W6eMix6d Unit, STREETFREMONT, OH4342O, Ramon L Olivaras and Ma ia acopyotthenoticaofsaletwo as a uW ot 6 detauW, you Bgate Blvd uimm68, inte rt acc ing a the rat6 of Cheadle, ENGLAND SK8 6HL MMM-07. 411EVEN, 1l2 2014, fin 5ha Unit 19804, W k M MartinBz, 504 oa um Sl, (2)tim,onc6 6ach weak. lor ri5k losing ow&rnip ot your FL 34747 m&ein Tlme Sha (See Mibrt A perday, and 1 Fixed W6eMixed Uni ,HHH- 5214 390-396. 85,729.43, 30, Biennial ODD, Tlmasha Brandon, FL *11. 1 Fw6d two (2) sut ive w ks, in tima5ha int th ugh e prop Addr 5"). As a cold6d in O.R. 8ook (s68 04, 33 H0LE, 11212014, t2.83; Austin E Lathrop and lntera 112, p& Diam $0.75, W86Mix8d Unrf, B8-03, 48 an OKeolaCountynewspap&, twstee tor low pmedu suW of the ato menlioned Exhibk A ,atPage(S Exhibrf 5214168-72, 86.431.24, 83.17; KaM aan A Lathrop, 2583 DatauW Balanc6 $1,528.00, WHOU, 1M014, 5214n7- provided such a n6wspap6r 8 ablirn6din &ion 721.856, datauW. Wa gat6 h6 by ela s A . ot the Publ Recods ot Darenda D Higginbotham, 812 Washington Dr, Gilb6 s ll6, PA De uW Date 10117114 ERNEST 32, 86,343.4o, $3.13; G6og6 ,axists at thetime of publishing. Florida Statutas. Any right to sell Me PD punuant Osteola County, norida. and Jr Subar Rd, Norman Park, 19525, 1 Fwed x6d Unrf, G. HAU 6 HALUE D. HAU, K Ow6ns Jr, 20108 Radlen lf you tail to cure the detauW you may havelo Rin 8 the to Sertion 721.855, Florida the undenigned T st66 a5 GA 31771 Patricia L L86, MMM-o9.5 Hou,1m2o14, 1142W.HUNTRDALC0A,TN Av6, Canon, CA 90746, 1 as sat for in this notice or mortgage aRer accela tion StalWes. Please be advisad appoimed byWert ,ha by 1203 HICPOCHEE LN, Moore 5214n -396, $4,870.43, 37701, Tlm85ha Unk 19804, Fix6d W86 x8d Unrt. BB- take othar appDpria 6 artion will be pu uant to the t8rm5 thal in the 6vant that your rormal notmes ( Exhibrf Hav6n, FL 33471, 1 Flxed 82.4o; F dy Bu amameand W68k 40, nu,TIBa,49 H0U, 1n12014, wkh gard to this for6closur6 ot tha mortgaga. vou may obligationisnolbDughtcu ant A") Mat dueto yourt lu to W86klFix6d Unit. HHH-08, 231 Ja nin Bu t6, Lomas lnt 1, Per Diem $1.50, 5214127-32, 85,895.84. S2.91; maWer, all sums due and choose to s n and send to [lncluding the payment ot any pay th6 annual aN8ssm8nt(s) WHOLE, 1/V2014, 5214 6a- D6 Ud6sa-M ro5 740, Da uW B ance S3,ON John Home, Po Box 5,St o ng under the Note and the und6nigned t the t s intu ed by Wastg e in due on (See Mibk "A") and 72, $6,431.24, $3.17; Veronica Guayaquil, ECUADOR, 1 Fixed Detau w Date 10n7113 Vlnc t, ANnws, 1 Fwed Mortgage shall ba atc6|8rat8d 6ncl0s8d obje ion form, com ncing this fo&losu all aNaMm8nt(sl lhe aWer, M Moo ro,Hillc House, Wee Flxed Unrt, MMM-09, 1V A L FREED, 2505 WeaMixed Unk, BB-07, 19l and will me imm diata axercising yourrigMto obj6cl prot8M) wrfhin lhi y (30) you a w ly in d6lault 1A Ridgway Road, Famham, WHOLE 1lv2014, 52141390- NW 14 STREET ANKENY, IA wHou,1l2no14,5214n7-32, due and payabla. Addkional,lo th6 u5e ot Me t B6 day hom the fim data of ot your obligations to pay GREAT BRITAIN GU98NN, 396,84,989.42,$2.46;P6larH 50023, Tlm6shar8 Unk 19601, S6,343.4O,S3.13;E A BennaW, as a BuW ofm6 defauW, you fo&losu p du . Upon publitation, he undersignad a5s8Nm8nls dua to Wastgale 3 Fix6d W86Mixed Unk, Hicks and Reta N Hicks, 2z1 week 37, Biennial WEN, 66 Nash Lane, gMon, ri5k losing ow6nhip ot your the undenigned twst '5 Tw 86 sh,pDcead wrfh on Me tollowing dewribed al HHH-11, HHH-11, HHH-11, Tranquil y Ln. Cedar Hill, M fim6shar6 lnta st 112, Per ENGLAND DY9 9sw, 1 Fwad ti&a interestthrough tha teiptolyour gn obje ion th6 sale of tha p perty as pD located in Ostaola 341WH0U, 35 H0LE, 41 75104. 112 #| Season-Float Diem $0.83, DetauW Balanca W86Mix8d Unk. CC-04, 191 tw 66 to&losu pDc8dur8 torm, we t osure ot the pDvded in Se ion 721.855, County. florida: (S66 Exhibit WHOU,1/U2O14,5214l68-72, Wea float llnk, MMM-09, 291 $1 ,680.00, DetauW Date WHOLE, 1 v2014. 5214 27- 8 abli5h8d in Sertion 721 .856, mo gage whh p lo Me norida St L . in which casa, A fi P ShaR lma (5) $15,598.16, $7.69. ODD. 112n014, 5214n90-396, 10 27113 ERICA G. SERRANO, 32, $6,343.40, 83.13: Kehh Florida Stat es. Any right detauW specmed in lhis notice the und&signed Tw ea shall: (See E ibrf .A as d6fined in Apnl2l;May4, 18 $5,341.27, $2.63; Robe o 70 Pm ST. APT. 19E NEW c Challanger, 4 Wedgawater you may haveto reinstat6th8 shall be subjertto thejudicial (1) p vide you w h wrinen th6 D lara on ol Covenants, L 16N98 Churf and Maria R Chuk, vldl YORK, NY 10002, Tlm85ha Ct, G anvilla, SC 2 mo gage aWer acceleration tor6clo ura p cadure on . notice ot th6 sal6, including Condkions and R6strirtions 2027 12 Piso 5, Buanos r6s, Unrf 87,Week 18, Annual, Patricia A Challenger, 26 E will b6 punuant lo tha tarms You have the right to cura ha data, lime and location tor M6 W8stgat6 Vacation ARGENnNA 01425, 1 Fixed Tlmeshare lnt6re 1, P6r Mountainvieew, G nvilB, SC ot the mortgage. You may yourdetauW in the manner set th6 ot; (2) Record h6 no ice Vlllas xlx. omcial Records NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Wee xed Unrf. NNN-04, 27 Di6m 81.55, DetauW Balanc6 29609,1 Flx8dWe8M 6dUnit, thoose to sign and send to lorfh in lhis notice at any time ot sale in the Public Records Booh 1132, at Page 1485, ot INTENT TO FORECLOSE WHOLE, 1 N014, 5214/390- S3,133.oo, DefauW Data 6R113 cc-08, 371WH0U 1 v2014, the undenigned,st68 th6 bafo thet ee'ssaleofyour ofOsc6ola Coun,Florida; and the Public Records of Osc6ola wNTGnTE vAcAnoN 396, $4,989.22, $2.46; Jam6s DAND w BROWN 6 JOANNE 5214n7-32, 86.343.4o, W.13; 6ntl0s8d objerfion torm, timesharainter . lfyou do not (3) Publish a copy ot the notica County. Florida (the Plan l and VILLAS,FIU: n7 . 3g M Phillips and Joan R Phillips, P. BROWN. 38429 INWOODS Gemad O5vald and Norma J ax ising your right to objett obj8rttoth8u58 ofth8twEt88 otsal8two(2)tim65,onc88ath all amendmen (sT he o, it Punuant to Se ion 721.855, 6313 CARDINAL DR, N6w TRL Eusns, FL 32736, O5vald,4 Gr cy Road,Old to Ma use ot the twst68 ror lowrepm6duR,you will weak, ror two (2) Succ6Miv8 any. Tog&herwMthe rightto Florida Stalutes, wEsTGAn B&n, NC 28560, 1 Fixed Tlme hare Unh 6601, w68k Bridge. NJ 7, 1 2 F ed toraclosu pmedu . Upon not b6 subjert o a defici cy w6eks, in an Osc6ola Coun occupy, punuant to the Plan, VACATION VILLAS OWNERS W88 Flx6d Unrf, NNN-O8,Q6l 22, Biennial MN, Tlm6sha W66Mixad Unit, DD-10, 20 the undenigned tw5t88'5 judgmem even rf e procaeds newspap&, provid6d such a Building-Unit(s) (Sae Exhibrt AssoclAnoN, INC. WHOLE, 1 2/2014. 5214/390- lme 112, p& Diem $0.83, ODD, 1lu2o14, 521412T- eipt ot your signed obja ion hom he sale ot your tin 5har8 newspap& 8 5 the tim6 A . during Unit Waak(sl (Sa6 mereinawar r8t8 6d to as 396, $4,989.42, $2.46; Ca os DetauW Balance $1,680.00, 32, $2,552.00, S1.26; Ma lorm, lh6 to&losu of tha inl a insumci6m to ot publi5hing. lt you tail to Exhibh A,during Assi ed "Westgate"T, has &orded a Betancourf and Dalila M DetauW Date 10127113 s TuW e, 175 Ca llia Rd, mortgage whh pert to th6 otket lhe unts Bu d cu th6 d&auW a5 set torth Yaa s),(S66 Exhibk A . 00 Claim ot Len in the amounl 8&ancourf, Call6 El Pinal 22A RODERICK D. KING a JARITA Millb ok, AL 36054, 1 F ed detauW sp8tm6d in this notic6 by the mortgage lien. By: in Mis notite or taka other W gate Blvd Nimm88, ot (See Exhibrf A,wkh El Lmon, Ma cay Aragua, F. KING, 248 FOSTER MOUND WB8Mix6d Unil, EE-03, 311 shall be subje lo the juditial GREENSPOON MARDER, uP, appDpriat6 atlion wkh regad FL 34747 e in Tlme Share interasl aKwing at the rate ot VENUUELA 02105, 1 Flx6d RD NATCHU, MS 39120, WHOU, 11V2014, 5214127- to&losu pDc8dur8 only. Twst68. lo this foPtlosure maner, you (P pertyT Add u"). As a (S Mibk "A per day, and W6eklFwad Unh, NNN-10, 3& Tl shar6 Unh 2207, w86k 32, $6,343.40, $3.13; Donald You have th6 right to cure WHIBlr "A - NoncE OF risk losing own&ship of your suW ot the ato m8ntion6d recorded in O.R. Book (S WHOU, 1 2014. 5214 390- 47, B nnial MN, Tlm85ha p Sch 6r Sr and,na M yourdelauW inthe mannerset DEFAULT AND INnNT TO tim6shaR inte st through tha de uW, We gata h6r6by 6|8rts Exhibrf"A ,atPage(SeeExhibk 396, $4,989.42, 82.46; adimir lnter 112, P6r Diam 80.43, Sch 8d6r, 7N E G&oninD St. torth in lhis notice at any time FORECLOSL hstee to&losura proc6dura to 5&| the PDp6r pursuant "A"),-of th6 Public Recods of B ort, 1 Fox Run, Oy 6r Bay, D6tauW Balance $862.00, Chandl AZ 85225 Sebastian b8for8thahsta6'ssal8ofyour Own6r(sVObl o fi&ar8 e ablishedin S6rtion 721.855, to &ion 721.855, norida Osceola County, Florida, and NY 11771 Johann6 momas DetauN Date 9119 15 JUAN c Naslund, 282 GRANDN tim8sha im6Bt.lfyoudonot lnte,Buildin nk, w66 norida Stat es. You may Stalutas. Please ba advised the undersigned Trustee as Benoil, 9002 199th sl, Holli5, HEFUN TYWANNATOSTON AVE, Valparaiso, FL 32580, 1 obj6 toth8us8 otth8twst66 D&auW Date, BooWPage ot doose to gn and send to Mat in the avent th your appoin 6d byw8 gal8,h6l8by NY11423, 1 Fixed WaeMiw6d AKA TVWANNA MARnN, 401 Fixed Weekl xed Unh, EE- toBlosu p cadura, you will R o ed Mortgaga, DetauW the un gn6d twst66 an obligationisno broughtcunant formally notifies ( ee Ewhibi Unk, NNN-10, 51 H0LE, TAYLOR PLACE NORTHWEST 10, 34 H0U. 1n12014, not be subjert to a d6fici8nty unt, P6r Dien unt: objarf n form, exewising our flncluding th6 pay t ot any .A") that du6 to your tailureto 11v2014, 52141390-396, RENTON, WA 98057, 5214n7-32, $6,343.40, S3.13; judgg even itMe prot68d5 Sa h M Hunt, 835 Fonyh righttoobj8 toth8u5ao the taas in by stgate in pay the annual ass8Nm8nt(s) a,989.42, S2.46; Luis R Orfiz, fimesha Unrf 7603, k Femando E May les and homthesaleofyourtimesha St, Ma n, GA 31201 Sh&od t ee to&low pmedu . &cing this to&losu due on (See Exhibk wA and 117 KM 9 8, Lajas, PR 667 18, Biennial ODD, Tlmesha Eunice J Parez,Epsa-5057 Po interest a insu cient to M Hunl, 2604 BaWom Tower UponMeund8nignBdtwste6's pm s) wkhin mirty (30) all aNasNn8nt(sl th&eaW&, Judkh varado, Po Box 365, lnt8Bt 112, Per Diam $0.73, BoxO2565O,Miami, FLN1O2, oWset Me unts s8Gu d Way, Gaden, FL 34787, 2 iptofyoursign6dobj8rfion days hom the fim date ot you ala cur ntly in delauW Guay ,PROO785,1l2Fixed DefauW BalanG8 $1,478.00, 1 Fixed WaaMiwed Unh, FF- by th6 mortgag6 lian. By: All season-noat W hoat torm, e to&lo5u ot the publicat n, me und 5ign8d ot your obligations to pay w ed Unh, NNN-14, 3 DetauWD e1O 17 14SHAUNA 01, 47 H0U, 1 2014, GREENSPOON MARDER, L P, Unk, 4 15 15B, liBn wrmr6spe loth8 datauW Tw ee shall p c d whh aN8Nm8nts du6 to W6 gala ODD, 112n014,5214 3 396, c. COUNCIL, 3520 OUNVILLE 5214 27-32. 86,343.4o, $3.13; Twstee. 4000-15c, 4 15D, 341 spetmed in this notic6 sh,the sale ot tha p pa y as on the tollowing daKrib8d al $5,462.88, S2.69; Diocalina AWNUE APT 1K BRONX, NY Giuseppa Bi6|la and Maria QHIBIT NA" - NOTICE OF EvEN,35nvEN, 13nvEN, 19 be subje lo the judicial pDvid6d in &ion 721.855, properfy located in Osceola Sandov,Calle V ac z, No. 10467, Tlm ha Unit 8204, Oliveri De Biella, Vla Flc i DEFAULT AND INTENT ro MN, 6124 2016, 46Nn700, ro&losu procedu only. Florida S atutes, in whith case, County, Florida: (Sea Ewhibit N, Porfal 6, 1 Galapagar, k34,Triennial fimesha NN 34, Lmina Pv.M sina, FORECLOSE: a,9N.28, S2.43; Richard M You havethe rightto GU OUr the undenigned Twstee shall: A Tlme Share lnte st(sT Madrid, SP N 28260, 1 Fix6d lm 119, P6r Diem to.43, Sici . ITALY,1 Flxed Owe sVObligo s, Tlmarna HumJr,3871 No h5id8DrApt. detaultinthe mannersat orth (1) PD d8 you wkh wriWen (See Exhibrf A") as defined in W86klFw8d Unh, NNN-14, 501 DerauW Balance g862 W68 F Unk, FF-02, 34 lnl,Buildin nh. Wae G2, Maton, GA 31210, 2 #| in this notite at any ti beto notit6 of the sale, including the Daclaration ot Covananls, WHOU, 112n014, 5214139 DelauW Dat6 9119115 WHOU, 1 V2014, 5214n7- D&auW Dale, ooklPaga ot Saason-Float W o Unh, me undanigned twstea's sale Me date, time and lotation Conditions and R6strirfion5 396, $4,989.42, 82.46. (4 . ) 32, S6.343.4o. S3.13; Susan R 6d Mortgaga, De uW 4 -15 15B, - otyour im ha intW.ltyou &eor, (2) Record the no ice lor the Wast9ata Vacation April2 ;May 2O16 @| 2T; May 18 c Bunn6||,41 E Long adow A um, p& Diam Amount: 1K, 4 15D, 34nvEN, donotobj6rttoth6us8ottha ot s 6 in Me Public Racods Vlllas Ql, o tial Records L 165400 L1&5471 Rd, Wilbraham, MA 01 5, 1 Brian H Lawson, HWY 43 35MN, 13nvEN, 18MN, bu ae toreclosu pmedu,otO laCounty,Florida;and Book 1200, at Pag6 2720, ot Fixed WeeW xed Unrt, FF-05, FoMand, D&nopolis,AL 36732 4J2016, 46NnT . you,not b6 subj6tt to a (3)Publish a copy oftha no ite the Publit R8colds olOK8ola 6 WH0LE, 1M014, 5214n7- Shelia M Law5on,8O42 Counly a,9N.28, 82.43; J8ui6 L defitiency judgment even rf otsal8two(2)L Bs,onc88aGh County,Florida h8wPlan")and NoncE OF DunuLT AND NoncE OF DEFAULr AND 32, $6,343.40, S3.13: J s Rd 41, Fo land, AL 36740, K&ly,31 Gwbb Dr, Eu ula.AL 16 pot68ds hom th6 sale w k, tor two (2) suct8Miv8 all amendmant(s) lhe to. it INnNr ro FORECLOSE INTENr o FORECLOSE A fimm5, 125 w Manheim St, 1,Season-flo w68hl 36027,Tani ha Y Kel,1237 d your tim ha int& t w ks, in an Oscaola CouW any.TogatherwM Me rightto wuTGhn vncnnoN wuTGAn vncAnoN Philad6lphia,PA19144.1 Fix6d Float Unit, 5300-5364, 16 Pine T a Dr, Birmingham, AL a inwmcient to oWs6t Me ne paper, pD d8d such a octupy, punuam to the Plan, uhs nLL n . UAS wl FILE: zns&. Weekl xed Unrt, FF-07, 61 WHOU, 12Rn016, 43831791, 35235, 112 #| S n-Flo amoums secu d by the li6n. newspaper exi s at the lime 8uilding-Unh(s) (s86 Mibrt Punuant to S ion 721.855, Punuam to Sertion 721.a55, WHOU, 1 v2014, 5214 27- $6,182.00, $3.05; Wesley G WeeklFlo Unh, -77, 441 By: GREENSPOON MARDER, of publishinq. II you fail to A"l, durinq Unk Week(s) (Sae Florida Statut,wEsTGAn norida Sl es, WESTGATE 32, S6,22o.41, 83.o7; Ros io lsham and Lakaisha M lsham, EVEN, 1112 016, 5075n082, UP Twst . cure tha daauW a5 sat lorth Exhibit "A',during ANign8d vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS A a and Pa cia n, 207 cMam Lane Suhe S2,438.7o, S1.2o; O ando NIBrr A" - NoncE OF in this notite or take othar Yea s), (Saa Ewhibk A"). 7700 AssoclAnoN, INC. Assoc noN, INC. Plm Santa Maria, 5624 107, Evans, GA 30813, 2 #| Rodriguez and Claudia M DEF^ULT hND INTENT TO appDprial8 a ion with gard Westgate Blvd Kissimmee, mar nawer t6r d to as inaR& t to as Coloni Jadines D& Pasea, n-FloatW Mloat Unk, R grfo, 5023 Cr thaven FORECLOSE to this fo tlo5u ma &, you FL 34747 6 in Tlme Shara Westgate"), has r8Gorded a g e . has 0 6d a Monte ey. MWICO 64910, 33 5 33B, 45, 4y Blvd Apt W tPalm Beath, Owe sVObligo s), Tlmesha risk 5ing own&ship ot your property) Add ss"). As a Claim ot Lan in e amount Claim of Len in tha unt 1 Fixad Weekl xed Unk, FF- WHOU. WHOU. 1v4 2016, n 15, 1 2 #| Saason- lnt,Building-Un,Weekl tim ha int&8stthDugh the &ult of tha afo m6ntion8d of (Saa Exhibh A.), with of (See Exhibk A.), with 09, 29 H0U, 1nw014, 450v2608. S6.o84.15, S3.oo; Float W o Unh, 51 - sign Y DetauW Date. fo&osu protedu detault,wes galehe byelects inte staccruing th6rat6 of im6 accwing atth6 rate ot 5214127-32, S6,343.4o, W.13; Eve n D Di Maggio, 6802 5148, 40nvEN, 716 016, BookPag6 ot Ratodad Len, abli5h8din S6tlion721.855, to sell the Dp6 y punuant (See Mibrf Abperday, and (S Ewhibh A perday.and Pak Chan, 4 Shol8ham D W, Wh6al Rd, Ja nvilla, FL 457V6,S4,519.4>, S2.23; unt, Per Diam Amount norida St rt6s. You may to &ion 721.855, Florida &o in O. . Book (Sea &orded in O.R. Book (s66 HuntinQon Station, NY 11T46 32244, 2 #| Saason-Float Aud y Johnson Clarke, Glenn D Campb6|| and m M d to 5ign and send to Stat es. Plaase ba advi d Mibk A ,atPage(SeaExhibh Mibk A.),at gg8(s86Exhibit Hyun Joo Chan, 324 Avalon wee no Unit, 6200-12AB, 2511 Newh Av6 Apt. B1. Campball, 319 Lee Av6, New 18 undenigned twstae an that in the 8v6nt that your A,otthe Publit Ra rds ot A"l, ottha p llc R6Gods of Cou Dr, Malvill6, NY 11747, 620 12CD, 31, 311WH0U, B ok n, NY 11226 Matcia A B ns c NJ 08901, 1n obi iontorm, 6x8 ising your oblig ionisnotbDu3Mwnent OK6ola County, norida, and Osteola Coun,Florida, and 1 Fixed Weehl xed Unh, FF- WHOU, 1N12016, 48111555, Stephenson, 242 shemeld J, FlxedWeaW xad Un ,FFF-03, rigMto obj6rtto ha useotlha flncluding the pay6nt ot any tha undenignad T rtea as d e und6nign6d Twstee as 10, 52 H0U, 11v2014, S5,513.25, S2.72; Angus p We p m Beath, FL 33417 3610DD, 1n12014, 5214156- bu fo&losu p c6dur8. faes incun d by We gate in appointedbyW ,hereby appoint6d bywe ,ha hy 214 27-32, 86,343.4o, S3.13; G6nas1 sw Mc lister Nova p LBwis, 206 Laken Dr, 61, S5,457.26, S2.69; Luis E Upon I6und6rsign6dtwst88's commanGing this toreclowre tormal ndm l Exhibh tom,notm6s ( Ex . ose Molina, 473 N Main St Lane, Port Saint Lutia, FL Wa Palm B6ach, FL 33417 Ra Ds and I5|8na c Ramos, &6ipt of your signad objaction pDc8N) within thir (30T A that due to your t lura to A.)th dueto yourtailu to Randolph, MA 02368 Sand 349NAnd aN Edwads,3665 F dicka Jones Fon85t. 6195 12600 sw 76 h St, Miami, form, the fo&losure of the days tDm the fint d e of pay the annual ass8Nm6m(s) paylh8 annu aN6ssment(s) Ba D, 1301 comnonwearm sw p ns St, Porf Saint Rotk ls nd Rd Apt 215, FL 331B3, 2 Fixed Weakl lienwMr pa tothedafauW eublication, the undenigned du6 on (See Ewhibk A and due on (s68 Ewhibrt A.) and AveApt. 12,#lston, MAO2134, Lucie,n34953, 1 ISeason- Tamatac, FL 3M19, 112,Flx6d Unk. FFF-09, FFF-O9,O ified in this notic6 shall w ee shall proGa8d whh all aN8Mm6nt(s) the aRer, ,aN sm t(s) th6r8a 8r, 1 Flx6d hl xad Unk, noat wee noat Unk, 620 season-noatw o Unk, WHOU, WHOLE, 11v2014, be subjacl to tha juditial the sal6 ot the Property as you a cur nt in detauW you a cuBtly in detauN x-05, 25 H0U, 1 2014. 31, 31 H0U, 1v15n016, 55 5565, 3710DD, v1 2o16. 5214156-61,S1o,45o.65, $5.15; fo&losu pDc6du only. providad in Section 721.855 or your obligations to pay of your obligations to pay 5214 7-32, $6,343.40, S3.13; 48M 811, S15,824.75, S7.8o; 4859 1885, S8,683.84. a.28; hsan Gau, 6003 172nd sl, You have he rigM to tU your Florida Statutes, in which case, ass6Mm8nts due to stg e N nts du6 to We gate Tameka PTa or, 213 RamiDr Gal C 5ay and Abdoulie B Cal n Egl&, 501 Coll Ave, FRsh Maadows, NY 11365- d6 uW in a mann& s&to h ha und8nign6d Tw ee 5hall: onthetollowing d cribed al onMetollo ng d cribad al N6wCaW8,DE1972O,1Flx6d LeWe, 2905 StocMolm way, Waaton, IL 60187 c 1511 Elsia Doug6, 7 Eck6r inthisnot 8atanyti b6to (1) Provid6 you w wrmen pDp located in Osteola p par loc ed in Owaola WeeMixed Unh, X-06, 26 odbridga, VA 22191, 1 Egl&,814BDdh8adDr,AuD,Ave,Bab on, NY117O4-6503, th6 und8n n6d w 68'5 al6 notice ot Me sale, includ g Coun,Florida: (See Exhibk County, Florida: (See Exhibrf WHOU, 11v2014, 5214n7- #| S n-Float kmoa IL 60504 Tanya D Egl& and 1n Fw6d W Mix6d Unh, otyourb har8im6r .Nyou the d a, ti and loca on A Tlma Sha lntarast(s) .A fim6 Sha lnt6 st(s) 32, $6,343.40, 83.13: Roland Unh, 6200-32AB, 43 H0LE, Philip c Eglar, 1834 Siher FFF-13. 1610DD, 1 v2014, do nol obj6rtto e usa otthe the or, (2) Record the notic6 (Sa6 Exhibh A.) as d8fin6d in (S Ewhibit Ah) as dafin6d in w Pouliot and Daw Maria 1v612016, 4761 2472, Oaks Ciwl6, Au A IL 60504, 5214156-61, S5,457.26, S2.69; h roBlow p cedura, ot sale in lh6 Public R8cod5 th6 Detlar ion ot cov ams, F6 Declaration ot Covanants, Pouliot, 115 EdgarSt, lland, S7,67o.4o, $3.78; Joan c 1,season-noat W Mlo na L Sayles ButkhaWar, you,not be subjert lo a otOsceolaCouW,Florida:and Condhions and Re rirtions Cond ions and R trirtions ON,CANADAUC1S9,1 Fwed Shap6, 6218 5th St &, Unh, 5700-5737, 19 H0LE, 16o9 We over Hills Blvd, d6fiti8ncy judgment even rf (3)Publishatopyotth6notit8 tor th6 wga 6 Vac ion to th6 a a VaGation W M ad Unh, XDT, v Ch 6ak8B8ach,MD2O732, 1v10n016, 4355n744, chmond,VA23225,1l2Fix6d th6 pm68ds hom the s e otsal8two(2)tim8s,onGeaach Vlllas Gial R8Gords vll 5 xll, ci Reco s WHOU, 112 014. 5214n7- 1,ason-noat wea noat $4,769.05,;FranciKoLou&co W88 x6d Unh, FFF-14, 141 ot your ti&are imerest w86k, for two (2l succ8Niv8 Book 1123, at Page 1. oftha - Book 9N, Paga 423, otth6 32, $6,3 .02, S3.11; Wllliam Unrt, B17o7, B-1708, 19. and Danielle ida, Ribai ODD, 1nn014, 5214156-61, ar6 insu cianl to o s6t the weaks, in an Ostaola Coun Public Records ot OK8ola Public R8tO E ot OK la M Ed5all Jr, 1137 V 6ria Dr, 1&MN, MN, 1217 2016, Gui s 35 Apto 204 Bloco $5,457.26, 82.69; Nathan G unls Bu d by the lien. newspaper, p vided such a County, norida (tha Plan Coun,horida (Wa .Plan Marion, TX 78124 DoD y 47&2,$8,129.85,S4.01. 3, Vlla lsab& Ro Da Janei,Wllliams, St hmo Way. By: GREENSPOON MARDER, n6wspap6r 8xi5ts at he time and,am6nd nt(s) the to, and all ndm8nt(5) h6 to, J Edsall, 4477 Turf Rd. o @I2r;May,18 BRAZIL 20511 070, 1 All Upp6rMa boro, MD 20772, 1,Tw ee. ol publishinq. lt you fail to rfany.Tog8th wrfhth6 rightto rfany.Tog8th6rwrfhtharightto Pa5o, M 79938, 1 Flxed L1&N92 n-flo W float Fw6d W x6d Unk. Fn- QNIBlr h" - NoncE OF cure the deauW as se torfh occupy, punuant to the Plan, ocwpy, punuant to the Plan, W M ed Unk Y-04, 27 Unh, 57 -5741, 36 H0U, 16, 20 H0E 11v2014, DEFnuLr nND INnNT TO in this notice or take other Building-Unrf(sl (s86 Exhibh Building-Unk(s) (See Exhibk WHOU, 112n014, 5214n7- 1v8 016, 457011205, 5214 5661, a,79o.58, S2.36; FORECLOSE appDpriat8 artion wM ad A,during Unh k(5) (See A,duri q,unk W68k(s) (See 32, S6,343.4o, g3.13; R6n88 NoncE OF DEFAULT AND a,3O8.N, 82.12; Ridad JaGQb c Williamson and sVObligo sT, fimesha to thisto&losura ma er, you Exhibk A,during signed Mibk during A5sign8d p Granby, 3703 Branch St, INTENT TO FORECLOU L Robbs, 26325 Norfolk sl, Michelle D Willi Mon, 246 lm,Building-Unk, kl ri5k I05ing owekhip ot your Yaar(sT, (S6e Ewhibh .A . 7700 Y6a sl, (s68 Exhibit A"). T7 Sacramento, CA 95838, 112 wurann rOWN cENnR lnk ar, Ml 48141, Martha Woodcreek way, Acworth, ANign Ye . DatauW Date. tim6sha int6r8 thDugh he Westg e Blvd Nimm86, stgate Blvd Kissimm,Flxed, Y-08, 33 0DD, 11212014, nLE: . Y Robbs, CoWaga Hill GA 30101, 112 Flxed w kl 8ook1Page ot Recorded Len, tw ae to&losure p cedu FL 34747 a in "fime Share fl 34747 &ain fime Sha 5214 27-32, 82,552 81.26; Punuant to Sarfion Rd Apt. 518, Mobile. AL Flxad Unrf, GGG-04, 1& unt, P6r Di6m Amoum astablishedinSertion721.855, pD ) Addr8N"). As a pD ) Addr6N l. As a JohnTPapwoMandWhi D 721.856, nor da Statutas, 36695, 1 Fixed WeaMloat ODD, 11N014, 5214156-61, T c Read and Edrfh Read, Florida Statutes. 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