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May 4, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 4, 2018

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PAGE 20B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 4, 2018 the pB8ding pa g ph. By: Long Beath, CA 90806-4135, Appointment ot T ee Eve Year, $14,515.77, $7.15, p partys uatedinthe Coun Fe tem ot said Cl m or 20170702100; SEAN PATRICK as Twrtee punuant to that GREENSPOON MARDER, 620, 3, Eve Year, 81,782.35, racordad on 1v2712017, 2017 99102; otORANGE,Florida,d trib Len, rnages and axpanses ot ISRAEL 130 HANVEY DR Appointment ot T stee T st66. 8o.88, 20170699102; JERRY L under Documant ln mant April27;May,18 as: A (SEE HIBIT A T Me T and of the tw s SENECA, sc 29672-2419. od6d on 01102n018, WHIBIT A" - NoncE OF MCFADDEN57OWCOCOAST no. 20170699122 ot the L165535 undivided tenant in common aeated by said Claim of Len. EVERY YEAR, 0.0323,und Dotumenl ln wm6nt TRUSTEE'S SAU COMPTON, CA 90220-3618, Publit Recods of ORANGE interest in Phas6(s) (SEE Obligo s) shall have the right TWO BEDROOM. 670 26, no. 2o1 812 ot the Owe s) Addrey Unk Week 620, 3, Eve Year, $1,782.35, Coun,florida, by ason WHIBIT A") ol TUSCANY lo CUR la d6tauW and any vl, TYPE 1, $2,021.76, $0.99, Public R ords ot ORANGE Usaga Occupancy Amoun Per $0.88, 20170699102; ot a now tontinuing defauW NoncE OF TRusnE's VILLAGE VACATION sulns, junior lienholder shall have the 20170702100; GENEROSA County, florida, by ason Diem COL Rec lnto JORGE HUGO MURIEL a by ObligorTs), (See Exhibk SALE as describedinthe De ara ion rigM to redeem ks intarast up CAGURONG ISRAEL 39446 ot a now continuing dalauW EINND BJORGEKRISTIANSEN ANA MARIA RESTREPO "A ), whosa addreN is (See ORLANDO vAcAnoN ot Covenants, Condrtions and to Me d e lhe Tw ee iNB MADISON AVE PR#RIENW, by Obligo s), (See Exhibh 6 IRENE KRlsnANsEN H. VIA LA BADEA ULTIMA Exhibit A"),inthepayentor SUITU II N2T4.O115 R8 rictionsthaRotas torded eCertificateotSalebypaying LA 70769, MRY YEAR, A,whose addRN is (See ERS VEI 12 OSLO, N - CASA DOSQUEBRADAS, performance of the obligations IMIGLIOREl in O.R. Book 6630, Page the untsdue as outlinedin TO.O323,TWO BEDROOM, Exhibk A .inthe pay&tor 0682 NORWAY, 834 a 835. CONDOMINIO GAVIRIA s6cur6d by said Claim ot Len On 0512412018 at 11:oo AM, 4259 in the Public Records ot the p&eding paragraph. By: 6704-26, vl, 7VPE 1, $2,021.76, performance of the obligations 52 a 6, Evary Year a Eve RISARALDA COLOMBIA, 480, Bord6d in OMcial R ords GREENSPOON MARDER, Orange Coun,Florida, and GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, $0.99, 20170702100; setu by sad Claim of Len Year, 83.133.94, $1.55, 44, Eve Year, $1,481.63, Book (Sae Exhibk A,at Page L 201 E. Pina Street, Suite all amendments therelo (the Twstee. KENNETH OKORUWA r o ed in omcial Records 2017 99102: MARV A go.73. 20170699102; (See Exhibk wA"), of the Public 500, O ando. Florida 32801, '.Declaration"). Grantee owns WHIBrr A" - NoncE OF IHENSEKHIEN B IRENONSEN Booh (See Exhib A,at Paga ETHRIDGE 24 SQUIRREL Apnl2T;May4,2O18 Racods ot ORANGE County. as Twstee pursuant to that a Type (SEE WHIBIT A") TRUSTEE'S SALE JOY IHENSEKHIEN 5 KEN (See Exhib A"), of I8 Public L COVEN CT 6238, L 165531 Florida, including the b ath or Appointment of Twst68 Vacation Ownenhip in a (SEE Owne s) Add ss Weak IHENSEKHIEN ST Po Box Recods ot ORANGE Coun , 4D1 a 401, 23 a N, Eve detauW, notice ot whid was set recoded on 12/2712017, WHIBIT"A") Suhe and shall be Year Usage Occupancy TS 3586 BENIN cl EDO sTAn norida, including the b ach or Y6ar a Eve Year, $3,558.77, to h in a Notic6 ot DefauW and unde Document lnstwmant qui d to make a rase ation Undivided lntarast Suhe NIGERl EVERY YEAR, defauW, notica of whith was set 81 .76, 20170699102; NoncE OF TRusnE's lnten to FoBlo5e p vided no. 20170699122 ot the tor a Suite, wkh 6v8 (SEE Type ICN TS Phasa Vacation 0.03239b, TWO BEDROOM, forth in a Notite ofDefaultand ROBERTO RODRIGUU a SAU to tha last know addr8N Public Recods ot ORANGE WHIBIT A occupancy Ownenhip Type nount Per 3404-19,|||,TYPE2,$1,743.24, lntent to FoBlos8 provided ADA,RODRIGUU 805 N ORLANDO vAcAnoN of Obligo 5), (Sea Mibrf County, Florida, by ason rights in accordance w h the DiemCOLRec $0.85, 20170702100; WIUIAM to the la know addr8M Olive Ave Apt 119 We p m SUITU II A"), by CertifiedlRegi e ot a now conlinuing d6tault pDvisions ot the Declar ion. lnfo M FRANCIS 171 N KIW DR of Obligo s), (s68 Exhibit Baach, FL 33401-3729, 833. 3. U2T O1 MHINGTONl Mail or by publication by lh6 by Obligo s), (See Exhibit Together with an appu enant SCOTT ALAN STANDRIDGE MARION, IN 46952-6647, A,by Cerfifiad Regi e d Eva Year, $1,483.29, $0.73, On 05n4n018 at 11:00 AM, und igned Tw ee,sell .A,whos6 addr8M i5 (Sea undivided interest in common 205EDIM0NDBLNCH0RAGE, EVERY ODD NUMBEREO Mail or by publication by tha 20170699102; snPHEN B GREENSPOON MARDER, atpublicaurfionto ehighest Exhibh A,intha payentor elemenls ot the p jerf as AK 99515-1909, EVERY ODD YEAR, 0.00973,TWO undenigned T ee. will sell SCHROU 3038 Eagle Point 201 E. Pine St 6t, Suhe biddertor lawhl money of e performance otthe obligations d6scrib8d in he Declaralion. NUMBERED YEAR. 0.01 1635gb BEDROOM. 140J490, |. at public aurtion to tha highast Dr MiWon. FL 325T1-85,500, O ando, Florida 32801, Un edSt esot n ca,inMe Bu by said Claim otLen p ject 48 - lnte COmDl ONE BEDROOM, 5209- TYPE 2, S1,921.36, $0.95, bidderforla ulmoney otthe 841. 9, Eve Y $1,862.70. as T 86 punuant to that lobby ot Surfe 5,otCapk od6d in omcial Recods Numbe s): (SEE HIBIT A 420, v, TVPE 2. 81,579.5o, 20170702100; STACEY Unhed Stat ofAm6rica, in lha $0.92, 2017 991 : Appoimmant ot Twslee Plm Building 1. 201 E. Pine Book(See Exhibh A.), Page TuscANY LLAGEvAcAnoN $o.n, 20170702100; L FRANCIS Po Box 436 lobby otSu e 500, olCapital NANCY s SCHROU 16 rdad on 1212712017, StrB6t, O ando, n 32801. all (s86 Exhibh A ,otth6 Public SUITES 8122 A ao Way wsuw MATSUURA a UPLAND, IN 46989, EVERY Plm Bui ing 1, 201 E. Pine Govemon Dr Apt 125 undar Documen lnst menl right, thle and int& in the Ratods ot ORANGE Coun,O ando,FL32821S ds e ll AYAKO MATSUURA 4-44-7 ODD NUMBERED,Sbe6. O ando, Fl 32801, all Pensacola, FL 32514-9414, no. 20170699122 of he prop& s uatedintheCoun florida,intludingtheb achor bemade(wkhoutcovenalrfs,or UNEDA NISI WA- 0.009739b, TWO BEDROOM, righl,la and int in 6 841, 9, Eve Ye $1.86z.70, Public Records ot ORANGE ot ORANGE, florida. described detauW, notic6 otwhich was set wa an,8xp M or implied, SHl, ISHIKAWA-KEN 920- 1405-490, |, TYPE2, $1,921.36, p skuated in Me Coun $0.92, 20170699102: TODD County, Florida, by reason as: ANign8d Unk Week No. torminaNolicaofD&auwand regarding thelrfle, po n 0342 JAPAN, MRY ODD $0.95, 20170702100; JOHN otORANGE,florida,described w CAMFIELD a LISA M of a now tontinuing d6tault (SEE HIBIT A A5sign8d lnlent to Fo closa provided or encumbrances) to pay the NUMBERED YEAR, 001429b, JOSEPH GIZA JR B JENNIE as: A (SEE HIBIT A") CAMFIELD 2884 omR CT by Obligo s), (Sea Exhibit UnilNo. (SEE HIB A ,ot to tha la known addr8N unpaidaMeNmentsdueinth8 TWO BEDROOM, 7802-190, CARR GIZA 5212 DAYBROOK und ided tena in common WIXOM, Ml 48393- 4567. A ). whose address is (See ORLANDO vAcAnoN sulns of Obligo s), (See Ewhibrf amount of (See Exhibh A,Nl. TYPE 2. 82.258.36, 81.11, cl ROSEDAU, MD 21237- int& in Phase (SEE HIBIT 757, 51, Ev y Year, $b218.74, Exhibrf A"), in the payent or ll, a condominium, wM (SEE A,by C8rtifi8dlR8gi5t8red th intePst act ing at the 20170702100: VIRGINIA 5046,FVERY0DD NUMBERED A of RL vAcAnoN sulns. 83.o7, 20170699102;FRANK E parformance ot he obligations HIBIT A occupancyrights. . Mail ok by publit ion by the rate ot (See Exhibk A p DIANE ADAMS 118 D SY YEAR, 0.015835 . TWO as deKribed intha Dacla tion GARDNER a JAcauENmE sacured by said Claim ot Lien according to the Detlaration ot und ign6d Twstae, will sell day, pu uant to lhe fim haR PATH AUSTIN, TX 78737-4574, BEDROOM, 5512-160, v, ot Covenants, Condrfions GARDNER 2055 Shyview Dr racoded in OWicial Recods CondominiumthePofrecoded atpublitau iontoth6high6st Plan, advances, it any, under MRY MN NUMBERED TYPE 2, 81.T43.24. So.85, and Re rirtions th6 ot as CoWon, CA 92324-4800, 852. Book (See Exhibit A"l, al Page in OWitial Records Book 5196, bidd6r tor la ul money ot the the tarms ot said Claim of YEAR, 0.01 1325,ONE 201 70702100; ROBERT H Bo 8d in O.R. Booh 9129. 28. Eve Year, $1.862.70. (S6e Exhibit .'A"), of the Publit Paga 632, in the Public Recods Unrted States ot America, in the Lan, charges and expens of BEDROOM,671 4-50E, vl, ERICKSON B MARIANNE Page 1091 in the Public 8o.92, 20170699102: Records ot ORANGE Coun,ot Orange Coun . Florida, lobby ot Suka 500, ot Capital the Twstee and ot the t sts TYPE 2, $2,191.31. 81.o8, ERICKSON 152 LOST BRIDGE R6tords ot O nge Coun , JAMES R WARREN JR 203 florida, including tha braath or and all amendments thereto, Plaza 8u lding 1, 201 E. Pine treated by said Claim ot Len. 201 707021 oo; PHILIP DR PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida, and all amandmants N Cannon 8lvd ShelbWille, detauW, notice of which was sal and any amendmen s thereol Street, O ando, Fl 32801, all Obligor(s) shall have lh8 ri9ht GUISHARD 1 SMITHS HILL FL 3341 4471, MRY YEAR, Me to ha Declaration"). TN 3716 3226, 482, 30, torth in a Notica ot DetauW and (lhe "Decla lion"); Together right, trfla and interest in the to cure the defauW and any ROAD ST. DAVIDS, DDO2 0.013439b, ONE BEDROOM, G ntee ows a (SEE HIBIT Eve Year, $1,862.70, $0.92, lntent to Foreclose pDvid6d whh a remainder over upon p perty shuated in the Coun unior lienholder shall have the BERMUD EVERY YEAR, 2601-8, ||, TYPE 1, 81,616.72, A") Su a wrfh (SEE HIBIT 20170699102; JOANN to tha last known add ss t6rmination ot the vacation ot ORANGE, Florida, described right to redeem ks intere up 0.019469b, TWO BEDROOM, $0.79, 201 70702100; DAMAUA A occupancy during th6 (SEE WARREN 1505 N Main sl ot Obligo s), (See Exhibit ownanhip plan as tenant in as: ANign8d Unrf Week No. to the date the Twstee iNu8s 240J29, ||,TVPE1,$2,O66.56, TERESA WILSON a WNNETH HIB A") Home Resorf ShelbWille, TN 37160-2343, A,by C6rtifiad/R6gist8 d common wilh other pu hasen (SEE HIBIT A") Assigned the Cerfificate ot Sale by paying $1.15, 20170702100; GUIMEL WILSON 12308 8ELLA PRATO Season in accordance wkh the 482. 30, Eve Year, $1.862.70, Mail or by publication by the of Unks Weeks in such Unrf, Unh No. (SEE HIBIT wA"), ot the amounts du8 as outlined in MARTINU a YUSNELI DR FORT WORTH, N 76126 p sions ot the Daclaration. 8o.92. 20170699102 unde igned Twstae, will sell in the percemage interest ORLANDO VACATION SUITES he preceding paragraph. By: MARTINU 3271 sw 17TH 1514, EVERY YEAR. 0.03167%. Togather whh an appu 6nant April 2T; May,18 at public auction to tha high6st determined and e ablished by ll, a condominium, with (SEE GREENSPOON MARDER, L ST MIAMl, FL 33145-1819, TWO BEDROOM, 5304-44, undivided inte in common L165NO bidder for lawhl mon6y of the Exhibh D lo e Declaralion HIBIT "A") occupanU rights, Twstae. EVERY ODD NUMBERED V, TYPE 2, $1,921.36, $0.94, elements ot the Projerf as Unkad States ot America, in the ot Condominium lo have and atcoding to the Declaration ot HIBIT Ah - NoncE OF YEAR, 0.0123759b, THREE 20170702100; d6scrib6d in tha D laration. lobby ot Surfe 500, ot Capkal to hold the in fee simple Condominiumtha ofrecodad TRusnE's SAU BEDROOM, 1108-210. |, April2T;May 18 p jart 45 lnta al Control NoncE OF TRusnE's Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine to ver. ORLANDO vAcAnoN in omcial Recods Book 5196, Owe s) AddreN Week TYPE 2. $2.336.52, $1.15, L 165528 Numbe s): (SEE HIBIT "A") SALE Streat, O ando, n 32801, all sulns 6924 G nd Vacations Page632.inthaPublicRecods Year Usag8 OKupancy TS 20170702100; JONOTHAN RL vAcAnoN SUITES 11272 ORLANDO vAcAnoN right, t le and int8r6 in the Way O ando, FL 32821 Said ot Orang6 Coun . Florida, Undivided lnterest Surte HIUEL DUMAS a JUANITA DESFORGES AVE ORLANDO, WITUll pro&8rfyskuat8dinth6Coun sale will be n de (w hout and all amandm6nts the to, Type ICN TS Phase Vacation DUMAS 41 CARTER CT EL NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S FL 32836 Said sale will be Nnao1oT (GRIQV ot RANGE, Florida,dastribed cov8nants,orw ty,6xpr8N and any am6ndm6nts thereof Owenhip Type nount p soBRANn, CA 94803-3313, SAU made (wrfhout covenams, or On 0512412018 11: AM, a5: ANign8d Unit Week No. or implied, regarding the trfle, (the Declaration"); Togather DiemCOLRec MRY YEAR, 0.01946gb, TUKANY UAGE wanan,express or impliad, GREENSPOON MARDER, (SEE HIBIT A") Assigned poN8Nion or encumbrancesl whh a ramaind6r over upon lnfo TWO BEDROOM, 2205-43, vAcAnoN sums tega ing We trfle, poss8Mion LLP, 201 E. Pine Sl t. SuhB Unit No. bsEE WHIBIT "A"). of to paythe unpaid aMeNments t6rmination ot th6 vacation CHARLES D HIU 1702 ||, TYPE 2, $1,467.61. 8o.72, X2T6. (cwPos) or anwmb ncas) to pay ha 500, O ando. Florida 32801, ORLAND VACATION sulns due in the amount ol (See owenhip plan as t6nant in B CT STOCKTON, 20170702100; On 05n512018 11:00 AM, unpaid aN6Nm8ms du6ln he as Twstee punuant to that ll, a condominium, with (SEE Exhibk A,wkh ima common hhh otherpu hasen CA952O6-6358, EVERY . Apnln;May,18 GREENSPOON MARDER, unt ot (See Exhibrf A"), Appointment of T ee HIBIT .'A") otcupancy rights, accwing the rate ot (See ol Unks w88k5 in such Unh, 0.03239b, TWO BEDROOM, L165N6 L 201 E. Pine S reet, Suke wkh int 6 acc ing at tha recoded on 1V271201 7, accoding to the Declaration ot Exhibh .'A per day, pu uant lo in tha percentaga inta 4608-20, lv, TYPE 2, 81.92o.12, 5 . O ando. Florida 32801. rata ot (Saa Exhibit A per undar Documenl lnst mant Condominium thereot corded the fimeshaP Plan, advances, d& min6d and 8stabli5h8d by 8o.94, 20170702100; TIM M as Twstee punua to thal day, punuan tolh8Tlm85ha no. 2017 99122 ot tha in omcialRetords Book5196, tany, underthelerms otsaid Exhibk D" lo th6 Declaration MIUER a SHELU MILUR NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Appointment of Tru ea Plan, advances, rf an,under Public Records ot ORANGE Page632,inlhePublicRecords Claim ol Len. chages and ot Condominium to have and 22321 HART ST CANOGA SAU corded on 1v2812017, the t&ms ot said laim of Coun,horida, by a5on ot Oranga County, Florida, expenses ottheT staeand ot to holdlhe samainfee simple PARK, CA 91303-2328, TuKnNY LLAGE under Document lnst ment L6n, chag6s and 6xp6ns6s of of a now continuing defauW and all amendments thereto, lhetwsls created bysaid Claim tor8v6r. ORLANDO VACATION MRY ODD NUMBERED vAcAnoN SUITES no. 20170702101 of lhe the Twst68 and of the twsts by Obligo s), (See Ewhibrf and any amandmants the ot ofLien.Obligo s)shallhavathe SUITES 6924 G nd Vacations YEAR, 0.01 1325,ONE U2T6. ( PERV Public Records of ORANGE c ed by 5aid Claim ot Len. A"), whose addr s is (Saa (tha D laration' ; Tog8th6r right to cure the default and any Way O ando, FL 32821 Said BEDROOM, 4710-220, 4710- On 0512512018 at 11:00 AM, Coun . norida, by on Obligo s) shall have le right Mib A,in the payent or whh a maind6r over upon junior lienholder sh,have the sala will b6 made (wrfhout 220, lv, IVPE 2, S1,621.74, GREENSPOON MARDER, of a now continuing d6tauW to wl8 Ma delauW and any perfom nce ot the obligations tarmin ion ot the vacation right lo deem ks intarast up covanants, or wa an,exprass $0.79, 20170702100; MARK uP, 201 E. Pine St at, Surfe by Obligo s), (See Mibk junior lianholdar shall have the secu d by said Claim ot Len own6nhip plan as tanant in lo the dale th6 Twstaa iNu6s or implied, garding tha tille, H REISELBARA a UE c 500, O ando, Florida 32801, wA,whose addPN is (Sa6 rightto eam ks i e st up recodad in omti R6cods common wkh otherpurchase theCe ificateotSalebypaying poN8Nion or encumb nces) FERGUSON 1812 PINEWOOD as Tw5t88 punuant to that Exhibh A,in the payment or to th6 dal6 the Twst iNuas Book(S Exhibh A ,atPag6 of Unks Weeks in such Unh, the unts dua as o linad in to paylhe unp d assaNments ROAD MELBOURNE, FL Appointm8nt ot Twstee performanca ot the obligations the carfmtal6 otS 6 bypa ng (See Exhibrf A,ot he Publit in the pertentage i e s the preceding pa graph. By: dua in tha amount ot (Sa6 32934-9024, EVERY ODD cord6d on 1 21281201 7, s6cured by said Cl m ot Lan tha amou s dua as olrtlinad in Retords ot ORANGE County, determined and astablished by GREENSPOON MARDER, uP, Exhibk A"), with inte st NUMBERED YEAR, 0.00973,und8r Documant lnst m8nt recorded in omcial Racords the pr8c6ding paragraph. By: florida, including the braach or Exhibrf D" lo lhe Daclaration T ee. acc ing at lhe te ot (See wo BEDROOM, 1402- no. 20170702101 ot the Book (See Mibrf A2, at Page GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, defauW, notit6 ot which wa5 5et ot Condominium to have and HIBIT A" - NoncE OF Exhibh A p6r day, pursuant to 40, |, TYPE 2, 81,921.36, Public R6cods ot ORANGE (See Exhib A"), or the Public Tw ee. form in a Notice ofD6fauW and lo hold the same in tee simple TRumE's SAU th6 Tim6shar8 Plan, advances, $0.94, 201707021 ; Coun,Florida, by reason Retods ot ORANGE County, WHIBIT A" - NOTICE OF lntent to Foreclosa provid6d lo ver. ORLANDO vAcAnoN Owne s) AddPN Unrt Week rf any, und thetarms otsaid HENRY o MORGAN 8745 ot a now continuing detault Florida,includinglhe b ath or TRUSTEE'S SALE to the la know addr6N sums 6924 Grand Vacations Usage OcwpancyAmountP6r Claim of Lien, chages and BARRINGTON ST JAMAICA by Obligo s), (See Ewhibit default,noticaotwhichwasset Own8r(5) Addrass ek ot Obligo s), (s66 Exhibk Way O ando, FL 32821 s d DiemcoLReclmo 6xp6ns6s olthe Tnl a6 and ot EsTAns, NY 11432-2430, A . whose addr8N is (Sea fo h in a Notice otD6tauW and Year U5ag8 Occupancy TS A"), by c6rtm 8gist 8d sale will be made (wrtho HIROFUMI OGAWA a thet kt atadbysaidClaim MRY YEAR, 0.0323,Exhibrt A"), in h6 paymen or lntenl to Forecbse pDvid8d Undivided lnt&e Su e Type M,or by publication by the v6nan s,orwa anty,8xp N ETSUKO OGAWA 205-8 ofLen.Obligo s) allhavethe TWO BEDROOM, 4708-2, lv, parformance ot the obligations to the last know add ss Season ICN TS Phase Amounl undenigned Tw 66,s6|| or implied, gading the lrfle. KANEKU NISHl -CHO rigMtow th8d6 uWandany TYPE 2, $5,546.90. S2.73. d by said Claim ot Uen ol Obligo sl, (See Exhibk P8rDi6mCOLR8clnto atpublit au iontothe highe poaion or encumb na) NAKAGAMI-GUN, OWNAWA- junior lianholder shall have me 20170702100; CARL DANIEL ded in omtial Records A"), b Cartifi agi e d JUUANNE BRUECKS 302 bidd6rtorlaw lmon8y ofth6 to payM6unpaid aN8Nm8nts KEN 90J0104 JAPAN, 743, righlto deem ks inte up HEMMINGS a EUZABETH E Book(SeeExhibk A ,atPage Mail or by publiGation by lhe HYATT LN LANDENBERG, Unk8dStat8sof n8rica.inth6 due in tha amoun ot (See 47. Eve3 odd Numb&ed tothe da ath6 Tw iNu8s HEMMINGS 7 WKESBURY (See Exhibk A"),ollha Publit undenigned Twste&, will sall PA 1935 9504, EVERY lobby of hrt6 500, ot Capi al Exhib A"), with inter Year, 1,399.07, So.69. thace mtateotsalebypaying DR WYOMINING, PA 19610- R6cords ot ORANGE County, at public au ionlo the high6 YEAR, 0.0125,TWO Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine accwing at tha rate ot (See 20170699102; DO w th6a Duntsdu8asolrflinedin 1819, EVERYYEAR, 0.02327,norida, includinq the b ach or bidder tor lawhl Dn8y ot the 8EDR00M, PLAnNuM. St et, O ando, Fl 32801, all Exhibk A.) per day, punuant to ROTHENBERGER B GLORIA D the p 6ding paragraph. By: ONE BEDROOM, 550942, de uW, notice o which was set Unrted Stales ot America, in me 1 7-7, |, t4,251.24, $2.10, right, tkl6 and interest in the the fim6sha Plan, advances, ROTHENBERGER 9 COLONEL GREENSPOON MARDER, v, TYPE 2, $7,617.56, S4.2o, torth in a Notice ot DetauW and lobby ot Suile 5,ot Capk 20170101154; MICHAEL J pDperfy shuat6d inthe County rf any, under the terms ot said WINSTEAD DR BRENTWOOD. Tw ae. 20170702100: lm t to Fo&lose p vided Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pin6 BRUECKS 3 Chambe ain otORANGE, Florida,d85Grib8d Claim ot Lien, charges and TN 37027-8937, 115, 41, WHIBIT n" - NoncE OF April 2T; May4, 1a to Me la5t know add N Streat. O ando, fl 32 1,Cir O old, PA 19363-2260, as: Assign6d Unh w86k No. 8xp8ns6s otthe Tw ee and of Eve Year, $1,782.35, TRusnE's SAU L165525 ot Obligo sT, (S6a Exhib right, title and inte rt in the MRY YEAR, 0.0125 , (SEE HIBIT A g ad thet sc atedbysaidClaim $0.88, 20170699102; IVAN Own {s) Address Unrf Week A,by Carfifi egist8Rd pro shuatedin Me Coun TWO 8EDR00M, PLAnNuM, UnitNo. (SEE HIBIT ol ot Lien. Obligor(s) shall have the BARROS NUNES INU Usage Occupancy Amount Per Mail or by publication by the ot ORANGE, Florida, das bed 1607-7, |, $4,251.24, $2.10, ORLANDO VACATION sulns righttocu thadefaultandany DE CALDERON R NUNES Di6mCOLR8clnfo NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S undenigned Twstee, will sell as: A (SEE HIB A 20170101154; LAURA ||. a condominium, wkh (SEE junior li6nhold8r shall have the AV. ATAULFO DE p VA, M8 JOYCE M MIGUORE a SALE public aurtion tothe highesl undivid6d tenant in com Dn ROBINSON EU B WHIBIT A"loctupancyrigMs, rightlo radeam ks intere up UBLON RIO DE JANEIRO, ANGELO A MIGUORE 58 TUSCANY LLAGE bidd&torlawhl money otthe intere in PhasBs) (SEE CUMMIS TOMMY WTRELL acGoldinglo h8 Declaration ot to the datatha T stee iNu8s RJ 22440-033 BRAZl 105, JASPER ST SAUGUS, MA vAcAnoN sulns UnrfadSlatasotAmariGa,inthe HIBIT A"l ot TUSCANY 3430 wlNnRaERRY CT Condominiumth&eot&odad thaCa ificateofSalebypaying 32, Eva Year, 81,9o6.9o, 01906-2332, 112, 26, Eve k2T6. (FORW lobby of Suhe 500, of Capkal VILLAGE vAcAnoN sulns, RElsnRsTowN, MD 21136- in omcial Records Book 5196, the amounls due as oullinadin $0.94, 20170699102; AMEUE Ya $1 ,520.03, 8o.75, On 05/2512018 at 11:00 AM, Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine asdescribedinthe Declaration 4400, MRY YEAR a EVERY Pag6632,inth8Public Racods tha p&eding paragraph. By: BENEAR CARLTON 3738 20170699102; ALPHONSO GREENSPOON MARDER, St t, O ando, n 32801, all ot Covenant . Condkions and YEAR, 0.0125 6 0.0125 ot Oranga County, Florida, GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, ROBIN HOOD HOUSTON, o AusnN 6117 BANYAN RD LLP, 201 E. Pine St at, Suite right. trfla and interest in tha Ra rictionsth fasr orded TWO BEDROOM a TWO and all ndmants the lo, T ee. N 77005, 520, 1, Eve SEBRING, FL 338T5-6174, 500, Orlando, Florida 32801, p partyskuatedintheCoun in O.R. Book 6630, Paga BEDROOM, PLATINUM a and any dments e ot QNIBIT "A" - NoncE OF Yaar, $1 ,483.29, So.73, 205, 23. Eve Year, $1,782.35, as Twslee punuant to lhat ofORANGE, Florida, destribed 4259 in thB Public R ords ot PLAnNuM,16o7-30 a 1607- he Detla tion.); Tog6her TRUSTEE'S SALE 20170699102: w PAUL 8o.88, 20170699102; BRUCE Appointment ot T stee as: A (SEE WHIBIT .'A' Orange County, Florida, and 31,B |, $23, 309.09, $11.49, wrm a maind6r ov& upon Owne s) AddRN Unh Weeh REAGAN B SUELLA A HARDY 18106 SOLERI DR torded on 1v2&2017. undivided tenant in common all amandn lrts h6 to he 20170101154: DAND GUN termination ot w6 vaca ion Usage Owupanty nountPer REAGAN, lndividually and as COU CLUB HIUS, IL under Documant lnst Bnt inte st in Phase(s) (SEE Detlaration"). G ntee ows MITCHELL a JANIECE M ow6nh plan as tenant in DiemCOLReclnto T ottheW. Paul R6agan 60478-5344, 206, 9, Eve no. 20170702101 of the HIBIT A") ot TUSCANY a Type (SEE HIBIT A MITCHEU 3 CARMEL CT tom Dnwhhoth6rpu has s DENNIS J DORRITY JR Lving Twst dated April 18, Year. S1 ,862.70, $0.92, Public Records ol ORANGE VILLAGE vAcAnoN sulns, Vacation Ownanhip in a (SEE MONTGOMERY, M 77356, ot Un s k5 in such Unh, JANEEN C DORRITY 2 2, and Suella A R6gan 20170699102; ROBERT J CouW, Florida. by reason asd ribadinlheDetlaralion HIBIT A Suiteandshallba MR YEAR, 0.01259b in lha p centage i ere 570 KEMAH LAKE RD Lving T ees dat6d April SADOWS a DOROTHY J ot a now tontinuing detauH ot Covenants, Condhions and quiredlo makea se ation TWO 8EDR00M PLUS. determinad and e ablished by WORD, NJ 7860, 269, 18, 2002, 2280 SHEPARD ST SADOWSW 1B76 ARK by Obligo s), ISee Exhibh Restrirtionsthereotasracorded for a Suit6, whh eve (SEE WA, 11115-8, |, 82.429.52, Exhibrf D" to the Declar ion 16, Eve odd Numbered suln 604 JACKSONVILU, DR TROY, Ml 48 8, 270, A"), who58 addr8N is (Sea in O.R. Book 6630, Page WHI8lT A T ocwpancy $1.20, 20170101154; VERA ot Condominium to have Year, 1,941 .&9, 8o.96, FL 32211, 520, 1, Eva 35, Eve Year, $1,782.35, Mibk A,in the paynant or 4259 in th6 Public Recods of rights in actodanta th the L GIESE 1 Womall Rd and to hold the same in fea 20170699102; BYRON Year, $1,483.29, go.73. $o.aa, 20170699102; performan ottha oblig ions O nge County, florida, and p visions ot the Decla ion. Apl 2101 Kansas c,MO simpl6 to var. ORLANDO CLAUDIUS RODGERS a 20170699102: AKINSOWON DOUG FESER a HEUN s secu d by said Cl m ofLen,ndments lhe to (the Togelhar whh an appurt6nant 4114-4363, EVERY YEAR, vAcAnoN sulns II 6924 JASMIN ADORN RODGERS oKEsoLABoMloKEaAaloLA FESER 46o LIVERPOOL Rcoded in omtial Recods Decla tion . G ntee ows undivided inte in com Dn 0. 87,ONE BEDROOM, Grand Vac ions Way O ando, Po Box N-9425 NASSAU, MOYOSOREOLUWAOW271O CT LAWRENCEVIW, GA Book(S Exhibk A ,atPage a Type [SEE WHIBIT '.A") elemants of tha Proj as w 2413-29, ||, S1,755.99, FL 328z1 Said sale will be 2222 BAHAMAS, 79. 52. WALNUTCREST DR KA7V,M 3 469359, 207. 14, Eve (See Exhibrf A ,ofthe Public Vac ion OwershiP in a TSEE described in the Declaration. 8o.87, 20170101154; WALTER mad6 (whhout covenants, or Ev6 Year, $1,906.90, $0.94, 77494-5198, 840, 40, Ev6 Year, 81 .862.70. $0.92, Recods of ORANGE Coun,HIB A Suhe and shall be p ja 48 - lnte Control R GIESE 10 Womall Rd wa anty. 8xp M or implied, 20170699102: DAREN OddNumb&edYear,S2.M1.72. 2017 99102; ALBERT J Dl Florida,includinqMebreathor qui to make a se ation Numbe sT: (SEE HI8lT A Apt. 2101 Kansas c y. MO r6gading the thle, poss8Mion w TAYLOR a AMANDA A $1.15, 20170699102: JUAN GANGI a BRANKA Dl QGI d8fauN,notic6o whichwasse tor a Suite, whh eve (SEE TuscANYvlLLAGEvAcAnoN 641144363, EVERY YEAR, or encumb nces) to pay the TAYLOR 3910 ERMINE TRL a JACKSON MONICA D 17275 COWNS AVE APT forfhin aNoticeolDatauWand HIB A T occupancy SUITES 8122 zzo Way 0. 57,ONE BEDROOM, unpaid aN6ssm8nts due in the TEMPLE, M 76504-3431,JACKSON 3080 OLD lw ROAD 706 SUNNY ISLES BEACH, lntent to Fo close provid6d rigMs in accodanca whh the O ando, FL 32821 Said s a,WA, 2413-29, ||, $1,755.99, amount of (See Exhibh A . 83, 7, Eve Y6ar, $1,687.04, BIRMINGHAM. AL 35210, 1O1, FL 33160-3444, 278, 36, to the la know addr8N p vi ons ot the Declaralion. ba mada(whhoutcovanants, or So.87, 20170101154: CARLOS with interest accwing at the $0.83, 20170699102; DAREN 45. Eva Yaar, 83,829.43, Eve Year, $1,782.35, $0.88, ot Obligo s), (See Exhibk Toge er w h an appurtenant wa anty, 8xp N or i plied, A c v COEWO B ROMINA rata ot (See Exhib A") par w TAYLOR a AMANDA A $1.89,20170699102;MICHAEL 20170699102;MARYH KEADY "A"). by C6rfifi 6gi 6r8d und ded inteR in tommon regarding the trfle, poNeNion FAUR CAPPAREW SMDB day,punuanttoth8TlmashaR TAYLOR 3910 ERMINE TRL T SKOLE 6 UIGH SKOLE 652 NUGENTOWN RD UTTU Mail or by publication by the 6| ts ot We p je as or encumbranc ) to pay th6 CONJ. 13, LT. 2, cs. B LAGO Plan, advanc6s, it a,und6r TEMPLE, M 76504-3431, 1209 wAnRs EDGE TRL EGG HARBOR TW, NJ 08087- undersigned T stae, will sell destribed in the Declara ion. unpaid aN8Nm8nts due in the SUL BRASIU DF, 71680130 tha terms ot 5aid laim ot 83, 8, Eve Year, $1,862.70, ROSWELL, GA 30075-8201, 3903, 640, 23, Eve Year, at public au ion to th6 highest p i 48 - lnte al Conlrol amounl of (S6e Exhibk A,BRAZIL EVERV YEAR, L6n, chagas and expenses ot 8o.92, 20170699102; 8RUCE 94, 42, Eve Year, $1,624.27. $1 ,782.35, $0.88, biddar tor la ul money ot the Numbe s): (SEE HIBIT '.A l wrfh int&ast acc ing at the 0.012596, TWO BEDROOM lha T st66 and of the t sts ALAN GEORGE JR Po Box $0.80, 20170699102; vu H 20170699102: Unitad Slates otAmerica,intha TUSCANYVILLAGEVACATION rate ot (See Exhibrf A p6r PEWOUSE PREMIER, WA, crea ed by said Claim ot Len. 782 Roseville, CA 95661-0782, NGUYEN Po Box 32091 San April 2T; May 4, 2018 lobby ot Suita 500, ot Capital sulns 8122 A ezzo Way day. pursuant to the Tlmeshar6,21515-22, ||, $2,377.78, $1.17, Obligo s) sh,have the right 836, 45, Eve odd Numbe d Jo58, CA 95152-2091, 393, L 165529 Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine O ando, FL 32821 Said sale will Plan, advances, if anL, und6r 20170101 154; MICHEW to cu tha datauW and any Year, $1 ,977.55, $0.98, 47, Eve Year, 82,045.28, Straat, O ando, Fl 32801, all be made (without covenants, or the terms of said laim ot LYNN STOUDT 2409 junior lienholder rnall have the 20170699102; SUSAN ANNE 81.o1, 20170699102: TRAM,right, title and interest in the wa an,8xp N or implied, Lien, chagas and expenses ot HICKORY HILL DR sTAn right to r6d m rfs interest up GEORGE 1 2803 Wooded A TRUONG 2148 VISTA DE NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S properfy situated in the County Rgarding the title, possession the Twstaa and of th6 ws s COLLEGE, PA 16803-3361, toth6 datethe T stee iNues Way Aubum, CA 95603-,COLINAS DRIVE SE RIO SAU otORANGE, Florida,destribed or encumbrances) to pay the creatad by said Claim of Len. EVERY YEAR a EVERY YEAR lhe ca mcat6 otSale by pa ng 3602, 836, 45, Eve odd,RANCHO, NM 87124-2938, TUSCAN VILLAGE as: A (SEE WHIBIT .'Ah) unpaid aN8ssments dueinthe Obligor(s) shall have the right a MRY YEAR a EVERY the amounts due as oullined in Numbered Year, 81,977.55, 393, 47, Eve Year. $2,045.28, vAcAnoN sulns undivid6d tenant in common unt of (See Exhibit '.A"), to cu the defauw and any YEAR. 0.01259b, a 0.0125gb tha p teding paragraph. By: $0.98, 20170699102: WARREN 81.o1, 201 706991 02; U2T6. 7T (HILL ) intere5t in Phase(s) (SEE w h intere accwing at tha junior lienholder shall have the a 0.0125gb a 0.01259b, TWO GREENSPOON MARDER, L TROPET 178 Paddon Pl EMMANUEL v. VALUJO On 05125/2018 at 11:00 AM, WHIBIT '.A") ot TUSCANY rate ot (See Exhibrf .'A") per right to redeem its interest up BEDROOM a TWO BEDROOM Twstee. Marina, CA 939N-2949, 803 JR. a ESTHER D. KWAN- GREENSPOON MARDER, VILLAGE VACATION sulns, day,punuanttothe Timeshara to the data the T stee iMues B TWO BEDROOM a TWO WHIBrr n - NoncE OF a 743. 49 a 50, Eve odd VALLEJO, lndividually and,201 E. Pine Street, Suite as described in lha Detlaration Plan, advances, it any, under the C8 ificat6 of Sal6 by paying BEDROOM, NIA,11O11-15 B TRumE's SALE Numbered Year a Eve Even as Twsteas ot the Emmanuel,500, O ando, florida 32801. ot Covanants, Conditions and the terms ot said Claim ot tha amounts due asoutlined in 11103-6 6 2503-48 a 2503-49, Owe s) AddreN Unk Week Numbered Year, 813,O55.27, V. Vallejo, Jr and Esther D. ' as Twstee pur5uant to that Restri ionsthereotas Rcord8d,Len. chages and expansas ot the preceding paragraph. By:,a,a II a ll, $7,000.64, $3.45, Usage Occupancy Amount Per $6.19. 201 706991 02; Kwan-Vallejo Revocable Lving Appointment ot T stee in O.R. Book 6630, Page,the Twstee and of the trusts GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, 20170101154; CONSUELO Diem COL Rec lnto ALFRED RVTZ B PATRICIA T st, dated Augu 25, 2005, recoded on 1 v28l2o1 7, 4259 in the Public Recods ot we ed by said Claim ot Lien. Trustee. BIWE a COUEY BILLIE s PAPASAN CANTY 6 RVrZ P.o.Box 09-01-3755 435 MoNncELLo ST. SAN under Document ln wment Orange County, Florida, and ' Obligo sl shall have the right HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF 24580 SOWWEST 194 DARUNE CANTY 4799 GUAYAQUIL. ECUADOR, 71 FRANCISCO. CA 94127, 481, no. 20170702101 ot the all amendments thereto ( e ' lo CUR the defauW and any TRUSTEE'S SALE AVENUE HOMESTEAD, FL HODGDON CORNERS cv a T1, 48 B 49. Eve Year B 48, Eve Year. $2,607.41,Public Records ot ORANGE "Declaralion"). Grantee ows junior lienholder shall have the Owne s) Address week 33031. EVERY YEAR, 0.0169b, LITHONIA, GA 30038-3769, Eve Year, $2,885.59, 81.42, 81 .29, 20170699102: ANTONIO County, Florida, by ason a Type (SEE WHIB A right to redeem its interest up Y6ar Usage Occupancy TS THREE BEDROOM, N/A, 823, 6, Eve Year. $1,520.03, 201 70699102: HOUMAN BATES a ERIKA M BAns ot a now continuing detauN Vacation Ownership in a (SEE o the date the Twstee issues Undivided lnterest Suke 2809-28, ||. $7,815.38, $3.85, 8o.75, 20170699102; SANDRA YAHYAEI 4851 ELIOT, N 104 10829 MEADOWMONT WAY by Obligor(s), (See Exhibk WHIBIT A.') Surfe and shall be the Certificate of Sale by paying Type ICN TS Phase Vacation 20170101154; M GIBNEY 261 N FRmont St CHOMEDEY LAVAL, ac H7W STOCKTON, CA 95219-7174, A,whose addr6w is (Sea quiredlo make arese a ion theamounts due as owlinedin Ownenhip Type A Dunt Per April2T;May4,2O18 Palatine, IL 60067-5213. 837, oc3 CANADA, 854, 47, Eve 481, 48, Eve Year, $2,607.41, Exhibk A"), in lhe payment or tor a Surfe. wkh eve (SEE the p ceding paragraph. By: Diem COL Rec L 165403 15. Eve Year, 814.127.46. odd Numbered Year, 81 ,977.55, 81.29, 201 706991 02: performante of the obligations WHIBIT A occupancy GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, lnto $6.96, 20170699102; 8o.98, 20170699102; PATRICE LAMBW a secured by said Claim ot Lian rights in accordance whh the T rtee. REINALDO MACHADO CHARLES D GIBNEY 1808 CHARLES E SUMMERS a BENJAMIN LAMBLU 2217 recoded in omc al Racods p vi5ions ot the Declaration. HIBIT A" - NoncE OF CAMPOS a ROZINA NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S w Haddon Ave Apt 2F ROSE L FIELDS-SUMMERS FERNLEAF LN COLUMBUS, Book(Se6Exhibrf'.A"),atPag8 Together with an appurtenant TRUSTEE'S SALE CAMARUDIN 304 27rH ST SAU Chicago, IL 60622-7643 837, 22500 HESSEL DETROIT, Ml OH 43235-2752, 298, 45, (See Exhibit A'.). ot lh6 Public undivided interesl in tommon Owne s) Address Week ORLANDO, FL 328064449, RL vAcnnoN sums 15, Ev6 Year, $14,127.46, 48219, 541, 14, Eve odd Eve Y6ar, $2,566.29, $1.27, Recods of ORANGE Coun,elements ot the p je as Year Usage Occupancy TS EVERY ODD NUMBERED *n. w (LOpV 86.96, 20170699102; MARIE J Numbe d Year, $1,572.85, 201 70699102; KAMUSH Florida, including the breach or describad in the Declaration. Undivided lnterast Surfe YEAR, 0.01615,TWO On 12312018 at 11:00 AM, O'KEEFE N442 JACKPOTAVE $0.78, 20170699102; s SHAH 1341 Danada Ct delault,noliceofwhichwassat Project 48 - ln e al ContDl Type ICN TS Phase Vac ion BEDROOM. 6412-200. N. GREENSPOON MARDER, MORTON, MN 5627 1251. April 2T; May 4, 2018 Nap8 ill6, IL 60563-2352, torfh in a Notice ot D6tault and Numbe s): (SEE HIBIT A Owne hip Type Amount P6r TYPE 2, $2,571.16, $1.26, 201 E. Pine Street. Suha 743, 13, Eve Year, $1,344.3T, . L 165537 110, 23, Eve Year, $1,782.35. lntenl to Foreclose providad WSCANY VILLAGE VACATION Diem COL Ret 20170702100; 5,O ando, Florida 32801, 8o.66. 20170699102; MARIE J 8o.88, 20170699102; PRITI K to the last known address SUITES 8122 Ar ao Way lnfo April T; May,18 as Tw punuam to that O'KEEFE N442 JACKPOT AVE SHAH 24w600 EUGENIA DR ol Obligo s), (Saa Exhibit O ando,FL32821Saidsalewill MARIA D PERU 4424 JOHN L16 Appointment ot Tw ee MORTON, MN 56270-1251, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S NAPERVIUE. IL 60540-3836, A,by Ce ified/Registered be made (witho covenants, or PENN CIR APT K CHARLOTTE, orded on o11o212018. 216, 5, Eve Year. $2,097.25, SALE 110, 23, Eva Ye $1,782.35, Mail or by publication by the wa anty, express or implied NC 28215-1773, EVERY YEAR, under Document lnst manl 81.o3, 2017 99102; ORLANDO VACATION $0.88, 20170699102;LUC N0 undenigned Twstee, will sell regarding the title, poss8Mion 0.01946,TWO BEDROOM, NoncE OF TRusnE's no. 20180001019 ot th6 JOSEPH SPARICINO a SUITES II LEVRERO 6 RAFAELA at publ auctiontothe high6st or 8ntumbranc6s) to pay the 2305-17, ||, TYPE 2, $1,921.36, SAU Public Records of ORANGE SABRINA SPARICINO 9801 WT .O114 (oGAwO CARRIUO DE LEVRERO bidd6r tor la ul money of the unpaid asseNment5 due inthe $0.94, 20170702100; JUAN E RL vAcAnoN SUITU County, Florida, by reason sw 2ND ST p AnoN, On 05 4 2018 at 11:00 AM, a vAuNnNA UVRERO UnrtedStatesotAmerita,inthe amount ot (See Exhibh A . PERU 250 w MERRICK RD W2TT. 21 (LYNAD ot a now continuing d8tauN FL 3N24-2316. 655, 43, GREENSPOON MARDER, CARRIUO MACARACUAY lobby of Suke 500, ot Capkal with inla accwing at the APT3VFREEPO NY1152O- On 05/23 2018 at 11:00 AM, by Obligo s), (See Exhibh Every Y $1,782.35, $0.88, 201 E. Pin6 St et, Suka CAW T AY QUINTA DU Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pin6 rate of (Sae Exhibk A") p N14,EVERYYEAR,O.O1946gb, GREENSPOON MARDER, .A,whose add u is (See 20170699102; EUZABETH 500, O ando, Florida 32801, BEUN ZONA N CARACAS, sl a, O ando, Fl 32601, all day,punuanltotheTlmesha TWO BEDROOM,23O5-17, LLP, 201 E. Pine Str68t, Suke Exhibk A,in th6 payant or JACKSON 2210 M ne Ave as Tw a6 punuant to Wat NO1O7OVENWEL 94,40, right, thl6 and intere in tha Plan, advances, it any, under ll, TYPE 2, $1,921.36, So.94, 500, O ando, Florida 32801, perfo nce ot the obligations