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May 4, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 4, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISN NEWS, MAY 4, 2018 PAGE 9B that in the event that the debt BAHAMAS, 900, 943, 5, ODD,Rd Mount Juliet, TN 37122, 1 000, 1011, 34. WHOLE, copy ot the notice of sala "Plan.'), and all am6ndment(s),WHOU, Fixed Waekl Fixed Punuant to Seclion owed to tha AMociation is not Floating, 2013-2017, $4,2600. 2614, 25, WHOLE, All Fixed Waah/Fixed Unit, $5, lwo (2) timas, once each thePto. it any. Together w h,Unk, $5, 938.12, 81 .88; 721 .855, Florida Statutes, paid within thirty-fiva (35) days 574.09, $1.38: Season-Float WeeMloat Unit, 995.36, 81.88; CAROUNE week, tor two (2) successiva the right to occupy. punuanl,MARGARET MC CULLAGH the undersign6d T stee as aW6r receipt ot the Nolice, May 4, 11, 2018 2013-2017, $6, 587.06, $1.93; MCCABE, AS TRUSTEES OF weeks, in an ORANGE Coun to tha Plan, Building-Unrf(s) a RORY MOLONEY Ma et appointed by wEsTGAn the undersigned Twstee L 165734 EBONNE T LOVE 4701 Maw THE DONALD MCCABE AND newspaper, provided such a (SEE WHIBIT "A"l, during Square Sta W Co-Clare, LAKES OWNERS shall proceed wkh the sal6 Dr Apt C Raleigh, NC 27604- CAROLINE MCCABE TRUST, newspaper exists at the time Unit Week(s) (SEE HIBIT IRELAND, 2600. 2667, 40, ASSOCIATION. INC. ol the Property as provided 7109, 2600, 2626, 5, EVEN, WITH LIFE RESERVED FOR ot publishing. lt you tail to "A"), durin2 Assigned Year(s) WHOLE, Fixed Weeh/ Fixed (hereinaWer te ad to as in in Se ion 721.855, Florida NoncE OF DEFAULT AND,#| Season-Float W6eMloat GRANTORS, 4625 Tree Tops Dr cura the detault as set torth - (SEE w IBIT "A"). merein Unit, 85, 938.12, 81.88; '.Association ) h6 by formally Statut6s, the undenigned INnNT TO FORECLOSE,Unrf, 82, 250.09, 8o.68; PERRY Port Cha oWe, FL 33953-5919, in this notice or lake other '.Time Share Plan (Property) May 4, 11, 2018 notifies (See Exhibk .'A ) lhat Twstee shall: (1) PDvid6 you WESTGATE LAKES,FILE: ' L LOVE 1411 Green St Apt 3 1000, 1016. 5, WHOLE, Fixed. app prial6 artion wkh regad Address'.). As a result ot L 165754 you are in detault due to your with wriWen notica or the sale, 2T669.0T03 Dumam, NC 27705-4267, 2600, $1, 141.00, $0.48; DONALD B to this toraclosure maWer, you lhe afo m6ntion8d default,failuR lo pay aM8Nment(s) due including the data, time and Punuant to Se ion 2626, 5, EVEN, All Season- MCCABE, AS TRusnEs OF risk losing ownenhip ot your Association hereby elects to ! for (See Mibit '.A punuant to location thereot; (2) Recod 721 .855, Florida Slalutes, Float WeeMloat Unit, 82, THE DONALD MCCABE AND meshare int6 st through the sell the PDp8rty pursuant ! NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND the ANociation' s goveming the notite ot sala in the Public tha undenigned T stea as 250.09, $0.68: CHRISTOPHER CAROLINE MCCABE TRUST, t stee toraclosure procadure to Se ion 721.855, Florida INTENT TO FORECLOSE documents ( Goveming Records of ORANGE Coun,appointed by WESTGATE FOXALL B KUMUDINI FOXqLL WITH LIFE RESERVED FOR establishedin Sertion 721.855, Statutes. Plaasa ba advisad WESTGATE LAKES II nLE: Documents' and you now Florida; and (3l Publish a LAKES OWNERS 24 Fairboume Close, Callands GRANTORS 4251 Haynes Rd Florida Statutes. You may lhat in the event that the debt 2T66g.0T08 owe Association (See Exhibrt copy ot the notice ot sale AMoclAnoN. INC. Wa n4on, ENGLAND, S ockbridge. Ml 49285, 1000, choose to sign and send to owed to th6 Association is nol Pursuant to Saction .'A") which amount includes two (2) times, once aach mereinawar rate ad to as 2600, 2626, 18, WHOU,1016, 5, WHOU, Fixed, 81, the und6nigned tw5tea the paid within thirfy-five (35) days 721.855, Florida Statutas, intere5t, lata tees, and other w86k, tor lwo (2l succ8Niv8 ANociation") hereby lormally Season-Floal WeaMloat Unk, 141.00, $0.48; FEDERICO enclosad objection torm, a er receipt ot lhe Notice. the und8rsign6d Trustee as chages. Addhional interasl weeks, in an ORANGE Coun notitl6s (See Ewhibit '.A") that $5, 152.19, $1.62; ANDREW ESCOBAR a VERONICA exercising your right to obje lhe undenigned Twstee,appointad by WESTGATE continues to acc e at the rate newspaper, provided such a you a in detault due to your FOXALL 24 Fairbourna Close, BURGOS Calle Sutre 948 Esq to the use of the twstee shall pDca8d wkh the sale LAKES OWNERS ot (See Exhib A per day. A nawspaper exists al the ti tailure to pay assessment(s) due Callands WarrinQon, WA59RR Yanacocha Apto 402 Zona foreclosura procedure. Upon ot the Proparty as provided ASSOCIATION, INC. lien for the ator6said amount ot publishing. lt you tail to lor (See Exhibit .'A ) pursuant to E GLAND, 2600, 2626, 18, Central La Paz, BOLIVIA, the undenigned t st86's in in Section 721.855, Florida mereinaWer refe ed to as has been coded ag n the cu the detault as 58t torfh tha Association' s qoverning,WHOLE,S6ason-Float 1000, 1046, 43. WHOLE, Fixed receipt of your signed objection Statutes, th6 undersigned Association") he by formally following real proper local6d in this notice or taka olh& documents l" oveming,Wee Float Unrf, $5, 152.19, WeeWFixad Unit. $5, 995.36. torm, the tor6closu ot the T stee shall: (1) Provida you notifies (See Exhibit A") that in ORANGE County, Florida: appropriate action wrth gad Documents") and you now 81.62; CAROLYN T TROST $1.88; RADHAKRISHNAN lien with r6sp8rt to tha detault with wriw6n notice of lhe sale, you are in d6lauN due to your (See Exhibit A") (SEE HIBIT to this toreclosure maWer, you owe Association (Sea Exhibit 3511 B6|| St Kansas c y, GEJAPATHY a SAVITHRI specified in this notice shall including the date, time and tailure to pay ass6Nment(s) due .'A' Time Share lntere (s) (SEE risk losing owner hip or your .'A") which amount includes MO 64111, 2600, 2628, 12. GEJAPATHY Blk 346 St 33 be subjecl to the judicial location the t: (2) Record tor(See Exhibit A")pukuantto WHIBIT A") as defined in timeshare interast through tha int6r8st, late tees, and other EVEN, All Season-Float Waeh/ 02 370 Tampines Singapor6, for8closur6 procedur6 only. the notice ot sale in the Public,lhe Association. s goveming the Detlaralion of Covenants, t stee foreclosure procadu chages. Addrtional interest Float Unk. $3, 066.73, $0.92; SINGAPORE, 1000, 1066, 22, You hava the right to cure Recods ot ORANGE County, documants ('.Govaming Condrtions and Restrirtions eslablished in Sertion 721.855, continues to accwe at the te MICHAEL TROST 2909 Gent EVEN, Fixed Wee Fixed Unit, your dataull in the manner set Florida; and (3) Publish a Documants") and you now for Westgate Lakes |, O cial Florida Stat es. You may of (See Exhibit .'A") per day. A Pa Kan5as c y, MO 64116- $6, 799.96, $1.68; JUDITH forth in this nolice at any time topy of th6 notica of sale owe Association (See Exhibit Records Book 5020, Page choose to sign and send to lian tor the aforesaid amount 2915, 2600, 2628, 12, EVEN, p KAY 913 Boulder Springs befo the t stee's sala ot your two (2) times, onca aach A") which amount intludBs 327, of th6 Public Recods of tha undenigned tw ae tha has been recorded against lhe All Season-float W68Mloat Dr Apt 101 O Las Vegas, NV timeshare intere . lf you do not week, tor two (2) successive interest, lata t68s, and othar Orange Coun,Florida (the enclosed objertion torm, tollowing real property located Un,83. 066.73. 8o.92; KEISHA 89128, 200, 213, 48. ODD, obje to the use ot the t stae weeks, in an ORANGE County charges. Addrfional intarest "Plan"), and all amendment(s) 8x6 ising your right to objert in ORANGE Coun,Florida: M WILUAMS a CLIFTON F xad WeeWFixed Unit, $6, foRclosur8 procedure, you will newspapar, pDvided such a tontinues to accwe at the rate there o, it any. Toge her wkh to he use of the twstee (s68 Exhibit "A") (SEE WHIBIT WILLIAMS 2501 Brenda Dnve 453.16, $1.76; CLARENCE w not be subjert to a d8fici6ncy newspapar exists at the time ot (See Ewhibk A per day. A the right to occupy, punuant toreclosure procedure. Upon A ) Time Shara lnt8r6st(s) (SEE New lberia, LA 70560, 2600, RICHARDSON 1447 Cro5s Way judgment even if the p c86ds ot publishinq. lt you lail to lien for the atoresaid amount to the Plan, Building-Unrt(s) th6 undenigned tws e6's WHIBIT A'.) as d8fin6d in 2637. 38, WHOLE, All S6ason- W6st Palm Beach, FL 33401- hom th6 sale ot your timeshare cure tha deault as sel forth has ba6n recorded against the (SEE WHIBIT A"), during ceipt of your siqned objertion tha Declaration ot Covenants, Float Wee floal Unit, $5, 3033, 200, 213, 48, ODD, Fixed inte st are insuWlcient to in this notite or take other following raal property localad Unit Week(s) (SEE HIBIT torm, the toracosu ot the Condkions and Restrirtions 938.12, $1.88; CHARLENE D W88klFix6d Unit, $6, 453.16, oWset the amounts secured by appropriate artion wrth regard in ORANGE County. Florida: .'A',during Assigned Y6ar(sl lien wkh spert to lha detauW tor Wes gate Lakes |, omcial NEWSOME 1402 Edson n $1.76; WILLIAM G WELSER lhe lien. By: GREENSPOON to lhis tor6closul8 ma er. you (See Exhibit '.A") (SEE WHIBIT - (SEE WHIBIT A"). er6in spacified in this notice rnall Racods Book 5020, at Page Hamplon, VA 23663-1400, a EVELYN M WELSER 19732 MARDER, uP, Twstee. rish losing ownership ot your A") fime Share lnterest(s) (SEE .'Tlme Sha Plan (P perty) be subjett to the judicial 327, of lhe Public Records of 2600, 2646. 49, WHOLE, All Ston8hang6 Dr Mokena, IL WHIBIT A" - NoncE OF timeshare int through he WHIBIT A") as defined in Address' . As a Psult of tor6closur8 procadu on . Otange County, Florida (the Season- Float WeeklFloat Unit, 60448, 200, 2 4, 4, ODD, Fixed DEFAULT AND INTENT TO t staa toreclosure p cedure the Decla tion ot Covenants, the afo mentioned derauW, You have tha right to cure "Planw), and all amendment(s) $6, 621.89, 81.98; KAREEM L Wee Fixed Unit, $6, 320.26, FORECLOSE established in Se ion 721 .855, Condrfions and Restrirtions Association h6 by ele s to your defauW in the mannar sat th6 to, if any. Together wkh DOMINGUU 908 old Buck e $1.76; JAMES s MEDLIN 15o Ownar(s) Address Building Unit Florida Stat es. You may tor Westgate Lakes, ||, O cial sell tha Properfy punuanl torfh in this notica at any time the right to occupy. punuant Rd Hamplon, VA 23663, 2600, Two Sisters Ln Rochingham, Week Y6ar Usage Occupanty choose to sign and sand to Retords Book 5000, at Page to Section 721.855, Florida b6toR the twstee's sale ot your to the Plan. Building-Unrf(s) 2646. 4g, WHOLE, All S6ason- NC 28379-7735, 200, 243, 3, TS Undivided lnterest Saason the undersigned twstae the 3118, ot the Public Retords Statutes. Please be advised timeshaP interest. lt you do not (SEE HIBIT A"), during Float WeeMloat Unit, $6, ODD, Fixed WeeklFixed Unk. Use Basis TS Phase Years enclosed objertion form, ot Orange Coun,Florida (the that in the 6v8nt that the debl obje lo the use of th6 twstaa Unrt Week(s) (SEE HIBIT 621.89, $1.98; MICHAEL O $6, 453.16, $1.76; BARRY T Delinquent Amount Per Diem exercising your right to objett '.Plan"), and all amendment(s) owed to the Association is not toreclosure procedure, you will A',during As5igned Yea s) OGUNYEMI SR a MICHAEL COOK a LORI L COOK 1924 ROBERTO D MARTINU a to the usa of the twstee thePto. it any. Together with paid within thirty-five (35) days not be subject to a deficiency - (SEE HIBIT "A'.). merein o OGUNYEMI JR a FELICIA Firetarn Ct New Port Richey, MARLEN ESCALONA 13715 foreclosu proc8dur6. Upon the right lo occupy, pursuant a er receipl of the Notice, judgment evan it the procaeds 'Tlme Share Plan (Proper ) O OGUNYEMI 1176 E 86th FL 34655, 400, 433, 5, ODD, sw 24 St Miami, FL 33175, the undenigned trustee.s,to the Plan, Building-Unk(s) lhe undenigned Twstee hom the sale ot your limesha Address"). As a result ot St Brooklyn, NY 11236, 2600, Fixed WeeWFixad Unit, 86, 1100, 1143, 1, EVEN, Floating, receipt of your signad objection (SEE WHIBIT "A"), during 5hall proceed wkh lhe sale interest are insuMtient to the aforementioned detault, 2656. 13, WHOLE, All Season- 547.29, 81.76; ROSLYN A $8, 028.26, 81.97; LYNDA form, tha toreclosure ol the Unit Week(s) (SEE WHIBIT or the Properfy as provided oWsel the amounts secured by ANocialion hereby elerts to Float WeeMloat Unit, $5, JONES 2743 NW 199th Ter GARCIA 257 Barney Drive lien with respe to the defaull '.A"), during Assigned Year(s) in in Section 721.855, Florida the lien. By: GREENSPOON sell the p perty pursuant 152.19, 81.62; ELDRED M Opa-Locka, FL 33056, 400, Joliet, IL 60435, 11OO, 1163, 3, specitied in this notite shall,- (SEE WHIBIT .'A"). (herein Statutes, the undenigned MARDER, LLP, T staa. to Se ion 721.855, Florida . HITCHCOCK e Grandview Dr 433, 22, EVEN, Fix6d Week/ ODD, All Season-Float Week/ be subje lo the judicial,"Tlme Share Plan (Prop6rty) Trustee shall: (1) Provide you WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF Statutes. Please ba advised Binghanrton, NY 13905, 900, Fixed Unit, $6, 799.96. 81.68; Float Unrf, $2, 900.72, 8O.96; toreclosure p cedure only. Address'.). As a resuW of with wri en notice of the sale, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO that in the event tha the debt 914, 1, WHOLE, All Season- GORDON D HENDERSON a ELENA VLADIMIROVNA HULL You have lhe right to cure the aforementioned datault, including lhe date, time and FORECLOSE owed to the Association is not Float WeeMloat Unit, $5, CAROL A HENDERSON 12592 31 St Michael Vlew 25 Alberf your detauW in the manner set,Assotiation hereby elects lo,location thereor, (2) Record Owne s) Addrass Building Unit paid within thirty-tiva (35l days 938.12, $1.88; Vallaywood Dr Woodbridge, VA Road Plymouth, ENGLAND, forth in this notita at any time,sell the Properfy punuant the notice of sale in lhe Publit Week Year Usage Occupancy aWer Pceipt ot the Notice, May 4, 11, 18 22192, 400, 433, 46, EVEN, 1100, 1165, 33, EVEN, All betore the trustee's sale ol your to Section 721.855, Florida Records ot ORANGE Coun . TS Undivided lnterest Season the undersigned Twstee,L 165735 Fixed Wee Fixed Unit, $6, Season-Floal Week/Float Unit, timeshareinterest. lryou do not Stalutes. Please be advised Florida; and (3) Publish a Use Basis TS Phase Yea 5hall p ceed wkh lhe sale 799.96, $1.68: BEATRICE E,83, 094.64, $0.92; MARIA obj6clto lhe use otthe twstee,that in the event that th6 debt copy ot lhe notice ot sale Delinquent Amounl Per Diem ot lhe Property as provided,STOKES 3808 Graanhills Ct E CAROLINA cAsARmo B foretlosure p cedure. you will owed to the Association is nol two (2) times, once each VICENTE M MORENO 411 in in Section 721.855, Florida,NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND,ing, M 75038, 400, 444, 36,GONZALO FERNANDU '.Rio not ba subje to a deficiency paid within lhirty-five (35) days week, for two (2) successive E h s Bishop, TX 78343, Statutes, the undersigned INnNT TO FORECLOSE ODD, Fixed WeeWFixed Unit,Negro, 1 563" Montevideo,judgmenl even if lhe proceeds a er recelpt of the Notice. weeks, in an ORANGE County 1500, 1544, 34, ODD, Floating, Twstee shall: (1) Provide you WESTGATE LAKES III FILE: $6, 453.16, $1.76; ERNEST,-11104, URUGUAY, 1200,tromthe sale of your timeshare,the undersigned T stee,newspaper, p vided such a 2013-2017, $3, 961.29, 81.19; wkh wri an notica ot the sale, 2T86g.0T ROGERS 420 SE Myra Rd 1216, 5, ODD, Fixed Wee interest ara insu cient to . shall proceed wilh the sale newspaper exists at the lime RAMON L COLON VELU including the date, time and Pursuant to Se ion College Place, WA 99324- Fixed Unit, $8, 458.32, o sat tha amounts s6cured by of the Property as provided of publishing. lf you tail to 33 3rd Uanos Cal Coamo, location theraot; (2) Record 721 .855, Florida Statutes, 1796, 400, 464, 47, ODD, Fixed $2.12: GEMINI INvESTMENT the lien. By: GREENSPOON ' in in Se ion 721.855, Florida cure the defaull as set forfh PR 00769, 1700, 1712, 11, the notica ot sale in the Public the undersignad T ee as W86 Fixed Unil, 86, 253.16. PARTNERS, INC, Po Box MARDER, LLP, Twstee. Statules, the undenigned in this nolice or take o her ODD, Floating. 2013-2017. Records ot ORANGE Coun,appointed by WESTGATE 81.76; KELLY J JONES 7199 138039 CLERMONT, FL 34713, WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF,Twstee shall: (1) Provide you appropriate action wkh regard $3, 961.29. 81.19; GLADYS Florida; and (3) Publish a LAKES OWNERS Steele HWY Eaton Rapids, 1200, 1226, 30, WHOLE, 1 ALL DEFAULT AND INTENT TO,with wriWen notice ot lhe sale, to this toreclosure maWer, you SANTIAGO Ubanizacion copy ot tha notice of sale ASSOCIATION, INC. Ml 48827-9048, 500, 512, 46, SEASON FLOAT WEEWFLOAT FORECLOSE,including the date, time and risk losing ownenhip ot your Jardines D6 Coamo Calle 6 two (2) times, once eath 6r8ina er refe ed to as ODD, Fixed, $6, 453.16. 81.76; UNIT, $7, 630.054; ROQUE Owne s) Address Building Unil,location lhePof; (2) Racord timeshara interest th ugh Me K 15 Coamo, PR 769, 1700, waek, for two (2) successive .'Assotiation") h6raby tormally ARTHUR L JONES,| 425 v HERNANDU a MIRNA Week Year Usaga Occupancy the notice of sale in tha Public twstee toreclosure protedure 1712, 11, ODD, Floating, weeks, in an ORANGE Coun notifies (See Exhibit '.A") that Ev8F8W Dr Lansina, Ml 48915, c DE HERNANDU Calle TS Undivided lnlerast Season ' Records of ORANGE County, established in Set ion 721 .855, 2013-2017, 83, 961.29, $1.19; newspaper, pDvid8d such a you are in detauW due to your 500, 512, 46, OD,Fixed, $6, Mucubaji 38 Estado Falcon Usa Basis TS Phase Years Florida; and (3) Publish a Florida Statutes. You may RAMON L CONON VELQ, nawspaper axists at lhe time tailure to pay ass8ssm6nt(s) due 453.16, $1.76; IVAN G SEDA Judibana. VENUUELA, 1200, Dalinquant Amount Per Diam copy ot the notica of sale choosa to sign and sand to URBANIZACION JARDINES ot publishing. lr you lail to tor (See Exhibit A ) punuant to 7714 Douglas Ave. Racine, wl,1235, 34, WHOLE, Fixed w/ HO TENCE ELINE nLBuRG two (2) times, once eath the undersigned t stee the DE COAMO CALLE 6 K 15, cure the detault as sel to h the Association' s qov ning 53402. 5O0, 518, 8, WHOU,Fixed U. 85. 201.56, 81.62; PuWenplantsoen 6 we6k, tor two (2) succ6ssive entlosed obje ion form, COAMO, PR 00769, 1700- in this notice or take other docume s ( overning Fixad, $5, 995.36, $1.88; MARnN ANGEL a JEYDITH Amstedam, NETHERLANDS, weeks, in an ORANGE Coun ex6rcising your right to object 1712, 11 ODD, ',FLoAnNG, appropriata action wkh regard Documents") and you now JAIME RODRIGUU 2365 N M SILVA 664 Tlmbart eh St 900, 911, 28, WHOU, Fixed ' newspaper, p vidad such a to tha use ot the twstee 2014-2017, 82, 668.62, to this toratlosu maWer, you owe Assotiation (See Exhibit 1 St Milwauk68, Wl 53212- Lol 145 Hemando. MS 38632, WeeW Fiwed Unk. 2014- newspaper exists at the time toreclosure procedure. Upon 81.32 MARIAM A IBRAHIM ri5k losing ownership or your '.A") which amount includes 3223, 500, 518, 8, WHOLE, 1200, 1244, 42, WHOLE, All 2017, $5, 938.12, 81 .88; of publishing. lt you tail to Me undenigned twstee's 4525 Hayma 6t Lan6 No h timesha interest lhrough th6 int6r8 . lata lees, and other Fix6d, $5, 995.36, 81.88; Season-Floa WaeMloat Unit, KAREN BEADLE a JOSEPH cure lh6 detault as set rorth r8c6ipt ot your signed obj6ction Chesterfl6ld, VA 23234. 17,twst86 to tlosura p cedu charg85. Addhional imeP ODILON RIBEIRO JUNIOR $8, 258.56, $2.33: CARLOS w BEADLE 2B4 Florence St in lhis notice or take other form, th6 toreclosu of the 1746, 8, MN, Floating, tablished in Serfion 721 .855, continu&s to accwe at the rale a MAURO M RIBEIRO Rua M CABRERA a SANDRA F Winst6d, CT 6 8, 900, 942. appropriate artion with r6gard lien with r6spett to the detauw 2010-201T, 86, 304.62, $1.62; norida Slat es. You may of (See Mibrf A") per day. A Bandeira Pauli a, 87 Apto 2z CABRERA, 6372 sw 33 ST, 48, WHOLE, Flxed w k/ Flxed to this foF8closur8 maWer, you sp6cifi8d in this notica shall MARY M BELASICH a PEGGY thoose to sign and send to lien tor the ato s d anDunt Sao Paulo, sP BRAZl 500, MIAMl, FL N155, 1300. 1313. Unit, 2014-2017, S5, 938.12, risk losing owenhip of your ba subje to the judi al s Mm 13852 Kellat Road the'undersigned hustee the has been coded againstthe 552, 52, WHOLE, Fix6d ek/ 20, EVEN, FIXED WEEW $1.88: RICARDO CORDOVA tim8shaR in erest through the toreclosure procedu only. Faimope, AL 36532, 1700, enclosed objertion torm, tollowing Ral pDp8 y locatad Fixed Unk, $5, 995.36, $1.88; FIXED UNIT, $2, 023.59, GUZMAN a R A DE CASIA R lwstee toretlosuP procedure You have e right to cu 1754, 11, WEN, noating, axe ising your right to objert in ORANGE County, Florida: ARMANDO CIAMPOLINI $1.00; PRESTIGE VACATIONS M MELLO Rua Ludwik Macal, e ablished in Se ion 721 .855, your dafauW in the manner set 2014-2017, $2, 998.16, $0.92: to tha use ot the twst68 (Sea Exhibk A ) (SEE WHIBIT NETO a VIRGINIA H p COSTA LTD, . a BY LISA MICHELLE 200/401A Jd P6nha Vltoria. Florida Sta utes. You may torth in this notice at any time JOSE M HIRALDO RIVERA a toRclosu proceduP. Upon A") fime Sha lntePst(sl (SEE Fa2enda Gentio Zona Rural CUMENTS, AS A SIGNING BRAZl 900, 945, 30, WHOLE, thoos6 to sign and send to b6for6 the twslee's sale ot your FELICITA GUZMAN O TEGA tha unda igned t 88'5 HIBIT A") as dafin in Bocana De Minas, BRAZIL, MEMBER 6 Pound Cou,Fixed Weekl Fixed Unrt, 2014- the undanigned twstee the tim8shar6inteRst. lfyou do not Ave Ricky Sada A 19 Valle &eipt of your signed objection tha Decla tion of Covenants, 500, 567, 5, WHOU, Fixed Waights Lane Reddkch, 2017, $6, 004.87, $1.88; TICEY enclosed objection torm, objett to lhe use ol lhe twstee Tolima Caguas, PR 727, torm, the foBlosure of th6 Condkions and Re rictions WeeklFixed Unrf, $5, 995.36, uNlnD KINGDOM, 1 300, L STEWART 141 Buckingham exercising your right to objett toraclosure procedure, you will 1900, 1912, 5. ODD. Floating, lien wkh r6sp6Gt to the detault tor Westg e Lakes, |||, omcial $1.88; AMY E WIUIAMS 129 E 1328, 37, WHOLE. Value Dr Stephens c y, VA 22655. to the use ot the twstee not be subject to a deficienty 2013-2017, $4, 574.0,sp6cifi8d in this nolice 5hall Recods Book 5391, at Paga Ash St Canton, IL 61520, 600. Season-float WeeMloat Unit, 900. 952, 19, ODD. Fixed,tor6closure procedu . Upon judgment even rf the proceeds $1 .38: MIRELIZ HIRALDO be subjact to lha judicial 3172, ot the Public Recods 618, 38, ODD, Fixed Wee 811, 344.12, $3.08; DENA M Wee Fixed Unrf, 2011-2017, lha undenigned twslee's tDm the sale of your lim6share GUZMAN 206 5275 lmagas ci toRclosu p cedure only. ot Orange Coun,Florida (tha Fixed Unit, 86, 453.16, 81.76; COVERDAU 14, Shelson $4, 474.58, $1.26: MARTA,receipl ot your signed obje ion intarest aP insuMciant to Nimm8a, FL 34746-4773, You have tha right to cura wPlan,and all am6ndm8nt(s) RICARDO REVEROL B MARY Avanue" Feltham, ENGLAND, VILLAFANE 524 Macdonald torm, the toreclosure of the o et tha amounts secu d by 1900, 1912, 5, ODD, noating, your detauW in the mann6r sat the to, rf any. Togather wkh CARMEN ROJAS Conjunto 1300. 1355, 41, ODD, Fixed Ave 8ellporf, NY 11713, 900, lien wrfh respe to the detault tha lien. By: GREENSPOON 2013-2017, $4, 574.09, 81.38; lorth in this notice at any tin the right to ottupy, punuant Res. To e Eu pa To eii Apt 1 B WaaMixed Unk, 86, 453.16, 957, 43, WHOU, Fixed Weekl specified in this notice shall MARDER, L T stee. ALBERT J GIORDANO 220 N befo the t stee's sale ot your to the Plan, Building-Unk(s) Pi5o,Maracaibo, VENUUELA, S1.76: GREGORY D BRIDGES Fixed Unk, 2014-2017, 85. be 5ubjert to tha judicial WHIBIT A" - NOTICE OF Church Road Bansanville, IL timeshareinterest. ltyou do not (SEE HIBIT A',during 600,628,2,WEN,FixedWeek1 JACQUELINE F BRIDGES 921.14, $1.88; DA D WEST toreclosure proc6dure only. DEFAULT AND INnNT TO 60106 PEGGY w GIORDANO objert to tha use ot the,stee Unk Week(s) (SEE HIBIT Fixed Unk, $6, 799.03, $1.68; 1060 NE 157th St Miami, FL 15311 Railroad Dr Opa-Locka, You have the righl to cure FORECLOSE 1928 w ROHMANN AVE, toBlosu pDc8dure, you will "A"), during Assigned Year(s) TAMARA QUINONES a LOUIS 33162, 1400, 1415, 37, ODD, FL 33054, 900, 965, 13, ODD. your defauW in the mannar set Owner(s) AddRM Building Unrf WEST PEORIA, IL 61604-5543, not be subja o a d6fici6ncy - (SEE HIBIT A . a in QUINONES 123 Fai iew Ave Fixed W88Mix6d Unit, $3, Fix6d Weekl Fix6d Unh, $6, torth in this notica at any time Waek Y6ar Usage Otcupancy 1900, 1922, 22. ODD, flo ing, judgment even if the pD s fim6 Sha Plan (P pa y) Lawnside, NJ 8045, 600, 648, 997.52. 81.19: MICHAEL 399.54, $1.76; WARUNE D beto thetwstaa's 5al8 otyour TS Undivided lnte st Season 2 -201 7, $8, 393.91, homth8sal6otyourtim8sha Add M . A5 a BuN ot 22,WH0U, Fixad WeaMixed WUG a PAm PRICE 4535 WILLIAMS 45 Wallace St Apt tim6shar8int8r8st.ltyoudonot Us6 Basi5 TS Phase Yean $2.12; SARAH LOGUNUKO int6 a in5umci8nt to th6 ato ntionad d6 uW, Unk, 85, 995.36, $1.88; Carmel Estat6s Rd Charlo e. 509 Freaport, NY 1 1520-2950, objert to the use ot tha trustea Delinquent Amount P6r Diem 2254 Shelby w Mobil6, AL o 6tha amounts s8cur6d by ANocia on h&Bby 8|6rfs to Mey4,11,2o1a NC 28226, 1400, 1431, 52, 1500, 1526, 7, WHOU, Flxed to losuP p cadure, you will CARMEN J ROSA MENDOZA 36610-3306, 2000, 2022, 22, tha lian. By: GREENSPOON sell the Prope y punuant L165n6 WHOLE, Fixed WeeklFixad Weahl Fixed Unh, S5, 538.12, not be subjart to a deficiency 479 Calla Palmas Toa Baja, PR EVEN, Floalin 2014-2017, MARDER, LLP, T stea. to &ion 721.855, norida Unh,85,995.36,81.88;PATSY $1.88; RENEE D BODW judgm8ntevenitth6 pmeeds 00949, 1800, 1834, 4, ODD, $2, 071.74, .66; WAZEE HlalT "A" - NOTICE OF Statutas. Please be advised J MINES 310 Eld Ln Belvide,6 BENJAMIN F BODW 21 tDmthe sale otyourtim85har8 Fixed Waa xed Unrf, 2 9- LOGUNLEKO 296 Hi iman Rd DEFnuLr AND INnNr ro that in th6 6vant that th6 d6bt NoncE OF DEFAULT AND IL 31008- 8225. 14oo, 1437, Ha son Av6 Freaport, NY intere are insuMci6nl to 2017,$8,458.32,$2.12:RENE Englewood, NJ 7631, 2,FORECLOSE owed to th6 ANotiation iE not INTENr ro FORECLOSE 35, WEN, #| Season-Flo 11520, 1500, 1526,7,WH0LE. oW58tth8 amounts sacu d by A OCASIO ERA JN Calle 9 2022, 22, EVEN, no ing, Ow6 s)Add N Building Unh paid wkhin thirty-five (35) day5 wEsTGAn KN II nLE: W66Mloat Unk, $4, 890.96, Fixed Waekl Fixad Unrt, $5, lh6 lien. By: GREENSPOON Toa Baja, PR 949, 18oo, 1834, 2014-2017, S2, 071.74, 8o.66; h Year Usage Ocwpancy aRer B8ipt ot the Notic6, 2T g.070 81.32; DAVID s MINES 1023 538.12, $1.88; GERSON A MARDER, LLP, T st68. 4, ODD, Fiwed Wee xed ANTolNrm Y M OR 2022 n Undividad lntar Season the und8nign6d Tw ea Punuant to Sertion Daan St Sain Cha es, IL RoAaALBAMcAcEREs DE HIBIT "A - NOTICE OF Unit, 2009-2017, 88, 458.32, Lach HAv6n Dr SE Conyan, Usa Basis TS Phase Yaan sh,pm d w h th6 s 6 721.855, Florida Statlrt8s, 6074-1T36, 1400, 1437, ROA UrbanizaGion Santa Ana DEFAULT AND INTENT TO 82.12; ROMEO G HAYAG a GA 30013-6368, 2100, 2113, DalinquantAmountPerDiem ot th6 PDp8rfy as provid6d lhe undenigned T ee as 35, EVEN, #| Season-Float Sur Calle Tobar m8 Estado FORECLOSE LUZARMINDA H HAYAG a 19, ODD, #| Season-Flo MICHALE KWILUAMS 68 Pin6 in in Sartion 721.855, Florida appoint6d by wEsTGAn noat Unrf, 84, 890.96, Marida, VENUUEL 1700. Own8 s)Add NBuildingUnil RONALDO H HAYAG 9306 kmoat Unk, 2013-2017, Ridg6 Dr Blumon, sc 29910, Statrt,tha undenigned LAKES OWNERS $1.32; XAVIER F FALCONES 1745,52,WH0U, Fixed Weekl W8Bk Year Usage OctupanU CroMBowRdFortWa5hin4on, 83, 889.72, t1.27; EIUEN 1700, 1742, 18, WHOU,Tw shall: (1) PDvid8 you ASSOCIATION, INC. a PATRICIA A FALCONES Fix6d Unit, $5, 938.12, $1.88; TS Undivided lnte st Season MD 20744, 1800, 1835. 30. HENRY 3650 Envi n Blvd Apt Saason-Float W Mloat Un,w h wrm6n notice oftha sala, a inaWar ten d to as 93 Sl e Lan6 LavMow, NY PATRICIA D LEWIS 11551 u58 Basis TS Phasa Yean EVEN, Fixed WeaMixed Un , 104 Laudemill, FL 33319, 21,2013-2017, $7, 641.54, S2.3O; including tha dale, time and sociation") he by tormally 11756, 1400, 1454, 5. ODD, Spring Boa Dr Jacksonville. Delinquem Amount Par Diem 2008-2017, $a, 839.40, $2.02; 2115,8,EvEN,noating,2014- ADESANYA M HAASTRUP lo tion th6 or, (2) Raco nolifies (See Mibk A ) that no ing, $3, 917.52, $1.19; FL32218-7573, 1800, 1811, 24, IAIN G RUTHERFORD a LEWIS WHOOLERY 1313 2017,$3,066.73,S0.92;VIELKA a BOSEDE M OYELEYE the notic6 otsal6in w6 Public you ara in d6auW dueto your UROY SLOAN B ANNIE D ODD, Fw w86hl Fixed Unit, SARAH D RUTHERFORD 214 Orang6lsleFortLaud8d B,fl E GERARDO 15773 South 11a Woolatombe Road Recods ot ORANGE County, tailuPtopayaN6Nm6m(s)dua SLOAN 4420 Shannon Lakes 86, 399.54, 81.76; JEROLD N Diamond St C6ntralia, WA 33315-1656, 1900, 1915, 34, Cent,Ol he, KS 66062, BlacMeath London, UNITED florida; and (3l Publi5h a tor(S68Exhibit"A punuantto w TallahaN88, FL 32309, G LEWIS 3671 Kirkpatrick Cir 98531. 1100, 1124, 19, EVEN, ODD, Fixad WeeMixad Un . 2300, 2316, 31. ODD, Floating, WNGDOM, 2200, 2221, 2, copy ot tha notice of sala the Association' s governing 14,1455, 10, WHOLE, Unh 9 Jacksonville, FL 32210, All Season-float WeeklFloat 2 9-2017. $8, 458.32, $2.1z; 20 -2017, 88, 393.91, S2.12; ODD, #| Season-Float wa6kl two (2) times, onc6 each docum6nts ( Goveming Flo inq, 814, 905.46, $3.58; 1800, 1811, 24, ODD, Fixed Unk, $3, 094.64, $0.92: JEAN JOSE R SOTO a MARUNE p OSCARFGERARDO2N3Berf noat Unit, 2011-2017, S5, week, tor two (2) sutc8ssiv6 Documants ) and you now JOHN GoDDARDaTEREsA Week/ Fixed Unit, $6, 399.54. w PHARAON 216 Wadas Ava MARROQUIN 2214 Po Oak Kouns lndu ri Loop Ste 106 563.98, $1.52; YERUKNESH weeks, in an ORANGE Coun owa ANociation (See Exhibrf GoDDARD44Trin ychurmRd $1.76; MARCOS R ESLAVA Upper Darby, PA 19082-1227, Dr Duluth, GA 30097, 1900, Sh veport, LA 71118-3158, GESSESSE a ABRAHAM newspaper, pDvid8d such a A which amount intlud6s HamiWon Parish, BERMUDA, a MARISELA GARCIA Urb 1100, 1155, 42, WHOLE, 1933, 29, ODD, Fixed Week/ 2300, 2316, 31, ODD, Flo ing, HABTE SELLASSIE 5822 newspap6r 8xi 5 at tha time interest, late t68s, and oth6r 14,1466, 7, WHOU, Fix6d Juan Pablo S6gundo Edificio,Season-Float Week/ FixBd Unit. 2009-2017, $8, 2009-2017, 88, 393.91, 82.12; Ny m St New Ca olWon, ot publishing. ll you lail to chages. Additional intere WeeW xed Unk, $6, 682.20, Parque 8 Piso 3 Apt Bo2 Float Unk, $2, 807.28. 8o.99; 458.32, $2.12; JULIANNA MARIZOL CORTES 8827 26th MD 20784, 2200, 2221, 36, cur6 the datauW as sat torth conlinu6sto accwe atlhe te 81.98; DANIELC WILLIAMS 66 Caracas, VENUUEL 19oo, FEUCITA PHARAON 342 Ml M CASSANI 76 Honeshoe Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214, 2300, EVEN, All Saason-Float WaaW in this notiGe or lake other ot (See Exhibk "A") per day. A Tlbet Rd lenhunt, GA 31301, 1942, 34, WHOLE, Flxed Hope Church Rd Sta od, falls Dr Ormond Beach. FL 2324, 29, EVEN, ho ing, Float UnitB, 010-2017, $6, appropriata action with gard lien tor tha atoresaid amount 700, 728, 45, ODD, Fixed, 88, WaaW Fixed Unk, 85, 649.21, VA 22554-7428, 1100, 1155, 321 74-5925, 1 900, 1 936, 2014-2017, $2, 660.60, 8o.79: 748.81 8; GUSTAVO to this tor8tlosuR maWer, you has been recorded against the 447.43, $2.12; $1.84; VINCENT MICHAEL 42, WHOLE, All Season-Float 34, ODD, Fixed Waakl xed KEITH L KIRK.156O Madrid M QUINTANA a MARCELA risk losing owe hip ot your tollowing real properfy located May 4, 11, 2018 JOHN 49 Ma borough Road Week/Float Unrt, 82, 807.28, Unit, 2009-2017, $8, 458.32, St at Dallas, M 75216, 2400, A VIALE Condominio Monti timesha i th ugh the in ORANGE County, Florida: L165737 Chingrord London. ENGLAND. $0.99; PAULA BETANCOURT 82.12; SANTO G SIERRA 2412, 23, ODD, Floating, Ballo Bloque 4 Apt 4B Santa t stee to&losuP pDt8dur8 (See Exhibrt A") (SEE WHIBIT 1900, 1944, 31, WHOLE. Fixed a ANGEL L BETANCOURT 161 E 20 h St Apt 3E Bronx, 2009-2017, 88, 214.38, $2.11; Cwz, BOLIVIA, 2200, 2224, established in Sertion 721 .855, A Time Share lntere (s) (SEE Weeh/ Fixad Unit, 84. 994.65, 1614 Arequipa Street,1100, NY 1O458-1119, 1900, 1941, BARBARA D JOHNSON 27, NEN, All Season-Float Florida Statutes. You may HIBIT "A") as defined in NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 81.63; CLARENCE,WIWAMS 1162, 32, WHOLE. Floating, 16, ODD, Fixed WeeMixed 2708 Sunset Strip Ave Glenn WaaklFloat Unit, 2012-2017, choos6 to sign and send to the Declaration ot Covenants, INnNT TO FORECLOSE '.16, Clatemont Avenue" New 82, 450.00. $0.86; GERALD M Unit, 2009-2017, 88, 458.32, Heights, M 751 54-2028, 84, 850.81, $1.32; ISELA the undenigned t staa tha Conditions and Restrittions WESTGATE LAKES FILE: Malden, ENGLAND, 1900, BURNS 16535 C se St Det it, $2.12: CARMEN SIERRA 651 24,2412, 23, ODD, Floating, GUZMAN 334 Snook Way enclosed objerfion form, for Westgate Lakes, ||, O cial 2T66g. 1955, 18, WHOLE, Fixed Ml 48235-4004, 1200, 1z52, E 236th St Apt 2c Bronx, NY 2009-2017, $8, 214.38, 82.11; Poinciana, FL 34759, 2200, exercising your right to obje Retords Book 5000, at Page Pu uant to Settion WeeW Fixed Unit, 85. 938.12, 13. EVEN, All Season-Float 10466-1738, 1900, 1941, 16, JOSHUA GOSMAN a ULIAN 2233, 37, WHOLE. #| Season- to trle u58 of the twstee 3118, ot th6 Public Recods 721 .855, Florida Statutes, 81.88: ADOUO SANCHU Wee Floal Unit, $1. 2.72.20, ODD, Fixad WeeMixed Unit, SINAI GOSMAN 2 old South Float W6eMloat Unrf, 2013- toreclosure procedura. Upon or Oranga County Florida (the lhe undersignad T stee as B YADIRA ESCO8AR Calle $o.42; THOMAS L JEDLICKA 2009-2017. $8, 458.32, 82.12; Ct Apt H Blumon, sc 29910, 2017, $7, 640.82, $2.30; PHIL the undenigned t stae's wPlan"), and all amendment(s) appointed by WESTGATE Novena B N29A58 Champagnat a JANICE E JEDLICKA 3110 RODNEY D RUSSELL 3920 2500, 2522, 47, EVEN, Floating, MOSLEY a ADELE MOSLEY &eipt ot your signed obje ion the to, it any. Together wrth LAKES OWNERS Cali, COLOMBIA, 21G0, 2112, 22nd Ave Marion, IA 52302, Wakefild Drive Flowe Branth, 2012-2017, $4, 850.81, $1.32; High Meadow Coopersale St form, the foreclo5u ot the the right to occupy, punuant AssoclAnoN, INC. 31, WHOLE, Fix6d Weekl 1300, 1342. 12, EVEN, Fixed, GA 30542, 1900, 1953, 31, DIANA ANAYA a NESTOR Epping Essex, ENGLAND, lien wrfh respert to th6 d6fault to the Plan, Building-Unk(s) mereinaWer Pte ed to as Fixed Unit, $5, 938.12, $1.88: $1. 458.00. 8o.48; RANDY T ODD, Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, ANAYA 8436 Lanham Lane 2200, 2242, 45, WHOLE. All specified in this nolice shall (SEE WHIBIT '.A"). during Assotiation") hereby tormally ITALO GAYA B GEORGINA s ATWELL 613 Carriage Hill Dr 2009-2017, 88, 458.32, $2.12: Hous on, TX 77075, 2500, Season-Float WeeMloat Unh, be subje o th6 judicial Unk W86k(s) (SEE WHIBIT no ifies (s86 Exhib "A") that MARZUCA Juan Vlllanueva No Fenton. Ml 4843o, 1400, 1435, MARICUS L CARWERS 1833 2535, 11, ODD, Floating, 2014-2017. 85. 912.63, $1.86; fo&lo5u p cedure on . A"), durinq Assigned Year(s) you are in detauW dua to your 409 Col Camp6slr6 Quinatana 5, EVEN, Fixed WeaWFixed s 9th St Salina, KS 37401- 2009- 2017, &8, 191.91, 82.o5: SOPEE c EDMONDS 7206 You hava the right to cu - (SEE IBIT A"). marain tailure to pay asseNment(s) due Roo, MWICO, 2100, 2133. 27. Unk, 84, 161.04, 81.14; DENISE 5632, 2100, 2126, 39. ODD, VICTOR L BENNm 20804 Antotk Place Upper Ma boro, your detauW in h6 mann6r s6t Tlme Sha Plan (Prop6 y) tor(SeeExhibrt A pursuantto WHOLE, Fixed Weekl Fixed A WALTER 11771 State Rt. 85 Fixed We6Mixad Unk. 2009- Breeden Rd Dade City, FL MD 20772, 2300, 2314, 48, forfh in this notita at any time Address"). As a sult ot the ANociation' s governing Unit. $5, 938.12, $1.88; LUCY Kmanning, PA 16201. 1400. 2017, $8, 458.32, $2.12; JOSE 33523-9733, 2600, 2613, 32, EVEN, All Season-Float WeaW betorethet ee's sala ofyour the ato mentioned d6fault, documanls ('.Gov6rning DE ALUMA a JACQUELINE 1456, 10, EVEN, Flxed Weak/ MACIAS 400 BaTbara Ct Apt 3 WHOU, Floating, 2012-2017, Float Unit, 2012-2017, $4, timeshare inl8Bt. lf you do not Association hareby ela s to Docum6nts") and you now ALUMA uRRunA a Fixed Unk, $1, 272.20, $0.42; Marengo, IL 60152-3092. 21 . $7, 255.93, $2.27; CARMM x 883.81, 81.32; RUTHIE M obje tothe use olthet ee sell the Property punuant owe Association (See Exhibit ELIZABETH ALUMA URRUTIA CARL R PALASH a DENISE 2133, 25, ODD, Fixed Weekl BENNm 23165 mi6lman Ave CANADY, 303 Wllliams Dr tor6closur8 pDc8dur8, you will to Saction 721.855, Florida A which amount includes Calle 13A #69-74 Apt 603 PALASH 1112 Edington Ln Fixed Unit, 88, 458.32, $2.12; Brooksville, FL 34601, 26,Bastrop, LA 71220 KAREN not be 5ubj8 to a deficiency Sl es. PI6as8 be advised inta . lat6 fees, and oth6r Bloque 2 Cali, COLOMBIA, Carol Stream, IL 60188, 700, DOLORES MACIAS 1020 Kane 2613. 32. WHOLE, flo ing, J BARNES 5609 Golden judgment av it he proca6ds lhat in th6 6vent that th6 d6bt chages. Additional interest z2oo, 2221, 29. WHOU, 752, 36, EVEN, Fixed Week/ St Apt 4 South Elgin, IL 60177, 2012-2017, $7, 255.93, $2.27; Meadows Dr, Bossier C,LA hom tha sale of your im6sha owed to the ANotiation is not continues to accwe at the rat6 Fixed Weehl Fixed Unk, 85, Fixed Unk, $1, 458.00, $0.48; 2100, 2133. 25, ODD, Fixad HECTOR L BONILLA OCACIO 71112, 2400, 2425, 1, WHOLE, intarast ara in5umci6nt to paid wrfhinthirfy-five(35)days of(See Exhibk A perday. A 938.12, $1.88: DONG s SHIM ROMAN L KORSUNSKY B WeeM 6d Unrt, $8, 458.32, AKA HECTOR L BONILLA,Season-Float Wea Float oWsetthe amoums s8cur6d by a er r8G8ipt of the Notice, lien tor tha atoresaid amount a JENNIFER E SHIM 4521 USUE s KORSUNSKY 101 $2.12; IDA WEUS a MICHAEL Po Box 9760 cid,PR 739, Unh, 2014-2017, $5, 938.12, the lien. By: GREENSPOON the undenigned Tw 86 has been Bord8d againstth6 Coachmaker Dr Bloomfiald Clyd dala N Lago, FL 33777, M WEUS 1758 Eart 63d 900, 936, 9, ODD, Floating, $1.88; ISAAC E PENA B JOSE MARDER, L T stee. shall proceed wkh the sale following real p perfy located Hills, Ml 48302-2226, 2600, 700, 766, 50, EVEN, Fixed StPel CI8v6land, OH 44103, 2013-2017. S4, 561.39, $1.38; R VILLANUEVA a NORMA HlalT "A" - NoncE OF of the Prope y as provid6d in ORANGE Coun,Florida: 2622, 52, WHOLE, Fixed WeeklFixad Unk, $3, 094.64. 2300, 2315, 47, EVEN, Fixed LETICIA GOMU MONSEGUR ALEJANDRA MENDU Monaco DEFAULT AND INnNT TO in in Se ion 721.855, Florida (See Exhibrf A")(SEE WHIBIT Weekl Fix6d Unit, $5, 938.12, $0.92; Weeh/Fixad Unk, $7, 644.58, aka LmclAGoMu46o2 Oak m5, Colonia Vugamvilias FORECLOSE Slat 6s, lhe undanign6d A")fima Sharalnterest(s)(SEE $1.8B; YONG w SHIM 4521 May,11, 2018 81.81; DANIEL B FERNANDU Haven Dr Apt 202 O ando, Zamora, Michoacan, M ICO, Owna s) AddPu Building Unk Twstee shall: (1) p vide you HIBIT A as definad in Coachmaker Dr Bloomfiald L165755 a ELIZABETH G FERNANDU FL 32839-5606, 900, 936, 9, 2600, 2612, 44, WHOLE, All Week Y6ar Usage OtcupanU wrfh wrmen notice of the sal6, the Declaration ot Covanants, Hills, Ml 48302-2226, 2600, 211 76th St Apt 2 No h Begen, ODD, Flo ing, 2013-2017, S6ason-Float W66 Float TS Undividad lnta st Season including tha date, time and Condkions and Re rictions 2622, 52, WHOU, Fixed NJ 7047, 2300, 2331, 16, ODD, $4, 561.39, 1.38; DERICK Unh, 2013-2017, 87, 640.82, Use Basis TS Phas6 Yaars location thereot; (2) Retod for W8 gat6 Lahes |, omcial Weekl Fixed Unit, $5, 938.12, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Fixad W88 Fix6d Unk, 88. B MC INTOSH a ANYA T 82.3o; RAFAEL GONZALU DelinquentAmountPerDiem the notice ofsal8inth6 Public Recods Book 5020, at Paga $1.88; ROBERT MEYBOOM INTENT TO FORECLOSE 458.32, $2.12: JESSE J Blw EDGECOMBE MC INTOSH a MARIA D GONZALU B GLORIA R FEAsnR 1705 Recods ot ORANGE Coun,327, ofthe Public Records ot Bremdreet 6 Schoten, 2900 WESTGATE LAKN FILE: 50 Helen Pl StraWod, CT 6614, Po Box N-10568 Nassau, J R GONZAW 947 Curd Windover Rd Shelby, NC 28150, Florida; and (3) Publish a Orang6 CouW, Florida (the BELGIUM, 2600, 2627, 31, 2r6e9.0 10 900, 912, 49, ODD, Fixed Weakl