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May 4, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 4, 2018

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PAGE 8B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 4, 2018 TX T5243-8687, 55, 47, Eve SM H SR REGINAA SM H a^TE UKN II FIU: Unh. 2016-09-08. S11, 983.24. tin sha i e .ltyoudonot lotated in ORANGE County, Unrf, 2016-05-01, S11, 007.9T, DE LARRAECHEA a MARIA o Nu Ye 82, 104 CLOVER DALE LANE 01N t4.82; ROBERT HAMILTON obje to Me use otMetwrt Flonda: (Sae Exhibrt A (SEE g5.25; HENRlmA GREENE SOLEOAD CARVA7AL Avenida 348.5T. S1.15, 2017 108; Wl STOWN, NJ - Punuanl to &ion JR 718 Dennis Haper Rd fo&lo5u p G8du .you will HIB .A fin Sha 1161H8 ul8 Tr,LawBc8ville, Franciso Bulnas Cor a LORI L FmGE 35 2302, 737, 3, Eva Yaer, t2, 721.856, Florida. Slatrtes, Amb se, GA 315124256, notbe subj to a defitienty lnt6r6 (s) (SEE HIB A GA3OO45,9O,1O7,38,NEN, 3763 Dapt 12A Las Condes NIGHnNGAu w WARREN, 7.25. S1.o3. 2017 102; the unde igned Trurtea a5 1300, 1N2, 16, ODD, All judg teven rfthe pm86ds as defined in the Declara n All Season-Flo WeeMlo Santiago,CHILE,9OO,962,52, PA 1,55, 47, Eve odd nRRY D cARnR 4 2nd appointed b WESTGATE Saason-FloatW float UnW, homth85al8otyourtim85hal8 ot cov8nam5, Condkions Unrf, 2016-06-13, 88, 090.77, WHOLE, Fixed weekl Fixed Numbe d Year, $2, 348.57, Ave NE Slip 35 St Pete bug, LAKES, u Fe ina^er 2016-09-08, S11, 983.24, inte a insumcient lo and Rertrirtions for WeAgate $3.17; ROBERT E COPPEDGE Unk, 2014-2017, S5, 938.12, S1.15,2o17 991o8; NESTOR FLU7O1-35O7,7O3,45,Eve B to as w .) he by $4.82;nM0THYMscHlulNG oRs& the amounts Bu Lakes, v, OMcial Records SANDRAFCOPPEDGE3279 S1.88; ERIK F RAHN 105 E JAVIER CORROCHANO a odd Numba d Year, t1, torm nolm6s ISee Exhibh 127 RuW6t Dr Bame, ON by the mortgaga lien. By: Book 9580, at Page 608, ot Moye Turnag6 Rd Farmville, Fairmount Ave, Maywood, NJ MARIA L CHO AVENIDA 354.87, So.67, 20170699102; A thayou areln defauW due L4NON6 CANADA, 1300, 1338, GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, the Public Records ot Orange NC n828, 90, 203,41, EVEN, 07607 BERNICE F RAN 22 ANGAMOS TOEST 1625 KRlsnN c HAMILTON 6129 toyour ilur8topaypa*m6nts 34, ODD, All Season-Float T ea. Coun,Florida (the Plan,| Season-Flo& WeeklFloat Ha ey Ave Roch6|I8 Park, NJ MIRAFLORES UMA 41, SAN L land St s saim p&anbug, due on (Sea Exhibk A und6r Wae Flo Un,2014-07-21, HI8fr .A - NOTICE OF and all amend nt(s) ther&o, Unh, 2016-11-09, $10, 767.24, 7662, 900, 966, 42, WHOLE, ISIDRO27PERU,41 a47,3oa FL N715-1639, 703,45, Eva Me Note and Mortgage (a5 815, 423.20, $6.00; PATRICIA DEFAULT AND INnNT TO rfany.Tog&herwkhtherightto 85.O1;GISELET SILVA E rada Fixed Wee Fixed Unh, 2014- 13, Ev6 Year Eve Y6ar, $3, odd Numba d Year, $1, d6fin6d below) and you now M SCHILLING 127 RuWet Dr FORECLOSE otcupy, punuant to th6 Plan, Do Guanumbi 270, Apto 512 2017, $6, 287.93, 81.88; 293.77, S1.62, 20170699108; 354.87, 8o.67, 20170699102; owe WG ls Exhlbk .A Ba e, ON CANADA, 13,Own8 s)Add N Building Unk Building-Unrf(s) (SEE HIBIT Bl 4 F guesia-Jaca pagu REGINA FORJAZ Avenida JEFFERY J REINECK 130 ABDULKARIM A ALF Z P.o. whith amount includas inte st, 1338, 34. ODD, All Season- w k Year Usaga Occupancy A,during Unk Week(s) (SEE Rio De Janei,22745200 Almirante Saldanha Da Gama, HOSP AL RD GREENWICH, Box 26272 6800 AR RAIN-AR lat6 t s, and other chages. Float WeeklFlo Un,2014- TS Und id6d lnte rt Season HIB A,during ANign8d BRAZIL, 90, 4ol, 20, EVEN, 96, Ap.42 Ponta Da Praia NJ 08323-2437, 13, 48, RABWAH RIYADH, SAUDIA Addrtional int6 conlinues 07-21, $15, 423.20, S6.oo: Use Basis TS Phase DetauW Yea s) - (SEE HIB A Season-Float W86Mloat Santos, BRAZIL, 1700, 1722, Ev6 Year, 81, 818.44, 8o.89, ARABIA 12849-4121 SAUOI to accwe at the rate ot (See JAMAL H KEMP a PHILIS v Date Amount Per Diem me in Tlme Share Plan Unk. 2016-09-28, $10, 820.86, 52, WHOLE, Fixed Wea Fixed 20170699108; KENNETH ARAB,75, 27, Eve Year, 81, Exhibk A perday,wkhtegad KEMP Po 8ox N 562 New PATRICIA R GARCIA a LESLIE (PDp8r TAddr8ss .Asa suW 83.73;SILVIA c REIS a Bmo Unrt, 2014-2017, 84, 603.38, MICHAEL RICE SANDRA 6.90, So.94, 20170699102: to the tollowing 18al p per PDvid6nc8, BAHAMAS, 13 . A GARCIA 1514 Bedtod Rd otthe afo mentioned de uW, M REIS Rua Ana c B Dias Sn $1.50; LUKE A LANGLOIS a ANN RICE 750 BREwsnR ARSHALOUS CH CARR P.o. located in ORANGE CouW, 1348, 9, EVEN,Season- Apt 726 Bedtod, M 76021, WG h8Rby elerfs to sell the Cond Jardim Do Atlantico G9 CLAUDIA T LANGLOIS 402- RD EUREKA, MO 63025- Box 6N7 GAINESVILU, GA Florida: (See Exhibrf A (SEE Float Wee Float Unk, 2011- 11,1133. 42, EVEN p perty punuant to Sertion LauD F as, BRAZIL, 90, 274 Ormond St 6t Brockville, 1007, 39, 4, Eve Year, $1, 30504, 815, 19, Eve Year, $1, HIBIT A") Tlme Sha 12-09, $16, 393.31, $6.08; Season-Float wae no Unk, 721 .856, Florida Statrtes. 403, 1, EVEN, All S8a5on-Float ON CANADA, 1700, 1764, 45, 862.30 $0.91, 2017 99108; .69, 8o.79, 20170699102; lnte st(s) (SEE WHIBIT A. FLOSSIE M GREEN 3516 201 1-10-03. $14. 049.19, Please be advised in the WeeklFloat Un,2016-06-04, WHOLE, Fix6d Wee Fixad MELSONS TRADING, INC. DIANA C A LAUREL as defined in th6 Declaration Ga Hwy 158 W Douglas, GA $6.10; RUBEN R GARCIA event that the debt owed to $10, 163.02, $4.03; GUSTAVO Unk, 2014-2017, $5, 648.10, 90 16-29 ow 403 Santa Fe 25 FRACCION VILLAS DEL ot Covenants, Condrtions 31535, 1400. 1412. 16. EVEN, 13 Kea DrTuscaloosa, AL WG is not paid wrfhin irty- BRASIL Avenida T 3 1069 - $1.83; BETHANNE DEL De Bogota, COLOMBIA. 14 BOSQUE VILLAHERMOSA and ReArirfions for W8stgal6 All Season-Float WeeMloal 35404-4N1, 1100, 11N. 42, five (35) days aWer &eipt ot Residencial Maanaim - Apto COLLE 6219 Coliseum Blvd a 14, 24 26, Eve Year a CENTRO, TABASCO 86109 Lakes, ||, omcial Records Unk, 2013-05-05, $13, 803.07, EVEN, All S6ason-Float WeeW this notice, the undenigned 1801 S or Bueno Goiania, Pt Charlo e, NC 33981-3691. Eve Year, $1, 766.92, 8o.87, M ICO. 559, 37, Eve odd Book 5 0, Page 3118, ot $5.17; SHARITA M HOLMES Float Unh. 2011-10-03, $14, Twrtee shall pDc88d wkh tha BRAZIL, 90, 405, 15, EVEN, 1900, 1926, 13, WHOLE, Fixed 20170699108; WIUIAM A Numbe d Year, S1, 399.07, the Public Records ot Orange 6169 Piedmont Dr Spring Hill, 049.19, $6.10; CHRISTOPHER sale ofthe PDp6r a5 pDvid8d Fixed WeeMloat Unrt, 2016- Wee Fixed Unk, 2014-2017, DOIG 3399 Bi hwood Pa So.69, 20170699102: DEBRA Coun,Florida (the Plan"). FL 346063823, 1400, 1421, A GARCIA 105 C6nt8r Valley in &ion 721.856. Florida 03-02. S1, 411.96, $o.oo; $5, 938.12, $1.88; FRANK CirLasVegas,NV89141-3264, D SIEBERT 1656 S Gilpin Ave and all amendment(s) Me lo, 46, EVEN, #| Season-Float,ing, TX T5O6O, 1100, 11M, Stat es. Punuant to &ion COLUEN c MC ALUSTER 67 DEL COUE 316 Wabash Ter 64, 40. Eve Year, $1, 862.30, Loveland. CO 80537-6869, rfany.Tog&herwrfhtherightto Wee Flo Unk. 2013- 08-04, 42, EVEN, All Season-Flo 721.856. Florida St es. the s Whispering Lane Hambug, Pt Cha oWe, FL 33954-3691, SO.91, 20170699108; PENNYE 822, 24, Eve Ye $1. 880.56, octupy, punuant to the Plan, $14, 836.93, 85.64; AURED weeklnoat Unrt, 2011-10-03, undekigned T rfee shall: (1) NY 14075, 90, 410, 12, NEN, 1900, 1926, 13, WHOLE, Fixed G DOIG 4251 FM 2181 N23O- $0.93, 20170699102; MICAEL Building-Unh(s) ISEE HIBIT HOLMES JR 288 c St et $14,049.19,$6.10;ANGELAR Provide you wkh wrmen notite,Season-Float Wee Waek/ F ed Unit, 2014-2017, 519 CORINTH, N 762104202, J SIEBERT 11349 AUENE A,during Unh Week(s) (SEE B oksville, FL 34601. 1400. PRINCE BROOKS 104 A adia of tha s e. including the date. Float Unrt, 2016-02-09, $11, $5, 938.12, $1.88; RAMIS 64,40, Eve Year,$1,862.3O, WAYflSHERS,IN46O38-6638, HIB A"), during AMign8d 1421, 46, EVEN, #| Season- Dr Tuw oosa, AL 35404- time and location the or, (2) 639.19,S5.53; PATRICK E MC DURAKU 108 Palisade AVe $0.91, 2017 99108; WIU M 822, 24, Eve Year. S1, 880.56. Y s) - ISEE HIBIT A . FloatWeeMloat Unrf, 2013-08- 4331, 1100, 1135, 37, EVEN. Recod the ndice of sale in he ALLlsnR 305 Bird Av6 BuWalo. C Mkill, NJ 07626-2259, J SOHL a MERR N c SOHL $0.93,20170699102; m8l8in Time Share Plan 04, 814, 836.93, $5.64; JOSE All Season-Float WeeMloat Public R o s ot ORANGE NY 14213-1227, 90, 410, 12, 1900, 1931. 13, WHOLE, Fixed Po Box 690 ALPINE, M MBy a, 11, 16 IP pert Add ss . As a resuW MA TINU,|,4203 Maple UnW, 2014-10-02, $11, 856.36, Coun,Florida; and (3) Publish EVEN, All Season-Float Weekl Wee Fixed Unrt, 2014-2017, 79830, 23, 38, Eve Year, $2, L1656O9 of the afo mentioned detauW, C N Dr Pasadena, TX 77505, $5.28; nRRANcE N JEFFRIES a copy otthe notice of sale two Float Unk, 2016-02-09, $11, $5, 938.12, $1.88; JETON 113.40, $1.04, 20170699108; WG he by elerts to sell the 1400, 1438, 10, WHOLE,B CARLA R JEFFRIES 9540 (2)tim ,once 8achw68k,br 639.19, $5.53; GERMAN D DURAKU a ANITA DURAKU CORY L HOWELL 411 M n PDp8rty punuant to &ion Saason-Float wee Floa Unrf, s Campbell Ave Eveg n two(2)succ8N 8w88ks,in an MILLAN B NIDIA p MAYORGA 108 Palisade Ave Cresskill, NJ St New York Mills, NY 13417- NoncE OF TRusnE's 721 .856. Florida StatLk8s. 2016-12-26, $12, 120.27, Park, IL 60805, 1100, 1141, 4, ORANGE Coun newspaper, Calle 139 73 20 Casa 17 07626-2259, 1900, 1931, 13, 1229, 3, 42, Eve Year. 81, SAU Please be advised that in the $5.92: LIUIE M SIMPSON NEN,Saason-Float Wee p vided such a newspaper Bogota, COLOMBIA, 90, 503, WHOLE, Fixed Wee .Fixed 862.30, 8o.91, 20170699108; oRLnNDo vncnnoN event tha Me debt owed to 2026 8oulde iew Drive Se Float Unrf. 2012D3-14, S14, exi s the ti B ot publishing. 17. EVEN, All Season-Floal Unk, 2014-2017, $5, 938.12, MEUSSA J DE SALVATORE Po sums II WG is nol paid w hin thir - Atlanta,GA3O316,16 ,1614, 3 .20, 86.29; SHIRW A lf you tail to cu the de uW WeeMloat Unh, 2016-01-05, $1.88; LUUIME DURAKU 207 Box 422 MARCY, NY 13403- k2r .o11| pNRSO fiv6 (35) day aW& Rc8ipt ot 46, ODD,Season-Float HARRINGTON 1930 Me m as set torth in this notice or $11. 242.94. S5.32; DENYCE w Morningside Ave Cr6sskill, 0422, 3$042, Eve Year. 81, On 05n012018 11:00 AM. this notite, the undenigned WeeMlo& Unk, 2012-12-10, Blvd BaWimo . MD 21222, take dher appropriate artion VEDOVINO 5 Foxwood Cir NJ 7626, 1900, 1931, 13, 862.30, .91, 20170699108; GREENSPOON MARDER, Twrtea shall p whh the $12, 506.22, $5.50; TODD M 12,1236, 46, WHOLE, All wkh ad to this foBlosu Mounl Kisco, NY 10549-1126, WHOLE, Fixed Week/ Fixad May4, 11, 18 UP, 201 E. Pine StPet, Suke sale ot the PDp8r as p vided MILUR a DAU c DU VALL Season-Flo Wee Floal Unrf, maWer, all sums due and 90. 609, 16, EVEN. All Season- Unit, 2014-2017, $5, 938.12, L 165607 500, O ando, Florida 32801, in Sertion 721.856, Florida Rort6 1 Box 70, Bu in4on, 2013-10-20, $20, 945.14. owing under the No e and Float W klFloat Unh, 2016- $1.88; JETON DURAKU a as Tw ee punuant to that StatLrt8s. Punuam to Serfion wv 26710, 16,1626, 23, $8.20; ERIC R HARRINGTON Mo gage shall be accele tad 01-05.$1,784.28.$0.00; ANITA DURAKU 108 Palisade Appoint P ot Tw ee 721.856, Florida Statrtes, the WHOLE, All Season-Float 804 Showell N BaWimo,and will b ome immediate MayQ,11, 18 Ave C Nkill, NJ 07626-2259, NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S coded on 1v2712017. undenlgned Tw ee shall: (1) WeeWFlo Unk, 2013-11-12, MD 21202-5648. 1200. 1236, due and payable. Addhionally, L 165745 1900, 1931, 13, WHOLE. Fixed SALE under Docun 6nt lnsbu Bnt PDvide you wM wrmen notice $23, 139.34, $9.11; PAMELA 46, WHOLE, All Season-Float as a suW otthe detauW, you weew F ed Unk, 2014-2017, ORLANDO vAcAnoN no. 20170699122 ot the otMe sale. includingthe d e, c JOHNSON B DAN w WeeMloat Unk, 2013-10-20, risk losing ownarship ot your $5, 938.12, $1.88; JEFFREY WITU II Public Re rds of ORANGE time and lotation ther f; (2) JOHNSON,|,3913 25th Ave $20, 945.14. $8.20; VICTOR timeshaR interest thDugh tha NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND s BARTON 300 E 57th St Apt k2T4.O1 puGGER) Coun,Florida, by r n R8coldth8notic8ofsal8inthe ETuscaloosa,AL354O5,16OO, M GOMU 300 sw 134M Way tw to&losu plo du INnNT TO FORECLOSE 15c New Yo,NY 10022, On 05 30n018 at 11: AM, of a now co inuing detauW Public Records of ORANGE 1633,24,WHOLE,AllSeason- Apt E3O1 p broke Pinas, e ablishedin &ion721.856, WESTGATE LnKEs,FILE: 1900. 1935. 19, WHOLE, Fixed GREENSPOON MARDER, by Obligo s), (See Ewhibrf County,Florida;and(3)Publish Float Wee Flo Unk, 2016- FL NO27-2098, 1200, 1246, Florida St es. Any right 2T . Wee Fixed Un,2014-2017, LLP, 201 E. Pine StR,Suh6 A,whose add w is (S a copy otthe notice of sale two 03-07, S19, 887.70, $8.06: 1. WHOLE,Season-Fb you may have to nst e the Pursuant to Sertion $5, 938.12, $1.88; LADY E 500. O ando, Florida 32801. Exhibrt A . in the payment or (2) times, once each week, for JUSICA s SONNIER 903 4M W66Mloat Unrf. 2014-08- mortgage aWer act&e tion 721.855. Florida Statrtes, RIVERA JAVIER M BORRERq as Tw ee pursuant lo that performance of la obligations two(2)suwessive weeks, in an StMermentau,LA7O556. 1600, 13, S18, 303.84, $7.18: ELSIE will be punuant to the t the undenigned T ee as 6235 SW 47th ManorApt 204 Appointment ot Tw ee secu d by s d Claim ot Len ORANGE Coun n6wspap8r, 1644,42.WH0LE,AllSeason- SANCHU 1305 Sheridan Ave of the mortgage. You y appointed by WESTGATE Davie, FL M314, 1900, 1942, recorded on 1v27l2o17, &oded in omcial Records provided such a newspaper Float WeeMlo Unrf, 2015- No1ABDnx, 1O456.12OO. choose to sign and s6nd to LAKES OWNERS 21, WHOLE, Fixed Wee Fixed under Document ln wment Book (See Exhibrt A,at Page exists atthelime ofpublishing. 06-22. $18, 395 $8.80; 1246. 1. WH,| Season- the unden ned t stee tha Assoc noN, INC. Unrt, 2014-2017, $5, 938.12, no. 20170699122 of the (See Exhibk A,of the Public II you tail to cu the de uW JOEV L SONNIER Po Box 174 Float Wee Float Unrf, 2014- enclosad objertion brm, mareina er refenad to as 81.88; JUAN B BORRERO Publit Recods of ORANGE Recods of ORANGE County, as set torm in this nolice or Mermentau, LA 70556. 1600. 08-13. $18, 303.84, $7.18; 8xe i5ing your right to obje Associ ion hereby formal 6541 Gafileld St Hollywood, Coun,Florida, by ason Florida, including I6 bRach or take other appDpriata atlion 1644, 42, WHOLE,Season- SANDRA R HEREFORD 11 to the use ot the hustee notmes TSee Exhib .A that FL 33024-5835, 1900, 1942, of a now continuing defauW de uW,noliceotwhichwass& wrth Rgard to this to&losure Float Wee Floal Unk. 2015- p ayAveEwing.NJO8628- breclow p ceduR. Upon you a in detauW dueto your 21, WHOLE, F ad Wee by Obligo s), (See Ewhibk forth in a Notite of DatauW and maWer, all 5ums due and 06-22, $18, 395 $8.80: 3004, 1300, 1317, 12, ODD, the undenigned twstee's t lu to pay aM sment(s) due Fixed Unk, 2014-2017, $5, A,whose add is (See lntent to Fo lose p vided owing under me Note and ROBERT T ASSING 6 DIANE,Season-Float WeeMloat ceiplofyoursignedobi ion tor(SeeExhibk A punuantto 938.12,$1.88;LADY E RIVERA Exhib A,inthe payne or to We la know add N Mortgage shall be accelerated A ASSING 117 Maple Drive Unrt, 2012D5-13, $17, 276.94, torm. lhe to&losure ot the the Association. s qoverning a JAVIER M BORRERO 6235 perfo nte otMe obligations of Obligo s). (See Exhibrf and will ma immediate RooseveW,NY11575.7OO,742, $6.40; DAWN R WALCOTT nDrtgag8 wrth sperf to the documents ( overning sw 47th Manor Apt 204 o sacu d by said Cl m ot Len A,by c8rtmedlRegi eRd due and payable. Addhional . 26, WHOLE, Fixed WeeMloat 4260 SR 56 w Rising Sun, derauW spetmed in this notica Documenls and you now Davie. FL M314, 1900, 1942, rded in O cial Reco s Mail or by publitalion by the as a suW of the defauW, you Unk, 2016-11-20, $19, 678.64, IN 47040, 1300, 1317, 20, shall be subjert to Me judicial owe ANo ation (See Exhibk 21, WHOLE, Fixed Weekl Book(See Exhibk A . Page undenigned Tw ee, will sell risk losing owe hip of your $8.06; WHOU,Season-Float IO IOSUR pDceduR only. A which unt includes F ed Unk, 2014-2017, $5, (See Exhibk .A,of the Public public aurtion to the highe timeshaP inte thDugh the May4, 11, 18 WeeMloat Un . 2013-10-21, You have the right to WR inle st, late t s. and other 938.12, $1.88; EVERTON DE Recods ot ORANGE County. bidder for law,money ol the twstee fo&losu p cedu L165743 $14, 565.46,$5.54; GREGORY yourde uW in me mannerset chages. Add ion inte st zoRzla GILMAR L ZAMPIERI Florida, including the breach or Unhed S es otAmerica, in the e ablished in &ion 721.856, TRoTHaGE INEA ROTH torth in this notite at any time continuesto acc e the rate Rua Flora Magnabosco 1085 detauW,noticeotwhichwasset lobby ot Suke 5,o Cap al Florida Stat es. Any right 211 Ninet t Rd w9 Newport, be theW ee.ssaBotyour ot(See Exhibk A per day. A Baino Sao Leopoldo Caxias forth in a Notice ol De uW and Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine you may have to inrtate lhe NOTICE OF DEFAULT ^ND NC 28570. 1300, 1335, 42. tim8shaRimere .Nyoudonot lien for e atoPsaid unl Do Sul, BRAZIL, 1900, 1957, lntent to Fo lose pDvid St t, O ando, Fl 32801,Drtgage aW& acceleration INnNr TO FORECL E EVEN,S on-Float Weekl objerfto Me use ofthe t ee has been Pcoded again the 3, WHOLE. Fixed wee Fixed to the la known addRN ngM, tkle and imeRrt in the will be punua to the terms wuTGAn S II FIU: Float Unh, 2012D1-10, 816. fo&bsuR p duR, you will following,p per located Unk, 2014-2017, $5, 995.50, of Obligo 5), (See Exhibk pD s atedintheCoun of lhe mortgag6. You may 01N 101.03,$5.97;CR GNLL0YD not be subjart to a deficiency in ORANGE Coun,Florida: $1.88; STEVEN PILCHOWSKl A,by certmedlRegirt ofORANGE,Florida,d cribed choose to s n and send to Punuant to &ion a BERYL v UOYD Beach judgment even rf e pD s (s Exhibh A (SEE HIBIT a SALLY JONES Hispanola M,or by publication by e as: ANign8d Unk Week No. the unde ign6d tw ee Me 721.856, Florida Sl u es, H enE Manh IRdNassau, hom asal8otyour m haR A Tl BSha lntePst(s)(SEE 11 Sosua Puerta Plata, unde igned T rf . will sell (SEE HIBIT A A5signed enclosed obje ion rm. the undenigned T rtee as BAHAMAS. 1300, 1342, 21, inta a inwmtient to HIB A as defined in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, atpublic aurt ntothe highe Unrt No. (SEE HIB A .of exe ising your rightto objecl appointed b WESTGATE MN,n-noatwa oRg e a Dunts u d the Declaration of Covenanb, 2100, 2114, 6, WHOLE, Fixed bidderforlaw,Dneyof e ORLANDO vAcAnoN SU ES to the use of the h ee LAWS, u meRinaRer Float Un,2013 -08, $8. by Me nDrtgage lien. By: Condrtions and Re ri ions wee Fixed Unh, 2014-2017, Un edSl esol ca.inWe ll. a tondominium. w (SEE fo losuR Dc8du . Upon refenad to as G hePby 316.81,$2.93: ITAYFRANK GREENSPOON MARDER, for We ga Lakes |. omcial $5, 938.12, 81.88: JORGE lobby of Suhe 500, ol Cap al HIB A o upancyrights, the undeniigned t rfee's formal notmes (See Exhibh 8207 S t Tanager Dr Twrtee. Reco s Book 5020, at Page ACOSTA 6 ROSITA ROVIRA p za Building 1. 201 E. Pine accoding to e Declaration ol r8c8iptofyoulr5ign8d obje ion A thatyou al8in defauW due HumbB.m 77396. 1300, 1342, HIBIT ^ - NoncE OF 327, of tha Public Retod6 of Reconquista. 356/505" St &, O ando, Fl 32801,Condominiumth8 fBo orm, the olF IOW or the toyourr lu to payp ts 23, NEN Season-Float DEFAULT hND INnNT TO Oranga County, norida (the Mo evideo, 11006 URUGUAY, right, thle and int in Me in omci R ords Book 5196, Drfgage wrm &part to the due on(S Exhibrt A under w no Unk. 2013 -2T. FORECLOSE Plan,and all amendment(s) z1oo, 2136, 7, WHOLE, Fixed p srfu ed in the Coun Page632,inthePublicRecords de uW med in Mis notice the Note and Mortgage (as 813, 404.75, S6.o2; NICOLAS Own8 sTAddRN Building Unh Mego. rf any. Together w h We6kl F ed Unrf, 2014-2017, ofORANGE,Florida,deKrib of Orange Coun . Florida, sh,be sub&tothejuditial defined bebw) and you now G GO a MARIA DEL w k Year Usage O upancy We right lo ocwpy, punuant $5, 938.12, S1.88; JOHN L as: AN n8d Unrf Weeh No. and,a &dmen th6Bo. foBlowR pDc8du on . owe WG (See Exhibk .A PILAR NWGAS Av ida De n Und idad lnteRrt n to e Plan, Building-Unh(s) ARVANITIS 11348 auebec (SEE HIB A ANign8d and any dments th t Vou have e right to cu whichamountincludesinte,Los Po ones 11 lnterior Use Basis n Phase D&auW (SEE HIBIT A . during Ave N Champlin, MN 55316, Unk No. (SEE HIB A,of (the D la tion : Tog&her yourde uWin he manner set lata fees, and other chages. 11T FraKionamie o # as Date untP Diem Unrf W k(s) (SEE HIB 2300, 2332, 24, WHOLE, Fixed ORLANDO VACATION SU ES wkh a m nder over upon forth in F notite atanytime Addkion inle rt continues Juriquilla aueaaro, M ICO, SEUESIA s GREEN 9624 A,during AMign8d Yea s) Wee Fixed Unit, 2014-2017, ||, a ndominium, whh ISEE termination of the vac ion befoRthetnd8e's sale ofyour to acc e at the rale of (See 13 . 1343. 22, MN,NW 7 Cir Apt 1532 Forf - (SEE WHIB A . mer n $5,369.27,$1.75;LILARLEW HIBIT A occupancyrights, ownenhip plan as tenant in timesha ime .llyoudonot Ewhibk A parday,w hregad s n-noat WeeMlo Unh, Laudeldala. FL 3N244991, Tl P Sha Plan p per T 380EllinwoodDrRochester,NY accodingtolhe Detlaration of common whh other pu hasen objerttothe use ofthet ee to the llowing p pDpar 2013-11-28, $14, 288.59. 100. 15 29, EVEN, #| Add M . As a resuW of 14622,2400.2412.25,WH0LE, Condominiumth tR 8d ot Unrfs W in such Unrf. fo losu pDc8dure, you will loc ed in ORANGE Coun,$6.N; JOSE A 8ALDERAS a Season-Floal WeeklFloat e aforementioned de uW, Fixed Weekl Fixed Unk, 2014- in OMcialRecods Book 5196. in the percentage intere notbe subje to a deficienty Florida: (See Exhibh A (SEE PERLA R O 1312 00 Count Unrt, 201608-12, $8. 034.99. Association heRby ele s to 2017, $5, 898.12, $1.88; Page632,inthePublicRecods determined ande ablishad by judgn nteven rftha pr s HIBIT A fime Share Ln No 61 D las, M 75253, $3.78;STEPHENNBUTURJR sell the p perfy punuant JOSE,SOLARTE GARCIA of O nge County, Florida, Exhibrf D" to the Declaration homthe sale otyourtimesha lnterest(s) (SEE HIBIT A 1300, 1345, 21, EVEN. #| 1 Washington StApt3O3 to SertDn 721.855. Florida a FELICIANA DE SOLARTE and all ndmenls the to. of Condominium to have and i e st aP inw cient to as defined in the Dec r ion Season-flo Week Float Un . P6mbDke Pines, FL MO25- Slatrtes. Please be advised Calle 97 A 61-29 San Rafael and any amend &ts thereof to holdlha sameinfeesimple omet the amounts BuPd ot Covenants, Cond ions 2011-11-22, $18, 688.50, 3557, 100, 15A. 29. NEN, that inthe eventth the debt Ma caibo, 4001 VENUUELA. (the Declaration : TogeWer foRver. ORLANDO VACATION by tha mortgage lien. By: and Res rtions for Wertgale $8.43: JOSEPH C GUMBS,Season-Float Wee float owedtolhe ANotiation is not 2400.2422.37,WH0LE, Fixed wkh a Rmaindar over upon sums 6924 Grand Vacations GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, Lakes, ||, OMcial Re rds a GWENDOLINE T GUMBS Unk, 2016-08-12. 88, 034.99, paid w hin thirty-five (35) days Wee Fixed Unk, 2014-2017. termination of the vacation Way O ando, FL 32821 s d Twrtee. Book 5000, at Page 3118. ot Plantin Road No 10 So h $3.78; MERLYN R SPENCER aWer eipt ot Me Notice, $4, 681.80, $1.57; THERESA ownerrnip plan as tenant in sale will be made (wkho HIBIT A" - NOTICE OF the Public Recods ofOrange Rewald, ST EN, 1300, a ROHAN s SPENCER 3180 the und6nign8d T ee A DATES 15504 E Arizona com Dn w h other purthasen covenanls. orwa anty, expRN DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Coun,Florida (the Plan,1346, 1, WHOLE, All Season- Convene Ave Spring Hill, FL shall proteed wkh the s e Ava Unrf 207 Au ra,CO ot Un s Weeks in swh Unrf, or implied. Pgading the lkle, FORECLOSE and all amendnPnt(s) theRto, Float WeeklFloat Unrt. 2013- 34608, 100, 22B, 48. EVEN, of the Proper as pDvided 80017-4809, 2600, 2637, 33, in the percentage interert posseNion or entumbrances) Owne s) Add M Building Unk rf any. Togelher wkh the right to 12-07. 818. 878.99, $8.83; All Saason-Flo Wee Flo in in Se ion 721.855, Florida WHOLE, Fixed weew Fixed determined and established by to pay the unpaid Nn 6nts Week Year Usage Occupanty oKupy, punuant to the Plan, FRANCISCO G CORRALES Unk, 2016-08-05, $5, 832.37, Stat es, the undanigned Un,2014-2017, 85. 938.12, Exhibk D" to the Decla tion due in the unt ot (See TS Undivided lnte st Season Building-Unrf(s) (SEE HIBIT a ISA8EL c CORRALES 716 82.7o: RO LAFAYmE T stee shall: (1) PDvid8 you $1.88; LAVON OATES 16810 ot Condominium to have and Exhibk A,w h interert Use Basis TS Phase De uW A,during Unk Week(s) (SEE Clover C ek San Antonio. DE OLIVEIRA a MARIA wrfh wrmen nolice ot the sale, E B ls Pl Aurora, CO 80017, to hold the same in fee simple acc ing at the rate of (See D e unt Per Diem HIBIT A ), during ANign8d N 78245. 1300, 1348, 32, APARECIDA VIEIRA OLIVEIRA including the date, tima and 2600, 2637, 33, WHOLE, Fixed torever. ORLANDO VACATION Exhibk A perday,punuantto CYNTHIA D JOHNSON 3527 Yea s) - (SEE HIBIT A . WHOLE, All Season-Float Avenida Gabriela Junquei lotation Me of: (2) Record Wee F 6d Unrf, 2014-2017, SUITES 6924 Grand Vatations We fimesha Plan, advances, Woodc ek Drive Surfland, MD erein me Sha Plan WeeklFloat Unrt. 2016-01-21, De F as 3N B D Jardim the notice otsaleinthe Public 85, 938.12, $1.88; ROLANDO Way Orlando, FL 32821 Said fi any. under the lerms of said 20746. 1100, 1131, 23. EVEN, (PDp8r )AddPss .AsaBuW $12, 222.27, 83.16: BILITIS p ricia Ube andia. Minas Retods ot ORANGE Coun,c ALPE a ALICIA B DE DIOS sala will be made (wkho Claim ot Lien, charges and All Season-Float WeaWFloat of the afo n ntioned detauW, RANGEL 306 Hedy Dr Kilaen, Ger s, BRAZIL, 100. 24c. 6, Florida and (3) Publish a 111 San Ratael St. Cor. San cov8nants.orw ty,8xp N 6xpens8s oflheTw ee and ot Unrf, 2014-12-20, 815, 686.61, WG he by ele s to s6| tha TX 76542-5572, 1300. 13N, EVEN, F ed WeeMlo Unrt. copy ot the noti o s e Miguel St. Mandaluyong, 1550 or implied, Rgarding the trfle. the t rts c ated by said Claim $6.15; RODNEY p 8ASC0ME Prope y punuanl lo Serfion 21, EVEN, All Season-Flo 2016-11-01. $9. 392.36, a.51; two (2) tin s. once aach PHILIPPINES, 2600, 2638, 19, posseuion or encumbrances) ofLien.Obligo s)shallhavethe a DESERIA BASCOME 6 721.856, Florida Statlrt8s. WeeMloat Unk. 2012-09- 10, BRm J RODERICK 42232 w k, tor two (2) succ8s5iv8 WHOLE, Fixed Wee Fixed topaytheunpaid Mme s righttocu thedatauWandany Tankard Be Sandys Ma 04, Please be advis6d that in Ma $15, 436.82, $6.93: JAMIE x 55M Sl t We Lancart6r, w6eks, in an ORANGE Coun Un,2014-2017, $5, 938.12, due in the amount ol (See juniorlienholdershall havethe BERMUDA, 1100. 1131, 29, evam th the debt owed to MACK 2787 Red Lodge Way CA93N6,1 ,24C.43,ODD, newspaper, pDvid8d such a $1.88; Ewhibrt A,wM inta rightto daem rfs inte up WHOU,s6ason-noal WG is not paid whhin thir - Douglasville, GA 301N, 13,| Season-Flo WeaMlo& newspaper e s the time May4,11, 18 accwing the r e of (See to the dale the Twstee iNuas WeeklFlo Unk, 2012-09-01, five (35) days aRer B8ipt ol 13N, 21, EVEN,n- Unk, 2016-07-20, S7, 107.68, of publishing. lt you tail to L 165733 Exhibrt A perday,punuantto 6c&tmcat60ts 8bypaying 822, 738.19, $8.81; RALPH this notice, the undenigned Float Wee Float Unrt. 2012- S3.M; RENEE A RODERICK cu the de uW as set to h thaTlmesha Plan,advances, Me untsdueasortlinedin A FICO 1014 Co ina Dr Twrt68 shallpmeed wkhthe 09-10. S15, 436.82, $6.93; 42844 23rd St w Lancast in this notice or take other rf any, underthat ofsaid e pB8ding parag ph. By: Davenport, FL 338974445, sal8otth6PDp8rtyasprovid6d SUMMER PAGE 14 Robe CA 93N64631, 100, 24c, app pri e artion wkh gard NoncE OF DEFAULTAND C im ot Len, chages and GREENSPOON MARDER,L 1100, 1143. 24, WHOU. #| in Sertion 721.856, Florida St Whrfehall, PA 18052-4310, 43, ODD, All n-Flo tothisto&losu maner,you INnNr ro FORECLOSE expena otthe Tw ee and ot Tw ee. Season-Float Wee Float Unk, St 6s. Punuant to &ion 13,1365. 42. WHOU, #| WeeMloat Un,2016-07-20, risk losing owenhip ot your wEsTGAn LAWS,FILE: the bu s we ed by s d Cl m QNIBrr ^" - NO CE OF 2014-01-13, $22, 0.63, 721.856. Florida Statrtes, the sea n-noal Wae flo Unh, $7, 107.68, 83.N; APRIL L i sha im6 thDugh the 2T .0T02 of L . Obligo 5) shall have Me TRWE'S MLE S8.67;KARENAFICO458Lake und8Rign6d Twrtee shall: I1) 2012-11-13, S23, 248.67. EUIOTT 3914 sb Way Fort twstae to&losu p cedu Punuant to Saction righttocurethedefauWandany Owe s) Add M Unh waek bridge Ln Apt722 Apopka, FL Provide you wrm wrmen notice 87.82;JERMAINETPAGE14 Pie e, FL 34981-5117. 80, 8 abli5h8din Sertion 721.855, 721.855, Florida Stat es, junior,nhold& shall have the Usag8 OKupanty untP8r 32703-5T56, 1100, 1143, 24, of the sale, including Me date. Robert St Whkeh |. PA 16052- 102, 8. ODD. All saason-no Florida Statutes. You may the undenignad T ee as right to red m ks i e st up DiamCOL R lnto WHOU, All Season-Float ti and location th t; (2) 4310,1300. 1365.42,WH0LE, WaeMloat Unk, 2016- -13, choose to sign and s6nd to appointed by WESTGATE to th6 d etha Twrt iNu8s LOUISA PROVENCHER 58 WeeklFlo Unk, 2014-01-13, R odth8notic8ots 8inM6,Season-Floal W oat $11,696.53,85.60;AW0NY the undenigned twrtee the LAKES OWNERS thecertmtaleofsalabypa ng MERRICK ST PAWTUCK $22, 000.63, S8.67; RAMON Publ R6cods of ORANGE Unrf,2O12-11-13,$23, 248.67, w TAYLOR JR 2934 Mirasol entlosed objertion torm, ASSOCIATION, INC. th6 untsdu8asoWin8din Rl 02860-3636, 80, 21, Eve G CARLISU B ASHUI L County,Florida;and(3)Publish ST.82; JESSICA G HARDIN Ct W kertown, NC 27051,80, 6x8wising your right to obj6 ereina er ter d to as the p&eding paragraph. By: Year, g1, 483.29, $0.73. CARLISU 8001 N Ola Av6 atopyofth6notic8ots 8two 600 N 6xand& Dr Bayow, 102, 8, ODD,S6ason-floal to the use ot th6 t 68 A5sociation.') he by formally GREENSPOON MARDER, uP, 20170699102; JOHNNY Tampa, FL M6O4, 1100, 1146, (2)timas, once each week, for M 77520, 1300, 1365, 50, WeaMloat Unrf, 2016-06-13, fo&losura pDc8du . Upon not es (See Exhibrf "A") thal Twst68. M CHEU B JANICE R 16. ODD,Season-Floal two(2)suwessiveweeks,in an EVEN,Season-Float Weekl S11, 696.53, 85.6o; SHANNOh tha undenigned t ee's you ar6 in d&ault due to your EXHIBrr A" - NoncE OF M CHEU 842 MADISON AVE W6eklFlo Unk, 2013-06-03, ORANGE County n6wspap6r, Float Unk, 2014D6-26, $11, D MARR a MICHELU R B8iptotyoursignedobj8rtion tailu topayasseNm8m(s)du8 TRUSrEE'S MU MADISON, MS 39110-9447, S14, 708.71, 85.56; SHIRLEY pDvid8d such a n8wspap6r 923.00,S5.43;KIM L PICKENS MARR 373 Trimont T Apt 2 torm, the to&losu ot the tor(SeeExhibk"A' punuantto Owne s Add N Un Week 86. 15, Eve Year, S1, 502.60, H AUEN 904 Rount e Ave SE 6xi s atthetime otpublishing. Po Box 3136 B nswick, F nklin, NC 28734-2562, 80, lien wkh spe to the da uN the Associ ion' s qoverning Usage tcupanc Amount Per $0.74, 2017 99102; CARLOS Wilson, NC 27893-6236, 1100, lt you Bl to cu the detauW GA 31521. 1400, 1411, 16, 308, 45, ODD,S n- spec ed in this not a shall documents (" overning Diem COL Rec ln o TURCIOS OREAMUNO 1162, 11, ODD, All Season- as s& torth in this notiG8 or WHOLE, All S8a5on-Float Float W Mloat Unrf, 2016- ba subjert to the juditial Documents and you now HECTORCRUZ9318JOVIC RD a ULIAN GARCIA DE float W Mloat Unrt, 2016- take other appDpri 8 a ion W Mloat Unrt. 2014- -25, 05-14, $10. 327.64. $4.03; foBlosur8 p cedu only. owe Association (See Exhibrf LAKESIDE,CA92O4O,854, 20, TURCIOS P.o. Box T3OOO21 07-25, 814, 845.42, 86.o1; w h galdto this r losu 818, 967.20, S7.42; JAMES L RAPHAELALMEIDAJuNloRa You have me right to cu A which amount includes Eve Year, S1. 794.22, $0.88, nGuclGALPA, HONDURAS, PAULO ALMEIDA Po Box Hs manar, all SUM due and EDGECOMBE POBoxF41647 CRISTH NNE LIMA ALMEIDA yourdelauN inth6 mannerset inte . lale fees, and other 2017 99102; ROSAUNDA 69, 21, Eve Ye S2, 141.45, 195 Ha inQon Sound, HS owing under the Not6 and F port, BAHAMAS, 7,742. Rua Nova Fribugo, 972 -Casa to h in this notice at any time chages. Addrfional interast CRUZ 1420 Clapham Rd 81 20170699102; JON F Bx BERMUDA, 12,1211, Morfgaga shall be accelerated 35, WHOLE, All n-Float 4 Bai Jadim Marileia Rio belore Metwstee's sale otyour continues to acc e at the rate Magnolia. DE 19 2-1312, WAMPNER 30 Ridge C rt N, WHOU,Season-Float and will becon immedialely WeeMloat Unrf, 2015-10-18. Das O ras - Rio De Jan8iD, timesha inte . lt you do not ol (See Exhibrt A") per day. A 854, 20, Ev6 Year, $1, 794.22, Dr Duego, CO 81301-8313, WeeklFloat Unrt, 2014-06-01, due and payable. Addrtional,$5, 461.12, S1.74. BRAZl 80, 310, 28, WHOU, obje to the use of th6 tru ae lien tor the ato sald amount 8o.88, 20170699102; JAMAL 936, 3, Eve Odd Numbered $17, 609.68, 86.9o; MAR as a resuW otthe defauW, you M y4,11,ZO16 All Season-Flo W Float fo&losu pDt8du,you will has been coded again the B FORD 6 MICHEUE A FORD Year. 81, 373.80, So.6&, BOLARINHO Po Box Hs 195 risk lo5ing ownenhip ol your L165744 Un,2015-09-09, $4, 615.07, not be subje to a deficiency following al proper located 8018 S 2ND AVEINGUWOOD, 20170699102; ENRIQUE Ha ington Sound, BERMUDA, tim6sha inte rt thDugh the 8o. ; JORGE A RENDEROS judgment even ittha proceeds in ORANGE Coun,Florida: CA 90305-1503, 637, 39, LOPU and AIDA c LOPU 1200, 1211, M, WHOU, All t stae toreclosu procedu 1009 24th St Ditkinson. TX homthe sale otyourtimesha (See ExhibN A")ISEE WHIBIT Eve Year. $1, 782.35, So.88, 1450 BRICWU BAY DR. Season-Float WeeMloat Un,ertablishadin &ion 721.856, NoncE OF DEFAULr AND 77539-9401, 80, 401, 28. EVEN, inte rt a insu cient to A Time Sharelnta st(s)(SEE 2017 99102; HASSAN H APT. 9 M#Ml, FL 33131- 2014-06D1, 817. 609.68, Flori a Statlrf6s. Any right INTENT TO FORECLOSE All Season-Float WeeWFlo o etthe amounts secu d by WHIBIT A") as defined in FATANI NUZHA S SOWAN 3641. 922, 27, Eve Year, S2, $6.90; SELINA NEUMAN 6 you may haveto instate the WUTChTE uws v FILE: Unrf, 20|6-08-27, $15, 878.10, tha li6n. By: GREENSPOON the Declaration ot Covenants, ALSHATEE 2 DISTRICT Po 405.67, $1.19, 20170699102; FAEDRA NEUMAN Lyraweg mortgage aWer acceleration .01 $6.40; AIDA M RENDEROS MARDER,L T ee. Condkions and Rertri ions Box 3133 JEDDAH. SAUDI GARY RAYMOND SCOTr 27 Cu cao,CURACAO,12OO, will b6 punuant to the tenw Punuant to S ion 631 Spring B eze League c y, QNIBrr "A" - NoncE OF for Westgate Lakes |, O cial ARAB#, 71, 31, Eve Year, $1, a BRENDORA ELLEN 1226, 24, WHOLE, All S8a5on- ot he nDrfgage. You may 721.856, Florida Statut6s, M 77573, 80, 401, 28, EVEN, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Records Book 5020, at Page 906.90, $0.94, 20170699102: SCOTT 209 FACTORS Float W86klFloat Unk, 2012- thoose to 5ign and send to lhe undenigned T rt68 as All Season-Flo Wae Float FORECLOSE 327, ot the Public Records of DARLA A WOODS 1908 24 WAW SUMMERVILLE, sc 03-04. 822, 000.00, $8.45; the undenigned trurfee the appointed b WESTGATE Unk. 2016-08-27, $15. 878.10, Own6 s) Add s Building Unit Orange Coun,Florida (the Av6 GuWpo . MS 39501- 29485-5815, 924, 52, Eve KRISTINA M CREGER 1817 enclosed objertion form. LAKES, u (he inaWer 86.4o; MICHAEL HOLUS B Week Year Usage Occupancy Plan"), and all amendment(s) 2975, 517 a 535. M 6 36, odd Numbe d Year, $1, Saxony Ln Houston, N 77058- exe ising your righl to objerf refe ed to as WG he by,BELINDA HOLLIS 7752 Coral TS Undivided lnte st Season thereto, it any. Togethar with Eve Year B Eve Year, 82, 354.87, $0.67, 20170699102; 3524, 1200. 1236, 27, WHOU, to lhe use ol he twstee formally notmes (See Ewhibrf Blvd Hol wood. FL 33023, 80, Usa Basis TS Phase Yean tha right to occupy, pursuant 929.04, $1.44, 20170699102; MICr EL COOPER a MARY All Saason-Float WeeMloat tor6closur8 pDc8dure. Upon A that you a in d6fauW due 602, 4, ODD, All Saason-Float Delinquent Amount Per Diem to he Plan, Building-Unrf(s) JEFFREY SCOTT HOPKINS C ROMANELLI 5677 MAIN ST Unrt. 2012-10-06, 825, 537.55, the undenigned twstee's to your lailu o pay payents Wee Flo Unk, 2016-07-23, ROSSANA A VALVERDE 5279 (SEE WHIBIT "A"). during 4823 Flicker St San Antonio, TRUMBULL. CT 06611-3033. 811.99: ALLAN c CREGER receipt of your sign6d objeclion du6 on (See Exhibrt A under 811, 308.97, $5.44: JOSEPH G NW 19 H LN Miami Gardens. Unrt Week(s) (SEE EXHIBIT N 78217-1214, 623, 50, 716 a 744, 33 6 34, Eve Year 1817 Saxony Ln Houston, form, the toreclosura ot the the Note and Mortgage (as,WIGGINS492 Count Place Dr FL 33055-5350, 900, 935, 21, "A',during Assigned Year(s) Eva Odd Numbared Year, $1, a Eve Year, 82, 925.47, $1.44, M 77058-3524, 1200, 1236, mortgage wkh r65p8rt to the defined b&ow) and you now Tobyhanna, PA 18466, 80, 603, WHOLE, Fixad Wea Fixed - (SEE WHIBIT "A' . (herein 674.92, 8o.83, 20170699102; 20170699102; 27, WHOLE, All Season-Float delauW specified in this notice owe WG (See Exhibk Ah),32, WHOLE. All Season-Float,Unrf, 2014-2017. 86. 317.03 "Time Share Plan (P perty) TERESA MERRI7T HOPKINS May4,11, 18,WeeWFloa Unit, 2012-10- shall b6 subjert to the ludicial which amount inGlud8s lnt8r85t, Wee Float Unrt. 2016-05-26. 81.79; CAROLINA VALVERDE Addr85s.'). As a result of 2319 QUAIL HOUOW SAN L1656O6,06, 825, 537.55, $11.99; loreclosura pmedure only. late fees, and other chages. 822, 339.51, $10.84; JOHN a ISMAEL VALVERDE 5551 NW lhe afo mentionad detault, ANTONIO, M 78232. 623 ; MARQUITA Y CONAWAV You have the right to cure Addrtional interest tontinues A LEWIS a JOYCE A LEWIS 194 Ln Opa-Locka, FL 33055, Association hereby elects to 50, Eve Odd Numbered i j 28 E 1st Ave Hazlehunt, GA,youF delauW in the manner set to accwe at the rata ot (See 328 Brookcrest Cir Rockledge, ' 900, 935, 21. WHOLE, Fixad sell the Property pursuant Year. 81, 674.92, 8O.83,NOTltE OF DEFAULT AND 31539. 1300. 1332, 16, ODD. forth in thls notice at any time Exhibk wA per day, wrfh gad FL 32955, 90, 101. 21, ODD WeeW Flxed Unk, 2014-20|7, to Sectlon 721.855. Florida 201 70699102; ROBERT E INTENT TO FORECLOSE,All Season-Float WeeklFloat,betorethetwrtee's sale ofyour to the followlng real property All Season-Float Wee Float,$6, 317.03, 8|.79; JAIME F Stat es. Please be advised