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May 4, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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May 4, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MAY 4, 2018 . PAGE TB BIENNIAUallocated 168,000 Len, chages and expenses of undivided intarasl in common cRaled by said Claim ot Len. right to radaem its in erest up,CENTENNIAL AVE N RTH Ownanhip Type Amount Per POINT CT LAWRENCEVILU, Point5 as defined in the the T st86 and ot the twsts elements ot th6 Proj6 as,Obligo s) shall have lhe ri ht to the dat6 tha Twstee iNues BALDWIN. NY 11510-1521. Di6m COL Rec GA 30044- . EVERY Declaration ror use in EVEN created by said Claim ot Llen. described in tha Declaration. ' to cure the detault and any the cerfmcala of Sale by paying EVERY ODD NUMBERED,lnfo ODD NUMBERED YEAR, year(s). Obligor(s) shall have the right p je 48 - lnte al Conlrol,junior lier,holder shall have the the amounls due as outlined in YEAR, 0.0123759b, THREE DON ROBERTO ANTONIO DE .0067159b, ONE BEDROOM, FRANK VELARDI and to cure the detault and any Numbe s): (SEE HIBIT A,right to r6d88m its interest up the preceding paragraph. By: BEDROOMB2 0-440, ||,GRAAF B WOUWE FLOOR 1601-170. |, TYPE 2. $1, DEBORAH VELARDl, Notite of junior lianholder shall have the TUSCANY VILLAGE vAcAnoN to the date the Twstee issues GREENSPOON MARDER, TYPE 3 79, $1.24. VAN HASSEL 2 BRIARCLIFF 814.50, 8o.89, 20170702100; DetauN and lnlant to Foretlose right to redaam it interest up SUITES 8122 A ezzo way,thaCe irlcateofSalebypaying T stee. 20170702100; wl RD UPPER SADDLE RIVER, KENNETH OKORUW'A sent via Cel ifi egistered,to the date the T stee issues Orlando. FL32821 Said salewill the amounts due as oullined in WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF c WASHINGTON 13423,NJ 07458-1402, MRY YEAR, IHENSEKHIEN a IRENONSEN M Upublication to: 116 the Ce ititate of Sale by paying be mada (wi hout covenants, or the praceding paragraph. By: TRUSTEE'S SALE BLOSSOM AVE FLUSHING, 0.01946gb, TWO BEDROOM, JOY IHENSEKHIEN 5 KEN CANVAS CT, MANAHAWKIN. the amounts due as outlined in wa anty, 8xpRN or implied, GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, Owne s) Address Week NY 1 1 3554640, EVERY 1102-15, |, TVPE 1, $2, IHENSEKHIEN ST Po Box NJ 08050-1608; Claim ot Len the precading paragraDh. By: regardinS the tkla, possession Twstea. Year Usaga Otcupancy TS ODD NUMBERED YEAR, 021.076, $0.99, 20170702100; 3586 BENIN cl EDO sTAn recod6d on Feb a 20, 2018: GREENSPOON MARD R, LLP, or encumbrances) to pay the WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Undivided lnterest Surfe 0.012375gb, THREE JOSEPH SANDERS a SHARON NIGERIA, EVERY YEAR a lnst m6nt No. 20180100435 Twslee. unpa d aM8Nm8nts due in the TRUSTEE'S SALE Type ICN TS Phase VaGation BEDROOM$, 7-440. ||, SANDERS a MELISSA EVERY YEAR, 0.0323gs 6 Public Retords ot O nge wHlalT "A" - NoncE OF amount ot (See Exhibit A"). Owner(s) Address Week Owanhip Type Amount Per VPE 3 79, $1.24, SANDERS 1162 JUUA ST 0.03239b, TWO BEDROOM County, FL Tolal Due: $650.25 TRusnE's SALE w%h interest act ing at lhe Year Usag6 Occupancy TS DiemCOLRac 20170702100; JANEAN s nANEcK. NJ 07666- 4831, a TWO BEDROOM, 6604-44 as ot D6c8mb8r 27, 2017: Own8 5) Add ss w k rate ot (S86 Exhibit A per ' Undivid6d -lnterest Surfe lnto FLOWE 6200 FOUR WOOD DR EVERY YEAR, 0.01946%, a 6604-454, vl a vl, TYPE 2 described as Ona (1) Vacalion Year Usage Octupancy TS day, punua tothe fimeshare,Type ICN TS Phase Vacation TOMINIYI OPENIFUNOLUWA,MATrHEWS, NC 21804-2225, TWO BEDROOM, 1406-44, a TYPE 2, 83, 249.40, $1.60, Ownenhip lnterest ( vol") Undivided lnterest Surfe Plan, advances, it a,under Owarship Type Amount Per OWOLABI a ABIMBOLA MRY YEAR, 0.013439b. |, TVPE 3, 81, 921.36, $0.94, 20170702100; EDWARD having a 154,0001450,489.000 Type ICN TS Phase Vaca ion the tarms ot said laim of DiemCOLRec ANTHONIA OWOLABI PLOT6 ONE BEDROOM, 3101-25. 20170702100;PAULEMIWR D YOUNG II a GINA G undivided lntarast in Unrfs Own6rship Type Amount Per Lien, chages and expenses of lnfo BLOCK 13 KAYODE onToJu lll, TYPE 1, S1, 616.T2. $o.79, a DEANNA J MIWR 3225 TIUMAN-YOUNG 12 1 numbarad 431-446, 531-546, Diem COL R8G tha T stee and ot the twsts KENNETHTJONESBKARENJ STREET LEKKI UKKI PHASE 20170702100; GREGORY DOVE TREE w RAUIGH, FM 466 SEGUIN TX 78155, 631-646 locatad in wBUILDING lnto c aled by said Claim ot Lien. BABCOCK-JONES 6 DANDEE ONE S FLOWE 8410 INDIAN NC 27610, MRY YEAR, EVERVYEARBMRYYEAR, 2, PHASE ll"; BIENNIAU BRUCE DALLY a ADELE Obligo s) shall have the right CIRCLE HUGUENOT, NY LAGOS, LEKKI NIGERl TRAIL RD cHARLom NC 0.019469b, TWO BEDROOM, o.o1946 a o.o1946 , allocated 308,000 Points as WONNE DALLY 3895 31ST lo cu the datauW and any 12746-5302, EVERY YEAR EVERY YEAR, 0.03239s, 28227-5476, MRY YEAR. 1505-46, |, TYPE 3, 81, TWO BEDROOM a TWO defined in the Declaration for AVE sw NAPLES, FL 34117- junior lienholder shali have the a EVERY YEAR, 0.0323gb a TWO BEDROOM, 3603-50, 0.013439b, ONE BEDROOM, 511.65, 8o.74, 20170702100; BEDROOM, 2202-9 a 2202-10, use in MN y s). 8459,NERYYEAR,0.019469b, rightto d86m ils interest up 0.0323gb. TWO BEDROOM lll, TVPE 2, $1, 966.16, $0.96, 3101-25, |||, TYPE 1, $1. LARRY H E a LYNNE E II a ll, TYPE 1 a rYPE 1, 83, ERIC FLYNN and AUCIA TWO BEDROOM, 2504-49. tothe datetha Tw eeiswes a TWO BEDROOM, 4507-22 20170702100; DANIEL M 616.72, $0.79, 20170702100; LAAKE 807 INDIAN LAKES 405.48, $1.67, 20170702100; FLYNN, Notice ot D6lauW and ll. TYPE 2, $1, 921.36. 8o.94. lheCe ificateotSalebypaying s 4604.4, lv a lv, TYPE 2 a GAGLIARDO a MARGARET MARIA DEL CARMEN SYED BLVD CLARKSVILU, OH ERICKA FREDERICK 6025 N lnt&nt to For6closa senl via zo17o7o21oo; JEFFREY IRA theamou sdueaso linedin TYPE 2, $3. 204.60, 81.58, M GAGUARDO 714 FORMAN 2160 ARMSTRONG DR 45113-8292, MRY ODD MAPLEWOOD AVE CHICAGO, Cert edlRegi &ad MaiU GUTTMAN B JENNlnR ERIN the pB8ding pa g ph. By: 20170702100; DEBRA G AVE PT PLEASANT BEACH, PLEASANTON, CA 94588- NUMBEREDYEAR,O.O22659b, IL 60659-4110, EVERY YEAR, publication to: 1101 VINTAGE GUTTMAN 19 PACHAUG GREENSPOON MARDER, KOENIG 1136 FINLAND DR NJ 08742-2902.EVERV YEAR. 8312,MRYYEAR,0.01946 . ONE BEDROOM, 3610-180, 0.022659b, ONE BEDROOM, AW, GAINESVIUE, M 76240- RD TRUMBULL, CT 06611- Twstee. SPRING HILL, FL 34609-5544. 0.01946,TWO BEDROOM, TWO BEDROOM, 12o649, |||, TVPE 2, $1, 579.50. So.77, 6409-52, vl. TYPE 1, 83, 5944:Cl m otLen orded on 4029, EVERY YEAR, 0.03239b, HIBIT hA" - NoncE OF WERY ODD NUMBERED 2202-21, ||. TYPE 2, 81. |, TYPE 3, $1, 183.22, So.58, 20170702100; JOHN J EUAS 577.98, 81.76, 20170702100; Fabwa 20, 2018; lnstwment TWO BEDROOM. 3108-44, TRusnE's SAU YEAR, 0.01 1325%, ONE 206.62, $0.59, 20170702100: 20170702100; s B a JUDITH D TURNER 3992 JONATHAN N EDEN No. 20180100436 Public lll, TYPE 2, 81, 921.36, $0.94. Owne s) Addr8N We6k BEDROOM, 3302-460, |||, ROBERT J VACCAREW 898 SULTANSYEDPOBOX811182 RWIERA GROVE APT. w1o2 AuGusn a AVISHA M NE R6cods of Orange Coun,20170702100; DENNIS L Yaar Usag6 Occupancy TS TYPE 2, $1, 5T9.50, $0.77, SOUTH BEND DR DURHAM, BOCA RATON, fl 3 1, COLORADO SPRINGS, co AUGUSTE P.o. Box GR5O34 FL Total Due: 8589.19 as of PLATrmR 2791 COPELAND Undivid6d -lnlere Suke 20170702100; WILUAM T NC 27713-6195, MRY EVERY YEAR, 0.01946,8 22-M79, MRY . GRANDE VIERE, G.|. LCO1 D8c8mb6r27,2O17;d8wrib8d RD MAPLEPLAIN,MN 55359- Type ICN TS Phase Vacation KOENIG III z427 COVINGTON ODD NUMBERED YEAR, TWO BEDROOM, 120649, 0.01946,TWO BEDROOM, 201 ST.LUCl MRY ODD as:Ona(1)Vacation Ownenhip 9720,EVERYYEAR,0.024759b, Own6nhip Type Amount Par AVE SPRING HILL, FL 34608- 0.011325gb, ONE BEDROOM, |, TYPE 3, $1, 183.22. 8o.58, 2204-47,||,TYPE3,81,935.20, NUMBERED YEAR a EVERY lnt& ( vol having a THREE BEDROOM, 2407-50, DiamCOLRec 4510,EVERY0DDNUMBERED 6402-N0, vl, 7VPE 2, $1, 20170702100; MARCELO So.95, 201707021 ; RENEE EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, 84, 01554,257, undivided ll, TYPE 2, $2, 291.79, $1.13, lnto YEAR, 0.01 13259b, ONE 814.50, 8o.89, 20170702100; VINICIO MONTALVO PAREDES KRAUSE 24610 GREENWICH 0.011325 ao.o1 13259b, ONE lnt&estinUnh nu 147, 20170702100; MAURICE RICE ERIKA N DOBBS a WIWE J BEDROOM, 3302460, |||. USA A VACCAREW 1509 9055 sw 73RD CT APT w BEACHWOOD,OH 44122- BEDRooMaoNEBEDRooM, 148, 15 152, 154-162, 247- a DEBORAH RICE LOT w1 DOBBS 88 BEWrWOOD CT TYPE 2, $1, 579.50, 8o.77, HIGH SCHOOL RD CHAPEL 707 MIAMl, FL 33156-2948, 1651, MRY YEAR, 0.03230. 3301-50 s 6714-5E, III B vl, 252, 254-26z, 347-352, 354- CHANCERYLANENAWILCOX ALBANY. NY 12203-4810, 20170702100; CHRISTOPHER HIL NC 27516-7741, MRY MRY YEAR, 0.02475,| TWO BEDROOM, 4108-27, TVPE 2 aTYPE 2,$1,649.30, 362,447-452,454-462localad HIUCHRISTCHURCH,1711T NERY YEAR, 0.022659b, ADLAM a CH ISSE A ODD NUMBERED,THREE BEDROOM, 1408- w. TVPE1,82,O21.76,$O.99, $0.81, 2017G702100; NIKOS in BUILDING 3, PHASE lll ; BARBADDS, EVERY YEAR ONE BEDROOM. 10, ADLAM 3 CABERN CT 0.011325,ONE B ROOM, 21, |, TVPE 2, S2, 291.79, 20170702100; MARCUS VROULIS 4602 PADDOCK BIENN Ualloc 6d 168, a NERV YEAR, 0.0323 lv, TYPE1,S1.616.72,$O.79, CORAM, NY 11727-2423, 6402-M0, vl, TYPE 2, S1, S1.13. 20170T021 ; JOHN p JORDAN a GRACE JORDAN STREET MAYS LANDING, NJ Points as dafin6d in the 0.032396, wo BEDROOM 20170702100; snPHEN MRY ODD NUMBERED 814.50, $o 201T07021 : SAUNDERS 150 PINKREST LAMBERrsDovERnRRAcE 0833 3u3, NERV YEAR, Declaration tor use in EVEN a 7w0 8EDR00M, 4407- D ROSENDAHL a SUSAN YEAR, 0.011325,ONE DONNA J nKE 2571 DR HAsnNGs ON HUDSON, CHRIST CHURCH, BB 15028 0.02265 . ONE BEDROOM, yaa s). 12 6 4407-13, lv a lv, TYPE s ROSENDAHL 6815 aEDRooM$, 3309-440, |||, BARWOOD DR GREENBRIER, NY1O7 -37O2,MRV,BARBADOS, MRY YEAR, 6701-12, N, 7YPE 1, S1, ROMINA slu LOO and 1 TYPE 1, 83, 450.28, TOWNSEND DR ERIE, PA TYPE 2,579.50, $0.77, TN 37073-4648, MRV 0.0194696, TWO BEDROOM, 0.01946,TWO BEDROOM, 616.78,80.79,20170702100; JARL ASKENGREN, Notica $1.70, 20170702100; JAMES 16505-2649, MRY YEAR, 20170702100;JERRYEREEDB ODD NUMBERED YEAR, 310&8,|||,TYPE1,$2,021.76. 22 47,||.TYPE2.81,743.24, May4,11, 18 ot DetauW and lm6nt to DEMETRIUS SUMNER 121 0.01946g6, TWO BEDROOM, DAYUAREED7539MAUMEE 0.011325,ONE BEDROOM, SO.99,2O17O7O21OO;JEFFREY So.85, 20170702100; WENDY L 165 8 Foreclosa sem via Certifiedl v ST NW WASHINGTON, 1206-29,|,TYPE1,$2,021.76, wEsnRN RD MAUMEE, 6402-340, vl, TYPE 2. S1, wLwDoRFERaMIRANDAM MQ a U M NEGAN R8gist6 d Maiupu iQion DC 20001-1616. EVERY 8o.99, 201707w1 ; ADOUO OH 43537-9336, EVERY 579.50, $o.n, 20170702100: MESSINA 110 UTTU NECK 95 LAURELWOOD RD BRICK, to: RUNDHAUGV IEN 13E, ODD NUMBERED YEAR, VALDES NUCAMENDI a ODD NUMBERED YEAR, EDWARD GUY BEASLEY a RD SOUTH HAMPTON. NY NJO8724-3645,WERYYEAR, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S OSLO, NO A% Cl m otLen 0.0113259b, ONE BEDROOM, YOLANDA DEL ANGEL 0.0113259b, ONE BEDROOM, TAMMIE WONNE BEASW 11968-4324, EVERY YEAR a 10.01946,TWO BEDROOM, SALE &o ed on Janua 29,2O18; 3602-470,|||,TYPE2,$997.84, VARGAS EL ESTRIBO 201-A 3609380, |||, TYPE 2, $1, 21 A C SHORES EVERY YEAR. 0.01 43 . 1405-20.|,TYPE2,$1,921.36 ORLANDO vAcAnoN ln wm6nt No. 2018 8r7 8o.49, 20170702100; KAREN COL EL CHARRO TAMPICO, 579.50, $0.77, 20170702100; BAY CHRIST CHURCH, 0.01343g6, ONE BEDROOM $0.94,20170702100; SUITU | Publit Records of Orang6 RENE COTTON 80 s ST NW TAMPS. 89364 M ICO, JOSEPH p CARRIQ a BARBADOS, YEAR, a ONE BEDROOM, 31 -32 May 11, 18 352T Coun ,FL.Tot Due:$583.87 WASHINGTON, DC 2 01- EVERY ODD NUM8ERED SUZANNE c CECERE 26 u.o3918,HREE BEDROOM, s 3109-51, III B lll. TYPE 1 L1656O5 On 0513012018 at 11:00 AM, as ot Nov ber 27, 2017; 1443,EVERY0DD NUMBERED YEAR, 0.01163596. ONE WAYSIDE w WANTAGH, 7707-37, |, TVPE 2, S2, TYPE 1, S2, 595.32, S1.27, GREENSPOON MARDER. described as: Ona I1) Vacation YEAR, 0.01 1 325%, ONE BEDROOM, 5101-320, v, NY 11793, MRY YEAR, M6.59, S1.15, 201707021 : 20170702100; TAMMY JEAN L 201 E. Pina Slr86t, Suke Ownenhip lntaP T ol ) BEDROOM, 3602-470, |||, TYPE 2, $1, 953.72, 8o.96, 0.01946gb, TWO BEDROOM, KATHY MC GHEE 8490 ANDERSON 11704 VICKIE DR NoncE OF TRusnE's 500, O ando, Florida 32801, having a 84, 0R20,709,500 TVPE 2, $997.84, $0.49, 20170702100; EUGENIO 1603-31,|,TYPE1,$2,021.76, LOWER SCAR8OROUGH MARYS W, CA g59o1-,SAU as T ee punuaT to that undivid6d lm8Bt in in 20170702100: GREGORY A GOMU-SAINZ RO 8o.99, 20170702100; BYRON CT SAN DIEGO, CA 92127- EVERY ODD NUMBERED TUKAN LLAGE Appointment ol Tw ee R65id8ntial Unhs located in GOLDEN B TINA L GOLDEN CARDENAS 3939 COL L ROSS 1827 s AVERS AVE 6119, EVERY YEAR, TWO YEAR, 0.01375,THREE v^cAnoN sums retoded on 12 7 2017, BUILDING 1": BIENNIAU 23 nLBuRY DR BRISTOL, Rl CAMINO REAL ZAPOPAN, CHICAGO, IL 60623-2413, BEDROOM$2 4o2-32, |, 8EDR00M$2 -220, |, WZT6. 1 (wum und Dowment ln m t ,ad 168, Points as 02809-4904, EVERY YEAR, JAUSCO M ICO 45040 WERV ODD NUMBERED TYPE 1,21.76, So.99, TVPE 2 79, 81.13, On 05 30 2018 at 11:00 AM, no. 2017 99127 of the definad in the D la tion tor 0.0323,TWO BEDROOM, M ICO, EVERY YEAR 6 YEAR, 0.01 13259b, ONE 20170T02100; DAVID J MC 20170702100 MARK D GRUNSPOON MARDER, Public Records of ORANGE usainoDDyea s).meusaga 3408-49,|||,TYPE2,$1,921.36, NERY YEAR a MRY YEAR, BEDROOM, 6515-370, N, GHEE 1968 CAMINITO DE CAVERLY 222 ANTolNrm L 201 E Pine St et, Suite County, Florida, by ason Right ot the vol is a Floating 8o.94, 20170702100; KAROL o.o1946 a 0.01946 a TYPE 2, 81, 579.50, SO.T7, LA CRUZ CHULA STA, CA CT BRICK, NJ 08723-6348, 500, O ando. Florida 32801, of a now continuing d6tauN U5a Right. K THOUSAND B RONALD V 0.01946 . TWO BEDROOM 20170702100; JAMIKKA T 91913-3926, MRV YEAR, EVERY YEAR, 0.01946gb. as Tw punuant to that by Obligo s), (s86 Exhibit #|, wiWin e Condominium THousAND3315wBENNm 6 TWO BEDROOM a TWO NEUON 1404 N. LATROBE 0.01946^TW0 BEDROOM, TWO BEDROOM, NO3-28, Appointmant ot Twslea Ah), whosa add 55 is (Sea Property submmed to Me RD MINERAL Pol wl BEDROOM, 1303-15 B 1303- CHICAGO, IL 60651, MRY 1402-32,|.TVPE1,$2,021.76, |||,TYPE 1, $2, 021.76, So.99, r o 6d on 1v2&2017, Exhibk "A,in the paymanl or tim6sha Plan ot FAIRFIELD N565-9301. EVERY YEAR. 24 a 1303-25, IB lal, TVPE ODD NUMBERED YEAR, So.99, 201707021 ; 20170702100;RICHARD KLEIN under Docum6n lnst ment p6rformanc8 ot tha obligations ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK 0.302265g6, ONE BEDROOM, 1 a TYPE 1 a TYPE 1, 84, 0.0113259b, ONE BEDROOM, May ,11, 18 35 CLOVE AVE suss,NJ no. 20170702101 ot tha sacu d by said Claim ofLen RESO A CONDOMINIUM 4201-21, lv, TYPE 2, $1, 834.00, S2.38, 201707021 ; 6515-370, vl, TVPE 2, 81, L1 1 07461-1901, EVERY,Public R ord5 of ORANGE recoded in O ci Records ( me R85ort Facil y"), tog6th8r 579.50, 8o.77, 20170702100; DARRELL w FISHER 1729 579.50, $0.77, 20170702100; 0.024759b, THREE BEDROOM, County, norida, by reason Book (Sea Mibrf A"), at Page with lappu enancesth6r6to, SHAY R PEARS.ON 2636 NW N CE PLANO, M GERALD EUA KOSNOSKI 250&31.||.NPE1,S2,403.36, ot a now continuing d6tauW (See Mibh A,otth6 Public accoTding and subj to lh6 8TH TER CAPE CORAL, FL 75075-6977, NERY YEAR, a MARGARET GRACE NoncE OF TRusnE's $1.18, 20170702100; by Obligo s). ls Exhibk R6cods ot ORANGE Coun , D laration ot Condominium N993-2919, EVERY YEAR, 0.02327,ONE BEDROOM, KOSNOSKI 51 CLARION SAU May 11, 18 A"), whosa addrBN is (See Florida, includingth6 b ach or tor F meld O ando at Bonnet 0.01946,TWO BEDROOM, 5302-18,V,TYPE2,81,579.50, DRIVE FREDERICKSBURG, TustnN LLAGE L1656O3 Exhibk A,in tha pay6nt or d&auW,noticaotwhich was sel c k R rt a Condominium" 12O4-28,|,TVPE1,85,778.28, So.77, 20170702100; SHEILA VA 22405, EVERY YEAR, vAcAnDN sums performanca ot the obligations forth in a Noti ot D6tauW and &orded on June a, 2 4 in 82.84, 20170702100; DAWN D FISHER 215 RIVER FERN TO.O1946,wo BEDROOM, 3N 6. ( WNHINGrONl secured by s d Claim ot Li6n lntent o Fo&los6 p vid6d omcial Reco s Booh 7475, M QUAGUA 1142 ANTHONY AVE APT215O GARLAND, M 1503-4, |,TYPE 2,$1,921.36, On 05129n018 11: AM, NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S r oded in omcial R6cod5 to the last know add M Pag6 881. et seq. Public RD PORTSMOUTH, Rl 02871- 75040-2924, MRY YEAR, So.94,2o17o7o21oo; KATRINA GREENSPOON MARDER, S^LE Book(See Exhibrf"A',atPaq6 ot Obligo s), (Sae Exhibk R6cords ot Orange Coun . 6001, EVERY YEAR a EVERY 0.02327,ONE BEDROOM, CASHAW THOMPSON 4107 201 E. Pine St a, Suhe TUSCANY LLAGE (See Exhibk '.A"), ofthe Pubic '.A ), by C8 ifi8dlR8gist&Bd florida, as h8Rtoto or YEAR, 0.031679b a 0.03167, 5302-18, v, TYPE 2, S1. N NOLAN PL PEARLAND, 500. O ando. florida 32801, vAcAnoN sums Records ot ORANGE County, Mail or by publication by th6 h8 aW8r nd8d(coll6 iv6ly, TWO BEDROOM a TWO 579.50, So.77, 20170702100: M 775B4-9448, MRY as T ee punuant o that 76. 73 (DE Q Florida, in uding the b ach or undersigned T 5t88, will sell the Declaration . BEDRooM,51o4-9a51o4-10. THOMAS RD ANDERSON ODD NUMBERED YEAR, AppointB ot Tw ee On 0513012018 at 11:oo AM, d8fauW,notic6 ofwhich was s6t atpublic aurtion toth6 highes Obligonshallhavethg rightto v a v, TYPE 1 a TYPE 1, 83, a MAXINE PORTER 25 CLUB 0.011325gb, ONE BEDROOM, ld6d on 12 &2017, GREENSPOON MARDER, form in a Notic6 of D6tauN and bidd& IOt la ul mon6y ot the cu th6 defauN and anyjunior 405.48, $1.67, 20170702100; DELSOLPUERTOPOWNSA, 6509-220, vl, TYPE 2, 81, und6r Do a ln nt 201 E. Pin St t, Suh6 lnt6m to For lo58 p vided Unk8dSt 65ot rica,inth8 lienholder sh,have the righl BRIAN J QUAGLIA SR 77 MALLORCA, SPAIN 07470 579.50,$0.77,201707021 ; no. 20170702101 ot Ma 500, O ando, horida 32801, lo lhe la known add N lobby ot Su 6 5,ol Cap to r6d6am hs int6 up to PECK ST REHOBOTH, MA SP N,MRYYEAR,O.O32396, May4,11, 18 Public Racotds ol ORANGE as Twst68 punuanl to mat ot Obligo sT, (Sea Mib Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine th6 date thetwstee issues the 02769-2806, EVERY YEAR B TWO BEDROOM, 4703-30, lv, L1656O4 CouW. horida, by ason Appointmant ot Twstee A,by C6rfifi6dlRagi5t8 d StRe,O ando, Fl 32801, all Cerfificata ot s 6 by paying the EVERY YEAR, 0.03167gb 6 TVPE 1, $10, 407.89, 85.13, ot a now continuing da uN &orded on 1v2&2017, M,or by publitalion by th6 right, title and inte&t in th6 amounts due as outlinadintha 0.0316796, TWO BEDROOM 20170702100; by Obligo sl, (s86 Ewhibh under Documant lnrf man und ign T rtee, will sell pD shual6dinM8County pB8ding pa gQs. B TWO BEDROOM, 5104-9 May 11, 18 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S "A"), whose add u is (s66 no. 20170702101 ot the atpublic aurtiontotha highe ofORANGE, Florida, d6scrib8d Bc NJ NOS 0518 - NOS B 5104-10, v a v, TYPE 1 B L 1656o2 SALE Ewhibh A,inthe paynentor PubliG R8GO S of ORANGE bidd forlawhl Dn8y otth6 as: As ned Unk w k No. May 4, 11, 18 TYPE 1, $3, 405.48, S1.67, TUSCANY VILLAGE performance otthe obligations County, Florida, by 18a50n UnkadStatasotAmerica,inthe (SEE HIBIT A siqn6d L 1 3 20170702100; DAVID JORDAN vAcAnoN sulrv s u d by s d Claim ot Len of a now continuing d&ault lobby ot Suita 500, ot Capital Unk No. (SEE HIBIT A,ot a KATHUEN JOSEPHINE NoncE OF TRusnE's Nn6. (swEENm d6d in omGi Retods by Obligo sT, (s68 Exhibrf Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pin6 oRLANDovAcAnoNsums, JORDAN a LAURA MARIA SAU On 05n9 2018 at 11:00 AM, Book(S Mibh A ,atPage A"), whos6 addr8N is (s St et, O do, Fl 32801, all a tondominium, wkh (SEE NoncE OFTRUSTEE'S JORDAN THE OAKS SALLOWS rUKANY LLnoE GREENSPOON MARDER, (s Mibrt .A,orMa Publ Exhib .A,in th6 paynent or rigM, title and inte st in the HIBIT A")occupantyrigMs, SALE SHAW SOLE STREET vAcAnoN sulru 201 E. Pin6 Sl t, Surf6 R lds ot ORANGE County, parformante ofWe obligations p srtuated inth6 Coun aKo ing tothe Detlaration ot TUKANY LLAGE COBHAM, KENT DA139BP 3NT6. (CROIUAN 5,O ando, Florida 32801, honda. includinqth6 b ch or s u d by said Cl m ot L ofO NGE norida, d8scrib6d Condominiumth t ed vAc^noN sums GREATBRIT N,EVERYYEAR, On 05n912018 at 11:00 AM, as Tru punuant to lhat d6fauW,notic8o wh hwas& d6d in O ci R6cords as: A (SEE HIBIT A") in omci R6co 5 Book 4935, 352r&. T4 DAU TO.O24759S, HREE BEDROOM, GREENSPOON MARDER, Appointment ot T 86 for inaNotic6otD8 uWand Book(S88Exhibrf A ,atPag6 und ed tenant in mmon Page 4610, in th9 Public On 05129n018 at 11:00 AM, 1107-5, |,TYPE 2,$2,336.59, 201 E. Pin6 w68|, Suke &oded on 1v2812017, lntent to Fo&lose p ded (See Mibk A ,ofth6Public int in Pha56sl (SEE R6tords ot O ng6 County. GREENSPOON MARDER. $1.15, 20170702100; MARY 5,O ando, Florida 32801, un er Documant ln wn nt to ma lart hnow add Recods ot ORANGE CouW, HIBrr A ol TUSCANY Florida, and,am8ndm6nts uP, 201 E. Pine St at, Surfe E FARRER THE OAKS as Tw ee punuant to that no. 20170702101 ot tha ot Obligo sl, (s Exhibh florida,includinqthe br6ath or LLAGE vAcAnoN sulns, thereto, and any dm ts 500, O ando, Florida 32801, SALLOWS SHAW sou Appoinm&t ot Tw 86 Public R6cords ot ORANGE wA,by Ce iR egist&ad de uW,noticeo ichwass& asd b6dinlhe D6claration ther t he Declat ion ; as T punuant to that STREET COBHAM, WNT &ord6d on 1v2812017, County, Florida, by ason Mail or by public ion bf th6 to hin a Notica ofD&auW and of cov6nams, Condkions and Togetharwkh a ind rov& Appoim Pnt ot Twrtea DA1398P uNlnD KINGDOM, und6r Dowmant ln wment ot a now continuing detauW und ign&d Tw,| sell lment to Fo Glosa pDvid8d R rirtion5th tasrBcodad uponterminationotthevaca on rd6d on 1v2&2017, MRY VEAR, 0.024759b, no. 20170702101 of the by Obligo s), (See Exhibh atpublicau ionto h6high8 to the last know add M in O.R. Book 6630, Pag6 ow8Rhip plan as tenant in under nt ln w t THREE 8EDR00M, 1207-6, Publit R ods ot ORANGE A,whose add 5s is (s86 bidd&forlaw lmon6y oflhe ot Obligo,(Sae Exhibk 425.9 i7.th8 Publit Recods ot commonwhh otherpurdasen no. 20170702101 ot e |, TYPE 1, S2, 448.16, $1.2O, Coun,norid4 by r n Exhibh A"),inthepayemor Unrt8dSt 6sotAm ,inth6 A,by rfifi egi Orange County, Florida, and of Unhs k5 in such Unh, Public Recods ol ORANGE 20170702100; ot a now continuing de uW p8rformanc6 otthe obl ations bby ot hke 5,ot Ca tal Mail or by publicalion by the all amand nts thar6to he in th6 pawantaga inta County, florid4 by ason May ,11, 18 by Obigo s), (s Exhib setu by said Claim otLen m Building 1, 201 E. Pine under gned T,will sell Decl n"). Grantee own5 detarmined and e ablished by of a n w continuing detauW L1656OO A.), whosa add M i5 (See rd6d in omtial R6 rds sl &, O ando, n 32801. &| publ aurtionlo ehigha a Type SEE HIBIT A Exhibrf D"to UTa D la ion ba Obligo 5), (See Exhibk Exhibk A,inthe pay&rf or Book(S6aExhibk A,Pag6 right. t la and im in th biddertorlaw,money ofMa Vacation w&ship in a (SEE ot Condominium to have and "), whose addr8N is (s68 performance ot the obligations (Sae Mibit A"), otlha Public pDB8rfy s uate in 18 CouW Unked at85otA &O in the HIBrr A Suhe and 5hallb8 to hold th6 in t simple Mibk A,in the payant or NoncE OF TRusnE's secured by said Claim ot Len R6tO S of ORANGE Coun,ot RANGE, norida.d rib6d lobby of Suke 5,ot Cap al ui d to ke a ation to ver. ORLANDO vAcAnoN pe rmance ol the obligations SALE &oTd8d in omti R ords Florida,intludingtheb achor as: A (SEE HIBIT .A p Building 1, 201 E. Pine f a Suk6, wrth 8v81y (SEE SUITES 6924 G nd Vacalions BuRd by said Cl m ot Len rUSCANV VILLAOE BDok(se8Ewhibk A ,atPaq8 d8 uW,notic6otwhichwas5& undiv 6d I6nam in com Dn t, O ando, h 32801,HIBrr A oc pancy Way O ando, n 32821 Said rded in omGial Records v^cAnoN sulns TSee Mibk A"),ottha Pubic forthinaNotic6otD8faultand int in Pha&s) (SEE right, thle and im in the righ in aKodanc6 whh th6 sale will be de (wkhout Book (s Mibk A,Page N T&. TS NMAN) Records ot ORANGE Coun,lntanl to Fol clos6 provided HIBIT A.) ot TUSQY pD6&ty skuatedinthe County pDvisions ot tha Dacla ion. covenants,orwa ty.epess (See Mibk A,ofth6 Public On 0512912018 at 11:00 Arn, norida.includingthe breach or to th6 last known add ss LLAGE vAcAnoN sulns, ot RANGE,Florida,d8Krib8d Togeth w an appurtenant or i plied, gatding F6 thB, Retods ot ORANGE Coun,GREENSPOON MARDER, defauW,noticeotwhichwasset ot Obligo ), (Saa Exhibit a5d8Krib8dinm8D la tion as: A (SEE HIBIT A undivided int6 in tommon poN8Nion or ancumb nces) florida, intludingth6br8ach or 201 E. Pina St et, Suhe forfhin a Notica ofDatauN and A,by art fi egi ered of Covanants, Condkions and undivided tenant in common 8|&T ms ot Me PDj8rf as to payth6 unpaid au ents d8 uW,notit8ofwhichwa5s8t 500, O ando, Florida 32801, lntent to Fo lose pDvid8d Mail or by publication by tha Res tlionsth8 tas cord6d inte st in Ph (SEE d6Krib in lhe Declar ion. du6 in the amount ot (s66 foMinaNoliceofDe uWand as T punuant to Wat to the la known add N undenigned T ae, will sell in O.R. Book 6630, Pag6 HIBIT "A ot SCANY PDj8rt 48 - lntetv Control Exhibit A"), whh int8Bt lnt t to Fo close pDvid6d Appointment ot Tw ee ot Obligo s), (s66 Mibrf atpublicaucliontothehighe 42s9 in lha Publit R ds of VILLAGE VA AnoN sulns, Numb6 sl: (SEE WHI8lT A") actwing at the rate of (See to lhe la known add N orded on 1212&2017, A,by C8rfifi6 R8gi &8d bidd tor la ul Dn8y otthe O nge County, norida, and as d Mb8dinth6 Decl ion TuKANY LLAGEvAcAnoN Exhibit.'A")p6rday,punuamto of Obligo,(s Exhibh und6r Dotument lnshument M,or by publ ion by th6 UnkedStatesof rica,inthe,lheBo h6 ot Cov ants, Condrfions and sulns 8122 A aao Way th6 fimesha Plan,advant6s, A"), by rtm 8giEt&8d no. 20170702101 ot thB und6rsign8d T stea,s&| lobby ot Suke 500, ol Cap al Decl on . G m ows Resbiclionsth6 fa5&ord8d O ando,FL32821S ds a ll itany, und&th8t8nN otsaid Mail or by publication by the Public R8cod5 ot ORANGE atpublicau ionto 6high8 Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine a Type (SEE HIBIT A in O.R. Book 6630. Page b8n d6(w houtcov6nams,or Cl m of Lan, chages and undanign6d Twst68, will sall Coun,norida, by reason bidd6rforlawhl aey otthe St,O ando, Fl 32801, all Vac ion Ow hip in a (SEE 4259 in ma Public R ords ot wa W, 8wp N or implied, 8xp8ns6s ollh6Twst66 and of atpublic au iontoth6 highes ot a now continuing detau UnrfedSt esotAmarica,inthe right, tkle and i 8Bt in the HIBIT A hk6and sh lbe Orange County, flo d and regarding tho tMe, pou sion th8tw 5w8atadbys dC m bidderforlawhl money otthe by Obligo s), (See Exhibh lobby ot Suita 5,ot Caphal p perty skuat8dinlh6 CouW qui dto n he a alion,amendmants th &o h6 or nbranc ) to pay the ofLen.Obligo s)sh lhave e Unit8dStat8sotAm6rica,in h8 A"), whose addr85s is (S66 Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine ofORANGE, Florida,d8Krib8d lor a Suha, wrfh eve ISEE Daclaration . Gram ows unp d n ms duein e righttocu Made uWandany lobby of Suh6 500, ol Capital Exhibk "A ), in the payment or Stre&, O ando, Fl 32801, all as: A TSEE HIBIT a") HIB A o upanty a Typa (SEE WHIBrf A unt ol (s66 Mibrt A . junior lianhold& shall hav6 6 Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine performance otthe obligations rigM, tkle and inte st in tha undividad tenant in common rights in acGordanc8 whh he VaGation Ownenhip in a (SEE w h int Brt aKruing at the rightto 86m hs im& up W et, O ando, n 32801,setu d by said Claim otLen pDp srfu inlh8Coun interest in Phas&s) (SEE p visions ot the Decla ion. HIB AwlSuh8andsh lb8 rate ot (s Mibh A p6r totha datetha Tw iwues right, tkle and irk in th6 Bord6d in omcial R8colds otO GE, Florida,d6Krib8d HIBIT A"L ol TUSCANY Tog6h6r wM an appurt6nanl qui d to make a s alion day, punuanttoth8Tlm85ha heCert cataotS ebypaying pDp8rtys uat8dinth8Coun Book(S88Exhibrf A ,atPa98 as: A (SEE HIBIT A NLLAGE VA AnoN SU ES, undivid6d im in common tor a Suite, with evary (SEE Plan, advanc85, rf a under the amountsdu8asoLklin8din otORANGE.florida,d crib6d (See Exhibk A,otth6 Public undivided tanant in common as d8Krib8dinth8 D6claration &en nk ot the gg as HIBIT A.) oKupancy th6 t8nM ot 5ad laim ot th6 pr6c8ding paragraph.g as: A (SEE HIBIT A R8colds of ORANGE County, int t in Pha5&s) (SEE ofCovanants, Condrtions and d bed in tha ar ion. rights in accodante wrth the B, chalg8s and xp6n585 ot GREENSPOON MA DER, , undivided tenant in common florida,includin th6br8ach or HIBIT A ot .VSCANY R Wionslh6 ota5 d8d PDj 48 - lnt al ContDl provision5 ot the D la ion. a Tw and ot the tw s Twstee. inte in Phas&s) (SEE detauW,noticeo whichwass6t ViLLAGE vAcAnoN sulns, in O.R. Book 6630, Page Num s): (SEE HIB .A Toge & wrm an appurtanant ad by said Claim otL6n. EXNl&r h" - NoncE OF HIBIT A"T ot TUSCANY forfhin a Notite otDetauW and as d b6din h6 D lara on 4259 in th6 Publit R6tod5 ot TuscANY LLAGEvAcAnoN und ided i a sl in Obligo s) sh,have w6 right TRUSTEE'S uu NLLAGE VACATION sulns, lntant to FOr6tlOS8 p vid6d ot Cov6nants, Condkions and O ng6 County, horida, and sums a122 A eao Way & nents ot he p lart to a detauW and any Ownar(s) Add Unrt w k as d6scrib6dinlh6 D laration to Me last known add s R6 rirtion M aota5Boded all am8ndm8nt5 tha to he O ando,FL32821 S ds ewill d bed in the D lar n. junior li6nhold& sh,havathe Y6ar u5aq ot pancy TS ot Covenank, Condkions and ot Obligo l, TSae Exhibit in O.R. Book 6630, Page Declaration"). Grantee owns bemade(wrmoulcov ams,or PDj 48 - lnte comDl rightto d86m 5 inl rt up Undividad m A um p& R8sbi ioMth8 ota Bo 8d "A"T, by ertifiedlRegi e d 4259 in Ma Publit R8tolds ol a Typa SEE HIBIT A wa,exp or i plied, Numbe s): (su HIBrf A to 18 date the Tw 68 iNu D mCOLR lnfo in O.R. Book,Page M,or by publication by the Oranga Coun,florida, and Vacation wnenhip in a (su ga ing th6 la, pos56uion TuscANYvlLLAGEvAcAnoN Meamcataofsalebypa ng ANA JUUA EUNA DoNAn 4259 in tha Public Racod5 ol undenigned T ee, will sell all ndm8nt5 Me to h6 HIBIT"A")Suiteandshallba or cumb nc6s) lo pay sulns 8122 o way theamoumsdueaso linadin ARENAUS 2616 flO DA O ng6 coumy, Fbrida, and public aurtiontothe highe Detla tion.l. G nt68 ows requi d to maka a se ation unpaid menls dua O ando,FL32621S dsaBwill th6 pB ding palagraph. CAPrrAL BUENOS #RES ,am dn&ts th6Bo @e bidderforlaw lmoney otthe a Type (SEE HIB A tor a Suite, wi 6v6 (SEE amoum or (s Exhibk A,bemad6(withoutGov6nams,or GREENSPOON MARDER,L,1602 ARGENnN 46, 5, .D la on . G m ows Unh8dSlata5or ta,inth8 Vacation Owenhip in a (SEE HIBIT A occupancy with inte accwing at the w ty, 8xp s5 or implied, Twrt . Ev6 Year, S1. .50, a Type SEE HIB A lobby ot Suka 5,ot Caphal HIBIT.A Suiteandsh lbe rights in accodante whh Me t6 ot (s Exhibh A ) p& gading the titl6, poN8Nion QHIBIT n" - NoncE OF $0.94, 20170699108; JOHN Vac ion wn&rnip in a (SEE Plm 8uilding 1, 201 E. Pine ui dto mahe a a on pDvi5ion5 ot the Declaration. day, pu anttothe fim ha or 8ncumbranG8sl to pay the TRUSTEE'S SAU J KONKUS B CARLA L HIBIT A Su aand5h lb8 t, O ando, Fl 32801,for a Suha, whh Bv6 (SEE Tog&h& wkh an appurtanant Plan. advanc,rf anL, und unpaid as68Mm8nts du6inth8 Ow8 5) Add N Week KONKUS 3528 AMITY qui dtomakea ion rigM, thla and inte st in tha HIBIT A ot pancy undivided int in co n the tarm5 ot 5aid,m ot unt ot (Sae Exhibrt A,Y U5ag6 Occupancy n RD HILUARD, OH 43026- tor a Suke, wM eve (SEE pro&&tyshuatadin haCoun rigM in acco anca w h the 6|6m6ms ot th6 PDi as ,dag and axp s ot wrm inte st actwing al M6 Undivid6d lnt&e Suh6 9736, 5, 5, Eve Year. S1, HIBIT A occupancy ot RANGE,Florida,d85crib8d p visions ot the Datlaration. d rib6d in lh6 D la on. a Twst and of 6 burts ta ot (s86 Exhibrt .A p& Typ6 ICN TS Ph e Vacation B62.3o, go.91, 20170699108; rights in actordante wkh Ma as: A TSEE HIBIT A Tog6th8rwkh an appurtenant p ject 46 - lme al Con ol t ed bys d Cl m otL . day,punuamtotheTl&a Own ip Typa unl Per LANCE s AN>ERSON a p v sioM ot th6 Daclaration. undivided tenant in tommon undivid6d inta rt in tommon Numb6 s): (SEE HIBIT A"T Obligo s) sh,hav6 the rigM Plan, advanc,fi anL, und6r Di&nCOLR DENNrm G ANDERSON Tog&her w h an appurtenam inte in Phas&s) ESEE elements ot the Projert a5 TuscANYvlLLAGEvAcAnoN to cu th6 de uW and any the tarm5 ot d,m ot lnto 27215 NTERSET CIR undivid6d intere in comm n HIBIT "A") ot TUSCANY described in th6 Detla tion. SU ES 8122 A 6Qo Way juniorl nholdersh lhave e L ,tha 6s and 6xp s8s of NRGIN A WUEY 225 FARMINGTON HIW. Ml elemems ot the p je as VILLAGE VACATION sulns, p je 48 - lnte al Control Orlando,FL32821Saidsalewill rightto d n hsint6R up the T Aae and ot le t ROBINSON ST RAYNHAM, 483344 5,59,47,Ev&yEvan d8wrib6d in th6 Declaration. as d8Krib8d inthe D6claration Numbe s): (SEE HIB A bemade(withoutcovenants,or to th6 d 6 th6 Twrtee iNu6s tr6 8d by said Claim of L . MA 027671,YEAR, Numbeed Ye,S3, 064.20, PDj8 48 - lnte al COntDl ot Covenants, Condkions and TuKANYvlLLAGEvAcAnoN wa an,8xpr6N or implied, th8c6rtmc 8ots 8bypaying Obligo s) 5h,have the rigM 0.0323 . TWO BEDROOM, S1.51, 2017 99108: BAU Num s): (SEE HIB A ) R8rtrirtionsth8r6otasr8Gord8d sulns 8122 Anaao Way regading the tkle, poN8Nion theamoun duaasortlinedin to cure the dBfauW and any -2, ,TYPE2,$1,921.36, s DHILLON a AMANPREET TuscANY LLAGEvAcAnoN in O.R. Book 6630, Page O ando.FL32821Saids awill or ancumb ncas) to pay tha th6 p ing paragraph. By: juniorlienholdar shall hav6th6 So.94, 20170702100; STEVEN K DHIUON N66 FISHER sums 8122 A eao war 4259 in e Public R6cords of b8mad8(whhoutcov6nants,or unpaid aN8NmBmsdu6in e GREENSPOON MARDER, rightto d86m hs inte up uu 175 ELM DR ROSLYN, LINE RR 2 CAMLACHIL ON O ando,FL32821Saidsalawil Oranga Coun,Florida, and wanan,8xp N or impli,amount ot (Sea Mibk A,Twst86. to the datathe Twrtee iMu8s NY 115762343, MRY YEAR, NON 1E0 CANAD 28, 24, bemade(wrfhortcovenants,or,an ndment th&eto (Me garding the tkle, poM on wkh intarart acG ing tha HIBlr n" - NoncE OF theC8rfificat6otSal8 bypa ng 0.019469b, TWO BEDROOM, Eva Year, $1, 942.65 $0.95, wa anty, 8xp M or implied, D laration . Gra ea ows or 6ncumbranc ) o pay the r e ot (S66 Exhibrf A per rRUSTU'S NU th6 amounts du6 as outlinedin 1602-14,|,TYPE1,S2.021.76, 20170699108: CHING WAN gard g tha lhl6, poN Nion a Type SEE WHI8lT A unpaid a sdueinMe day, pursuanttothe fi rnare Ow6 5) Add N week the p teding parag ph. By: So.99, 20170702100; JORGE cHEuNGaMINGw# DANISE or encumb ntes) to pay the Vacation wneship in a (SEE amount ot (See Exhib A"), Plan, advances, if anL, und6r Year UsagB O upancy TS GREENSPOON MARDER, O FLORES 18 v WONG RM 1315 SING SAN unpaidass8Mm8ntEdu8inth8 HIBITwA )Suk8and shallbe wkh int t accwing at the tha terms ot said,m ot Undi d6d lm Suha Tw 66. CLUB OR LAWRENCENLU, HOUSE CHOI WAN EsTAn amount ot (s Ewhibk A,quir6dto mak6 a s6rvation rat6 of (s66 Exhibit A p6r L6n, chagas and 8xp8ns6s of Type ICN n Phase Vac ion ExHlalr A" - NonN OF GA 3 -4678, MRY NGAU CHI WAN, KOWLOON, th inta aK ing at th6 for a Suita, with 6v6 (SEE day,punuanttomeTlmesha h6 Twstee and ot th6 twsts Owanhip Type um p TRusnE's WE ODD NUMBERED,HONG KONG CHIN 1c, 1, t6 ot (s Exhibh A per HlalT A ) occupancy Plan, advances, it aZ, under c atad by said Claim ot Len. Di COLRec Ow6 5) drau w86k 0. 715,ONE BEDROOM, Eva odd Nu Y S1, day,punuanttoth6 fimesha rights in atcordanca wrfh the the tenns ot said laim of Obligor(5) shall have the right lnto Year Usaga Ocwpancy TS 1601-170, |, TVPE 2, $1, 7N.54, to.86, 2017 99108; Plan, advanc,rf anL, und6r pDvision5 ot the Declaration. Len.chages and expensas of to cure tha detauW and any RUTH E Bosww- Undivided lnt6 Surfe 814.50, So.89, 20170702100; KAMEUA v 9659 lha tarms ol said laim of Tog6M6r whh an appurt6nant lh6 T st66 and of lh6 t sts juniorli6nhold6rshall hav8th6 WASHINGTON 997 Typa ICN TS Pha Vacalion D PERQ 710 HARBOR Fo Ln Am w11 D s,