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April 30, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 30, 2004

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.=WISH NEWS, APRIL 30, 2 n 4. PAGE 17 Flonda Jewish News on May 26, 2004, the following de- E. RIVERA, AS JOINT TENANTS I who needs any accommodation in I JOAN M. DEAN HUSBAND AND NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR scdbedpropedy set fodhinthe Order WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP tN THE CIRCUIT COURT, J order to part.pate in this proceed- I WIFE - COUNT IV DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICESofF|dalai: ILYASAHSIMPSON;JULIO I N !NTHJ UDICIAL- { "mg:youare?rttit~,atnocosttoyou, { NOTiCEisgivsnthatpurauanttoa ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT IANNUAL Unit Week(s)No.(s): QUINTEROANDODALYS UIHUUII,INANUPUH ~meprovtslonofcedamapsstanco. finaljudgmentdatedApd121,2004,in THIS LAW FIRM IS DEEMED TO BE 21, in A~ No. 1012E, Of SANCHEZ, AS JOINT TENANTS O.I~NGE COUNTY, / '.lea se conta~ Court Administration the above-styled case of the Cimuit A DEBT COLLECTOR A'I-rEMPT-ISLE OF BALI II, A CONDO- WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP PLUHIUA. e! 4z~ Norm umnge Avenue, ~uite ~ Court of Orange County Flonda in ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND MINIUM.accordingtotheDeda- and JESUS ORTEGA AND JOSE CIVIL DIVISION,310, Orlando, Florida 32801, (407) / whichISLANDONE, INC.isthePlein- ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED ration of Condominium end I PINTO, ASJOtNTTENANTSWlTH J CASE NUMBER: 04 CA/ 836-2303,withintwo(2)worklogdays J tiffandCURTISLDEANANDJOAN WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR- Amendments thereof, as re- I RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP, I 162 / Of your raceipt ~ this Notice of Sale; j MDEAN, HUSBANDANDWlFEara POSE. cordodinOffloial~Book J Defendants. [ISLANDONE, INC. / ffy.oua ml'~a.nng ~vomeimdaAred,the defendanta,wilt seli to the high. Apdl30;MlyT, 2004 I 4964, = Page 3145 eL soq in I NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO I eFk~daCoq~ora1~n,ca~l-ouo'8~.~]. |est and best b~der ~or cash in the the Public P, ecords o4 Orange I CHAPTER 45 I Plaintiff,atad this Apri 22, 2004. J+Orange County Coud Rldn 425 N I Counly, Florido,andanyamond- J AS TO JUUO OUINTERO AND J vs. ',LYDIA GARDNER |Oran~Avanu~,Suita~i IN THE CIRCUIT COURT,rnentathereof. Andsubjedtoe I OOALYSSANCHEZ, ASJOINTI VICTORM. DAGOSTINOAND,Cle~ of the Circuit Coud |Florida at 11:00 e.m. on May 26, NINTH JUDICIAL SupplementaIDedamtkmofUse,TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF I VANESSA AGUERO AS JOINT| By :Jo~nna P~wett |2004, the foEowing described prop- CIRCUIT, INAND FORI Restdctiorm as recorded in Offi- 1 SURVlVORSHIP-COUNTXIV / TENANTS WITH RIGHTOF /(C;IFIGUITCTJUHT~EAI.) |erty set forth in the Order of Final ORANGE COUNTY, ~ clal Recon~ Elo~k 5861. Page,NOTiGEIsgivsnthatpurauanttoa ~ SURVIVOR,SHIP;CHARLES,Deputy Clark |Judgment: FLORIDA. I CIVIL DIVISION I 1878 of Orange Counly, Flonda finstjudgmentdatedApri122,2004,in I WEST, JR. AND CHRISTINE |Publication Of thla Notice on April,EVEN Unit Week(s) No.(e): 42, CASE NUMBER: 04 CAI Ifyoumapef~v~heD~,tbeabove-MyladcaseoftheCirouit I WEST, HUSBAND AND WIFE; /30 and May /, ;oJue, isintheHentnge I inApadmentNo. 1052E, oflSLE I 157 j who needo any Kcommoda, in/ Co~ of Orange County, Fkx+da, in ! PHILLIPVILLAGRANANDLINDA JFlodda Jewish News. / OFBALIII, ACONDOMINIUM, orderto~inthlaprocaed- / whichlSLANDONE, INC.isthePlain-,VILLAGRAN, HUSBANDAND |NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR,a .coc.)~g to the Declaration of ISLANDONE, INC I ing, youamantitlad, at no co~ to you, / tiff and JULIO QUINTERO AND I WlFE;SUSANE. FAWCETT; /DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES |~=niumand~s J a Florida Corporation, / i plaintiff,tothewovlaionofcadstnassistanca. ] ODALYSSANCHEZ, ASJOINTTEN-,RAINIERROJASANDGABRIELLA,ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT,thereof, as recorded in Official PteaeeconiactCoudAdmini~ratlan,ANTSWITHRIGHTOFSURVIVOR-,ROJAS, HUSBAND AND WIFE;,THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE,Records Book 4964, at Page vs | a1425NorthO~. A~mnue, Sulle I SHlParathebefandants, lwillsdlto i CARLOSLOZANOANDZAIDA / A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT. i 3145 et. seq in the Public / FIAFAEL A. CORDERO AND / 310, Orlando, ~ 32801, (407),thehigbestandbeetbiddarforcashin / LOZANO, HUSBAND AND WIFE;,ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND i Records of Orange County, i XlOMAIXAM. YANEZ, ASJOINT,836-2303,wtlt~ntwo(2)woddngdays I theOnmgeCountyCoudBtdg 425,ERICV. BROWN; SHERRY |'ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED /Florida, and ~.y anlendmenla I TENANTSWlTH RIGHTOF,OfyourracaiptofthlaNolicaofSain; / N. Orange Avenue, Suite 350, Or-,FIGUEROA, ASlNGLEWOMAN; / WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR- / thereof.Andm~zcttoaSuppl~ / SURVIVORSHIP;JOHND. J ff you are ~ or voice iml~dred,lando, Floddoet 11:00a.m. unMay / JASONR. BENNETT; JACK M. / POSE. 7,mental Declaratlon of Uu Re- ,WILHOITANDMELISSAWILHOIT, / Cait:1-800-955-8771 26,2004,thefo&)wi~descdbedpmp- / EDWARDS AND EMILY L,Apdl30;Mly ,2004,stdctionsasracordodinOfficlet |HUSBAND ANO WIFE; MANUEL| Dated thla Apri122, 2004. |edy set fodh in the Order of Final /EDWARDS, HUSSAND AND WIFE; |~,ReconJs Book 5861, Page1878 ,' CECENAMAROU ZAsANDJO'NTCARMENTENANTS m' c--LYDIAOf N R" / Unit W,(.) No(.)." /ENRO E L TO DO'NO,IN C,RCUIT COURT ' VICTORIA M. MENDOZA, S,NINTH JUDICIAL -'| you araa peraon wHh e D~ability JWlTHRIGHTOFSURVIVORSHIP;|.JcannaHewem I 22, in Apadme~t No. I032E, of I JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF I "IRCUIT INANDF~,who needs any accommodation in JROBERTJ. LAMB;ROBERTA i(CIRCuiTB~RTSEAL),ISLE OF BALI If, A CONDO- I SURVlVORSHIP;USAN. HALL,~,ALt~,"~ '~'"''I order topart .k'.' ~ te in thla procasd- /SPRINGER; JUAN R. RIVERA/DeputyClod / MINIUM,ancordlogtotheDecla-,MARYC. MUNROEAND,u,~,~ ~ ~,Ing, youamantitled, at noco~.toyou, to ff~t [ANDMAGELAE. RIVERA, [ Pu~icatlonofthlaNoticaonApn] [ ration of Condominium and,CHANTALAKMUNROE, AS VI.+ V | ~ofcedainam~ nca. |HUSBAND AND WIFE; CHARLES |30andMayT,2(X)4 intheHedtage,Amendments thereof, as re-,~~H~IR~ p~~ /~~u~." ]W. NEESE, JR. AND RENE |Flodda Jewish NewL,corded in Official Records Book,04 CA |NEESE, HUSBAND AND WIFE; /NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR I 4964, at Page 3145 et. seq in | |FERNANDOHERNANDEZANO |DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES |the Ptd~ic Records Of Orange | ill[ 350, Odando, Flodda et 11:00 a.m. final judgmant dated April 21,2004, in DOLORES GARCIA, AS JOINT Clark of the Cimuit Coudu; ^ |Ill [| to.wing de~dbed ixol~ity ~ EDWARDS AND CHARLENE G. HUSBAND AND WIFE; ROBERTACT' YOU ARE ADVISED THAT [/|[ [ 30 and May 7, 2004, is in the HeritageWtlIRF lye County, Florida, and any amend-plaintiff, |[[| ur-~,r~ ~u, I " " JTENANTS WITH RIGHT OF /THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE / mentstheraof Andsubjecttoa,ANDROBERTLBILODEAU, J | vs ' i youarahearingorvo~ceimpain~ci |SURVIVORSHIP;EUSEO JA DEBT COLLECTOR ATFEMPT- |Supplome~alDedarationdUse,HUSBAND AND WIFE ~. celi:1-800-955-8771. |BUSTAMANTERODRIGUEZAND /ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND |RestdctionseerecordedinOffi- / Defendants. J ~/~N' ~"~n~.~A~'?,~c ".n~u~ r~.u.~,Datad this Apd121, 2004. /JOSEFINAMARIADIEZWHAITE, |ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED,clalRecon~Book5861, Page,NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO / LYDIA GARDNER / 1878 Of Orange County, Florida. / CHAPTER ,iS ] ",' .".' / Clark of the Clrcu Court |AS JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT |WILL BE USED FOR TI'~T PUR- I ffyouamaperaonwithaDisability [ ounvlvurlonlr',~rv.-.MLl~O . |OF SURVIVORSHIP; YAZANIA[POSE. ,~,a In ~,~=, + nn,o r+=I AS TO RUTH E. PEREZ- COUNT,~o-r .~, A n X~,:,0~,*,= ] By. Wik~a Drexler |REYES AND EDIXON MARTINEZ, [April 30; May 7, 2004 [wt~o needs any accommodation in,XlII,(C RCUIT COURT SEAL) /AS JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT,/on~ertodadict~patainthisproueed-,NOTiCEisglvanthatpurscanttoa / put : ;'.- / Deputy Clerk" ' WEST HUSBAND AND WIFE' |OF SURVWORSHIP; ALFREDO |~ |ing, you am anlilled, atnocosttoyou, / tinaljudgmentdatedApd122 2004. ,~ / Vi'l'L~A"~'-m~'~moru'u~"+,~r~++u~+,~'~~u'~ / Publmation of this Notice on Apnl |ALOISIOANDSARAB. NOOADE,IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, |totheprovis~o~ofcertainassistance the above-styled case of me L;imUl~ j WlF :."~,'~'k,~"a~u.'~',~ ~r~'J I 30andMay7,2004,isintheHeritage [ALOISIO, HUSBAND AND WIFE; / NINTH JUDICIAL /Please contact Coud Administmlion l Florida in ,auo,~, ~. ,-~,v ~, Coud of Orange County,/ ,-, ,-, l Florida Jew=sh News. |MARIAINESFERNANDEZRUBIN; / CIRCUIT, INANDFOR /at 425 North oran~p Avenue, Suite J whichlSLANDONE, INC.sthePla -,R A~. =. NOTE PURSUANT TOTHE FAIR |THELMAR. HAYWOOD;JUANM.| ORANGE COUNTY, |310, Odando, Flonda 32801, (407),tiff and RUTH E. PEREZ are the de,~. | DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES hi St and ~ ~nkUO LU~.~r+U .",~u/- ~lu,~ |SOMARRIBAANDXlOMARA,FLORIDA. /836-2303.withintwo(2)workingdays,fandants, lwHleetlto .t~ ghe,LOT~me-, u.~= r, ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT |SOMARRtBA, HUSBANDAND,CIVIL DIVISION [of your receipt ofthlaNo0caofSata;,best bidder for cash m the Orange,E~l'-~.'-'B~u~,~,~Uv THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE |WIFE; and ROBBIE DUTTON AND,CASE NUMBER: 03 CA|If you ara hearing or vo~ce impairad,CountyCoudBIdg 425N. Orange,Fl~=o,~'~'~L~',~=n.n ~,^=,A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT- /AMY DUTTON, HUSBAND AND| 11875 /call: 1-800-955-8771. / Avenue Suite 350, Orlando Florida / ,;,~.~ ;,~ ~--, ~ a = vv ~ ~,;,ING TO COLLECT A D~: =T AND r WlFE~fendants. J ISLAND ONE, INC [ Dated ~ ~ 22, 2004. / at ll'00a m on May. 26 ~004 the ~NNETT; JACK M v r+ ~, v~ ~ =.~. followlngdeecnbedprol~dysetfodh i . WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR- e Flodda C~pomtion0 i LYDIA GARDNER,", ' " EDWARDS AND EMILY L " ~uvvP~Ptu;:> nu;::)l~i~U ~q.NU WIPI" /NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO i,Clerk Of the Circuit Coud / m the Order of F hal JuDgment /,; I PO~E ,CHAPTER45 / vs. Plein~ff, / By: Joanna Hewetti ANNUAL Unit Weel((s)~o.(s): 9, / EhIR iQUELTOLEDOAND,A~r'ii30-Ma 7 2004 [ AS TO MARIA INES FERNANDES,MARILYN DIANA DAY; AURA M, |(CIRCUIT COURT SEAL),in Anadment No 931F of SLE,VI(.;TORIAM. MENDOZA AS| ' ' ,RUBIN - COUNT Xif / GIL; MONTRI SAEJIA; LYLE C. [ Deputy Clerk J ~ ~ZA/I P A r:~N~INIUM| JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF ,NOTiCEisgivanthatpursuanttoa [ ROGERS AND MARY T. ROGERS,PubMcation of this Notice on Apdl,accord'm~'to~e-~;c~ratlen ~ / SURVVORSHIP;LISAN. HALL / IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, t' 'm,' ,',mmi,m=melAmendments,MARY C. MUNROE AND ' NINTH JUDICIAL ~'~'r~i:'as-r~ in Official,CHANTALAK MUNROE AS / CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR /the above-stylad case of the Circuit,R. MARSH AND THERESA A. IRorlda Jewish News. i /Coud of Orange County, Florida, in / MARSH, HUSBAND AND WIFE; |NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR l g=,-,~ Book 4964 at Pen=, / JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF ORANGE COUNTY ,-,-v,S iwhichlSLANDONE, INC.lathePlain-,GUDJONGRETARSSON; /DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES / 3145 el. see in the Pub~,ALURVIVORSHIP; RUTH E. PEREZ; /FLORIDA. |tiff and MARIA INES FERNANDEZ,SANDRA K. CRAWFORO; ANA K. |ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT ] Records of"~range County ELVERTON AND JANA,CIVIL DIVISION |RUBINarethedelendanta, lwiitseH / ROMEROANDJOSESALDANA, /THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE| Flodda and anv amendments ] YI=LVERTON, HUSBANDAND,CASE NUMBER: 03 CA |to the highest and best bidder for i AS JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT iA DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT- / thereof'Andsut~acttoaSupple. I WIFE;and LSAA. BILOOEAUi 11876 icash in the Orange County Court,OF SURVWORSHIP; DEBORAH /ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND,mental'De~ra-t~- Of Use Re-,AND ROBERT L. BILODEAU, JR i ISLAND ONE, INC [Bldg 425 N. OrangeAvanue, Suite,HOLDER.ANTONETTE /ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED,strictions as recorded in Officlal,SBAND AND WIFE, [ aFlo idaCorpomtion, Records Book 5861 Page t 878 l Defendants Plaintiff, ,USEDFORT TPOR,ofOra NOTICE OF BALE PU.UANT ,O |. |on May 26, 2004, the following de- /MILLER, AS JOINT TENANTS |scffoedpmpedyselforthintheOrder |WITHRtGHTOFSURVIVORS~P; / Apdl 30; May 7, 2004 / | iof Final .J~t: /LUIS B. CR~Sl AND LUISA who needs any accommodation in ] ~qa ~v Pl~=m :~ ~U~AO ArtU / mx~:url i =~rW~'U~',~,/~ - / EVEN Unit Week(e) No.(a): 44, |M. BARRIO~ AS JOINT TENANTS ,in Apartment No. 953F, Of ISLE /WITH RIGHT'OF SURVIVORSHIP; / IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, l ordering youaraantitled, al no cost to yout padiciL:~ata in this proceed- |]GABRIELLAAND WIFE- COUNT vROJAS' HUSBAND,JOINTsuRvIVORSHIPTENANTS DOMINICKWITH RIGHt OF ,OFBALIII, ACONDOMINIUM, /MANUELHUBERTANDMILIEYVIS / NINTH JUDICIAL / to{i~lxovislonofcadainassistanca',NOTiCE is givan that pursuant to a,PETRULLI; JENNIFER G, ,according 1o the Declaratkm Of /HUBERT. HUSBAND AND WIFE; / CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR l Please contact Coud Administrati~ itinaljudgmentdatadApri122, 2004,in,MOHAMMAD; CURTIS L DEAN l CondominiumandAmendments |.EDGARALVAREZANOCL/~JDU~. [ ORANGE COUNTY,at 425 Nodh Om~ Avenue, Suite |the above-ety~ed case of the Ck'cuit,ANDWJOIFA~:M. LDEEEAN, HUSSAND ,thereef, as recordod in Offlolal i E. RIVERA, AS JOINT TENANTS l FLORIDA. l 310, Orlando, Florida 32801, (407) IC().u.rtof .O~l.n~Coun.~ Flod~j in,AN2WI!~E;.'I~'LEFR BERUN- f?,~004,Records Book 4964, at Page / WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP / CIVIL DIVISION,836-2303 withintwo(2)workinodavs / wr, cnt~L~Uu~ :,tN~.mmeMam- i Ainu ~u~,s. ut:ru tr~,r~u~u~r+u ,3145 et. seq in the Public / ILYASAHSIMPSON;JUUO / CASE NUMBER: 03 CA,of your ~ipt of this Notica o~'Sa(e: / tiff and RAINIER ROJAS AND,AND WIFE; CARLOS M. GARCIA ,Records of Orange County,QUINTEROANDOOALYS,11875,Itvouaraheadnoorvoiceimpair~ / GABRIELLA ROJAS, HUSBAND / ANDMARIAR. GARCIA, / Florida, and any amendrmmts,SANCHEZ, AS JOINT TENANTS JISLANDONE, INC ] c.a~1~1-800-955-8~'/;1 i AND WlFE are the dofendanta, lwitl [ HUSBAND AND WIFE; JACK W. l thereoLAndsubjecttoeSupple-,WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP; |aFIohda~tion, | ,mental DecleraSon Of Use Re- [ end JESUS ORTEOA ANO JOSE LYDIAGARDNEI'~ i cash in the Orange County Coud,DELEEUW, HUSBAND AND WIFE; / [ Datad this Apri122' 2004,seg to the highest and best btdder fo~,DELEEUWANDTAMMERAL. ,Stdctlons as recorded in Official [ PINTO, AS JOINT TENANTS WITH Clerk Of the Cimuit Court i Bldg 425 N. Orange Avenue, Suite,ROBERT A. GRANT AND JEAN i Records Book 5861, Pege1878 l RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP. |lu[/MqlLYN DIANA DAY; AURA M By:JoaonaHewett / 350: Orlando, Florida at 11:00a.m PAULEY-GRANT, HUSBANDAND / of Omnge County, Rork}a. / Defendants. /GIL;MONTRISAEJIA;LYLEC.i (CIRCUIT ~OURT SEAL) j on May 26, 2004, tbe followingde-,WIFE;YUMANLEY;CRUZD. [ IfyouareapersonwlthaDlaabil~y,NOTICE OFcHASA~EER~ TO,ROGERS AND MARY T. ROGERS, l DepulyClerk / scdbedpmpedysetforthintheOrder,MOSQUEDAANDMARTHAR. CA /who needs any accommodation in,IHUSBAND AND WIFE; ROBERT,Publication of thla Notice on AprU,Of Final~t: / TOVARDE MOSQUEDA, order to padlo'lpate in this proceed- / ASTOAUBAM. GIL-COUNTI / R. MARSH AND THERESA A.| 30andMay7,2004,ieintheHedtage [ EVENUn~Week(s~No.~}:2~m,HUS BAND . AN DW IFE; O~N . .[~. ,ing,youemenlitkld, etwoco$ttoyou,NOllCElagivsnthat~toa,MARSH, HUSBAND AND WIFE;,FloddaJewshNewe. / Apanmen NO.~K~-,OII~L~UP,JU~.-UUIIEHH~-,rANDEDI1]-I i tothepmvlalonofcedainseststance, l [maljudgmentdatadAi01i122,2004,in / GUDJON GRETARSSON; / NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR / BALI II, A CONDOMINIUM, an-,JIMENEZ GUTIERREZ, HUSBAND / Please contact Coud Administration,the abov~ case Of ~ ~,SANDRA K. CRAWFORD; ANA K DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES / cording to the Declaration Of,AND WIFE; DAVID GONZALEZ ,at 425 Nodh Orang? Avanue, Suite,Coud of Orange County, Fin4dda. in,~ROANDJOSESALDANA, / ACT YOU ARE ADVISED THAT,CondominiumandAmendments,AND CLAUDIA DIBELLA, AS ,310, Orlando, Flodda 32801, (407),whichISLANDONE, INC.i~thePlain- / AS JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT,THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE/ thereof, as recorded in Official,JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF ,836-2303,withintwo(2)workingdays,trdandAURAM. GILanlthedahm- / OF SURVIVORSHIP; DEBORAH,A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT- / Records Book 4964, at Page,SURVWORSHIP;GRACEM. ,of your recaipt of thie Nofica of Sale; l danla, lwUlseittothe and l HOLDER, ANTONETTE ] ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND,3145 et. seq in the Public,BROWN;MILAGROSC. ARROYO ,If you are hearing or vo~e impaired / best bidder for cash in the Orange,EDWARDS AND CHARLENE G. / ANY INFORMATION OBTA NED,Records Of Orange County, J AND JUAN MATOS LOPEZ, AS [ call: 1-800-955-8771 County Coud Bldg 425 N. Orange,MILLER, AS JOINT TENANTS,WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR- i Flodde, end any amendments,JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF / Dated this Apd121, 2004. / Avonue, Su#e350, Odlundo, Flodda/ WlTHRIGHTOFSURVIVORSHIP;,POSE,thereof.And .sul~ecttoaSupple-,SURVIVORSHIP;andGLORIAJ. J LYDIA GARDNER,et11:00a.m, on May 2~ 2004, the l LUISB. CREMONESIANDLUISA i April 30; May 7 ;1004 l mentalDeckmitlonofU se R.e: WALKER / M. BARRIOS, AS JOINT TENANTS,',a~k~k~l as recorded in unicial,Defendants, inthe -Order of Final Jixl~IOdh,WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP; / ~ / Recorda6k)okS861,Page1878,NOTICE OF BALE PURSUANT TO / By: Wilma Draxler l / (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL),ODDLk~.Week(s)No.~(a):28+in [ MANUEL HUBERT AND MILEYVIS,IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, i ol Orange County, Fk)~ida CHAPTER45 [ Deputy Clerk,Apartment NO. 1043F, Of ISLE / HUBERT, HUSBAND AND WIFE;,NINTH JUDICIAL,ffyouereagersunwithaDimd)W4y,AS TO GRACE M. BROWN- ,Pub41coflon Of this Notice on April [ OF BALI If, A ~ l EDGAR ALVAREZ AND CLAUDIA ] CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR I who needs any ancommod~tion in,COt~MT X18 l 30andMay7,2(X)4,isintheHedtage l mh Da< ndlaeof IE. RIVERA, AS JOINT TENANTS J ORANGE COUNTY, |om topadlo oatain procoed-,NOTiCE~gh~enlhetpurauenttoe l FloddaJev shNows. i Condondl~lmlmd~,WITH RIGHT OF SURV1VORSHIP l FLORIDA mg, youaraenMled etno ollttoyou, / hneljudgmentdatadApri121,2004,in ,NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR,thereel, asracoedad MOlflclal,ILYASAHSIMPSON;JUUO,CIVIL DIVISION,toltm~ofcadatnassistanca theabove-=m/lad,'~,-oftheCtmuit i DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES / Records Book 4964, al Page l OUINTERO AND OOALYS l CASE NUMBER: 04 CAl Please contact Court Admin~tmtion,Cou~ Of Onmge County, Rodda, in ,ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT,3145 et. seq in the Pubti,~,AS JOINT TENANTS,162,at 425 NodhOrange Avenue, Sulta| whlchISLANDOME, INC. is the Plaln- l THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE| Records of Orange County, / WITH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP;,ISLANDONE, INC |310; Ohendo, Florida32801, (407),Uff and GRACE M, BROWNamthe ,A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT-,Florida, and ~ ~,and JESUS ORTEGA AND JOSE |a Flod~intiffCo~, o, ration,83~2r303re~i~ t~(2)No~eWOd~;,a~en~nlab~d~ldlc~ .them ~h~, l ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND l thereof-Andsut~loebupILxe",pINTO, AS JOINT TENANTS WITH l,you " ' ; - [ ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED,mental Declare|ton of Re- I RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP.|vs. /ffyouamh nngorvo+ca oaired /angeCountyCoudBidg,4aSN. Or. ,WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR- ] stdctions as recorded in Offidal / Dalandonts. / VICTOR M. DAGOSTINO AND,call: 1-800-955-B771 ange Avenue, Suite 350, Orlando, / POSE. [ Records Book 5861, Page1878,NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO [ VANESSAAGUERO, ASJOINT i Dated this Apd122, 2004. |Florida at 11:00 a.m. on May 26, ~ Aprtt 30; May 7, ~D04 ] Of Orange County, FloddL ~. / CHAPTER 4S,TENAN'rs WITH RIGNT OF,LYDIA GARDNER,2004, the fo~ deecdbed prop- ffyouamapemonwitheDlaably I ASTOLYLEC. ROGERSAND i SURVIVORSHIP;CHARLES,Clerkof theCircuit Coud i erty set forth in the Order of Final who needs any ~ in i MARY T. ROGERS, HUSBAND,WEST, JR. AND CHRISTINE| By: Joanna Hewed,Judgment: / IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, / ordarto inU pr0omd- /ANO WIFE - COUNT IV l WEST, HUSBAND AND WlFE; |(ClRCUITCOURTSEAL),ODDUnltWeek(s)No.(e):18, in / NINTH JUDICIAL / / CIRCUIT, INANDFOR,ing, you are e~Jtlad, atnoco~loyou. / NOTiCEisgiventhat~tto.a,PHILLIPVlLLAGRANANDLINDA / Deputy Clerk / Apadn',enlNo,934F, OflSLEOF totheprovlak)nofcana . /fmaljudgrnantdatadApr 22,2004,=9 |VILLAGRAN, HUSBANDAND / PublloetionofthlaNoticeonApdl,BALIII, ACONDOMINIUM, an- ,ORANGE COUNTY, / PleasecuntactCo~t~" |theabove-styladceseoftheCArouit,WlFE;SUSANE. FAWCETT; [30andMayT,2004,laintheHentage / cording to the Declaration ol ,FLORIDA at425Nodh Avsnue. / Coud of Orange county, Ronda, in,RAINIERROJASANDGABRIELLA,Florida Jewish News. [ C ondo~t~umandAmandmants [ CIVIL DIVISION / 310, Odando, Flodda 32801, (407),whtch lSLANOONE, INC.isthe Plain-,ROJAS, HUSBAND AND WIFE;,NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR,thereof, as recorded in Official / CASE NUMBER: 03CA / 836-2303,withlntwo(2)wod~g da~ /titfandLYLEC.ROGERSANDMARY,CARLOS LOZANO AND ZAIDA,DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES,Records Book 4964, al Page ,11875,Ofyourreoeil~ofthlaNoE ~ofSata;,T. ROGERS, HUSBAND AND WIFE [ LOZANO HUSBAND AND WlFE |ACT, YOU ARE ,~DE~SEEDDTT~BT [ 31e4c5or ~t. seq rin the Public / ISLANDONE, INC / Ifyouerahasrb~o~vofcabnlpeimd |arethedefandants, lwiit selltothe / ERICV. BROWN; SHERRY /THISLAWFI S,of Oange County, ,a FloridaColponltiOn,plaintiff,call: 1-800-9~HB771. i highestandbeStbidberforcashinthe,FIGUEROA, A SINGLE WOMAN; |A DEBT COLLECTOR A~'EM~4~ i~t'~' and e.rly .l~nendments Diitedth~Al~122,2004. OmngeCounty CoudBk~9 425 N JASONR. BENNETT; JACK M. |ING TO COLLECT A O~t~A N D,"Ai"dm~b~tl e~upPle" i ~/'~RILYNDIANADAY;AURAM. / LYDIA GARDNER / OrangeAvlmca, Suita350,Orlendo,EDWARDS AND EMILY L. |ANY INFORMATION OB E / mental Declaration of Use Re- ,GIL;MONTRISAEJIA;uru:~ Cled(oltheCkcuitCoud i Flork~ et 11:00 a.m. on May 26,EDWARDS, HUSBAND AND WlFE; |WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR- / strictlonsasracordedinOffloial By:JoaunaHew~t /2004, thefoitowingdsecrtbedp rop:,ENRIQUELTOLEDOAND |POSE Records Book 5861, Page1878 ,HUSBANDROGERS ANDANDMARYwIFE;T.RoBERTROGERS, /,(CIRCUIT COU~IerkSEAL) / ~dy set fodh in ~ Order Of Final,VICTORIA M. MENDOZA, AS i April 30; May 7, 2004,~ff Orange County, Florida. ,R. MARSH AND THERESA A.| Pub~a~U~sNo~onA~ / ~Em~NunitWeek(s) N .(s): 19, rJOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF,| youeraapemonw#haDisability SURVIVORSHIP LISA N. HALL who neeos any accommodatmn in |MARSH, HUSBANOANDW[FE;,30andMay7,2004,isintheHeritage,inApadmantNo. 842E, of ISLE |MARYC. MUNROEAND I |ordertopa~etnthlapfoceed- -- ~,~.n .su~, ~,~L i areant tied at / GUDJON GRETARSSON;,Florida Jewish News OF BALI II, A CONDOMINIUM,CHANTAL AK MUNROE, AS I """"IT IN AN" FOR,ng, you,nocostto you, ,SANDRAK. CRAWFORD;ANAK.| NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR / acco~,din~ to the Declaratiun of / JOiNT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF,~ n~y ~ ~ |totheprovls;onofcedmnaseistance. / ROMERO AND JOSE SALDANA, / DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES,CondommiumandAmandments / SURVIVORSHIP; RUTH E. PEREZ; i FLORIDA ' / please contect Court Administration / AS JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT / ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT / thereof, as recorded in Official,AL YELVERTON AND JANA / ,-,;',e,- / at 425 North O m~. Avenue, Suite r OF SURVIVORSHIP; DEBORAH,THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE / Records Book 4964, at Page,YELVERTON, HUSBANDAND,C~SE~UMB'E'I~" 03 CA |310, Odando Flonda 32801, (407) / HOLDER, ANTONETTE,A DEBT COLLECTOR ATrEMPT- [ 3145 et. seq in the Public,WIFE; and LiSA A. BILODEAU,=7= " 836-2303,wimintwo(2)workingdays ,EDWARDS AND CHARLENE G.| ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND,Records of Orange County,AND ROBERT L. BILODEAU, JR / ~.',~''~NC,Ol your racaipt of this Notlce of Sale; i MILLER, AS JOINT TENANTS,ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED |Flodda, and an7 amendments / HUSBAND AND WIFE. / =, ~o~,=ti~n,If you are hseung or voice impaired / thereof.Andsub~toaSupple" / Defendants /a-,o' '~'=, ,vY-.P'-,/call: 1-800-955-8771. 1| WITHLuIS B.RIGHTcREMONESI OF SURVIVORSHIP;AND LUISA [ [ WlLLPOSE. BE USED FOR THAT PUR- / men~ Declarat~ Of Use Re-,NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO / P'lalRtin, / Dated this April 21, 2004. / M. BARRIOS, AS JOINT TENANTS [ AI~I 30; May 7, 2004 [ Strictions as recorded in Official,CHAPTER 45 / v s;. / LYDIA GARDNER | HI~,~PIU',I ~, MUP4U~. P~I~IU | N A Clerk Of the Ctmuit Court AS TO AL YELVERTOND ' ,WiTH RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP; / / Records Book 5861, Page 1878 / MAYELIN C. ESPINOSA, AS . I MANUEL HUBERT AND MILEYVIS /,Of O~nge County, Flo!~d~ JANA YELVERTON, NUSBANO ~ ,~ -,- -,-,- -,- . ~ -,-u r "UT ~ By: W~ Draxler//=l~r*.o vw.n rt,un. ~r ,HUBERT, HUSBAND AND WlFE; / IN THE CIRCUIT COURT,ff you are a person with a Disability / NoAINOE.Wlm;~C~O~t~NTrX~IVttoe /~VIVORSHIP;DOMINICK |(CRCUIT e utvRcTSEAL) ,EDGAR ALVAREZ AND CLAUDIA [ NINTH JUDICIAL,who needs any accommodation in ] . ,~y v u, ""= ~ PETRULLI; JENNIFER G. Publ" ""~ " / E. RIVERA, AS JOINT TENANTS [ CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR / ordor to pad" .~i~l. te in this proceed-,final judgment dated April 22, 2(~04 m =~u'u="n' CURTI~, L DF-AN,-- . .~zt~ ~ this. Not ce. on .Apnl [ WITH RIGHTOF SURVIVORSHIP / ORANGE COUNTY, / ing, yo~araentitled, atcocoSttoyOU,the adove-styled case of the L;irouit / . ,~=^=, u,~ -,auanoMayr, L-,uu4,tsmmeHeritage / ILYASAH SIMPSON; JULIO,FLORIDA. / to the provision Of certain assistance Coud of Orange County, Florida, in,~u ~ a~ ~.uc~u~, ru o~,u,Florida Jewish News. ,QUINTERO AND ODALYS / CIVIL DIVISION / Ploase contact Court Administmticn,whichlSLANDONE, INC.isthePlein- /~.~,~.-",',r,=; ~,' ',-%'~n'u,'~;~"~"~ '. |NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIR ,SANCHEZ, AS JOINT TENANTS,CASE NUMBER: 03 CA| al 425 North ~ Avenue, Suite,tiff and At. YELVERTON AND JAHA ~ ~VIUF%~. 'C A~Rr[~.O~ i~e, ,~ ~1,~,DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ,WITH RIGHTOF SURVIVORSHIP;,11875,310, Odando, Florida 32801, (407),YELVERTON, HUSBANDANDWlFE [AND MARIA R GARe'I~ |ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT ,and JESUS ORTEGA AND JOSE,ISLANDONE, INC |836-2303,withintwo(2)workingdoys,arathedofandanta, lwiHsetltothe |HUSBANDAN~.)WI~'~."~J'ACKW,THIS LAW FIRM IS DEEMED TO BE ,PINTO, AS JOINT TENANTS WlTH i aFIoddaCoq)omlion,of your recaipl of this Notice of Sale;,higheStandbeStbidberforcashinthe |DELEEUWANDTAM~IERAL " |A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT- / RIGHT OF SURVlVORSHIP. / vs Plaintiff,If you era hearing or voice impaired,Orange County Cou, d Bldg 425 N. / nCL~E, .As HUSBAND AND ~/~/IFE' / ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND J Defer~ante. J |caN: 1-800-955-8771 OraneeAvsnue Suita350,Odando, |~.~;,~,-'~.' nD.~.~ r C.L, ' |ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED [ NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANTTO [ ~RILYN DIANA DAY; AURA M. / Datad this Aixit 22, 2004 Flork~ at 11.00 i.m. on May 26 *,- ~ |WLL BE USEO FOR THAT PUR- ,CHAPTER 48,GIL; MONTRI ~ L'I~JE C.| LYDIA GARDNER,=w u ,-------.--- ~:-,-. WIFE' YUMAN LEY" CRUZ D. " ,AS TO DEBORAH HOLDER, / ROGERS AND MARY T. ROGERS,Cbrk Of the Circuit Court,erty set forth in the Order Of Final,~EDA AND M/~RTHA R Al~dl 30; May 7, 2004 ,ANTONETTE EDWARDS AND I HUSBAND AND WIFE; ROBERT I By: Joanna Hewett| J ud~ .: Mn/s~' 6 in,TOVAR DE MOSQUEDA. ,CHARLENE G. MILLER, AS,R. MARSH AND THERESAA. /| (CIRCUIT COUR~"r.AL) Pubica~l~thla ~ on AIxil I/ ~m~n~t~o.e.e.~2~.~'~E~:~,lNiUM |'~SESE GI~I~RORF~-~FA~JO EC~I~DO I,NINTH JUDICIAL !N THE C RCUITCOURT, / JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHT OF / MARSH, HUSBAND AND W E; ,sm vo p-c NT,x I GUmONGRET SSO .I I , JIMENEZ GUTIERREZ, HUSBAND CIRCUIT I [ NOTicElaglventhatpumuanttoe,SANDRA K. CRAWFORD; ANA K 30andMay7,2004,laintheHedt=ge "~ cording to the Oe l~ralJon Of t AN A ~ NAND FOR u w,r=" u v,u ORA E / NdgmerddatedAp Z,2004,in / ROMEROANDJOS SAI.D/UN /RoedaJe New,/ / .--;.: / NG COUNTY, in . ^Nu t.;l.~UUi~ IJI~I~LLA A,~ FLORIDA ]/the ceee Of the Cimuitcoun Of Orange Courtly Fledda, in //AS JOINT TENANTS WITH RIGHTOF,IRVIVORSH4P; DEBORAH /| NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE FAIRDEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES // R iook el /JOINT TENANTS WITH i IIGHT OF,CIVIL DIVISION / whi~hlSLANDONE, INC.'~thePlain- / HOLDER, ANTONETTE,ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED THAT,3145 et. I,~ in ~a Pu~,EURVIVC)R,~I.P; GGRAC~. M; [ CASE NUMBER: 03 CA /tiff end DEBOFt'AH HOLDER, i EDWARDS AND CHARLENE G. /THISLAWFIRMISDEEMEDTOBE,Recorde of Orenge Cou ty, /ANDJU~,NMATOSL :- - -A | /ANTONETTE EDWARDS AND / M LER'ASJOUTrTENANTS |A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT- /Flodda, and any antundmenta .%U,P~, ~ .- |ISLANOONE, INC ,CI'IARLENEG. MILLER. AS JOINT,WITH RIGHT OF SURVNORSHIP; |ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ~rmmtal'Dedaralion of UseRe- /~URVlVOR:=~PHP;andGLORIAJ. / Plaintiff, ' J TENANTSWITHRIGHTOFSURVI-,LUISB. CREMONESIANOLUISA |ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED,Strctionsasm(x)rdedinOflk.~al,WALKER vs. / VORSHIP are the dolundent=, I will / M. BARRIOS, AS JOINT TENANTS / P~sU'EBE USED FOR THAT PUR- | / sell to the Illghest and best bidder for,WITH RIGHT OF SURVlVORSHIP; ~" ~' -- NOTICE ",NO;, ZOLUE pa^- 1=78 ! ueranoanle JUUO CESAR MORE / "/,|E' '*+ONANDSYLvIA" ,~ ~425~ Orange ACo~ ~e,MANUEL HUBERT AN{) MILL=YVIS AlXll = lily 7', 2004 ,= fl: e.m. i HUBERT, HUSBANOANDW, E; Ifyoueraapemonw eDise ty / / JOHNSON, HUSBAND AND WIFE; EDGARALVAREZAND~ / ~.~=U~UMII=ILUp.Alt~qO ! GARYF. HAMANDPATRICIAR.