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April 30, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 30, 2004

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DA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 30, 2004 HERITAGE encourages readers to send in their opinions I must be signed; however, will be withheld upon request. Due to space we reserve the right to edit, if necessary. printed in Viewpoint do not necessarily reflect opinions of the paper. The path to peace for Israel By Bill McCollum and past attempts at peace in the Middle East proved fu- We see it every night on tile. news- Israelis Former President Bill y killed by ter- Clinton and former Prime Attacks in the mar-Minister Ehud Barak went a pizzeria; a discoon bended knee to propose a even during a peace treaty that granted ev- ,in Jerusa- erythingthe Palestinians de- watch with sired-evenacknowledgment md horror the atroci- of a right of return to Israel ittedagainst for Palestinian refugees and Israelis. their heirs. Arafat and his tate-spon- and dancing streets in open sup- "Radical Islamists fear freedom, Palestinian leader- s' determina- individual liberty and choice--the Lerrorism is They have very bedrock upon which the United todefend them- States and Israel stand." 'rom terrorist attacks from Gaza, est Bank and Arab terrorist thugs thumbed cal first steps to do just that. their nose at Clinton and By embracing this new ini- since the Oslo Ac-Barak, and the whole world tiative, President Bush dem- s, it has been painfully got to see their true colors, onstrated his understanding that Yasser AraratFor over 50 years, Israelis that the terrorism directed Palestinian lead- have tried to find the right against Israel in the name of never serious about formula for peace, but never the Palestinians is part of the Hamas and con- had awilling partner- until much larger radical Islamic Ing terrorist attacks now. terrorist movement thatthe Israelis. When theThe path to peace for Israel United States and the West [ave Arafat a Nobel was shortened last week by face. disgraced the Nobel President Bush's decision to Radical Islamists fear free- ethiswas embrace Prime Ministerdora, individual liberty and terrorist who Sharon's historic and coura- choice - the very bedrock any intention of geousstepofproposinga Pal- uponwhich the United States ans to a estinian state (which would and Israel stand. These fun- settlement with Is- include withdrawal of Jewish damentaily Western values settlements from Gaza and threaten the centuries-old t deep-seated anger some from the West Bank). powerofradicalIslamists.To ever fully understood, Implicit in this new policy is stay in power, they use ter- the ending of any pretense that Israel would restore pre- 1967 borders in the creation of a Palestinian state. And most importantly, President Bush recognized that any Palestinian claims of the right of return must be denied. As we heard in the President's remarks, the U.S. is strongly committed to Israel's security and well-be- ing as a Jewish state, and that Palestinian refugees must settle in a Palestinian state, rather than in Israel. Palestinian right of return is simply a bad idea. It would inevitably result in an Arab majority in the electorate and lead to the demographic de- struction of the Jewish state. Both Prime Minister Sharon and President Bush have made it clear there should be two states, and the Israelis have already taken the criti- rorism in hopes of breaking the will of the American people and other Westerners to get the West to abandon the entire Muslim world. Ultimate peace for Israel rests on the success of America's new policies estab- lishing governments in Iraq and Afghanistan that will be shining examples of hope and opportunity to the entire Mus- lim world. This is a war we simply cannot afford to lose. But this is not a short- term proposition, and our resolve will continue to be tested. While the United States and our allies have a long road ahead, enormous progress has been made on many fronts. The people of Iraq and Afghanistan are wit- nessing opportunities they have never seen before. Freedom and individual choice are very powerful ideas. Once the spark is lit, the flame will grow. President Bush's historic decision to accept Prime Min- ister Sharon's new policies wipes the slate clean. It al- lows all parties to view the war on terrorism for what it truly is - a battle between the forces of evil and the forces of freedom, hope and opportunity. This is not a religious war. This is a war that will be won by people driven by faith in freedom, and I am hopeful that peace and freedom soon will be a reality for those who have suffered far too long. Bill McCollum represented the Central Florida region in the U.S. House from 1981 to 2000. He founded and chaired the House Task Force on Terrorism, and was a member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelli- gence. He is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Sen- ate in Florida. HERITAGE welcomes and encourages letters to the editor, but they must be typed or printed and include name and phone number. We will withhold your name if you so request. Please limit letters to 250 words. Due to space limitations, we reserve the right to edit letters. Send letters to P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. Or e-mail to Israel has stopped caring about world opinion and more about its own protec- tion. If that includes killing militant terrorist extremists and building a protective wail, so be it. Israel is the only Jewish state ever, and that is worth fighting for. Put yourself in the Israelis' shoes, wouldn't you do the same if they tried to destroy us? Isn't that why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan? JOSEPH ADAM SUJKA Winter Park Federation participation Israel world power Dear Editor:. as a card to send back to indi- I just read DavidBomstein's cate one's interest. I sent both Editon must protect themselves and "The Good Word"column and back and was never contacted the Middle East not worry about specifically felt the need to give my input to serve on the committee. frontpage what the U.N. thinks. Why on how the Federation could When I saw David Bornstein, this is common shouldIsraellistentotheU.N.? increase participation. I have then president of Federation, to anyone who For Israel, being tried by the lived in Maitland for 26 years at services one Friday night at news or reads the U.N. is like a black man being and in the past have been an COS, I spoke to him and his the time it triedbyanallwhitejuryinthe extremely active member of response was something like, racist south in the early 1900s; the Jewish community. I have "That's really too bad," with retaliation; specifically, the verdict was volunteered for and worked at no offer to assist me. has been a turn always against the black man. the JCC, was the chair of the Federation is an exclusive of suicide bomb-The only thing Israel does is firstYom ha-Atzmautcelebra- club. That is why people don't retaliation. Is-protect itself. Israel is slowly tion, and am a life member of participate. A lesson could be to strategi- and judiciously killing their Hadassah, having been presi- learned from Hadassah. sinate extremistOsama bin Ladens, every dent of groups for ten years Hadassah welcomed my par- American canunderstandthat and on the Orlando board and ticipation BEFORE I gave sub- Israel used the Unfortunately it seems that region board for 14 years. I stantial donations. They wel- the only thing the Palestin- have been a volunteer at corned my participation to and notas iansseemtounderstandisvio- Temple Israel and COS while work for the organization and the past Israel lence, as an Iranian Cleric in my boys were going to He- dowhatIcould to help realize hought, the Middle East said when brew School, and myhusband their goals. Eventually, I be- hasty. Israel asked about a nuclear attack and I were on the committee came involved emotionally as in mak- on Israel: "If we killed 3 mil- to raise funds for the first ex- well as physically. "IF YOU Ion on how to react lion Israelis and they killed 20 pansion of the Maitland cam- BUILD ITTHEYWlLLCOME." Opinion and million of us it would be a pus. If you teach people why they says. No more; good trade-off." These Arabs You might ask why I have should give and INclude them the trans- love death while on the oppo- never been involved in Fed- rather than EXclude them, ael into the site end of the spectrum the eration. The answer is simple, theywillbegingiving.Federa- Re- Israelis love life. I, like every- My offers were never followed tion does it backwards. They done what is one else, would love to see a up. We now have two aging wantyourmoneyfirstandthen peaceful resolution in the parents. We received informa- they include you. If Federa- or the world Middle East but it is never go- tion in the mail about the be- tion would follow Hadassah's sraelisassas, ingtobearealityaslongaswe ginning of a planning corn- ieadtheywouldbuildabaseof amongtheir have Hamas and its militant mittee for a senior housing believers and givers. leaders call for the annihila- facility. There was a tear off at BETTE HYMAN realized that they tion of Israel. the bottom of the letter aswell Maitland PAGE r I IS NOW As / As rrEo j THAT Rabbinical Thoughts Yom ha-Shoah and Yom ha-Atzmaut By Rabbi R.J. Adler Why do we observe Yore ha-Shoah annually and why is it so important? Because is has no equal in all of Jewish history. It was in a category all by itself. I asked myself to what events can it be com- pared? My reply: To the de- struction of the First and Sec- ond Temple which we recall every Tisha b'Av. The Shoah has been the greatest trag- edy for world Jewry in the 20th century. You hear occa- sionally that the Shoah was our payment for the estab- lishment of the State of Is- rael; to this I say, No! Six million Jewish martyrs was too high a price to pay. The world, and especially Europe, owes us more than that and let us remind them at every anniversary until the evil of anti-Semitism and anti-Is- rael propaganda has been de- feated. Let us also remember that in order for that victory to happen, we will require three friends to work to- gether: Israel, the United States, and world Jewry. Hopefully, other righteous Gentiles will join us and re- ceive the blessings of the Bible and our loving God; "Those who bless you shall be blessed." AweekafterYom ha-Shoah we are celebrating Yore ha- Atzmaut, Israel's Indepen- dence Day since 1948, and we should be very proud of Israel's accomplishments in such a brief time. Her ad- vances in every category of nation building have been unbelievable: social, reli- gious, science and art, edu- cation, health, agriculture and immigration. All that was achieved brilliantly despite Muslim hostility and inter- ference. At this time we should ask, Where are the friendly Arabs? Do they not realize that one day their oil will run out, but know-how and brains will go on for- ever? When will the Palestin- inns begin to prepare for statehood? How many more opportunities will pass them by? How many more occa- sions for co-operation and friendship between the Israe- lis and Palestinians will oc- cur in the future? If Islam is a religion of peace why do their religious leaders not preach co-operation instead of hatred, making peace in- stead of war? Can you imag- ine the prosperity and progress which could be made in the entire Middle East if Jews and Arabs would be free and work together as friends, perhaps in separate states but sharing know-how, peace and tranquility, as the Prophet Isaiah put it (61, 9), "And marked will be their seed among the nations and their offspring among the people. Everyone that will see them will point to them as a community blessed by the Lord." A good friend and col- league, Rabbi Erwin Schild of Toronto, reminds us that Israel is and remains the only true democracy in the Middle East. For a small country, laboring since its inception under wartime conditions, a thriving democratic system is no mean achievement. On this Yore ha-Atzmaut we shall proclaim our faith in the future of Israel. On Holo- caust Remembrance Day, we shuddered at the reports, in- dicating how deep the hu- man being can sin in the abyss of his animal nature. On Israel's Independence Day, the joy of the festival and the huge accomplish- ments of the State of Israel in such a short time, we are given a glimpse of heights to which our people will rise in the future as a holy people-- goy kadosh. To this end we pledge our support, our faith and our loyalty.