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April 30, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 30, 2004

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PAGE 4 HERITAGE APRIL By David Bornstein Surrounded It's not often I write and sound paranoid, Jews who move to the West Bank and Gaza even to myself, but I'm feeling alone and inse- "should be shot dead." A Jewish yeshiva stu- cure these days, not because of any disconnect dent reading the Psalms was stabbed 27 times from family or dissociation from community, on a London bus. Rather, I feel, once again, like world Jewry is In Italy, the daily paper La Stampa pub- adrift on an island, and the world is revolving lished a Page 1 cartoon: A tank emblazoned in anger and violence against us. Consider the with a Jewish star points its gun at the baby facts: Two synagogues in Brussels were Jesus, who pleads, "Surely they don't want to firebombed; a third, in Charleroi, was sprayed kill me again?" In Corriere Della Sera, another with automatic weapon fire. cartoon showed Jesus trapped in his tomb, In Britain, the cover of the New Statesman, unable to rise, because Ariel Sharon, with rifle a left-wing magazine, depicted a large Star of in hand, is sitting on the sepulcher. The cap- David stabbing the Union Jack. tion: "Non resurrexit." In Germany, a rabbini- Oxford professor Tom Paulin, a noted poet, cal student was beaten up in downtown Berlin told an Egyptian interviewer that American and a grenade was thrown into a Jewish cem- By Carl Alpert This, too, is Israel HAIFA--When the headlines are gloomy the door of an apartment in a wealthy neigh- and the situations both here and abroad are borhood, but when he found the place in a discouraging, some friends of ours stop read- miserable condition he left a note reading, in ing the newspapers, effect: "Your fiat is certainly in a rundown. We prefer to turn to the back pages and seek state. I am sorry I damaged your door, and am out the short items, sometimes known as "fill- leaving you 400 shekels to repair it." What he ers," which editors use to complete a column, did not know was that the wealthy owners were This was one of those unhappy weeks, and this building a new villa and had neglected the old is what we found: place for some time. "Oh, Those Translations." Hebrew sub- "A Sheepish Response." A Bedouin day titles on English films often follow the original laborer in a small town in the Negev, father of 12 text too faithfully. Thus, in the film "Victoria children, used to stop in at Dimona to risk five and Albert," it is reported that the latter was shekels on filling out a Toto lottery card, listing slow in pursuing the romance, his estimate of which teams would win the "He does not press his suit", the text de- weekend soccer games. His choices brought clared. And the faithful translator recorded in him the top prize of 10 million shekels. The next Hebrew: "His men's suit was not ironed." day he brought a live sheep as his expression of "Udderly High." Israel's milk production thanks to the agent who had sold him the entry. per cow is the highest in the world. Each cow "Settled in Court." Eyal Cohen served as produces an annual average of 10,500 liters, governmentprosecutorinacaseagainstaman compared to 9,500 in the U.S. and 7,500 in the accused of theft. He suggested that proceed- European Union. Israel's best milker is a cow ings be waived and the two sides reach an on a Galilee kibbutz that produced 18,965 agreement. Attorney for the defense refused liters of milk in 2003. and insisted that witnesses be called. First Any bulls interested? prosecution witness was the policewoman who "Circumstantial Evidence." There has been had investigated the case. Cohen followed her considerable criticism of the anti-Israel re- testimony intently and later invited her out to ports which the BBC airs from its Israel corre- lunch. They were wed recently. Cohen ex- spondent, Orla Guerin. A Jaffa correspondent pressed his gratitude to the defense lawyer who of the Jerusalem Post points out that"Orla" in had insisted that witnesses be called. Hebrew is an unattractive, useless bit of skin "No Jews Wanted?" The" Hebrew press in thi~t should be removed from a sensitive area. Haifa has been carrying full-page ads printed "Israelis with Wanderlust." Where do Is- entirely in Arabic, without Hebrew text. The raeli tourists head? Last year's totals reveal figure $124,000 appears in big letters along- that the U.S. was the number one destination, side a picture of a high rise apartment house In second place was Turkey, followed in order labeled in English, "Stella Marls residence." by Britain, Germany, France and Italy. Last on "A Guide to the Perplexed." Two Israelis the list of ten were Russia and Holland. lined up at Amsterdam Airport for a flight to "Keeping Arab Streets Clean." In the Arab the U.S. A search of their belongings uncov- town of Umm ai-Fahm, Palestinians are ered the Hebrew text of the traditional prayer ashamed to be seen cleaning their streets, uttered before a trip, headedbyapictureofthe though they accept such employment in Jew- Rambam. The investigators were certain this ish cities. The contractor employed by the was a picture ofa master Muslim terrorist, and town council has brought in a crew of mainly the two travelers were at once handcuffed and Russian Jewish immigrants from nearby held for thorough investigation. It was not Nazareth who perform their tasks diligently, until the following day that they were released "Thief with a Conscience." He broke down and permitted to continue their trip. [ THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. ] etery. Thousands of neo-Nazis held a rally, marching near a synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath. Graffiti appeared on a synagogue in the western town of Herford: "Six million were not enough." In Ukraine, skinheads attacked Jewish worshippers and smashed the windows of Kiev's main synagogue. Ukrainian police denied that the attack was anti-Jewish. In Greece, Jewish graves were desecrated in Loannina and vandals hurled paint at the Ho- locaust memorial in Saionica. In Holland, an anti-Israel demonstration featured swastikas, photos of Hitler, and chants of "Sieg Heft" and "Jews into the sea." In Slovakia, the Jewish cemetery of Kosice was invaded and 135 tombstones destroyed. But it's worst in France. Ir~ Lyon, a car was rammed into a syna- gogue and set on fire. In Montpellier, the Jewish religious center was firebombed; so were synagogues in Strasbourg and Marseilles; so was a Jewish school in Creteil. A Jewish sports club in Toulouse was attacked with Molotov cocktails, and on the statue of Alfred Dreyfus in Paris, the words "Dirty Jew" were painted. In Bondy, 15 men beat up members of a Jewish football team with sticks and metal bars. The bus that takes Jewish children to school in Aubervilliers has been attacked three times in the last 14 months. According to the police, metropolitan Paris has seen 10 to 12 anti-Jewish incidents per day since Easter. Walls in Jewish neighborhoods have been defaced with slogans proclaiming "Jews to the gas chambers" and "Death to the Jews." The French ambassador to Great Britain was not sacked--and did not apologize--when it was learned that he had told guests at a London dinner that the world's troubles were the fault of " that sh--ty little country, Is- rael." It's gotten so bad, Orthodox rabbis in France have been allowing children to not wear kippot to avoid being attacked on to and from school. The world has never supported JeW United States, now a single (albeit nation that stands with Israel, finds consistent friends. Palestinians are victims and the world! on their behalf, while homicide rationalized away as occupation. There is no moral here, no hil offers hope and protection, no one shake our fists at and revile. No too easy, too straightforward and can boycott products from certain and there's been talk of that for let's face it: France may be bad but alone. We could only buy American. Wee stop travel to an, We could all go out and buy guns, and I a the thought of protecting my family is close to the surface. But the keys to our our survival, lie in different h Courage. Strength. Unity. Justice. Surrender? Acquiescence? Corn Never! We must stand togeth a handful of millions in a sea of six others, locking hands, no backing denying who we are, our heritage, our We must weather this storm of new Semitism, and in fact combat dark, but I refuse to bow down. I up tomorrow surrounded by my munity, and someday, perhaps, munity of friendship, ceptance. The opinions expressed in the writer's, an~ mail your comments, critiques, to Jim Shipley Death in Gaza and life on campus By Jim Shipley Sometimes, you could feel like Alice in Won- derland. Things seem so topsy-turvy. It is quite legal, quite normal for the U.S. to go after bin Laden, dead or alive, right? Same for Mullah Omar (Remember him?). And of course let us not forget Sheik Mukdah El Sadr, whose whereabouts (as of this writing) at least we know--more than we can say for the other two dudes. The U.S speaking for the coalition forces, has put a bull's eye on the backs of all three of these guys. We got bin Laden for the Twin Towers (twice, as a matter of fact), for our embassies in Africa and for the USS Cole. We got Mullah Omar for harboring these guys while he headed the then- legitimate government in Afghanistan. El Sadr? Well, he doesn't like us andwe don't like him. He wants us out of Iraq--now. We don't want to go. We shut down his newspaper (no First Amendment rights in Iraq as yet); we now want his body. All three, dead or alive. So, tell me please, why the outrage when Israel knocks off two (two/) admitted mass murderers. Two guys who not only preach the killing of innocent little children and their mothers, but actually finance, plan and carry out those killings. The world, starting with the U.S. and Britain as leaders of the aforemen- tioned coalition should stand and cheer. TWo bad guys gone[ Score: Israel 2, Coalition: 0. I read Palestinian community leaders here are "saddened" by the death of both Sheik Yassin and Rantisi. Saddened? These thugs, these murderers, these fanatical miscreants can no longer direct terror against civilians. Saddened? Where are their morals? Where are their minds? What do they teach their chil- dren? Hate Sharon? Fine. Feel a bit of discrimi- nation? Welcome to the club. But do not, repeat, do not express sadness over the death of a couple of serial killers. That's the kind of leadership you want for your nascent state? Do not expect the world of nations to welcome you with open arms. But--I forget. The dead children, teenagers and mothers are Jews. And that changes the equation. A topsy-turvy world. The greatest practitioner of the big lie, the master of disinformation was Joseph Goebbels, the gimpy little man who headed Adolph Hitler's propaganda machine. He was able to convince the German public that all of Germany'S iems in the 1930s were the fault That if Germany became "Ju Jews, And so, the Nazis set out to rid Jews. Of their finest musicians, poets, scientists, philosophers. You would think the world opened its gates wide. Here was a gift Third Reich was bestowing on no. Not a single nation wanted Jews. At which solution. A final one. Out of the ashes of the Holocaust born. TWo thousand years of longing, to reach manifest destiny finally, ized. Obviously, not a blessin ing First, simply because they because they brought a democracy of authoritarian government. And yet, t ish state has flourished. And the moved on and in many cases becoO enlightened. Except for that part of the For in that part of the world, a new ! has emerged. More virulent, more by far than anything the ern civilization could have [ant Islam. Death to the unbelievers. order wherein the strictest of religion and non-believers will be put to danger not just to the lands of the (and of course, all that oil), as well. And it is making itself felt in a very i way in a very vulnerable place. On puses of U.S. colleges and universities, Moslem money is financin student organizations, speakers. They do no. That would be dangerous to Instead, the entire rhetoric, all the speeches are dedicated to illegitimizing of the State of Israel. Their theme is the mirror' democratic state in the Middle pare Israel with Nazi Germany and with the SS. How cruel! How effective. These devious planners play minds and hearts of the young. See "Shipley" on page 12