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April 26, 2013     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 26, 2013

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 26, 2013 PAGE SB By Barbara C. Friedman Are you a senior citizen and ready to sell your home?. Maybe you are ready to downsize or you might need a bigger home to help out with the grandchildren. Whatever the reason here are some tips in the art of selling your house. Why do I refer to selling your house as an art? Because a lot of thought and some- times soul searching comes from the way you approach it, and the process is unique from one person to the next. Your entire household and possessions are a reflection of your life and how you live it. So it's not surprising that" moving is a stressful process. Weare living longer and are more active than previous generations, so we should By Lis Stern We all have our traditional kosher favorites--and for many this means Ashke- nazic fare, like slow-roasted brisket, matzo ball soup, iockshen kugel, and per- haps cholent and blintzes. Unfortunately, such kosher classics aren't the best choices for us as we get older. Toby Smithson, RD, CDE, is a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and founder of She says, "Age 50 appears to be the time when some of our nutritional needs change." Our metabolisms begin to slow down, sowe need fewer caloriesmyet at the same time, we still need food that is high in nutrients. The challenge, then, is to get all the nutrients we need without overeating. If you are physically active, great--though most people are not scaling the same number of mountains at 60 or 70 that they were at 30. There are also specific vitamins and minerals we need more after we hit 50, Smithson says, notably potassium, calcium, and vitamins B12 and D. We also need fiber, but slightly less than we do when we're younger. Sodium is a concern in the opposite direction--too much can contribute to high blood pressure, and we need to significantly reduce con- sumption as we get older, to about 3/4 teaspoon per day (1500 milligrams)--that includes both what we add to our plate and what occurs in foods naturally. Unless spe- cifically made for seniors, prepared kosher foods can be high in sodium. Too much sodium is a concern regarding blood pressure, and potassium helps blunt sodium's effect, Smithson says. Calcium, coupled with vitamin D, helps with bone strength, and vitamin B12 protects against anemia. Fiber serves multiple purposes--it helps with digestion and heart health, and can help prevent certain kinds of cancer. Good sources include fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice. For many in their 50s and The art of selling your house see this as an opportunity foot in the door. With the can make even the most maybebetterofftoleaveitas pressure on you to reduce to embrace change and make abundance of photographs beautiful house appear un- it is rather than make expert- your sale price. Taking care new plans. (currently up to 24) that desireable. Photos should be sive changes that a potential of this t before listing Once you have made the will accompany your listing sharp, clearandwelllit. They buyer may not like. will save you a lot armiety decision to sell your house, on MLS, Realtor.corn, Zil- should enhance space, floor And it's not just the aes- down the road. Also, always you may feel overwhelmed low, and the dozens of other plan, architectural features thetics of your house that hire a licensed professional onhow to proceed. Your best websites that feed from here, and amenities, giving your need to be addressed. Cer- for any repairs you make, option is to work with a real buyers not only begin their house a visual advantage rain repairs are just as--if particularly when it comes estate professional, who can house search online, they over the competition. Even not more--important. For to electrical, plumbing and heipyougainperspectiveand also decide which houses they an)utdated house can show example, if your electrical roofing. By not hiring the focusonwhatwillbethebest want to spend their precious beautifully online if pre- wiring is old and harardous correct professional, your waytopriceandpresentyour timeviewinginperson. Your sented properly, bytoday'sstandards, upgrad- repairs may be comidered house. They will share their house may be the perfect If you are thinking of ing your system can add worthless. expertise onwhatyour house match for their needs, but if investing money into your significant value. Changin In summary, renmlle looks like from a fresh point they don't like what they see house to make it more sale- outanoldelectricaipaneland of your rns to move, of view. Remember, they in the pictures (remember, able, it is even more impor- upgrading to a new system embracethedkmlme are there to help you reach buying is an emotional deci- taut to get a professional in a typical 2,000 square riidplam=,ndloolkfmwudto your goal, and they don't sion),youmayloseapotential opinion before you spend foot home can cost about tbefutore. Rememimr, dbn't charge any fees unless your sale. Iamoftenamazedwhen any money. For example, $1,000-$1,500. Butabuyer, beafraidtoaslkfaraml house sells. They can give showing houses at the detail . you may think it would be not knowing how much this hire a  suggestions on everything my buyers remember from beneficial to make cosmetic upgrade costs, may imagine realtor so you can ptk yow frommarketvaluetostaging, the photographs of the list- alterations,whenallthatmay a cost of $5,000 and expect bmtesith repairs and cleaning, ings I have emailed to them, be necessary is to clear out to take that much off the BarbaraC.P.A. Thanks to technology, right down to wall colors, clutter afid arrange for a deep asking price. These issues isareallarlhFam'Hill- buyers get an opinion of your One more thought on cleaning. Unless something usually come up at inspec- man ar Winter house before they even step photographs: Poor photos is completely destroyed, you tiontime, and can put undue Partk. Keeping kosher as we age above, choosing meals and meals for area townships, back on our sources of fats, when we no longer have to peach or nectarine. preparing theirown food The Supper Club 60 is offered especially saturated fat," worry about moderation, Snack:3gxahameracker may not be an issue. But as in the afternoon Mondays Smithson says. and we can have a second squares, 6 ounces low fat the Jewish population ages, through Thursdays, accord- "Many traditional dishes helping of brisket, vanilla yogurt sprinkled moreandmorepeopleareliv- ing to Anthony Ruggiero, can be modified," she ad- Suggested Kosher Menu with cinnamon and chopped ingontheir own,withfamily who owns the business with vises. "Dishes like lockshen for a Day almonds. far away. Jewish organiza- his brother [at. The $4 do- kugel can be made with a Toby Smithson suggests Dinner: 3 ounces baked tions inseveral cities around nation offers a choice from heat-resistant sugar substi- the following sample kosher skinless chicken breaslwith the country offer Servicesto a daily menu. For seniors, tuteandeggwhitesto make menu. " rosemary; 1 medium sweet thisgroup. Kosher Meals on Ruggiero says, "We make it more heart-healthy and Breakfast: oa.tmeal, a potato; 1 cup green beans; Wheels isa federally subsi- everything with less salt." diabetes friendly." glass of skim or lpercent an orange. dized program that supplies The National Osteopo- "The best advice is to milk; 1 cup of berries, and Suggested Shabbat Meal a daily meal to those 60 and rosis Foundation indicates modify recipes, watch por- a slice of whole grain toast Shabbat: chicken soup older who cannot easily get that our vitamin D needs tion size, and add more with tub margarine, almond with whole grain noodles; out of the house, can almost double once we vegetables to your meals," butter, or peanut butter Cholent with more beam InSkoie, Ill., Ted Starcev- hit 50 those under a half she adds. Lunch: tuna fish salad than meat; a green leafy ichisthelprogrammanager century need 400 to 800 IU Good advice as we head with reduced fat mayon- salad with bite sized raw of home, delivered meals , daily, while those over need into our 50s, 60s, 70s, and naise; 1 slice low fat cheese; vegetables; baked sliced and Koslr to Go for CJE 800 to 1000 IU. 80s.And if we make it to our 2 slices whole grain bread, apples with cinnamon and SeniorLif, an organization "Vitamin D is needed 90s, that may be the time 1 cup baby bell peppers, 1 sugar substitute. that serves older adults in a to help keep bones strong variety of ways. They deliver alongwith calcium." Smith- . .. 300-400 kosher meais daily, son says. The primary iii,] often by volunteers who natural source of vitamin ,., r|''l:,' visitwiththeir clients when D is sunlight, but how our ,!) bringing the food, which skin absorbs it can depend '- "':I providesathirdoftheirdaily on where we live, if we use /T| nutritional requirements, sunblock, and how much  Themenus, which are ail time we spend inside, an "'I taste-tested by Starcevish issue for shut-ins. J i and his staff, are sent to a If you don't spend much :I state dietitian for approval, time in the sun, you may "Sometimes the state dieti- need vitamin D supple- O A K N T E cian will come back and will ments; check with a health ,,,51 tell us to switch the apple care provider for the best on Tuesday with the orange balance. Kashrut can be on Thurs'day, for nutritional an issue for some vitamin balance," he says. D supplements. Smithson AT LAKE MARY Neal DrObnis is Coordina- notes that there are two R The Wait Is Over... Now featuring the Cordm0000d tor of the Kosher Nutrition kinds, D2 and D3, and "D3 Program of Jewish Family is derived from ultraviolet. Brand New Assisted Living Service of Rhode Island. irradiation of a substance The program provides both derived from sheep's wool." IIll'v home delivery and a Se- In general, the most effi- and Memory Care'Commu....# nior Caf. "The Jewish cientsourcesforthenutrients ' " - Federation has been really weneedaswegetolderisfood. supportive efthis program," rather than supplements; Drobnis says. It offers ko- supplements should do just sher lunches daily for a that help with what we're $3 donation and provides getting from food already. transportation.ost guests Food has the added advantage  are in their 80s. of being good for multiple Oakmonte Village provides a Caf meals are all kosher, nutrients. Dairy products, .quality lifestyle as a beautiful as are the delivered meals, for example, contain both - luxury serlior living community and meet federal guidelines calcium and potassium, in the heart of prestigious Lake in terms of nutrition. "Se- Other good sources for niors try to stay away from potassium inclode beans Mary. Our campus includes salt and use salt alterna- (think cholent) and fruit, Independent Living apaaents, tives,"-Drobnis observes, including dried apri- Tuscany influenced villa homes, "Everything is low sodium, cots, prunes, and raisins assisted living and memory care. . In general, they stay away (tzimmes, anyone?). Dates from sugar as well. We try are also a good source, along tohaveabalanceofproteins, with pistachios and other carbohydrates, fruits, and nuts. (Nuts can be high. in vegetables. For carbs fat, so moderation is key.) Altl],]l.lflln grains, pasta, bread we try Fortunately, it's easy to fit to use whole grains whenwe a healthy diet into a kosher can. It can be very difficult diet for the most part. with the budgetary limits Brisket isn't the leanest to have brown rice or whole cut of meat, but it can be wheat pasta." reserved for special occa- Zan's Kosher Delicatessen sions "Unfortunately the Restaurant runs a similar leanest cuts of beef are not . program in Lake Grove, NY, kosher, so we need to have . ' : !. ):' ,f!.' ,,:,), !-'  LI;, . .ii )i.,,. 'W24.'> . %  ,: ,i ' :/:?  4: ' ";( 'L' '  '- ; "   - ;'  supplying delivered kosher a stronger focus on cutting ':'?,:#ii:!:":::,:,,x , .::!*;e.,:.'-.,,:,:,,.,.,. ,:::::g..-:.-.  .., e" _  _