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April 25, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 25, 2014

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PAGE 4A By Ed Ziegler There are many reasons why it is utterly ridiculous for ariy slightly reasonable person to consider Israel an apartheid state. If, for no other reason, Webster's Dictionary defines apartheid as "segregation by race." Israel does not segregate anyone in any way. Israel's enemies point to the defending bor- der wall Israel built as a reason to label Israel an apartheid state. If that is avalid reason then the United States is also an apartheid state because of their wall on the Mexican b6rder. Everyone must agree it is the duty-of a government, in this case Israel, to protect its citizens from Islamic fanatic suicide bombers. There are so many of these bombers who have, and are willing to, forfeit their lives in order to kill Jews and whoever (Christian ,Hindu, Muslim, etc.) happens to be in the area. An apartheid state does not allow the seg- regated people citizenship nor equal rights such as voting or freedom of speech. One and a half million Arabs live in Israel; they constitute about 20 percent of the population. Every single one of them has the same exact rights as any other Israeli citizen--and always have. They can vote, and they do. They can own property, businesses, and work alongside other Israelis, and they do. They can serve in the Israeli parliament, and they do. There are Arabs in the Israel government such as Masud Jim Shipley .... HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 25, 2014 Ghnaim, an Israeli Muslim politician, who isa member of the Knesset. Then you have Abdel Rahman Zuabi who took his seat in 1999 as the first Arab to sit on the Israeli Spreme Court. No way does this sound like an apartheid state. So why are Palestinians who live in what they commonly refer to as the "occupied ter- ritories" treated differently? Because they're not citizens of Israel. They are governed by either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. It is not Israel, but the Muslim dominated nations, that have confined Palestinian-Arab refugees to U.N. welfare in camps in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria and Jordaq for generations. The only control Israel has over these people takes place when they want to enter Israel, because Israel has to'weed out potential terrorists. The 1973 International Apartheid Con- vention.developed a list of what a system of apartheid looks like. This includes subjecting the segregated people to the following: murder, arbitrary arrest, bodily or mental harm, re- striction of movement, restriction of peaceful assembly and division along lines of race. This sound more like Islamic dominated countries such as SaudiArabia, Syria, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan where dissent is a capital crime and where gender and religious apartheid are practiced. Islam's hatred of the Jews dates back to the formation of Islam as exhibited by verses in the Quran such as Verse 5:82 "Strongest among men in enmity to the believers will you find the Jews and pagans "and Verse 5:51" Oh you who believe! Take not the Jew or a Christian as a friend." Groups such as the Muslim Student Asso- ciation and Students for Justice in Palestine, at many universities, host "Apartheid Week" to criminalize Israel by comparing the most, if not only, democratic country in the Middle East to the former apartheid state of South Africa. Those who hate Israel hope to persuade ill-informed people that Israel doesn't deserve to exist just as apartheid South Africa didn't deserve to exist. As for the rights to the land of Israel, the Jews have been inhabitants for more than 3500 years. That is about 1500 years before Islam started. In short, Israel and the Jewish people are being singled out for unfair, discriminatory treatment by Islam, the U.N.andwell-meaning misguided groups. Sadly, the anti-Jew and anti-Israel factions are succeeding in pulling the wool over the eyes of the well-meaning ill-informed. Pathetically, Israel and the Jews have not launched a publicity campaign to counteract the lies and distortions propagated by so much Of the Islamic world. If you are a believer in truth and justice then speak out and be heard. Discuss this issue with others and circulate this article. Ed Ziegler can be reached at Brooklyn13@ Embarqmail.corn or 352-750-3298. A matter of age? In 1977we had been living in Orlando for less than two years. We had moved from Cleveland and seen a great city begin its Slow slide out of greatness. We were active Zionists, frequent visitors to Israel and personal friends of one of the founders of the State, Menachem Begin, who at the time was head of the Herut politi- cal party. What the Brits would call a "back bencher," Begin was in the minority party. However, we awoke one morning in 1977 to the news that Begin had been elected prime minister of Israel and was forming a coalition, whichwould become Likud, the party that now has Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister. The U.S. government was stunned, as were we. We immediately called the Begin home to say mazel toy and to wish him the best. Rachel told him "Remember, Menachem, I told you when we met nine years ago that one day..." and so it came to pass. Over the years we met the Begins at the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem, in New York when they visited on official busi- ness and once even at our home in Cleveland. Perhapsthe most dramatic time was in 1978 when the Begins were at Camp David for that grueling negotiation with Anwar Sadat over- seen by President Jimmy Carter. Aliza Begin, Menachem's wife, called us from Camp David to report that A, she was bored and B, itseemed Carterwanted to discuss Scripture with the prime minister more than the nitty gritty of a peace accord. The next time we picked up the phone a bunch of weird clicks convinced us that the phone was bugged. And continued to be that way for about 90 days. The next time we were together, I asked the prime minister about his discussions with the president and his view of the man. "What!" He exclaimed. "He doesn't even read a newspaper. The man has no overall view of the world." Well, yeah, it was an opinion. But look at the former president's latest statement. He claims that Israel intends to make every citizen of Israel a Jew before they are eligible to live there. Why and where did he come up with this ridiculous idea? Could it be because Israel, as it has been since before Netanyahu, since before Begin--even before Ben Gurion--is the Jewish Homeland, home of the Jews? This has nothing to do with citizenship and it has never been so. The Jewish Nation is perhaps the most inclusive nation on earth outside the United States. Arabs are citizens of the Jewish State. People, regardless of religion or ethnic background, born in the Jewish State are citizens. They are not all Jews. Not all Jewish. Do you know that if your grandfather and father were not born in Malaysia yo u cannot be a citizen of that country? Say your grandfa- ther and grandmother emigrated from China. They gave birth to your mother who married a Chinese born in Malaysia of Chinese parents. You cannot become a Cltizen even though you are second generation Malay. No so in Israel. Carter is not and never has been a friend to Israel. Sadat wanted the Sinai out of the talks. He got it. Begin wanted a peace treaty withEgypt. After Camp David, Sadat came to Jerusalem and a treaty was signed. It has been a cold peace, but outside of a few brush ups, and none with the Egyptian army, it has been a peace. Carter and Begin met again in Georgia years later. Begin told us it was pleasant and he kept it that way. But Carter is getting old now. Yes, he builds houses with Habitat for Humanly. But Begin said "the man does not even read a newspaper." If he does today, he either is reading the wrong one or misreading what he sees. Perhaps it is But to state that everyone who lives in Israel must be a Jew? We make it really tough for anyone to become a Jew. Moving to Israel alone won't do it. To become a Baptist like Carter I dunno. Maybe it's easier. Look, in the long run, it does not look like Obama is going to go down in history as a great friend of the Jewish State. Bush 41 and his Secretary of State Jim Baker were certainly no friends of Israel; Reagan was a lot more interested in Gorbocha than he was in Israel and the Palestinians. Bill Clinton did his damnedest to get Yassir Arafat to sign a deal where Netanyahu damn near gave away the store and Arafat lost another opportunity. Two State Solution? Not with Gaza in the hands of Hamas. Not with the kind of pre- conditions Abbas wants. What is needed is serious, dedicated people and an open forum. Senile homebuilders like Jimmy Carter are not helping with their misreading of news stories. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT.   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Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Production Department Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 David Lehman Gil Dombrosky email: Joyce Gore Letter from Israel The costs and benefits of no solution By Ira Sharkansky Guess what? There isanother proposal for solving Israel's problemwith the Palestinians. Michael Oren, recently Israeli ambassador to the US, has proposed that Israel recognize the impossibil- ity of reaching a deal with the Palestinians, define its borders, withdraw from the rest of the West Bank, and hope for the best. Oren was trashed by the hosts of a popular discussion program for not being at all sure that the international Community would" accept something the Palestinians would be likely to reject. All this suggests that the end of Oren's ambassadorship came not so much as due to his own decision as that of the prime minister. Put the idea into the file--more properly the library--of other proposals that have been offered over the course of five or 10 decades, depending on when you start the counting, then go ahead and do what you planned for the rest of the day. It seems better to recognize that no deal is possible, and leave it at that. We don't know what Kerry is proposing, only that he feels he has the key. Latest coming out of the Kerry initiative are reports that Kerry offered Abbas the Je- rusalem neighborhood of Belt Hanina for the Palestinian capital, and Abbas rejected it out of hand. He wants a lot more than the up-scale Palestinian neighborhood in the north of the city, bordering the outskirts of Ramallah. He also changed what had been his willingness to accept a de-militarized Palestine, relying for internal security on a beefed-up police. Now he wants a full-scale army. What we are left with is the status quo, an admittedly fluid and imperfect accommoda- tion between Israeli and Palestinians, which requires a high tolerance for ambiguity. In our most optimistic moments, we can express the Judaic epigram that it is forbidden to rush the Messiah. He, She, or It will come when ready. The Israeli left is fond of saying that everyone knows the solution, and no one but them has the guts to do it. However, they have been at the top of Israel's government, or at least a part of it for much of Israel's history, and they were never able to do it. Recently they haven't gotten the votes of a population that seems to have given up on the idea of a solution, so the left is out there in the weeds complaining about those who have gotten the votes. If we've tried without success for decades, it seems appropriate to admit that there is no solution. How we got here? is a question that provokes more argument than agreement. Among the candidates: Arab intrasegence, Jewish insistence The religious traditions and norms of each, which themselves are open to con- siderable dispute, but proclaim among other things that territory or rights are inherently Jewish or Muslim, and cannot be compromised. The blundering of various Arabs, Israelis, and others who have promoted one or another idea, up to and including John Kerry. Rivalries within Arab and Israeli camps that have prevented each side reaching united postures capable of being negotiated. Meanwhile Israelis andArabs, some of whom describe themselves as Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, or Palestinians with Israeli Citizen- ship live, give birth, age, die, and leave their children to wrestle with one another over their acceptance or.intolerance for the status quo. Each self-proclaimed prophet, whether John Kerry, Michael Oren, Ehud Olmert, or anyone picked out of the Labor-Meretz crowd claims to know what must be done, but fails if given a chance to try. Palestinians claiming to be national lead- ers would rather dither among themselves, threaten catastrophe, travel the world, hear nice words and get good meals from national leaders, and go the UN General Assembly, but can't overcome internal bickering and Israeli power. Outsiders' meddling makes thingsworse. It may be good for one's ego or political stand- ing, but produces frustration among Israelis and Palestinians, and provides incentives to extremism. Currently we are seeing an uptick in vio- lence that may be traced to both Israeli and Palestinian suspicions about Kerry. Rightwing Members of Knesset felt a need to demand that Israel proclaim its sovereignty over the Temple Mount. That effort, known to be both superfluous arid a failure in the Knesset from the get-go, provoked a verbal outburst from the Jordanian Parliamentand a surge in behalf of alAqsawith stone throwing, MolotovCocktails, and protest marches in East Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank. Small steps, taken by those below the level of those getting headlines, have contributed to improvements in accommodation. Most notable is the training of Palestinian security personnel, financed by the U.S, and carried out by Jordanian personnel, done in the shadow of the destruction produced by Israel in response to the last wave of Palestinian violence. Some of the newly trained police have gone bad, and participated in terror attacks against Israeli civilians. For the most part, however, they have cooperated with Israeli security personnel, and have added to the quality of Palestinian life by reducing the threat of vio- lence by criminal gangs within Palestinian communities. Money going to the Palestinian Authority has paid the salaries of an inflated bureaucracy, meant to funnel living wages to a large part Sharkansky on page 15A