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April 20, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 20, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL2O, 2018 PAGE 35B De uW Date 1 1 15116. a er Beipt of the Notice, $14,323.02, 87.o6. 4911-401; any junior lienholder shall have Obligo s). (See Exhibh A . by Contr oria Edmcio Edicol, Comanche Ave Melboume. JARRELL A ADAMS 5003 Mortgage Recoded 8/3/15 the und6rsign8d Trurtee DAVID L REEDER 173 Pa er the rightto deem ks inte c8rtm8dlR8gistaRd Mail or by Planta Baja San Jose, COSTA FL 29235-2601, B, 1116, Colonial Dr Templa Hills, MD in OR Book 4819, Page 1538 shall p ceed wkh the sale sl Gadner, MA 1440, 4000 up to the date lhe Twstee publication by the undenign6d RICA, 1 Fixed WeehlFixed Unk, 28, EVEN, All Season-Float 20748-2403, 6000 a 6000, FERNANDO JOSE SANTOS ot the PDper as provided a 4000 B 4000 B 4000, 12A a iMuas the certmcate ot Sale Twstee, will sell at public III-16, 37 WHOLE, 5214/39-45, WeeW Flo Unrt, 2016-11-02, 45c a 64D, 22 a 40, WHOLE DE AMORIM, AV ARMANDO in in Sertion 721.855, Florida 14c B 31B 6 81D, 20 a 13 B by paying lhe amounts due as auction to the highest bidder $4,989.42, $1.62 $6,754.60. 83.33. 4911-357; a WHOLE, All Season-Float ITALO sml 300 APTO 161 B Stat e5, the undersigned 44 a 32, ODD a EVEN B ODD o lined above. By:Amanda L. forlawtul money otthe Unrfed K: FORECLOSURE 27756. RACHMAN HOLDMAN 2414 w Wee Float Unk, 2016-11-10, SAO BERNANDO DO CAMPO Twstee shall: (1) Provide you a EVEN,Season-Float Chapman, A horized Aganl. Statas ot America, on the tDnt WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (NJ) Ha son St Chicago. IL 60612- $28,548.15, $14.07, 5064-676; SP, 09760 280 BRAZIL, wrth wrmen notice of lhe sale, WeaMloat Unk, 2016-11-14, EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF steps ot the Osceola County LORD.O821 NOS.Pub. LORD. 3597, B, 1403, 49, WHOLE, All CARESHA D ADAMS 5808 fimeshare Unk 210310, Week including lhe dale, tim6 and $5,508.89, 82.76, 4948-1301: TRUSTEE'S SALE Courthouse, 2 Cou house dot Season-Float Wee Floa Unrf, Folgale Ct Capk Heights. 38, Annual. Timeshare lntere location thereof: (2) Record CHARLES J BRUNA553 2nd St Owne s) Addr8N Building Unrf Square, Kissimmee, Florida April 13,18 2016-| 1-04, 814,o54.68, $6.93. MD 20743. 6 0 6 0, 1, Per Diem $9.71, DefauN the notica ot sale in tha Public Pkcairn, PA 15140-1407. 5500, Week Year Usage Occupancy 34741,all right, trfle and inte L 165040 4383-482; MEKA s HALL 45c a 64D, 22 B 40, WHOLE Balance $23.049.45, DefauW Records of OSCEOLA County, 5546, 1. ODD, All Season-Float TS Undivided lnte Season in the p per situated in the HOLDMAN 7590 Windem a WHOLE. All Season-Float Date 1v15116, Mo gage Florida; and (3) Publish a copy Week/Float Unh, 2016-11-15, Use Basis De uW Data #nount County ot Osceola, Florida, Dr Rivedale, GA 30274-3596, WeeklFloal Unrt, 2016-11-10, Reco ed &21115 in OR ol the not e ot sale two (2l $9,932.63, 84.89, 4742-1105; PBr Diem MTG Rec ln described as:(See Exhibrt wA NOrlCE OF rRUSTEE'S B, 1403, 49, WHOLE, All $28,548.15, $14.07, 5064-676; Book 4830, Page T19 TULIO times, once each week, tor KRlsnN M BRUNA 1730 ASHLEY s PEARSON 1201 Tlme Share lnte rf(s) (See SALE Season-Float w68 Float Unk, EMANUEL R ROSARIOBJOAO ROBINSON CARDENAS two (2) suK8Niv8 weeks, Midnight Pass Brownsburg, IN N Ba alonia W Pansacola, Exhibrf "A' accoding to the WESTGATE TOWN CENTER 2016-1 1-04, $14,054.68, 86.93, M SIMOES 176 High S et OTAROLA, LAS DELICIAS in an OSCEOLA Coun 46112,5500,5546,1,0DD,All FL 32501-3002, 4000, 18c, fimeSharingPlanforWestgate 3.0 IHAWWNS) 4383-482; DAVID N HINDS Lowe oR, R32HQ UN ED 7151 ANTOFAGASTA. 12400 newspaper, provided such a Season-Float Wee Float Unit, 41, ODD, All Season-Float Vacation Villas xlx, &oded On 05 10 2018 at 11:00 am, 6 ERICA s OWER HINDS KINGDOM, 61 6 6100 a CHIU, Tlmasha Unrt 210314, nawspaper exists at the time 2016-11-15, $9,932.63, $4.89, Wee Flo Unk, 2016-12-09, in omcial Recods Book 1132, GREENSPOON MARDER, PO Box F 60415 F po . 61 a 6100 a 6100, 41E a Weeh 40, Annual, Tlmesha ol publishing. lf you ail to 4742-1105; DEBRA JOHNSON S7,249.21,83.5o, 5050-1413; Paga 1485, ot the Public uP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suke BAHAMAS, B a B. 1804 a 42c B 42D a 61A B 61B, 16 a lnt8Bt 1, Per Diem $9.57, cure the defauW as s& forth 446 Woodland St T nton, NJ JUAN A. RAMOS and EILEEN Recods of Os ola County, 500, O ando, Florida 32801, 1804, 2a8, EVEN aoDD,All 363637B37,00DB0DDB DetauW Balance 823,695.8o, in this notice or take oMer 08610, 5600, 5656, 22, EVEN, RAMOS 429 Highland Pony Florida (the Plan . Tog6th8r as T ee pu uant to th& on-FloatWee FloatUnW, ODD a ODD,Season-Floal D6fauW D e1OI1l16,Mo ge appropriate artion wkh gad,S n-Float WeeMloat Way Ne Ludowici, GA 31316, wrfh the right to occupy, Appoint nt ot T rtee 201611-05,S12,101.48,$5.96, WeeWflo Unrf, 2016-11-06, R oTd8d 912|115 in OR ook to this to&losu ma er, you Unh, 2016-11-15, $18,291.08. 4000, 50, 41, ODD, All Season- punuant to the Plan, Buildlngls) Borded on 1V1412017 4947-2988; $23,456.27, $1 1 .56, 4226- 4844, Page 1128 MARIA risk losing ownenhip of your $9.02,4998-723:SHAK00RAH FloatWeeMlo Unrf,2O16-12- l Unrf(s) l Unit Week(s) l in O cial Racods Book April13,18 1429; DE8RA PRICE ANGEL APARECIDA ERRER S timesha inl& th ugh the AS SIDDIQ 401 Labe on St B 11, 811,198.58, $5.4B, 4958- AMign8d Yea s), (s68 Exhibrf 5253, and Page 1886, of the L165O36 F CUESTA aMARIA GRISELDA FERNANDES, RUA os t ee Blosu pDc6du T&ton,NJO8611,56OO,5656, 850;FABI0LAM MENDIZABAL A . 7700 Westg e Blvd. Public Retods ol OSCEOLA MINO G o Molina s 11 204 DUMONT APT 501 NO 1529 established in Se ion 721 .855, 22, WEN, All Season-Float 2024 Chickadee Ct siw, co Wssimmee, FL 34747 e in Coun,Florida, by r8a5on au o, ECUADOR, B, 1305, EDIF CANNES MARINGA PR, Florida S atrtes. You may WeeMloat Unlt, 2016-11-15, 81652, 4000, 79, 5, EVEN, All ime Share Plan (PDp8rtyl ot a now continuing d6tauW NoncE OF TRbnE's 11, ODD,S n-floa 87050 100 BRAZIL, Tlmeshare Ghoos8 to sign and send to $18,291.08, $9.02, 4998-723; Season-Float Wea Flo Unk, Add ss Said sale will be by Morfgago s), (See Ewhibk MLE w86 no Un . 2016-11-11, Unh 10604,Week 30, Biennial the undenignad t Aee the ANTONIO D MCLEAN 8088 2016-12-,$8,589.06, 84.17, de rfhort covenants, or A,who5e address is (s wuTonn rOWN cENnR 86,N1.18, S3.22, 4652-959; EVEN, Timeshare lnte 1n. enclosad ob rtion torm, Ca la Pointe Way Pensatola, 4933469; JOSE L NAVARRO wa anly, 8xp M or implied, Exhibk A . in the pay nt or (HnRDAwA CLINTON T WH E,| 1671 P8rDi6m$6.11,D8fauWBalanc8 exewising your rigM to obje FL 32506, 5700, 5T34, 49, CRUZ 2028 Ch kadee SiN, gading tha t le, poM8Mion performance oftha oblig ions On 05 10n018 11:00 am, Peny Pl Nixa, MO 65714- S14,937.66, DelauW Date to Me use ot M6 t rtee EVEN,S n-Float co 81652, ,79,5,EVEN, or encumbrances) to pay lhe secu d by a Mortgaga GREENSPOON MARDER. 9095, B, 1513, 35, ODD, All 11 1 16, Morfgage Recorded to&losu pmedu . Upon WeeMloat Unk, 2016-11-16,Season-Flo W Mloat unpaid aM8ssm8nts dueinthe Gord8d in omcial Records LLP, 201 E. Pine St t, Surfe Season-Float WeeklFlo& Unrf, 9nv15 in OR Book,Page the undenigned twAee's $6.966.45, $3.43, 5060-2525; Unk, 2016-12-06, S8,589 amount of (See Exhibrf A,Book (See Exhibrf A,at Page 500. Orlando, Florida 32801. 2016-11 -08. S15,744.&2, g7.76. 1179 JEFFERSON OUNTO &6ipt0fy0ur5ign8d0bi i0n RO CASTRO 11511 sw $4.17, 4933-469; FELICIA wrfh inte atcwing at tha ISae ExhibkwA ,ofth8 Public as T A punuam to that 5064-750; JAMI L wHm 27 FIWO a MARCIA CAMPOS torm, the fo&losu ot the 228 Ln Miami, FL 33170, SMIM 5290 Washington rale of (See Exhibk "A") per Records of OSCEOLA County. Appoint nt of Tw ae Sunny BDok8 Cir F r GDV8, DE MEDEIROS OUNTO, RUA lien w h specttothe d&auN 5700, 5754, 14,WH0LE. Fixed Blvd meodo,AL 36582- day. punuanttoth6 fim6sha Florida, includingthe b ath or Bord8d on 1U14l2O17 MO 65648. B. 1513, 35, ODD, DANIEL DE CA AWO 1369 specified in this notice shall WeeklFloal Unk, 2016- 11-15, 2138, 5700, 5714, 23, ODD, Plan, advantes, w any, und& de uW,noti ofwhlchwasset in O ci& Records Book,s6ason-noat W Mlo APT 201 BELO HORIZONTE be subjert to the judicial S13,28o.93, S6.54, 5064-726; All Saason-Flo WeeMloat the tenw of said Claim ot torfhin aNoticeotDetauWand 5254, and Page 414, of Me Unk, 2016-11-08. S15,744.62, MG, 30441 152 BRAZIL, toBlosu pD dur8 only. ARLlms GERMAN DIAZ Unrf, 2016-12-08, S8,491.&2, Lan, chages and expens ot lment to FoBlos6 pDvid8d Public Re s of OSCEOLA S7.76, -750; LINDA Tl sha Un 21 .week You have he right to cu 14403 sw 142nd Ct Miami, S4.12, 5 8-2548;TREV0R A the T ee and ofWelru s totha la known add&s ot Coun,Florida, by n PISANO 30 90 h St Ea 25, Annu,fi Bsha lnt8 yourde uWinthe mann6rs8t FL N1865624, 57,5754, PARRIS a SANDRA p PARRIS ted by s d Claim of en. Mortgago s), (See Exhibk ot a now ntlnuing detauW Elmhu t, NY 11369, B a B, 1. Per D m t12.56, DetauW to h in th noti at anytime 14, WHOU, F ed W86Mloat OG8en Vlew Drive Fms vlllage Obligo s) shall heve the rigM A,by Cert a d by Mortgago sT, (See Exhibk 1719B1721,24 a24,wHou Ba S3O,T52.59, D&auW be F8t 8e's saleotyour Unk, 2016-11-15, $13,280.93, Salnt Jamas, BARBADO,to cu the de uW and any Mail or by . at n by A,whose add is (S86 a WHOU,Season-Float Date 111111&, Morfgage mesha int .Nyou donot 86.54, 5064-726; JARED R 5800a 5800, 14A a14B, 16a junior lienholdar shall have the undenigned Twstee, Mibh A,in the payment or Wee Flo Unk, 2016-11-09, R 912v15 in OR Book objertto Me use ofthel stee HUBBARD 2457 E Tumber 1&, ODD a ODD, All Saason- the right to deem hs inte will 58|| at publit auction to perfom&te ofth6 obligations $15,555.28, S7.67, 4571-2426; ,Page 1183 JURACI toBlosu pDc8du ,you will Ave FPsno, CA 93730, 5700, Float WeeklFloatUnk, 201&- up to Me date the Tw ee he highert bidder tor lawhl se by a Morfgage RODRIGO ANDREU 12401 DE ARAUJO POUANA notbe subjertlo a deficiency 5764, 43, ODD, All Season- 12-07, $15,391.89, 86.3o. iMu8s the amtate of S e Dn8y ol the Unhad SB6s &old8d in omcial R ords w Okeech Rd Lot 478 ENGLER DE ARAUJO, AV judgmanteven rfthe p ceeds float WeeMlo Unrt, 2016 4815-1616; JACQUELINE by payingthe amounts due a5 ot An ta, on the tDnt Book(s68Exhibrt A ,atPaq6 Hialeah,FLNO18,B,1 ,14, PRESIDENTE KENNEDY 938 homthe sale ofyourtimesha 11-15, $4,852.78, 82.39, 4155- HERNANDU6975 W16th Ave ortlinedabove.By: DAL. eps ot me Os ola County (s Exhib A,d e Pubit EVEN, Fixed WeeMloat Unk, PALOTIN PR, 85950 BRA inte a insu ti6nt to 2434: NE HUBBARD 714 Apt. 411 Hi eah, FL MO14- CHAPMAN,Arfhor edAgent Courthouse, 2 Courthouse R ods otOS EOLA Coun,2016-11-08, $8,633.57. a.25, Tlm ha Un 211109, k tthe unts Bu d by BelmontStDelano,CA93215- 3862, 59,311c, 19, ODD, HIBrr nh - NoncE OF Squara, Kiuimmee, Flo da norida, includinqthe b ch or 5052-2762; 39, Annu&, Tl Bsha lnte t le lien. By: GREENSPOON 2820, 5700, 5764, 43, ODD, All S6ason-Float WeeMloat TRUSTEE'S MU 34741, all righl, tkle and detauW,noticeo whichwass& Ap I19,2O, 18 1. p& em S9.79, DetauW MARDER. Twrtee n-Fbat WaeMloat Unrf, 2016-12-09. S11,611.32, Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast lnle inthe pDp8r srfueed fo hin a NOtlG8 ofDefauW and L 165035 Ba S24,165.74. DetauW NIBIT A" - NoncE OF Unk. 2016-11-15, 84,852.78, g5.68, 5043-6N; LEOPOLDO Mown Add ss; fim85ha ln the County ot OSCEOLA, lntent to Fo&lo pDvid8d Date 10115116, Mortgage DEFhULT nND INnNT TO $2.39, 4155- 2434; DARRYL J SOUSA MORENO a MARTHA lnterest; Buildingl UnW; Florida, des bed as: (SEE to the la known addRN ot R ed 511&16 in OR Book FORECLOSE: GORDWIN 1429 Montcl r Rd CASTILLO DE SOUSA Av WeeklAssigned Year; Unpaid HI8 A fime ShB Mortgago See Exhibh NoncE OF TRumE's 4962, Page 1216 ANA EUSA owne sVobligo s), Add ss, Apt1 lrondele,AL3521O,59OO, Rancho El Vagel 100 Col AN8ssm8n ;P&DI8m um lnt (s) (SEE HI8 A A,by . i e d TOIAMA, DR AUGUSTO DE Buildlng(s), Un (s), Week(sT, 211c, 46, ODO, All Season- Mexico 14350, M ICO, 304237-9 251 Glenda aKo lngtoth8Tln Sharing M,or by publitation by wEsrGnn rOWN CE MIRANDA 1300 AP 44 SAO Assignad Yea s),Amoum Due Float W Mloat Unrt, 2016- 60 a 6000, 32c a 32D, 1 M Lord P.o Box 23 KaMovi Plan r wEsTGAn TOWN the und6nign8d Tm a8, . (G JR) PAULO, sPo5o26oo1 BRAZIL. totheAssoci ion, Yea s) Due: 11-16,88,713.15,S4.29,5008- 6 1, WHOLE B WHOU,AK9974TandJ sALamge CENTER, &olded in omcial will sell at publ au ion to On 05 10n018 at 11:00 am, Tln&ha Unrf 211211, ROBERT L HARADER, 31945 1 8; ERICA D GORDWIN season-Floa w no& Unk, Jr16 w. &h w, KaMovik, K Reco s Book 1564, a Pag6 the highe bidde r law,GREENSPOON MARDER, w k 43, Annuel, fim ha NRD RD. ARKANSAS cnv, 1 3 Sunjill Rd NW cemer 2016-12-05,$17,487.97, 6.22, 99747, 1 Fixed W M 1479, of the Public Retords n ney or the Unked Stat LLP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suhe lnt6 1, Par Di .85. KS.6TOO5,MARYAHARADER, Poin AL 35215-3046, 5900, 49T6-2398; FREDDIE L POPE Unrf, FFF-01, 52 WHOLE, of OK8ola County, Flo da ot rica, on the honl 500, O ando, norida 32801, De&W B ance S23,39o.29, 71T s A ST,ARKANSAS CITY, 211c, 46, ODD, All Season- 2906 Saint Cha 6s St Fort 5214139-45, 84,989.42, $|.62; (the .Plan . Tog&herwM the eps of le Osc la County as T puRuam to that De&W D e 111117, Mortgage KS, 6T0 -3403, M12; 25;,Floal W Float Un,2016- Myen, FL 33916-4328, 6100 14178-9145773090 MagaB right to otcupy. pursuant to Courthouse, 2 Courthous6 Appoinrment of T ee R8 ld8d 6 2 16 in OR Book S1,627.8o, So.8o, 2016-2017; 11-16, S8,713.15, 84.29, 5008- a 6100 a 6100 a 6100 a 6100, M Ba agllno and Michaal A the Plan, Building(swnk(s) Squa,Kissimn e, norida Bo 8d on 11101n017 in 4978, Page 2952 KAT MARIA GEDDES MOHAMMED a 1068; ELLA CALFEE 1297 58Aa58aa58ca58DB61E, BaWaglino and c o Diane (SEE HIBIT A,uringUnh 34741,right, lkla and Book 52N, and Page 162. DO CARMO, RUA GLICERIO TERRVl MOHAMMED, 7604 Moon6yham Rd Surmer, sc 10 10B10610a10,wH0LE Ba aglino c o B6aubien, k(s) (SEE HIB A int& in 8pD s ual ot the Publit R s ot RODRIGUES 63 ERMELINO REDWOOD AVE, HESPERIA, 29151,6100a6100,15Fa15F, BwHoLEBwHoLEawHoLE Sim Dns, Knight, Manbari, durin AMign8d Yea s) - (SE in e County ot OKEOL OSCEOLA CouW, flo da, by MATA O SAO PAULO,SP CA, 92345, M22; 19;,9a32,wH0LEawH0u,All a WHOLE, #| Saason-Float Neal P.o. Box 87 O ando, FL Hl .A . WESTGATE norida, d8Krib6d as: (SEE a5on of a now continuing 08 2140 BRAZIL, fimesha S1,627.8o, So.8o, 2016-2017; S n-Float W klFloat Unrf, W Float Unrf, 2016-12-09, 32802-0087, 1 F Wee TOWNCENTER77OO gat6 HIB .A fi B Share detauW by Mortgago s), (See Unk 1,w k 29, Annual, JAMES STRONG,4 N HEATON 2016-11-14,$19,770.42,S9.74, 81o,43o.99, S2.83, 4428-2744; F ed Unk. FFF-02, 9 WHOLE, 8ouBvad Kissimm,FL lnte rt(s) (SEE HIB A Exhibk A,whose add ss Tln&ha lnte 1, p& ST, KNOX.IN,46534JENICA 4782-1996; ELLA CALFEE HATrlE L POPE 712 F o Dr 5214139-45, S4,989.42, 34747 Said sale will be aKoldingtoM8Tl Sharing is ISae Exhibrf A,in We D m S12.39. DetauW Balance STRONG, 17950 MAIN ST, 1297 Mooneyham Rd surmer, Forf Myen, FLM913,6 00 $1.62; 466336-9003250700 made (whhort covenants, or Plan br wEsTGAn TOWN payment or p8rformanG8 of S29,524.T4, De uW Date TYNER, IN, 46572-3405, AO3; sc 29151, 6100 a 6100, 15F 6100 a 6100 a 6100 a 6100, T vor s Be P.O.Box 76 wa en,8xpRss or implied, CENTER, &od6d in omcial the oblig ions secu by a 111117, Mortgage Recoded 46; . $1,801.60, $0.89, 2016- 6 24F, 34 B 35, WHOLE a 58AB58Ba56cB58Da61E, Twe Eyas Norfh Slda Anguilla, garding the thle, poN8ssion R ds Book 1564, al Page Mo gage ded in O ci 9 7116 in OR Book 5020, Page 2017. WHOLE, All Saason-Float 10a10a10a10a10,wH0LE ANGUILLA. 1 Fixed Wee or 6ncumbrances) to pay the 1479, of th6 Publ R s R olds Book (s Exhibk 1895 CARLA MARIBEL SOZA, April13, ,ZO18 WeeWFlo Unh, 2016-11-14, awHoLEawHoLEawHoLE F edUnk,FFF-O5,46WHOLE, unpaid principal b ance due ot OK la CouW, norida .A,at Page ls Exhibk VILLAS DE SANTA FE CASAN46 L 164954 S19,639.1o, $9.68, 4811-382: a WHOLE,Season-Float 5214139-45, 85,o85.25, S1.62; under Me mo gage in the lthe .Plan . Tog6th8r wM Me wA . ot th6 Public R o s ot MAUAGUA, 505 NICARAGUA, JORGE RIVEROS a ADR#NA Wee Float Unrt, 2016-12- 57529&9 87 Colby D amount of ISee Exhib A,right to oKupy, punuanl to OSCEOLA Coun . Florida, Tin sha Unh 200201, Week LOPU Cra 7 66 10 Apto 1602 09, 81o,43o.99, S2.83, 4428- Campbell 2620 Danbu Dr e whh inte aKwing at the the Plan, 8uilding(sWnk(s) including the b ach or detauW, 15. B nnial ODD, Tlmesha NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Bogota, 11001 COLOMBIA, 2744; CYNTH RIVERA 600 New O eans, LA 70131 and te of (See Exhib A per (SEE HI8lT A ,during Unk noticeofwhichwass&forthin lnte 112, Per Diem $6.88, SALE 6100. 33G. 11, ODD, All E Pollock Rd Apt 2302 State Makeba J Campbell 3251 w,day, punuant to the Morfgage, Week(s) (SEE HIBIT wA a Notice of DetauW and ln ent to De uW Balance 816.423.1o. WESTMTE TOWN CENTER S6ason-Float Week/Float College, PA 16801-8503, 6100, Blvd ap 903 Gretna, LA 70056- advances, it any, under the durin ANign8d Yea s) - (SEE Fo&losa pDvided to he last DetauW Date 1/1/17, Morfgage 3. IHSAN) Unk. 2016-11-17. 88, o5.2o. 86G, 9, ODD, All Season-Floal 7645, 112 Fixed. FFF-06, 32 terms of said Morfgage. Hl A' . w EsTGAn known add ss of Mortqago s), R ded N/17 in OR Book On 0511012018 at 11:00 am, $3.94, 5072-484; CHIQUITA Wee Float Unrf, 2016-12-06, EVEN, 5214139-45, 85,758.32, chages and axpenses of TowNcENnR77 wertgate (See Exhibk wA,by ert edl 5098, Page 2051 JUANA GREENSPOON MARDER, Y GETER 180 Westb ok Rd $9,145.80, 84.45, 5052-2750; $1 .45; 104540-7022778130 the T stea and of the twsts Boulevard KiMimn 8. FL Registered Mail or by BEATRIZ SEPULVEDA u@, uP, 201 E. Pine Stra6t, Su e Gordon,GA 31031,6100,84F, CARLOS,VILLAHERMOSA Gay J Tmes 121 Wilson Cir cre ed by said Mortgaga. 34747 Said s e will be public ion bytheundenigned AVDELAIRE1O25BLOCKK12 500. O ando, Florida 32801, 4,WH0LE, ISeason- Flo RIVERA and LUZ D. CRUZ Willi bug. VA 23188. 1 Mortgago ) shall have the made (wMort covenank. or T ee. will s&| at public DPTO 303 SAN LUIS, UMA, as Twstee punuant to thal WeeMloat Unk, 2016-11-13, ALICEA PO 8ox 902 San F ed. FFF-15. 13 WHOLE, rignt to cu e d&auW and w,exp or implied, aurfion to Me highe bidder PERU, Tlnashal8 Unrt 200201, Appointmem or T st S15,363.2o, $7.57, 4383-1912; Se Alan, PR 685 62,25, 5214139#, $4,989.4z, a1.62: anyjunlorlienh d shall have . arding F8 thle, posseuion for lawhl monay ofthe Unked, w68k 10. Annu,Tlm6shaR &orded on 1V14 2O17 KEnH c GmR PO Box 695 48. WHOU, l Season-Flo 14278-T0227 5030 Ter Lee the rightto eem s int or 8Mumbranc ) lo pay the Stat85 ofAm&ica,onthe hont lnte 1, Par Diem S12.68, in O cial Re s Book Gordon, GA 31031, 61 ,84F, Wee Flo Unh, 2016-12-06, T er 302 s We St Madison, up to the d e the TwA86 unpaid principal balance due steps of the Osceola Coun De uW Balance 83O.161.21, 5253, and Pag6 2823, of the 34. WHOU, All Season-Float S13,43O.92, $O.OO, 4757-745; MO 65263, 1 Fixed W68W issues the Cerf cate ot Sale und& the Drfgag8 in the Courthou58, 2 Courthouse De uW Dale 111117, Mortgaga Public Reto s ot OSCEOLA WaeMloat Unk, 2016-11-13, LYNNA Y HUTCHINSON a FiwedUnk,GGG-O3,3WHOLE, by paylng he amounts due as unt ot (See Exhib A . Squa,Wssimmee. Florida Recod v3 17 in OR Book Coun,Florid by son S15,363.2o, $7.57, 4383-1912; GENE A HUTCHINSON 35 A 5214139-45, 84,989.42, 81.62; outlined above. By. dB L. wM int aKwing th6 34741, all right, t le and 5 7.Page1018lSISFAB NA of a now continuing d&auW BRET L JEWELL a ELLEN Grace Ga ens Santa Cwz, 14623-9137566420 Zoe F.B. Chapman,A hor edAgent. rata ot (See Exhibh .A per inte stin e p shu ed DE RUENDE, sas 412 B1 D by Mortgago s), (See Exhibrf s JEWELL 1524 Crthill Way TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 6200, Harrison and And w c B ler QHIB A" - NoncE OF day, punuamtothe Mortgage, in Me Coun ot OSCEOLA, APTO 202 BRASILA, 70278 A,whose edd ss is (See Cassalbeny,FL327O7,B 6 B, 35, 27, WHOU, #| Saason- of Eden w StepB TRUSTEE'S ShLE advantes, rf any, und& the Florida, d8Krib8d as: (SEE 040 B IL. fimesha Unk Exhibk A ,inthe paymentor 1106 a 1208, 36 a 38, EVEN Float WeehlFlo Unh, 2016- Orthgill, CA174JU NGLAND, Own8 s)Add NBuildingUnrf t ot said Mortgage, HIB A Tlme Sha 200405, Week 20, Biennial performante ofthe obligations B EVEN,Season-Float 12-10, 834,933.31, $9.62, 1 FixedW MixedUnrf,GGG- W86k Year Usage O upancy ch s and 8xp 58s of lnte rt(s) (SEE HIBIT A ODD, fim ha lnta Bu d by a Mortgag6 WeeMloat Unk, 2016-11-16, 4872-397; JUAN DE LOS 03, 42 WHOLE, 5214139-45, TS Und idad lnte rt Saason the Tw ea and ol Me t s acco ingtothe fime Sharing 1 2, p& Diam S5.84, DetauW rded in omci R8cod5 813,39o.2o,$6.6o,44o1-28o; REYES SANTANA and ROCIO S4,989.42, 81.62; 406361- UsaBasisDefauWDateAmount c ated by said Mortgage. Plan for WESTGATE TOWN Balance 813.857.64, DetauW 8ook[S Exhibk A .alPage @I13,18 c. SANTANA 7954 NW 188 7019569100 WaWar B Hencox ParDiemMTGReclnl Mortgago s) sh,hava the cENnR, ld8d in omci& D e 1115/17, Mo age (See Mibh .A,otthe Public L165O37 Te ace Hialeah, FL MO15, B, 460 Waterbury Dr FayaWeville, SHIRLEY Y HAWKINS 9104 right to cu the detauW and R od5 8ook 1564. Page R8 ld v6l17 in OR ook Recods otOS EOLA Coun,1115, 23, EVEN,Season- NC 28311-1343 and Ann Vamum St Lanham, MD anyjuniorhenhold&rn&lhave 1479, ot Me Publit R ods 509T, Page2426JULIO CESAR norida, includinq Ma bRach or Flo W86 FloatUnrt,2O16-12- Gonring 5836 West Lake 207,40,18B, 45, ODD, the ghtto m hsi e rt ot Osceola Coun,Florida VILLACIS PUMA a JULIO detauN,no ceo whichwasset NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 10, $11,829.68, 85.79, 4937- Dr We Bend, wl 53095, 1 All Season-Flo& wee Float up to the date tha Tw ee he Plan . Tog&h wkh tha CESAR VILLACIS CHAVU, to h in a Notica ofDefauW and SALE 2 i HENRV L SINGLETON Flxed WaaM ed Unh, GGG- Unh. 2016-10-28. $4.111.65, iMues the amc e ot S e right to occupy, punuant to PABLO DEL SOLAR E4 11 Y lntent to For lose p vided wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER REGINA G JOHNSON 10819 13, 10 WHOLE, 5214 39-45. $2.02, -2865: DEVONA by paying Me unts due as the Plan, Building(sWnh(s) CUEPI QUITO, ECUADOR, to the la known add w of . (PERV WellinQon CDSS Way Che er, 84,958.54. 81.62; 856182- L ROSS 537 Winding wBy oullined above. 8y: da L (SEE HIBIT A,during Unrf fi sha Un 11601. k Mortgago (S6e Exhibrt On 05 10 2018 11:00 am, VA 23831, B 6 B, 1107 a 9005743 0 Marie L Adams Wayesboro,VA 22980,4000, Chapman,A horizedAgant. W86k(s) (SEE HIBIT A , 17, Bienni ODD, fimesha A,by ertmadlReg te d GREENSPOON MARDER, 1311,31 a2o,EvEN aoDD, and CARL L ADAMS 17 1st 40, 20, EVEN,Season- QHIBlr A" -.NoncE OF during Assign6d Y s) - (SEE lnte&t 112, Per Diem S6.18, M,or by publicalion by LLP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suka,Saason-Float WeeMloat St P.o. Box 822 Coeymans, Flo Weakl Float Unk, 2016 TRumE's MLE WHIBIT A . wEsTGAn De uW B ance $15,413.12, Me und8Rign8d Tw e6, 5,O ando, Florida 32801, Un,2016-12-10, $22,340.79, NY 12045, 112 Fixed Wee 11-02, $11,143.32, $5.49, Owne s) Add N 8uilding Unrf TOWN CENTER 7700 w6 g 8 De uWDale8l15l16,Morfgage will sell at public aurtion to as T stee punuam to that $11.04, 4810-2463; BOUQUET Fixed Unk, GGG-13, 24 ODD, 5074-1822; MILLER MOISES week Year Usage Otcupancy Boulevad KiNimme8, FL Reco 11l1&15in OR Book the highest bidder for lawlul Appointment of T e6 D WASHINGTON 7012 Migliori 5214139-45, $5,457.26, $1.52; MILLAN RUANO a UZNORYS TS Und ided lnte Season 34747 s d s e will be 4874, Pa e 362 Dn8y ot tha Unked States recorded on v14l2o17 in c Disrirt Heighs, MD 20747- 415809-9 3438800 Derrick D Z REYES Calle 106 26-15 Us8Bas D&auWDat8A Dunt made (wrmo covenants, or (40839.0151) of Amarita, on the hont Book 5254, and Pag6 248, 1759, B, 1606, 21, EVEN, Moore 1930 HamiWon St Bamo RovenzaBu ParDiamMTGR,w,exp or impli , Ap,13,18 st8p5 of the Osceola Coun of the Public Recods ol,Season-Float WeeMloat auinrtn FL 32351, 1n Fixed Santander, COLOMBIA, HERMAN L OSBIN 28 Nina gading the thle, pow sion L165O29 Courthouse, 2 Cou house OSCEOLA CouW, Florida, by Unk, 2016-12-10, $7,064.71, wea ixed Unh, GGG-15, N 40,48A a 48B, 52 a 52, DrPiGaWn8, MS 39466,4 0, or encu b ntes) to pay Me Squa,KiNimm88, F rida ason of a now continuing 83.39, 4859-585; BEN w MC ODD, 5214139-45, 85,452.65, ODD a ODD, Flxed WeeMloat 33D,25,0DD, IS8a5on-Flo unp d printip balante dua 34741, &| right. I e and defauW by Mortgago s). (s68 LEMORE 5M0 Rainey Ave $1.52; 1131524-90154 100 Unrf, 2016-11-02, S15,o34.28, W68klFloat Unk, 2016-11-07. under the mo gage in Ma NoncE OF DEFAULT AND int inthep pertyshualed Exhibk A,whose address N O nga Pa,FL 32065, Rogerio C8Ni and Frantisco $7.41, 4678-1295; THOMAS $5,3 .90, $2.61, 4741-1414; amount of (Sea Exhibk A ), INnNT TO FORECLOSE in tha CouW of OKEOLA, is (See Exhibk A,in th6 B, 1620, 32, WHOLE, All Silva Rua Kwanji Kubo 13 o SHIPMAN a CHRISTI w MARSHELL D HARDAWAY whh i e accwing al e O.R.B.|.T. nLE g11. Florida, described as: (SEE payn nt ot performance ot Season-Float WeeklFloat Cent Jataizinho, 86210 000 SHIPMAN 26 Badget sl 1971 Cox D Aurtell, GA rale of (See Exhibk A p6r Punuant to - &ion HIB A Tlme Sha the obligations secu d by a Unk, 2016-12-06, $24,344.11, 8RAZIL, 1 F ed wee Floe G enville, SC 29605. 5100. 30168, 40,ND, 25, ODD,day, punuant to Me Morfgage, 721 .855, Fbrida Stat es, lnt8r6 (s) (SEE HIBIT .A Mo gaga &od6d in OWicial $10.03, 4757-623; CHRISTINA Unit, HHH-05, 51 WHOLE, 5134, 9, WHOLE,Season- Saason-Float W Mloal Unrf, advances, rf any. und& e the undenigned Twstee accodingto Me Time Sharing R6cords Book s Exhibit M KNOLES a RANDAU s 5214139-45, S4,989.42, Floa Weekl Flo&t Unh, 2016 201611-07. S5,3 .9o. S2.61. t ot said Mortgaga, as aPgoi ed by O.R.B.|.T. Plan for WESTGATE TOWN "A',at Page Sea Exhibk HENRV 2058 C eknont Dr $1.62: 217019-70140584 11-01, g29,8o6.65, $14.69, 4741-1414; MARK M MOORE chages and exp na ot OWNE s ASSOCIATION, CENTER, Bod8d in omcial A,ofthe Public Recods of Middl6bu ,FL32O68,B,162O, Franci5coRami&Call823W38 5038-73; JAMIE L VANEK 810 N w 83 Te ace Miami, the Twstea and ot th6 tw s INC. me ina erretenadto as Recods Book 1564, at Page OSCEOLA County, Florid4 32, WHOLE, All Season-Float Daparta anto 106 San Ped B KATHRYN E VANEK 9835 FL3315O,4 O,79,2O,EVEN, c ated by said Mortgage. .Auoc[ation he by torm&ly 1479, of the Public Recods intluding the b ath or de uW, Wee Float Unrt, 2016-12-06, De Los Pinos, 03800 M ICO. Chardon Rd Chaldon. OH All season-noat noat Morfgago s) shall have the notmes (Sae Mibk A th ot Osteola CouW, Florida notice of which was set brth in $24,344.11, 81o.o3. 4757-623: 1 2 Flx6d Wee Fixed Un,44024, 52,5217, 6, WHOLE, Un,2016-11-12, S8,14O.1O. right to tu the detauW and you a in de uW du6 to your (the Plan . Tog&her whh the a Notic6 ot DefauW and lntent to JOANN M MC LEMORE 5324 HHH-06, 40 ODD, 5214139- F ed WeeMloat Unk, 2016- $4.01, 4911-412; CRYSTAL any junior lienholder sh,have lailu to pay Nm8 (s) due right to oKupy, pursuant to FoBlos8 p vided to tha last Rainey Ave N O nge Park, FL 45, 84,o29.o2, $1.19; 339059- 10-28, $36,334.04, $17.91, E JAMES 13T0 NW 214th Ter the rightto deem s int6 for (See Exhibh A punuant lhe Plan, Building(sVUnk(s) known address of Mortqagor(s), 32065 o, B, 1620, 32, WHOLE, 9001500000 Gunlher Dubon 501z-1952; TYRONE BLAIR a Miami, FL 33169-2027, 4 0, up to the date the Tw 86 to tha AMociation's qov6ming TSEE HIBIT A"), during Unit (Sea Exhibk A"), by erf edl All Season-Float WeeklFloat and Maria E Dubon and E in VENEASA KING BLAIR 2299 79. 20. EVEN. #| Season-Float iNues th6 cerfmc e of Sale docum8nts ( oveming Week(s) (SEE WHIBIT A,Registe d Mail or by Unrf, 2016-12-06, $24,344.11, Dubon and Patritia Dubon Rosema N Montgomery, Wee Flo Unk. 2016-11- by paying the um5 due as Docun ms and you now during Assigned Y6ar(s) - (SEE publiGation by the undenigned $10.03, 4757-623; ADRIAN T 9820 sw 12m Ter Miami, FL IL 60N8-4019, NOO, N26, 12, S8,14o.1o, $4.01, 4911- o lined above. By: Amanda L. owe Association (See Exhibk HIB wA' . wEsTGAn Trustee, will sell at public DAMMS a RENEE L DAMMS 33174. 1 F ed WaaMixed 30, ODD, All Saason-Float 412; TULISSA N CLEMON chapman,A honz Agant. A which amount includas TOWN CENTER 7700 Westgate auclion to he highe bidder 201 w Arcade Ave Clewiston, Unrf, HHH-11, 39 WHOLE, weekl Float Unk, 2016-11-05, 5 Ha ison St Apt 8 Taunton, HIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF inte st, late tees, and olher Boulevad KiMimm88, FL tor lawhl money ot lhe Unked FL 33440-2922. B, 1803. 26. 5214 39-45. $4,989.42, $1.62; $19,326.43, $9.53, 5046-2699; MA 02780. 51OO. 5152. 46, TRunEE's SAU thages. Addkional inte st 34747 Said sale will be States otAn rica, on the hont ODD. Fixed WeeWloat Unk. 326008-9001071900 Paul p NEAL STORMAN B RABIAH EVEN, All Season-Float Owne s) Address 8uilding Unrf continues lo acc e the rate made (whoul covenants, or 8p5 of the Osceola Coun 2016-12-10, S9,675.34, $4.71, Nong Laolam 3351 C al STORMAN 2765 West 5 WeaklFloat Unk, 2016-11-08, week Year Usage Otcupancy of (See Exhlb A per day. A wa an,express or implied, Cou house, 2 Courthouse 5086-1024; MONIQUE SPANN Valle Ct, Holland, Ml 49424 Street Apt 14G BDoklyn, NY $17,257.70, $8.51, 4998-721; TS Undivided lnte rt Season lien tor the ato said amount garding lhe lkle, poss6Mion Squa . Kissimmee, Florida 5011 Palm Hill Dr Apt Aa387 and hhaW c Ourn 13281 Te i 11224, 5400, 5413, 1, EVEN, DARGENIS J CRUZ RINCON u58 Basi De uW Date nou has Bord8d again5tth8 or encumbrances) to pay the 34741, all right, tkle and We Palm Beach, FL 33415. LynLnApt3Holland,MI49424-,Season-Float Weekl Float a KATHIUSKA c DIMITROV Per Diem MTG Rec lnf tollowing al pDpar loc ed unpaid principal balance due interest in th6 p perfy skualed B, 1804, 8, EVEN, All Season- 2966 and Young Kim Nhiv Kim Unk, 2016-11-01, S7,73o.58, FINOL Urbanizacion COD DtO ANTHONY L GRANT JR a USA in OSCEOLA Coun,Florida: under he mortgage in the in the Coun ol OSCEOLA, Float wee Floa Unrf, 2016- 9855 RILEY ST, ZEELAND, Ml $3.81,4308-2792;NATASHA R Av 36 Resd Vllla Crirtal 7 R BEASLEY 5426 L ing on (See Exhibrt A' Together amount ot (See Exhibk A,Florida, destribed as: TSEE 12-09, $9,008.08, 84.36, 4944- 49464, 112 Flxed W68klFix8d MC DUFFIE4498A hurCollier Matacaibo Zulia, VENUUELA, Ter Apt 202 Oxon Hill, MD wrfh a inder over in tee wkh inte st atcwing at the WHIBIT A fime Share 1141; Unit, HHH-12, 3 ODD, 5214139- Rd Eveg an, NC 28438, 5500, 5M6, 50, WHOLE, All 20745, 4000, 14B, 23, ODD, #| simple absol e, as tenant- te of (See Exhibrf A per lnte st(s) (SEE HIBIT A April13,2O, 18 45. 85.457.26. $1.52 35427- 5500. 5555, 21, WHOLE,Season-Float W Mlo Un,Season-Float Wee Flo Unk, in-tommon wkh all other day, punuanttothe Mortgage, accoding to Me Tlme Sharing L 165038 9169961070 De k R Gameau Season-Float Weekl Float 2016-1 1- 06, 821 ,828.49, 2016-10-03, Ownen of all the Unrt Weeks advances. rf any, und6r the Plan for wEsTGAn TOWN Rebecca A Garneau 11135 Unrf, 2016-10-28, $21,092.72, $10.76, 4473-1155; GIANNINA 85.52o.48, 82.78, 5048- in ma ha a & described terms ot said Mortgage, cENnR, Bold8d in omcial AMn y N Unk 18 San Diago, $10.40. 4938-1818; EUGENE DENEGRI B ZULEMA PERU 2481; PEDRO HERRERA a condominium apartment tor chages and expen es of R6cods Book 1564, at Pag8 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S CA 92131. 1 Fixed Wae B ABINGTON a YOLANDAA. Av 28 De Julio 660 Casa 10 MICHELU G SILVA 2oo7 w the tollowing destribed al the Twstee and o the tw s 1479, of the Public R8cord5 SALE Fixed Unrt,HHH-15,7 WHOLE, ABINGTON 3354 Wakefiald Dr Mi Ro s Lma. 18. PERU, Washinglon St W6slaco, M est e locatad in Me Coun created by said Mortgage. ot Oscaola Coun,Florida WESTWTE VACATION 5214139-45, $4,989.42, $1.62; Decatur, GA 30034, 5T . 5737, 5700, 5744, 34, EVEN. All 78599, ,18D,46,0DD,All of Osc la, St&e ol Florida, Morfgago s) shall hava the (tha "Plan"). Togelher wrfh the VILLAS xw 9738-9148952190 Ma 31, ODD, All Season-Float Season- Float wnoat Saason-Flo WB8Mlo as lollows: Unrf Week No. (SEE right to cure the defauW and right to occupy, pursuanl to 2TT . 21 (LORD) R Krisinski and K hy Ann Weekl Floal Unh. 2016-11- Unk. 2016-11-11, S8.588.66, Unrt, 2016-1 28, S5,165.2O, . WHIBIT A") in Apartment any junior lienholder shall have the Plan, Building(s)Wn (s) On May 10, 2018 at 11:00 a.m Fadowhak 196 Holland w 01, $18,462.48, S9.1o, 4976- S4.23, 4897-2861; MICHAEL 82.61, 4933-442; JESSICA L No. (SEE HIBIT A ) ot the rightto deem its inte rt (SEE HIBIT A,during Unk GREENSPOON MARDER, Rd JeWerson Township, NJ 2459:MATTHEW G TAYLOR a p HOFFMAN 6 AMAURY L WOODS and ROYNAECAREY O.R.B.|.T A CONDOMINIUM, up to the date the Tw ee Week(s) (SEE HIBIT A,P.A 201 E. Pine St et, 07438, 1 Fixed WeeMixed CAROL JOY a TAYLOR 2010 RENTAS 68 Burnside Ave 16122 Necoridge Hou on, M aKoding to Me Declaration iNues the cerfmc e of Sale during Assigned Yea s) - (SEE Suke 500, O ando, Florida Unk, HHH-16, 19 WHOLE, 25th St w Williston, ND 58801, St en lsland, NY 10302, 77053, 4000, 35B, 2, EVEN, All of Condominium and by paying the amounts due as #HIBIT A . WESTGATE 32801, as Tw ee punuant to 5214139-45, $5,025.25, $1.62; 5900, 303A, 52, EVEN, Fixed 5900, 207D, 15, WHOLE. Fixed Saason-Flo Wea Float Unk, Am8nd Bnts M t, as owlined abov6. By: Amanda L. TOWN CENTER 7700 Westgata that Appointment ot Twstee 16322-9149361210 Robe WaeWFloat Unh, 2016-11-04, WeeklFloat Unh. 2016-11-10, 2016-07-14, S6,O11.O1, S3.O1, ded in the omcial Chapman, A horized Agent. Boulevard Kissimmee, FL recoded on Decembar 13, Wad Milli c wad 526 Bay 811.892.48. S5.86. 4215-1972: 812,458.65, S6.14, 4651-1425; 4948-62; ALDO GUERRERO Recods Book 649. Page WHIBIT A" - NOTICE OF 34747 Said sale will be 2017, in O.R. Book 5253. Drive VeD Beach. FL 32963, 1 ELEIDIS SIERRA 591 2nd JOHN PcoPPoLAaJoANNE a MAR#,GUERRERO 4716 040 et seq ol the Public TRusnE's SALE made (wrfhout covenants, or at Page 279, ot the Public Flxed WeeklF ad Unh, HHH- St T&ton. NJ 08611-3022. s COPPOLA 89 Wa erWay Ebony Ave Mcallen,TX 78501, Records ot Osceola Coun,Owne s) Add M Building Unit wa an,8xp M or impliad, Raco s ot Osteola Coun,16, 21 WHOLE, 5214 39-45, 6200, 13AB, 50, WHOU, All Dr Tampa, FL N635, 59 B 4000, 51D. N, ODD, All Florida. Tog&her wkh all the Weeh Year Usage Octupancy garding the t le, possession Florida. by ason of a now $4,989.42, 81.62; 1135195- Season-Float Wee Floal 5,604B a 605 9 31, Season-Float Float Un , tenements, h8Rd am6nts TS Undivided lnt8r6 Season or encumbrances) to pay the continuing detauW by Obligo s), 9015476900 Chri opher w Unrt. 2016-1 1-02. 823.591.96. ODD a ODD,Season-Float 2016- 09-14, $5,503.12, 82.77, and appurtenances the to Use Basis Defau Date Amount unp d principal balanca due (See Exhibk A,whose Bugos and Eve n Santos $3.10, 4938-2588; RONNIE WeeklFloat Unk, 2016-11-10, 4947-525; SANTOS M MC b&onging or in anywise Per Diem MTG Ret lnt under the morfgage in the add ssis(See Exhibk A,in Po Box 806 San Lo&zo, PR PETERS a ALNITA E PETERS $13,140.24, 86.48, 4515-145; LAURIN 4621 old Yo Road appertaining. m8Rin me OTHMAN M Y AL THAKAFI unt ot (See Exhibk A',the payment or performance of 00754, 1 Fixed WeehlFloatUnrf, 935 lronwood Dr Montgome,RONALD F THOMAS a FAITH Philadelphia, PA 19140, 40 , Sha Plan (P perfy) Po Box 108942 Jeddah. wkh inte accwing at the tha obligations secured by said III-03, 15 WHOLE. 5214139-45, AL 36117, 6200. 55, 36, ODD, A THOMAS 1517 sw,a Ave 66, 11, EVEN, All Season-Floal Add M . As a suW of 21351 SAUDI ARABIA, 4000, rate ot (See Exhibrt "A") per Claim of Lien recorded in O.R. $4,955.04, $1 .62; 633992- All Season-Floa Weekl Float Port Saim Lucie, FL 34953, Week/Float Unk, 2015-12- 15, the ato mentioned defauW, 57. I6, ODD, All Season-Float day, pursuant to the Mo gage, Book (See Exhibit "A"), a Page 7040064700 David E Young 202 Unit, 2016-10-27, $34,172.78, 6000 6 6000 a a 87,O65.54, $3.29, 4684-2813; Associ ion hereby eletts to Wee Float Unrt, 2016-11-18. advances, it any, under lhe (See Exhibit "A.'), of he Publit Penn Avenue Oxtord. PA 19363. 816.85. 4937-713; EsnBAN a 6000 a 60,54c a 54D OLUBAMBO o OPANUGA sell lhe Property punuant 86,876.87, $3.39, 4736- 2017; terms ot said Mortgage, R6cords ot Osceola Coun,1 Fixed, III-11, 6 WHOLE, PADILLA,| 4237 ElsinoR 6 62c a 62D 6 63c a 63D, 1732 SUN8X Walk Ho to Section 721.855, Florida KEITH D MC CULLUM 1754 charges and expenses of Florida, including the breach or 5214/39-45, $4,989.42, $1.62; St Philadelphia, PA 19124- 10 & 10 a 25 a 25 a 30 a 30, Estates, IL 60195, 4000, T6, Stat es. Plaase be advised N Monitor Chicago, IL 60639, the Trustee and ot the twrts detauW, notite of which was set 9437-9136542370 Maria De 4805, B, 1116, 28, EVEN, All WHOLE a WHOLE a EVEN a 28, ODD, All Season-Float thal in the evenl that the deb 4000a4000,80a80.36a41,created by s d Mortgage. forth in a Notice of DefauW and Los Ang. Diaz de Quevedo and Season-Float Weekl Float Unk, EVEN a ODD. All Season-Floal WeeWFloat Unrf, 2016-10- 09, owed to lhe Association is not EVEN B ODD. All Season-Float ' Mortgagor(s) shall have the lntent to Foretlose provided Albe o Francisco Quevedo 2016-1 1-02, $6,754.60, $3.33, WeeWFlo Unk. 2016-11-10, 87,161.65, $3.47, 4844-2952; paid within thirty-five (35) days WeeWFloa Unrt, 2016-11-18,right o cure the detault and to the last known add ss ot,Carpio 150 Mts Oeste De La 4911-35T; LAURA REYES 496 $14,931.22. $7.36. 4543-2634: TROY J MOREHOUSE a LA