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Fern Park , Florida
April 20, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 20, 2018

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PAGE 30B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 20, 201& PR 682, 1 Fixed Wee A5sign8d Year, DelauW D e, 03, 11 HOLE, 1nn014, w, Holli5, NY 114z3, 1 Fixed otsaletwo(2)tim,ead Cond oM and R85 rtions A FO D, 3874 F n R ga St e Ro e 595, Logan, OH Fix6d Un,E-06, 49 H0U, BookRage ot R6cod6d Len, 5214146-50,$6,343.40,S3.13: Weekl xed Unk. PP-108, 391 week, for two (2) 6 t e ogal6 Vacation Cir. Davie, fl NN1 Ri do 43138 Debo h A Donn& , 11212014, 52141438-444, $6, unt, Per Diem Amount Ashley Jackson, Po Box 274, WHOU, 11v2014, 52141426- weeks, in an Ow la C nly vlll ||, ci Records Ga ia, 138 BRIDGE ST w 2, 129 WOODHAVEN DR, S6v8n 343.40, 83.13; Jennrf M fim haP Trad6 lns, uc, Ga on, IN 47342, 1 Fixed 431, $5, 265.01, $2.60; Jana newspaper, p ded wch a Book12O2.atPag671,otth8 Salem. MA 01970. Rose H Fialds. PA 16046 Daborah Gandron, 5663 Y8|IOWCPN Dr, 10923 St e Hwy 176 Wes,WeaklFlxad Unit, AAA-03, 39 Moore, 5921 Te avista Dr, n8wspap6r axi s at e li Publit rds ot Osceola Ga ia, 24 Lemon Sl, S em, A Donnelly, 503 Jackson Bl, Saginaw, Ml 48603, 1 Flxed W nrt Shade, MO 65771, 1 WHOU, 1/u2014, 5214146- Au in, TX 78735, 1 Fixed of publishinq. lf you t,to County. norida he Plan' MA 01970, 1 Fixed Wa6W xad F om, PA 15042, 112 Flxed Weekl xed Unk, E-08. 311 Fixed Mixed Unrf, AA- 50, &6, 343.40, 83.13; T vor W88 x6d Unk, PP-110, 381 cu the deeuW as s& torth and,dB(s) thereto, Unit, -07, 32 H0U, Wee Fixed Unrf,CCC-06,441 WHOU, 11N014, 52141438- 02, 23 H0LE. 101v2016, B we, |||, 124 lves Avenue, WHOU, 11N014, 52141426- in this notice or take o l& rf any. T w the right to 11v2014, 521&24&2N. 84, EVEN, 1/212014, 521712453- 444, $6, 343.40, $3.13; Ca J 5214/403-406, $3, 410.12, M8rid6n, CT o, 1 Fixad 431, S5, 204.59, $2.57: appropriata action w py. pu am to the Plan, 989.42, $2.46. 2457. 84, O92.62, 82.o2; Enio M Poulin and Norma Hea and $1.68; Raymond S MclemoP WaahlFixed Un,AAA-06, 49/ James Kent Mudd, 1156 Bay to this foreclow maw . you Bui ing-Unk(s) (See Mibh April ,2T, 1B Mendoza and Norma Trevino, Harold Haaly. 975 Beatrice and Latonya E. M Mclemo . WHOLE, 11u2014. 5214 46- Meadows Dr, LexinQon, KY risk I05ing owenhip of your .A,during Unrt Week(s) (See L 16N40 944 South Concoune Ave, CRS, Sudbu,ON, C A 5548 w Outer Dr, DetDrf, 50, $6, 343.40, $3.13: Juli6n 40514 Cythia s Mudd. 117 timeshare inte m ugh e Exhibh .A,during ANign8d Los Angeles, CA 90022. 1 P3A3E8, 1 Fixad Wea Ml 482 5. 2 Fixad WBekl H Martinand LndaM Spango, High Pointe Dr, Geogetown, t stea toraclosure pocadul8 Yaa s),(Sea Exhibk A"). 7700 Fixad WeaMixed Unk, ccc- Fixed Unh, E-11, 19 H0U, Fixed Unh. AA-06. AA-06. 38 24 Caron Way. No h Scituate, KY 40324, 1 Fixed WeeMixed established in Sertion 721.8N, W gale Blvd Kissimmee, NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND 08, 15 H0LE, 11212014, 1 2/2014, 5214 438-444, 86. wHou,39/wHoLE,1 2no14. Rl oz857, 2 Fixed W86Mixed Unh, PP-110, 45 H0LE, Florida Statut6s. You may FL 34747 m in fime Share INTENT TO FORECLOSE 5217 2453-2457, $6, 431.24, 166.40, $3.04; Bob T v s 52141403-406, 811, 127.86, Unrf, AAA-09, AAA-09, 01 1n12014, 5214/426-431, 85, choose to sign and d to pD Qdd "l. As a wuTG^n vhcAnoN $3.17; Amarilys Soto, c12 and Mya E Wilson, 2710 $5.49; me Dizon Family WHOU, WHOU, 1/v2014, 226.72. 82.58; Gerad Vldale. the undanignad h an w ol e ato mentioned VILLAS nLL 2 . 1 Calle, Arecibo, PR 00612 Scabo ugh Dr, Kissimme6, fl Twst, 3156 Color Palewe Ave, 5214 46-50, $11, 139.32. 703 Ha em St. Youngstow. objettion torm. 6x ng your d uW, gal6h y8le s Pursuant lo Se ion 721.855, Mild d Ruiz Vazquez, 616 HC 34744,1FixedWaeMixedUnrf, Henderson, NV89O44, 3 Fixed 85.49; Lany c Dilworth and OH 44510, 1 FlxedWeeMixad rightto objarttotheu ot I8 to 5&| 78 PD punuan Florida StaMes, wEsTGAn 1,Bajade ,PR00616,1 Flxed F-01, 23 H0U, 11v2014, WeeklFixed Unit, AA-10, AA- DianeGDilworfh,1858W82nd Unh, PP-201, 52 H0LE,stee foreclosure pm u . to S ion 721.855, norida vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS Wee xed Unk, ww-02, 2& 52141438-444, $6, 343.40, 10, AA-10, 18 H0U, 191 St, Chicago, IL 60620, 1 Fixed 11212014, 5214J426-431, S6, Uponthe und8 ign hrt68.s . p ase be advised AssoclAnoN, INC. WHOU, 11212014, 5217n453- S3.13; Marion K Kamm ing, WHOU, 20 H0LE, 11v2014. WeeklFixed Unk, AAA-11, 321 398.75, $3.16; Pamcia Rubio, Rceipt of your siqned obi ion that in Me avant that your (hereina er Pt8 6d o as 2457, 86, 4 1.24, $3.17; Club 746 Wood Ln, S t4 FL 52141403-406, 815, 912.32, WHOU,1l2l2O14,5214l46-50, Agl Rubio 108-110, Po torm, tha torecow ot 18 obl a onisnotb ugMcur nt "Westgate,has eoded a Sale R8sorts,3O27W85tHwy 34237-8342, 1 Fixad w 87.85; fimesha Trade lns, $6, 343.40, $3.13; Law nce BwMas. BELGIUM 01000, 1 lien wkh sperfto B detauW [lnc d g e payent of any Claim of Lan in the amount 76 Ste H, B nson, MO 65616 Flxad Unh, F-06, 51 H0U, 10923 w. State Hwy 176, Joyce, Po Box 535991, Fwed WlxedUnk,PP-202, specmed in Mi5 not rn,| in d by Wertgate in ot (See Mibit A,w h Roberf E. Poe and Mau n 11v2014. 5214/438-444 Walnut Shada, MO 65771, G nd p irie, M 75053, 1 9 H0U,11V2014,52141426- be subja to tha judic rmB#lg M toRclosuP int8r taKwing at e te of E. Poe, 6464 Co ina, lahe 343.40, $3.13; John B6Bt, 112 Fixed WaeMixad Unk, Flx6d WeeMixed Unrf, DDD- 431, S5. 199.63, $2.56; vlgil toRtlosu pm u on . ) w in lir (30) (s Exhibk A day,and Cha es, LA 70607, 1 2 F ed 12 Derby Road, L6nton, AA-11, 910DD, 1/V2015, 08, 43 H0LE, 11V2014, Shondel,Jr 612WestMaple YouhavetharigMto your day hom a fim dale ot &oded in O.R. B k (See Wee xed Unrf, ww-02, 431 NoWingham, ENGLAND, 2 52141403-406, 82, 552.00, 5214 46-50, $6, 343.40, StApt7,Cente ille, IA 52544, detault in tha mannar afor pu . a undenigned Ewhibk A,Paga(S Mibrf ODD. 1nn014, 5217n453- Flxed Waekl xed Unk, F-07. $1.26; MaWhew v Cascio and $3.13; Vencenieo Veggae, 1 fiwed W86W xed Unil, PP- inthisnotic8atanyti Bb8to Tw ee rn,pDceed wrm A"), otthe Publit R ords ot 2457.83.745.21,81.85;Edwin F-07, 16 H0U, 17 H0LL Lo lei B CaKio, 8318 hley 4519 Wl o Bronson Mamorial 207, 29 H0U, 11v2014, the und8rsign6d bu 66's e ot e PDp8rty as Osceola CouW, Florida, and KWashin4on,37O Contod Pl 11v2014, 52141438-444, S11, Ava, BloominQon, IN 47401, 2 Hwy Apt 121, KiNimm68. FL 52141426-431, 86. 398.75, ofyourtimesha im .wyou pD in S ion 721.855, tha undenignad T ee as Apt. 2, Bloomfield, Ml 48304 127.86, $5.49; Joge Luiz p Fix6d WeeM ed Unrt,CC-08, 34746, 1 fixed Wae xed $3.16:Luis A Lam and Paulina do notobj8rfto 8us6otth8 FbridaW85.inwhidcas8, appoin edbyW t ,he by Anha M Washinglon, 15717 Sanlos and Llian L Santos, CC-08, 11WH0U, 2 H0U, Unh, DDD-11, 17 H0LE, E5pa a L, Cenada Guayacan,s e6 for6clowr8 p u,e u ed Tw ee shall: tormally notifies ( Mibk Rosemont Ave, Det rt, Ml Ave Rainha Elizabeth 587 1 v2014, 52141403-406, $11, 11v2014, 5214 46-50, $6, 37, R id ci Sabinos, you will not be wb to a (1) PD you wh wen A")thatdu6to your luPto 48223, 1 Fixed W68 xed - Apto. No. 802, lpan&na, 127.86, $5.49; Tlmesha 343.40, S3.13; Gerard Vldale, Hermosillo, SON, M ICO deficiency judgB 6v rf no ot s e. including pay e annu aw sB(s) Unk, WW-08, 38 H0U, Rio De Janeiro, B IL T delns,UC,1O923W.S ale 15PerthAvenua,Coco eaSan 83146, 1 Flxed WeaMixed lhe proc88d5 hom e sa le dala. b and location dua on (Sea Exhibk .A and 11N014, 521712453-2457, 22081-030, 1 Fixed Hwy 176, Walnrt Shade, MO Farnando,TRINIDADT BAGO, Unk, PP-208. 15 H0U, ot your tim ha int l r. ) R ld the notice all asseNa(5) M8RaR8r, S6, 431.24, $3.17: Laonora G F ed Unk, F-10, 23 H0U, 65771, 1 Fix6d WeeklFlxed 1 Fixed Wee xed Unrf,EEE- 11v2014, 5214T426-431, 85, ate insuWicient to 0 6t tha ot s e in 6 Public Records you aP tU& in defauW G nt,8113 w MillStApl.28, 1 2n014, 52141438444, S6, Unh, .cc-10, 33/WH0U, 03, 22 H0U, 11v2014, 137.20. 82.53: #an,PoWer, amounls setu d by e li . ot laCoun ,florida;and ol your obligations to pay CI6vas, OH 45002, 1 Flxed 343.40, 83.13; G6 d Vld a, 7 112015. 52141403-406. 83, 5214/46-50, 86, 343.40, $3.13; 671 NE 140lh St, North Miami, By: GREENSPOON MARDE (3) Publ a copy ofthe noticB ass6Nm8nts du6 lo Westgat6 WeaWFixed Unk, ww-09, 311 703 Ha 6m Sl, Young ow, 570.72,$1.76:MichaalAnlhony Nicholas c Ce lliand Graal M FL N161, 1 F ed WeeMixed UPTwstae. ot two )tl,onc6 each on the tollo ng d8Kribed al WHOLE, 11V2014, 5217n453- OH 44510, 1 Fix6d Wee Colangelo and J8Nica Lee Degawan Ce lli, 95-16 130lh Unk, PP-2 . 10 H0LE, EXHIBIT NAh - NoncE OF w t (2) waive proper locatad in Os la 2457, $6, 431.24, $3.17; Fixed Unrf, F-11, 4 H0U, Colangelo, 16 Foss St # 1, Str86t, South Richmond Hill, 1M014. 52141426431, S5, DEF^ULT AND,TO w an O la Coun Coun,florida: (See E ibh Stephan L Snydar Sr and 112n014, 52141438-444, S6, Medtord, MA 02155, 1 F ed NY 11419, 1 2 Fix6d Wee 226.72,$2.58; Dar IJ Phipps FORECL E . d such a A Tlm6 Sha lnl& (s) Sh&lyMSnyd6r,1932F ncis 343.40,83.13;Anthony M.San WeeMixed Unrt, FF-11, 411 Flxed Unit, EEE-05, 1B/0DD, andJoAnnLPhipps,5O3Bison Ow6 s)IObligo s), fim h ne al the ime (See Exhibk.A as defin in Ca ol Dr, S 8emard, LA Felice and Lnda R. San Feli,WHOU. 11V2014, 5214/403- 112n014. 5214/46-50, $2, Rd, Oswego, IL 60543, 1 Fixed lnterest, Building-Un . of pu hi lt you tail lo the Decla tion ol Covenants, 7 85, 1 Fixed kl xed 1816Cornus ,Willi ow, 406,S6.343.40.83.13:Donald 552.00, $1.26; Flo nce E WaaklFixed Unk, PP-209, 201 Assigned Year, De uW Dale. tha d uW as set torfh Condrtions and Res mons Unrt, WW-12, 1 H0U, NJ 08094. 1 Fixed E Bush Srand CaDl L Bush. Coaxum, 17810 SprinQ Dr, WHOU, 1m2014, 5214 426- Boo Page ot R L6n. in n or tak6 other tor the w6 g 8 Vacation 1 V2014, 521 712453-2457, F ed Unk, F-11, 261WH0U, 1706 Sunnysid6 Bead Dr Humble, M 77396, 1 Flxed 431,S5,226.72,$2.58;JulianA nount, Per Di n A mm e acl n whh gard vlllas omcial R ords 86,233.4O,$3.O7;Ca os Diaz 1 2014, 5214143844Q 86, Unk D. Johnsbug. IL 6 51. W6a xed Unh, zz-03. a Bomeo and G ciala N Bravo, Francisco Ca D and Pa a to isto R w you Book 1123, at Page 1, otthe and SusanaA Diaz,Co entes 343.40, 83.13; Stua A k6n 2 Flxed WeeMixad Unrf,X-10, WHOU, 1n12014, 5214146 Boasan1228LaUnion,Bu6nos Castro, 550 Bay dge Rkwy. rirn ow&ship ot your Public R o s ot OK8ola 1854, 9 .'A", Mar Del Pl a and Patricia Barba A k6n, x-10, 14 H0LE, 15 H0LE, 50, 86, 343.40, $3.13: Nicole r,ARGENTIN 1 Fixed Brookl n, NY 112,1 Fw baa im& th ugh the County, Florida ehe Plan (cp 7600), Buenos , 23 Lmekilns,Panc tland, 11V2014, 52141403-406, $11, H Pet s, 24A Trolley SquaR W86 x8d Unrt, PP-211, 51 Weakl ixed Unit, PP-112, 2y &ow pDc8du and all amenda(s) M o, ARGENnNA, 1 Fix6d w T nent, East Lothian, uNlnD 127.86, $5.49. w171, Wilmington, DE 19810, WHOU. 1 2014, 52141426- WHOLE, 1/v2014, 5214 725- dabl h6d in S6rtion 721 .855, itany. Togetharw Me rigMto Flxed Unk, ww-13, 6 H0U. NGDOM EH34 5HF. 1 fixad, A,2T, 18 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unrf, ZZ- 431,S5, 226.72.$2.58; Roberto 729, 85, 839.00,$2.88; Ca B F rida SlalLrf6s. You may occupy, punuant to the Plan. 1/2 2014, 521712453-2457, S6, F-11. 44 H0LE, 11v2014, L 165247 1o, 37 H0LE, 11v2014, Martinez, 1315 s Broadway St, Rosa Cald6ton and Ana caia d to s n and s6nd to Building-Unrf(s) (See Mibrf 461.65,$3.19. 52141438-444, $6, 343.40, 5214146-50, $6, 343.40, $3.13. Plainviaw.TX 79072. 1 2 Fixed Calderon, Urb Venus Ga d 5, 6 un gnad Wstee an '.A"), during Unh Week(s) (Sae April O,2T, 18 S3.13: Randy A Mill&. 2 April,2T, 18 We6kl F ed Unrt. PP-310, 261 654 Calle Ahodrf4 San Juan, ob iontorm, 8xeKising your Exhibrf A"), during Assignad L 165342 chland c k Rd, FoxwoM, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND L165246 ODD, 1 212014, 52141426-431. PR 00926. 1 Flxed x rigMto ob rfto e useotthe Yea s), (s68 Exhibh A . noo MS 39483, 1 Fixad, F-12, 4 INnNT TO FORKLOSE S5, 882.86, $3.17; Caribbaan Unit, PP-112, OE burt to wR p tedu . Westgate Blvd Nimm88, WHOU, 11v2014, 52141438- wEsTGAn vAcAnoN Resal6s. A Delawa Lmrfed 112n014, 5214 725-729,U n 6u n tw 88'5 FL 34747 e in fi P Share NoncE OF DEFAULTAND 444, 86, 343.40, $3.13. LLAS x ll FILE: NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Labil y Company, Pmb 328 431.24, $3.17; J n A plotyours nedobj ion (Ploperty) Add N ). As a INnNT TO FORECLOSE Apnl,2T, 2018 2TT . INTENT TO FORECLOSE 444 Brickell Avenue Suhe Va da, 46 Sepentine Lan6, torm, the toBlosuR ot tha resuW ot the afo aioned wEsTGAn v^chnoN L165245 Punuant to S6rtion 721.855, WESTGATE vAcAnoN 51, Miami, FL 33131, 1 Fixed LeviWown, PA 19055, 1 Flxed li wh tothe detault defauW,We galah yele s LLAS,nLE: 2TT . Florida Stalutes, wEsTGAn VILLASXVllFILE:2TT . W Wee Flxed Unk, PP-312, 27/ Weeh/Fixed Unk, PP-206, 371 ifiad in this notice shall to sell the p p6rty puwuant Punuant to Sartion 721.855, vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Pursuant to Setlion 721.855. WHOLE, 11v2014, 5214/426- WHOLE, 1l2/2015, 5214 725- be wbjerf to the juditial to Section 721.855, florida Florida StatWes. wEsTGAn NoncE OF DEFAULT AND ANoclAnoN, INC. Florida Statutas, wEsTGAn 431, $6, 431.24, 83.17; Elsa 729, 83, 569.N, S1.76: toaowla p u only. Statutes. Please be ad sed VACATION VILLAS OWNERS INTENT TO FORECLOSE me inaRer rete to as VACATION VILLAS OWNERS,go Mir, A o 5 117 Casa JeW y w Ev . 304 lw Youhave rigMtow your that in the event that your AssoclAnoN, INC. wuTGnTE vAcAnoN Westgate"), has &orded a AssoclAnoN, INC. 10, Lomas Abingo. Cu6ma Pointa Dr, Eli tow. KY de uW mann setto h obligationisnotb ughtcu ent mareinawer fenad to as LLAS xll FILE: 2TTS&.0831 Claim ot en in the amount areinaWer r6t6 8d to as Vaca MoPno, M ICO 62180, 42701 Nancy A Ev,in not alanytin bero [lncluding the pay m otany Wertgate"), has ratorded a Punua to &ion 721.855, of (Sea Exhibk '.A ), wrfh Wastgatew), ha5 recorded a 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, Q- 101 College Station Ct. Apt a und&signed Ou ee's sale t intu by gate in Cl m of Len in lh6 amount Florida Statutes, wEsTGAn inte&t accwing atlhera e ot Claim ol Lian in the amount 02, 501WH0LE, 11212014, D, Elizab6thtow, KY 42701, otyourti im . lfyou commencing this fo&losure ot (See Exhibk A,whh vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS (Se6 Exhibh A perday. and ot (See Exhibit A,whh 5214 426-431, $6, 431.24, 1/2 Fixed Weekl x Un,do nol objerftothe use otthe pmeM) wkhin thirfy (30) inleRstaGcwing atthe te ot Assoc noN, INC. Rcoded in O.R. Book (Se6 intere5taccwing atthe te ol $3.17; Kole c Colaman and PP-207, 3&MN, 1 2014, trurt losu p cadu,days trom the fim date ot (See Exhibit "A'.) perday, and me inaw& Rt to as Exhibrf A ,atPage(SeeExhibit (See Ewhib A") per day. and Kel A Billand. 86 Elderbeny 52141725-729, $7, 556.37, you,nol be wbje to a publication, the undenign6d recorded in O.R. Book (See We g e,has corded a A"), otthe Public Recods ot racoded in O.R. Book (S Ln, Ge ad own, 25420. 83.73: Julie E Man,2 15 defi ydgment 6v6n it T ee shall pme whh Exhibit"A"),atPage(SaeExhibh Claim of Len in th6 anDunl Osceola County, Florida, and Exhibh A ,atPage(SeeMibk 1 Fixed We8Mix6d Un,Harbour lsle Dr, Port S m a pm hom the sale the sale of the p as A"T, otthe Public R ods ot of (Sea Exhibit "Aw), wrm he undenigned T stee as .'A"), olthe Public Retords of Q-03, 3 H0U, 1 V2014, Luci6, FL 34986, 1n Fw ol your aR int est p vided in S ion 721.855, OK8ola Coun,Florida, and i erest acc ing al he r 6 ot appointed byWe tgale.he by O5t80la County, Florida, and 5214 426-431. 86, 366.26, W86klFix8d Unk, PP-212, 39 a iMu rt to oWset the Florida S lrt6s, in whid case. the undenigned Twstee as (s68 Exhibit A per day, and tormally notifies (See Exhibi the undenign6d Twstee as S3.14; Gemini lnvestment ODD, 11u2014, 5214 72J729, a mms d by the lien. he undenignad Tm sh |: appoinledby tgate,h y d in O.R. Book (s Aqthat dueto yourrailuRto appointedbyW8 gat6,heRby Partnen, lnc A Florida 87,194.14,&3.55;LuisEPabon By: GREENSPOON MARDER, (1l Provide you w h wrmen tormal notmes (Sae Exhibk Mibrf A.), al Page (SaeExhibh pay the annual asseN ant(s) tormally notm6s (See Mibk Copo on, PO Box 138039, Coca, 26 Calle UN, San Juan. u,T ee. notice ot the s e, in uding A that due to your tailuR to A"l, orMe PubliG ReGo s ot due on (See Mibrf A") and A")thal dueto yourfailu to CI8mDnt, fl 34713, 1 Fixed PR 00915,1 Fix6d x lalT A. - NoncE OF the data, ti and location pay the annual aN8N ant(s) OK8ola County, florida, and,ment(s) Meraa er, pay We annu aM8Nment(s) xed Unk, a-04, 441 Unit, PP-306, ou. D ^uLTnND INTENTTO theRot; (2) Recod the notite due on (See Ewhibit A and the undenigned Tw ea a5 you are cu ently in detauW due on (s86 Exhib A and WHOE 11v2014, 52141426- 1 v2014, 5214 72J729. KLOSE ot sale in th6 Public R ords all ass8Nm8ntTs) thaPaRar, appointad bywestgata,h hy ot your obligalions lo pay all Nm8m(s) th R&, 431,$6,398.75,S3.16;Pel W t6, 431.24, S3.17: sl O 65 l o 5), fimesha ofOsceolaCounty.flond and you a cu antly in detauW tormal notifies (See Ex . Nn nts due to Westgate you aR cu antly in defauW Fowl6rJrand Nad eSFowl&, Geoge and Susan c,lm . Building-Unh, kl (3)Publishacopyorthenotite ot your obligations to pay A")that dueto yourtailu to onthetollowing deKrib8d al of your obligations o pay 10416 w y Way, O ando. B navalon Mop Rd rt De uW Date. otsaletwo(2)tin,ca ch m6nt5 due to Bgat6 pay the annual ass6w6m(s) p located in Ostaola aM8Mmants dueto W g e FL 32835, 1 Flxed PoWpool, WALES NP47,aga ol ad Len, weak, tor lwo (2) gK iv8 onthetollowing daKrib8d al due on (See Exhibk A.) and Coun,norida: (s Mibk on etollowingdeKribedr6al Flx Unh,a-O8, HOLE, 1 FixBd W86Mix6d Unrt, PP- Anmm, p Di n Amount weeks, in an OK la CouW pD lotatad in Ow la ,a ment(s) th &, .A fin Sha lm8 (5) properfy located in Osceola 1l2 o14, 5214 426-431, S6, 312, 241WH0U, 1 2014, l na V que 55 Dani6| nawsp,pDvid8d such County, Florida: (s68 Exhibrf you a cu ant in darauW (See Mibh A as d8fin6din County, norida: (See Mibk 431.24, S3.17; Bob p LaMan 5214/725-729, 86, 431.24, s E H Wold, CT 06108, newspaper 8wi 5 th6ti B A Tlme Sha lme (s) ot your obligations to pay e la tion ot Cov s, A fi Sha lnt (s) and K an, 187 W.17;Cha esM a 11 1 Flx Unk,JJJ- of publishin lf you tail to ISee Exhibh.'A")as d6fin8din Oueto We gale Gond ions and rtions (S Mibk A asdefin Union St E Wat,ON, Mogun Dr. EWort, PA 1,01, 2 E 1 2014, CUR th6 da uW as to h u De aration otCoven , onth8tollo ngd8Krib8d r,w 6 Vat ion th6 D6claration otCoven,CANADA N2J1C4. 1 Fw 1 Fix W x Unh, - 521 4&2N. t4. 989.42, in this no ca or take other Cond ion5 d n s pDp8r lot ed in Os la Vlllas wll, cial R8tolds Cond oM and R8rmc oM W xed Unh. w-02, 5v 01, 1 WH0E 1n 14, .46: w ginand aPP prialaat on w gard tor tha 5tgal8 Vac ion Cou Florida: (See Exhib Book 1103, at Page 1123, of tor me W6 gat8 Vatation WHOU, 1 v2014. 5214 426- 5214TT25-729, t5, 018.20, ne w Coggin. 1809 tothi5lo& w n&, you Vlllas Nl, omcigl Retods A") lma Shal8 lnt (s) lhe Public R6cods otOscaola Vlllas xvll, OMcial Retords 431,$6,431.24,S3.17:G6og8 S2.47; Horf& se J Phillip5 Dunbune GB, William5bug, risk I05ing ow ip ot your Book 845,atPag6 724,of e (See Exhibrt A as de nadin un ,Florida(the Plan and Book 1103, at Page 462. ot Bey v11 Mchnley St, and Sha nia W,4701 VAW1 .1 F ed Flxed timasha im thDugh Me Public R ods ot OK la w6 OaGlarat n ot covanam5,dment(s) 6B0, rf lhe Public R6tords otOK la Hol wood, FL MO2O, 1 F old Yo Rd, Phi daph PA Unk, WJ,2yWH0LE, twst86 lo low pD ur8 County, Florida (the Plan Condhions and R rimons any.T erw h e rightto Coun ,florida(the Plan and wad Unk. wa, 4 19141,D8s DndPhill .1952 1n 014, 521&248-253, a mlishad in &ion 721.855, and all amandmant(s) the to, tor th6 tgata Vac n upy, punuant to the Plan,dm8nt(5) M eo. rf WHOLE, 1M014, 5214J426 fin n n Ave, Pann5 k . a, 015.4T, t1.98; Cy ia s Florida St rf . You may ifany.Tog&h&whhtherightlo Vl as xll, omcial Re ds Building-Unk(s) (See Mibrf any.Togetherw h e righllo 431,g6, 398.75, S3.16; Luz G 8110,1 Flxed Unk, ,14 T 6Rort6595. ch to sign 56nd to ocGupy, punuant to the Plan, Bookg33, Page423,ortha A,duri g Unk (s)(S68 oKupy, pu ualrttoth8 Plan, M RD, 76u fi in Park D4, 43 H0LL 1 14, . OH 43138, 1n Flx6d Me und8nign6d bu an Building-Unk(s) (s Mibh Public R6cords ot OK la Mibrf ), during Auign6d Building-Unit(s) (See Ewhibh Bhd Apt 314. Jach5onvill8, 5214/725-729, S6, 431.24. LDk. RRR-04, 451 obj ng your A . during Unk (s) (s66 CouW, Florida (the Plan Yea sl,(See Exhibk A").77 "A"), dur q Unk Week(sT(See FL 32256, 1 F ed w $3.17; Graeme A T ODD. 1M014, 521&248- righttoob to eu otth6 Mib A,during sign6d and all dm t(s) th&&o. W gate Blvd Nimm88, Exhibh A,during Assigned Fwed Unh, w-07, 47 H0U, Da ene Maggini, 196 H um 2N. t4. 2 .07. S2.O7; Par twst to cbsu p u . Yea s), (See Exhibk A . 7700 rfany.Tog8m6rw hth8rightto n 34T47 e in Tlme Sha Y s). (Sae Mibk A . 7700 1 2014, 52141426431, S6, C s, HamiWon, ON, A Fw6, INC. a Company duly Uponthaund6nign8dbv 66'5 Wertgate Blvd Nimm88, py, punuantloth6 Plan, pDpetyl Addr s"). A a We g e Bhd KiNim,092.88,$3. . L9C7T3, 1 Flx6d ogan and 6xisting under r8c8iptotyour gn8dobj6 ion FL 34747 6r6in wTim6 Sha Building-Unh(s) (S6a Exhibh suW ot th6 ato ionad n 34747 6 in .fi P Sha @IOn, 18 Fixed Unk, -05, HOE and by rha ot Me law5 ot torm, he to&low ot th6 pDp8rty) Add ss"). As a A"), during Unk W k(s) (s86 da uW.W tgateherebyelerts p perfy) Add N"). As a L165274 1lv2o14, 5214 T2JT29, S6, te S e Wyoming, 1621 lien w h Qtothe de uW wW of tha ator6mention8d Exhibh A"), during Assign6d to s&| the PD punuant ww ot the atorementioned 431.24, $3.17; Wo d Tranrf Ava. Ca6nn8, WY specmad in mis no ce shall datauW,W85tgat8h8Rby& s Yea s), (s86 Exhibit A . 77 to Se ion 721.855, Florida defauw,w6stg 8 haPby ala s lnc A Florida,1, 1 F x6d be sub rf to 18 judicial to sell the p pa y punuant stgat6 Blvd Kissimmee, Sta Was. Plaase be advi58d to s6|| tha roparfy punuan NonN OF DEFAULT AND 13876 SW 56dl Sl a 262, Un NJ3O1, 31 H0U, for bsu pDc u on . to S ion 721.855, florida FL 34747 e n "Tlma M at in tha event that your to Se ion 721.855, horida INnNT TO FORECLOSE Miami,FL33175.1Flw 1M014, 521 48-253, 84, You havathe righ to cu your S al e . Plaase ba ad sad p pa y) Add N"). a obligationisnotb ughtcunant StatLrt8s. PI8a58 be advised WESTG^TE vAcAnoN Fixed Unit, a-10, 17 H0U, 989.42, W.46; Wanda,Rivera, d6tauWin he mann ttorth lhat in th6 event M your suW of the afo m tioned rlntluding tha payent ot any that in the avent that your uNx IFILL2n . u 11212014, 5214172J729,3610 T Lna Way, Saint inthis notic8alanytim8b6to obligationisnotb ughtcuat d8tauW,W8stgat6h8 by&8rts tees incunad by g e in oblig ionisnotbroughttunant Pu uant to &ion 721.855. 177.95. $3.05: Md a& D C ud. FL 347 lris B Rivera, the undenigned bustea's sale Flncluding th6 payment ot any to sell the Proper punuant commenting th foBlosu [lncluding tha paynent ot any florida Stat,WESTGATE Godkin and Melissa L Godhn, 20 C A u6 Apt N2B, otyourtim6sh eim e .ltyou fees incu ed by Westg a in to Sertion 721.855, Florida pDc6M) wkhin thirty (30) fees intur d by W tgate in vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS 5 Spring St, Cl on Spnngs, 8 y, NY 11w6, 1 Fixad do notobjart otheusaottha commencing this to losure Statutes. Please be advisad days tDm the fint date of commencing this fo closure AssoclAnoN, INC. NY 14432, 1 F 6d W Unrf, UUU-01. 301 w 6e toBlosu procedure. p ceN) within thirty (30l that in the event that your publication, the undenigned process) wrfhin thirty (30) me ina ar t lo as Fixed Unk, w-03, 2 H0E WHOU. 1 N014. 5218 248- you will not be wbje o a days hom the fi dat6 of obligation is not b ught cunent T stee shall proceed wrth days from the fint date ot wW8 gate"), has &orded a 11212014, 5214/725-729, S6, 2N, S4, 989.42, $2.46; Juan d8fici6ncy judgm t even if publication, lhe undenigned [lncluding the payment ot any the sale ol lhe Prope y as publication, the undewigned Claim of en in thB amounl 381.24, $3.15; Gerard Vld e, Oilo and Ja ualina Oilo, 4801 lhe proceeds hom th6 s e Twst86 shall p ceed wkh t68s intu ed by Wastgate in provided in Se ion 721.855, Twstee shall proceed wkh ot (See Exhib .'A"), with 703 Harlem St, Youngslow, NW Tth Sl Apl. 806, Miami, of your timeshare intarest lhe sale of the p perty as tommencing this tor8clo5uP Florida Statutes, in which tase, the sale ot the p perfy as inter actwing a the rate ot OH 4451O, 3 F xed W M FL N126. 1 F ed WaaklFixed a insuMcient to of et the provided in Sertion 721.855, proc8N) wkhin thirfy (30) the undenigned T stee shall: provided in S6rtion 721.855. (See Mibit A per day. and Unit, w-04. w-04, w-04. v Unk. UUUD4, 27 H0LE, amounts 5ecu d by the lien. Florida Slatutes, in whith ca58, days hom the first da e of (1l Provide you wkh wrmen florida Statutes, in which case. Boded in O.R. Book (See WHOLE. 3 H0U, 4 H0U. 112n014, 521 Q8-253, $4, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, the undarsigned Twstee shall: publication, tha undenigned notice ot the sale, including the undersigned Twstee shall: Ewhibrf A,al Page (See Exhibk 1/2/2014, 5214 725-729, $15, 989.42. S2.46: Benjamin Wowo LL,T stee. (1) Provide you with wrmen Twst68 shall prot68d with the date, time and location (1) Provide you with wriWen A,of the Public Recods ot 565.67, $7.68; fim ha T de and #gay wo, 3407 Grand WHIBIT Ah - NoncE OF no ite ot lhe sale, including the sale of the p perfy as the ot; (2) Record the notite notice of the sale, including Osceola Coun,Florida, and lns, LLC, 10923 w. Hwy 176, P8bbl6 Ln TX 77494, 1 DEFAULT AND INnNT TO the date. time and location provided in Settion 721.855. of sala in the Public Recods the date, time and location the undenigned Twstee as Walnut Shade, MO 65771, 1 F ed F ed Unk, uuu- FORECLOSE thereot; (2) Record the nolice florida Statutes, in which case. of Osceola Coun,Florida; and thereot; (2) Retord the notite appointed by Westgate, hereby Fixed Week/Fixed Unh, w-,10, 50 H0LE, 10 v2014, Owne s)IObligo s). Tlmashare of sale in the Public Records Me undenigned T stee shall: (3) Publish a copy of the notice ol sale in the Public Racords formally notifies (See Exhibrt 9 H0LE, 1/21z01 6, 5214 25- 521 4&2N. 84, 074.68, lnterest, Building-Unrt, Waakl of Osceola Coun . Florida; and (1) PDvide you wkh ww of sale two (2) times, once each ot OK8ola County, Florida; and A Mat dua to your f lure to 729, 81, 216.94, $0.60: Da d $2.01 ; FRdyV Ramsoondar and Assigned Year. Default Date, (3) Publish a copy of the notice notite of the sale, including week, for lwo (2) succ8Nive (3) Publish a copy of the notice pay the annual aNeNment(s) A Bender, 7279 Ny,Rd, Gayath ondar, 5044 Boo Paga ot Recorded Len, of sale two (2) times. once each tha date, time and location weeks, in an OKeola Coun ofsaletwo(2)times,onceaach due on (See Exhibrt A and Chamber5bug,PA172O2Lnda Mcluham Road. Edmonton, Amount, PerDiem unl weak, tor two (2) suK8Miv8 thereol; (2) Recod ha no ite newspaper, provided such a week, tor two (2) succeNive all weNm8nt(s) the aWer, E Bender, 112O Lncoln Way E AB, C A 26R0J4. 1 Float Wiltod Louis and Gu6 ande weeks. in an Osceola Coun ot sale in the Public Recods newspapar exists at the time weeks, in an Osc la Coun you ara cu ently in default Chambersbug, PA 17201, 1 Unk. -01, 381,Louis, 1300 NE 140 St, North newspaper, pDvid8d such a of Osceola County, Florida; and of publishing. lt you tail to nawspaper, provided such a ot your obligations to pay Fixed WaeW xed Unk, w- WHOLL 1MO14, 521&248- Miami, FL 33161, 1 Fixed, newspaper exists at the tin (3) Publish a topy or the notice cure the detauH as set torfh newspaper exists at the tima aMeMm6nts due to Westgate 07, 26/WH0LE, 11v2015, 2N. S4. 989.42, 82.46; John BBB-03, 11 H0U, 112n014, of publishing. lt you fail lo of 5ale wo (2) times, once each in this notite or tahe other ot publishing. lt you fail to on the following described real 521 4/725-729. 83, 6 .10. H Jat Jr and Tammy 5217/2453-2457, $9, 561.88, cu the detauW as se forth w86k, for two (2) su eNive appropriate artion wkh regard cure th6 detauW as sel rorth p per located in Osceola 81.78; Edmund p And S Ja bs, 200 LauRl Ave, $4.72; Khalita # qaji and in this notice or take other weeks, in an Osceola CouW to this to losure maWer, you ' in this notice or take other Coun,Florida: (See Exhibk and Patricia M And&son. 25 Sl C D, NC 27510. 1 2 Fixed Alesha,M Mubarak, 6264 appropriate action with gad newspaper, providad such a risk losing ow ship ot your appropriate action wrm regard A Tlme ShaR lnterest(s) Aongus Lawn, T lagM, Dublin, W Fw Un,WV-05, 361 Mahmoud Bn Ka m, Unite 1, to this toreclosure maWer, you newspaper exists at the ti P limesha int t thDugh the to this tor6closuR ma er, you (See Exhibrf A") as defined in IRELANDOOO24,1 F W ODD, 1M0 4 521&248- Riyadh. SALDI ARABIA 15215- risk losing ownenhip ol your ot publishing. lt you fail to lw e6 to&losuP p cadure risk losing ownenhip of your the Detlar ion ot Covenants, Flxed Unh, W-07, 3 0U, 2N, $5, 382.07, $2.65; Ana 3539, 1 Fixed Wee xad Unrf, timeshare interest th ugh lhe cu lhe detault as set torm established in Se ion 721 .855, timesha interest hrough the Condkions and Re ri ions 11212014, 5214 T25-729, $6, Maria Nune Ninos He,BBB-05, 27 H0U, 11212014, t stee foraclosuP pDc8du in lhis notice or take oth florida Stat es. You may t stee toreclosu procedure tor the Wastgate Vacation 431.24, 83.17. Nuevo ldeal- Durango, 5217/2453-2457, $6, 430.65, established in Sac on 721.B55, appropriate arfion whh ad choose lo sign and sand to established in Se ion 721 .855, Vlllas xvll, omcial Records April 20, 2T, 18 M CO 34420, 112 Fixed $3.17; Nathaniel Johnson, Florida Statute5. You may to this tor8closul8 maWer, you the und6nigned t stee an Florida Statutes. You may Book 1103, at Page 462, of L 165275 WeehlF ed Unk, WWW-02, 281 1210 Ray Cha es Blvd Unrf choose to sign and send to risk losing owenhip ot your obje ion torm, exewising your choosa to sign and s6nd to the Public Recods ot Osceola ODD, 1n 014, 521&248-253, 445, Tampa, FL 33602 Beth the undersigned t staa an timesha inte th ugh e right to obje lo lhe us6 ot the the und6nigned twstee an Coun,florida (the Plan ) and 85, 457.26, S2.69: Stephanie A Bell, 2123 Ba acuda Ct, objertion torm, exercising your twstee for losure p ceduP hvs ea IO CIOSUR p cedure. obje ion torm. ewercising your all amendment(s) thereto, if NoncE OF DEFAULT ^ND Mo s . 12y Dale Drive, Holiday, FL 34691, 1 Fixed right to obj6rt to the use ot the es ablished in Sertion 721.855. Uponthe und signadt stee's rightto obje to the use otthe any. Together wkh the right to INnNT TO FORECL E MonD8. GA 6, 1 Flxed Wee Flxed Unrf, BBB-07, 161 t stee toretlosure procedure. Florida Statutes. You may teiptofyoursigned obje ion t stee ror6closuP proceduP. ocGupy, punuant lo the Plan, WESTGATE vAc^noN Unk, www-07. 27 WHOLE, 1/u2014, 521712453- Upon the undersigned t ee's choose to sign and send to form, the foPclosure ot the Upon the undenigned t st86's Building-Unk(s) (s Exhibil VILLAS,hLL WHOE 1M014, 5218 248- 2457, $6, 431.24, 83.17;Angela ceipt ofyoursigned obj6clion the undenigned twstee an lien wkh resp t to the datault ceipt ot your signed obje ion A,during Unrt Week(s) (S86 2TT . a 2N. $4. 9 .42, 82.46; Tabu Ha y, 14712 72nd Rd Apt 1D, torm, he toreclosu ot the objattion torm, exarcising your sp6cified in this notice shall form, the foreclosure ot the Exhibrf A,during ANign8d Punuant to Serfion 721.855, A B, 127 fimb& Ridge Rd, flushing, NY 11367, 1 Fixed lien with respe lo the detauW right to objert to the use ot e be w jert to th6 judicial lien with respe to the detauW Yea s), (See Exhibit '.A"). 7700 Florida Sta utas, wEsTGAn Middletow, CT 06457, 1/2 Weeh/Fixed Unk, BBB-10, 31 specifiad in this notic6 shall twstee toreclosura pmeduR. fo losu pDtadu only. specifiad in this nolice shall Werfg e Blvd Nimm88, vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Flx W wadUnrf,YW-01, WHOU, 1/V2014, 521712453- be subje to the judicial Upon lhe undenignad tw ea.s You have he right to cur6 your be subjerf to the judicial FL 34747 merein me Shar6 AssoclAnoN, INC. 35 0DD, 1M014, 52181248- 2457, $5, 620.94, $2.T7; toreclosure procedure only. t6ipt ot your signed objeclion defauW in the mann6r s6| lorth loreclosure proceduP only. proper ) AddreN"). As a ePinaWer t to as 2N, t5, 457.26. $2.69; Shaw Francisco Soto, 4519 49th St, You have the right to cu your torm, the toraclosu ot me inthis noticeatanytime betoR You havethe rightto tU your RsuW ol e afoPmenlioned Westgate,has a M N . 4W w Vemon # Woodside. NY 11377 Maxima default inthe mannersatrorth L lien with respect to lhe defauW the undersigned tw ee's sale detault in the manner set forfh detauW, Westgale hereby ele s Claim of Len in th6 m 114. N 4 MO 65714, 1 fixed T Vllla, 10424 187th St, Saint in lhis notice at any tima b6fore specified in this notice sh l of your timeshare int8r6st. lf you in this notice at any time betore to sell the Prope y pursuant of (See Exhibk A,w W F Unk. YW-04, 161 Albans, NY 11412, 1 Flxed the undersigned twstee's sale be subjert to th6 judici do not objert to the use ol the tha undenigned t stee's sale to Se ion 721.855, Florida interest accwing at the rale ot WHOLE, 4 N014, 52181248- Week/Fixed Un,CCC-03, 39/ of your timeshare interest. lt you toreclosure procedu only. twstee toRclosur8 procedure, ot your timesha inlere . lt you Stat es. Please be advisad (See Exhibrf .'A p& day, and 253, $4, 955.04, 82.44: Dewey WHOLE, 1/U2014, 521712453- do not obje to the usa ot the You have the rigM to cu your you will not be subje to a do not object to lhe use ot the that in the event hat your Rcoded in O.R. Book (S6e L Evans and Kathy M Evans, 2457, 86, 431.24, $3.17;,stee foreclosure procadure. detauN in Me manner set for d6fici8ncy judgnPnt 6ven if t slee toPclosure procedure. obligation is not b ught cu ent Exhibit .'A"), at Page (See Exhib Hawhnsville Rd, Macon, Jose Luis Zambrano, 2024 you will not be subject o a inthisnotic8atany inPb6foR me p ceeds hom lhe sale you will not be subje lo a [lncluding lhe payment ot any A,ofthe Publit R lds ot GA31216G KEvans,2979 Wagonmound T,Las Cwces, deficiency judgment even rf the undenigned t ee's s e ot your ti arnare in eP deficiency judgment 6v8n if t incunad by We gat6 in Osceola County. florid4 and Mah n Hill D, Macon, GA NM88O12JoseLuisZambrano the proceeds hom the sale ofyourtimeshar6 imere . lt you are insumcient to oWset the the p ceeds hom th8 s e com ncing his forecl sure lhe undenignad Tn rt a5 31204,BnanLEvaM,114Amie Jr 500 E Whrteslone Blvd. ot your time5hare interest do nolobjerttothe use ofthe amounts secu d by the lien. ot your tim hare inte st pDceN) within lhi y (30l appoinled byWe gale,h y,Ma n, GA 31217, 1 Fixed Cedar Pa,TX 78613 Veronica are insuMcient to oWset the tw ee toreclosure pmedu,By: GREENSPOON MARDER, a insu cient to o set the days hom the fint date ot tormally notifies (Sae Mibrt W w Unh, YW-13, 391 Zambrano, 2000 s Lakeline Bl, amounts secured by he lien. you will not be subj to a P.A, Twstee. amounts secured by tha lien. publication. the undersignad A") that du6 to yow f lu to WHOU, 1M014, 521&248- Cedar Pa,N 78613 Sonia By: GREENSPOON MARDER, deficiency judgmem ev rf IBIT A" - NoncE OF By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Twstee shall p ceed with pay the annual aM (s) 2N.S4,8 .42.S2.41;Da d E Coronado, 6711 LOMA VINO, UP T stee. 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