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April 20, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 20, 2018

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HERliAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 20, 2018 PAGE 29B Plan (Prope y) Address")Said,ODD, 4589l2107, $8, 731.12, Fixed Unit. EE-12. 12 ODD. Cha oWe. 28Q7, 1 2 Fixed form. the fo closure of the Condkions and Restrirtions on the ollowing d8Krib8d Pal J Longley and Jaqueline H sale will be made (w ho $4.30 1 1 39739-901 5253705 5200/691 -696, 85. 457.26, Wee Fwed Mk, HH-02, 2v lien wkh respecl lo the defauW for the Westgate Vac ion property located in Osceola Longley, Po Box cb 13872, covenants, or wa an,express Raul R era Angelica $ .52; 498000-9005377400 ODD, 1n 14. 521418-13, specified in this notice shall Vlllas XVlll, O itial Records Coun,Florida: (See Exhib Nassau, BAHAMAS, 1 F ed or implied. regading the title, Fernandez 22 C ach Crescenl Christine Mc Farlane 5234 82, 552. . 1.26; Ramona be subject to the judicial Booh 1103, at Page 1123. of .'A") Time Share lnterest(s) WeeWFixed Unk, HHH-16, 49 poss8Mion or encumbrances) ScaboDugh, ON M1S4J, Rockborough Trail Stone Maio lla, PO 8ox 781867. foreclosure procedu only. the Public Racords of Osceola (See Exhibrf A as defined in WHOLE. 11v2014. 5214162- to pay the unpaid principal CANADA, 1 2 All Season- Float Mountain, GA 30083, 1/2 Fixed, Alataya. fl w878, 1 Fixed You have the right to cure your Coun,Florida (the Plan and the Detlaration ot Covenants, 67, $6, 343.40, $3.13; Kim S balance due under the Wee Float Unrf, WTC-223, 24/ FF-04, 36 ODD, 5200/691- WeeWFlxed Un HH-06. 35/ detault in the manner set forth all amendment(s) the to, rf Condrtions and Re rictions LOt, PO Box 3, Waln,CA mortgage in the amount ol EVEN, 420911596, $6, 489.71, 696, 85, 457.26, $1.52; WHOU, 14, 5214/8- in this notice at any time betore any. Together wrfh the right to tor the Westgate Vacation 91788. 112 Fixed Week Fi ed (See Exhibrt A"), wkh inteFest,$3.20 1366242-70710051 05 403645-9003435600 Ralph 13, $6, M.11; Nertor tha undenigned t stee's sale ottupy, punuant to the Plan. Vlllas xlx, O cial Records Unk. III-09. 15/0DD, 1/V2014. act ing at the rate of (See Ea ine M Jone5 116O9 E 60lh Charest 102-30 Av Du Bourg Rodriguez. 1336 Hagan Ln, ofyour timeshare inte st. lfyou Building-Unit(s) (See Exhibit Book 1132, at Page 1485, ot 521 4/62-67, 82, 539.00, Exhibrf wA") per day, pursuant St Kansas C y, MO 64133. 1 Edmund on, NB E3V4G7 Brenlwood. CA 94513 Zaida do not object to the use of the "A'.), during Unit Week(s) (See the Public Recods of Osceola $1.25; Carl J Johnson, 5216 to the Mortgage. advances. ' All Season- Floal Wee Float CANADA, 1/2 Fixed Wae T Rodrigu . 1N7 Carlisle t stee foreclosure procedure, Exhibrf A"), during Assigned Coun,Florida (the Plan ) and PINEHALL WYND, Raleigh. it any. under the terms of Unk, WTC-224, 10 H0LE, Fixed Unrf, FF-OT, 43 ODD, Drive, BRn,CA 94513, you will not be subjert to a Year(s), (See Exhibrf "A . 7700 all amendment(s) the lo, il NC 27604 Angela L Mc Neil, said Mo gage. chages and 4686 12N. $9, 743.32, $4.80 5200/691 -696, $3, 846.76, 1/2 Fix xed Unk, deficiency judgment even if Wertgate Blvd KiNimmee, any. Together whh tha right to . 813 Taboro St, Laurinbug, expenses ot the T ee and K: FORECLOSURN92O7.WG $1.18 558871 -9105341260 HH-09, 34 0DD, 11v2014, the proceeds hom the sale FL 34747 (herein Tlme Sha occupy, punuant to the Plan, NC 28352, 1 Fixed Weekl ot the t s t aled by said Towe TNJl Kekh.OO33 AM Napoleon C Dagraca and 521418-13. U. M2 81.26; of your timesha interest (Property) AddreN T. As a Building-Unh(s) (See Exhibrf Fixed Unrf, III-09, 39 H0LE, Morfgage. Obligo s) shall have Naomi F6neira and Maria E Winnie B Pow |, PO Box are insumcient to oWset the suW ot the afo mentioned A,during Unrf W88k(5) (See 1/2/2014, 5214/62-67, 86, the right to cu the defauW and April,2T, 18 Dagraca and Joe M Fe eira 18 16554, M . AL 36616, 1 amounts secured by the lien. defauW, Westgate her6by elerfs Exhibrf A,during Assigned 343.40, $3.13; AnneWe R any junior lianholder shall have L 165170 Dover St Pawtutket, Rl 02860 Fixed # Unrt, II- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, to sell the Property pursuant Yea s), (See Exhibrf A"T. 7700 Andenon, 50 Bent Wood Drive. the right to Rdeem ks inleR 1 Fixed WeeWFixed Unk, FF- 01, 2 LE, 1/V201 4. LLP T stee. to Se ion 721.855, Florida Westg e Bhd Kissimmee. Mount Holly, NJ 08060 Dionne up to the date the T stee 10, 26 WHOLE, 5200/691-696, 5214/8-13, t6. 343.40, 83.13; WHIBrr "A" - NOTICE OF Sl es. Please be advised FL 34747 e in fime Share M Andenon, 23418 147TH AVE issu6s the certmta e ot Sale AMENDED $4, 989.42, $1.62; 419819- Norman E B and Lila J DEFAULT AND INTENT TO that in the event that your (PDp8r T AddRM"). As a # 2, Rosedale, NY 11422, 112 by paying the amounts due as NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S 9003804800 Hugh A Jamiason Brown, n Ln Apt FORECLOSE obligationisnotb ughtcur nt suW ot the afo mentioned Fixed W86Mixed Unh, III-15, o lined above. By: AMANDA L. SALE and Katherine A Seiler 731o 2, Mac p IL 61115, Owne s) Obligor(s), Tlmeshare (including he payant ot any detauN, Wertg e hereby elects 3310DD, 1/2/2014, 5214 62- CHAPMAN, A horized Agent wEsTGAn vAcAnoN Miami Lakeway Hialeah, 112 F wed Un . lnterest, Building-Un,Weekl tees incu ed by Wa gate in to sall the PDperty pu uant 67,82.552.00,$1.26. EXHIBlr A - NoncE OF LLM Xll FL 33014. 1 Fixed Wee II-02,11V2014, AMign6d Year, Default Date, commencing this to closuP to Section 721.855, Florida- April ,2T,2O18 rRUSTEE'S SALE 2TT .0T (COMERFORD) Fixed Unk, Y-01, 37 WWOLE, 521418-13, W. T91.4O, 81.87: Boo Paga of Recodad Lian, process) within thir (30) Statl es. Please be advised L 165238 Owne s)IObligo s): TlmeshaP On May 15. 2018 at 11:00 a.m 5200/69| -696, $4, 989.42, Shawn N6a . 4 W WVernon Amount. Per Diem Amount days tDm the fir date of that in lhe event that your lntere ; Buildingl Unk; We6kl GREENSPOON MARDER, $1.62; 442938-90041 97900 #114, N 4 MO 65714, 1 Fixed Gail v Jones and Johnny M publication. the undenigned oblig ion is not b ught cut nt AssignedYear;MorfgageBook/ LLP 201 E. Pine St et, Lisa M Je e 7685 Northcross Wee F Un . JJ-02, 2v Carter, 37 Castle Run Dr, Bear, T stee shall pDc88d whh [lncluding the payment ot any NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Page; Principal Balance; Per Surte 500, O ando, Florida Dr Unit 1104 Austin, TX WHOU. 14, 521418- DE 19701, 1 Fixed Weekl the sale ot the PDp8rty as fees incunad by Westgata in INnNT TO FORECLOSE Diem Amount 32801. as T ee punuant to 78757-1764,1/2 Fixed Week/ 13. 86. . . S3.11; Lynn Fixed Unrt, HH-03. 19 H0LE. provided in Sertion 721.855. commencing this fo&losure WESTGATE VACATION Kevin Lndsay Jr 8200 that Appointment ot T stee Fixed Unrf, Y-04, 1 ODD. Ruwe, 2171 H way 69 N, 11v2014, 5214/14-20, $6, Florida Statutes, in which case, process) whhin thirty (30) VILLAS x FILE: 2TT . 2T Edg8nDP Lane Hudson, FL Rcord8d on November 9, 2017, 5200/691-696, $5, 457.26. G envil,m 7,1 Fixed 343.40, 83.13: Herbe Spencar the undersigned T stee shall: days fDm the fint date ot Punuant to Se ion 721.855. 34667 and Felicia Knowles in O.R. Book 5236. at Page $1.52; 561 371 -9006798900 W88 F 6d Unk. JJ-04, 31/ Kidwell, Jr 1003 old North Rd (1) Provide you wkh wrmen publication, the undenigned Florida Stat es, wEsTGAn 3535 Hampshi w, Apt. 204 2442. of the Public Racords Rene Cespedes Vilma Soto WHOU, 1 14, 5214/8-13. NW, Lenoir. NC 28645 Tabatha notice ot the sale. including T ee shall proceed wrfh VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Palm Habor, FL 4685-4162, 1 ot Osteola Coun,Florida, Apdo 115 4100 Banto Costa $6, 343.40. W.13: Tadeusz Nicole Johnson, PO Box 193, the date, time and loc ion the sale ot the p perty as ASSOCIATION, INC. All Season- Flo WeeWFloat by ason of a now continuing Rica Grecia Alajuela, COSTA Szot and T Szot and DPxel. NC 28619, 1 Fixed theRot; (2) Recod the notite provided in Serfion 721.855. (herainaWer PterRd to as Unk. 6100-13F. 6100-13G, 34 detauW by Obligo s). (Sae RICA,1/2 Fixed, Y-OT, 3 ODD. Ryszard S o 21 Nevada,WeeklFixed Unrt. HH-07. 21/ ot sale in the Public Records Florida Stat es. in which case. Westgate,has retoded a ODD,34 ODD,498V2744,$23,Exhibrt A,whose add ss 52001691 -696, $5, 457.26, Matawan. 07747. 1 Fixed WHOLE, 1/v2014, 5214/14- of Osceola Coun,Florida; and the undersigned T ee shall: Claim of L an in the amounl 094.45, 81 1.38;,is (See Ewhibrt A,in the $1.52; 40421 0-9003296400 WeeMbal UM w-05, 5v 20, $6, 343.40, 83.13: Brian (3) Publish a topy of the notite (1) PDvid8 you with wrman of (See Exhibit "A,wkh K: FORECLOSURE 292O3 payent or perfonT nc8 of,Rafael San Vlcente and WHOU, 1n 14, 521418- E Pen and Doris R Pentz, of sale two (2) times, once each notit9 ot the sale, including interest atcruing at the te of WG Town Center (NJ) the obligations secu d by Magdalena Munguia Gipaetos, 13. $6. 343.40. W.13; Amor c 57 Macintosh Rd. Lavmown, week. tor two (2) sutc8ssiv6 the date. time and location (See Exhibit A") per day. and Hughes.O2O3 M NOS.PUB. said Claim of Len recorded in 145 Lomas De Las Aguilas Cabe o and P C Caberto, PA 19056, 1 Fixed, HH-10. 8/ weeks, in an Osteola Coun lhe ot: (2) Record the notice recoded in O.R. Book (See HUGHES.doc O.R. Book 5200, at Page 6g1- Cuidad Da Mexico, MWICO 1308 N s Paa ci,WHOLE, 1/v2014, 5214114- newspaper, provided such a of sale in the Public Recods Exhibk A . Page(See Exhibk April 20, 2T, 2018 696, of the Public Recods,1/2 Fixed Week/Fixed Unit, Hl 96782, 1 F ed Weeh/ 20. $6. 343.40, $3.13: Lloyd J newspap6r exi s at the tim6 of Oscaola Coun Florida: and A . ot tha Publit Recods of L165171 of Osceola Counly, Florida, z-05, 13 ODD, 5200/691-696, F ed Un WDT. 20 H0LE. Reindl and Helen R Reindl, 90 of publishing. lf you tail to (3) Publish a copy ot the notice Osceola County, Florida, and | including the bRach or d6fauW, $5, 460.46. 81.52 1/V2014. 521 13. $6, Summe e Dr, Nicholasville, cu the detauW a5 s& torfh of sale two (2) limes. once each the undenigned T stee as notice of which was set to h K: FORECLOSURE 27756. 343.40, S3.13: FRddie G Hill KY 40356, 1 Fixed Wee in this notice or take othar weak, lor two (2) suctessive appointed by Westgate, hareby AMENDED in a Notice ot DetauW and WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (NJ) and Be J H |. 3N5 Dalmar Fixed Unk, II-01, 12 H0LE, appropriate artion wM regard weeks, in an Osceola Coun tormally notifies (See Ewhibk NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S lntent to Foreclose pDvid8d Comerford.O793 AM NOS.Pub. Ln NW, At GA 30M1, 1 1/2/201 4. 5214/14-20, $6, to this for6closure manar, you newspaper, p vided suth a A") that due to your tailu to SALE to the last known addre5s ot COMERFORD.doc Fixed W ed Unrf, JJ- 343.40, $3.13; Gerard Vidale, risk losing ownership of your newspapar exirfs at tha time pay the annual aNeMm6m(s) WESTGATE TOWERS Obligo s), (See Exhibk "A,by April,2T, 2018 12, 2VWH0U. 11v201 4. 703 Ha em St, Youngstown, timeshare interest through the of publishing. lf you tail to due on (See Exhibrf A and 2g20T. M ((KEITH) Ce ified/Regisle d Mail or by L165169 521418-13, t6, 343.40. 83.13; OH 44510, 1 Fixed Week/ t ee to&losuR pmedu CUR the detallW as set torth all assessment(s) the aRer, On May 15, 2018 al 11:00 a.m publitation by the undenigned Robin N M and Elece Fixed Unrt, II-02, 47 H0LE. established in Se ion 721 .855, in this notice or take other you a tun ntly in dafauW GREENSPOON MARDER, T stee, will sell al public K MtknigM. 2 Lakeland Dr 11v201 4. 5214/14-20. $6, Florida Stat es. You may appropriate action wkh regad of your obligations to pay LLP, 201 E. Pine Street. Suke auction to the highe biddar NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Apt E16. Hol mmgs National 343.40. 83.13; Club Selert choose to sign and send to to his to closuR ma er, you assessmants due lo W6 gat8 500, O ando, Florida 32801, tor lawful money of the Unitad INTENT TO FORECLOSE Pa,AR 71913. 1,Saason- Resorts, 3027 West Hwy 76 Sta the undenigned t ee an risk losing ownenhip of your on the following described real as T ee punuant to that States otAmerica.onthe hont WESTGATE vAcAnoN Floa! Unk. KK- H, Branson, MO 65616, 1 Fix6d objection form. exercising your timesha interest th ugh the p perty located in O5c80la Appoi ment of T ee steps of the Osceola Coun VILLAS xlv FILE: ZTTS6.O8Zg 03, 3VWH0L 11v2014, Wee Fixed Unk, II-07, 34/ rightto objecttothe useotthe t ee to&losu pDc8dur8 Coun,Florida: (See Exhibrf recoded on September 29, Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse Pursuant to Se ion 721.855, 521418-13, M, .14. 82.81; WHOLE, 1/V2014, 5214/14- twstee fo closu procedu . e ablished in &ion 721.855. A Time Share lnte st(s) 2017, in O.R. Book 5215, Square. KiMimmee, Florida Florida Statutes, WESTGATE Ma A . uab&h Dr, 20. $6, 343.40, $3.13; Vkalino Upon the undenign d tw ee's Florida St rtes. You may (See Exhibrt A") as definedin at Page 2590, ot the Public 34741 . all right, t le and interest VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Pink Hill. NC 28572, 1 Fixed R Deleon, 4 s Van Dorn St Rceipt ot your signed objerfion choose to sign and send to the Oeclaration ot Covenants, R8cord5 of Osceola Coun,in he p per s uated in the ASSOCIATION. INC. Wee F M KK- . 31/ Apt6O1,Alexandria,VA 22304 torm, the to closure of the the undenigned tw ee an Condhions and Restrirtions Florida. by ason ot a now Coun ot Osceola, Florida. (hereinaWer le ed lo as WHOLE, 1 14. 5214/8- Silvia Deleon. 5309 Macomb lien wrfh respect to the de ault obje ion torm. exercising your for the Westgate Vaca ion continuing detauW by Obligo s), dewribed as:(See Mibk A .'Westgate . has retoded a 13, $6, 343.40. W.13; Vlrtoria Court, Dale C y, VA 22193, specified in this notice shall right to object to the use ot tha Vlllas x. omcial Recods Book (See Exhibrf A,whos6 fime Sha lntere (s) [See Claim of Li6n in lhe amount Vega c d Wllliam Diaz 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unit, II- be subjerf to the judicial tw ee toBlosu procedure. 927, at Page 2730. of tha add ss is (See Exhibk wA' . in Exhib A") accoding to th6 ol (See Exhibit "A"), wkh Vega, 2 Vlsta St, 09. 31 H0LE, 1/V2014, toPclosu p ceduP only. Upon he undenigned Wstee.s Public Recods ot Osceola the payment or performance fime Sharing Plan for Wes gate intePst actwing at he rate ot Patillas, PR T23, 1 Fixed 5214/14-20, 86. 120.92, $3.02; You have the right lo cu your receipt of your signed objerfion Counly, Florida (the Plan of the obligations secured by Vacation vlllas xll, Pcoded in (See Exhib A") per day, and WeeM M KK-07, 23/ OlgaN Dow,51OO No h Ocean detauW in the manner set torm torm, the to&losuR ot th6 and all am8ndm8nt(5) the to, a Mortgage recorded in O.R. O ci Racods Book 933, at retorded in O.R. Book (See WHOU, 1 14, 521418-13. Blv, Sea Ranch Club A Apt 81 1. in this notice at any tin beto lien wkh spert to the detauW rf any. Together wkh the right to Book [See Exhibh "A . at Page Page 423. ot the Public Records Exhibrf A,at Page (See Exhibrf 86, 343.40.t3.13: An&ca Diaz Fort Laudedale. FL 33308, the undenigned t stee.s sale specmed in this notice shall occupy, punuant to tha Plan, (See Exhibk A,of the Public of Osceola County, Florida A . ot the Public Records ot Vega, 9 Cab 3 S. Guayama. 1 Fixed Wee F ed Unrt, of your tim6sha interest. lt you be subject to the judicial Building-Unk(s) (See Exhib Recods of Osceola Coun,(Me Plan . Together w h the Osteola County, Florida, and PR T84 1 F Waekl II-10, 1 H0LE, 1/V2014, do not objarfto the use otthe toreclosure p c8duR on . "A',during Unh Week(s) (Sae Florida, including the b ach or right to occupy, punuan to the undanigned Tru ee as Fixed unh,mDT. 23 H0LE, 5214/14-20, 86, 343.40, $3.13; trustee to closure procedu,You have the right to cure your Exhibrt A,during Assigned defauW, notite of which was set the Plan, Building(s) l Unk(s) appointed by Westgate, hereby 1/v2014,343.40, $3.13; AI8Nand To e and Paola you will not be subje to a detauW in the mann6r a forth Yea s), TSee Exhibk A . 7700 torfh in a Notice ot Default and l Unh Week(s) l Assign6d formally notifies (See Exhibit Luigi D do a a Maria Pat cco, Edificio Vlllas Del Sol, deficiency judgmenl even rf in Mis notice any time bato Westg e 8lvd Nimm68, lntent to Fo close provid6d Yea s), (See Exhibrt A' . 7700 A") that duato yourfailureto Mago e, onal 2396 Apto Pb5, Urb.Las Palme s, the p caeds hom the sal6 the undenigned t .s sale FL 34747 (he in "Time Sha to the last known addr8M We gate Bhd. Mimm88, pay the annual assessment(s) Las Con . . CHILE, Calle Arismendi, ANoat8gui. ot your timeshare imerert otyourti Bshar8intePrt.ltyou (P perty) Address^). As a of Obligo s), (See Exhibrt FL 34T47 me in me Sha due on (Sae Exhibrt Ah) and 1 F Unk, VENUUELA, 1 Fixed Wee are insu cient to oRset the do notobjerttotheuse ofthe resuW ot the atorementioned A . by cartm egistered Plan (PDp8rty) Add N Said all assessment(s) lhe a er. KK-09 1 2014, Fixed Unh, II-11, 24 H0LE, amounts secured by the lien. twstee to closu procedu,defauW,Westgate heRby elerts M,or by publication by th6 s e will be made (whho you are cu ent in defauW 521418-13, . 343.40. S3.13: 1/v201 4, 5214/14-20. $6, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, you will not be subjert to a to sell the Property punuant undenignad T,will sell tovenants, or wa anty, exp ss ot your obligations to pay William Nor ba North, 343.40, $3.13; Gloria J Calvin LLP Tru ee. dafitiency judgment even it to Sertion 721.855, norida at public au ion lo the highe or implied. regading lhe tkle, assessments due to Weslgate 749 Hilb . Oshawa, and James s Se ert. 2316 EXHIBIT A" - NoncE OF the pD s hom the sale Stat 85. Please be advised bidder tor lawhl money ot poNession or encumbrances) on the following destribed real ON, c L1G7H8, 1 Fixed B wn St, AWon, IL 62002, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO ot your timesha inte that in the event that your the Un ed Statas otAmerica, topayth6unpaid Nm8nls pDper located in Osceola Wee F W KK-12, 41 1 Fixed Wee F ed Un,FORECLOSE a insumcient to oWset the obligationisnotbDughtcuat on the hont rteps of the due in the amount of (See Coun,Florida: (Sae Ewhibrf WHOLL 1 14, 521418-13, JJ-04, 8 H0LE, 11v2014, Owne s)IObligo s), Tl Psha amounts secu d by the lien. (including the payment of any Oweola County Courthouse. Exhibrf A . wkh inte st A ) Tlme Share lnle rf( ) $6, 343.40. t3.13. 5214114-20, $6, 343.40, $3.13; lnterert, Building-Unk, Weekl By: GREENSPOON MARDER, tees incunad by Westg e in 2 CouMouse Squa,accwing at th6 te or TSee (See Exhibrf A as defined in April,n. 8 Chris opher Karnes, 256 Dudes A5signad Year, DatauW Date, LLP T stee. commencing this for losul8 Nimn 8, Fbrida 34741,Exhibk A per day, punuant to the Declaration ot Covenants, L 165N5 Hollow Dr, Tallmansville, wv 8ook/Page of R8cod6d Lien, HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF pDc8N) wrfhin thirty (30) right, tkle and inte in the Me Tlmesha Plan, advanc85, Condrfions and Restrictions 26237Che,Karnes, 2325 Amount, Per Diem A Dunt DEFAULT AND INTEM TO days hom he fim d e ot pDper 5kua 8d in me Coun rf any, underthe temw ot said for the We ate Vacation Stona Abbey Blvd. Orlando, Cla nce E Gamer and Ruby FORECLOSE publication, the undenigned of OK8ola, Florida. described Claim of Li6n, chages and vlllas xlv, ci&| Retods NoncE LTAND FL 32828. 2 Fixed WeeM ed L Gamer, 19498 Lmlefield St. Owne s) Obligo s), Tlm6sha Twstee shall pro w h as: (s Exhibk A Tlm6 8wp6ns8s0tM8Tw 88and0t Book 1021, at Page 1053, o1,O L E Unrt.JJ-O5,JJ-O5.4 WHOU. Dehort. Ml 46235. 1 F ed lme . Building-Unk. w66 the sala of the PD as ShaR ln e s s) ISee Exhib MeW sc atadbys dClaim the Publit R rds of Ost6ola TE v noN 47 H0LE,1 2 016,5214 14- WeeMixad Unrf, AAA-07, 2v Assigned Vaar, DetauW Date, p vided in & n 721.655, A ac ing to the T ot Len. Obligo sT shall heve Coun .F rida(lhe Plan and vluMmREm . 20. . 45T.1 . 83.18: R n WHOU, 11V2014, N14l51- Book Page ot Recoded Lien, FloridaSt es,inwhich , Sharing Plan tor WESTGATE M8righttocu th6d8 uWand all a Pndment( ) the to, ir Punumrt T21.B55, Rios and EmmaVelez.PO 8ox 55. S6. 343.40, $3.13; J Amount, Per Diem u the undenigned T ee sh&|: TOWERS. &old8d in omcial anyjuniorli6nholdershallhav8 any. Tog&her wrfh the right to Florida,WESTGATE 250268, Aguadllla, PR 00604, v Gibbions, 11 Saddle Rd, Ma in Rami,1619 Moo (1) p vide you wkh wrmen Re rds Book 1364. at Page the rightto deem sinte occupy. punuant to the Plan, VACATION UAS OWNERS 1 Fixed WeeWFixed Unk, JJ- CedarMolls, NJ 07927 MaWie Ave, St amwood, IL 60107 nolite ot the sale, including 427, of the Public Retods ot up to the d e the T stee Building-Un (s) (Sae Exhibrt Assoc noN. INC. 06, 29 H0LE, 11v2014, L Gibbions, 108 Boylan St, Yani A Rami z, 562 Dee the date, time and,ion Osceola County, Florida (the i5sues th6 cerfmcate of Sale "A ), during Unrf Week(s) (See (herein to as 5214114-20, $6, 343.40, $3.13; Nawark. NJ 07106, 1 F Pa Cir Apt 303, BarfleW, IL the t; (2) Record the notice Plan .Together w hlhe right by payingthe amoun due as Exhib "A,during ANign8d We gale . orded a Ter C Phillips, 1107 Wilson WaeM ed Unk, AAA-07. 361 60103, 1 F ed WeeMixed ot sale in th6 Public Records to oKupy, punuant to the o linedabove.By:AMANDAL Yea s), (See Exhibk A . 7700 Claim of L P unt Rd, WilminQon. DE 19803. 1 WHOLE. 11u2014, 5214151- Unk, FFF-12, 37 H0LE, otOsceola Coun,Florida; and Plan, Building(s) l Unk(s) / Unk CHAPMAN, AMor ed Agent Westgate Blvd KiMimm88, ot (s .A . wkh Fixed WeeMixed Un,JJ-09, 55, 86, 343.40, $3.13; John 11v2014, 5214162-67, $6, (3) Publish a copy of the notica weekls) l ANigned Yea s). EXHIBrr n" - NoncE OF FL 34747 me in fime Share int6P a e rate of 6 H0LE, 1/v2014, 5214/14- R Fa s, 1621 WillowbDok 343.40, 83.13: Gar w,ing ofsaletwo(2)times.onceeach (See Exhibk A . T6 w TRusnE's SAU (Proper ) Add ss.'). 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B k (Sea E JaWers, 80 Lakeside Drive, Fixed WeeklFixed Unrf, AAA- Point Rd, Nine Mile R er, NS, weeks, in an Oscaola County Kissimmee, FL 34747 e in Mown Address; fimesha delau .Westgalehereby elects Exhibk A .aP (saeExhibk Ellenwood, GA 30294 Sha on 08, 36 H0LE, 1n12014, CANADA B2s2s9, 112 Fiwed newspaper, pDvid8d such a me Sha Plan (PDp8rty) lnterest; Building Unk: WeeW to sell the PDp8r punuan "A . o1 P R R tds ol A JaW,210 Chimney Ridge 5214151-55. 86, 343.40, Wee F ed Unh, FFF-13, 351 newspaper exists at the Add M Said sale will b6 Assigned Year; Claim of Len to Sertion 721.855, Florida Osceola,Fbrida. and T . slockbndge, GA 30281, $3.13: Omar A Rodriguez and ODD. 1 V2014, 521 4162-67, 82, ot publishing. lf you il to made (w hort covenants, or Reoded Boo PageCl m ot Stat es. PI8as6 be advised he u T ee as 1 Fiwed W88Mix6d Unrt, JJ- Migdaly T Rodriguez. Quinta 552.00,$1.26;Juan PRobaina, cure the delauW as set forfh wa anV. 8wp N or implied, Len Amoum: Per Diam that in the event that your appoim Q ,h8l8by 09, 10/WH0LE, 1/v2014, T nsversal El Pinal 97-A, El 188oo NE 2 h Ave Apt 805, in this notice or take oth& regading the thle, poss8Nion 63 -9115070350 lan p obligalionisnotb ughtcunent lormal Exhib 5214114-20, $6, 343.40, 83.13; Limon, Maracay, VENUUELA Miami, FL N18O, 1 Fixed app priate arfion wM gard or 8ncumb nc85) to pay the Comerford amd Donne A (including the payment ofany "A thal eto pr lu to Dr. Lynn W Odne, 915 2nd St 02105, 1 Fixed WeaklFixed WeeklFixed Unrf,GGG-01, 39 to this fo losure maner, you unpaid principal balance due Comerfod1N Cuckme Way fees incur d by Westgate in pay the N Bntls) SW,ValleyC y,ND58O72Dyan Un,AAA-11, 36 H0LE, WHOU. 11v2014. 5214162- risk losing ownenhip of your under the nD gage in the Brighton, BN18GH UNITED commencing this toreclosure due on ( E lbrf A and L Odne and Anne H Odne. 507 1 v2014, 5214 51-55, $6, 67, $6, 343.40, S3.13; Hertor tim6share inte st thDugh the amount of (See Exhibk A',KINGDOM, 1 Fixed WeeW process) wkhin thirty (30) all s) Wer, N SHORE DR, D8tDrt Lakes, 233.40, $3.07: Jane Van Den Yapor, 12945 A Montana Ave twstee foreclosuR pDtedu wrfh inte acc ing the Fixed Un ,AA-11,35WHOLE, days tDm th6 first date ot you a in detauW MN 56501, 1n Fixed Wee B ek,6633 Edwads Farm Ln. Su e 463, El PBso, M 79938, establishedinSerfion721.855, rate ot ISee Exhibrf A per 52001691-696. $4. 988.21, publication. tha undenigned ot your to pay Fixed Unh, JJ-09, 46nvEN, Mon e, NC 28110, 1 Fwed 1 Fixed WeeklF ed Unrf, GGG- Florida Stat es. You may day, punuant to the Mo gage, 81.62: 619933-9 6 Tru ee shall p ceed w h assewa d to Wertgate 11V2014, 5214114-20, $3, WeeklFixed Unk, DDD-01, 511 03, 23 H0LE, 11V2014. choose to sign and send to advances, rf any, under the NancyKChroni 65458eggs he sa e ol the Proper as onthe,ed Ral 791.40, $1.87; Basil w wawley WHOLE,1l2l2O14,5214l51-55, 5214 62-67, S6, 343.40, the undersigned t an temv ot said Mortgage, TerCo a,FL32927,1l2F ed, provided in Section 721.855, pDp8r in OK8ola Sr and Eth n Wawley, 1099 $6, 343.40,$3.13;Club Selerf $3.13; Mu ay R Fenov th obje ion torm,exe ising your chages and expenses ot AA-12, 25 WEN, 52001691- FloridaStat eg,inwhich case, County, Exhibk sipp Ave, Medfod, NY11763, R6sorts,1O923W8 Stat8Hwy and AnneWe Y Tu nne, Po rightto obje tothe use otMe the Twstee and of the t sts 696, $5, 767.29, $1.45; the undersigned Tw ee shall: "A' fin Maa lnte st(s) 1 F ad Wee Fixed Unk, KK- 176, Waln Shade, MO 65771. Box 7,BonnWille, AB. t ee foBlosu pm8duR. Gr8ated by sald Mortgage. 561792-9005643000Genoveva (1) Provide you wWh wrmen (See Exh rA as defined in 02, 44 H0LE, 11v2014, 112 Fixed W68klFlx8d Unh, CANADA T9N2H4, 1 F ed Upontheundekignedt ee's Obligo s) shall have the right Acevedo Hk Box 8219 Moca, notice of the sale, including the ot Cov ants, 5214114-20, $6, 343.40, $3.13; DDD-02, 111EVEN, 11v2014, Wee Fixed Unh, GGG-04, 101 &6ipt0ty0ursiqn6d objertion to cu Me delauW and any PR 676, 1n F,8B- the date, time and location Condki # ad R6rtrirtions Eusebio,Gue a and Ma. T8Rsa 5214/51-55, $3, 791.40, S1.87; WHOU, 1 v2014$, 14 62- form, trP forecosu of the junior lienhold& sh,have 02, 27 ODD, 5200 691-696, thereof; (2) Record the notice for the e Vacation De Gue a, H. Escuelanaval Felix Jose Briceno and llse 67, $5, 898.24, . ; Luis lien wrfh Pspe to he delauW the righlto eem ksinte rt 85. 457.26, 81.52; 524084- of sale in the Public Records Villas XW. B Recods Milkar 440R, M8x Go C y m Briceno. Cadeci C.A Avenida Mosso and Patricia Mosso, specmed in this notice shall up to e date th6 Tw ee 9006149600 Belinda G Le ofOsc6olaCounly,Florida;and Book 1 1. p 6 1053. ot 04260,M IC0.1 F adWee PDlongation M helena, 1350 Rue PaqueWe BDNad, be subje to the judici iMu8s e ca mcate of Sale May and Ter Le May 1003 (3)Publish a copy ofthe notice the Publ otOK8ola Fixed Un,KK-02, 51 H0LE, Valentia, VENUUELA 02002, PDvintia aueb,BDssad. to losure procedu on . by paying Me unts due as Nina DrSpringfield, TN 3T172, ofsal8 wo(2)tim85,onc88ach CouW. .P n and 11v2014, 5214/14-20, S6, 1 Fixed Wee F ed Unk. DOD- QC,CANADAJ4W2P6, 1 Fwed You have Me righlto cu your o lined above.By:Amanda L 112 Fixed, BB-04, 39 ODD, week, tor two (2) SUCC8Niv8 all s) Bo, rf 343.40,83.13;Ka nHinksand 02, 37 H0LE, 1 2014, M ed Unk, GGG-08, 9T detauWinthe mannersetforth Chapman, Arfhor ed Agent 52001691-696, $5, 457.26, weeks, in an OsG8ola County any. T right to Kennath R Hinks,32 Kingfish 5214 51-M, S6, 343.40, S3.13; WHOU, 1/u2014, 5214162- inthisnotice atanytimebefore HIB n" - NoncE OF $1.52: 2 87-9137 10 newspap&, p vided suth a oKupy. to e Plan. Way, Apley, ShDpshi,Ped RiDDto Atam and 67, $6, 343.40, S3.13; Martin the undersigned t rf68's sale TRUSTU'S ULE Wllliam c Jackson and L ie n spaper exi s the lime BuildingM W Ewhibh ENGLANDn1 6FW, 112 F ed, lmelda Hey Paoa, Av6nida J w Rees and shi 6y E Rees, ofyourti Psha i e .lfyou Ow6 sVObligo s); Tlmesha A Tumer 3065 WicMam Dr of publi5hing. lf you fail to A,duringW ls) ISee KK-03, 4V0DD, 1 V2014, Pont, lsla De Pascuas, CHIU, 12 LWod Place, HaMnoon do notobjerttothe use of I8 lnt ; Buildingl Unh; w Memphis, TN 38118, 1 Fixed cure the dafauW as set forth Exhibk A,ANign8d 5214114-20,$2, 552.00, $1.26; 1 Fixed W88klFix6d Un . Bay,Auckland,NEWZ ND twstee to losu pm8duR, Assigned Year; Mortgage Boo WeeklF ed Unh, BB-04, in this notice or take dher Year(s),( .A .77OO John c Hanlon and Syhia DDD-,3 H0LE, 11v2014. 02012, 1 F ed WaeM ed you will not be subl to a Page; Princip Ba nce; Per 41 WHOU, 52001691-696, appropriate a ion wrfh gard We gale W irm . Hanton, C I6 Rosa Vlll6 Rosa 5214 51-55,S6.343.40,S3.13: Unrt, GGG-14, 42 H0U, daficiancy judgment en rf Diem A Dunt 84, 989.42, $1.62; 495063- tothisfoPclosu ma er,you FL3474T n Ma 8, Casa 10, Orihuala Co a, G geT N on and B a L 1M014, 5214162-67, 86. the p c ds hom the sa 12 2838-21 22905Regin d 9003985000 Conni6 Smkh risk losing owne hlp ot your (PropeW . a SP N 03189, 1 F ed w N on,4OO9PalmT BhdApt 343.40,S3.13;Cr g c G6ddis ot your timesha int DKe ShaonCKekh1O1ON 107 wild H8Dn Vlllas Xng tim85ha inte st thDugh the wW or ned Fixed Unh.KK-O8, HOLE, 404,cepecoral,FL33904,1n and B inda Geddis, 8295 a insumcient to oRs& e SIPh ad&phia,PA19151, Savannah, GA 31419, 1 F ed, twstee fo&low pD du detauW, & s 1n12014, 5214114-20, $6, FixedW MixedUnk,EEE-04. s Marion Way, Centennial, unts Bu d by the lien. 1 2,n- noal w Ba-,51 WHOU, 52001691- ertablishedinSe ion 721.855, to s&| P punuant 343.40. $3.13: shih Wang, 4nvEN.1/u2014,5214151-55. co 80122, 112 Fix6d kl By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Floal Unrt, WTA-2 . 43MN, 696, S4, 989.42. S1.62; 676680- Florida St es. You may to S n1.855, norida 310 w 107th Sl Apt A, New S3,781.4O,$1.67;Zu IJatob Fix6d Unk, HHH-03, 21 LL ,Twstee. 4382 406. t4, 610.02, S2.27 9009294800 Annene Morales thoose to sign and send to St es. advised Yo ,NY1 25,1 F edWee and Ja B R Williams, 12 ODD, 1M014, 5214162-67, UHIBIT A" - NoncE OF 1184544-2150314305 Ke y J OcasioC leBD2-14UbSanta the undenigned twstea an that in P & your F ed Un ,KK-09, 1yWH0U, Manoqlen c,k ugh, S2, 552. . $1.26; m&asa D DEFhULT AND INnNT TO Ga onKim SGaAon36O Elenha Bay n, PR 0 57, obje ionbrm,exe ising your obl & n b M# Bt 1M014, 5214114-20. g6, ON, ANADA M1S1W4, 1 Santold, T31O Centena Dr. FORECLOSE ay Ave T,M 57504, 112 Fixed F ed Un,righttoobjerttotheuseotthe (including & otany 343.40,83.13. FwedW M ed Unk,EEE-10, Rowl W, TX 75089, 1n Fixed Owne sVObligo s). nn shara 1n #| - no& Wee BB- .23ODD.52OOI691-696. t ee toRtlosu procedu . tees i Q 6 in AP,2T, 18 11WH0U, 11V2014, 5214151- Fixed Unk, HHH-06, lnte st, Building-Unh, W Fba Unrt, WTA-3 . 4410DD. $5. 419.66, 81.52; 413275- Upontheund8nign8dtwste8'5 com osu L165W6 55,S6,343.40,$3.13;Santiago 5 0DD, 11v2014, 5214162- Auigned Y DetauW Date, 4MT11658. S3, 1.97, S1.95 90034825 GiB F Rabideau &eiptolyoursignadobjerfion pmeu) N ir (30) Nune . 395 We minrtar Pl, 67, $2, 552 S1.26: Dong Boo Pag6 of R ord6d . 1135T19-2150 5 G m and Nanty D Rabideau 5017 torm, the fo&losu of the days hmn fim d 6 of Lodi, NJ 07644, 112 F ed Soo Lee and Sung Man m AnDunt, Per Diem um A Magd ano Rrfa Magdal6no Sunset Dr Easley, sc 29642, lian wrfh resp6 to the detauW publi . gned NoncE OF DEF^uLTnND W M Unh. zz-06, Ml and Soo un Lee and Eun Geoge8ielawskiandMaga& 3132 E Ja & Ct Lanca er, 112 Fixed Wee Fixed Unk, specified in this notiG8 shall Tru o wkh INnNr TO FORECLOSE ODO, 11v2014, 5214151-55, Sook Kim, 5223 Fona Walk Bielawski, 11, Taunton Way. CA9 ,1#| n-Flo BB-10, 44 ODD, 52001691- be subjerf to We judicial the of as wuTGnn vncnnoN S2, M2.OO, S1.26. Circle, MiNissauga, ON, L y Onn Park", W xham w Fb Unk, A-3 . 696, $5. 457.26. S1.52: foreclosu pDc8du on . pDvid 721.855, LLAS x ll FILE: Ap |,T, 18 CANADA L4Z4A3, 1 Fixed North Wales, ENGLAND 34 H0U, 41 2 5. 89, 382921-9 2 Horace You haveMerightto cureyour Florida hcas6, m . w L165237 WeeklFixed Unk, HHH-09, 101 LL13 OPJ, 1n Fixed 612.05. S4.74 1382210- D BDoks Jr 76 Ho Blvd defauWinthe mannersettorth the un Tna sh |: Punuant to ation 721.855, WHOLE, 112 014, 5214162- Fixed Unrf, E-01, 3910DD, 2802 5 me n Vlnson Ea Orange. NJ 0701T and inthisnoticeatanytimebefo (1) PD p w wrmen Florida Stat rtes, WESTGATE 67, S6, 343.40. 83.13: Gunter 112n014, 5214 438444, W. M&odie Vlnson 715 Geogie Renee K B oks 40 Lake Dr. the undenigned trust68's sale notice or . lncluding VACATION VILLAS OWNERS NoncE OF DEFAULT hND H Se & and Anneliese G 552. .S1.26:Jason Chri n StTDrtman.NC 28166,112,w Wayne, NJ 07470-5733, ofyourtimesha inte st.lfyou the dale, a ion Assoc noN, INC. INnNT TO FORECLOSE Seyl,lnd8p6nd8ncia 3051, and Autumn Chri n&. 2720 Season-Flo Wee Flo Unrf, 112 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, do notobjecttothe use ofthe the r, 18 notite a inaWer to as wEsTGAn vncAnoN Mar Del Plata, ARGENnNA 8wchez Pkwy Unh 101, WTA-5O1,34 ODD,4736l2O99, EE-01, 1 ODD, 52001691-696, twstea toRclosu pDc8dure. of Am R ds We g e,has recoded a vlLLAsxwFlu:nT . 076,1 Fixed WeeMixed Denvar, co 80234. 1 Fixed $9. 341.72. S4.6o 1438291- 85. 457.26. 81.52: 416534- you will not be subje to a otO .Fbr a:and Claim of Len in the amount Punuant to Serfion 721.855. Unrf. HHH-14. 8 H0LE, WeeWFixed Unrt, E-01, 47 J 81 HaDld Fodham 90037785 Mari R Baldridqe deficiency judgment even if T3)Publ ha ol I8notic8 or (Sae Exhib A,wrfh Florida Statrtes, WESTGATE 11v2014, 5214162-67, $6, WHOLE, 1/v2014, 52141438- Joan C Fordham 18851 Hover and William C Rogler C O lhe p ceeds hom the sale ofsal8two ,on 6ach inte stacc ing atthe te of VACATION VILLAS OWNERS 343.40,83.13; No8miFigu8Da 444, $6, 343.40, $3.13; Brian St Salinas, CA 939,112 #| Mari R Kinney 12 Tamworth of your timeshare interast week, r h WK8SS 8 (See Exhibrf "A' per day, and ASSOCIATION, INC. Filomeno, Hh1O Calle 31, K EllioW and Penny J Ellio , Season- Float Wee Floal Ln Me mack, NH 03054, 1 a insu cienl to oWset the weeks, in County reco ed in O.R. Book (See me ina & Rte 8d to as CaDlina, PR 983. 112 F ed 617 Hwy 552 w Rr2. Goul s Unh, WTA-505. 31/EVEN, Fiwed Wae Fixed Unk, EE-09, amounts secured by the lien. newspap&. such a Exhibrt A . Page(SeeExhibrf We gate . has Bod8d a W86k Fiw6d Unrf. HHH-14. 28 River, ON. CANADA POS1EO, 491812368, $6, 436.54. 83.17 44 WHOLE, 5200/691-696, By: GREENSPOON MARDER. newsP 18 tinP A,ofthe Public Recods ot Claim ot Len in the amount ODD, 11v2014, 5214162-67, 1 Fixed WeeklFixed Unk, 1155410-2150427805 Jason $5. 153.34, $1.62; 32409- LLP T ee. ot publ you il to OK8ola Coun,Florida, and of (s68 Exhib A,wrm $2, 552.00, $1.26; Alva L Tllley, E-04, 15 H0LE. 1 v2014. D Garner Swanne A Peden 9167383500 lan B Jenkins HIBIT A" - NOTICE OF cu e set forfh the undekignad Twst86 as inte st acc ing at the rate ot 8943 133 St, Richmond Hill. 52141438-444, $6, 343.40, GaTn8r 111 N. Sulleys Dr. 24 Leo Miller Road Ca ere. DEFAULT AND INTENT TO in this Qe other appointed bywestSate,hereby (See Exhibk A per day, and NY11418MarfhaHernandez,9 $3.13: Hugo J Foma and Mesa,AZ852O5,1AllSeason- MS 39426. 1 Fixed Week/ FORECLOSE app pria e w gad formal not es ( ee Exhib recorded in O.R. Book (S6e FaimeldRd,Garmel,NY1o512, Sihia E Fomara, Call Oll8DS Float w kl Float Unrt, WTA- Fixad Unrf, EE-09, 50 WHOLE, Owne s)IObligor(s), Timeshare to this to n Wer, you "A that due o your tailu to Exhibk A"), at Page (See Exhibk 1 Fixed WeehlF ed Unrf, 1859 Piso 13, Buenos #Ps, 506. 44 H0LE. 4228l137, 5200 691-696. 84. 989.42. lnte st, Building-Unk, Week/ risk lo ng ip ot your pay the annu aM8Mm6nt(s) A . of the Public Retords of HHH-15, 1 H0LE. 1n12014, ARGENnNA O1426, 1 Fixed $8, 987.99, &4.43 1264573- $1.62; 1659-9125427210 Peter Assignad Year, Default Date, timeshara Dugh lhe due on (See Exhibh .A") and Osceola County. Florida, and 5214162-67, 86. 323.96, 83.12; WeeklFixed Unrf. E-06. 291 7071719265 Debra L Hanson Cheong and Maureen Chiong BooWPage ol Recorded Lien, t ee poc uP all aN8Mm8nt(s) the a er. the undenigned Tw ee as CeliaRMa elino.36Riwood. WHOLE, 1 v2014. 5214 438- 1400Cha e onCou Geneva. 5 Pilgrim Dr Ma ham, ON Amount, Per Diem Amount e abli 721.855, you a cunent in detauW appoint8dbyWe gat8,h8Rby CoWs Neck,NJ 07722,1 Fixed 444, $6, 343.40, $3.13; IL 60134, 112 F ed WeeW L6C1R4 CANADA. 1 Fixed Ca os A. Ariza P. and Mario Florida . You may of your obligalions to pay tormal notmes (See Exhibk WeeklF ad Unk. HHH-15, 51 Duwayn6 L Smkh and Venka Float Unk, B-213, 26 0DD, WeeMixed Unrf. EE-11, R. Beqes S 8810 SW choose to d to aM8Mn nts dualo Westgate A hatdueto yourtailu to WHOLE,1/V2O14,5214 62-67, s Smhh, 1414 Robin Hood 4585n178, $5, 115.97, $2.52 21 WHOLE, 52001691-696, 123d ou Apt 402 Bldg the und bu an on tha tollowing descnbed al pay the annual ass8Mm8nt(s) $5. 873.20, $2.90: Neil L Miller, Ln, Memphis. TN 38111, 112 1265520-2150824305 Daniel $5, 025.25. $1.62; 385990- M, Miami, FL 33187, 1 Fixed obje ion m ng our pD loc ed in OKeola due on (See Exhib A") and 210 Colonial Hemage Park, F 6d W M ed Unk, E-06, a Sta Van Sta 4012 s 9002193400 F nk H Ba on Wee Fwad Unit, HH-01, 28/ rigMto o e County, Florida: TSee Exhibrt,a t(s) the aW Doyle ow,PA189O1,1 Fwed 4&MN, 1M014. 5214 43& 104th Ln Toll on.AZ 853N- and Ca,A Barfon 19747 WHOU, 11V2014, 521418- twrf u . A nn Ma lm& (s) you a in de uW W ed Unk,HHH-15.4V 444,S3.T91.40,81.87;Te sa 4175, 1n #| n- Flo State ROL 8 92 Susquehanna, 13, $6,343.40, $3.13; Chwa upon bla .s (s Exhib A as definedin of your obl Dns to pay WHOLE, 11u2014, 5214 62- Gu,DeMayaguez, w86klflo& Unk,WTB-315,91 PA 18847. 112 F ed w6akl Lorde, 4921 R a Dr e. &plorP on e D la ion of Cov s, dueto W gale 67.S6.343.40,$3.13:ATrmony 1107 Calle UDyan. Mayaguez.