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April 18, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 18, 2014

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 18, 2014 PAGE 5A By Ben Cohen Congress don't condemn this missions serving at the U.N. As the State Department's that he didn't participate in started lightening the sanc- act by the Islamic Republic, As many New York residents lawyers deliberate overthe initial occupation of the tions load on Iran. then our captivity and suffer- will tellyou, that's the reason Aboutalebi's visa application, embassy, but that he subse- How, though, is that deal As its next ambassador to ing for 444 days at the hands why, everyyear, our great city hopefully they will bear two quently acted as a translator working out? Why, with the the United Nations Head- of Iranwasfornothing,"Rosen hosts the assorted dictators, key points prominently in and negotiator for the ter- Aboutalebi appointment, is quarters in New York, Iran continued. "He can never tyrants, and terrorism spon- mind. Firstly, that former rorists. About as convincing Iran risking the ire of the has appointed a man who set foot on American soil." sors who fly in for the U.N. PresidentJimmyCarter, inhis a defense as saying, "I didn't U.S. at this delicate stage participated in the seizure of At the moment, the State De- General Assembly. In the State of the Union address in steal your car, but I did help in the negotiations? Well, the U.S. Embassy in Tehran partment has not yet decided decadessince theU.N.'s estab- 1980, categorized the hostage to sell it afterwards."the answer seems to be that in 1979. The decision has whether to grant a visa to the lishment, we'veputupwith-- crisis as an act of "internaL Regardless of what the there isn't much to hope for. been metwith outrage--and appointee, HamidAboutalebi, among others--Muammar tional terrorism." Secondly, State Department does over Despitenewtalksscheduledin rightly so. who has served in the past Gadhafi, the deceased Libyan that Aboutalebi, by his own Aboutalebi's visa applica- Vienna for April 8, the mood "Unconscionable,"saidU.S. as Iran's ambassador toboth dictator; Robert Mugabe, admission, was present at the tion, this whole episode is is grim. "Mutual suspicion Sen.TedCruz(R-TX),whohas Belgium and Italy. State the mass-murdererwho still embassywithotherleadersof a useful reminder that the remainsgreatandthereisstill introduced legislation that did acknowledge, through presides over Zimbabwe; and the "Muslim Student Follow- Islamic Republic remains an a fundamental uncertainty wouldpreventaU.N.ambassa- spokeswoman Marie Harf,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the" ers of the Imam's Line," the enemy--not a negotiating as to what Iran really wants," dor from entering the United thatAboutalebi'snomination former Iranian president terrorist group behind the partner with whom we have wrote BBC diplomatic cor- Statesifthatambassadorisa was "extremely troubling" and notorious Holocausthostage taking, differences, but an outright respondent Jonathan Marcus knownterrorist."Aslapinthe and cause for "serious con- denier. We do so because, as If Aboutalebi was involved enemy--of the U.S. The inapreciseassessmentofthe face," said U.S. Sen. Lindsey cerns." None of that means, a civilized participant in the with intimidating or abusing man who named Aboutalebi current situation. Graham(R-SC)."Adisdainfor however, that Aboutalebi will international community, the hostages, he isn't owning to the U.N. post is President Predictably, the sanctions the diplomatic process," said be prevented from taking up we are compelled to take up to it--though that doesn't Hassan Rouhani, someonerelief that accompanied the U.S.Sen.ChuckSchumer(D- his post. a deep breath and respect mean he didn't participate in who has so impressed the November agreement has NY). "A disgrace," thundered The ObamaAdministrationthe very same principles of some oftheoutragesrecorded Obama Administration with led the Iranians to.behave Barry Rosen, one of the 52 is in a legal bind, insofarasitis diplomacy that the Iranian overthose444daysofcaptiv- his "moderation" and his like kids let loose in a toy American hostages held by boundby a 1947 protocol that regime violated so obscenely ity.All he will admit, as he did commitment to the nuclear store. Progress is rapidly be- Iranian captors for more than grants almost total immunity when it stormed our embassy in an interview with the Ira- deal reached last November ayear."Ifthepresidentandthe to the diplomats of national in Tehran. nianwebsite Khabaronline, is in Geneva that we've actually Cohen on page 15A By Hen Mazzig On March 31, I attended a disturbing lecture at Wash- ington University in St. Louis. It was co-sponsored by St. Louis Hillel at Washington University and J Street U. The speaker, a former Israeli soldier with the group"Break- ing the Silence" (BtS), mis- represented and demonized the Israel I)efense Forces, Israel, and Israeli policy. BtS is known for bringing in speakers like this, so I could not understand why Hillel and J Street U had sponsored a talk whose only purpose appeared to: be to misinform audiences and instill hostility towards Israel. As an Israeli reservist who He did not describe thevice in Hebron, Ihadtoadhere be left alone in the streets of itself critically, and debates hadbeenstationedintheWest Israel or IDF that I know so to international humanitar- the GazaStrip. in Israel are energetic and Bank, I sat in disbelief as the intimately, ian law and ensure that the It was torture for me to sit promote the full variety of speaker described attitudes Asareservistandasoldier, I soldiers in the Judea Brigade there quietly and listen to views. Why, then, would he and policies thatwere entirely hadbeenstationedintheWest were educated about thethe distortions of this former come to the U.S. tocomplain divorced from reality. Bank. My job was to protect Geneva Convention and the soldierwhohadservedduring about his own army? The former soldier, Oded the Palestinians' humanrulesofengagement--orface themostviolentperiodofthe I think I know why. It's Na'aman, claimed that Israeli rights, coordinatehumanitar- punishment. We sometimes, second intifada (2000-2003), becausetherearegroupswho soldiers are trained to oppress ianaid, and tendtothe needs wentbeyondthesestrictrules when suicide bombers and are parading him around to the Palestinians individually of civilians living in the West to help Palestinians. Once, snipers were wantonly mur- tell half-truths and lies to andasapeople, that they ma- Bank.IalwaysfeltthatIsrael's when I served in my unit's dering Israeli men, women, defame Israel. When he was liciouslymistreatPalestinians concern for the welfare of the headquarters, we arranged a and children. But he never asked that very question dur- in the West Bank, and that Palestinians was impressive, complex operation sothatmy described the terrorism that ing the question-and-answer theyaretaughttomakePales- andIwasproudtobepartofit, unit, withthehelpofanother forced the IDF to take mea- period, he said,"I came here tiniansfearIsraelisoldiers.He My experience taught meunit, could save the life of a sures to protect our families, to tell Americans what their argued that there are no civil that even during wartime, Palestinianboy livinginGaza . If he has complaints about taxmoneyis funding."Hesaid rights for Palestinians and Israel made it a priority to whose mother had died.~We the IDF, he should b#.a~ ac:..J ~tl-~tattacking!srae~lw.ithF:16s that the Jewish people who meettheneedsofPalestinians did some investigating; and tivist in Israel. Soldiersdon't ~:not the:~ight answer;:bu~ now have a state use their even though they had made discovered that his uncle :always do the right thing or that Israel needs to be pres- powertooppressPalestinians, themselves enemies of the livedinRamallah.Inaspecial live up to the IDF code. They sured. I wondered what kind I had no idea what he was State of Israel by launching operation in the middle of the should be disciplined. Israel's of twisted thinking would talking about or what moti- the second intifada, night, we moved the child to policies can be debated. But vatedhim to lie. I recall that during my ser- hisunclesothathewouldnot Israelisconstantlyexamining Mazzig on page 15A By Stephen M. Flatow The controversy over the Harvard University students who recently posed, smiling, at Yasser Arafat's grave sent a shot of pain through every one of us who has lost a loved one in the terrorist attacks that Arafat and his allies have waged over the years. But it must have been partic- ularly awful for Dr. Alan Bauer, a Harvard-educated scientist, to see students from his own school smiling and enjoying their visit to the tombstone of the man responsible for the vi- cious attack that left Bauer and his 7-year- old son permanently maimed. Bauer and his son Jonathan were walking on King George Street in downtown Jerusalem on March 21, 2002, when a terrorist from Arafat's Fatah movement blew himself up. His explosive device was packed with metal spikes and nails, in order to inflict the maximum amount of pain and destruction and the defense- less Israeli civilians walking by. Three passersby were killed, 87 were wounded, Dr. Bauer and Jonathan were hit by multiple metal projectiles. Two of the metal spikes pen- etrated little Jonathan's brain. The attack was in the news for a few days, and then it was out of the public's sight, and out of the public's mind. Who today remembers Alan and Jonathan Bauer? Certainly not the 50 or so Harvard stu- dents who recently visited Israel and the Palestinian Authority-controlled terri- tories, paid for by Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Bos- ton Jewish's federation) and Harvard Hillel. I'm sure Alan, as a Harvard alumnus, would have appreci- ated a friendly visit to his Jeru- salem home and a few words of sympathy from the Harvard students. Apparently the tour organizers never bothered to check on whether there are any Harvard graduates among the terror victims in Israel. But don't put all the blame on the organizers. These students know how to do a little research on the Internet. In a few minutes, they could have learned about Alan and Jonathan. They didn't make the time to do that, But they did make the time to pose, grinning, at the gravesite of the man re- sponsible for that Jerusalem bombing and so many other war crimes against the Jewish people. And they were so proud of the photo that they rushed to share it with the world via social media. I was disappointed to read ~n article by three Boston Jewish federation officials, declaring that criticism of the Arafat photo-op is "ab- surd." The most they would giggle-and-selfie fest at the grave of an apartheid regime police officer who tortured or murdered black activists. Last week marked the 12th anniversary of the bombing that maimed the Bauers. This week is the 19th anniversary learned nothing from your attorney. His 20-year-old years of learning in the pres- daughter Alisa was murdered tigious halls of Harvard. in a 1995 bus bombing while Stephen M. Flatow is an she was a student in Israel. TOC THE2k SS concedeisthatsomeofthe ofthePalestinianbombing r r trip organ!zers showed"poor attack in which my daughter ONCE A AIN, AT E WILL LIN judgment, buttheyrefusedto Alisa was murdered. She | ES'F E A[,S | | A MS WITH PAST 1 condemnthestudents'action, was a student at Brandeis | T {E I NE A'rIoNS] Theyshouldn'tbetreatingthe University, just a few miles students asiftheywere babies, down the road from Harvard. They are young adults who The students at Harvard have either knew what they were shown as little interest in doing, or should have. Alisa as they have in Alan or I was equally disappointed Jonathan Bauer. to see that Prof. Deborah One of the Harvard stu- Lipstadt, on her Facebook dents, by the name of Kelsey, page, wrote this about the last week defended her par- Jewish officials' article defend- ticipation in the Arafat grave ing the Harvard students: visit on the grounds that, "What a thoughtful article. "Acknowledging one person's Lucky is the community with such thoughtful leaders who know how to keep their heads screwed on straight." As a Ho- locaust scholar, Prof. Lipstadt, of all people, should be able to recognizeArafatwas engaged in the attempted genocide of Israel's Jews. She should have been as outraged by the Arafat visit, as she would have been if the Harvard students had visited Afghanistan and posed at the grave of an A1- Qaeda leader, or if they went to South Africa and had a lived experience neither ne- FAS gates nor diminishes another person's lived experience." /THE MIRAC(.E l Actually, Kelsey, you have [Z WlSH SORVIVAkI| not at all acknowledged Ara- fat's "lived experience"--you did not write anything about the mass murders and maim- ings he perpetrated. And you have indeed negated and diminished "another person's lived experience"--you have negated and diminished the suffering of his victims and their families. Until you understand that, you have . DryBonesBIog,com