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April 17, 2015     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 17, 2015

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 17, 2015 . ' PAGE 33B aWomay or immedialely TRusnE FOR NORMANDY Court, will sell the proper Kass Shuler, P.A. for the lief d6mand8d in the Pl nt . sell to the highast and be SOUTHERLY HAVING th&eaWer, olh8 i58 a detault MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST, shuated in Saminole Coun,1505 N.FloridaAve. Complaint. -vs.- bidder tor tash ROOM S2Q1 A RADIUS OF 45635.64 will b6 ente d against you SERIES 2013-4, is tha Florida d6scrib8d as: Tampa, FL 33602-2613 AMERICAN DlsABILlnEs ACT Gerardo Rojas; Mortgaga OF THE SEMINOU COUNTY FE% THENCE RUN tor tha relier d8mand6d in tha Pl ntiW and DARREN WADE; LOT 26 OF RIVER CREST Fo losur8S8 it6 kaNlaw. ot 1990 Elerf nic Registralion COURTHOUSE, 301 NORTH EASTERLY ALONG THE Complaint. AMANDA N. WADE:. CEURY PHASE ll. AS RECORDED com Admini rative Order No. 10-1 8 Systems. lnc as Nominae PARK AVENUE, SANFORD. ARC OF SAID CURVEAND AMERICAN DlsABILlnEs ACT LAKES HOMEOWNERS IN PLAT BOOK 38, PAGE April 1T, 24, 2015 lt you ara a person wi h a forCoun wideBank,FSB: FLORIDA 32771 AT 11:00 A.M. cENnRuNE THROUGH ot 1990 ASSOCIATION, INC.; PRIMUS 93-95, OF THE PUBLIC L125647 disabil y who naads any GRt Conversions Qlll, Ltd on May 7, 2015, tha following A CE L ANGLE OF Administrativa Order No. 10-18 AuToMonvE FIN ANCIAL RECORDS OF SEMINOLE . accommodation in oder to a Florida Lmhad Par enhip; dewnbed plop8rty as set torfh 01 07'48 A DISTANCE . w you a a penon whh a SERVICES, INC. A NEW COUNTY, FLORIDA. pa icipat6 in this p caeding, Carrin4on Park Condominium in s d Final Judgmant, to-wit: OF 899.97 nET TO THE disabil who neads any YORK coRPoRAnoN, a andcommonlyknownas:2383 IN THE CIRCUIT you a enlitled, at no cost to ANociation, lnc.; Unknow THE NORTH 106 FEET OF POINT OF REVERSE CUR- accommodation in oder to Defendants. Ma anne Morse. RIVERTREECR.SANFORD,FL CIVIL COURT OF you, to the p vision ol carfain Parfiesin PoNeuion N1, THE sow 271 FE VATURE OF A CURVE parfitipate in thi5 pDc88ding. Cle ot he Court, will sell to 32771: including tha building, THE EIGHnENTH aNi ant8. Please tonta lt living, and,Unknown OF LOT 5, BLOCK B, CONCAVE NO ERLY you ate entklad, atno co o the highe and bast bidd6r appu anances, and fi uRs JUDIC L CIRCU Me ADA Coordinator, Court Parfi&s Glaiming by, through, BROWN'S SUBDIVISION HAVING A RADIUS OF you, to the pDvision ot certain tor cash in Room s2o1 ot the located the in, at public sale, OF FLORIDA, IN AND Administration, 301 North Pa under and ag nst tha above OF BECK HAMMOCK, 13627.70 FE% THENCE aNi5tanc8. Please conta S&ninole Coun CourfhousB, totha highe and best biddar, FOR SEMINOLE Av6nue, Santod, FL 32771, named D6fandant(5) who ACCORDING TO THE RUN EAsnRLY ALONG tha ADA Coordinator, Court 301 North Park Avanua, forcash, Sales h6ld in Room couw talephone numbar (40 665- a nothnowto be daad or MAP OR PLAT THEREOF, THE ARC OF S D Admini tra ion, 301 North Parh Santord, Florida in aKordanG8 s2o1, 301 N. Pa Avenua, CIVIL DIVISION 4227 at laast 7 days betoreyour ive, wh6th8r s d Unhnown AS RECORDED IN PLAT CU E AND cENnRuNE Avenue. Santod. FL 32771, whh Chapter 45 florida Sanfold, Florida, Seminole Ca58 No. 59-2013- scheduled courtapp6aranc6, or Parties may claim an i e st BOOK 1. PAGE 83, OF THROUGH A CENTRAL talephone number (40 665- Stalutes at 11: a.m. on CouW Courthousa, on July 7, CA- immedialely upon rataiving this as Spouse, H6in, Davisees, THE PUBLIC RECORDS ANGU OF 03 46'57 A 4227 atlea 7 days beto your June 11 h, 2015, the tollowing 2015 at 11am. Di sion 14-K notmcalion if lhe time beora Grantees, or har Cl mants; OF SEMINOLE COUN DISTANCE OF 899.67 wh6dul8dcourtappBa nt8,or dewribed pDp8rty settorth in Any penons cl ming an WELLSFARGOBANK,N.A. the scheduled appea nce is Unknown Pa ie5 in PoN8Nion FLORIDA. FEET TO THE POINT OF immediateW upon teiving this s d Fin Judgmant, to wh: inter in the suplus t m Plainti,| s han 7 days: if you are #2, lt living, and all Unknown ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN TANGENCY: THENCE RUN notmtation rf the tima beto LOT 13, CEURY LAKES the sale, if any, oth6rthan the v5. hearing imp Rd, call 711. Parfies cl ming by, thDugh. INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS N. 86 35'45"E. ALONG th6 sth8dul6d appaarance is PHASE 1A, ACCORDING p perfyowneras otthe date of KRISTOPHER WNNEY WA Dated: April 9. 2015. und6r and again the above FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, SAID cENnRuNE A DIS- I8N than 7 days; if you a TO THE PLAT THEREOF the lis pendens mustfile a claim KRISTOPHER JAMES DANIEL CURKOFTHE named Detendant(s) who OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY TANCE OF 4N.80 FEET h6aring imp d, c,711. AS RECORDED IN PLAT wkhin 60 days aWerthe s a. KINNEY WA KRISTOPHER COURT AND are not know to be dBad or OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF TO THE POINT OF CUR- WITNESS my hand and seal BOOK 67, PAGES 98 Dat6d this 9 day of April, J.D.WNNEY WA COMPTROUER ive, wh&har s d Unhnow THE us PENDENS MUST FILE VATURE OF A CU VE ofthis Courf on the 9th day ot AND 99, INCLUSNE, OF 2015. KRISTOPHER J. KINN Hono ble Ma anne Parties may claim an inte&t A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS CONCAVE SOWWEST- April, 2015. THE PuBuc RECORDS hl6y L Simon UNDA WOUERSDORF WA Mone a5 Spouse, Hain, Devise . AFTER THE SALE. ERLY HAVING A RA- MARYANNE MORSE OF SEMINOU couw. (813) 229-0900 x1394 UNDA KINNEV WA UNDA 301 North Pa Grant6es, or her Cl manls lt you a a penon with a DIUS OF 12 . nET; Cla otthe Ciwuk FLORIDA Kas5 Shuler, P.A ANN WOUERSDORF WA Avenue D6f6ndant( ). disabil y who n86ds any THENCE RUN EAsnRLY and Coun Courts Mo co y know as: 1505 N. horida Ave. UNDA A. woLnRsDoRF Santod, Flo da NoncE OF NU accommodation in odar to ALONG HE ARC OF S D and ComptDll8r 128 wHEAnlELD CIRCE TamP4 FL N6 -2613 AIWA LINDAANN VON 32n1 NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN participata in this p t68ding, CURVE AND cENnRuNE B : Sulonda Paoples SANFORD, n 32771 . Foreclosu Se ic kasslaw. WOUERSDORF, BANK OF B : Sulonda Peoplas punuant to old8r Kh8duling you a entrfled, at no cost to THROUGH A CENTRAL (CIRCUIT OURT SEAU Any penon or ent y tl ming com AMERICA, N.A DISCOVER (CIRCUIT OURT SEAL) foBlosu s e or Fin you,tothe pDvision otc6rtain ANGU OF 03 09'45 A DepW Cle anint rtinthe wplu .ifany, April1T,24, 15 BAN AND UNKNOWN Deputy Cle Judgm6nl, 6nl6 d in Civil assistante. PI8as6 Gontatl DISTANCE OF 66.24 FEET PUBLISH IN H RITAGE NEWS suWing hom Me For lo5ur8 L12 nNANTyowNERs, Apnl 1T, 2 201s Case No. 2012-CA-001125 the ADA Coodinatot, Court TO THE EAST UNE OF 14-280169 FCO1 WNI S a. other than th6 p p6rty Detendanb. L 125646 of the Ci uit Courf of the Administ tion, 301 North Park THE NO THWFST OF April 1T, 2,016 owe as ot le d e otthe Ls NoncE OF NU 1&h JudiGial Circuk in and Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771, S D sEcnoN 35 AND L 125631 Pendens, mu file a cl m on IN THE CIRCUIT Notice is hereby given, for Seminole Coun,horida, telephone numbar (40 665- THE POINT OF nRMINA- sama wkh ha Cla ot Cou Cl L COURT OF punuant to Fln Judgment of IN THE CIRCUIT whe in Nation5tar Mo gage 4227 at laast 7 days b8tor6your TION; SAID POINT BEING whhin siW (60) day5 a er Me THE EIGHnENTH For6closu ror Plaim. enterad COURT OF THE uc. Pl ntm and Ge o scheduledcourtappaarante,or S.O1 15'51"E. A DIS- IN THE CIRCUIT Fo&losu Sale. JUDICIAL CIRCUIT n this cause on Ju 31, 2014, EIGHnENTH Roja a d8t8ndant(5), |, Cle immediataly upon racaiving this TANCE OF 640.31 FEET COURT FOR AMERICAN DlsABlunEs ACT OF FLORIDA, IN AND in tha Cirwk Court of Seminole JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN otCourt, Tmany Moo Ruuell, notmcation if tha time betora FROM THE NORTHEAST SEMINOLE couw, ot 1990 FOR SEMINOU Coun,Florid4 M anne AND FOR SEMINOLE will 58|| to the highest and best the stheduled appearanca is CORNSR OF THE NORTH- flORIDA Adminirtrativa Ord No. 1 18 COUNTY Mo e, Cle ol tha i uk COUN FLORIDA bidder lor tash ROOM s2o1 less than 7 days; if you are WEST OF SAID SEC- PRoaAn DIVISION lf you ara a penon wM a CIVIL DIVISION Cou,will sell tha pDp8rfy CIVIL ACTION OF THE SEMINOLE COUNTY h6aringimpair8d, call711. TION 35. Fll6 No.: 2015-cP- disabil who n6eds any Case No. 59-2014- srfuat6d in Seminole Coun,CASE NO.: COURTHOUSE, 301 NORTH 'Punuant to Fla. R. Jua. ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN 000453-FA-P aKommod ion in oder to CA-003125 Florida d crib6d as: 2014CA003316 PARK AVENUE, SANFORD, Admin. 2.516(b)(1)(A), Plainti 's INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS Divi on Prob e partitipate in this p ceeding, Division 14-G LOT 28, LONGWOOD WEUS FARGO BANK, NA FLORIDA 32771 AT 11: AM. counsal heraby dasignates its FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, IN RE: EsTAn OF you a entkled, at no cost to u.s. BANK TRUST NAnoNAL . HILLS UNIT 2, ACCORD- Pl ntiW, on May 5. 2015, the tollowing prima email address tor the OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY BRIAN s. GRABBE you, to the provision ot cert n AssoclAnoN, NOT IN ITS ING TO THE PLAT THERE- vs. d8scrib6d prop as s6torth pugos6s of amail sa ita as: OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF Deceased. aMistanc8. Please conta INDIVIDUALCAPACITVBUT OF, AS RECORDED IN ROBERT WEAVER AIWA in 5aid Fin Judgment, to-wk: SF Tamgase ite' THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE NoncE TO CREDITORS the ADA Coodinator, Courf SOLELYAS DELAWARE PLAT BOOK 27, PAGE ROBERT E. WEAVER et,UNIT 43-100, CAR- SHAPIR,FISHMAN a A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS me admini ration ot the Administration, 301 No h Pa TRusnE AND u.s. BANK 63, OF THE PUBLIC RE- Defendant(s). RINGTON PARK, A CON- GACH,LLP AFTER THE SAU. estate ot Brian s. Grabbe, Avenue. Sanfod FL 32771, NAnoNAL AssoclAnoN, CORDS OF SEMINOU NoncE OF AcnoN DOMINIUM, ACCORDING AWorn8y5 for PlaintiW lf you are a p8r5on with a dec6as8d, whosa data ot 6|6ph0ne numb (40 665- NOTINITSINDl DUAL couw, FLORIDA TO: ROBERT WEAVER AIWA TO THE DEC TION 4630 Woodland Coporata disability who n68ds any death was Fab a 1. 2015, 4227atlea 7daysbefD your CAPACITY BUTSOLELY and common know as: 516 ROBERTE.WEAVER OF CONDOMINIUM Blvd St6 100 accommodation in order to is pending in tha Circuit Court scheduled courtappearance,or AS CO-TRUSTEE FOR MAnLDA pL LONGWOOD, FL LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: THEREOF, RECORDED Tampa, FL 33614 pa icipate in this proceeding, tor Seminole Coun,Florida, immediate upon rece ng this GOVERNMENT LOAN 32750; including the building, 2842 CENTRAL DRIW ON JUNE a, 2006, IN OF- Telephone: (81 3) 880-8888 you ar6 antitlad, at no tO5t to Probate Division, the add N notifitation rf me t me befoR sEcuRlnzAnoN TRUST appurtenances, and fi uras SANFORD, FL32773-5272 FICIAL RECORDS BOOK Faw: (81 3) 880-8800 you, to the pDvision ot certain otwhich is 301 N. Pa Avenue, the sch uled aPP ce is 2011-FV1 local6d tharein. at public s e, CURRENT ADDRESS: 06280, PAGE 0151, AND For Email Se iG8 Only: assistance. Please contacl Santord, Florida 32772-8099. I8N than 7 days: it you a Plaintm, to tha high85t and best bidder. UNKNOWN RE-RECORDED ON JUNE SFGTampaSa ice the ADA Coordinator, Couh me namas and add Mes ot hearing impaired, t,71 1. vs. lor cash, S es held in Room THE UNKNOWN SPOUSE 21, 20,IN OFFICIAL For all oth6r inquiri85: Admini5trati n, 301 North p k the panonal rep santative and Mithael Rak, Esq. J MEAIGUSIAS,MIGDAUA s2o1, 301 N. Pa Avenua, OFROBERTWEAVERAIWA RECORDS BOOK 06295, khadritkson Av8nu6, Santod, FL 32771, tha person presentative's florida Bar No. 0070376 IGLES S AND UNKNOWN Sanfod, Florida, Seminola ROBERTE.WEAVER PAGE 1591. PuBuc RE- Punuant to t a Fair Debt lelephone number (40 665- a omey are set lorth balow. Landar Lag Sa ites, uc nNANTslowNERs, County courmouse, on May LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: CORDS OF SEMINOU Colle ions Practices Act, you 4227 at least 7 days batoreyour #| credrfon ot tha decedent 201 East Pine t, Suhe 730 Defandants. 26, 2015 at 11am. 2842 CE L DRIVE COUW, FLORIDA, AND a advis6d thal this o ce may sth8dul8dtourfapp8aranG8, or and olhar penons having O ando,florida328O1 NoncE OF SALE Any penons cl ming an SANFORD,FL32773-5272 AU AMENDMENTS AND b6 d68m8d a debt tollectorand immediately upon B8 ing this claims or demands against Tel: (40 730-4644 Notit6 is he by given, int&e in the su@us hom CURRENT ADDRESS: SUPPLEMENTS THERE- any intormation obtainad may notificalion if the lime betore dacedent's estale on whom a Fax: (888) N7-3815 punuant to Fln Judgmanl ot the s a, rf any, otharthan M6 UNKNOWN TO, ALONG WITH AN be used torthat puposa. the scheduled appearance is copy ot this notice is Rquir8d A omayforPl ntm FoBlosur8 for PlaintiW ente d properfyowarasot a data ot nNANT N1 UNDIVIDED INnREsT 14-274225 FCO1 CXE I65s than 7 day5; it you ara to be sa ed must file their S iceEm ls: in this causa on April 6, 2015, thalisp6nd8nsmu fil8acl m LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: IN THE COMMON EU- April 1T, 24J 2015 hearing impai d, tall 711. claims whh this court ON OR MRak in tha Ciwurf Courf ot S6minole wkhin 60days a erthe sale. 2842 CE L DRIVE MENTS APPuRnNANT L1255O2 .Punuant to na. R. Jud. BEFORE THE LAnR OF 3 ESa ice Lende^ CounV, Florida, M anna Edwada.Pmchad SANFORD, FL 32773-5272 THERETO. Admin. 2.516 )(1)p), Pl ntiW's MOWS AmR THE TIME April1T,24, 1S Mone, Cle ot the iwuit (813)229-09 x13 CURRENT ADDREM: 2842 ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN counsel he by d8signat65 its OF ME FIRST PUBLICATION L125661 Court, will sell the proper KauShul&,P.A CE L DRIVE INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS IN THE CIRCUIT prima email addr8N for the OF THIS NoncE OR 30 DAYS skuat6d in Saminol6 County, 1505 N.FloridaAva. SANFORD, FL 32773-5272 FROM THE SAU. IF ANY, COU T OFTHE pugoses ot em,s8 it8 as: AFnR THE DATE OF SER CE Florida destribad as: T npa, FL3 -2613 nNANTN2 OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY EIGHTEENTH SF TampaSe ice OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT LOT 16, BLOCK J, CAS- ForaclosuraSe ce kasslaw. LAST KNOWN.ADDRESS: OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a ONTHE,c d ,o,s of lhe URT FOR SELBERRV HEIGHTS, AC- com 2842 CENTRAL DRIVE THE us PENDENS MUST FIU AND FORSEMINOU GACH ,LLP ,ol MINOU couw, CORDING TO THE PLAT Ap,1T, 24, 15 SANFORD, FL 32773-5272 A CL M W HIN 60 DAYS COUN FLORIDA A om s tor Pl iw d8c8d6nt and other persons FLORIDA 7WERE0F AS RECORDED L125664 CURRENTADDRESS: 2842 R THE SALE. CIVIL DIVISION 4630 oodland Coporate having cl ms or damand6 PROBATE Dl SION IN PLAT BOOK 9, PAGE . CE DRIVE lt you a a pa n wrm a Casa #: 2011-CA- Blvd sl6 100 ag n d em's 85tat8 File No.: 2015-cP- 37. OF THE PUBLIC RE- SANFORD, FL 32773-5272 disabil y who na6ds any 005025 Tampa, FL 33614 mu fil6 their cl m5 wiM this 000767 CORDS OF SEMINOU IN THE CIRCUIT ANY AND AU UNKNOWN accom Dd ion in oder to DIVISION: G T8|8phon6: (813) 880-8888 courf W HIN 3 MONTHS INRE:EsTAnoF COUN FLORIDA. COURT OF THE PARnEs CLAIMING BY, participate in this p ing, EvarBank Fax: (813) oo AmR THE DAn OF THE LAMARSHAQUILUHAWWNS and commonl known EIGHnENTH . THROUGH, UNDER, AND you a emhled, at no cost to PlaintiW, For Em,Se ice Only: flRST PUBLICATION OF THIS lll, as: 450 SLUM ER LANE, JUDICIAL CIRCUIT AG NST THE HEREIN you, to th6 p vision ot cart n -vs.- sFGTampaaic6 NoncE. D8c6as8d. CASSELBERRY, FL 32707; OF FLORIDA IN AND NAMED INDMDUAL aNi anc8. PI6as6 tontact Ga Ma Ridge aGa . For lotherinquiri : AU CLAIMS NOT FIUD NOTICE TO CREDITORS including h6 building, FOR SEMINOU DEFENDANT(Sl WHO ARE the ADA Coodinator. Court M. Ridg6and linaTara dwhkney WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS me adn niWation ot tha appurtanancas. and fix ures couw NOT KNOWN TO BE DEAD Adminirt tion, 301 Norfh Pa g6 aMa#lina T. Ridga Punuant to the F r Debt SET FORTH IN SECTION 6 at8 ol LAMAR SHAQUIUE locat6dth8 in, atpublit sale, CIVIL DIVISION OR,WHETHER S#D Av8nu6. Santo,FL 32771. a #linaTara McCra Collet ions Prartia Arf, you 733.702 OF THE FLORIDA HAWKINSlll.dec6as6d,wh s6 tothe highest and b6 bidder, Ca58 No.: 59-2011- UNKNOWN PARTIES MAV telephona nu b6r (40 66J Wa linaT. Mcc a aka a advi ed lh thi oM may PRoBAn CODE wlu BE dat6 ofd6ath wa5 S6pt8mb6r for cash, S 6s held in Room CA-004799 CLAIM AN INnREsTAs 422T at I6ast7 days b6to your linaT. McC ; Bank of be deemed a debt collerfor and FORMR BARRED. 10. 2014; Fll6 Numb& 2015- S2O1, 301 N. Pe Avanua, Division: 14-G SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, schaduled cou ap anca, or rica, National A soci ion: any inform ion obt nad may NOTW HSTANDING THE cP-000767, is pending in th6 Santod, norida, S8minol6 MIDFIRSTBANK GRANnEs. OR OTHER i mediate upon iving this Count Lane Hom6own6n ba usad tor Wat.pupose. nME PERIODS SET FORTH Cirtuit Court tor SEMINOU CountyCourthouse,on Juna 4, Pl ntiW, CL MANTS notmcatlon rf the tin beto 50ciali0n. lnt.; Unknown 11-232150 FCO1 GRR ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED Coun,Florida. PDbat8 2015at11a . v5. LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: the schadulad ap te is Pa i in PoM8Mion 1, April 1T, 1s TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE Division, th6 add N otwhich Any p6 ons claiming an SONIAEVANGEUNEJENKINS UNKNOWNCURRENT leN than 7 days; it you a ltl ing,andallUnknow L 125740 AFnR THE DECEDENT'S is 301 No h Parh Av6nu6, inl in the suplus hom AIWASONIAE.JENWNS ADDRESS: UNKNOWN hearing imp d, t,711. Parti cl ming by, th ugh, DAn OF DEATH ls BARRED. Santod, norida 32771. m6 the s 6, it any, oth6rthan tha WASONIAJENWNS YOU ARE NonFIED that an 'Punuant to na R. Jud. und andag nsttheabove me date of first publication namas and addr8s965 ot tha p p&tyown6ra5otth8dat8ot ADSIDE, INDINDUAUY artion to ro&los6 a mortgage Admin. 2.516 )(1),Plaintm.s n ed Detendant(s) who IN THE CIRCU of lhis Notic6 is April 17. 2015. penon r8pB8ntativ6 and th8lisp8nd8n5mu RBaclaim AND AS KNOWN HEIR OF on tha tollowing p pe y in counsel h y d6sign 6s s a notknowtob6d6ador COURT OF THE P6Nonal Rep sentative: the p6nonal pr8s tativ6's wkhin 60 days eWarth8 5 8. THE ESTATE OF M A SEMINOLE Coun,Florida: primaly 6n il add tor th6 ive, wh8 8r5aid Unknown EIG EEW lsl Cindy Capeda a omBy a s& lorth below. Datad this 6th day ot April, E. BLUE, DECEASED, LOT 13, BLOCK c, pu s ot em,&ice as: Pa ies maytl maninle JUDIC L CIRCUIT IN Cindy Cepeda,c dhon otthe datedent 2015. UNKNOWN HEIRS, DENSEES, WOODMERE PARK, 2ND SF T aS8 c8 a5 Spou58, H k, D8vis68s, AND FOR SEMINOLE 1762 G enwood Road and othar penons having MaWhawl.Flitk& GRANnEs, ASSIGNEES, REPLAT, ACCORDING SHAPIR,FISHMAN G nt86s, or her Cl mants: couw, FLORIDA Glenview, |llinois 60026 tl M or demands ag n (81 )229- x1242 LIENORS, CREDITORS, TO THE PLAT THEREOF GACH,uP Unknown Parti85in Possession,Cl L DMSION A omey for Parsonal dacedent's e ata, on whom a Kass Shul6r, P.A. TRusnEs OF M E. AS RKORDED IN PLAT A om s lor Pl nt m, lt living, and,Unknown Ca N: 2014-CA- R8pl8E8ntativ8: copy ot Wis notice is qui d 1505 N. FloridaAve. BLUE, DECEASED; BISHOP BOOK 13, PAGE 73, OF 4630 oodland Copo t6 Pa cl ming by, M ugh, 002N7 Harold Douglas Powell, Jr. to be s6 6d, must file lheir T 4 FLM6O2-2613 BLUE, KNOWN HEIR OF THE PU8LIC RECORDS Blvd Sle 1 und& and ag n tha abov6 DMSION: w Florida Bar No. 867070 cl ms wkh this GOU THIN FoBlosu S8 ice kas9law. THE ESTATE OF M E. OF SEMINOU COUN T 4 nN614 n Detandant(s) who lls F Bank, N n 1750 Carillon PB Driv6 THE LATER OF 3 MOWS com 8LUE, DECEASED; ANGELA noRIDA T6| hon8: (813l a not b own to b6 dead or iation Oviedo, Florida 32765 AmR THE nME OF THE @I1,ls JEN NS CAMP8ELL has filed again you and Fax:(813l88 ive. whe & said Unknown Plain R, April 1T, 24, 01s FIRST Pu8ucAnoN OF THIS L12562O KNOWN HEIROFTHE you a qui d to e a For IS On : Pam y cl m an int6 st -v .- L125636 NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AmR EsTAn OF MARrHA E. py ot your w datanses SFGTampa&G bgs.a as Spousa, H6in, D8vi5a85, Tony Curtis; Un ow Spouse THE DAn OF SERVICE OF A BLUE, DECEASED; LAVEUE w in 30 d s aW6r the fim For lo I8rinqulrias: Grama,or o C mants ot Tony Curt ; Un ow COPY OF THIS NoncE ON IN THE CIRCUIT JENKINS, KNOWN HEIR OF publ ation, . any, on Ron d dwhrmay .G Det dant(s). Hein, Davi,G m , IN THE CIRCUIT THEM. Cl LCOURTOF THE EsTAn OF M E. R. WoWa Asmiat,pL Punuanl lo th6 F r Dabt NoncE OFMU igne,CI8dhok, and COURT OF THE All other t drfors ot th6 THE EIGHnENTH BLUE, DECEASED; SONYA Pl ntm's a omey, whos6 Coll ions Praclic A . you NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN Lanon otMa a M. Mo s, EIGHTEENTH decedant and oth6r p8non5 JUDICIAL CIRCUIT RAINES, KNOWN HEIR OF add u i5 4919 M6mori ar advis6dthatMisomc8 y punuamto od sGhaduling and&| BP&soM ming JUDICIALCIRCUITIN having tl ms or damands OF FLORIDA, IN AND THE EsTAn OF MARTHA E. Highway, Suha 2,Tampa b8d ad8btcoll6rtorand ror lowl8 s a or Fln cl mingbyandmDugh. ANDFORSEMINOLE against d a ' 6stat6 FOR SEMINOLE 8LUE, DECEASED; TOMMY n N634, and fila e origin any intom tion obl nad may Judgm t, ta in c,Und&. I6N COUN FLORIDA mu5t fila th6ir cl ms wrm his COUNTV R NES, KNOWN HEIR OF wh is Cou e har beto ba u dtorthatpupose. Ca5a No. 2011-CA- 5025 Datend ; Wl wood Cas6 No: 2012 CA court WITHIN 3 MONTHS . CIVIL DIVISION THE ESTATE OF A s6r ta on Pl nt 's aWomey 1 207 6 FCO1 cm of the Ci uh Courf ot tha Ho &,lnc.;Un owParties 006191 AmR THE DATE OF THE Ca58 No. 59-2013- E. 8LUE, DECEASED; or imn d e ha aRer. @I1T,1S 1&h Judici Ciwu in and inP ionN1.Wl ng,and cHRlsnANA TRUST, A FIRST PuBucAnoN OF THIS CA-001 503 SHARRON JENKINS oM6 is6 a detauW will be L1255O1 tor Seminole County, Florida, IUn ow Pa ming Dl SI N OF WILMINGTON NOTICE. Division 14-w CWARUS, KNOWN HEIR OF entead ag n you lor the li6t whe in Ev&Bank. Pl miR by, ugh,und&andag n SAVINGS FUND socl AU CLAIMS NOT FIUD BAWIEWLOANSE ICING, THE ESTATE OF MA THA E. d dad in the Compl nt or and Ga Mark Ri a a th6abovan Det danl(s) FSB, AS TRUSTEE FOR WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS LLC BLUE, DECEASED; SONIA petrtion. IN THE CIRCUIT Gary M. Ridgaand linaTara whoarenot owlobadaad NORMANDY MORTGAGE SET FO TH IN sEcnoN PlaintiW, EVANGEUNE JENWNS WA m notite shall be published COURT OF THE e aMa lina T. Ridga ora va,whaBs dUnknown LOANTRUST, SERIES2O13-4, 733.702 OF ME FLORIDA vs. SONIA E. JENKINS WA onta eath w68k for two EIGHnEw a #linaT a Mkra aMa Parfi n ycl manin t Pl nti,PRoBAn CODE u BE WIUIAMA.BIRDSALL SONIA JENKINS ADSIDE, nsatu iv6 weeks in th6 JUDICIALCIRCU IN ANina T. Mcc ary a #lina a5Spou5a,H n, , vs. FORMR BARRED. AIWA WILUAM BIRDSALL, KNOWN HEIR OFTHE Hemage Florida Jewish Naws, ANDFOR SEMINOU T. MtCrary are detendant(s), Grarf s,orO Cl t5: DARREN WADE; AMANDA NOTWITHSTANDING THE KENNETH CHARLESJAMES EsTAnoF M AE.BLUE, mc. couw, FLORIDA |, Cle ot Court. Ma anne Un owPa in p ion N. WADE; CELERY nME PERIOD SET FORTH AIWAKE ETHJAMES DECEASED, at al. WITNEU my hand and the CML DMSION Mon6, ll sell to tha highast m, ltl ng,and IUn ow LAKES HOMEOWNERS ABON, ANY CLAIM FIUD WAKENNETHC.JAMES, D8t8ndant5. sa ot this Court on this 8th Cas6 w: 2014-CA- and b bddarforQhROOM Parti t ming by,ugh, AssoclAnoN, INC.; PRIMUS TWO (2l YEARS OR MORE VILLAGETOWNHOMES NoncE OF ncnoN day ot April, 2015. 1449 s2o1 OF THE SWINOU und&andag nrtlhe ove AuToMonvE FINANGIAL AFTER THE DKEDENTS CONDOMINIUM TO: Ma anne Mona DMSION: L couw COURTHOUSE, n Deadant[ lwho SERVICES, INC. A NEW DAn OF DEATH ls BARRED. AssoclAnoN, INC AND SONYA RAINES, KNOWN . ClerkotthaCourt and Nation ar Mortgag6 uc 301 NORTH PARK AWNUE, not owtobedeador YORK coRPoRAnoN; ma d e of ma fir UNKNOWNTENANTSl HEIR OF THE ESTATE OF ComptDll8r Pl ntm, SANFORD, FLORIDA 32771 iv6,wh6m&sad Unknown UNKNOWN TENANT w1 ; publica ion ot thi5 Notice is OWNERS, MARTHA E. BLUE, DE- By: Sulonda Peopl6s -v .- AT 11: A.M. on May 26, Parti6s m cl m an int t UNKNOWN TE #2; AND April 17, 2015. Detendants. CEASED Depu Clatk Micha A M6n and Paula 2015, the tollowing described as Spouse, H n, Dav s, OTHER UNKNOWN PARTIES, Sign8dDn April 13, 2015. NoncE OF SALE CURRENT RESIDENCE Publish in H age Florida M. G llon a Paula Gwllon; po as set form in 5 d G nt885,oFOM& mants INCLUDING THE UNKNOWN P6non Rep sentativa: No it6 is he by given, UNKNOWN Jawish N6ws Unknow Spouse of Michael Fln Judgment, to-wh: Defandam(s). SPOUSE OF ANY nTu SHANIQUA HAWKINS punuant to Fin Judgm6nt ot LAST KNOWN ADDRESS lnvoite To: Ronald R. Wolte a A Mandoza; Unknow Spouse LOT 67, cou LANE, NoncE OF MLE HOLDER IN POSSESSION AWom6y for P6nonal FoBlosu tor Pl ntiW anta d 2371 PERCH CT sw sotiates, PL ot Paula M. Gwllon a Paula ACCORDING TO PLAT NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN OF THE PROPERIV; AND, IF R8pr6s6nta iv8: in this cause on Apnl 9, 2015, MARlmA, GA 3 P.o. Box 25018 Tampa, F!orida Gwllon; c a Bay Club, uc, THEREOF, AS RECORDED pu uant to od6r Kh8duling A NAMED DEFENDANT(S) ls Sean F. Bogl6, Esq. in th6 Ci uk Court ot Seminole SHARRON JENKINS N622-5018 Suc or by Meg& wM IN PLAT BOOK 28, PAGE to losura s 6 or Final DECEASED, THE SU IVING 58an b0glalawfirm. m County, Florida, M anne CHARLES, KNOWN HEIR F14O1173O c Bay Club Ltd: Capkal 77-78 OF THE PuBuc Judgm6m, ente d in Civil Case SPOUSE, HEIRS, DWISEES, Flo da BarNo. 106313 Mona, Cle ot the i t OF THE EsTAn OF MAR- WELLSLPS - FHA- L- One Bank USA), Nation RECORDS OF SEMI- No. 2014-CA-002N7 ot lhe GRANnEs, CREDITORS, Bogla Law Flrm Courf, will sall th6 property THA E. BLUE, DECEASED elenon A5miation fMa Cap One NOU COUN FLORIDA, Ciwuh Court otth6 18th Judicial AND AU OTHER PARTIES 101 So h New Yo Ave 5hual8d in Seminole Coun,CURRENT RESIDENCE AMERICAN DlsABILlnEs ACT Ban Unknow Parties in LESS THAT PARr WHICH Circurf in and tor Seminole CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, Suke 205 florida d8sGrib8d as: UNKNOWN ot 1990 PoM8Nion w1, w living. and LIES WITHIN 58. FEET Counly, horida, wherein UNDER OR AGAINST THAT Wlnt& Pa,FL 32715 UNIT NO. 200 OF VILLAGE LAST KNOWN ADDRESS Administr ive Oder No. 10-18,Unknow Partia cl ming ON EACH SIDE OF THE Walls Fago Bank, Nationa' DEFENDANT(S); AND THE Telephone: 407-645-331 1 TOWNHOMES, A CON- 127 SCO T DR lt you a a penon with a by MDugh,und8randag n cENnRuNE OF CON- ANotia ion, Plaint and Tony SEVERAL AND RESPECTIVE Fax: 407-834-N02 DOMINIUM, ACCORDING SANFORD, F 32771 disabilily who n ds any theaboven Detendam(s) STRUCTION OF HOWELL Curtis a datendant( ). |, Clerh UNKNOWN ASSIGNS, @| 1T, 24, 15 TO THE DEcLARAnoN You aranotifiedth anartion accommod ion in order to who are notknowto b8 dead BRANCH ROAD AC- ot Court, Ma anna Mone, will SUCCESSORS IN INnREsT, L 125659 OF CONDOMINIUM RE- to to close a mortgage on the particip e in this p c6eding, or iv6, wheW8r s d Un own CORDING TO SEMINOU s6|| to the high and best TRUSTEES OR OTHER CORDED IN O.R. BOOK tollowing properfy in Seminole you a entkled, al no tost to Parties may cl m aninte COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS biddar tor ca5h ROOM s2o1 PERSONS CLAIMING BY, 6225, PAGE 1420, AND Coun Florid you. to the p vision ot c6rfain as Spouse, H6in, D8vis86s. ' DEPARrMENT RIGHT-OF- OF THE SEMINOU COUNTY THROUGH, UNDER OR IN THE CIRCUIT AU HIBln AND LOT2O, BLOCK G, WASH- aNirtant8. Please contart Gram s, or harCl mants; WAY MAPS, PROJECT COURfHOUSE, 301 NORTH AG NST ANY CORPORATION CIVIL COURT OF AMENDMENTS THEREOF, INGTON OAKS SEC- the ADA .Coordinator, Court Un own Partiasin PoueNion Ps-053, SAID cENnR- PARK AVENUE, SANFORD, OR OTHER UGAL ENTI7V THE EIGHnEw PuBuc RECORDS OF TION ONE, ACCORDING Admin tration, 301 North Pa m, Wliving, and,Unknown LINE MORE PA ncu- FLORIDA 32771 AT 11: A.M. NAMED AS A DEFENDANT(ST; JUDICIAL CIRCUIT SEMINOU COUN TO THE MAP OR PLAT Avenue, Sanlord, FL 32771, Parties cl ming by, through, LARLY DEKRIBED AS on May n, 2015, th6 tollowlng AND AU CLAIMANTS, OF FLORIDA, IN AND FLORIDA THEREOF AS RECORDED telephona number (40 665- underand ag n he above FOUOWS: COMMENCE described p perfy a set torth PERSONS OR PARnEs, FOR SEMINOU and commonly hnown as: 940 IN PLAT BOOK 16, PAGE 4227at least 7 days beforayour n Detendant(s) who AT THE NORTHWEST in said Final Judqmant, to-wk: NATURAL OR CORPORATE, couw DOUGLAS AVE UNIT 200, T AND 8, OFTHE PuBuc . stheduledcourtappearanca,or aRnotknowto b8d6ador CORNER OF THE NORTH- ALL THAT c RT N PAR- OR WHOSE ACT UGAL CIVIL Dl SION ALTAMoNn SPRINGS, FL RECORDS OF SEMINOU immedialely upon Pceiving this alive, wh6her said Unknown WEST 114 OF sEcnoN CEL OF LAND slTuAnD STATUS ls UNKNOWN, Ca58 No. 2012-CA- 32714: including tha building, COUN FLORIDA. notmcation if the time bato Parties may aim an inte OF 35; TOWNSHIP 21 IN THE couw OF SEM- CLAIMING UNDER ANY OF N67-14 appurtenances, and fixtur8s commonly hn n as 127 lhe sch8dul8d app8aranca is asSpouse,Heirs,Devisees, SOUTH, RANGE 30 EAST, INOLE, sTAn OF FLORl- ME ABOVE NAMED OR FIFTH THIRD MORTGAGE locatad th6r8in, at publit sale, SCOTT DR. SANFORD, FL leN than 7 days; it you a Grant s,or harCl mants SEMINOLE COUN D BEING KNOWN AND DESCRIBED DEnNDANT(s) COMPANV to the highe and bast bidder, 32771, has baen filad again hearingimpaired,call711. D6tendan (s). FLORIDA: THENCE RUN DEslGNAnD AS LOT 7, Detendanls. . PlaintiW, or cash, Sal hald in Room you and you aP qui d to Apnl1T,24,2O15 NoncE OF SAU S. 01 19'31"E. ALONG WILDWOOD, PLANNED NoncE OF FORECLOSURE vs. s2o1, 301 N. Park Avanue, se 6 a topy of your wrmen L 125643 NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN THE WEST LINE OF SAID UNIT DEVELOPMENT, AC- SALE ISSAM C MERHl, RITA MERHl, Sanfod, Florida, Seminole defenses,itany,to hon Edwad punuant to oder r eduling NORTHWEST 114, A DIS- CORDING TO THE PLAT NoncE ls HEREBY RIVERCREST HOMEOWNERS CountyCourfhousa, on Juna 9, B. Pmcha ot Kass Shuler, for6closu sale or Final TANCE OF 667.77 FEET THEREOF. AS RECORDED GIVEN that punuant the Fin ASSN INC, AND UNKNOWN 2015 at 11am. P.A plaintiW's a omey, whose IN THE CIRCUIT Judgment, antePd in Civil TO A POINT ON SAID IN PLAT 800K 19, PAGES Judg Bnt for FO tlOSU nNANTslowNERs, Any penons claiming an add ss is P.o. Box 800, cou f OF THE Case No. 2014-CA-001449 CENTERLINE OF CON- 7, 8, 9 AND 10, PUBLIC dated April 13, 2015 and Detendants. imere in the suplus hom Tampa, Florida 33601, 813- EIGHTEENTH ot the Circuit Court ot tha STRUCTION FOR A POINT RECORDS OF SEMINOLE . ente d in Case No. 2012 CA NoncE OF SAU the s a, il any, other than the 229-0900, wkhin 30 days hom JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN 18th Judicial Circurf in and OF BEGINNING; THENCE couw, FLORIDA 006191 ot tha Ci uh Court of Nolica is he by given, propartyownerasotthedateot the fim d e ol publication, AND FOR SEMINOLE tor Saminole Coun . Florida, DEPARTING SAID WEST ANY PERSON CL MING AN the Eightaenth Judicial Circuk pursuant o Fin Judgmenl ot the,pendens must file a claim and file the origin wkh the COUN FLORIDA wherein Nation ar Morfgage LINE RUN N.89 14'55"E. INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS in and for Saminola Coun,ForatlosuR tor Pl nti en e d w thin 60 days a er the sale. Clerk ot this Cou e her CIVIL DIVISION uc, PlaintiW and Michael ALONG S D CENTER- FROM ME SALE, IF ANY, Florida wha in CHRISTIANA in this cause on April 9, 2015, Dated his 9th day ol April, belore se ite on he p nti 's Case #: 2012-CA- A. Mendoza and Paula M. LINE A DISTANCE OF OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY TRUST, A DIVISION OF intheCi uhCourtotSeminola 2015. awomey or immediataly 001125 Gwllon a Paula G llon 320.01 FEET TO THE OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF WILMINGTON SAVINGS Coun,Florida, M anne LndsayM. varaz therea er, otha ise, a d8tauW DIVISION: W are defendant(s), |, Clark ot POINT OF CURVATURE THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE FUND socl FSB, AS Mone, Cle of e iwurf (813T229-0900 will be en ered ag n you N ionstarMorfgage uc Court, Ma anne Mone, will OF A CURVE CONCAVE A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS