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April 11, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 11, 2003

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PAGE4 HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL second largest deposit of oil in the world and not, as President Bush has said, to rid the world of the threat of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, then we are headed down a path of ignominy unrivalled in modern history. In- stead, if our leaders are truly looking out for the greater good, and rebuild a free Iraq, trans- forming it into a democratic country ruled by David its people, a county that neither funds nor harbors terrorist activity, then this war, and all the horrors associated with it, will have ulti- mately been worth it. The greater good On a similar but much note, I have been startled and confounded by our local As I follow the variety of commentaries, cess. Even our closest ally, Britain, won't be Jewish residents inability to, as the saying opinions and articles on the war in Iraq, rang- allowed to reap the rewards of post-war devel- goes, "see the forest for the trees." While I ing from Daniel Schorr on NPR to friends at opment. The rationale is painfully simple, applaud the recent efforts by many of our RDV, the salient questions that continue to be straightforward, and wrong: American busi- volunteer leaders, I am dismayed at how many posed refer less and less to the moral justifica- ness is being given the opportunity to line its others in our community remain motivated by tion of entering into war and more and more pockets, regardless of the sacrifices of other self-interest alone. Neal Crasnow, Federation into the final outcome and the moral integrity nations. Once again the power of capitalism President, has taken a dynamic role in his of the United States as it ultimately rebuilds rears its ugly head without taking the greater attempts to rebuildacapital campaign in South Iraq and gains control of its resources, picture into account. Orlando and to maintain peace and integrity Troubling thoughts. In the bidding process On a far larger scale, the ultimate disposi- between agencies. Stuart Peisner, president of (which has already begun) for the rebuilding of tio`n of Iraqi oil may very well determine the the JCC, has embraced the concept of commu- Iraq, the United States government is taking mo`ralstandingoftheUnitedStatesforthenext nity in all his volunteer activities theposition that U.S. companies alone bear the 100 years. If, as many global experts fear, our Bob Weissmann, president of Jewish Family right,to profit from the reconstruction pro- real reason for entering Iraq is control of the Services, has behind the scenes worked tire- lessly on bond financing and agency leases for the Maitland community campus Rhonda Pearlman, president of Kinneret, has main- tained her family's tradition of community involvement and vision. Michael Shader, president of the Hebrew By CarlAlpert Day School, has been intent on forging new partnerships and opening lines of communica- tion But what about you? If you are the parent of a JCC pre-schooler, Come what may, Passover is marked on schedule and your interest in the J and our community extends no further than your child's fourth birthday, I have to ask, "Why?" Why don't you HAIFA--Fear of Iraqi missiles did not halt the others, Seders will be held behind bars, as ~ care th~/t the-reason the J was there for you is the prepat:ations for Passover this year. True, well as at all military camps, because thousands of people have supported early arrangements for a sealed room, supplies Traditionally this is a holiday when Israelis the J with their time and money for more than for the room, gas masks and emergency plans take to the roads and visit national parks, a quarter century? Doesn't it make sense that for who knows what was going to happen, did nature preserves and other attractive sites in for a quality pre-school to exist, it must be take their toll of time and effort, but the Pesach the Galilee and the Negev. Special security supported, enriched, and enhanced constantly, ' that has been observed since the early dawn of precautions have been put into effect, and with more than your child's tuition dollars? Jewish history was not going to be affected, and guards will be swarming on all the roads. This If you are the parent of an HDS student, and the piles of boxes of matzah were stacked high also helps pick up the slack in unemployment, your interest in the Day School and our commu- in the stores well in advance of the holiday. For months before the holiday hotels here have The usual boom in sales of food and other been advertising special rates for a kosher, consumerproductshasservedasamuchneeded Passover week, Seder and all, and it appears stimulus to the faltering economy. It is esti- that many families,that can afford it have mated that more than three billion shekels chosen that easyway out, instead of koshering were spent in local markets and stores in the their homes. period preceding the holiday, largely on food UncountedthousandsofyoungIsraelis, back- and such items as cleaning supplies, table- packers most of them, will be participating in cloths and miscellaneous gifts, both for the Seders organized by the Chabad movement in afikomen and for hostesses. It is estimated that the lands of their adventuring. Based on the By Morrie Amitay Israelis will drink some 12 million bottles of experience of previous years such Seders will wine on Seder night, be held in India, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and With the New York Times campaign against The national water supply is a problem every similar exotic places. The young people are the war in Iraq intensifying, and the profusion yearsincetheultraOrthodoxfearthatchametz being mobilized to help in the preparations, as of armchair strategists second-guessing the (unleavened products) can easily find its way Chabad provides all the supplies. Our grand- Administration, what message should Israel's into the waters of the Sea of Galilee, which is daughter, Naomi, having completed her army friends be sending? the principal source of the nation's drinking service, is now in India, andwiilreporttouson It is grossly insufficient to merely pledge water In previous years the water company, her experiences Seder night, support for our troops. The organized Jewish Mekorot, agreed that both Jerusalem and Bnai Health isa popularsubjectatthistimeofyear. American community must be heard loud and Brak would get their household water supply Hospitals and the health insurance funds have clear on two fronts. First, it should express its from localwells, rather than from the national been warning the public not to over-eat at the strongest support for the overthrow of the source. Seder, and toavoid consuming matzah to excess Iraqi regime despite the costs. Second, it must Fo`lks who seek to assure that their homes during the week. One piece of matzah, we are start expressing vehement opposition to hav- are strictly kosher for Passover often have reminded, contains about 160 calories, twice ing Israel pay a future price for America's trouble with their pets who object to the un- the amount in a slice of bread. The average having gone to war against an Arab foe. usual foods offered to them. Some papers have Israeligainsabouttwokilos(4.4pounds)during The scurrilous accusations by the Pat printed advice as to what available foods to Passover week because the diet is heavy with Buchanans and Jim Morans of the war being a offer to their cats and dogs. Cats are easily eggs, matzah, fats and fried foods. Hospitals Jewish cabal to serve Israel's interests must not satisfied, and fish is popular with them, served each year report many emergency cases result- act as a deterrent to vocal support for whatever invariousways. Dogs are fussier. Most cats and ing from various digestion problems, force is necessary to remove Saddam. It is dogs love matzah that has been soaked in egg Hadassah has reported that the birth rate actually refreshing to have Jewish Americans and fried. We have not yet Seen any of the risessharplyOverPassoveraspregnantwomen involved in significant positions in the Admin- standard packaged pet foods with rabbinic over exert themselves in preparations for the istration leading this fight.This is inco`ntradis- hechsher as kosher for Passover. The local holiday and bring on early labor tinction to the track records of the Jews in- zoos, too, go on a kosher diet for their animals. And every year someone repeats the story of volved in Middle East affairs in the Clinton Inmates of the country's prisonswho have thefamousblindwoman, Helen Keller, whowas Administration who invariably bent over back- behaved themselves can look forward to a short handed a piece of matzah. Her fingers ran over wards not to appear partial to Israel. It should holiday from jail, as they will be permitted to the perforated lines again and again, and finally be a source of pride that there are so many spend the Seder night with their families. For she exclaimed: '~/ho wrote all this nonsense? hawks" among us, when for too many years so many Jewish Americans were considered doves [ THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. [ - or less charitably pigeons. But it is the surfacing of the Quartet's road [ O O ~ CENTRAL FLORIDA'S INDEPENDENT JEWISH VOICE O O O ] map in the middle of the Iraq conflict that [ lSSN0199-0721 Winner of 36 Press Awards Editor/Publisher [ shouldnowbeamajorsourceofconcern.This ] ~ ~ ~ j~, ~ ~,l[~ Jeffrey Gaeser [ is a result of traditional State Department I I n I"l. Irl I ii ~ ]kl 1[1"I. I Editor Emeritus Associate Editor I policies of appeasement of our Arab "friends [ ~~ Gene Starn Kim Fischer ] and allies" (to whom we owe absolutely noth- ] HERITAGE Florida Jewish News (ISN 0199-0721) is S.odc.ty Editor Boo i~,~lng I ing in this conflict), and to British Prime Min- I published weekly for $34.95 per year to Florida ad- t~tona Yousna Elaine ~cnoop,ng I ister Blair's desperate attempts to cover his |dresses ($41.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE I political rear from the leftist criticism within ~lrcula~on I Central Florida Jewish News, lnc 207 O'Bnen Road, [ "' Rachel Hughes [ Suite101,FernPark, FL32730.Periodicaispostagepaid [ his own Labor Party. I at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. Account Executives [ Having engineered diplomatic debacles at ] POSTMASTER: Send address changes and otherBarbara do Carmo Marci Gaeser I the U.N. by going back a second time for Secu- I correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742, Sara Crusade I rity Council approval, and in Turkey, by failing Fern Park, FL 32730 [ " Contributing Columnists I to get Ankara's permission to use its territory, ] btAILINGADDRESS PHONE NUMBER Jim S hip.ley CarlAlpert I Colin Powell will be at the forefront in this / P.O. Box 300742" (407) 834-8787 nm tmxer uawa tmmstem ~,alJ ~lmons [ I Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 Production Department [ attemptdown Israel'st shovethroat.his version of the road map email: David Lehman Teri Marks Rachel Levy Despite Saudi refusal to permit any coalition nity extends no further than the 5th or 8th I have to ask, "Why?" Why don't you that the Day School ha~ L support of the Federation, which has bailed the school at least three times when it bankruptcy? Why don't you see how linked are to the J? Why don't you Day School impacts a relatively small Jewish families, and yet is a top Federation and our community, because identity and education are so important? If you live in South Orlando and Jewish community campus but haven't to the Capital Campaign or attended a meeting, I have to ask, "W%y?" Why do expect a campus to grow when fewer people in South Orlando have given to campaign, and at a recent, well parlor meeting four people attended? If you are a supporter of Kinneret give anywhere else, I have to ask, don't you read the Heritage and see that Federation has partnered with nior Housing Council to make a new village in Lake Mary possible? If you didn't have time to hell Sunday in any capacity, I again ask, Why, when the Jewish community needs much, and you and your family and tions to come will benefit so much by efforts, why don't you care? There are a million excuses not to be volved. Too busy. Too angry. Too distrustful. But I say to all of you there who don't volunteer, haven't given t Capital Campail because you don't trust the Federation or: done using the campus or feel have better things to do with you life. I will you now, there are a billion ways to serve, to help that meet your needs and community's, if only you care enough, enough moral integrity to work for the good rather than solely your own. The opinions expressed in this the writer's, and not those of the Heritaged any other Jewish organization. That's the word until next week. Write mail your comments, critiques, to offensive operations to be from cred soil, and in the face of E Mubarak's prediction that the war birth to 100 bin Ladens," State is already cused on making nice to these two dictatorships. If a policy of forcing concessions from Israel to permit of another anti-American terrorist state, I after expending blood and treasure to get one in Iraq it certainly is. But ominous signs are he re pointi ng exactl~ sion. If having the U.N, the EU, and volved in this road map were not bad already, the rather frantic British role is has hoisted a red flag. While Tony Blair profile in courage) has been bending Bush's ear about im the (without the caveats inserted b~ in his speech of June 24, 2002), his secretary, Jack Straw has demonstrated knows Jack-- about UN Resolutior~S, learned Minister, in the tradition of one late and unlamented predecessors, Bevin, recently drew a comparison Iraqi and Israeli defiance cil resolutions. Obviously ignorant damental difference between Chapter 6 "recommendations" Chapter 7 "acts of aggression" made it clear that taking shots at well with his Labor Party. So the basic question remains: smoke clears over Baghdad, and Blair Arab "friends" come calling for AmeriCa the price of their support, will it be Israeli coin? Tony Blair has raised declaring to statehood" would be a prime foreign policy after Iraq. And ton both Colin Powell (not sm Condoleeza Rice (a are now parroting the same to have already necessity of the road map- without the tant changes desired by Israel. "Amitay" on page 23 See