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April 6, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 6, 2018

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PAGE 40B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 6, 2018 4699, Page 976 RUDOLPH Diem 84.99, Datault Balance ' rightto objertto the use otthe that in the even that your,Punuanl to Se ion 721.855, 9497 DELANEY nLsTRA, 187 CRUZ, 4107 ROYAL BANYAN torm, the toreclosure ot the PAUL SOEMERS B GLADIS $? 4,072.73, Default Date twstee toreclosure procedure. obligation is n t b ught cu ent Florida Statutes, THE PALMS BARTEL RD, EASTSOUND, DR UNIT 301, TAMPA, FL, li n with respatt to the detauW PATRICIA BENITU 311116. Mortaage Recorded Upon lhe undersigned t ste8'5 (including lhe paymant or any COUNTRY CLUB AND WA. 98245-B576, 26; 308: 10; 33610-4038. 25: 107: 17; speGified in thi5 notice shall CARTAGENA a GLORIA 12/17/14 in R Book 4709, receipt ot your signed objertion taas incu ed by Assoclation. RESO T CONDOMINIUM ANNUAL, $5,228.56, 2014- EVEN, $1,298.35, 2015-2017; be subje to the jud cial ESTELLA BENITU Page 2795 DANILO DA form, lhe toreclosure ol the in commencing this toreclosure ASSOCIATION, INC. 2017: JEFFREY BRANDON ANGEL E SANTOS, 2127 NW toreclosure protedure only. CARTAGENA, PIEDRA PLAT 46 FONSECA PEREIRA B SIMONE lian with respect to the defaull process) within thirfy (30) mereina er rete ed to as the nLsTRA, 32 MEMORY LN, 86TH TER, GnlNEsvlLLE, You hzve lhe right lo cure your E PARADERA, ARUBA, FRANCA KORODY, RUA PROF specifiad in this notite shall days from the first date ot Association"), has recorded EASTSOUND, WA, 98245- FL, 32 06-9222, DAMARIS default in the mann6r set forth Tlmeshare Unrf 210408, Week JOSE HORACIO MEIREWS be subjacl to the judicial publication, the undarsigned a Claim ot Lian in the amount 9016, 26; 308; 10; ANNUAL, ACWEDO, 13954 sw 161ST in this notica at any time betore 36. Biennial ODD, Tlmeshare nlxEIRA 980 AP 71 SAO toreclosura pDtedLre only. Twstae shall proceed wilh of (See Exhibrt "A',which $5,228.56, 2014-201 7; nR, MIAMl, FL, 33177-1915, the undersigned,stee's sale lntere 1/2, Per Diem 84.94, PAULO SP, 05630 130 8RAZIL. You have the right to cure your the sale or the Property as intlud85 inleresl, late fees. CLIFFORD MILLS B CRYSTAL 25; 107; 3; ODD, $1,365.13, of your timeshare inleresl. lr you DetauW Balante $13,921.54, Tlmesha Unrf 210605, Week detauN in the manner set torth provided in Section 721.855, a omey's fees and cosls, D STOVER, 1o6 FRANKUN CT, 2016-2017; SANDRA TAYLOR do not obje to tha use ot the DatauN Date 411116, Mortgag6 41, Annual, Timeshare lnterest in this notice at any time betore Florida Statutes, in which case, and recoded in O.R. Book BETHLEHEM, PA, 18020-9535, CLACK, 1508 THOMAS DR twstee foraclosure procedure, Retoded 1/28115 in OR Book 1, Per Diem 87.44. Detault,the unde igned t stee.s sale lhe untenigned Tw ee shall: 5259 at Pages 1 of the Public 17; 106; 15; EVEN, $1.842.04. SW, DECATUR, AL, 35601- you will not ba subjert to a 4727, Page 1647 ADRIAN Balance $18,484.07, DetauW ot your timeshare interesl. lf you (1) p vide you with wrmen Recods of Osteola Coun,2014-201 7; MANUEL o 274g, 18; 305: 35: ANNUAL. daficiency judgln8nt even it GOYTIA MEDINA a MARIA Dale 211/17, Morfgage do ot obje to the use of the notice ot the sale, including Florida, and the undarsigned BAU a EUNICE s BAU, 89- $3,884.91, 2015-2017; CAROL the proceads tDm the sale GUADALUPE CASTRO Recorded 1/5/15 in OR Book tw ee fo closu procedure, the date, time and location Twstee as appointed by 28 129TH ST, RICHMOND JOHNSON, 3582 CREEKVIEW ot your timashar6 interest MAGALLON a ALUANDRA 4717, p ga 428 JOHNNY G you will not be subject lo a lhereot: (2) Record the notice Association, h8r6by tormally HILL, NY, 11418, 15; 307; cl, STONE MOUNTAIN, GA. are insumciant o oWse lhe GovnA CASTRO, CALLE ARNOLD, 103 ARBORCREST deficiency judgment even it ot sale in the Public Recods notifies (See Exhibrf A.') that 17; EVEN, $2.896.38, 2014- 30083, 27; 206; 48; ODD, amounts secured by the lien. QUINTA 13643 REAL DEL CT TYRONE, GA 30290, the proc68ds hom lhe sale of Osceola Coun,Florida; and due to your tailure to pay the 2017; CARLOS E SEVILLA, 81 ,809.26, 2015-201 7; By: GREENSPOON MARDER. MoNn TIJUANA, 22195 fimeshare Unk 210703, Weeh of your timeshaR interest (3)Publ sh a copy ofthe notica annual assessmant(s) due 22 MARATHON, TRUMBULL, STEVEN COLON a PATRICIA A LL,Twstea M ICO, Tlmesha Unrt 29, Annual, Tlmeshare lnterest ar6 nsumcient to oWset the ot sale two (2) times, once each on (See Exhibrt wA") and all CT, 06611, 31; 211; 48; ODD, COLON, 804 BEIRNE AVE NE, EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF 210611, Week 17, Biennial 1, Per Diem $11.35, Default amounts secured by the lien. week, for two (2) successive aNeNm8nt(s) tharaaWar, you $2,489.44, 2015-2c1 7; LE ROY HUNTSVILLE, AL, 35801, 29; DEFAULT AND INnNT TO ODD, Tlmeshare lnte sl 112, Balance $33,049.36, DetauN By: GREENSPOON MARDER, waaks, in an Osceola Coun are cur ntly in detault ot your ROBINSON, 10817 MILLRIDGE 410; 17; ANNUAL, $4,616.16, FORECLOSE: Per Diem 86.23, DetauW Date 12/15115, Mo gage LL,Tw ee n8w5paper, provided such a obligalions to pay assessments PINES CT, HOUSTON, M. 2015-2017; MAYRA M LOPU, o. ner(sVobligor(s), Add ss, Balance $15,559.36, Detault Recorded 1/15/15 in OR Book HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF newspaper exi s at the time due ANociation on the tollowing 77070-4895 PATRIC MASON 4N sw 89TH. MIAMl, F Building(s), Unit(s), Week(s), Date 1/1/17, Mortgage 4722, Paga 2632 TAMMY v DEFAULT AND INnNT TO ot publishing. ll you tail to describad real pDp8rty lot ad ROBINSON, 50N BETH ST, 33174, 27; 201; 22; EVEN, Assignad Yaa s), Amount Due Racoded 12/16115 in OR Book ARNOLD, L74 BULLSBORO FORECLOSE: cu lhe default as set torth in Osceola Coun,Florida: DOUGLASVILLE, G 30135- $1,542.11, 2015-2017: CALVIN lo the Association, Y6a s) Due: 4886, Page 398 ALDO R DR NEWNAN, GA 30263, Own6 sVObligo s), Addr6ss, in lhis notic6 or take other Parcel ID Numb6 s) (See 2607, 26; 305; 1; WEN, BLACK, 2402 MAYDEL JEssmE R MASANQUE LOPU a LORENA M fimeshara Unit 210703. Week Building(s), Unh(s), W86k(s), appropriate action with regad Exhibrt Ah) during Assigned 81,249.91, 2015-2017. TAMP FL 33619, 15; 105; a JERRY R MASANQUE, 11 RODRIGUU a LUIS A 29, Annual, Timeshare lnt6rest ANign8d Y6a s), Amount Du6 to this foretlosure maWer, you Year(s) (Sae Ewhibk A") ot THE Ma h 30; April 6, 2018 36: NEN, $3.336.87, 2014- ROCK RUN, EAST WINDSOR, RODRIGUU a MARIUW 1, Per Diem 811.35, DefauW totheAssociation,Yaa s)Due: risk losing ownership ot your PALMS COUNTRY CLUB AND L164454 2017; LGAl' MU'4'6'A' N" 8" $1 ' 91' 'i ' ALDAS CIUDADELA Balanc6 $33,049.36, DefauW SANTRIE JAMES a SALISHA timeshare interest through the RESORT. A CONDOMINIUM, AVE. ELIZABETH, NJ, o7202- ANNUAL . 2015 GUAYACANES MANZ 104 A Date 1u15115, Morfgag6 MOHAMMED AU a SHEIK t stee for losure procadure actording to the Declaration 2412, 27: 208; 35; EVEN, 2017; MICHAEL p MOONEY, NLLA 1 GUAYAOUl Recorded 1115115 in OR Book R SHAKOOR a G#TREE A astablishedin S6 ion 721.855, of Condominium th6reot NOTICE OF DUAULT AND $2.427.56. 2014-201 7; BRYAN 2 WHPPOORWILL LN. ECUADOR, Tlm har6 Unh 4722, Page 2632 ANTHONY JAMES, 2524 nEMANN AVE, Florida Stat es. You may Rcord8dinth8omcialR6cords INTENT TO FORECLOSE K MCCL N MCCLAIN, 4962 BROOKFIELD,CT,O68O4-1709, 210815, Week 31, Biennial SURIEL TANON BRACERO, BRONX, NY, 10469, 25; 409; choose to sign and send to Book1545, Paga 2911, Publit rHE PALMS COUNTRY WHISPER WIND DRIVE, ST. MONIQUE p MOON 230 ODD, Tlmeshare lnte 1/2, H12 CALLE 3 VEGA ALTO, 19; ODD, $2,549.18, 2016- the und&signed twst6e an Recods ot OK8ola County, CLUB AND RESORT - FIU CLOUD, FL 34771, JENNIFER MULBERRY RD, MANSFIELD Per Diem 86.49, DetauW 00692 PUERTO RICO, 2017; RUBEN FROILANREYES objerfion torm, exercising your horida, and all 8xhibitJ 219. VANN MCCL N, 303 N CENTER, CT, 06250-1121, Balance $16,830.30, DatauN fimesha Unk 7308, Week 10, a SONIA REYES B RUBEN righttoobjarttotheuseofthe aWath6d tha lo, and any Punuant lo S ion 721.855, BRUNNEU p APT 64, 23; 208; 43; EVEN, $1,249.91, D e 1011116, Mo age Triannial A, Timasha lnterest GUSTAVO REYES B RYAN t stee foreclosure procadure. amendmants theraof (the Florida Stat es, THE PALMS LAKELAND, F 33815-1246, 2015-2017; snPHANIE Recoded 5/11116 in OR ook 1/3, PBr Diem $3.97, Detault SAULO RF ES, 11741 NW Upon the und8nign6d twst6e's Decla tion . TOGETHER with COUNTRY CLUB AND 29: 407; 18; MN, 81,249.91, NICOLE JOHNSON, 201 4958, Page 1645 snPHEN K Balanca 811,4o9.4o, DefauW 27TH,PLANTATI0N,FL 33323, r6caipt ot your signed objection a ramainder over in lee simpla RESORT CONDOMINIUM 2015-2017; AIDA L AQUINO PARKWOOD, sow BEND, ALBINasANDRAJALBINAKA Date v15l16, Mortgage 21; 4o4; 41; ODD, $2,489.44, torm, the foretlosu of tha as lenant-in-common whh all ASSOCIATION, INC. VELU. 195 VISTAMAR, IN, 46619, 27: 303: 39: SANDRA p MARGOUS, 2938 Recoded 6118115 in OR Book 2015-2017;TH0MAS RONALD lien wrfh Bp8 to the datault other Own6n ot time p6nods (h8r6inaW8r ter d to as the BAYAMON, PR, 956, MN, 82,892.o2, 2014-2017; CROCW ST APT 229N 4795, Paga 1471 BOCYCK JR a EDELYNE L sp ified in this notice shall in th6 same Timeshare Unk Associalion',has r6cordad FRANCISCO J RODRIGUU cRlsnAN o CARABAUO FORT WORTH, M 76107, GUMERCINDO T MA BOCYC 3950 NW 73 AV, be subjert to the judicial ontermination ottheVacation a Claim orLaninthe amounl GARCIA, 31 VIOLETA, 3115 MONTAGUE, SPRING fimashare Unrf 170506, k TRIGUEROS, 238 N WARREN FORT LAUDERDALE FL to losu protedura on . Owanhip Plan, wbjert to ot (See Exhibk A"), whith BAYAMON, PR, 00956, 24; HILL, FL, 34608, SANDRA 5, Annual, Tlmesha lnte st 1,ST TRENTON, NJ 08618, 33319, 31; 6 ; 47; ANNUAL, You havethe rightlo cu your Me Condominium Documents. includes inte,late te,203; 36: ANNUA 83,739.35, CARABAUO, 10481 DUNKIRK Per Diem 84.94, D6lauN fimasha Unh64O4,Week41, S6,O46.34,2O14-2O17;MICHAL d6tauWinth8 mann6rsetto h 7600 My ic Dunes Lane, aWomay's fees and costs, and 2015-2017: DOUGLAS AUEN RD, SPRING HIU, FL, 34608- Balance $14,299.57, Datault Biennial ODD, Tlm85ha o BOGAN a CORRINE G in lhi5 notic6 at any tima b8foR Calebration, Florida 34747 corded in O.R. 8ook 5258 LUCAS a SHERYL IRENE 4214, 26; 203; 44: EVEN, Date 2/15116, Mo gage lnterast 112, Per Diem 85.7o, BOGAN, 520 AUTUMN, the und&signed t stee's sale e in Tlme Sha Plan Pages 836 ot th6 Public LUCAS, 1028 43 112 AVE NE, $1,249.91,20162017; Rato ed 2113113 in OR Booh Default Balante 813,627.28, BANGOR, ME, 04401, 11; otyourtim6sha intar8 .ltyou prop8rty)Addr 5 .Asar8suw Records ot OK la Coun,COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, MN, EDWARD CHARLES LSON B 4395, Page 2892 JOHN,Default Date 311 511 7, Mo gage 210; 38; EVEN, $2,427.56, do not object to the use ot the ot the ato mentioned detauW, horida, and the undersigned 55421, 19; 412; 38; ANNUAL, ANDREA v M WOOD, Po Box CAUB, 269 HIGHWAY 138 sw Racord6d 1111 17 in OR Book 2013-2017; NAN AMADOR t stee toratlosura pDc8du,Association, h6Pby 8|6cts T 5t88 as appointed by 87,815.o7, 2013-2017; 305, LOVUOY, G 30250- APT 6 RNERDALE, GA 5084, Page 1768 EDGAR JR, 20 OAKMONT CT, SAN you will not be subjert to a to sall th6 PDp8rty punuant Association, he by tormally AUISON E HOFFMAN, 225 0305, 31; 103; 4: ANNUAL, 30274, fim85ha Unk 1 70502, CRUZ, 3467 10TH AVENUE N PABLO, CA, 9 -10N, 29; daficienGy judgment even it to Sertion 721.855, Florida nolifies (See Exhibit .'A' that PRAIRIE VIEW DR APT 8207, $3,739.35, 2015-2017; TRACY Waak 38, Bianni ODD, LAKE WORTH, fl 33461, 108; 17; MN, S1,249.91, the pDc88ds hom tha sale Stat as. Please be advised dua to your lailure to pay th6 WDM, IA.5O266-7131, 17;305; L NEWMAN, 1535 UNDEN AVE, fi a lnte st 1l2, p& Tlm6sha Unh 47 . w86h 3, 2015-2017: KARLA FABIOLA ot your timesha int8Rst that in th6 6vant at your annual asseNm8nt(s due 50; EVEN, $1,090.12, 2016- ZANESVILLE, OH, 43701, 31; Diam 83.92, DetauN Balance Biennial ODD, fim ha AMADOR DAZA, 4474 UTAH, a insumcient lo oWs& Me obligationisnotb ughtcunanl on (Saa Exhibit A and all 2017: LARRY R HOFFMAN, 413; 41; ANNUAL $2,564.18, 81 1.705.67, D6tauW Date lmerest 112, Per Diem $4.52, EL soB,CA, 94803, amounts sacured by the lien. (lncluding the payent of any ass8Nm8nt(s) the aW&, you 1325 SE FLORENCE DR UNIT 2016-2017 DEBRA HOOD 1211115, Mortgage Raco ed DatauW Balanc6 $11,262.45, 29: 108: 17; MN, 81,249.91, By. GREENSPOON MARDER, t885 inw by ci ion, are cun n ly in de uW ot your 206, WAUKEE, IA, 50263-8291, CRUMB, 14408 BIRCH KNOLL 2n5113 in OR Book 4401, Page DatauW Date 111117, Mortgaga 2015-2017; JAIME EUGENIO LL,Twstee in commencing this to closu obligations to pay aMeMm8nts 17; 305; 50; EVEN, 81,o9o.12, LANE, HOUSTON, m, no47, 2878 SHIRLEY FORD, 417 E Recorded NI17 in OR Book FLORES ROSAUS, 10225 mlBIT "A" - NoncE OF p ceN) wkhin Mirfy (30) du8Associationonth6tollowing 2016201T: cuRns DWAYNE NICHOL EWET CRUMB 37rH ST PATERSON, NJ 5098, Page 2043 AUCARY FREDERICK AVE APT.3O1, DEFAULT AND INnNT TO daSs hom lhe fi t date ot dastribedr8alplop8 ylocat8d WRIGM. 186N HUBBEU COLEMAN, 4384 FIESTA w, 07504.fimasha Unk17O5O2, DAWAYNE JACKSON, 1040 KENSINGTON, MD, 20895, FORECLOSE: pu lication, the undenigned in Osceola County, Florida: ST, DETROIT, Ml, 48235-2755, HOUSTON, M, 77004-6603. Week 38, Biennial ODD, LOUISIANA AVE PORT AUEN, CARMEN F BOGRAN, Po Box owner(sVobl gor(s), Add ss, Twst66 shall p c86d with Parcel ID Numbe s) TSee 19: 101: 34: EVEN, $1,542.11, 11: 207; 45; EVEN, $1,249.91, Tlmesha lnte 112, Par LA 70767, fim85har8 Unk 1614N, MIAMl, FL, 33116- BuildingTsl, Unh(sl, Week(sl, tha sala ot lhe Prope y as Exhibit "A") during Assign6d 2015-2017; USA s ROYSTON, 2016-2017; STMN R APPEL Di S3.g2, DetauW Balance 18304, week 5, Biennial ODD, 1433, 21; 203: 43; ANNUAL, ANign8d Yaar(s), Amount Due p vided in Se ion 721.855, Yaar(s) (See Exhibit "A' ot THE Po Box 267, INWOOD, 810 w HANSSLER p PEORIA, S11.7o5.67, DetauW Date fim6sha lnteP 112, Per S1,319.27, 2017; DEREK to the sociation, Yaa sT Due: Florida Stat es, in which cas6, PALMS COUNTRY CLUB AND 25428-0267, DAVID ANTHONY IL, 61604-2736, RACHEAL 1v1115, Morfgage Recoded Diem $5.86, D6tauW Balance E NEsalTT B, 370 SILVER PATRICIA A COLON a the und&signed Twstee shall: RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM, AFFUSO, 664 WINDHAVEN CELESTE APPEL, 3922 2125113 in OR Book44O1, Page 814,58o.83, DefauN D e VALW RD, SAYLORSBURG, STNEN COLON, 804 BEIRNE (1) Plovid8 you wrfh wri en according to lhe Daclar ion DR, HINESVIUE, GA, 31313- CHALMERS AVE, PEORIA, IL, 2878 HLYNUR EGGERTSSON 111117, Mortgage R6tod8d p 183N, FEERIDA AVE NE, HUNTSVIUE. AL. nolic6 ot the s e, including ol Condominium the of 6436, 18; 205; 18; EVEN, 61607-2201, 20; 108; 50; EVEN, a JOHANNA LYDSDOTTIR, 213117 in OR Book 5097, Page MOHAMMED NESBl 310 35801, 29; 410: 17; ANNUAL, the data, time and location &oded in the omcial R8colds $1,293.35, 2016-2017; ANGEL $2,877.02, 2017; BENNIE SKAGABRAUT 21 AKRANES, 1019 CYNTHIA THOMAS ARLINGTON AVE, JERSEY $1,635.51, 2017; ELEANOR th&eot; (2) Recod the notic6 Book1545, Page 2911, Public A ACEVEDO,98 SHERIDAN J Lovrm a CRYSTAL Y 300 ICELAND, Tlmasha Unh JACKSON, 9623 GUNNSADE cl NJ,O73O4-2TO5,14;3O4: TAN ATON B FERDINAND ot sala in the Public Records Records ot Oscaola Coun,ST APT 306, PEMBROW LovmE, 1843 DAUWOOD 17o8o6, Week 25, Biennial AVE BATON ROUGE, LA 19: ODD, $2,994.53, 2013- BUENAFLOR ATON, 1 805 ot OK6ola County, Florida: and Florida, and all axhibhs PINES, F 33024-3077, UNMI PL, clNclNNAn, OH, 45237- ODD, Tlmeshare lnterest 112, 70814, Tlmesha Unit 18304, 2017; ANGELA E FOWLER, w 86 AVE, MERRILLVILLE, (3) Publish a copy ot me notice aWathed the to, and any YANG ACMDO, 14911 5717, 11; 205; 36; MN, Per Di6m $1.47, DefauW Weak 5, Biennial ODD, 115 N AMERICAN AVE APT IN, 46410, 21; 307; 13; ODD, ot sale two (2) times, onca each amendments th6r8ot (the NEwcAsnE LN, DAVIE. FL, 8973.91, 2015-2017; EMILY Balance 83,763.83, DefauW Tlm85har8 lnte 1l2, Per 9, DOVER, >E, 19901-3856, $1,244.91, 2016-2017; STACY weak, tor two (2) successive "Declaralion"). TOGETHER wrfh 33331-3206, 21; 1O4; 27; KAY JONES, 3101 MARECO D e 12115116, Mortgage Diem $5.86, DelauW 8alance TAMMY G CLARK, 162 L ZANE a TODD E ZANE, 732 waeks, in an Osceola County a remainder over in taa simpla ANNUAL, 83,789.61, 2015- AVE, BALTIMORE, MD, 21213, Reco ed 5 30113 in OR Book $1 4,580.83, Defau w Date wlws kD APT B, DOVER, DIVISION ST, GLoucEsnR n8wspap6r, pDvided such a as tenan -in-common wkh all 201 7. 11; 212; 15; ODD, $1,027.20, 4449, Pa&e 920 MARGAR A 111117, Mortgage Recoded DE, 19901-4024, 26: 304; cl NJ, 80302, 31: 505: 19; n6wspapar exists at the time other Owers ot time p6riods Ma h ;April6, 18 2017; MARKEM LAWRENCE CARRILL MEJIA a 213117 in OR Book 5097, Page 5; EVEN, S2,892.o2, 2014- MN, $1,629.20, 201J2017: of publishing. lf you tail to in the same fimasha Un t L1 7 FOLKS a REGINA NICOU ASCENCION ALVARU, 10149 1019 2017; USA L DICKERSON a CAMERONRAYPATRIC 66O1 cu the derauw as set torfh on termination ol tha Vacation CLAI8ORNE, 500 PINNACU ADAMS ST THORNTON, c (40839.0155) MICHAEL DICWRSON, 30 CHARLESCITYRD,HENRICO, in this notice or take other Ownenhip Plan, subjert to CIR APT 4D, NEWPORT 80229, fimasha Unit 171001, Ma h 30;April6,2018 ORCHARD RD, MAPUWOOD, VA, 23231, TRACEV PAUUNE appDpriata artion wkh gard the Condominium Documents. NoncE OF DEFAULT AND NEWS, VA, 23601-2388, 17; k 8, Annual, fimeshare L164463 NJ, 70401, 21; 306; 45; PATRICK, 106 CLAREDON lothistoreclosure maner, you 7600 Mystic Dunes Lane, INTENT ro FORECLOSE 105; 35; MN, $4.129.26, lnt&est 1, Per Diam $9.34, EVEN, $1,239.91, 2015-2017; CT, WILLIAMSBURG, VA, risk losing ownenhip ot your Celebration, Florida 34747 mE PALW COUNTRY 2013-2017; PAMELA PATRICE DetauW Balance 826,193.36, WIUIE JAMES DOUGLAS 23188-1568,10;101;10;0DD, timesha inte&t through the marain Tlme Shal8 Plan CLUB AND RESORT - FILE MINOR, 12232 BIRKDAU RD. DetauW Date 311 5 16, Morfgage NoncE OF DEF^ULT AND 6 PATRICIA A DOUGLAS, $1,027.20, 2016-2017; LAURIE t ee toraclosure procedu (Prop8r )Addr8ss").Asar6sult 21g. 2 RUTHER GUN, VA, 22546- Retoded 1v3113 in OR Book INnNT TO FORECLOSE 5534 OAK CROMING DR, ANN NWON ALGOOD, 18 a ablishadin Sertion 721.855, ot the atoramentioned d6tauW, Pursuant to Sa ion T21.855, 3539, MAURICE DOMINIQUE 4N9, Page 643 FRANCISCO x THE PnLMs cou JACKSONNW, FL 3224 TREETOP TRL, F#RFIELD, Florida St 6s. You may ANociation, he by 8|6tts norida atut6s, THE PALMS MINOR, 27105 SLASH MOUN 1229 s sTAnsTAPT CLUB AND RESORT - FIU 6279, 23; 104; 39; ODD, p 1T320-8237, MICHAEL thoose to sign and send to lo sell tha PDp6 y pur5uant COUNT V CLUB AND PINE GIR, RUTHER GLEN, 1 LOCKPO IL 1, 19. S2,489.44. 2014-2017; NANCI DONOVAN ALGOOD, th6 und igne t s 68 an lo alion 721.855, Florida RESORT CONDOMINIUM v 22546-3502. 14; 105; Tlm6shar6 Unrf 4605, Week 49, Punuam to S tion 721.855, J DOBBINS, 23 CHERYL w, 12807 SAGE nRRAcE, obja ion lorm, exe ising your Statut85. Pleasa be advised AssoclAnoN, INC. 19; ODD, $2,489.44, 2014- ' Biennial ODD, Tlmesha Florida St as, THE PALMS CLARKSgURG, NJ, 0851 GERMANTOWN, MD, 20874, righttoobjerftothauseottha that in We event that your &einaWerretanadto as the 2017; YAMILKA CHAMIZO lntarest 112, p& Diam $4.60, COUNTRY CLUB AND 1614, RICHARD E DO8BINSll, 26; 405; 37; EVEN, 82,368.98,stea IOr8CIOWR pDc8du . obligationisnotbroughtGun8nt miation,ha5 recodad MARTINU a OSMANI DAVID De uW Balanc6 813.71o.34, RESORT CONDOMINIUM Po Box 434, CLARKSBURG, 2013-2017; DARRYL p Upontheundenignedtwstaa's flncluding tha pay6nl of any a Claim otLan intha mount MARnNu, 645 w 73RD DetauW Date 1v15115, ASSOCIATION, INC. NJ, 08510-,24: 301; 45; RUSSELL B DONATA v &eiptofyoursignedobjertion faes incu ed b AMociation, ot (Sae Mibk A ), which PL, Hl,FL NO14, Mortgag6 Ra rdad 7118114 in me inaRer fenad to as he ANNUA 86,496.29, 2014- RUSSELL, 1207 E 166TH, torm, We toBlosu ot tha in commancing t is tO clowR includ imare,lata rees, 17; 112; 3; EVEN, S2,o73.44, OR Book 4637, Paae 2836 Association.), has &ordad 2017; JOYCE A HORNE a SOUTH HOLLAND, IL, 60473, li6n whh spe tolhe defauW pDc8ss) wrfhin thirfy (30) a omay'sl s and to s, and 2015-2017; NICHOU MARIE A CORONAD,1627 a Claim otLen in e um SABRINA Y HORNE, 1N7 E. 27; 405; 19; EVEN, 81,249.91, sp8cm6d in this notice shall day5 tDm he fint data ot &od6d in O.R. Book 5258 HILDENBRAND, 5910 ARBORWOOD CIRCU ot (s68 Exhibh A,whid 83RD, CHICAGO,60619, 2015-2017; DONTA LARON b6 subja to th6 judicial publication, the und6nign6d at Pages 2 0 ot the Public OKEMOS RD, HASUTT, Ml, ROMEO W, IL 6,intludes inte,lat6 te,29;306: 17; MN, S2.368.98, nBBs, 1801 14TH AVE s, to&losu pDtedur8 only. Twstee shall p ceed wkh R ords ot OK8ola County, 48840-9519,24;108;2;MN, Tlmeshare Unh 4605, w68k 49, a omey's fee and cok, and 2014-2017; HECTOR ALONSO NASHVIW, TN, 37212-3901 You haveWe rightto cu our tha sa of th6 PTop8rty as Florida, and the undenignad 83,o74.o5,2o15-2017. Biennial ODD, fim ha &ord6d in O.R. Book 5258 MONJE, 2513 NW 72ND AVE JUSTINE L MARKS SMAU 6 d8fauWinthemann6rs8t orfh provided in Sa ion 721.855, Tw a5 appointed by Ma h ;April&, 18 lnt& 1 2, p& Diem $4.60, at Pag6s 658 ot Me Public sn M Ml FL 33122- JusnN DAVIS MARKSlll,813 inthisnolic6 anytim8b8to Florida atrtes,in whidcase, Association. he by formally L1 6 DetauW Balanca S13,71o.34, Rato 5 or Ost la Coun,1325, NANCY MOTT 1805 REDFERN CT, MADISON, TN, the und gned tw 's ala the undenigned T 86 sh |: notm (s Exhibk A") that DetauW Date 1211y15, Florida, and the und8 ign6d SANS sowl 8LVD APT 401, 37115-2709, 31; 311; 31; ODD, otyourtim ha int rt. lfyou (1) Provide you wrm men du6 to your tailul8 to pay the Mo gage R8 rd6d 711&14in Tw ae as appointed by NORTH MIAMl, F 33181- 81,314.27,2O16-2O17;T0MIKA donotobi8rttoth8us8otth6 notica of tha sale, including annu asa t(s) due NoncE OF DEFAULr AND OR Book 4637, Page 2836 Association, he by lormal 3 3, 30; 408; 24; ANNUAL LATRELL EVANS MARKS, t aa foBlosu p cadu,tha data, tim6 and loc ion on (s Mibk .A and all INnNT TO FORECLON JUUE MCCOY THORNTON, notifias TSa6 Exhibrf A") that S3,724.N, 2015-2017; 601 RIVERGATE MEADOWS you will not be subjart to a th6 ot; (2) R8GO the notice ment(s) thaRaR8r, you THE PALMS cou 7121 NW 45 ST CORAL du6to yourt lu to paythe JUUEN L Plcou B TANAGLE DR, GooDLms Lu, TN, deficienU judgmant 8v6n rf ot sale in tha Public Recods a tu t in datauW ofyour CLUBAND RUORr - nu SPRINGS,FL3 ,fim65ha annual aamem(s dua DORSEY PICOU, 3555 FOhT 37072-2626, 31; 311; 31; me pmeeds hom the sala ofOsceolaCounty,Florida;and obligationstopayau8Nm8nt5 g1g. Unh 15704, w k 47, Bi nial on Ts86 Exhibh A and all MYERS AV, BATON ROUGE, ODD, $1,314.2T, 2016-2017; of your tim hare intara (3) Publish a copy of the notite duaAuotiationonthetollowing Punuant o Saclion 721.8M, ODD, Tl&a lnt t 1n, aN8Nm8nt(s) eraaR&, you L 70814, 30; 205; 21; ODD, TRINIDAD MARnNu, clo a inwm ent lo oWs6t the otsaletwo(2)times,onceeach d6Krib8d alp p8rfylocated Florida Statutas, THE PALMS p Di n a.77. DetauW ara cunant in detauW oryour S3,O19.79,2O15-2O17;JOSEA WAMBOLT TOLOMEO, uc, ums BuRd by th6 li6n. week, tor two (2) sucteMive in OK8ola oun,Florida: COUNTRY CLUB AND Balanta $12,947.23, DatauW obligationstopayaN 5Bs RwERAvlcENsaMILDREDM 31WASHINGT0NAVE,N0RTH By: GRnNsPooN MARDER, weeks, in an OK8ola CouW Pa a ID Numbar(s) (Sea RESORT CONDOMINIUM Date 4115116, Morfgage du8ANociationonth8tollowing MuNozEMMANuEul,nRRA HAWN.CT.O6473, 10;311; 45; LL .Tw ee newspap&, provid6d sud a Exhibk A during ANign8d ASSOCIATION, INC. R6cord8d 5R114 in OR Book d6strib6d PalpDp8rfylocat8d SENORIAL CALU NINORCA ODD, 82,914.o1, 2015-2017; HIBlr n" - NoncE OF n6wspap8r 6xi s at the time Y sl (s86 Exhib A otTHE me ina er r& lo as .Me 4607, Page 89 MICHAEL in Osteola County, Florida: 114, PONCE, PR, 00731, 27; NICOUELISHAHOLMES,129 Dunl Lr nND INnNT TO of publishing. lf you tail to PALMS COUNTRV CLUB AND Assotiation,ha5 &oded DUANETHORNTON,492ONW Partel ID Numbe sl (Sea 108; 47; MN, $1,249.91, SHADY GLEN w, ALBANY, FORECLOSE: cura he detauN as set form RESO A CONDOMINIUM, a Cl m ofLan intha anDunt 86TH AVE FORT LAUDERDAU, Exhibh A during As igned 2015-2017. GA, 31721-9538, 29; 404: 19; Owe sVObligo s), Add M, in this notic6 or take o her atco ing to the D6claration ot (s Exhibh A . which FL N351, Tlaa Unh Yea s)(SeeExhibk A ofTHE Ma h @|&, 18 WEN, $1,244.91, 2015-2017; Building(s), Unk(sl, Week(sT, appropriata artion wkh gard ot Condominium th&eot includ6s inte st, .late I86s, 15704, k 47, BiennialODD, PALMS COUNTRY CLUB AND L1644N K N DEVON HOLMES SR, Assigned Yea sl. Amount Due to this fo closu ma ar, you Bord8dinth8omci Records aWomey's f68s and co s, and fin share lme 1,Par RESO A CONDOMINIUM, 539 N WESTOVER BLVD APT tothe ANociation, Yea sl Due: risk losing own6nhip of your Book 1545, Page 2911, Public &orded in O.R. Book 5258 Diem a.77, DafauW Balance attoding to the D6claration 1602, ALBANY, G 31707, KARVNA o CINTRON, 87- timesha inte st thDugh tha Racords ot Osceola County, at Pagas 2931 of th6 Public S12,947.23, De uW Date ot Condominium lh t NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND 29; 404; 19; MN, $1,244.91, 57 94TH, WOODHAVEN, tru5t88 fo closu pDcaduP norida, and,axhibhs Recods of OK8ola CouW, 4115 16, Morfgage R6tod8d &ordadinthe omci Recods lw TO FORECLOW 2015-2017; JUUO ISAAC NY, 11421, 23; 403; 4; ODD, 8stablish6dinS8 i0n 721.855. aWachad tha to, and any Florida, and the undenigned 5R114 in OR Book 4607, Pag6 BIok 1545, Page 2911, Publit THE PALW a sANnAGo GONZAW, S2,896.38, 2015-2017; horida Statut6s. You may dman s lhe ot ha Twst86 as appointed by 89 AWONY LAUZON, 38 Records ot Oscaola County, CLUB AND RWORT - nu 100 BANKS AVE, APT 1167, MICHAEL c GONZOLAS a choosa to sign and send to D6claration.).TOGETHERwkh Association, ha by tormally MAPLE GROVE RD RR6 Florida, and all exhib s 18. ROCWLU CTR, NY, 11570, TRISA ANN GONZOLAS, the und8nign6d t ee an a naind8rov8rinf66 simple notifias (s68 Exhibk A that UNDSAY, ON K9V 4R6 awached tharato, and any Pursuant to Se ion 721.855, YESENIA sANnAGo, 2401 2614 TURQUOISE WAY, SAN obj6rtion torm, axe ising your as t6nant-in ommon w all du6 to your failu to pay the CANADA, fim6sha Unh amendments th6 of (the norida at es, THE PALMS BERGENUNE AVE APT 4D, ANTONIO, TX, 78251-1747, rightto obje totheuseofthe oth6r Owen of lima p6riods annu aNassm8m(5 du6 210401, Weak 11, Annual, wD6tla tion' .TOGETHERw h COUNTRY CLUB AND UNION cl NJ, 07087- 31; 115; 50; ODD, S1,62o.51, t stae toraclosu p cedure. in w6 san Tlm hare Unh on (See Mibk A and | fi Brna lnt 1, P8rDi6m a remaindarover in ta6 sim.pla RESORT CONDOMINIUM 3670, 29; 108; 19; ODD, 2017; CARMEN F BOGRAN Upon tha undarsigned t stee's on t&min ion ot the Vacation aN8Nmam(s) th8r6a 6t, you S11.53, DefauN Balanca as enan -in-common w h all Assoc noN, INC. $2,489.44, 2015-2017; SUSAN a JAIME EUGENIO FLORES c pt ot your iqned obj ion Ownenhip Plan. subjart to ar6 cu 6ntly in detauW ot your S34,977.72, DefauW Dat6 o her Owners ot tima periods er nah& t to a5 he M COTTON a WMBERLY A ROSAUS, 10225 FREDERICK form, lh6 to cosure ol the the Condominium Documents. oblig ionsto payaN8Nm8nts 9 1115, Morfgage R8co 6d in the 5am6 fim85har8 Unk Asmiation,has dad WALLS,5O2O S BLACKSTONE AVE AP-r.3O1, WNSINGTON, lien with respe tothe defauW 7600 Mystit Dunes Lana, dueAssociationonthatollowing 6R114 in OR Book 4620, Paga on termination ol tha Vac ion a Claim ot L in tha amount AVE APT 304. L`HICAGO. MD, 20895, 21: 203; 43: spacified in this notice shall Celeb tion, Florida 34747 described r6al properfy located 916 JUNIOR J JIMENU CRUZ Owne hip Plan, sub 6 to ot (Sae Mibrf A,whith IL, 60615, 17; 305; 50; ODD, ANNUAL $2,554.18, 2016- be subj6rt to the judicial m ein me Share Plan in Osceola County, Florida: a CLARITZA BARRETO AKA tha Condominium DoGum8nts. includ int6,lat6 faes, 81,596.8o, 2013-2017; KEUY 2017; LUCERO CANSINO, fo&losura pDc6du only. (P p8rfy)Add N .Asa 5ult Pawal ID Numbe s) (See CLARITZA BARRETO OLIVO, 7c00 My iG Dunes Lane, a om8y'5t s and tOrt5, and M COVENT 90 PARK AVE, 75 PEARL AV, REVERE, M You have he righttocuRyour orthe ator tioned defauW, Exhibk "Aw) during signad 112 DOROTHY DR Celeb tion, Florida 34747 record6d in O.R. Book 5258 NEW YORK, NY, 10016-1301, 02151, 20: 104: 20: ANNUA defauW in the mannerset for ANociation, h&aby elects Yea s)(Sae Exhibit A otTHE WESTWEGO, LA 70094, e in Tlme Share Plan at Pag85 839 ot the Public BRIAN K COVE 842 $5,746.37,2014-2017;MAX0N inthisnoticealanytimebelore to sell the PDp8rty puNuant PALMS COU CLUB AND Tlmeshare Unk 210504, Wa6h Prop8rtylAddr855"l.Asa sult R8cord5 ot Osceola Coun,PARK AVE, HuNnNGToN, AL DREB MARJORIE the undenignad t stee's sale to &ion 721.855, Florida RESO A CONDOMINIUM. 43, Bi6nnial ODD, Tlm6sha ot the alo m8ntion6d da uW, Flonda, and lhe unda igned NY, 11743, 31; 605; 45; AL ANDRE, 1321 NE 148TH ot yourtimasha intar t. lfyou Stat es. Plaasa ba advised accoding to tha D6cla tion lnt&e 112, p& Diem 85.o5, Association, har6by elec Twrt6a as appoi ed by ANNUAL, $3,739.35, 2015- ST, MIAMl, FL, N161-2552, do not objert to the use or the that in lhe evem that your ot Condominium th t Da uN Balanca S15,366.67, to sell the PDpaZ punuant Asmiation, hereby rormally 2017; STEVEN M SOLKOFF a 19; 201; 26; EVEN, S1,542.11, t stee to closu pDc8dur8, obligation is not bDught cu ent racoded in the omcial Racods DetauW D e 911/15, Morf age to S6 ion 721.8 5, norida nolm (Sae Mibh "A lhat KIMBERLY ANNE KAMINS 2015-2017: ROBERT you will not be subj to a flncluding the payment ot any Book 1545, Page 2911, Public Retoded 7118114 in OR ook Statut6s. Pleasa be advised due to yourtailu to pay the ATTN: MCCUUOUGH CHARUS 8RAGGS, 823 N dafiGiancy judgment even if t68s intunad by Association, RaGods ol Osteola County, 4636, Paga 1964 EDILMA th in the event that your annu auau t(s due EISENBERG, uc, 65 WEST RITcHnELD ST, WICHITA. KS, Me pmeads hom the s a in commencingthistoraclosure Florida, and all axhibhs ESTHERBARRIOSCANIZALU obligationisnotbDughlcua on (s68 Exhibk A and all STREET ROAD. suln A-105. 67206, PAUUNE ELIZABETH ot your lin sha int&e pmass) wkhin hir (30) a achad the to, and any aEDuARDo RoTAYLoR flncluding tha paym6nt ot any aN nt(s) the aWer, you wARMINsnR, PA, 18974, BRAGGS. 5514 AACHEN DR, are insuMtient to o set F8 day5 hom the fim data or amendments th8T8ot (tha ESCUDERO, clu DE PANAMA t68s incunad by ANociation, a wBt in detauW otyour 23; 407: 5; ODD, $2,489.44, COLO SPRINGS, co, amounts Bu d by the lien. publication, the und8nign6d Decla tion").TOGETHERwkh ARRAIJAN FUND CALLE D in comm8ncingthi5to&losu obligation5topayass8N Bnts 2015-2017; MARJORIE B 2-1654, 11;205:7; EVEN, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Twst sh,pm d wkh a mainderov&intee simple CASA D 45 PANAMA cl proc8M) whhin thirty (30) dueANociationonlh8tollowing MALLARDaRlcKYMALLARD, S963.91, 201 -2017; ISAAC D LLP Twstae the sala of tha PD as as tenant-in-common wM | PANAMA, Tlmesha Unk daSs hom tha first date of described al opartylocated 6 ESTHER, PATCHOGUE, BRIDGES Jr a JACQUELINE NIBrr A" - NoncE OF provided in &ion 721.855, o her Ow6n ot ti periods 210507, Week 49, Annual, pu lication, the und6nign6d in Osceola un,Florida: NY, 11772, 14; 310; 49; L BRIDGES, 3516 MEDLOCK DEFAULr AND INnNr ro norida S atLrf8s,in whith case, in the sam6 Tlmesha Unh fi sha lnta 1,P6rDi8m T 68 shall p c d wrm Parc6| ID Numbe s) (See ANNUAL, 83,157.62, 2016- TRCE, GREENSBORO, NC, FORECLOSE: tha undanigned Ttu ee shall: on termination of the Vacation 85.99, tauW Balance the sale ot Ma Property as Exhibh A during Assigned 2017; ISAIAS J RODRIGUU, 27405-9724, 32; 207; 16: owna sVobligo sT, Add M, (1) Provida you th wri an Ownenhip Plan, 5ubj8 to g15,513 DafauW Data pDvid8d in &ion 721.855, Y s) (Sea Exhibh A ot THE 5606 GOLDFISH ST APT A, ANNUAL a,616.16, 2015- Building(sl, Unh(s), w88k(5l, notica ot the sale, including tha Condominium Docum8nt5. 10115116, Morfgage R8cold8d noridaslatut6s,inwhichcas8, PALMS COUNTRY CLU8 AND LUTZ, FL 3355&5955 MARIA 2017; RANDAU L MARTIN ANign8d Yea sl, Amount Dua the dat6, time and location 7600 Mystic Dunes Lane, 711&14in0RBook4638,Paga tha undenignad Twst66 rnall: RESO A CONDOMINIUM, M RODRIGUU a JUDIT M a JUNE M MARnN, 76 toth8A5sociation,Yea s)Du8: tha t; (2) Recod lhe notice Celebration, Florida 34747 - 2142 ROBERT K WANDEL a (1) Provida you wkh wen aKo ing to he Detlaration RORDRIGUU a ODEMARIS nMBERLANE, WENE, NH, EMILIO A TROTMAN, 2711 ot sale in tha Public Retords merein .Tlma Sha Plan BERNADm MARIA WANDEL, notice ot th6 sale, including ot Condominium th&eot RODRIGUU SILV 17306 1, 23; 201: 13; EVEN, GUNWOOD RD, BROOKLYN, otOK laCoun ,Florida;and (PDp8rty)Add M ).A5a&uW 2711 OAKTON ST PARK th6 data, time and loc ion reco ed in the omci R ords HUBER, ODESSA, FL, 33M6, $1,542.11, 2016-2017; NY, 11210-2325, USA M (3) Publi5h a copy otlhe notite of the o mantioned detauW, RIDGE, IL 60 8, Tlm6sha tha of; (2) Recod tha notice Book1545, Page 2911, Public 15; 108; 50; ODD, $1,314.27, MICHAEL A PARTLOW, 348 TROTMAN, 10940 174TH ST, ots 6two(2)tim onc88ach A5miation, ha by &e s Unrt 160109, Waek 2, Biannial ot sal6 in tha Publit Racords RaGods ot Osceola Counly, 2016-2017; CHRISTOPHER DEERWOOD CT, AUGUSTA, JAMICA, NY, 11433-3020, 21; w for lwo (2l sutc8Miv8 o sell the Property punuant ODD, Tlmesha lnt6r8st 112, ofOsteola Coun,Florida: and norida, and all exhibrfs EDWARD SMITH a SHEILA GA, 30907-930g, 20; 205: 403; 48; EVEN, $1,249.91, w66ks, in an OK8ola Counly to Section 721.855, norida Par Diem 84.76, D6tauN (3) Publish a copy ot me notice a ached the to, and any K SMITH, 641 JAUDON RD, 33: EVEN, S1,244.91, 2015- 2015-2017; EUA E MAGUINO, n8w5pap8r, p vided such a StatL es. PI6asa be advi ad Balance 814,8o2.26, D6tauW otsale two(2)tim85, once each ndm6nts the t h6 LESUE, MO, 63056-2332, 21; 2017; UONEL ANTONIO 5065 KENSINGTON AVE, newspaper axists at the time that in th6 event th your D e 7115 15, Mort age waek, tor two (2) suc Niv8 Dacla ion .TOGETHERwkh 403; 39; EVEN, $3,152.62, CABRAUS a JAMILmE SAIM LOUIS, MO, 63108, of publishing. lt you tail to obligationisnotbDughtcu e Retoded &1114 in OR ook weeks, in an OK6ola Coun a an nd&overinfee simple 2016-201T; FRANCISCO LOPU, 192o4 NWN, RAUL SIERRA, 479 s FIR cu the detauW as set torth (includinglhe payentotany ,Page 2 2 CANDACE nawspapar, pDvid8d such a as t am-in-common w all JAVIER ANUS, 570 16TH ST OPA LOCK F 33056, 31; AVE, GALLOWAY, NJ, 08205- in this notice or take other tees incunad b Association, MARIEJONES, 247 W FORD newspaper exists at th6 ime othar Own6n ot tima pariods SE, NAPUS, FL, 34117-9420, 603: 3: ODD, 82,489.44, 2015- 4417, 14; 308; 30; MN. appropriata artion wkh regard in commencing t is toracbsure DR w SUFFOW. VA 23434, ot publi5hinq. lt you tail lo in the fim ha Unh SONIA LOPU, 1958 PAR DR, 201T: RICKARDO ORLANDO $1,249.91, 20162017: TAMAR lo this toPclosu maWer. you p cess) within thirty (30) Tlm8shar6 Unit 18301, We6k GU tha da auW as sat to h on tarmination ofthe Vacation NAPLES, FL, 34120-0513, 27; WIWAMS, 2904 s 98TH EAST K p GE, 1458 NomNGHAM ri5k losing owenhip ot your days hom th6 fint date ot 35, Bi6nnial ODD, Tlmeshare in this notica or take other Ownenhip Plan, subje to 305; 23; ANNUAL. 82,564.18, AVE, TULS OK. 74129, 19; WAY APT 2, TRENTON. NJ, timashare int st thDugh the publication, the undenigned lnte st 112, Per Diem 84.99, app priata artion wkh gad the Condominium Documants. 2016-2017. 203: 41: ODD, 82,581.56, 08609-1920. JED PISME, 226 tw ea foPtlosu proc8dur6 Twstee shall procaad w h DetauW Balanca 814,o72.73, to this fo closu ma er, you 7600 Mystic Dunes Lane, Ma h 30; April 6, 2018 2015-2017; COMFORT BEECHWOOD AVE, TRENTON, established in Section 721 .855, tha sala ot the PDperty as D6tauW Date 311116, Mortgage risk losing ownenhip of your Celabration, Florida 34747 L 164455 KANI THOMPSON a ISRAEL NJ, 08618-3406, 31; 505; 1; Florida S atutes. You may provided in Se ion 721.855, Recoded1V17 14inOR Booh timesha int8l85t thDugh the merein 7lme Share Plan ANYIDOHO THOMPSON, ODD, $2,489.44, 2015-2017; choosa lo sign and send to Florida Stat as, in which case, 47 . Paga 2795 MONICA t 86 to tlosu pDceduR pDp8rty)Add M .Asa suw 14938 FINEGAN FARM, ANABEL SERRANO, 670 NW the undenigned twslea an the undenigned Tw ee shall: BEL . 9830 SYDNEY LN e ablishedin S6 ion 721.855, ot the arorementioned defauN, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND GERMANTOWN, MD, 33470, 6TH ST APT 307, MIAMl, FL obje ion torm, exertising our (1) p vide you wrfh wrmen APT 381 SAN DIEGO, CA norida Stat es. You may Associat on, her6by ala s INTENT TO FORECLOSE,30; 305; 23: ODD, 8973.91, 33136-3277 MANUEL ANIBAL rightto objertto th6 use o tha notice ot the sala, intluding 92126, fi&a Unrf 18301, choose to sign and send to to s6|| the PDperty punuant rHE PALMS COUN R 2015-2017: AusnN WESW RAMIRU, 1000 NW 1ST t stee fo&losu p cadura. lha dat6, lime and location k 35, Biennial ODD, me undenigned t ea an to &ion 721.855, florida CLUB AND RUORr - nLE BUSCHER, 675 BUCKHORN AVE APT 1107, MIAMl, FL Uponthe und8nign8dt st86's th8r6ot; (2) Recod tha notice Tlmashare lma 1n, P6r obj iontorm,exa ising your S at . Please b& advis6d 3 1g. RD, EASTSOUND, WA, 98245- 33136, CARLOS ALBERTO 6ipt0fy0ursigned objerfion ot sale in tha Public R ods