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Fern Park , Florida
April 6, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 6, 2018

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PAGE 36B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 6, 2018 Y THOMPSON 219 Sunburst 9800. 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unit, 5177/1522, $2, 331.88, 8o.84; CARRINGTON a CAIDIAN J WHOLE, $6, 427.6o, $1.98; NETHERLANDS, 1 Fixed,the preceding paragraph. By: junior lienholder shall have the St Los Banos, CA 93635, QQQ-13, 1 WHOLE, $3, 594.98, 1000521-9013154209 Jo Marie JOHNSON and ELEANOR 543705-8671410350 Da,B WaeMixad Unrf, GG-105, 7 : GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, right to Rdeem hs int8Rst up YW, 11, 39, WHOLE, Fixad $1.28; 308849-701 640941 o Ni8v6s ero Enriqu6 J Avilas E. CARRINGTON JOHNSON Montoya and Angela Montoya WHOLE, 521411-7, $5, 215.14, Twstee. to the date the T st66 iNues WeeMixed Unrf, $7, 877.23, Patrick J Walsh and Lee Ann Calle Eugenio M Hosto Buzon and ALLEN SWANSON 70 136 Feathermoon Dr Santa $1 .65; 41405-9197648480 HIBIT "A - NoncE OF the C6 ificat6 ot Sale by paying $2.32, 5214-699-705: DIEGO Parker 66 Osborne Road South 1124 Campanilla Toa Baja, PR Cunningham Pa Har w, Te sa, NM 88008-0682, 1 Edwin Mar quin Quan TRUSTEE'S SALE the amounts due as o lined in F JIMENU a ANA ISABEL Portswood Southhampton, 00949, 1/2,Season-Float Middlesax London, HA14QJ Fixed WeeMiwed Unk, p-10, Hattor D auan Galindo 9 Na Owne s) Addrass Building Unit the preteding paragraph. By: JIMENU Calle 50 Norfe N 3An so17 2EZ, ENGLAND, 1 Flxed WeeklFloatUnrf,59O 6O2B.41 UNITED KINGDOM, llB, 4, 43, 35 WHOLE, $6, 41o.42, $1.98; Ave 184 Zona 8 Ciudad San Week Year Usage Occupancy GREENSPOON MARDER. LLP, 33 Cali, COLOMBIA, w, 6, WeeMixed Unit, aaa-13, 41 MN, 51n11522, 81, 997.53, WHOLE, Fixed WeeMixed ' 50930 7022014410 A a A Cristob,Se or A-1 Ciudad TS Undivided lnt Season Trustee. 33, WHOLE, Fixed WaaMixed WHOLE, $6, 431.24, $1.98; $0.62; 1 04 858-3337094009 Unrf, $6, 431.24, $1.98, 5214- Mortgage Spacialist, uc, A De Guatemala, GUATEMALA, Usa Basis Amount Per Diem EXNIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Unit. $7. 876.73, 82.32, 35358-9197350460 Hertor M Louise L Mille e 1321 Rainbow 419-425; STEVE LEW Po Box Lmked Labil y Company Du ' 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unh, GG- COL Reclnto TRusnE's SAU 521 4-699-705; Morales and Moraima Velez Crestent Onawa, ON K1J8E3 865 Williamsbug, VA 23187, Oganized And Exi ing Under 105, 48 WHOLE, 5214 1-7, BRIAN L FIELD a PATRICIA A Owner(s) Address 8uilding Unrf April 6, 13, 2018 5101 Orchad Ave Apt 45 1 All Season-Float Wee Float llB, 6, 40, WHOLE, Fixed And By Vlrfua Ot me Laws $5, 215.14, $1.65; 524312- FIELD 614 old County Rd P.o. Week Year Usage Ocwpanty L 164668 Pascagoula, MS 39581, 1 Unrf, 6100-13F, 31 WHOLE, Wee Fixed Unit, 86, 366.26, of me Stata Ot Florida 6529 9223306310 Walter K Raid and Box N153 We porf, MA 2790, TS Undivided lnta st Season Fixed Waak/Fixed Unh, aaa- 517711522, $2, 331.88, $0.84 $1 .98, 5214-419-425; ISOLENE Tower Dr Hudson, FL 34667, 1 Katia A Reid 7400 NW 15th St ll 14, 4, WHOLE, Fixed WeeW Usa Basis Amount P6r Diem 13, 46 WHOU, $6, 461.65. 1044756-9011124809 Wonzo ROBERTS 3011 Ely Ave 2nd Fixed Weeh Flxed Unit, Q-O1, Laud6mill. FL 33313, 1 Fixed Fixed Unit, 86, 491.40, 81.98, COL Rac lnto NoncE OF TRusnE's $1 .98 292421-90000794 Woods 10705 Treasu Glen Floor B nx, NY 10469, llB, 6, 41 WHOLE, $6, 398.75, $3.15; WeeMixed Unit, GG-106, 31 5214-718- 724; ANDREA PATRICIA PIERRE 1521 AWon SALE William 8 Di rith and Melisa Allen, VA 23059 and Kevin 46, WHOLE, Fixed WeeMixed 206672-93404994 Lncoln WHOU, 521411-7, $6, 467.26, AMIU816 Hea herNoelCtApt Road Ste 822 Miami Beach, wEsTGAn vAcAnoN M DiWrich 755 Rannie Lk Rd w Woods 114 Cambridge St Unit, $5, 768.52, $1.90, 5214- 8 Pa erand Lsa Pa erP.O. $1 .93; 672609-988N08190 201 B ndon, FL M51O,FL 33139, aa, 1, 40, WHOU, LLAS Qll T v6rs6 City, Ml 49686, 1 Abbeville, sc 29620-1B12, 419-425;ANNIE c UNDNER a Box 7N0 Chicago, IL 6,Mari n T Smkh MO3 Bugaboo 15. 18, WHOU, Fixed Wa6hl Fixed WeeklFixed Unrf, $4, 2TT . (MURRA Fixed Week/Fixed Unk, aaa- 2,Season-Floal Wee LAWRENCE J LINDNER 7079 1 Flxed Wea xed Unrt. a-03, Ln Sellenbug, IN 47172 and Fixad Unk, S6, 501.81, 81.98, 989.42, $1.62, 5214-377-383; On May 2, 2018, at 11:00 a.m 14, 17 WHOLE, $6, 431.24, Float Unk, 6100-23F, 6100- Stubbs Bridg6 Rd Spotsylvania, 46 WHOU, 84, 989.36, $1.62; Rachael M Frazier 506 E Park 5214-71&724; KENTONIA D STEVE NICHOLS, GREENSPOON MARDER, $1 .98; 81986-9225699300 23G, 12 WHOLE, 12 WHOU, VA 22551, llB, 6. 52, WHOLE, 51 1733-3981305140 James Place, J6 8rsonvilla, IN 47130 WHITE a NICOU s WHITE AUTHORIZED a P.A, 201 E. Pin6 St et, Jean Francios Herblin 3 Rou e 517711522, $2, 764.28, $0.97; F xed W86 Fixed Unit, 84, E auinlan, Jr 320 Booth Dr and Sylvia Cushing 9 Clark Rd, 8112 Zephyr N A inQon. TX REPRESENTATIVE FOR Suka 5,O ando, Florida De Lannemezan Blajan, 31350 104 9011830909 B ce R 430.87, $1.35, 5214-419-425; Bellmawr, NJ 08031, 1 Fixed Haddam, CT 06438 and Lo ie 76002, llA, 17, 12, WHOLE, RESORTS ACCESS 32801, as Twstee punuantto CE, 1 Fix6d W xed B and Sheny L Ba6 and LUCIANOAFPRADOBIVONE Weekl xed Un,a-05, 14 M B ant 1319 E Monte Vlsta Fixed WaaMixed Unrf, 86, NWORK, LLC 1746 E Silver that Appoinlmem of Tw 68 Unit, aaa-16, 30 WHOU, 86, Samuel K Be6 17 Sandville v PRADO Avenida Jalbas De WHOU, $6, 43124, 81.98; Ave, Tu ock, CA 95382, 1 Fixed 491.40, $1.g8, 5214-718-724; Star Rd Apt 266 Ocoee, FL toded on Detemb& 13, 431.24,81.98. Rd LminQon, ME 04049, 1 Ca alho 181-Apto.1 Baino 51158 1031307010 Robert WeaMix Unit, GG-108, 19 PAUL K DAUG a JUUE 34761, aQ, 2, 25, ODD, Fix 2017. in O.R. Book 5253, at K: FORECLOSURE 27756 s6ason-noat WeeMloat Ratreio Do5 Bandeirantes w. NoWe and Joan H. NoWe 17 WHOU, 5214 1-7, S7, 111.72, A DAUG 32 Ashwell Wee Fixed Pag6 45, ot the Public R6cords WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (NJ) Unk, 610 26F, 3 WHOU, Rio De Jan6iro, 2795 445 Uoyd Avenue New Faimeld, $2.11; 42319-9215066190 G ve Rothemam, s65 1NF Unit, $5, 457.26, $1.52. 5214- ot Osceola Coun,Florida, by MURRAY.O846 NOS.Pub. 517711522, $6, 030.02, 81.84; BRAZIL, llB, 8, WHOLE, CT 06812, 1 Flxad Wee Rex G Cauldwall and Diana ENGLAND,| 2O.4O,WHOU, 3n-383; ANTONIO ANnuz- ason ot a now continuing MURRAY.doc 63741 6-9008755709 Jean Fixed Wae Fixed Unit, $4, Fixed Unh, a-07, 1 WHOLE, c Cauldwell Po Box 701 Rio Flx6d WeeMixed Unrf, 86, ZURITA 1o418 w. Medill detauW by Obligo s), (S66 April 6, 13, 18 Jorda-Montesclaros and Rudy 989.42, $1 .62, 5214-419- S6, 43124, S1.98; 255575- Blanco, PR 0074, 1 Fixad 491.40, 81.98, 5214-718-724: Avenue Norfhlake, IL 60164, Exhibrf A,who58 add M L164669 Mont claros 2003 ta Vlsta 425; AUEN WONG 6 ANNA 9346851430 Z ee Bastian WaaMixed Unit, GG-109, 19 ALMA D PACK 129 Mi ey aa, 8, 32, WHOLE, Fixed is (See Exhibk A"), in the Driva Columbus, GA 31 7, WONG 160 Erie Ave T&ton, and Lea ine Ba ian 1838 WHOU, 521411-7, $5, 226.72, Dr Ca,NC 27511, llA, 23, WeeWFixed Unrf, $4, 989.42, payT nt or parformante ot 1n no ing, B-1519, 39 EVEN, NJ 8619, llB, 10, 5, WHOU, # WOahs Law nteville.GA $1.65: 49605-9238887120 24, WHOLE, Fixed W68kl $1.62. 5214-377-383; and the obligalions s6cu d by NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 517711522, $1, 215.68. So.41; Fixed Wee xed Unh, S4, 3 ,1F adW MixedUn,Wll5on E Do a and Claudia Flxed Unrf, S6, 491.40, S1.98, REMEDIOS ANnLlz-zuRITA said Claim ol L6n Gordad in SALE 1 1425-901401 Maria D 989.42, 81.62, 5214-419-425; a-12, 43 WHOU, a, 973.75, L Silva 545 N Te ace Ave 5214-71&724: CHARUNE 3325 Lncoln St F nWin O.R. 8ook 5214, at Page 397- wwTGAn rOWN cENnR Alva z 7920 Me ll Rd USA M JEAN 36 Seminola Dr S1.62: 209657-9341821320 Mount Vamon, NY 10552, 1 A JOHNSON 12301 Wood Park, IL 60131-1513, aa, 402, ot lhe Public acords 2 . lslERRn) 712 Jatksonville, FL 32277, 1 Nashua, NH 03063-N23, llB, Sammy K Adjepong and Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, GG- walkT6nat8 Mkdelhille.MD 8, 32, WHOU, Flxad , ot Osceola County, Florida, On May 2, 2018, at 11:00 a.m All Season-float Weehl Float 20, 20, WHOLE, Fixad Waekl Flo nca H Adj6pong Po Box 111, 12 WHOLE, 521411-7, 20721, llB, 1, 4, WHOU, Flxed, Fixed Unk, $4, 989.42, S1.62, including me b ach or datauw, GREENSPOON MARDER, Un . B-1600, 37 WHOU, Fix Unh, $4, 435.42, $1.54, 4001 Acc,GHAN 1 Fixed $5, 215.14, 81.65; 94 3& S6, 491.03, S1.98, 5214-718- 5214- 377-383; RAYMOND L notic6 of which was 58t to h uP, 201 E. Pina St et, Surta 517711522, 82, M1.88, So.84 5214-419-425; ANTHONY R WeeMix6d Unrf, R-03, 32 7050525450 Ma in Moylan 724: SILVANO CHICAS a JULIA DIXON a KAY T DIXON hat 5 in a Notice ot D6tauW and 500, O ando, Flonda 32801, C: Us&n o23 AppData Local JEAN 19 DonnaStreatNashua, WHOU, $4, 989.42, $1.62; 182 Redwood Ct Ram58y, NJ Y CHICAS 524 66lh St etWe 62 Lavander Gadens London lnt&rf to Fo&lose pDvidad as Tw 66 punua lo that MiwosoW Windows T6mpora NH 3060, llB, 20, 20, WHOLE, 36299-9194693350 Rob t L 07446, 1 Fixed W66Mix8d NewYo ,NJ 7093, llB, 1,34, sw11 1DN, Unrted ngdom, to the la hnow addr8N of Appointm6 ot Tw lnt&n Flles Content.O look Fix6d WaaMixad Unit, $4, Noble Jr146 Rrth Wln on- Unit, GG-112, 45 WHOU, WHOU, Fixed, 86, 134.09, QQ, 10, 42, WHOLE, F ed Ob (See Exhibk A,by Bo 8d on September 14, VAN XQ8WOTS PUB 435.42, S1.54, 5214-419- S em, NC 27127, 1 F ed 5214 1-7, 84, 504.34, $1.42; 81.98. 5214-71&724; SUE WeeklFixedUnh, Ce 6gist8 d Mailorby 2017, in O.R. Book 5208, SIERRA.doc 425; ARIEL GARCIA a JUL W x6d Unit, R-03, 35 43906-9219271N0 Danall MARUR SMITH AKA SUE $4, 989.42, 81.62, 5214-377- gublita ion byth6 und6rsignad at p e 483, ot the Public April&,13, 18 DEL CARMEN DE GARCIA WHOU, 84, 3N.07, $1.48: Moo and hedaMoo 6144 MARLAR SM H 1219 CaWail 383; WIUIAM A STRE a w5t88. will 58|| at public Reco s ot Oscaola County, L16467O Edificio Nautica Apt 17A Vla 494524-7020901140 Gary Ha ard Rd D&Dh, Ml 48224. Pt Johnson c y, TN 37601, HEUNE B STREIT 12N 30lh auclion to Me high6st bidder Florida, by reason ot a now Cintu8nt6nario Panama C,Mann 442 S NT JULIAN 1 Fixad Weeh Fixed Unrt, GG- llB, 2, 41, WHOU, Fix6d Unh A Kenosha, Wl N144, tor law,monay ot th6 Unked continuing dalauN byObligo s), PANAMA, wc, 8, 4, WHOLE, pL NORTH AUGUST sc 206, 33, WHOU, 521411-7, xed Unh, $6, 491.40, RR, 2, 17, WHOLE, Flxed Slat65of rita,onth8hont (Sa6 Exhibk A"), whosa NoncE OF TRusnE's Fixed WaaklFlxed Unit, $6, 29860 and William Roper 85, 226.72, 81.65; 371T6- $1.98, 5214-718-724; ROBIN WeeklFixed Unh, st6ps of the Osceola CouW add ss is (See Mibrf A,in MU 331.24, $1.98, 5214-419-425; N5 WASHINGTON ST NE, 9194891360 No6| J C an and H SMITH 198 Frae Hill Road $4, 9B9.42, $1.62, 5214-377- Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse th6 payenl or performance wvTun vAcAnoN Ro8ERTsAYERacHARLENE G NES W, GA 3 01, 1 Kathleen T Craan Taugheen, Johnson c y, TN 37615-3144, 38 ; DANESSA REAL 5507 Squa,Mimm88, Florida ot the oblig ions secu d by LLAS F TROMBLY 42 B& tord St Flxed Weekl xed Unk. R-04, Cla mo s, IRELAND, 1 fixed llB,2,41,WHOLE,FlxadW68kl Madison St, Apt Bsrm N6w 34741,allrighl,thl6 andint6 st said Claim ot Len &od6d in 2TT . (CHEBL Law nce, MA 1843, WC, 9, 14 WHOU, S6, 43124, $1.98: WeaM ad Unit, GG-206, 36 Flxed Unrf, $6,491.40,81.98, Yor NJ 07093, RR, 4, 16, in lhe pDp8r situat6d in tha O.R. Book5177,atPage1522- On 05102 2018 at 11:00 am, 7, WHOLE, Fixed W86W x8d 56271&70218967 Nitola WHOU,5214/1-7,S6,467.26 5214-718-724; ROBERT D WHOLE, Flx6d Wae xed Coun ot OK8ola, Florida, 1528, ot the Public Retords GREENSPOON MARDER, Unit, 84, 989.42, S1.62, 5214- M Christian 4579 Laciede Av6 $1.93; 582344-9119358030 DARWIN a R A D D N Unrf, $4, 964.42, 81.62, 5214- d6scrib8d as:(Sae Ewhibit A ) ol O5c80la County, Florida, L 201 E. Pina Street, Surfe 419-425; MARK T BOSIK SI6355SaintLouis,MO631O8, Norman FJudd and B&halmae 205 PhBasant Dr. Pmsbugh, 377-383; and MAYRA REAL fim6 Sha lnte st(s) (See including thB b ath or datauW, 500. O ando, Florida 32801, 294 Wak6|8a Ave N1 Ansonia, 1 FixBd, R-,36 WHOLE, B Judd 30 N 300 E American PA 152N, llB, 4, 12, WHOU, 5401 Palisad6 Ave Am 20 w6 Ewhibk A ac ing to the notica ot which was set torth as Tw punua to that CT 06401-1219, WC, 13, 6, 86, 398.75, 81.98: 493639- Fork, UT 84003, 1 Flx6d Fixed Weekl xad Unk, 86, New Yo,NJ 07093-2019, RR, fin Sharing Plan tor W6stgate in a Notite ot DetauW and Appoint nt ot T stee WHOLE, Fixad WeehlFixed 7941209020 John D Dann WeehlFixed Unit, GG-211. 3 144.30, g1.72, 5214-718-724; 4, 16. WHOLE, Fixad Week Vac ion Vllla Qll, oded lntent to Fo&lose p vid6d ord6don 1V1y2017in Book Unrf, $4, 989.42, $1.62, 5214- and Elizabeth J. Dann Slablas WHOU, 5214/1-7. 86, 467.26, HOWARD HAMILTON 1200 Fixed Unil, $4, 964.42, $1.62, in omtial R6cords Book 1210, to tha last known addreu ot 5252, and Paga 2703 ot the 419-425;ELIASSTABRI24578 Slalion Road Ha inghan 81 .93; 221879-320N12380 Fowl6r Ln Apt u Clin on, TN 5214-377-383; MARIO REAL at Page 1213, of tha Public ob,(s86 Exhibrf wA,by Publit Retods ot OSCEOLA Sun Vlsta Pl Po Cha o e, No ich, Norfolk, NR94EQ Gwendoly G Cla 614 Sligo 37716, llB, 7, 28, WHOU, 1811 South Ea 15 Av Capa Recods ot Osceola Coun,Ce,Registered Mail or by Coun . norida, by reason FL N98O-5242, WE, 12, 13, ENGLAND, 1 Flxed Waa Avenue 310 Silver Spring, Flxed W86Mixed Unh, $6, Coral, FL 33990, RR, 4, 16, Florida he "Plan . Together publication by the undanignad of a now continuing defauW WHOLE, Fixed W68Mix6d Fixad Un,R-09, 2 WHOU, MD 20910, 1 Fixad, GG-212, 38 393.93, S1.98, 5214-718-724: WHOU, Fixad xed with lha right to otcupy, T stee, will sell at public by Obligor(s), (S6e Ewhibit Unit, 85, 895.81, 81.62, 5214- 86, 43124, 81.98; 241195- WHOU, 521411-7, $6, 458.44, MICHAEL A HERMANIS a Unrf, 84, 964.4z, $1.62, 5214- punuanttoth6 Plan,Building(s) au ion to the highe bidd6r '.A"), whos6 addrass is (Sea 419-425; HIRAM RIVERA 5201212040A S.A M.Sherit 81.93: 658382-9 3303010 LISA p OOD 52 #bert 3n-383: CYRIL p HA EY l Unit(sl l Unit Week(sl l torla ulmoney olth6 Unrfed Exhib A").inthe payentor NAZARIO a LUZ R LOPEZ Po 122 Barfl6 Private O awa, Memorable Vatations, uc Av6nu8 Newport, NP19 8FT a BEATRICE J HA 860 sign Yea s), (S86 Exhibrf Wates of America, on the t nt p6rformanc8 ot the obligations Box 491 Vlllalba, PR 766, WE, ON K1V2A8 CANADA, 1 Fixad A Florida Copo tion Po Box uNlnD KINGDOM, llB, 8, Highway 2 Elmsdale, NS A . n Wastgale Blvd. aps ot the OKeola Coun s by said Claim ot Len 13, 19, WHOLE, Fixed W86kl WeeMixed Unk, R-12, 4 138039 Clarmont, FL 34713, 31, WHOU, All Saason- B2S1M1 CANADA, RR, 5, 6, ssimmee, FL 34747 e in Courthouse, 2 Courfhouse recoded in omtial Recods Fixed Unh, 84, 989.42, 81.62, WHOLE,86,43124,$1.98 1 Fixed W88Mix6d Unk. GG- Float W68Mloat Unh, 86, WHOLE, Fixad WeeMixed Tlme Share Plan (Property) Square, Nimm,Florida Book (See Exhibh A,at Pag6 521 4-41 9-425; GIOVANNI K: FORECLOSURE 27756. 303, 1 WHOU, 521411-7, 491 .40, S1 .98, 5214-718- Unh, $4, 989.42, $1.62, 5214- Add N")Said sale will be 34741,all rigM, trfle and interest (See Mibit A"), ot the Public STORINO a EUONORA E PAZ WG Vacation vlllas HOA (NJ) $6, 467.26, $1.93; 582342- 724; IGNAnus MC KENZIE 6 377-383; HOLIDAY LEASING made (wkho tovananls, or in th6 property skuated in the Records otOSCEOLA County, Calle 31 N31 63 Ca era 25 DE PAOLl.O826WOS.Pub. DE 7013832120 Je y G Cox MONAUSA MC WNZIE P. o. HOLDINGS, uc A COMPANY wa an,exprass or implied, Counly ol Osceola, Florida, Florida, including the breach or AN62-00 Palmira, COLOMBIA, PAOU.doc 715 N Central Ava Allanta, GA Box N858O Sandilands vlllage DULY ORGANIZED AND gading the titla, possession described as: (See Exhibrf .'A") detauW, notice ot which was set WE, 15, 28, WHOLE, Fixed April6, 13, 018 30354, 1 Fix6d W Flxed Rd. Nassau, BAHAMAS, llB, ISTING UNDER THE LAWS or encumbrances) to pay the Tlme Sha lnleP (s) (See forfh in a Notice otDefauW and Wea Fixed Unrt, $6, 437.74. L 164672 Unit, GG-306, 12 WHOU, 18, 45. WHOU, Flxed Waekl OF THE sTAn OF NEVADA unpaid aM6Mmanls due in lhe Exhibk '.A' according to the lntenl to Foratlosa p vided 81 .98, 5214-419-425; 521411-7, $6, 099.69, $1.89; Fixed Unk, $6, 491.40, $1.98, 5313 Painted Mirage Road amou of (s86 Exhibk A,Tlme Sharing PlanforWestgate to the la know addreN of April6,13,2O18 147055-9315075210 Hugo 5214-718-724; DOUGLAS R Las Vagas, NV 89149. RR. 7, whh inte st aGcwing at the Town cem&, r oded in Obligo s),(Saa Mibk A"),by L164671 NoncE OF TRusnE's Armando Herazo 256 #son DAHLEN 13628 B an Pl s 44,WH0LE,Fixed WeaMixed rate ot (Sae Exhibk A") per omcial Recods Book 1564, certm IR6gi 8 d Mail or by SALE St So h Amboy, NJ 08879, 1 Bumsville. MN 5N37-7117, Unit, 83, 647.20, 81.26, 5214- d y, punuanttothe Tlm ha at Page 1479, ot th6 Public publication by the undenigned wEsTGAn vAcAnoN Fixed WeehlFixad Unit, GG- llB,23,4.WHOU,FixedWeekl 377-383; DARYL DIXON 9631 Plan, advanc,it any, under Retods of Osceola Coun,T ee, will sell at publit NoncE OF TRusnE's LLAS wll 306, 21 WHOLE, 521411-7, Flxad Unk, $6, 491.40, 81.98, Aventide Lane Cha oWe, NC the terms ot said Claim ot Florida (th6 Plan"). Tog6th8r au ion to the highest bidder SALE 2TT . RGO) $5, 226.72, $1.65; 528738- 5214-718-724; DOUGLAS R. 28215, RR, 9, 9, ODD, Fixad, Len, chages and 6xp8nses ot with lhe righ to octupy, tor law,money ot the Unrfed wEsTGAn VACATION On May 2, 2018 at 11:00 a.m 6683307480 Jack Nelson 1503 DAHLEN and JOSEPHINE A $5, 157.26, 81.52, 5214-377- the Tw ae and ol the t s punuanttothe Plan,Building(s) States otAmerica, on the fDnt VILLAS vll GREENSPOON MARDER, CODYRD, NIXA, MO65714and DAHLEN 13628 B ant Pl s 383; nRLlsA s JOHNSON r t ated by s d Claim ot Len. / Unit(s) l Unrf Waek(s) / eps of the Osceola Coun 2TT56.0826 (DE PAOLl) P.A 201 E. Pine Slreet, Sally A Nalson 3722 s SCENIC Bumsville, MN 55337-7117, 4806Springview Rd Cha o a, Obligo s) shall have the right Assigned Year(s), (Sea Exhibrf Courthousa, 2 Courfhouse On May 2, 2018, at 11:00 a.m Suite 500, Orlando, Florida AVE UNIT 137, SPRINGFIELD, llB, 23, 4, WHOLE, Flxed NC 28213-6759, RR, 9, 9, lo ture he d6tauW and any A"). 7700 We gata Blvd Squa,KiNimm88, florida GREENSPOON MARDER, 32801, as T stee punuant to MO 65807, 1 Fixad WeeklF ed W68klFixed Unk, 86, 491.40, ODD, Fixed, S5, 157.26, 81.52, junior lienholder shall have Nimma8, FL 34747 6 in 34741 . all right. tkle and imere P.A 201 E. Pine Street, thal Appointmem ot Twst68 Unit. GG-307, 48 WHOU, 81.98, 5214-718-724: HUYEN 5214-377-383; OVERCOMING the righlto d68m ksinte t .Tlme Shar6 Plan (PDp8r ) in e proparty sku ed in the Surfe 500, O ando. Florida Rcoded on De mber 13, 521411-7, $6, 4B4.12, &1.9 NGUYEN and UNDA NGUYEN ADVERSl INC1O35 Primera up to h6 da 6 he Twstee Addr8M") Said sala will be County ot OSCEOLA, florida, 32801, as Twst86 punuant lo 2017, in O.R. 8ook 52N, 94684-92864451 20 Ken 248 Old Farm Rd L6winQon. Blvd Sta1O41 Lake Ma,FL, iNu8s the Cerfificate of Sale made (without covanants, or describ6d as: ISEE HIBIT that Appoinlment ol T stee at Page 282, ot the Public Maurer Dani6|I8 Moran PO Box SC 29072, llB, 23. 40, WHOU, 32746, RR, 12, 1, WHOU, by paying the amounts due as wa anty, 8xpP5s or implied, A )Tlme Sha lnleR (s)(SEE recorded on December 13, Recods ot OKaola Coun,271 Beganfield, NJ 07621, 1 Flxed WeeklFwed Unh, $6, Fiwed Wee Fixed Unk, 84, o lined above. By: AMANDA L. garding the titla, poss6ssion HIBIT A actoding to the 2017, in O.R. Book 5253. Florida. by ason ot a now Fixed WaaMixad Unit, GG- 491.40, 81.98, 5214-718-724; 989.42, $1 .62, 5214-377- CHAPMAN, A horized Agent or encumb naT to pay the Tlme Sharing Plan tor Westgate at Page 264, ot the Public cont nuing delauN by Obligo s), 312, 12 WHOLE. 521411-7, $6, HUY X NGUYEN 318 WindriW 383; RICHARDG SCAUS HIBrr A" - NoncE OF unpaid aN8Mm8nt5 du6 inthe Vacation Vlllas, O cial R8cod5 of Osc6ola Coun,(See Exhibk A,whosa 467.26, $1 .93 St Slidell, LA 70461, llB, 23, a MARJORIE SCAUS 25 TRusnE's SAU amount ot (See Ewhibk A,Records Book 1665, at Page Florida, by reason ot a now addraM is(See Exhibk.'A"), in K: FORECLOSURE 27756. 40, WHOU, Fixed WeeMixed Woodside Cheshunt, EN75DE Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast wkh inte accwing at the 1597, ot the Public Records continuing datault by Obligo s), the payent or performanGa ot WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (NJ) Un,$6, 491.40, $1.98, 5214- ENGLAND, ss, 4, 38, WHOU, Mow Add M: Tlmesha te ot (Sea Ewhibh A per of Oscaola Coun . Florida (See Exhibit A"l, whose M8obligationssecur6dbysaid VIRGO.O82O NOTS.Pub. 718-724; PROPE TIES, Fixad WeeMixed Unit, a, lnt : Buildingl Unit; Weekl day, punuam to the fim8shaR (the Plan"). Together whh lhe addreN is (S68 Exhibk A . in Claim ot Len ratoded in O.R. VIRGO.doc LLC, A noRIDA uMlnD 989.42, $1.62, 5214-377-383: ANign8d Yaar, Claim ot L6n Plan, advances, it any, under right to occupy, punuant lo th6 pay6nt or performance Booh(SeeExhibh A ,atPage April6,13, 18 LIABIUTY COMPANY a GRADYHMONT GOMERY B Amount; Par Di6m Amount the terms ot said Claim of tha Plan, 8uilding-Un (SEE of the obligations secu by (SeeExhibk A2,ofthePublic L164673 KENNETH wou, MANAGER SANDRA MONTGOMERY 21 1 52024-70218031 50 Lian,thagesand 6xp8ns8s of HIBIT A -(SEE HIBIT said Claim of Len recoded Recods of OK8ola Coun,4931 sw 8th Courf Cape Cor,Hankin Loop Poughkaapsie, Ca e Loun6|| Mu ay 5123 th6 Twslea and ot th6 tw s A"), during Un Week (SEE in O.R. Book 5214, at Page Florida, including me b ath or FL N914, WE, 5, 5. WHOLE. NY 12601, M, 5, 9, WHOU, BonnybDok Dr W Lakeland, Gr8at8d by said Claim ot Lien. HIBIT A"). during Assigned 21-26, ot tha Public Retods d6taull, notice of which was set NOTICE OF TRUSTEEIS Fix6d WeeMixed Unrt, $6, Fixad W66 Fixed Mit, S4, fl N811, 1 Fix6d Weekl Obligo s) shall have th6 righl Year - (SEE HIBIT .'A ). of Osceola County, Florida, torth in a Notice of DetauN and MLE 491.40, 81.98, 5214-71&724; 989.42, 81.62, 5214-377-383; Flxed Unk, 000-01, 15 to cu the datauW and any wEsTGATEvAcAnoN VILLAS includingtha braach ordefault, lnt6nt to Foreclose pDvid8d WESTGATE VACATION April 6, 13, 1e ARISTIDES R SOTO a ANA WHOU, $6, 398.75, $1.98; junior lianholder shall hava noo W6stgate Boulevard notice ot whiGh was set forth to the last know address of VILLAS L 164674 E FINOL Av 3D, Entra Calle . 16772 9328071340 Blaubach th6 right to redeem its int6rest Nimm88, FL 34747 Said in a Nolice ol DetauW and Obligo s), (See Exhibk A,by 2TT . 24 (FIELD) 71Y72 Edit. Vla Colonia, Apt. 7 carnllo and Maria c Vaqu6ro up to the date the Tw ea sale will ba made (without lntent to Foreclose provided cartmedlRegi e d Mail or by On 0510v2018 a 11:00 am, Maracaibo, 4002 VENUUELA. Av. Gonzalaz Rinconas a. issuas tha CartifiGata of Sale covanants,orwa anty,exp M to lhe la known add&s of publitation bylhe und&signad GREENSPOON MARDER, NoncE OF TRusnE's ss, 11, 33, WHOLE, Fix6d Los Vaquaro Urb. Ca Gas, by paying the amounts due as or implied, regading the title, Obligor(s), (See Exhibk A"l, by T aa, will sell at public uP, 201 E. Pina St t, Surfa MU W68WFixed Unrf, $4, 375.02, 01080 VENUUELA, 1 Fixed outlined abova. By: Amanda L possassion or encumbrantas) CartifiedlRegist6r8d Mail or by au ion to lhe highe bidd6r 500, O ando, norida 32801, wuTGAn vAcAnoN 81.47, 5214-377-383; LOUIS WeeMixed Unrf, 000-01, 34 Chapman,Authoriz6d Aga to pay the unpaid assessmants publication by the undersigned tor lawhl money of Me United as Twstee pursuant lo that L w STEPHENS a RACHEU BERG WHOLE, a, 263.52, $1.45; WHIBIT wA" - NoncE OF due in the amount ot (s66 Trustee, will sall at public Stat6s ot Amenca, on the hont Appointmant ot Tw ee 2TT . (PIERR 10 GraWon Clos6 Wast By 663678-9 80559 Babara TRWTEE'S SALE Exhibk A,wkh interest aurtion lo tha highast biddar steps or the Osceola County r8cord6don1V13/2O17inBooh On 0510u2018 at 11:00 am, haal, KT14 6DG ENGLAND, J B Moo and Erit Moo Own6r(sT/Obligor(s)ILasl aK ing the rate of (See torla ul money ofthe Unrted Courthouse, 2 Courfhous6 5252, and Page 2721 of th6 GREENSPOON MARDER, 4, 49, WHOLE, Fix6d 2408 Cha es Ave Tuskagee, Mown Add&s; Tlmeshare Exhibrf A perday,punuantto States ofAm6rica, on lhe hont Squar6, Nimm68, Florida Public Recods of OSCEOLA LLP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suite Wee Fixed Unit, $4, 960.54, AL 36083, 1 Fixad W6eMixad,e st; Bui ingl Unrf; w68kl lha fi sha Plan, advances, steps ol the Osceola Coun 34741,all right, t le and int6 st County, Florida, by reason 500, O ando, Florida 32801, $1.62, 5214-377-383; MAYRA Uni,000-02, 19 WHOLE, Assigned Year. Amount ol Len; rf any, under the term ot said Courthouse, 2 Courfhouse in the p perfy 5rfuat8d in the ot a now continuing detault as T stee punuant to that A PINTO 10600 Wastam Ave $6, 431.21, 81.98; 1198851- Per iem Amount Claim ot Lien, chages and Square, Kissimm6e, Florida County ot Osceola, Florida, by Obligo 5), (See Exhibit Appoin nt ot Tw ee Apt #8 Hawaiian Gardans, CA 7059257430 Patrick D Lollie 1 087465-901 41 50309 K8nn6th expenses ot the Twst66 and ot 34741,all right, titla and intePst dastribad as:(See Exhibk A") A ), whose addreN is (s68 recoded on 1v1312017 in Book 90716-1690, 7, 8, ODD, N27 Ant6lopa Hills Dr Missouri J Rambeg 26 Powde ck thet stst aled bysaidClaim in the proparty siluatad in lhe Tlm6 ShaR lnte st(s) (Saa Ewhibh A ), in the paynent or 5252, and Page 2817 ot th6 Fixed WeehlFixed Unit, S5, C y, TX 77459 Ramona A Plac6 Noningham, MD 21236, of Len. Obligor(s) shall have the County ot Osceola, Florida, Ewhibrf A accoding to the performance ot the obliga ions Public Recods ot OSCEOLA 478.44, $1.52, 5214-377-a: Lollie 2300 Wilc&t Dr Apt 63 1 All Season-Float kl Float right to cure the detaull and any described as:(See Ewhibit "A") Tlme Sharing Plan for Westgate secu d by said Claim ot Len Coun,Florida, by reason JULIO E PINTO 2421 Foothill Houston, M no42-2741, 1 Un,5200-5216, 19 WHOU, junior lienholder shall have the Time Share lnterestls) (See Vacation Vlllas xlll, coded Bord6d in omcial Recods ot a now continuing delauW Blvd Apt 22 E Las Vegna, CA #| Season-Float WeeMloat 517711522, S3, 197.80, $1.11; right to deem ks intere up Exhibit .'A ) accoding to the in OMtial Records Book 1021, Book (See Exhibit wA"), at Page by Obligor(s), (See Exhibit 91750-3060, 7, 8, ODD, Unh, 000-09, 43 WHOU, 967499-9012309209 Nmrio to tha date the Tw ee iNues Tlme Sharing Plan tor We gate at Page 1086, ot the Public (Saa Exhibit "A"), ot the Public wA"), whose addr8N is (See Fixed Wee Fixed Unit, 85, $6, 021.91, $1.93; 150220- M6na 8320 LatDba Ave thaCartifiGatedSalebypaying Vacalion vlllas vll, recoded in Retods of Osceola County, Retords ot OSCEOLA Coun,Exhibrf A"), in tha payent or 478.44, $1.52, 5214-377-a; 9316941310 Drabdullah Al Burbank, IL 60459 and Sandra the amounts due as o lin6d in OMcial Records Book 0845, horida (the Plan . Tog8th6r Florida, including the breach or performance of the obligations GUILLERMO A BmoccHl Dowaison and Dr Badria Al Mana 4501 w MarquaWe Rd the pr ading paragraph. By: at Page 0724, ot the Public with the right to occupy, de uW, notica ot which was set secured by s d Claim of Len a MARITZA A BARROW Sularfi Po Box 1 2375 Alshamia, Chicago, IL 60629-5656, 112 All GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, Recods ot Osceola Coun,punuant to the Plan, Building(s) torth in a Notice ot DafauW and recorded in omcial Retords Po Bow 2500 Geneva, 1211 71654, KUW T, 1 Fixed Season-Float Waekl Float Unrf, T st6a. Florida (th6 "Plan"l. Together l UnitTs) l Unh Wa8k(5) / lnlent to Foraclose pDvid8d Book (See Exhibh A,at Page SWITZERLAND, 8, 27, WeeMixed Unk, 000-10, 31 NOO-5348, 3 ODD, 517711522, WHIBIT "A" - NOrlCE OF with tha right to occupy, Assigned Yea s), (Sea Exhibit to he last know address ot (See Exhibrf A"), ot the Publit WHOLE, Fixed Weehl xed WHOLE. 86, 021.91. 81.93: 82. 444.72. 8o.83; 970460- TRusnE's SALE punuant to the Plan, Building(sl "A"). 7700 We gate Blvd. Obligor(s), (See Ewhibit A',by Records of OSCEOLA County, Unit, $5, 847.97, $1.62, 5214- NO564-9001563200 MiWon A 9011161309 Eliseo Ma e Owna s) AddPM Building Unit / Unk(s) / Unit Week(s) KiMimm8e, FL 34747 er6in CerfifiedlRagistered Mail or by Florida, intluding tha bPach or 377-383; FRANK A FANELLI Hobbs and Shi ey A Hobbs and lris M 1638 We St Waak Y r Usage Octupancy ANign8d Year(s), (See Exhibit ma ShaP Plan (Propartyl publication bythe und6nign8d detauW.noticeotwhith wasset B CARMEN A FANELLI 1658 11780 A ilbe Dr O ando, FL Soughton, MA 02072-a5, TS Undivided lnte&t Season A . 7700 Westgate Blvd. Add N Said sale will be Twst6a, will sell at publit lorth in a No ice ot DetauW and River Rd Apt 25, Jacksonville, 32827-7108, 1 Flxed Waekl 112 #| Season-flo WeeW Use Basis Amount p& Diem KiNimm88, FL 34747 erein made (wkhout covenants, or auction to th6 highest bidder lntem to Foreclose p vided FL 32207, 12, 42, ODD, fixed Unh, 000-11, 4 WHOLE, Float Unit, 5300-5367, 1T COL R6c lnto me Shar6 Plan (P p6 y) wa an,expreN or implied. tor la ul money ot th6 Unhad to the last hnown addRN ot Fix6d Wee Flxed Unit, 85, 83, 844.79, $1.27; 25804- EVEN, 517711522, 81, 438.68, WINSTON CHEBLY Calla Sur Address )Said sal6 will ba gading the trfla. poM6Nion Stales ot ta, on tha hont Obligo s), (See Ewhibh A,by 457.26, 81 .52, 5214-3n-383; 9158631410 MyDn L Cowell $0.48; 629855-9008668509 2 auinta lnshala Urb El Placer mada (wkhout covenants, or or encumbrances) to pay the steps ot he Osceola Coun cerfm egiste d Mail or by April 6, 13, 18 and Angela V Cowell 1708 William G Hal ard and Daniela Caracas, VENUUELA, llA, 3, wa an,express or implied, unpaid aNeNm8nts due in the Courthousa, 2 Cou house publitation by the und6nign8d L 164675 Capehart W Vlginia Beath, Hal ard 2 Soldier C K6n S . 35, WHOLE, Fixed W68k/Fix8d regarding the title, poss8s5ion amount ot (See Exhibk A,Squara, KiNimm88, Florida T st,will sell at public VA 23464, 1 Fwed WeeMix6d John"S, NL A1AOA2 CANAD Unh, $5, 8N.61, $1.84, 5214- or entumbrancas) to pay tha whh intaP acG ing at the 34741,all right, trtle and interast aurtion to th6 highest bidder Unrf. 000-11. 41 WHOLE, 112 Fix6d, 540 5442, 3 419-425; unp d ass8ssm6nts due inthe rata ot (S6e Exhibrf .'A") per in the ptoperfy situated in the tor lawhl mon6y ot the Unrfed NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND $6, 431.24, $1.98; 27571- EVEN, 517711522, S1, 215.68, NATHAN J AUEMAND B amount ol (s66 Exhibk .'A"), day, punuant lo the Tlm haR counS ot OSCEOLA, Florida, Slates of Amerita, on the front INTENT TO FORECLOSE 7022286490 Olivia w Lavina So.41; 619756-9 77709 GAIL T ALUMAND 3705 w wrfh intere accwing at the Plan, advant,rf anL, undar dasGri ed as: (SEE HIBIT steps ot th6 Ost6ola Coun THE PALMS COUNrR 174 w 4th StPel, S e 307 Clauda s Pia e Louis P.O.Box Louisiana St e DrK6nn8r, LA rate ot (Saa Exhibk A") par tha terms ot said laim ot A )fim8shaRlme (s)(sEE Courthousa, 2 Cou house CLUB AND RESORr - FIU New Yo,NY 10014, 1 Fixed 166001 Miami, FL 33116, 7,llA, 10, 24, WHOLE. day,punuanttotheTlmeshare Len.chages and expens ol HIB wA") aKoding tothe Square. Nimm6e, norida 39219. W66klFix8d Unit, 000-11, 49 1/2 Fixed, 5400-5463, 48 Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, $4, Plan, advantes, il any, under the Tw ee and ot lh6 twsts fim6 Sharing Plan lor stgat6 34741,all right, rfle and interest Punuant to Sertion 721.855. WHOLE, $6, 366.26, $1.98: EVEN, 517711522, $3, 443.62, 989.42, S1.62, 5214-419- the terms of said Claim ot traated by said Claim of Len. VaGalion fillas, omcial in Me pDp8rfy shuated in the Florida Statutas, THE PALMS 38245-92044981 70 Gloria 8o.98: 1030327-9013537309 425; JOAN p YAMBURA Lan, charges and expenses ot Obligo sT sh,hav6 tha right R6cord5 Book 1665, at Page Coun ot OSCEOLA, florida, COUNTRY CLUB AND J Robinson 5957 S Lasall6 Jose Scuzzarello and Mirian 6005 N 1&h St 6tTampa, FL the T stee and of the t sts to cura the derauW and any 1597, ot the Public Recods described as: ((SEE HIBIT RESORT CONDOMINIUM Chicago, IL 60621 and Richad Scuaa llo and Martha 33610, llA, 18 44. WHOU, c ated by said Claim of Len. junior lienhold shall have of Oscaola Counly, Florida A Tlme Sha ln a st(s) (SEE AssoclAnoN, INC. A G ham 5505 Springwat6r Scuzzarello Avenida Mexico Flxed W xed Unh, $4, Obligor(sT shall have the right the right to deem rts inter t (the Plan"). Together wrth the WHI8lT A accoding to the areina er fe ed to a5 he Ln, Henrico, VA 23228, 1 Fixed Edificio Doral Mexico - Tona 989.42, S1.62, 5214-419-425; to cure the default and any up to e date the Twstee right to occupy, pursuant to Tlme Sharing Plan for We ata Association',has racorded 8 x6d Unh, 000-12, 17 A - Piso 2 - Apt 22 Caratas, CYNTHIA PRICE 75 Manharf junior lianholder shall hava iMu8s the cartmcate ot Sale tha Plan, Building-Unk (SEE Vatalion Vlllas, xvl, cial a Claim ot Lien in tha amount WHOLE, 85. 772.04, $1.83; VENUUELA, 1 #| n- StBuW o,NY14215-3224,|| the rightto d68m hsinte st by pa ng We amounts due as HIBIT A -(SEE HIBIT Records Book 1072, at Page ot (See Exhibrf wA2, which 64071 -922804N60 Olinda Float Weehl Float Unh, 56 - 22, 32, WHOLE, Flxed w68 up to the date the Twst86 o linedabove.By:AMANDAL. A ), during Unh week (SEE 1234, otth6 Publit Re rds of includes int6&t,e t , De Pena and Joge Pena 5636, 39 WHOLE, 517711522, Flxed Unk, 85, 725.4a, S1.81, issues the Certificate ot Sale CHAPMAN,Authorized Agent WHIB A,during Auigned OK la County, horida ha aWomey's fees and co s, and Urbanizacion Vllla Asia Canara 85, 576.40, $1.88; 686233- 5214-419-425; DARLENE by paying the amount due a5 EXHIBrr A" - NoncE OF Year - (SEE HIB A . Plan . Together w h e right recoded in O.R. 8ook 5258 Pekin,Manzana2ON13Puerto 9009927909 Benjamin M Le EDWARDS 67 Wada Ave outlin6dabov8.By:AMANDAL. TRumE's ShLE WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS to octupy, punuantto the Plan, al Pages 2775 ot the Public Odaz, o VENUUELA, 2 8lanc and B oke G Hebert BuWalo, NY 14214, llA, 22, 32. CHAPMAN, Authorized Agant Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast 7700 Westgate Boulevad Building-Unh (SEE HIBIT Racods ot Osceola Coun , Fwed W68 xed Unrf, PPP- 2218 Hwy 31 Atnaudville, LA WHOU, Fixed WeeklFixed EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Mow Add N; Tlme5hare Kissimmee, FL 34747 Said A"), during Unrt Week (SEE Florida, and tha undenigned 04. PPP-04, 36 WHOLE, 37 70512, 1n #| Season-Float Unit, $5. 725.48, $1.81, 5214- TRUSTEE'S SALE lnter t: Buildingl Unit; sala will be mad6 (whhout HIBIT A"), during Assigned T stee as appointed by WHOLE, 88, 752.34, 83.24; WeeMloatUnit,57 5727,28 419-425; PATRICIAA MRm Own6r(s)IObligor(s)ILasl klAMigned Ya Unpaid covenants, or wa anty, axp ss Year - (SEE HIBIT A"). Association, heraby tormally 47217-9225479190 Geog6 K MN, 517711522, $2, 184.87, 37 Ha ad Pl BuWalo, NY Known Add N; TlnPshara Nment; ParDiem nount or implied, regading tha tkla, WESTGATE vAcAnoN VILLAS notifies (See Exhibit "A hat Ow6ns Jr and Janis F Owans $0.77; 1 056585-7053526299 142o9, llA, 22, 32, WHOLE, lnterest; Building/ Unrt; Weakl 282754- 1 27400 David possession or encumbrances) 7700 W6stgat8 Boulevard due to your failu lo pay the 20108 RadleW Ave Canon, CA Allan A ly Jr Demetria D Fixed Assignad Year: Claim ot Lan N Vlgo and lris M Vlgo 7911 to pay the unp d ass8s5ments KiNimm88, FL 34747 Said annual aN8ssm8nt(s) due 90746, 1 Fixed WeeMiwed Ally 43062 w Ha or Ct Wee xed Unil, $5, 725.48, Amount; Per Diem Amount NW 11 St Hollywood, FL dua in the amount ot (See sale will ba made (wrfhout on (See Exhibk .'A and all Unit, PPP-05, 19 WHOLE, p irievilla, LA 70769, 1/2 All $1.81, 5214-419-425; 495798-4031402190 Eric p 33024, 1 Fixed WeeWFixed Exhibit A"), with interest covenants, or w ly, express ass85sment(s) thereaWer, you 85, 4>7.74, $1.78; 25023- Season-Float Waehl float MADELINE TRINIDAD PO De Paoli Maria J De Paoli 13 Unit, GG-1O1, 38 WHOLE, atcwing al the rate ot (See or impli6d, r6garding the trfl6, a cu antly in detauW ot your 91 69469N0 Rka Minors Unk, 5900-201A, 29 ODD, Box 48 Bethlehem. PA 18016, Galahad Cres Glen Waverley, 521411-7, $5, 226.72. $1.65: Exhibit '.A.') per day, punuant lo possession or encumbrances) obligations to pay aN6ssm8nts Reu-Marie 21 Loyal Hill Road 517711522, 82, 228.86, $0.81; llA. 23. 30, WHOU, Fixed 03150 AUSTRALIA, 1 Fixed 241837-5883304050 Vloleta s the Tlmeshare Plan, advances, o pay the unpaid assessments dueANocialion on tha tollowing Devonshi,DVO5 BERMUDA, 104T229-7054284289 Anne WeeklF ed Unit. 84. 989.42. Wae Fix6d Unit, p-02, 19 Ma inez 10612 Blossomwood it any, under the terms ot said due in the amount of (See described realproperfylocated 1 Fixed Wee wed Unk, QQQ- M Per 738 Gra6n8 Ava apt 81.62. 5214419-425; LUCIA WHOLE, $6, 43124, $1.98; Rd chestemeld, VA 23832 Claim ot Lien, charges and Exhib wA"). with i erest in Osceola ounty, Florida: 03, 33 WHOU, $6, 397.10, 1 Brooklyn, NY 11221-1903, CASIUAS DE DA SILVA a 510473-1581409130 Rosa M and Felicia o Meyers 8202 expenses of the Twstee and ot atc ing at tha rate ot ESee Parcel ID Numb6 s) (See . 8 ; 608082-9005721 800 1 All Season-Float weeklnoat NELSON COSTEIRA DA White and William R Whke 475 RADIAL CT. ROSHARON, N lhe twsts cRaled by said Claim Ewhibk A per day, punuant to Exhibit A") during AMigned quel Dyer Po aox 1356 La Unit, 5900-204B, 28 WHOU, SILVA Bai ada Schamann Pinehunt Rd Yo,PA 17402, 77583, 1 Fixad WeeMixed ot Lien. Obligo s) shall have the the Tlmeshare Plan, advancas, Y6ar(s) (See Exhibit A ) of THE Vagne, TN 37086, 1/2 Fixed, 5177/1522, $2, 331.88, $0.84; C formento #35 C ce Con 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, Unit, GG-104, 5 WHOLE, rightto cuPthe detauN and any ' if any, under the terms of said PALMS COUNTRY CLUB AND aaa-09, 8 ODD, $7, 194.14, 1071461-9014184009 Tracee Calle Dona Perferta1 28 p-09, 13 WHOLE, $6, 43124, 5214/1-7. 84, 491.93. $1.48; junior lienholder shall hava the,Claim ot Lien, chages and RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM, 81.83; 2781 T1 -936077701 o L Smkh 600 rican Ave, c Gran Canarias, SPAIN. llB, $1.98: 51 191 1 -5640149240 241 563-9350803070 Barf right to redeem its interest up,expenses oftha Twstee and ot accoding to the Declaration Reinaldo Santos Canales and 507 ng ot PwNia, PA 19406, 1, 38, WHOLE, Fixed WeeW David L Smith 604 Fou h St Van Der Ri and Ger Van to the date the T stee issues ' lhet rts created by said Claim of Condominium lhereot Esp6ranza Canales Garcia 926,Season-Float Wee float FlxBd Unk, 85, 710.34. 81.82, Rising Sun, IN 47040, 1 Fixed Der Riit Listerbesstra 31 the Carfificate ot Sale by paying of Lien. 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