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April 6, 1979     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 6, 1979

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Page 2, HERITAGE, Florida Jewish News, April 6, 1979 Sen. Jacob Javits (R.NY) is working on his autobiography. Autobiographies of late have been coming out thick and fast of political figures who have some scandal attached to their names and they have been great successes. It is hardly likely that Javits can be expected to have equal success with his book. There is no scandal attached to his name. But the Senator probably just wants to get it off his chest and it will be good to read a political book without a scandal for a change. The Senator has been at the top at a critical time in American history and besides, his own story is interesting. We recall reading somewhere that his father was a janitor. From janitor's son to the O.S. Senate. What can be a more inspiring story of American success? There is some speculation that the Senator now plans to retire and there is a good deal of talk about his successor. Henry Kissinger, it is said, would like to get his seat in the Senate and Bella Abzug too is ready to throw her big hat in the ring again despite all of her defeats. Being a Senator is a tempting job. It is next to the Presidency, the highest political ambition, I believe, it is not good. I believe more Presidents have come from the House of Representatives than from the Senate. Lincoln was a member of the House, not of the Senate. Daniel Webster was a Senator who aspired all of his life to live in the White House but couldn't make it. A man in the Senate becomes perhaps a bit too isolated and loses the common touch necessary for a successful race for the Presidency. One might have expected that New York, with its large Jewish population, would be the first to elect a Jew to the U.S. Senate, but this is not so. Jews seem to have more political success where there are fewer Jewish voters. Perhaps the smaller number creates a greater feeling of security against the supposed danger of the Jews. And then again, Jews themselves do not vote as much in a bloc as other ethnic minorities. A Jew will say, why should a Jew run for the Senate when he can be president of a synagogue? It's better, isn't it, to be President, than a Senator? The first Jewish U.S. Senators came from the south. There was before the Civil War, David Ulee from Florida and Judah P. Benjamin from Lousiana. Ulee's real name was Levy and maybe it was not known that he was a Jew and also he didn't seem to know it too well either. He seemed never to have associated himself with anything Jewish. In the Senate, he was just average. Benjamin, however, was a very able Senator. Later when the south seceded, he became Secretary of State of the Confederacy. Everyone knew he was Jewish. Northern papers called him "an Special to HERITAGE The Children of God is an anti-American and anti- Semitic religious cult which uses sex as a recruitment device and idolizes Col. Muammar Qaddafi of Libya as a "Messiah," according to a report issued today by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The ADL report charges cult leader David Brandt Berg, known to his followers as "Moses David," "Father David," or "Mo," with feeding his followers "a frenzied potpourri of messages involving dreams and 'revelations,' Biblical misquotations, gossip, sex, predictions of earthly doom, and anti-Israel, pro-Arab propaganda steeped in crude anti-Semitism." Justin J. Finger, ADL director of the Civil Rights Division, said that the Children of God (or Family of Love, as Special Report Israelite with Egyptian principles." This was because of the affiliation with the Southern Confederacy, which supported slavery. However, it should be said that Benjamin never supported slavery. In fact, he was one of the early abolitionists. As a member of the Senate, Benjamin was the author of an article which appeared in Debow's Magazine, a leading Southern intellectual paper, condemning slavery. He maintained that slavery was hurting the south itself, that it was economically injurious. As far as Jewishness is concerned, Benjamin cannot be given much of a rating. Rabbi Isaac M. Wise tells of a little chat he once had in the national capitol with Daniel Webster and Benjamin. Webster remarked that since he was a Unitarian, basically all three were of the same faith. Benjamin took exception to this statement, but Rabbi Wise thought that Benjamin's argument showed a very skimpy knowledge of Jewishness. At the beginning of this century Isidor Rayner was a Jewish Senator from Maryland and I think Oregon at one time elected a Jew to the Senate but for the greater period of American history there was no Jewish presence whatever in the Senate. Now, of a sudden, we have quite a group. There is Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut, there is a Jewish Senator 'Children Of God' Cult Is AnU--Jewish Threat the cult is sometimes known) was founded in California in 1968 by Berg and is an outgrowth of the "Jesus Freak" movement. According to the cult's own claims, its "children" number about 8,000 young people. The cult has all the trappings of hippiedom, the drug culture, and the revolutionary New Left, as well as "the crass vulgarity of Berg's poetry and the near pornography of his missives and writings." The ADL charges that Berg "has resurrected and repeated the time-worn canards of anti- Semites the world over." He repeatedly refers to the Jews as +'Christ-killers," talks of a "conspiracy" of Jewish bankers, and refers to a "Jewish-owned, controlled and influenced news media." A special object of Berg's hate is the United States, which he has called "America the Whore." Ac- cording to the ADL report, he predicts that the LI.S. will "be an alliance of countries led by the Soviet Onion." It is the Jewish people, however, who have been a primary target of the cult's leader. "Any Christian who stands with the a traitor to his own faith," the report quotes Berg as saying. Berg teaches his followers to idolize Libya's Col. Qaddafi and to consider him "a powerful and welcome Messiah." "The Children of God now spell Qaddafi's name 'Godhafi' to honor him," and, according to the ADL report, "they purportedly see him as a Christ-like or Mohammed-like figure." Sex seems to be a major preoccupation of the Children of God, the ADL says, and Berg teaches his followers to use it as a major recruitment device. Berg himself is quoted in the report as saying that sex from Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Florid judging by the name, from Nebraska. AlsO Cohen from Maine, whose father was Jewish. We haven't got a minyan in the Senate the Jewish member of the House, we sh, getting together a minyan in Congress. was to be used to turn potential recruits into "meek and docile sheep eating out of our hands and hearts." In a pamphlet written by Berg, the cult leader declares that "the Church made God- created sex a sin - we have made it a virtue! - as He Himself intended! Praise God! God Bless you with lot of His love! - If you can't find it at home or at church, try us! We'll love you!" Love, however, is not what Berg teaches his followers to feel towards their parents. According to the ADL report, "they are taught to hate their parents as 'the enemy.' Berg's letters counsel members to make themselves difficult to locate - by hiding behind Biblical and mythical names. "Visits with parents are in general forbidden," the ADL says, "....telephone calls are monitored, conversations prompted r censored." Berg Roman report written, Roma,". in leader says: "We are invade the of the world to have to be I partake go kneel chapels...TheY anything' The the Children aspirations resources that from a result is God is now nations the anti.Jewish leader, the concludeS. Jewish divorces: Much is being written on the rise of inter-marriage among Jews and its effect on Jewish family life. But nothing -- almost nothing -- is being noted of the tremendous growth of Jewish divorces in the last years. Many may be surprised to learn that one-third of Jewish marriages in this country end up now in divorce. Jewish law makes it comparatively easy for one to obtain a divorce. Yet Jewish divorces in the "old country" were a rarity. Family tradition prevented many from seeking a divorce. To be divorced was no credit to the man, a tragedy to the woman, and an embarrassment for the entire family. Although Jewish law for granting a divorce was far from being strict, there were (USPS 340370) Published weekly (except for two weeks during the summer) in separate Orlando, Tampa and Pinellas editions for *I 1.00 per calendar year to Florida addresses ('1.00 more to the rest of the U.S.) and pro-rated thereafter, by Heritage Central Florida Jewish News, Inc., 711 E. Altamonte Dr., Suite 120, Altamonte Spdngs, FL 32701. Second-class postage paid at Altamonte Springs and additional mailing offices. Postmaster & Subsotbem: Send address changes to HERITAGE, P.O. Box 446, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701. GEffE STARN, Editor & Publisher NICK RACKOFF. Business Manager E[:rORJA,I= Managing Editor, Tinker Sale. Ass't Managing Editor, lmlra Coenson Roth; Editorial Associate: Bette Damouny: Contributors: Linda Amon. Ada Begelman. Linda Endler. Ellie Geier, Anita Trltt: Photography, Eva Durann. PRODUCTION: Fran Racko Laura Roth. Elaine Stare, Dianne WuL ADVERT188IG: Coordinator: Susan Estevez: Representative: Ethel Goldel,,r MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 446, Altamonte Springs, FL 3270l. PHONES: (305) 834-8787, 834-8277. many deterrents of public opinion against divorce in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe and persistent pressure from the rabbi for reconciliation. Divorce was sought mostly by men when the wife did not bear children. This was an acknowledged reason by the rabbi since the Bible says distinctly that Jews must have children and multiply. Other reasons were also taken into consideration by the rabbi, but he first attempted to effect reconcilia- tion and he even set a cooling off period for the couple "to think things over." Only when these efforts failed, did the rabbi issue the "Get" -- the Bill of Divorce. In this country, where state and religion are separate, divorces are officially recognized when granted by a civilian court. Orthodox Jews who are not content to have merely a legal dissolution of their marriage, seek also a religious sanction by a Beth Din -- a religious court. They get it mostly without any difficulty. Until a generation ago, Jewish divorces were comparatively a rarity also in this country. In the early years of this century, when mass-immigration from Eastern Europe was high, there were cases of Jewish immigrants who changed their minds about bringing over their wives from Europe and obtained rabbinical divorces which were delivered to their wives by proxy. This cruel practice was stopped. But with an American-born generation of Jews growing up, the number of Jewish divorces began to grow from year to year, until it reached its present proportion. It now continues to grow. This time not only men, but many women, are the initiators of a divorce. , d, m Cause and Effect: There are numerous reasons for the constant growth of Jewish divorce during the last years. One of them is the "easy" marriage which prevails now among the American youth, Jewish and non-Jewish. Many young Jewish people marry today without even consulting their parents. Easy marriage usually spells easy divorce, whether on the initiative of the husband or the wife. Another reason is the gradual evaporation of the sanctity of marriage, even in young families where there are children. The number of "single-parents" is thus now strength growing among Jews, Jewish becoming a serious problem concern 0 for the Jewish community in general. The children of such Jewish separated or divorced parents on the must, in many cases, be taken affecting care of, if they are to grow up life -- is Jewishly. On the basis of the studying last two years, it is anticipated Jewish that about 70 percent of the parent children in Jewish summer family life in camps will this year be from Leader-' single-parent families. A very important reason for F the growth of divorces among be Jews is the fact that since the corn official recognition given to across the "Women's Lib" move- work with ment -- prohibiting bias include n against women in employ- and their ment -- many young married but Jewish women have succeed- Jewish ed in securing high and well- be paid positions in various fields cooperative of American life. They are The ambitious to grow in their and positions. If married life is in problem the way, they prefer a divorce. They There are also other serve reasons for the growing individualS' divorce rate and family break- it is downs among Jews. Just as lions, mixed marriages constitute a agencieS, danger for Jewish continuity, and so is the mounting number of Jewish Jewish divorces.