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April 4, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 4, 2003

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, APRIL 4, 2003 PAGE 5 I major consequences .Tehr In JTA graphic If the U.S. removes Saddam Hussein from Iraq, what happens next in the Middle East? By Leslie Suu, er JERUSALEM (JTA)---Thewar rnay not be Israel's war, as Minister Ariel Sharon likes to say. but the stakes for Israel could hardly be higher. If the United States wins a convincing victory, it could as- SUre Israel's place in a more stable Middle East for yearsto Onnae. If it does not, Israel could d itself the prime target of enaboldened Middle Eastern radicals and face far greater threats to its existence than it %es today. An overwhelming American ctory and the establishment of a Pro-western regime would re- rnovea nonconventional - and . areo eibly nuclear - threat to Israel a capricious rogue regime. r, a pro-Western regime 'would finely lay to rtst one of Israel's worst night- alares: a united "Eastern Front" d nSlsting of Iraq, Syria and Jor- ,with thousands of tanks bear down on Israel Jordanian territory. of With Iraq, the most powerful . tee countries, out of the luation, the balance of power hatuld change dramatically. intumwouldmake it most likely that Jordan could be ig Uaded to forego its peace t atY with Israel, leaving Syria its own and the "Eastern notion devoid of opera- nal meaning. e,asecond or strategic ben- htfor Israel would be an Ameri- ke . presence opposite Iran, per- Israel's most implacable ,ue U h .S.SecretaryofState Cohn ro~veli said recently that the United States had "suddenly" possibly later to an accommo- discovered that "Iran is much dation with Syria. further along, with a far more In this optimistic scenario, robust nuclear weapons devel- the Syrianspullout of Lebanon, opment program, than anyone disarm Hezbollah and seek a said it had." Poweli was corn- peace treaty with Israel as part menting on the fact that Iran ofavigorousnewefforttocurry managed to set up a centrifuge favor with a victorious Wash- plant near the town of Natanz, ington. But even if things don't 200 miles south of Tehran, un- gothat far, the threat on Israel's detectedbyWestemintelligence northern border is likely to di- agencies.The Iraniansdenythat minish. they intend to develop nuclear Last but not least, American weapons, but the centrifuges victory in Iraq could impact fa- could be used to manufacture vorablyonthePalestinianfront. weapons-grade uranium, en- If Saddam is toppled and re- abling Iran to produce several placed by a less belligerent and nuclear bombs a year begin- more pragmatic regime- even ning in 2005. one that isn't exactly friendly A weakened lraq, an Ameri- toward Israel - that could serve canpresenceinthePersianGulf as a model for change among and a credible American threat the Palestinians. todisarmIranmightslowdown Palestinian Authority Presi- the Iranian nuclear program, dent Yasser Ararat could be fur- Americansuccessin Iraqalso ther distanced from power and might weaken the Iran-Syria- a new, reformed Palestinian Hezbollah axis, which threat- leadership could help promote ens Israel from the north. Last a peaceful modus vivendi with year the Iranians delivered over Israel. 700 rockets to the fundamen- There are two possible nega- talist Shi'ite militia through tire outcomes. One is that the Syria. Hezbollah nowhas 1,000 American campaign in Iraq rockets in southern Lebanon, proves ineffectual and Saddam trained on Israeli targets, survives with his regime intact. The perception of American The second, less drastic possi- powerandAmerica readiness to bility is if fierce fighting leaves use it could lead to Iran to re- many American casualties, think its ties with Hezbollah. It emboldening Arab radicals to might also persuade Syria, not think that it is possible to stand wanting to be held accountable up to Western might- and mak- for Hezbollah attacks on Israel, ing the United States far more to rein in the organization, wary of future engagements in Some Israeli analysts, includ- the Middle EasL ing Sharon's national security In either case, the prognosis adviser, Ephraim Halevy, say for Israel would be dire. If the ripple effect of American Saddam survives, he could go success even could lead to an nuclear a few years down the Israel-Lebanonpeacetreaty, and road, and might target Israel in irages readers to send in their opinions / must be signed; however, will be withheld upon request. Due to space we reserve the right to edit, if necessary. printed in Viewpoint do not necessarily reflect Opinions of the paper. 12.N. Human Rights Commission fails to confront anti-Semitism Jews are being attacked streets, a United Na- Human Rights Corn- on contem- of racism re- Yesterday ignored the rgence of anti-Semitism, new violent anti- attacks were taking place in Paris, Berlin and Sydney, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said to- day. "The consistent failure of the United Nations, domi- nated by more than 60 Mos- lem countries determined to block any discussion on anti- Semitism, only encourages further attacks against Jews," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Wiesenthal Center's founder and dean. "By continuously minimizing the resurgence of anti-Semitism, the United Nations has unfortunately become part of the problem and not the solution. In this official report on Racism, the UN's Special Rapporteur de- voted 57 paragraphs to the impact of 9/11 on Moslems and Arabs while only manag- ing to report in one lone para- graph that Israel and Jewish NGOs were concerned about an Egyptian miniseries that they said was anti-Semitic," he continued. "Even while the report was being discussed in Geneva, new anti-Semitic at- revenge for what he calls the "American-Zionist conspiracy" against him. Even if he doesn't go nuclear, he could still seek to threaten Israel by other means. ,Secondly, r urrection of the atheoretiealoption, withastrong . AI D IraqexertingpressureonJordan t ur^ -r I I ; VE[ AL ]II to break its ties with Israel and I / rejoin the rejectionist front. U.S. failure in Iraq alsowould encourage Iran toignoreAmeri- can pressure about its nuclear program and to produce nuclear weapons as soon as possible. Iran already has developed and tested a prototype missile, the Shihab 3, which can reach Is- rael with either conventional or non-conventional payloads. The Iran-Syria-HezboUah tri- angle also would get a boost from American failure in Iraq. The recently published Argen- tinian Intelligence Services' (SIDE) account of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires by Iranian-controlled Hezbollah operatives indicates that the present rulers of Iran will stop at nothing when it comes to Israel. According to SIDE'S ll-vol- ume investigation, Iran's spiri- tual leader, Ayatollah All Khameini, was personally in- volved in planning and approv- ing the attack. Indeed, an American setback in Iraqwould encourage radical terrorists throughout the world, and especially in the Middle East, tostep up theircampaigns- and Israel would be a prime target. As one pundit put it in the Israeli media: "From an Israeli point of view, the success of the war is imperative. Ifpictures"of American POWs "like those we saw on Sunday continue to stream out of Iraq, it won't be long before extremists in the Arab world start scenting blood and 'join the party.' If that hap- pens, the northern border could heat up, motivation to carry out terror in Israel will grow and moderate Arab regimes, whose stability is vital for Israel, will be at risk." Indeed, the radical threat could take its toll on mod- erate Arab regimes too, leaving Israel in a region more volatile than ever, exposed to terrorist and possibly even nonconventional weapons at- tack from all quarters. Israelis are keeping their fin- gers crossed for America. But they could just as easily be keep- ing their fingers crossed for themselves. tacks occurred in Berlin, Paris, and Sydney," Hier con- cluded. Dr. Shimon Samuels, the Center's director for interna- tional liaison, represented the Simon Wiesenthal Center at the UN Human Rights meet- ing and demanded that the Racism Report be tabled until such time that a full section delineating the resurgence of anti-Semitism worldwide be included in the text. The Wiesenthal Center is one of the largest international Jewish human rights organi- zations with over 400,000 member families in the United States. It is an NGO at interna- tional agencies including the United Nations, UNESCO, and the Council of Europe. Rabbinical Thoughts Arab and Jew after the Intifada By Rabbi R. J. Adler people to take over and save our civilization. Yasser Ararat was a master Israel is a remarkable people politician; when peaceful ne- and has built a country in fifty gotiationsdidnotworkorwere short years, holding in one to slow, he would alert his hand a rifle and a spade in the extremists to begin terror ac- other. The Arab people in Pal- tions and they did. He was estine can accomplish the foolish to play the same card same if given proper leader- after Osio, which gave the Pal- ship and direction. It would estinians more land and con- not hurt iftheirArabbrethren cessions than ever before, but on their borders would en- Ararat was not satisfied and so courage them, invest in them he called for the latest intifada, and assist them in getting on Whether goodwill created their feet. And above all take in siowlybetweenArabsandJews the stateless refugees to ease was undone quickly and thor- the burden of the new state. oughly. The suicide bombers, The author, David K. killing civilians daily did the Shipler, in his bookArab and jobandthebattlefieldengulfed Jew, Wounded Spirits in a Israel, Judea, Samaria, and the Promise Land, remarks that West Bank. In addition, Arabs despite the distance between have increased the output of Jews and Arabs in Palestine anti-Semitic propaganda there is some acculturation throughout the Middle East, going on. For example, Jews by reprinting Nazi literature, took from theArabs the ideaof including the Protocols of the brick houses, iron gates, mu- Elders of Zion. These lies and sic, and different food; while propaganda tracts have be- Arabs help build the Sukkah come the most popular read- and buy the chametz before ing in Arab countries. Israel Pesach.HealsohintsthatJews would never think in indulg- and Beduins get along better ing in that kind of dirty poll- since there is no rivalry over tics and does not even try to possession of land. The desert defend itself nor does anyone dwellers also make extra else do the job for them. money by working in local Since the intidada the Jew- hotels and by serving as track- ish position has hardened; the ers in the Israel army. They "Golan Heights will remain are generally friendlier and settled by Israel, most Jewish more helpful then the Arabs settlements on the West Bank in Israel. Shipler tells a mov- will remain. Sharon won by a ing story where ajeep stopped landslide, Israelis voted for working suddenly and a strict security and lasting Bedouin youngster led them peace with a reliable partner, to their destination, looking It has been said that Arabs in after all their needs on the Israel want to live there, like journey including baking the American Jews in the bread for them. This is an- UnitedStates,withallthefree- other reason why I believe doms and privileges of a first there is hope for the future. class citizen. That's fine. But One other beacon of light let them assist Israel to create has been shining in Jerusalem a democracy with peace and all these years, to bridge the security for all citizens, based gap between Jews and Arabs, on harmony, prosperity, istheHadassahHospitaiwhich brotherhood and love. That is serves both in a humanitarian not impossible, excellence. A Jewish doctor The U.S. and Great Britain will operate on an Arab pa- are making a giant effort to tient, and an Arab physician bring peace to the Middle East. will take care of a Jewish pa- It will happen and Israel and tient. The fee for a West Bank the Palestinians will benefit Arab will be paid by the Israeli bytheintervention.Righteous government. A Jew will do- people throughout the world nate an organ for an Arab and want stability, a good and an Arab will do the same for a peaceful life for the area and Jew.WhenatonetimeanArab are willing to make sacrifices refused a Jewish doctor, a staff for good results. It is never meetingwasheldandtheArab easy to clear out thugs and physician was permitted to go dictators but it has to be done ahead; probably paid the bill to make room for decent as well.