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April 4, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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April 4, 1980

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Page 4. HERITA6E, Florida Jewish News, April 4. 1980 Who Runs U.S. Foreign Policy? by Joseph Polakoff WASHINGTON (JTA)-- Results of Secretary of State Cyrus Vance's two bouts in the Senate and House on the anti- Israel UN Security Council Resolution 465 of March 1 appear to be on these lines: Notwithstanding President Carter's disavowal on March 3 of the U.S. vote for it and his expressions that his policy has not changed towards Israel, Vance's testimony tended to conform to all aspects of the resolution and the entire matter ended there. Despite Carter's statements that Jerusalem is an "undivided city," Vance repeatedly told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee on successive days last week that East Jerusalem is "occupied territory" and even referred to the Rogers Plan of 1969 that called on Israel to withdraw from "occupied" territories. Although no Security Council resolution that asserts "Palestinian and Arab lands" has been previously approved by the U.S., Vance dismissed this vital language change as "demographic description" and "merely descriptive language." While the Security Councirs record shows the U.S. approv- ing the resolution and the U.S. comment saying that "dismantling" of the settlements "including East Jerusalem" is "impractical" (Carter said "dismahtting" is "improper and impractical"), Vance rejected suggestions that a U.S. statement be placed in the UN files--the President's own words of March 3 and his list of "principles" the following week--to set the record straight. Later, a specialist was asked, why not? "It would irritate the Arabs," was the answer. Disavowal Based On Timing, Not Content In expressing concern about the resolution's impact on the autonomy talks, Carter had said the resolution vio- lated key aspects of his policy toward Israel, particularly on Jerusalem. Vance simply testified that the President's disavowal resulted from con- cern that the Egyptian:Israeli autonomy talks would be impaired. Vance's testimony corroborated earlier State Department responses that the resolution was unsuitable "at this time"--meaning, apparently, the timing, not the content, was the basis for the disavowal. Resolution 465 does not mention Resolutions 242 and 338 that underpin the Camp David accords and speaks of "East Jerusalem" as "occupied." But Vance defended it in all its aspects although in both Houses of Congress it was emphasized the new resolution, if carried out, destroys the earlier resolu- tions and the basis for the autonomy talks These differences in outlook and attempts at justification of policy at the highest levels in the U.S. gov- ernment have made many wonder who makes policyand speaks for it Since Vance refused to make available to the Senate and the House any documentation of what led up to the March 1 vote, the situa- tion remains unclear as to the U.S. position. Such confusion apparently caused Sen. Jack Danforth (R.Mo.) to exclaim that the Administration is indulging in "gross hypocrisy," while Rep. Millicent Fenwick (R.NJ) exclaimed that "it is very hard to say our policy is unchanged and vote t'or so many things that represent change." Sen. George McGovern (D.SD), who has angered friends of Israel by his overture to the Palestine Liberation Organi- zation, tbld Vance that the U.S. should have abstained or vetoed the resolution because of the harm it was doing. When UN Ambassador Donald McHenry, who cast the CI.S. vote in the Security Council, was discussing the resolution the morning after the President repudiated it, he said the "settlement" in Hebron was the cause for the U.S. support of the Security Council action. But Vance, near the end of his testimony in the House, seemed to have doubts about the importance of the Hebron situation in rela- tion to the resolution Rep. Jonathan Bingham (D.NY) told him: "You are remarkably insensitive at times to the feelings of Israelis, particularly regarding Hebron." Bingham noted the return of Jewish families "was not a settlement in the normal sense but Jews moving back to their houses" from which Jews were driven in the "pogrom of 1928." Vance replied that the matter "is not There seems to be an unusual number of candidates for the Presidency this year. Perhaps it has something to do with the housing problem. The other day we heard a fellow mention that the President has no rent problem--he gets the White House free. "Gee," said his friend, "Maybe rll run for President." "You are one president," Dr. Chaim Weizmann once said to President Truman. "1 come from a nation of presidents." Yeh, yeh, all Jews are Presidents and yet there has not been a single Jewish Presi- dent of the United States. Not even a Jewish candidate for the Presidency. I think one reason Jews don't run for President is that they just don't like to run. I remember mother used to always say to me in Yiddish "Lafe nit." (Don't run) The Israeli Jews seem a little different. The%don't mind being President but even there they don't display any over eagerness for the job. When the Jewish State was established, Ben Gurion came to America and tried to get Einstein to accept the job, but he refused. When Ben- Zvi was President, one day he was stand- ing by the window and saw a friend of his who told him he was going to the library. "Wait a minute, rll go with you," he said. He grabbed his hat and had no sooner stepped out of the house than several secret service men followed him. Ben-Zvi was indignant. "Why are they following met he demanded. "Do they think I will run away?" What kind of a job is it if you can't even go alone to the library? Y'hak Navon, the present President, warned the people when he was chosen, not to come complaining to him. They were to remember, he said, that he did not seek the job. when he became President he lost the support of the pistachio nut peddler he used to buy pistachio nuts from. The pistachio man said, "1 can't sup- port you because I know when you become President you will stop buying pistachio nuts from me." I believe some of the Israelis might get elected President of the United States if they were imported and it would be consti- tutional for them to run. CWcck00rld CDry00ortcs al>mcomc4Q Take Moshe Dayan, for instance. He had the same qualifications as George Washinon. Washington was primarily a farmer, then a soldier. So was Dayan. I think also the late Golda Meir might have been elected in America. In Israel, she was always called simply Golda, never by her last name. That shows she had the popular appeal, like Lincoln, whom people called just Abe. There is of course the element of prejudice against minorities which the Jewish candidate would have to face. When Disraeli ran for Parliament, he asked one man for his support. "1 would vote for the Devil rather than for you," the voter said to him. "But if your friend is not a candidate," replied Disraeli, "may I count on your support?" Yet Disraeli was elected and in fact became Prime Minister of the British Empire. One thing is sure, Americans like candi- dates with Jewish names. There was Abe Lincoln and Eisenhower who was called "lke." A Jew with the name Jake would win in a landslide. Party Members Rap Giscard's PLO Statements by Edwin Eytan PARIS (JTA)--Several top rank members of President Valery Giscard d'Estaing's own political party, Union for French Democracy, are openly disassociating them- selves from his pro-Palestinian stand. For three solid days, the party's annual congress, held this year in Orleans, was marked by the delegates' dis- satisfaction with Giscard's recent statements in Kuwait and Amman calling for Pales- tinian self-determination. . Privately, party :strategist said that the President's stand could endanger his reelection next year. Giscard was elected in 1974 with less than a 300,000-vote majority over Socialist Francois Mitterrand. Francels 700,000 Jews are known for their heavy participation in all major elections. CYRUS VANCE clear in my own mind with respect to Hebron. It remains to be seen how that can be clarified." In supporting the resolu- tion's aspects and U.S. policy calling settlements "illegal" and "an obstacle to peace," Administration spokesmen X and their allies n Congress and the media Israelis and who have spoke nd settlements. remark to Vance Pritchard (R. "We should say ments are and that many in Jews in this Shmeichels Throughout the 30 years of their married and his wife had an arrangement Tuesday was his "'night out, '" with no ( One Tuesday night he took off and did In fact, he did not return for five years. Then, one Tuesday, just as mysteriously as l disappeared, he returned. His wife, delirious with joy, rushed to make several calls. "Who are you calling?" asked InJing. "All our friends, "" she chirped. "Tm over for a celebration tonight!" "'On my night out?" he growled. Influencing 21,000 Jewish readers each week in Orlando, Daytona Beach and Space Coast Florida. 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