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March 27, 2009     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 27, 2009

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Hamas women in serious hijab and men in Islamic disputed territory of the Palestinian mandate cal movement, dating back to Roman times, and Iran are prime models of that ideal, prayer clothing, chanted"Nuke Israel-there is between two new states one Arab and one the Crusades in the Middle Ages, the ghettos The Human Rights Council at the U.N. is no Israel." "Go to Hell, Israel," "Free Palestine." Jewish.Fordemocraciesoftheworld, thiswas ofthatera, pogroms in Europe in the modern a sham. Today's council is a body that fails OneAfrican-AmericanmaninIslamicclothing a major victory. But as we know only too well, era, culminating in the Holocaust. to honor the legacy bequeathed by Eleanor proselytized. He said that Islam is wonderful. this is not what happened. And at the United We survivors thought this murderousRoosevelt, founder of what was known as that it's in our very natures, that we had best Nations today, where Arab and Islamic States climax of the attempt to annihilate the Jews the Commission on Human Rights. In 2005, accept this. The mob became more fervent constitute a powerful voting bloc, the State of the world would be recognized as a shame- then-U.N.SecretaryGeneralKofiAnnanfinally and rageful, broke loose, and began verbally of Israel remains what it has been for many less, obscene goal, which would be lamented acknowledged "the commission's declining and physically confronting the 50 pro-Israel long years: a second-class citizen. Of the 191 by countries, who in reality were a world of credibility has castashadow onthe reputation demonstrators. member nations of the United Nations, 190 spectators and bystanders, thosewho allowed of the United States." The ineyitable question arises: Are we may be elected to serve a term on the power- the organized and deliberate murder over a In June 2007, Council members eliminated now the silent bystanders? How many of us ful Security Council. But one country in the periodofsixyears, resultinginthe deaths of six the experts meant to monitor human rights in speak out in protest and rage and support world today--and one country only may million Jews and millions of other innocents. Belarus and Cuba. Havanatrumpetedpoliticai rallies in defense of Israel and targeted Jews not sit on the Security Council. That country To be sure other genocides took place before victory. Six months later, the council quietly everywhere? is the State of Israel. An outrage? Absolutely. the Holocaust: the Ukrainian Famine of1932- abolished its investigative team on Darfur. Nowisthetimeofreckoning, before it is too "History repeats itself" is not a clich4. 1933, 700,000 dead; the Mauking Massacre An "excellent decision," said the Sudanese late. Now is not the time for silence and indif- Israel was simultaneously attacked in the of 1937- 1938, 300.000 dead; the Armenian ambassador. In September, the Council cut ference. We must never again be bystanders; wars of 1947, 1967, in the Yore Kippur war genocidefrom 1915-1918,with 1,500,000 dead. its expert on Liberia. The move was only one silence onlyaids the perpetrators. (ElieWiesel) of 1973, by all bordering Arab countries, and Who spoke up? What penaltieswere imposed? of many resolutions at the Council, which is Today, in light of global anti-Semitism and the Islamist terrorists sent suicide bombers But the 21st century has not altered the dominated by Islamic states, that prohibit the the Islamists' pursuit to annihilate Israel. it is targeting buses, civilians, children in their landscape in the Middle East, nor has dis- "defamation ofreligion 'especiallyIslam.That our sacred obligation to heed these warning schools andthousands of rockets on the cit- criminati6n and murder ceased, concept is foreign to international human signals and threats to our present and future. ies of Sderot and Ashkelon in the years that The world is exploding with hate for Israel rights law, which protects individuals, not one Now is the time for us. for the Human Rights followed, and Jews in many places, set of beliefs or another. Council, for all democratic societies, for all Madeline Albright, former U.S. Secretary ThelatestthreatsaretotheJewsofEngland Finally, outofatotalof25censuresadopted caring and just people and organizations to of State, issued a statement decrying the - and France, nowreceivingthreatsofimminent bythesupposedlyreformedcouncilsince2006, speak out in protest and rage in the face of international and American malaise of in- death. One synagogue has been burnt down 20 have been against Israel. That's 80 percent, injustice, hate, fanaticism and murder. difference and inattention, an outrageous in Toulouse this month. Dec. 30, 2008: This is not Gaza, or London. Tess Wise is the founder and chairman of or Paris, or even Detroit. This is downtown theboardoftheHolocaustMemorialResource Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Intense demonstrations and Education Center of Florida, www.holo- Letter from Israel against Israel just took place. Two to three The undoing of a president By Ira Sharakansky Since then, prosecutors have dithered about the charges to be brought. They have ques- Sometime in the 1980s I spent about an tions about the reliability of the women who hour with a cup of coffee and Moshe Katsav. have lodged complaints and their capacity to I recall thinking that the young Knesset member was bright, engaging, committed and likely to go far. I also noticed the scar on his face and thought that growing up in a poor town had prepared him for the politics of a tough country. After being elected mayor at the age of 24, he served in the Knesset from 1977 to 2000. d;d el;mb above he Jevel 0f M;n; hr withstand cross-examination. They have now decided to file for rape, sexual harassment and obstruction of justice. Together, with appeals, the case may take several years to reach its conclusion. Before those procedures even begin, it is ap- Jim Shipley A force of will Look in the mirror. What do you see? That is you staring back. OK, face, what are your true beliefs? Do you know you're right? 0K--do you propriate to ask how a successful politician got think you are right? If so, do you have the will himseifintosuchamess.A|lbyhimselfKatsav to carry on and execute those beliefs? mv d from a gullied ra utati0n unkn0wn to of Tourism, Labor and Welfare, and Trans- the general public to acondition where he has portation. On Israel'S political pecking order, provoked the media and much of the popula- those positions are not in the upper quadrant tion to declare him guilty. of prestige. Yet he beat out Shimon Peres in Katsav's complaint about blackmail was a Knesset contest to select a president. Peres the trigger that led the police to open an was 20 years older, had been prime minister investigation. It took them less than a week and minister of just about everything else, to take those stories of sexual misconduct off had a Nobel Peace Prize and international the shelf of rumors and innuendo, and begin renown to go with it. Peres was expecting a exposing the president's current and past majority of the Knesset to vote for him, but behavior. Several women came forward with too many were tired of his "New Middle East," complaints. A number of them were beyond and expected him to use the ceremonial office reach due to statutes of limitation.Procedural for a personal agenda, rules have kept the public from seeing any Katsav had a reputation among insiders full-face pictures of the accusers, but they as a crude pursuer of office sex. Government have gone public with stories of inelegant secretaries warned newcomers what they foreplay and unwilling sex. Against them, the could expect. Senior police officers sat on the former president, members of his family and stories in the absence of formal complaints, his attorneys have spoken about women who One Knesset member told me that some of his continued to work for Katsav and even sent colleagues felt that the distinguished office of him cordial notes after the events were said president would cure Katsav. to have occurred. Katsav has not admitted to In any case, the mood was "anyone but having sex with anyone other than his wife. Peres." The general public knew no more The charge of blackmail remains in limbo. about the unsavory Katsav than Americans The Attorney General has not included that had known about John Kennedy's dalliances woman's complaints against the president in until long after his death, the indictment being prepared. Two and one-half years ago, Katsav began If Katsav's complaint about blackmail was his own unraveling when he told the Attorney the first action that he took to bring his career General that one of the women working in the to an inglorious end. the second action was a presidential mansion was trying to blackmail him with a story she had fabricated. Sharkansky on page 19A THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. CENTRAL FLORIDA'SINDEPENDENTJEWISHVOICE ISSN O199-0721 Winner of 40 Press Awards Editor/Publisher Jeffrey Gaeser Editor Emeritus Associate Editor Assistant Editor Gene Starn Lyn Payne Mike Etzkin HERITAGE Florida Jewish News (ISN 0199-0721l is published weekly for $37.95 per year to Florida ad- S0ciety EditorBooick p dresses ($46.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE Gloria Yousha Paulette Harmon Kim Fischer Central Florida Jewish News, Inc., 207 O'Brien Road, Suite 101, Fern Park, FL 32730. Periodicals postage Account Executives paid at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. Barbara do Carmo Marci Gaeser POSTMASTER: Send address changes and other correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742. Contributing Columnists Fern Park, FL 32730. Jim Shipley Ira Sharkansky Steve Levine Tim Boxer David Bomstein Gall Simons MAILING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER P.O. Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX ~407) 831-0507 emaih Production Department David Lehman Teri Marks Louis Ballantyne Elaine Schooping * Gil Dombrosky We do that every day. We O0 it in thinlfing what we will tell our children or our spouses or our boss or our employees or our customers or friends. It is a matter of will. Because you know that you are not going to be met with total 100 percentagreement.None of us ever is. When Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933. he knew he would have to do things that would make some people very unhappy. He knew he was working in what was pretty much unchartered territory. He devised programs, schemes, plans in order to save this nation from sliding down the toilet. He watched, between the time he was elected and the time he was sworn in, as the policies of the government continued to fail and the people in charge seemed to be in a panic and unable to reverse course. Remember now, the market took ira initial dive in the last week of October 1929. The election was three years later in 1932. He did not take office until 1933. A long time to watch the mistakes being made. True, a lot of what he did did not work out like he and his advisors thought it would--but a lot did. And those revisionists who now say that his programs failed might be asked what would have happened if he had not done all those things. Remember, not only a worldwide depression, but a new dictator in Germany, a war in China and severe drought creating a dust bowl over more than seven states here at home. And the republic survived. And we learned valuable lessons that created institutions working to this day. It took a force of will. And a good dose of smarts for all those things to work. Yes, the second world war came along and created a bubble of manufactur- ing prosperity, but it lasted some 20 years past the war. There is a philosophy that states that some men are born great, some men become great and some men have greatness thrust upon them. I prefer the folks who have had it thrust upon them. Those who had to achieve tasks that they never dreamed they would have to tackle. And in every case, it took a great force of will and determination to stick to what they believed, to their core principles to achieve the necessary goals. Over the years Israel has been blessed with such leadership. Ben Gurion, Golda. Begin, Dayan and Rabin. Each tested in their own time with tough decisions. Each knowing that things they did were far from popular. Each having the force of will to carry out the policies and actions that they knew Were right. Even a man like Levi Eshkol. Oh? Don't remember him, Frimc Hiniotcr of I0ra l in 1967. That's right. That 196Z The Arab world railed on television and radio for months that the time had finally come to push the "Zionist Entity" into thesea. To make the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem run red with Jewish blood. Eshkol had the force of will to not back down and to listen to his advisors and have Dayan and Rabin plan a pre-emptive strategy that saved the Jewish State and provided the strength of will that prevails to this day. His is not a name that you hear with the giants of Israel's history. But he takes his place among the Begins and Ben Guri0ns and the Meirs as one who stood the test. And now it happens again. Israel is being tested. But this time so is the world. The threat that is on Israel's borders is in theory on our own. If a nation has the strength of will to defend itself and hold to its principles when the world is screaming against it, if it is righteous in its beliefs and seeks not to dominate another state or another people, it should prevail.And any nation who believes in the same things should have the force of will to ally itself with that nation. So it is that the State of Israel looks to the United States for that alliance and that strength. The United States has a new president who is being tested as perhaps no one since Roosevelt and Truman to have the force of will to carry forward his policies and principles, He carries huge initial popularity. But a study of history will show that can evaporate quickly unless he has the force of will to carry forward his ideas and policies. You look at those who rant against him and you say, OK, where are your ideas? Where was your strength of will when you held the reins of power? You failed your people, and now you must come up with better ideas and a better way of presenting them. Barack Obama may become a giant in our time. Only time will tell. He seems to have the force of will. Across the sea. Netanyahu has been given the chance to exert his force of will against that of Hamas and Hezbollah against a world that would like to see the Jewish State disappear. Well, world, forget about it. We have been calleda stiff-necked people. It comes from a force of will. That is how we have survived all these years.