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March 23, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 23, 2018

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PAGE vB HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 23, 2018 I8rm5 of said Morfgag6, toded in omcial Reco s TERMINAnoNoFPhRENTAL,CASE NO. 201T THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, Any pErson claiming an inte st Parfies may claim an i 6& chq and expenses of Book 1072, at Pag6 1194, ot RIGHn 31921 clcl DEVISEES, GRANnEs, in lhe suplus hom th6 sal6, if as Spouse, Hairs, D6vis88s, AMWDED Me 86 and of lhe lwsts the Public R6tods otO5t8ola TO:TRAVISHhTTON DAYTONA BEACH REGENCY ASSIGNEES, UENORS. any, other lhan the pDp6r Gra 86s, orOtherClaimants NoncE OF TRusnE's #aa ed by said Mortgaga. Coun,Florida ha "Plan"), 671 DrinhngSwampRoad,AssoclAnoN, INC A CREDITORS, TRusnEs, owar as of tha dale ot tha Detendant(s). E Obligo s) sh,have the right and all am8ndm6nt(s) th to. Famham,VA2246Ola FLORIDA NON-PROFIT OR OTHER CLAIMANTS Lis Pendens mu t fila a claim NOrlCE OF SAU wEsTonn TOWN cENnR to cu the detauW and any il any. Tog6her w h th6 right physicaladdr s,however, he,coRPoRAnoN, CL MING BY, THROUGH, wilhin 60 days aWer the sale. NOTICE ls HEREBY GINN 2g LONIGRO junior lienhold& shall have to octupy, punuant to the waslas knowtobainVolusia,Plaintm, UNDER. OR AGAINST DORIS Dat in Hillsbo ugh pursuam to order restheduling mo onN the rigM to redaam it5 intere Plan, Building(s) l Unh[s) Unrt Coun,norida v. M. CHRISTOFFERSEN, Coun,Florida, lhis 19th day ot foreclosu 5al8 or Final ongril1o,2o18 11:ooa.m up to tha d a the Tw ae Week(s) / As g 6d YearTsT, YOU ARE NonFIED that EsTAnoFLEoN P. DECEASED, et al, Mawh, 2018. Judgment, 6nt&ed in Civil GRE NSPOON MARDER, iNu85 the gifiGat8 or Sale (See Exhibit . 2770 old an a ion for PmTloN FOR TOUCHON,ETAL, D8t6ndanl(s). be elli Law Case No. 2017-30793-clcl LLP 201 E. Pine St at, by payingthe an unts dua as Laka Wilson Rd Kisslmmee, nRMINAnoN OF PARENTAL Datendants. NoncE OF REKNEDUUD Anomey for PlairhiW of ha Circuk Courf ot Me Suke 5,O ando, Florida outlin6dabove.By:AMANDAL. FL 34747 arein fim6 Share RIGHTS PENDING ADoPnoN NoncE OF SALE SAU P.o. Bow 23028 7th Judicial Ci uh in and 32801, as Tw ee punuant lo CHAPMAN,A rthorizad ent Plan (PDp8rfy) Add M"). OF CHILD BY FAMILY NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN NOTICE ls HEREBY,Tampa, FL N623 tor Volusia County, Florida, that Appoin t ot Tw ea wHlarr A" - Nonc OF Said sal6 will b6 mada(without MEMBERS WITHIN THIRD pursuant to an ln Rem Final GIVEN Punuant to an Order (813 221-4T43 wher6in SunTwst Mo gage, racodad on Novamber 21, TRWE'S ShLE covenants, orw ty, 8xp M,DEGREE OF CONSANGUINITY Judgment ot FO tlOSU daled Rescheduling FoBlosura (813) 221-9171 tatsimila lnc Plainti and Ge ldine 2017, or in O.R. Book 5243, ACCOUNTICO CT NO.l or implied, ragading tha tkle,has been fil againrt you and Match 14, 2018, and entered in Sala dated Februaty 21, 2018, eSe ice: se aalaw M. W86ks ara detendant(s), |, at Page 327, ot me Public OWNER(S) IOBLIGOR(Sl l poN sion or encumb ncesT thatyou a I8qui dto s e a 2017 31921 clcl ofthe Cirtuit and entered in Case No. 2016 Clark ot Court, Lau E. Roth. R6cod ot OK8ola County, AIDRESS BUILDING S) to paylh6 unpaid aN8Nm8nts topyotyourwmlan d8t8n58s.rf Court ot th6 Seve h Judicial 31145 clcl olthe Ci uit Court AH- 16-027553 will s6|| lo lhe highe and Florida, by ason of a now uN (sV APARTMENT ( V dua in tha amount ot (See any,tortonJEFFREYAKUIN, Ci uhinandtorVolusiaCounty, otthe Seventh Judicial Circurt AmNnoN:PERsoNswlTH be bidder tor cash AT www. continuing detauW by Obligo s), PARCEL (s) WEEK ASSIGNED Exhibit "A"), wkh inte ESQUIRE, whose addreu i5 norida, wherein Da ona Beath in and for Volusia County, DlsABlun s VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. (Sae Exhib A,whosa YEART WCUPANCY act ing at the rat6 of (s 747 s. RIDGEWOOD AVENUE, Regency Assotiation, lnc a Florida n which lls Fago lf you a a penon wkh a COMat11:OOAM.onApril18, addr8N is (S6a Exhibk A"), in nMEsHARu UNDIVIDED Exhibit .'A") par day, punuant to suln 108, DAYTONA Florida Non-Profit Copo tion, Bank. N.A, is h6 Plaintm and di ilj who n ds an 2018, tha tollowing d6Kribed the pay nt or performanca lwnREsT SUITE TYPE the Tlmesha Plan, advances, BEACH, FLORIDA 32114, is the plaintiW and Estate ol me Unknown Hein, Devi,accommodation in oder to p p&ty as sat forth in said of the obligations sacurad by SEASOW USE BASIS if any, under tha terms ot said on or belore April 10, 2018, Patrick HuW a detendants. Grantees, ANign86s, Lenon, parficipate in this p teeding, Flnal Judgment, to-wh: a Morfgage r oded in O.R. INTE AL CONTROL NO. Claim ot Lien, chag6s and and file the onginal wkh the me Cle ot this Cou shall Crediton. Tw5t88s, or other you aP entrfled, at no cost to LOT 33, SEA GUU LAND- Book (S Exhibk A,Page UNDINDED INTEREST ID 8xp8ns85 of the Tw5t88 and ot clerk ot this Court P.O. BOX s6|| to the highest and best Claimants claiming by, th ugh, you, lo th6 pDvi5ion ot tertain ING, AS p R MAP IN PLAT (s68 Ewhibrf .A,ol e Public NO. nMEsHARE PHASE th6 twsts cr6at8d by 5aid Claim,DELAND, FLORIDA biddar for cash at the, online under, or again Doris M. aNistanc8. Please con act BOOK 40, PAGES 20 AND Records ot OK8ola County, vAcAnoN OWNERSHIP TYPE otL8n.Obligor(5Tshallhav8th8 32721-6043, betore se ica at www.volusia.reaNo close. Chri o arsen, daG6as8d, Court Administration, 125 E. 21, PUBLIC RECORDS Florida, including w6 breach or MORTGAGE RECORDED rightlocu thedetauWandany on P8tkion6r or immediat&y com, at publit sale on April Clath ot Courf tor Volusia Orange Ava Ste. 300, Da ona OF VOLUSIA COUN dafauW, notice ot which was s6t BOOW PAGE PRINCIPAL junior lienholdar shall have lhe thereaWer. lt you tail to do so, a 18, 2018, at 11:00 am the Coun,Eric Chri oW6n8n, Beach. FL 32114, 386-257- FLORIDA. lorth in a Notice ot D6tauW and B CE PER DIEM rightto deam rfs int up d auWmayb68nt&8dag n tollowing d8Krib6d p perty Leit ChristoW6n8n, Unrfed 6 6, wkhin 2 days of your ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN lnt6nt o FoBlo 8 pDvid6d 72730018362 Danyl D Swan to the date tha Twst68 iNu8s,you torthe r&i6td d6d in a5 set torth n said document, States ot America Arting B8iptotthi5 notice.ltyou are INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS to tha la hnown add u ot and Holli5 L Smatk Jr and La theCe ificalaotSalabypaying . thepatkion. in accodantewMChapter45, lhDugh Secaaly ot Hou5ing hearing imp d, call 1-80 FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, Obligo (S Exhibh A"), by Wanda B Swan 107 Bonny the amount5 due as o linedin Copiasotallcou dotum8nt5 Florida Statutes, to wit: and Uban DBv6opn n,9M-8n1; rf you a voice OTHERTHANTHEPROPERrV CerfiR 6g 8r8d Mail orby brook Rd Middlelown, DE tha pB8ding paragraph. By: in this cas6, including oders, LEGAL DESCRIPTION Any And #| Unhnow PartiBs impai d. tall 1- -955-8770. OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF public n by lha und&signed 19709 c 01 8 EVEN 112 All GREENSPOON MARDER, P.A a available atthe Clerkotthe Unit w68k(5) 251 in Unit Claiming by, m ugh. Und6r, THIS ls NOT A COURT THEUSPENDENSMUSTFIU Twstaa, will sell at public S n noat W86 Float Trustee. Ci uit Cou 's oMce. You may Numbarls) 0507 ot Day- AndAgain m6H&8innam8d INFoRMAnoN LINE. To file A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS au ion lo Me highe bidd& Unh 4920n546 $9,786.26 HIBrr A.-NOrlCE OF reviaw these documants upon tona Baach Regency lndividual Detandant(sl Wo responsa pleasa contart AFTER THE SALE. tor lawhl Dnay ofme Unk a.74; 47410679790 Edgar SAU: r6quast. Condominium creatad are notKnown To Be Dead Or Volusia County Cle otCou,Punuant to na. R. Jud. Slat ot,onth8tDnt A R Vlllanueva 1250 own6 sVobligon, fimeshara You must keep the Cle punuant to and under Ti) Aliva, Welh6r Said Unhnow 101 N. abama Av6, DeLand, Admin. 2.516D)(1)p), Plaintms staps ot the OK la County S pper Rd Apt 92 Tampa, FL lnte st, BuildinglUnit, w kl ot the Ci uk Cou 's omta the D6claration ot Condo- Parties May Claim An lnlarasl FL 32724, Tel: (386) 7365907. counsel hereby dasignates ks Cou house, 2 CouMouse N613 c 01 23 MN 1n #| ANign8d Yaar, Clai.n ot Lan notm6dotyourw entadd M. minium tor Da ona Beach in Spou5,H6in, Devise,M Q,18 prima amail addrass tor he Squa,XNimn,Fbrida n Float noat Unk Boo Page, unt ot Len, (You may fi Designation ot Regenty Condominium, Gra s, Or Oth Claimants L164292 pupo58s ot ail se ica as: 34741, allright, kleandinte 492 254T 811,672.54 S4.74; Per Diem unt; CuBt Mailing and E-M,duly r8Goded in Me Public are detentants, the Volusia sFGTamgas8 ic6 inthe pD shuat6dinth8 902 4 Micha& Wright RICHARD J ANDERSON a Add N, norida hpl8m8 Reco s ofVolusia Coun,County Clatk ot th6 Ci uk SHAPIR,FISHMAN a ! Cou ot Oweola, Florida, andManh&I6B8nyandH8n KIMBERLY A ANDERSON, Courf AppDv8d Fami Law norida in omcial Recods Courf will sell to th6 high IN THE CIRCUIT GACH,LLP d cri 6d as:(Sea Exhibit A") Beny and Mya Wright cl 3444 Kingston Ave, GDve c y, Form 12.915). FrtuR pap s Book 4150, at Paga 1146, and be bidder for cash COURT OF THE AWom6ys tor Pl ntm Tl Sha lnt (s) (See Michael Saratco, Esq 226 OH 43123-3151, 1n, 00106, inthi5lawwkwillbem I8d or as hePaWar amendad 6|8rtDnical I0nlin8 al wp:ll SEVENTH JUDIC L 4630 Woodland Copot e Mibk A aKoding to th6 w 11th St Jacksonvill6, FL 18 H0LE, $2, 4.72, 81.o3; e-mailed to the addreN8s on (the D6claration' and (||] www.volusia.realtoraclosa. CIRCUIT IN AND FOR Bhd Sle 100 Tl Maring antorwgale 32206 c 04 30 WHOU 1 All K: FORECLOSURE 27756. reco atthecle 'somce. the Plat, duly recorded in com, Volusia County, norida VOLUSIA couw, Tampa. FL 33614 Tow&&, d in cial Season noat Mloat Unk WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (NJl WARNING: Rule 12.285, Public Records ot Volusia al 11: AM EST on th6 11th FLORIDA Telephona: (613) 8e0- R6 5 1564, at Pag6 4847n1 S16,87o.35 S6.83; V ma.O324 M NOTS PuB Florida Family Law Rules ot County, florida in OWlcial day ot April, 2018, tha tollowing CIVIL ACTION M. 5139 1479, ot 18 Publ s a87 14 StanleED Sallay VERMAANDERSON.docx Pa u,uiB certain R8colds Book 4143, at described pDp6rfy as set CASE NO.: 2017 Fax: (813) eeo-aaoo ot OK la County, hor a Jr and A 85hia K lay 9 Ma h16.O, 8 a om it di clo u ot Page 2213, as the aWar to h in said Final Judgment ot 10320 CIDL For Email S6 ic8 On : (the Plan . Toge ar wrm a Nor Pine w Sun p iria, L1641 d uments and intom ion. amended. lnrfial Occupan- Fo losuP: U.S. BANK NAnoNAL SFGTampaSe ica rigM to o upy, pu t to N59O c 05 45 MN 1 2 F lu to comp can w in cy Y6a 1998, noating Unrf LOT N, PALM GROVE ASSOCIATION, For all other inquiri : tha Plan. Bui ing(5l l Unk(s),n Flo o san ions, including diMi5s w8eU5) 0507 25. SUBDMSION, FIRST AD- ' Plaintm, wnoriaga log5.tom l Unk W k(s) l Au n6d Unrt 11646 812,821.87 or rihng ot pBadings. ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN DlnoN, ACCORDING,vs. Punuant to Me F r Debt Y6a E), (s Mibk .A . 77 S6.15; 9020157100 Korn6|| VOLUS,A COUNTY D ad: F8b aly 23, 2018. INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS TO THE PLAT THEREOF, MEUSSA A. CALVERT WA Coll6rfion5 Prartic Arf, you We gate Bhd. uimm,o Mc Swain and Laah F M Tmany Moo Russell FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, AS RECORDED IN PLAT MEUSSA CALW et al, a advised Mat is o ce y FL 34747 e in Tln Sha Swain 1011 WJeWenon sl LEGALS K "HE OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY 800K 19, AT PAGE 272, Daf dant(s) . bad a debt tol rtorand Plan pD l d s d SandusW, OH 44870 c UITCOURT OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF OF THE PuBuc RE- NoncEoFsAu any intorm ion obt n y sal6 will b6 made (wrmorf 24 EVEN 1 2 All Saason Float (CIRCUIT COURT SEALT THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE CORDS OF VOLUSIA PURWANTrO cNAPnR N ba usedtorth pupose. cov6nams,orwanaW,8xp W Mloat Unh 48191678 By. L Sh6ppa A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAVS COUN FLORIDA. NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN 17-307655 FCO1 SUT or impli6d, garding tha t,S1o,o41.27 84.83; 902 058 THE CIRCU M 6puty cl&k AFnR THE SAU. 888 PINEAPPU RD, Punuant to a Final Judgment M h2 . 18 poN sion or cumbrances) Ch&ka A MojiGa and . OURTOFTH,6,w, 18 lt you a a p6non with a SOUTH DAVTON FL ot Fo closu datad Janua 9, L 164255 to pay the unpad princip Ab& and K rina 24,0 w '`DICIAL L 163691 di5ability who n88d5 any 32119 2018, and ante d in Case No. b ance du8 und8' M6 d 'ha'" A M ' le VOL` 'N AND FOR,g commod ion in od6r to Anypenonclaiming aninta st 2017 10320 CIDLotthe Ciwuit morfgage in e amou ot Hllla Cr StApt 3B h, R'DA ' 'w ,o icip e in thi proc68ding, in lhe wplus hom tha sale. it Cou ot the Sevanlh Judicial IN THE CIRCUIT (Sae Exhibh A,wkh inter Chap&, FL33544 C,a 6nt led, atno costto any, otB than the pDp& Ciwurf in and tor Volusia COURT OF THE atc ing at tha r 6 ot (See 112 S6 n n at 52 NG PR,NO.2O17 THE CIRCUIT you,to Me pDvision otGa ain own as ot th6 dat6 ot Me Coun,horida in which u.s. SMW JUDIC L hibh A p& dayl p`"`a"' " a' .'"h 49'9"4a an .g p,a,n E ' OUP uc R' ' 'HE aMi aM8. Plaas6 conta Ls P8nd8n5 musl file a claim,Bank Nation Associ ion, is CIRCU IN AND FOR to th6 Mo gag8| ad'a"'a" $4."' ' 998 964 Cont ' C TH JUDICIAL Cou Admini r ion at Cou wkhin 60 day aW6rth8 saB the Plainli and norida Housing VOLUS COUN ir any, und& the terms ot LaG and Man . . IT IN AND FOR Admini r ion, 125 E. Orange Dated in Hillsbo ugh Financa Coporation, Melissa FLORIDA said Mortgag8| chag8' a"d "'6 N '4'h A'8 '` "8 p1li HN KEN EDY LINDA "A ' 'w, Ave S e. 300, Darona B6a h, Coun,Florida, this 16th day ot A. Calvarf aMa Melissa Calva,CASE NO: 2016CA- 8xp8n5 ot the Tw 68 and IL 60165 c 11 50 ODD ORIDA FL 32114; (386 257-6096, Mawh,ZO18. Any And All Unhnown Pa ies 10942 ot the tw s c at6d by s d |. Seas n n w" KENNEDY, MAU EE 3185, . 2017 within two (2) working days ot Alberfelli Law Claiming by, mrough, Under, DEUTSCHE BANK NAnoNAL Mo gage. Obligo 5) sha" ha'8 `"k ' "R S9'669.'9 $4 k 'NN'D" "A" TAns Plant ion Cova c ' . . your recaipt otthis nolice. lt you AWorney tor PlaintiW ' And Again m6 He in namad TRUST COMPANY AS the righlto cu the detauW and 55665856476mormon A,OR,DA uN,ngRY oR,DA non p,on ,nc a domlnlum ar6 h6aring or voica impair6d, P.o. Box 23028,lndividual Detendant(s) Wo TRUSTEEIN TRUST FOR an, jun o, lianhold& shall hav8 a"d"a '8Wh8" ' n DE R"A' TH EV NUE M M ' p ia'i "da ' pl c,1 (800l955-8770. ' Tampa, FL 33623,a not Known To Ba Dead Or REGISTERED HOLDERS OF the rightto deem rfsinte GDup 154 Hull St g,NEDY AN bmm this March 19, 2018. (813) 221-4743,Alive, Whether Said Unknown LONG BEACH MORTGAGE uP lo lh8 a'e 'h8 ' ^88 N' "'N D ' "w66klnog DetM'NT OF v.' ',FB: "' Ha"8yl Esquir6,(813T 221-9171 facsimile Parfias May Claim An lntare TRUST 2006-7 ASSET- ssuas lha e mcata ot Sale #'. '8a' " " Bg,6 TO oTl a"'.'iArnoN &ht Ha ay "4,eSe ite: s6 ealaw in Spousas, H6in. Devi5ees, BACKED cERnFlcATEs b, pa, ng tha amoum5 d`8 a' '"h . ' 4"' '84' 'y u 5204 " K' d' t d ,BgB, u= mces, P.A. ' G nt86s, Or her Claimants SERIES 2 67. outlin6d abov6. By: AMANDA L. $4.69, 420536 . Highway 441, #345 AH-16-O1 7440,are detendams, the Volusia Pl ntm, CHAPMAN, Arthoriz6d Aqent Simmons and An ai go 2,o o,d,S, a, 2,2 rf N oncE OFSALE Mt Do . FL 32757 AmNnoN:PERsoNswlTH,Coun Cletk ot the Ciwuk v. HI8rr A"-Nonc OF ' 499 Luh8C `"'%DD,u,c,a,va and,lorigg a, p udgm E ls HEREBY GIVEN 321.766.6024 DlsABILlnEs ' Court will s6|| to the high6st JACK B.SALADAAND KAREN TRumE's SAU,30238 D 03 1 aak,f1o B52 un ng ,n, d by ,h N Ma,ch,4,to an ln Rem Final pha 8y ha lt you ar6 a penon with a and be bidd&torcashinlon ALLEN, ACCOUNTl CONTRACT NOJ SPason Float . .' ' ot Fo closu datad Ma h W, 30, 2016 disabili who needs an eleclronicallylonline at hnp:ll D6t8nda (s), OWNER(Sl IOBLIGOR(S) l 49a861 81O,735.O8E R a ENNED,aga n part, g, 018,and anter6din L164262 accommodation in order to www.volusia.realtoreclosa. NoncE OF SALE UNDER ADDREN aulLDING(sT 14499 6287 Hi ,ad av,ng o, c,a g ,o hava n, C,c o, ,h lcl ot the Circuk pa icipate in his p taading, com, Volusia County, Florida F.S. cHAPnR 45 uNIT(sV APARTMENT(Sy 4504 Mo St . . . . Seventh Juditial you a 8nlitl6d, at no cost lo at 11:00AM EST on lhe 12th NOTICE ls GINN lhat, in PARCEL(S) WEEK AMIGNED PA 19135 D 05 19 Whoa, gh,B o, ' n,ap n ,hB C un in and for Volusia IN THE CIRCUIT you, to the p vision of certain day of April, 2018, the tollowing accodante wi h the Final Y OCCUPANCY,| Sa on flog S,o,24B4 p p ,d strib6dh a F,ED ,a, on orida. whe in COURTOFSNENTH aNis anc8. PI6as8 contact,d6scrib8d pDp6rfy as set Judgment ot For losur6 TIMESHAR UNDIVIDED,Unk 4931n 67255 vorin g RE HEREgYNO .| oci on "d mini?m JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN Courf Admini tion, 125 E. to h in said Flnal Judgment ot dat6d Febwary 13. 2018. in the INnREsT suln TYPE $4.87; 582g 243g Fa ma 2 d on t `'i`'6a?'i "h g - rofit opo i ?' "da,AND FOR VOLUSIA Orange Ava Sle. 300, Dayona Fo&losu : abov&s led tause. tha Clerk SEASOW USE BASIS,Harbor B IRouga LA 7 on p,op6rt, etollowlng de ' nt.WandSusan# " 'h8 COUN FLORIDA Beach, FL 32114, 386257- LOT 4, BLOCK 981. ot Ci u Court, Laura E. Roth, INnRvAL CONTROL NO. Av6 Balon tht are PRoBAn DIVISION 6096, wkhin 2 days ol your DELTONA LAKES UNIT shall sell the subje pD UNDIVIDED INnREsT ID D 05 2 EVEN 112 All Se Un, Lot 8 .Block 21 Common- gtendants. m6 Cla ot thi5 Fll6 Number: 2018- Rc8ipt ot this notice. lt you a THIRrY EIGHT, ACCORD- al public 5ale on th6 3 day NO. TIMESHARE PHASE float WeeMloa &47 i aaW Mob ,a' E a,6,n rt shal! sell,h8 high st 10018-PRDL hearing impaired, call 1-80 ING TO THE MAP OR ot April, 2018, at 11: a.m vAcAnoN OWNERSHlp "p' 494"'99 89"94. a s Wa ,' d Addrfion, acco,c mb8st bldd8r for tash onllne Division No.: 10 955-8771: it you a voice PLAT THEREOF AS RE- to tha highe and best bidd6r MORTGAGE RECORDED "969 "'48 St De . e map or plat ok s sg .v lusia.r8alloBlos8 IN RE: THE ESTATE OF impaired, call 1 -80 955-8770. CORDED IN MAP BOOK tor cash, at www.volusia. Boow PAGE PRINCIPAL,14825 Madd 36 ODD ,i gded in Plat,codanca with MARYJOAN LITTLEFIELD aka THIS ls NOT A C U T 27, PAGES 202 THROUGH raaltoretlose.tom tor the BALANCE PER DIEM,Ml 48205 Dnoa, W6eM,o g ,04 Pub c R g j,Aprijo31, Florida MARYJ. LITTLEFIELD aka M. INFORMATION LINE. To rlle 208, INCLUSIVE, PUBLIC tollowing desGribed p perfy: 219624149 Ju in E. Holden ' #|. saaso n,3 $, 20, ,: TA usia'Counj, Flo g . da e t " ' ' ' '8! a' ' AN ""UFIELD, responsa pl8a58 tontact RECORDS OF VOLUSIA LOT 29, BLOCK 654, 1010 Glen St. Unh "9 '"h ' 2535g77137 . . her with a ,o,o p wnbed Deceased. Volusia County Clerk of Cou,COUN FLORIDA. DELTONA LAKES UNIT Oshawa, ON L1J6J2 Canada, $5. s and Ma,hew Mac 7 arfu oub aw de man g &, as se, ,ort ribed NoncE TO.?RED!TORS 101 N. abama Av6, Deland, 1229 COU ND Bou- TWENTY-SIX, ACCORD- 5400 21 ODD 1 2,M .C '8'am8"di "" 3 e' "N Cha " a' da" 'd m8 ad"''"' `' " ' '` ""4| '8|: (386) 7365907. LWARD, DELTONA, FL INGTOTHEMAPORPLAT '8a' " " a` M' a' ?"k plar Dr Orange Pa g oc to wk Flonda Statrt a'8 ' MAR' ' AN Ma hQ,18 32738 THEREOF AS RECORDED 50431655 819,19o.46 $9.45,FIELD aka MARY J. L1642 Any penon tlaiming an inta IN MAP BOOK 27, PAGE K: FORECLOSURN92O3.WG 32 73 D ' 8 WH `' ' the o:,ad ag'a,n ou and AL DESCR PTION. aka M. J AN,in the suplus hom tha sale it 59 THROUGH 63, OF Tow Cent& (NJ) Lonigro.O22O S6ason Float WeahlFl 3 ha5 bag qu, d o sB B a Un eek No 2jw ,ri da,a, o, dgeceasad,any, oth& than the pDp&ty THE PuBuc RECORDS AM NOS.PUB. LONIGRO.doG Unk 485&1645 $16,934. . . . - ath was IN THE CIRCUIT ' owner as ot the date ot lhe OF VOLUSIA couw, Ma 1&, O le 88.25; 5N23 76 Eme o y,o, ,ou, wri an da,6n Co eN 705, in Plantalion Novamber 28, 2017; File COURT OF THE Lis Pendens must file a claim FLORIDA L16412O Gonz ez and Jacqualina an, ,oh on,NG PRO ,n,u, hase |, a Condo- Number: 201 8-10018-PRDL SEVEW JUDICIAL wkhin 60 days aWer th6 sale. Pro Add N: 1149 N Win on Ln T g p iLc clo n s d estate is is pending in th6 Ci uit Courf CIRCUIT IN AND FOR Dated in Hillsbo ugh OLD MILL DR, DELTON N615 D 10 24 W oa, u4, cB g 4 e ,go m, gnd8fi"8d i" ' ' ' '`'i . ? `" ' " 'ida' VOLUSIA COUNTY, County, Florida, lhis 19lh day ot FL 32725. AMENDED S son flo g5 gan sp, Su M whh,n b&v6 Pha,p,t Con- Robate Dlvlslon, the add ss FLORIDA Ma h. 2018. Any penon claiming an inte st NoncE OF rRWE'S 49311824 817, . . ; . . an at n ot whith is Post OMte Box CIVIL AcnoN be elli Law in the suplus hom the 5al8, it NU 54552724913 Edie A Fo,o s F,orida 3i 6,apg og&h deKrib6d,DaLand, Florida 32721. CASE NO.: 2017 A omay tor Plainti any, other than the pDperty WUTGArE vAcAnoN Ragan L Ma el n, j hom ,hg, ,h,j no u enam und, rm the me names and add Nes ot clcl P.o. Box 23028 owner a5 ot tha dat6 ot the li5 LLM II F D6rouan 1 D,2, ,oa, ,ic o:g,na, .wkh . a men,s n ,hB co in- the pekon pres6ntative and WELLS FARGO BAN NA, Tampa, FL M623 pendens mu file a claim in FiD NO.: . (SWA Houmal LA' F,oa, wg37, ,g t t a rt BkhB;bBto,B,c d,oth& apg' 'h8 p8" "a' p s8ntative's Pl mm, (813 221-4743 60 day aW Me sal6. On A ril 19| 2 'a ": a.m.' "? ''agn735 81 . " la nlmls a om6y d cnb id im8 5 ? aWomay ala sat torth below. vs. (813 221-9171 ta#imile Dat : M 7, 2018. GREENSPOON MARDER, Unk 49 ls,cr6drfon ot the decedent THE UNKNOWN HEIRS. aaice: & law lison Morat. Esqui uP 201 E. Pine,$4.21;45076752810r hys '8 " a,a h aaW hB D ,a g8fin6d in and othar panons having DEvlsEEs,GRANnEs, Florida Bar No.: N Suhe 5,O ando, Florida Am Dnsand J8s 8` D w'i g ' ' a detauN will,a,6j um d8Krib ' "d claims or demands against ASSIGNEES, UENORS, AH-17-002081 amo t 32801, as Twst86 punuam to 73 8 T 6|lghtCh` h Rd M'm 'hgagain youtort ov B w a r ' w d6'ada""'. 8"a?8 wh a CREDIT RS, TRusms. AmNTloN: PERSONS WITH 485 N. Kell6r Road, Surfe 401 th Appoinbl&t of Tw ee Hill,NC28227D12 1WH U ndadinlhecompl . . in t mpl6 ab g gp' ' `h" " `"8 " q`' R THER CLAIMANTS DlsABILlnEs Marfland, Florida 32751 ed on Nov 21, 1 #| n noat M g REQuEsn,o oNsB unEs g,anam n com Dn is be se ad mu fila th6lr CL MINGBY,THROUGH, lt you a a penon with a T8|6phone:(4O 647- 2017, in O.R. B k 524' a` `"h ' '" 8 S'6"'9. A" MM DISAB w rib and defin d in .m' whh 'hi' ' `rt W"H'N UNDER, OR AGAINST, disabil y who n ds an Facsimile:T4O 647- Paga 84, ot e Publ R RECLOSURN92O5 w ERSONSW ra on of Condomini- E LATER OF 3 MONTHS vlRGINIAE.cosnuo, accommodation in oder to couns6ltorPlaimm ot OK8ola County, F rida, by K. . . AFnR THE nME OF THE DE EASED,at,parficipata in wis pDc88ding, M h16,#, 18 ason of a now continuing vac nvlllasW)uwan.o22 gu are a pe n a um d bed bebw. all in nRsT PuBucAnoN OF THIS Detendam(s). you ara ant I6d, al no co5t to L164169 d&auW by Obligo s), (s68 AM NOSPUB SWAN.doc is il y who n ds any at ,danca w h thB Dec- NoncE OR 30 DAYS AFnR NoncE OFNU you, to tha p sion ot c6rtain Mibh A,whosa add N Ma 16,q 18 accommodalion in 0 6r to la,at on ot Condom n um THE DAn OF SERVICE OF A PURWANTTOC RN aui anc6. s6 tontart is (s68 Mibh A,in M6 L164159 parficipat8 in this pDt din,ot Plantation Cov6, Phasa COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN Courf Admini tion, 125 E. IN THE CIRCUFr pay6m parfom nte of you a 6ntitlad, at no c |, a Condominium, and tha THEM. Punuanttoa Fln JudgBot O nR8Av6 Ste. 3,Dayona COURT, IN AND FOR the obl ation5 Bu by a you, to tha pDvision ot G6rta Bxhib s th6 to as - #| oth6r cradrfon ot the Fo&losu dat6d F ary26, Beac,FL 32114, 386-257- VOLUSIA couw, Mo gage in O.R. AMWDED i an . Plaasa ton ha n O c R o Book dacadant and othB, panons 2018, and ant in Casa No. 6096, whhin 2 days ot your FLORIDA Booh (s Exhibh A,Pag6 NoncE OF TRwnE's,rt Admini ion at 5 Page 3277, a saq having claims or demands 2017 30006 clcl otthe Ci uit receiptotthis nolic6. ltyou ara PRoBAn DIVISION (s Mibh .A,ot le Pu wEsT cnno N `rfh `'8 A""6 . . R ords ot Vo sia ag nst d6t6d8nt's estata Court ot the Savamh Judicial haaring imp d, tall 1- FIU NO.: 2018 10461 R ds ot oi (vERMO,`e'. a' " - uW, norida tog&h mustfiletheirclaims wrththis Circuk in and tor volu5ia 955-8771; it you a voice PRDL horida, intludinq We b a UM 14 Tel 3B6257 whh any dm ts court WITHIN 3 MONTHS County, Florida in whiGh w8|I5 impai d,call1-800-955-8770. IN RE: EsTAn OF d6tauW, no G8o whidwa"& F' N .: mg RsoN days b6to your thBBo ncluding but not AFnR THE DAn OF THE Fago Bank,NA,isthe PlainliW THISISNOTACOURT MARILYN D. MEW, torth in a Notica ot DetauW and ',g 20,g a,m ,B `rt aPg '6' ' limhed to,d- FIRST PuBLlcAnoN OF THIS and me Unhnow Hain. INFoRMAnoN UNE.Tofila D8c8a58d. lm6nt to Fo close pDvid On Ap IEEN POO MARD a o,mca, on ,pon . lvlngthls m ts adding subsequem NoncE. D6vis88s, Grart86s, ign,ponse pl tontatt NoncE TO CREDITORS lo th6 la hnow add u ' a.m.'' E p ne St et s . ' h8 appea nc h `'m8 b8' haa. ALL CL MS NOT FIUD eno,C dhon. Twrt,Volu aCouWClerkotCourt, me admini tion ot T8 O go (S Mibk A,by up 2g an o flo,da 32B0, a,s ,ou a h I8N than Y PERSON CL#MING AN IN THE nME PERIODS or othar Claimants ming 101N. Ave,DeLand, es te ot MARILYN D. MEW. c m eg &Bd Mail oFby g,T aa unu, ,ha p d ca, 7, q i' REST IN THE SURPLUS SET FORTH IN SECTION by, lh ugh. under, or again,FL32724.Tel:(386)73659O7. d e,who5e date of public ion by th6 u ign,of Tw g N B uRi I FORMA N OTH 'H' 'A"' " AN" "'.' ' ' 'H' " R'DA Vlrginia E. Co 6|lo, d6ceasad, M 4,18 deaM was JanuaZ 29, 2018, T,|| 5ell at pu co F a 5 ,o g ,TNE S m, ha,d and,ha N THANTHEPROPERrY PRoBAn CODE WILL BE D6bra Costello H nes, as an L164295 is panding inth6 iwuh Court au n to 16 high bid, . R AS OF THE DAn OF FOREVER BARRED. Heir ot tha Estate ot Vlginia tor Volusia County, horida, forlaw,yot a Unk in O.R. Book 4566, at g,h sCourtonMa h, A c PENDENS MUST FIU NOTWITHSTANDING THE E. Costello, deceased, John Probate Division, the add St a5 of &o on lhe hont 388-391, otthe Public R M WITHIN 60 DAYS nME PERIOD SET FORTH Alb6rt Costello, as an H6ir IN THE CIRCUIT of whith is 101 N. abama steps ot m6 OK8ola Coun ot Ow la County, nori . RKE.R THE SALE. . ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FIUD ot the Estate ot Vlginia E. COURT OF THE Avenue, Deland, norida, 32724. courmou56, 2 courmouse n ot a now cont N IRCUl 'OURT aisabil a p " wkh a "' "AR' R M R' C st6||,d sed, Any And SNENTH JUDICIAL me name and add N of Ma Squa,Nirm,Fbrida da ` b"g " ddthe ,C,RCUIT Ba' " p i: ' a"' R THE DECEDENTS,Unknown Partias Claiming CIRCUITINAND FOR p nal p atative and 34741,allright,tkleandinte Exhlbh A), whosa . der to DAnoFDEATHls BARRED. by, m ugh, Under. And VOLUSIA COUN the penonal p tiva's inlhe pDpa y shu ed inlhe is (See Exhibh A.), i:a p ' :.%e an, th proGa8ding, me data otr,nt publication Again m6 He in n FLORIDA aWomey aTa s6t to bBow. Cou ot Osceol4 Florida, pay nt or performa ,saR Ma hQ n,a ,3 aN,s hB led, at no co to ofthisnoticeisMarch23,2O18. lndividual D8t6ndant(s) Who CIVIL Dl SION #| c dhon ot the d t d cri as:(See Mib wA ) tne o lig ions sacu d . . Dvision ot te n p nal R8pr858nt iv8: a not Mow To Be Dead Or Casa N: 2017-30793- and oth& p&5on5 having fin Sha lnt (sl (Saa Cl motL6n rdedin ' ' 'L 1 2 co g ,n, lease tonta JON TYUR GARNER ive, Wheth& s d Unknow clcl tlaims or d6mands again Mibrt A at rding to 16 Book(See Mibit"A.),atP q . . tration at Courf 1381 Hyda Pa Drive Parti6s May Claim An lnt8l85t DIVISION: 32 d8c8d8 '5 85tat6 on whom a Tln Marinq PlantorW8 g 6 (S6a Mibk A ), of th6 Pubic Admini ration, 125 E. Orange Port Orang6, FL 32128 in Spcus . Heirs, D8vis86s, SunTw Mo gage, lnt. copy ot this notice is qui Vacation Vllas ll, odad in R ods ot OK la Cou THE CIRCUIT e Ste. 3,Darona Beach, SUSANNE D. MCCABE, Granlees, Or Olhar Claimants PlaintiW, to be se ad mus file lheir omtial d5 Book,Florida, including Me braach5g "H CIA R khi "'4: "86 . "'-6 96. ESQUIRE arB detendants. the Volusia -vs.- tlaims with this court WITHIN at Paga n78o, af M6 Public detauW,notite orwhich wasan ENTH J N,o (2) worhng days ot AWom8ytorE5tat8 otMa County Cle ot the Circuit Geraldine M.W66ks;Unknow THE LATTER OF THREE (3) Recods ot OKeola Coun,torfh in a Notice otDefau ,d OLUSI ' ou p an otthis notice. ltyou Joan L I6fi8ld etals Cou will sall to the highest Spouse ofGeraldine M. Weaks; MONTHS AmR THE nME OF Florida Qe .Plan . Togeth& lntent to ?o losa pD . . or voice impai d. 9G0 Norfh Swallo ail Drive, and b6 bidder lor cash SunT Bank: Wilbe D. Rau; THE FIRST PuBLlcAnoN OF whh tha right lo occupy, to the last known add b g'D%. 2017 M O bm ' !8 ' 9"-8" Surfe1O1 el6rfDnical Tonlin6 at hwp: l Sea Gull Landing Homaownan THIS NOTICE OR THIRrY (30l pursuant to he Plan, Building(s) O s). (Saa Exhi i gd CIN . . Phylis " Ma h ' ' ' '8. p rt rang8, FL 32129 www.volusia.r8alfor8clos8. iation, lnc.; Unknown DAYS AmR THE DAn OF / Unrt(sl l Unh week(sT l c dlRegi arPd .| a 6y, E5qul Ma h w,18 com, Volusia County, florida parfiesin PoNaNion N1, SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS Assigned Yea sl. Ts Ewhibrt publitation bythe undenig,R E .T NATON o gN 0037534 L1642a5 at 11: AM EST on tha 1rm itli ng.andallUnknown NoncE ON THEM. A . 77 We gate Bhd. T stee,s6|| at pu |. ey Law omtes, P.A day ofApril, 2018, ha tollowing Parties claiming by, th ugh,othar c dhon of Me uimmee, FL 34747 e in au ion to the highast bidd E,A AL RG TS END,N 8981 us Highway 441, #345 describad property a5 sal underand againsttheabove decedent and oth pesons Tl Share Plan prop6 y) tor law,mon y oflh8 u D E AD PTION OF 321D 'a' '` '2757 IN THE CIRCUIT forth in said Flnal Judgment ot named Defendant(sl who having claims or demands Add N Said sale will b6 Statas of Amenca, on lhe .766.6024 COURT OF THE Fo closure: are not known to ba dead or agains dacedent's estate mu mada (wkholrt covenants. or eps ol lhe Osceola Cou . .!: ULY23,2O13 a ey ha SEVENTH JUDICIAL LOT TWELVE (12), BLOCK alive, whether said Unknown file their claims with this court wa an,expr8N or implied, Courthouse, 2 Courth ,d . orChild. a h w,18 CIRCUIT IN AND FOR "A.'. HIGHLAND PARK, Parties may claim an intarest WITHIN THREE (3) MONTHS r8gading th8 t le, poNeNion SquaR, s mm,jB, s OTICE OF AcnoN L 164261 VOLUSIA COUN ROWLADER'S 6TH suB- as Spouse. Hein, D8vi588s, AFTER THE DAn OF THE or encumb nces) to pay th8 741| allrightltk!6 a" n ,h6 TERM,gPmnoN FOR LORIDA DIVISION. AS PER MAP,Grantees. or het Claimants; FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS unpaid principal ba'a" d`8 '" 'he p perf' 'rf a! norid A ,G: N OF PARENTAL IN THE CIRCUIT C IL ACTION IN MAP BOOK 5, PAGE Unknown Pa i6sin Po5session NOTICE. AU CLAIMS NOT und6r th6 n orfgage .|" `h8 ' `" ' '8 6 Exh . oP ' PENDING RT OF THE 3,S N .: 2 16 25, OF THE PUBLIC RE- #2, it living, and all Unknown FILED WITHIN THE nME amounl of (See hibrf A ' Mb8d a' |"'8' n FAM ' ' 'R'OF ,R NTH JUDIC L DIVIS, ICl CORDS OF VOLUSIA Parties claiming by, th ugh, PERIODS SET FORTH IN wrfh inte st acc !"g ' 'h6 A' T' . lg") accg ,o H'R 'MREE OL ' 'N AND ' R W?L?S FARGO : " COUN FLORIDA. und6r and against the above SECTION 7N.702 OF THE ,at6 ot (Sae Exh'bh A' pa' "ae 'xh'bh'ha "g s xv SAN ININ FLOR, A COUNTY PlalntlW ANK, N.A 154 CONGREN AVENUE, named Detandant(s) who FLORIDA PRoBAn CODE day, punuantto the Morfgage, to the fime, DAVTONA BEACH, FL are nol known to be dead or wlu FOREVER BE BARRED. advanc85, it any, undar the W6 gate Vacation vll,A vs. 32114,alive, wheM6r said Unknown NOTWITHSTANDING THE