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March 23, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 23, 2018

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. PAGE 14B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 23, 2018 LOT 8, BLOCK C, SUN lntar6st in all residantial unks none other loca ed in Building 2869 9N4; PrinGipal Balance: UK; AN8ssments Balanc6: 763-771, 773-778, 863-871, AN8ssm8nts Balance: obliga ion is not brought HAVEN, ACCORDING numb ed 901-9,908-910, antrflad 8UILDING 6, PHASE $8,1N.03; lnterest: S81o.5o; 81,oo1.48; as evidenced by 873-8T8, 963-971, 973-978, $845.18; as evidented by the cunant [lncluding tha payment TO THE PLAT THEREOF, 912-914. 916-922, 1oo1- vl", BIENNIAUalloca ad Late Chages: S3o.oo; TOTAL: th6 Claim ot Len orded on 1063-1071, 1073-1078 and Claim of Lien recoded on of any fees incu ed by ERGS AS RECORDED IN PLAT 1O06, 1008-1010, 1012-1014, 210.000 Point5 as defined in $8,993.53 MDugh &17 2017 Janua 18, 2018 in ln n m none other located in Building Janua 18, 2018 in lnstwmenl in commencing this tor8clo5ur8 BOOK wX,PAGE 33, OF 1016-1022, 1101-1104, 1106, the Declaration lor usa in EVEN Der diem: $3.011day therea^e . Numbar 201800x360 ot tha en hled BUILDING 4, PHASE Number 20180035351 ot the pDceN) within thi y (30) THE PUBLIC RECORDS 1108, 1109, 1112-1114, 1117- yaar(s). One (1) Vacation Ownanhip Public Racords ot Orange lv, BIENNIAUallotated Public Records ot O nge days hom th6 fim date of OF ORANGE COUNTY, 1122, 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, Contrart Numb6r: 641620455 - lnterest l vol") having a County, Florida for the following 168,000 Points as defined in County, Florida tor he tollowing publitation, the undenigned FLORIDA. 1209, 1212-1214, 1217-1222 OLANIYI ISAAC AWNYEMI and 84,0001554,257,000 undivided Prop6rty: One (1) Vacation the Daclaration for use in EVEN p pa y: One (1) Vacation Twstae shall protead wkh the ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN and none other located in SANDRA owo AKINYEMl, tenant-in-tommon taa simple Ownenhip lnterest ( vol") yea s). Ownarship lntePst ( vol' sale ot the Proparty as provided INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS Building entrtled BUILDING 6. PLOT 16B SPARKUGHT harfional Ownenhip lnt6rest in having a 154,0001691,998,000 Conlract Numbar: 640737268 having a 84,000/804,860,000 in Serfion 721.856, Florida FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, PHASE Vl", ANNUAUallocated EsTAns, ISHERI NORTH, all &identi unhs numbered undividad tenant-in-common - SHAWN THOMPSON, undivided tenant-in-common Stat es, in which case, tha OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY 505,000 Points as dafined in LA 11210 NIGER ; Principal 147, 148, 150-152, 154-162, lee simple trartional Owenhip 386 CONCORDIA PARK fee simple hartional Ownarship undersigned T stee shall: (1) OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF the Detlaration tor usa in EACH Balance: 814,MO.49; lnterest: 247-252, 254-262, 347-352, lnte in all residential unks DR, VIDAU LA 71 373; lnte st in all residential units p vide you wkh wrmen notice THE us PENDENS MUST FILE year(s). $2,290.07; Lat6 Chag6s: 354-362, 447-452, 454-462 numb6r8d 1179-1186, 1188. AN8Nm8nts B ance: numbe d 679-686, 688, ot the sale, including the date. A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS Conlrart Numbar: 641643200 - $45.00; TOTAL: $16,665.56 and none other located in 1190-1198, 1279-1286, 128a, 82, 6.67; as avidenced by 690-698, 779-786, 788, 790- lime and loca ion th eot: (2) AmR THE SALE. WILTON DE OLIVEIRA SOUSA thDugh &1 71201 7 Der Building entitled BUILDING 3. 1290-1298, 1379-1386, 1388, lhe Cl m ot Len retoded on 798, 879-886. 888. 890-898, Recod Me notice ot sale in lt you a a penon with a and JULIANA VILLE, RUA diem: $6.87 day th6 aW8r). PHASE lll", ANNUAUallocated 1390-1398. 1481-1486. 1491- January 18, 2018 in ln wment 979-986, 988, 990-998, 1079- the Publit R ods of Orang6 disabili who needs any GABRIELLE D'S NUZZIO 530, One (1) Vac ion Owanhip 84,0 Points as dafinad in the 1496, 1583-1586, 1591-1594 Number 20180035440 of the 1086, 1088, 1090-1098 and Coun,Florida; and (3) Publish actommodation in order to APT 61. CAMPO BELO, SP lnte (VOl having Daclara ion tor use in EACH and nona olher localed in Public Records of Orange none other loca ed in Building a topy ot the notice ot sale two parficipate in this proteeding, 04619-001 BRAZIL; Principal a 1 05,0 R20,709,5 yea sl . Building entitled BUILDING 5, Counly, Florida tor the tollowing antitled '.BUILDING 5, PHASE I2) timas, onc6 each week, tor you a 8ntkl6d, at no cost to Balance: $62,133.67; lme : undividad I6nant- -c0mm0n Contra Number: 641371885 PHASE v, ANNUAUallocated Propert Ona (1) Vacation v", BIENNIAUallocated two (2) succassive weeks, in you, to the provision ot ce ain 89,529.91 : Late Chages: tee simple ha ion Own6nhip - CARMEUNA nREsA 154,000 Points as defined in Ownenhip lnte st ( vol") 168,000 Points as defined in an Orang6 County newspaper, aNistanc8. Please conta $45.00; TOTAL: 871,7o8.58 lnt6 in all R8sid6nti Unrfs HERRERA HERRERA th6 Declarationloruse in EACH ha ng a 84, 1804,860,000 tha Declarationtoruse in EVEN pDvid8d such a newspaper th6 ADA Coo inator, Human thDugh 811 71201 7 er located in Building entrfled and vlcENn GERARDO yea s). und ided t8nant-in-comnFon y8ar(5). exi s at the time ot publishing. Resouwes, Orange Coun diem: $29.77/day th8r8a 6 . "BUILDING 1", ANNUAU FIGUEROA AGUIAR, LOS Cont Number. 370617417- tee simple haclional Owenhip Contra Number. 12514O4927 lt you tail to cu the detauW Cou house, 425 N. O nge Ona (1) Vacation Ownanhip allocated 105,000 Points as ELENOS 1 AVENIDA. JAMES o WAU and DREENA lnt in all &id6ntial units - RAFAEL COLON BORGOS a5 s& torth in this notice or Avenue, Suhe 510, O ando, . lnlerest ("vol having dafined in the Declaration tor CIRCUMBALACION w14o, J SIMMONS, 63 OLEARY numb&ed 679-686, 688, and XENIA LY APoNn take o her app Oriate artion norida (40 836-2303, at I6ast a 400,000 20,709,5 us6in EACH yea s). GUAYAQUIL, GUAYAS, LN, PORT DEPOSIT. MD 690-698, 779-786, 788, 790- VICEN PO 80x 1374, wkh gardto thisto losur6 7 days beto your Kh8dul8d undivided tenant-in-common comtarf Numb6r. 641501291 ECUADOR 90150; Principal 21904; ANessments Balanc6: 798, 879-886, 888, 890-898, SANTA ISABEL, PR 00757; maWer, all sums due and court app ce. or tee simple hartionalOwne hip - MARIA ISABEL MOSQUEIRA B ance: $9,623.10; lntere : $583.87; as Bvidenc8d by the 979-986, 988, 990-998, 1079- Ass6ssm8nts Balance: o ng under the Note and im i e upon &eivingthis ln 8R in all Residential Un s JARA and JORGE GUIWRMO S1.865.2o: L e Chage5: Claim ot L Rcord8d on 1086, 1088. 1090-1098 and $549.96; a5 evidented by th6 Mortgaga 5hall be atcele led notmcation rf the time beto lotated in Building entkled MOYA GunERRu, AV S45. ; TOTA $11,533.30 Janua 18,2O18inlnst ment none other located in Building Claim ot Lien r8tod6d on and will become immediately the sthaduled app6a nc8 is BUILDING 1", ANNUAU ITAL 25,VALDM LOS th ugh &17l2o17 Der Number 20180035361 ot th6 trtled BUILDING 5, PHASE Janua 18, 2018 in lnst mant due and payable. Addkionally, less than 7 days; rf you a allocatad 400,000 Poinls as RIOS, CHILE 5 : Printipal di&n: $4.741day th8RaWer). Public Racods ot Orange v, BIENNIAUallocatad Number 2018003N52 ot th6 as a PsuW of the detauW, you hearing or voice impai d, tall defined in tha Detlaration for Balanca: S13,469.46; lnterest: One (1) Vacation Ownanhip County, florida for Me following 168, Poims as defined in Public Records or O nge risk losing owenhip ot your 711. usa in EACH yaa s). $1 ,906.08; Late Chag6s: lnteRst ( vol having a Property: One (1l Vacation tha Declaration tor usa in EVEN County, florida tortha tollowing limerna inte st M ugh M6 Submmad By: Conlrarf Number. 401609110 $40.00; TOTAL: $15,415.54 64,0 R20,709,500 undivided Ownenhip lme st ( ol") yea s). PDp8r : One (1) Vacation twstae toreclosu pDc ure ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF: - ALBERTO GUTIERRQ through &17/2017 D6t tenam-in-common faa simple having a 84,0001441,210,0 Conbac Numbe 640851655- Ownenhip lnte rt ( vol") establish6din &ion 721.856, SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a and GLORIA ALVARU. 3918 di n: $6.271day the aW&). hartional Ownership lnterest undivided tenant-in-common ONYGILBERTandLINDA having a 52,5001554,257,000 Florida Statutes. Any right GACH,LLP NELVA PARK DR, KA TX One (1) Vacation Ownenhip in,Residantial Unks locat6d fa6 simplet ctionalOwnenhip GILBERT, PO BOX F44229, undivided tenant-in-common you may have to in ate the 2424 Norfh Federal Highway, 77449-6182; Princip B ance: lnte st (vol having a in Building e rfled BUILDING lnt6r8 in all Psidential unks FREEPO GR, 8AHAMAS; tee simple hactional Ownenhip mortgage a er acceleration Suke 360 S28,577.91 : lnta : $3,378.07; 84,0 R20,7 ,500 undividad 1 . ANNUAUallot ed 64,000 numbarad 131-144. 146, 231- AN smBnls Balanca: lnle st in all r8sid6ntial unhs will be punuanl to the terms Boca R on, florida 33431 Lata Chagas: $45.00; t8nant-in-comnDn tee simpl6 Poims as defined in lhe 246, N1-346 and nona other $621.46: as avidenced bythe numbarad 147, 148, 150-152, ot the mortgage. You may (561 998-67 TOTAL: $32,000.98 th ugh hatlional Ow ship lnte Detla tion tor use in EACH loc ed in Bui ing em,Claim ot L6n orded on 154-162, 247-252, 254-262, thoose to sign and send to (561 9a8-6707 &1 71201 7 (per diem: $9.781day in all Rasidential Units loGat6d yea s). BUILDING 2, PHASE ll", January 18, 2018 in lnst menl 347-352, 354-362, 447-452, the undekigned t e 15-292425 FCO1 CHE the aWer). On6 (1) Vacation in Building 6nthl8d BUILDING ALL wkhin the Condominium BIENNIAUallocated 168,0 Number 2018 3 of the 454-462andnonaotharlocat6d enclosed obja ion form. Ma h 1&, 23, 18 Ownekhip lnle st ( vol 1", ANNUAVallocatad 84, 0 Property submmed to the Points as defined in the Publit R ords ot Oranga in 8uilding entkled BUILDING 8x Iising your right to obje L164134 having a 200,0001920,709,500 Points as dafined in the Tlmeshare Plan ot FAIRFIELD Declatation tor use in WEN County, florida tor he following 3, PHASE lll", BIENNIAU to the use ot ha twst6a undivid6d tenant-in-tommon D6claration tor usa in EACH ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK yaa sl. p perty: On6 T1) Vacation allotated 105,000 Points as tor8clo5u p cadura. Upon laa simpla hatlional Ownenhip y6a s). RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM Contrarf Numbe 410600662 Owenhip lnta st ("vol' dafined in the Dacla lion for the und signed t 's IN THE CIRW lm6re in all R6sid6ntial Unhs Cont Number 641554589 (me R6sort Facil y ).together - KEN snLEs and DEBRA having a 84,0 T804,860,000 usein ODDyea s). &eipt ot your signed objertion COURT OF THE lotated in Building entkled - JOAO BAnsTA RABELO wkh lappurtenancesMereto, STIUS, 401 BumRcuP undivided tanant-in-common ma Condominium Property torm, the fo closute ot the NIW JUDICIAL 8UIL NG 1", ANNUAU and ANDREA cRlsnNA aKording and subjerf lo lhe CT, MANSFIELD, M 7 : feesimpleharfionalOwnenhip submmed to lhe timeshare mo gaga wrfh p to the CIRCU INANDFOR allotated 200, 0 Poims as CHAVES DE PINHO RABELO D6cla ion ot Condominium ASS6M&S B ance: lm&ert in all sid6nti units Plan ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO datauW spacmed in wis notice ORANGE COUN defined in tha Declaration tor AKA ANDREA cRlsnNA c lorFaim&d O ando a Bonnet $1,300.50: as evidenced by nu 679-686, 688, AT BONNET CREEK RESO shall b6 wbjert to the judicial noRIDA use EACH yea s). DE PINHO RABELO, RUA CRak Rasort a Condominium" th6 Claim ofLen o on 690698, n9-7 . 788, 79 A CONDOMINIUM ( me to&losu pmadure on . Cl L DIVISION Conha Number. 641649637 AIMORES 22M, APT 501, recodad on June 8, 2004 in Janua 18,2O18inlnst n 798. 879-8,888, 89 898, R ort Fatil y"), log6h whh You have la right to wra Case N: 2017-CA- - JHON FREDY MUIA LouRDEs,aELoHoRlzoNn, omtial R6cods Book 7475, Number 20180035390 ot the 979-986, 988, 99 998, 1079- all appurfenantes th6 to, yourdetauW in the mann set 1 129-0 MARULANDA and ROCIO MG, BRAZIL 30140-072; Page 881, 6t saq, Publit Public Reco s ol O ng6 1086, 1088, 109 1098 and accoding and subj6 to the forminmi5 notice anytime DMSION: 34 MUNOZ RESTREPO, BUSHIRI Principal Ba nce: 813,51 1.64; Recod ot Orange Coun,Coun,Florida torth6 tollowing none oth localad in Building Declaralion ol Condominium beto M6t e8' s e otyour Nation ar Mortgage uc 6 s, ORANJESTAD- WEST, lnt : W, .57; Late Florida. as h6l8tofor8 or Prop6rty: One (1) Vatation antkled BUILDING 5, PHASE tor Fairfield O ando at Bonnet ti sha inte st.ltyoudonot Pl ntiW. ARUBA AW; Pnntip B ante: Chages: a5. ; TOTA heRaR a nd6d(coll6 iva,Owenhip,&est (vol") v, BIENNIAU lotatad CI86h Resort a Condominium" objerf to th6 us6 ot th6 twst86 -vs.- $32,264.10 lnte :$4,563.68: S15,563.21 thDugh &17n017 the Dacla tion . having a 308, 410,091, 168, Point5 as definad in r6cord8d on Juna 8, 2004 in to clo5ul pm ure, you will lndai68t Singh; Kar awatie L Ch as: 84o.oo; TOTA Der d n: $6.291day maow6nmustpaytheToTAL undivided t8nant-in-tom Dn the D larationtorusain ODD omcial R6cods Book 7475, not ba wbje to a d6ficiancy Singh; O nge Cov6 836,867.7 thDugh 811712017 th8 ah6 . a (1) Vacat n listad above pluslhe p6r diem t88simpl8hatlDnalOw8nhip y sl. Page 881, et s Public judgB evenitthe pm86ds Ho wa ' soci ion, Der di6m: $15.461day Owenh lm t ( vol and a S25o.oo teelort stea lnt in,Rsid8ntial unhs Conbart Number 641115993 Racords ot O ng6 County, tDmthas 8otyourtim8shar8 IM.; Unknown Parti in Me aW&). One (1) Vacation having a 84, 25,592, toBlow 5al8 plus costs as numb&ad 731-746, 831- - WAM OUEN BUSH and Florida, as h toto or im ar6insu ci6nltoomat Poaion N1, rf liv g, and Own ip lnta st ( vol undivid6d t t-in-tommon they accwe, it any. Failu to 846, 933, 934, 937-942 and KATHERINETATHUM,53PALM h8r8aWar d8d(coll8 iv6,M6 un Bu d by 16 ,Unknow Parties cl ming hav g a 200,0 725,592,0 t68si pl8nartion ow8 hip cu 6d8tauWs8tto h he in none olher located in Building HEIGHTS DRIVE, GRAND tha DeGlaration"). 8eing the mo aRelian. by, m ugh, und d ag n undiv ad t8nant-in-com Dn lnl in,5id8mial unks ortak8oth6rappDpria 8a ion 8ntitl6d BUILDING 2, PHASE CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS; 6xarf same p pe y conv6y8d Hl A" - NoncE OF eabovan D&andam(s) t si plahartionalOwenhip num 1-,508-510, gading this mawer ll BuW ll", ANNUAU locat6d 308, AN8ssm6nts B ance: toMorfgagorbyd8adr6tod8d DEFAULT AND INTENT TO who a not known lo bB daad lm in all sd& ti unks 512-514, 516-522, 601,inM6lou ofow6nhipotth8 Poink as defin in 6 8583.87; as avidenced bythe immadia aly prior to the FORECLOSE oral e. s dUnknow nu 501-5,50&510, 60&610, 6 2 14, 616622. t thDugh the tw ea Daclaration ror usa in EACH Cl m or Len Bold8d on Bordationh6 or. Contrart No.l Ownen(sV Partias y cl m im 512-514, 516-522, 601-606, 701-706, T 71O, 712-714, f lowra pmedu s&forth yaa sl. January18,2O18inln wmant me owa must the Obligo s) Add N, Tln Ehar8 as Spouse, H6in, D vi s, 608 10, 612-614, 616-6z2, 716-722, 1- . 8 810, in F.S.721.856. You have M6 Con art Nu be m Nu 201 N46 of the TOTAL li ed plus 00.00 lnt6,Club Surte NoJUnk G antees, or har C mants; 701-7,708-710, 712-714, 812-814, a16-622 and none right to submrf an objerfion - ALBERWS EGERS, 8239 Public R ords ot Orang6 teetortw eero& su s e k No, S r lmam UnhnowParti8sinPo558Nion 716-722, 801-806, 808-810, othar,in Building torm, aw6rti5ing your rigM to CRETE w, BLACKUCK, OH county,nondatorMetollowing plus co s as thay ac e, it No, Plan Unrf Configu ior M. ifli ng, and aH Unknown 812-814, 816-822 and non6 6ntkl6d BUl G 6, PHASE objerftothe u58 otthetwstee 43004; men Balance: p : One (1) Vatation any. Failu to cu Ma detauW R u ng RigM, DetauW Date, Parti6s aiming by, through, dher lot 6d in Buildinq vl", ANNUAU locat6d 84, 0 toBlosu pmedur6. lt the $595.12; as avidenced bythe Owership lm ( vol") 58t forth he in or tak6 othar unt Delinquam, Per Diem d6r and again th6 above tmad BUILDING 6, PHAS Poims as fined in M6 objertion is filed this maWer Claim ot Lan &orded on having a 84, 1613,176,000 appropriate artion gading unt Det dant(s) who ", ANNUAU locat6d Daclara on t use in EACH shall be subj6rt to the judicial Janua 18,2018in lnrt ment undivid6d t6nam-in-tommon this ma er will resuW in tha 46501479 SARA MARIE a not ow to ba d6ad or 2 ,0 Points as defined in yaa 5l. r lo5ur8 procadure only. Number 201 392 ot e t simplahartionalOwnenhip ION ot ownanhip ol the FLOOR ROBINSON, 582 OLD iv6, wha er said Unknow tha la ionforuseinEACH Contra 641615687 ma datauW may be d any Public R8colds ot O nge llrt 8rf in all sidantial unrf5 timasha th ugh th6 twstae MILL CT, NORCROSS, GA Pa i65 y claim an int6rast y6a sT . - CARMEN E. LOUBRIEL ti b6tore tha tw ee's sala county,noridaforthetollo ng numb& 547-N2, 554-562, toBlosu p cedu set rth 3 3-5217 ADAM JOSEPH as Spouse, H n, Deviseas, Contrart Number. 2511300139 and URIEL GARCIA RWER ot your tin shal8 i st. lt Prop : Ona (1) Vatation 64T652, 654 62, 747-752, in F.S.721.855. Vou hava tha SAIUR, 1 TULANE DR, Grant68s, or her Claimants -SEANA.WRIGHT,177EMAIN 2550 CITRUS TOWER BLVD youdonotobjerflo et ee Owenhip lnt ( ol 754-762, 849-852, 854 60, right lo submk an obje ion D S. GA 30157-8037, D8t6ndanl(5). sTsn38o,NEw ROCHEUE, APT 5207, CURMONT, FL toBlosu protaduR, you will having a 84, 695.141. 949, 950. 9#956, 959, 960 torm. exe i ing your right to 1152, 827 37, GOLDI827- NoncE OF WE NY 10801-5711; Printipal 34711-6830:PrincipalBalance: not b6 subjart to a defiti6ncy undivided t6nant-in-tom Dn and none o her lota ed in obja totha us6 olthetru 37, STUDIO, 3Rn017, NoncE ls HEREBY BalaM6: S16,956.97; lnte st: $10,788.54;lnt t:t1,814.68; judgn nt 6v8n ifthe proceeds fa6 simplet ionalOw6nhip Buildinq entkled BUILDING tor losure pmadu . lt the S1,897.o4,So.94; 4650156y GNEN punua to ord& $2,264.34; Late Chages: L a ch : S45. ; homthesaleotyourtimeshare lnterest in all sid6ntial unhs 3, p ASE lll", BIENNIAU obje ion is filad this maWer TRAVIS WAYNE WLBURN, &ch6duling foBlow sale 845. ; TOTAL: S19.266.3o TOTA S12, .22 th ugh inl&6 al8inwrmci8nttoo et numberad 163-171, 173-177, located 168,000 Points as sh,be 5ubi8rtt0th6juditial 864 EGG HILL RD, ALAMO, or Flnal Judg t, emarad Dugh &17/2017 Dar &17n017D diam:S5.171day the amounts s uPd by th6 263-271, 273-278, 363-371, dafinad in th6 Declaration for toraclosur6 procedu on . M 38001-4310 CYNTHIA in Ci,Case No. 2017-CA- diam: S7.6Vday W aaWe . th Re . Ona (1) Vacation li . 373-378, 463-471, 473-478, us6in ODD year(sT. ma detault may b6 cu d any JEAN KILBURN, 41 COBB CV, 1129-0 otMe Ci uk Court Ona (1) Vacation Ow6nhip Owenhip lnt UOl Punuam lo the F r Debt 563-571, 57 -578 and none Contrart Number. 641248570 time beto the t st66's sale BEUS,TN38O 3737,1l1O4, r ot the 9th Judicial Ci uh in lm6 st ('vol.T having a having a 84, T35.459. Coll6rtion Pratlic,k other located in Bui ing - THADEU NOBREGA DE ot your tim6shal8 interart. lf 821n7, PLAnNuM/821-27 andtorO ngeCoun Florida, 182,0001441,210,000undivided und ded t6nant-in-common is requi d that we ata he an itled BUILDING 4, PHASE OUVEIR VAUR XAVIER you donotobjarttothat ee o, 1 BEDROOM, 3 18n017, wh6 in N ionstar ortgage t6nant- -common fee simple taesimp hartion Owekhip tollowing to you: THIS ls AN w". BIENNIAUallotated DANTAS DE OUVEIRA, to losu pDc6du,you will $2,678.90,$1.32; 46-5026961 uc, Pl ntm and lndarj66t ha ionalOwnenhiplnte in lnte&t in all idemial unhs ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A 168,0 Points as defined in KUBERCORTES BONIFACIO, not be subj6 to a deficiency cRlsnAN GONZALO NUNU Singh aR da ndant(s), |, Cle all sid6ntial unks numb8r6d numba d 1-906, 908-910, DEBTANDANYINFORMATION th6 Daclaration tor use in ODD andANACAROUNAANDRADE judgment even ittha proceeds GOMU, 951 BRICWU AVE, ot Court, T any Moora RuMell, 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- 912-914, 916922, 1001-1006, OBT NED WILL BE USED FOR year(sT. MARINHO BONIFACIO, R hom lhe 5al8 ot your tim6sha APT 910. MIAMl. FL 33131- ,sell to the h h and 346 and none otherlotated in 1 8-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- MATPURPOSE. Contrart Numbar: 640405486 GOVERNADOR JUVENAL int8restar8in5umci6mto oWset 3933 VANESSA AMORIM bidd&tor cash AT www. Bui ing enthled BUILDING 2, 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, By:GasdickSlanton Ea y,P.A -ADRIAN LOZANOand MAR LAMARnNE APTO 600, the amounts secu d by the DO NASCIMENTO. 1 0 myorang6cl8rk.r8altor6close. PHASE ll", ANNUAUallocat6d 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, Tw 6a. 1601 w. Colonial Dr EUZABETHGARZ AMERICO nRoL NATA RN, BRAZIL li6n. BRICKELL AVE APT 3411, com, AT 11:oo AM on May 29, 182, Point a defined n 1201-1204, 12,1208, 1209, O ando. FL 32804 NSPUCIO 2716. CUMBRES 590w: Au8Nm8 s Balance: Punuant to the Fair Debt MIAMl, FL 33131-3926, 11104, 2018, the tollowing d8Krib8d thaDatlarationtorusein EACH 1212-1214, 1217-1222 and Bc NJ NOAO318 20sEcT0R,M0NnRR NL $4,4o6.88: as evidenced by Colle ion p ctiB Art, k 83v30, PLAnNuM&2-30 p perty as set torth in said yea sl. none oth6r,atad in Building Ma 16,a, 18 64610, M ICO; AN8SW& Me Claim otL6n dad on is quired that wa ate the E, 1 8EDR00M, 3 17n017, F al Judgm6nt, to-w : Contra Number. enthled BUILDING 6, PHASE L1&4165 Balance: 8628. ; as evidenced January 18, 2018inlnst nt tollowing o you: THIS IS AN 82,B6o.o8.81.41; 46-50293V LOT 56, ORANGE COVE, 641255260 - SIDRACK vl", BIENNIAUallocatad byM8C imotLan&oldadon Nu 2018 35347 AmMPT TO COUECT A LEANDRA SUE BAC ACCORDING TO THE JOSE DO NASCIMENTO and 168,000 Points as d8fin6d in Janua 18,2O18inln ment ot e Public Ratords ot DEaTANDANYINFoRMAnoN 6316 TAUTON PL NW, PLAT n EREoF AS RE- MARTHA MARIA MOREIRA the Declalationtorusain MN NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Numbar 20180035394 or Me o nqa CouW, Florida tor OBTAINEDWIUBEUSEDFOR ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87120 CORDED IN PLAT BOOK NASCIMENTO, ALMEDA yea s). INnNT TO FORECLOSE Public Records ot Orange the ollowing p perty: One THATPURPOSE. JAMES E. JACKSON, 2525 34, PAGES 59 AND 60, OF GUIOMAR OMENA 2B Cont Nu 641620802 Gasdick Stanton Ea y, CouW, Floridatorth6tollowing (1) Vacalion Ow6nhip By:GasdickStanlon Ear ,P.A BENZ DR, LAS CRUCES, THE PUBUC RECORDS QUADRA E, LOT 9, MACEIO, - RODRIGO ARSENIO P.A has been appointed ProPW: One (1) Vac n lnt8r6 ( ol ) having a Twstee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr NM 880014504, 1152, OF ORANGE COUN A BRAZIL 57062-570; v uo CRESPO and as T ea by WYNDHAM Ownenhip lnt (vol 1,060,0001725,592,000 O ando,F 328O4 824141,GOLDI824-41,1 FLORIDA Principal B ance: 82o,456.73: SONIA MoNcERRAn LOPQ vAcAnoN RESORTS, INC having a 112, 0R20,7 ,5 undivided tenant-in-common Bc NJ COL NOAO318 BEDROOM, 3 16 2017, ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN lnterast: $3,097.72; Lata BASURTO, MANZANA 793, FnvA FAIRflELD RESORTS, undivided tanant-in-com Dn t86simp hartionalOw8nhip Ma h16,n, 18 S3,119.6o,$1.54; 46-50296v INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS Chag85: a5.oo; TOTAL: URB POLARIS SOLAR 23, INC FIWA F#RFIELD laasimplahartionalOwenhip lm&art in all id tial unks L16Q178 KEVIN BERNARD SHARPE FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, 8z3,599.45 thlough 8 17/2017 GUAYAQUIL GUAYAS, coMMuNlnEs. INC A lnt6r t in all Residemial Unrfs nu 501-5 . 508-510, and ANGELA wnwERsPooN OTHER THE PROPERTY D6r diem: $9.80 day ECUADOR 90150; Principal DELAWARE CORPORATION located in Building amkled 512-514, 516-522, 601-606, DANIELS, 2906 RAVENCROFT OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF tha aR&).One (1) Vacation Balanc6: $14,677.95:,a : tor the puposes ot instkuting BUILDING 1,BIENNIAU 608 10, 612 14, 616-622. NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND DR, cHARLom, NC THE us PENDENS MUST FIU OwaRhip lnle ( vol S2.237.5o: Late Chag : aTw ee FORCIOSU and Sale allocatad 224, 0 Points as 701-7,7o&71o, 712-714, INTENT TO FORKLOSE 28208-3436, 1152, 827 34, A CL#M W HIN 60 DAYS having a 166,0 441,210, $45. : TOTA S16,96o.45 und& fla. St . dafined in th6 Dacla tion for 716-722, 801-806, 808-810, LP VACArlON SUITES - PLAnNuM 827-34, STUDIO, AFnR THE SAU. undividad tenant-in-common hDugh &17n017 Der tollo ng owen a he by u58inMNy8a s). 812 14, 816-822 and non6 48203. 3125 2017, $2,244.96,$1.1 1. ' w you a a p6non w h a f66simpl8hartionalOw8nhip di&n: S7.Oyday Re . notmedthatyou a in detauW Conlrarf Numb 64 oth6r loc ed in Building Punuant to Serfion Ma h16,a, 18 disability who n ds any lnte st in all sidantial unk5 One (1) Vacation Ow ip ot ass6NnPms Tas well a5 - MARIA R SERRANO and trtl6d .BUILDING 6, PHASE 721.856, Florida Stat es, L 164161 accommodation in oTd8r to numb 131-144, 146, 231- lnte rt Uol ha ng a pDp8rfy tax6s, int,| e JOSE GUERRERO. 4915 N N ANNUAUallocated the undanign6d T ea partitip e in this proceading, 246, N1-346 and none other 84,0 R20,709,500 undividad t andlortok,rfapplicablel TALMAN AVE, CHICAGO, IL 1, 0. Poims a5 defined in as appoimed b ERGS you a anthled, at no cost to located in Building entitlad t8nant-in-com Dn ree simple du6tor 6tollowing p perfies 60625; m6nts Balance: MeDeclar iontorusain EACH nMEsHARE, uc 8RinaW6r NoncE OF TRumE's you, otha pDvision ofcertain BUILDING 2, PHASE ll", ha ional Ow&ship lntere lotaled in Oranga Coun,$573.67; as avidenced by the y s). rat to a5 .'ERGS") he by MU aNirtanc6. 6as8 conta ANNUAUallocaled 166,000 in all R8sid6mial Unrts located Florida: Claim ot Len &orded on Con arf Num 68 450 tormally notifi6s you Mat WESTGATE UWN v lhe ADA Coodin or, Human Points as defined in tha in Building ant led BUILDING Cont rf Numbar. 210330478 Janua 18,2O18inlnst ment -ENRIQUE R FONSECA,23O5 you have d6tauW8d under .01 UMO Resoukes, Oranga Coun Declaration for usa in EACH 1,ANNUAUallocat6d 84, 0 -MARILYN JOY E HEPPERLE Numbar 20180035396 of tha w DELMAR ST, BROKEN he Note and Mortgaga by OnApril13,2O18 11:OOa.m Cou house, 425 N. O nge y8a sl. Point as defined in th6 D8A MEDICAL CARE Public R6cords ot O ng6 ARROW,OK74O12and EMMA tailing to maka the payent GREENSPOON MARDER Avenue, Suh6 510, O ando, Contra Number. 641378831 - D la ion tor us6 in EACH Assoc ns, INC 645 County,Floridaforthetollowing A FONSK 1725 E OMAHA due on (See Exhibrt A ) and L 201 E. Pine Straet, Suke norida (40 83623,at least LUIZFEUPEOLIVEIRAUITAO, yea s). MCQUEEN SM H RD N Prop&ty: One (1T Vacation STAPTB6,BROWNARROW, all subs6qu8nt payments. 500, O ando, Florida 32801, 7 days b6to yoursd8dul6d AV OCTAVIO MANGABEIRA Cont Numbar 641622501 sn 302, PRATrVILU, AL Owership lntere (vol OK 74012-0366; Au8um6nts You tu ent owe ERGS the as Twstee punuant to that court app6a nc6, or 1945,APT0602C0NDPITUBA - BRUNO COME DIOGO 3 : ments Balanc6: having a 63, 01450,489.0 Balanc6:S583.87;as6vid8nc6d unt ot (Sea Mibrt A") Appointment ot Twst68 immediatay upon r6caiving lhis PRIVILEGE RESIDENCE, and CAROUNA BRAGA S731.84: as evid6nc6d by th6 undivid6d 8nant-in-t0m Dn byM8Cl motL6nr6co 8don whh int6 st aKwing at the &oded on D mbar 13, notifitation rf the time before SALVADOR, BA, BRAZIL sncc RUANICOLAROLLO Claim ot Len recordad on teesimplehartionalOwenhip January18,2O18inlnst ment rata of ISee Exhibk A p6r 2017, und Dotument # le scheduled ap ance is 41830-050; Principal Balance: 26, APTO 112 TORRE 2, Janua 18, 2018 in lnst ment lnterast in all r6sidenti unhs Number 201800035348 ot day, with gard to the tollowing 20170678598, ot tha Public | s than 7 days: if you a 822,336.45;lnte st:$3,243.93; MORUMBl, SAO PAULO, sP, Numbar 20180035354 ot the numbered 431-446, 531-546, tha Public Records ot Orange real p p8rtylocat6d in Oranga Retords of rang6 Counly, hearing or voice i pai d, c,Lat6 Chages: $40.00; TOTAL BRAZIL 05726-140; Principal Public Record5 of Orange 6 1-646andnon8oth8rlocat6d County, noridatorthelollowing Coun,Florida: (See Exhibit Florida, by ason ot a now 711. S25,62o.38 through 8 1 712017 B anc6: S14,494.75: lnleP : County, Florida for the tollowing in BuildinS enthled BUILDING p perty: One (1) Vacation .'A Time Shara ln 6rast(s) continuing defauW by Obligo s). Submmad By: D6r diem: $10.70 day $2,156.83; Late Chages: PDp8rty: One (1) Vacation 2, PHA E ll", BIENNIAU ow&rnip lnte st ("vol") (Sea Exhibh A") me tollowing (See Exhibit A,whose ATTORNEY FOR PLAINnFF: tha aWe . One (1l Vac ion $40. ; TOTA $16,691.58 ow&rnip lnter t vol") alloc ed 126, 0 Poims as ha ng a 84,0 695,141,0 Tlmasha lnta (sltonsisting add Mis(Saa ExhibhwA,in SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a Ownenhip lnte T vol thDugh &1712017 Dar having a 195.0001182,421,000 dafin6d in th6 Decla ion tor undi ded enam-in-common ot an undividad a simple the paymant or parformance GACH,uP having a 166,000 725,592,0 di : 86.9yday th6 aWa . undivided lenant-in-common u5ein ODD yea s). f86 mplehartionalOwenhip tenant in Gommon inte in ot tha obligations s6cu d by 2424 North Fadaral Highway, undividad tenant-in-Gommon One (1) Vecation Owanhip teesimplet ionalOwnenhip Contra Number. 64 137 lnt in all &idantial unks pap6tu in the Plan Unh(s) ( said Mo gag8 rd6din O.R. Surfe 360 ee 5impl8,ctional Ownership lnterast ( vol having a lnta in all sid6 ial units - HARRY JUARU. 1458 num 16J171, 173-177, Club Suh&s) sat torth balow 8ook (See Exhibrf A,Page Raton, Florida 33431 lmere in all residential unit5 84,0001920,709,500 undivided numb 302-310, 312- CONSTANCE ST APT 3, 263-271, 273-278, 363-371, in LP vAcAnoN sulns and (See Mibrt A ), ofme Public (561) 998-67 numb&ed 501-5,508-510, tenant-in-common t86 simple 314, 402-410, 412, 414 and NEW ORLEANS, LA 7O13O; 373-378. 463471, 473-478, the Condominium Common R ords ot Oranga Coun , (561) 998-6707 512-514, 516-522, 601-606, hatlional Own hip lm6 st none o her located in Building Assessments Balanca: -571,573-578 and none EI6mants and Tlmeshare Florida, including the b ach or 16-298466 FCO1 cw 608-610, 612-614, 616-622, in,R6sid8mial Un s bt ed entkled WLLAGE cENnR", $578.76; as 6videnced by the oth6r localed in Building Common Elamenls W8r6to as defauW,noticeotwhith wasset Ma 16, a, 18 701-706, 708-710, 712-714, in Building 8nthl6d BUILDING ANNUAUallocatad 195,000 Claim ot Len Pcoded on entrtlad BUILDING 4, PHASE more particularly d cribed in forth in a Notice ot Detault and L164135 716-722, 801-806, 808-810, 1", BIENNIAUallotated Poims a5 dafinad in the Janua 18, 2018 in ln nt lv, 8lENNIAUallocated and subjart to nl that c6rfain lntent to FoBlos8 provided 812-814, 816-822 and nona 168, 0 Points as defined in D laration tor usa in EACH Numb6r 20180035437 ot a 168,0 Points as d8fin6d in Amandad and Re ated to the la know addr8M othar located in Buildinq the Daclaration tor us6 in ODD yea sl. Public Records ot O nge Ma D laration tor usa in ODD DeGlaration ot Condominium ot Obligo s), (Sae Exhibh NoncE OF DEFAUL AND antitlad BUILDING 6, PHAS yaa s) . Colrtra Number. 210707097 - County, floridatorthetollowing y s). tor vlllage ot lmagine, A A,by certm egiste d INnNT ro FORECLOSE vl", ANNUAUallocatad Contra Numbar: 1251103404 BARBARA A SIMMONS, 3112 PDpar : One (1T Vacation Contrarf Numbe 1230705246 Condominium, recorded Mail or by publitation by lhe Gasditk anton Ea y, 166,000 Points as defined in - KARYUNA VALENTIN and 36TH STSW,LEHIGHACRES, Owenhip lnt (vol - DUNG u, 4M61 MANATEE November 6, 2015 in omcial undarsignad Tw ae, will sall P.A has b n appointed theDecla iontoruseinEACH LEONEL A GunERRu, FL 339 6; Ass8Nm8nts having a 63, 01410,091,0 WAY, nMEcuLA, CA 92592; Records Book 11009, Page pu ic auctiontothe highe as Tw aa by WYNDHAM yaa s). 8240 CAMBOURNE CT, Balanca: 81,129.26; as undividad tenant-in-tommon Ass sm ts Balance: 7799 in tha Public Racords ot bidder for law,Dn6y oflhe vAcAnoN RESORrS, INC Contra Number. 381516178 GAITHERSBURG, MD 20877- e den d by tha Claim of fe6simpl8ha ionalOwanhip 8582.o5; as evidenced by tha O nga Coun,norida he Unh6dStat8sotAm6rita,inth8 FIWA FAIRFIELD RESORrS, - DAVID RICARDO 1198; Printip Balant6: L6n rd6d on Janua 18, lnt&6st in all Bidential un s Claim of Len recoded on Condominium Declarationh); lobby ot Surfe 500, ot Capkal INC FIWA FAIRFIELD HERMOSILLA COLMENARES $8,621.51; lnt& : S1,367.79; 2018 in lnstwment Numbar numbe 731-746, 831- January 18, 2018 in lnst m6nt and (ii) that cartain D6claration Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine coMMuNlnEs, INC A gnd TANIA ELEONORA L e Chages: a5.oo; 201 358 ot the Public 846, 9M, 934, 937-942 and Numb& 2018 3N50 ot the ot Covenants, Condrfions and St,O ando, Fl 32801, all DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN HERRERA DE HERMOSILLA, TOTAL: 81o,o34.3o ugh R ords ot Orange Coun,none otherloc ed in Building Public R olds ot Orange R riction5 and Vacation right, tkle and int8r6 in the tor the puposas ot in k ing LLA VERDE 1 CASA 5-c, 811712017D6rdi8m:$4.251day Florida for lha tollowing entrfl6d BUILDING 2, PHASE Coun ,floridatorthetollowing Ownanhip ln ment tor LP p perfy 5rfuat8d inthe Coun / aTw 86 Fo&losureand Sala KM 19.5 CARRETERA A the aRer). One (1) Vacation PDp8rfy: One (1) Vacation ll", BIENNIAUalloc ed PDp y: One (1) Vac ion Vacation Suk,r odad on ot O nga, Florida, d8wrib6d under na. Stat. 721.856. ma FRAIJANES, GUATEMALA Owanhip lnte ( vol Owenhip lnte st ( vol") 126,000 Points as defined in Ow&ship lm6 ( vol November 6, 2015, in omcial as:TS Exhibh A TlmeShaP tollowing owan a h&eby cl GUATEMALA, 01001; having a 84, 695,141, 0 having a 112,0001704,420,000 the Declarationtorusain ODD having a 84,000 704,420,000 R6GO 5 Book 110,Page lnte (s) (s Exhibrf A as notm6d that you are in dafauW Principal BalancB: S16,293.91 : undivid6d tenant-in-com Dn undivided tanant-in-Gommon yea s). undividad tanant-in-common 8650, in the Public Retords d6fin8d in th6 D6cla ion ot of M6 not6 and mo gag6 tor lnt : S2,367.58; Late f simpl6 ha ion Own6nhip tee simpleha ional Ownanhip Contrart Number: 640723334 - tee simpla ha ional Own8r5hip ot Orang6 Coun,Florida (the Covenants, Condkions and the tollo ng p p&ties lotatad Chages: $45.00; TOTA lnte rt in all &id6ntial unrfs lnt in all residential unks sAaRINA D CARRERAS, 209 E lm in,sidential unks fim85ha Declaration"). me R8 rittionstorW6stgata Lakes in O nge CouW, florida: $18,706.49 through 811712017 num 163-171, 173-177, num 663-671, 673-678, EUCLID ST, VAUEY STREAM. num 663-671, 673-678, Condominium Declaration and v, Bod8d in omcial Recods cormarf Numb6 641653316 Der diem: 87.5&day 263-271, 273-278, 363-371, 763-771, 773-n8, 863-871, NY 1 1580; ms 763-7T1, 773-778, 863-871, the Tlmesha Detlaration, as Book 9580, at Paga 608, ot -VICTOR H. RODRIGUU, 238 the aWer). One (1T Vacation 37J378, 463-471, 473-478, 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, B ance: $582.05; as evidencad 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, each may ba hrm& am8nd6d he Public R ods ot Orange LT GUNN ZAMORSKI DR, Owne hip lnte ('.vol 563-571, 573-578 and none 1 3-1071. 1073-1078 and byM6Claimof Len &oded on 1063-1071, 1073-1078 and tDmtin totime,a h8 inaW8r County, Florida (tha Plan"). EUZABETH, NJ 07206-1521; having a 105,000 735,459,000 other located in Buildinq none o h6r locatad in Building Janua 18, 2018 in ln wn&t nonB oth locatad in Building coll lvely rele to as the and,am8nd Bnt(s) th6 lo, Princip Balanta: $67,435.64; undivided tenant-in-tommon 8nthl6d BUILDING 4, PHAS 8 rfl6d BUILDING 4, PHASE Number 20180035439 ot the ent led BUILDING 4, PHASE wD8clar ions"; 9501 Univanal fi any.Tog6th6r wM the righl lnt t: $1 0,206.74; L e lee simple hactional Own6 hip,BIENNIAUallotated lv, BIENNIAUallocated Public Records of Orange,BIENNIAUallocated Boulevad, O ando, FL 32819, to oKupy, punuan to h6 Chages: $40.00; TOTAl lnt8r85t in all sidantial unrfs 168,000 Points as defined in z24,ooo Points as defined in County, Florida tor the following 168,000 Points as defined in Building e in Tlme Share Plan, Building(s) l Unk(s) l Unrf S77,682.38 thDugh 811712017 number 901-906, 90&910, tha Datlaration tor use in ODD tha Declaration tor usa in EVEN Proparty: One (1) Vacation th6 Declaration tor usa in EVEN Plan ( roperty) Addr8s5"). As W68kTsT l Auignad Yea s), D& diam: $32.311day 912-914, 916-922, 1001-1006 y6a s). yea sl. Owanhip lnt (wol") yea s). a suW ot the afo mantioned (See Exhibh A . 10,000 Me aWe . One (1) Vacation 1008-101o, 1O12-1O14, 1016- Cont Number. 1851610840 Com ct Numbe NO7321O8 having a 84,000 704.420,0 Conharf Numb6r. 1230716375 detauW, ERGS he by elerts Tu ey Lak6 Road, O ando, Owenhip lnt est (vol 1022, 1101-1104, 11,1108, - STACEY DANIELU CROWE - W H ANTHONY and undivid6d tenant-in-common - MARGARET COUMAN to sell the PDp8 y punuan FL 32819 6 in Tlme Share having a 505,000 T35,459,0 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, and JAMES AURED CROWE SANG A NANDl, 105 tee 5impl8hartionalOw8nhip and PAUL COLEMAN, to &ion 721.856, Florida Plan proparty) Add ss")Said undivid6d tanant-in-common 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, |||, 2M6 BURW MEMORIAL WESTBOURNE PARK lnt& t in all Bid8ntial unrfs 409 MORNING SUN DR, Stat rtes. Please be advised sale will be made (w ho fee simple ha ional Ownership 1212-1214, 1217-1222 and PARK ROAD, VALDESE, NC ROAD, LONDON w2 5QH, numb6r8d 663-671. 673-678, M#NENUE, OH 45039; that in the evant that your cov8nants,orwa an ,8xp N