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March 21, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 21, 2003

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PAGE4 HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH MARCH 21, ] z sl hz From 'Zero to Zero' The week of Super Sunday hit home hard for me. I was making calls to "zeros," people who make no gift to our Jewish community. I want to quote a few of the responses I heard. - If you're quoted, I only hope you're duly em- barrassed by your unenviable chutzpah, total disregard of all things Jewish, and your stone cold heart. "We give through the J." Lo and behold, Marvin Friedman, the executive director of the JCC was nearbywhen I made this call. This individual gives nothing to the J (so they were using this as their untruthful way out), and obviously didn't understand (though I tried to explain) that a gift through the Federation to our Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign helps nearly every Jewish organization and agency in town, as well as Jews worldwide. He didn't budge. ZERO! "My brother lives in Israel and gives lots of money there." Huh? Does that have anything to do with charity at home? And does the giving of your family get you out of your own charitable responsibilities to the rest of hu- By Carl Alpert inanity? My brother gives to environmental organizations. Guess that gives me the right to pollute and start forest fires. ZERO! "My wife is sick right now." It's understand- able if someone has suffered setbacks in life and doesn't have the money this year to give. But if that's the case there could be an addendum: I want to give. I'll give when my situation improves. Honestly, while this per- son may have been telling me the truth, he was using his wife's illness as an excuse to get off the phone with me. ZERO! "We can't. We're selling our house." Huh? What does that have to do with charitable giving? Here's one that ties into that. "We can't. We just bought a condo in Breckenridge." Guess they've got their priori- ties screwed on straight. If you make money on your house, will you give? Maybe the first answer was, "We're selling our house because we can't afford it any longer and we're cutting back everywhere." I can believe and sympa- thize there. But when my wife and I sell our house years from now, we'll give more, not less, if we turn a profit. ZERO! "I can't see so I can't donate." Excuses excnses. The blind (if that's truly the case) are not exempt from charity. In fact, they're the beneficiaries of some of the world's great charitable causes. If you follow this line of logic, you can't donate if you're hard of hear- ing, over 60, under 5'6", blonde, illiterate, illegitimate, flat-footed, pigeon-toed, or had your wisdom teeth out, so you can't speak either. ZERO7 "My son and daughter are on ships Mediterranean. You c~ not my money." Wow! This quote was not made up. To this unabashedi, parent I can only say that my children more precious to me than all the wealth world, and if you value your money so, Midas-shrew, then may the rest of be as empty as the vessel you ZERO ZERO ZERO! The other sides of Super Sunday, are the little mitzvoth that occur spontane- ously. A man will say he can't g just lost his job, and he's referred to Jewish Family Services, which helps him with emer- gency money for food and utility bills. Some- one refuses to give because the JCC costs too . much, and they're presented with an opportu- nity to apply for financial assistance. A young newlywed gets introduced to the communitY through Super Sunday and finds a synagogue, or a get-together, or a home for their elderly parent. These are the flip sides when volun teers on the phone let someone know it's not just what you can do for your community, it's also what your community can do for you. As Jews we're here for one another, and that, the end, is what Super Sunday week Jewish charities are all about. The opinions expressed in the writer's, and not those of the Heritage ~ any other Jewish organization. That's good word until next week. Write the Heri" tage, or e-mail your comments, critiqueS, and concerns to A digression from the news HAIFA--Even as the clock ticks on, even as the hourglass gives up its last remaining grains of sand, the mind seeks surcease from ten- sions. The Israeli finds ample outlets in the oddities and the idiosyncrasies which so often characterize life here. For example Thirty Days! Edward Gadayev was sen- tenced to six years imprisonment by a Tel Aviv court for his part in a protection racket. After serving four years, he was released for good behavior and hastened home to celebrate with family and friends. In the midst of the celebration the phone rang, and the prison authorities, on the line, apologized for their mistake. He had been released a month too early. Come back to jail. He went back. Will Israel Be Big Enough? In response to Israel's reported willingness to accept as immi- grants some 21,000 Falash Mura Ethiopians, who claim family relationships with Ethiopian Jews already in Israel, an Ethiopian govern- ment official has warned Israel that it was opening itself up to possible similar claims from an additional 30 million Ethiopians. * How Times Change. In the early days of the state kibbutz members were prominent as of. ficers in the infantry. Today, statistics show, there are more wearers of kipot (yarmelkes) as infantry officers, than kibbutz members. o A Wasted Vote. Treasured mementos of the recent election are the brochures distributed by the party which backed the Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Kadourie. In the brochure the rabbi promised that those who voted for the party would be protected from terrorist attacks, car accidents and disease, and would be blessed with success and happiness. The party received only a few thousand votes. The People of the Books. A survey has revealed that 38 percent of Israelis don't read books. Of those who do, 31 percent read a book a week; 25 percent every two or three weeks; 29 percent every month or two. Seven percent once every three to five months, and six per- cent every six months to a year or more. And He Lives On. When 25-year-old Nir Fisher was killed in a road accident, his trans- planted body parts helped save the lives of five patients. Yisrael Harosh, who received the heart, paid tribute to the donor by changing his name to Yisraei-Nir Harosh. Business is Business. Though the figure was less than the previous year, Israeli exports to Arab countries still amounted to $106.4 million in 2002. The countries involved were Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, Lebanon and the Gulf Emirates. Baseball Strikes Israel. After several years of effort, baseball is finally making headway in Israel, and some 800 young people are cur- rently enrolled in 70 teams in the Israel Base- ball League. Centers of activity include Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Raanana, Kfar Saba, Rehovot, Modiin, Bet Shemesh, Omer and Haifa. Read All Over. Israel has eight daily news- papers, eleven national weeklies, 90 local pa- pets, 65 miscellaneous periodicals and 30 pa- pers in Arabic. Only 69 percent of Israelis read a paper daily, but 92 percent buckle down with a week-end paper. Smallest, But It's Ours. The Carmelit, Haifa's underground cable car, connects the top of Mt. Carmel with the city at sea level, running through six stations. It is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the short- est subway in the world. Its length is 1.8 kilo- meters (1.1 miles). New Blood Donors. Israel's equivalent of the Society for the Protection of Animals has called on dog and cat owners to bring their pets in to donate blood. Donors will get a free blood THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. INDEPENDENT JEWISH VOICE O O my m O O O CENTRAL FLORIDA'S ISSN 0199-0721 Winner of 36 Press Awards HERITAGE Florida Jewish News ( ISN 0199-0721 ) is published weekly for $34.95 per year to Florida ad- dresses ($41.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE Central Florida Jewish News, Inc 207 O'Brien Road, Suite 101, Fern Park, FL32730. Periodicals postage paid at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes and other correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. ee By Morris J. Amitay in the U.S. Congress have been raised seek" ing concrete ways to express disl As our nation prepares to go to war amidst France's perfidy. The lesson to be much controversy and criticism there are here will be that there are limits to how long already valuable lessons to be learned from you can continue to spit in Uncle Sam's eye the unprecedented turmoil surrounding the before he takes notice and reacts accord" president's courageous decision, ingly. Foremost, we will have seen the end of the Closer to home, taking a look at the strong United Nations as being able to provide any anti-warsentimenton our college campuseS, kind of moral leadership or wield significant we can either just blame it on their youth" influence in times of crises. The U.N. has or acknowledge the manipulation of stU" become a poor joke with a Libya heading its dents by faculty members far to the Human Rights Commission and a compara- nation's political mainstream. With many~ tive pygmy like France having veto power in the teachers having cut their political the Security Council. This means thata more during the Vietnam era this might offer a suitable role for the U.N. will be as a glorified logical explanation, along with the fact that International Red Cross providing humani- our universities no longer require a cour~ tarian services but little else. The blame for in American history. But while the mail1 the inane decision to seek Security Council thrustoftheantiwarmovementofthe approval to do what has to be done shouid fall was "Hell no - we won't go" in response directly on Colin Powell. Having managed to the military draft, no one is compelling save Saddam as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs one at Berkeley to die for his countr Ir in 1991, Powell has acted in another capacity "Hell no, who wants them to go?" to try and do it a second time by convincing more appropriate. Perhaps it is time the president of the necessity of having the alumni to take a more direct interest in w imprimatur of this international body. The is being taught at their alma maters spectacle of our wooing such mighty powers they support so generously. as Angola, Cameroon and Chile while offer- Another lesson which recent experie~ ing billions to a reluctant Turkey is more has taught us is that the New York Times test and bags of pet food. than enough to turn one's stomach. And longer comes even close to fulfilling Sense of Humor. An ad on the humor page hav!ng to rely on the judgment of a "see no - "all the news that's fit to print." Its ince~ of Yediot Achronot: The large chain stores and evil Hans Blix (who conveniently forgot to sant campaign against regime change in Ir .~ has so ermeat nerabl other selected storesare preparing to launch a cite the development of Iraqi drones), and p ed its pages, this ve . special, unprecede nted campaign: You Haven't the leadership of Kofi Annan borders on the publication has become a caricature of itse~ Bought? : You Don t Have to Pay[ comic. For subjecting our nation to these Forexample, thedayfollowingthePreside~t.f What s In a Name? The most popular name " degrading experiences we have our State news conference devoted mainly to Iraq, l ~'^ ' " " "n w given tonew-bom baby boys here is Daniel, Departmenttothank.Butitgetsworse, asan oflts fiveop-eds all arguedagamstgol gd- followed by David, Iti, Ro'i and Ido Among unnamed State Department official let it be war. The fifth, thankfully, concerned ina infantgirlsthelistisledbyNoa, Aya, Shira, Adf, known to theNew York Times last weekend equate support staff salaries at Yale -" to~ Aden and Yael. Among Muslim Arabs the list is that Secretary Powell agrees with the Euro- which in fairness, they did not blame led by Muhammed. peans"that the stalemate over the peace plan dent Bush. Its lead editoria And now, let's get back to Iraqi missile has hampered the American ability to get Saddam "one more chance" and the fo scares, unemployment, lackoftourists, terror- approval for a resolution on Iraq at the Secu- ing day it again incredibly opined, ist attacks, higher taxes and internal political rity Council." What State was saying here is more time and an escalation of infighting, among other concerns.~ that Israel is to blame for Powell's failure to Hussein might yet buckle." Right. get broad international support to go to war one would look for balanced coverage against Saddam. The lesson to be learned newspaper with such an obsessive, here is that our nation's Middle East policies this point, futile agenda, escapes me. are too important to be left to the State And a final lesson. When it comes to 1: Editor/P~iir~r Department. dicting presidential performance, in the Jeffrey Gaeser Our relationship with France will never be it is character which should be the dete Editor Emeritus Associate Editor Gene Stare Kim Fischer Society Editor Bookimpiag Gloria ousha Elaine Schoopmg Circulation Rachel Hughes Account Executives Barbara do Carmo Marci Gaeser Sara Crusade Contributing Columnists Jim Shipley Carl Alpert Tim Boxer David Bomstein Gail Simons MAILING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER P.O. Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 email: Production Department David Lehman Teri Marks Rachel Levy the same again as Chirac and Villepin have native factor. President Clinton was ' reached new lows in America-baiting and gent, articulate, politicall gratuitous sabotaging ofour objectives. Presi potential for greatness. OvershadoWJ dent Chirac who once called Saddam "a per- these qualities, however, was a lack sonal friend" is about to see this relationship acter reflected in his overriding "what end. While German, Chinese and Russian for me" philosophy. We are fortunate behavior can be explained in conventional time tohaveapresidentwho mightiJ political and economic terms, French behav- open to criticism for a lack of sophis~ ior goes beyond greed and self-interest. It but who makes up for this, by reflects an inbred hostility borne of patho- national interest above his own logical envy of our country, along with a terest. In doing so, he deserves our well-deserved inferiority complex and the support in the days ahead, dir c. realization that the Gallic quest for "gran- MorrieAmitayisaformerexecuti~eu' deur" has been a dismal failure.Already voices tor of AIPAC.