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March 10, 1978     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 10, 1978

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Page 4, Friday, March 10, 1978, HERITAGE , IL,00 OU ve Got to Have Mazel Governor Milton J. $happ is, I financial. He is an engineer and It is good for everyone t ' believe, the only Jew who ever an- becamea millionairethrough cable second occupation. nounced his candidacy for U.S. Presi- television. / '  dent. He didn't get very far in the race, It is good to have another vocation to go back to farming, raising l Jefferson could raise more but it probably didn't trouble him too fall back on if you are in politics. Con- which he introduced to the Editor's Desk By (7ne Starn, Editor & Publisher I really don't want to write about the American Nazis and all the ruckus these disassociated hand- fuls of egocentric bigots are causing throughout the land. But with the memory of those other swastika swine so clearly implanted in our minds, it's hard to ignore the publicity they are getting. Skokie, Ill. -- Judge rules to allow Nazi march to take place in predominantly Iosh neigh- borhood, citing freedom of peech guaranteed by U.S. Constitution. St. Louis -- City to allow Nazi march at "con- vention" because it will not take place in predominantly Jewish neighborhood. San Francisco -- City allows Nazis to continue meetings in city park building; claims they have same rights on restricting members as the Girl Scouts. Houston -- Court rules that Nazi telephone message claiming to pay $500 to anyone killing a Jew or Black in self-defense is legal, refuses to grant injunction to block. Tampa -- Who painted swastikas defacing Univ. of South Florida buildings is still a mystery to police. No arrests made. There is no single American Nazi party as such, just 13 scattered fragments of people, all claiming to be the true spirit of Adolph Hitler.. '. a few in Cleveland, in Washington, in Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco and God-knows where else. Hitler started with a handful, and many pro- liberal thinkers will say, "It can't happen here, this is America." Our legal constitutionalists and civil libertarians point to the Nazis' right to free speech, free assem- bly, and to deny them these rights would be a step toward having these same rights denied to others, eventually eroding this fundamental freedom of ours. But how can we equate freedom of speech with groups of maniacal marauders who openly call for the elimination of an even more basic freedom -- the freedom to live, to live without fear of the recurrence of another Holocaust. The American Civil Liberties Union says it is arguing for the Nazis rights We perceive it as a very broad distinction, not of rights, but as a licee for the Nazis to continue their assault on the basic American system of' 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happinese." Asked about her reaction to the suggestion that both President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin be nominated for the next Nobel Peace Prize, Mrs. Meir replied: "I don't know about the Nobel Prize, but they certainly deserve an Oscar." This week's issue of Heritage is, in my opinion, such a vast improvement over those of recent weeks, that I wanted to express my appreciation in thisway. Not only have you added pages but, what is more im- pertant, you have added ar- ticles that are worth reading. An increase of news items of local interest -- and you'll really have a first rate paper. Keep it up and the best of luck. ALBERT BERK Maitland "HERITAGE welcomes and en- ceurages letters to the editor, but they must be signed. We wlU withhold your name if you so request. Please limit letters to words. Due to space I/mlta|toB, we reserve the right to edit letters .ff necessary. Send letters to P.O. Box 446, Altomo-to Springs, FL 32701. much. I can still play the violin, he said. The other day the papers say, the Governor gave a violin concert. King David no doubt in the same way turned to his harp. He wasn't defeated much, but he liked to play the harp anyway. And he is remembered today more for the songs he wrote--the Psalms-than for his political accom- plishments. Thomas Jefferson too played the violin and one feels he got more pleasure from it than from his political office. Governor Shapp, it is said, has another ambition. It is to bring a musical play which he wrote to Broad- way. Perhaps if the public had known of his musical and histrionic sides, he would have made a better run for the Presidency. Ronald Reagan got to be known through his theatrical career. Shapp is indeded a man of many sides. He is not only political and musical, but also technological and sider the case of Bella Abzug. She has now been thrice defeated in her political ambitions. She threw her hat in the ring three times-and it is quite a hat-and lost. Lost by a small margin. That makes it harder to bear. You've got to have mazel, as Jews say. Henry Clay seemed to have everything, but when the time came for elections he had no mazel and people who were little known got the office he seemed to deserve. He said he would rather be right than President but who can be right so much? Politics can be embittering. Washington had complete success in it, but his last years in office were not pleasant and he said he would rather be on his farm than emperor of the world. General Sherman was often talked of in connection with the Presidency, but he put his foot down. "If nominated, I will not accept, if elected, I will not serve," he said. And the public knew he meant it. Moshe Dayan can go back to He really knows or back to archaeology. paigns in the Sinai, study. The rabbis of old had cupations from which they their financial support. tailor, another a pharmacist. more recent times, Chayim ran a grocery a time. He closed it when some of the customers were the store because he was with it-and other grocer. He fair to the other grocer. Yes, everyone should have s occupation. Take the who built the big business used to say to himself, "I go back to bookkeeping," H a bookkeeper. Carnegie to The "Vanishing Jew' (Editor-in-chief emeritus, JTA) ( Copyright 1978, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) More and more demographic studies are now being made by experts, all predicting "the coming. shrinkage" of the Jewish population in this country. Reasons for this prediction include reduced birth-rate, growing intermarriage, assimilation, the breaking down of traditional family ties, increases in the number of Jewish divorces, escalation in the number of "one-parent" families, and other factors. A look at the picture shows that some 25 years ago there were a few more than 5 million Jews in the U.S. Today there are three- quarters of a million more. The present total of the Jewish population is higher than that of five years ago. This estimate, published in the American Jewish Year Book, was made by Alvin Chenkin, head of the Statistical Department of the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds. Today's total is, however, smaller than that of 1971 which reached the highest point in American Jewish history and was estimated at 6,060,000. The drastic decline in Jewish birth-rate is being given by demographers as one of the major causes of the projected shrinking of the Jewish community. The present birth-rate among Jews is lower than among non-Jews. It is below the "Zero-Population" mark, with the difference being made up partly by the fact that there are more elderly Jews because of longevity. The estimate of some experts is that should the present low birth-rate continue, the Jewish population will be reduced to 4 million w/thin the next 70 years. But 70 years is a long span. Developments during a period of seven decades may change a lot of things. And who knows? They may also change to bring a "boom" in Jewish births. This was the case only about 10 years ago, when Jewish mothers wan- ted to have more babies. Sociologists assert that if Jewish families would start having at least three children, the Jewish com- munity may not need to fear a "coming shrinkage." THE ENEMY WITHIN: Reduced fertility is, however, not the only major factor in the drop in the Jewish population. Inter- marriage is just as dangerous for the future of the community. All the demographic studies agree that intermarriage will con- tinue to grow. Taking into account con- versions into Judaism as well as out of Judaism-and the dropping of religious af- filiations by both members of an intermarried couple-- intermarriage is reported to produce a net Jewish loss of about one quarter in cases where the Jewish spouse is a Catholic or a Protestant. In cases where Jews marry members of minor "neutral" religions, such as Ethical Culture of Univer- salism, the net population loss is almost one half. In the case of reduced Jewish fertility, the com- munity can still attempt to combat the tendency to have less children by developing programs of intensified propaganda. Also through special communal aid to larger Jewish families, as is the case in Israel and in other countries seeking to stimulate an increase in bir- ths. However, there is no ef- fective cure against the growth in intermarriage. Intermarriage, and disaf- filiation have been widely explored by Jewish policymakers, but no solution to these problems have yet been found. Accord- ing to Dr. Steven Cohen, a leading expert, "aside from a few palliatives regarding fertility, there is no reasonable chance of stem- ming Jewish population decline, and there is little chance that any act of the individual or collective will can halt the shrinkage in American Jewry. ACCENT ON EDUCATION: Dr. Saul P. Wachs, dean of Gratz College, has listed the dimension of the problem and laid special stress on the need for a better Jewish education. Jewish population erosion, he assert- ed, can best be affected by helping Jews to become bet- ter Jews deriving greater meaning from their Jewishness, At the same time, he em- phasized that Jewish education can contribute lit- tle or nothing towards the reversal of the two threatening trends in Jewish life--Zero-Population growth and assimilation--inter- marriage-apostacy-unless its efforts are a part of a con- scious stance taken by the organized Jewish com- munity. The ultra-Orthodox groups in American Jewry were cited by him as examples of elements who pressures of decline tinue to to create and Jewish characterized by mitment, creativity. They function as ideal the eyes of the the Jewish in the opinion of Dr. there is much them in problem of erosion. 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