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March 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 9, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 9, 2018 PAGE 29B 492111450, $1,194.50, $0.59;,enclosed objertion torm, Blvd Mimmee. FL 34747. Ln. Gordo, AL 35466-5255, 04002, 2 All Season-Float the undekigned t rtee's Center, &oded in the omci Wee Flo Unh, B-1605, 44/ K8nne F E Dent Sr and Ma 6x8 ising your right to obje Building (herein fime Sha 1 Fixed WeeWFloat Unit, Week/Float Unk, 4000-118, ceipt of your signed obi ion R ords Book 1564, at Page ODD, 1112312016, 4937n15. L Dem, 5114 Saint Geoges to the use of the t ee Plan (P pe y) AddPss'.). As B-15,6 H0LE, 8/21/2016, 4000-25c, 4000-42D, 4000- form, the to&lowre ot th6 1479, of the Public R ods $983.80, $0.49; Monique D Ave, BaWi D,MD 21212, 1 tor8closuR proceduR. Upon a suW of the afoRmentioned 465V1027, $1,868.80, $0.92; 81A. 2T/EVEN, 11nvEN, 271 n rtgage wkh Rspert to the of Oweola CouW, Florida,Williams, 3690 Winthell Rd. All Sea5on-Float Wee Float the undenigned t ee.s d8tauW,W6stgateherebyelecls Tamara M Haase and F d EVEN, NnvEN, 5/27/2016, defauW specified in this noti (Me Plan . Tog&h wkh Me ' Shaker Heights, OH 44122 Unk, 5800-41C, 5800-41D, ceipt of your signed objection to sell the p perty punuant,J Haase, 2283 Windland Dr, 437011 192. $3.259.78,shall be subjert to le judicial righ to occupy, punuant to Ca ie L Scwggs, 4180 East 19nvEN. 19nvEN, 7 1/2016. form, the foPclosure of the to Sertion 721.856, Florida Lawrenceville, GA 3,2 81.61; F ncisto J Arias and to&lo u pDtedu on . the Plan, Building(sWnh(s) 187tn St, Cleveland, OH 44122 487v592, $2,335.12, $1.15; mortgage with resperf to the Statlrt8s. Please be advised All Season-Float WeaMloat Samantha v Arias and Pelagia You have lhe right lo wP (s Exhibrf .A"), during Unk Valerie A Sta s HuWon, 10023 Geovanni E Luna and lvonne G dafauW specified in this no ice that in the event lhat your Un,B-1510, B-1700. 8/ Arias. Santo Domingo. R.D your defauN in the lner set Week(s) (See Exhibrf A,Ridgewood Ava, Twinsbug. Luna, 6623 Babcock Road Apt shall be subject to he judicial oblig ion is not brought cunent WHOLE, 8 H0U, 711512016, Residencial vllla Espana, Santo fo h in this notice 3t any tinP during Assigned Y s), ( OH 44087, 112,Season-Float 108, San Antonio, M 78249, 1 to closure pDteduR only. (including Me payment of any 449V2875, 84,898.18. 82.42; Domingo. R.D Santo Domingo, b8loR the twrt 's s e ot your Exhib A . 77 We gate WeeMloat Unrf, B-1616, 431 All Season-Float Wee Float You haue the rigM to UR fees incu by Wertgate in GeogaEToge,573WendtRd. DOMINICAN REPU8LIC, 2 tim8shaRimerest.lfyoudo not Bhd KiMim . FL 34747, EVEN, 11/2412016, 48331473, Unrf. 5800-64A, 5800-64B, 19/ your defauW in the manner set commencing this foBloSuR,Angola. NY 14006, 1/2 Fixed ' All Sea5on-Floa WeeMloat objert to the use ot Me w ee Building a in fime Share $2,292.56, $1.13; Adrienne E EVEN, I9nvEN, 711v2016, to h in this notice al any ti P pm8N) wkhin thirty (30),Wee Float Unrt, B-1703, 6/,Unk, 4000-84A, 4000-84B, to closuR p ceduR, you will Plan (PDp8 Add&s'.). As Pe on, 1745 Lexington Ave 492111398, s2,297.68, $1.13; betore the lru ee.s sale of your days f m e fikt date ot,ODD, 9/1512016, 46551238c, 4000-84c. 4000-84D. 44/ not be subjert to a deficiency a suW of the afo mentioned Apl. 4F, New Yo,NY 10029- Jana Sue Huddle on, 5053| timeshaRinteP . lfyou do not publlcation, the undenigned $983.80, $0.4 ODD, 44/0DD. 4410DD, 441 judgment even fi Me pD s d&auw,we g e he by elerts 3567, 1 AllSeason-FloatWeekl Che er Dr. p mo h, Ml objarttothe use ofthet ee Tw shall proc d wrm the Ma hg,16, o1a i ODD, 8/2412016, 485911025, homthe sale ofyourtim haT8 to sell the Dp8r pu uanl Float Unk, B-1804, 1 H0LE, 48170, Shawon L R8sp M, oBlosuP pDceduR, you will sale ot tne p perty as provided L 163840 $1 ,638.40,; Ma ricio Cardenas inte aPinsuMcientto omet to &ion 721.856, Florida 1 11231201 6. 481511 105, 2415 T of K6nn8saw not be subjertto adeficiency in Serfion 721.856, Florida and Magda Y Cadenas the amoums s8cuRd by the Stal es. Pleasa be advised S1,868.8O, $0.92; Synthia | pW NW N p, Kenne5aw, GA judgmenteven rfthe p ceeds Stat es, in whith case, the,and Luis F Cadenas, 68 Drtgag8. By: GREENSPOON that in the event that your Santos, Ubanizacion ANuras 30152-8219, 1 All Season- homthe sale ofyourtimeshaR undenigned T stee shall: (1),NOTICE OF DEFhULTAND Blacksmith Rd, Levmown, MARDER, LLP Trustee obligalion is not bDught cu ant De Bucarabones, Calle 49 Float WeeMloat Unrf. 6000- inte a insuMcienlto of et Provide you whh wrmen notice ' INTENT TO FORECLOSE NY 11756 Marfha L Benrfez EXHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF (including We pay nt ot any - Buzon 132. Toa AWa. PR 52A, 52B, 1VEVEN, 1v the amoums secu d by the ofthe sale, includingthe date, WWTGATE TOWN CENTER De Cadenas, 102 13 1/2 14 DEFAULT AND INTENT TO t s incu by W gate in 009N, 112,Season-Float EVEN, &1012016, 498v1775, ' mortgage. By: GREENSPOON time and location ther t: (2) FILE: 3.0215 112 St Howad, NY 11414, 1 FORECLOSE: comm cing this to&losuR Wee Flo Un,B-1804, 41 S2,26o.24, $1.11; Jose B MARDER,LLP T ee. Recod the notice of s e in Punuant to Saction All Season-Float WeeMloat Owne sVObligo s), fiaa pmeyT wrthin Mir (30) ODD, 11 24n016, 49 110g8, Monje and Anna A Vagas WHIBIT A" - NOTICE OF the Public Recods of Osceola 721.856, Florida Stat es, Un,5800-21A, 5800-21B, lnterert. 8uildin Unh, Week, days hom e fim date of $983.80, So.49: Paula C deDn, Calle Paccieri 927 DEFnuLT AND INTENT TO Coun,Florida; and(3) Publish the undenigned Twstee as 3/0DD, 310DD, 9 412016, DelauW D e, Boo Page ot public ion, Ma undenigned Gam6r, 1313 Emsworth Dr, Casi Oquendo, Cochabamba, FORECLOSE: acopyotthenotiteofsaletwo appoi ted by WESTGATE 4736/1775,$1,194.50,;Cha as Recorded Mortgage, D&auW Tw,pm d w the Ch 8akR, VA 2M20, 112 | BOLIV#, 1 All Season-Float Owne (s)IObligor(s), Tlm8shaR (2) ti s, onca each week, tor VACATION VILLAS, LLC,M Grimn, M51 Ho B 8ad Pl, unt, Per Diem t: s 8otM8PD aspDvid8d Sea n-Float WaeklFloat Unk, Weeklhoat Unk, 6000-53A, lnta rf, BuildingNnk, Week, two (2) SUCC8M 8 weeks, in,e naWer t to as Lancarter.SC2972O-63 fika Mil6ydis Henandez, 660 in & n T21. 6, florida B-1811, 3010DD, 11 2N016, -NB, 35nvEN, 351 DefauW Dat6, BooklPage ot an Osc laCouWnewspaper, We g e") he by formally M Williams. 2025 Hamil Ridge B6|| Rd Apt 2,Anbod, TN S Lrt . in which . the 489711700,$1,194.50,S0.59. WEN, 712612016, 489 1006, R8God8d Morfgage, De uW pDvid8d such a nawspapar notm you Mat you have Rd,Waxhaw,NC28173,1 2#| 37013, 1n #| n-Floal und&s n Tw ee sh&|: (1) Ma hg,16,2O 8 $2,335.12, $1.15; Florence Amount, Per Diem AnDunt: exi salthetima ofpublishing. de uWed under the Nota Season-Floal Wee Flo Unk, WeaMloat Unk, 4 . 3T PDvid8 you w wrmen notice L 183837 | AdaranDla and OluBe A Jesus J #va do Vasquez lf you,to cu e de uW and Mortgage by iling to 6100-83F, 45 0DD, 9n012016, MN, 7 2 016, 1743, ot e sale,includingthe date, Adar la, 304 #d and PriKill8AAvila Sandoval, as B foM in this notice or make the pay&t due on 412111449, $1,194.50, So.59; g1,918.6o, So.95; Akil K ti and bta on th f; (2T Trace. Aurtell, GA 31068, 112 Residenci& ladas Clu er. taka other appDpriat8 artion,(See Exhibrt A and all Merla Mc Leod Joyeau, Wllliams, 1045 G St Record e not e ot sale in NoncE OF DEFAULT AND ,n-Float Mloat Lo5 Olivos Calle 11 A 97. wkh gard tothisfoBlosur8 wbseque t payn nts. You Cha o e St et, St. Joseph, Birmingh m, AL 3521T-3427 the Public R8cDds otOsceola INTENT TO FORECLOSE Unh, 620 54AB, 2010DD, La Cno,PANAM 4,er, all sums due and wr nt owe Westg e the TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 5,Jenamico L Willi M, Coun ,Florida; nd(3)Publish wuTGAn TOWN CENrER 711 16,4901189,S1,194.50, season-no Mloat Unk,owing under Ma Note and unt ot (See Exhibk A ) Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, 73 St t N, 8irmingham,AL acopyofthe noticeotsaletwo FIU: .oQ1 tO.59; Erik D Wkak and 4000-51c, 4 64D, ! Mortgage shallbe aK6|8 ted w h inte st accwing at 6100-38E,6100-77A, 6100- 35206, 112 All S6ason-Float (2)ti s, onte aach weak, fur Punuant to S6rfion L nieEW ak 1 41 N 24th 72A, 4 72B, 88A, and,me immediately the r e ot (See Ewhibrf A") 77B, 100-77c, 6100-77D, WeaklFloat Unh, 4 59, 1& two (2) SUK S 8 w,in 721.856, Florida ste es, St,H ug,PA171O9,1l2All 4000-88B,4000-88c,4000- due and payabB. Addrfional,p& day, wrfh gad to tha 6100-78E, 6100-81A,6100- EVEN, 1011712016, 503&74, anOK laCouWn8wspap&, the undenignad T rfee as S -F W Flo Unrt, 88D,2410DD,N0DD,3010DD, as a wW ot e de&W, you tollowing lg perty locatad 81B,6100-87C,6100-87D, & 81,793.8o, $0.88; Tra y s pDvid wch a news r appoimed by wEsTGAn 62 54AB,W0DD,71V2016, 30 0DD, 1&WEN, 1&EVEN, nsk losing owenhip ot your in Osceola oun,Florida: EVEN, 2V0DD, 2V0DD, 2v Avantand B antK Avant.319 ex@s altra ofpublishing. VACATION VILLAS, LLC 4944 1102, 81.194.5o. So.59; 1&EVEN,1&EVEN,111112016, timesha inte thDugh the (See Exhibk "A Time Sha ODD,2V ODD, 210DD, 231 BWco Rd, ChQe, VA w you Bl to cu e de uW me inaRer Benad to as Enock K Nyakundi and Diane 5050114 8, S3,o84.68, $1.52; t ee &losu pDcad R,8Rst(s) (See Exhib A") EVEN, 231EVEN, EN, & 23325, 112,S -flo& as s& in is notice or We gate h&aby tormal Uwamw8 .3dfloDrAnd8non Darnall J Walker Sr and La e ablishedinSartion721.856, accolding to the Tim6sharing WEN, 617 2016. 451511764, w Mloa Unrt, 4 77, 201 take other eppDpria 6 a ion notm you tha you have Sq,Sh den Rd,Geogetown, Tyua R Walker, 34 Parish Way, Florida Stalrtes. Any right Plan for the We gate Town $5.868.56, $2.89; Ma elle EVEN, 9122 016. 4761118,w &dto Wis Bbw defauWed undar the Note CAYMAN ISLAND KY111O3, Poolar,GA31322,1AllS n- you y haveto in atethe Center,&odedinthe omcie Townsand, 227 28 112m Rd. 81.949.8o. So. : J&&ry D &. &| sums due and and Mortgage by iling to 112 All Season-Flo Wee Flo Mloa Unk, 6000- nDrtgag6 aR& accel&ation R ords Book 1564, at Pag8 Queens Vlllage, NY 11429 Dunn and Chri ine R Dunn. o ng un le Note and make the pay nt due on Flo& Unk, 6200-54CD, 3 45c, -45D, 4nvEN. 41 will be punuant to the t 1479, of le Public R rds William Townad, 101 1 Lak6wood Dr Apt R2, Mortg eshelbea ed (See Exhibrf .A and all ODD, 9113n016, 500&857, EVEN, 7113n016, 1725, of the D gag8. You may of O la Coun,Florida icanBhd,BBtwood,NY Phen c,AL T, 1n ar,im iata sub quant payma s. You g1,194.5o, 8o.59; Steve O iz $2,372.56, S1.17; S op s choo to sign and ad to he.Plan .Toge er w hthe 11717-5610, 1n,Season-,n-no due and payable. Addh n&,cunant ow6 Wertg e tha Figu6D& 705 N 7 St &, Ratho and m K Ra oR. the undenigned t 6e tha right to occupy. punuant to F atW o Un .B-1202, Floa Un,31c, 21 as a w or e de uW,you anDunt ot (See Exhibh A N ar NJ 07107 Erica Diaz, 97 me Drive Roundhay, rt eMlo obj ion torm,the Plan, 8uilding(sWnrt(s) 4910DD, 715n016,442M225, EVEN, 5 24n011, 1308. risk b ow ip of your whh inte st acc ing at 456 BDad S .FL 2.Ca s dt, Yo i . L ds, ENGLAND ex& sing yourrighlto obi ' (s Exhibrf .A,during Un S1,194.5o, 8o.59: Uniqua p S3,1T1.O2, g1.56; Rub H ti im&8rfthDugh Me the r&e of (See Exhibk A NJ 07072-1141, 1,LS81U, 2,-Fbal to F8 use of the h ee 5) (s Mibk A,Loyd, 13750 mb& Ln, Hemandaz and J sica J w ee to&bsu pD u per day, wWh ga to the -no o Unh, Mloat Unk, 3c, fo bwR pmedu . Upon during signed Yea s), (See Fishen, IN 46038, 112,H dez. 525 Hill irnedin&ionT21.856, tollowingr lgDp6r locat8d B-1123, 4g0DD, v2o16, D, 64 the un gn bu 's Exhibk .A . 77 Wartg&e Saeson-Flo wee Floe Un,Dr, MansReld, m 7,1 norida Slatrt6s. Any rlght in OK la oun,Florida: 50w 7, S1,194.5o, So.59; 64B, 1710DD, 17 0DD, 361 &eiptotyoursign obi ion Bhd uim,FL 34747, B-1205, 13 0DD, 9n4 2015,Saason-Flo W o you By haveto rein ale the (See Exhibk A Tima Sha Dh ku J p &. 267 ODD, 3 0DD, 1 an016, torm, the fo&losure ot Me Bui ing m8T n fi Share 48241203, 8983.8o, $0.49; Ma Unrf, 61 -25G, 13WH0L nDrtgag8 aR& a e aion lnt6 (s) (See Exhib .A Waye Ave. Jon,GA 494&147, t1,638.4o. $0.81; nDrtgag8 w &p to Me Plan plo ) Add "). As Phep&ua M Trinidad Gibson, 7 2 2016, 4921 1402, will punuam to the t aKoding to the Ti h ring 30236 Pin&baB D Palel, Sad u S&&mi Oya il detauW medinthisnot a Wotthaa n& oned 1369 Hone Head B nch $2,871.20, S1.42; Ke L of e Drtgag8. You may Plan for the We ga e Town 314V yCu .Sloc ridge, and Elvis E a ilo,258 sh lbe subj to dlejudicial d&auN,Westg ehe byelerts Rd, Lugo,K 29078. 1 2 #| L8gDn8. 4 51 SE. Apt. d to gn and ad to Cent &o edinthe O ci GA 30281-9140, 112,G nd Ave, Undanhum, NY foBlow pDc8du on . to s6|| tha p perty punuant SeBson-FloatW8ak floal Unrt, 201, Wa5hlngon. DC 2 1g unden ned WA e R rds Book 1564, Page -Flo WeeM Unrf, 11757, 1n All n-noal You have e right lo GU to &ion 721.856, Florida B-1506, 1110DD, 1v1 2015, 6101J8N aMFoaa,m4 Klos8d o ion rm, 1479, ot e Public R lds 8-16 . EN, 1v1y2015, Wee hoatUnW,61 -34F, 411 yourdefauW inthe mann set Sla as. PI8as6 be advisad 48471925, $983.60, to.49; Ma boD Pike, w H ghb. ex& ng your rigM to obl of la County, Florid& 48N14T2, S1,949.8o, $0.96; EVEN, 10113n016,4944J1208, formin is notice atanytime that in the 6v8nt th your David p Rachal, 301 Beacon MD2o74T,1n#| -Fb to e use ot the burt he .P n . TogeM& whhthe Kel yR Mo s, 124 SE2nd W 82,297.68, S1.13; WaWer befo et ee'ssaleofyour oblig&ionisnotbDugMcu& Poi Dr PaWille,MD 21903- w Flo un .61 *.a t w pmedu . Upon r ht to occupy, pu uant to MiWod, DE 1 63-1904 Dana Block8rSIDud,T2O1 Keyrtone tin sha ime .ltyoudonot [lnc ding the payl nt of any 2571JulieARachel,5945Rosie ODD, Tnno16, 486y1156, und& gn bu 's th6 Plan, Building(sWn (s) N Mo s, 6 Meadow Brook St Lo 126, Philadelphia, PA obje tothe us6 ottheh ' t inw by We gale in Lane, Mabl&on, GA 30126, 1 S983.8o, to.49: Co& J plotyoursi obje ion (See Mibh A . during Unh B8.Mi ld,DE1 ,1l2#| 19135, 1,n-noal Blow pm u ,youwill com&ing is Blosur8,n-Float W Mloat Smkh and And a L,m, a to& w ot e Ws) (s Mlbk .A , Season-ho& Mlo Unk, W Mloat Unrt, 6200-14CD. not be wb to adafician p u) w hin Mir (30) Unk, B-1518, B-1520, 41 T45 Pinehum Dr, Camon. nDrtgag8 w to me during ANign8d Yea s), (See B-1611, 4VEVEN, &11n016, 37 H0U, 1111412016. judgBeven rf e s day hom e fi date ot ODD, 41/0DD, 10ny2016, Ml 48188. 1n,on- de uw madinMis not e Exhibk .A . 7700 W8 gat6 4769n136, t2,372.56. S1.17; 4 1208, 82,276.5o, $1.12: hom I8s 8olyourti&a publiBion, Me und8nign6d 4661 1714, $1,638.40, 8o.81; no oa Unh, 62 sh,be wbj to F8judici& Blvd yimmee, FL 34747, Tmany L Willia Wilson, Teisha F Ea and Midael J im aRinN ci8 to t Tw shallpm88d whhth8 NholB Martin8z and Juan 34CD, aoDD, TtZ3 2O16. fo&low pD du on . Building (ha n fin Share 10851NewbridgaDr,R iew, Ea,1 RW ge sl China e a mnb Bu by th6 s 8 lh8PD aspDvid8d Vega, Cra 2B No 12-19, Casa 494411,S1,194.5o, to.59; You have e rigM to cu Plan (PDp8r ) Addrass"). As FL M579, 112,son-flo GDV8, NC 28023-9522. Drtgag8. By: GREENSPOON in rt n 721.856, Florida 40 Sand s Del Teusata, La Davd D Boodram and CaDl yourd&auW inthe mann& B a suW ofthe ato mentioned wno& Unh, B-17 . 351 1,-Flo MARDER,LL .T . St es. in which ea, We C &a, COLOMBIA 00057, R Richards, 10714 10T Ave r in is notiG8 anytime d&auW,W8 g 6h8 by8|8rts ODD. 10 T 2016. 542, no Unk, 6 24AB. 5 QHIBlr A" - NoncE OF und&signed Tw ee shall: (1) 112 All Season-Floal Wee 2nd Floor, Ozone Pat NY be et .ssaleofyour to sell the PDp& puRuanl S951.16, 0.4T; Stephanie s WHOU, 9 Tn016, 50a193. DEFnuLT nND INnNT TO Prov 6you wkhwrmen notice Float Unrf, B-1703, 910DD. 11417, 112 #| n-noal ti im& .wyoudonot to S ion 721.856, Florida Molina, 213 Blohm StFloor3. $3.340.71. t1.65: Ca os J FORECLOSE: of th sale, including the date, 912812016, 46791425, $983.80. W klFloat Unk. 62 -54AB, ob rt to the use ofthet Stal es. Pl be advised Wa Hav6n,CTO6516 Jazmin Cwz and Stephan Y Cnu, Owne sVObligo s. Ti Bsha ti B and lotation thareof; (2) So.49; Lo na c Traweek, 910DD, 71112016, 493y579, to&low pDc u .you will th in the ent th your Lopez San ago,3 St 4525 Highfield Dr, Cumming, lnteRst, Buildin nk, Waek, R o th6 notice ol sale in 6882 Hunt Drive, Macungia. $1,194.50, So.59; G&berfh A not be wbi6rt to a deficiency oblig ionisnotb ugMcunam Fhchbug, MA 014204050, GA 3 41, 1 All S n-Float De uW Date, BooklPage of th6 Public Retords ofOsceola PA18O62, 112 AllSeason-Float Moral85 Sigu and M8lani6 judgB even rf e poc ds (including the pay nt ot any 1 2,Season-hoat Weekl W Mloat Unh, 620041, 51 Recoded Mortgage, DefauW Coun ,Florida;and(3)Publish WeeWFloat Unit, B-1704. 39/ Mor&es,31 Ava B 18 54 Zona homthes eofyourti sha as incu by g e in Float Unrt, B-1814, 17/0DD, WHOLE, 412712016, 495v224, Amount, Per Diem Amount: acopyotthenotiteolsaletwo ODD, 611512016. 464912883, 7. Guat&n&a, GUATEMALA. im& a inNrmci6mtoo 8t tom cing this tor losu 9116n016,494&57,$1,194.50, $5,645.96, $2.78; Patrick B John c Cook and Jennfier L (2l times, once each week, tor $983.80,$0.49. 1,Saason-FloatW68Mbal the ums Bu by the pmey) wrmin thir (30) 8O.59; Shannon Evans, 549 Ra erty and Ashley M Ra er,Cook, 1699 Bates Rd, Ellijay. two (2) suct8Niv8 weeks, in Ma hg,16, 18 Un,4 26, 4 -36, 30 Drfgage. By: GREENSPOON days hom the fim data of 10th St, Lntoln, IL 62656 25 s 2000 w, cleameld, UT GA 30540 Jennrfer L Cook, anO ceolaCoun newspaper, L1 641 ODD, 11nvEN, v1 2o16. MARDER,LL ,T . publication. the undenigned WasleyM Fuths,8Commun y 84015-8027. 1 All Season- 60 Fendley Rd Ellijay. GA p viled suth a nawspaper 482311829. $1.868.80, So.92; HIBrr ^" - NoncE OF T sh,pm86d wkh the Or Lncoln, IL 62656-1040, Flo WeeMloat Unk, 6200- 30536-T809. 1,Season- 8xirt atth6ti B0tpublishing. berto He ara and No ni DEFhULThND INrENr rO 5al8 ofthe Pro as pDvid8d 1l2,Saason-Float w 41. 33 H0LE, 7 24 2016. Float k Float Unrt. 4000- ll ya fail to tu the d6tauW NoncE OF DEFAULT AND H&,3260 sw 1Uld Ave. FORECLOSL in &ion 721.856 Florida Flo Unrt, B-1819. 39/ 4835/1202, $5,868.56. 33C. 4000-33D. 4 /ODD, 41/,as s brm in his no ice or INTENT TO FORECLOSE Miaml,FLM175,1,n- sVO igo Tl a sl,in whith case. tna NEN, 811912016, 498v2101, $2.89; G ciela Oviado and ODD, 9 18/2016, 4815/1462, take other app pri e action WESTGATE TOWN CENrER Float WeeWfloat Unk, lnt,Bui in n,w66k, undan ned T e6 shall: (1) 82,26O.24, 81.11. Fernando varez, Apto F 1 81,194.11, $0.59; Kath n s wkh gad to this toreclosuP FILE: . 16 41A, 4 -41B, 9nvEN, 91 w Date. B k Page ot PDvid8 you wkh wrmen nolice Ma g, 16. 18 Galvan Esq Ped H. URna. Lguori, 628 Na ic Way, ' maWer. all sums due and Punuant to &ion EVEN, 41412016, 46941414, R6co Mortgage, DefauW ot the sale, including the date, L 1 638 Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN Saint Augu in. FL 32080, 112 owing undar the Nota and 721 .856, Florida StatLrt8s, S2,372.56, $1.17; m > unt, p& Di6m Amount: time and location the of; (2) REPUBUC, 1 All Season-Float fixed WeeMloa Unrf, 4 0- Mortgag6 shall be accele ted he undenigned Tw ee as L8pag6 and Brian K Lepage. DonnaMSwanson,3512OHwy Raco lhe notice of s e in WeeMloat Unk, 62 -42AB, 34D, 1&EVEN, 911412016, and will b6con immediately appointad by WESTGATE 1704 Vetuna Cir, Panama 54 Wert Lot 106, zephymills, the Public Recods ofOsceola NoncE OF DEF^ULT nND 21 H0LE, 101132016, 494712317, $1,8a7.40, $0.93; due and payable. Addrtionally, VACATION VILLAS, LLC c y Beach, FL 32407-4258. 1 FL N541. 1 All Season-Float Counly, Florida; and (3) Publish INnNr TO FORECLOSE 494412777, $3,492.18, $1.72: GeraldineDallas.121OPlaasant a5 a resuW of the delaul,you ereinaWar,to as All Season-Float WeeMlo Weeklflo Unk, 4 0-13A, acopyofthenoticeots atwo wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR Maria,Santhez, 922 Che er Ave, GriMn, GA 30223, 112 All risk losing ownenhip of your "Westgata") he by formally Unk, C -52A, 4000-52B, 43, 4 13B, 41. 41nvEN, (2) times. once each week, for nLL . 11 St, MiNion, m 7&572 lm a Season-Float W Mloat Unrf, tin sha inle st through lhe not es you that you have 43nvEN, EVEN, &11n016, EVEN, 11 23n016,4918n448, two (2) succeuive w86k5, in Punuant to S6rtion Gonz ez, 106 s ANon Bhd, 4 0-50, 41nvEN, 612T120 6, twstea tor6closur8 procedure detaulted under the Note 498v19,S2,26o.24, 81.11; S1,o82 So.53; Samuel c an OsG8ola Coun nawspaper. 721.856, Florida Watrtes,PM6 9095, Mission, N 498T1 479, 82,26o.24, $1.11: e ablishedln Serfion 721.856, and Mortgaga by iling to mD Rios Caho and Xenia IDnla and Ban ah A IDma, pDvid8d such a n spaper Me unde igned T ee as 78573 Sandra E Ochoa, 7623 Wayne J Ang and Abigail F FloriQ Stalutas. Any right make tha payent du6 on Ba as De Rios, Ceno Vl&rto P.o. Box 6050. San R n. 8xi5ba theti B0fpublishing. appointed by WESTGATE Wagon Trail Dr, Mission, TX Cabanban, 7 Mclmosh Road, you nay haveto in atetha (See Exhibk A and all Calle Ci unv aclon E C a CA 94a. 1 #| Season-Floal w you tail to cu the de uW vAcAnoN VILLAS, LLC 785T2. 1 All Season-Floal Sawall,NJO8O8O,1AllSeason- morfgge aRar actele tion subsequent paymants. Vou 2706, Pana,p 2 Unk. 2C. as BfoM in this notic6 or e in&Rer f to as WeeMloat Unh, 62 -54A8, Float W Mloat Unrf, 4 0- will b punuanttoth8t8nN cu amly owe gale the,Season-flo& wklnoal 2D. 1&MN, 49 take oth appDpri&8 artion rtgate") he by tormally 41 H0LE, 9n0 2016, 59. 32 H0U. 911v2016. ot tB n rtgage. You may amount of (s Exhibh A Unh. -25 25B. NEN. 11n0n016, 4 691, wrm gadto thisfor losure notmes you that you hav6 49 1093, S3,529.62, 4723 1M. $1,868.80, SO.92; cho to sign and send to whh inta rt a wing & 1C, 41D, 1U t1,O82. . SO.N; F&icia ma ar, all wms due and d&auWed under th6 Note $1.74; Llian NolaKo, 19633 w E sakrnaug and lhe ndenigned bu the the te ot (Sea Mibrt A MN.1wN,43nNN,4y A HarM, 1627 Dn Ava, owing undar the Note and and Mortgage by iling to Gunnen Branth Rd Apt c. Mariet L Sak5haug, 9371 8ncl06d obj n form. per day, w h gad to the EVEN, &1 016, 5 625, O do. FL 32811 L,R Mortgaga sh lba acceleBed make 6 pay&t due on G tow, MD 20876, 1 sl ew SE, By n Bt,ex&aing yourrightto obi llowing T8al loc&8d S3,111.37,: v irna Reedy. W giM, 4976 Tow T ca and wlll bacome im iately (See Exhibrf A and,#| S8a5on-hoal o& Ml 49315. 1,Season- to use ot the twrt in OK8ola unty, Fbrida: 92 Norm p . Apt. . N, ,FL34758.1n,dua and payabl6. Addkion , wb & pay&ts. You Unk, 62 -54CD, 31 H0U, no M Unk, 51 to wre pmedu . Upon (Saa Exhibrt A fi Mal8 Aurnn, TX 787N484T n-Float Mlo& UnW, as a resuN otthe detauW,you cuBt owe gate e 9 2 016, 4947 2430, 5131, 24 H0LE. 9Rn016. the und sign bu .s lnt8 A(5) (s MibW .A shamonda Willi&ns, 2431 L 4 7, 4 0DD, 1 v2016, risk losing ownanhip of your unt ot (s Mibh .A S3.4w.18, g1.72; S v & 463012831, $4,898.18. S2.42: eilotyours nedobjaclion aKording to the fi rnaring St Hol wood, fl 3 2 493 52,g937.04,S0.46;Ma tlmesha lnte rt thDugh M6 wkh ime a wing al Nng and sDil Fauder King. Ga Lawhom,113 C ray torm,the toBlosu of the Plan for the WaAg&a Town 2052, 1,n-Fbat Ell Bay m, 4916 Wisharf t rfee to low pm u Me a ot (s68 Exhib .A 147 w 4 l St. MountV&non, c k,R e iew, FL mort8ge wrth to F8 Bt&, cordadin eomcial W Mlo& Unh. #c. Bhd. Tampa, FL -1617 eAeblishedln&ion721.856, p& day, w ard to tha NY 10550, 1,on- 335T9-3920 Jena Lawhom, de L m8dinthis no ce R6cods Book 1564, Bt Page 6000#D,36nvEN,3 EN. anas Bayram, 573 S van Flo da Statrtes. Any right ,ng a,6d flo noat Unrt. 6200- 12626 LongN Dr, R e iew, shalle subjerf to Mejudici& 1479, ot the Public Recods 71V2016,495V17T,t2,297.68. Be Rd. Wa erfow, CT you n y haveto in e e in la un,Florida: 54CD, 36 H0LE, &4n016, FL N579, 1,Season-Float to&6ur8 pmedu on . of Osc6ola Counly, Florida S1.13; Mayatd M Slaph s. 779, 1n,n-Float nDrtgag6 eRer ac la ion (s Exhib A fi ShaR 493T1116, 83.492.18.; Flavia W o Unrt, 5100-5135, You Bv6 Me ght to cu (the "Plan . Tog&h6t wrmtha 15 T lawney cl. Covington. W a Unk, 5100- will be puRuamto th8t6nw lnt& (5) (s Mibk A M Vaga, Lav le 715 Piso 19 H0LE, 9 10n016, your6tauWinthe mannerset right to octupy, puRua to GA 30016-6813 Shonta s 5116, 20nvEN. 11122 016, ot e Drtg 8. You may o ing to Me fimesharing Sa o Departam to 476111652. 82,7o6.5o, $1.N; tormlthis notice atanytime the Plan, Building(sWnh(s) Stephens, 5781 r aA Dok 493T r3. S1,498. . So.74; choose to sign and ad to Plan r e W6rtgat6 Town Buenos Ai s, ARGENTINA James L Luraghi and Nina R beto hetw ee'ssalaotyour (See Exhibk A,during Unrf Dr, DougBsvilla, GA 30134, F& H&n z Jr and Me unde gn bu e c t&, ld8dinm8omcial 1047, 1 #| S on-Float Luraghi. 3314 JeRe n Pl, ti geinte rt.lfyoudonol kls) (See Exhibrt A,112,n-F a w Nan M MoB ,NO1587th ent d ob rfion rm. R s B k 1564, at Pag6 WeeMloat Unrf, B-1208, 16 B&lingham, MA 02019-,obj8ooth6 useotthel ee during ANignad Y8a 5), (S Fbat Unk, B-1116, 3 MN. Sl B, p,FL 34219, ax ising yourrightto obj 1479, ot Ma Public Records WHOU, 9 25n016, 4824n05, 1,Season-flo klFloa to&sul8 pDc8duT8,you will Exhibrt A . 7700 We gate v12 o16.4 1 .g1,918 1n,n-Fb kl to 6 use of Me h ee of OK |& Coun,Florida 84,859.31, S2.4o; Antonio F Unh, 5500-5541, HOU. nottsubjertto a deficiancy Blvd KiNimn 8. FL 34747. SO.95;Eh nJU&aandSih no& Unh, 51 5162, 31 &losu pD dur8. Upon (the Plan . Together whh the Fe ra and Monique s Laquis 10 1n016, 4921 1165, judgnnteven rfthe p ceeds Building me in Tl Ma IDiaz Da u&4 30 Mo s sl, MN,11n o16, I1N1, the und&signed h 's right to occupy, punuant to Fe eira, No 56 Sandow Rd 82,7 .5o,; T a M Hmse homlesaleofyourti share Plan (Prope yT Add w"). As F rt, NY 11520, 1n,t1,2 So.64; Joshua &eiptotyours nedobi ion Me Plan, Building(sVUnh(s) Goodwood Pa,Glencoe, and F J Haase, 2283 int &areinsu cienttooWset aresuW ofme afo tioned S n-F at hoat Unrt, K G ll and And a M rm, the Blosu ot e (See Exhibrf A,during Unk TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 2 #| Windiand Dr, LawRn ville, lhe unts s u d by the d8tauW, gal8h8 by6|8rts B-1121, 3710DD, 10 2 16, G lliald, 17398 Com&| Rd, mortgege wkh Bp8rt to the W k(s) (s Ewhibh .A,Season-Float w klno& Unrf, GA,5 F ed Weekl Drfoq8. By: GREENSPOON,to sell Me PDp8rty punuant 5064 36, S1,155.35, go.57; Sou lfi&d,MI48O75,1l2Fw8d dafauW sp med in this notiGa during Auigned Yea s). (See B-1121, B-1302. HOU. Flo Unh, 6100-& 6100- M R.LL ,Twrtee. to Sertion 721.856, Florida Wi&mer o Si6 a and T ne W o Un .52 5215,7l shall be subjecltotheludici Mibrt A . 7700 w8 g 6 32 H0U, 6 1 2016, 38B, 61 -38c, 61 -38D, mBIT h" - NOTICE OF Watrfes. Please be edvised Valoy, 18NAmrt&damAva No ODD, 11nN016. 498711425, fo&losure pDc8du on . Bhd NNim,FL 34747, 494&34, $4,7 .24, $2.37; 61 38E, 14 H0U, 141 DUULT AND lwnNT TO lhat in tha event at your 3c,Newvork,NY1 31,1n,S1.416.5o, go.7o; And You hava the right to cu Bui ing in fi Sha MawoALRggi,798FarmC k WHOU, 14 H0U, 141 FORECLOSE: obligationisnotb ughtcur nt S6ason-Float klfloat UnW, Nunez and Nancy Nunez, OUt da uW ln the mann& B p n pD ) Addreu"). As Rd.NE.Vloodrtock,GA3O188- WHOU, 14 H0LE,&V2016, Own syObligo s, fin shal8 [lncluding the payment ot any B-1210. 3110DD, 1111n016, 13T9 w 76lh Ave, Me lhille, orth ln this notl at any time a w of e a tioned 4025,1All n-Flo k1 440 56, S5,868.56, $2.89; lntem, Bulldin nk, Week, rees intu ed by Westg&e in 494411105, S1,194.5o, So.59: IN 46410, 1 F ed W Mloal b&o thetw ee'ssalaotyour de uW, g&eh&abyeBrfs no Unk, B-14,B-1410, Sonny Cha m, 10139 97th Delau Date, oo Pa98 of tommancing this foBlosu RodoWo Conhe s and A UnW, 5300-5328, 51 H0U, ti a lnt6 A.lfyoudonot to,e PD pukuant 31 0DD, 31 0DD, T 1V2O16, St Ozone Park, NY 11416- R led Mortgage. DefauW proc8M) wwhin thi y (30) Martinez,AvSanFcoDelo No 11n1n016, 4517 645, oblerftothe use of etWee to & n 721.856. Florida 1658.S1,638.40,S0.81. 2512 Jacqu&ine Vl&a, 115-30 A DUt, Per Diem Amount: days hom the fim dae of 1450,FoviM 8|ICd,D8li as, W,2T6.5O, t1.12; wllliam to&losura ul8, you will S rt . p be advised Ma g,16, 18 12&h St, Sorth Ozone Pa,Pcdl etnation&|, lntA Florida publication, the unde igned M lcoMo77,1n,n- Edwa s Jr and L n be subi to B defici cy in e 8v6m lal your L163839 NY 11420, 1,Season- Copeion and Maria FArias, Tw ee shall ploc88d wWhthe Float klhoat Unh,B-1605. Hanhnson Edw&dsandAnd ludgB even rf e p s obli at n is not bDught GuBt Float W Mloat Unh, 6100- p siont, 4397 Dogwood sal8ofth8P p8r aspDvid8d 410DD, w o18, 1327, K Han n n, 112-55 175 Pl, homthe urti sh [lncluding the payn nt of any 75F, 1 WH0LE, 9117n016, Ci le Davie, FL 33M1, 1 in Serfion 721.856, Florida S983.8o, So.49; Vanz6Wa J NY11433 riseL im a ln iem to o & inGu by gale in NoncE OF DEFAULTAND 408y2922, $2,276.50, $1.12;,Sason-Float Wee Float Statrtes, in which Gas8, the J MG Mil n and ra K Edwalds,4748W ir,Apl. tha un s u d bd the cormacing is foBlosu INnNT TO FORECLOSE Tlm A V&idka and Trina ' Unrf, -14 -14B,2& undenigned Tru rnal: (1) W hingon,2 1 hSl,823, . FL 32811-T239. D Bap8. By: GREENS OON p c6N) wrmin thl y (30) wMGAnTowNcENnR Velidka, Srfa 4 Box 31 RR2, ODD, 2&0DD, 1011&2016, PDvid8youw hwrm8nnotic8 p &o, FL 34221, 1 #| 1F Unh, MAR R,LL ,Twrtee. day hom the fi d&e of FILE: . 12 Okotoks,AB.CANADAT1S1A2, 4355l74, S1,194.5D, $0.59; ofthe sale, including Wa dat6, s on-no oal UnW, 565T, 51 H0U, 11 an016, NI8lT n^ - NoncE OF public ion, 6 undenignad Punua to &ion 4,Sea n-Fbal Weekl Eam& J Ortlaw and Maria time and loc ion th&Bot; (2) B-1304, B-1503. 3y0DD, v 220, 84,193.8T.; DEFnuLT nND INTENT TO T ee rn,pD wM 721.856. norida Stabrfes, float Unk. 61 -T7A. 61 - L Ollaw, 516 Maple Ave. R8told the notice ot sale in EVEN, 9 1Tn016, N5. G o BD hand dellT FORECLOSE: the s e ot Me p per as the undenigned Tw as 77B, 61 82A, 61 -82B, N, Ln h Ac&, FL N972- e Public R ords ofOsceola S1,836.16,So.91. Diah, 3Q6 Manh,Rd, D xel Owe sVObllgo s,Timesha pDvid6d in Se ion 721.856, appoi by wEsTGAn 61 87A 6100 TB,61 4082, 1,Season-Float Coun ,Florida;and(3)Publish Ma g,16, 18 Hill.PA19O26, 1n ISeason- lnta rt, Buildin nW, Week, Florida &es, in whith tase, VACATION UAS, uc 87C. 61 87D, 5nvEN, 5 W66k loat Unk. 40 -26, 21 a pyotthe noti otsalatwo L1 6 noa W Mloat Unk, 5700- De uW Date, oo Page ot the und&sign Tw ae shall: m8R naRer to as MN, 2&EVEN, 2&EVEN. Nl WHOE. &8n015, 457112444, (2)times, once eath week, tor 5T54, 21nvEN, 1112112016, Re ed Mortgag6, DetauW (1) PD de you whh wrmen We gale heRby tom,ODD, 330DD. 3y0DD. Nl S2.93.6o. $1.45; Koveeka L two (2) suK8Niv8 waeks, in 491&2261, S1,145.73, So.57; Amount, PerDlem Amount: notice of the saB, including not es you that you have ODD, 7R12016, 442112180, Bwhnon, 835 G c6 Ridge an OsceolaCoun newspaper, NoncE OF DEF^ULT hND Mithael Reed and Paulen6 a c Miller and Hope D the d e, ti B and location detauWed under T8 Note S3,466.82, S1.71; Bany E DrAF224,Auburn,AL3683O, p vidad such a newspapar INTENT TO FORECLOSE R d, Spent& Ciwla, Miller, 9 Papall Trart, Po Box ther r, (2) R old the notite and Morfgage by t ling to GoodlingandCarolATobias,1O 112,Season-Float Wee axists atthetime otpublishing. wEsTQnn TOWN cENnR Tampa, FL3361O, 1 #ISeason- cb 12532, Nassau, BAHAMAS, f s e in Me Publit R ds make lhe payat due on T8xa58a 8m Rd Shermans FloatUn,4000-3T, 49lODD, lf you fail to cu the defauW nLL . 1g Float W Mloat Unk, 5 1n F ed Wee Float Unrt, of la Coun,Florida; and (See Exhibk A and all Dale. PA 1 090-8544, 1300 N,7/612 6. 474111417. $983.80, as sel forth in this notice or Punuant to &lon,49 H0LE, 1 112112016, 4 0-87, 14nvEN, &2v2016, (3) Publish a copy of the notice subsequent payments. Y u Johnson, Suke 107, El Cajon, $0.4g08102 Rami Uvalle and take othar appDpri 8 artion 721 .856, Florida S trfes. 503&184. S2.744.96,; Robert 4945 1 73, .oo, 8o.44; ofs e lwo (2) ti Bs, onte each cu enl owe We gate he CA 92020, 2 All Season-Float Eva lvalle, 20820 Pine lsland with gard to this fo closu the undenigned T as L Willis and Lsa A Willis, 269 Seyoma L Jackson and Nicole week, for two I2) SUK8SSiv8 amount ol (See Exhibh A Wee Flo Unit, 6200-23AB, Rd, lempstead, TX T7445, 1 maner, all sums due and appointed by WESTGATE Pa tiaDr, Roebutk. K29376, M Jackson, 2324 Normandin weeks, in an Oweola Coun wkh inte accwing at 6200-23CD, 27 H0LE, All ason-Float Weeh/Float owing under the Note and vAcAnoN VILLAS, UC 1,season-noal oat . Ct, Cha o e, NC 28216, newspaper, providad suth a the rate ot (See Ewhibrf wA") 27WH0LE. 9/25/2016. Unk, 4O00-56, 43 H0LE, Mo gage shall be atcelerated me inaw& r&e ed to as Unh, -33 -NB,43l 1 2 All Season-Flo& Weekl newspaper exists at the time ot per day, wkh regad to the,4811/107, $3,135.40. $1.55: 51T/2|16.4383/922,82,933.60,and will bwome immediate '.Wartgate he by tom,EVEN, 43nvEN, 11nM016. Float Unrf, 5100-5135, 3T1 publish ng. ma er, all sums due following real prope y located Tamara M Haase and FPd,81.c Ozell M Sto . 55 due and payable. Addrfionally,not es you th you have 4944l1347, 82,297.68, $1.13: ODD. 8125 2016, 500&2893, and owing undar the Not and in Osceola Coun,Florida: J Haas6, 2283 'indland Dr, i Van less Place - 3rd Floor, as a resuW ot the detauW. you defauWed under e Note Diego G Cor dor and Loudes $1,416.50. 8o.7o: Albarfa Day Mo gage shall be a celaratad (See Exhibrt wA ) Time ShaP Lawrenceville, GA 30044 Newak, NJ OT1O8, 1/2 All risk losing ownership ot your and Mo gage by tailing to M Co edor, 1 1900 Wickcherfer and William J Day and Lakesha and will become immedi ely lnterest(s) (See Exhibrt wA,2 All Season-Flo Wee ! Season-Float Wee Float Un, timeshare in!erest through the make tha payment due on Lane Apt 1801, Hourton, M A Day Bl ke, 145 Deer Path due and payable. Addrfionally,accor ing to the Timesharing Float Unrt, B-1207, B-1209, 40 0-57, 4V0DD, 8/1312016, tws ee foreclosura procedure,(S8R Ehhibk A") and all 77043, 1,Seaso -Float,Drive, Rochester, NY 14612, as a resuW ot the detault, you,Plan for the Westgate Town,25/WH0LE, 25/WH0LE, 4811l1547, 8983.8O, $0.49; es ablished in Serfion T21.856,subsequent ayents. Y u Week/Float Un,6200-13CD, 1/2 All Season-Float Wea risk losing ownenhip of your ' Center. retorded in the O clal T/15/2O16. 4454/119z, R h ,u Rodriguez and issewe,Florida .Statutes. Any rlgh,currently owe Westga e the,31 H0LE. 1 1/21/2G16, Float Unit, 5100-5162, 35/ timeshare interest through the,Records Book 1564, at Page,84.898.18, $2.42: Cari R Paul ' N Guzman, 4614 Park Ave Apt you may have tD reinstate the . amo nt of (See Exhibrt A") 4764/2978, 82.276.5o, $1 12; EVEN, 8/28/2016, 493ol254, t stee foreclosu e procedure,14T9, of he Public Records and Janice C Paul, 8067 Shark 402, Union Clty, NJ OTO86,murtgage aWer acceleration,wrth interest accruing at Miguel Gartia. 5G W 8th 82,772.12, 81.37; Erasmo establ shed in Sectlon 721.856,ot Osceola Coun,Florldz,Dr, Marathon, FL 33050, 2 1/2 All Season- loat We ' will be pursuant to the tFrms the rate ot (See Exhlbrf "A'.) Street Apt C. Hialeah. FL N Rodriguez and Francisca Florida S;at es. nny right (lhe "Plan'.). Toge er w h lhe i All Season-Float Weeh.Float Float Unlt, 4O00-67, 22/ ot the mortgage. You may per day, wrth regad to the,33010. 1/2 All Season-Float Escamilla, 1101 1/2 7th Street, you n,a)t r,ave o relnstale the,rlg t to occupy, pursuant lo Unlt. B-1 409. B-I41O, 46/ ' ODD, 2/2/2016, 474G/1126, choose to sign and send to,toll wing real property located Wee Float Unit, B-1205, 4,' Galena ark, TX 77547, mort3age a er acceleratlon ; the Plan, Buildlngls)/Unit(s) ' 'WHOLE, C6/WHOLE, 8/2/2016,8983.R0, 8o.49; Ana Be y lhe undersigned trustee he in Osceola Coun,Florida: ODD, 1|/22/2016, 4764/2978 1 All Season-Float Wee wlll be pursuant to the,(See Exhlbrt A"), du ing Uni! ' 435u1197. $3,161.40. . Garcia De Promes and Robert enc!osed objection form, (See Exhibrf "A") Time Share 8983.8o,8o.49; KehindeH Ai a,Floal Unit, 52O0.5215, 3v of the mo gage. You may,Week(s) (See Exhibrt "A ), 81.56; Calvin Sauage. 51 S,PromPs, Calle 66 Ave 1 B Urb exerclsing yuur rlght to oble lnterest(s) (See Exhibrt "A' and Ader yo E Alna, 1|718 WHOLE, 8/2V2016, 4652/743, choose to sign and send to,during Assigned Year(s), (See Calherine Sl, Miblle, AL 36604,La Estrella, Qulnta Patrlcla, to the use of the trustee,according to the fimesharing Templeton Rd, Jacksonvllle g2,7O6.5o, $1.33; Allan Cupid thz undersigned trustee lhe,Exhibil "A"). 7700 Westgate i Jeannene Savage. 61 Crest i Maratalbo. VENEZUELA,foreclosure procedure. Upon Plan tor the West.gate Town,FL 32258. 1/2 All Season-Floal,and Jasmalee Sookoo, 5