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March 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 9, 2018

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PAGE 28B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 9, 2018 75B, 5 a 5, ODD a ODD,he date. time and loc ion INnNT TO FORECLOSE ODD, 111512016, 4174/508. 4000-31 B, 4000-81 D. 201 detauN specified in this notice Waak(s) (Saa Exhibit A"), Frazier, 7917 sw 137 h Ave, Season-Flo Wee float theRot: (2) Retod the notice WESTGATE TOWN cENnR $1,881.36, $1 .94; Eleidis ODD, 13nvEN, 44/0DD, 321 shall be subject to thejudicial during AMi9n6d Yaa s), (s86 Archer, FL 32609, 8arbara A Unit, 2016-12-01, $14805.37, of s e in the Public Records FILE: 2g203.0Q3 Sie a, 591 2nd St, Trenlon, EVEN, 1111412016, 4948/1301, toreclosure procedu only. Exhibit A"). 7700 Wastgate Walkar Fraziar, 2225 NE 7th 87.27. 5075- 2112; RO8ERT of Osceola County, Florida; and Pursuant to Se ion NJ 08611-3022, 1,Season- 83.666.26, $O.OO; Cha es J You hava the right to cu Blvd KiNimm88, FL 34747, Sl, Gainasvilla. FL 32609, GRANBERRY,| a BRITTNEY (3l Publish a topy ot the no ice 721 .856, Florida Stat es, Float Weekl Float Unrf, 6200- Bwna, 553 2nd St, Pittairn, your detauN in the manner set 8uilding merein wfime Shar6 112 All Season-Float Weekl N UGHTFOOT 1061 w 97th St ot ale wo (2l timas, onca each the undersigned Tws ee as 13AB, 50 H0LE, 1112/2016. PA 15140-1407, Kristen M to h in this notica at any time Plan (P perty) Addr8N"). As Float Unit, 5700-5764, 351 Chicago, IL,4000, 77, week, tor two (2) successive appointed by w EsTGAn 4938/2588, $5,634.20, $9.82; B na, 1730 Midnight Pass, beto the t stee's sale ot your a resuN of the atorem6ntion8d ODD, 7 24 2016, 4865 11N 46, WHOLE, #| season-no weehs, in an Osceola County VACATION VILLAS, LLC Ronnia Petek and #nka E Brownsburg, IN 46112, 1n timesha int st. lf you do not detauW, We gata he by alacts $2,766.91,$3.67: Laurie We6Mloat Unrt, 2016-12- newspaper, providBd 5uch a (harainaWer rete ed to as Peten, 935 lronwood Dr Season-Float We8h/Float object to the use ot the t st68 to sell the p perty pursuant Cameron and Dino Bemo, 256 01, 810796.4O. $5.27, - newspaper exists at lhe time "Westgate") hereby formally Montgome,AL 361 17 112,Unit, 5500-5546, 1 IODD, foPclosu p cedu,you will to Serfion 721.856. Florida Main St PO Box 765, Erin, ON, 2955: KAREN K MEDFORD ot publishing. lf you tail to notihes you that you have Saason-Float Week/ Float Unrf, 1 1 15/2016, 4742/1 1 05, not be subje to a deficiency Stalutes. Please b6 advised CANADA NOB1TO, 1,Season- a MITCHEU s BRETON 35 wre the d6tault as set forth detaulted under the Note 6200-55, 3610DD, 1012712016, &2,662.61, $4.14; Shakoorah judgmant even it the proteeds hat in the event that your Float WeeWFloat Unit, 5700- Station Street Welland, ON in this notite or take other and Mortgage by tailing to 4937/713, $6,945.60, $9.48; As siddiq, 401 Laberton St hom the sale ot your timeshaR obligation is not brought cu ent 5765, 301WH0LE, 71812016, UC5K8 CANADA, 5200, 5233, appropriate a ion with regad make the payment due on E eban Padilla ll, 4237 NB. Trenton, NJ 08611 Debra in ePst a insumtient to oWset (including thB payment ol any 4515/2176, 89,141.75, $12.31; 3, ODD, #| Season-Float to this fo&losu mawer. you (See Exhibrf wA") and all ELSINORE ST, Philadalphia, PA Johnson, 446 Woodland the amoun s secured by the fees incu ed by Wastgate in Ca os J Santos and Alin6 WeaMloat Unit, 2016-12-04, risk losing ownenhip ot your subsequent payments. You 19124-4805, Lau Reyes, 496 St, Trenlon, NJ 08610, 112 mortgage. By: GREENSPOON commencing his tOr8CIOSUT8 Santos, Rua Dos Pariquis 1589 $15874.55. 87.81, 4652-745: timesha interest through the cu antly owe We gate the COMANCHE AN. Meelbourne,Season-Float Weehl MARDER, uP, T ee. procaN) wrfhin thirty (30) Apartam6nto 1800, Belem 3916 Princely Way Pikesville, twstee to closu procedure amounl of (See Exhibit A") FL 32935-2601,1l2 #| Season- Float Unk, 5600-5656, 2v EXHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF days l m th6 fir date ot Do Para, BRAZIL 66033 107, MD 21208, 5400, 5434, 9, established in Se ion 721 .855, with interest acc ing at Float Week/ noat Unrf, B-1 1 16, EVEN, 11/15/2016, 4998n23, DEFAULT AND INnNT TO publitation, the undersigned 1 All Season-Float Weeh/ WHOU, All s8a5on-noat Florida St es. You may th6 rate ot (Sae Exhibit .'A") 28 MN. 1 11v2016, 491 1/357, 84,85o.39. 89.14; Antonio D FORECLOSE: T stee shall proceed wrth he Floa Unit, 5700-5766, 2V WeeMloal Unk, 2016-12-03, choose to sign and sand to per day, with regad to the $2,003.44, $3.38; Meka s Hall Mclean, 8088 Ca le Pointe Owne s)IObligo s), fimesha sale ofthe Property as pDvidad WHOLE, 7 28 2016, 43491134, $30383.66, $10.86, 4815-1535; the undenigned twstee an tollowing real property located Holdman, 7590 Winderemere Way, Pensacola, FL 32506, lnte st. BuildingWnk, Week, in Se ion 721.856, Florida 87,8O2.48, 88.58; B ndon R CARLOS E GARCIA ORTIZ a obj6 ion rorm, exarcising your in Osc6ola Coun,Florida: Dr, Rive ale, GA 30274-3596 1/2 All Season-Float WeeW DetauN Date, BooWPage of Stat es, in which casa. the Grimn, 3760 Ranch Crest Dr, YAZBIN G GARclAa BLANDER right to objert to the usB ot the (Sae Exhibit .'A") Tlme Share Rachman Holdman, 2414 Float Unk, 5700-5734, 49 Recorded Morfgage, Detault undenigned T stee shall: (1) R6no, NV 89509-6869 Ca ly G GARCIA 3809 Hillon Rd t stee toreclosur6 procadure. lnterest(s) (See Exhibrt .'A' w Harrison St. Chicago, IL EVEN, 1 1/1612016, 5060/2525, Amount. Per Diem nount: p vide you wrfh wri 6n notite M Gri n, 2605 Washin4on BaWimore, MD 21215, 55,Upon th6 undersigned t stee's actoding to tha Timesharing 60612-3597. 1 #| Season- $2,008.37. $3.48: mro Marilou N Tolentino, 89 Phelps of the sale, including the date, Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401-3613, 5512, 42, ODD, #| Season- c6ipt ot your signed objection Plan tor th6 We gate Town Float Wee Float Unrt, B-1403, Ca,11511 SW 22&h Ln, Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621, tinP and lot ion thereot; (2) 1 Fixed WeaMloat Unk, 6100- Float WaeMloat Unk, 2016- torm, the fo closure of the Center, recorded in the O cial 49 H0U, 1 1/412016, Miami, FL 33170, A ietis 1 Fixed Wee hoat Unrf, Recod the notice of sale in 76G, 6100-84F, 52/0DD. 5v 12-01, $17918.60, $8.83, 4811- li6n wrfh respect to th6 detauN Records Book 1564, at Page 4a1482, $3,912.87, $5.85; German Diaz, 144O3 SW 142nd 4000-1 8A, 400 1 88, 261 the Public Retords ot Osceola ODD. 7 9 201 6. 49071889, 746; WAYNE R RISER a B spacifiad in this notice shall 1479, ot the Public Record5 David N Hinds and Erica s CT, Miami, FL N186-5624, 1 ODD, 2610DD, 91201201 6, County, florida; and (3) Publish $7,369.84, $9.94. J RISER NO Glandening be subjert to the judicial ot Osceola Coun,Florida Oliv& Hinds, Po Box F 60415, Flxed WeeMloat Unit, 5700- 427v2900, $4,392.20, 84.56; a copy of lhe nolice ot sala two Ma h 9, 16, 2018 Rd Oranga Park, FL 32073, to closure procedure only. (the Plan"). Togethar wkh the Freeport, BAHAMAS, 1,5754, 141WH0U, 11/15/2016, Roqer E Comelli and Nicole (2) times, onte each week, tor L163848 5600 B 5600, 5646 a 5646, You have the right to cu your right to occupy, pursuant to Season-Float Week/ Float Unh, 5064 726, 83,564.25, $6.64: R omelli, 125 Stoney Creak two (2) suK sive w6eks, in 49 a 50, WHOLE a WHOLE, datauW in th6 manner s6t torfh tha Plan, Building(s)Wnh(s) B-1804, B-1804, 2, 8nvEN, Jared R Hubbad, 2457 E Road, Vlrtoria, Melboume, an OK8ola CouW nawspaper, #| Season-Float We6Mloat in this notice at any time betore (s86 Exhibit '.A"), during Unk ODD, 111512016, 4947n988, Tumbeny Av8, Fresno, CA AUSTRALIA 3808, 4 Flxed p vided such a newspaper NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Unit, 2016-12-02, $53084.25, tha undenigned t stee's sala Week(sl (Sae Exhibit "A'.), 83,362.92, $6.05. 93730, #ne Hubbard, 714 WeeMloat Unit, 4 35A, exists at lhe time of publishing. INnNT TO FORECLOSE $14.66, 5064-684: JOSE M ot yourtimeshare intarest. lfyou during Assigned Year(s), (See Ma h 9, 16, 18 Belmont St. Delano, CA 400 35B, 40 -35c, 40 - lf you tail to tUR tha datauW wuTGAn TOWN CENTER VELAZQUU a CINTHIA Y do notobjecttothe use otthe Exhibrf "A"). 7700 We gale L163845 93215-2820, 1l2 #| Season- 35D. 6 H0LE, OLE. 6 as set fo h in this notice or nLE: 3.0210 VELAZQUU ejandro Sabom t st86 toBlosu procadura, Blvd Kissimme6, FL 34747, flo WeeWfloat Unit, 5700- WHOU, 6 H0LE, 9110T2016, take other app priate action Pursuanl to Se ion 255 Acuna, Coahuila, M ICO, you will not b6 subi6ct to a Building a in .'Tlme Share 5764, 4 0DD. 11/15/2016. 4280/15,$1 1 ,925.35, $15.7O; wkh gad to this foBlosu 721 .856, Florida Stat es, 5900, 107D, 42, EVEN, #| daficiancy judgment even it Plan (Proper ) Address"). As NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 4155n434, $2,081.43, $2.56; Natalie R Kochte, 804 Johnson mawer, all sums due and the undenigned T stee as Season-Float WeeMloat Unit, the pDc6ads hom the sale a result ot the aforamantion6d INnNT TO FORECLOSE Erica D Godwin, 1063 Sunhill Ave, Dennison, OH 44621. 1/2 owing under lhe Note and appointed by wEsTGAn 2016-12-04, $7474.17, 83.61, of your tim8shar6 int8r6st d6fault, Westgate he by elects WESTGATE TOWN CENTER Rd NW, Center Point, AL 35215-,Season-flo WeeMloat Morfgage shall be accelerated VACATION VILLAS, LLC 4887-1534; SYKIA a insuMcient to oWset the to s6|| the Proparfy punuant nLE: . 3046, Danyl J Godwin, 1429 Un,510 5144, 17 EN, and will become immediately areinaWer PterRd to as EDWARDS 33 Benn Way amounts s8cur6d by the lian. to Saction 721.856, Florida Punuant lo ion Montclair Rd Apt 1, IDndala. 91512016, 4947/7,$4,728.60, due and payable. Add ionally, '.Westgate") heRby tormally . NoWingham, MD 21236, 59,By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Statutes. Please be advisad 721 .856, Florida Stat es, AL 35210, 1/2 #| Season- $7.62: Michelle D Hatke,698 as a &uW of the detauW, you notifies you that you have 410D, 22, ODD, All Season- UP T ea. that in the event that your the undenigned T stee as Flo Wee float Unit. 5900- Ralph Avenue Apt 3B, BrooWy, nsk losing owenhip ot your detauWed undar the Note Float WeeMloat Unit, 2016- WHIBrr "A" - NOrlCE OF obligation is nol brought cu ent appointed by wEsTGAn 211c, 4610DD, 1111612016, NY 11212 Hen N Martey. 491 limeshare interest lhlough the and Mortgag6 by tailing to 12-01, $8831.11, 84.28, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO (inGluding th6 payment of any vAcAnoN NLLAS. uc 500811068, 82,474.81. 84. 5; E 94th St, Apt 7, BrooWy. tw ee foRclosure pDcedur8 make the payment due on 4921-1319; CHAN FAI CHAN FORECLOSE taas incu ed by We gate in mereinawer rate to as mbe y L Hale, 812 s 20lh NY 11212, 112,Season- established in Serfion 721 .856, (See Exhibh A") and all LO a ZORAIDA SANCHU Owne s)IObligor(s), fim6sha commancing this toreclosure .'W6 gat8") hareby formally Ave, Maywood, IL 60153, 112 no weekmoat Unrt, 510 norida atutes. Any right subsequenl payents. You DE CHAN Cla on w De Casa lmerest, Building-Unrt, Week/ proc8N) whhin thi y (30l notm8s you lhat you have Flxed WeeklFloat Unrf, 5900- 5155, 4310DD, 9121/201 6, you may have lo reinstate the cu ently owe Westgate the s o Embasy Club Republic Assigned Year, D6tauN Data, days tDm the fim date of detauWed under the Note 410D, 5110DD, 11/16/2016, 428111105, $4,401.65, 86.3o; morfgage a er aK8leration amount ot (See Exhibrt .'A") Ot Panama, PANAMA. 5900 BooklPage ot Racodad Len, publication, the und8nign6d and Mortgage by tailing to 5008 836, 82.392.13.: Ella WaWer s Czumai and DoPen will be pur5uant to the terms wrfh inte accwing at B 5900 a 5900 a 5900, 411c Amount,PerD mAmount Twstee shall pDc86d wrfh tha mah6 the payent due on Caltee, 1297 Mooneyham M Czu i, 87 OaMill Dr, of the mortgage. You may the rate ot (See Exhibrf A") B 411C a 503A a 503A, 16 a Glenda M Lord, P.O Box z3, sale ot the Proparty as p vid6d (See Exhibh A") and,Rd. Surmer. SC 29151, 2 #| Hambug, NY 14075. 1 #| choose to sign and send to per day, wkh regad to the 49 a 1 a 40, EVEN a ODD a KaMovih. AK 99747 James in Section 721.856, Florida subs6qu8nt payments. You Season-Float Weeklfloat Season-Float Weeklfloat the undenigned tw ee the following real pDper loc ed ODD a EVEN, All S6ason-Float A Lamp6 Jr, 16 w. 8th St, Statutes, in which tase, the tunantly owe Westgate the Unit. 6100-15F, 61 00-24F, Unrf, 510 5156, 1 0U, enclosed objection form, in Osceola Coun,Florida: WeahlFloat Unit, 2016-12-05, KaMovik, AK 99747, 1 Fixad und6rsign8d Tw ea shall: (1) amount ot (See Exhibrf A") 34 H0U, 35/WH0LE, 9121 1201 6, 4825/2476, exercising your right to objerf (Sae Exhibit A") Tlme Sha $9988.50, $4.06, 41 13-24; WeeMixed Unrf, FFF-01, 52/ Provida you with wrmen notica whh inta st acc ing at 1 111412016, 481 11382, $6,797.90, 89.65; Jose A to the use of lha t ee lnte st(s) (See Exhibrf wA' BRADLEY S SCHONOVER 6 WHOU, 11v2014, 5214139- ot the sala, including tha data, tha rate ot (See Exhibrf A"l 84,171.57,$5.45;JogeRive s Olmedo and Ana p Lopes, 508 to losure pmedu . Upon according to the Tlmesharing nNA M SCHONOVER 11564 45, 84,989.42, 82.46; Magatet time and location the of; (2) p& day, wM Rgard to the andAdrianaLopez,C 7661O FoRst Hills Pkwy, BaWille, the undenigned t stee's Plan lor the W6stgat8 Tow Ayala Rd Jacksonville, FL M Bawaglino and Michael Racord e notice ot sale in tollowing al prop locatad Apto 1602, Bogota, COLOMBIA NJ 08721, 1,Season-Float receipt ot your signed objerfion Centar, recoded in the omcial 32258, 6000 B 6000, 33c a A Ba aglino, clo Diana the Public Racods ot Osc6ola in Osceola Coun,Florida: 11 1. 112 All Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, 5100-5163, torm, the toraclosure ot the Retods Book 1564, at Page 33D, 22 a 22, NEN a EVEN, BaWaglino, clo da Baaubian, Coun,Florida: and (3) Publish (s68 Exhibrf A fi Share wee noat Unk, 6100-33G, 1 11 40 H0U, 9 1v2016, mo gage whh respert to the 1479, ot the Public Recods All Saason-Floal WeeWFloat Simmons, Might, Man aris, a copy of tha notice ot sala two lnterast(s) (Sae Exhibrf A ) ODD. 1111712016, 50721484, 5008/2837. $7.923.60. 812.34; defauw specified in this notice of Osceola Coun,Florida Unit, 2016-12-01, 815795.58. N6al PO Box 87, O ando, (2) times, once aach weak. for accoding to tha Tlmesharing 82,N8.O1.: Chiqurfa Y Geter, Ricado De La Roca and sh,be subje to the judicial (the .'Plan"T. Together wrfh lhe $7.77, 4944-1197; nRRANcE FL 32802-0087, 1 Fixed two (2) succ8Mive waaks. in Plan for tha We g 6 Tow 180 WesbDok Rd, Godon, Marisela De La Roca, 291 toreclosure p cedura only. right to occupy, punuant to FRIESON 6 DORIS JOHNSON WaaMixed Unh, FFF-02, 91 an Osceola Coumy newspaper, Cant r8coldad in the omcial GA 31031, 1,Saason-Float Purcell Rd, Volo, IL 60073, You have the right to cure the Plan, Building(s)Wn (s) a KEITH JOHNSON a nHIJAH WHOU. 1l2l2014, 5214 39-45. providad such a nawspaper Recods Book 1564. at Pag6 WeeMloat Unh. 610 84F, 112,season-noat Week/ yourdefauW in the mannerset (See Exhibit A"), during Unh FRIESON 8402 MiWon Rd 84,989.42. 82.46; T vor s Lak6, 8xist5 at tha lime ol publishing. 1479, ot e Public R8cod5 34 H0U, 1 1 13/2016. float Unrf, 520 52 6. 19 torth in thi5 no ice at any time Week(s) (See Exhibk A"T, Mobile, AL36695, 6100 a61oo, P.O.Box 76 T e Eyas No h lt you fail to cu tha derauW ot OKaola Coun,Florida 438311912, $4,739.56, 86.4o; ODD, 912v2016, 503612595, bafoP the t ee'5 sale ot your during Assigned Yea s), (See 32A 6 32B, Sida, Anguilla, ANGUILLA, 1 as sat forth in this notice or (the Plan . Togethar wrfh tha Ellen S Jewell, 1524 c hill $6,172.55, $9.37; Harripenad timashare inteRst. lt you do not Exhibit A"). 7700 We gate 31 a 31, ODD 6 ODD,Flxed WeeMixed Unk, FFF- tak6 oth6r appropriate a ion right to octupy. punuant to Way. CaM8lb8ny, FL 32707, Seuk and C,a L obje tothe useofthetwstee Blvd ssimmee, FL m747. Season-Flo W86Mloat Unh, 05, 46 H0U, 11v2014, whh r6gard to this foBlo5ur8 th6 Plan, Buildin9(s)Wnh(s) 1,Season-float W66klflo Seukeran, Comer M6ntor B to&losure proGedur6, you will Building ePin "Tlme Sha 2016-12-01,$15598.80, $7.67, 5214139-45, $5,085.25, ma er, all sums due and (Sae Exhibrf A"), during Unk Unh, B-1106, B-1208, 361 Manick StRat, Guaico, Sangre not be subje to a deficiancy Plan property) AddPM"). As 4930-432; Avanida La Patria $2.51; Corby D Campball, owing undar the Not6 and Waak(s) (s68 Mibh A"), MN, 38nvEN, 1111612016, Grande, TRINIDAD TOBAGO, judgment even if the proceeds a suW ot he afoRmentioned - Edificio Ya - No. 1323 San 2620 Danbu Drive, New Mo gag6 shall be atc6|8r 8d during Assignad Y6a s), (See 44011280. $4,037.02,; Sabrina 1 #| Season-Float Weekl homthe sal6 otyourtimesha delault,Wastga ehePbyelerfs Falipe, 3201 VENUUELA, O aans, LA 70131, Makeba and will become imm6dia 6 Exhib A . n Wa ga 6 L Keaton and Tyrone E Hill, flo Unh. 530 5326, 441 i areinsumciantto oWsel to sell the Proparty punuant 6100a6100a61 ,61Aa61B J Campbell, 3251 Wall Blvd dua and payable. Addhion,Blvd Ni,FL 34747, 216 High Street, Sha n Hill, WHOU, 91712016, 4945/217, the amoums sacured by the to Sa ion 721.856, Florida a 61E, 25 a 25 a 25. ODD s Apt 903, GI8tna, LA 70056- as a suN ol th6 d&auW, you Building er n Tlme Share PA 19079, 112 #| S6ason-Flo $8,767.80, $14.77; Guadalupe morfgage. By: GREENSPOON Statutes. Please be advised ODD a ODD,#| S6ason-flo 7645, o Fixad, FFF-06, 3V risk losing owenhip ot your Plan pD ) Add N"). As kmoat Unit, B-1605, 47l Mora and Norma L o, 2358 MARDER.LL ,T ea. thal in the event th your wa6wnoat Unk, 201612- EVEN, 112n013, 5214139-45, tim85ha i &e th ugh th6 a Buw ot the afo n ntionad MN, 1111412016, 473&68, Oakdale St. Detrorf,48209, HIBIT "A - NoncE OF obligation is not b ught w ent 03, $14318.21, $5.86, - $3,911.66,$1.93;Ga J Trit6s, twstee toBlosu pDc8du d&auw,wa g ehe bya s S1,942.1O,83.65. 1,Saason-Float W6aMlo DEFAULr nND INnNT TO (including the paymanl ot any 241; KRlsnNA L PINKINS 121 Wllson Cir, Williamsburg, e ablishadin S6rfion721.856, to sall th6 Propa y punuant Ma g,16, 18 Unh, 53 5334, 29 H0LE, FORECLOSL r es incu ed by W6 gale in a DONDRIAL s PINKINS VA23188,1 Flxad,FFF-15,13l Florida atut85. Any right to &ion 721.856, norida L163846 9125n016, 4937192, 88,459.15, owe sVobligo s). Tlm8shar6 commencing this toretlosure 439 Rive ind T Meigs, GA WHOU, 1 v2014, 5214 39- you may hava to in at6 th6 S ules. Please be ad sed 814.57; Evan A Evans, 11719 lnte . BuildingNnit, Week, protess) thin thirty (30) 31765, 6100 74G, 49, NEN, 45, S4,989.42, S2.46; Teny mortgag6 aRer atcele tion that in the event th your Wlnt6nat Cove Dr, Rive iew, DatauW Date, Boo Page of days trom the fint date of ,Season-Flo w68klno Lee T,302 s Wast St, will be punuant to the t6rms oblig ionisnolbDugMcuat NoncE OF DEFnuLT AND FL N579-9350, 1 #| Season- Retodad Morfgage, DetauW publicalion, tha unde igned Unit, 2016-12D1, 8782o.27, Madison, MO 65263, 1 Flx6d of tha morfgag6. You may flncluding Me pay&t ot any INTENT TO FORECLOSE noat kmoat Unrf, 530 Amount,ParDi6m unt: Trustee shall p ceed with the $3.77, 506 2510; MADEUNE Mix6d Unk, GGG-03, 31 choos6 to sign and ad to f incunBd by w6 g 8 in WUTGhTE TOWN CENTER N38, 34 H0U, 912V2D16, Cha es J BDwn Sr, 1184 sal8oflh8Prop8rtyaspDvided PERU 9 6 Bayou Dr Tampa, WHOLE, 11N014, 5214139- tha und6nign8d t rtee tha tommencing is to losure nLE: . 4937 474, $10,726.25, 818.37: English Saddle Rd, FloriNant, in Section 721.856, Florida FLN635,B,11 ,46,WHOU, 45, a,989.42, $2.46; Zoe F.B. antlosed obj ion torm, pmau) wrmin thiS (30) Punuant to Sarfion Ea L Law nce, 13541 232nd MO 63034, 2 Fixad WeeW Stalut6s, in which Gas8, he ,on-Float w86klno H n and And w c Butler. axe ising yDurrightto obi dabs hom la fim ata ot 721.856. Florida Slatut85. St. LauraWon. NV 11413-2N7. noat Unit. 4000-81 4000- undersignad T 6e shall: (1) Un,2016-12-01. $11N2.85, Ea Ed,rby S ephen, o lhe use ot he t pu lit ion. the unden ned the und8nign6d Twst as 1 #| S8a5on-Float w66k/ 81B, 14/WH0LE, 14 HOLE. Provide you wkh wriwen notice $5.64, 4982-2198; LEROY OulQill, ENGLAND CA174JU, to tlosure pmedu . Upon Tw ee shall pm68d whh the appoint6d bL WESTGATE Fbat Unh, 530 5M8, 341 711412016,463012829, otthe sale, includingthe date, s MERCHANT a USABEfH 1Fixad xedUnk,GGG- the undenign d t 's s 6otth6Pro asprovid8d vAcAnoN ILLAS, LLC WHOU, 912N016, 49371474, $8,T99.51, $11.96; Mitha6| time and location the d: (2) SALDANAMERC POBox 03, 42 H0U, 11v2014, 6ipt0ty0ursign 0bja n in &ion 721.856. norida 818ina 8r t to as S1o,726.25, $18.37; Gady J Mosby, 11440 Richwood R6tord the notica ot sale in 4663 Kingshill, 851, B B. 521 4139-45, $4,989.42, torm, the lo&bsul8 ot the St es, in which Gas8. the We gate ) h6r8by tormally Milic6, 612 sw 75th Ave, North khool Rd, L6banon, IL 62254, tha Publit Records ot Osceola 1307a13,17 17,WH0U S2.46; WaW B Hancox, 460 morfgage wkh p6rt to tha und&signed TwsteB shall: (1) notmes you that you hava Laude ale, FL NO68-1347, Sa h LMosby,51 RaesC ek County,Florida:andT3)Publish B WHOU, #| season-no Walerbu Dr, FayeWeville, NC d6tauW sp6tifi8d in this notica PD d6 you wh wrm6n notice da uNad undar the Note Katia Ord6us, 7207 NE 47th Dr, Granrfa c y, IL 62040-7306, a copy otthe notica ot sale two weekmoat Unrt, 2016-12- . 28311-1343, 1 Flxed Weekl sh,ba subje tothe diGi otthe 5aB, including I6 dat6, and Mortgage by tailing to Ter, Kansas c y, MO 64117, 112 All Season-Float Weeh/ (2) timas, once each week, tor 843541.35, $18.03, 4897-1698: Flx Unh, GGG-13, 101 toreclosure pD dur8 on . tin and location r, (2) make tha paynent due on 1 All saason-noat Weekl noat Unk, 5100-5111, 2/ lwo (2) suctessive waeks, in JAIRO CASTRO 8 BDok8 WHOU. 1 2 014, 5214 39- You have the right to tU R6cod a notica ot sale in (Sea Mib A") and all Float Un,550 5521, 361 EVEN, 712612016, 491812084, an Osceola County newspaper. Club Driv Apt 7 Ouining, 45, a,958.54, 82.45: Ann yourdetauWintha mann& 58t the Public R olds ot la subsequent payments. You WHOU, 9n412016, 503&218, $7,173.65, $10.42; C stal provided such a n8wspap6r NY 10562, B, 1609. 25, ODD, Gonring, a6 B Lake Dr, torth in this notice any time Coun,norida; and (3) Publirn cu ently ow6 W6stgat8 the 88,248.40, S12.67; Maria A N Wh ney, 1203 s 10th St, exists al the tima ot publishing. ,Season-Fb w68hlno w B6nd, wl NO95, 1 Fixed b8fo th8twrt '5s 8otyour acopyotMenot eofsaletwo amount ot (Sa6 Exhibrf A Pana, 5834 StDng C ek Dr, Saint Louis, MO 63104-3520, lf you fail to cu the detauW Unit, 201612-01. S1447O.45, W x Unrt, GGG-13, 101 timasharBint8 5t.ltyoudonot (2)ti,once ead waek tor w h int8 aK ing at Houston, TX 77084 Ge do 112 All Saason-Float Wee as sat torfh in this nolice or $7.11, 4921-1409; SERGIO c WHOU, 112n014, 5214 39- obja totha use oflh6lw two (2) succ sive weeks, in the te of (See Exhibit A l Prieto Jr and Jazmin Pana, Float Unk, 5100-5113, 47/ taka other app priata action POUONI B KARINA,PAMPIN 45, $4,958.54, 82.45; Marie tor losure pDt8du,you will an OK6ola County newspaper, p6r day, wkh r6gard to the 10810 Macken e Dr, Houston, ODD, 711&2016, 4757/21, with ragard to this toBlosur8 Da la 185 Uavallol, 1836 L Ad m, 17 1 St, P.O. Box notbe subjertto a d8fi 6ncy pDvid8d such a n6wspap& tollowing raal pDp8rtylocat8d M 77086, 1,Saason-Float $5,299.57, $7.27; Vlctor maWar, all sums dua and ARGENnN B, 1804, 7, MN, 822, Coeyans. NY 12045, judgm6nl aven il the proc ds axi s theti otpubli5hing. in Osceola Counly, Florida: W68Mloat Unh, 5500-5525, Pwde and Janis Copeland owing under the Note and Flxed O Fwed Wee xed Unk, homthe saleotyourtimasha lt you lail to w the detauW (Sae Exhibit A") Time Sha 12 H0LE, 911812016, p da, 269 Burnsid6 Ava, Morfgaga shall ba accelaratad weewnoat Unh, 201612,GGG-13, 2410DD, 11212013, inl8Bt are insumcient to otk& a5 5at torth in this notice o lnt&e (s) (Sea Exhibit A") 497612368, 87,65o.65, East Harttod, CT 06108, 2 All and will becoma immadiately $ .31,84.7O. 5 &2713: 5214n9-45, a,629.38, 82.28; the amounts satu d by th6 take oth appDpri 8 artion atcoding to the Timesharing 813.16: AWhaa D Tlsdala, S8a5on-Float W6aMloat Unit, due and payable. Addhionally, Ma g, 1&, 18 D nck Moo,1930 HamiWon mortgage. By: GREENSPOON wkh gard to Mis toBlosurB Plan tor the W85tgat8 Town 632 P8nnelooh Ln, Stone 510 5124. 5100-5132, 48/ as a r6sull otthe default, you L1 812 W, Duincy, FL 32351, o Flxed MARDER,LL .T stee. maW all wms due and at6r, r6cod8d intheomcial Mountain, 30087, Eph ian WHOU, 9 H0LE, 712312016, risk losing ownanhip ot your Wee x Unh, GGG-15, HIBIT A" - NoncE OF o ng under the Note and Recods Book 1564, at Page v Tlsdale, 6363 Southland 48591373, 813,594.o4, $15.65; limashara inte st through the X ODD, 1 N013, 5214139- DEFAULr AND INTENT TO Morfgage shall be acc8|6ratad 1479, ot the Publ c Ratords FD st Dr, Stone Mountain, Cind John, 1352 East 53 St, twstee toraclosure pDc8dut8 NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 45. 84.629.38. 82.28: Rogerio FORECLOSL and will becon immediately ot Oscaola Coun,Florida GA 30087, 1 All Sea on- BDO lyn, NY 11234, 1/2 All establishedin Sertion 721.856, INTENT TO FORECLOSE &i and F nciKo Silva, Ow6 s) Obligo 5,Tlmesha due and payabla. Add ional,(the Plan . Together with he float WeeMloat Unk, 5600- Saason-Float WeehlFloat Unit, Florida Stalutes. Any right wTGAn vAcAnoN Rua Kwanji Kubo 13, Centro, lnte st, Buildin nh, Wee as a uW ot the defauW, you right to occupy, punuan to 5655, 10 H0U, 912v2016, 5100-5153, 2110DD, 7R12016, you may hava to in ate the L xw nLE 2n . 1 J zinho, BRAZIL 86210 DetauW Date, BooklPaga ot risk losing owenhip ot your tha Plan, Building(s)IUnitTs) 503612636, $7,089.05, $10.36; 494&1291, 86,267.56, $8.53; mortgage a er acceleration ~ Punuant to Sertion 721.855 1 Flxed WeeMloat Unrf, Recod6d Morfgage, DetauN timesha inta thDugh the (Saa Exhibrf A"), during Unh Casar Rivara and Megan J K hleenJHart,518OJonathon will be punuant to he t6rms florida St utes, wEsTGAn HHH-o5.51 Hou,1n 2o14, Amoulrf. p& Diem Amount: tw 6e to&lo ura p c6dur8 Week(s) (See Ewhibit A,Bosw8||,62Hom6St,Som8n8t, Lane. Mount PI6asant, Ml ot the morfgaga. You may vAcAnoN vlu OWNERS 5214n9-45, $4,989.42, $2.46: Devona L RON, 537 Winding e ablished in S6rtion 721 .856, during Assign6d Year(s), (Sae NJ 08873, 1 #| Season-Float 48858, 112,Season-Floal choosa to sign and send to AssoclAnoN, INC. F n Ra Rz,C I823#38 Way, Wayn8sboD, VA 22980, Florida Sta ut . Any right Exhibk A . 7700 Wastgat6 WeeMloatUnk,57OO-5714,21 WeeklFlo Unh, 5100- the undersigned t stee the 8Rina Rte to as to 106, San PedD 112,Season-Float w kl you may havato instatethe Blvd KiMimm88, FL 34747, WHOLE, 918 2016, 494712502, 5158, 301EVEN, 712512016, 8ncl0s6d obja ion form, We ga e,has recoded a De Los Pinos, M CO 03800. noat Unit. 400040, 201 mortgag6 aRer accele tion Building arein "Tlm8 Share $4,008.15, 86.N; Shahiea L 4933 481, 86,819.71, $9.21; 6x8rcising your right to object Claim ot L in the unt o Fwed Wee xed Unh, EVEN, 11lV2O16, 5074 1822, will be punuant to the erms Plan prope y) Address ). As BaWazar and Andrew BaNazar, #exandarOlmarah and Su an to tha use ot the t ea ot (See Exhibk A,w HHH-06, 4010DD, 11V2013, $3,060.55, S5.88; Millar Mois ot lha nDrfgag8. You may a rasuW ot th6 ator8m8ntion8d 1846 A lantiG Dr, Ruskin, O lmarah, 7839 Gall6on Field fo closura proc8dur6. Upon inte aK ing at the rate ot 5214139-45, S3,983.43, $1.96; Millan Ruano and Lznotys Diaz choose lo sign and send to detault,Wastgata h8 by 6|8 s FL 33570, 112 Fixed Weehl Ln, Cyp ss, N 77433, 1 All the undersigned twrtea's (See Exhibk A p day, and Gunther Dubon and Maria E Reyes,Calle1 #26-15 Barrio the undenigned wst86 the to sell the Proparty punuant Float Unh, 590 510D, 141 Season-Float W86Mloat receipt ot your signed objaclion ded in O.R. Book (See Dubon and E in Dubon and Provenza, Buca manga. enclosed obja ion torm, to Se ion 721.856, Florida WEN, 912112016, 4897l244O, Unk, 5200-5234, 41 HOLE, torm, the toreclosu ot the Exhibk A,Page(SaeExhibh p ricia Dubon, 9820 sw 12m samander, COLOMBl 1 ex ising your right to objert S atut6s. PI8as6 be advised $3,320.75, 85.2o; Vema B 712v2016, 48131293,mortgaga wkh r6spart lo the A,ot e Public Recods ot Ter, Miami, fl 33174, 1 F ed Flxed WeeMloa Unrt, 4 to tha usa or th6 twstae that in th6 Bv6nt that your Blake, 5152 Waybridge Ln, $9,333.23, $13.50; Erik L dafauW spacifiad in is notit6 OK8ola County, horida, and,Miwed Unk, HHH-11, 391 48A, 4 48B, 5210DD,521 toretlosure pDc8du . Upon oblig ion is not brought cu ant lndianapoli5, IN 46237 Patricia Mapp, 3652 38th St, Long shall ba subjerf to the judicial the undenigned Tn ee as WHOLE, 1n12014, 5214139-45, ODD, 111v2016, 467&1295, the und igned tw ee's flntluding the payment ot any A Wayman, 312 E Granger lsland c y, NY 11101-1622, to closura proc8dur6 only. appointad by g e. h& y $4,989.42, $2.46; Paul p Nong $4,302.74, 87.51: momas eipt of your signed objection teas intu ed by We gata in St, B k6n w, OK 74012, Shi ina Knapp, 125 Fieldmere You have e right to cu tom al notmes (See Exhibk Laolam, N51 C stal Valley o Shipman and Chrirti w brm, Me to&losu ot th6 tommencing this to closu 1/2,Season-Float Waekl St, Elmont, NY 11003, 2 Fix6d your datauN in he mann& s6t A that due to your failu to,H lland, Ml 49424 ChhaW Shipman, 26 Badger St, morfgag6 wrfh lo tha p tess) wkhin thirty (30) Float Unk, 6200-24CD, 22 Wee Float Unh, 520 5246, torfh in this notice at any time pay the annu a m(s) c Oum, 13281 Ta Ly Ln Greanville, sc 29605, 1 #| defauW specmad in this notice days hom tha tirst da e ot EVEN, 9120/2016, 4872/285, 5600-5613, 52 H0LE, 521 befo that staa's sala otyour due on (See Mibk A and Apt 3, Holland, Ml 49424-2966 Season-Float Weekl noat shall be subjart to the judicial publication, the undersigned $4,851.05, $7.25; Dino A WHOU, 71251201 6, 49521208, timesha inta . lt you do not ,au sm rf(s) thereaW Young Xm and Nhiv m, 9855 Unrt, 5100-5134, 9 H0U, to&losu procadu on . Tw 88 shall proc8ad with tha Rivers and lsmenia c Riv6n, $9,441.z8, $13.23; Anthony L objett tothe use ofth8twst68 you a cuBtly in detauW ley St, Zeeland, Ml 49464, 1 11112016. 50&3, $6,441.89, You have lhe right to cuP sale ot the Prop6rty as providad Kust BaWe 32, San Nicolas, Taylor and Shacharie L Wilson, tor6closur8 procadu,you will ot your oblig ions lo pay O F ed Weekl xed Unh, 81o.76; Jamie L Vanek and your defauW in he manner set in S6 ion 721.856, Florida ARUBA, 1 Fixed WeeMloat 168 8 ntwood sq, Nashville, not be subj6rt to a defici6nty m dueto We ga e HHH-12, 310DD, 1 v2013, Kath n EVan6k,9835Chadon torth in this notice at any tima Statules, in which case, lhe Unh, B-1718, 511WH0U, TN37211-6283, 112 ISeason- judgmant evan rf the p ceeds on tha tollo ng d cribed al 5214139-45, $4,629.38, $2.28; Rd, Chardon, OH 44024, 1 batoR the t s ee.s sal6 ot your undanignad T stee shall: (1) 911712016, 502712860, noat W86Mloat Unh, 5300- trom the sa ot your tim6sha p perty loc 6d in OK DeRk R Gameau and Rebecta Fixed WeeklFloat Unh, 520 tim85ha int8l8 .ltyoudo not Provid6 you with wri en notice $8,329.55,$14.24. 5317, 43nvEN, 717/2016, inte stareinsumcientto ot et Coun,florida: (See Exhibh A Gameau, 11135 Amn y Ct 5217, 6 H0LE, 10l28n016. obje o lhe use ot the twstee of the sale. including the date, Ma h g, 18, 018 4944 1153, S5.228.18. $7.50: the amount 58Gu d by the A Tlma Sha,(s) Unh 18. San Diego. CA 92131, 5012 1952, $8,164.04, 813.11: foreGlosu procedu . you will ime and loGation thereof; (2) L 163847 Nancy Feliciano, 278 T man mo gage. By: GREENSPOON (See Mibh A as defined in 1 F ed Wea xed Unk, Tyrone Blair and Veneasa not be subjerf to a daficiency Recod he notite ot sale in StApt. 1L, Brooklyn, NY 11237- MARDER, LLP T tea. Ma Daclaration of cov ams, HHH-15, 7 H0U, 1n 2014, King Blair, 2299 Rosemary Ct, judg nt avan rf the pDc88ds he PubliG Racords ot Oscaola 2524, 1 #| Season-Flo Waekl EXNIBIT "n - NOTICE OF Condkions and R riclions 5214 39#, $4,989.42, $2.46; Montgome,IL 60538-4019, homthe sale ofyourtimeshare County, Florida; and (3) Publish NoncE OF DEFAULT AND float Unk, 5400-5425, 321 DEFAULT AND INnNT TO for the Bgate Vac ion Ma R Msinshand KalhyAnn 112 All Season-Float w66kl inte arainsumcientlo omet acopyotth8noticeot5al8lwo INTENT TO FORECLOSE WHOU, 712|12016, 492&606, FORECLOSE: Vlllas xw, O cial ld5 FedorGha 196Holland MIRd, Float Unh. NOO-5326, 30 the amounts s6GuPd by the (2llimes, once each week. tor WUTGATE TOWN CENTER $6,063.21. S8.27: Te a Grant, Owner(sVObligo s), fin shar6 Book 1132, Paga 1485, of Je enon TowshiP. NJ 07438, ODD, 11 5 2016, 5046 2699, mo gage. B GREENSPOON lwo (2) suGc8ssiv8 weeks, in FILE: 2g . 31 3724 NE Canyon Dr, Topeka, lnle st, BuildingNnk, week, tha Public R ords of Osteola 1 Flxed W xed Unrt, HHH- $5,104.71,$9.66:NealStorman MARDER, LL ,Tw ee. an Osceola Coun n8w5papar, Punuant to Sertion KS 66617 Rach6| Towsend, DetauW Data, 8oo Paga ot County, florida ha Plan and 16, 19 H0U, 11V2014, andRabiah Storman,2765We HIBIT A" - NOTICE OF pDvided such a newspaper 721.856, Florida Statutas, 949 NE Oakland Ave, Topaka, RaGord8d Morfgaga, DatauN all ndment(sl the o, rf 5214 39#, $5,025.25, 82.48: 5 St etApt14G, B oWy,NY DEFAULT AND INnNT TO exi satthelimeofpublishing. the undenigned Tw ee as KS 66616, 112 All Season- Amount, Par Diem Amount: any. Togeth& wM tha right to Roberf Wad and Milli C Ward. 11224, 1/2 All Season-Float FORECLOSE: lt you tail to cure the detauW appointed by WESTGATE Float WeeMloat Unrf, 5500- Wayne T La Roch&le and ocwpy, punuant to me Plan, 526 8ay Drive, ve Beach. week/ Float Unit. 5400-5413, 1/ Owner(sVObli9o s), fimeshare as 58t torfh in this notice or VACATION LLAS. uc 5542, 21 EN. 7 25 2016, G8raldin6 La Roch6|I6, 98 Building-Unk(5) (See Exhib FL 32963, 1 Fixed Wea EVEN, 11/1n016. 4308 2792, lnterest, BuildingNn,Wee lake other appropriate attion ereina & rete to as 491&1344, 85,329.83,; B6vi8r Streat, Springfield, MA A,during Unk Week(s) (See Fwed Unrf, HHH-16, 21/ $2,992.54, $3.86; Natasha R DefauW Date, BooklPaBe of with regard to this ro closu We ga e") he by formally Esm6ralda Delba, 6480 N 82nd 01107, 1 All S6ason-Floal Exhibrt A,during igned WHOU, 1n 20|4, 5214/39-45, Mc Du a, 4498 Arthur Collier Recoded Mortgaga, 6fauW ma er, all sums due and notifias you that you hava St Apt. 136, ScoWsdale, AZ WeaMloat Un,40 -25A, Yaa 5), (See Exhibk .A . n 84,989.42. S2.46; Chri opher Rd, Evegraen, NC 28438, 1 Amounl, Per Diem Amount: owing under the Nota and detauWed under the Note 85250-5666, 1 2 #| Saason- 4 0-25B, 13nvEN, 131 We gala Blvd Nimm88, w Bugos and Evely Sanlos,season-noat Wee noat Pansy Hsan and Ran ah Morfgage shall be accelerated and Mortgage by t ling to noat WaaMloat Unrf, 5500- EVEN, 611712016, 4900T798, FL 34747 in Tlme Sha PO Bow 806, San LoRnzo, PR Unk, 5500-5555, 21 H0U, Hsan, 63 Home Ave. ax, and will become immedialely make the payanl due on 5563, 41nvEN, 7 112016, 82,335.12, 81.15: Sandra propertyT Add N"). As a 754, 1 Flxed Wee Float Unrf, 10/28 2016. 493&1818, ON. CANADA L1T4,1 #| dua and payable. Additionally, (See Exhibit A and all 481y1157. t6,777.22, 88.74: p Chaton and Ratael J suW ot the aforementioned III-03, 15 H0LE, 41V2014, $5,500.38, $8.78; Eugene Season-Float Weeklfloat Unrf, as a resuW ot the detauW, you subs6qu8nt payments. You Lucious Raysor Jr and Diana B Amalbert, 1505 Fo Cla e default, g e he by ele s 521 4139-45, $4,955.04, B Abin4on and Yolanda A 4 0-41c, 4 41 D, 35 risk losing owneNhip ot your tu ently owa Wastgata tha Raysor, 914 SE Laka St, Stuarf, Blvd #17207, Gainesville, FL to s6|| the PDparty punuant $2.44; David E Young, 202 Abington, 3354 Wakefield EVEN, 35nNN, 11116 2016, timeshare interest hrough the amount ot (Sea Exhibh A") FL 34994, 112 All Saa5on- 32606, 1 All Saa5on-Float to Sa ion 721.855, Florida Penn Avenue. O od. PA Dr, Decatur, GA 30034, 112 482412126, $4,203.42, $7.N; twstee toreclosure proc8dur8 wrfh interest ac ing at Float WaeMloat Unk, 5500- WaehlFloat Unit, 4000-30, 461 Statutes. Please b6 advis6d 1936 . 1 Fixed, III-11, 6 All Season-Float Weekl hman M Y Al makafi, PO e ablished in Sertion 721 .856. the r e ot (See Exhib A") 5566. 35 0DD. 7 20 201 6. WHOLE. 6T24 2016, 4845 146. that in lhe evant that your WHOU, 1/V2014, 5214/39- Float Unit, 5700-5737, 311 Box 108942, Jeddah. SAUDI Florida Statules. Any right per day, whh regard to lhe 4678l1 808, $8,075.16, 82,276.50, 81.12; Byon L obligation is not brought cunant 45, $4,989.42, $2.46; Maria ODD, 11/1/2016, 4976/2459, ARABIA 21351, 112,Season- you may hav6 to Pinstata lhe lollowing Pal pDp8rty located $11.43; Jamel s Yates, 10115 Byd and Susie N Byd, 8205 [lncluding the payment ot any De Los Ang. Diaz da Quevedo &4,377.92, 87.69; MaWhew G Float WeeklFloat Unk, 4000- morfgag8 aW8r acceleration in Osteola Coun,Florida: Revol ion N Apl. G, Cha owe, HaMo Dr, Rowle,M 75089, ta85 incu ed by Westgate in and #berfo Francisco Quevedo Taylor and Carol Joy Q Taylor, 57, 1 610DD, 1 111812016, will b8 punuant to the lerms (See Exhibit A") fime Share NC 28262, 1 All Season- 1,Season-Float WeeMloat comm6ncing this toreclosu Capio. 150 Mts O6st8 De La 2010 25th St W, Williston, 473612017, $2,097.64. $3.44: ot the morfgage. You may lnterest(s) (S68 Exhibk A Floal W86Mloat Unit, 5600- Unit, 4000-32C, 4000-43A, 251 pDc6ss) w hin lhirty ( o) Contraloria, Ed cio Ed col, ND 58801, 112 Fixed Weekl Kekh D Mc Cullw, 1754 N choo5e to 5ign and send lo according to the Tlm85haring 5614, 24 H0LE, 7 16l2016, EVEN, 20 0DD, 9 15 2016. days trom the fint dat6 ot Planta Baja, San Jose, COSTA Float Unit, 5900-303A, 521 Monitor, Chicago, IL 60639, 1 the undenigned t stee th6 Plan tor the Westgate Town 4850 2015. 84,542.57, $6.43; 4947l661, $1,868.80, 8o.92; publitation, the undenigned RICA, 1 Fix6d W6eMix8d Unit, EVEN, 11/4/2016, 421511972, All Season-float WeeMloat enclosed objertion torm, Center, Pcoded in the omcial Demetrice c Black, 2 Florenca Lori L WM, 4503 She ood T staa sh,p ceed wrfh III-16, 37 H0LE, 1/212014, $4,349.15, $6.27; Edlin M Unrf, 4000-80, 4 80, 361 exe ising your right to obi6cl Retords Book 1564, at Page Hill cl, Black Jack, MO 63033, Way, San Antonio, TX 78217 the sale ot the Property as 521 4139-45, $4,989.42, $2.46. Myles and Gloria A Myles, 51 EVEN, 41/0DD, 11118/2016, to the use of he tw ee 1479, ot lhe Public Recods Angela D Black, 11678 Galba oniel Comp6an Jr, 4615 provid6d in Sertion 721.855, Ma h 9, 16, 18 Croton Lane, Geoge Town, 49111401, $3,562.09, $5.96; fo&losuP procedure. Upon of Osceola Coun,Florida Dr, Florissant, MO 63033, Gadendale St Apt. 305, San Florida Stat as, in which case, L 163844 Grand Cayman, CAYMAN David L Reeder, 173 Parker the undenigned t stee's ( he Plan . Together whh the 112 All Season-Float weehl Antonio, TX 7824 4203. 1 the undenigned Twstee shall: ISLAND, 1 All Season-Float St, Gadner, MA 01440, 2 c8ipt of your signed obi8ction right lo occupy, punuanl to Float Unk. 560 5654, 17/,Season-Float W86Mloal (1) Provida you w h wrinan Weeh/ Float Unit, 5 All season-noat WeeMloal form, the toreclosu ot th8 the Plan, Building(sWn (s) WEN, 7115/2016, 49331512, Unk, 4000-65B, 40 -75A. notice ot tha sala, intluding NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 513A, 5900-514B, 410DD, 41 Unh, 4000-12A, 4 0-14c. morfgage wrth respe lo lhe (See Exhibh A"), during Unrf $3,168.81, $4.20; Michael E 2410DD. 28/0DD, 7114n016. | | | |