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March 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 9, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 9, 2018 PAGE 2TB $1.47 519746-2171911430 All Season-Flo Wee Float ODD. 39 ODD. 41 12 . Rishad J Pete n and Ha ld LINDA E WEIR 27 KinQsh& TRWTEE'S NU a638.83. S1.51. 52 -1554- LEIDY c SANCHU a JOHN Richad G ReinelandThomas Un,6200-45. 11 WHOU, S11,329.75, $4.62; 1484697- L Crmenden and mbe y Drive CheWenham, GU1 OWN OwBs) AddRN Building 1557; 0NY J AuPRm H DASZKAL Av Vlrtoria Con J Nelson and Susan J Nelson 494&1302. $23.713.12, 19397064197 Vande i s Crm6nd8n and T& L uNlnDKINGDoM,wT 11o. Unh YearTS Und ided ANGEUQUE AuPRm Gran Colombia Edrf lsama 690T O hard Ave Cleveland, 8o.oo 1442766-869794249 MartiM De Paulaand Crirfiane Pele n 2 GianneWi Dr 26,WH0U, Fwed W M lnt n Use Basis 7923 Napi& St Las Vegas, NV 3A Caracas, VENUUELA, A, OH 44129, 1 Fixed Wee Stephen A King and Leidy N Rocha Ne o N D fiQd sl Ste ing HeigMs, Ml 48312, 1 Unh. 84926.11, 81.54, 52 - A DumP&D mcoLR8clnto 89131. w, 143, 39. EVEN. 8. 3, EVEN, All Season-Float Fixad Unk, w-11, 43 WHOLE, King 5065 Wiles Rd. Apl 105 Worcerter, MA 016,1 #| F w knloat Unrt, 57 - 1548-1553: MARTA PICOTA VICTOR BRANDENBERGER S91o7.11, S1.95, 52 1554- Wee Flo Unrf, 201605-02, $6,431.24, $1.98 Coconul CR8k, FL 330T3- Season-Float Weekl noal 5712. 6 WHOU. 494&130, Apartado Po 0816-01725 a KE N JAY WAGLER 14234 1557; RICHARD R DICARLO 85547.31. $2.56, 46N-498: K: FORECLOSURE 27756. 4211. 1 2 All Season-Flo Un,62 24AB, 21 WHOU. S4o.993.3o. 82o.66; 1 73- Ciudad De Pa,PA R Road N Haven, a SANDRA J DICARLO 29B DAVID w STONE a DONNA WG Vacation Vlllas HOA(NJ) WaeklFloat Unk, B-1406, 37 5 2760,$28,164.80.$11.63 26794032172 M u&ina Cwz WTA. 205, 11, WHOU, F IN 46774. WTA, 105, 19, TowrnipRd13 s em, M GRANT 194 Bunker Hill KEGERIZE.O788 NOS.Pub. NEN, 492811756, $9,562.94, 14615T7-57B378342Vln nt and Jose Daniel Co Duran W88 x6d Unh, $4926.11. WHOU. 84926.11. S1.54, OH44287,WrE,238.2.EVEN. Ave St tham. NH 3885, A, 8. KEGERIZE.doc $4.63 1084591-2009422909 L lngellis and Dorika lngellis 613 LawRnce Rd Wake FOR,S1.54, 5 1548-15N: 52 1598-1602: GENE,n-Floa weekmoat 19, EVEN, All Season-Float Ma h g, 16, 18 Deb J Mc au n and RicW 162n Magnolia Grove Way Nc27587.1n#lseason-Float BRENDA J WAWER 4 4 D LATHERN a UNDA G Unk, S2424.51. 8o.74. 52 - Wee Float Unk. 2016-10-14, L1638O4 R Mc aueen 26532 Joe Dr Jacksonville, FL 32z18, 1,WeeMlo Unh.57 -5764,38 Hanov& Ln Valdo a, GA LATHERN 252 N Wheeler St 1554-1557:TAMIBIDDU148- $8636.16, 84.18, 4932-1798; WarRn, Ml 48091. 112 All Season-floal w float ODD. 494411183, 85,354.88, 31605.WTA.208,37,WH0LE, J M 75951. wr 106, 09 SuWer Ave Jamaica, NY JENNIFER R RITTER 114 Season-Floa WeeMloal Unk, Unk. 6200#CD. 34 WHOU, $2.55: 1122850-901445 F ed W ed Unh, 12. WHOU, S4962.79, 81.54. 11436, a DENISE p EBRON MontitelloDrByon,GA31OO8, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 8-1708, 44 EVEN, 4074/2305, 496&1137. $24.329.26, Anthony Law 361 $4926.11, 81.54, 52 -1548- 52 1598-1602; APPAL 14811 Suner Ave. J ica. A,8,38,ODD,AllSeason-Float SALE $8,651.24, $4.16; $12.05 1452394-w125852602 Sh wsbu Ave Red Bank. 15N; EVELYN R BUGGS 634 N DOO A T A NAIDOO 43 NV 11436-1925 WTE. 240, WeeklFloat Unk. 2015-05-20, WUTGATE TOWN CEMER K: FORECLOSURE 292O3. Rodrigo L Siha Espinoza NJ 0 701, 1,on-Flo Porf Rd Ho ensa, GA 31543. Dunkald Rd Weshille, 29, EVEN,Saason-Float S7395.49, $3.23. 4137-1044; . 13 00DR0W,JR) WG Town C ter (N JeNenia,Chevez va do WeeWflo Unrf. 22c. WTA,3O2, 51, WHOU, Fixed sow AFRICA. WTA, 11o, WeeMloat Unrf. 8548o.86, STEVEN w COOPER JR a OnApril3,2O18at11:OOa.m WoodDw Jr.O213WOS.PUB. Monte Fuj ama No 15 x apa 22D, 20 MN, 20 Wee xed Un . .43, 51, WHOU, 84926.11, S1.54. S1.38, 52 -1554-1557; SAVANNA c SHUMAN 10000 GREENSPOON MARDER, WOODROW, JR.doc Veracwz, 91190 M ICO. MN. 416111*, S7,397.78. S1.47. 52 -1548-15N: 52 -1598-1602; PATRIC DAVID ROTTKAMP 2417 Cha e on Hwy Saint George, up. 201 E. Pine St et, Surte Marthg,16, 18 112 All season-noal w kl $3.57; 1260244- 1852 JENNIFEREWORTHYPO Box NOEMI REINOZO Schubertsb. Atlan c Bhd Wantagh. NY sc 29477, A. e, 39, EVEN, 500, O ando, Florida 32801. L1 8O9 float Unk. B-1108. 30 MN, Mario G Mendible and Maria 7037D om,MI48121.WTA. 24F nk rt.60325GERMANY, 11793. WTE. 243. 40, ODD, All Season-Float WeeklFloat as Tw ae pursuant o that 4947/2937. $15, 7.22, $7.41 : Elena Mendible and Maria 304, 51,WH0LE, Fixed w kl WT 204. 6. WHOU, $8676.93, 82.O2, 5200-1554- Unrf, 2015-09-14, $9121.00, Appointment ot T stee 1485122-14223083719 c Elena Mendoza and Maria Float Unk. $4302.03, S1.38, $49 .43, $1.54, 52 -1598- 1557: SAMUEL STANGLE a 84.26. 4833-1987; KERRY ded on Ortober 20, 2017, NOTICE OF TRumE's A Smvedra and Yel din,Mendible El Marques 52 -1548-1553; GABINO 1602: KIMBERLEY DAWN ETHELYNROSE1O327NW4th T M RO a MELISSA A in O.R. Book 5227, at Page SALE c Brenes 9 mompson St cale O pe C atas. 01071 TORRES a SOFIA TORRES MCMANUS 20211 71A Ave PIGainesville, FL326O7,W, M RO 17124 Paul Revere 1641, of the Public Recods wEsTGAnTowN cENnR R,NJ 9, 112,VENQUELA, 2,n- 1754 Cum Maude Wae Langay,Bcv2Y3A1cANADA, 336. 52, WHOLE, $4551.25, Pkwy Lowell, IN 46356, B, ot Osceola Coun . Florida, 3. T ( BURGOS) season-noat Wee Float Unrf. Floal Wee flo Un . Law nceville.GA3 .WTA. WTA. 3 . 4. WHOLE. g1.53. 5200-1554-1557: ALAN 4. 26. WEN. Fixed W Float by ason of a now continuing On April 3. 2018. al 11:00 a.m B-1109. 30 ODD. 480. 24C. 58 -24D. 23 WHOU, 408, 25. ODD. Fixed Week S4926.11. 81.54. 5200-1598- L LAMBERT B KIM LAMBERT Unit, 2016-03-05, $7616.21, da uW by Obligo s), (See GREENSPOON MARDER, $15,267.96, 87.52: 1471035- 23 WHOU, 4571n203, Fixed Unh, $4237.40, S1.19, 1602; WRI F PARRENO B Woodham Burn 26, BraRerfon $3.57, 4476-1188; JORGE E Exhibrf A . whose add ss P.A 201 E. Pine St,420 7275 B nado A $w,6 9.53, $11.21; 149 - 52 -1548-1553: ANTONIO MAR ELENA BR O DE Close Ne on Ayclme, DU MEDINA AGUILERA B LUISA is (See Exhibk A,in the Suke 5,O ando, Florida Cab a and Maria L Ortega 902031 JulioCesarVagas G LEAKE PO Box 321 Clover. PARRENO Urb Puerfo Azul 4RQ ENGLAND, WTE. 434. Y HERNANDU ARIAS Res payT m or performance ot 32801. as T ee punuantto 1 3rd St N. Apt c S nt Cart and Maria Noeha SC 29710, WTA. 502. 30, M aB8Vllla 3Guayaquil, 43, WHOLE, 84671.56, $1.51, Agua Dulta 1 Estapa No 6A Me obligalions secu d by a thal Appoimn nt of T Petenbug. FL N716. 112 #| Pulido Rodriguez C le 119 A ODD, F ed W Mixed Unh. ECUADOR, WTA, 403, 5, 52 1554-1557; JOSE L Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS, B, Mortgage recorded in O.R. Rcord8d on December 14, Season-floa W Mloat Unk. 5760Apt807To e3 Bogota, $4229.46. 81.19, 52 -1548- WHOU, $4920.99. 81.54, SA R a EVA c SA R 6. 29, ODD, All Season-Float Book(SeeExhib A .atPage 2017, in O.R. Book 5253. B-1220. 27 ODD. 5 3n238. COLOMB 1 #| n- 15N; DARREN p BRADSHAW 520 1598-1602:259DovarSt. 125 Ea Maple Ave Mcallen, Wee Float Unrt. 2015-10-21, (See Exhibrt A,ofthe Public at Page 2753, of the Public $14,328.50, S7.o5 1461579- Float Unh, - a JOANNA A EAUS Yeomans B k n,NY11235,WT 503, TX 78501,w,441, 1. EVEN, $9758.08, $4.59, 4861-1280; Recods of OK8ola Coun,Recods ol OK la County. 604867078 L8DyAurnn and 63A, 63B, 46 ODD, 46 Rolphy G Chelmsford, 3, WHOU, S4926.11, S1.54, Fixad. 0.54, $1.68, 5200- JUAN FELIXB MARYUM FELIX Florida. includingthe breach or Florida, by raason ot a now Grace Au in 382T Wedgefie ODO, 507v481. 817.965.16, CM3 1JQ GREAT BR AIN, 52 1598-1602; TARNIG 1554-1557: TIMESHARE 235 Emerson Trail Covington. de uW.noticeolwhichwasset cominuingdefauHbyobligo s), Ave Norfolk. VA 23502. 1 #| 88.85; 13 T-2802102309 WTA, 5,20, WHOLE. F ed uc A NNADA LIMmD TRADE INS. LLC 10923 w GA 30016, B, 6, 30, ODD, lor inaNoticeofDefauWand (See Exhibrf A,whose n-no wee floalunk. Carol B dnax 8821 N. R er Wee xed Un,S4926.11. UABIU7V COMPANY 3605 St. Hwy 176 Walnut Shade, All Season-Floal Wee Float lnlent lo Fo&lose pDvid8d add Nis(S88 Mibrt A,in B-1322,9 WHOLE.496&1146. RoadT a,FLN635, 1n,81.54. 5200-1548-15N: port Way So h Suhe 2 MO 65771, WTE, 534. 35. Unk, 2016-03-01, $9440.18, to th6 la known addr s of the pay nt or p m n $25,447.71, $1o.5o 1446476 n-flo W oat Un,MARY CAROLE BAmE 2560 Sea I6,WA 98134, WT 11, EVEN, 8111o.2o, $0.38, 5200- 84.47, 4847-469; WILLARD Obligo s), (See Exhib A,by of the obligations secuRd by 34315194075 io E 5 103A, 3 ODD.4813l547, 62ND Ave N Lot 243, s 5. WHOU, $12190.50, .10, 1554-1557; PROMOTIONAL TIPTON a DONNA TIPTON 881 ame Regirte d Mail orby a Mortgage d6d in O.R. Archibeque and Kim A S14.OT3. . S7.29; 1 3- Petenbugh, FL337o2aPAuL 5200-159&1602: GUIWRMO ENTERPRISES, LLC Rertor Laurel Rd Flag Pond, / public Dn bythe undenigned Book(SeeExhibrf A ,atPage A hibeque 1492 AnPsbu 12522152524 Vlrfor M Reyes aAmE 1207 Jungle Ave N MOJICA a GRADELY a PROMOTIONAL TN 37657, B. 6, 32, ODD, All Tw ee, will sell public (See Exhibk A ,olthe Publit Rd Toledo. OH 43612. 1n,and Eil n,Sepuheda 294 Saint Petenbug, FL 33710, CHAVARRIA Apartado Po al ENTERPRISES. uc A Season-Floal Week/Floal Unrf, aurt n to Me highert bidder Records of OK8ola Coun . Season-floatWee flo Unh. lxora Dr p m H r, FL WTA. 508, 16, WHOLE. Fixed 255-5 Lberia, COSTA FLORIDA LIMITED L BILnv 2015-06-15, $7320.29, $3.32, tor law,Dn8y ot the Unrfed Florida,includingthe breach or B-1603, 8 ODD. 49371213 1/2 #| n-Float WeeklFixed Unh, $4926.11. RICA, WTB. 215, 21, WHOU, COMPANY 13750 w. Colonial 4722-277; DEBRA CORBIN W es of rica. onlhe hom detauN,no iceofwhichwasset S7.331.3o. 83.55: 1489734- WeeWflo Unrf. 59 -311C. $1.54. 5200-1548-15N; $4926.11. 81.54, 52 -1598- Dr Wimer Gald8n. FL 34787, 509 Sorna Dr Englewood, eps ot Me Osceola Coun forfhin a Notice otDetauW and 9901 648 #icia Bailey and 1 OD, 4937 41. 87,58o.o2. BRVAN K M OR 6 MICHEU 1602; ROGERIO FERRO w, 535, 39, WHOLE, OH 45322, B, 6, 34, ODD, All Cou house, 2 Courthouse lntent lo Fo&lose p vided L erB leylll181O8D T,$3.63 1473472-88959m0654 A M OR 2921 SnDk8y Rd RODRIGUES B MARC ADAO $46 .10, 81.51, 5200-1554- Season-Float Wee Flo Unk. SquaR, KiNimm8e, Florida to he la known addr8N ot ph a, GA 3,1/2,J PAtkinson and JanetL Aylen. VA 23009, wfB, 117, DE FRE AS RODRIGUES Res. 1557; WIWAM s METCALF 2016-05-21, $8978.12, 84.29. 34741,all right,trfle and inte st Obligor(s), (See Exhibk A,by Season-floal Wee noat Un . Albn n 230 Main StCheDkee. 12. WHOLE, F ed Wee BaraoDoCafe3CampinasRua a MICHELLE METCAU 105 4941-792; CESAR LOAIZA inthe p per s uated in the CertifiedlRegi &ad M lorby B-1603. 50 ODD, 5 0 2515. ALN16.1/2AllS n-Float Fixed Unk, $3794.60, $1.25. Vltente Porto 266 Campinas, Aurora p Union c y, CA B ARMANDO SEPULVEDA CouW ot Oscaola, Florida, publitation by the undanigned $7.391.35. 82.98 Week oat Unh. 62 -33CD, 5200-1548-1553: ROBERT B 13085-080 BRA L,WTC,322. 94587, WTE. 637, 12, ODD, ROBAYO 1016 Yellow River Dr des bed as:(See Exhib A T ee, will sell a publit K: FORECLOSURN92O3.WG 430D.5 &794,$15.177.94. PRICE a D NE R PRICE 65 2, WHOU. 84926.11, $1.54, $85 .37, S1.25. 52 -1554- Law ncevilla. GA 3,B. fi P ShaR lnte st(s) (See auc ion to the highest bidder Tow center(NJ) Bugos.o22n $7.46 1440770-317 293629 Center Hill Road Suga oat. 5200-1598-1602: WINSTON 1557; 6, 35, EVEN, All Season-Float Mibrt A atcoding to Me tor lawlul Dn8y ofthe Unked NOTSPUB BURGOS.doc Melisg AquiandAnisaWilson PA 18249, wfB, 118. 9. G POWEU Normton N, K: FORECLOSURE 27756. Wee Float Unk, 2016-06-21. Tl P Maring PlanforWes gate Sta es ofA Brica, on the hont Ma h 9, 16, 18 Buildig 18 Apt 9 Savannah EVEN. Fixed WeeklFixed Unh. Woodbridge. VA 22193-6905, WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (N $11189.45, 84.5o, 4832-2178: Towncenter. odedinomcial eps ot the Osceola Coun L16381O Vlllas A nquez San Juan, .35. $1.16, 5200-1548- WTC,326.14.ODD,$1818.25, JAMES.O8O1 PPT.O8O1.docx SHAWONIA D THOMAS 225 Recods Book 1564, at Page Courthouse, 2 Cou house TRINIAD TOBAGO. 1n All 15N: FRANCES E QUINIAN $0.64, 52 -1598-1602; Ma g. 18. 18 Mt Tabor Chu h Rd Dallas, 1479, ot e Public Recods Square, KiMimma8. Florida Seaso-FloatWeeklFloatUnh, 2225 Hammonds F Rd nMEsrQRE E INS, uc L1638O5 GA 30157, B, e, 9, ODD. | of OKeola Coun,Florida 34741,allright,trfleandinterest NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 62004CD, 17 EVEN,492M3. H ethope, MD 21227, wrB. 10923W.Slal8Hwy176Walmrf Season- Float W68Mloat he Plan . Together with the in the proper skuated in the SALE $1T, .99, $7.37; 1489996- 118. 13, WHOU, fixed Weekl Shade. MO 65771, WTD, 227. Unrf, 2016-05-17. $8T60.55, right to octupy, punuant to Coun of Osceola, Florida, wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR 4518 22841 Dakhund R F ed Unk, $4926.11, $1.54. 35. ODD, S1818.25. So.64. NoncE OF TRumE's $4.15, 4920-2681; RAYZA We Plan, Building(s) l Unrt(s) described as:(See Exhibrt A . ( Blak nd Chri opher T Blake 5200-1548-1553: FERNANDO 52 159&1602; RODOUO NU M ESTRADA 6 FRANSUA l Unk Week(s) l Assigned fime Sha lnte st(s) (Sea OnApril3, 2018 at11:OO a.m 34951 d pT D atur,GA REYEsa MERCY REYES4355 wEEKsasoN wEEKs1257 GhTE vncnnoN ESTRADA 405 Ellerbe Way Yea s). (See Exhib A . 7700 Exhibrf A") accoding o the GREENSPOON MARDER. 3 J 112 #| n-Float SW9&hAveMiami FLN165, Ea 87 BDoWy. NV UM Lakeland. FL M8O1, B. 8, 30. We gale Bhd. Kissimmee. TlmeSharingPlanlorWe gate P.A 201 E. Pine Sheet, W k lo Unh. 8-1512, 5 wrB. 214, 11, WHOU. F ed 11236.WD,229.28,WH0U. BON PIRES) WHOLE, All Season-Float fl 34747 me in m6 ShaP Towncenter,&ordedinomcial Surfe 500, O ando, florida ODD, 2529, S15,723.65. WeeM ed Unk. S4521.1o, F ed, .37, S1.54. 52 On 03n018 11:00 am, WeeMlo Unk, 2014-07D5, Plan (Property) Add N Said Recods Book 1564, at Page 32801, as Tw ee punuant lo $7.73 141N28-37022962 $1.44, 52 1548-15N; 159&1602: SOK GREENSPOON MARDER, S8724.4o, $3.22, 4347-168; s e will be made (wkholrt 1479, of the Public Recods that Appointm6nt of Tw ee M D Shawte Owens FRANCISCO MENDOZA WM SIM Mason,G n. 201 E. Pin6 St &, Surfe JAMESG MACK312 SbaWord venams,orwa an ,exp ss of Osceola County, Florida r8coTd8don D8t6mber4,2O17, 1 WPe on Macomb. VICTORICA a And L . DaWon House. 60 5,O do, F rida 32801. CirLocu G ve,VA225O8,B. or implied. Rgading the thle, (tha Plan . Tog&herwkhthe in O.R. Book 52N. al Page Ml ,1l2 ISaason-Float 8AN0S p Del Rio 39 WlndsorAv LaLondon,SW19 as T rt punuant to that 8, 37, EVEN,Season-Float posseNion or encumb nces) right to occupy, pursuant to 2828, of the Publit R ods Week Float Unh, B-1821, 16 Casa 6 Chi i ac Mexico. 2RR ENGLAND, WTD, 231. inbat of Twrtee W Float Unh, 2016-05-21, to pay e unp d principal the Plan, Buiding(s) / Unk(s) ot OKeola Coun . norida, MN 485 2026. 87,757.o5, D.F 64319 M ICO. wrB. 52. WHOU, $T398.44. g2.16, on1V1y2O17.und S9131.35, 84.36, 4920-2680; balan due under the / Unk Weekls) l ANign8d by nofanow rmnuing S3.75 218. 32, WHOU. Fwed w 52 159&1602; Dowa or5252.andPage KELLY L MARKUNAS 800 nDrfgage in the anDum of Y6a s),(S88 Exhibk.A .77OO detauW by Obligo s). (See K: FoRECLOSURE 292O3. F ed Unh. a926.11, 1.54. K: FORECLOSURE 27757. 2T13, of the Publ R o s Pa iaw Drive Apt No 301 (See Exhibk A ,wMintare Westgate Bhd. Kissimmee, Mibh A,whose add WG Town Cem& W 52 154&15N; JESUS B WG Towen HOA W ol OKEOLA Coun . horida, HallandaleBeach,FL33O ,B, atcwing th6 rate of (See FL 34747 (her n Tima Sha is (s Exhibrt A,in e Pittnan.O228 NOS.PUB. MoRuoNaYoLANDAcRuz BRANDENBERGER.O1O8 by ofanowcominuing 8,41, EVEN, ISeason-Float Mibk A par day. punuant Plan TPDp8r T Add N Said payl nt or pe m n ol PmnAN.doc 580 41 Pl. Hi . fl APP O1O8.d x de uW Q Morfgago s). (See klFb Unk, 2015-10-17, to Me Mo gage, advan s, s a will be made (wrfho the obligat ns Bu d by a Mmd9,16, 8 33012, WTC, 226.30. WHOE g.1&, 8 M A . who add $926T.25,$4.34,4819-687; rf any, under the terms or covenants,orwa an ,exp Mortgaga rded in O.R. L1 F ed W wed Unk. L1 7 is (s Mibk A . in e Ma ,16, I6 s d Mortgage, chages and or implied, regading the tkle, Book(S Exhibk A ,at Paga $3785.55. $1.25. 5 1548- paygrf or m n ot L163811 e of the Tw ee and poN8ssion or 8ncumb nc6s) (s Exhibh A,ot e Publ 15N: JAMES MEDDUNG JR e obl at M Bu d b a ofMe twW c ated by said to pay e unp d principal R ords of la County. NmcEoFTR nE's a JAMERRION s MEDDUNG NO E OFTR U'S Mortgage in .R. Mortgage.Obligo s)shallhave balance due und& the florida, in udingtha b ath or NU 12 s Mona p 88 NU B k ( Mibh A . al Page NoncE OF TRumE's erigMtowRM8de uWand morfgage in the anDunt ot defauW,no ofwhichwasset wsrGnnTo,Denv&. co 80224, WTD. 229. w~Gnn TOW S (s Exhib .A . ot a Public snLE any junior lienhold shall have (See Exhibit A,whh inle forfh in a Not a ot De uW ar 2TTn.D10T (DN4 52. WHOU. F N,R s of OSCEOLA CouW, wEsrGnnTowN cENnR | eQto deemksintere act ing at the te ot (Sae lnte to F los6 pDvid6d On 018 at 11: am, Unk, a926.11, t1.54. 5 m Vw2 h da. in udiq e baath or . INEUO up to e data e Tw ee Exhib A p6rd ,punuant to la know add ot GRE&SPOON MARDER. 1548-1553:BRVANKBISr P On 18 al 11: am, W.n o whidwa B On 04 03n018 at 11: em, i Me certmcata ot Sale lo h6 Mortgage, M85. Oblgo (S MibW A ,by jo1 E.Pine t.hrte :LOREUE D BISHOP 96 GR ER. &No ot Wand GREENSPOON MARDER, bypa ng le untsdu8as rf any, under Me t8mN ol Bm irt Mahorby . D o. F l a32 1. nd Dr Wm,201LP e h e IB b F o p ded 201E.PineSt ,hWe oWinedabove.By:AMANDAL s d Mo gage, chages and publi ion by I6und8ngn8d as T punuam to Mal MB N3W8 CANAD WTD, . do, florida 32801. to e add N ot 5,O ando, orida 32801, CHAPMAN. rmorized Agent expenses ot Me T 5te8 and T . will sell public AppoinbT&t ot Twrf 329, 3. WEN. F Tw ee punuam to al Mortg o s), (See Exhibrt as Tw ee pu uant to that IBlr A" - NoncE OF oflhe t s w ed by said aurtion to th6 higB bidder on 11n9 017 or in F edUnh. .N.t1.16. ot T A . by egi e d Appoinbnent of T ee TRusnE's MU Mortgage. Obligo s)sh lhave torlaw,Dn8y ofM6 Un ed Book 5245, and Page 2787 Ma 9,16, 18 on 12 M017 or in M,or by publK ion by F8 rdedon1V14l2O17,under Owe sVObligo s); fimesha th8rightlocuRth8d8fauWand Stat of rica, on e hont ot 18 Public R lds ot L1 Book 5248. and Page 2266 und s ned Twrt,will sell DocumentWor5253,and Page lnt ; 8uilding1 Unrt; w kl anyjuniorlienho er shall have eps of e OK CouW OSCEOLA CounV, F rid4 by of e Public R s ot alpublicaurfiontoMehighe 2497, ot Ma Public Recods sgn Y MortgageBoo MerigMto d m mim Cour ouse, 2 Courthou n of a now m uing . OKEOLA Coun . Fbrida. by bidder 1br law,Dn8y ot ot OSCEOLA County, Florida, Page: Princip Balance; Per up to Me d e Me Twstee Squa,uim,Fbrida de uW by Obl o s). (See NoncE OF TRWE'S Ra n ot a now @bnuing 18 Unked Wales of rica, by ason ota now cominuing Diem unt iNu8s lhe ce mcate ot Sale 34741,allrigM,MI6andint rt Exhib .A,ose add N uW by Obl o s). (b on e hont ot the defauW by Morfgago s), (See 137 - 195702 ClaRnce by p ing the untsdue as inthe pD shu ed in Me is ( Mibh .A,e W#TGhTE TO RS Exhib .A,who add County urfhouse, Exhibh wA',whose address E rowJr815 Darien Pl oMinadabove.By:AMANDAL County of I4 florid4 payB or ce ot,2 T5T.01 is (s Mibk A,in Me 2 Courthouse SquaR, is (See Exhibh A',in Me Upper Ma bo,MD 20774 cHAPMAN,Au or edAgem d8Krib as:(S Exhibk .A eoblig ns bysaid laRnNDwBERGER) payPm or ot,Florida 34741, payment or p8rformanG8 ot and E her J Cheeks 800 EXHIBrr A" - NoncE OF Tl Sha lm (sT (s Cl motLB inO.R. On 04 M018 at 11: am. leobl a ons Rdbys d,rigM. tMe and ime in the obligatlons setu d b a Darian Pl upp Ma boro. MD TRumE's E Exhibh A a ing to Me BooklS Exhibk.A ,al Page GREENSPOON MARDER. Cl motLen rd inO.R. Me pD s u&ed in the Mortgag6 &oded in .R. 20774-57M, 1n,Season- Owe sVObligo s); TlnPsnaR TlnPshanng Plan rW g e (S Exhibh A ,ot e Publit 201 E. Pine w. Surfe Book(S Exhibk A .atPage County of SCEOLA, flo d4 Book(See Exhibk.A ),gl Page Fbal al Unk, 5200- lme : Buildingl Un ; WeeW Tow& .Bold8dinO i& R olds otOSCEOLA Coun,500. O do. F rida 32801. (See Ewhibk A .ot e Public b as: (SEE HI8 (s Exhib A"L, ofMe Public 5245, 24 ODD, 47231395, Assign Y MortgageBoo R s B k 1564, Page florda,inclL ing 8b achor as Tw punuam to Ma Re rds ofOSCEOLA CouW, A fin Sha lnta (s)(SEE Reco sofOS EOLA County, S18,147 $8.94 1402881- Page; Principal B ance; P6r 1479, or 18 Public R s de1auW,nol eotwh wasset Appoimn t of Trurf horid4 iMluding Fe bRach or HIB A a ording to the Florida, includinq the b ach or 20281 Cli on L Dickens DiemAmount of O la CouW, F rida br inaNol otDa uWand ld on 11n9 2017 or in de uW,no otwh hwasB fi sharingPlantorwgate d6auW,noticeo whichwasset Jul c Dickens 3589 R 1336416-707 389 Edgard @e.Plan .Toge w F6 lnt&rf to Fo lose pDvid Book 5245. and p e 2816 forminaNo ofDe uwand V n Vlllas. cial fo h in a Notice ot D&auW and Rd A ingon. VT 05250, 1 #| Bugos and W esk R e rigM to otwpy, pu ant to to T6la ow add N ot of the Public R s of lm rt to Fo&lo p vided R olds Book 0629, at Page lntent to Fo close pDvid8d n- wee no Ht Box 61260 C uas, PR the p n, Bui ing(s) Unk(s) Obligo s).( Exhibrt.A ,by OSCEOLA Coun,Florida, by to Me lart know add ot 0186. of the Public R ods to the la known add ss ot Unrt, N *7 21 WHOU, 725, 1n,s n-noat Unk Week(s) l ned am R & M lorby n ot a now continuing Obl o s),(SeeMibrt A ,by of la Coun,Florida Morfgago (Sea Exhibh 481y1534. $28,912.45, w Fbal Unh. -13c, Y s),(See Mibrt.A .n publiQion by undenignad de uW by Obl o s). (S6e i &ad M lorby @e .Plan . TogeM& wkh Me "A,by ert edlReqiste d S14.2g;1443983-9 768V619 380DD.466611 0.S7.102.96. gg e Bhd. Nirm,T,will s&| public Exhib A,whose add N publicabonby T8und igned right to ocwpy. punuant to Mail or by publicatlon by June Da s 49 E. & S S3.44; 1487025-525927 2 FL 34747 n Tl B S aurf to e high bidder is (See Ewhibh -A . in Me Tw sell al publ Me Plan. Building-Unh (SEE the undersigned T ee. B y, NY 11203-3713, 1 2 WayeJBum deandU ssaE Plan p per ) Add S d law,Dn8yot 8 Unrted pay nt or perb of aurt n to the highe dder HIB .A .duringUnrfWeek will sell public auc ion to ,n-Flo W o Bumsde291 Lang yAve Egg s e,be n de (w ort ot ca,on ehont theobligationsau bys d rlaw,Dn8y ofthe Unked (SEE HIBIT .A,during the highest bidder for IBw | Unrt, 54 5462, 50 EVEN, H rC y, NJ 08215, 1 2 #| venants,orw ,ewp rteps ot the OK Coun Claim otLen R ldadin O.R. Slat of ,onthehorh ign6d Yaar-(SEE HIB money of the Unhed StatBs 49w495, $13,N8.47, 86.5o; s son-noatwklhoatunk. or i pliad, ing F8thl8, Cou ou58. 2 Cour ou Book(S Exhibrt.A .atPage rteps of Me O la Coun A . 2770 old Lake Wllson ot America, on the hont 1377162-37018n Shonte 14A,440DD.505011371. po&on or encumbranc ) Squa,Nim,Florida (See Exhibh A,ofth6 Public Courthou . 2 Courthouse Road, Nimm,FL 34747 steps of the Osteola Coun J fl&der4O3Pop rCou Bel $7,089.83, $3.42; 1491100- to pay the unp d princip 34741, lright,| I6andint8 Re s ofOSCEOLA County. Squa . s mn,Florida e n P Add N Cou house. 2 courmouse r, MD 21014, 1,Season- 299 502 H her s Flu balance due und the in Me p skuat inthe Florida,intluding eb ch or 34741, lrigM.trtleandin wEsTGAnvAcAnoN VILLAS Squa,KiNimm68, Florida Fba W t Unrf, 55 - andGlennRflu 6ODeerLck nDrtgage in Me unt ot CounV otOSCEOLA, Florida. de uW,noticeofwhichwass& inthe pD s aledinthe 2770 o Lake Wi on Road 34741, all right, thle and M13,55 -5524.10 EVEN,19 Branch Rd Louia KY 41230, ls Exhibh A . wM ima rt d c as: (SEE HIB tormin a NoticaotDe uWand Coun ot OSCEOLA, noridQ s mmee, FL 34747 Said int&e inth8pDp8rtyskuat8d ODD, 473 1807. $22,393.91, 1 ISeason-Floal WeeMlo aK ing Me t6 of (Sae A fi B Sha lnte rt(s) lntent to Fo&lose pDvid des bed as: (SEE HI8 s e,be made (w ort in the Coun ot OSCEOLA, $6.13: 1371472-90198877 Unk, 5100-5138, 32 WHOU. Mibh A per day, punuam (SEE HIB .A asdefinedin to th6 la know add N of A fi B Mare lnt (SEE cov8nank,orw .8xp N Florida, describ6d as: (SEE Tl D Fy J Jon 63 Ba lay 671, $38,789.44. $13.92: to Me Mortgage, advances, the D,ion otCov8nant5, Oblig (SeeExhibk A .by HIB A . as defined in or i pl d. alding thetrtB. HIBIT A fime Share Lan8 ld.VA22554,1,1276158-901 #lan rf any. under the t M ot Cond onsandRe nrt nstor certm egi a d Mail or by e D laB n ot Cov ts, pou ion or 8Mumb n ),e rt(s) (SEE HIB .A") n-flo Wee FloatUnk, D Swedbeg Rr 2 Millet, AB said Mortgage. dages and We e Tow6n, rdad in publication bythe und&signed Condhions and Res rtions to pay e unp d principal accoldingtoth8 fim6 Sharing -5622, 5 56v, 32 TOC1ZOCANADA,1#ISeason- expanses ot e T ee and o ciaRe sBook1364,at Twstee, will sell al public br We gale Towen No,b an due undar the Plan tor WESTGATE TOWN MN, 44 EVEN, 472112730. no WeeMloat Unrt, 52 of the burts by s d Pag8427,otM8PublicR8 lds aurfion to the highe bdd Bord in 8O R olds Drtgage in a unt ot cENnR, ld8d in omcial 826.267.39, $9.37: 1473982- 5211, 21 WHOU, 4631 2485. Morfgage. Obligo s)5h lhav8 ofO laCoun ,florida(the brlaw,money ot e Unked Book 1823, al Page 414. ot (s Exhibk A,w h int R ods Book 1564, Page 56 N1 Tl y A Folds $12,707.73. a.5o; 1265280- therighttocu edetauWand .Plan . and,ndn nt(s) Slates of ca,onth6hont e Publit R s ofO la a ing e e ot (See 1479. ot the PubliG R ds S and Meli#a M Folds N54 2102821409CashaunaRDavis anyjuniorlienholder shallhave Me o, rf any. Toge & whh eps of the OK8ola CouW CounV, horida @e Plan . Mibh A day. punuant ot OKeola County, Florida BDW SIG ville.FL3244O. 1005 C kside Place OxfoTd, the gMto dw hsime st the right to ottupy, punuant Cou house, 2 Cour ouse TogeMer wh e rigM to to 18 Mortgage, advances, (the Plan . Toge erwM the 1n,n-noat Wee MS38655,1l2 ISeason-Flo up to the date the T tothePlan,auilding(sTTunh(s) Squa,s5im,Florida upy, punuamto w Plan, rf any. und& the t of right to cupy, punuant to Fb Un . 570 5757. 31 WeeMloatUnk,55OO-5513.37 iNues the cerfmcale ot S e (SEE HIB A ,during Unk 34741,allright,tkleandinte rt Bui ing-UnkU, SEE HIBrr d Mortgage, dages and the Plan, Building(sWnrf(s) MN. 5 &2738, 823,o17.83, EVEN, 4586 1019, S12,6o4.38, by payingthe unts due as Ws) (SEE HIB .A in tha p perty shu&ed in M6 .A . during s) (SEE e s of e Tw and (SEE HIB .A ,during Unk g11.38 1475251-31793939617 $4.35 1M5793-9018399409 ortlinedabove.By: DAL. AN n8dY8a s),(SEE HIB County ot OSCEOL Florida, HIB A,during gned ot e #e by s d W s) (SEE HIB A , EMJ van Esadem El h Amd y Monroe and Joann CHAPMAN.A hor edAgem A . wEsTGAn TOWERS d8Krib8d as: (SEE HIB Yaar - (SEE HIB A . Mortgage. Mortgago s) 5hall duringANign8d Yea s)-(SEE J Van dem 1511 Pine Mon e 1 09 F ing Change HIBrr .Ah - NoncE OF 7 W.| oBDnsonM8mori .A 'fima ShaR lm&e (sl 76 W.| oB nsonM& ri have e right to the HIB A . WESTGATE R ge Rd Napl,FL 34109, Ct UpperMa bo,MD 20772, TRWE'SShU Highw&y Wuim . FL 34T47 ISEEWHIB A asdefinadin Highway. rm,n34747 de uWandanyjunioFli8nho TowNcEwnR77oowertg e 2,Season-Fbat Weakl 1Allseason-Flo wee noat Owe sVObligo s); fin shaR S d ewillben de(w ort lhe Declara ion ot covenams. n,Mara Plan sh lhave e rigMto d m Boulevard Mimm,FL no Unh. 58 41 - Unk. 5 5612 25 WHOLE, lnte ; Buildingl Un ; kl cov6nanb,orwwV,8xp N Condkionsand R ritl nsbr Add TOWERS minl upto e d e e 34747 Sad sa will be 41B, 41C. -41D. 42 46 365,$23.672.28.811.70; ANignedYe Mortgag8Boo or implied, ga ing M6 trtle, gate Towen, ld in NORrH T w o B n n Tn rt i ec mcaleof made (wMo venams, or MN. 42 MN, 42 EVEN, 42 1438688-90329881 9Shan a Page; Printipal Balan : Per poaion or 8nwmbB s) omcial RecordsBook1364. M H way Ns m,Qpa ng eanmn due w,exp or impli6d. MN, 501v1979, S14.71o.23, Devlin and Dwayne D Finney Di Amoum to paythaunp d a s Page427.otthePublicR ods FL 34T47 .d s e,be asou in above.By: a ardingthet le. poaion S6.o1; 14 358-90204769 andMakaylaCKimbroughand 1487052-80179796588 due in lha anDunt ot (s ofOK laCounty.florida@8 Bd8 ( venanb, or LChapg. oriz t. or encumb nces) to pay e hsan L Cauidy and JanPs Jasmine J Finney 28 Comelia Rocka P 11OO1Sed ia Exhib A,w h inte rf Plan,and,nd&(s) wwty, exp u or impl . IBIT A" - NoncE OF unp d prin p balance due J Mila 521 Count Road St B ok n, NY 11221, 2 All Way H ton,GA 30228. 1n aKwing at e e ot (s th&eto, rf any. Tog&B w galding a t e.poaion TRW'S NLE under the Drtgag8 in Me ' 30A J8D sville, OH o. Season-Float WeeMloat Unk,Season-Flo wee Float Exhib .A p day.punuamto e right to oKupy. punuam or enwmb s) to pay e OwBs) Add 8ui ing urrt ot (See Exhibk A , 1n,S n-float Wea 5800-25c, 5800-25D, 5800- Unk, 4 12C, 31 EVEN. thefin sha Plan,adv,to ePlan.Building(s) Un (s) unpaid kduein e Unh Y TS Und ded wkh im at uing al the no Unrf, 5900-507D, 35 44A, 580044B, 9 EVEN, 9 505011392, g8,557.13. $4.15: rfany.und&th8t Motsaid (SEE HIB A ,duringUnrt anmm ot (s Exhibh .A,lm& n Use Basis e ot (See Exhibh A per ODD, 483v1754, S7,415.68, EVEN, 24 EVEN, 24 EVEN, 1437160-781396 934Caro n Cl m ot Len, chages and k(s) (SEE HIB AV w int& aKtuing al the uwDataA mm PerDPm day.punuanttothe Mortgage, 83.57; 1228509-9017627509 491&1482, $27,d72.72, Reesa 1711 Blookyale Drive expenaof eT andof ANign8dY8a s),(SEE HIB e ot (s Exhibh A MTGR lnfo advan s, rf any, under th6 Enrique Santiago and B nilda $13.62; 1450209-6783552 T on,GA31794,1 ISeason- atwm#eatedbys dclaim .A . wEsTGAn TOWERS day,punuamtotheTl share DANIELA c BARBOSA PIRES tw ot s d Mortgage, Santiago 6601 SW 9th St Ryan T Russelland Sharika s Float WeeMloal Unk. 4 - otLen.obligo s)rn lhavethe 76 W.| oBDnsonM& ri p n, advanc . rf any. under Sqn 308 Bl J Apto 102 - chages and exp&nses of P8mbDke Pines, FL 33023, 2 RuNell N166 Regency Pa 13A, 4000-13B, 28 MN, 28 righttow thede uWandany Highway WNim .fl34747 6 te ot sad Cl m ot 8 sl m 70747 BRAZl the T ee and ofthe t rts ,Season-Float Wee Float Freeport. BAHAMAS. 112 All MN. 491612384. $13.132.38. juniori hold& sh,hava e Said salewillbe de(w ho rt L ,chag and e ot 4. 31. MN,n-Float c aled by said Mortgage. Unrf, 6000-14A, 6000-14B, Season-FloatWeeklFloatUnk, $6.44: 1492980-59643628379 righttl Rd m m ime rt up cov8nants,orw ty,8xp N e Tw and of I6 bu s a Uni,2015-10- Mortgago s) sh,have the -14C,6000-14D,17EVEN, 5900-407D,300DD.49451247. L asha M Ellis197 HildRM St to thedatethe T wes or implied, arding the trtle, wa ad by Cl m ot Len. 13, S8744.34, g4. . 4655- rigM to tUR lhe de uW and 17 MN, 17 NEN, 17 EVEN, $8,595.52, $4.18; 1490790- No45Low |,MAO185O,1l2All thece mtateots ebypaying poN6Nion or cum ) Obl o s) sh&| have e right 1478; Fo hiew Drive anyjuniorlienholdersh,have 4476n231, $11,032.01, $3.87; 115N413610 Zachariah D Season-FloalWeeklfloatUn,theanountsdueasortlinedin to payW8unpaid N &ts to cu e detauW and any Nw C veland. TN 37312. the rightto deem ksint6Rst 122708I-9016632009 Nora c Ricketson and JeNica N 4 20, 30 ODD, 507v684, the pM6ding parag ph. 8y: due in the unt of (S juniorlienholdershallhavethe 4, N. WHOU. #| n- up to the date the Tw ee Douglas824MobleyStPOBox Johnson 3039 North Pickwick $11,893.80, $5.82: 1451288- GREEISPOON MARDER, uP, Exhibk A . w inle right to d6 n hs int up float W Mloat Unh, 2016- iNu8s the certmc e ot Sale 778 momson. GA 30824and Ave Springfield. MO 65803, 1 4N26309874 Michael L Hadley Tru . acc ing at th6 r e of (See to e d e F8 T rt8eiNues 05-01, S15554.58, $7.55, by paying the amounts due as Monique A Douglas 496 All Season-Float Week/ Float Po Box 29974 Bellingham,WA IT A" - NoncE OF Exhibrf.A perday,punuantto ecertmcaleotsaBbypa ng 4941-790; LORI JACKSON o lined above. By: Amanda L. Lamkin Rd, Ha em,GA 30814, Unk, 6000-22c, 6000-22D, . 98228. 112,Season-Float RusnE's SAU the fi B5ha Plan, advances, e unt5 dua as orflinedin GOOOWIN N5O Ab k Chapman,A horizedAgent. 4FixedWee FloatUnrt,6000- 20 ODD, 20 ODD, 5064TT33. WeeWflo Un,-56. 20 Owefi] AddRN Bui ing rf any. underMetw ots d e p& ing parag ph. By: Ave Friendswood. TX 77546, EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF 32c, 6000-32D, 6000-42c, $15,264.82, $6.25; 1203203- ODD, 49471666, $5,963.92, Unk w Year TS Und ided Claim ot Len. thages and GREENSPOON MARDER. A.4,43.ODD, IS n-flo TRUSTEE'S SALE 60 -42D, 26 WHOLE, 26 9016930109 Da Dn L Rainey $2.54; 1361607-9019N2709 ' lnte Season Use Basis expenaotWeTw eeandof Tw ee. W Fbal Unk. 2015-02-04, Owne s) Addr8N Building WHOLE, 6 WHOLE, 6 WHOLE, and Shel L Rainey 7106 NestorAyalaand ElisaAy a6O ukPerDi COLR lnto thelw scR edbysaidCl m HIBIT ^" - NoncE OF S7398.24. $3.30. 4687-1492; Unk Week Year TS Undivided 4473/1063, $23,538.94, $8.40; Forest Creek Way Hanover, Peace sl StraWod, CT 06615, lvrm D 2871 Grand otLien.Obligo s)hallhav8 Fe TR nE's SALE SUSAN w GUTSHAU 1515 lnterest Season Use Basis 13N831-9019338109 Ma MD 21076. 1 All Season- 112,S n-Float w Conco rce AptN5A 198 s righttocuRthed8fauWandany Owne s) AddRu Building Jenkins Rd chananooga. TN DetauN Date Amount PerDiem Carol khimpf 3861 Mt Carmel Float Wee Float Unk, 6100- Float Unh. 4 56. 35 ODD. B nw. NY 10468. WTA. 102. junior lienholder shall have e Unh k Year TS Und ided 37421. A. 4. 43 EVEN. All MTG Rec lnto Rd Cincinnati, OH45244, 1 25G, 6100-26G, 48 EVEN, 48,467&1768. $6.635.03, $3.19: 27. D, F ed WeeMixed right to eem s in up lnt rt Season Use Basis Season-Float W Mloat Unk, VERNICENELSON4859Castle All Season-Float Wee Float EVEN, 4383/322, 88,851.76,1479710-54910817367 Noel B Un . 229.46. 81.19, 5200- to the date the T ee iNU8S um p& Diem COL Rec lnto 2016-05-07. $8961.14, $4.27. Dagan Dr Count Club Hills, IL Unrf. -52c, 6000-52D, 34 $4.21: 1096692-9014538409 Ha ey and O ene D Bu e 1548-.5N;KAREN EJORDAN theCe mtateotSalebypaying BR N FUWR 5 Saint 4847466; UNDA LYNCH 60478, 4000. 16, 52, WHOLE, EVEN, 34 EVEN, 4666/1296. Angela M Rolte 527 SE 23rd 3480 Main Sbeet Bridgepo,242 etland Dr New Ca le. the un sdueasortlinedin AndRws Palm Coa,FL a CRAIG LYNCH Po Box Fixed Wee Float Unrt, 2016- $7,271.07. $2.88 1453447- Plate Cape Cor,FL 33990, CT ,1l2#ISeason-float DE 19720. WTA, 105. 9. Me pBeding paragraph. &: 32137a GAETANO G FORTE 17o13 Sm field. Rl 2917. A, 12-01, $20301.70, $10.02, 46272975130 Steven K Marfin 1 1/2 All Season-Floal Wee WeehlFloat Unk. 40 -86. 38 ODD. F ed ed Unk. GREENSPOON MARDER, L 6 MENDYA FORTE 712 Upper 6. 34, ODD,Season-Float 4813-447;JACKIE A TEASLEY Ka n,Martin 4906 N 6 h Floal Unk, 6100-27A, 6100- EVEN, 5027n864, $9,705.73, $4390.09, $1.17: 52 1548- Tw ee. ShermanAv&, Qu sbu ,NY W Fba Unrf, 2015-03-28, 6310 Golden Ct Zebulon, NC Avenue Omaha. NE 68104, 1,27B. 6100-31E, 17 ODD. 17 $3.93; 1452876-95639T93595,15N; KENNETH B WEIR a EXHI8rf "A" - NOTICE OF 12804.w, 133. 12.WH0U, $9262.27, $4.25. 4503-2021; 27597, 4000 a 4000, 75A a