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March 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 9, 2018

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PAGE 26B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 9, 2018 timesha intere thDugh the,Pnt(s) We aWer, NW, MonD8. GA 30655, 1 3600 Block 6 Apt 1101, Rio t ee foPclosuR p uR, in Mis notice or take other you aR cur m in detauW J Walsh and L68 Ann Pa er, twstee loPtlosure proc8duR you aR w ent in delauW Fixed WeehlFlxed Unrt. wc- D8 Jan8iD-Rj. BRAZIL 22630- you will not be subject lo a appDpri e atlion w h Rgad of your oblig ns to pay 66 Osborne Road Sorth, establishedinSertion721.855, ot your obl ions lo pay 12. 48 H0LE, 11V2013, 010, 1 Fixed WeeM ed Unk. deficiency judgB even rf to Mis toRclosuR ma er, you aMessments due to Westg e Po swood. So hhampton. Florida Stal es. You may asseNments due to Wertg e 5214 718-724. $6,491.40, m-06, 30 H0LE, 11V2013. the pDceeds hom the sale risk losing ownenhip of your onthefollowing described al ENGLAND SO17 2U, 1 Fixed choose to sign and send to onthelollowing described Ral 83.2o; KWW p pertias. LLC, 52141699-705. 87.356.64, ol your lin share inter t timernaR intQ th ugh the p perfy locatad in Osceola WeeWFixed Unk. aaa-13. 411 the undenigned tw ee an properfy loc ed in OKeola A Florida Lmked Labil y $3.63; Samuel Hernandez aP insumcient to om& Me t rfee fo losu p duR Coun,Florida: TSee Exhib WHOLE, 11v2013, 52141397- obje ion form, exe ising your Coun . norida: (See Exhib Company, 4931 sw &h Court, and TraU L Hernandez, amounts s uRd by the li . e ablished in Sertion 721 .855, A") Time Share lnt8Rrf(s) 402, $6,431.24, $3.17; Hertor righttoobjecltothe useofthe A finP ShaR lnteRrt(s) Cape Coral. FL N9|4. 1 Fixed 3084 w So hern H8ight5 N, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Florida St rtes. You n y (See Ewhib A' as defined in M Morales and Moraima Velez, t stee loreclosure p ceduR. (See Mibk A as defined in WeeklFixed Unk, WE-05, 5/ G ancastl6. IN 46135, 1 Fixed LLP Tw ee. choose to sign and send to the Declaration ot Covenants. 5101 Orchald Ave Apt 45. Uponthe undersignedlw ee's e Decla n ot Covenants, WHOU, 1lV2O13. 52141718- WeeklFixed Unrf, m-06, 44/ EXHI8rr A" - NoncE OF Me undenigned w ee an Condkions and Re ri ions Pascagoula, MS 39581 William Pceipt ot your signed objertion Cond ions and Re rirtions 724, $6,491.40. 83.2o. WHOLE, 1 v2013. 5214 699- DEFAULT hND INTENT TO obje ion form, exe ising your for the Westgate Vatation B Dmrith and Melisa M Dmrich, form, the foRclosuR of the for e We gate Vatation Ma h 9, 16, 18 705, $7,356.64, 83.63: Jose FORECLOSE nght to objerf to the use ot the Vlllas xxll. O icial Records 755 Rennie Lk Rd, Travene lien with Pspe o Me detauW Vlllas O cial Recods L16379B A Grant and Marie F Scon Owne sVObligor(s), Tlmesha twst foRtlosuR pDtedure. Book 1210, at Page 1213, ot C y, Ml 49686. 1 F ed Wee specified in this notice shall Book 1665, at Page 1597, ot Grant, 501 Hidden Lakes T . lnterest, Building-Unk, Wee Upon the undersigned t ee.s the Public Recods ot Osceola Fixed Unrt. QQQ-14, 17/ be subject to the judici the Public Recods ol OKeola JeWerson, GA 30549. 1 Fixed AMigned Year, De uH Date, Pceipt of your signed objection Coun,Florida (the Plan'.) and WHOLE, 11v2013. 52141397- toreclosure proceduR on . CounV. Florida he Plan and NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Wee Fixed Unrf, UUU-03, 131 BooklPage ot Recoded Len, form. the toRclosuP of lhe all amendment(s) thereto, il 4O2, $6,431.24, $3.17; Jean You havethe rigMto CUR your,dnPnt(s) MeRto. rf INnNT TO FORECLOSE WHOLE. 11v2013, 5214/699- Amount, Per Diem Amount lien wrth Pspe to the de ult any. Together wkh the right lo Francios Herblin, 3 Route De de ult in the manner set form any. Tog her w h the right to WNTGATE vAc^noN 705. 87,356.64, 83.63; Judy s Eric p De Paoli and Maria J De specified in this notice shall octupy, pursuant to the Plan, Lannemezan, Blajan. FRANCE in this nolice al any tinP beto occupy, punuant to the Plan, L@ Qlll FILE: Kim, P.O. Box 1406, Bethel, AK Paoli, 13 Galahad Cres, Glen be subjett to the judicial Building-Unk(s) (See Exhibrt 31350, 1 Fixed Wee Fixed the undenigned t ee's sale Building-Unh(s) (See Exhibrt 2TT . 25 99559 LolaJ Geyh, 321 1668TH Wave ey, AUSTRALIA 03150, foreclosuP pD duP only. "A"), during Unit Week(s) (See Unk, aaa-16, 30 H0LE, of your timeshaR inte . lt you A . during Unk Week(s) (See Punuant to Sertion 721.855, AVE S, Roy, WA 98580. 1 Fixed 1 F xed WeeklFiwed Unrf, p-02, You have the right o CUR your Exhibrt "A . during Assigned 112/2013, 52141397-402, do not obje to the use oflhe Exhibrf A . during ANigned Florida Statrtes, WESTGATE Wee Fixed Un,uuu-12. 35/ 19 H0LE, 11v2013, 5214121 - delauW in the manner set fo h Yea s), (See Exhibit "A'.). 7700 $6,431.24, $3.17. twslee foreclosure pmeduR, Yea s), (See Exhibh A . T7 VACATION VILLAS OWNERS WHOLE, llv2o13, 52141699- 26, $6,431.24. 83.17: Rose M in this notice at any lime before Weslgate Blvd Kissimmee. Ma h 9, 16, 2018 you will not be subjert to a W gate Bhd KiNim . Assoc noN. INC. 705. $7.356.64. 83.63; T vor Whrfe and William R Whrfe.475 the undenigned twstee's sale FL 34747 (heRin "Time ShaP L 163797 deficiency judgment even rf fl 34747 meRin fi P ShaR meRinaWer refe ed to as James Reynolds and Kristina Pinehunt Rd. York, PA 17402, of your timesha interest. lf you (Property) AddPss"). As a the proceeds hom the sale (ProperV) Add N ). As a Weslgate,has corded a E Reynolds,18meRanges/15 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unk, do not objerfto the use olthe result of the afoPmentioned ol your timeshare inteRrt wW of the afor tioned Claim ot Len in the amount Adamson Ave, Alice Springs, p-09, 131WH0LE, 11V2013. trustee foreclosu p cedu,default, Westga e hereby elects NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S are insumcient to o sel the de uN,Wertg eherebyelerts of (See Exhibh "A,wrth AUSTRALIAOO87O,1 Fixed 5214/21-26, $6,431.24, $3.17; you will not be subject to a to sell the PDperfy pursuant SALE amounts secured by the lien. to sell Me p punuant inte st atc ing atthe rale of Week/Fixed Unit. VW-07. 1V David L Smhh. 604 Fourth St. deficiency judgment even rf o Settion 721.855. Florida WESTGATE vAcAnoN By: GREENSPOON MARDER. to Se ion 721.855. Florida [See Exhibk A per day. and WHOLE, 1 2l2013, 52141699- Ri5ing Sun. IN 47040 Fixed tne pToce8ds hom the sale Statutes. PBase be advised LLAS lx LLP T ee. S t es. Please be advised retoded in O.R. 8ook ISee 705, $7.356.64, $3.63; Daniel WeeWFixed Unrf, p-09, 241 ot your timeshaR intePst that in the event that your 2TT .0T88 ( EGER El EXHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF thal in We event that your Ewhibk A,atPage(See Exhibk J Provo and Dana Lisa Provo, WHOLE, 11v2013, 5214/21- are insrmcienl to of et the obligation is not brought cu ent On April 3, 2018 at 11:00 a.m DEFAULT AND lwnNT TO obligation s not brought cungnt A . ol the Public Records ot 27110 Welsh Dr, War n, Ml 26. 86,427.6o, 83.17; Da,B amounts secured by Me lian. (including the payment of any GREENSPOON MARDER FORECLOSE [lncluding We payent ol any Osceola Coun,Florida, and 48092 Fixed Week Fixed Montoya and Angela Mon oya, By: GREENSPOON MARDER. lees incuned by Wertgate in LLP 201 E. Pine St t. Owne s)IObligo s), fimeshaR tees incu ed by We gate in he undenigned Twstee as Unrt, WWW-05, 21/WH0LE, CIOPrimoManagemantG up, LLP T ee. commencing this toretlosuP Suke 500, O ando, Florida lnterest, Building-Unk, Wee mnPncing this toRtlosuR appointed by West,hePby 11v2013, 52141699-705, lnc, 5711 w 92nd Ave Apt 46, WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF process) wrfhin thir (30) 32801, as T ee pukuant to Assigned Year. DelauW Date. pDceN) wkhin thi y (30T form nolifies ( Exhibrt $7,356.68, $3.63; Beverly T We minster. co 80031, 1 DEFAULT AND INTENT TO days hDm the fir date of that Appointmenl of T ee BooklPage ot Re ded Len, days hom the fim date ot A thatdueto yourtailure to Clemons, 108 Shoreline Ave, Fixed WeeMixed Unrt, p-10, FORECLOSE publitation, the undenigned recoded on November 30, Amount, Per Diem Amount publication. Me undersigned pay Me annual assessment(s) Satsuma, FL 32189 Belinda C 35 WHOLE, 11v2013, 5214J21- Owne s)IObligo s), fimeshaR Trustee shall p ceed wkh 2017. in O.R. Book 5z46, Winston Cheb . C le Sur 2 T ee shall p wrfh due on ISee Exhibk A and Oliver, 2659 O er Creek Rd, 26, 86,41O.42, $3.16; A a A lnter6,Building-Unk. Wee the sale ot the Proper as al Page 1234. of Me Public lQuinta lnshala. Urb El Placer, Me s e of the Property as all aMessment(s) heRa er, Topton, NC 28781, 1 Fixed Mortgage Speciali . LLC. A Assigned Ye DefauW Da e, p vided in Serfion 721.855, Recods ot Osteola Coun , Caracas, VENUUELA, 1 F ed provided in ion 721.855. you aR tunent in de uW WeeMixed Unit, XXX-03, 10/ Limkad Labil y Company Duly Boo Page of Recorded Len, Florida St es. which case, Florida, by Rason of a now WeeMixed Unrf, llA-03, 351 Florida Stat es, in which case, ot your obligations to pay WHOLE. 1/2/2013, 5214/699- Oganized And Existing Under Amount. Per Diem nount the unden ned T ee shall: conlinuing detauW by Obligo s), WHOLE, 11V2013. 5214 419- the undenigned T ee sh |: asseNments due to Westgate 705. $7,356.64, $3.63; Maria And By Vl ue Of me Laws Patricia Pierp. 1521 AWon (1) Provide you w h wrmen ISee Mibh A,whose 425. $5.833.61,$2.88: Nalhan J (1) p vide you wrth wrmen on Me following described real D Castillo, 9119 L le Ave. San Ot me State Florida, 6529 Road Ste 822. Miami Beach, notice ol the sale, intluding addRM is (See Exhibk A,in lemand and GailTAllemand, notice of the sale. including p pery lotated in Osceola Antonio, M 78z24 Ma alo Tower Dr. Hudson. FL 34667, FL 33139, 1 Fixed Wee Fixed the date, ti B and location the pa t or perfom nce 3705 W Louisiana St e Dr, he date, time and location CounV. Florida: (See Exhibk Castillo, 2147 ABACUS ST, 1 Fixed W86klFix8d Unk. Q-01. Unrf, QQ-01,40 H0LE, thePof: (2) Recod the notlce ot lhe obliga ons w d by Kenner, LA 70065, 1 Fixed theRof; (2) Recold the notite A fime Share lnteRst(s) San Antonio, N 78224 Miguel 41 H0LE,41V2013, 5214121- 11v2014, 521410, $4,989.42, of sale in Me Public R ods said Cl m of Len ld8d WeeklFixed Unk, llA-10, 241 of 5 e in the Public Retords (See Exhibrf A as defined in Castillo, 3219 ARAGON DR, 26, $6,398.75, 83.16; Lncoln B $2.46; Steve Nichols, ot Osceola County, Florida; and in O.R. 8ook 5194. at Page WHOLE, 1/V2014, 52141419- of Osceola County, Flonda; and the Declaration of Covenan s, San Antonio, TX 78211, 1 Pa ar and Lsa Pa er. P.O. Alrthorized RepPsent e For (3) Publish a copy ol the notice 491496 of e Publit Retods 425, $4,989.42, $2.46; Joan p (3) Publish a copy ot Me notice Cond ions and Restrictions Fixed WeeWFixed Unrf, XXX- Box 7530. Chicago. IL 60680, R8sorf5 Access Netwo . LLC of sale two (2) times, onte eath ot OK8ola County. Florida, Yambura, 6005 N 1&h Slreet, of sale two (2l times, once eath tor the We gate Vacation 04, 47 H0LE, 1/V2O13, 1 Fix6d Wee Fixed Unrf, a Geogia Coporation, 1746 E week, for two (2) succeNive intluding e bRach or defauW, Tampa. FL 33610, 1 Fixed week, for two (2) success e Vlllas Qlll, OMcial Records 5214/699-705, $7,356.64, Q-03, 46 H0LE, 1/V2014. Silver Star Rd Apt 266, Ocoee, weeks, in an Osteola Coun notice of which was set to h Wee Fixed Unrt. llA-18, 441 w ks, in an Osceola Coun Book 1202, at Page 71, ol the 83.63; Octavio Code and 5214/21-26, 84,989.36. 82.46; FL 34761, 1/2 F ed Wee newspaper, provided such a in a Noti ol DetauW and WHOLE, 1/V2014, 52141419- newspaper, provided such a Publit Retords ot Osceola Alicia 8 ron De Codero, 2586 James E Quinlan, Jr. 320 Booth F ed Unk, QQ-02, 2510DD, newspaper exirfs the time lntent to Fo lose p vided 425, $4,989.42, $2.46; Cynthia newspaper exists at lhe time Coun . Florida (the '.Plan ) Quail Trl, Titusville, FL 32780, Dr, B6|lmawr. NJ 08031. 1 Fixed 11V2013, 521410, 84,629.38. of publishing. w you lail to to me last known addRN ot Price, 75 Manhart St. BuWalo. ot publishing. lf you tail to and all amendment(s) thereto, 1 Fixed WeeklFixed Unrt, - WeeMixed Unk. Q-05, 141 $2.28: Antonio Anteliz-zuma CUP the defauW as s to h Obligo s), (See Exhibrf A,by NY 14215-3224 Patricia A cuP lhe de uW as set forth rf any. Together whh lhe righl to 07, 37/WH0LE, 1/2/201 3, WHOLE. 11v2013, 5214121- 1O418 w. Medill Avenue. in this notice or take other ce medlRegirtered M,orby EvereW, 37 HaNard Plate. in this notite or take other occupy, punuant to the Plan, 521 41699-705, 87,356.64, 26, $6,431.24, $3.17; Robe No hlake. IL 60164, Remedios appropriate artion wrfh regad publit ion by the undenigned Bu alo, NY 14209 Darlene appropriate artion wkh Pgard Building-Unk(s) (See Exhibk $3.63; Thomas Walther, 29 W. NoNe and Joan H. NoWe, 17 Ant8li2-Zun . M25 Lincoln S to this toBlosu ma er, you Twstee, will sell public Edwards, 67 Wade Ave, to this foreclosure n ner. you A . during Unrt Week(s) (See Audubon Way. Flagler Beach, Lloyd Avenue, New Faimeld, CT Franklin Pa,IL 60131-1513, 1 risk losing ownenhip of your aurtion to the highe bidder BuWalo, NY 14214. 1 Fixed risk losing ownership of your Ewhibrt A' . during ANigned FL 32136. 1 Fixed Week/ 06812,1FixedWeek1F edUnrt, Fixed Wee xed Unk, QQ-oe, ti PshaP i ePst th ugh the for law,nDney ot e Unked Wee Fixed Unit, llA-22, 3V timeshaR intere through lhe Yea s). ISee Exhibk A . 7700 Fiwed Un . YW-06, 47/ Q-07. 1 H0LE, 1 U2013. 32 H0LE, 1/V2014, 5214 0, twstee fo&losu p cedure St es ofAmerica. on lhe hont WHOLE, 11V2013, 52141419- trustee foRclosuP pDceduP We g e Blvd Kissimmee, WHOLE, 1/2/2013, 5214/699- 5214121-26. $6.431.24, 83.17; $4,989.42, S2.46; Raymond e ablished in Serfion 721 .855, eps of the Osteola Counly 425, $5,725.48, $2.82; established in Sertion 721 .855, FL 34747 me in Time Share 705, $7.356.64, $3.63; RicW Zebedee Ba ian and Lea ine L D on and Kay T Dixon, Florida Stat es. You may courmouse. 2 Courthouse Madeline Trinidad. PO Box 48. Florida St es. You may (PDper ) AddRw"}. As a J mompson and me sa Y Ba ian, 1838 AlcoW Oaks, Flat 5, 62 Lavendar Gardens. choose to sign and send to SquaR. KiNimm8e, Florida Bethlehem, PA 18016. 1 Fixed thoose to sign and send to resuW of the abRmentioned Thompson, 219 Sunburst St. Law nceville. GA 3 45. London, uNlnD KINGDOM the undenigned twstee an 34T41 . all right. trfle and imeR Wea Fixed Un,llA-23, 301 the undenigned w ee an delauW,Wertg ehePbyelerfs Los Banos, CA 93635, 1 Fixed 1 F ed Wee Fixed Unk, SW11 1DN, 1 F ed Waekl obje ionform, exercising your in the proparty shualed in e WHOLE, 1/v2014, 5214/419- objertionform. exewising your to sell the p perfy pu uant WeeWFixed Unk, YW-11. 391 a-12, 43 H0LE, 11v2014, F 6d Unrf, aa-10, 4VWH0U, rightto objerftothe use ofthe CouW ot Osceola, Florida, 425, 84,989.42, $2.46; Lucia right to objert to the use ot the to Sertion 721.855. Florida WHOLE. 1 v2013, 52141699- 5214 21-26, 84,973.75, $2.45; 11V2014. 5214 0. S5.236.o7. t ee to closuR p ceduP. described as:(See Mib A CasillasDeDaSilvaandNelson t ee toRclosu prDc8dure. S tLrtes. Please be advised 7O5, $T,327.74, $3.61; Oiego Sammy K Adjepong and $2.58; William A St h and Upontheundenignedtwstee's fi P Sha lnteRms) (See Costeira Da Silva. Bai ada Upontheundenignedtw ee.s that in the evem that your F Jimenez and Ana lsabel Florente H Adjepong. Po Box Helene 8 Streh, 1253 30lh Pteipl ot your signed objerfion Exhibk A a oding to the Schamann C rormenlo NU, Rceiptofyoursigned objerfion obligationisnotb ughtcunent Jimenez, Calle 50 Norte N 3An 4001, Accra, GHANA, 1 Fixed Unh A, Kenosha. Wl 53144, 1 form, the foreclosure ot the fime Sharing PlantorWe ga e C ceConCalleDonaPerfecta torm, the toRclosu ot the [lncluding the payl nt ol any 33, Cali. COLOMBIA. 1 Fixed WeeMixed Un,R-03. 3V F ed WeeM ed Unk, RR- lien wkh e tolhe defauW Vacation Vlllas lx. ded 128, Gran Canarias. SPAIN. lien whh sp to Me defauW fees incu by We g e in Wee Fixed Un,w-06, 33 WHOLE. 1 V20|4. 5214121- 02, 17 HOU, 1n12014, specmed in lhis notice shall in omcial R ords Book 882, 1 Fixad WaeMixed Unrt. llB- specmed in this notice shall commencing thi5 toreclowre WHOLE, 11V2013, 5214/699- 26, $4,989.42, 82.46; Rob6rt L 521 410. a.989.42, 82.46; be subjerf to the judici a Page 2709. of Me Public 01, 38/WH0LE, 11v2014, be subjert to the judici pD N) w hin thir (30) 705,$7,356.64,$3.63. NobleJr,146Ru .Winrton- Mario R |, 1811 Sou Eart to&losuR pDceduP on . Recods or la Coun , 52141419-425, $5,710.34, RCIOSUR p ceduR only. days t m e fim date of Ma h9,16, 18 Salem, NC 27127, 1 Fix 15 Av, Cap6 Co |, FL 990 You havethe rightto cu bour Fbrida (the Plan . Togeh& $2.82; Cha es Ca ington and Vou have Me right o cu your publitalion, We undenigned L1638O2 WeeMixed Unrt. R-03, 35 Mayra Real. 5401 Palisade defauWinthemannerset r whh the rigM to o upy, CaidianJJohnson and Eleanor de uW inthe ners&forth Tw ee sh,pmeed w h WHOLE. 1 014. 5214J21- Ave Apt 20, W6st N Yo,inWisnotic6 anytimebero punuamtothePlan,Building(s) E Ca ngton Johnson and inthisnoticeatany inPb8toR the s e ot the p per as 26. $4,353.07, $2.15: William NJ 07093-2019,1 F ed kl tha undenigned t ee.s s e l Unh(s) l Un k(s) l SwansonAllen,7OCunningham lhe undenigned bu ee's sale p vided in &ion 721.855, NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Rope, N5 WASHINGTON ST Fwed Un . RR-04, 161WH0U, otyourtimeshareinterast.ltyou ANign8d Yea s), (s Exhibk Park, Har w,Middl8s6w, olyourti sha in e . Wyou florida es. in which case. INTENT TO FORECLOSE NE, Gainesville, GA 30501, 11V2014, 521410, t4.964.42, do notobje tothe useotthe A . 7700 We ga e Bhd. London, UNITED KINGDOM do notobjet to the use ofthe the unden ned T sh |: WESTGATE vAcAnoN 1 Fixed Wee Fwed Unrf. S2.45; Dan R |, MO7 t ee foreclosu pmedu,KiNimmee. fl 34747 in HA14QJ, 1 Fixad W F ed tw ee fo lowR pD dure, (1T p vide you wM wrmen LLAS IFILE:2TT . R-04. 14 H0U, 11v2013, MADISONSTAPTBS Wa you will not be subje to a P Sha Plan (PD Unit, llB-04, 43 H0LE, you will not be subp to a not ot e sale, including Punuant to &ion 721.855, 5214 21-26, $6,431.24, $3.17; New Yo,NJ 07 3, 1 Fwed deficiency judgm6nt aven rf Add ss Said s e will be 11v2013, 52141419-425, deficienty judg Pnt even h the dale, ti P and lotation Florida St es, wEsTGAn Ni M Chri ian, 4579 W M ed Unk, RR-04, 16 the p ceeds hom the sala made (Who rt venmrfs, or $6,431.24, $3.17: Steve LeW. the pmeeds hom Me s e r, (2) Retord Me nolite vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Laci e Ave Sle 355, s m WHOU, 1 2014, 5214 0. ot your tim6sha inte rf w ty, expPQ or impli , PO Box 865, Willia bug, of your ti BshaR imeRrt of s e in e Publit Recolds Assoc noN, INC. Louis. MO 63108. 1 F . S4.964.42. S2.45; Cyl p a in5umci8nt to of et the ga ing thet,poaion VA 23187, 1 Fixed w a inwmciem to o t Me ofOw laCounly,flor a;and meRina er & to as R-,36 H0U, 4 2 013, Ha eyand BeahceJ Ha e,amounts aured by e lien. or encumbrances)to pay the Fixed Unrf, llB-06, 40 H0LE, amoul s sacuRd by e lien. (3)Publish acopy otthe notice W gale,has ordad a 5214121-26. $6.398.75. $3.16; 660 Highway 2, Elmsd&e, N,By: GREENSPOON MARDER, unpaid NBS dueinMe 7n 2013. 5214 419-425, &: GREENSPOON MARDER, ors etwo(2)ti ,onceeach Cl m of Len in Me um John D Dann and El th J. CANADA B2S1M1, 1 F ed LL .Twstee. amount of (See Exhibrf A , $6.366.26, S3.14; lsol e LL ,Trurt . w k br two (2 su e ol tSea Exhibk .A,wrm Dann. Stab s Sla on Road, W M ed Unh. RRD5. 61 QHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF w h i a aKwing We Roberts, 3011 E Au6 2nd HIBrr A" - NoncE OF weeks. in an OK8 a Coun int aKruing a Me te or Hardinghan. No ch. Norfolk, WHOE 1 u2014. 5214 0, DEFAuLTnND INTENTTO r e of (See Exhibrt .A per Floor, 8ronx. NV 10469, 1 Fwed DEFAULT AND INnNT TO n8w5p,p vid wch a (See Exhibrt A per day, and ENGLAND NR94EQ. 1 F ed $4.989.42. S2.46; Holiday FORECLOSE day, pu uant to me fi PsnaP WeeMixed Unh, llB-,4 FORECLOSE n sp e w at the time orded in O.R. Book (See Wee xed Unk, RD9, v Laasing Holdings, LLC A Owne sVObligo s), Timesha Plan, advances, rf any, under WHOLE, 412n013, 52141419- Owe sVObligo s), fi&a ot publishing. lt pu il to Exhibk.A ,a Page(SeeExhibh WHOU. 11v2013, 5214121- Company Du Ogan ed And lnte st, Building-Unrf, w kl the tw of said Claim ot 425, S5,768.52, S2.84; Annie Building-Unh. wl8 e de uW s& rm .A . otthe Public R ds ot 26,S6,431.24, S3.17:A S.A. Exirnng Und& And B Vlrtue Assigned Year, Detau Date, Lien, chages and e s ot C Lndn 7079StubbsBridge signad Year. De uW Dale. in this no or eke other Osceola CouW, Florida. and M.shem, 122 Barflen Privale. Of me Laws me e Ot BooklPage of Recorded Lien, the Tru ee and otMe tws Rd, Spotsyhania, VA v551, Boo Page of ed Len, appopriate art n w ard the undenigned T as OWawa,ON,C AK1V2A8, Nevada, N13 p ed Mi ge Amount, Per Diem Amount c ated by said Cl m otLen. 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unrt, llB- A Dum. p D um to l fo lowR maw you appointedbywe g e,h y 1 F edW Mixed Unk,R-12, Road, Las V as, NV 89149, Ca ie Lounell Mu ay, 5123 Obligo sT shall have the right 06, 5VWH0U, 1 vz014, Brian L Fi&d and Palwa A risk bsing oBip ot your tormal notmes ( ee Exhibh 4 H0LE, 11u2013, 5214J21- 1 Flxed Wee ixed Unrt, RR- BonnybDok Dr w, Lakeland, to cu the de uW and any 5214/419425, $4,430.87, F . 614 old Coun Rd, ti PrnaR int rt Dugh Me A thal due to your tailu to 26, $6,431.24, $3.17. 07. 44 H0LE, 101v2014, FL 33811, 1 Fixed WeeklFixed junior li8nhold6r shall have $2.19; Luciano A F Prado P.O. Box N153, W rt, tw ee RtlOWR pD duP pay Me annual aN8Nn (s) Ma hg.16, 18 521410,g3,647.20,g1.80;Da,Unh, 000-01, 15 H0LE, tha rightto d68m s inte and lvone V Prado. Avenida MA 02790, 1 Fwed Weekl lishedinSertion721.855, due on (See Ewhibrt A and L1 6O1 Dixon, 9631 Aventide Be, 41v2013, 52141397-402, up to the date the Tw ea Jabas De Ca alho 181 - F ad Unrt,-14, 41WH0LE, florida S a rtes. You may all asseNmenl(s) theRa er, Cha oWa, NC 28215 Te isa s $6,398.75, S3.16; Blaubach issues the ce mcate ot Sa Apto. 106, Baino Ret io Dos 11v2013, 5214 71&724, choose to sign and send to you are cu nt in detauW Johnson, 4806 Springview Rd, Ca illo and Maria c Vaqu8D, by paying the unts due as 8andeirames, Rio D6 Janeiro, $6,491.40. S3.2o: And the undenigned bvrt an ol your obliga ions o pay Nonw OF DEFAULrAND Cha oWe, NC 28213-6759, Av. Gonz&ez Rincones a o linedabovg.By:AMANDAL 8R IL 22T95 445, 1 F ed Anill, 816 H6ath Noel N objertionform. 8x8 i5ing your asseNnPms due to Wa g e INTENT TO FORECLOSE 1 2 Fixed, RR-09, 9 0DD. Los Vaqu8D ub Ca tas, CHAPMAN.A hor adAgent Mixed Un,|I8-08. v Apt 201. Brandon, FL 3u10. rightto ob rfto le use otthe onthefollowing deKnbed real W#TGATE vAcAnoN 1 v2013, 521410, $4,446.27. VENUUELA 01080. 1 Fixad ExHlarr ^" - NoncE OF WHOU, 1lv2014, 5214 419- 1 Fwed W xed Unk,- trurtae toBbsu pmedu . pDpery located in Osteola LLAs nu:m . S2.19; Ove oming Adven y, Wee Flxed Unrt, 000-01, 34 TRumE's 425, $4,989.42, $2.46; len 15. 18 H0U, 11v2013, Upon M& unden nadtw ee's Coun Florida: (See Exhibh Punuant to &ion 721.855. IM, 1035 Primara 8lvd Ste WHOLE, 1 v2014, 52141397- Ownar(s)IObligor(s)ILast Wong andAnna ng, 160 Erie 5214/ 1&724, S6,5o1.81, Beiplofyoursign8dobi8rtion A fime ShaP lnterest(s) Flonda Stalrtes, wEsTGAn 1041, Lake Ma,FL 32746, 1 402,$4,263.52,$2.10; B&rbara Known Add N; fi&are Ave,T mon,NJ 619,1F ed $3.21; K tonia D Wh e and form. the foBlosu ot he (See Exhibrt A as defined in vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Fixed W6eklFix8d Unit, RP-12, J B Moore and Eric Moo,lnta ; Buildin Un : WeeMixed Unk, llB-10, 5 N ole s Wrfe. 8112 Zephyr lien wrmrespertto h6 de uW the Detlaration of Covenams. ASSOC TION. INC. 1 WH0U, 1 v2014, 5214l0. 2408 Charles Ave. Tuskagee, W88h AMign8d Ye Unp d WHOLE, 1 014, 5214 419- Ct,A inQon.M7 ,1F ed med in this notite shall Condkions and Restriwons me inawer Rf to as S4,989.42, S2.46; Richad G AL 36083, 1 Flwed Wee AN8N m;P8rDi6mAmount 425,$4,989.42,S2.46;Anthony M ed Unrt,-1T, 1v be wbj to the judltial tor the We gate Vatalion We gate,has recoded a Scales and Majorie Scales, Fixed Unk, 000-02, 191 244380-934 50 Glan R Jean, 19 Donna St t, WHOLE, 11v2013, 5214 18- fo losu p cedu on . Villas vll, omcial Recods Claim ot Len in the um 25 Woodside, Cheshunt, WHOLE, 11212013, 52141397- A Kegerize and Joanne L Nashua, NH o,Lsa M 724, S6,491.4o, 83.2o: Paul K Youhavetharighttocu our Book8C5,atPage724,ofthe ol [See Exhib A . whh ENGLAND EN75DE, 1 Fixed 402, $6,431.24. $3.17; Pahick Kagerize 9N N 12lh St 1 Jean. 36 Seminole Dr, Nashua. Daught and Julie A Daugh . delauWin Me mann& set rfh Public Recods of Osceola inteRstattwing attherale of W M Unk, SS-04, 381 D Lollie. N27 Antelope Hills Reading, PA 19604, 1 2 F ed NH 03063-3523, 1 Flx 32 Ashwell Grove, Rothemam. inMisnotic6atanytim8betoP Coun . Florida (tha Plan (See Ewhibrf A per day, and WHOU. 1 2l2014. 5214 0. Dr, Mlssouri c y, M 77459. WeeM ad Unh,T-04,5 ODD, WeeMixed Unrt. llB-20, 20 ENGLAND S65 1NF. 1 F ed the undenigned twrfee.s s e and all amendment(s) the to, &oded in O.R. Book [See $4.989.42, $2.46: Grady H RamonaALolli8,23OOWilG S5.457.26. g1.52; 411v9- WHOLE, 112n014, 52141419- W M ed Unrt -20, 401 ofyourtin sha i 8Rst.lfyou rf any. Togetherwrfhthe nghtto Exhibk A ,atPage(SeaExhibk Montgo a and Sandra DrApt63, Houston,TX 77042- 9158747030 Vlnet Santulli 425, $4,435.42, $2.19; Ariel WHOLE, 11v2013, 5214/T18- do not obj to the use olthe owupy, pu uant lo the Plan, .'A ), ot lhe Public Racords of Montgome,21 Hankin Loop, 2741, 1 All Season-Float 326 p spe Ave Apt 4K Garcia and Julia Del CamPn 724. 86,491.4o, 83.2o: Aln twrtee to&losu pDcaduP, Building-Unrt(s) (See Exhibk OKeola County, Florid4 and Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, 1 Wea Float Unh, 000-09, 431 Hackensatk. NJ 07601, 1 De Ga ia, Edmtio Na ica D Pack. 129 Shi ey Dr, Ca,you will not be subjert to a A',during Unk Weak(s) (See the undenigned Tw ee as Fwed WMixed Unk, ss-05, WHOLE, 4111% 13, 52141397- Fixed WeeMixed Unk, T- , Apt 17 A Vla Cincuemenario. NC 2T511, 1 Fixed WeeW deficiency judgment even it Exhibk "A',during Assigned appointed by We g e. h&eby 9 H0U, 11V2014, 521410. 402, $6,02'.91, S2.97; 3 WHOLE. a.989.42. S1.62; PanamaC y,PANAMA.1 Fixed F ed Unh. llA-23. 24 H0LE. the p s hom th6 sale Y6ar(s), (See Exhibk "Ah). 7700 fom al notmes (See Exhibh a,989.42, 82.46; Ari ides R DrabdullahAIDowaisonand Dr 276166-93549973 C | WeeMixed Unk, wc-08, 4 11V2013, 52141718-724, ot your timesha intePst We gate Blvd KiMimm88, A ) that due to your IUR to Soto and Ana E Finol, Av 3D, Badria Sulaki, PO Box 12375. L Schu cher 1 Maverick WHOLE, 11v2013, 5214 419- $6,491.40, $3.20; Cha ene A a insumcient to ot et the FL 34747 ma in "Tlme ShaR pa!| the annu ass8Mm8ntls) EntR Calle 71 Y 72, Edrf. Vla Alshamia. KUWAIT 71654, 1 Tr,lnte achen, FL 32148, 1 425, $6,331.24, $3.12; Robert John5on. 12301 Woodwalk unk Bu d by the lien. (PDp8r ) AddPss"). As a due on (See Exhibrf A and Colonia, Apt. 7, Maracaibo, Fixed WeaklFixed Unk, 000- F ed WeeklFwad Unk, UD3, SAyarand Cha ene FTDmb,Te ace, Mkchelhille, MD By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Psult of the aloPmenlioned,asseumen s) th WNUUELA 2, 1 F ed 10, 31 H0LE. 11v2014, 30 WHOU, $4,516.79. 81.42 C O David Ayer, 42 Be s d 20721, 1 Fixed. llB-01. 4 LL .T ee. defauW.We gatehe byelerfs you a cu ent in defauW WeeM Un,SS-11. N 5214 397-402. $3.844.79. 237227-93502951 Randy St, LawPnte, MA 01843. 1 WHOU. 1 v2013. 5214 T18- Blr A" - NoncE OF to sell the Property punuant ot your obligations to pay WHOU. 1 V2O14, 521410, $1.90: MiNon A Hobbs, 11780 Mul y and Da ene MulDy Fixed Wee Flxed Unk, wc- 724. $6,491.03. S3.2o: Sihano DEF^ULT ^ND INTENT TO to Sertion 721.855, Flonda aNeMmen due to Wertgate 84,375.o2. $2.16; Louis Astilbe Dr, O ando, FL 32827- 6 cedameights Rd w North 09, 7 H0U, 11v2014, Chicas and Julia Y Chicas, 524 FORKLOSE Stat es. Please be advised onthe llo ng deKrib R Stephens and Rachel L Beg, 7108. Shi ey A Hobbs, 11780 8ay, ON P1B8w CANAD 52141419-425, S4,989.42, 66th St at, West New Yo,Owne sVObligo s), fimesha tha in lhe event ha your p per loca ed in Ow la 10Gra^onClose.Wa ByReet, A ilbe Dr, O ando, FL 32827- 1 Fixed WeeM ed Unrf, $2.46; Mark T Bosik, 294 NJ 07093. 1 Flxed, llB-01, 34 lnte st, Building-Unk, Wee obligationisnotb ughtcu ent County. Fbrida: (S Ewhibh ENGLAND m14 6DG. 1 F ed 7108, 1 F ed WeeMixad Unh, U-08. 10 WHOU. S4,989.42, Wakelee Ave 1, Ansonia. WHOU. 1 U2013. 5214l718- ANign8d Year, DafauW Date, (including the paym6nt ol any A fi B MaR lnt st(s) W M ed Unrf. TT-04, 49 000-11, 4 HOLE, 1 2013, 81.62: 494910-2241 71 2240 CT 06401-1219, 1 F ed 724, S6.134.o9. 83.o3; Robin Boo Page of Recordad Li6n, fees incunad by We gate in (See Mib A as definedin WHOU. 1 2014, 5214J0. 5214 397-402, 86,431.24. Ruben Mun and Ro WeeklFixed Unk. wc-13, 6 H Sm h, 198 F Hill Rd, A Dunt, Per Diem AnDunt commencing this foPclosure the Decla ion ofCovenan . 84,96O.54,$2.45;JulioEPi o, S3.17; MyDn L Cowell and Roman 8 Po Ava aten WHOLE, 11v2014, 52141419- Johnson c,TN 37615-3144, Palritio Bornand La ondo pDc8ss) within thirty (30) Condkions and R ritlions 2421 Foo illBlvd Apt22E,La AngelaVCowell,17O8Capeha lsland, NY 10310, 1 F ed 425, $4,989.42, S2.46; Elias s Sue Ma er Smhh aka Sue and Venecia G nzo o days hom the fim da e of for the We gate Va tion Vegne.CA9175O-3 O,Maya .VlginiaBe h,VA23464,1 WaeklFixed Unrf, u-12, 24 Tabri,24578 Sun Vl a Pl, Po Ma ar SmM, 1219 CaWail Pl, c 8m85, Ciudad 45 399090, publication. the undenigned Vlllas xvl, O cial R s A Pinto, 1 rtem Ava. Fixed W86Mix6d Unk, 000- WHOLE, S6,431.24. $1.98; Cha one. FL 33980-5242, 1 Johnson c y, TN 37601, 1 p nrtguen, CHILE, 1 Fix6d Trustee shall pDc6ed w h Book 1072, a Page 1234. of Apt#8,HawaiianGardens.CA 11, 41 H0LE, 1n12013, 519716-11712500 Slephen F ed Wee Fixed Un,WE- Fixed WeeM ed Unh, llB- W Fixed Unk. JJJ-08. 21 the s e of the p as the Public Records of la 716-16 . 112 F ed we6 5214 397402, S6,431.24, H. Ping and T ri L Ping 5636 12, 131WH0U, 11v2014, 02, 41 H0U, 1 v2013, WHOU, 1M013, 52141699- pDvid8d in Sertion 721.855, CouW.florida(Me Plan d F ed Un . TTD7. &ODD, S3.17; Ol ia w Levine, 174 Cavan CDNing St 8ewendorf, 52141419-425. $5,895.81, 5214 718-724, g6,491.4O, 705, S7,356.64, 83.63; Florida Stalrtes, in which case,ndw s) ePto. rf 1 V2013, 5214 0. $4.756.38, w 4th St et, Ste 307, New 52722, 1 F W $2.91; Hiram Rivera Nmrio $3.20;RobertDDa inandRrta Patritio Bomand La ndo the und8nign6d T ee sh |: any.Toge w hthe rightto $2.35; GuilB D A 8ew i York, NY 10014, 1 F ad F Unk, u-12, 50 WHOU, and LuzRLopez,POBox491, D Da in, 205 Phe t Dr and Venecia G nzoWo (1) p vide you wrm wrmen occupy, punuant to e p n, and M ABanow,PO Box WeeM ed Unh,OOO-11,491 $6,431.24, $1.98; 512895- Vlllalba, PR 00766, 1 Fixed Pmsbugh. PA 15235, 1 Flxed C uentes, p azuelos 90 notite ot the sale, including Building-Un s) (See Exhibk 25,aeva, swmERLAND WHOU, 7 v2013. 5214 397- 9741802480 Dan,E. Dolan WeeklFixed Unk, WE-13, 19 WeeM ed Un,llB-04, 1V Cartin, Pknrfquen, CHIU. 1 the date, time and location A . during Un W k(s) (See 01211. 1 F ed W wed 402, S6,366.26, 83.14; Gloria 1845 RMerfo Ave Un 520 WHOLE, 11v2014. 52141419- WHOLE, 1/v2013, 5214 18- F ed WeeMixed Unrf, JJJ- th& r, (2) R6Gord the notice Mib A,during ANign8d Unh. TT-08, 27 H0U. J Robinson, 5957 s Lasalle. Louisville, KY 40205-1856 425,84,989.42,$2.46:Giovanni 724, $6.144.30,$3.03; Howard 08, 22 H0U. 1 v2013, of sale in the Public Records Y8a s).(Se6 Exhib A . 77 1 2014, 521410, S5,847.97, Chicago. IL 60621 Rithad A and DuBda K. Dolan 14 Storino and Eleonora E Paz, HamiWon, 12 Fowler Ln 5214J699-705, S7,356.64, ofOsceolaCoun ,Florida;and gate Bhd yimn,S2.88; F nk A Fanelli and Graham, 5505 Springwa er Ln, WillowAveApt2OO2 Lauisville, C le 31 #31 63, CarRra 25 Apt u, Clinton, TN 37716, 1 s3.63:DizzanqandMaga t (3)Publishacopyotthanot e FL 34747 m in fi MaR C A Fan li,1658 RIVER Henri,VA 23228, 1 F ed KY 40204, 1 F ed w A#62-00, p mi .COLOMBIA. Fixed W M ed Unrt, llB- L Zeng, 4730 oose Ln SW. otsaletwol2)times.onceeach p per ) Add N"). As a RD APT 25. Jacksonville, FL WeeMixed Un,000-12. 171 Fixed Unrf, v-02. 48 WHOLE. 1 F ed WeeMixed Unrt.WE- 07, 2&WH0LE, 10 2013, Shallo e. NC 284T0, 1 Fixad week, for two (2) WCC8N 8 RsuW ot e ato tion 32207, 1l2 F Week Fwed WHOLE, 1/V2013. 52141397- $4,989.42. S1 .62; 72911- 15, 281WH0LE, 11v2013, 5214 18-724, g6,393.93, Wee Fwed Un,RRR-03. 14 weehs, in an OK8ola Counly deQuW, gale byelert5 Un,TT-12, 4V0DD, 11v2013. 402, $5,772.04, 82.85; Olinda 926957N30 Richad s Gill and 52141419-425, 86,437.74, S3.15; Michael A Hermanis WHOLE, 1 2013, 52141699- newspap pDvid8d such a to sell 18 PDp punuant 521410, $4,629.38, $2.28. De Pena and Joge Pena, Tonya M Gill 105 Bellview Dr $3.17. and Lsa PGa ood,52#bert 705, $7,356.64, g3.63; Monica newspap& axik at e li to Sertion 721.855, Florida Ma g,16, 18 Utbanizacion Vllla Asia, Canera Deatsville, AL 36022-3107. 1 2 Ma h 9, 18, 2018 Avenue. Newport, uNmD v ChiD De Fe and Daniel ot publishing. lt you il to Statrtes. Pl be advised L1 8OO Pehn,Manzana2O 13,Pue o Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, v-04, L1 3 WNGDOM NP19 8 1 All H Fe ari and oC Chiro cu the dafauW as set torfh thal in u e event at your Ordaz, VENUUELA 08050. 33 ODD, $5,506.38. S1.52; Season-float WeeMloat Un,and Kann V Feinbeg De Chi,in this notice or take other obligationisnotbroughtcunent 2 Fixed WeeMixed Unrf. 39745-9198869110 GRH llB-08, 31 H0LE, 1 v2013. Pichincha 6N Apt8,Boulogne, appDpriat8 artion w h r (lncluding the p t of any NoncE OF DEFAULT AND PPP-O4, PPP-04, O HOLE. Develo men lnc. Chance NOTICE OF DEFAULTAND 5214 T18-724, $6,491.40, Buenos #re. ARGENnNA to this toBlosur8 n Wer, you tees incu by We gale in INnNT TO FORECLOSE WHOLE, 11v2014, 5214 397- Court, me Mall P.o. Box INTENT TO FORECLOSE $3.20; lgnatius Mc K8nzi6 and 016,1 F ed WeeMixed risk losing ownenhip of your com ncing Mis toBlowR wEsTGAn vAcAnoN 402, $8,752.34. $4.32; Geoge F-42683 F eport, BAHAMAS. WESTGATE vAcAnoN Mon isa Mt Kenzie. P.O.Box Unrf, SM-106, 6 H0U, timesha inte th ugh the pToc8N) wMin Mir T3o) LLAsmlFlu:2TT . KOwensJrandJanisFOwens, 112 Fixed Wee Fixad Unk. VILLAS Qv FILE: 2TT . 24 N858O, Sandilands Vlllag Rd 1/N013, 52141699-705, tw ee toreclosure procedure days hom lhe fint date of Punuant to Sertion T21.855. 20108 Radle Ave, Carson, v-07. 11 ODD, $5,457.26. $1.52 Punuant to Se ion 721.855. NaNau. BAHAMAS, 1 Fixed $7.356.64. 83.63: Michaela astablishedin &ion 721.855, publicalion. the undenigned Florida Statrtes. wEsTGAn CA 90746, 1 Fixed Week Fixed 571456-1191808440 Lany Florida Statutes, WESTGATE WeeM Un,llB-18, 45 B winQon. 702 English Cl, Florida Stat es. You may Tw ee shall pD whh vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Unk. PPP-05, 19 H0LE, Adams and Denise L Adams VACATION VILLAS OWNERS WHOLE, 1lV2013, 5214 T18- Trin y, NC 27370, 1 Fixed choose to sign and send to the sale ot the PDp8 y as AMoc noN. INC. 1/v2013, 5214/3g7-402, 877 Max Deen Drive 8awley, GA ASSOCIATION, INC. 724, $6,491 .40, $3.20; Douglas WeeklF ed Unrt, SSS-306, 231 the undarsigned trustee an provided in Section 721.855, mereina er rete lo as $5,437.74, $2.68; Rrfa Minon. 31513 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, ereina er PferRd to as R Dahlen and Josephine A WHOU. 1/N013, 52141699- objerfion form. exercising your Flonda Stat rtes, in which case, We gate,has Rcoded a Reu-Marie 21 Loyal Hill Road, V-08, 44 WHOLE, 86.431.24, Westgate' . has Pcoded a Dahlen, 13628 B a Pl s, 705, $7,356.64, $3.63; Abdul right to object to the use ot the the undersigned Twstee shall: Claim of Len in the amount Devonshire, BERMUDA DVO5, $1 .98; 98769-9285903090 Claim ot Lien in lhe amount Bumsville, MN 55N7-7117. Rahman Al NaNer, P.O.Box lwst86 foBlosur8 p tedure. (1) p vide you wkh wrmen of ESee Exhibk A,wrfh 1 Fixed WeeWFixed Unit, QQQ- Johnny Crespo 959 Seneca of (See Exhibk A . w h 1 F ed WeeMixed Unk, 88081. Riyadh, SAUDI ARA8lA Upon the undenigned twrtee.s notice of the sale, including intePst accwing at the r e of 03, N HOLE, 1/v2013, Ave 1R Ridgewood. NY 11385, inteP acc ing at Me rate of llB-23, 41WH0U. 1/v2013. 1 1662, 1 Fixed Week/Fixed Unk, receipt ol your signed objection the d e, ime and location (See Ewhibrf wA per day, and 521 4/397-402, $6,397.10, 1 Fixed WeeWFixed Unrf, v-09, (See Exhibrt A' per day. and 5214/71&724, $6,491 .40. mD5. 2&WH0LE, 11V2O13, torm. the toreclosu of the thereot; (2) Record the notice Rcoded in O.R. Book (See $3.15: Racquel Dyer, 1413 9 WHOLE, $3,817.21. $|.29; recoded in O.R. Book (See $3.20; HWen NgWen and 52141699-705, $7,356.64, lien wrfh spert to the detauW ot sale in the Public Records Exhibrf "A,at Page (See Exhibit Ravenna w N, An ioch, TN 28759-9169688190 Louis c Exhibrf A l. at Page (See Exhibrf Lnda NgWen. 248 Old Farm 83.63; Abdul Rahman Al specmed in this notice shall ofOsceola Coun,Florida: and,A ), of the Public Records of 37013-1091, o Fixed, QQQ-09, Blazek and Annie Mae Blazek wA ). of the Public Recolds ot Rd. LexinQon, SC 29072 NaNer. Kh id SR Almeshikah, be subje to the judicial (3) Publish a copy of lhe nolice Osceola County Florida, and 810DD, 1/2/2013, 5214/397- 100 He ig Blu Road Slidell, Osceola Counly. Florida, and Huy x Nguyen 318 windrm. P.O.Box 88081, R adh, SAUDI toPclosure procedure only. ot sale lwo (2) times. once each the undenigned Twstee as 402. $5,195.78, $2.56; Reinaldo LA 70461, 1 Fixed Wee the undenigned Tw ee as Slidell, LA 70461, 1 Fixed ARABIA 11662. 1 Fixed WeeW You have the right to cure your week, tor two (2) succ8Nive appointed by Westgate, he by Santos Canales and Esperanza Flxed Un . w-04, 19 WHOLE. appoinled by Wertgale, hereby W Mix Unk. llB-23. 401 Fixed Unk, m-05, 29 H0U, defauN in the manner set lorth weeks, in an Osceola Coun formally notifies (See Exhihit Can es Garcia, 926 RR 6, San $4,974.98, $1.62; 571635- formal notifies (See Exhib WHOU. 11v2013, 5214 718- 11v201 3, 521 4/699-705, in this notice at any tima before newspaper, provided such a A") that due to your tailuP to Juan, PR 00926-9800, 1 Fixed 9321910440 Arturo A Arcangel A' lh due to your failuR to 724. $6.491.40. S3.2o: Michael $7.356.64. 83.63; Edson Te a the undersigned twstee's sale newspaper exists at the time pay the annual aNessment(s) Wee Fixed Unrt, QQQ-13, 1/ 1 Anton Ct New C y, NY 10956. pay the annual aN8w nt(s) A Dunning and Deborah G Cunha and Denise Ba o ofyourtimeshare inte . lt you of publishing. lf you tail to due on (See Exhibrt "A") and WHOLE, 1/2/2014, 5214/397- 1 Fixed Week/Fixed Unrt. due on (See Exhibk A and Dunning, 1375 Giles Road Dr Te a Cunha. Av Lucio Co a do not obje to the usa of the CUR the detault as sel torfh all assessment(s) therea er, 402, $3,594.98, $1.77; Patrick w-10, 44 WHOLE, 84,357.96.