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March 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 9, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 9, 2018 PAGE 25B owing under the Nota and following al property located 7124 Pl 5 Ave, Ga,IN 4,Dartmo h Ava, BuW o, NY norida Stat . Any ngM the undenigned Tw ee as 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Unk. GG- Borges. 685 Reindeer Dr. Morfgage shall be acc6|8ral6d in Osceola Coun,Florida: 1,Season-float Mloat 14215 Chel e L mompson, you n y have to n e the appoi ed by We gale, hereby 303, 1/WH0LE, 1/2/2013, Poinciana, FL 34759, 1 Fixed and will betome immadiataly (s86 Exhibh A") Tlme Share Unrf, B-1208, B-1413, 39/ 403 Dart D h Ave. Bu alo, Drtgage aWer accaleration rormal notifies (See Exhibit 5214/42742, $5,998.42, 82.96: WeeWFixed Unit, PPP-03. 51/ dua and payabla. Additionally, lnterest(s) (Sae Exhibk A MN, 21nvEN, 712112016, NY 14215, 112,Season-,be punuant o we terms A that due to your tailu to Je alyn G Cox, 715 N Central WHOLE. 1/212014, 5214/412- as a r65uW ot the d6tauW, you according to the Tlm haring 4844l1395, 83,259.78, S1.61; Float kl floal Unk, 5300- ot Me mortgage. You n y pay the annual asseNment(s) Ave, Atlanta, GA 30354, 1 418. 84,989.42, $2.46; Alvin risk losing ownership ot your Plan tor the Westgat6 Tow,| Ca illo, 6810 momas 5325, 34nNN, &16 2016, ch lo sign and ad to due on (See Exhib A") and Fixed Weeh/Fixed Unit, GG- K Green and Leona H Green, timesha interest through lhB Center, recorded in the omcial St, Hollywood, FL 33 4, 468, 86,o23.32, .oo; e undenigned t rtee the all aM sm8nt(s) therea er, 306, 12 H0LE, 1/2/2013. 1191 Krfchen Streel, Macon, twstae tor6tlosur6 procadur6 Records Book 1564, at Paga 112 #| Season-Float kl William Huertas and Rosario tlosed obje ion form, you aP cu ent in default 5214/42742, 85.773.4o, 82.85; GA 31217, Fixed, QQQ-01, establishad in Sertion 721 .856, 1479, of lhe Public Records Float Unit, B-1503, 16nNN and Juan F Hu,exewising your right to obje of your obligalions to pay Hugo Armando Herazo, 256 28 0DD, 1/2/z013, 5214/412- norida Stat es. Any right ot Osceola Coun,florida 81312016, 500812712, .OO, Ca e 19 N 37 55 Casa 24, lo the use ot We,ee aMeMm8nts due to Westgate Alson Sl. South Amboy. NJ 418; $4,629.38, $2.28; Pamela you may have to rein ate th6 (lha Plan. . Togathar with the $0.44: Ca os Vhela, 1211 Conjunto La Ma villa. Girardot, fo losuR procedu . Upon on the following described al 08879, 1 Fixed Week/Flxed Kay Oliver. 405 Brooktli Rd, mortgage a er acceleration right to octupy, punuant to W6st Wood Drive, Phoenix, COLOMBl 1 2,Season- he undenigned twstee.s property located in Osceola Unit, GG-306, 21 H0LE, Cayce, SC 29033, 1 Fixed will be punuant to the terms the Plan, BuildingTsyUnrf(s) AZ 85029 Rosala Vkela, Float Waekl Flo Unrf, 530 ipt or your signed obj ion Coun,Florida: TSee Exhibrf 1 /2/201 3, 521 4/42742, WeeWFixed Unit, aaa-o2, 21/ ot the morfgage. You may (See Exhibit A"), during Unit 11112 W. Madeline Christian N35, 21nvEN, 8 1201 6, torm. the fo lowR of lhe A fime Share lntere (5) $5.226.72, $2.58; Jack Nelson, WHOLE, 1/2/2014. 5214/412- choose to sign and sand lo W68k(s) (s66 Exhibit A,Ave Suprisa. AZ 85378- 474512642, 85,673.6o, 88.39: morfgage wrm RS to the (See Mibk A as detined in 1503 Cody Rd. Nixa, MO 65714 418. $3,650.62. $1.80; William lhe undenigned twstee the during Assigned Year(sl, (See 6909, 112 All Saason-Float Anthony L James and Lnda L d6tauW sp med in his notice the Detlaration of Covenants, Sally A Nelson, 3722 s SCENIC E Ligh,4203 E Capitol St enclosed objection torm, Exhibit A' . 7700 Weslgate W6eMloat Unk, B-1505, 33 J . 11998 Sands Pointe Ct, shall be wbje to the judicial Condkions and Re rirtions AVE UNIT 137, Springfield, MO SE, Washing on, DC 20019- 8w6wising your right lo obj6tt Blvd Kissimm68, FL 34747, EVEN, u19 2o16. 4847R24, Macclenny, fl 32063, 112,foPclosu p u on . lor the Westgate Vacation 65807, 1 Fixed WeeMixed 4468 Rhonda L Lgh . 1014 to the use ot the,stee Building (he in "Tlme Share $1 ,949.80, $0.96; Jineane Season-Float Weekl Float Unk, You have the right to cu Vllla5 xlll, omci Records Unit, GG-307, 48 H0U, Minna Ave, Capkol Heights, to tlosure procedu . Upon Plan ( perfy) Add s5 ). As Ponder, 208 Mapl6 St, 5300-N45. 23 0DD. 8 8n016. your detauW in the manner 5 Book 1021, at Page 1086, of 1 2/201 3, 5214/42742. MD 20743, 112 Fixed Wee lha undarsignad,staa's a result ot tha afor6mentionad Statasboro, GA 30458, 112 #| 4724n870, $5,740.32,: Eliseo torfh in this notice a any time Me Public Records of Osceola $5,998.42, $z.96; Ken MauRr Fixed Unrt, QQQ-02. 33 0DD, receipt ot your signed objection detault, westgate ha by ele s Season-Float W Mloat Unrf, Chavez, 36W461 Binnie Rd, betoR the tw ee's s a of your Coun,Florida (the "Plan' and and Danielle Mo n, PO Box 112/201 3, 52141412-41 8, torm, the to closu ot the to sell th6 roparty pursuant B-1506, 110DD, 1 28 016, Dundea, IL 60118, 112 #| limeshaP ilrfe . lf you do nol,amendment(s) thePto, rf 271, Begenfield, NJ 07621, 1 $4,629.38, 82.28: Paul Davis mortgage with spert to the to S6 ion 721.856, Florida 5038148,$951.16,$0.47:Tanya S6ason-Float w kl Float objert o me use of et ee any. Toge er wrth the righl lo Fixed WeeMixed Unk, GG- and Anna Davis, 455 Pleasant detault specified in lhis notice Statutes. Please be advised Y Holloway, 141O N W 52nd Unk, NO 5356, 4710DD, to&losu procedu . you will occupy, punuanl to lhe Plan, 312, 12/WHOU, 1/2/2013, valley Rd, Agyle. NY 12809, shall be subje to lhe judicial that in the evenl that your St, Miami, FL 33142 Cha es 8 7 2016, 41901361,$5,019.41,not be subjacl lo a deficiency Building-Unrt(sT (See Exhibit 5214/42742, 85,998.42. 82.96. 1,Season-Float WeeMloat toreclosu prot8dur6 only. obligalion is not brought cu ent R Eve W, 539 NW 7th St, Apt 85.9o; NanU D Dolomno, judgnPnt even rf the p ceeds A,during Unrt Week(s) (See Ma h 9, 16, 2018 Unk. QQQ-02. 48 H0LE, You have tha right to cura (including the payment ot any 3-309, Miami, FL 33126, 112,1804 SE &h,Cape Coral, hom the s e of your tim haR Exhibk A,during ANigned L 163799 11v201 4, 52141412-418, your detauW in the manner set f86s incu 6d by Wa gate in Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, FL u99o Jenny Dolomno inte aR inwm ent to ot et Y s), (See Exhibrt A ). 7700,$4,989.42, $2.46; Rudolph forfh in this notice at any tima commancing this to closur6 B-1805, 2&0DD, 11112016, Hisole, 3 Lnd Road SuWon, the unts d by e We gate Blvd Nimm8e, h Uoyd, 1016 old Cheny beto thetwstee's sale ofyour process) wkhin thirty (30l 465011051,$2,141.52,$1.06. London, ENGLAND 5M1 4PP, mortgage. &: GRUNSPOON FL 34747 erein Tlme Share NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Hill Rd. Moncks Comer, sc tim6sharaint6r8 .ltyou do not days hom lhe first date of Ma hg,16, 18 1n,Season-flo Weehl MARDER,U ,Twst . pro ) Addr8N"T. As a INnNT TO FORECLOSE 29461, DeNiPne Uoyd, 1422 obje to the us6 otthet stee publication, lh6 undenigned L163918 Float Unh, 5500-5544, 3& NIBrr h" - NoncE OF Pw of the aforementioned wEsTGAn vAcAnoN .Coun Lne Rd, CrON, sc to&losure protedure, you will Twstee shall proceed with the ODD, 8 10n016, 405411272, DEF^ULT ^ND INTENT TO delauW, W tgate hereby elerts LLAS Qll nu:2TT .o8Q 29436-9011, 112 Fixed Weehl not be subject to a d6fici8ncy sale otthe Property as p vided a,8N.44, 84.78: Moham6d H FORECLOW to s&| the p perty punuant Pu uant to Se ion 721.855, Fixed Unk, aaa-04, 39/0DD. judgment even it the proceads in S6ction 721.856, Florida NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Sakallah and Amal M Sakallah owe sVobligo s, fimdaR lo Sertion 721.855, Florida Florida Statutes. wEsTGAn 11v2013, 52141412-418, hom the sala ot your timashara Statutas, in which case, he INnM TO FORECLOSE and Faten M Sakallah, 71 Ellis lnl6r,Buildin nk, Week, Stat es. Please be advised VACATION NLLAS OWNERS $4.576.56. 82.26; Cle Pnte int6rest are insumciant to oWset undenigned T stea 5hall: (1) WESTGATE TOWN cENnR Ave, Nawbugh, NY 12550, D6tauW Dale, Boo Page ot at in the evenl thal your AssoclAnoN, INC. Mi ahi and Nahir F Vagas, the amounts s6cu d by the Provide you with wrMan notica FILE: . 4 1 #| S6ason-Float W6ekl R8cold Morfgage, D6tauW obligalioni5notbroughttunenl ereinaWer refe to as Urb La ameda. Calle T morfgaq6. By: GREENSPOON ot the sala, including lh6 data, Punuant lo S6ction Float Unh, 5600-5617, 31 Amou ,P6rDi8mA Dunt: [lncluding the payent of any Westgate"), has recoded a Res Tamarindo, Caracas, MARD R, LLP T stee. tim6 and location thereot; (2) 721.856, Florida S at es, WHOLE, 712&2016, 4937110, Famando M Ro ndo and t intu ed by Westgale in Claim ot Len in the amount VENUUELA. 112 Flxed WHIBIT "A" - NOrlCE OF Record the no ice ot sale in the undenigned T stea as 81O,914.16, 816.78; Candice H&en Rosendo, 8247 N tommenting this foRclosuR ot (See Exhib A") wrm Wee xed Unit, QQQ-05, 11 DEFAULT AND INnNT TO lha Publit R6cords of Osceola appoinled by wEsTGAn N Smrfh and Damell R Smrth, Odell Av6, Niles, IL 60714, 1 pm s) wrthin thir (30) interest actwing at the rate of ODD 1 v2013, 5214 412- FORECLOSE: Coun,Florida; and (3) Publish VACATION VILLAS, uc 3520 AWhop Dr, Raleigh, Flxed W oal Unh. days hom tha firrt date ol ISee Exhibrf A perday, and 418, $4.629.38, $2.28: Juan Owe s)/Obligo s), Tlmeshare a copy ot the notice ot sale two mereina ar r8t6 8d to as NC 276168479. 1 Fixed 47, 7 H0U, 9n 2016, publication, the und signed recorded in O.R. Book (See B Paez and Marta Gartia lnterest, BuildinglUnk, week, (2) times, once each weeh, tor Wastg e") ha by tormal Mlo Unk, 5600-5634, 4624n372, a,659.o5, S6.36: Tw ee shall proteed with Ewhibk A,at Page (See Exhibk He e and Santiago A DetauN D e, Booh/Page of two (2) 5ucc8ssiv6 weeks, in notifies you that you have 14 H0U, &10n016, Brian K Nic y and M in M Me sale of he Proper as A ). ot the Public Records ot Paez and Daniel E Paez B, Recoded Mortgaga, Dafault an Osceola Coun nawspaper, datauWad undar tha Nota 491&1456, $4,314.88, $5.89; Nic&y and Tracy M Nice p vided in Serfion 721.855, Osceola Coun,Florida, and Diagonal1O8 3-30Apt#402. nount, Par Diam Amounl: providad such a newspaper and Mo gage by tailing to Mich6|| Reyolds, 3047 Ashlold and HeaM& L Nice,119 florida StatLrt8s, in which case, the undersigned Twstee a5 Bogota, COLOMBIA, 1/2 Fixed Manhell D Hadaway, 1971 existsatthetimeotpublishing. make th6 payent due on Pa,Hou on, M 77082, odes Ave, North BaWi D,me undenigned Truslee shall: appointed by Westgate. heRby WeeW xed Unh. QQQ-06, 43/ Cox Dr, Austall, GA 30168 lt you tail to tura tha detauW (s68 Exhibh wA") and all 1n,Saason-Flo w OH 45872, 112,Season- (1) p vide you wrth wrman formally notifies (See Exhibk ODD, 11v2013, 52141412-418, Herman L Osbin, 2800 Nina Dr, as set rorfh in this notice or subs8qu6nt pay6nts. You Float Unrt, 570 5754, 411 flo W68klfloat Un,51 notice of the s e, including A") that due to your failuP lo 84.629.38, $2.28; Tlmothy Picayune, MS 39466, 112 All taka othar appropriata a ion cunantly owa Wastg a the NEN, 811 112016, 4921 1340, 5131, 4410DD. 1 1 2016, Me d e, time and location pay the annual aNeNmenl( ki and Teresa Season-Floal WeeWFloa Unit, with regad to this toreclosu amounl ot (Sae Exhibit A S2,882.76, $4. ; M ias E 495N15, S5,67o.42. .28; M&eot, (2) Retord the notice due on (See Exhibh A an,h, 67 Main Street, 4000-MD,2510DD,1117/2016, ma er, all sums due and wkh inte att ing at Ari a and Diego Ariza, 11241 Chu &neka V lhp and of s e in the Public Records all aNes5ment(s) theRaWer, Savona, NY 18879, 1 Fixed, 474111414, 81,735.41, 82.65; owing under he Note and the rate ot (See Exhibk A N KendalDr,AptF2O3, Miami, Olunwa C ID,6944 NW ofOsceolaCouW.Florida;and you are cunently in detauW QQQ-O7.13 HOU,1/V2O14, Marie Denis. 5 Beaver Creak Dr, Mo gage shall be atcelaratad p6r day, th gad to the FL 33176, 112 Fixad W 126lh, Par and, fl >3076. (3) Publish a copy ot the notice of your obligations to pay 52141412-418. $4.989.42, Sleimington, NJ 08822, 1/2 All and will b6com8 imm8diat6ly tollowing al property locatad Float Unit. 59 -210D, 14 1 #| n-flo Wee otsaletwo(2) imes,onceeach asseMments due to W tgate 82.46; Welle5ley o Coke. 6869 Season-Float W66Mloal Unit, dua and payable. Additionally, in Osceola couny, norida: ODD, &1512016, 4944 1196, Flo Unk. 51 5145. & week. tor lwo (2) succaNiva on the following deKribed real NW 33d St, Pompano Beach 4000-50, 510DD, 11/10/2016, as a sult ot the detault, you (Sae Exhibrf A lma Shara S2.91o.56, $4.13; Rosalinda WHOU. 9n612016, 49471680. waeks, in an Osceola County property located in OK la FL NO63-8037, 1l2 Fixed 421711082, $2,463.71, $4.92; risk losing ownership of your lnla st(sT (See Exhibit A Vazquaz, 1341 Willow Run 88,176.4o, S1 2.67; Julieny nawsp provided such a Coun,norida: (See Exhibrf WeeMixed Unrf, aQQ-07, 281 C al E James 1370 NW timeshare inleres through the accoding to tha fimasharing Drive, Glenn HeigMs, M Bmo, Av Pad Julio Maria newsp exists at the time A") fime Sha lntere (s) ODD, 11v2013, 52141412-418. 214th Ter. Miami, FL 33169- trustae to closure procedu Plan tor tha Weslgata Tow 75154, 1 Flxed W Mloat Lo aed, 2353, B no Santa of publishing. lt you tail o (See Exhibrf A as defined in $4,629.38, $2.28: Claude e 2027 Ma M Moore, 810 N 8stablish6d in Saction 721 .856, Center, recorded in the omcial Unh. 61 83F, 6100-83G, Rh4 Ma pa, BRAZIL 68901- cu the defauW as s6 torfh the Declaration ot Covenants, Bell, 15323 76th Rd. N, w 83d Te aca, Miami, FL Florida Stalutes. Any right Records Booh 1564, Page 52. 5V0DD, ODD, 21n016, 283 i h Ghammadi, in this notice or lake other Condrfions and Restri ions Loxahatthee,FL3347O,OFixed 33150, 1/2 All Season-Float you may hav6 to rainslate the 1479, ot lhe Public R ods 501v1896, $6,869.24, 81o.91; Rua Leopo o Madado 2123, appropri a aclion wrth gard for the Westg e Vatation WeeMixed Unk, aaa-07, 2& WeeMloat Unit, 4000-79, 201 mortgage a ar accelera ion ot Osc6ola County, Florida C HaWon, 92 Beagle Macapa, BRAZIL tothisfo tlosu ma you Vlllas Qll, OMcial R ords ODD, 11V2013, 5214/412- EVEN, 11/12/2016, 4911/412, will be punuant to lha larms (the Plan ). Together wkh the Rd, Wh asbug, KY 41858 68908-120 S a Fehoa rish losing ownanhip of your Book 1210, at Page 1213, of 418, 84,629.38. 82.28; Ea L $2,376.53, $4.07; Tulissa N of the mortgaga. You may right to occupy, punuant o S M Hanon, 69 Beagle Ava Rocopio Rola No 1304, m ha intar rt through the the Public Recods ofOsceola Mo s and Hyacinth T Mo s, Clen n, 5 Ha ison St Apt. choose to sign and 58nd lo the Plan. Building(s)Nnk(s) Rd. Whitesbug. KY 41858. . Macapa. BRAZIL h toBlosur8 procadu Coun . Florida(the Plan and 10 #exandra Rd, Dagenham, 8. Taun on, MA 027801 2 the und8r5ign8d tw5|88 the (See Exhibh A"). during Unh 1 2 Flxed Weeklfloat Unh. 68 D10. 1n F ed WaaW ablish6din&ion 721.855. all am8ndm8nl(5) therato, it Rormord. ENGLAND RM6 #| Season-Float Wee enclosed objattion torm, WB8k(s) ISea Exhibit A,B-1203, 7nvEN, &2n016, floal Unrt, 51 5146, 2 florida Wat rtes. You may any.Toga herwrm Ma ngM lo 6UL Sylvia A Geohagen, 217 Float Unrf, 5100-5152, 46/ ewercising your right to objert during ANignad Y6a s), (s68 494712939, $3,039.52, 84.43; ODD, 1017n016, 4447 4u, doos6 to sign and send to occupy, punuant to the Plan, s CounteN Rd, WaWhamstow, EVEN, 11/812016, 4998/721, to the use ot the twsl86 Exhibh A . 77 W6 gat6 Mariano EC aand Slella W.171.TO, S4.2o; Omar A 6 unde igned ln rtee an Building-Unk(sl (See Mibrf London, ENGLAND E17 NT 84,612.4O, $8.62; Dagenis J foretlosure procadure. Upon Blvd KiNimm88, FL 34747, Mari Nevez. Mau 3151 H nand6 307 Curfice Unh obi on form. 8x8 i5ing your A"). during Unk Wa8k(5) (See Marcia M G8ohag6n, 218 C z Rincon and Kathiu5ka c the undersigned t stea's Building m6 in Tlm6 Sha p 1 Dpto Buanos # s. 2. saim Paul, MN 55107-3401 rigMto objecttothe usa oftha Exhibk A,during ANigned Mu hison Rd, Le on, London, Dimitrov Finol, Urbanizacion receiptotyoursigned objartion Plan (PDp8r ) dr s"). As ARGENnNA 1426, 1n Flxad M&inna S o5, 2657 5th Ava bu toBlosu p cedure. Yea s), (See Exhibk A . 7700 ENGLAND E1O 6w, 1 Flxed Coromoto Av 36 Resd Vllla torm, the tor8clo5ur8 ot the a suN otth6 ato mentioned Who Un,B-15,5V E, NoM S nt Paul, MN u1 UponM6und sign6dlwst68's Westg e Blvd KiNimmee. Wee xed Unk. QQQ-08, 1V Cristal 7, Maracaibo Zulia, mortgage with Pspert to the detauW.We g eh yele s ODO, &1512016. 4940n795. V or H&nandaz Quinte,B plotyoursiqnad objection FL 34747 e in fi Sha WHOU, 1l2n014, 52141412- VENUUELA, 1 All Season- datauN spaGifiad inthis notice to sell lhe PDp8rty punuant S3,4N.76, S5.12; Na ani& 1634 9lh, W 1,Whe form, he foBosur8 ot tha (Property) Add u T. a 418, $5,030.84, $2.48; Sabu Float WeeklFloat Unit, 5500- shall be subject to thejudicial to samon 721.856, norida Lanmo and Ph lis D Lake,MN M11O,1#| n- li6n wrm p totha datauW resuN ot the ato mantioned momas.2394 caldest,santa 5556, 50 WH0LE, 11/612016, toreclosu proc6du only. Stat 6s. Please be ad Lan D,1220 N C houn St, flo al Unrf. med in this notice shall d6fauW,W8stgat8h 8by6|6rts Clara, CA 95054, 112 Flwed 447311155, $6.234.15, $9.09; You have the right to cu that in the evem th your BaWi D,MD 21217, 1 Flx 541>. 4 0E 1 2016, be wb rt to lhe judicial o sell the PD punuant Wee xed Unk, aaa-10. Giannina Denegri and Zul6ma your detauW in the mann8rs6t obligationisndbDughtcu t no Unh, B-1717, 511 496&1139, S874.22. .78: to& w p cedu only. to &ion 721.855, florida 3 0DD, 11V2013, 52141412- Perez, Av 28 De Julio 660 forfh inthis notice at anytime flncluding he payam ot any WHOU, &7 2016. 492111348. Slephan N H |, 10N7 B&le You havathe rightto cu our StatLrt . Please be advis6d 418, $4,629.38, $2.28; Ricarfe Casa 10, Mirahores, Lima, beto thelwstee's saleotyour f incu by W gate in S8,152 S11.98; Ca os F ne Road, S m Louis, d6 uWinth8 manner s6 orfh that in tha av6nt that your B Laguatan Jr. and Danielle T 18, PERU, 112 All Season- timeshareinta st.ltyoudonot tomm cing this toBlo5u To and Marian,MO 63137. 1,- inthisnotiteatanytimabeto oblig ionisnotb ughtw t Laguatan 43O W 34th St Apt float W6eMloat Unit, 5700- objarttothe useotthet stee pDc8N) w hin thi y (30) c I6 12TA N5 46. Edmcio no al Unk, M a undanign6d twsl88'5 sale [lncluding the payent ol any 16B, N6w York, NY 10001, 1 5744, 34nvEN, 11111/2016, toratlosure p c6dur6, you,days tDm the fim dala ot Miraho ,8ogota.COLOMB 55u, 47 E 1 1n016, otyour hareinte .ltyou t68s incu by We gate in Fix6d W68kl x8d Unit, aaa- 489712861. 82.543.7o, $4.29; not b6 subjertlo a deficiency publication. the und6nignad 1n Fw6d o Unk, 48&10T, ,852.58, t11.28; donotob totha usa otMe commencing this to&losu 12, 29 H0LE, 1 2014, MichaelPHo manandAmau judgmant evan ifth6 p teeds T st86 shall pm d wh th6 B-1720, 2 N, 7na 016. Edu sih and CaDlina toBlosu p c6du,proc6wT whhin thirfy (30T 5214 412-418, S4,989.42, L Rentas, 68 Burnsid6 Ave, trom lh6 sale ofyourtim ha sale otth6 PDp8rtyas p vided 4T61n921, S5.6O5.57, S7. ; Sih ta, Av ida Jom i a you,not ba subj t to a daS hDm th6 fint data ot 82.46: Vastia B ant, 728 Stalen lsland, NY 10302, 1 interastareinsumtiamto in S6clion 721.856, Fbrida o Sandoval and Ub no haW2, 1-301. cy judgment aven rf pu lication, the undanigned Gadan5gal8Rd,Eutawvill8,SC Flx6d WeeklFloat Unk. 5900- oWse tha amounts setu d Statlrt,in wh h . u B Te No 87 Nrt,L 243a730, pm s hom the s e Twst8B sh,proceed w h 9268 emia Shepad 207D, 15 HOLE. 11 1012016, by the mortgage. By: und6nign8d Tw 66 shall: (1) F au os ,Mom y, 1n l - ot your im a inlere h6 sale of lhe Rop as El, 2B6 Outbatk Cir, Holly 465111425, $4,040.30, 86.23; GREENSPOONMARDER,UP PDvid8youw wrm8nnotic8 M CO . 1n Flx Fbal Un M,31 inwmci t to ohse th6 provided in Se ion 721.855, Hill, sc 29059-8493, 1 Fixad John p Coppola and Joanne Tw ee. ofthe sale, includingthe d e, o Unh, B-1804, 1y MN. 1 1 16,4571n186. ms red by th6 lien. norida Sl 6s,in whith tase, Wee xed Unk, QQQ-16, 1V s Coppola, 8906 Water Way WHIBIT AH - NoncE OF tim6 and lo tion th& r, ) MN, &z o16,t4,744.6o. 6.9T: Rada& B GREENSPOON MARDER, tha undenignad Tw 68 shall: WHOU. 112n014, 52141412- Dr, Tampa, FL 33635, 1 All DEFAULT AND INnNT ro Retold e notice ot sa in S3,221.4o,t4.72. M AtdO. 1 i s U .Tw ee. (1) p vid6 you wh wrmen 418,S4,989.42,82.46. Season-Flo WeaMloat Unit, FORECLOSE: the Public Recods ot O la M 8,1& m8 WllminQon, OH 45177. 1n IBrr A" - NoncE OF notic6 of tha sale, including M 8,16, 16 59 -s04B, 590 605A, 9, Owe s)/Obligo fimesha CouW, florida; and(3)Publish L1 916 #| -no DunuLT hND INTENTTO the date, time and localion L 163796 3110DD, ODD, 1111012016, lnt,Buildin nit, Week, atopyotthenoticaot two no Un,411 FORECLOSE tha ot; (2) Retord 18 notice 4515 145, $3,631.42, $4.74; DetauW Date, Boo Page ot (2)tin s, onte 6ach w for ODD, 1 16, 49BT11463, 8 sVOblig0 5). Tlmesha ot sala in the Publit R8cord5 Ronald F momas and Faith Recorded Mortgage, DetauW two (2) suK siv8 w,in NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND S1.836 W. ; n u6 A lm,8uilding-Unk, Weekl otOscaola Coun,Florida; and NoncE OF DEFAULT AND A momas, 1517 sw,a Ave, Amoum, Per Diem unt: anOsteolaCouWna p INnNT TO FORECL E Mt Co and Dav p,n Y6ar. DetauW Data, (3)Publi5h a copyoftha notic6 INnNT TO FORECLOSE Port Saint Lucia, FL 34953, 4 A honyLGrantJrand Lsa R providad such a new WQTN ErO C 283 G 6y Av ue, Slal BooklPage ol R otded Len, orsal8two(2) m85,onc88ach wuTun vAcAnoN #| Season-Float WeeklFloat Beasley, 5426 Lving on Ter exists the ima otpublishing. nLL and, NY 1,1 Fw um,PerDi&nAmount w68k, tor two (2) sutc siue U FIU:2 . a Unit, 6000-54C, 6000-54D, Apl2O2, Oxon Hill, MD 20745, lt you tail lo WR 18 de uW Pu ant to on oalUnk,5T 5723. David N Vlgo and lris M Vlgo, weeks, in an Osteola Coun Punuant to Sertion 721.855, 60 -62c, 6 62D, 6000- 112 #| Season-Float Wee as sel loM in is no or 721.856, Fbrida . WHOE 9n 16, w. 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EVEN,ODD,ODD,11l1O/2O16, $951.16, $O.47; Ped Henara ma ar, all wms du6 and vAcAnoN UAS, UC D, sna GA 3 T8. 5214 42742, S5,226.72, 82.58; cure the deauW as s6t torth inaWer far d to as 454312634, $4,219.40, $5.39; and Michelle G Silva, 2007 w owing und6r le Nda and inaR& 18t& to as 1n,-floa Fal iaOMayan,82O2RADIAL in this notice or tak6 other W tgate ), has r6cordad a Jar llA Adams 5003 Colonial WashinQon St, Weslaco, M Mortgaga sh,be a ted g e y 1om al no Unrt, 57 5737. 2 CT, Rosha n, M n583, 1 appDpriat8 artion with regard Claim of Len in tha amoum Dr, Templ6 Hills, MD 20748- 78599, 112,saason-noat and will n immed te no m you l you have ODD, 1 7n016. 472, F ed We8 x6d Unh, GG- tothistoBlosu ma er,you ot (See Exhibit wA,wh 2403 Ca sha D Adams, 5808 WeeMloatUn ,4 O-18D.46 due and payable. Addh n,d6 uW8d und& tha Note S5,989.76. t11. : T 104, 5 HOU. 1 v2013. ri5k I05ing owenhip ot your int6r8st acc ing at the rate ot Folgate Ct, Caprfol Heighls, ODD, 1012812016, 4933l442, as a wW ot I8 defauW, you and Mortgage Q ling to D Brinson. lonia Ave, 5214142742, g,491 .93, S2.22; tim85ha int st th ugh tha (See Exhibrf A par day, and MD 20743, 2,Saason- 8983.8o, $0.49; Jeuica L rish losing owe hip otyour make. the pay m d on O iaFIBds.IL 1Ty Bart Van Der Ri and G6 y t stae fo closu p tedu ded in O.R. Book (Saa Flo WeeMloat Unit, 6000- woods and Royae CaPy, timesha im thDugh the (s Mibk .A and,D 8rin n, 2601 LM n Hwy Van D& Ri,Li erbes raat 8 abli5h8dinS8cti0n721.855, Exhibk A,g, e(seeEwhibit 45C, 6000-64D, 22. 40/ 16122Necoridge,Hou on,N twstee fo&low pmedu w u t paa. You hhe 101. O ia FBds. 31, Sint-O6d8nrod6, Florida Slatutes. You may A,otthe p c Racords ot WHOLE. 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Pan p 1 1 Flxed WeeMixed Unh, GG- sp8tm6d in this notite shall of your obligations to pay ODD, 111612016, 422611429, Laurin, 4621 old York Road. lo the usa ot the for the g e Tow Fw6d o Unk. 61 105, HOU, 1/v2013, be subject to tha judicial aM6Nm8nts dueto W85tg 8 $7,249.61, $8.46; Deborah Philadelphia, PA 19140, 112,for bsu pmedu . Upon el&, ld8d in 18 o 4N. 61 4,52, 5V0DD, 5214 42742, $5,215.14, $2.57; toreclosure procedure only. on the tollowing d6scrib8d real Pnce, 886 w Galve on season-Floatweeklnoat Unk, the undenign bu 's R olds B k 1564, al Page ODD, 1 016. 5,WaW&KR dand tieAReid, You hav8th8righttocur6your pDp8rfy located in Osteola St Unh 214, Chandlar, AZ 4 66,11nvEN,1v15n015, &eiptotyoursign obi ion 1479, of e Public R lds a, 2.58, S5.76; Juan M 74 NW 15th St, Laud6mill, detauWinthe mann8rs6tforth County, Florida: (s86 Exhibk 85225. 1,S6ason-Float 4684/2813, $1,949.80, 8O.96; form. the foBlowR of he of O la County. florida da and Maria T P6na, FLN313. 1 Fix6d WaaMixad inthisnotic8a anytim6b8fo A fime Shal8 lnt8&t(5) Mloat Unrf, 6200-31, Olubambo o Opanuga, 1732 nDrtgage w h p to le -Plan . Toge er wM le OfQia N D ao 3,Unh. GG-106, 311WH0LE, the undenigned t stee's s e (See ExhibitwA")as dafinadin 36 H0U, 111812016, SuMexWalk,HoWman E ates, defauW m6d in th notice rigM to ocwpy, punuanl lo M c y. MDCO 1090, 5 1 2013, 5214142742, otyourtimesha inte st. ltyou the Daclaration of Cov6nants, 481012452, 814,25o.56,: Angel IL 60195, 1/2 All Season-Float sh,be subje to thejudici Me Plan, Building(sWnk(s) Fw al Unk. 61 g5. 8.42, $2.96; Marily T do notobjerftothe use otthe Condkions and Re rirtions F Cu6sta and Maria Griselda WeeMloat Unit, 4 0-76, 2& toBlosuP pD uR on . (S Mibrt .A,during Unk 52 61 52B, 61 81 Smhh, NO3 Bugaboo Ln, twstee lo&losu procedure, tor the W8stg 6 Vacation Mino, Ga Molina s 11 204, ODD, 10R12016, 4844 2952, You have e right to cu s) (s Mibh A,61 81B. 61 1E, 61 S& ug, IN 47172 Rachaal you will not be subja to a Vlllas omcial Recods auko, ECUADOR, 112 #| 8983.8o, 8o.49: TDy J yourde uWin e mann t during gned Y s), (s 82 61 B. 52. 52, 52. M F 6r, 506 L Pa PlaG8, deficiency judgmanl even it Book 1665, at Page 1597, of Season-Floal WaaMloat Unit, Morehouse and La Vonda torth in this notice anyti P Mibh A . 77 We g a 52, 52, 52, 5WN, MN, JeR&sonvilla, IN 47130 Lo ie the pD 8ds hom the sale lhe Public Retords otOsteola B-1305, 1110DD, 11111/2016, Mo house, 14423 Foxgate beforeMatwrtea'ssaleotyour Bhd am,n 34747, WHOL WHOU. WHOU, M Bryant, 1319 E Monta Vl a ot your timesha ime County,florida(the Plan")and 4652R59, $2,124.98, 83.26: Court, FloriNam, MO 63034, time5ha im .ltyoudonot Building n fi P Mala ODD, ODD, 1 4 2016, Av6, Tu ock, CA 95382, 1 a insumci6nt to oWsat tha all amandment(s) tharato, it Clinton T whke II 1671 Per 112 Fixed W68Mloat Unrf, objerttoth8us6ofth8h Plan pD Ad . 41wn832. t13,941.2o, .22; Flx6d W68 x8d Un,GG- an ounts secured by lhe lien. any. 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PR 00744. 1 FORECLOSE Yea s), (s Mibrt A.). 7700 50641750. $4,045.99, $7.87; Saa5on-Float W66Mloat Unk, the unt5 Bu by he in the event your oal Un 1205. 14 Fwed W kl xed Unit. GG- Own8 sl Obligo 5T. Tlm85ha We gata Blvd WMimm88, Lnda Pisano, 30 90lh Sl, 400 86, 30 0DD, 11l2&2015, rtgage. By. GREENSPOON oblig ionisnotb ugM & EVW. 7n016, 457 1792, 109, 19 HOU, 1 v2013, lntere,Building-Unh, w kl FL 34747 merein fime Sha Ea Elmhunt, NY 11369, 2 46501559, $2,141.52, $1.06; MARDER,LL ,Twst68. flncluding the pay m otany 82,524 83.37; Er6 J 5214142742, 85,226.72, $2.58; ANigned Year, DatauW Data, (PDp8 y) Add N"). a #| Season-Float Wa6Mloat Elisandar D Santillan, 529 HIBIT A" - NoncE OF fe inw by W g e in Ta Jr and Shak a s Wllson E DoWa and Claudia BooklPaga ot RaGodad Lan, r uW ot tha atorementionad Unit, B-1719, B-1721, 24, 241 Tomahawk T il, Woodstock. DEFAULT AND IWT TO com cing lis t lowR chi . S Ws Mill Dr, L Siha, 545 N Tenace Ave, Amount,PerDiamAmount datauW, wartg e ha by alarts WHOU, WHOLE, 1119 2016. GA 30188, 1 2 All Season- FORECLOW p c s) w in hir (30l North Ch on, K 2g420. Mount V6mon, NY 10552. 1 ErikWGDNi,44 RockyN6tk o sell the per punuant 457112426, S3.7o9.o3. $4.32: Float WeeMloat Unrt. 5900- Owne sVObligo sl, Tlm ha days hom Me fim da e of 1n fixBd Unh, F ed WeeMixed Unit, GG- Ave, Glouc8stBr, MA 0193 to Se ion 721.855. Florida Rodrigo And u, 12401 w 206c, 32nvEN, 712612016, lnte,8uildingNn . w68 public ion, the undenigned B-1404, 1WN, 1011 2016, 111, 1VWH0U, 11212013, 4155, Lsa M G Ni, 10 St Lrf85. Please be advi58d Oke hobae Rd Lo 478, 49471641, $1,887.40, So.93; DetauW Data, BooklPage ot T ee sh,w h Me 1363. S2,592.52, a.1o; 5214142742, 85,215.14, $2.57; Fisharman Way, Glouc6 &, that in the event that your Hialaah, FL 33018, 112 Fixed MeishaM Motley,4O84Clovelly Recodad Morfgaga, De uW 5 e0tth8PD asp vided ina M ado 326 w Marfin Moylan, 182 Redwood MA 01930-4119, 112 Fixed obligationisnotbDughtcu 8m Wfloat Unrf. B-1806, 141 Dr, Gr86nsboro. NC 27406, Amount, p Diem um: in Sertion 721.856. florida Prin@ Sl. Yor PA 17401- N, Rams8y, NJ 07446. 1 We8klFixed Unk,OOO-O2,47 [lncludingth8 pay8ntotany MN, 111812016, 505v2762, 112 #| S6ason-float Waekl Debra D Saund6n, 18 Sola St 85. in whid case, e Luiz A Diaz, 433 B F ed W6e xed Unit, GG- ODD 1/v2013,5214 412-418, t86s incu by W6 gat8 in S2,365.35. 84.31 . Float Unh. 5900-510D, 4V Cou . lnwood, 25428. 1 und igned Tw sh |: (1) Cle,Philad&phia, PA 112, 45 HOU, 1 2 2013. 84,503.08, $2.22; Jos6 E cono, tommencing Mis toreclosure Ma h 8, 1&, 18 ODD, 812v2016, 4933 535. #| season-no Weekl float p deyouw wrm notice 191N, 1n Fwed Weekl 5214142742, 84,5o4.34, 1296Exp MDrS,B ntwood, p ceN) whhin thirty (30) L163919 $983.80, $0.49; exis A Cwz Unk, 5100-5136, 49 H0U, ofthe s e, includingthe dale, noal Unh, B-1718, 2 $2.22; Darrell Moo and NY 11717-1246, Camill6 w day hom he fim date ot and Magama E Vagara, Vllla 811012016, 492111286, tima and loQion t; ) MN. 10M016, 4847R40, Am&da Moo,6144 Ha ard CoWo, 10903 97th St, Ozone publitation, tha undenigned Luc Alta Vllla Calle 4w, Casa $11,704.32, $18.82; Jose E R rd a notica ot s e in $4,229.26, S7.24. Rd, D8tDit, Ml 48224, 1 Park, NY 11417, 1 Fixed T stee shall proceed wh NoncE OF DEFAULT nND 280c, Panama, PANAMA, Riv a, 619 E End Ave #1, thePublic Recordsot la g,16, 18 F ed WeeMixed Unit, GG- Waekl xed Unk, 000-08, 131 the s 6 ot the PDp8rty as INnNT TO FORECLOSE 1l2 All Season-Floal w68kl Lanca er, PA 17602-3711 County, norida; and (3) Publish L1 921 206, 33WH0U, 1 u2013, WHOU, 11212014, 5214 412- pDvid8d in &ion 721.855, wuTGAn rOWN CENTER Float Unh, 6100-24G, 281 Luz,Reyas, 1037 Momit&lo acopyotMenotic6ots 8two 5214 42742, 85,226.72, $2.58; 418, $4,329.61,$2.14; Florida Statlrt,in which case. FILE: . EVEN, 611112016, 494012745, Lana, Lanca e, PA 17603, (2) times, once aad week, tor Noel J Clean and Kalhleen T San x Ly, 2964 Stanst6ad the unde igned T aa shall: Punuant lo Seclion $1,887.40, 8o.93: CI6ston c L 1 #| season-no two (2) suK siv8 weaks, in NoncE OF DUAULT AND C an, Taughaen, Cla motris, c,Norc ss, GA 30071, (1) Provida you wkh wrmen 721 .856, Flonda Slatutes, Singh and Winsome A Singh, Float Unrf, 5100-5138, 38 anOKeolaCountyn6wspap8r,TO FORECL E IRELAND, 1 Fixad WeehlFixed Sam x Ly, 120A Forest G,notica ot tha sala, including the undanign6d Twslee as,Trenton Road, PO Box 191, WHOU, &512016, 49011855, p vided wch a newsp WESTGATE vAc^noN Unk, GG-206. 361WH0LE, Halrmoon, NY 12065-4296, 1 the date, time and location appoint8d by WESTGATE Mayp8n, JAM CA, 2.5 #| S1o,34o.16, $15.15; Don d exisk thetin otpublishing. UN,nLL TTS 11v2013, 5214 42742. Fixed WeeMixed Unk, 000- the f, (2) R6cod lhe notice vAcAnoN VILLAS, LLC Season-Float WeeMloat Unrf, A mompson and Ena M lt you fail o cu the d&auW Pu ant to &ion 721.855, S5,998.42, 82.96; Norman F 08, 1 51WH0LE, 1M014, ot sale in the Public R6tolds mereina er fe ed to as 6100-52A, 6100-52B, 6100- mompson, 3039 H6ndanon as set torth in this notice or norida Sl u es, wEsTGAn Judd and Bethalmae B Judd, 5214/412-418, $4,989.42, of Osceola Coun,norida: and .'Wa gata") hereby formally 52c, 6100-52D, 6100-61E, 481 Rd, CoWondala, FL 32431 take other appDpriat8 artion vAcAnoN UAS OWNERS 30N 300E,American Fo ,UT $2.46; Michael A Cuny and I3)Publim acopyotthenotice notifies you that you have EVEN, 48/EVEN,4&MN,481 Davina c mompson and whh gardtothistoreclosure AssoclAnoN, INC. 84 ,1F edWeeMixedUnit, Janite o Cuny, Po Box m otsaletwo(2ltim8s,once6ach d8faull6d under tha Not6 EVEN, 44 EN. 7/12 2016, Dwayne A mompson, 03 maW6r, all sums due and e inaWer a to as GG-211, 3 H0LE, 112/2013, 14169, Nassau, BAHAMAS. 1 week. tor two T2) suKessiv8 and Mortgage by tailing lo 4859/565, 81,8o0.oo, $0.89:,Redbid Rd,Apt3, Bonrfay, FL owing under lhe Nole and Bgate,has R ded a 5214J42742, $5,998.42, $2.96; Fixed WeeM ed Unh. 000- waeks. in an Osteola Coun make lhe payment due on Coral Del Fr6sno Catala and,32425, 112,Season-float Mo gage sh,be atceleratad Cl m ot L in the um Gwendoly G Clark, 614 Sligo 08, 42 HOU, 1l2/2014, newspaper, provided such a (Saa Exhibrf A") and all JuanCa o5Banit8zC z,Call8 Waakl noat Unrf, 520 5212, and will b ome immediately ot (See Exhibh A,wM Avenue N 310, Silver Spring, 5214/412-418, $4,963.54, naw5paper exists at the lime subsequent payents. You 3 A-27, ub Rivanida Pa,25nvEN, 811 201 6, 481511 395, due and payable. Addhionally, inte aKwing at the rate ot MD 20910, 1 Flxed, GG- 82.45: Brenda p te, 12715 ot publirning. lf you fail lo cu 6ntly owe W6stgata the Bayamon, PR 00961, 112 All $4,848.96, 86.o4; Charish Y as a wW ofthe d&tauW, you (See Mibh A p day, and 212, 381WH0LE, 11v2013, Charter Oak Way, Hudson, FL CUR the detauW as set torth amount ot (See Exhibil "A") Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, Davis 283 Ba shi Avenue, risk losing owenhip ot your dad in O.R. Book (See 5214142742, $5,998.42, $2.96; 34667, 1 F ed Wee xed in lhis notite or take olher wrfh int8r6st accw ng at B-12O5, 8/0DD. 1 5 2016, BuWalo, NY I4215 Shantell R ti hare inte through the Mibk A ,alPage(SeeMibh M rable Vacations, LLC A Unk. 000-12 50 H0U. appDpriate arfion wrfh gard lha rat6 ot (See Exh bit "A") 4844/1393, $1,990.32, $0.98; Jachson, 1 112 Elm St, Cheney, tw ee ror losu pmadu A,ot e Public Records ot Fbrida Coporation, PO Box 11V201 4, 5z1 4/412-41 8, o is for losuP maner, you par day, wkh gard to the MariaDalCarmenGaetaGaeta, WA 99 4 Ma in W her, 403 es ablishedin &ion 721.856, OKeola County, florida, and 138 9, Clermom, FL 34713, $4,989.42, 82.46; Miguelina risk losing owenhip ot your