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March 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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March 9, 2018

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PAGE z4B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, MARCH 9, 2018 in OSG8OIZ County, Florida: tenant-in-common tae simple Diem $3.23, De uW Balance 1, Par Diem $8.37, Detault HIB A) and AMigned Un L1 915 ' Le la Bermudez, PO Box 4g3, Season-Float Weeklflo Unk, Conlract Number: 641454624 inteR in Unrf 105: BIENNIAU $9,260.25, Default Date 8alance $18.502.22, DefauW (SEE HI8,in AsJigned Vleques, PR 00765, 112 All 4 -50. 4110DD, 1v11n016, - LUBOMIR VACLAV DANES allocated 105,000 Points for 1v1115. Mortgage Recorded Date 6/15116, Mortgage Year(SEE HIBIT . Bhd NoncE OF DE,AULT AND ason-Float Mloat 49581850, $2,808.92, $5.48; and SILVINA MA TINU, 2350 use by the Grantee in Even 414112 in OR Book 4252, Page Recorded 612v16 in OR Book 3001 p 747 meR,NTENT TO FORECLOSE 0, 30 -5355| 23nvENl J ?a ` Na'a" . ' '| ' '8 LANTANA RD APT 3416, LAKE year(s). 841 EDWARD JOHN 4979, Page 2986 TONY LEE KiNimm88, FL 4948197, $6,324.66. Chlckadee N, slw, co 81652 WORTH, rL 33462-09z7; Allaccodingandsubje tothe MCCULLAND, 65 WALKER,YOUNG. 2971 BRmANY Share Plan (PDper ),wEsT TowNcENnR Sg.67; Mu, wa A Ebhanmi Fabiola M Menduabal, 2024 Principal Balance: $12.905.73; Declaration of Cond minium DR Ap' ? N'W X' RD. PA B"" DR RAN" p RK' '` Ad N w llbB mada(wkho,Punuant . . ertion d 'a'h p . ? 'b"a"mil Ch ckad88 w, siw. co 81652 lntere : $2,257.65; Late br CYPRESS PALMS 17350, TlnPshare Unrf 4206, 32073, fimeshare Unrt,Sald sal Ashafa Tllanl St, ltako Fallcia SmM, 5290 Wash n4on Chages: $55.00; TOTAL: CONDOMINIUM as &.oded,Week 1, Biennial EVEN. Weak 26, Biennial ODD. covenants, orwa an,expRN 1.856. florida Statutes, Gbagada, Lagos, NIGERIA, 1 Bhd, meodore, AL 36582. $15,218.38 th ugh 07/1712017 in OMtial Recods Book 1289. ' fimeshaR ln eRst 1/2, Per Time=ha lnterest 112, Per or implied, gading the trtle,e undenigned T st68 as F xed Wee Float Unrt, 5300-,112,Season-Floal Week/ Derdiem: $6.01/daythereaWar). Page 1971. and rerecoded in,Diem $4.36, Def uW B ance Diem $4.25, De uW Balance possession or 6ncumbrances,nt8d by WESTGATE 5358, 15 H0LE, 6/1212016, Float Unit, 5700-571,23/ A 1 28,000/1 50,91 6,000 omtial R ods Book 1291, 811.5O1.T1. DefauW Date $1 0,326.23, DgfauW Date to satis tha unpaid balanc c noN VILLAS, LLC 4g33/4g4, $13,T15.64, $19.86; ODD, 1v8/2016, 5008/2548, undividad tenanl-in-common Page 2810. public &ods 5/15116. Mo gage R orded 10115/16, Mortgage Recoded of aach sp6clive Cla m ot meRina er r& to as Aldemi,o Dantas and Ragina $2,222.64, $4.12: Trevor A tee simple interert in Unrf 106; of Osceola Coun,Florid,9111114 in OR Book,Page 7118/16 in OR Book 4994. Page Len Recuded together wrth Wertgale") he by f rm lly c Dantas, Rua Rio Javari 36 Pa s a d Sandra p Pa is, AnnuaUallocated 128,000 together wkh any and,2215 KATRINA JEAN 150 VAISHALI VASAN AKA acc ed intere inthe amount notmes you Mat you have Apto J 904, Manaus, BRAZIL,Ocean Vlew Drive Fms Vlllage. Point5forus8 bythe Granteein,gdments and supplements,MCCULLAND, 73o PLUM VAISHALLI KAMBLE, 22285 ol ISee Exhibk wA"), whh defauW8d und8r the. N te 69053 110, 1 All Season- Saint James, BARBADOS, 1 Each yea s). to. RUN RD N V OXFORD, PA sw 61ST AVE BOCA RATON,interest accwing at the rate and M gag8 by falllng t Float WeeMloat Unk, 5400-,All Saason-Float WeeMloat Contra Number: 641452560 mzownenmu paytheToTAL 17350, Tl Pshare Unk 4206, rL 33428, Timesha Unrf,of (See Exhib A per da 8 th8 payn nt du8 on 5431, 17 H0LE, 6 25 2016,Un,-14 58 -14B, - CARLOS AUGUSTO OZORIO listed above plus the par diem Week 1. Bienni EVE,10108. Waek 14, Biennial ODD, punuant to the fimesha Exhibk A and,44g1/321, $6,436.82, $7.11;,16, 1 0DD. ODD. 1N 2016, DOURADO and VANESSA and a $250.00 fee tor t rtee Tln shaR lnteRrt 112, Per Timeshare lnterest 112, Per Plan, advances, rf any. under subsequent paym8nts. u Jonny v Marban 1207 Lamar,4815T1616. 83.51o.84, S6.3o; FE.qREIRA MARQUES,toreclosu sale plus co s as Diem $4.38. DetauW Balance Diem $4.25, Default Balance the terms of said Claim of w 8nt we W8stga!8 he St, DaWon, GA 30720-7404 Jacqueline H&nandez,6975W DOURADO AKA VANESSA they aK 8. if any. F lure to $11,501.71. DetauW Date $10.437.89, DefauW Date Len, thages and expenses of a u.rt. f (See Exhlbrt A MariaAB ,3648Pleasant 1 h Av6.Apt.411, Hialeah, FL FERREIR MARQUES tUP lhe detauW s& to h herein 5115116, Mo gage R8coTd8d 10/1/16, Mortgage RecoAed the Tw 68 and of the t k wrm lnt ert acc lng HillRd.Gainesville,GA 30504, 33014-3862, 112,Season- DOURADO, RUA J 4 9 ortakeotherapp priateartion 9i11114i 0R Book4664,Page 9/7116 in OR Book 5020, Page ! cRat8d bysaidClaimofLan. le rate ot.(S Exhlb A 112 All Season-Float w68 Floa WeeMlo Unrt. 5900- 7, ST JAO, GIOANIA, GO, regadingthis maWerwill suN 2215 KEVYN WATSON B 1724 VASAN HALUTHORE Obligo s) shall have the right per dayl wkh r8gad t the flo Unrt. 5500-5546, 391 311c, 1910DD. 12R12016. BRAZIL 74673-520; Principal in lhe IOM ofownanhip ofthe NICOLEWATSON.12845 PALO DESHIKACHAR, 620 s to cure th6 detauW and any llowlng R p p8rty,t6d EVEN, 6 15n016. 4859 1880, 504316N, $2,859.48, $5.68; Balance: $49,945.73; lnterert: timesha lhDugh tl e t ee ALTO DR VICTO ILLE, CA CRANBROOK RD junior Lenholder sh,have ln la C un,n nda: $7,595.82, $10.30; Myriam L poldo Sou5a MoRno and $7,388.30; Late Chages: roPclosu p cedu set forth 92392, fi PrnaR Unk 210T15. BLOOMFIELD HIUS, Ml therightto deamrtsinterert,(See Mlb .A fi .Sha Francois N3 Silverfop Dr, Ma ha Ca illo De Sousa, $30.00; TOTAL: 857,364.o2 i %s.721.856. You have the Week 36, Biennial EVEN, 48301, Tln sha Unrf 10108, up to e date the T lm8Prtls) (s88 Exhlb A Grayson, GA 30017 Pier Y Av Rancho El Vegel 100 Col. through 8 7 2017 Der diem: right to submk ob eclion Tl PshaR lnteR 112, Per Waek 14, Biennial ODD, issues the certmc e of S e acc rdlng t Me fim8shann9 Francois, 3575 GoWe Links Maxito 1,M ICO, 2 | $24.6Vday the a e . form, ex cising your right to Di6m $5.58, De uW Balance Tin sha lnt6 112, Per by paying the & unts due Plan for Fe W6 gat8 Town Dr, Snellville. GA 30039- Season-Float WeeMloa Unk, A 400,0001150,916,000 objerttothe use ofMe Ou ee $14,494 De uW D a Diam $4.25, De uW Balance,a5 o lined in tha p in,d8dlnth8 mclal 4746, 1 All Season-Float 6000-32c, -32D, 1, 11 undivided tenant-in-common to&losuP pmedu . lt the 6 1116, Mortgage R orded $10,437.89, De uW D e paragraph. To cu M6 de u ds Book 1564. Page WaaklFloal Unrf, 5900-114B, WHOLE. WHOLE, 1V5 2016. tee simple intere in Unk 113: obi ion is filed thi5 er 1 1y16 in OR Book4899, Page 10 1 16, Mortgage Recoded explained in this Notice you 1479. of the Publit R8colds 22 H0LE, 6118 2016. 497612398, S3,541.8o, $6.22; ANNUAUallocated 400,0 shall be subi to thejudicial 2479 SEUNA PEARSON, 262 9 7116in OR Book 5020, Page mu Rmkth8amoumyounow f 5ce la C untyl ?' rida 4363/1416, $6,331.40, $8.12; F ddie L Pope 2906 Saint PoinkforusebythaGra in foBlosuR p du only. CLAY ST APT 2 MONTEREY, 1724 THE UNKNOWN owe,as Btorthin Exhibk A". @e Plan . T gah8rwrth th8 Richad C Taylor11 C deAve, Cha es St, Fo Myen, FL Each yea s) me defauW may be cu d any CA s394o, fimeshaR Unk SPOUSE, HEIRS, DNIUES, intludingthe perdiem unt ngM t tcupy! punuant.t Hemp ead, NY 11550-7001 33916-4328 Ha ie L Pope, Contrarf Numb&: 641358403 time betore the twstee.s sale 170409. Week 1, Annual, GRANTF.ES, ASSIGNEES, for each day following the date lhe Pl Bulldlng(?Wnh(?) Eugenia D Taylor, 1063 Town 712 Fago Dr, Fort Myen, FL - LISA ANN SCOPEL and of your ti Bsha ime . w fin rna lmeR 1,P8rDiem LIENORS, CREDITORS, ofthis no ic8thDughth8 dale (See Exhlbk A dunng Unk Squa 20T47-1759, 1n | Even y8a s). payment or perfom nce of LINGOLN PARK, Ml 48146, FL 33311, Timesha Unk BA7 PR 3, Tl h e and will P imm iate Btar, rdedinthe O cial n-Fb W o Unrt, Contract Number: 641615554 the obligations secuRd by said fim6sha Unk 12402, Week 211106, Week 30, Triennial B, Unk 11405, w k 43, 8iennial du8 and payable. Addki nallyl R ods Book 1564, al Page B-16,21nvEN, 1v1012016, DALGYS SORELL and Mortgage recorded in O.R. 40, Triennial C, Tlmeshare Timeshare lntarest 113, Per ODD, Tlm ha lnter a ?uW tthe lauWl y u 1479, ot the Publ c R ods 48591585, S1,92o.28, S3.39; CEUSTINO SORELL, 15623 Book(See Exhibh wA ,atPage lnte 113, Per Diem $2.27, Diem $4.34, DetauW Balance 112, Per Diem SO.T2. DelauW nsk,slng. w&shlP f y ur ot OK6ola County. Florida B8nWMcL&ID 5NORainay 73RD ST N, LOXAHATL`HEE, TSee Ewhibk A,ofthe Public De uW B aM8 $5,960.77, $10,922.37, DelauW Dale B ance S1,453.oo. DetauW tlm ha lnt& thl ugh th8 (the .Plan . Together wkh M& Ave N.Orange Pa,FL32 5 FL 33470-1945; PrinGipal Recods of Osc la County, DetauW Date 511116, Mortgage 6115/16, Mortgage Recorded Date 10117114 nM WIGGINS h bB' su pDc8du right to occupy, punuant o Joann M Mc Lemo,5324 Balance: $12,618.72; lnte : Florida, including the bPach or Recorded 4123114 in OR Book 616/16 in OR Book 4971, Pa9e a JENNIFER T. WIGGINS, 8 llshad ln Sertl n 721. 6| the Plan, Building(sWnk(s) Rainey Ave N, OBg8 Pa , $2,089.93; Late Chages: datauW,noticeofwhithwass 4599, Page 350 DEBRA 1M2 STEVEN GEORGE 1359 DOYU ROAD SE Fl nda St es. y nght ls Exhibk A"), during Unrf FL 32 5 Christina M Moles 845.oo; TOTAL: $14.753.65 brfhin a Notice ofDetauW and ASHC GACKEN8ACH,MORGAN, 1223 NW 17TH ST CEDARTOWN, GA 30|25, y u may have o nrtate!he Week(s) (s86 Exhibk A,and Randall s Hen . 2058 th ugh &7/2017 Dar lntant to Fo lose p vided AnvA DEB A SH E OOD, FORT AUDERDALE, FL fiQaR Unk 12T08. Week rtgage aWer accel atl n during ANi.gn8d Yea s). ISee C eknonl Dr, Middlaburg, diem: $6.2Vday thereaWerl. to the last known addPN of 10374 s FM 51 SP INGTOWN, 3N11, Tlmeshare Un 2111 . 40. Triennial C. fimesha wlll b8 punuant t th8 t8nM Exhibrf "A. . 7700 Westgate FL 32068. 1 All Season- loat A 105,000 150.916.000 Obligor(sl.tSee Ewnib -A ,by TXT 823817.Tlrm ha Unrt week3o,Tn8nniala,Tl B5ha lnle rf 1/3. Per Diem 8o.38. ' '"8 Drtgag&. Y u may Blvd Kissimmee. FL 34747. WeeMloat Un . B-1620, 3V undivided tenanl-in-common Bifi8dlReSi eRd Mail or by 8606. w k 19, Bienni EVEN, lnteRs 1/3, Per Diem 84.34, De uW Ba nce 8768.oo. ch se t .slgn and s8nd,Building merein "Time ShaTe WHOLE, 1V6/2016, 47571623. fee simple inteP in Unrf 109; publication by lhe und signed fi Bsha lnte 1 2. Per DetauW Balance $10,922.37, De uW Date 10117114 ANA Me und slgn ? ee th8 Plan (P perfy) Add ss"). As $5.515.20, 81o.o3: Adrian T ANNUAU located 105,000 Tw ee, will sell a public Diem $5.38. Da uW B ance DefauWDate6l15l16,Mo gage G DANS AKA ANA GLORIA 8ncl ? obl lon forml a sult of the ato mentioned Damms and R8n86 L Damms. Points tor use by the Grant in au ion to the highe bidder $15,279.34, De uN Date Recoded 616116 in OR Book DAVIS BROBERTA DAVISAKA 8x8 lslng y ur ngh t blert detauW, We gate hereby elerts 201 w Awade Av6, Clewiston, Each yea s). brlawtulmoneyorthe Unrted 10 15115, Mortgage R oded 4971, Page 1332 CATRINA ROBERT AUEN DAVIS, 505 t M8 u58 t Me tw 86 to sell the PDp8rty punuant FL N44O-2922, 1 2 Fixed Conha Number: 381511252 Stales ot . atthe hont 10 &15ir.DRBook4854,Page,SHERRELL MOORE,2246 6TH WEST4TH ST MuscAnNE, IA f Bl su pmeduR. UP n to Se ion 721.856, Florida Wee Flo Unh, B-1803, 261 - SWART UE GOODWYN steps of Me O la Coun 6 H THER MARIE ST NW CENTER POINT, AL 52761, Tln shaR Unk 14701, th8 . und8nlgned tw 's Stat es. Plaase be advised ODD, 1v10n016, 508611024, JR RUE DE ZURICH, Courfhouse, 2 Courthou5e WHWORTH, Po BOX 1925 35215, Timeshare Unk 12702, Waek 22, Annual, fi Bsha &8lpt ty urslgned bl tl n that in We 8v6nt that your $2.412 $4.71; Monique GENEVE, ROMANDV, Squar6, KiMimm8e, FL 34741, SPRINGTOWN, N 76082. Week 33, Biannial EVEN, lnterert 1, Per Diem $1.52, t rm. the t,suR f th8 oblig ionisnotbroughtcuat Spann, 5011 p m Hill Dr Apt swmERLAND 1201; Principal allright,trtle andintePrtinthe fimesha Unrt 860 ,Week19, Timeshare lntere 112, Per DetauW B ance $3,083 Drtgag8 w R?perf t !he (including the pay nt of any Aa387, We p m Beach, FL 8alance: S11,857.15; lnle : proparfy srfuated in the Coun Biennial EVEN, fimesha Diem $6.63, De uN Balante DetauW Dale 10n7113 JIMMIE d8 auW sp8cm8d ln thls.n ?| f s incunad by Wertgate in 33415, 1n #| Saason-Fbat S1 ,44T.66; L e Chages: of Osceola, Florida. described lnte rt 112, Per Diam $5.38, $17,090.26, De uW D 6 LEE ROBINSON JR a KRlsn mall b8 subl t 8ludlcl commencing this toBlosu W Mlo& Unk, B-1804, & $40.00; TOTAL $13,344.81 as: DefauW Balance S15,279.34, 6/15/16, Mortgage Recoded GAIL CARUSU AKA KRlsn to&low pD du on . p u) wkhin thirty (30) EVEN, 12R12016. 494411141, th ugh 8 712017 Der diem: (SEE HIBIT fi P ShaR Defau Date 10115 15. 6/6116in ORBook4971,Page CARLISU ROBINSON, 6705 Y u hav6 e ngM t R days hom the fint date ot S2,326.67,$4.36. $5.031day the aWe . A lntere (s) as defin in the Mortgage Recorded 101&15in 1343HASANIAHMEDM00RE, JUL CIRCU PINSON, AL y ur 8 ?W ln e n .s publication, the undenigned Ma h9,1&, 18 84,000/150,916,000 undivid Declaralion ot Coven,OR Book 4854. Pag8 606 2245 6TH ST NW cENnR 35126, TlaaR Un 195 . rm'n Mls n tl atanytl p Tw 68 shallp caed whhthe L 163920 t8nant-in-com Dn e simple Condhions and Res rtions MICHEL MARCO ANTONIO Pol AL N215, fi sh W6ak 21, Biennial EVEN, Mebu ssaB fy ur sal8otth8Plop8 yasp vid8d inte in Unrt 113; ANNUAU rVaGal nVlllagealP ay. ROJAS GOMU a PAULA DEL Unk 12702, M, Biennia Tl sha lm 1n, p a im .wyoudonot in Sarfion 721.856, Florida ,ed84.O Poin foruse as Bold6din omci R rds cARMENRualLARuuQuEN, EVEN, Tln shal8 lm 112, Diem So.4o, DetauW ca bi t 8u5e fth8twrt es, in which case, the NoncE OF DEFAULT AND by the ntee in yea s). Book 1591. al Page 379, ol OUVAREA A2264ARIC Per Diem S6.63. De uW S812. . De uW Date 9n 15 Bl w .pD du ly ?,und signed T ee hall: (1) INTENTTO FORECLOSE Contrarf Numbe 641371224 Me Public R o s of CHIU, fin rna Unk,B ance $1T,090.26, De uW THOMAS c. REYNOLDS n t b8 sub rt? a defitlency PDvid8youwhhwrm8nndit8 wEsrGAnrowNcwR - JOSHUA B. IISNEROS, Coun,Fbrida @a p n), as 37.Tri ni A,fin 5ha Dale 6 15116, Mortgage B RGINIA L RWOLDS ludgB 8v8n rfM8 pD s ofthe Eal8, includingthe d e, FILE: . BALD EAGU ROAD a Bd8d IDm tin to ti P. lm 1h, Per Diem S4.N, Recorded 6116in OR Book AKA VIRGIN F OR N h mM6sa ty urtlmeshaR ti B and location th6 r, (2) Punuant to &ion NW, ALBUQUERQUE, NM Tog6 wkh e r ht to DeBN S12,o89.23, 4971. Page 1343 FATU REYNOLDS, cou inte a in cianttoo et RBco lhB notica ot sale in T21.856. Florida W rtas, 8T114- ;Princip 8a : cupy, pu uant to Me Plan, w Date 11115115, SAMMAH, 5 SUTTON ST APT CLUBRDSANFORD,FL32773, M8 am ums s8cu by th6 tha Public R ods otOK8ola the und6nign6d Tw 68 as S1O,183.3O;lnt :S1,686.39; Au n Unk (SEE Mortgage R o 1113116in 1B MATTAPAN, MA 02126, Ti sh Unh 1g201, w k Drtgaq8. By: GREENSp N CounV,Florida;and(3)Publish appoimed by wEsTGAn Be Chages: t45. : TOTA HB and A5s n8d Unrt OR Book,Paaa 197 Ti Psha Unk 160208, Weak 23, Annual,fi ha lnte A MARD R,UP Twrtee. acopyofth8notic8otsal6two vAcAnoN LLAS. uc t11.914.68 thDugh &7n017 (SEE WHIB,in Assgn SANDRO RIG BERTO 25, Biennial ODD, Tlm8shar6 1, P6r Diem $0.74. De&W QNlalr h - NoncE Tg tim8s,onc86ach we6k,for &eina er g to as Derdiem: S5.OVdayth& e . Year (SEE HIB . GUAYAQUIL AMAR# B lnte rt 112, Per Diem $6.N, Balante g1.497.oo, w DEFnuLT nND INnNT o (2) succ sive w ks, in w gale") h& y mB A 84, 1,958,000 und ided 3001 p ay Bhd MAR CAROUNABARAHONA DefauW B ance S15,942.49, Dat6 9120115 THE UNKNOWN FORECLOSE: an OK la County newspap,notm you al you have t8nant-in- m Dn e simple uim,FL 34747 8Rin PAUTA, AV ELOY ALFARO Y D&auW Date 10 15 16. SPOUSE. HEIRS, DENSEES, w8 sV bli9 s). fi rna pDvid8d such a newspaper de uWed under the Note ime in Unrf 1o2; ANNUAU ima Sha Plan IPDp&ty) PA E JUNCOS JUNCOS Mortgage Recorded 7/1&16in GRANnEs, ASSIGNEES, lm . Bui ingWn, ex batthatimeotpublishing. and Mo gag6 by iling o &locaed 84,0 Points for use Add M') CONJ SIGLO xxl TORRE ORBook4994,Page1615 UENORS, CRED ORS, uW D 8| Boo Pag8 ot w you ilto cu e de uW make e pay m dua on bytheGranteein Eathyear(sT. s d sal8willb6 ad8(wMoLrt nERRA DPTO 382 au o, (40839.014 TRusnEs,ANDAuoTHER R ed Mortgage. De M as settorth in is nolice or (s Exhibk A and | Conhart Number: 641456918 cov8nam5,otw .8xp u ECU OR, Tl ha Unrt Ma hg,1&, 18 PARnEs CLAIMING AN nt, p& D m unt: taka oMar app prial6 aclion subsaquent pay nts. You DANILO DE OLIVEIRA orimpliad, arding Met e, 126o1, w k 18, Biennial L163914 INnREsT BY, THROUGH, Bdra E Dani&s 215 Will w wkh gadtothi5fo&lo5u cuB y owe wertgae Me ALVES and MARCELA AKIKO possession or encumb& ) MN, Tlmesha lnte 1n, UNDER OR AG NST THE Park T,Atl GA 3 349- &, all sums due and amount of (s Ewhibrt A MINE ALVES, AVE 31 N1649, to S N Me unp d p& Diem S5.24, De uW EsTAn OF FRANCIS H. 74 2 Da ld Ta r. 1885 owing under the Note and wkh inte rt aKwing al BARRETOS, SAO PAULO, of each e Mortgage B S14,2 .T3, uW NoncE OF TRumE's BEARDEN, DECEASED, 9935 HaP& Drl Monowl GA 3 26,Mortgage shall ba actale tad the rale of (s68 Exhibk A BRAZIL 14780-360; Principal Recoded tog8 6r w Dale v1l16, Mo gage E DARROWPARKDRAPT115L 1 2,n-Float kl and will ma immediate per day, wM gad to the Balance: S1o,879.55; lnte rt: acc ed ime rf inthe unt R rded 1w15 in OR Book Va nVll g AtP rhw y TWIN BURG, OH 44087, no Unk, 19. Nl duB and payabla. Addrfion,following alg per located S1,6o3.24; L e Chages: ot (S Exhibrt A,w 4879.Paga638MIGUEL Oww i n, lnc a fi sha Unk 152,k MNl 1 n 16| 45 ?12514| as a suW ofthe detauW, you in Osteola oun . Florida: a5.oo; TOTA $12,527.79 ime rt aaing at 18 e RJUAKAMIGUEL ,314O noridanonp Rt on 4, Annu,fi rnaP lnte $3|439.3,$3.98i Nlcholu risk losing ownenhip ot your (Sae Exhibh A fi B Sha Dugh 8 n017 Der diem: of (S Exhibk A per day, N PRAnR AVE MELROSE OnMawh29,2O18at2:3Op.m. 1, Per Di&n $1.50, DetauW v Saund8n and Ch8|lond J imesha lnt8 thDugh the lnte rt(s) (See Exhibk .A S5.3& day the eWe . A punuant to Me Tl& PAR IL 164,Tl Bsha Unk G EENSPOON MARDER uP, B ante 83,ON.OO, De uW Cr gl 753 Ga and ci I8| t ee toBlosu pD du ac ing to the finasharing 84, 150,916,000 und ded Plan, advanc,rf any, under 142,k 15, 8iennial 100WartCyprewC ekRnad, D 6 10 27113 REBECCA A. Atlan alGA3 349-7975 M8hin e lishadin Saction721.856, Plan for the W6 gal8 Town tenant-in-common fee simple a t of s d Morfgage. MN. Tl a lnte 1n, Su e 700, Fort Lau edale. FL BANAT. 961 EAST GLAN Fav n. 753 Ga and Cl I8. Florida Watrtes. Any right C8nt8r, ld8dinth8 O cial ime in Unk111;ANNUAU chaq and ep of Par D m S6.44, De uN 33309,as Twstee punuantto ROADORTOWUE,MI48462, C llag6 Pa,GA 3 34 may haveto in alethe R o s Book 1564, al Page allocaed84, Pointsforuse F8 wrt and o e bu s B an S16,524.13, Da uW that Appoin nent of T ea Timesha Unk 8602. Week 112 #| n-Float gag6 aWer acceler ion 1479, of the Public R ds by th6 G ntB8 in Each y s). c ed by d Mortgage. D e 711116, Mort ag& &oded on December 28, 45,Annual,fim85haRlm no Un,-22 441 w ll bB punuanttothatemu ot O la Counly, Florida Contre Numb&: 641456991 Obligo s) sh&ll have Me right R o 4114116 OR ook 2017, in O.R. Book 5=61 al 1, Par Di t1.5o. De uW MN, 15 2 16| 4 2868| of u nDrtgag8. You may he Plan ).Tog&herwrfh e -MARCO ANTONIO ALONZO to w the d&au and any 4944, Page 21 MATTHEW Page111of aPublicRecods Beance S3.OM DefauW S3|2T7.62| S3. Voncille choose to sign and send to right to py, punuant to VILLACIS and GUNDA junior Lenholder shall have,AUTON, 362 CONCORD LN otOscaola CouW, Florida, by Date 10n7 13 unc MARIE Pick8W F c 26 WiWon the undenigned hrt the the p n. Building(sVUnk(s) GIOMAR SIERRA FIALLOS, the rightto daem mlme rt MIDDLETOWN, NY 10940, ason of a now cominuing AKA unc FIGUEROA. 20 Av8. Jac vill8, fl 3v08, enclos obj ion rm, (See Exhibk A . during Unh cooPERAnvA7LAGos14o8, up to the d e e T rtee Tl Unk 1 . w k detauW by Obligo s), (Sae cuRns SrREET CHICOPEE, 112 F Mb Unrt, exe ising yourrightto objerf waeWs) (s Exhibh A , VILLA7,GUAYAQUIL,GUAYAS, issu6s tha c6rtmc&8 of SaB 19, Bi6nni ODD, Ti a Exhibh A whos6 add MA 01013, Tl aB Unh 36. 5110DD. 20n016. to Ma u56 of the tw during Ass ned Y s), (See ECUADOR 90150; Princip by pa ng the unts due lme rt 1n, Pe Dlem 85.2o, ls (See Mibh A,in the z5o8, 2, B nni ODD, 4T37n7w, S4,o53.8o, S5.1o; to losu pm8dule. Upon Exhibh A . n We gate Balance: $11,040.N: lnt& : as ortlined in Me ing uW B te S12,T85.65, pay6nt or rmance ot Tl are lm& 1n, p&,rt Y com & Cartillos th6 unde igned t rtea.s Bhd uimn,FL 34747, $1,931.22; L 6 Cha es: p g ph.To 16 de uW wD e1 1l16,Mo ge tha obligations u by D m So.73, DetauW B and Ka erine L V6azquez iplofyourslgnedoble ion Buildi mean .fin Sha a5.oo; TOTAL $13,016.55 axpl d in No you R 9R 16 in OR k sa Cl m ot Len ed S1.478.oo, w Dae D8 c and F dy V8lazquez form, the to&losu of the Plan D ) Addr sh). As l ugh 81Tn017 Der di : w k I6 umyounow 5021, 24 JUU0CESAR on ber12,2O17in O.R. 10 17114 MIC EL DEMU and N&sy Y Cas llo D8 c. nDrtgag8 whh r p6rf to the a wW ofthe ab ntioned S5.1 41day Ma aWe . A owa.ass& r inMlbk A GARRI a CEL o PERQ. Book 5252 at Page 1487. of WARE, 82 EDBERT STREET Urban acion La Colonia Calle defauW specified in this notice d&auW,Wertg ehe byelerfs 84, 01150,916, 0 und ded in uding 78 p& d m m 835 BUNWR RD WEST PPLM th6 Public Records otOK la APT A CHICOPEE, MA 01020. 19B No c 660, Rubio shall be subje tothejuditial to sell the PDpa y punuant t8nant-in-comnDn e nple r ddaytollowing ed a BEACH. FL 334 . fi hB County, Florida, including Ti sha Unrt 2508, Week TadiB VENQUELA 5 3,fo&losu p c6dur8 only. to &ion 721.856, Florida inte rtin Unrt1O8;ANNUAU ot is nob MDughW dale Unk 14105, 1, Blennial the b ch or deew. notice 2, Biannial ODD. fim ha 1 2 Flx Mloal Unk. You hava the right to cu Statules. Please be advised allocated84,O Poinb rusa payamis .ltyouchoo ODD. finPsh lnte 112, ot whlch was B torth in a lme 112, p Diem 8o.73. -86, 26 0DD, 6 141201 . you,dafauW inthe mannars& that in the event F your by the Grantee in Each yaa s). to cu 18 de uW settor in p Di S5.31, DetauW Notice of DefauW and,ent e uW B anca $1,478 N38| .S2|689.41| .1 i forthin is notice atanylime oblig ion notblougMwn8m Contrart Nu b&: 641380886 is No it8,M8h ll& ulrfdu8 B&an $13.686.92, De uW to FoBlos8 provided to De uW D&a 10 17 14 flOYD,Rlr/hy A Bn.ggs and Sabnna D b6bRthetw 86'ssal8ofyour (including Me payPnt ot any GLEISON FERNANDES mu be mmed to: LANDO Date 15 16, Mortgage tne la know add M of s. BRODY SHARON L. J hns nBnggs3813Flow8nng timesha inle .lfyoudonot t incuned by We g e in RODRIGUES and PRISCl A RESORTS coRPoRAnoN. Recorded 5123 16 in OR BDok Obllgo,(See Exhibrf"A',by BRODY AKA SHARON LEA PaachCVIM&nphlslTN38115- obje tothe use ofthat com &cing Fis fo lo5uR 8ATISTAT0MAZFERNANDES, AWn: Jan& Cu,Debt 4964. Page 1796 ALUANDRA Cerfifi6 R6gi ePd Mail orby FISHER. 6801 w CRANDAU 6 1 .1#!S8as n-Fl at k1 tor losu pDc8du ,you will p c8N) wMin thir (30) D,V PORTUGAL 5425 APT Resol ion DepartB, 5405 VARGAS, 1011 EVERGREEN publicationbytheundenignet AVE WORTH, IL 60482, no Unrtl 51 -5113| 1v notbe wbj6rtto a d8fiti6ncy day hom the fim ate of 223, BELO HORIZONTE, MG, Diplom& Circle, Sle. 106, FOREST BLVD AVENEL, NJ T ee, will sell at public fi Bsha Unrt1O3O1.W k 2. WH Ul 71112 16| 4921.11 judgn nteven rf Me proc s public ion, the unde igned BRAZIL 31710400; Printipal . Orlando, FL 32810 befo tne 07001, TIBa Unrt 18803, aurtion o the highe bidder Triennial B, fi&are lnle rt 89.13?.?6. 813.54i Pnnc homthe s e oryourtimesha T stee shall p w h the Balance: $8,696.58; lntere :,MI8 date and ti set to h in,Week 37, Biennial ODD, tor law,money otthe Unked 113, Per Diem 8o.72, D alH R Wllllams 4427 T house nt are insrmc ent to o et sale ofthe p per as provided $1 .455.74; Late Charges: this Notice. fim8shaR lnte 112, P6r St es ot Americ . thF hont Balance 81.453.oo. DefauH Ln Apt 29H. Tamarac. FL the unk secured by the in Se ion 721.856. Florida 84o.00; TOTAL: $10,192.32 Iated: Feb a 23. 2018,Diem $5.65, DetauW B ante eUs ot the OKeola Coun Date 10127113 FREDERl K T N319-3388Cla ath8r Watson, Drfgage. 8y: GREF.NSPOOh' St es, in which case, the thDugh 8/T1 017 Der diem:,By: GR ENSPOON MARDER $13,792.95. DefauW Date Courthouse, 2 Cou house GONZAUS a ESTRELLA P 2914 NW 4&h T6,Miamil MARDER, LL,Twstee. undersigned Twstee shall: 1T $4.29 day thereaWer). A,UP,Twrtee 10/15/16. Mortgage Recorded Square, Kissimmee, FL 34741 GONZALES. 448 MERCER ST FL N142. 1 All S8ason-Float QHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Provide you wrth wriWen notite 64,000/150,916,000 undivided HIBIT A",6/2V16in OR 8ook4980.Pa3e i all right, trtle and inteRst ir, the,APT3JERSEY cl Nl 07302, WeeMloatUnrf. 52 -526c, 3/,DEFAULT AND INTENT TO of the sale, including the dat , tenant-in-common fee sim.ple,ELMORE EARDLEY JOHN a ; 13s PAOLO G VARGAS, 50 N,p pe y skuatedinthe Coun Tlmeshare Unk 830 . Week WHOLE,6/2O/2O16,4835l117O, FORECLOSE: time and location thereof; (2) interest in Unrt 113; ANNUAi/,WONNE E JOHN, 53 BLUE . EVERGREEh RD APT 80F of Osceola, Florida. described,2, Biennial ODD, Timesha ! $8|8 4.18. $11.46i J seph S Owner(sl/Obl gor(s), Timeshare Record the no ice of sale in allocated 64,000 oints for use HILL AVE MILTCN, MA 02186, ' EDISON, NJ G8837, Timeshare ' as: ISEE XHI8lT A) fime,ln erest 1/2, PEr Diem $0.72, K wal arld lga K wall 124,lnterest, BuiltinglUnrt, Week, the Pu lic Recods of Osceola bythe Granteein Each year(s) Time5haR Unk 16305, Week Unit 18803, eek 3T, Biennial Share ln eTes [sl hs defi ed in ' DefauH Balante $1,453.00. ' Kene ck Av,BuWal,NY Delaul Date, BooWPage of Coun,Florida; and (3) Publish ontract NLlmber: 381514926,49, Biennl3| EVF.h, Timeshare ' ODD. Tlmesha lntePst 1/2,the Declaration of Covenanl.s, Defaul Date1OI17l14 PATRIC 22,'/2 A" Seas "-F' a' Re orded Mo gage. Detault a copy ot the notlce ot sale two - NINO ROM O KOREMAN, 8 ' ln erest 112. Per Diem g3oz,Per Diem 85.E5, Derault Condll!ons and Restrictio s,MARTIN B DEIRDRE hlARTl, e Float Uni,5300-5311. 5/ Amount, yer Diam Amount: (2) times. onte each week, for THALIAWEG, WILLEMSTAD,DetauW Balante .$8,613.5e. ' Balance $13,T92.95, DefauW,torVacation Vlllage at Parkwzy,82 FOXBORO DRIVE Rl ING i EVEN. 6/25/2 I6| 4177/1647|,Asrlley s Pearson, 1201 N two (2) successive weeks. in CURACAO, KINGDOM OF,DetaultD te 12/1/15, Mortya3e. Da 10/15/16, Mo gage as recorded in Orlicial Records,SUN, MD 21911, Tlmesha ! .Se.67 .26li PLarley M C lll rl,Bar elona St, Pensacola, FL,an Osceol Coun newspaper, THE NETHERLANDS; Princlpa Recorded v24 12 in OR noh P.ecorded 6/22/16 in OR Book,Book 1591. t Page 3T9, of,Unrt 86 7, Week 50, Blennlal 311 Graves Gap Rd, Hayden,32501-3002, 1/2 All Season. provided such a newspaper Bal nte: $7,669.B3; lntErest. c 35, Pzge z583 RosmA ' 4980, Page 196 RA MOND M lhe Public Records of Osceola EVEN, Tlmeshzre lnterest AL 3 T9| 1/2 All Se s n-Fl al,Float loat nil, 40D0- exlsts atthe time of pu lishlng. $832.24; Lati C arges: PRESTON GROSS, 520 SEGA. O a RACHAEL,| County, Florida (1he Plan), as ' 1/2. Per Dlem $0.78, DefauW WeeWFloat Unit, 53 -53z6, 9/,18C, 41/0DD, 12/9/ 016, ; lf you rail to cure the defa lt b`3O.OO; TOTkL: 88,532.o7 H!LL OP RD L1 PAIE TSVILLE, PLANTE, 05 E REED ST APT ,' a ended from time to t me. Balance 81 .580.00, DerauK >D, 6/l /2 I6, 4987l144z. . 5050/1413, 81,867.92, 83.5o: ' as set fo h in lh s no ice or hEough 8/7/ 01T (pzr dlen : KY 41 40. Time.share Unrf ' u BRAIDWOOD. IL 6040 ther with the right to,Date 10/27/13,86,525.9n.: Jullo auil ones 76s ' J,lan A Ramos and Eileen : a e other approp ate actlon S3.5T/day ther a erl. A 16G2O8. Week,Biennial ODD, Tlmeshare U rt 211211, We,py, pursuant to the Plan, (40834.0042) nd Ter;azas San Francl5to Ramos,C2gHighland PonyWay ; with regard to this foreclosJre 52,500/107.937,000 undivided Timeshare lnteresl 1/ . Per i 2, Annual, Timeshare lnterest,nssigned Unit week (SEE Ma h9.16.2O18 C4, Vleques. PR 00765 Ne.Lu ovlici.Gh31316. 1/2All,maner, all sums due and