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February 23, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 23, 2018

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PAGE 28B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 23, 2018 the right lo deam rf5 inl to paythe unp d assessmants wEsTGAn VACATION VILLAS JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN E-mail: se iaopias (40 423-M61 corded on Ortob& 25, 2017, Unh 143,w86k 48, Bienni up to tha date d 6 T 68 dua in tha amount ot (Sae 7700 Westg e Boulevad AND FOR OSCEOLA Anomey tor Penonal in O.R. Book 5230 at Paga MN, fim ha lnte iuu85 lha c8rtmcat6 ot Sale Exhib A"l, with intarast Mimm8a, FL 34747 Said COUN FLORIDA E-mail: mdeleon qpwblaw. Repr entativa 1005 ot lhe Public Reco s ot 1n, Per Diem So.41, DetauW bypa ngthe amoumsduaas actwing at th6 rate ol (Sa6 5 8,ba mad6 (w hout CASE NO.: 2013-CA- com F b ary 16, 23, 2018 OK8ola County, florida, by B ance $837.00, DetauW Date oLrflin8d above. By:AMANDAL Exhibrf A p6rday, punuantto covanank, orwa an,axp N 0 248-MF F b ary 16, a, 018 L163238 raason ot a now continuing 9 20/15 B. MILUR, 949 CHAPMAN, Arthorized Ag,e Tlm ha Plan, advances, or implied, ga ing e tkle, cmBANK, N.A AS TRusnE L1 236 detauW by Obligor (s), (See COLLINS AVE ORANGE cl HIBIT n" - NOncE OF rf any, undertha t8rm5 of 5 d poM 5ion or encumbranc ) FORSTRUCTUREDANET Exhibk .'A") whose address FL 32763 8436, fimashare TRumE's E Claim ot Lan, thages and to paytheunp d nts MORTGAGEINVESTMENTS IN THE CIRCUIT is (S6a Exhibit A.'), in e Unrf 14302. Week 48, Biennial Own6r(s)IObligor(5)ILa5t 8xpans85 otth8T 5t88 and ot due in th& amount ot (See llTRUST2 7-AR2 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR pay8nt or performanc8 ot MN, Tlm ha lnte st Mow Add N; Tlm ha th8 wstsc at6dbysaidClaim Exhibk "A"l, wkh im MO TGAGEPASS-THROUGH COURT OF THE OSCEOLA COUN the oblig ions aured by 112, Par Diam 8o.41, DatauN lnt ; 8uilding1 Unrt; otLen.Obligo ) hallhavethe acG ing at the te ot TSee cERTIFlcAns, SERIES 2007- NINTH JUDICIAL FLORIDA said Claim ot L r ed 8 ance S837 DetauW Date kl signad Ye Unp d rightto cu thedefauWandany Exhibrf A perday,punuantto A,CIRCU IN AND FOR PROBATE DIVISION on Sep ember 27, 2017 in 9/2 15 SHIRWMCDONALD, Bnt: p Diem u junior lienholdar h,have the the Tlme hare Plan. advana. Pl nli,OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fil6 No. 2018-CP- O.R. Book 5213 at Page 13100 STONEFIELD DR APT 7632T01050 Tkus Edwad righttotede&n rtsinte tup itany,und&Wet ms ot5 d vs. FLORIDA 000042 PR 2055, ot the PubliG Ratods 1716 HOUSTON, M no14 Snav&y 501 Ea Dayon toth6 d 6th8 Twstee iNu6s Claim ot Len, dag and ZESW,JANICE,&.al CIVIL AcnoN Division PDbat8 ot Ostaola Coun,Florida, 3306, fimasha Unrf 14604, Drive F rbom. OH 4N24, 1 M6c mcataots 8bypaying 8xp8n5 otthaTw ee and of D6f8ndank. CASE NO.: IN RE: EsTAn OF including the breach or detauW, w68h 39, Annual, fimasha Fw WeeMixad Un . AA- tha amounts due as outlinad in th6W str tad bys dCl m RE-NoncE OF 49-2017-CA- 2147- LUAM BONILLA, SR. notice ol which was sat to h lnt6rast 1, Per Diem 81.5o, 01, 5 WHOU, $4,898.42, e e t ding palag h. B otL8n.Obligo s)5h lhav8M8 FORECL URE SAU MF D6c8 . in a Notica ot DatauW and DefauW B anta $3,033.00, $1.62; 558867-8652701490 GRE NSPOON MARD R, u,righttocu thedatauWandany PuRsunNTroc R45 THE BANKOFNEWYORK NoncE TO CREDITORS lnt6nl to Fo lose p vidad DetauW Data 1012711 Ad6lin8 Czurda 35 A y Dr T B8. junior lienholder shall hava lhe OFTHE FLORIDA sTATuns MEUON FnvATHE m6 administBion ot the to th6 la known add M of wlws MCDONALD, 12045 E M 6qua, NY 11758, 1 NIBIT "A" - NoncE OF right lo d86m rfs int up NoncE ls HEREBY GIWN BANKOF NEWYORK, d 6 ot WIUIAM BONIUA, Obligo s),IS Mibk.A ,by s EME AVE APT 704 F ed Mix Unk. AA- rRusnE's SALE to th6 date tha T stee su punuant to an Order or Fin AsTRusnEFoRTHE SR d8c8as6d, whosa dat6 of C8rfifi 6gi M,orby CHICAGO. IL 6 28 6364, , 01, 49 WHOU. a,898.42, Own8 5) Add ss Building th6C6rtificataotSal8bypaying Judgment ente d in Case No. cERnFlcAnHoLDERs OF d6ath was JanuaZ 16, 2018, publiGation bythe und6 ign6d Tl&ar6 Unk 14604. S1.6: 8352702430 p ricia A Un Week Yaar TS Undivid6d tha amounts due as o lined in 2013-CA-000248-MF ot th6 THECWABS,INC ASSET- is pending inthe ircuitCourf Tw5t88, will sall at public k 39, Annual, fim6shar6 M oney Ca lin A Monaco lm6 Season Usa Basis the p&eding raph. By: Ci uhCourtofth69THJudicial BAcKEDcE nFlcATEs, tor OSCEOLA County, Florida, auction to the highe bidder lntePst 1, Per Diem 81.5o, 505 ke p ins Road Apt umP&Di&ncoLRaclnto GREENSPOON M DER, Ciwuh in and for OKEOLA SERIES2OO7-10, PDbataDivision,th8addreNot ror law,monay ot tha Unrfed DetauW Balan $3,033.00, 3c Ea tha,NY 107,1 MEMORABLE vAcAnoNs, Twrt68. County, Florida, wh6 in, Plain m, which is 2 Courthouse Square, Stalas ot America, at the hont Detau Date 10127113 Fwed W Mixad Unh, AA- uc Po Bow 138039 Nl T nN - NoncE OF WILMINGTON TRUST, N vs. Mi 88, Florida 34741.m6 st6ps ot the Osceola Coun JESSIE D. SAMPSON, 403 02, 43 WHOLE, a,898.42, clermom, fl 34713, HH, 1, TR nE's SAU SUCCESSOR TRusnE TO uDIAMARnNQ wA n 5 and addresses or the Courthouse, 2 Courthouse 1 2 EDGEBROOK DR APT 2 $1.62; 7832704370 Joyc6 43, WHOLE, Fixed Weekl Owe s) Add N Building clnBAN N.A,ASTRUSTEE, uNIDIAMARnNu,etal, p n rap sanlat e and Squar6, KiMimme6, FL 34741, CHAMP GN, IL 61820 2161, B Robinson 4950 Govam& Fixed Unit, $6398.75, 81.98, Unh Week Y6ar TS Undi d6d ONBEHAUOFTHEHOLDERS Detendant(s) . the penon pr6s8ntativ6's all rigM,t le andinl&astinthe fimeshara Unh 15405, Week Driva AptW12O7 Fo Pa,52OO-666-672;RICHARD T lnte Saason U e Basis OFTHE STRUCTURED ASSET NoncE OF AcnoN a omey are et torth balow. properfy 5huat8d inth6 Coun 50, Bianni ODD. Tlm8shar6 GA 30297, 1 Flx6d Weekl CHASU 515 Summer B eza AmountP8rDi8mCOLR8Glnto MORTGAGE INVESTMENTS II To:noDuLlo MISAEL t dhors ottha d edant ot OsGeola, florida, described lnt 1n, Per Diem 81.1o, ?wad Unh,AA-04,37 WHOU, N #pha a, GA 30005, a SYLVIA BABILONIA NELUE INC BEAR snARNs A LT-A MARTINU and oth6r penons having as: D6fauW Balanc6 S2,w1.oo. 84,898.42, 81.62; 7023639360 ANDREA M CHASU 6347 ACOSTA 2N H8ndrick5on Ave TRUST ll, MORTGAGE PASS- LastKnownAddr8N: cl ms or demands against (SEE HIBIT Tlme Share DefauWDate11l4 12BARBARA PDmotion Ent6pria. uc Dunn ,Springfield,VA2215O, LybDok, NY 11563, LL 212. THROUGH cERnFlcATEs 2285 Foxwood Court decedent's estate on whom a lnta st(s) as defined in the JO ACWRMAN, 62 BEGGS A norida Lmhad Labil y HH, 4, 32, WHOU, Flx6d 7, WHOU, Flx6d W68W xed SERIES 2007-1580, Plaintm, Saint Cloud, FL 34771 copy ot this notice is required D6claration ot Covenants, ROAD ORLANDO, FL 32B10, Co any 13750 W. ial WaaMix Unrt, a989.42, Un . 1.24, S1.98, 52 and, ZESIV, JANICE, el. cun8mAddr8N:unknow to be sa ed must file their Condhions and Re rirtions Tlm6shar8 Unit 18205, DrWlnlarGarden, FL 34787, 1 81.62, 52 -666-672;GEMINl 782-785; are Dalendants, cle ANYANDAUUNKNOWN c! nw wkh this courf ON OR torVacalionVlllage atP ay, Week 14, Annual, fimesha F ed Mixad Unrt, AA,INVESTMENT PARTNERS, JOHN D HUTCHISON a mando Rami z. will sell to PARnEscL MINGBY, BUORE THE LAnR OF 3 as&ordedinOMci Recods lnte 1, er Diem S1.15, `L- 36 WHOLE, 83,654.84, $1.26; INC. Po Box 138039 CAROL M HUTCHISON 13949 the h he biddertorcash at, THROUGH,UNDER,AND MOWS AFnR THE TIME Book 1591, at Page 3T9, of DetauW B anca 82,34o.oo. 70V984190SteveLeWP0Box CI6rmont, FL 34713, HH, 4, 340lh StraatCanon, IA 51525 2 c URTHOUSE SQUARE, AGAINSTTHE HEREIN OF THE FIRST PuBucAnoN the Public Recods ot Osc6ola DefauW Date 10117/14 865 Wllliam5bug, VA 23187, 39, WHOLE, Fixed w66kl LL,3O3,4Z,ODD,Fix Weekl KISSIMMEE 34741 - suln NAMEDINDl DUAL OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS Counly, florida (the Plan), as MINDY JO MAURE 1 Fiwed W Mixed Unrf, AA- Fixed Unit, 86398.75, 81.98, Flxed Unh, 81944.94, go.69, 2600, ROOM 2602, atthe hour DEFENDANT(S)WHOARE AmRTHEDATEoFsERNcE amended hom time to time. 2419 HICKORY FOREST 07, 19 WHOU, a.955.o4, 5200-666-672;GEMINl 520 782-785; ot 11:00AM, on the 20lh day NOTKNOWNTOBEDEAD OFACOPY OFTHIS NoncE Togeth& wkh the right to DR ASHEBORO, NC 27203 $1.62: 366216- 0727 INVESTMENT PARfNERS INC. KATHY SISK ENnRPRlsEs, ot Mawh, 2018, tha following ORAUVE,WHETHER SAID ON THEM. occupy, pu uant to the Plan, 3582, Tlm6rna Unit 18205, Barba FTDup312H BM Po Box 138039 Clennont, FL INC. UONARDO B d6 crib8dproparty: UNKNOWN PARnEs MAY,other cradhors ot lha ANignad Unit Weeh (SEE Weeh 14, Annual, Tlm6shar8 fl R ed e, GA 30274, 1 34713,HH,4,48,WH0EFixad TAMBAGAHAN, DIRECTOR a LOT 62 OF ROLUNG CLAIM AN INTERESTAS decedent and other penons HIBIT and ANign8d Unh lnt 1, Per Diem $1.15, Flxed W8BMixad Unh, AA- Mixed Unrt, $6398.75, KATHY sls DIRKTOR T11 HIUS EsTAns UNIT 2 SPOUSES, HEIRS, D SEES, having claims or demands (SEE HIBIT A), in AMignad DefauW Balanca 82,34o.oo, 11, N ODD, 85,491.7o, $1.52; S1.98, 5200- 666-672;HANS w Shaw Av6 Ste 112 ovis, AT FORMOSA GARDENS, GRANTEES, OR OTHER against d 8d6nt's estale Year (SEE WHIBIT A). D6fauN Data 10 17114 THE 34 77-90016337 Manh,HANSEN a CAROL HANSEN CA93612,MM.1. ACCORDING TO THE CLAIMANTS mu fil6 their aims wrfh lhis 3001 Parkway Blvd UNKNOWN SPOUSE, HEIRS, c Ferabee 3032 Hanlon Ave 152 Hicko Comer Rd Apt 29, WHOLE, Fixed w kl PLAT THEREOF AS RE- LastMowAdd M:Unknow court WITHIN 3 MONTHS KiNimm8a, FL 34747 ain DE SEES, GRANTEES, BaWimo,MD 21216 Denisa 412 Hight own, NJ 8520, HH, Flwed Unrf, S6431.24, 81.98, CORDED IN PLAT BOOK cunam Addreu: Unknow AmR THE DAn OF THE fime ShaR Plan pto ) ASSIGNEES, UENORS, Menod 4408 Bowleys Ln,Apt 5, 7, WHOLE, Fixad Weekl 5200-782-785;TIMESHARE 10, GES 71 AND 72, OF YOU ARE NonFIED that an FIRST PuBLlcAnoN OF THIS Addreu CREDITORS, TRusnEs, 1-D,BaWimo ,MD 21206, 112 Fixed Unit, $4989.42, $1.62, E INS, L L c 10923 w. THE PuBuc RECORDS action to toRclos8 a mortgage NoncE. Said s ewillbemade(wrmo AND AU OTHER PARnEs Flx6d W wad Unk, BB- 5200- 666-672;MAURICI0 o State Hwy 1T6 W n Shada, OF OSCEOLA CDUN on w6 tollowing p per in AU CLAIMS NOT FIUD cov6nants,orw ty,8xp CL MING AN INnREsT 07, 17 ODD, $4,952.67, $1.45; BIRcHALaAuREAG BIRCHAL MO 65771, MM, 5, 7, FLORIDA. Oscaola County, Florida: WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS or implied, regading the tkl6, BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR 37 2J9 19312 Fwr, lnc. Rua tO Mac6do N3 Apt- MN Flx6d W M ed Unrf. Any penon claiming aninl8r85t LOT 109, BAY LAKE SET FORTH IN FLORIDA poss8Nion or 8ncumbranc6s) AGAINST THE EsTAn OF KaM6rin6 L RoNi, a ta 601 Gutinaz Bello Horizoma, $1208.24, So.42, 5200-782- inth6 suplus homth6 s 6, if RANCH, UNIT THREE, AC- sTATuns SECTION 733.702 lo satis the unpaid balance CHARLES ROSARIO JR, WA F d w RoNi, p id6m 1567 Mg. 3043 190 BRAZIL JJ, 785;PEHRH0LM0N&SWY any, oMer than the pDp8rty CORDING TO THE PLAT WILL BE FOREVER 8ARRED. ot aach sp ive Claim of CHARUS ROSARIO RUIZ, Vln nna5 StC te, IL 60417, 1, 5, WHOU, Flx6d W6a AoLssoN84cedamumLane ow6r as ot the d e ot lhe THEREOF, AS RECORDED NOTWITHSTANDING THE L6n Retolded tog6lh6r wkh DECEASED, 8391 sw 135TH 1n Fwad We6Mixed Unk, Flxed Unh, $4989.42, $1.62, Milfod, CT 6461, MM, 6, 20, 5 P8nd8n5 murt fila a cl m IN PLAT BOOK 4, AT PAG- nME PERIODS SET FORTH acc edinte intheamounl LOOP OCALA, FL 34473, cc-12, 13 ODD, S5,457.26, 520 666-672;ANN M HYRE WHOU,Fix6d whhin 60 day aW th6 sale. ES 59 THROUGH 61, OF ABOVE. ANY CL M FIUD of (See Mibh A,whh Tlmesha Unrf 19808, Week $1.52; 7793006120 Ostar T 25253 LexinQon Oaks Blvd, Wee xed Unk, W you e a n whh a THE PUBLIC RECORDS TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE int8Bt accwing the rate 41, Annu,Tlmesha lnte st Atrica 8 61 Labumum St 6| W6sl8y Chapal, FL 33544, $6431.24, S1.98, disabil y who needs any OF OSCEOLA COUNTY AFnR THE DECEDENTS ot (Sae Mibk A p& day. 1, p Di S1.N, DatauW Vantouv6r, Bc V6P5N8 JJ, 3, 7, ODD, Fix6d Weekl 5200-782-785;EUZABFrH A accommodation in ordar to FLORIDA DAn OF DEATH ls BARRED. punuant to tha Tl&are B ance S2,736.5o, DetauW c 1 Flxed WeeMixed Flxed Unrf, $5419.66, S1.52, WAWER 3600 old #port Rd partitipata in this proceeding, AIWA 2285 FOX WOOD me date ot fim publication Plan, advanc6s. it anL, under Data 10n7113 MEQ LYNN Unrf, DD-,12 WHOU, 520 666-672;FEDERIC0 J NWApt 1220 buque ue, NM you are entklad, at no cost to COURT, SAINT CLOUD, of lhis no ice is Febwary 16, tha I8nN ot said,m ot CABAY, 1028 MINNS DR APT $4,989.42, 81.62; 7023717330 A TAGU GARCIA a MARIA T 87114, MM, 11, 49. WHOU, you, tothe pDvision otcartain FL 34771 2018. Lan,tharges and axpansas ot F MACHESNEY PARK, IL AvariaWlnoniaG ison 2445 CEUDON LAVIN 1 Sur 2652 Flxed assi te. Please contart has been fil6d againstyou and Penon RepPsentative: tha Twstee and ot lhe twsts 61115 2108, Tlmesha Unk R6x Road Apt R2 EIBwood, 8lock D - 601 Condominio Wee xed Unk, 1.24, th6 ADA Coordinator, Court you are requi d to sewe a Van8Ma Bonilla craatad by said Claim of L6n. 19402, k 35, Biennial GA 30294, 1 Flxed Weekl Ta lquiqu6, CHIU, JJ, $1.98,5200-782-785:HERBERT Admini tion,Ow Coun topy of your wrman detana 6300 Church Road Obligo sT shall have he righ EVEN. Tlm8shar6 lntere FixedUnrf.DD-O7,NWHOU, 4, 6, WHOU, Flxed w86kl TWIWAMS SR aGLADYs p Courthouse, 2 Cour ousa by April 3. 2018, on bertelli Apt. 215B to wP tha dafauW and any 112, Per Diem $0.43, DetauW $4,874.82, $1.62 7022549160 Fixed Unk, $4215.02, $1.47, WIUIAMS 518 Rhode lsland Squa,hke 6300, Law, Pl nti 's aWom6y, who e Hanov6r Park, |llinois junior Lenho 6r sh,have B ante S862.OO, DetauW Date N asha Riddla 1620 Wast 12 5200-666-672;DANIEL VIDAL Av6 Norfolk, VA 23508, NN B WNimm68, Florida 34741, addRN is P.o. Box 23028, 601N the nghtto daam s ima 9 2 15 TODD CABAY, 7544 s Rivia B6ach, FL 33404, 1 ROSICH a ALEIDA N NN,12a12, (40 742-2417. I6ast 7 days Tampa, FL 33623, and file the A omeytorPenon up to the data the Twrt STANTONAVE ROCWORD,IL F ed W klFixed Unit, EE-05, DE VIDAL C le V8n8zu6la 3 38 a 39, WHOLE a betore your Kh8dul8d tourt oriqin th thi5 Courf 8rth6r Rapra entative: iNu6s w6 c6rtmcat6 ot S e 61109, fin sha Unrf 19402, 16 WHOLE, $4,989,42, g1.62 Est era B auinto Segundo WHOU, Flxed Weekl xed app6atant8, or immedialely b6o s6 ic8 on Plaintms HaidiW.lsanhart by paying th8 amounts dua Week 35, Biennial MN, 73632 0 Bo5ilka Radman Ch sworfh, 8019 SP N, JJ, Unrf, S1 1014.07, 83.96, upon reteiving this notifiGation a orney, or immadiat6 norida Bar Number: 123714 a5 outlined in tha pr eding fin 5ha ln & 112, Per 4727 L I6 Neck p ay Apt 4, 34, WHOLE, Fix6d w68 52 -782-785;BRENDA M rfthetime b8tor6tha sch6dul8d tharaa ar, othe ise, a defauW 1000 Legion Place paragraph. To cu th8 d8tault Di8m 8o.43, D6tauW Balance 5F Lmla N6ck, NY 11362, 1 Fwed Unk, $4989.42, $1.62, MEDEIROS 725 Regan Rd app8aran isl sthan7day5; will be 6nt&8d ag nst you SukB 1700 explained in this Notic6 you $862.00, D6tauN Date 9120115 Fixed xed Unk, n-,520 666-672; UR A SoB8t, MA 2726, 00, 11, rf you a heanng or voite torMe lietdemanded inthe O ando,Florida328O1 mustramit heamountyou now CHRISTOPHER BERG, 2311 46 WHOU, a,989,42, S1.62 DEWARDIN 6 FRANCES E 19, WHOU, Flxed w kl im d,t I711. Compl nt or petrfion. Talephone: (40 581 -9800 ow8,as58ttoMin Exhib A", 3RD ST AL DRIA, LA 7703207500 Stanley w Atack DEWARDIN Po Box 2079 Flxad Unrf, 1.24, 81.98, AnD this 1Nh day ot lf you a a panon wkh a Fax:(4O 581-9801 inGluding the per diem unt 71302 6304, Tlmasha Unit and CaDl M Atack 6 Lak85ida brightsville, PA 18210, JJ, 520 782-785;MIREYA A Fabw 2O18. disabil y who n ds any E-Mail:hiah toreach daytollowingth6date 19406, w k 49, Annual, Woodlands Count Park PR3 8, 46, WHOLE, Fixed Waekl MCEWEN 5 C le 2-64 Zo a GREEN POONMARDER,PA accommodation in ordar to oflhis notite mDugh m6 date Tlm6shar8 lnte 1, p& 6BD.ENGLAND,1F 6dW68k1 Fixad Unk, $6111.20, $1.92, 13 Ciudad De Guat la, TRADECENTRESOUTH, parficipat6 in this p ceeding, S onda pay6ntismad8.Nyoudoo58 Diem S1.15, DetauW B ante Fwed Unh, FF-07, 50 WHOLE, 5200-666-672;GREG0RY GUATEMAL 00 Boo,6 B6. sum7oo you a entrfled, a no tO to E-Mail: p batese ice o w the detauW s6t foM in S2.34o DetauW D 6 ' g,42, 81.62; 7273210350 HINRICHS a JERI HINRICHS 48a49, 100 WEST CYPRESS CREEK you, to th6 provlsion ot tart n this Notice, lha hlll amoum due 1 17114 DENNIS BURRIS, . v Maximin and Le s 140Road310Glenvil,NE WHOU a WHOU, Flxed ROAD assistanc6. Please comart F b ry1&,y, 18 mustbe minedto:vAcAnoN 3628 WYOMING ST 3s E Maximin 439 Rotkway 68941,JJ,9,5,WH0U,Fixed Wee x d Unh, S11o14.7o, FORTLAUDERDALE,FL333O9 the ADA Coodinator, Court L163245 VILLAGE AT PARKWAY KANSAS c MO 64111 Pawy BDoW, NY 11212, 1 W Mixed Unrf, 84989.42, S3.96,52o 782-785; Te phona: (954) 343 6273 Administration, Osceola County OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC 3944, Tlmesha Unit 194o6, F 6d Wee lx6d Unh, FF- 81.62, 5200-666-672;WIWAM F b.Q;Mad2, 18 H6aring Lne: (888) 491-1120 Courfhouse, 2 CouMousa clo Daily Manag8m6nt, lnc Weeh 49, Annual, Tlmeshare 10, 35 WHOU, S3.734.38, F TYDINGS,|,a SONG s L1 5 Fac mi :(954)343 6982 Squa,Suke s3,IN THE CIRCUIT A n: Owen Rasolution D6pt lnt6 1, P6r Diem 81.15, S1.26: 319113-g001052800 DUDW 3a74 Hol Drive ErQl 1: chin-duncan %Nimm88, norida 34741, COURT FOR 1775 Bonavantu Blvd Surte DelaM B anG6 SZ,34D.OO Natalie L Mc Coy and Joyce Edg at6r, MD 21037, law.a (40 742-2417. al lea 7 day OSCEOLA COUN 1104, We ton, FL3M26, betoP DetauW Data 10117114 M Mc Coy 2456 Ha home KK, 8, 24, WHOLE, Flwed IN THE CIRCU,2: grmo&osu beto your Kh ul tourt FLORIDA the sal6 date andtime setto h MICHEU BUONOCORE, Road Ho wood, IL 60430, W88Mix6d Unit, $5480.04, COURT OF THE app8aranc6, or immediale PRoBAn Dl SION in this Notic6. 8781 SAND LAKE CT. 1 2 Flwed W88WFw6d Unrf, 81.62, 5200-666-672;PAULINE NINTH JUDICIAL y: l Karissa Chin-Duncan upon raceiving this notmtation Flle No.: 2017-cP- Dat6d: Janua 31, 2018 LAW WORTH, FL N467, FF-11, 31 ODD, S5,437.94, CLAMON 957 E 43d St CIRCUIT. INAND FOR Bssa Chin-Duncan, Esq. irthetim6 b6tor6 the Khadul8d 000807 Blb GREENSPOON MARDER fi share Unk 19203, w66k S1.52 2917 146 BrooWy, NY 11210B WONNE OSCEOLA couw, norida B No. 98472 app8aranc8isl8Nthan 7days; IN RE: EsTAnoF L ,Tw 86 51, nu,fin& llrt8 st Jaan Seba n 8 s 4611 M ELCOC 617 Pa uck6t FLORIDA F bnla 1& 23, 18 if you ara hearing or voi GLORIAHOPESMITH NIBIT A 1, p& Diem $1.12, DetauW Ca n&on Pl ou . ON Blvd w3, Low6||, MA 01854. CASE NO: 2017 CA L163368 imp d,call711. Deteasad. GARLAND MONROE DANS B anc6 S2,265.oo, DetauW K1B4 1 c 1 Flx6d KK, 8, 34, WHOU, Flxad 001947 WITNESS my hand and se NoncE ro CREDITORS B TRANEDA COOPER Date 10117114 JESSICA G W oat Unh, x ,6,2 W8aM 6d Unk, a989.42, u.s.BANKNAnoNAL ofthis courf on this 9lh day of me admini ration ot th6 DA S, 4099 LOMAR DR. SMITH,7N7 GUINEVERE CIR WHOU, S4,989,42, . ; S1.62. 52 -666-&72;. M a B Assoc noN,NoTIN s IN THE CIRCUrr Februa . 2018. aotGLORIAHOPESMITH, MOUNT RY. 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RmnN8z, OK8ola MCCAUSLAND,; FILE NUM8ER: 2018 py ot is noticeis qui d Weak 43, Bi6nni ODD, Unh 1,k 20,Annu , cHRlsnNA L CARVAWO tounty cl6 otcourt h ls&| Detendants. cP 16 PR to be s ed mu fil6 thair Tlm6sh lntar 112, Par Tl&a lnt 1, Par Po Box 15o455 AW nte totha high and be b d N CE OF SALE IN RE: ESTATE OF: cl ms wkh this tourf ON OR Di6m $1.10, D6 uW B anG8 Diam t1.94, D6 uW B&ance NoncE OF TRusnE's Springs, fl 32715, KM 12, rorcarn on M 6,2018 NoncE ls GMN th,in PEARLKATZ BEFORE THE LAnR OF 3 S2,221.oo, DelauW Date S3,926 tauWDal611/4l12 MU 19, WHOU, Flx6d W klF ad 11:00AM athhe2 ac rdanca wM Ma Ord on Dec . MOWS AFTER THE TIME 1114112R0 CLAR 9231 ARUNE SM H DA D c. wvTGnTE vncnnoN Unk, S6426.23, S1.98, 52 m6o2 ot 6 O la County Pl ntmsMo ontoR6sd8dul8 NoncE ro CREDlrORS OF THE FIRST PuBucAnoN s LAFUN ST 1 CHICAGO, IL sMnw a VICTOR SMITH a UNX 666 72; Cou ousa, 2 courmouse F lo5u S a am&Bd on TO AU PERSONS HA NG oFTHlsNoncEoR3oDAvs 6 20, Tl& Unh 5402, WMBERLY R. RATH 11430 ZTT . 13 hcnnoNs, F b. a; Ma h,I8 squa ,wwimm ,n34T41 D 22, 2017 in ma CLAIMS OR DEMANDS AmRTHEDAnoFsERvlcE w k 43, B nni ODD, DEMPSEY AVE. GRANADA LLC) L1 562 the tollowing d8SGrib8d abov syad cause, Armando AG NsTTyEABovEEsTAn: OFACOPYOFTHIS NoncE Tlm6sha lntar 1 2, p& HIUS, CA 91344, Tl ala On 03nv2018 at 11:00 am, pDp8rfy: R. Ramlrez, Os la county Youa notmedth aP&kion ON THEM. Di6m S1.1o, De uW 8 anca Unk 72,k 17, B nni GREENSPOON MARDER, LOT 80, OF SPRINGLAKE tl6 oftourt shall s,lo th6 lor Adminis ion has b #| oth c dkon ot the $2,221.00,Da uWD e1114 12 ODD, Tlm ha lnt 5t 201 L Pine sl &, Suke NOTKE OF TRUSTEE'S LLAGE 5B, AC RDING highert and b bdder for filad ln th6 8stat6 ot PEARL d8t6d8nt and other penons TRACYHAAS,6NNE2NDAN 1n, Per Diem S1.1o, DetauW 500, O ando, norida 32801, SUE TO THE PLAT THEREOF, carnonMarch1,2o18at11:oo KATZ, File Numbar 201B cP having claim5 or d6mands APT1 FORTLAUDERDAU,FL B ante $2,221 D6tauW a5 T 5t88 punuant to M wEnGATE vncAnoN AS RECORDED IN PLAT AM at Suke 2&001Room 16 PR, in the Ci uk Court again d8c6dent's estate 33304 2654, Tlmasha Unh D e11l4 12 Appoi ot T ae VILW BOOK 18, AT PAGE(S) 20 m6o2 ot the Oscaola Coun lor O5c80la CouW, Florida, must file their cl ms with this 5507. weeh 2, Biennial EVEN, (35601.0018) d6d on 1113 2017 or in 2TT . T (BnBILoNW AND 21, OF THE PuBuc Cou ousa, 2 Courthouse Probate Division, the add N courf W WIN 3 MONTHS Tlmeshar6 lnt6 st 112, P6r F ry16,q 18 Book 5246, and Pag6 1112 On 03nv2018 11:00 am, RECORDS OF OSCEOLA Squa,Nimm ,FL 34741 ot which is 2 Courfhous6 AFnR THE DATE OF THE Diem So.78, D6tauW Balance L 163244 ot the Public Racods ot GREENSPOON MARDE COUN noRIDA Me llowing d trib sq,u nmee, fl 34741. nRsT PuaucAnoN OF THIS S1,58o De ult Date OSCEOLA CouW, norida, by 201 E. Pine St 6t, Suka PDp8rty d N: B6 p p : ma n 5 and add ues ot NoncE. 10127113 QICKIELNORWOOD n ot a now continuing 500, O ando, horida 32801, WOOD THRUSH DRIN. LOT 64, BERMUDA BAY, the panonal pr iv6 and AU CLAIMS NOT FIUD a LENORA NO OOD, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S detauW by Obligo 5), (See as Tw 86 punuan lo Mat KISSIMMEE, FL 34744 ACCORDING TO MAP OR th6 penon pr tativ6's THIN THE nME PERIODS 4 8 WOODBURN DRIVE MU E ibh A,whose add N Appointm6m of T ANY PERSON CL MING AN PLAT THEREOF AS RE- a om6y ara set rorm balow. SET FORTH IN FLORIDA MEMPHIS, TN 38127, WUrGA E vhchnoN is (S6a Mibh A,in th6 to ed on 11130n017 or in INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS CORDED N PLAT BOOK ALL INnREsnD PERSONS sTATuns sEcnoN 733.702 fim6sha Unh 8602, Waek 6, uns || pay m or p6rf ce ot Book 5246, and Page 1265 FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, 5, PAGES 18 MROUGH ARE NonFIED THA% wlu BE FORMR 8ARRED. Triennial B, Tlm85hal8 lnta Fil No. nson8 nRQ) 80bliga 0nss6cu dby d ot tha Publit R ords ot OTHER THEPROP 21. OF ME PuBuc RE- #| c drfon ot the d8c8d6nt NOTW HSTANDING THE 113, P6r Diem $0.74, DetauW On Makh 8, 2018 at 11:00 C im ofB dad in O.R. OSCEOLA CouW, Florida, by OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF CORDS OF OSCEOLA and oth6r p6nons having nME PERIODS SET FORTH BalanG8 81,5o3.oo, D6fauN a.m GREENSPOON Book(S Mibk.A ,atPage ason or a now continuing THE us PENDENS MUSTFIU couw, FLORIDA claims ord d5 ag n th6 ABOVE, ANY CL#M FIUD Date1on7l13THEuNKNowN MARDER, LL,201 E. Pine (Sea Exhibh A ,otthe PubliG da uW by Obligo s), (s66 A CLAIM W HIN DAYS p Add u: 849 d nt's 6,0n whom a TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE SPOUSE, HEIRS, DENSEES, St &, hha 500, O ando, R6 s otOKEOLA Coun,Mib A.), who58 add M AFnRTHEsAu. HORSESHOE BAY DRWE, copy otthis notica i5 AFnR THE DECEDENTS G EES, ASSIGNEES, norida 32801, as Tw Florida,includinqmebreachor is (See Exhibk A"), in e lt you a n w a KINIMMEE, FL 34T41 whhin thl88 momhs aRer th6 DAnoFDEATHls BARRED. UENORS, CREDITORS, punuam lo at Appointm6nt delauW.noticeo whichwass6t payment or p6rformanc6 ot disabil y who n66ds any ANY PERSON CL MING AN date otthe fim pu ita ion ol me d 6 olfim publ ation TRusnEs,AND AU OTHER ot Tw ae r 6d on tormin a Notic6 otDetauW and th6obligations 9acu d bys d acGomnDdation 0 6r to INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS misnotic6,mwtfil8lhaircl ms ot th Notica is Fabwary 16. PARnEs C@MING AN Novem 13, 2017, in O.R. lntant to Fo closa pDvidBd Claim otL rdadin O.R. partiGipa 8 in mis proc ding, FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, wrth hi5 Court WITHIN THE 2018. INTEREST BY, THROUGH, Book 5238.atPag6 41,ottha to the know add u ot Book(S aExhibit A.),atPa a you a anthled, no GO to OTHER THEPROPE LAnR OF THREE MONTHS p alR6p s8mativ8: UNDER OR AG NST THE Publ R ords ot OK8ola qo sl,(SaaMibh A ,by (s68 ExhibW A,otthe Pubic you,to We plo sion otcert n OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF AFnR THE DAn OF THE BRADLEY ALBERT EsTAn F FLORENCE County, norida, by ason m egi M lorby o s otOS EOLA Coun,aMi . Pl conta THEUSPENDENSMUSTFIU FIRST PuBucAnoN OF THIS SMITH LAGOWITZ, DECEASED clo ot a now ntinuing detauW publica onbyMeund ign norid4iMludinqth8b athor the ADA Cooldin or, Cou A CL#M W HIN 60 DAYS NoncE OR THIRrV DAYS 224So hGrahamSt et JEn LAGOWITZ, 3313 THE ba Obligo s), (See Exhibh Tw ee, will s6|| at public de uW,noti o whichwa55& Admini on,OK8olaCoun THESAU. AFnR THE DAn OF SERNCE Pmsbugh, PA 152 Pu TENAFLY, NJ 07670,who58 add is (s68 aurtion to lhe highe bidd& tor inaNotiG8otD8tauWand CouMou58, 2 CouMou58 lt you a a p n wkh a OF A COPY OFTHIS NoncE A om6yforP6non 1051, Tln sha Unit 9501, Exhibh A,in We paym6nt or torlawtul m ney otMa Unhed lment to FoBlo58 p vid6d Square, Suka 63,disabil who naeds any ONTHEM. tativa: Waek 50, Annu,fi shal8 perfom n ottha obligations statesof a onthahom to the la known addr8M ot ssimmee, norida 34741, aGcommodation in o to,o h& t dhon ot a TRACYZANCO lnte 1, Per Diem So.76, s6w by s d Claim otLan st6ps ot the OK8ola County Ob (See Exhibk A.), by (40 742-2417, at lea 7 days part ipate in thi5 pme ing, dat6d6nt and ns ha ng norida B No. 89454 DatauW B anca S1,547.oo, rdedin O.R.8ook 5177 at Cou housa, 2 courmouse Ca 6g te d Mail or by bato your scheduled courf you 8ntkl6d, at no cost to tlaims ordamands ag n M me d&LawCent&olKinon D6tauW Date 9119 15 MARIA Page -2915, oftha Publit Squa . wimn a. Florida public ion bylha und&signad appe ce, or imn diataly you,to w6 p vision otcertain astata ot the d 6nt mu a Fulle EUNA ROSAUS, 585 R rds ot OK ola County, 34741. lrigM,thleandint& Tw 68, will sell at public upon ving Mis notmG ion aui anGa. PI8a58 contarf fil6th6ircl ms wkh this Court 801 North MagnoliaAvanua, sumR STREETSAUNAS, CA norida, includinq tha b ach or in Me p s ualed in me aurtion to the highe bidd6r rftheti beto thewh uled the ADA Coodin or, Court WITHIN THREE MOWS Suhe2O4 939,Tlm85ha Unk 10202, delauW, noticeo which was set Coun ot OSCEOL norid4 la ul mon6y ottha Unked ap i5| 5than7days; Admini ion.OsceolaCounty AmR THE DAn OF THE o ando,norida328o3 w86k 35, Annual, fi B ha torth in a Notite otDe uW and d bed : (SEE HIB Slat6sot rica,onth6hom rf you hearing or volca courmouse, 2 Courthousa FIRST PuBucAnoN OF THIS Tel:(4O 422-3017 lnte st 1, P6r Diem 81.94, ln ent to Fo closa provided A Tl sha lm (s)(sEE 8p5 ot tha OK8ola CouW imgai d,c I711. Squa . Suke 6300, NoncE. Fax: (40 849-1707 DetauW B ante 83.926.oo, to the la known add M ot HIBIT A.) acGo ing to 6 Courthous6, 2 Courthouse aled: F6bwa 13, 2018. Nimm86, Florida 34741, ALLCL MSANDDEMANDS Pri Em |: co Detault Date 11 4 12 DARIEN Obligo (See Exhibit wA.'), by Tlma Maring p ntorW65tgal8 Squa,9simm88, orida Mith&leA DeLaon, Esqui (40 742-2417, laart 7 days NOT so nuD wlu BE hnonh ll .com L swl 8547 CORD WAY certm 8gist6rBd M,or by Vacation Vlllas, XN, OMcial 34741,allright,thl6andinta&t Florida Bar No.:6858T b&o your sch6dul8d court FORMR BARRED. Bondaty Em |: hhowad SACRAMENTO. CA 95828 public ion by Wa undenignad Racotds Booh 1021, at Page in the pDp8rty situatad in the QuintaiDs, Priato,Wood app6arant8, or immediat6ly m6 date ot e fim hnonhll .com 5854, Tlm hala Unh 11 6, TWee, will sell at public 10N, ot tha Public Records ot Coun ot OSCEOLA, Florida, Boyer, P.A. upon r6c8iving this nolifiGation publication ot this Notica is Feb 16, D, 18 w66k 35, 8iennial ODD, au ion to e high bidder Oweola County, florida he d8s b6d as: (SEE HIBIT 255 S.Orang6Av6 St8.9OO rf th6 tima b6to th6 sch6duled abwa 16, 2018. L163249 Tl asha lnt 1 2, P6r forlaw,Dn6y ottha Unhad Plan . Tog6 & wrm the rigM A.)Tlm6 Sha lnl8 st(5T (SEE O ando, FL328O1-3454 appe ce is less than 7 days; Penonal R8p s8ntativB: Diam 81.16, DatauW B anc6 S at ofAln8rica, on M6 hom to oKupy, punuant to th6 Plan, HIBIT A") attoding to the (855 287-0240 rf you are hearing or volGa / Ja5on Mitha6| $2,346.00, DetauW Date eps ot the Osc6ola County Building-Unh (SEE HIB fim6 sharinq PlanforWe gate (8M 287-0211 Fatsimile impai d, c,711. G Mon NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 1114112 JAMES D BOWLES, Courthous6, 2 courmouse A"). during Unh w66k (SEE Vat ion lllas, omci E-m |:58 ic pia5 D ad: Feb a 7. 2018. JASON MICHAEL SALE 5350 DUNLAY DR APT 2217 Squa,KiMimm88, Florida HIB A,durinq ANign8d Recods Book 1o72, at Page Mich6|I8 A DeLeon GAMSON Vaca on vll g At Parkway SACRAMENTO, CA 95835, 34741,allright,titl6andint8 5t Yaar - (SEE IBIT A . 1194, ot the Public Racords of E-mail: mdeleon qpwblaw. Mith8|I6 A DaL n, Esquir6 309 Stomy Creek Dr. ociabon, lnc a Tlm85ha Unh 11606, Week in the property 5kuat8d in the wEsTGAn VACATION VILLAS OK6ola Coun,norida (tha Gom Florida Bar No.: 68587 Clover, sc 29712 horidanonp rhto o on 35, Biennial ODD, Tlm6sha County ot O5c80la, Florida, 7700 Westgata Boulevad Plan' . Tog6th8rwiWlh8 righl Feb a 16,a, 16 auint ros, Prieto. Wood a OLSEN LAW p ERS, LLP On Ma h 8,2018 at2:3O p.m. lntere 112, P6r Diem S1.16, de5crib8d as:(See Exhibh A' Mimm8a, FL 34747 s d tooccupy,pursuanttoth6 Plan, L16N74 Boyar, P.A. BY: /sl momas R. Olsan ' GREENSPOON MARDER L D6tauW B ance 82,346.oo, Tlme Share,e st(s) (See s e will be mad6 Twkhow Building-Unit (SEE HIBIT 255 s. Oranga Ave Ste. 900 THOMAS R. OUEN, ESQUIRE 100 Wasl Cyp M Craek Road, DetauW D e11 4l12 CHARUS Exhibk A aKording to the cov8nant5,orw ,8xpreN A.), during Unk Week (SEE O ando, FL 32801-3454 FLORIDA BAR N328995 Suk6 700, Fort Laudardale, FL E. MILUR.JR 1125 AIRPORT fime Sharing PlanrorWe gate or implied, arding the trtl6, HIBIT wA"), during Assignad IN THE CIRCUIT 855-287-0240 2518 Edg8wat6r Driva 33309, as Twstae pursuant to BLVD APT 225 MELBOURNE. Vacation Vlllas mll. &oded ion or encumb nces) Yaar - (SEE WHIBIT A"). COURT OF THE 9TH 8M-287-021 1 Facsimile O ando, Florida 32804 that Appointment ot T staa FL 32901 2937, Tlm8sharB in OMtial R ods Book 1202,