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February 23, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 23, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 23, 2018 PAGE 21B New York, NY 10027-4766; Retords ol o nge Coun . WESTGATE PALncE Ave Columbus, OH 43207. 1 88.481.75. S11.52 1220678- 1564, 39 EVEN, $811 Debra Dr. Apt 425, O ando, ODD.2O17OO36456,S1,951.14, Mo gagerecoded onOrtober FL. Total Due: 700.92 a5 . 1T (JU ) F 6dW88klFloatUn ,2-1606, N86O39OO3 Ca o5 Henrique 8o.35; Josa F Gri ldi and FL 32835-6649, 11104, So.58 1N9485-3701394203 8, 2015; O.R. 8ook 1 95 at ot September 14, 2017: On Ma h 7, 2018, at 11:00 52 WHOLE, 1 81R174, M Fa eira Leila Maria M MariaM Ma inez5675 Dekalb 81N47, 1 BEDROOM Edson CoDna B da Deise Page 2202 Public Retods deswibed as: One(|)Vat ion a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, 821,o11.21. 81o.22: 1423237- Co ho Rua Cons8lh8iD LnNo Dss,GA3O 3,1Fix8d PLUS EVEN NUMBERED Zuliani B da 8600 Powder ot OBg8 CouW, FL. Tol Ownakhip lmeRst ( ol 201 E. Pine t, Surfa 10584176282 Robe Santiago Jose Femandes 482 Ap 1202 W Mixed Unk, 1800-1826, YEAR, GOLDl 813-47E, Ridge Trail Winderme,FL Due: $8,955.15 as ol Ju 19, having a 166,O R2O,7 ,5 5,O ando, F rida 32801, and Madeyn Vasqu6z 65 C8ntDCamposDosGoyata as 3 WHOU, S1,141.oo, $0.48; 2016065432&, 813,344.83. 34786, 1 Fixed Week nloat 201,inte rt $3.70 per diem; und ided lnt in Unrfs a5 Twstee punuant to that Wilcox St taten lsland, NY Ri, 28030 002 BRAZIL, 1 #| fimesha Trade lns, LLC S6.58; 46-502033 OENISE Unk, 100-25c, 15 WHOLE, d8Krib8d as: One(1)Vac ion locatad in BUILDING 1"; Appointment ol Trustea 10303, 112,Season-Float season-F a WeeklFloat 10923StHwy176We Walnrt COYLE 8755 HUNTFIELD 20170036456, S15.663.27, Ownenhip lmere (wVOl ANNUAUall ed 166,000 recoded on Novembar 1, WeeW Floe Unh, 2-1T06, 22 Unk, 2100-2124, 28 WHOLE, Shade, MO 657T1, 1 Fix6d ST TAMPA, FL, 1/52, 8o.35; 1097098-21 T03 having a 52,5001441.210.000 Poin as defined in the 2017. under Document EVEN, 11017T7997, $8,468.01, 1056vg258. 85.697.T9, w kl Fwed Un,19 -1957, 93v6, 1BEDR00 ERY Letlcia Ranjo 514 Enbada Dr undividad lnte in unks Declar ion tor use in EACH 20170598423, of t e Public $4.07; 1418225-85086424000 8o.oo; 1164476-1 203 40 WHOU, S4,145.58, $1.44; YEAR, PLAnNuMR3v6, 1 Novato, CA 94949, 112 numbe d 131-144, 146, yea s). R od5 of O&ge Coun,Ja s M Wo ey and Diane Saba ian D BLrf ino NOt6 Resorf Maneg6n&t Se it85 20170007741, 822,35o.88, F ed Weak Flo Unh, 100- 231-246. N1-346 lotated LACYETINNEN andGUNDA norida, by n of a now B Wo ay 5527 Le er Rd Maria E Gemboa Urb Vllla DoingBusin8ssa5ClubS6|8rt $11.02 46-502086 ANDREA 25c, 52 ODD, 20170036456, in .BUILDING 2, PHASE ll"; G nNNEN, No ot D&auW continuing defauWbyObligo s), Shephed, MT 59079. 112 All An llana Calle Cu ao Resorfs 10923 w. St Hwy 176 DENISE HUNTSBERGER 5210 S2,1o8.88, $0.63 6T9137- BIENN Uallocated 105. and lntem to Fo&bse sent (See Exhibrt A,whose Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, Manzana1O N15 Puerfo Otdaz Walnrt Shade, MO 65 71, 1 JAMES LOOP KILLEEN, TX 3249012003 Alaxis and Points as d6 n8d in e via ca madlRegi &ed M U add Nis(S88 Exhib A ,in 2-1811,29 EVEN, 1101318759, Es do Boliv VENUUELA, Fked, 2600-2616. 7 WHOLE. 76542- ,11104,1209134,1 Nl s A FellcBno axis Seda Decla,n for use in NEN publication to: Po Box 980, the paymen or p8rformanG8 $9,789. ,t4.70 1 All on-Flo WeeMloat t6,314.44, S1.98; Wllliam c BEDROOM WEN NUMBERED M38 C le Pontev Vlha yee . MEBANE, NC 27302- 80; of Me oblig&ions S8GU d by K: FORECLOSURN92O6.WG Un,220 2214, 20 WHOU, May Juna A May 35 CaDl Dr YEAR, PLATINUMl 1209-34E, Espana Bay n, PR 1, ROB TO JOSE GARC Cla n of L n &orded on a Mortgage Bord8d in O.R. Pala ( )uu do.oo1nNos. 10367 5, $10,48T.8T, a.49; Pl nville. CT 2, 1 Fwed 201T 12277, 815,319.05, 1n F ed, 1 -34B, 7 ODD, MARTINU and PAMELA Nov&nber 9. 2017; ln wn nt Book(s Exhibrf A ,&Paqe PU8.JU .doc 124 7T-1502324703 NelW W ed Unh, -962, 7 8T.55 2017003,S3,1oo.18. GONZALQ AUARO, Notice No. 20170613767 Publit (s Exhibk .A,otMe Pubic F b & I8,q 18,To and Joge L TOFB 30 WHOU,S6,561.58,S1.98. K: FORECLOSURfl482O3.Le5 go.84; 680343-530031 4 3 ot DatauW and lmem to R ods of e County, R olds of Orange CouW, L163Q2 Mallad Road o rter, MA K: FORECLOSURN7669.WG Palm6ras Burdlck.OOO8 NOS. LuGila o Montoya 13010 Fo&los6 sent via edl FL Tot Due: g773.56 as ot Florida, includinglhe b ach or 01607, 112 All Season-Flo& Lakes HOA Rocha. Sandhill Park Ln Hou on, TX RegiAe d M publication to: September14, zo17; de bed defauN, notic8otwhichw&8s8t WeeMloatUnW.22 2222,47 NOS.Pub. R a.doc F.b 18, o, 18 7T044, 112 F,10 34D, 7 Galapagos 5, Cancun T75OO, as: One(1)Vatation Own6nhip to h in a Notica of D6fauW and NoncE OF TRWE'S EVEN, 1066N27, S11,368.5o, F.b 1&,a, 18 L183334 ODD,2O17O 6456,t1,617.78, Mexico;Mortgage &oded on lnt&ert ( ol having a lntent to Fo ose pDvld8d snu t6.64: 1251541-150v87603 L1 3M 8o.5o; 9 3-M2 3 Decembet 6, 2016; lnrt mem 112,000R20,7 ,500undivided to Ma la own add u wuTonn UWES,koW A HalB and Mon a T Dennis R momes and Shoma No. 20160630853 Public lme rt in Unhs bc ed in of Oblgo l, (S6e MlbN .01 (rHOMU) HWck 1780 HWck St 8aM, NoncE OF rRusnE's M mo 5 900 Ro a 40 R ords ot Orange County, BUILDING 1"; BIENN U .A,by e e Regi e d On Ma 7, 2018 & 11:00 ON KOH1GO CANADA, 1n NoncE OFTRWE'S SAV Pll Dv8, NJ 08098, 112 FL. Total Due: 89,591.15 as bcatad 224, Poims as M,or by publication by the a.m GREENSPOONMAROER,n-Floet Float SALE WESTGATE Lnws v Flx Waek IFlo Unk, 10 of Ju 19, 2017, ime defined in th6,ion tor undenignad Twrt,will s&| LL,201 E. Pine S a&, Unh, 22 2235, 16 EVEN, LP vncAnoN sulns T8&g. (DnL COL 35c, T ODD, 20170036456, $4.08 p& diem; d cribed a5: usein ODD s). atpubl aurtiontothe h hest Surfe 500, O ando, Florida 106= 7001, S3,882.95. . (BURDIC AQUINO) t2,1o8.6e. So.63: 13M 6 One (1) Vacation Own ship CHRISTOPHER D BRIGHT bidd8rtotlaw lmon6yotth8 32801, asT rtee punuantto S5.o3; 10T0260-N T 3 On Ma h 14. 2018, at On Mawh 14, 2018, at 3398872003 M A on lnta (wol") having a and REBEKA D 8RIGM, Un 8dSt 8sot riGa,lnM8 that Appointmant ot T rtee Juanka Se&on Dunbar and 11: a.m GREENSPOON 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON De Slha and RosalB Lop 52.5001826,821,000 und ided NoticeotDe uwandlntemto lobby ofSuk6 5,ofCaprfel ded on November 1, N A Se on 5T10 4 MARDER, LL,201 E. Pine MARDER. uP 201 E. Pine Ba osRuaBaraoDeUba299 lnte in unks numbe Fo&lose at uia am Plaza Bull ing 1, 201 E. Plne 2017, under Dowment w Ave Kenosha, wl N14O, 1,Suhe 500, O ando. s,Suh6 500, O ando, -go.5o1Porfo eg,o 101-106, 108-110, 201-2,Regirt&ed M Upublicat n to: StR8t, O ando, FL 32801,20170598156, of a Public All season-noal w F al norida 32801, Bs Twrtee Florida 32801, Bs Trurtee 09 BRAZIL 112 FixedW kl 208-210, 212-214, 216222, 1142 s HANOVER ST APT a, rigM, trtle and im in Me Racods of O nge County, Unk. 2300-2313, 35 WHOU, punuam to th& Appoint ent punuant to thBt Appointment Float Unk, 100-44c, & ODD, 301-3,308-310, 312-314, BALTIMORE, MD 21230-3718: pDpar srtu&edinthe Coun Florida, by ason ot a now 1010&2328, S26,952.23, ot T ee &old8d on ot T &oded on 2017 36456, S988.68, So.33 316-322, 401-406, 408-410, C im ot L6n ded on of O nge, Florida, describad tontinulngdefauWbyObligo s), t9.51 1204262-1502254403 Nov6mb& 6, 2017, under Orfobar 18, 2017, under 1424084-238T 38888 D na 412-414, n16422 loc ed in Novemb& 9.201T; ln w Bnt as: (See Exhibk A Tlme (See Exhlbrf A,whos6 lsmael L n Carrillo NanneWa DOtU m 2017 521. ot Documant N 20170570877, ot Robinson 829 G Road No wBUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; No. 20170613724 Public Sha lnt8 5|(s) (See Exhibh add Mis(See Exhibh A,in Ji nez Ra Ds c I6 14 2K 18 Public Racords of Orange M6 Publlc R8Gords of Orange 205 Ypsilami, Ml 48196, 1n BIENNIAuelloGe8d 105,0 RaGods of Orange County, A accoding to Me fima lhe paym6nt or perbm ance 4 T Dal Toa Toa #,County. norid4 by n Coun,Florida, by n Flxad Waek nlo& Unh, 1 - Points a defined in the FL. Tot Due: S576.O4 as ot Sha ng Plan for wgee ofthe obl gelion9 u d by PR 53, 1,-Fbat of a now ld uing detauW ot a now ntlnuing de uN 51D, 15 EVEN, 2017 36456, Decla tion tor use in ODD S8pt8mb6r14,2O17;describ8d p ate, ed in clal 5aidMortgag8&0rd8dinO.R. W flo&t UnW. 2 2325, by Mo gago s), (Sea ExhlbW by Obligo s), (s68 Exhibh $8,903.12, So.32; 678700- yea s). as:On6(1)V onOw8Rhip R ds Book TOIO Page Book(SeeExhibk A ,&Page 49 WHOU, 105 14639, .A,whose add ss is (s .A,who58 add s5 I5 (See 2956921403 Chandre L |, wrmin tha Condominium lme A (vol having a 1467, ot th6 Public Reco s (s86 Exhib wA"),ot 8 Public 818,295.62, S6.M; 1213054- Exhibk A,ln the payent or Exhlb "A,in the peyment or SpDI8s 3932 s Lake Pa Ave PD submmed to tha 63, 1554.257, und ided ot Orange County, norida ( e Recods or Orange Coun,1502260203 Robart c Wllcox p8rformanG8 ot e obligetions performante olthe obligations AptN 3N Micago, IL N, timesha Plan of FAIRFIELD lrrt&ertlnUn snum 147, Plan .Togetherwkh Meright Flor a,includinqthe b ach or Jr and ch& L Wllcox 1497 s u d by e Mortgage sacu d by said Claim otLen 1 2 Fwed, 1 52B, 14 ODD, ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK 148, 150-152, 154-162, 247- to ocwpy, punuant to the defauW,noticeo whichwasset 15 St ta, fl 34236, 1 &orded und& Docu t rded in under Dotumen 201T00,g915.o9, 0.31: RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM 252, 254-262, 347-352, 354- Plan, Building(s)IUnh[s)IUn form in a NotiGa otD&auW and,n-Floa WaeMlo (s Exhibh .A,otthe Public 201700 6, of th Public 6812&9-29WT52603 MilagDs ["meResortFacil "),together 362,447-452,454-462loc&ed Weekls)IAuignedYea s),(See ln ent to Fo close provided Unh, 24 -2416, 8 WHOLE, R ords of O e Coun,Recods of Orang6 County, Pe z 2449 sw 117th Ave w h all eppurtenances WeBo, in BUILDING 3, PHASE lll"; Mibh.A .6145Ca erDrive, to Me hnown add M 1053T,18,645.30, F rida, lncludin e b ach or no da, includin the b aGh or Miami, FL 33175, 1 Fixed, 1 atcolding and su je to the BIENNIAU bcat 126, O ando, FL 32819 &eln ot Obligo s), (Sea Exhibk S1o.18; 11T9635-15022274 de&W,no o whiGhwass& d8tauW,notic6o whichwasset 61C,2&WH0U,Z0170036456, Decla ion ol Condominium Points as defined in tha Trme Ma Plan (PDp8r ) A,by erfm agi e d Elizabath H BDadhum b torth in a Notita otDetauW and to hln a NoliG8 ofDafauW and $4,079.69, $1.30; 1038128- torFaim&d O ando Bonn& Declarat n tor use in ODD Add 5s Said sale will be Mail or by publicaion by lhe 111 Arbor Dr e G anville, llrf8 to Fo&lose pDvided lntent to Foreclosa pDvid8d 3349404003 Danny L Yod& C ek Re rf a Condominium" yea s). made (wrmort covenants, or undersignad T stee, will sall NC 27858, 1 All Season-Float to the known add M ot to th6 last known add u 9071rtSt & brterC y, Pcoded on June 8, 2 4 in JAY J ?OPAL and MANJULA wa an . 8xp N or implied, alpublitaurfiontothehighest WaeM at UnW, 2400-2422, Mortgago s), (See Exhibrf ot Obligo s), (Sae Exhibrf 50595 Swanne K Yoder N5 O cial Records Book T475, GOPAL, Notite ot DetauW gading e thle, poNession bldderlor law,nDn8y otM6 28 WHOU, 1 236631, A,by B e rt&ed A,by CerfifiedlRagiste d HiqhwKamrar,#5o132-7718, Page 881, & seq, Public and lntent to Foreclose sen or 6ncumbranc6s) o pay the Unhed Stalesot e S14,34o.2o, S7.18; 1231764- M,or by publitatlon by the Mall or by publieion by the 1 ixed Week nloat Unrf, 100- R8colds ot Oraflge Coun,via certmedlRegist M U unp d printip balance due lobby ot Surfe 500, ot Caprt 15022852 M&issa L8 5 undenlgn TwA,will sall undenigned Tw 86, will sell &3c, 7 WHOLE, 20170036456, Florda, as he to or publicalion to: 4 5 SAINT under the nDrtgag8 in the Plaza 8uildlng 1, 201 E. Pine 73 Mclean St lk -Bat,& publiG aurfion to ma hlghest e public aurtion lo the highest 86,587.52, $0.35; 677925- he a a Bnd8dTcoll8rf 8 . PAUL ST, BALnMoRE, MD um of (See Exhibrt A,St &, O ando, Fl 32801, all PA 18702-4205 and me sa blddertorlawhl money oftha bidderforlawtul money ofthB 3237206003 William A the Daclar ion . Being Me 21218; Cl m otL n &orded wkh inte eccwing at the right, tme and interest in M6 Davi5 Lewis 90 Ca e Unked States otAm8riGa, in the Unked Statas ofAmerica, intha Law nce 16106 Bndgew&k exarfsama proper tonveyed on December 20, 2017; rate of (See Exhibk A per pDp8 yskua 8dinth8County Wilk8s-Ba 9, PA 187 and lobby ofSuhe 5,ot Cap al lobby ot Surte 5,ot Cap Drive hia, FL M547, 4 to Mortgagor by d d recoded lnrtwment No. 20170690100 day. punuant to the Mortgage, o? O nge, Florida, described TyDn8 Davis 55B N FranWin Plaza 8ui ing 1, 201 E. Pine aza Building 1, 201 E. Pina Fixed, 1 51 100-51B, 1 - immediateW prior to the Public Reco s of Orange advana, rf any, under tha as:(SeeExhibh A Tln Sha St, Wilkes-Bar,PA 18702 S t, O ando, h 32801,t, O ando, Fl 32801, all 51c, 1 -51D, 52 WHOU. codation ha of. Coun ,FL.TotalDue:8734.51 t8nM of said Mo gage, lnte rt(s) (See Exhibrt A as and isha Davis 288 BuWon rigM, th and inte in the rigM, tWla and inte A ln lhe 52 WHOLE, 52 WHOU, Obligok shallhavethe rightto as of Orfober 25, 2017: chages and expensas ot defined in tha D laration of wood sl, villa, PA18651, pDp8r s uatadinth8Coun prope yskuatedintheCoun 52 WHOLE, 20170036456, tuPthe datauW and anyjunior described as: One (1)Vacation the Twrtee and of the lw s Covenants, Colldklons ard 1,Season-Flo weewnoal ot Oranga, horida, described ot Otange, Florida, descrlbed &1,584.45,$0.M lienholder shall have the rigM Owenhip lnte ( vol c ated by said Mo gage. R8J rirtion5torW8stgat8Lak8s Unk, 240 2426, 32 WHOLE, as: me tollowing Tlmesha as:(Sea Exhibk A")Tlma Share K: FORECLOSURE 27669. to d68m s inte up to having a 154,0 1691. 8.000 Obligo s) shall have Me right |, coded in omtial Retods 1060115g82. S1 1.528.95,e (s) consirflng ot an lnte (s) (See Exhlbk "A' as WG Lakes HOA bN Dal Col the d eth8t e8iNu8s Ma und ided lnte in Unks to CUR Me d&auW and any Book 5020, al Page 327, ot 88.66: 1213058-1502271203 und idad t simpletenant in deRned in the D8Glaration ot Aauino.o663wos. ub. DAL certmcateotsalebypayinglhe numbePd 1179-1186, 1188. junior lianholder shall have the Public Records ot Orange Bemado Anangu n Lomas Gom Dn inle in pep&uWy Covenants, Condhions and c LAQUINO.doc amounts due as o lined in the 119o-1198, 1279-1286, 1288. the rightto deem ks inte Coun,Florida ha .Plan,De Ulquia Urb El Pinar auima in the Plan Unn(s) ( Club Restrirfions for We gate Lak F b 18, 23, 1B pRt8dinagatagraphs. 1290-1298. 1379-1386, 1388. up lo the date the Trurtee and all am&Fd nt(s) MeBo, La Ananguaa c,Surt&s) s toM below in v, &ordedin omcialR8cord5 L 163N5 Bc NJ N 0318 - NOS 139 1398. 1481-1486. 1491- iuues the ce mcate ot Sale rf any.Tog her whh lhe right VENUUELA, 1,Season- LP vAcAnoN SUITES and Book 9580, at Page &08, ot February 1&,18 1496. 1583-1586, 1591-1594 by payingthe anDunts due as to occupy, punuant to the Float WeeMloal Unrf, 24 - the Condominium Common the Public Records ot Orange L 1s3327 located in BUILDING 5, oLrtlined abova. By: AMANDA L. Plan, Building(s) l Unrt(s) l Unk 2433, 33 WHOLE, 10537,Elemems and Tlmesha Coun,Florida (the "Plan"), NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S PHASE v: ANNUAU located CHAP AN, A horized Agant Week(s) l si9ned Y8a 5), S22,455.48,$1o.9o. ComnDn Elemems thBr8to as and all amendment(s) the to, SALF 154, Points as defined in HIBIT A - NOTICE OF (See Exhibk A . 10,000 K: FORECLOSURN92O4.WG mora particula y d6scrib8d in fi any.Together wkh the righ LP vncATloN sulru NOTICE OF TRWTEE'S the Declar ion lor use in EACH TRUSTEE'S SALE Tu ey Lake Road, O ando, Lakes (N momas.o126wos. and subjert to nl that certain to oGcupy, punuant to the 48203. (AGYEMAN- SALE y6a s). Owne s)IObligor(s);Timeshare FL 32819 (he in Tlme Shar6 PUB.THOMAS.doc ndad and Re ed Plan, Building(s) l Un (s) Unrf BAD NOTICE ls HEREBV GIVEN, RAYMOND A DRENON, SR lnterest;8uildinglUnit:Weekl Plan (P perty) Add ss Said F b ry1&,18 Declaration ot Condominium Week(s) l AMign8d Yea s), On B h 14, 2018, at that Gasdick Stanton Ear,Notite ot DelauW and lnlentto As gnedYear, MortgageBoo s e will be ade (wkhorf L1 219 for Vlllage ot lmaglne, A ISae Exhibk A . 10,000 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON P.A 1601 w. Coloni Dr FoBlos8 sent via ce m Page;Printip Balance; Per covenanls,orwa an ,exp ss Condomlnium, &oded Tu ey Lake Road, Orlando, MARDER, LLP 201 E. Pina O ando. Fh 32804. as Twstee Regi &ed MaiUpubl n Diem Amount; or implied, ading the tkl6, November 6, 2015 in OMtial FL 32819 (he in Time Shar6 St &, Su e 500, Orlando, Ma Appoint Pnt &oded to: 2430 INT ANDREWS 14w696-19 32314 Sue poM6ssion or encumbrances) NoncE OF TRUSTEFS Records Book 11009, Page Plan (P perty) Add ss")Said Florlda 32801, as Twstee O.R. Book 10666 at Paga DR, OLYMP FIELDS. IL Ann Ju do 176 Kiradp Dr. to pay the unpaid princip E 7799 in the Publit Records of sale wlll ba made (whho pu uant to Mat Appointment 9238 otthe Public R ord5 ot 60461-1163; Claim ot L6n Stanton, Ml,1 2 All balance dua under tha WUTGATE LnKEs,OBg8 County, FloridB, (the cov6nants,orwa an ,8wpr8N ot Tw ea recoded on Orange Coun,Florida,willsell &odedon Nov8mb6r9,2O17; Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, mortgage in tha amou of 2T . (ROCQ Condominium D laration ; or lmplled, gading We trfle, Novem er 6, 2017, under atpublicAurtionlothehighest lnrt mem No. 2017 13886 2-203.29EVEN,20160065601, (See Exhibk A . wrfh inta rt On M 14, 2018. al and [|) l cert n Decla ion poN8Nion or 8ntumbranc6s) Document 2017 5441, ot bidderotU.S.hnds,incashor Publ R ords of Orange 89,TN.43, S4.64; 1131831- accwing at Me rate ot (See 11: a. l GREENSPOON ot covenams, Condrtions and topaytheunpaidassassmenk the Publit R6colds ofO nga certm hnds on .on Manh couW.FLToeDue:S631.26 901N2g015John M and Exhib .A p& day.punuant MARDE PA. 201 E. p e R6rmrt ns end t&ion du6 ln the amount of (S Coun,Flo da, by n 1 2O16at9 am, sd k a5 ot Se 14. 17; Palrit M&caW 51 Tony Tr 'Ue Mo gage, v&,W, Su 5 nB hip ln w m r LP nlbh "A,wkh lm t ol alnow conLnuing defauW Stanton,PA 1601 w. d8Krib6das:On8(1lVa ion Weave il,NC 28787 1n,fi &ny, und6r the te ol Florida 32B01. s T 86 lon Su as. ad on BKwlng e me rate ot W by Mortgego s), (s ExhlbW Coloni Dr ando.FL328,Ownenhip lmareA (vol") Season-Fbat WeeMlo& Unrf, sBld Mortgage. Gha 8s and pu uan to th Appoimn m Nov er e. 2015, ln O GiBl ExhibW A perday,pu uantto .A,whosa add u I5 ISee all right, thle and i e in having a 105.0001613,176.0 2-305, 4z ODD, 102691546, expanses of the Tw ee and of TtUA &o ad on R o s Book 11,Page aTlmesha Plan,advances, ExhibW A ,in e pay mor the p p8rfi6s li ed b6low und ded lme rf in Unrfs 87,875.2o, $3.47; 1211092- ofthe tw s c alad by sad Sep embar 15, 2017, und 8650, ln e Publ R ords rfany,undertheterms olsald n n otMe obllg&lons in O nge Coun,Florida numb&ed 1163-1171, 1173- 2150628015 AWonzo Bhan Mortgage.Obligo sTshallhave Dowment w 201T05071|8, of otO&ge CouW,F rida( e Cl n. ot Len, chages and 5 u d by a Mortgage lor continuing nonpayrBnt 1178, 1263-1271. 1273-1278, and Kimb8t D Gadn8r and h8ri9httocu th8d&auWand M8 Public R rds ot Olan36,BshBr8 laBion . me 8xp8ns8s otMeTw ee and ot r o edln und& DocuB ot sessments (as well as 1363-1371, 1373-1378, 1465- DianeN La an9OWilson Drive anyjuniorlienho & sh&ll have CouW, norida, by n Condominium D8Gla&lon and T6t sc at8dbysaidClaim (See Exhibrf A,otM6 Public pDp6r lax,int,e 1471, 1473-1476, 1565-1568, Cdumbus, MS 39702, 1n #| lherigMto e&n ksilrt8 ot B now minuing de uW e fin s Declar&ion, as of Uen. Obligo s) shall have R8colds ot Orange Coun , t88sandlorcom,rfapplKab ) 1571. 1573. 1574 loc in n-flo WeeMb Unk, up to lh6 dat the Twrt by Obligo s), (s Ewhibrt each may be hrther nded M8right ocu th8d6fauWand Flor a, nGludlnqth8 b BGh or due tu & d8Krib8d as BUILDING 4, PHASE ; 2-403, 43 MN, 1053v5232, lssues the certmtate ot S e .A"), whose address I5 (Sae homtlm8to m8,ar8h8l8lnaW8t anyjuniorllanholdershallhave d&auW,notlceo whichwass& follows: BIENN Ualloc ed 210,0 $9,423.22, $4.47; 1186124- by payingthe amounts dua as Ewhlbh A .inthe payentor coll ive r to as tha rigMto m rfsinte A form a Noll otDe uWand CRAIG DAVID E LOMBARDI Poin s defined in the 9016518515 Manha J SmWh ortlinedabove.By:AMANDAL rman otthe oblig&ions me D la Dnsh;Tog8W8r up to the dale the TtUA lntent to FoBlos8 pDvid and JACLYN E LOMBARDl, Declar ion for use in ODD and James A Smith Jr 225 CHAPMAN,Arthoriz8dAgBm Bu d by s d Cl m ot en wrfh the llo ng: m6 gM issuas the amcate ot S&e lo ae IB know add u o Notice of DefauN and lntem to yae s). lw Way Mun rd, AL 36268. EXHIBrr n" - NoncE OF ded in und Dow t to e & fi Pe od, bypaylngtha&nounkduaas Mo gago (s Mlb Fo&lose sem via certme JENNIFER VOGELSONG and 1 #| Season-Float WeeW TRUSTEE'S NU 20170397061, ot e Public as defined ln the nm89 ortlinedabove.By:AMANDAL. A,by ertm egi a d Regirt&ed Maiupublic&ion to: CAUB PELL Not eofDetau flo Un,2-509, 34 WHOU, owne sVobligo s); fim6sha R s ot Orange County, OecBB n. and to use and cHAPMAN,Arthoriz8dAp6nt Mall or by public ion by We 117 w 8TH AV ,TAREWM, and lntem to Fo&bse sem 1 N76, S14,282.7o, lnt : Buildingl UnW; kl Florida, includinqMe b ch or oKupy B Club Surte ot the QNIBIT uA"-Nonc OF undenigned Twstea, will sall PA 15084; Claim of Len viB cartm egi M U 86.7o; 1439839-357&002926& AuignadY ;MortgagaBoohl detauW,noticeo whiGhwasset Plan Unrf Configu tion sat TRUSTEE'S SALE at public aurfion to the highe racoded on June 21, 2017; publ a on to: 310 s BEECH K th D Cli on and Kimbe Paga; Principal 8alance; Per torth ln B Notice otDa uW and brth balow, on a ho&lng Owner(sT Obligor(s) Last b dartorlaw,Dn8y ot a lnstwmBnt No. 20170344349 ST, BRYAN, OH 43506; Claim L Clinton 1625 Movlb Dlem . lnte to Fo&lose prov use basis as sel rth balow, Know Add ; Tl sha UnW8dStat85otAnariGa,inM8 Public Records of O nge otLi8nRcod8don November Lan6 St Louis, MO 63136, 1162023-1502211603 Ericka to e lart own &dd in aKo wWh, and lm&e ; Buildingl Unk; w lobby otSuWe 5,ot W& County, FL. Tolal Due: 10, 201 ; lnstwm,No. 112,Season-Fbat Wae Y momas 3241 NW 21Nh ot Obligo s), ls Exhibk suble to e |&a on5, Assignad Year; CBim of Li6n Plaza Building 1, 201 E. ine $1,096.54asotApnl25,2017; 20170616045 Publit Reco s Float Unk, 2-602, 35 WEN, St & Opa-L ka, FL NO . A,by certmedlRegirt& as an&dad, tog&h6r wrm R8cold8d und& Docu nt St 6t, Orlando, Fl 32801, all described as: One (1)Vaca on ot Orange Coun,FL Tot 201 0109158, 89,162.92, 1 Allseason-noat Floal M,or by publica n by e Me ght in comnDn w &| N;ClaimofLienaount;PerD m right, trfle and intere in the Ownenhip lnta ( ol Dua: $2,461.03 as ot Augu $4.35: 1328323-9019036515 Unk, 15 -1521, 38 WHOLE, undenigned T rt,|| s&| Owne to use and enloy 1 69-3701557503 Gustavo propertysWuatadinthaCoun having a 112, 0161 ,1T6, 0 29, 201T; describad as: Stephan B Vallecio and 10345/ . $18,498.26, publk aurfiontotha highert M6 nmesha Common Dal Col Aquino and Natalia ot Orange, Flo da, described undivided lnt6 rt in Unks One (1) Vacation Owekhp Carmindo A Vallecio T517 S9.46: 1122727-N65956003 bidder rlaw,money ofthe EI8 nt5 and Condominium CoAaCysn8iD5AvGuatula13O as: me llowing fimesha numbe d 547-552, 554-562, lnte ( volh having Pebble Beach Rd Fo M en, James Ohlan BramleW and UnrtedStatesof ata,inthe Common Ele ms during he,Apt 201 Morada Das Garcas lnte (s) tonsi ing ot an 647-652. 654-662, 747-752, a 105,000 04,420.000 FL 33967, 1/2 Fixed weew B anJoseph Mo is1OO6GoR lobby of Suke,ot Cap al Home k sa ed lo each Macae Rj 27920 090, BRAZl und id6d lea simplet am in 754-762, 849-852, 854-860. undivided lnte in Un s float Unrt, 2-704, 26 ODD, St & TIWon, GA 31794, 1/2 Plaza 8uilding 1, 201 E. Plne ato s d Tl are lr a rt 1nF adweaknloatunrf,80- tommon inte in pepetu y 949, 950, 954-956, 959, numbered 663-671, 673 78. 10786n695.$10,599.59,$5.07; All Season-Float W Mloat Sl et, O ando, n 32801,as a and n y be s& rfhin 207, 14 EVEN, 20170036456, in Me Plan Unh(s) ( Club 960 located in BUILDING 763-7T1, 773-778, 863-871, 123 -9017401815 Cesa o Unk, 17 -1724. 17 EVEN. right, tW and ime in the e DeclaBions; Tl Bsha $3,455.04, So.35; 1012293- Suke(s) set forth below in 3, PHASE lll"; BIENNIAU 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, T Jovellanos Jr and Da ene 1025314650, 819.51o.38. pDp8r s uated in We Coun lnte rt: (See Exhibrt A Club 323985&003 Paltick E Lownren LP VA ATION SUITES and allocated 224, 0 Points as 1063-1071, 1073-1078 located R Jovellanos 19 Woodc st 86.59; 1 1 1 T573-3366877003 ot Oran,Florida, desc bad Suke Number: (See ExhibW A 46451 lnverness Canton,the Condominium Common defined in the Declaration for in BUILDING 4, PHASE lv; Ciwl6 Mon e Township, NJ Be Hayas 185 T stl6 Rd as:(See hibrf A TlmaSha UnrfW kNumb&:(SeeExhibit 48188 and Lois w Lowney Elements and Ti Bsha us6 in EVEN year(s). BIENNIAUallocated 210,000 48180, 1,S8a5on-Float lvan oe, NC 28447, 112 All lntere (s) (s68 Exhibk A as A Plan Unk Configuration: 51131 Northview p mouth, Ml ComnDn Elamen th8BI as PETER GARRISON and Point as dafined in he Wee Floal Unk, 2-710, 27 Season-Floal Weekl Float defined in we Declaration of (See Exhibrf A Season: (See 48170-5169, 112 Fixed Week mo pa icul described in MARCIA GARRISON, Notite of Declaration or use in NEN WHOIE, 106011B071, $710.84, Unrf, 1T00-1732, 18 ODD, Covenants, Condhions and Exhibk .A R urring Right: nloat Unrt, 90-211, 7 ODD, and subje to (|] that tertain Default and lnt6nt to Foreclose yaa s). $o.oo; 1447872-26765464545 1024412705, $16,903.04, Rertriclions tor ` ertg e Lakes (s86 Exhibrt .h lnte al 201 70036456, $3,459.27, Amended and Res ted sent via Cert egi ered TROY FRENCH and DAWN Gabriel Z Ga bedian and 86.4o 1117578-N66679000 |. racorded in OMcial Records Conbol Number. (s Exhibk $0.98; 1119423-3366143003 Declaration of Condominium MaiUpublitation to: 7752 FRENCH. Notite ot DetauW Veronica p Garabedian 6758 Nawedalia Henera PO Box Book 5020, Page 327, of A andMambenhip in th6 Josimar D Ai s Junior and for Village ol lmagina, A MONTGOMERY RD UN 5, and lntent o Fore ose sent We S8Rnera Way Apt 2>2 120645 Chula Vl a, CA 91912. the Public Recods ol Orange HiWon Grand Vac ions Club. Luciana M Co a Ru Des. Condominium, Pcoded CINCINNATl. OH 45236-4239; via ce medlRegiste d Mai West Jodan, UT 84081-5828, 1/2 All S6ason-Float w86k/ County, Florida Tthe "Plan,9501 Univenal Boulevad. Paula Mota 1865 Bairro Ouro November 6, 2015 in OMcial Claim ot Lien recorded on publication lo: p O Box 350, 1 All Season-Float weew Float Unk, 1T00-1734, 41 and all amendment(s) thereto. O ando, FL 32819 (he in Preto Bloco 1 Apto 1201 Belo Records Book 110,Page August 31, 2017; lnstwment ROBERTS, wl 54023; Claim Float Unit, 2-806, 46 WHOLE, EVEN, 10244/2707, $8.486.64. rf any.Togelher wkh the right 'Tl sh Plan (PDp8rfy) Horizonte, 31310340 BRAZIL, 7799 in the Public Recods of No. 201 70484727 Publit of Lien recoded on Novamber 201 6/01 77338. 817,923.44. $4.90; 1 1 17591-3366443003 to occupy, punuant to the Add M"). By: Amanda L. 1n Fixed Weak IFlo Un,90- Orange Coun . Florida. he Recods of Orange CoLn,9, 2017; lnst mant No. 88.73; 1326197-90189s051 Ebere v Chukwuezi and Stanley Plan, Building(s) l Un (s) l Un Chapman A horized Aqent 307, 7 EVEN, 20170036456, "Condominium Decla tion : FL. Total Due: $1,287.36 as . 20170615479 Public Racods Richard A Ries and Megan G,Chukwuezi 1721 Brandmere Week(s) / ANigned Yea s), WHIBIT"A"- Non E OF 81,663.51, $0.58 1002127- and (ii) that certain Declaration of July 6, 2017; described as: ' of Orange Coun,FL Total Ries 7270 150m St E Hastings. Dr Austell, GA 30168, 112 (See Exhibrf A . 10.000 SALE 3337462003 Charles Hacke ot Covenants, Condkions and One (1) Vacation Ownenhip Due: $1,300.50 as or Augurt MN 55033, 1 All Season- All Season-Float Week/Float Turkey Lake Road, Oriando, CONTRACT NO./ and Donna M Catlyn Hacke Restrittions and Vacation lnterest ("vol h ving a 29, 2017; de5cribed as: Floal Wee Float Unit, 2-902, Un,1700-1755. 36 EVEN, FL 32819 me in 'Tlme Share OWNER(S), 08LIG0R(S) Po Box 120308 Brooklyn, Ownership lnstrumenl lor LP 347,000/920,709.500 undivided One (1) Vacation Ownership 13 WHOLE, 1 0779/8571,102 412711, 822,354.6o, Plan (Property) Addres5")Said ADDRESS TIMESHARE NY 11212, 1/2 Fixed Week l Vacation Surfes, recoded on lntere in Units located in lnterest (vol'.) having a 815,55o.61. $7.53; 1437185- $7.78; 1 1 17613-336J803003 sale will be made (wrthout INTEREST Float Unrf, 90-607, 7 EVEN, November 6, 2015, in omcial .'BUILDING 1'.; ANNUAU 308.000/410.091.000 undivided,38619449201 Juan Trujillo and Jesenia v Johnson 107 covenants. or wa an . 8xp N CLUB SU E NO EEK NO 201 70036456, $6,068.82, Records Book 11009, Pag6 allocate 347,000 Points as lnterest in Unks numbe d T31 - Alicia Trujillo 6 Robert Avenue Maddox St, Ea Bre on, or implied, r6garding the title,PLAN UNIT CONFIGURATION,$0.35; 1 0021 44-333571 0003 8650, ln the Public Recods - detined in the Declaration tor 746, 831-846, 933, 934, 937- Prospect Heights, IL 60070, AL 36426 and Veronica A poN85sion or encumbrancas) RECURRING RIGhT SEASON Robert c AlleL 13333 NW 14th of Orange County, Florida (the use in EACH year(s). 942 located in BUILDING 2. 1/2 All Season-Float Wae Johnson Panameritana Sur to pay the unpaid assessments INTERVAL CONTROL NO. Ave Cape oral, FL 33993 "Timeshare Declaration'.). me CURTIS D SLOAN JR, Notice ' PHASE ll.'; ANNUAUallocated,Float Unrt. 2-903, 12 EVEN, Km 8 Via Guajale Levapan Del due in the amount of (Sea MORTGAGE RECORDING Mona Alley 4311 w. Banner Cir Condominium Daclaration and ot DefauK and lntent to ; 308,000 Poi s as defined in 2016/0081844, $1 0,996.30, Ecuador Sa aurfo. ECUADOR Exhibrf "A,wrfh interest BOOWPAGE OR DOC# Citws SpFings, FL 34433-6884, the Timeshare Declaration, as Foreclose sent via Certified/ he Declar iontorusein EACH i $5.36; 1 382572-9019829315 and Lo na L Laverde Morales accruing at the rate ot (See PRINCIPAL BALANCE 1/2 Fixad Week IFloat Unit, 90- eath may be hrfher amended Registered MaiUpublication year(s). Fa q H Tawwab and ldania Carcalen Juan Roldas Aquilara. Exhibrf '.A") per day, punuant to PER DIEM 611, 1 EVEN. 20170036456, trom time to ime, are he inaR& to: 302 WYNDHAM DR. All. within the Condominium Lavielle 9570 NW 32nd Pl Calle E Quito, ECUADOR, 1 the Timeshare Plan. advances. AMOUNT 83,261 .79, $1 .02; 685090- tollertively raf6rPd to as LANSING, KS 66043-5201: Plope y submmed to the Miami. FL 33147-2783, 1 All All Season-Float Week/Float it any, under the erms ot said 46-500262 CHRISTOPHER 2931975103 Nelson Mujica the .'Declarations";Togeth6r GLORIA M SLOAN. 6 LEGGE timeshare Plan ot FAIRFIELD Season-Floal Wee Float Unk, Unk, 1700-1765, 1 WHOLE, Claim ot Lien, thag6s and JOSEPH BURDICK 250 w ' 9333 sw 5 Ln Miami, FL with the tollowing: The right CT APT COLUMBIA, sc ORLANDO AT BONNET CREEK 2-909, 3 WHOLE, 1087312 05, 1 0244/271 7, $28,221 .07, expenses ot the Twstee and ot OCEAN BLVD APT 1407 33174, 1 Fixed Week /Float to reserve a Time Period, 29206-6011; Claim ol Lien RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM $18,001.72, $8.71; 1181|27- $9.03; 1203N0-2801699203,lhetwsts c ed by said Cl m LONG BEACH, CA 90802- Unrt. 100-13A, 51 WHOLE, as defined in the Timesha retoded on August 31, 2017: ( he Resort Fatil,together 9015999215 Bet w king Hugo F Pacheco and Johanna of Lien. Obligo s) shall hava 7943, 11104, 829/42, ONE 201 70036456, $1,901.90, Declaration, and to use and lnstrument No. 20170484782 wkh all appurtenances thereto. 9561 Capkola Rd Tallaha ee, p Pacheco 79 48 69th Ava #1 the righ to cura the delauW and BEDROOM PLUy ODD 8o.68 1380191-3701544903 occupy a Club Suke of the Public Records of Orange actording and subjerf lo the FL 32317, 1 Fixed Week/Float Middle Village, NY 11379, 1/2 any junior lienholder shall have NUMBERED YEAR, GOLD/ Jose R Da Silva Junior and Plan Unrf Configuration set Coun,FL. Total Due: Declaration of Condominium Un,2-1002. 26 WHOLE, All Season-Floa Wee Float the right to deem ks inte st 829-42 O, 201 60369985, Larissa Veras Pwdente De torfh below. on a Roating 81,614.14 as of July 6, 2017; tor Fairfleld O ando at Bonnel 1 043914592, $1 0,57 .65, Unrt, 1800-1831. 41 EVEN. up to the date We Twrtee $11,313.06, $5.57; 46-502375 Ab u ae 30 Conjunto A Casa use basis as set torth below, described as: One (1) Vacation C ek Resorf a Condominium" $4.15; 1446757-9662798 05 1049y2902, $15,785.24, $9.04; issues the cerfmcate ot Sale BIPINCHANDRA MISTRY 1 Guara Brasllia, 71065010 in accodance wrfh, and Ownenhip lnterest ( ol Rcord8d on June 8, 2004 in Peny J Prob and De ra 1254236-1502322103 Richad by paying tha amounts due as and MEGAN R. MISTRY 109 8RAZIL, 1/2 Fixed Week l subject to the Declarations, having a 112,000/T04,420,000 OMcial R8colds 8ook 7475. L Probst 3013 w Brm Avid M Downi and Zenobia L o linedabove.By:AMANDAL RICHDAU RD NEEDHAM, Floal Vnrf, 100-15c, 6 EVEN, as amended, together wrth und ided lnte st in Unrfs Page 881. et seq. Public Rd Columbus, GA 31|09, Downing 51 E 42nd St et CHAPMAN, Arthorized Agent MA 02494-1 900, 11104, 201 70036456, 89,5884.34, the right in common wkh all numbe d 663-671. 673-678, Recods ot Orange Counly. 1/2 All Season-Float a lndianapolis, IN 46226. 1 All EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF 924131, ONE BEDROOM EVEN $0.35 679132-9007150803 Owners to use and enjoy 763-771, 773-778, 863-871, Florida. as he totor6 or Float Unrt, 2-1011, 28 D, Season-Float Wee Float TRUSTEE'S SALE NuMBEREDYEAR,PLAnNuM/ Francesca E Windley 41-47 the Tlmesha Common 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, hereaWer an nded (collartively, 201 6101 53386. $10,61 60, Unrf, 1900-1942, 30 WHOLE, Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast 924-31 E, 201 70041738, Clinton Place Apt 4-D New EI6m8nts and Condominlum 1063-1071, 1073-1078 located the wD8cla tion . $5.17; 1465759-8693478642 1068&1403, S14.339.36. Mow Add N; fim ha $15.725.02, S7.75; 46-502786 Rochelle. NY 10801. 112 Common Elemenls during e in wBUILDING 4, PHASE lv"; Obl on sh,have the right to Kenneth A wameld and Panela a7.96; 1184714-1502216403 lnt ; 8ui ing1 Un ; DAHLIA ALICIA LAWRENCE Fixed, 100-15D, 6 EVEN, Home WEek rese ad to each BIENNIAUallocated 224,000 cu the defauW and anyjunior M wameld 606 85th Ave NW Jacque n D Wilson 11637 WeeklAwigned Year. Unp d and GEORGE A. LAWRENCE 20170036456,$4,126.10,$1.13 aforesaid Tlmesha lnte Points as defined in the lienholder shall have the right Coon Rapids. MN 55433, s. mDop St UnkQ Chicago, Nn nts; Per Diem 60 MATADOR LN DAVIE, FL 683432-3289649003 Chri ina as a and may be s& forth in Decla tion tor use in EVEN lo deem ks int up to 112 All Season-Float w68w IL 60643-5122 and A evia B Amount 33324, 1 52, 1010136, TWO Jurczyk and Pawi OuimeWe 86 the Declarations: Timesha yea s). Me date the tw ae iMu8s the Float Unk, 2-1511, 33 ODD. Trosclair 24035 Nightingale Eduardo p Rocha and Rosario BEDROOM EVERY YEAR, Chapman Place Leominster, lnta st: (See Exhibk A Club MATTHEW J SCHUCKMAN and Cartific e ot Sa by paying the 201 610320935, $1 1 ,560.37, Ct Plaintield. IL 60585. 1 All L Rocha 701 Bartolo Ave GOLDI1O1O-36, 201701 12524, MA 014N. 112 Fixed Week l Surfe Number: (Sae Exhibk BETHANY D SCHUCKMAN, amounts due as o lined in the $5.60; 14T6980-67854722906 Season-Float WeeMloat Montebello, CA 90640, 1 F ed S22,491 .oo. 81 1.09: 46-5001 15 Float Unrf, 1 -21B, 26 ODD. wA Unrf Week Numb&: Notite ot De ult and lntent to preceding pa graphs. David R Levine Brandy o Unk, 2000-2011, 25 WHOLE, WMixed Unk, 1500-1563. snPHEN SCOTrY MIYASATO 20170036456, 81,951.14, (Sea Exhibrf A Plan Unk Foreclose sent via Certifiedl Bc NJ COLNOSO318-NOS Levine 823 Ha ey Rd Greer, 1o44ol132, $25,065.44, 40 WHOLE, S6,561.58, 81.98; 94-516HAHANA PLWAIPAHU, $0.58; 6B2088-329&094003 Contigur ion: (See Exhibk ~ Registered MaiUpublication,Feb ary 16, #, 18 sc 29651, 112,Season- 81o.79; 1144932-21504 903 Tony D Mason 3123 Shi ey Hl 96797-2717, 1 52, James J F eman 303 Concord "A") Season: (See Exhibrf A to: 15138 MULBERRY ST. L1 214 FloatWee Flo Unrt, 2-1605, Alan G Symonds and Jan& E Dr Jackson. MS 3921241M 1oo&25, 2 BEDROOM EVERY Street Hu in2on Station, NY Recu ng Right: (See Exhibk souTHGAn, Ml 48195-2042; 27 ODD, 201610469118, Goode Oxbd Downs Station and Lashonda N Mason 128 YEAR, PLATINUMI1OO8-25, 11746 Ma F eman 2205 A") lnternal lnte al ContDl Claim of en oded on $10,522.57, $5.13; 1411531- Nebo, 04742 AUSTRALIA, 1 Ramada Cir. Jackson, MS 20160316419, $32,045.80, Brookwood Ln Ea t Patchogue, Number: (See Exhibk A November 9, 2017: ln5t m8nl NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 1502449315 Vl oria B Madison Fixed WeeMloat Unk, 2100- 39212-4321. 1 2 All Season- $15.80; 46-501767 TAMARA NY 11T75-7109. 1 2 F ed andMembenhip in the HiWon No. 20170613764 Public SALE and Kenya N Banks 2588 Bulen 2112, 15 WHOLE, 10295 T295, Float WeeklFloat Unk. 15 - LYNN MAYER 2325 Lake Week moatun,100-21D, 26 Grand Vacations Club. 9501