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February 22, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 22, 1980

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Page 4, HERITAGE, Florida Jewish News. February 22. 1980 Rumanian Soccer Team Member Defects in Israel TEL AV1V (JTA)--Ivanov Roland, a masseur attached to a visiting Rumanian soccer team, apparently has defected. The Rumanian Embassy was informed by the team's manager, Francis Kovacz, that Roland has been missing since Saturday night. He was last seen in Netanya where he reportedly borrowed IL 500 and $100 from team mates and, carrying a valise, boarded a tam for Tel Aviv. Which Mrs. Cohen Visited by David Schwartz (Copyright 1980,' Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) Not so long back, we read in an Israeli paper about the visit of Mrs. Cohen at one of the Lake Tiberias hotels. Lake Tiberias is a beautiful place, with nice hotels, so why shouldn't Mrs. Cohen stop there? But the story didn't say which Mrs. Cohen it was. Was it Mrs. Sarah Cohen or Mrs. Stanley Cohen or maybe Mrs. Frank Cohen. There are a great many Mrs. Cohens. It wasn't long before we realized that it wasn't really Mrs. Cohen at all. The story in fact went on to say that in this case it was an assumed name. It seems Jacqueline Onassis had visited the resort and to shield herself from publicity had registered as Mrs. Cohen. The hotel knew about it and cooperated. Well, anyway, we are sure she must Have enjoyed her stay. As we said, Lake Tiberias is very nice. Israel, really has a surprising number of attractions for visitors. Recently the Israeli press reported the arrival of a troupe of English actors who performed in Jerusalem. They were quoted in the press as saying they didn't know how the performance will come out, but they were sure enjoying the Jerusalem weather The weather is one of the winter attrac- tions, but it seems that almost everyone who visits Israel finds something special. A New York Jewish girl returning after a stay of some months in Israel told us she felt the Israeli people were a bit more friendly than others. A New York Times correspondent seemed to have been impressed by the "Sabbath Flowers." He wrote: "No Israeli housewife with any pretentions of running a good home would be without the Sabbath flowers, and on Friday the stalls in Jerusalem are asp!ash with color, roses, carnations, marigolds, Peonies." The kibbutzim are an attraction for many. There are various kinds and also they can be studied from many aspects. For instance, it seems that most of Israel's military leaders come from the kibbutzim. Moshe Dayan, People will tell you, was wont to lie for weeks at a time in the open when he was trying to develop a new species of cauliflower able to resist the invasion of bugs. After learning to stop the bugs it was simple to resist other kinds of invasion. Israel is also Fecommended as a good place to learn English. Golda Meir is said to have told the President of the United States that her foreign minister, Mr. F__ban, spoke an English with less foreign accent than Mr. Kissinger, the American Secre- tary of State. The Jewish visitor is apt to be impressed above all by the complete absence of anti-Semitism in Israel. You ask yourself how can they get along without it? Whom do they blame for their faults? As Danny Kaye once said, if you call anyone in Israel a dirty Jew, it simply means he needs a bath. The sacred places are of course an attraction for the religious minded. A Catholic pdest told of enjoying his visit but complained that the Israeli cafes didn't Jewish Involvement with Boat People, Vietnamese by Ben Frank HONG KONG (JTA) -- "To travel along the Thai land-Cam- bodian border in January, 1980, is to see death, hunger and hope all rolled into one," said Rabbi Steven Jacobs of Temple Judea in Tarzana, California. "It is the Holocaust." It is there, moreover, that this writer learned that the final act may soon be played out. Within the next few months, we may yet see another vast human tide of Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees that will pale last summer's.onslaUght which in itself was a natural disaster. In an interview in Hong Kong, just after JaCobe and Elmer Winter, past president of the American Jewish Com- mittee, visited Thailand and Cambodia, Jacobs told me the crowded Shum Shui Po camp in Hong Kong was nothing compared to the thousands caught in open-air huts in camps sprayed by the cross fire of politics of famine, politics of hate and politics of war. He agreed that the Cambodian people have become the pawns of geopoli- tics. The Vietnamese-backed Phnom Penh regime which has overrun Cambodia is fight- ing the deposed Pol Pot regime and in so doing may push out 300,000 men, women and children in refugee camps which straddle the border between Cambodia and Thailand. Thousands of Cambodians could soon be pouring out of the area deeper into Thailand. Because of lack of food, many will starve as did many thou- sands this past summer, thus reminding the world again of the sounds and sights of emaciated and sick children. A- Moving Sight In the midst of all this human tragedy, one sight that moved the two Jewish leaders in this border area which resounds with gunfire and shelling .in the background, was the Red Magen David emblazoned on the green outfits of the Israeli medical team. "There are four or five such teams throughout the area," Jacobs said. "They obviously are an inspiration to others." He talked to some of the Israeli doctors and nurses in Hebrew, he related, and he could sense that these were dedicated men and women who would never stop their work of saving human life. The medical team members were married individuals who gave up their daily life in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa to be in this part of the world--thousands of miles from home. But, continued Jacobs, Jewish involvement in the caring for the stawing, for the refugees, is not limited to the Israeli team. In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, American Embassy who, according to Jacobs, are well aware of the re-settlement offers made by his synagogue as well as congregations throughout the U.S. Jacobs pledged to continue his efforts to arouse the American Jewish community to greater re-settlement efforts regarding the boat people. "My fact finding mission to Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia has changed my life and deepened my commit- ment to re-settlement here in our country and elsewhere. It is a rare privilege to be alive and to be able to sponsor a family," declared this rabbi who is the chairperson of the (California) Governor's Citizen Task Force of Refugees. While he said that for now, food is getting through to the starving on the border, he added he would continue to plead for American Jews to contribute monies for Cambodian relief. Jewish concern is recognized.' More'Involvement Necessanj by officials at the American As a spiritual leader, Jacobs Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week Celebrated Feb. 17-24 NEW YORK -- Burton S. Levinson, chairman of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry (NCCJ), have called for the remembrance of three Soviet Prisoners of Conscience (POCs) during Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week, which ends Sunday. Throughout the week, Feb. 17- 24, programs are traditionally dedicated to furthering mutual respect and understanding among people of different backgrounds, races and religions. The three POCs--losif Mendelevich, a religious Jew, Yuri Federov and Aleksei Murzhenko, two Christians--are the only remaining prisoners from the 1970 Leningrad trial. The trial highlighted the plight of l I people who intended to steal a Soviet airplane and fly to Israel. Mendelevich, the 32-year-old engineering student, was sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp, but is now in a prison in Chistopol. Murzhenko, .37, and Federov, 36, formerly students, are serving sentences of 14 and 15 years, respectively. Noting the importance of emphasizing the plight of the three men, Levinson said: "In the spirit of Brotherhood Week we must publicize our struggle to reinforce the uncompromising principles of equality and justice and the sanctity of an individuars basic rights. We must, therefore, alert people in all walks of life to the sad fate of these people languishing in Soviet prisons. Their lives are being wasted, and only because they sought their freedom to live and the right to practice their religion without oppression. Their plight must not be forgotten. I, therefore, urge all Americans to demonstrate support by taking part in consciousness raising activities in commun- ities throughout the country, and by sending letters to Soviet officials here and in the Soviet Union concerning the three prisoners, requesting their,immediate release." Emphasizing the theme of "respecl:" .for this year's Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week, Hyatt noted: "Respect is the singular key to improved interpersonal and intergroup relations. It is, therefore, incumbent upon each of us in every facet of society--temple, government, school, business--to focus on the need for everyone to respect . each other, especially each other's right to free speech and religion. We must stand firm to protect these rights and we must continue to fight on behalf of those who need our support. Mendelevich, Murzhenko and Federov need us--let's not let them down." In observance of Brotherhood Week, Mendelevich's sister, Rivka Drori, now living in Israel, wrote to the National Conference on Soviet Jewry that: "My brother's spirit is strong but his body is weak because of severe malnutrition and heart disease. I am afraid that he may not survive to complete his prison sentence. Additionally, I believe that Jewish activists and dissidents in the Soviet Union face a critical period, and the next few. months may be the last months to save my brother's life. Please don't forsake him and those who suffer with him!" In commemoration, of this red-letter week, Natasha Federova, wife of Yuri Federov, who recently arrived in this country from Moscow, will tour the United. States under the auspices of the NCSJ on behalf of her husband and other POCs. I had found in some New taurants, but then, whe cactus sandwich except is sold in Israel like the America. Israelis of course refer to| Sabras or cactus. They the cactus, a nice and juicy inside. The cactus is one of the many ways It has to exist! water and no fertilizer is roots, yet the beauty the plant rival the rose more avid collectors. Israel too, has some of the tions. It too is short of water cactus, go far and profiting from Israel's water Sometimes, of satisfied. An American JeW  to Golda aboL the Israeli Parliament, he wasl see members reading the one member was That only showed, m much like the told of her visit to the c in Washington. As one spoke, she and the speaker didn't mind. He spoke in a seeming desire not to sleepers. The fight of free speech but so is the right to papers. believes that the American Jewish community must become even more involved in the plight of the boat people and the starving Cambodians. "As'a Jew, I came away from the Nazi Holocaust with an obsession. It is from the Book of Leviticus and translated for me it says, 'You shall not stand idly by while the blood of your brothers and sisters cdes out to you from the earth.'" He asserted that he would like every rabbi to visit this 15art of the world and see the situa- tion personally. "They would never be the same," he said, adding what he termed was an agenda for the American Jewish community now: To translate its words and more as: resettlement namese familie and an of funds raised f# Relief. dacobs is which he President who wrote: "Th e and the Jewish American plight of the I Indochina has I appreciated by istration and As we cor lessen the people, I am can count on Posting of Ten Banned in N. Dakota Special to HERITAGE was reported t hi' A North Dakota statute The rulin .requiring the posting of "the case of Rinc v, Ten Commandments of the Public Christian religion" in every challenge to public school classroom in brought by North Dakota has been ruled Grand Forks, unconstitutional by Chief three of whom Judge Paul Benson of the attending i United States District Court for district. the District of North Dakota, it * * *  Influencing 55,000 Jewish readers each week in editions for the greater Orlando and Published by Heritage Central Florida Jewi.h O'Brien Rd., at Fern Park, FL and additional mailing offices. Sub, scriptions: $11.(30 per calendar year to Florida (1.00 more t O the rest of the U.S.) and thereafter. ling Ad&es: P.O. Box 742, Fern Park, EL GERE STARN, Editor and Publisher EDITORIAL: Associate Editors, Barbara Tinker Sale; Correspondent, Joe Bellel Geier, Barney Moss and Anita Tritt. 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