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February 15, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 15, 1980

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Paoe 4, HERtTAGE, Flnrida Jewish News, February 15, 1960 Editor's Desk .. and Who's Watching San Diego's City Hall? Someone told me not too long ago that we Jews are too self-contained, too narrow in our participation outside of the general community, that we still tend to "ghetto" ourselves with our kind. To some extent that may be true. It could be part of our paranoia. But there are too many examples of Jewish in- volvement outside the Jewish community to make me really believe what I heard. I just point to our participation--our leadership and support--given to so many civic projects, especially in the arts and sciences. There are Jewish leaders in virtually every community undertaking, and usually it is Jewish leadership that makes them successful. So i couldn't help but smile when I read an artide about San Diego and what the Jewish Federation there is doing to bring the non-Jewish community into the Jewish orbit. In fact, I won- dered who is minding City Hall? And that's no gag. It seems the Federation there has put together a junket to Israel that will virtually empty the city of all of its officials, it's being hailed as the most prestigious that any Jewish community has been able to produce so far, aimed at promoting closer ties between San Diego county and the Jewish State. The group is being led by Mayor Peter Wilson and includes San Diego's popular Chief of Police, Bill Kolender, one of the city's Jews who have made it to the top. Then there are Port Com- missioner Homer Delawie; Councilwoman Lucy Kilea; District Judge Earl Giiliam; Dr. Ralph Ocampo, chairman of the board of the local Mexican-American National Bank; Lee Grissom, the Chamber of Commerce's executive vice president; Dennis Hartm, representing the National Conference of Christians and Jews; Clarence Pendleton, president of the local National Urban League; and Danah Frayman, president of the La Jolla Museum of Art. But that isn't all. Two of the group--City Supervisor Jim Bates and City Councilman Bill Lowery--are expected to face each coming election for San Diego's seat, or as the local political writers calling it because of the junket, "the Neither man expects that the trip to harm his chances among the area's Jews. The mayor will participate in the Pete Wilson Forest, planted as Bicentennial project by the Jewish The Museum of Modern Art ir Fayman at a dinner. Other highlights of the trip are a Israeli President Navon at his home, with members of the Knesset, and country's water system since its serious problems along this line. David Nussbaum, who is the assistant executive director and is the group, points to the trip as Israel and the San Diego Jewish be proud of. There's no one there going to debate him on it. ,. But it's a fine example of reaching community with our Jewishness, and opportunity to spread a world of understanding. It's Truer Some of George Washington's Best Friends Were quently in the diary of Robert Morris who had general charge the economic side of the war. Salomon also was probably of assistance in other directions. It will be recalled that the British hired an army of German Hessian soldiers to do the fighting for them. Salomon could speak German and understood the German mentality. The late Stanwood S. Menken, president in his day of the American Defense Society, once told me that it was Salomon who sug- by David Schwartz (Copjdght t980, Jewish Telegraphic .Agency. inc.) February is a short month but it makes up for it by having the holidays of the two most famous Americans_:_Geprg Washing- ton and Abraham Lincoln. Haym Salomon mu_st_have been a.greatllar of strength to Washington. Salomon sold more American war bonds abroad than anyone else. It is Salomon's name that occurs most PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS by Joseph Polakoff (Copyright 1980, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Inc.) Afghanistan. Q. What motivated Weizman to speak as he did? A. Ask Weizman. However, he genuinely likes Carter. That would be enough. He mayalso have considered such support helpful in obtaining additional military and financial support for Israel. Or he may have looked at it from a personal political standpoint good for his future--that is, being seen in Israel as a leader who has the friendship of the American President. But one must first emphasize Weizman's person- al regard for Carter. Q. Nevertheless, do Weiz- man's remarks have any impact on the American electorate or constitute Israeli interference in the U.S..elec- tion by suggesting to American Jews whom to support? A. Some inferences have been made in these respects. Critics have pointed out that Weizman was totally off base because (a) Jews generally don't listen to others telling them how to vote. They vote their conscience and their in- terests like other Americans. The strength of Jewish involvement in any election is precisely because Jewish politicians are found in large numbers in both major parties and election results consis- tently prove divisions within the Jewish community. However, there are Jewish backers of other Presidential candidates who are angered by Weizman's "intrusion" and even Mends of Carter in Con- gress are worded that it may have some impact among those who normally support Israel but who are not support- ing Carter. Q. Israeli Ambassador Ephraim Ewon has been talk. tng with former Texas Governor John Connally and others. Isn't that another sign of Israeli involvement? A. No. Evron was invited to meet with Connally, a Republi- can Presidential hopeful, to Connally said he was misunderstood. The Ambas- sador has also met with Ronald Reagen in Los An- geles. In fact, Israeli Labor Patty leader Shimon Peres met with Reagen earlier in Los Angeles. Ewon is meeting all candidates who invite him to talk about Israeli affairs. But Evron makes no statements about choices. Neither has Peres. Q. Who then are Jews sup- porting in this campaign? A. Virtually everyone. No candidate of any standing lacks for Jewish supporters. Jews are divided in their out- look o the candidates like other Americans. However, it is too early in the campaign to say there is a swing of massive support toward one or two particular candidates. This probably won't come until the Florida and Illinois primaries. Q. Is Connally altering his views on the Israeli-Arab settle- ment? A. That is not signed but in Iowa last month he charged Carter with weakening U.S. influence abroad and then singled out Israel for praise for its determined policy of retali- ating against terrorists "what- ever the cost." Q. Is it true that some promi- nent Jewish Republicans are withholding their views because they think former President Ford may run as a candidate? A. There is validity to that feeling. Some talk is heard that if no Republican candidate obtains decisive victories in the pivotal primaries, Ford will throw his hat into the ring. Q. Cartez seems to be getting more Jewish supporters than others and there is no criticism being heard about israel from the White House or the State Department these days. Why? A. The President is in the advantageous position of being able to make appoint- ments and Jews have received several important places, in- Politics in Illinois and Oregon are associated with the Cab- inet choices, of course, but it is reasonable to assume that competence and character are primary factors. The Senate's "advise and consent" role would have reflected doubts in the case of the Cabinet appointees. There was none. As for the quiet on theAxab- Israeli front, this stems (a) from the preoccupation of the U.S. foreign affairs establish- ment with Iran and Afghan- istan and (b) from a calculated decision in the White House not to ruffle Israel and its American friends during this crucial period of presidential primaries. Q; Some Arab leaders like Qaddafi and Saudi Arabian Prince Fahd have been saying in effect that if Carter is re- elected he will shift U.S. policy on the Middle East further towards the Arab perceptions. Is there evidence of that? A. White House sources say Carter did communicate with Qaddafi but not on the order of Qaddafi's assertion. Another source said Carter promised Qaddafi that there would be "improvement" in U.S. policy and Qaddafi went overboard on that. State Department sources said that U.S. policy has not changed. This means that the U.S. con- tinues to insist that Israel return to its 1967 borders with "minor modifications" as the President had said almost three years ago and never altered. As for the Palestine liberation Organization, the U.S. position remains based on PLO acceptance of UN Security Council Resolution #242. SO, for the time being, there is no news. One well placed Jewish analyst said unqualifiedly that if U.S. pressure were to be put on Israel this year, Ambassador Sol Linowitz would not have accepted the role of trying to bring Egypt and Israel into agreement in their autonomy Political interest in this pres- idential election year is stimu- lated by the rivalries in both major political parties for the nominations. Here are sum- maries of questions asked by Jewish Telegraphic Agency and answers from vadous sources touching on some aspects of the campaign. QUESTION. Since Israeli Defense Minister Ezer Welzman has said he would like to see President Carter in the White House for another four years and Israeli Justice Minister Shmuel Tamir's Washington visit recently included talks with Robert Strauss, the Carter campaign chairman, does this mean the Israel government is backing Carter? ANSWER. Not at all. No one, whether for or against Carter, has said that. What is being said incriticism of Weiz- man is that he erred "terribly" and "stupidly" by intruding in an American election and that he thereby indicated that he is an impulsive talker. AS for Tamir, he and Strauss were conferees in the autonomy talks when Strauss was the President's special Mideast Ambassador and they estab- lished close relationships. Q. Is there support or toler- ation of Weizman's backing for Carter? A. Yes. Some who condemned former Israeli Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin's support of President Nixon in 1972 say that the circum- stances are different. Rabin was an Ambassador with special constraints; Welzman is a Cabinet minister. Anyway, Welzman's remarks are not "very harmful" and a symptom that free speech has to put up with eH kinds of sayings. Foreign leaders like Ayatollah Khomeini, Ubyan leader Muammar Qadd and Western Europeans visiting Washington also have made remarks about Carter. It can be said that Leonid Brezhnev is helping re-elect Carter by putting Soviet troops into hear his views because cluding two Cabinet posts, talks. gested to Washington the idea of attack post on Christmas Day. Salomon believed they would be under alcoholic spirits on that day, and were taken with almost no struggle. It for Washington. As the first Presidentof the United States tour of the country, visiting, among other where he was received in the synagogue. A JeVf him with an unusual gift--a bottle of water! An water--desalinated sea water! The Newport JeW ing on the problem of desalination in Newport, R.I. and Charlestown S.C. were Jewish centers in those days. Big Apple. Also, legend has it that Washir the father of Mordecai Manuel Noah, the err may well have made a "rchayim" there. Washington's best friends were Jews! Dry Bones .. ( Reaching 55,000Jewish readers each and Pinellas editions. Published by Hedtage Jewish Hews, Inc.. 207 O'Brien Road. Fern Second-class postage paid at Fern Park, P mailing offices. Subscriptions: $11.00 per calendar year to ($1.00 more to the rest of the U.S.) and thereafter. Mailing Mss: P.O. Box 742, Fern park, GENE STARN, Editor and EDITORIAl." Manllng Editor, Tinker Barbara Coenson.Roth; Contributors, Linda Amon, F..Jlle . Anita Tntt. PRODUCT|ON: Elaine Starn, Shadeen ADVERTISING: (Orlando), Gary Winder, Anita Solar. NATIONAL ADVERTISING Jacobs Organization, New York City. 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