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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018. . . PAGE 33B deficiency judgment even rf Florida Statutes, in which case,Conditions and Restrirtions tormally notifies (See Exhlbrt Law nc8ville. GA 30046, Deighton, 70 King Philip Ave, DERRICK BOSTIC ESTATE OF LAWRENCE the proceeds t m the sale the undersigned T stee shall:,for lhe We gate Vacation A that due to your tailure to 1 Fix8d We8 Fixed Unrf, Bri ol, Rl 02809, 1 Fixed Last Known Add ss: ALLEGRO, deceased ot your timeshare interest (1) Provide you wkh wrmen,Vlllas |. omcial Records Book pay lhe annual assessment(s) Y-09, 48 H0LE, 1/V2014, WeeMixed Unrf, GG-110, 24/ 815 Geoge w. Engram November 11, 2017, Case ara insu cient to omet the notice ot the sale, including 629. at Page 186, of the due on (See Exhib A") and 51 94/462-467, $4,989.42, WHOLE, 1/2 2014, 5214 445- Boulevard No. 2017-12560 PRDL, is amounts secured by the lien. the date, time and loc ion Public Records ot Osceola all assessment(s) the aWer, 82.46; David p Osceles and 451, $3.735.94, $1.84; Philip Da ona Beach, FL 32114 pending in the Volusia Coun By: GREENSPOON MARDER, the d: (2l Recod he notice Coun,Florida lthe Plan. you are cur ntly in dalauW Anne M Osceles, c/o Anne J Kent and Phyllis Kent, 18 Cu enl Add ss: Unknown Circuil Courf, the address P.A Tw ee. ot sale in the Public Records and all amendn nl(s) thereto, ot your obligatio to pay Coleman, 102 Water St, New Nightgale Rd, ENGLAND ANY AND ALL UNKNOWN of which is 101 N. Alabama EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF ot Osceola County, Florida; and rf any. Tog her wkh the right lo assessments due t[| Westg e Philadelphia, PA 17959, 1 Fixed GU35OXU, 1 Fixed Wee Flxed PARTIES CLAIMING BY, Avenue, Deland, Florida 32721 . DEFAULT AND INTENT TO (3) Publish a copy oflhe notice oKupy. punuant to the Plan, onthetollowing degribed real WeaMixed Un,z-,361 Unk. GG-201, 18 HOLE, THROUGH,UNDER,AND The ert a is inta ate. me FORECLOSE ot sala two (2T lim6s, once each Building-Unk(s) (See Exhibk proper located il Osc la WHOU. 1 v2014, 5194 462- 1lv2014, 521 41445-451,AGAINST THE HEREIN names and addr8ss6s of lhe Owne s)IObligo s). fimeshara week, tor two (2) successive A,during Unh Weak(s) (See County, Florida: (ge Exhibrt 467, S4,984.52, S2.46; BPnda $4,049.10, $2. ; Vlncent Tran NAMED INDIVIDUAL Panonal Rep sem&ive and lnterest, Building-Unk, Wae weeks, in an OK8ola Coun Exhib A,during Assigned "A Time ShaP lnte st(s) Y Johnson and Bil R Ho on, and Kim Vuong, 93 Hicko DEFENDANT(S) WHO ARE the Penon R8pr8s8ntat 6's Assigned Year, DefauW Date, newspaper. p vided such a Yea s), (See Ewhibk A . 7700 (See Exhibit "A") asdefined in 10531 191st St. Saint Albans, Ln, SheWon, CT 06484, 1 Fixed NOT KNOWN TO BE DEAD aWomay are s6t torth balow. Book/Page of Recoded Len, newspaper exi s at tha time West9ate Blvd Kissimmee, tha Declaration of Covenants, NY 11412, 1 F ed Wee W M ed Un,GG-203, 4& ORALIVE,WHETHERSAID All c d oR ot the enl Amount. Per Diem Amount ot publishing. lt you tail to FL 34747 e in "Time Share Conditions and Restrirtions Fixed Unk, z-,34 H0U. WHOU, 11v2014, 52141445- UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY and othar penons having Shaun Gill, 9 Rupert St, cure the detauW as s fo h (P per ) Add ss"). As a for th6 Westgate Vacation 1 v2014, 51941462-467, 451, 84,o49.1o. S2. ; Joyce- CLAIM AN INTEREST AS clai N or demands ag n Radcli e, ENGLAND M261BE, in this notice or take other suW of tha ato mentioned vlllas xll, O cial Reco s 84,225.59, S2.o8. Lae Zaman, 784 Tumer Hill Rd, SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, det t's e ate, including 1 Fixad WeeklF ed Unrf, AA- appopriate a ion wkh Rgad defauW,Westg e hereby elerts Book 933, at Page 423, otMe Feb a Z,g, 18 Davenporf, NY 13750, 1 Fix6d GRANnEs,oRoTHER unm u d, contingent or 04, 47 H0LE, 1/v2013, to this to closu maner. you lo sell the p perfy punuant Public Recods ot OK8ola L162843 W Mixed Unh. w-204. 71 CLAIMANTS unliquidated tlaims, on whom 5200/654-659, $6,431 .24, risk losing ownership of your to Serfion 721.855, Florida Coun,Florida (Ma Plan WHOU. 1 U2014, 52141445- Last Mown Add N: Unknown a copy ot this notice is se ed 83.17: Charles mompson, 282 timesha inte through the Stalrtes. Please be advised and all amendmen s) theBo, 451, $4,049.10, S2.oo: Louis R Cu ent Add M: Unknown must file their claims w h this E 35th St Apt 2c, B ok n. t ee to&losure p cedure thal in lhe event hat your ifany.To9eWerwkh herightto NoncE OF DEFAULT ^ND Vlsin n and Joan Vlsintin, 82 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an court WITHIN THE LAnR OF NY 11203. 112 Fixed Wee established in Se ion 721.855, obligationisnotbroughtcunant oKupy, punuant to the Plan, INTENT TO FORECLOSE B ck Di nd Rd. PoWsville, ertion to foBlos8 a mortgage 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DAn Fixed Unk, BB-05, 3V0DD, Florida Stat es. You may (including Me payment of any Building-Unk(s) (See Exhibrf wuTNn vnc^noN PA179O1, 1 F ad WeeklFixed on the tollowing pDp8rty in OF THE FIRST PuBLlcAnoN 1/v2013, 52001654-659, choose lo sign and send to f incuned by We gate in wA,during Unh W86k(s) (See uuxlllnu: n . 1g Unh, GG-206, 3WH0LE, Volusia County, Florida: OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS 83,986.76. 81.97; Roy Nash, the unden ned t stee an tommencing Mis foBlosul8 Exhibk A"), during AMign8d Punuant lo &ion 721.855, 1 v2014, 521 41445451 . Lon 1, 2, 3 AND 4, AFTER THE DATE OF SER CE Woldviaw Conage, me objertionform, exe ising our pro ) wMin thir (30) Y s), (See Exhibk A . 7T flor a Stalrtas, wEsTGAn $4, 9.10,S2. ;CaDILCla,BLOCK D, SOUTH CLARA OF p COPY OF THIS NoncE CoWage, Yo ENGLAND righttoobjerftotheuseo the days tDm th6 fi t date ot We gale Blvd Nim,vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS 730 Cadillat Ave, Dauphin HIGHLANDS, AS PER ON THEM. YO4 4LU, 2 F ad WeaMixad tw foRclosu pDc8duR. publ ation, the undenigned FL 34T47 mer6in ' me Sha Assoc noN, INC. lsland. AL 36528. 112 Fix6d, MAP IN MAP 800K 10, All other credrton of Me Unk. cc-02, cc-02, 25, 2 Upontheundarsignedt stee's Twstee shall p eed wkh (PDp8r ) Addr8M'). As a m6 inaw t to as GG-208, 1 0DD, 1 v2013, PAGE 237, PUBLIC RE- decedem and other penons WHOLE, WHOLE, 112n014, Beiptofyoursign8dob ion the of lhe PDp8rfy as resuW ot the afo nen oned erfgate,has &old8d a 5214 445-451, $3,242.48, CORDS OF VOLUSIA having claims or demands 52001654-659, $8,T77.34. form, lhe to&losu of the p vided in Sert n 721.855, d8 uW,W6 gat8 heeby elerfs Claim ot Len in the amount $1.60; Gil Sta. Maria and ln lda COUN FLORIDA. against decedant's e ate, . $4.33; Haley James III and lien wWh respert to the detauW Florida StaMes, in which case, to sall thP Propeh pukuant of ISee Exhibrf A,wrfh Sta. Maria, 4618 NE 21 Pl, WA 700 SOUTH PAR- including unmatu d, Jenniter P. James. 19. Brie ey specified in this notice shall he unden ned Twrfee shall: to S6rtion 721.8S, Florida ime accwing al the r e ot Renton. WA 98059, 1 Flwed SONS AVENUE, DELAND, continge or unliquidated Walk,Cambridge. ENGLAND be subjert to the judicial (1) p vide you with wrmen St 85. Please b advised (See Exhibk A per day, and W M ed Unrf, GG-208, 241 FL 32720 claims, murf Rle their cl ms cB4 3NH,2 F ed WeeM ed foRcbsu pDc8du only. no ot the sale, including lhat in the even th& your ded in O.R. Book (See WHOLE, 11v2014, 52141445- hasbeanfiled againstyou and wkh thi5 tourt WITHIN 3 Unrf. cc-08, cc-08, 46, 47/ You havethe rightto cure your the date, time and location obligationisnotbroVhtcuat ExhibhwA"),atPag8(S88Exhibk 451, $4,049.10, $2. ; Bewy R you a qui d to se e a MowsAmRTHEDAnoF WHOLE, WHOLE, 11v2014, de uW in the manner set forth the or, ) Recod the notice (including the payn n of any A,of We Publit R8cod5 ol We, 13g65 w Nc Highway copy ot your men detenses THE FIRST PuBLlcAnoN OF 52001654-659, $8,752.34. in this notice at any time b8loR of sale in the Public R8Gods teas incun d by stga e in OK8ola Coun . florida, and 268. Feguson, NC 28624, 1 by Ma h 19, 2018, on bertelli THIS NoncE. 84.32; Rayn nd F Jones and Me undekigned t stee's sale ofOsceolaCoun .Florida;and tommencing this oreclosu the und8n n6d Twstee as F ed WeeMixed Unh, GG- Law, PlaintM's anomey, whose ALL CLAIMS NOT SO FIUD Reeva Jones, 21 Ryan Place, ofyourtimesharainterest.llyou (3) Publish a copyoflhe notice pDc8ss) within hirfy (30) appointad by ,h& y 306, 3 0u, 1 v2014, add ss is P.o. Box 23028, WIUBE FOREVER BARRED. Highland Mills, NY 10930, 1 do not objert to th6 use ofthe ol saB lwo (2) ti s, once eacn days hom the fiR date ot to,notm6s ( Exhibk 5214 44J451, S3,172.82, Tampa, FL M623, and file the m6 d a ot fim publica on F ed Wee Fixed Unrf, CC- lrustee foreclosu p cedu,week. for two (2) succ8Niv8 public ion. the uldenignad .A lhat due to your,lu to $1.56; Cha D Madden and oriqinal wWh this Courf ehher ot this Notice is Febwa 9, 10, 411WH0LE, 11v2013, you will not be subject to a weeks, in an Osceola Coun T ee shall p I86d w h pay the annu& aN8Nn&t(s) Jud A Madden. 568 Waye beo &lce on Plaint 's 2018. 52001654-659, $6,431.24, deficiency judgmant even fi newspaper, p vided such a the sale of tha PDp& as du6 on (s Exhibrf A and Madi nRdAptC,T&ton,OH a orney, or imn diate Pe nal R8p ntativ6: $3.17;MariaRosaLuperiniand the p ceeds hom the sale newsp exi s the time pDvid8d ln S8 iol 721.855 N t(s) the W 7,1Fwed M edUnW, me aR oth&wisa, a da uW LINDA ALLEGRO Tewodros Bekale,234Anniston ot your ti sha inte st ot publishing you tail to FloridaStat es.inhichcase, you a cu& in detauW GG-3O6,45 HOLE,1MO14, will b6 am ad ag nrt you o Sl V bh, Esq Ct, Ca,NC 27519, 1n F ed are insu cie to oWset the cure lhe de uW as set rfh the undenigned Tn ee shall: ot your oblig s to pay 5214 445#1, W,T64.75, br tha llet demanded in the 1000 L6gion Plate, 10lh WeeklFixed Unrt, CC-11, 2& unts secu d by the lien. in lhis notice or take other (1) Provide you wh wrman N ts due to We gate S1.86; Eric C p ludan and Compl ntorpethion. Floor ODD, 11212013. 520016s4- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, appropriate amon wM ald notice ot the din9 on etollowing d crib6d al Kel P ludan,5479Mcl dDr, REQuun FOR Orlando, FL 32801 659. $3,986.76, $1.9T; Cha es PA T stee. to Misto&losu n aner, you the date, time an localion pDp8r lotated in OK la Las Vegas, NV 89120, 1 Flxed AccoMMoDAnoNs AWorney tor Penonal F BDwn and Corene M HIBrr h - NoncE OF risk losing ownekhip ot your the t; (2) Reco he not e County, Florida: (s Exhib WeaklF ed Unk, GG-307, 31 B .PERSONS WIM Rep semative: B wn, 11956 Wing6d Foot DEFAULT ^ND INnNT TO timesha im8Bt thDugh the ot sale in the Publi Retods A Tl Ma lnt (s) WHOU. 1 v2014. 52141445- DlsAalLITIEs s. |. VALBH, Esqul Ct. Waldorf, MD 20602, 1 FORECLOSE twrtee bRclosu pDc8du otOsceolaCoun ,hrida;and (s68 Exhb A as defined in 451. $4,049.10, S2.oo; M J lf you are a panon with FlorideBarNo.O127949 Fixed WaeMixed Unh, DD- Owne syObligo s). fi Bsha es blirnedin Section 721.855, (3) Publirn a copy oth6notic8 tha tion ot cov6nams, Pric6 and R c Higgins eka R a disabili who needs any Bogin Munns6 Munns,PA 04, 24 H0LE, 1 V2013, lmePrt. Building-Un,Weekl florida St rtes. You may ofsal8two(2)tim6s,lnc88ach Condhions and Rerfrirtlons c Price, 39 &&d Avenua, &Kommodatlon ln old8r to 1000LegionPlace,10lhFloor 52 1654-659, 86,4o3.48, AM ned Year. De uw D e, choose to sign and send to week, br two (2) uK8Niva r the Bt8 Vacation Pontehact, We Yo shl,participate in this pDt ding, Orlando,Flo da328O1 $3.16;DeborahJSloane.6123 Boo Page ot Ratorded Lien. the undenigned ou ee an weeks, in an Ost&a County Vlllas xlll. ci& R o 5 uNlnD KINGDOM W 4Nn, you are entNled, at no co to Telephone:(4O 5T8-1334 Cumbe and Rd. Tobyhanna, A Durk, Per Diem Amount ob rtion rm, exe ising our newspaper, providB such a Book 1021, Paga 1086, of 1 Fixed W wed Un . GG- you,tothe pDvision ottartain Fatsimi :(4O 576-2181 PA 18466-8211, 1 F ed Natasha Riddle, 103 A on rigMtoobi toMeuseo the newspap 8xirts athe n M8 PubliG R ords otOK la 308, 43 H0U, 1 2014, agsi ca. Plaasa contaGl sv bh boginwnns.Gom WeeMixed Unh, DD-10, 3 G nde D, Dayona Beach, FL w ee losu proc u . of publishin . lf yu tail to CouW,F nda he.Plan and 52141445451, S4,o49.1o. Court Adminlshatlon Surt6 F lyg,18, 18 WHOLE, 1M014, 52 654- 32124-3007,c6 Edwald Upontheundenignedw ee's tU the deauW a s& loM,nd m(s) le to, rf S2. ; CB o berto Cam&o 3 ,CouMouseAnnax,125E. L1 1O9 659, a 66 S2.25; Jack D Doggan. 103 Bi hwood N, B8iptotyours n6dob n in his notice or Bk6 oth& any. Tog&h wWh 18 rightto and Jacqu&ina Va B RES oBq8 Ave Da ona B ch, Forbas and Naoma M Forbes, Fomey, TX 75126, 1 Fixed torm, th6 fo&losul8 of tha appDpriat8 artion v rega py, purN&tto e,MONTERRICO CALU LAS n 3 I14; Tel.: 386-25T 096, 291 Hamb Rd,Napan ,ON, W M Unk, AA-07, 461 lien whh Pspartto Me de uW tothisto GlosuT8 Ber,you Bui ing-Unh(s) W Exhibrf HIGUERAS, 132, LA MOUN e w 7 your IN THE CIRCU CANADA KTR3K8, 1 Fixed WHOU. lv2o13, 52 1660- med in this noke shaH. risk losing own6 oryour A,during UnW (s)(S86 Ln . PERU 12, 1n med,urt ,or COURTOFTHE W86Mix8d UnW, EE-09, 15 665, S5,21o.oz, S2.57: A UD ba wb to We jud i ti sha i 8 tlDughM8 Mbh .A,du ng ANgn Un,w31o.4y irm i 8 upon ing l SEVEW JUDIC L WHOLE, 1 v2014, 5z00 54- L Bri and M6 8d8s A to&low pD u on . twrt to losure pmedu Y 5), Mibrf.A .TT MN, 1 13, 5214 445- no Rte on rf 18 CIRCU OF 659, g4,989.42, S2.46; Lae 8riao, 3514 w 63ld Pl, Youhav8th8rightto I8your establ[sh lnSac o T21.855, ga Bhd Ws rm,451, t2,184.4a, t1. : F nk 18 i lassMan T FLORIDA, IN AND B Chancey, 4119 Ston8Dot MKago. IL 60629, 1 hxed de&Winthe & rth Flo da Statrtes. You n y fl34T47 ln Ma G nan and M Reid dBys;.youa ngorvoica FOR VOLUS D ve, Hillia,OH 43026, 2 F Un . BB-04, 49 inmisnot a y belo choose!o sign and ndto pW . a,11534 Dr, i .call711.THESEARE couw Fixed WeeM ed Un . x-04, WHOU, 1lu2o13, 52 166 M unden ned 'ss e the und&sOnad ou an w o atDn F g,VA 2240T. 1 N T @RT INFoRMAnoN CNIL DMSION x-04, 23, 2 H0LE, WHOU, 665, 6,431.24, S3.17; ofyourti&a im nWyou obi ion rm,ex ng ow uW. ala y& s Fwad Un,M- NUMBERS. Case No.: 201T- 11v2014, 520 654-659, ld G av and Majorie donotobj loMeweot e nghttoob rftoM8u96o e to sell 6 pu u 312, 1 0u. 1n 16, W NESS my hend and Ma 3??72-clcl S8,452.34, S4.17; Tam y L M es, Po Box,buAa8 bm `'8| 'w^88' ' s? p ` . ` & . ' "d& "'4'44'#'. '4. . " &D'M's' `" "`h"' da' AMERlsg ' "" Cowan and RichaTd D Cowan, Ch ed. 823,1Fixed you will not be wb rt to a Uponth8und8Rgn tn s &rt . p be adv S1.97. of F6bwary, 2018. K POBox O,9 5Fm858,Ben W r Bd Unh, cc-,44 d8fici Gy judg& en h iptotyours nedob rt n M& e 6v t et your hb 8, 18 LAU E. ROTH p , w,TX 75754. 1 Fw WHOU. 112 013, 52 the p s hom Me 5 8 lorm. tha toBloN ot T o igal n notbDughlwnam L 1 59 CLERKOFTHE vs. W M ad Un,x-12. 14 665, t6,42T.N, S3.17: Ke of your int lianwM sp6rttoh datauW [lndud g 16 pay&totany CIRCU COURT JAMES c. HOWARD WA WHOLE, 1M014, 5 654- GolwaW and M y GotwaW, a inwmc nt to o & tha sp8cm6d in this not e sh,in by rtg&a ln B J. Beach JAMES HOWARD, KACIE 659, t4,989.42, W.46; J us 3T1 Bark&s ng Road, unts sew Q e,n. be subjert to t luditi m&ing is toBlow (CIRCUIT OURTSEAV L. HOWARD WA KACIE Gu ar&andNo Mi& h Magn,DE 1 62, 1 F ed 8y: GREENSPOON MARDER, toBlosu pDc8 on . p ) w in ir (30 VOLUS,ACOUW F.Du pu Clark HOWARD, & &. 2T54 FoolhillSW. buq u6, W M ad Unh, CLOT, 44 P.A.Tru 86. You havetha ghttocu our dag hom tha R date o,1a, 18 De&d b. NM 8T105, 1n F ed w WHOU. 11v2013, 52 HIBIT ^" -NoncE OF detauWinthemann rB rth pu,n, Me und sig LEGAU L1631a2 NoTKEoFncrDN F ed Un . Y-,2T10DD, 665, S6,431.24, S3.17: c w DEFhULThND INnNr ro inthisnoticeatany mebeto Tw sh,p . TO: JAMES c. HOWARD WA 1n12013, 520 654-659, consumng Se i s, uc, FORECLOSE the undenigned twrtae.s s a Ma e of Me PDp6rty as JAMES HOWARD $3,986.76, 81.97; ichael A 16850-112 CollinsAveSte N3, Owna sVObligo s), fimesha ofyourtim8sha int6 .lryou pDv d in semon 721.8M, IN TNE CIRCU CURRENT RESIOENCE Da ena, 3456 Gl s Mountain, Miami,FLN16O,1 F edWee lme,Building-Unk, Wee do notoblarttothe use ofth6 horidaSl&rt ,in,THE CIRC ' 'H' "H 'NKN WN Fort Worfh, TX 76244-1279 Fwed Unk, DD,1 H0U, Auign6d Y6ar. De uW D e, twstee. to&losu medu,e und&sgn T w 'R'. ' u IN COU IRCU IN LASTKNOWNADDREN CaDlyn J Dar&a, 13 11v2 13| 52 '66 66'| B Pag8 ' R 'd8d ` "' ' ' "' " ? b6 ' w ' a "'.PD' 8 p,ud VOL Fl No i "' '4B p"'AN DUNES KeN& Pa w&y,m424,K&ler, S6,431.24, S3.17; T Gy Ann unt, Per Dl&n um d8ficBncy ludg m aven w nobc6 of e ORIDA ORMOND 8 CH, n 32176 TX 76248, 1 Fix Wae Hagman, 1450 Club vw, Big Rose M Whhe and WIU m the pmeeds tDm Ma sala e d&a, b and @E N ' T RDL .: 1810140 KACIE L HOWARD WA Fiw UD .Y-07, WHOLE, .Lake.CA92315Lawa R Wrte, 4T5 p ehum Rd, ot your U shan inte r. (2l u . . . KACIE HOWARD 11w013, 52 654-658, RHa ,POBox1 ,Big Yor 17402, 1 F ed a inwmci t toom of P t Rg F : 'H 'N' R` DENCE S6431.24 M.17; Ray nd B Be,CA9U15,1 Fw6d W M 8d '"hl AD'| ' ' '""'8'` d b'M8B. ' B' ' g T SDN. RICEJONPH o B nnan nd Conn 8Bnan, W ed Unrf. DD-,251 wwou, 1M013, 5 289, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, )P uha . . . ULLIVAN. LAST KNOWN ADDREN 14QA Cont er n sl, WHOU, 1 v2013, 52 166 W,176 S2.s; June M. P.A T rt . ot tw ( `i" . 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Book (s68 665.86,431.24,S3.17;R g, O ando, FL 32 8, 11v2014, 51g462!46T, PA Tw n NoncEo a M&h S ,Bw w ,murf RB,ha,c,&ms di ?.Br a w a Exhibrf A,PagebseaExhibh H Robinson and J8an"8 8 '. ' 'ix8d W Mw8d '"k' a'98 .4" $'.46: B`s'"6u H'B ThND lw' p F MOWjA `rt W HIN 3 &t "k' s any A,ofMe Public rds ot Robinson, 189, Roc BO5, WHOU, 4M013, Vatatlon Concems. lnc A DEF^U a on ln old& to OKeola County, norid4 and Avenua,BWlbride,Gl w, 5 289, S5,149.5T, s2.54: B ianCopor&io,POBox FORECL h Form ,2g,5, F,rfu o, TH :RST p g F partlclp&t6 '" 'h's pm8 g. the undenignad Twrte6 as sconAND G75 8EN, 1 F 8d Mg :8r 6 C sbyl 11 TuliP Pll ' '9|'ak6 dl "'8 '| '" wa 'V b! n in w OTICE. OF you ala emNled,& no co to appoint8dbyBg 8, y Mix Unh, z-03, 371 w,on, NJ 0705T. 1 F FwedWeeMwed un, DD-OB, lnt&,B"'d'" uW D 6 &n to M6 " AU CLAIMS NOT FIUD '' 'hapD'i'i " ' torm not es (See Exhibk WHOU. 11v2013, 52 Wee ed Unk, B-,14 17 0DD. 1n12013, 1941462- ign Y ,o, R,W,ac,a .soMG 2,THE nM, PER,ODS Co ance. PI6asa tom . 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B-05, 19 H0U, 467, $5,031.93, $2. ; Ronald fixed WeeMwed Un ,O c mp cgn uW OVE AN S SET FORTH sth6d?I8dcourtapp8a M6,or ass8Nmems due to Wertgale S6.431.24,S3.17. 1 2014,52 289. 4,008.07, L And8non and Lu a J 1 1| '9 H "I '?,6 n o,rt k ngoj luding dismiu o (i YEAR %M ""D 'mm6d' '8 ?p n ing is onthetollo ng described al F b g, 18 S1.98; #hedo Pad za and Andenon, 14886 Coln Road 5214 445-451, gw nhed D ed: Janu di g .18 g R THE DE M ' " ' 'a" " rf 'h "" b& p pe y loc ed in O5t la L162864 Le a Lopez, Ave Pnncipal El 74, Eaton, co 8061,1 Fixed t2.58; Staphan Ago,o72,p OFDEATHIS BARRED ' 'h8 p G8 I5 leN than T County, Florida: (See Ekhibk Castano Casa w19| `'b V"'a' W88M'x8d `"rf',!'- 6' ' Ba'ba' A R ' D k i c,Rcu IRcul V,b a ga,a o, ,hB fiis, ays!| y ua h8ann9or e A Tlma Sha lnte ls) Del Ca ano, Ma cay, Aragua, WHOU, 11v2014 1941462 Ln 4 Bo e . al d, tBll 711. THESE ARE ISee Exhibrf A as defined in NOrlCE F DEFAULT AND NQ'?`Al ' "x6d w88k' 46" '989.4"$'.4Di'dw "x8d W68M 8d '1 2n0 -,COURT a . ot this Notic6 is N T COURT INFoRMAnoN the Dec tion of Covenan s, INTENT TO FORECLOSE Flxed Unk, 8-07, 36 H0LE, p Maloy and YveWe L M&oy, 102, 12 H0LE. . & 2018. NUMBERS. Condkions and Rermctions WUrGATE VACATDN 1 vz015, 52061289, S2,894.34, 7210 AbbinQon Dr, Oxon Hill, 52141445-451, S"6 ' n : K. ' ,B lc R8p '8 a'w8: Oaled: Janua 29, 2018. tor the stgate Vacation VILLM,FILE: rr . IT $1.43; Chri opher Jackson MD 20745, 1 Fixd $1.T8; J ' 'art' e ,g g,4, g om a&P.sullwan CURK OF THE Villas xll, omcial Reto s Punuant to &ion 721.855, and Mich8|I6 Jackson, 26|4 Fixed Unit, EE-12,4| HOLE, Sh6ny M cama, 776 . . L P. SUWVAN COURT Book 933, at Page 423, ot e Florida SlaMes, WESTGATE Galeshead Dr, Upper Matlbo,11v2014, 51g1462467| 8'| "a` ap' K' "'9' 03 & . ' ' . 'L16 Bp s 8" "a' . Honorable LaUTa E. Public R6tods ot OK8ola VACATION VILLAS OWNERS MD 20774, 1 Fixed wee a,989.42. $2.46; rlm6sha Mwed Unrt, w-,tatlve: RoM County, Florida (tha Plan AMoclAnoN, INC. Fixed Unk, B-08. VWHOU, lnd8p8nd6nce, LLC,A Nevada WHOU. 1M013, 52141445- Adam S. GuMon P.O. Box 6043 and all amendmentls) theBo. ma inaR& f to as 112 014,5206n89,84,940.09, Coporation. .2298 Horizon 451, S5,226.72, S2.58; Banoh ADAM S. GUMSON DeLand, Fbrida rfany.Togetherwrfhthe rigMto estgate,has &oded a $2.44. Ridge, Hendenon, NV 89015, H Beauchamp and Me w IN THE CIRCU PmR LAW cENnR 32721-6043 occupy, pursuant to the Plan, C im of Len in the an unt Feb 2,g, 18 112 Fixed Wee F ed Unrf, Beauch,19 St DA RT OFTH C# R h6" 8k p' "i "a' B : J. Baach Building-Unrt(s) (See Exhibrt of (See Exhibh A . wkh L162857 x-07. 271EVEN, 1 2013, Drive,Wa port, ON, M CIRC ' D F o 8' . (CIRCUIT OURTj2 "A',during Unk Weekls) (See inte actwing al e te of 51 94 462-467, S2,685.12, K 'X,' 'ix8d H,"' C UNTY ,u B . lndlantown Road - D6pu Clerk Exhib A,dunng AuRned (s Exhibrf A per day, and $1.32; Tarnig LLC. A Nevada Unh, GG-105, . . F b ary.g, 18, 18 Y6a s).(See Exhib A . Borded in O.R. Book (See NOTICE OF DEFAULT nND Lmhed Labil Company, 11N014, "' 4'44 -Ha T ON ' el 8" " "da '3458-6813 L1631O5 Westgate Blvd KiNimm88, Ewhibk A ,atPage(SeeEwhibrt INnNr ro FORECLOSE 3605 Aiport Way So h Suke S4,O49.1O,$2. ;J s hone. 561 -744-4600 FL 34747 me in Tlme Sha A,of the Public Recods of wEsTGAn vAcAnoN 200, Sea lel .WA 98?'4' -'" a"d ' '?8lM Hart' 8 ' ' THE BA ' " a rida B r No.: 906948 (Property) AddRM . As a OK8ola Coun,Florida. and,LLAsxllFILE:2n58. 18 Fixed WaeMlxed Unn, x11. cl, Austln TX 78758 1 Flx ju IN THE CIRCUIT suW of the afo mentioned lha und6nign8d Twst as Purwant t S8 i n 72'.85'| 3'1"'Nl "v' "I "94'46'- W88Mix8d '"k' "-' " ELLON OF NEWYORK Fab ary ,16,2018 COURT OF THE detauW,Westgate he by elerfs appointed by Westgate.heRby Flonda Slat 8sl WESTGATE 46'| . $'I68'."I S':"i R WH "I "u' '4| "'4 A F THE L16319O SMNTH JUDIC L to sell the p per punuant rmal nolmas (Sae Exhibk VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Bea le and Pam Beanle,2o56 451, $4,049.10, $2. ; Se VOR: S OF THE CIRCUIT COURT, IRCUIT IN AND FOR to Sertion 721.855, Florida A that dueto your railu to Assoc#noN, INC. Lois ll8 '`b `.'. p&'8 R"8' "aha ' 4'N 'a"d 'p8' ' gi R"' R " SET C NTH JUDICIAL LUSIA couw, St es. Please be advised pay the annual a??8 en (s) e ina er r8f8 t as R8g' "a' D""' Daw' " H '8'. A` '?'44 ,445o BA WABS,LD ns c' u:"' VOLUSIA C R'DA that i t e 8`e"' 'ha' y " d'8 " "88 'xh'bk A' a"d W "ga'e`! h ' B 'd8d a "ee ' B" 'ANAD? "'4'? W8aM' 8d `""' ? 'E,ri SER Tl' - o TY FLORIDA, N obligatlon ls not b ught cu ent all aM8ssm8nt(s) .Me a er, Clalm of Llen. ln t 6namo?nt 1 Flxed Week/Fl d Un WHOLE 1/2 2014 . 2016 lincluding lha payment t a y y ' a '` 6"'!' '" de'a"' ' ' "ee 'x 'b'` A" w"h '- 6' 4 "' .' v' '4i 4"' $"998. " $'.9'Pa"dPi5 Pla n, -1 8 ' PROBAT DIVISION DIVIS, CIDL taes incu ed by Westgate ln ot your obllgatlons to pay lnte st accwlng at the rate ol 5194/462 46T 4 989 42 Pandolto and Laura F,ON:2 commencing this foPclosuP assessments due to We gale (See Exhib A. per day, and $2.46; Joshua,An, 6940 Avenlda Nazca 3180 A,FILE.NO. 2017 12560 U.S. BANK TRUST. N.A AS process) within thirty (30) on the tollowing described al recorded in O.R. Book (Sea Sapulveda Blvd Ap 2O4. Van 1. Buenos s, ARGENTINA ' RR,CK L BOST,C A,WA w R RD' TRUSTEE FOR LSF9 MASTER days from .the first date ol property located in Osceola Exhibrf A,al Pag8(S88 Exhibit uy'|'A '4 '|' 'iedWee ' ". ' 'ix8d W8eMw DERRICK OSTIC, et al, LAw "An OF PARTICIPATION TRUST, publicalion, lhe undenigned Coun,Florida: (See Exhibk A',of the Public Recods ol Flxed Unlt, Y-08, 3 H0LE. Unlt, GG-109, 14 H0, %e"dam"' CTIO WA g ' A""R,Plaintm, T st86 shall pDc88d wkh wA Time Sha lnterest(s) Osceola Coun,Florida, and 1/u2014, 519 462-467, 11v2014, 52141445- m To DER" ' osnc anc 'ed. vs. the sala of the PDp8rty as (See Ewhibrf A ) as defined in the undenigned Twstee as $4,989.42. $2.46; Jonderick $4,049.10, $2.00; a . KL adT CREDlrORS CAROLANN MARIE provided in Section 721.855, the Declaration ot Covenanls,appointed by Westgate, hereby Holloway, 101 Brige Way. S. Deighton and Mel. . . . lstration ot the CHALMERS AIWA CAROLANN