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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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PAGE 32B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 property loc ad in Osceola 11V201 6, 52001685-690, NG3 5RS, 1 Flxed w68kl M-03, 10 HOLE, 1/2/2014, risk losing ownership of your Conditions and Restri ions WeeklFixed Unit, KK-10, 511 112 Fixed Wea Fixed Unit, Coun,Florida: (Saa Exhibk S2,31 1.20, $1.14. Fixed Unrf, ss-05, 11WH0U, 5200/679-684, $4,989.42, timeshare interest through the tor the Westgate Vacation WHOLE, 1/2/2013, 5200/666- a-03, 33/0DD, 1/2/2o1 3, A") Tlm6 Sha lnt& t(s) F ary 2, 9, 18 1 /2/201 5, 5200 768-774. 82.46: Louis R O ando and twstee toreclosure procedure Vlllas XIV. OMcial Records 672, 86,4O6.24, $3.16; Beve y 52001786-792, 83,986.76, (See Exhibit A") as defined in L 162858 $4,214.75, $2.08; Joan c Ana M Beltran, 3112 15th St established in Section 721.855, Book 1021, at Page 1053, of B wn, 100 West 114 St Apl $1.97: Ratael Rivera Figueroa tha Daclaration ot Covanants, Eikemeyer, 1854 Endesley Ct, s, A inglon, VA 22204, 1 Fixed Florida Stalutes. You may the Public Records of Osceola 5R, New York, NY 10026, 1 and Yvonne Fe er Rodriguez, Conditions and Re ri ions Lady Lake, FL 32162, 1 Flxed Wee Fixed Unit, M-03, 221 choose to sign and send to Coun,Florida (th6 Plan ) and Fixed Wee Fixed Unit, KK- Ubanizacion Estancias De tor the Westga e Vacation NoncE OF DUAULT AND W88Mix6d Unit, ss-06, 431 WHOLE, 1/2/2014, 5200/679- the undekigned t stee an all am6ndm6nt(s) the to, it 11, 26 H0LE, 1/21201 3, Ce o Gordo, H17 Calle 7, Vlllas ||. omcial Recods INrENT ro FORECL E WHOU, 11212014, 5200 768- 684, $4,989.42, $2.46; Gilberto objection torm, exercising your a y. Togather with the right to 52001666-672, 86,431 .24, Bayamon, PR 00957, 1/2 Fixed Book 845, at Pag6 T61, ot th6 WESTGATE vAcAnoN 774, $4,989.42, $2.46; Ca ly Castillo, 440 Pointe Allyson right to obje lo the usa ot the occupy, punuant lo th6 Plan, $3.17; Celesta G Jara, PO WeeMixed Unit, xx-04. 13/ Public Retords ot OK6ola UN w nLL nT . 1o M Long and Kelvin p Long, Way. O ando, FL 32825-5972 t stee foretlosure protedure. Building-Unit(s) (See Exhibit Box 0818-00824, Republita ODD, 11v2013, 5200/786- Coun,Florida (Me Plan Punua to &ion 721.855. 5903 Solkude Way, Dumam, Luz M Gonzalez, C13 Calle 1, Upon the und8 ign6d t stee.s A"). during Unit Weeh(s) (S De Panama, PANAMA, 1 Fixed 79z, $3,986.76, 81.97; David and all amendment(s) lheBo, florida S aM,wEsTGAn NC 27713, 1 Fixad w UrbSie aLnda,Bay n,PR receiptofyoursignedobjection Exhibrf A,during Auign6d We6Mixed Unit, KK-12, 61 w F eman and lsab6|la o itany.Tog8th6rw hth8 rightto vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS Flxed Unk, ss-11, 46 H0U, 0 57, 112 Fixed WeeMixed,rorm, the to&losul8 of the Yea s), (See Exhib A2. 77 WHOU. 1/2n013, 52001666- Fr6eman, 99 Kingsbrook Cir, oGcupy, pursuant to the Plan, AssoclAnoN. INC. 11212014 5200 76&n4, Unh, M-05. 35 0DD. 1 v2013, lien wrfh respert lo the defauW W6stgat8 Blvd Nimm88, 672, 86,419.3O, $3.17; Micha6| N6wan, GA 30265. 1 Flxed Building-Unit( ) (See Exhibrf m& naR ae to a5 84.989.42. S2.46: Ch n6 52001679-6B4. 83.986.76, spetified in this notite shall FL 34747 me in fime Sha G Ca alho and Chri ina L Wea Fixed Unil, xx-08, 49/ A ), during Un W k(s)(S6e dgate,has orded a mompson, 4602 NW 47 s 81.97: Ma L Doolmle, 2040 be subje to the judicial (Property) Add N"). As a Ca alho, Po Box 150455, WHOU, 112/2014, 5200/T86- Exhibrf A ), during signed Cl m ot L in the unt Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319, E Michigan St, lndianapolis, IN foBlosu pDc6du only. suW ol tha ato mamionad AWamonte Springs, FL 32715, 792, $4,969.98, 82.45; momas Y8ar(5),(S88 Exhibrf A").77 ot (s Exhibrf A ), w h 1 Fixed Wee xed Unh, TT- 46201, 1/2 Fixed W Mixed You have F8 rightto cu your d8lauw.w8 ga 6h&8by8|8rfs 1 Flxed WeeMixed Unh, KK- E Long and D8nis6 w Long, We gate Blvd KiNimm,int actwing at e te ot 02, 48 H0LE, 1M014, unh,M-o6,27nvEN,1/v2o13. detauWin the mann6rs&torth lo sal ha D punuant 12, 19 H0U, 11V2013, 2824 w 85th St, Chicago, IL FL 34747 ma in fime Share (See Exhibh A p& day, and 5200/768-774, S4, 2.14, 52001679-684, S2,685.12, inthis notic6atanytima belo to &ion 721.855, norida 52 666 72, 86,426.23, 6 52, 112 Flxad, a-09, 401 (PDp8rty) Addr s"). As a &old8d in O.R. Book (s66 S1.99; Edwin Cwz, 1010 S1.32: Gany c Cotar, 852 the undenignedtw ee's sale Stat rfas. Please be advised $3.17. ODD, 1n 2013, 52001786- sult ot the ato 6ntion Exhibk A.),atPage(SaeExhibrf Summ6r Park Bhd, ConD8, North Sandpiper Club Dr. otyourtimesharaintere .ltyou tha in the event at your F g, 18 792, S3,9B6.76, 81.97: Juan d6tauW, stgat8h8 by8|8 s A.), otMe Public Records ot M 77303, 1 Flxad Sh loWe, NC 28468, 1 Fixed do notobja othe us6 otthe obligationisno bDughtcun8nt L162862 c amo and Neva M Squi s, to sell lh6 Proparty punuant Os la CouW, Florida, and Fix6d Unk, 7-11, 1NWH0U, WeaW xed Unh, M-06, 44 t ee foreclosure p cedu,flncluding M6 paWt ol any 4713 We Parh6r, Chicago, IL to Serfion 721.855, Florida Ma undanigned Twst68 as 412n013, 5200 T6 n4, WHOLE, 11v2014, 52001679- you will not b6 subjert to a taes incu d by W ga e in 6 39 B&da Cald n and Watules. Please ba adv appointed bywe gate,hereby S6,398.75, 83.16; Julius w 684,84,989.42, S2.46; Eusabio defici&ncy judgment aven rf commencing this to&losu NoncE OF DunuLT AND Ramon Martinaz Jr, 3602 w lhat in lh6 evant that your fom ly notmes ( Exhibit Whhe and Manad e Wrta, Nunez and Maya s Nunez, lh6 proceeds hom lhe sala proc8N) whin lir (30l INTENT TO FORKLON Wrightwood Ava, Chicago, IL obligationisnotbDughtcu am A hatdueto yourt luRto 5730MtbrideSt,Cha oWe.NC Avenida flamboyan 20, ot your lim6sha interast days hom M6 fim d e ot wuTGnTE vAcAnoN 7, 1 Fix hl xadUnrt, rlncluding the pay nt ot any pay Me annual Nm8nt(s) 28215, 112 Fiw6d W6a Fw8d Bu6nafisla Norte,La Romana, are insumcient to o et tha publication, We undenigned uNxvllhLEm . 14 -10, 1 H0U, 1m2014, t885 intu by Wa gate in due on (s86 Mibh A") and Unh,UU-O1,48lODD,1MO13, DOMINICAN REPU8LIC, amounts Bu d by th6 lian. Tw ea shall pm w Punuant to Sertion 721.855, 52 786-792, S4,889.42, Gomm8nting Mis toBlosuR,ent(s) the aWer, 5200TT68-774, $3,986.T6, 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unh, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, th6 sale ot he PD as norida w,wEsTGAn 82.41:Danny umg and P6ggy pDc8N) whhin thirfy (30) you aR Bt in detauW $1.97; Banjamin Rodrigu M-07, 32 H0LE, 112 2014, P.A,T 68. provided in &ion 721.855, vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS u g, 7145 Milligan Rd day5 hom the fim date or or your obl ion5 to pay and Ana Maria Rodri u6z. 52001679-684, $4,961.28, EXHIBrr "A" - NoncE OF Florida Statrtes, in which,AMoc noN, INC. Cass c y, Ml 46726, 1 FixBd public ion, me und igned ts dueto gate 1325 E San Marcelo lvd, S2.45; And w Shaw and DEFAULT AND INnNT TO lhe unden nad Tw ee sh |: & naRer le to as W86 Fw6d Unh, -11, 511 T stee sh,pD w on Matollo ng d bed BDwnsville,M 78526,1 Flx Suzanne Shaw, 3 Pemb ok FORECLOSE (1) Provide you whh 6n W gate,has &orded a WHOU, 1 2014, 52 786- the s a ot a PD as p,ed in OK8ola WeahlFlxad Unrf, uu-,2y Rd, So hamp1on, ENGLAND Owa s)IObligo sl, Tlmasha notite ot the s e, intluding Cl m ot Lan in Me anDunt 792, S4.989.42, S2.46; Ca os pDvid8d in &ion 721.8M, Coun,horida: (s Exhibh WHOU, 1 2n013, 52 6& SO198AG, 1 Fix6d Weekl lnt6,Building-Unit, Waekl tha date, lim6 and,ion ot (s Exhibk A,w h A BuononD and Silvia M noridast es,in which,A Tl a Sha lnt6 st(s) 774, $6,431.24, S3.1T; P6 Flxed Unk, M-09, 45 H0LE, Awigned Year, Datault Date, lh6 ot; (2) Record th6 noti int6 taK ing attha rate ot Giacopon6|lo, Av. Juan Ca os the undenign T ee sh |: (See Mib A as definedin L Z ac and Mari n O Z ac, 11v2013, 52 679-684, BooklPag6 ot Recoded Len, of s 6 in he Publit Records (Sae Exhibk A p6r day, and 1ED No. 31 U .Jadines D6| (1) PDvid8 you wrm wrm Me D la ion ot Covanants, 300Mar onSheel,Tew . t6.431.24, S3.17; Debo h F Amoum, Par Diam nount orOweolaCounty,Florida;and &orded in O.R. Book (S86 hr.Bloque No.4Apt.1E C, notice ot the s e, including CondhioM and R ri ions MA 01876, 112 Flxed AW, c o Karen B 6, 5106 TkusEdwadSnavaly,5O1 East (3TPublish acopyotmenoti Exhibk A ,atPaga(SeeExhibk Sta Cruz De T8n6r 8, SPAIN, tha d e, time and loc ion for 6 gate Vac ion Fixad Unrf, uu-11, 2V0DD, H Court, Kan C y, MO Da on Drive, Fairbom, OH otsal6two(2)lim8s,ont68ach A,ofthe Public R8co 5 ot 1n Fixad W68Mix6d Unk, 1h t: (2) Record the notice Vlllas w, omci R8cord5 1 2n013. 52 76&774, 641N,1fix W xedUnk, 45324,1FlxadWeak1FixedUnk, w k, tor two (2) suc Niv6 Osceo County, Florida, and W-01, 10 ODD, 112n013, ot 5al8 in the Public R8colds Book 1072, Pag6 1234, or 83,966.76,S1.9T. M-10, 37 H0U, 11V2014, AA-01, 5 H0LE, 11V2014, w ks, in an OK8ola CouW the undenigned Twslae as 5200 786-792, S3,986.76, otOsceolaCoun,norid and F8 Public R rds ot OK6ola F b ary g, O18 52 679-684, $4,593.41, 52001673-678, $4,989.42, nawspaper, p ded such a appointed bywestgate,he by 81.97; Ca os M Veloso and (3) Publish a topy ot Me notic6 CouW, florida @a Plan") and L16 S2.27; Un Tack Chung and 82.46;AdalinaCzuda,35A y n8wspap6r axi s at the ti torm notifies ( ee Exhibit Lsa B V6loso, 34 Laura Driva, otsaletwo(2Ttimes,onceeath,am d t(s) MB to, if M6onHakJaChung,544GI8n DrE, M aqua, NY11756, ot publishing. lt you t,to A")lhatduatoyourtailureto D,CT 06811, 1 Fixad w66k, tor two (2) suK6N a any. Toge & w Me right to Ave,P isadesPar NJO765O, 1 F ed W Mix6d Unh, AA- tu the detauW as set foM pay I6 annual aN8ssm8nt(s) W ix6d Unit, w-,2& weaks, in an OK8ola Coun occupy, punuam to the Plan, NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND 1 Flwed W wed Unh, 01, 491WH0U, 11v2014, in this notice or ake oth6r dua on (s68 Exhibk A ) and WHOU, 11v2014$,5200 786- nawspaper, provided such a Building-Unrt(sl (Saa Exhibh INnNr ro FORECLOW M-10, HOy 11v2014, 52 1673-678, S4,989.42, app pri 6 a ion w h gad,aN8Nm8 (s) lha a er, 7g2, $4,989.42, .46; Ollie newspaper exi s at the li B A,during Unrt W k(s) (s wuTGAn vncnnoN 5200 679-684, $4,989.42, $2.46; Patricia A M one to this to&losu ma,you you a cu ent in detauW GrantandYvonnaG nl,158O3 ot publishinq. lt you fail to Exhib A,during ANign8d UAS w hLL TT . 11 $2.46; Ca os L c and and Caklin A Monaco, 50 risk losing ow hip ot your ot your obligations to pay Rosamont Ave Dal it, Ml cu lh6 deauW as set form Yea sT,(Sae Mibk A .77 Pursuant to &ion 721.855. Ma L Ca ro, 16 Blac eny Wrfa p ins Road Ap 3c, timesha int thDugh the aN8um8nts dua to Wastgate 48223, 112 Fixed WeeMixed in lhis notice or tahe oW We g a Bhd WNimm6a, Florida Sta u 6s, wEsTGAn Ln, Framingham, MA 01701, 1 cha 6r, NY 10709, 1 fixed twst to losu pD du on w6 tollowing describ6d real Un ,W-08, 2910DD, 1n12013, appropriate action wkh regad fl 34747 a in fi Sha VACATION NLLAS OWNERS FlxedW xedUnk,N-O1,6/ Waa xad Unh, AA-02, 431 6stablishadin &ion 721.855, pro loca ed in Osceola 5200 T86-792, $3,986.76, to this to&losure ma er, you prop Add u.l. A5 a AssoclAnoN, INC. WHOU, 1 v2014, 52001679- WHOU, 11v2014, 5200 673- Florida Sl es. You may County, Florida: (Sea Mibh S1.97; P8dD Yu Chan and risk losing ownenhip ot your wW ot the afo ntioned 6rainaWar rara d to 684, a,989.42, $2.46; Lalue 678,a,989.42,s2.46:JoyceB choosa o sign and send to A Tlme Sha lnte (s) Hoi Ning Chan and Joyce C timeshare inte through lhe detauW,We g ehe byelarts Westgata"), has o a S F man and Robert H Robinson.495OGov8m6rDriv8 the undB ign8d t ee an (S Mibk A as definedin Chan and Hoi Lk Chan, 8328 tw ee foreclosure procadu to sal th6 PD pursuant Claim ot L6n in th6 unt F andKa aSF man, Apt#12O7, Fo st Park, GA obj iontorm, exe ising your lhe D6claration of Cov6nants, Fem Lak6 Driv6, Fort Wo h, establishedinSertion 721.855, to Sa ion 721.855, Florida ot (s68 Exhibit A,w 5 0 Watley s,Birmingham, 30297,1FixedWaek1FixadUnrt, rightto objerfto euseotthe Condkions and Re rirtions M 76137, 1 Fixed, w-09, 101 Florida StatWes. You may Slatutes. PI8as6 be advisad int8r8staK ing atthe ra e ot AL35228, 1 2 Fwed, N-O1.25 AA-04, 37 H0U, 11V2014, tw to&low p cedu . lor le We gat6 Vacation WHOU, 11212014, 5200F786- choose to sign and send to that in the event that your (See Ewhibk A p& day, and MN, 11V2013, 52001679- 5200 673-678, $4,989.42, uponm6und6nignadtw a8's filla5 wl, omci Records 792, 84,974.98, 82.45:H tha undanignad t stee an obligation is not brough cunant recorded in O.R. Book (S 684, 82,69o.12, $1.33: Bonnie 82.46; Promotional Ent6pris8s, B pt or your signad obje ion Booh 1103, at Page 462, ot s B 86lah, Saudiaai in6s. obje ionform, exe ising your flncludlng the payant of any Exhibit"A ,atPag8(S68E ibh S Col&nan, 35N7 Glencoe UC A Florida Lm ed Labil torm, the fo&low of the the Public Records otOsc6ola Po Box 167, Jaddah, SAUDI rightto obja to he use ofthe t66s incun d by W6stgat8 in .'A"), ot the Public R ords ot Court, Round Hill, VA 20141, Company, 1375O w. Colonial lian wkh r pert to the detauW County, Florida he Plan") and IA 212 1, 1 Flxed WeeW t stee tor6closure proceduR. commencing this fO tlOSU O5c80la CouW, Florida. and 1n Fixed W Mix Unk, Dr, Wlntet Gaden, FL 34787, sp6cm6d in this notice sh,| ndm6ntls) the to, it Fix Unh, W-09, 35 H0U, Uponthaundenignedt ee's pDc sT whhin thir (30) tha unda igned Tw as N-04, VODD, 1/2 2013, 1 Fix6d W Mixed Unk, AA- be subje to Me juditi any.Tog6th8r wMtha rigMto 112 014, 52 n86-792, racaiptotyoursigned objertion days hom the fint d e ot appointed by we gate, h y 001679-684. 83,986.76 36 H0LE, 101v2014, loBlow pD du on . ocwpy, punuamto he Plan, a,96o.54, S2.45; Joseph u torm, tha tor6closuR ot the publitation, the undenigned tormally notifies ( ee Mibk .97; T Tanorio, Urb 52 1673-678, 83,654.84, You havelhe righllo cu your Building-Unk(s) (s Exhibh M thanik and Elizab&h J lien wrth r6sp8rttothe defauN T e6 sh,proteed with "A tha dueto yourtailur6to Lomas DelA la Ave Princip,81.8o; Steve LeW, Po Box d6fauWinlh8 manner Bto A,during Unk Week(s) (s68 Matchanik,403 C one specified in this notice sh,the s e ot 16 PDp8rfy as pay the annual aament(s) R VlllaLauraPiso14Apt143, 865, Williamsbug, VA 23187, inthisno icealanyti Pbeto Mibh A,dunng ANign6d Cir. Print&on, NJ o, 1 be subjatt to he judici prov ed in &ion 721.855, du6 on (See Exhib A and Pe Ca cas, VENUUELA, 1 Fixed WeaMixed Unk, AA- th6 und6nign8d bu 88'5 s a Yea s),(See Mibh A").77OO Flxad W xed Un,W- toreclosu p ceduR on . FloridaStat 8s,inwhiGhcas8, all assaNmant(sl th R 112 Fixed W68Mixad Unrf, 07, 19 H0LE, 4 v2014, ofyourti Bsha im& .wyou w g e Blvd Nimm66, 12, 25 H0LE, 1n 014, You hav6th6 rightto cu your the under gn6d Tw 68 shall: you ara cunantly in d6 uH N-OT, N ODD, 112 013, 52 1673-678, $4,955.04, do notobj6rtto Me usa ofthe fl 34747 me in Tln Sha 52 86-792, S4,989.42, detauWinlhe m n6r s toM (1) p vid6 you wrfh wriWen ot your oblig ions to pay 52 679-684, $3,986.76, 82.44; 8arbara F TDup, 312 twstee to&losuR pDc8du,pD ) Add .). As a $2.46. inthisnoticaatanytimebeto notice ot tha,including ass8ssm8nt5 dueto W gale S1.97; Samir F Abdo and H 85s Fl, Rivadala, GA you will not be subj to a w ot the ato n&tion6d F ry g, 18 the undenigned t stee's s e tha date, m6 and loc ion onth6tollowing d8Krib8d Lydia N Abdo, 12 ch T a 30274, 112 Fixed W86Mix8d defitiancy judg nt evan h detauw,we galeh byala s L 1628N otyourtim ha int& t.ltyou th&6or, ) Re the notic6 property located in OKBda Plac6 Ha sbug, IL 62946, Unit,AA-11,33lODD,1lV2O13, lhe pmeeds tDm Me s e to sall th6 D punuant donotobje totheuseottha ol s a in 6 Public Racods Coun,horida: (s68 E bk 1 F ed WeeMixed Unrf, 52001673-678, $3,986.76, ot your tim h im to &ion 721.B55, horida hust86 to low pmadu,otOK laCoun ,Florida;and "A fime Share lm (s) N-08. 1 H0U, 1nn014, $1.97; Manhall c F6F6b88, are insumciam to o 6 the Slatlrt . Pl b6 advised NoncE OF DEFAULT nND you will not be wbje to a (3)Publish acopyorthe notice (s Exhibh A as d6fin in 5200 6T9-684, S4,9B9.42, 3032 Hanlon Ave, BaWimo,amounts s8wRd by lhe lien. tha in Ma avam that your INTENT TO FORECLOSE d8fici8nGy judg& aven rf ots a o(2)ti ,onc86aGh Me D la ion or Cov,t2.46: J n Paul L&nay and MD 21216 DBnis6 Shanod, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, obl ationisnotbDughtGu m wTonn vncnnoN e pm88d5 hom Me s e w tor o (2) 5uc iv6 Condhionsand Mt m B&tourt R8n6 Lemay, 4408 Bowl6S Ln, Am 1-D, P.A Tw 86. [lncluding th6 payl m ot any uuwlnu: rr . 1s of your ti&a int& w k5, in an OK6ola County th6 W gate Vaca on,40 M Par lland, BaWimore,M 21206,112Flxed EXHIBlr A" - NoncE OF la inwnBd by w8 g 6 in Punuant lo S6 ion 721.aN, ar8 in5um 8nt to 0 8t 18 n8w pDv Wth a xl,omci R s 92T. ON.C AUB1A6,1Flx 6hnixed Unrt, BB-07, 171 DEFnuLrAND INnNTTo commancing this to closu Florida Stat es, wEsTGAn amounts setu by 16 li . n exi s al th6 time Page 2T61, ot me Pu Fw6d Unh, N,101 ODD, 1 v2013,52 673-678, FORECL E pmass) wkhin thiS (30) vAcAnoN LLAS OWNERS By: GREENSPOON MARDER, of publ hiq lt you t,to R6co 5 ot OK6ola Coun,WHOU, 1M014, 5200 679- 83,639.16,81.89;Fwr,lnc.and Owne sVObligo sl. Tl&a day hom M6 fint ate ot AssoclAnoN, INC. P.A T 68. m6 da uW as roM norida h6 .Plan d aN 684,a,989.42,s2.46;Chant Kam6rin8 L RoNi, s aa lnt,Building-Unrt, k publication, th6 und6nign6d 6 inaW6r t d to as HIB n" - NoncE OF in l notit6 or take oM6r da(s) th&&o. rf y. JCarf&.POBow296,RidboD, and F d w Roui, p&idant, ignad Year, DetauW D e, T sh,procaed whh rtgat6"), has Bold6d a DEFAULT AND INnNTTo appDpri 6 artion w h gard Together the rigM to PA1 54,1nFwad,N-1o,13/ 1567 VlnG8nn,caa, IL BooklPage ot R o ed Len, the 5 8 ot the PDparty as Cl m ot Lan ln th unt FORECL E tothistoBlosu man&, you upy, punuantto 6 p n. ODD, 1M013, 52 679- 60417, 112 Flxed kl x6d #IDU,p Di&n Rnoum plovid6d in S ion 721.855, ol (Sa6 Exhibit A"l, whh Ow8 5VObligo 5), fimesha rish b5ing ow&rnip ot your Building-Unrt(5) (S,S3,9 .76, g1.97; Lsa Unk,CC-12,13lODD,1lV2O13, M8 D I6 VaQions, uc A floridaSlalW ,inwhith ta 6, int accwinq th6 te ot lnter |, Building-Unh, w tim a t M ugh Me A,duriq Unk s) (s M Roadahl and G J 52 673-678, S3,9a6.76, norida Copo on, Po Box the und6nignad Twst h |: (Sea Ewhibit A per day, and signed Y DetauW D a, bu fo low pD du Exhibh .A,during g R daM and Ph liu D S1.9T: O tar T Amca, 8061 138039, Cl Dnt. fl 34713, (1) Ro de you w h wen in O.R. 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Condrtions and R6 rirtions of me Storm T Dated June tw to&losu pDc8dur6, FloridaStatutes,inwhich,Claim ot L6n in the amount WHOLE, 11v2014, 5200/673- CI6rmont, FL 34713, 1 Flx6d norida St ut6s. You may tor th6 Wa g 6 Vac ion 23, 1998,5502 khl er Rd, you will not b6 subjerf to a the undanignad Tw sh |: ot (S6a Exhibk A,wrfh 678, a,989.42, S2.46; Stanley W xad Unrf, HH-04. 461 choosa to sign and 58nd to Vlllas xll. omcial Recods Monona, wl 53716, 1 Fixed deficiency judgment even rf (1) PDvid8 you wkh wri int&astatc ing attha te ot w Atatkand CarolM Atack,6 WHOU, 41v2013, 52 1666 tha undanignad tw ae an Book 9N,atPaga 423,ofthe WeeMixed Unk, 0-03, 151 the pDc88ds hom he sale nolice of the sale, intlud g (Saa Exhibit A par day, and Lakasida, Woodlands Count 672. $6,398.75, g3.16: Hans obj ion rorm, 6x8 ising your Public Racords of Osc la WHOLE, 1/V2013, 52 1685- of your tin sha i e st th6 data, tim6 and lota on r ord6d in O.R. 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We ate Blvd uimmee. $2.46; S ha Jordan, lm,Building-Unrf, Wee newsp exi s at the ti due on (See Exhibk A and 52001673-678, 83,734.38, Mg, BRAZIL 3043 190, 1 You havetha rightto cure your FL 747 merein '.Tlme Share 4730 w. Wast End Ave Apt ANign6d Ye DerauN Date, ot publishing. lt you f l to,M nt(s) th8 ah6r, 81.84; N ie L Mc Coy Fixed Wee xed Unh, JJ- detauWinlha mannarsattorth (PDp8rty) Add N"). As a 1. Chicago. IL 6 . 1 Flxed BooWPage ot Recorded Len, cure the defauW as set to you a cur in detauW and Joyce M Mt Coy, 2456 01, 5 H0LE, 11V2014, inthi notice atanytime b&ore &uW ot the aforementionad WaeklFixad Unrf, 0-04, 1& um, p& Diem Amount M in this notite or taka o l ot your obligations lo pay Ha hom6 Road, Homewood, 5200 666-672, $4,989.42, the undenignad twst86's s e d&auW, Wa gata hereby alacts WHOLE, 1/v2014, 52 1685- J Popowytz and B Popowycz, appropriate artion w ald aN8u ms due to Wastgata IL O, 112 FixedWeeMixed $2.46: Ann M Hye, 252N otyouttimashareime .ltyou lo sell the Properfy pu uant 690, $4,989.42, 82.46: Frank 2, Bickerfon Road", to this fo&losu maWer. you on lhe tollowing d6scrib6d re Unk, FF-11, 3110DD, 11V2013, LexinQon Oaks Bhd, W6sl6y do not obje to lhe u58 ot lhe to &ion 721.855, Florida A Napolhano and Caroly M. AWrintham, ENGLAND WA14 risk I05ing owenhip ot your pDp8rty located in OK la 52001673-678, 83,986.76, ChapB, FL 33544-6503, 1n tw ee to clo5u procedure, Stat rfes. Pleasa be advised Napolitano, 33 Spoonwood 4LA, 1 Flxed x6d Unk, timeshare i th ugh Coun . Florida: (S68 Exhibrf 81.97; Jean Sebastien Bl s, Fixed WeeklFlxed Un,JJ-03, you will nol be subje to a that in thg event lhat your Rd, WiNon, CT 06897, 1 Fixed QQ-02, 43 H0LE. 11212014, lwst66 fo closu pD du A Tlma Sha lnt t(s) 4611 CarrinQon Pl,Gloucert&. 7 0DD, 1 2013, 52 666- d6fici8ncy judgman av6n it oblig ionisnotbroughlcu 6nt Wee Fixed Unit, 0-05, 6 52 6&774, $4,989.42, e ablishedin &ion 721.855, (See Mibk A") a5 defined in ON,CANADA K1B4R1, 1 Fixed 672,$3,986.76,$1.97;F6d6rico the pDt88ds hom the s e flncluding the paymenl ot any WHOLE, 11v2013, 52001685- 82.46: J J Range Jr and Florida St . You may the Detlaration ot covenams, Weeklhoat Unk, x-,5v J A Tagla Ga ia and Maria ot your timesha ime feas incuned by Westgate in 690. $6.431.24, $3.17; Kevin Gwendoly v Range and lda choo58 to sign and ad to Condkions and Re ric ions WHOLE, 1 v2014, 52 1673- T Celedon Lavin, 1 Sur 2652 a insumtient to oWset the tommencing thi5 toPclosure RcoxandAnncmomas,3oo M Rang6,1OM9S ng DrApt lh6 undenigned h an tor the W ale Vacalion 678, $4,989.42, $2.46; Ca os Block D - 601, Condominio unts aured by th6 lien. pm8N) wrfhin thirty (30) E CDslin St Apt 110, Austin, K, Chicago, IL 6 28, 1n Flxed objertion form, exarcising our vllla5 xll, cial R6cods G A lon and Diana Ayllon, Po Ta,lquique, CHIU, 1 By: GREENSPOON MARDER, days hom lhe fint date ot M 78752, 1 Fixed wee WeeMixed Unk. QQ-04, Nl righttoobjecttotheuseo the Booh933, atPage 423, otlhe Box 5202, Hi eah, FL MO14, Flxed W xad Un,JJ-04, P.A T 5t88. publit ion, the und8nign6d Fixed Unit, 0-05, 4&WH0LE, EVEN, 11v2013, 5200/768- t stea toBlosu pmadu . Public R ods of O5t80la 1 2 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, 6 H0u,1nn014,52 1666- NIBIT A" - NoncE OF Twrtee shall proc86d wkh 1/2/2013, 52001685-690, n4, $2,685.12, $1.32; Barba Upontheund8nign6dtwrt 's County, norida (Me Plan x-12, 2VEVEN, 1/v2013, 672, $4,215.02, $2.08; Dani6| DEFAULT hND INTENT TO tha s e ot tha PDp8rty as $6,053.36, $2.99; Ma Ann T A Bagby and carolr Se ance Rceiptotyoursign8d objet on and,am8nd Bnt(s) the to, 52001673-678, $2,685.12, vld Rosich and eida N FORECLOSE p vid6d in Sertion 721.855, Kane,5O1 E Brigantin8Av6Apt Washington, 227 t MaWhews torm, the toreclosure ot Me rfany.Togeth wrfhMerightto $1.32;Gavin Coe, 1049 W31st De vld,C la Vanezuela 3 Owne s)IObligo s). fimeshare Florida Stat es, in which , 202, Brigantine, NJ 08203, 1 Lane, Spa anbug, sc 29301, li6n whh sperf to tha d6fauW occupy, pursuam to tha Plan, St, Riviara Baach, FL 33404- Esc era B, Quinto Segundo, lnta rt, Building-Unk, Waekl tha undenignad Twstee sh |: Fixed WeeklFixed Unit, 0-07, 1 Fix6d WeeW xed Unh, aa- specified in this notice h,Building-Unhl5) ls Exhibrf 3541,1 FlxedWeeMixedUnk, Ch swo h, SP N 08019, 1 5ign8d Y6ar, DetauW Date, (1) PDvid8 you wrfh wrman 91WH0LE, 11212013,52001685- 06, 28 H0U, 11v2014, be subj to lhe judi A,during Unrt w86k(s) (See z-02, 141WH0U, 11v2014, Flxed Weekl xad Un,JJ- BooklPag6 of R orded L6n, notice of Me sale, including 690, $5,793.62, $2.86: T6ss 52001768-774, 84,98o.45, toreclosu p c8dur6 only. Exhibrf A,during ignad 52 /673-678. $4,989.42, 04, 34 H0U, 1 2014. unt, Per Diem Amount the dala. time and location momas, Po Box 1053, $2.46; Luthar c Burnan and You havetha rightto tU your Yaa s), (Sae Exhibk A"). 7T00 $2.46. 52001666s72, $4,989.42, Heman B Ahumada and Luz M thar r. (2) Record tha notica Woodbridge, NJ 07095-7053, DW B w and Leonad d6fault inth6 mann6rs6tform Weslgate Blvd KiNimm8e, F b ary2,g, 18 g2.46: ArthurA Desjardin and Gonz ez and C c Nun ot sale in th6 Public R6cods 1 Fixad Waa xad Unrf, Page, 201 Goldenwood Dr, inthisnohc8atanytim8b6to FL 34747 6 in wTln Sha L162863 Frances E Dasja in, Po Box and G g Gonz 6z, 7123 sw otOweolaCounty,Florida;and 0-08, 29 H0LE, 11v2013, Slidell. LA 70461, 1 Flxed lhe und8nign6d twst 's s 6 (P perty) Addr6N"). a 2079, brightsvill6, PA 18210. 115 Plate, Miami, fl 33173, (3) Publish a copy of the notice 5200 685-690, 86,452.O6, W88Mix6d Unrf, QQ-11, 10/ otyourtim8shar8i 6 5t.ltyou rBsuN ot tha aror 8ntion6d 1 Flxed W68Mix8d Unh, JJ- 1 Flxed WB8W x8d Un,PP- ofs 6lwo(2) im8s,ont88ach S3.18; Mild d B antand Jean WHOU, 11v2013, 5200/768- do not objerftothe use ottha defauW,Westgate herebyelerts NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 08, 46 H0U, 1 2013, 1,16 H0U, 11v2014, wee for two T2) wKaNiva D Brow, 8055 w Lehner Dr, 774, S6,7O4.59, 83.31; ShaDn tw5t88 to&bsu pm u,to all the Property punuant INTENT TO FORECLOSE 5200 666672, S6,111.2O, 52 86-792, S4,989.42, weeks, in an OK8ola County Pompano Beath, FL MO67, YL& nandYolandaJackson, you will not be subjert to a to Serfion 721.855, Florida wTGAn vAcAnoN 83.o1; G o HinriGhs and S2.46; p ricia Rubio, Agl& newsp,pDvid8d suGh a 1 Fixed Wee Flxed Unh, 412-20 W t 14&h MeetApt deficiency judgm6m evan it St Lrf S. PI8a58 be advised uNx nLE:2TT . 13 Jari Hinrichs, 140 Road 310, Rubio 108-110, Port B ssa,ne pap &x s the lima 0-08, 45 H0LE, 1 v2013, &D, New Yor NY 1 31, 1 tha pDc ds hom lhe 5 6 Wat in he 8v6nt that your Punuant to Section 721.855, Glanvil, NE 68941, 1 Flx6d BELGIUM 01000, 1 F ad ot publishinq. lt you tail to 52 685-690, S6,431.24, Flx6d W xed Unh, RR- ot your tim ha inta obligationisnotbDugMtun nt Florida St utes, WESTGATE WeeklFixed Unrf, JJ-09, 51 x6d Unh, PP-202, 10 # Me deauW as set torth S3.17; Do thbv M his, 1681 02, 29 H0U. 11v2014, a insumciam to oRa 6 flncluding tha pay nt ot any vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS WHOU, 11v2014, 52 666 WHOU, 412 013, 5200 786- in this notice or ake other NW 1 Way, ompano Beach, 52 176&n4, a,989.42, unts s r6d by Me li . ta intu by w6 g 8 in AssoclAnoN, INC. 672, 84,989.42, 82.4&; Mahin 792. S5,199.63, S2.56; H or appDpriat6 arfion wrm r6gard ~ FL 33 0, 1 Fix6d, 0-09. 4 82.46; V non D Rapp and By: GREENSPOON MARDER. com nting M to losu e ina e t to as Adams Jr and P6g$ s Silva and Berta Siha, 13798 to MistoBlow ma er,you WHOU, 11v2014, 52 1685- Ma L RaPP. 4403 Banner P.A Tw . p N) w in thirty (30) gate,ha5 ed a Adams, 1903 Mc Laan lac6, c limon Drive, llington, FL risk losing owenhip ot your 690, $4,989.42, S2.46; nold St, Boise, ID 83709, 1 Flxed HIBIT n" - NoncE OF dbs hom the fim date ot Cl m ot Len in the ou Haph bah,GA3O815,1 Fw6d 33414, 1 Flx6d WeaM ed ti&a int thDugh a R. Dyka and Maga tL Dyke, M ed Unh, RR-,40 DEF LT AND,TO g hc ion, the undenigned ot (See Exhibh A,th WeaMixad Unh, JJ-09, 361 Unk, PP-203, 27 H0U, tw ee b losu protedure 11 D&lwood CB Winnipeg, WHOU. 11v2014, 52 76& FORECLOSE w aa hall paaed wkh im aKwinqatth8rat8 of WHOU, 1 v2015, 52 1666- 11v2013, 5200 86-792, 6stablish6d in ation 721.855, MB,CANADAR3R1S6,1 F n4,t4,989.42,S2.46; H Ma Ow& sVObl o sl, Tl M6 s 6 ot th6 PD a5 (Sae Exhibh .A p& day, and 672, S5,5 .o7, S2.T4: And 5 S5,226.72,$2.58;HugoZamora norida aM6s. You may W86 xad Unk, 09, 491 Robin5on, 1207 can lnt,Bui ing-Unrt, pD d d in &ion 721.855, ed in O.R. 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