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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 PAGE 31B that in tha eva lhat your ANoc#noN. INC. 52 1630-635, S4,O49.1O, WHOLE, 1n 014, 52 636- the prot s hom m6 w ks. in an O ola Coun occupy, punuant to the Plan, detauw,weAgatehe byee s obligationi5notb ugMcur m m8 inaW6r B to as 2.00; Rosa n M Evans,4352 641, a,463.24, g2.2O;#len R ot your ti Bsha int& news r, p vidad such a Building-UnWls) (See Exhibk to sell th6 PDper punuant (inGluding the paymant ot any W6stgat8,has ld a Avenida Am6lgado, mouad B omfield, 875 Dateland Rd a insuMciant to om& Me newspaper exi s at the tin e A,during Unk W86k(s) (See to Se ion 721.855, Florida tees incu by stg e in Claim of Len in the unt Oaks, CA 91360, 1 Fixad S.E, Palm Bay, FL 3,1 unts s u d by the lien. ot publishinq. lt you t,to Exhibrf A,during Assigned St&rtes. Please be advised commencing his foteclosu of (s Exhibrf A,wkh W86M 8d Unk, MM-01, 26/ FixedWee FixadUn ,U-211, By: GREENSPOON MARDER. w the deauW a5 s& torfh Y s),(Sea Exhibh A . 7700 that in lhe evenl that your .p c6 s) wkhin thirty (30) inte st eccwing me te ot WHOU, 112n015, 5200/630- 9 H0LE, 11V2013, 52001636- P.A Twst68. in this notite or tahe other We gate Bhd Kissimm68, oblig&ion is not bDught cuBt days hom the fim d e ot (See Exhibh A perday, and 635, 83,622.33, $1.79; Rahul 641,85,226.72,S2.58;WilliamE NIBIT A" - NoncE OF app priate artion whh gard FL 34747 e in Time Sha (including the pay nt of any publication, the undenigned Bord8d in O.R. Book (See Rametra and Sharfali Rametra Lewis and Charmaine P. Lewis, DEFAULr AND INTENT TO to this to&losu maner, you (PDp8rtyT Add ss"). As a taes incu d by We gate in T stee shall ploc88d with Exhibrf A ,atPage(SaeExhibrf and Ga&ika Ram&ra, 229 9310 aueens Bhd Apt 6B, FORECLOSE risk losing ownenhip ot your suW ot tha a mentioned commenting lhis fo&losure the sale of the PDp8r as A,of the Public Records ot Cuba Hill Road, HuntinQon, Rego Pa,NY 11374, 1 Fiwed Owne sVObligo s), fimasha timesha int through the detau,Westgate he by elerts pm6ss) whhin thir (30) pDvid8d in Se ion 721.855. OK8ola County, Florida, and NY 11743, 1 Fixad Wee WeeWFixed Unk, LL-301, 471 lnte,Building-Un,weakl tw ee toBlosu pmedu to sell lhe PDp8 y pu uant days hom the fim date of Florlda St& es, in which case, the undenigned T as Flxed Unrf, 00-10, 46 H0LE, WHOLE, 11v2013, 52001636- ANign8d Year. D61auW Da e, e ablished in Serfion 721 .855, to Sertion 721.855, Florida publitation, the unde igned lhe undersigned T 86 shall: appointed by wertgate, he by 1 v2014, 52001630-635, 641, S6,431.24, 83.17; Roger BooWPaga of Re ded Len, horida Statrtas. You may Statrtes. Please be advised T ee shall pmeed wkh (1) p vide you wWh wrmen tormal notm6s ( Exhibrf $4,989.42,$2.46. M Crawford, 7466 KaWine Amount.PerDiemAmoWJean choosa to sign and send to that in the event that your the sale ot the PDp8r as notlce ot the sale, including A at due to yourt lu to F b ary2,8, 18 Dypan Rd G8og6town, OH E Bo bad, 283 State Ro rte the undenignad twrt an obligation is notbroughtcunent pDvld8d ln Se ion 721.855, the d e, ime and lotation pay the annual aN8Nm6nt(s) L162846 45 21. 1 Fixed Fixed 374. CadWil,NY 12918, 1 objertion torm, 8x6 ising our (lncluding the payment ot any Florida Stat es, in which case, the of; (2) Reco the nolice due on (See Exhibk A and Unrt, LL-302, 43 H0U, Fiwed W M ed Unh, u- righttoobj8rttoth6us8o th6 f s incu by W6 gat8 in the und6Rign8d T stee sh |: ot sale in the Public R8GOdS all mentlsT theteaWer, 11v2013, 52 1636-6Q1, 101, 39 H0U, 1M013, twrt to&losu p cedu . Gomm8ncing thi5 Blosu (1) PDvid8 you wrm wrmen otOsceola Coun,Florida; and you a tu ently in de uW NoncE OF DEFAULT AND S5,255.41-, 82.59; Roberfo M 52 648-653. 86.431.24, UponMeundenignedtwrfee's proc8M) wWhin thirty (30) notice of the sale, including (3)Publish a topy ofthe notite ot your oblig&ion5 to pay INTENT TO FORECLOSE Gi i, 8001 sw 62nd PL, S3.17; Bonn L L6g y. 589 &8ipl0ty0ursign6d0bj6 i0n days hom the fint date ot the data, time and location otsaletwo (2)timas, onteeach aMeM nts due to Westgate wEnGnn vAcnnoN Miami, FL 33143-8011 Adriana Cabe Rd, yha, NC 28779, rm, the foBlosu of the publication, tha undenigned the r, I2T Record the nolice week, tor two (2) Sutc8Miv8 on tha tollowing destribed al LLU xv FILE: 2 r . MA nzo,7841 SW54Court, 1 Flxed W88M 6d Unh. u- li6n wkh sp toMedetauN Twrf shell pDG88d whh ot sele in the Public Reco s weeks, ln an Osceola CouW ptoperty,ed in OK8ola Pursuant to &ion 721.855, Miami, FL 33143, 1 Fix 101. 42 H0LE, 112n013, spacified in this notice shall the sale of the PDp8rfy as otOsceolaCoun ,Florida;and newspaper, providad such a County. Florida: ls68 Exhibk norida Statrfes, wEsTGAn Wee Fixed Unrt, LL-302, 501 52 /648-6N, 85.151.N. be wbject to the judltial gDvid8d in S ion T21.855, (3)Publishetopyolthenotice newspaper exi s at the time A") Ti B Sha lme (s) VACATION LLAS OWNERS WHOLE, 1 v2013, 52001636- S2.54; Ma oWe Flickinger, toBlosu pDG8du only. lorida Statut6s, ln whlch case, ot saletwo (2) tim6s, once each ot publishing. lf you tail to (See Exhibrf .A as defined in ANoclAnoN, INC. 641. 85,298.07, S2.61: 2605 s lndiana Ave Unh 1405, You havethe rightto cure your the undenigned Tw 5h&|: w k, tor two (2) success e cu the d&auW as set rth th6 Decla tion ot Covenants, naRer ta to as FranciKo vazqez and Maria C o, IL 60616, 1 F 6d d61auWinth8 mannerset r (1) PDvid8 you wrfh wrmen waeks, ln an Osteola Coun in his notice or take oth Cond ions and Resmrtions W gate . has ded a G Ma ano, 1996 Anthony w ixed Unrf, U-1,4 inthi5notic8atanyti ab8to noti of e s&e, including nawspap,p vided 5uch a appDpriat8 arfion wkh gard r the wgale Vacalion Claim of an in the amount Av Ap 6E, B,NY 10457, WHOU, 1 2013, 52 1648- the undenigned twstee's saB the det6, ti and loc ion nawspaper exi s at the ti B to this to&losu ma er, you Vlllas cial Re ds ot (See Exhlbk .A . wkh 1 F ed WeaMhed UnN, LL- 6N,S5,795.17,S2.86;Ago ino ofyourtin shal8im8 .wyou th t; (2) Record the notice ot publishinq. lf you tail to risk losing ownenhip ot your Book 1072, Page 1|94, of inte rt aK ing atthe t6 ot 303, 45 H0-E, 1 2 013. laco cti, Calle 21 n6-59, do not objerf to e u58 ot the of sale in the Public Reco s cu Ma deauW s& to h timesha inta through the e Public R olds ot OK8ola (See Exhib A per day, and 52001636-641, t5,226.72, Me d& VENUUELA, 1 F t b&low pmedu,otOs laCounty,Flor a;and in this notite or take other lw ee to&losu pmedu Coun ,Florida he Plan and d6d in O.R. Book (S86 S2.58; Raul C Naza no and WeeklF ed Unrt. U-207, 391 you will not be wbj to a (3)Publishacopyofthenotice appDpriat8 arfion wM r6gad eAablishedin Sartion 721.8M, all amendment(s) the to, rf Exhbk A ,atPage(S Exhibrf Eleanor B Naa no, 13 4 WHOLE, 1 2 013, 52 648- deficienty judg Bnt 6v8n rf ots&8two(2)tlm85,on 8ach to this to&losute maWer, you Florida St utes. You may any. Tog6th6rwhh tha right to A,of the Public R6Gods ot Jackson Dr, Fo WashinQon, 653, S6,431.24, S3.17; Nanci le pmeeds hom the sale week, br two I2) wccessive risk losing ownenhlp of your choose to sign and send to occupy, punuantto the Plan, Osceola Coun . Florida, and MD 20744, 1 F xed WeeW Santos, 12713 R ar Mill Dr, ot your ti sha imere w68ks, in an OK la County timesha int8 thDugh Me the undenigned twstee an Building-Un (s) (See Exhibrf the undenigned Tw ee as FixedUn ,LL-3 ,52 HOLE. Hudson, fl 7, 1 F ad a insumtie to om& the newspaper, pDvided such a t ee to&losu pDt8du objertion form, ewe ising your .A,during Unrf Week(s) (s appointed by wa gate, he by 1 v2014, 52 1636-641, WeeMixed Unh, u-301, 1v &nounts s8Gu d by w6 lien. newspaper axis & the time establishedin Sertion 721.855, rightto objerftothe useotMe Exhibrt A . during AMign8d tormal notifies ( ee Ewhib 84,989.42, $z46; Met ew WHOU, 4n12013, 52 1648- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, ot publishinq. lt you feil to Florida Stalrtes. You may tw5t88 to&losu p cedu . Yea s), (See Exhib .A . 77 wA thal due to your tailu to Hochstrasser, PO Box 222158. 653. S6,398.T5, S3.16; Cha es PA Tw ee. cu the d6auW as set to h choo58 to sign and s6nd to . . Upontheundenignedtwstee's Wertgate Blvd KiMim,pay e annual aament(s) G at Neck, NY 11022, 1 A Snyder and Ma ia K Snyder, Nlarr n" - NoncE OF in this noti or take othet the unde igned tw an recaiptofyoursignedobjertion FL 34747 me in Tln ShaP due on (s Exhibh A and Fixed W88MiI8d Unk, LL- 140 W6 ba dg8 Drive. DEFnuLT AND INnNr TO appDpriat8 ac ion wkh ga objerfion torm, ex cising your torm, the foBlosu of the (PDp N Add N"). As a all ssment(s) the aR&, 308, N HOE, 1n12013, Wa on, FL N326, 1 F ed FORECLOSE to this toBlosu W6r, you rightto obj tothe use otMe lien whh spertto Me delauN RsuW ol the afo ntion6d you a cuBtly in detauW 52001636-641, 85,226.72, weeknixed Unk, LL-301, 251 Owne s)IObligo s), Tl sha risk bsing ownenhip of your t 66 b low pDc8dur8. spec ed in this notice shall d8 uW,W6Ag 8h&8by8|6cts of your oblig ions to pay $2.58; Adrian [ Brtcher and WHOLE. 112n013, 52 1648- lntere,Bui ing-Unh, Wee timesha inte rt th ugh the Upon the undenigned t .s ba subjart to the judicial to sell the PDp8r punuant aM8Mm8nts due to We gate Linda C Adill B ch&. Po 653, S5,226.72, S2.58; John J ANign8d Year. DetauW Date, twAee to&losu pDc8du &eiptofyoursignedobjertion to&losu pmedu on . to S6 ion 721.855, norida on Wetollowing d8Krib8d al Box 1140, Bl aigh Haads. Willi N,1 4819&hSt,Saint BooklPaga ot R6co 8d Len, e ablishedinSerfion 721.855, torm, Me foratlow of the Youhav8M6righttow your St rtes. Please be advised pDp8r loc ed in Osceola QLD, AUS 04220, 1 Albans, NY 11412, 1 F ed A Dunt, p& Di6m Amou Florida Statrtes. You may lien wM sp8rftoth6d6 uW detaultin me manners&torth Mat in the event that your Coun,Florida: (See Exhibk Fixad W88klFiBd Unrf, u- WeeM ed Unrt. LL-312, 311 Ty sKBke Jr,POBox414, choosa to sign and send to sp med in this notica shall inthisnoticeatanytimabeto obligationisnotbDughtcunBnt A fime Share lnte Ts) 3,30 H0.E, 1wno13, WHOLE, 1M013, 52 1648- Wind .FL34786,1 Fwed ma undenigned tw ee an be subjert to the judici the undersigned tw ee's sale (including Me payment ot any (S Exhibrf A as defined in 5200/636-641, S5,o38.74, 653. t6.431 .24, S3.17; W M ed Un,J-01, 141 objertlontorm, exewising your tor8closur6 procedu on . ofyourtimesha inte .llyou es incunad by rtg B in th6 Decla tion ot Covenants, $2.48; Vlrtoria E Cusick and Lo o Johnson, Po Box WHOU, 1M014, 520011606- gMto obj toMe use otthe You havethe rightto cu your do notobj8 toth6 usa ofthe tommenting th bBlosu Cond ions and Rermrtions Vlcki A Ch an 116 R 311, St ridg6, GA 30281. 1611. a.94O.O9, S2.44; David t Aae to closu pDc8du . defauWinthe mannersetbrth twstee for8closuR pmedu,p c8MT w hin lhir I30) tor e We ate Vacation w, m op, PA18512, 1 F ed 1 Fixed W Mixad Unh, MM- Eve n and Candace Taylor, Upontheundenignedt ee's inthisnotlceatanyti b&o you will not be subject to a days hom the fim date ot Vlllas xv, cial R6cods WaaMixed um, MM-02, 71 04, 24JWH0U. 11N013, 15 Rue RaimbauW Plenafonds, &eipt ofyoursigned obje ion the und&signed twrtee's sale deficiency judgmem even rf publitation, the und8R n8d Book 1072, at Page 1194, of WHOLE, 11212114. 52 1636- 52 648-653, g6,431.24, Qc, CANADA H9A2G7, 1 torm, the foBlosu ot the otyourti Bsha int8 rt.ltyou the pm86ds hom the sale Tw 6e shall pD wM the Public RecodsofOK8ola 641, $4,989.42,82.46;Ana M $3.17; Ga Mann. 9318 Bill F ed, J-03, M HOU,n wrth tothe detauW do notobje tothe us6 otthe of your lim8shaR inte the sale of Me PDp8rfy as coun ,norida he Plan and De Prie,1143 sw 86M Ln, Jones Rd,Kimbe y,ALNO91, 11v2014. 52 16 -1611, specmed in this not e shall twstee to&losu pDc8du , aR insuMcient to of et the pDvid8d in S6rtion 721.855, all a Bndmentls) the to, it Miami, FL Mr3. 112 Fixed 1 FixedW xed Un,MM- a.94o.o9, S2.44; Eugenia K be subjerf to the judici you will not be subjert to a anDunts secu d by the lien. norida Stalrtes,inwhich case, any. Together wkh the rigM to Wee Fixed U,MM-10, 2V 08, 1yWH0U, 412n013, Kellum. 365 Mi&dy Av6nu8, Blosu pDc8du on . defitiency judgment even rf By: GREENSPOON MARDER. Me undenigned T ee sh |: occupy, punuant to the Plan, ODD, 1/v2013,52 1636-641, 52 1648-653, S6.398.T5. Me m lsland, FL 32952, 1 All You havethe rightto cu your the pDc86ds hom the sala P.A T ee. (1) Provide you w h wrmen Building-Unm5) (S Mibk $3,986.76, $1.IT; Michael T 83.16: David E t Sr and Season-floal oal Unrt, de uWinthe manner sel h of your n rna inte EXNI8rr "Ah - NOTICE OF notice of the s&e, including A,during Unh Week(s) ISee StubbertandB er APe on. Ba ara J Kampt, 27 Ertle J- . 43 H0LE, 11v2014, in Fisnotic8atanytim8b8fore a insumcient to o & the DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Me date. ti and,ion Exhibk A . during ANign8d 738 Collins Bal Rd, King on. Ave. Spotswood, NJ,1 520 16 -1611. $4,940 e undenignad tw 86's sale a Dunts secu d by the fien. FORECLOSE th8Ror, (2) Recod the notice Yea s), (See Exhib A . 7700 ON,CANADAWM5G9,1 F ed F ed M Unk, MM- 82.44; Dr. Kenn6h J Mrtchell otyourtin sha int .ltyou By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Owne sTIObligor(s), Tlm85ha of sale in Me Public Recod5 Wertg e Bhd Kissim Pe, WeeMixed um, NN-02, 1& 08, 40 H0U, 112n013. and ShaDn M M chell,PO Box do notobj tothe use otthe P.A T . lnterest, Building-Unk, Weekl olOsceolaCounty, Florida;and FL 34747 me in Tl Sha WHOLE, 11v2l14, 52001636- 52 1648-653. 86,431.24. 652, Canadensis, PA 18325. 1 hu ee bBlosu gDc8dur8, HIBlr h - NoncE OF Assigned Year, De uW Date, (3TPublirn a copyofthe noti (PDp8r ) Add N"). As a 641, $4,989.42.$2.46; Miguel S3.17; Douglas M Baker and F edW xedUn ,J-O7,y you will not be su jert to a DEFAULT AND INnNT TO BooklP ge of Recoded Lan, ofsalelwo(2)ti s,onceeach &uN of the ato mentioned Angel Franco [onzalez, 2908 B nda J Bakar, 7356 E 64th WHOU, 1 2014, 520011606- d6fiti8ncy judgment even rf FORECLOSE Amoum, Per Diem Amoum w k, tor two (2) suc y e d8tauW,We g 6h8 by8|8rts Lotus Ct simmee, FL St, Chase, Ml 49623. 1 F ed 1611, t4.94o S2.44; John the pmaeds hom the sale ownerTsVobligo sl, fimeshare Richard Maras, 609 S Main w ks, in an OK la Coun to sell the p perfy pukuant 34747, 1 Fixd WeeMixed W Mixed Unh, NN-04. 2 A Ana mo and Nancy W of your tim ha inte lnte,Building-Unh, weekl St, Slarbuck, MN 56381-46,newspaper, pDvid8d such a to Sertion 721.855, nonda Unk, 00-08, 44 H0U, WHOLE, 1nn013. 52 648- Ana nD,9O Red Mapla DrN, a insumcient to oRs6t the ANign8d Year, DefauW Date, 1 Fixed Wee F ed Unh, newspapar exi s at the time Stat es. Please be advised 11V2013, 52 1636-641, 653, $6.431.24. $3.17; Casey Levmow, NY 11756, 1 F ed amounk secu d by the lien. BooklPage of Recoded T-08, 361WH0LE, 11u2014, of publishin lt you f,to th in the event that your $6,431.24,$3.1 Cavelb, 112 Ea 1rt St, B W M ed Unh, J-07, 43/ 8y: GREENSPOON MARDER, Lien, Amount, Per Diem 520011421-1426, $4,989.42. wre the de uW as s& rth oblig ionisnotb ughtcunanl Feb ary2,9,D18 Pmston. PA 1 . 1 F ed WHOU, 1 2014,52 11606- P.A Twstee. Amou And w L Vrfale. 1699 $2.46; fimeshaP Solrtions, in Mis notice or take other flncluding Me payment of any L162856 W Mixed Unk, NN-05, Ml 1611,84.940. ,82.44;ko D QHIBIT A" - NoncE OF Ple twood Drive, Jenison, LLC a Nevada Limrfed LiabiWy app pri e artion wkh Rgard fees incu by Wertgate in WHOLE, 41v2013, 52 1648- Wlllia and K ynn WllliaM, DEFAULT AND INrENT TO Ml 49428, 1 F ed, p-05, v Company, s. Valley Vlew to this toBlosuR maWer, you comm cing his to&losure 653, S6,398.75, $3.16; melma 1211 Wa Maple Ave, Flim. Ml FORECLOSE WHOLE, 11v2013, 51941468- Surfe 222, Las Vegas, NV risk losing ownership of your proteN) w hin thir (30) NoncE OF FAULr AND D mompson and Aan B 7.1F edWeeM edUnrt, Owne s)IObligo s). Timeshare 473, S6,431.24, $3.17; Robe 89103, 1 2 Fixed WeeklF ed timesha inte st M ugh the days hom the fint date of INTENT TO RECLOSE mompson, PO Box Cb13423, J-08, 36 H0LE. 11V2014, lme,Building-Unk, Wee Jason Gradney and Robe Unk, T-10, 19nvEN, 11v2013, h bBlosu pDc8du publication, the unde igned wEsTGnT nchnoN N u, 8AHAMAS. 1 F ed 5200116 -1611, $4,165.73, A5sign8d Vear, Da uW Date, J Gradney and Eddie M 5200 1421-1426, $2,685.12, tablishedin &ion 721.855, T ee sh,pmeed wkh VILLAS xv Fl : 2TT . Fwed Unh, NND9, 35 $2.05: Stedmund Dawson, Boo Page ot Recoded en, Gradney and Ma a Delaine $1.32; Aan mompson and Florida Sl rtas. You may lhe sale of Me p perfy as Punuant to Sc ion 721.855, WHOU, 4nn013, 52 648- N3 BDnx R er Road 606, Amou,Per Di6m Amount Gradney, 21107 Some ellCt, melma mompson, Po Box thoose to 5ign and send to pDvded in Se ion 721.855, Florida Stat,wEsTGAn 6N, 86.398.75, $3.16; Geoge Yonken,NY1O7O4Chri opher Syhia Babilonia and Nellie Richmond, TX 77406, 1 Fixed Cb,Nauau,BAHAMAS13423, Me undenigned t rf an horidaStaMes,inwhichcase. VACATION VILIAS OWNERS K Owens Jr and Janis F Cato,2O15 Fort&Ave Apt28, A a, 2N Hendrickson Ave, WeeklFixed Unk, p-11, 451 1 F ed WeaM ed Unk, objert ntorm. 8x8 i5ing your the undenigned Tw ee rnall: ASSOCIATION, INC. Owens, 20108 Radle Ave, BDoW, NY 11210-1029, LybDok, NY 11563. 1 Fixed WHOLE, 11u2013. 5194l468- T-10, 441WH0LE, 1 N014, rigMtoobjerttoWauseofthe (1T PDvide you w h wrmen e inaWer Rt& d to as C n, CA go746, 1 F ad 1 F ed WeeMixed Unk, WeeM ad Unrf, LL-212, 7 473,S6,431.24,S3.17;WadG 5200 1421-1426, $4,989.42, hrfee foRclosuR p duR. notice of the sae, including We gate"), has Bord8d a W M ed Unk, 0 04, 34J J-08. 49 H0LE, 11V2014, WHOLE, 1M013, 5200 782- Nebel.34 RiverRd, Montague, $2.46; M H N Fami,LLC, A Upontheund sign t ee's the date, tinP and location Claim of Len in Me a Dunt WHOU, 112n013, 52 1648- 520011606-1611, $4,940.09, 785, $6,431.24, $3.17; John NJ 07827, 1 Fixed Wee Lmrted Labil yCompanyDu B ptotyoursign8dobje ion th&eof; (2) Recod the notice ol (See Exhibk A . wrth 653, $5,816.85, S2.87: Ge d $2.44; Daniel O Onukwrfor D H chison and CaDl M F ed Unh, p-12, 23 H0LE, Oganized and Existing Under torm. the toBlosur8 ot the of sale in F8 Publit Recods inlere accruing atther e of fidale, 15 Perth Avenue. and Ba ilia C Onu or. Hrtchison, 13949 340th St t, 11v2013, 5194 468473, And By Vlrtue me Laos of lien w h r p to he d&auW olOw laCouW.F rida:and (See Exhibk A p6r day, and Cocoyaa San Femando. 6402 GRndel Pl, Bowie, C n, IA 51525. 112 F ed $6,431.24, $3.17: My le me Stale Of Delawa,125 specmed in M @ice 5h&| l IPublishacopyolthenotice l otd8d in OR. Book (Sea TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 1 x MD 20720. 1 F k M ed Unk, U-303, 4V Lan dieu. 635 E 1O4th , . s State Rd 7 Ste 104-301, be subjetl to the judicial orsaetwo(2)ti ,on 8Bch Exhib A ,atAge[SeeExhibk W ixBd Unh, 00-07, 4& F ed Unrf, J-11, 7 H0LE, ODD,1 2O15,52OO 782-785, BDok n, NY 11236, 1 | llinQon, FL 33414, 1 F ed Blosu p tedu only. week, for two T successive A,olthe Publit R ds ol WHOLE, 4 2n013, 52 I648- 1 v2014. 5200 1 1611, $1,944.94. $0.96; K hy Sisk Season-Float W Flo Unh, W6eMixed Un,T-12 71 You havethe rightto cu your w ks, in an OKeola County Osteola Coun,Florida. and 653, S6,398.75. 83.16: Lyn S4,94O.O9,82.44;DeborahHart Meprises lnt. and L nardo Q-02, 12 H0U, 11N013, WHOU,4 V2O14,52OO/1421- de uWinthe mann8r58tbrth n spaper, p vided such a the undenigned T ee as Young, 411 T c Sl B6nton,19746SW1O3 Court B Tambagahan, Di ot and 51941468-473, $6,431 .24. 1426. a,955.o4, $2.44; Philip inthis notice atanyti P be R newspap& exists the time appointed by we gale, h&eby KiNimme8, FL 3474T, 1 F ed Un 205, Miami, FL M157, Kathy Sisk, Di rtor, 711 w $3.17;Andres H Rodriguezand E Pa erand Judkh H Parker, the undenigned burtee's sale of publirning. lr you,to formally notmes ( ae Exhibh WeeWFwed Unh, 00-11, & 1 F ed W Mixed Unrf. 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Lavonne 785, S1,2o8.24, $0.60; Pehr H 473, $6,431.24. 83.17; Alan F Unk, u-07, 34 0DD, 11v2013, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, choos6 to sign and send to County, Florida: (s Exhibh F Lg. 18 W6 bDok and Gwen Hill and OIMon and Sal A OINon, 84 PalleW and Connie L p lan. 5200 1421-1426, $3,986.76, PA T ee. the undenigned tw ee an .A Time Sha lnte (sT Ll 85O Roy Waslb ok. PO Box 175, cadamum Lane, MiWord, CT 19 Norma c,Anca 6r, $1.97; Mark Orth and Geogie HIBIT A - NoncE OF objertion torm, exe ising your (s68 Exhib .A as defined in Smrthville, M 78957, 1 Fixed 06461. 1 Fixed W88 F 6d ON, CANADA L9G4v8, 1 o h, 760 10lh w NW Apl 206, DEFAULT AND INnNT ro rightto objerfto Me use otthe th6 Declar ion ot Covenants, M ed Unh, K-03, 40 Unh, MM-06, 20 H0U. F Wa6kl x8d Unk, New Brighton, MN 55112, FORECLOSE tw ee fo&losu pm6du . Condkions and R8 ri ion5 NoncE OF DEFAULT ^ND WHOU, 1M014, 5 16 - 1 v2013, 5200 T82-785, R-01. 16 H0LE, 1m2o13, 1 Fixed Wee Fwed Unrf, Owne s)IObligo s), Tl&a Uponth8und6nign8dtw 88's for the Wa g e VaG ion INnNT TO FORECL E 1611, 84,95o.92, S2.44; S6,431.24, S3.17; Elizabeth A 51941468-473, $6,431 .24, u-07, 37 H0LE, 11v2014 Building-Unk. Wee &eiptofyoursignedob ion Vlllas O ci Recods w#rGnn vhcAnoN Mau n A o Melia, 1004 s Walker. 3600 old Aiporf Rd $3.17:momas J Lyb nd and 520011421-1426, $4,989.42, ANign8d Y6ar, De uW Date, lorm, the foBlosuR of the Book 1072, at Page 1194, of LW w nu: l . Oneida Ave, Rhinelander, wl NW Apt 1z20, Albuquerque, Valerie A Lyb nd, 2064 5th $2.46; H Robert Pajkowski Boo Page ot Recod Len, lien wkhraspe tothe de uW the Public R8co sotOK la Punuam to S6rtion 721.8x, 54501, 1n #| season-no NM 87114, 1 Fixed Weekl St. WyandoWe, Ml 48192- and Dianne L Pajkowski, A Dunt. Per Diem A Dunt med in this notice shall Coun ,Florida he Plan and Florida Stal es, wEsTGAn W MloatUnk,K-O3.5OIODD, F ed Unh, MM-11, 491 4028,1 F ed MixedUnk, 1752 John St, mornhill, ON, PDmotion Enteprises, uc be subjert lo Me judicial all amendment(s) thereto, fi vAcAnoN NLLAS OWNERS 1 v2013, 5200 16 -161 1, WHOU. 1 v2013, 52001782- R-01, 34 H0LE, 1 2n013, CANADA UT1Y9, 1 F ed A Florida Lm ed Labil fo&low pDc8du on . any. Together wkh the right to AssoclAnoN, INC. S3,986.76, $1.97; Michaal w 785, $6,431.24, S3.17; Habart 5194 468-473, S6,431 .24, WeeklFixed Unk, u-09, 2v Company, 13750 w Coloni Youhavetherighttocureyour oKupy, punuaTtto Me Plan, e inaR l to as Ryan and Eve n Ryan, 9937 T Williams Sr and Gladys p $3.17; Ba a c Wrad . P.o WHOLE, 11212014, 5200 1421- DrSt6 350,WinlerGaden. 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S4.O2O.51.$1.98;J s Frt ll do notobjecttothe use ottha Wertgate Bhd, ssimmee, (S68 Ewhibk A per day. and $4,940.09, 82.44; RCR Sale5 WHOLE, 112n013, 52001782- S3.17:Lllian Padas.452 Maple VA 24014, 1 Fixed Wee and DoDthy F ||, 87-26 175 twrtee to&losuR pmeduP, FL 34747 (he n "Ti B Share ld6d in O.R. Book (Sae a Mark&ing, lnt. A Missouri 785,$11,014.07,$5.43;Mi ya Av6, Elizabath, NJ 07202, Fixed Unh, v-01, 40 H0LE, StApt7D.Jam ca,NY11432, you will not be subj6rt to a (PDp8rt Add8N ). As a Exhibh.A ,atPaga(SeeExhibh Coporation, 607 Stale H A Mcewen,5 Calle 2-64 Zona 1 Fixed WeeklF ed Unk, 11v2014, 5200/1421-1426, 1 Fixed WeeWfixed Unk, u- deficiency judgmen evan if suW ot the o mentionad A,ofthe Public R ds ot 165. Bran5on, MO 65616, 1 13, Ciudad De Gu&emala, R-06, 46 H0LE, 1/v2013, $4,989.42, $2.46; James w. 104. 44 H0LE, 1 v2014, the pD s hom tha sala detauw,we gabhe byel s Osceola Coun,Florida. and F edWeeklFixedUnrt,K-09,11 GuAnMALA, 2 Fixed Weekl 51941468-473, $6,431 .24, Da ell and Helene E. Da ell, 52001630-635. $3,586.37, ot your tim ha int6R lo s6|| the )erty punuant Me undenigned Tw 66 as WHOU, 1 2014,520 1606- Fixad Unh,OO- ,OO-06,481 83.17; ex Amoako and 25 RocWwold Drive, Sandys 81.77; Robert Olivera, PO Box a insumcient to oWsel lhe o Se ion Ta.855, Florida appointed byWastg e.h&aby 1611, 84,94o.o9, S2.Q4: RM WHOU, 19 H0LE, 1 v2013. Ernertina M Gonzalez, 1823 Pa ish, BERMUDA sBo3, 625, Londondeny, NH 03053, unts s8tur6d by the lian. St es. PI8a9 be advis6d to,notm6s (Sea Exhibrf F Desuzia, 40 El K W Rd, 52001782-785, S11,o14.7o, s.w. 1B0 Ter ce, Pemb ke 1 Fixed WaeklFixed Unk, 1 Fixed WeaklF ed Unrf, u- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, that in the e nt that yout A M dueto yourfailu to Stanrfotd, CT 06902, 1 F ed S5.43. Pines, FL 33029, 1 Fixad v-02. 13 H0LE, 1lV2014, 109, 21 WH0U, 1 2014, P.A T rtee. obligationisndl ughttur nt pay th6 annu as58N tls) w M 6d Unk, K-11, 41 F b a 2,g, 18 Week F ed Unk. R-07, 6 520011421 -1426, $4,989.42, 52001630-635, 84,o49.1o, WIBIT "A" - NoncE OF flncluding tha pym6nt of any due on (See Exhibk .A and WHOU, 1n12014, 520011606- L 16z851 WHOLE, 11v2013, 51941468- $2.46; Edouard p Bissada, $2.00; Maria Elena Munoz, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO tees incunad W8 gal6 in all aN8Nn&t(s) the aWer, 1611, S4.94o.o9. $2.44; Ron&d 473, $6,431.24, $3.17; Jaan M 3801 S Ocean Dr 4E, Esquina Puente Anauco, FORECLOSE commencing tls lo&losu you a cu am in detauW FHowadandBarbaraHoward, Aslin, 2760 CaDus8| C scent Hollywood, FL 33019, 1 Fixed Edmcio Puente Anauco, Owne sVObligo s), Tlmeshare pDcaM) wrthi thir (30) of your obligations to pay 1655 B I8r-M8K8r Pike, NOrlCE OF DEFnuLT AND Apt 1107, Gloucester, ON, Wee Fixed Unk, v-02, 181 Piso 7 - Apto 74. Ca cas. lnte st. Building-Un,Week/ days hom thefir date of N ant5 due to We gate Me &. PA 1613T. 1 Fixed INTENT TO FORECLOSE CANADA K1T2N4, 1 Fiwed WHOLE, 11v2014, 5200/1421- VENUUELA o1o1o, 1 Fixed Assigned Ye DelauW D e, publication, thl undenigned onthafollowing deKrib8d al WeeM ed Un . K-12. 81 wEsTGAn vAcAnoN WeeklFixed UnW, R-08, 141 1426, $4,989.42, $2.46; klFixed Unk, u-110, 301 Boo Page ot Recorded Len, Trustea shall >rocead wrfh pDp8rty located in Osc la WHOU, 1 v2014, 520011606- LLAS vll FILE: 2TT . WHOLE. 11212013. 51941468- Carmelka Joquico, 3093 Quail WHOLE, 11V2014, 52001630- Amount. Per Diem Amount the s a ot th PDpar as CouW. Florida: (See Exhibrt 1611, 84,935.21. S2.43. Punuant to &ion 721.855, 473, $6,431 .24, $3.17; Ridge Cir Ste 401E, Rochester 635, $4.048.11. 82.o0: Ralph Edwin,Lugo and EI6nda R p vidad in Selion 721.855, A") Time Ma lnl&ast(s) Feb a 2, g, 18 Florida Statutes, WESTGATE F ntisco Moran and Cristina Hills, Ml 48309, 1 Fixed WaeW Hen Wodrich, 4440 E Euclid Lugo, 33 Rolling Meadow Dr, Florida Stat esin which case, (See Exhibrf A") as dafined in L 162854 VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Moran, 2520 Beany St Apt 210, Fixed Unrt, v-04, 31 H0LE, Ave. Orange, CA 92869, 1l2 Tolland, CT 06084. 1 Fixed the undenign T ee shall: lha D6cla tion ot Covenants. ASSOCIATION, INC. Houston. TX 77023, 1 Fixed 11v2014, 520011421 -1426, Fixed WeeMixed Un,u- WaaklFixad Unk, LL-103, 301 T1) PDvid8 yol w h wrman Condkions and R8 rirtion5 mereinawer refanad to as WeeklF ed Un,R-09, 351 $4,989.42, $2.46; Donald M. 204, 341EVEN, 11v2013, WHOU. 11v2013. 5200/636- notice ol the ale, including tor the We gale Vacalion NoncE OF DEFAULr AND We gate,has corded a WHOLE, 1/v2013, 51941468- Boyd, 126 w Franklin Ave, 5200 630-635, $2.1 84.48, 641, 85,226.72, S2.58; Peter tha dal6, time and location Vlllas N. OMcial Recods INTENT TO FORECLOSE Claim of Len in Me amount 473, $6,431.24, $3.17; Stephen Nape ille, IL 60540 Juna Boyd, $1.08; Nancy L Ellis, 2 Sias Ln, A Siherio, 59 Barkshire Rd, thereof; (2) Reord the notice Book 766, at Page 854, ot the wuTGAn vAcAnoN ot (See Exhibrf A,wrfh c Madge and Penny s Madga, 243BoxCarAve.Nape ille,IL Wenham, MA 01984, 1 Fixed Yonk&s. NY 10710. 1 Fixad of sale in the blic R8colds Public Recods ot OK la LLAS XV FILL 2TT . inte st accwing at We rate ot Seawinds Top Rd, T rieve 60540-4467, 112 Fixed wee WeeMixed Unk, u-209, 5v Waa Fixed Un,u-103, 471 ofOsG8ola Coury, Florida;and CouW, Florida (lhe Plan Punuant to S ion 721.855, (See Exhibrf A par day, and E ate, Topoint, ENGLAND Fixed Unk, v-05, 1710DD, WHOU, 1 v2014, 52 1630- WHOU. 11212013, 52001636- (3) Publish a co otthe notite and all amendment(s) the to, Florida Statrtes, wEsTGAn Bord8d in O.R. Book (See PL11 3u, 1 Fixed Waekl 11v201 3, 520011421 -1 426, 635, S4,o49.1o, 82. ; William 641, 85.226.72, 82.58; Brian ot sale two (2) tilas, once each rf any. Tog8th6r wkh the right to vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Exhibh .A,at Paga (s68 Exhibrf Fixed Unk, R-12, 44 H0LE, 83,986.7&, 81.97; Ove oming R Richard and Ma F Rithad. Wilson lnnes. 60 Kien B e, week, tor two 2) succ8Niv8 octupy, punuant to the Plan, ASSOCIATION, INC. A,ot the Public Racords ot 1 2n013, 51 941468-473. Advers,lnc, 1035 Primeta 110 Rimwood Avenue, Cad8nd6n. kotland, UNITED weeks, in an Cceola County Building-Unk[s) (S66 Exhibrt (he inaW& Ba to as Osceola County, Florida, and $6,431.24,$3.17. Blvd, Suh6 1041, Lake Ma,LafayeWe, LA 70501. 1 F ed KINGDOM K45OQF, 1 Fixad newspaper, p ided such a A,during Unk Week(s) (See Westgate,has ed a tha undenigned Twstee as F b ary2,g, 18 FL 32746, 1 Fixed Wee WeehlFixed Unrf. LL-303, 241 Wee Fixed Unk, u-104, 211 n6wspap8r exis at th6 lin Exhibh A,during ANign8d Claim ot Len in the amount appointed by westSete, he by L 16z860 Fixad Unk, v-08, 39 H0U, WHOLE, 11v2014, 52001630- WHOLE, 1/v2013, 52001636- ot publishinq. you tail to Yea s), (See Exhibrf A . 77 ot (Sae Exhibh wA,wrfh tormal notifies ( ee ExhibW 112 2014. 5200 1 421 -1 426. 635, 84,o49.1o, S2.OO; Brian A 641, $5,226.72, S2.58; Ren cu the deau as set torth Westgate 8hd KiNimm88, inte aKwing & the te ot .AhT that due to your tailu to $4,989.42, $2.46; ma sa Wilson and Angelina c Wilson, B Conrad, 3963 HillsboDugh in this nolic6 lr take oth& FL 34747 me in fime Sha (s68 Exhibh A per day, and pay tha annual aM8ssm8nt(s) NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Arm ead, 707 E 1st St at, 13267 Ocean Mi Drive. Rd,Cameron Pa ,CA95682, app priate ertin whh gad (PD ) Addr8N"T. A5 a Bord8d in O.R. Book (See due on (See Exhibrf A ) and INnNT TO FORECLOSE New lbaria, LA 70560, 1 F ed Jacksonville,FL32258, 1 Fixed 1 F ed WeeWFixed Unk, LL- to this tor los B maW6r, you suW ot the ato&&tioned Exhibh A ,atPag8[S68Exhibk all assess nt(sT the a er, WESTGATE vncAnoN WeeklFixed Unk, v-11, 501 W Mixed Unrt, u-303. 461 104, 48 H0LE, 11v2013, risk losing ownnhip of your de uW, g ehe byelerts A,otthe Public Raco s of you a cunantly in de uW VILUS,FILE: 2TT . ~ WHOLE, 11v2014, 5200 1421- WHOU, 1 v2014, 52 630- 52001636-641,85,226.72, timesha inte t thDugh the to sell Me p per punuant Os ola County, Florida, and ot your obligations to pay Punuant to Sertion 721.855, 1426, $3,798.12, $1.87; David 635, 84,o49.1o, S2.OO Pier S2.58; Emest Dean and tw ea toBlog pmedu to S ion T21.855, Florida the undenigned Twrf as assessments due to Westgate Florida Stat kes, wEsTGAn Opatovsky and Barba M T ong, 1017 Cambridge Dr, Debo h Dean, 5918 Pine eAablishedin Srtion 721.855, Statrfes. Please be advi58d appointad byw8 gat8,h6 by onthetollowing d6scrib8d el VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Opatovsky, 114 lslandviaw Ln Ca IWon. TX 75 7, 1 Flxed Lakes Dr, &, M 77493, 1 Florida Stat s. Vou may th in We event Mat your tormal notm6s ( Exhibrt pDp8r located in Osceola ASSOCIATION, INC. Rr4, Powassan, ON, CANADA W86Mix8d Unk, U-304. 301 Fixed WeeklFixed Unh, LL- choose to sig7and send to obligalionisnotbDughtcun8nt A thatdueto yourtallu to Coun,norida: (Sae Exhibh a inaWer B d to as POH1ZO, 1 Fixed Wee WHOU, 11v2014, 52001630- 108, 40 H0LE. 1n12013, tha undenign8 tru ee an [lncluding the payT ot any pay tha annual Mn nt(s) A fime Share lnte st(s) Wastg&e,has Bod8d B Fiwed Unk, v-12, 4 H0LE, 635. 84.o49.1o, S2.oo; Mario 52001636 41, 85,215.14, obj6 ion form. x& ising our f86s inw by We gata in due on (See Exhib A and (s Exhibh A a5 defined in Claim ot Lien in the amount 1/v2014, 520011421 -1426, N Poleo and Aniuska L Luy, 82.57; Ann El abeth Faguson right to objert t he use o the comn ncing lis to&losu all aN8ssm8m(s) tha aWer, th6 D laratlon ot Covenants, ot (See Exhibrf .A"), whh S4,96o.54, $2.45; Caro n L. Ub.Bas8Sut ,Call818Ca5a and Bil Feguson, 4029 tw ae to&losre procedu . pDc8N) wrmin thir (30T you a w& in d&auW Condrfions and Restrirtions int acctuing &th8rat6 of Collins, 288 w. River Rock. 32. Maracay, VENUUELA Coppendale, Cha one, NC Upontheundargnedtwrtee.s days hom the fim dat6 of of your oblig&ions to pay for the We &e Vacation (See Exhibrf A per day, and Belgrade, MT 59714, 1 F ed 02102, 1 Fixed WeeklFixed 28273. 1 Fixad W86WF 8d receipt of yout slned obi ion publication, the undenigned aN8ssm8nts due to Bgate Vlllas vll, cial Records Bord8d in O.R. Book (See WeeMixed Unk, W-09, 3& Un,LL-305, HOLE, Un,u-1o9, 29 H0LE, form, the to dosu ot the Tw ee shall pD wM onth6tollowing d85crib8d al Book 845, at Pege 724, otthe Exhibrf A ,atPege(SeeExhib WHOLE, 1/v2014, 520011421 - 11v2014, 52 1630-635, 11v201 3, 52001636-641,lien wkh spet to tha datauW the sale ot Me PDp8r as pDp8rty loGat8d in OK8ola Publit R8Gods ot Osceola A',ot the Public R ods of 1426, $4,989.42, $2.46. $4,049.10. 82.OO; John J $5,076.34, $2.50; Jack Robbins specified in ths notice shall p vided in Satlion 721.855. County. Florida: (See Exhibh Coun,Florida he Plan Osceola Coun,Florida, and Feb ary 2, g, 18 Bolger and Ma E Bolger. and Simi Robbins, Alcanfores b6 subjatl tt he judici Florida Statrtes, in whith case, A Tin Sha lnte st(s) and all amendmem(s) the to, the undenigned Tw 68 as L 162867 1305 Suncrest Way, Leland, 74 Apt 202 A, Colonia Sn.Josa foraGlosur8 procedure on . the unden ned Twstee shall: (See Mibk A as defined in rf any. Together wkh the righl to appointed by we gate. ha by NC 28451, 1 Fixed Week/ De Los Cedros, Mexico, You have tha riQrf o cu your (1) PDvid8 you wrth wrmen the Decla tion of Covanants, occupy, punuant to the Plan, tormal not as ( ee Exhibk Fixed Unrf. LL-308. 29 H0LE. M ICO 05000. 1 Fixed detauW in the gnn6r set to h no ica of the sale, including Condkions and Res clions Building-Unrf[s) (Sae Exhibrt "A that due to your failure to NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND 11212014, 52001630-635, Wee Fixed Unk, LL-110, 28/ in this notite at any time befo tha date, time and location tor the We ga e Vac ion A"l, during Unk Week(s) (See pay the annual ass8ss BmTs) INTENT TO FORECLOSE $4,049.10, 82.oo; Humbe o WHOLE. 11v2013, 52001636- the undersigned twstee.s sale the of: I2) Recod the notice Vlllas xv, OMcial Recods Exhibh A',during Assigned due on (See Exhibrt wA and WUTGATE VACATION Char and Sara Chany, u 641, $5,226.72, 82.58; ofyourtimesha inte st. ltyou of s e in the Public Recods Book 1o72, al Page 1194, ot Yea s), (See Exhibrf A ). 7700 all aM8ssm8nt(s) the a er, VILLAS xv FILE: 2TTS6. Campamento Calla 19. Norfe momas Long and Tammy do notobje tolhe use otthe otOsceolaCoun ,Florida;and the Public R ods ot Osceola We gate Blvd Kissimmee, you are cunant in detauW Punuant to Serfion 721.855, N16-09. Popayan, COLOMB,Hendenon, 802 Randolph St, t rtee foreclosure procedu,(3T Publish a copy ot Me notice Coun,Florida (the wPlan and FL 34747 merein "Time Shara of your obligations to pay Florida Sl es, WESTGATE 1 Fiwed WeeWFixed Unrt, LL- Abington, MA 02351, 1 Fixed you will not b6 subjact to a of sale two (2) lin s. once each all amendment(s) the to. rf TP pet ) Add ss"). As a assessments due to We gate vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS 308, 3VWH0LE, 1/v2014, Waek/Fixed Unrf, LL-203, 19/ daficiancy judgment avan fi weak, for two (2) succ8Miv8 any. Together w h the righ to resuW ot the ato mentioned on the tollowing desc bed al