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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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PAGE 30B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 days hom the fint date ol pay the annual aNeNmentls),lx, OMcial Retods Book 882,$3,986.76, $1.97. 647, $6,087.11. S3.oo; Hab6rt ' Fiwed Unit, c-02, c-10, 26, 27/ lntePst, Building-Unit, WeaW (3) Publish a topy ol the nolice publication, the undersigned dua on (See Exhibit A"l and at Page 27>9. of the Public Feb ary 2, 9, 2018 R Payne ll. 44 N Winecup, WHOU, WHOLE, 1/212013, Assigned Year, DefauW Date, of 5ala two (2) limes, once each Tw ee shall proteed with all ass85smen (s) th ea er, Records ol OKeola Coun . L 162855 BeKon, TX 76513. 112 Fixed. 5200/156g1574, $10,954.54, BooklPage or Recorded Lien, week, tor two (2) 5ucc8ssiv8 the sale ot the Property as you a cu ently in detauW Florida (the Plan") and all NN-12, 51/0DD, 11V201 3. $5.40; Steven Connor and Amount, Per Dlem Amount w68ks, in an Osceola County provid6d in Settion 721.855, ot your obligalions to pay amendment(s) thereto, if any. 52001642-647, 83,9e6.76. Pat Connor, 7390 C Rd 91, Patricia Pie e, .I521 AWon newspaper, provided such a Florida Statutes, in which case, as58s5m8nts due to Westgate Togeth& with the righl to NoncE OF DEFAULT AND $1.97; Ricky J Hrfchcock and Stayne ON. CANADA LOM1 SO, Road Ste 822, Miami Beach, i newspaper exists at the ime the unde igned T stee shall: on the tollowing destribed re occupy. punuant to the Plan, INTENT TO FORECLOSE Lori-Ann M Hkchcock, 24 1 Fixed WeeklFixed Unit, FL 331 9, 1 Fixed Weeh/ ot publishing. lf you tail to (1) p vida you with wriWen property located in Osceola Building-Unit(s) (Sae Exhibit wEsTGAn VACATION swood Ln, Comwall, PE, c-11, 44/WH0 E, 112/2013, Fixed Unrf. G-05, 2 H0U, cure the defaLll as set forfh notic6 of the sale, including Coun Florida: (See Exhibit A"), during Unit Waek(s) (See VILLAS xv FILE: 2TTS6.0T94 CANADA COA1HO, 112 Fixed 5200/1 569-1 574, 86.371 .08, 1 lv2o1 4, 520011 575-1 580, in this nolite or take other the date, time and lotation "A") ime Share lnterest(s) Exhibit A"). during Assigned Pursuant lo Saction 721.855, Wee xed Unk, 00-03. 18/ $3.14; Cha ie Dewber and $4,940.09, $2.44; Jeny J app priate action wkh regad thereot: (2) Record the notica (Sae Ewhibit "A") as defined in Year(s), (See Exhibrf .'A ). 7700 Florida Statut6s, WESTGATE ODD, 1/v2013, 5200/642-647, Marion Dewber,499 Amboy Grigakis and Marie K Grigakis, to this tor losure maWer, you ot sale in the Public Recods lh6 Daclaration ot Covenants, Wastgata Blvd Kissimmee, VACATION VILLAS OWNERS $3,986.76, $1.97: Susan Hom, St, Brooklyn, NY 11212, 25 Par Del Rio, CliWon Parh, risk losing ownership ot your of Oweola County, Florida: and Conditions hnd Restrirfions FL 34747 maPin wTime Share ASSOCIATION, INC. 7575 E Peakview Ave Apl 814, 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, NY 12065, 1 Fix6d Waakl timeshare intePst th ugh the (3l Publish a copy ot the notite tor the Westgate Vacation (P perfyl Address"). As a m6r8inaw8r refe ed to as Englewood. CO 80111, 1 Fixed C-12. 29/WH0LE, 1/2/2013, Fixed Unk, G-05, 7 HOLE. twstee toreclosure procedure ot sale two (2T times, once 6ach Vlllas lv, omci Recods rasuW ot tha atoremen ioned Wastgate"l, has recordad a WeeMixed Unit, 00-05, 16/ 5200/1 69-1 574, &6,371.08, 1 12/201 4, 520011 575-1 580, astablished in Se ion 721 .855, week, for two (2) suK8ssiv8 Book 766, at Page 854, ot the detauN, We gate hereby ela s Claim of Lian in tha amount WHOLE, 1/v2014, 52001642- $3.14; Timashara Trada lns, $4.940.09. $2.44; Kevin Wayne Florida Statutes. You may weeks, in an Osceola County Public Recods of Osceola tG sell th6 Property punuant or (See Exhibk A"), with 647, $4,989.42, &2.46: Ruth UC, 10923 w. Stale Hwy 176, Priest, River Co age, Coldham ihoose to sign and send to newspaper, provided such a Coun,Florida (the Plan lo Sa ion 721.855, Florida intere accruing at the rate ot Anderson, 6636 Valley Vlaw Dr, Walnut Shade, MO 65771, Hall Camser, Coldham Hall, th6 und6rsigned twstee an nawspaper 6xirts at the tima and all amendment(s) thereto, Stat es. Please ba advised (Sae Exhibit A' per day, and Fort WoM, M 76148, 1 Fixed 1 Fixed WeaWFixed Unit, No ith, ENGLAND NR14 objertion torm, exercising your ot publishing. lf you f,lo it any. Tog6th6r with the right to that in the evenl that your recoded in O.R. Book (See Wee Flxed Unil. 00-06. 24/ C-12, 48 HOLE, 1/2/2016, 7AN, 1 Fixed We6Mix8d Unit, right to object to the us6 ot tha cu the default as set torth oGcupy, pursuanl to the Plan, obligation is not brought cu erll Erthibit A'.), at Paga (See Exhibk WHOU, 11V2014, 52001642- 520011 569-1 574, 82,285.36, G-05, 13 H0LE, 1 212014, twstBe toreclosure procadura. in this notice or take other Building-Unil(s) (See Exhibit [lncluding the paynenl ot any A ), ot lhe Public Reco s of 647, $4.989.42. $2.46: MaWhew $1.13; Robert len Melillo, 520011 575-1 580. 84,94O.O9, Upon the undenigned twslee's appDprial6 artion with rega A"), duri q, Unh Week(s) (See t66s incu ed by Wertgate in Osceola Coun,Florida, and s Hatkler and Ann G Hackler. 2929 Newport Blvd, N6wport $2.44; VaneNa Mill6r, 120 10lh receipt ot your gned objection to this toreclosure mawer, you Exhibrt ',during ANign8d commencing lhis fo closure the undenigned Twstae as 1445 Lunnonhaus Dr Apt 2, Beath, CA 92663, 1 Fixed Ave, West Bab on. NY 11704. torm, lhe foPclosure ot the ri5k losing owership ot your Yea 5), (See xhibk A"). 7700 proc8N) wilhin thirfy (30) appointed by Westgate. h8Rby Golden, CO 80401, 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, D-01, 26/ 1 Fixed wee'mixed Unrf, lien wkh spe to the detault timeshara interest through lhe Weslgata Blvd Kissimmee, dabs hom lhe fi t date of tormally notifias (Sae Exhibrt Wee x6d Unil. 00-07, 16 WHOU, 4/2/2o13, 520011569- H-02, 38 H0U, 1/212014, spetifiad in this notice shall t stee toreclosure procedure FL 34747 eRin Tlme Sha pu lication, the unde igned .'A") that dua to your f lure to WHOLE, 11V2014, 52 1642- 15T4, $6,338.59, $3.13: Jack 520011 5T5-1 580, $4,940.09, be subje to the judicial established in Section 721 .855, (Properfy) AddreN"). As a Twstee shall proceed whh pay tha annual ass6ssment(s) 647, $4,989 42, $2.46: Ester W Jones and Alma E Jones, $2.44; Cecil C Roa and roretlosure p cedure only. florida Slatutes. You may resuW ot tha afo mentioned the sale ot the Proper as due on (See Exhibi "A") and Rob8rti, Julian var6z 2335-10 103 Chapa al Dr, Wichila June C Roa,505 Eria Av6, You have the right to cu your doo58 to sign and send to datault, Westgate heraby elerts provided in Sertion T21.855, all assassmant(s) lherea er, M, Buenos #ras, ARGENTINA Falls, TX 76308, 1 Fix6d weekl Conne ville, IN 47331, 1 Flxed detauW in he manner set torfh the undenigned wstee an to sell We Property punuant Florida Statutes, in wh ch case, you are cunently in default 01425, 1/2 Fixed WeeMixed Fixed Unit. D-03, 241WH0U, Wee xed Unk, H-04, 81 in this notice at any time batora objertion form, exercising your to Se ion 721.855, Florida th6 undersigned T stae shall: ot your obligations to pay Unit, 00-08, 2/0DD, 1 212013, 11U2014, 5200/1 569-1 574, WHOU, 1/2/2O14, 5200/1575- the undenigned twst86's sal6 right to obje to the use ofthe Statutes. Please be advised (1) Provida you wkh wrmen assessments due to Westgale 52001642-647, $3,986.76, 84,94o.o9, $2.44; Hawkins Gas 1580, 84,94o.o9, 82.44; Colin of your timeshaP inta st. lt you t ee toreclosure p cadure. that in tha event that your notic6 ot tha s e, ncluding on th6 tollowing destribed re $1.97; Ma W S8g8|I6 and Bar Ltd, 3972 Princ6 Of Wales McClean and Sandra Mc Clean, do not obje to the use ot the Upon the undenigned twsta6's obligation is not b ught turRnt th6 dat6, time and location pDp8r located in Osceola Judith A Segalle, 28 Old Dr. Nepean, ON, CANADA Operating m6atr8s, Tpmh, t stee toRclosure procedure. ipt of your signed obje ion Flncluding the paynent of any thereot: (2) Record the notice County, Florida: (See Exhibrf Maurt, S nt Peten, MO WC3H2, 4 Fixed W88k/Fix6d Boston, ENGLAND BFPO57, you will not b6 subjart to a torm, the toRclosu of the tees inw by Westgate in ot sale in the Public Racods A' Tlme Share lntere (s) 63376, 1 2 Fixed, 00-11, 201 Unk, D-05, D-05, D-05, D-05, 1 Fixed W86Mix8d Unrf, deficiency judgment even it lien whh spert to the dalault comm6ncing this to&losu otOK8ola County, florida: and (S86 Exhibrt A as defined in ODD, 11V2013. 52001642-647. &WHOLE, 9/WH0LE, 10/ H-09, 29,WH0LE, 1lV2O14, the pDceeds trom the sale specmed in this notica shall process) wrfhin Mit (30T (3) Publish a copy of the notice th6 Detlaration of Cov a s, 83,986.76, 81 .97. WHOU, 1 11WH0LE, 11212014. 5200/1575-1 580, 84,94o.o9, ot your timasha inte st be subje to the judicial day5 hom the fir dat6 of ot s e two (2) time5, onte each Condkions and R8strirtion5 Feb ary L g, 2018 520011569-1574, 816,2O5.93, $2.44: M H N Family, UC, A a insumtie.nt to oWset the to&losu proc8dur6 only. publication, he undenignad week, for two (2) succ sive lor th6 Wa ate Vacalion L 162845 $7.99; David Urdial85, 119 Lmked Labil y Company Duly amounts secured by lha lien. Youhavetharighttocu our T st86 shall pDt d whh w68hs, in an Osceola County vlllas o cial Recods Lewis St, San Antonio, TX Oganized and Exi5ting Under By: GREENSPOON MARDER, detaultintha mann6rs8t orfh the sale ot the p perty as n8w5pap8r, p vided such a Book 1072, at Page 1194. ot 78212 William Lucas, 2612 And By Vlrtue otma Laws Ot P.A,T ea. inthis notice atanytima batora providad in Sertion 721.855, newspaper exists the time tha Public RaGords ot OKeola NoncE OF DEFAULT AND bion Ave, O ando, FL 32833 me St e Delawa,10835 HIBIT A" - NoncE OF the unde ignad twst6e's sale lorida Statutes, in which case, ot publirning. lf you tail to County, Florida (the "Plan and INnNT TO FORECLOSE Judrfh Do and Patrick DoW Fairmont Vlllaga Drive, Lake DEFAULT AND INrENT TO otyour meshareinte st.ltyou tha undersigned Twstee shall: cur6 the detauW as sel torth all amendment(s) lhere o, rf wwTGhn vAcAnoN 4431 w FM 476, Poteat, WoM, FLN449, 1 Fixed w kl FORECLOSE do not obje to tha use ot the (1T Provide you wkh wrman in this notite or taka other any. Together with tha right to LLAS II nLE: 2n .0T 78065 p j6rt Philanthropy lnc. Flxed Unh, H-11, 6 H0U, Owner(sVObligo s), Tlmesh e tw ee fore osure proc6dura, notice ot the s a, intluding appropriate artion wrfh gad occupy, pursuant to the Plan, Punuant to Sertion 721.855, a Distri of Columbia nonp fit 41z/2014, 520011 575-1 580, lnte,Building-Unh, Wee you,nol be subje lo a tha dat6, time and loc ion to this fo closu ma er, you 8uilding-Unit(s) (See Exhibk Florida St es, wEsTGAn copo tion, 3701 Trakket Trail, $4,905.71, $2.42; ShaDn D Assigned Year, DetauW Date, deficiency judgm6nt evan it the ot; (2) Record the notice rish losing owenhip of your "A,duri g, Unh W68h(s) (See vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS Suhe 2J, Bozeman, MT 59718, Harris, 4402 s Vlncennes Ava Boo Page of Recordad L6n, the proteads hom the s e ot s e in e Public R8cord5 tin sha ime t th ugh tha Exhlbk ",during ANign8d ASSOCIATION, INC. 1 Fiwed W86Mix8d Unk, Apt 1, Chicago, IL 6 N, 1 Amount, Par Diam Amount of your timesha int8r85t otOsceolaCounty,Florida;and t 68 ro lowP p dur6 Year(sl, (See Exhibit A ). 7700 e ina & rate ad to as D-08, 251WH0LE, 11212013, Fixad Wae xad Unk, |-02, 3 Brian A Ames,76O1 Dell Drive are insumcient to oWsat the (3) Publish a copy ot la notice e ablished in Serfion 721 .855, Westgate Blvd Nimm88, We gate,has recoded a 520011 569-1 574, $6,671 .88, WHOLE, 11212014, 520011575- Norfh, che emald, VA 23235, amounts secu d by tha lien. ol s e two (2) times, onc6 6ath norida St es. You may FL 34747 erein Tlme Sh e Cl m ot Len in the amount $3.29: Club Sale Rasorfs, 1580, $4,940.09, $2.44; John sn 305. Lago, FL 33777, B GREENSPOON MARDER, w86k, ror two (2) wcteuive choose to sign and s6nd to (P p6rty) Add M"). As a of (See Exhibit A,with 3027 West Hwy 76 Sta H. c Hickman and Paggy s. 1 Fixed W86Mix8d Unit, P.A, T ee. w68ks, in an Os ola Coun the undenign bv an suW ot th6 atoRmention8d inte accwinqattharate ot Branson, MO 65616, 1 Fixed Hickman, 16302 SE 36th Ava, G-01, 161WH0LE, 112/2013, HIBrr n" - NoncE OF n8wspap6r, pDvid8d such a objerfion form, 6xewising your d8tauW,W85tg 8h8 by& (Sea Mibrf A p& day, and WeeMixed Unit, D-11, 391 summemald,FL34491,1 Flxad 5200/1564-1568, $6,371 .08, DUAULT AND INnNT TO newspaper exi s at Me time righttoobj6 to euseotth8 to sall the Property punuant ld8d in O.R. Book (See WHOU. 11v2013, 52n011569- WaehlF ed Unh, |-02, 201 $3.14;John0 Fox,892 Palmer FORECLOSE ot publishinq. lf you f,to t ee fo&losu pr ul8. to Section 721.855, florida Mibk A.), at Pag6 (s86 Exhib 1574, $6,371.08, $3.14; June N WHOU, 11v2014, 520011575- Ave, Mamaronack, NY 10543, 1 Owe s)IObligo s), Tlmeshara cure the de auN as set fo h Uponthe undenigned hu ae's Statutes. Pl be advised A"), ot lh6 Publit R8colds ot Webst 50 Lenox Rd Apt 2c, 1580, S3,71o.39, S1.83: Ma FixedWeeMixedUnil,G-O7,9/ lnte,Building-Unrf, WeeW in this notica or taka oW6r r 6iptotyoursign8d objertion that in the event that your Osceola County, florid4 and Brooklyn, NY 11z26, 1 Flxed L Bockew z, 836 W8nd6W WHOL 1 2n013, 5200/1564- Assigned Year, De ult Date, appropriate a on wkh gard torm, the to losu ot the obligationisnotbDugMcual th8 und8nign6d Twstee as WaaMixed Unk, D-11, 451 Cou,Ballwin, MO 63011, 1568. 86,381.49, $3.15; James BooWPaga ot Racoded Len, to this to&losu ma er. you lien wkh spe tothe detauW [lncluding the payent ot any appoint6d by We gala,hereby WHOU, 1 u2013, 520011569- 1 Fix6d W68Mix8d Unrf. Wh en and a A Whal6n, nount, Per Diam Amount ri6k losing ownenhip or your specmed in this notice shall taes incu ad by We gate in lorm not 85 (Sae Exhib 1574,85,158.33,$2.54. |-02. 3&WH0LE, 1nw014, mope St And ws, No ich. Richard Faraci and Laura tim6shaP interast through tha ba subjert to the judicial commencing this toreclosure A"l that due to your tailu to F b a,g, 18 520011 575-1 580, a,94o.o9, ENGLAND NRT ODE, 1 Fixed Faraci, 2051 Peterborough t st6e toPclosure pDc8dur8 to&losure p cedu only. ptoc6ss) within thirty (30) pay the annual aN6Mm8nt(sT L162848 $2.44: Brian Duckworth and W xed Unrf. H-02, 481 Rd, Punta Goda, FL 33983, astablishedin S6 ion 721.855, You hav6th6 rightto cureyour daSs hom the fint date ot du6 on (s68 Exhibrt A"T and Susan Duckworth, 20 p&egrine WHOU, 1 2n013, 520011564- 1 Fixed Waa xed Unit, florida Stat es. You may detauW in the manner set forth pu litat on, tha und6 ign8d all aN6Nm8nt(s) th6r8a Road, Huckn |, NoWingham. 1568, 86,35O.26, $3.13; p-02, 21 H0LE, 11v2014, choose to sign and ad to inthisnotiteatanylimebetore Twstee shall proceed wkh you a cunantly in detauW NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND ENGLAND NG158HF, 1 Flxad Chunilal v Udeshi and Vldya c 519111309-1314, $4,940.09, the undenigned w ee an th6 undenignad t ee's e tha ale of the Properfy as ot your obligation to pay INTENT TO FORECLOSE WeehlFixed Unh, |-02, 481 ud hi, 5160 N Tamarack Dr, S2.44; John A FDod and objertiontorm, ewe ising your otyourtim8shaRim6rest.ltyou providad in Section 721.855, ass8Mments due to We gate WESTGATE VACATION WHOU, 11v2014, 520011575- Ba on, IL 60010, 1 Fixad Marion E FDod, 45 Lberty rightto objedtothe use otthe do notobje tothe use otWe FloridaStat es,inwhich case, onthelollo ng d65cribad al LLAS V FILE: 2 .0TgT 1580,$4,940.09.82.44;James wee ixed Unrf, H-04, 281 St et Norfh, Bowanville, t fo&low proc6du . tw 68 to low procedura, tha undenignad Twstee sh |: property lot ed in Osteola Punuant to Section 721.855, LC WandConniaCra ,14631 WHOU, 1n12013, 520011564- ON,CANADA L1C2L8, 1 Fixed Upontheund8rsign tw5t88's you will not be subje to a (1l Plo d8 you whh wrman Coun,Florida: (Sea Mibrf Florida Statutes, wEsTGAn w 143rd St, Homer Glen, IL 1568, 86.371 .08, 83.14; Mixad Unrf, p-03, 111 teiptotyoursignedobje ion dafiti U judgmenl even rf notica or tha sale, including A") Tlma Share lnt est(s) vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS 60491,1FlxedWee FixedUnk, Elizabeth s, 6 Smith St, WHOU, 11v2014, 5191113 - rorm, the toBlosur8 ot the the pmeeds hom the s a tha dat6, time and location (Sea Ewhibit A") x defined in ASSOCIATION, INC. |-03, 13 H0LE, 11v2014, Staten lsland, NY 10305, 1 1314, $4,940.09, $2.44; Jo58ph lien wrfh r6sp8 to the d&auW ot your ti&a inte st the r, (2) Record 16 notice th6 Declaration ot Covenants, eraina er rete ed to as 5200/1575-1580, g4,935.17, Fixed Wee xed Unit, H-05, 1/ c Adouin, 27 Union Rd Apt specified in thi5 notice shall a insumcient to oRset the ot s e in the Public Re rds Condhions and R ctions Westgate"), has toded a $2.43; G&a Vld e, 703 WHOLE, 11212013,520011564- F34, Spring valled, NY 10977- be subjert o th6 judicial unts sewred by Me lien. ot Osceola Coun,florida; and tor tha gate Va tion Claim ot L6n in the amount Ha em St, Youngstow, OH 1568, $6,371 .08, 83.14: 3923MaWieDAr ouin,POBox foRclo5u p c6du only. By: GREENSPOON MARDER, (3)Publi5hacopyotth8notic8 Vlllas ll, omci R ods of (Sea Exhibh A,w h 44510, 1 Flxed Wea xed Richad Parillo, 10123 Orchid 432, Spring Valley, NY 10977, You have he right to cure our P.A Tw ee. ot sala two (z) tim,onca each Book 684, at Page 780, ot the int8Bt act ing at the rate of Unk, ID4, 2 H0U, 712n014, Drive. Port Rich FL 34668, 1 Fixed Wee Flxed Unit, etauW in the manner 58t orfh QHI8lT "A" - NoncE OF week, tor two (2) SuK8ssiv8 Public Recods ot Osceola (See Exhibh wA") par day, and 5200 1 575-1 580, 84,871 .N, 1 Fix6d WB6 ixad Unk, p-03, 26 H0LE, 11212014, in this notica at any ime beto DEFAULT AND INnNT TO weeks, in an Osceola Coun CouW, norida (the .Plan"T &odad in O.R. Book (See $2.40; Robert A Wright, 60 H-05. 49 H0U, 1/v20 3. 519111309-1314, $4,940.09, lhe undenigned tw ee's s e FORECLOSE newspaper, pDvid8d such a an,amendment(s) the to, Exhib A"), atPaga(SeeExhibit Tu ey c,#achua, FL 32615- 520011564-1568, 86,371.o8, S2.44; Howad Hamilton, 5116 ot your timesha inter . lt you Owe sVObligo ), Tlm85har8 newspaper exists at lhe time rf any. Together whh the right to A ), ot tha Public Reco s ot 9500, 1 Fix6d Waekl xed Unrt. $3.14: Nicola M Christian, OW& C k Drive, Ponte Vedra do no object o the use ot the lnterest, Building-Unh, Weekl of publishing. lf you fail to ocwpy, pursuant to Me Plan, Oscaola County, Florida, and |-06, 24 WH0U. 1 V2014. 4579 Latiade Ave S e 355, Beach, FL 32082, 1 Fixed t stee to closu p Gadu,Assigned Ye DatauW Data, cura th6 detauW as set torfh Building-Unk(sl (See Ewhibit Me undanigned T stee as 5200/1575-1580, $4,940.09, Sainl Louis, MO 63108, 1 Fixed hl xed Unit, p-06, 231 you will not b6 subj6 to a Boo Pag6 ot R8cord6d Len, in this nolice or lak6 other A"), during Unh W k(5) (See appointed byw6stgat8,hePby $2.44: Richald Ni6land and Wae xed Unit, H-07, 5V WHOU, 11v2014, 519111309- defici6nty judgnent 6v8n rf um Per Diem Amount app priate action wkh regad Exhibh wA,during ANigned tormally notifias ( ae Ewhibit Jean D Nieland, 9101 Raintree WHOLE, 4 2/2013, 520011564- 1314, 84,935.O9, $2.43; Denise he p ceeds hom Me sale #| Resorf Se icas, Group, to this fo tlosure ma er, you Yea sT, (See Exhibrf A"). 7700 "A") that due to your failure to Ln, FranMort, IL 60423. 1 1568. 86,338.59, $3.13: Gamini B Mc Lain, 12 Jardine Plate, of your tim h int&a UC, 3 Oceans Blvd Ste 4-A- risk losing ownenhip of your We gate Bhd KiNimm88, pay th6 annual assessmen (s) Fixed WaaMix6d Un,|-10, 21 lnvestmenl Partnen, lnc A B wy, NY 11233, 1 Fiwad a insumti6nt to oRs6t tha 6, Dayona Baach, n 32118, timasha inteP through the n 34747 in fime Sha due on (See Exhibit wA") and WHOLE, 11v2014, 520011575- Florida Coporation, Po Box Waeklfixad Unit, p-07, 50/ amoums sew d by 6 lien. 1 Flxed xad Unrf, t st6a foPclosure procedu pD ) Add u"). a,ass8Nm6nt(sl lh8r8a 6r, 1580, 84,825.65, 82.43; 1 9, Clarmont, FL 4713, WHOU. 1/v2014,519111309- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, TD1. HOU, 10n 013. 6s blish8din Sertion 721.855, suW or the ato tioned you ara cun ntly in detauW Glads oneD.E.Symond ,Tribe 1 Fix6d W86Mix8d Uni , 1314, 85,626.11, $2.77; P.A T st86. 51 94 45 6, S6,333.77, !Florida Statrtes. You may d6tauW, gat8h&8by6|8 s of your obligations to pay Road 7, 6 Spice Hill Road, H-09, 36 H0U, 41212013, Roderick M Baan and Marilyn R WHIBrr "A" - NoncE OF S3.12: Ke n Mctormick choose to sign and ad o to 58|| We PD punuant au8M nts due to We gate Wa ih BERMUDA WKO2, 520011564-1568, 86,338.59, Bean, 9 School Lane, Sandys, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO and Joan M ormick, 8870 the und&signed t ea an to &ion 721.855, florida onth8lollowingd6Kribed al 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unh. 8>.13: David walczak, 231 NE BERMUDA MAO3, 1 Fixad FORECLOSE Van Goldon St, Whka Lake, objactionlorm,exewising your Statutas. PI8a5a be advised pDparfy located in Osceola |-11, 21 H0U, 1 N014, 25th Ava, Pompano Beach, W6eMix8d Unit, p-09, 311 Owne s)/Obligo sl, Tlm85ha Ml 48386: 1 Fix6d w66kl righttoobject oth6us8otth8 that in e ev that your Coun florida: (See Exhibk 520011575-1580, a,94o.o9, FL 33062, 1 Fixed WeeW WHOLE, 11212014, 519111309- lntere,Building-Unit, W68kl Fixed Unrt, T-05, 49 H0LE, twstea toraclosure proc6dur8. obligation is not brought cu e A.) lme Sha lnte rt(s) $2.44; Rob6rt E Noonan, 221 Fw Unrf, |-03, 20 H0LE, 1314, $4,940.09, $2.44; ANign8d Year, DetauW Date, 1 2n013, 51941450-456, Uponlhe undersign6dtwst66.s [lncluding tha pay&t of any IS Exhibk A") as defined in Damons Point Cir, M d. 4nn013, 52 11564-1568, Ruth A Prince and Princess BooklPage of R8Gordad 86,431.24, S3.17; Michael receipt ot your signed objerfion tees incu ed by We gata in tha Detlaration ot Covenants, MA 02050, 1 Fwed w kl $6,338.59, 83.13; Paul #lan J Princ6, 4476 Springval6 Len, Amount, Per Diem J sMoo andDianaMoo,form, lh6 fo tlosu of the tomm8ncing this foreclosura Condhions and Reslri ions Fixed Unh, |-12, 12 H0U, Chandler. 1825 6 h Av6, Toms Dr, 1 1 ,B mpton Ta ace, um Niclavo5 c Jacob 9 Ken Hurst, Ea Pr6ston, li6n with respetl to the datault pD N) wrthin Mirty (30) tor the Westgate Vacation 1/V201 4, 5200 1 575-1 580, Riv6r, NJ OB757, 1 Flxed Clev&and,OH44128, 1 Fixed, and m siamma c Ja b, ENGLAND BN161LL 2 Fixed specified in this notice shall daSs hom e fint date of Vlllas v, OMtial Racords Book 84,94o.o9, $2.44; Micha& J WeeW xad Unk, |-04, 201 p-12, 42 HOU, 1 V2015, 713 Pind 6n Rd, GI6nvi6w, wed Unrf, T-06, T-06, 5, be subjert to the judicial pu lication, the undersigned 775, at Page 2537, ot the Sco and Helen F ko,103 WHOLE, 1n12013,52 1564- 519111309-1314, g,95o.15, IL 60025, 1 Fix kl 6 H0U, WHOU, 11212013, for8clo5ur8 pDc8dur8 only. Twrtee sh,pD with Publ R6cords of Oscaola P6 asi8 Ave, We Law, 1568, S6,371.o8, S3.14; lra 82.44; Dani& Christi6 WA D. F ed Un,J-05, 1&WH0U, 5194J 456, S11,o14.7o. You havetherighttocu your the sale ot Me PD as Coun,Florida (the "Plan' PA 196,1 Flx6d Weekl B6rkow z,75EHol woodAv8, Chri ie and Patricia Chri5ti8 11v2013, 51 94 9, S5.43; R m F. o. E ey, 10 d6fauWin Me mannersattorfh pDvid8d in Se ion 721.855, and al amendment(s) th8r6to, Fix6d Un,|-12, 38 H0U, Lnd6nhunt, NY 11757 Robin E WA P. A Christie, D nt,$6,431.24, 83.17; Nirnola5 T Balevi Ava, S nt John, in Mis noti at any ti b6tor6 norida St as. in which case, it any. Together with tha righl to 11212014, 520011575-1580, Berkowkz, 90 Ellensua Dr, Daer Parth, SCOTLAND PH27DH. Fox and Godiva Fox, PO Box NB,C A UK1R6, 1 Flxad tha und signed twstea's sal6 We und gn Twst68 sh |: ottupy, punuant to tha Plan 84,94o.o9,$2.44. Park, NY 11729-1021, 1 Fixed 1 Fix6d W66 x8d Unk, N1353, Na5sau, BAHAMAS, xed Un . T-07, 341 otyourtimesh int .ltyou (1) PD d8 you wkh wrman Building-Unit(s) (See Mibit F b a 2,g, 18 Wea xed Unrf, |-05, 341 a-01, 27 H0LE, 1 u2014, 1 Fixed WeaMixad Un,WHOU, 1 2n013, 5134145 do notobje lolhe use ot B notiG8 ot the s 6, including A"), during Unit Week(s) (Sea L 162a66 WHOU, 1n12013, 520011564- 5191 1309-1314, $4,940.09, J-06, 31 H0LE, 11v2013, 456, 86,431.24, S3.17; Denys tw ee foBlowP pDc6du,the d e, b and location Exhibrf A"). during Assignad 1568, S6,442.14, $3.18; Ma in $2.44; Migdalia Lopez, 421 5194J446448, S6,431.24, S.LongandAnnTLonR,1Yo you will not ba wb to a lhe r, (2l R od the notita Vea s), (Saa Exhibk A . 7700 Robbins, Jr 403 Ea 118th sl, CliWwood Ava, CliWwood, NJ $3.17;Alice M Mthee,PO Box Rd,North Hampton,E GLAND d8fici8nGy judgm6nt evan rf of s 6 in m6 Public ds W6 gat8 Blvd Nimm88, NOrKE OF DEF^ULT AND N6w Yor NY 10035, 1 Flxad 07721-1153 Luis Lopez, PO 168, Mawellus, NY 13108, NN15QG, 2 Fix6d w kl the p caeds hom the s e otosc6olacoun ,norida;and FL 34747 me in .fime Sha INnNr ro FORECLOSE Fwad Unrf, |-,1& Box 58, Cli wood, NJ 07721, 1 Fixed WaeMixed Un,Flxad Unrt, T-11, T-11, 331 ot your tim8shala int&est )Publishacopyot enotice pD ) Addr8N"). As a WUTGATE vAcAnoN WHOU, 1 2n013, 52 11564- 1 F ed Wee Fixed Unrf, J-10, 9 H0LE, 11v2013, WHOU, HOLE,1MO13, a in5uMci8nt to oR58t tha ots etwoT2) mas,onceeach BuW ot the ato tioned UM v nLL m .oT 1568, $6,371.08, S3.14; Hilda R Q-08, 30 H0U, 11v2014, 51941446-449, 86,431.24, 5194J450#6, $11,014.70, amounts sacured by lh6 lien. week, tor two (2T wcc6uiv8 detauW, Wertgate hereby elerts Punuant lo Se ion 721.855, Sanch6z, 555 E Haze ood Ave 519111309-1314, $5,263.92, $3.17: Robert H FuWon, 2039 85.43; Ga Lych and Ang6la By: GREENSPOON MARDER, weeks, in an OK6ola County to s&| tha PDp8r purwant Florida SlaMes, wEsTGAn Apt 230, Rahway, NJ 07 5- $2.60; Ri o U in Seagirt Blvd Apt 3D, Far Lyth, 12 comophin6 Bank P.A Twstee. nawspaper, p vid6d such a lo Se ion 721.855, Florida vAcAnoN NLLAS OWNERS 5428, 1 FixadWeekl xedUnh, and Ema Udinaran, 6514 Rockaway, NV11691, 1 Flxad Drive, Edinbugh, GREAT E IBIT NA" - NoncE OF newspap& exists at Me time Statutes. PI8as6 be advised AssoclAnoN, INC. |-11, 29 H0U, 1M013, Samba Driv6, Copus Christi, W Mixed Unrf, J-12, 45 BRIT N EH128 s, 1 Fixed DEFAULT hND INnNT TO ot publishing. lt you tail to that in the event that your 8 inaW6r t to as 52 11564-1568, S6,371 .08, M 7B414, 1 Flxad w68 WHOLE, 11v2013, 5194 446 w6d Unh, u-01, 50/ FORECLOSE cu the detauW as set torth obligationisnotbroughttur nt We g a,has &orded a S3.14; Wllliam Paul WaWo , Fwed Unh, a-09, 141WH0U, 449, $5,634.95, 82.78; Ros n WHOLE, 11v2013, 51941450- Owner(sVObligor(s), fim6shar8 in th notice or take oWar flncluding the payment ot any Claim ot L6n in tha unt 1260 Grantham Road, Jesup, 1M014, 519111309-1314, Bowan, 3112B Grant Ave, 456.$6,431.24, $3.17;AdaWon ln e,Building-Unh, w86 appDpriat6 amon whh gad taas incu ad by Westgate in ot (Sea Exhibit A,whh GA 31546, 1 Fix6d Weekl a,94o.o9, $2.44; Nail H Lm Philadelphi4 PA19114,1 Flxed J De Ca and v a M gned Ye DetauW Date, to this fo&low maW you tommenting this fo closu intera acc ing attherat6 ot Fix6d Unit, |-12, 19 H0LE, and So J Lm, 10106 Fa W Mix Unh, K-04, 41 De c . R E e B&aco BooWPage ol Recorded Lan, risk losing ow&ship ot your proc8Nl whhin thirfy (30) (s68 ExhibkwA")p8rday, and 11212013, 5200/1564-1568, Oak Pl, Fairfax, VA 22030, WHOU, 11V2013, 5194J446 407 Apto 193, Sao Paulo, SP, An unl. Per Diem Amount ti&a int& tlhrough the daW hom the fint dat6 ot r6cord6d in O.R. Book (Sea $6,371.08,83.14. 1 Fixad WeeMixad Un,449, $6,431.24, $3.17; Bemite BRAZIL 04145-020, 1 Fixed Kanneth LHunt6r,15414 Fo bu aa lor lowre p cadure publication, he undenigned Mibk A ,atPage(S68Exhibit Feb ary ,8, 18 R-01, 20 H0LE, 11212014, D William5, 1926 lsland Vw, W86klFw6d Un,u-02, 371 St,D6t k,MI48227, 112 F 6d e ablished in Saclion 721.855. Tw5t88 shall proceed wrfh A"), ot the Public Recods of L 162852 519111309-1314, $4,940.09, Canyon Lak6, TX 781N, WHOU. 1 2013, 5194 45 W88W x6d Unrf, u-207, 191 florida SlaM . You may m6 s e of the Prop6 y as Osteola CouW, Florid and $2.44; Charles D. Ho and 1 Flxed W8a x6d Unk, 456, S6,428.17, 83.17; Maria ODD, 1 v2013, 52001642- choose to gn and send to provid6d in Sartion 721.855, the und8nign6d T ee as Anna Ho,1 Hampshire Way, K-05, 42 H0LE, 1l2l2o13, L Mangusan and Belen p Lee, 647, $3.766.76, 81.86: Maria the undenigned tw ee an Florida Statrtes, in which case, appoint6d by We g e, he by NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Schenertady, NY 12309, 5194/446-449, $6,431.24, 872 scot St at, Vallay Emilia Lopez De Tllli and objertion form, ewe ising our the undanigned Tw ee shal: torm ly notifies (See Mibh,TO FORECLOSE 1 Fixed WaaWFix6d Unit, $3.17; CliWon T Lane and Ann St am, NY 11580, 1 Fixed Enrique filli, C8ntD Com&cial righttoobje toMeusao th6 (1) PDvid8 you whh wrmen A") that dua to your t lure to wuTGAn vAcAnoN R-02, 13 H0LE, 1/212014, Marie M Maitland, 156-15 WeaklFixed Unh, u-08, 341 Ccct, Local G-05, Urb Chuao, t stee toBlosu pDc8dur8. notice ot the s a, including pay the annu m t(s) L@ lx nu: 2ns6.0T99 519111309-1314, $4,940.09, 108th Av6, Jamaita, NY 11433, WHOU, 1/2n013, 5194/450- Caratas, VENEZUEL 1 Fixed Uponthe undenign8dtw a6's the date, time and loc ion due on (See Exhibk A and Punuant to Serfion 721.855, $2.44; Wendell s Diaz and K6|ly 1 Fixad WaeMixed Unk, 456, S6,466.65, $3.19; Dani6| WeeM xed Unk, LL-212, 36/ &eipt of your signed objertion the ot; (2) Recod tha notice all aN6Nm8m(s) theRaR8r, Florida Statutes, wEsTGAn H Diaz, 305 Scolland Dr, Kings K-08, 201WH0LE, 11v2013, R Shav&, 504 s Cascade Dr, WHOLE, 112/2014, 52001642- torm, the to&losu ot the of s a in lhe Public Records you are cu 6nt in detauW VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Mount n, NC 28086, 1 Fixed 51 941446-449, $5,5N.75, Springvill6, NY 14141-9278, 647, 84,989.42, $2.46; B. T. lien with Rsp8ct to the detauN ot Oscaola County, Florida; and of your obligat ns to pay ANoclAnoN, INC. W xed Unh, R-03, 241 $2.73; Omar Daiha and Cleide 1 Fixed WaeMixed Unit, v. Schlegel and Frad Becker, spetified in this notice shall (3) Publish a copy of the notice a5 8ssm8nls due to Wertgate m6r8inaw8r refer d lo as WHOLE, 1/U2O14, 519111309- Daiha, 1 So h We u-08. 41 H0U, 1 U2013, 9 Joseph Crt, C 6don Ea,ba subje to th6 juditial of sale two (2) times, onc6 6ach on tha following described real Westgata"T, has r8cord6d a 1314, 84,94o.o9, $2.44; Vlctor 22nd Street, p bDk8 Pin,51 94TQ56, S6,431.24, ON, CANADA L7C1G2, 1 Fixed to&losu procadu only. weak, for two (2) succ6ssiv8 propa y located in Osceola Claim ot Len in the amount p Montallana and Elsa D fl NO27, 1 FixBd wkl $3.17;JohnFNoldandCollaen WeeMixed Unh, u-306, 2& You havetherighttocu rour w ks, in an Osceola Coun Coun . Florida: (See Exhibit ot (See Ewhibit A ), with Montallana, 1935 S Conway Fix6d Unit, K-12, 42 H0U, R Nold, 2754 dmann Rd, WHOLE, 11u2014, 52001642- default in the manner set o h newspaper, provided such a A ) fime ShaP lntePs (sT in erest acc ing at the rate ot Rd Apt w, O ando, FL 32812, 1 lv2o13, 51 941446-449, B&laville, IL 62221, 1 Flxed 647, 84,989.42, 82.46; is in this notice at any tima befo newspaper exists at he time (See Exhibk A as defined in (See Exhibit A") per day, and 1 Fixad WeeW xed Unk, $6,427.69, $3.17. W xed Unh, V-02, 461 F Aul,142 Slau ter Rd, the undenignad twstea's 5al8 of publishing. lt you tail to the Declatation of Covenants, Bod8d in O.R. Book (See R-05, 21 H0LE, 11v2014, Feb a g,2O18 WHOU, 1nn013, 51941450- Ahoshe, NC 27910 arbara J ofyourtiaa inte st.lryou w the detauN as set torfh Condkions and Re ri ions Ewhibk A"),atPaga(Se6Exhibit 519111309-1314, $4,940.09, L 162844 456, S6,431.24, 83.17; Vlrma AW,1113 Lake Ava, El a, do not objert to th6 use of the in this notite or taka other for the We g e Vacation A,ot the Public Recods of 82.44; Halan c Hunt, 7203 Toa, 16053 Lagoon Dr, OH 44035, 1 Fixed wee t ee foreclosu p cedu,app pri e a ion wrfh gad Vlllas v, omcial Reco s Book Oscaola Coun,norida, and Fo ast Av6, Philadelphia, PA Cl nt, FL 34711, 1 Fixed Fiwed Unit, u-306, 50 H0U, you will not be subjert to a to this toRclosur8 maner, you 775, a Page 2537, ot the th6 undenignad T stee as 19138-1301, 1 Fix6d Wee NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND W88 x6d Unh, v-03, 361 11u2014, 52001642-647, dafitiency judgmant 6v8n if risk losing ownership ot your Publit Records ot OKaola appoint6d by Wastgate, h6 by Fixed Unk, R-08, 43nNH0LE, INnNr ro FORECLOSE WHOU, 112n013, 5194T450- $4,989.42, $2.46; J6nnifar the proteeds t m the s e timesha inter t through the Coun,F rida he Plan form notifi6s (See Mibk 11v2014, 519111309-1314, wEsTGAn vhcAnoN 456, 86,431.24, 83.17; Edward Lahn6r, 42 Coun Rd 5002, ol your tin share inte&t tnl 6a to closu p Gadu and all a &dment(s) th&eto, A that duato yourf lu to 84,94o.o9, S2.44; Cath6rin8 A VIUAS lx nLE: 2TT .0T8g A B ton and Cecalia D. Jemison, AL 35085, 1 Flxed ate insumcient to oWset tha establishedinSe ion721.855, itany.Tog&h8rw 6rightto pay the annua au8Nm8nt(s) Gillis and Cha 6s A Gillis, 408 Punuant to SBction 721.855, B ton, 9 Radarich Dr, Wa6 Fix6d Unit, MM-08, 31 amoums Bu d by the lien. Florida Statutas. You may occupy, punuant to th6 Plan, due on (See Exhibh A and N Stonington Rd, Slonington, norida StatWas, wEsTGAn Roth6st8r, NY 14624, 1 Fixed WHOLE, 1/v2014, 5200/642- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, choose to sign and send to Building-Unk(s) (See Ahibk,Nn nl(s) tharea er, CT 06378, 1 Fixed Weekl VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Wee xed Unh, v-12, 141 647, $4,989.42, $2.46: P.A Twstee. the undersigned twstae an A"l, during Unh Weeh(s) (s86 you a turRntly in dalauW fix6d Unk, R-11, &WHOU, AssoclAnoN, INC. WHOU, 112 2013, 5194145 Lawrance E Chung and Patritia EXHIBrr "nH - NoncE OF objerfiontorm, exe ising your Exhibk A,during AMign8d ot your obligations to pay 1 2014, 519111309-1 14, 818inaW8r rete to as 456, $6,431.24, $3.17; Michael L Williams-Chung, 158 Uppar DEFAULr AND INTENT TO right to object to tha usa ottha Yea s), (See Ewhibrf A"). noo aN85sm6nts du6 to We gate a,94o.o9. S2.44. wW6stga 8,has rded a Mehin and Jane Mu ar. 1895 Canada Dr, North Yo,ON, FORECLOSE twst86 toPclosura proc6dur8. W6stgat8 Blvd KiNimm88, on the following d85crib8d raal F ary 2, 8, 2018 Claim ot Len in the unt Jatkson Dkth Rd, Ha ngton, CANADA M2P1S8, 1 Fix6d Owe s)IObligo 5), Tlm85ha Uponlheundersignedt stee's FL 34747 erein Tlme Share p per locatad in Osceola L162842 ot (See Exhibh A,whh DE 19952, 1 Flxed w kl WeeMixed Unit, MM-11, v ln ere,Building-Unrt, WaeW c8iptofyout5ign8dobj8 ion p per ) Add ss"). As a Coun,Florida: (See Exhibit inte sl accwing at !he te ot Flxed Unrf, w-02, 19 H0LE, WHOU, 11212014, 52001642- signed Y,DetauW Date, torm, the to&losute ot the resuN ot tha atoPmantionad "A fime Share lnterest(s) (See Exhibrt A") per day, and 112n013, 5194145 456, 647, $4,989.42, 82.46; Ma v BooklPage of R8cod6d Len, lien whh respact to tha default dafauw, Westg a ha by elerts ( 86 Exhibk A' as dafined in NoncE OF DEFAULT AND coded in O.R. Book (s 86,431.24, 83.17; Eduado J Baker, 1113 Lake Ave, El a, um, p& Di6m Amount specified in thi5 notiG8 shall to sell tha PD punuant the Detlaration ot Covenanls, INnNT TO FORECLOSE ExhibitwA"),atPage(Se8Mibh Apome and Ma Ann Orteg4 OH 44035, 112 Flxed Weekl Eugene G B larin, 948 N ba subject to lha judicial to Se ion 721.855, norida Condhionsand Restrirfionstor wuTGAn vAcAnoN A ), otthe Public Records of Po Box 361476, San Jose, F ed Unh, NN-02, 2310DD, Lockwood Ave, Chicago, toreclosu procadu only. Statlrt . 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