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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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PAGE 28B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 Recordad 6/10/14 in OR Book County, Florida ( he Plan), as 10/27/13 NATASHA RAMOS Together wrth the right to 37, Biennial EVEN. Timeshare the sale d e andlim6 58t fo h,STREET CHICAGO, IL 60619, A. #3-43 Edificio Rocca Vlone 4620, Page 2167 EVELIN amendad rrom lime to time. VELAZQUU, 217 SENATOR occupy, pursuant to the Plan, lnterest 1/2, Per Diem $0.83, in this Nolice. fimeshaP Unit 9204, Waak 41, Apartamento 502 Monteria, STREANl, RUA TOME DE Together with the right to DR CLARKSVILLE, TN 37042, Assigned Unit Week (SEE,DetauW Balance $1,680.00, Dated: January 18, 2018 Triennial B, fimesha lntePst COLOMBIA wrB 112 50 SOUZA 940 JD SAO CAETANO occupy, pursuanl lo lhe Plan, Timeshare Unit 18805, Week WHIBIT A) and Assigned Unit,Detault Date 10/27/13 HEIDI By: GREENSPOON MARDER 113, Per Diem $0.79, DetauH EVEN 1/2 5187/2342- 2347 SAO CAETANO DO SUL sP, ANign8d Unit Week (SEE 45, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare (SEE HIBIT A), in Assigned M GREENE, Po Box 9000 LLp. Twstee Balance $1,606.00, Detault $4,545.35 $1.16; 9311667015 009581 650 BRAZIL, TlmeshaP HIBIT A) and Assigned Unit lnterest 112, Per Diem $0.82, Year (SEE WHIBIT A). PMB 220 EDGARTOWN, MA HIBIT "A" Date 1 0127113 Robe Maza and Monica Maza Unit 10408, Week 38, Biennial (SEE WHI8lT A), in As5igned D6tault Balance 81,655.oo, 3001 Pa way Blvd 02539, Timeshare Unit 14204. JESUS JAVIER MEDINA SR, (35601 .0020) 2830 sw 8 h Ave Miami, FL EVEN, Tlm6shara lnterest 1/2, Year (SEE WHIBIT A). Detault Date 10/27/13 ALESIA Kissimmee, FL 34747 merein week 3, Annual, Tim8shar6 8679 HERRICK AVE SUN February 2, g, 2018 33155 WTB 114 1 ODD 11z Per Diem 84.48, DetauW Balance 3001 Pa way Blvd WILLIAMS. 833 E BRIGHTON fime Share Plan (Prope y) lnlerest 1, Per Diem 82.o1, VALL CA 91352 3470, L 162970 5187/2342- 2347 $3,528.13 $11,201.13, DetauK Date Nimm88, FL 34747 (herein AVE APT 517, SYRACUSE, Add ss Detault Balance 84,o79.oo, Tlmeshare Unrf 13O5, Week 81.oo; 7016188525 Edwin 8/15/16, Mortgage Recoded me Share Plan (Property) NY 13205 129 N. 15TH ST Said sale will be made (without DetauW Date 1 1/4112 THERESA 37, Annu,Tlm6shar8 lnterest H Peterson and Joanne R 8/4/14 in OR Book 4645, Paga Address") APT 3RD, EAST ORANGE, covenants, or wa an,express,PIERS, 503 5TH AVENUE 1, Per Diem $1.23, Detaull NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Petenon 1036 Bloch Rock Rd 2006 JUVALDES DE AQUINO s d sale will be made (without NJ 07017 301 GRAVES ST or implied, regarding the titl6. DAYTONA BEACH. FL 32118 Balance 82.493.oo. Detault SALE Tooele, UT 84074 WTB 215 52 GUILHERME FERNANDES a covenants, or wa an,express 1, SYRACUSE, NY 13203, poM8ssion or encumbranc85) 4309, Tlmeshare Unit 14204, Dale 10l1 7l14 WONNE WESTGATE TOWERS WHOLE 1 5187/2342- 2347 ESTEFANO FELIPE sANnAGo or implied, regading the title, Timeshare Unit 3208, Weeh to satis the unpaid balance Week 3, Annual, TlmashaP MARIE MEDIN 1210 CAILIN On Feb a 27, 2018 at 11:00 $3,794.60 8|.25: 9317951050 GUILHERME FERNANDES, poN8ssion or encumbrantes) 40, Annual, fimeshare lnterest ot each respective Claim ol lnlerest 1. Per Diem $2.01, WAY FOUNT N, CO 80817, a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, Hugo Cascante Mico Mercedes RUA PROF EDMUNDO lo satis the unpaid balance 1, Per Diem $1.61, Default Len Recoded together with Default 8aance 84,o79.oo, fimeshare Unrt 1305, Week P.A 201 E. Pine Street, Norfe Res. Real Espana MARCH 2 APT 804 BOA ot each respective Claim ot Balance 83,261.oo, Default accwed interest in the amount Detault Date 11/4/12 JAMES 37, Annu,fimesha lnterest Suite 500, O ando, Florida Heredia, COSTA RICA wrB 216 VIAGEN NITEROl RJ, 24210 Len Recordad together with Date 1 0/2711 3 EUGENIA ot (See Exhibit .'A"), wkh L TAYLOR SR, 211 MURPHY 1, Per Diem $1.23. DetauW 32801, as T stee pursuant to 5 EVEN 1 2 5187 2342- 2347 330 BRAZIL, Tlmeshare Unk accwed interest in the amount FIALA, 8401 NW 13TH ST interest accwing at the rate HILL ROAD WEAVERVILLE, Balance $2,493.00, Default that Appointment ot Twstee $4,545.35 $1.16; 9313527385 2602, Week 20, Biennial MN, ot (s66 Exhibit '.A"), wilh LOT 163 GAINESVILLE. FL ot (s86 Exhibrf A") per day, NC 28787. Timeshare Unil Date 10/17114 BARBARA recorded on November 8, Adoterivo A Filho and Selma fimeshare lnte st 112, p& inta st actwing at the rate 32653, Tlmeshare Unit 19806, pukuant to the fimeshare 14304, Week 19, Biannial TORRES, 3315 GLENWOOD 2017, under Documant No. Dulco 2115 Seminole St Diem $4.44, DetauN Balance ot (See Exhibit wA") per day, Waak 16, Annual, Timeshare Plan, advances, rf any, undar EVEN, Timeshara lnte st STREET HIGHLAND, IN 2017160054 in O.R. Booh5236. Kissimmaa, FL 34744 WTC 38 $1 1 ,379.77, DetauW Date pu uant to the Tlmesha lnt8r6st 1, Per Diem $1.22, the lemw of said Claim ot 1/2, Per Diem 80.83, Detault 46332, fim6shara Unit 2603. at Page 1813, ot tha Public WHOLE 1 5187/2342- 2347 7/1/16, Mortaage Recod Plan, advances, if a,under DetauN Balance 82,468.OO, Len, chages and expenses ot Balance $1,680.00, DetauW Week 48, Annual, fimashaP Records ot Osteola County, $3,794.60 $1.25; 9320518015 6/3/14 in O Book 4617, 18 terms ot said laim ot DelauN Date 10/17114 JOSE the T ee and ot tha twsts Date 1 0127/1 3 BRIAN A. lntere 1, Per Diem 81.95, florida, by raason of a now Jamas A Taylor Po Box 1oo Paga 495 MARCIO RAMOS L,chages and expenses ot ANIBAL RODRIGUUBLAURA c atad bysaid Cl motLen. OBST a BONNIE N. OBST, DerauW B anta $3,954.00, continuingdetauNbyObligor(s), Sheldon, sc 29941 WTC225 a JULIANA vALENn DA the T stee and ot the t sts E TORRES DE RODRIGUU. Obligo s) sh,have the right 7089 121ST AVE. NORTH DefauW Da e 1114112 GEORGE (See Exhibk A"), whose 226 1 EVEN 112 518712342- SILVA, RUA DOMINGOS creatad by said Claim ot Lien. BETANIA DO MARES ELln to cu the defauW and any LARGO, FL 33773. Tlm6shar8 c. MORRISON, 8093 add N is (Sea Exhibk A"), in 2347 84,545.35 $1.16. ANDRE ZANINI 277 SALA Obligor(s) shall have the right 400 APT 22 A PANAMA, junior Lenholder shall have Unit 15603, w86k 20, Annual, PENNINGTON DR LAURE the pay6nt OF performance ot K: FORECLOSURE 27757. 512 BARREIROS SAO JOSE to cu the default and any PANAMA PANAMA, Tlmeshare lhe righltoredeem rfsinte fi share lnterest 1, Per MD 20724 6118, Tlm6sha theobligationssecu d bysaid WG Towan HOA (NJ)U.M.S SC, 88117 200 BRAZIL junior Lenholder shall have Unit 19106, Week 39, Biennial up to he date tha T stee Diem 81.95, D6tault Balance Unk 14105, W68k 33, Biennial Claim ot Lan r6Gord8d in O.R. N8v6s.O1 03 N0S.PUB.J.M.S. Tlmeshare Unit 210401, Weak the right to redeem its interast ODD, Timashare lnte issues the Ce ificate ot Sale 83,954.oo, Detault Date EVEN, Tl sha lnter t Book (See Exhibh A,at Page NEVES.doc 9, Annual, Tlmeshare lnterest up to tha date the T stee 112, Per Diem $0.82, DetauW by paying the amounts du6 11/4/12 SEAN G VANOVER 112, Per Diam 8o.53, Detault (Sae Exhibit A,ol th6 Public F b ary 2, 8, 2018 1, Per Diem S11.o1, DetauW iNu8s th6 Certificate ot Sale Balanca $1,655.98, DetauW as o lined in the preceding WA GLENN VANOVER, 39 Balance 81,o72.81, Delault Records ot OK8ola County, L 16282o Balanta 827.495.2o. DefauW by paying the amounts due Date 10/17/14 BRYAN DALY, paragraph. To cure tha detauW MAZIE CIR MAZIE, KY 41160 Date 10 27113 PHYLLIS G. Florida, includinq tha br6ach or Date 8/15/16, Mortgage as o lined in the pPceding 7400 SPRING HIU DR APT expl ned in this Notice you 9000. Timeshar6 Unit 18304, MORRISON AKA PHYLUS d6fauW, notic6 o whith was set Recoded 11/19115 in OR p graph. To curethe detault 216 SPRING HIU, FL 34606, must m theamountyounow Week 50, Annual, Tlmesha wrm GREENHOW, 4621 torth in a Notic6 ot Dafault and NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Book 4874, Page 2384 expl ned in this Notice you Tlmeshare Unh 19304, Week owe, as set torth in Exhibrf A", ln eBt 1, Per Diem 82.o1, PISTACHIO LANE CAPITOL lntent to Fo close provided SAU NORMAN DOUGLAS BRAES mu mrftheamountyounow 45, Biennial ODD, Tlm8shar6 including e perdiem amount DetauW B ance 84,o79.oo, HEIGHTS, MD 20743, to the last known address of WESTGATE TOWERS a CATHERINE aRAEs, owe, as set torfh in Exhibh .'A", lnte&t 112, Per Diem So.82, tor eath day tollowing the date DetauW Date 11/4l12 HEUN fim ha Unk 14105, Weak Obligo s), (Sae Exhibit A',by On Feb a 27, 2018 11:00 MERCHANT HOUSE 81 HIGH including the per diem amount Datault Balance 81,656.oo, ofthis notice through the d e A CHANDLER. 3569 PATRICIA N, Bienni EVEN, fimeshare C8rtifi 8gi5t8 d Mail or by a.m GREE SPOONMARDER, ST MONTROSE ANGUS, tor aach day tollowing the data D6fault Date 10117/14 SHEENA payent is made. lt you choose EUEN DR. MEMPHIS, TN lnt&ert 1 2, Per Diem $0.53, publication by Me undenigned P.A 201 E. Pine Nreet, UNITED KINGDOM, Tlmesha ol this notice through tha data JANOWSKl, 103 BAINE AVE lo cure the default s6t forth in 38133 8187 VALLEY RIDGE DetauW B ance S1,o72.81, Twst86, will sell a public Suk6 500, O ando, Florida Unit 210504, Week 43, Bienni payent is mada. lt you thoose SPRING HILL, FL 34606, this Nolice, the,amount du6 TRL APT TR, CORDOVA, DatauW Data 10127113 MARK aurfion to the highast bidder 32801, as Twstee punuant to EVEN, fimeshare lmerest 1n, to cu th6 detauN set to h in fimashare Unk 19304, Waak mustbePmmedto:vAcAnoN TN 38016, Tlmesha Unrf A. KAHRS, 4349 BAMBOO CT torlawhl money ofthe Unked that Appointmant of Twstee P6rDi6m$4.54, DetauWBalance thi5 Notice, the,amount dua 45, Biennial ODD, Timeshare VILLAGE AT PARKWAY 4302, Week 13, Biennial APT 416 ORLANDO. FL 32811 Statas ot Amerita, on the hont recorded on November 8, $1 1.636.23, DetauW Da 6 mu ba miwed to: VACATION lnt6 st 1/2, P6r Di6m $0.82, OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC ODD, Timeshare lnterest 6713, Tlmesha Unk 14208, staps of lha Osceola Coun 2017, under Dotument No. 711/16, Mortgage Retoded LLAGE AT PAR KWAY Detault Balance &1,656.00, c/o Daily Managemant, lnt 1/2, Per Di6m $1.23, Dafault Week 29, Annual, Tlmesha Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse 2017160092 in O.R. Book5236, 7116/14 in OR Book 4636, Page OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC Default Date 1 0117114 A n: Owen Resolution Dept Balance 82,499.oo, Detaull lnteres 1, Per Di6m $1.95, Squara, KiMimm88, Florida at Pag6 1893, ot the Public 2894 CLAUDIO CESAR DE o Daily Management, lnc PORFIRIO APARICIO, 141 1775 Bonaventu Blvd Suke Date 11/4112 CYNTHIA D DelauW B ance $3,954.00. 34741,all right, tille and intarest Racods ot Osceola Coun , OUVEIRA VENDRAMINl, RUA A n: Ownen Resolution Dept KING PHIUP DR, WEST 1 104 Weston, FL 33326, batora CHAMBLE, 135 NEWPORT ST DalauW Data 1114112 SUSAN in the pDp8 y srtuated in the Florida, by reason of a now JARAGUA NO 125 JOINNW 1775 Bonaventure Blvd Surte HARnoRD, CT 06117 174 the s e date andtime settorth 2 FL BROOKLYN, NY 11212, L KAHRS, 19 PLANAnoN Coun ot Osc6ola, Florida, continuing datault by Obligo s), sc, 89204 650 BRAZIL. 1104,W8slon.FL33326,betor6 BOND ST FL 3, HARnoRD, in lhis Notice. fimeshare Unrt 18804, W6ak BLVD LAWWORTH,FL33467 dascribad as: (See Exh bit '.A") (See Exhibrf wA'.), whos6 Timeshare Unil 170609, Week tha sal6 date and time sat forfh CT 06114, fimeshare Unh D ed: Janua 18, 2018 35, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare 6543. fi hare Unk 14208. fime Share lnterest(sT (See addrass is (Saa Exhibit A',in 35, Biennial EVEN, fimesha in this Notice. 19503, Week 47, Biennial By: GREENSPOON MARDER lnter t 1/2, Per Diam 8o.83, Week 2g, Annual, fimeshaP Exhibit A") acco ing to the the payant or performance ot lntarast 1/2, Per Diem $0.93, Dat6d: Janua 18, 2018 ODD, Tlmeshare lnterest L Twstae DefauW Balance $1,680.00, lnt t 1, P6r Diem $1.95, Tlme Sharing Plan tor Westgate the obligations secured by said DetauW Balance $3,442.71, By: GREENSPOON MARDER 1/2, Per Diem $1.22, Dafault IBIT "A" DelauW Data 10/27/1 3 DELROY DetauW Balance $3,954.00, Tow6rs, God8d in OMcial Claim ot Lan orded in O.R. DetauW Date 7/1/16, Mortgage T stee Balanca $2,474.00, Dafault DAVID DELIZIO, 122 STAT s MCDONALD a TAHVEEN F DetauW Data 1114112 MARTA Retods Book 1364, at Page Book (Sea Exhibk A ), at Page Retoded 8/4114 in OR Book EXHIBIT "A" Date 11/4/12 ALUN B ANGST. ST LOT 6 MIDDLETOWN, MCDONALD, F6 LINCOLN LN SAGASTUME, 13311 sw 427, ot the Public Retords of (Sa6 Exhibit A . otthe Public 4645, Page 1868 ENRIQUE CHERYL JOHNSTON, 421 2130 wEsTcHEsnR DR APT PA 17057 1038, Timashare F 6 DAYTON, NJ 08810 1362. 256 STREET HOMESTEAD. Osceola County, Florida (the Racods ot Osceola Coun , ORLANDO MENDOZA STARWAY DRIVE FORT 7 MANHATTAN, KS 66503, Unrf 5304, Week 34, Triennial Tlmeshare Unit 4705, Week FL 33032, Tlmeshare Unil Plan"). Together with he right Florida, including the breach or GUILLEN a K RAQUEL COLUNS, CO 80525, Timeshare Unit 19408, Week C, Tlmeshare lnterest 1/3, 39, Biennial ODD, fimeshaP 14201, Wa6k 40, Trienni A, to occupy, pursuant to the detauW, notice ot which was set CHAVU FLORES. CALU Tlm hare Unit 121o4, 47, Bienni EVEN, fimeshaP Per Diem $o.42, DetauW lnterest 112, Per Diem 81.22, fimasha lnta st 1/3, Per Plan, Building(5) / Uni (s) / Unit torth in a Notice ol Detault and JUANA GORRITI 2618 URB w k 50, Biennial EVEN, lnterest 112, Per Diem $0.82, B ance .oo, DatauW Date DefauN B anca $2,474.00, Di6m 8o.4o, DetauW Balance W68kTs) l Assignad Year(s), lntant to Fo close provided ELIO CERCADO DE UMA UM Tlm8shaR lnterest 112, Per D6fault B ant6 $1,655.oo, 10/17/14 SHERRY M DELIZIO, DefauW Date 1114112 CARLOS $812.00, D6 uW Data 9/20/15 (Sae Exhibit "A ). 7600 w lrlo to th6 last known addrass ot PERU, Timeshare Unit 210202, Diem 80.82, DetauW Balance Default Date 10/27113 DENIS 7708 ALTHEA AVENUE D RODRIGUU CORNEJO BRIAN s. AGEE, 705 Eum Bronson M6morial Highway, Obligo (See Exhibk wA ), by w86k 38, Annu,Tlmesha $1,655.00, Detau Date J BODSON a BARBARA A HARRISBURG, PA 17112. a MYRNA M ASTUDIUO RD BLACKSBURG, VA 24060 Kissimmee, FL 34747 erein Cerfifi 6gi 8r8d Mail or by lnl6r8sl 1. Per Diem $8.75, 10n7113 STACEY LALICKER, PIGEAU, 747 cHARLom Tl &hareUnrt53O4,Weeh34, VILCHES, REY ALBERTO 6459, fim ha Unrf 18602, me Sha Plan (P pe y) publication bytheundanigned Detault Balance 822,266.7o, 2029 1ST BELLEVILLE, ST SUDBURY ON, P3E 4c1 Triennial c, Tlmeshare lnterest 3651 APT 303 SAN MIGUEL w68k 46, Bianni ODD, AddraM") Said sale will be Trust86, will sell at public Detaul Date 711/16, Morfgage KS 66935, Timashara Unk CANADA CANADA, Timeshare 1/3, Per Diem $0.42, DefauW SANTIAGO, 511078 CHIU Tlm ha lnt6Bt 112, Per made (wkhout covenants, or au ion to the highest bidder R8cord6d 8/4114 in OR Book 12104, Week 50, Biannial Unit 18801, Week 4O, Annual, Balance .OO, DetauW Date CHILE, fimeshare Unit 1 60903, Diem $1.23, D6tauW B ance wa anty, 6xp N or implied, for lawhl money ot the Unkad 4645, Page 1347 WILMER MN, Timeshare lnterest Timeshare lnterast 1, Per 10/17/14 FRANCIA UON, 5121 Week 31, Annual, Tlmeshare 82,499.OO, DetauW Date regarding the thle, poN8Nion States of nerita, on th6 hont HERNAN ENCALADA LOPU 112, Per Diem $0.82, Default Diem &2.00, Detault Balance GLASGOW AVE ORLANDO, FL lnterest 1, Per Diem 81.62, 11/4/12 JEFF D. MARTIN, 6525 or 8ncumbranc6s) to pay th6 ep of the OK8ola Coun 6 EDID MARLENE ENCALADA Balanca $1,655.00, Darault 84,o54.oo, Dafault Data 1 114/12 32819 7415, fim6share Unit Default Balance $3,286.00, QUARrZ LN BLACKSBURG, unpaid aNessm8nts due in the Courthousa, 2 Courthouse LOPU, CAW Plo xll NO Dat6 10/27/13 MICHAEL A. MIGUEL A RODRIGUU, 5252 8505, Weah 39, Biannial ODD, Default Date 1 0/27/1 3 VA 24060 1157, TlmeshaP amount ol (Sae Exhibit '.A"), Square, KiNimme8, Florida 1545 CALDERON SAN WRIGM, 116A CANVASBACK ORANGE AVE UNIT 326 SAN fimesha lnterest 1/2, Per (35601.001 Unit 18602, Waak 46, Biennial wkh interest accwing at tha 34741,all right, trfle and in e JUAN PICHINCHA QUITO, DR SUMME ILLE, SC 29483, DIEGO, CA 92115, fim8shar6 Diem $0.41, DetauW Balance February 2, g, 2018 ODD, Tlmesha lnterest rate ot (Sea Exhibit "A") per in th6 prope y srfuat6d in the ECUADOR, fim6shar8 Un Tlm hare Unk 14704, Week Unh 16g05. Week 15. Annu . 8838.oo, DetauW Date 10 13/16 L 162965 1/2, Per Diem 81.23, Default day. pur5uanl to the Timeshara County ot Oscaola. Florida. 160704, Week 35, Biennial 31, Annu,Tlmeshara lnterest TimeshaP lnt6 1, Per VICTOR QUEVEDO. 9116 Balanca S2,499.OO, Defaul Plan, advantes, if any, under d65crib8d as: (See Exhibit A ) EVEN, Tlmesha lnte rt 1, Per Diem $2.00, Default Diem $1.22, DatauW B ante sw 162ND PAM MIAMl, FL Dat6 1 1 4112 THOMAS the terms ot said Claim of Time Share lnte st(s) (s68 1/2, Par Diem 84.65, DefauW 8alante $4,054.00. Detault $2,468.00, DatauW Date 33196 4935. Tlmesha Unk NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S CZERUNS 1200 WEST Lien,chages and expanses ot Exhib A") at rding to the BalanG8 $11,817.02, DatauW Date 1114112 SHERRY L. 10/17/14 PEDRO LUIS LABOY, 8505, We6k 39, Biannial ODD, SALE POINTDRSUFFOW.VA23434 lhe T ee and ot lhe twsts Tlme Sharing PlanforWe gata Dat6 7/1/16, Morfgage WRIGHT, 139 MOON DANCE 10 PIONEER DR NORTH Tlmeshare lnterest 112, Per Wtalion Vlllag At Pamway 7539, fi hare Unk 18104, craatad by said Claim ot Len. Towen, &oded in OMcial Recoded 8/4/14 in OR Booh LANE SUMMERVILLE, sc BRANFORD, CT 06471, Diem $0.41, DetauN Balance Owne 80ciati0n, lnc a w k 52, Annual, Tlmesha Obligo s) shall have the right R6cords Book 1364, at Page 4645, Page 1351 MARCIA 29483, Tlmeshare Unit 14T04, Timeshate Unit 16905, Week $838.00, DefauW Date 10113116 norida non pDM copo bon lntera 1, Pe Diem $2.01, to cu the datauW and any 427, ot the Public Recods ot MARIA DA SILVA BITTAR w k 31, Annual, fimesha 15, Annual, Timeshara lntarest BRYANHoNoRaBRIDGrm On Febwa 22, 2018 at DetauW B ance $4,079.00, junior lienholder shall hav6 Osceola Coun,Florida (th6 LATUF a CARLOS AUGUSTO lm 1, Per Diem $2.00, 1, Per Diem 81.22, D6tauW GLENN, 5 RUSHWOOD 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON DerauW Date 1 1 4/12 DEBRA A. the nght to radeem ks inta st Plan"). Together wrfh th6 right LATUF, RUA PIRAnNINGA D6 uW Balance 84,054.00, Balance $2,468.00, DetauN CT COLUMBIA, sc 29209, MARDER LLP, 100 w6 CAROSELU, 9034 CARBTREE up to the data the T st86 to occupy, punuant to the . 60 CAMPINAS sP, 13090 D6 uW Date 11/4/12 ROBERT Date 10/17114 DOMINIC c fimeshare Unrf 10506, week Cypress Creek Road, Suit6 LANE PORT RICH FL issuas th6 C6rtifitat8 ol Sale Plan, Building(s) / Unrf(s) / Unrt 770 BRAZIL, Tlmesha Unk J. MAccowsnR a PATrV TORRES a ANA JENI KEIGHT 19, Tri6nni B, Timesha 700, Forf Laudedale, FL 34668, Tl hara Unk 3503, by payingthe amounts du6 as Weak(s) l ANign8d Yea s), 210707, Week 29, Annual, J. MACCOWSTER, 2740 MORALES, 45 BROADWAY lnt t 1 3, P6r Diem 8o.84, 33309, as T stee pursuant to Waek 36, Annu,fimashaP outlinad abova.By:AMANDAL (SB8 Exhibk wA"). 7600 w,o Tlmeshare lnterast 1, p COUMAN AVE. DELAND, FL BRIDGEPO CT 06606, DetauW B ance $1,7o6.oo, that Appointment ot T ste6 ln es 1, Per Diem $1.23, cHAPMAN,AuthorizedAqenl Bronson Memorial Hi way, Diem $11.27, DetauW Balance 32724, Tlmesha Unit 14707, Tlmesha Unrf 16201, w66k Dera D e 10l27 13 ELIAS &orded on OrtoberO9, 2017, DelauW 8 anc6 $2,493.00. HIBIT Ah - NOnc OF Kissimmee, FL 4747 erein 828,689.28, DetauW Dat6 w k x. Annual, Tlme hara 34, Biennial ODD, TlmBshaP A O ACA 37805 BANVAN in O.R. Book 5220 at Page D6tauW Dala 10/1 7/14 TRUSTEE'S SALE wTim8 Sha Plan (PDp6rfy) 7 1/16, Mortgage Recodad lnt 1, Per Di6m $2.00, lnterest 1l2, Per Diem 8o.82. PLACE PALMDALE, CA 93551, 2315 ot he Publit R8cod5 ot JUDITH HOLDEN AKA JUDY Fila NO.: 27757.0103 (J.M.S. AddPN Said sal6 will b6 12/16/14 in OR 8ook 4708, Detauw Balance 84,o54.oo, Default Balanc6 $1,656.00, Tlmasha Unrf 1O7O1, Week Osceola Coun,Florida, by PRESW, 14 s RINGGOLD NEVES) made (wkho rt covenants, or Pag6 2180 GIANCARLO De uW Data 11/4/12 DetauN Date 10117114 KESHA 37, Tri6nni B, Tlmeshare reason ot a now continuing ST PHILADELPHIA, PA 19146 ACCOUNTl CO CT NO. wa anty, 6xpr s or impli6d, JULIANO DOS SANTOS a FREDERIC A CURETON JR, D YOND, 3818 VILLA CT lnt8Bt 113, Per Diem $0.79, detault by Obligor (s), (See 4 6, fi hare Unk 19207, OWNER(S) /OBUGOR(S) / tegarding the lkle, poss8Nion SINTIA ELIZABETE FERREIRA, 755 E VIRGINIA WAY APT 11D AUGUSTA, GA 30907, DefauW Balanca $1,6 .00, Exhibrf A") whose add ss week 32, Annu,Tlmeshare ADDRESS BUILDING(S) or ancumb nces) to pay th6 RUA 15 DE NOVEMBER 150 152 BARSTOW, CA 92311, fimashare Unit 16807, DefauW Date 10127113 MAYRA is (Sae Exhibit "A"), in tha lnte st 1, Par Diem 81.41, WEEK ANIGNED YEARl unp d ass8Nm8nt5 du6 intha APT 203 B SAN JOSE sc, fim ha Unit 14106, Weeh Week 4, Annual, TimBshare A POCANSANGRE, 4790 payment or performanta ot DetauW 8 ance 82,85o.12, OCCUPANCY TIMESHAREl amount ot (S6a Mibit A , 88101 440 BRAZl Tlmesha 19, Bienni ODD, Tlmeshare lnterest 1, Per Diem 81.51, CONRAD AVE APT 202 SAN the obligations sacured by DetauN D e 10T27113 KARL UNDIVIDED INTEREST suln with int8r6st accwing at the Unit 21080a, Week 43, Annu,lm 112, Per Diem 8o.82, DetauW Balanca 83.o62.75, DIEGO, CA 92117 2032, said Claim ot Lien r6cod8d D. HOLDEN, 524 SOUTH TYPE SEASONT USE BASIS rata ot (Sae Mibit A") p& Tlmeshare lnterest 1, p De uW Balance $1,656.00, Default Dat6 10127113 MARY Tlmesha Unk 10701, Week on Septembar 27, 2017 in 55TH ST PHILADELPHIA, PA INTERVAL CONTROL NO. day,punuantto 6Tlm8shar6 Diam $8.83, DelaM B ance uW Data 10117114 SPEAKAR, 14 HARRINGTON 37, Tri6nni B, fimeshare O.R. Book 5213 at Page 19143, fimeshare Unit 19207, UNDIVIDED INTEREST ID Plan, advances, if a,under S22,167.25, DatauN Date MICHAEL A LEWIN, 639 DR BELLA VISTA, AR 72714, lnte 113, P6r Diem So.79, 1599, of the Public Racods Weeh 32, Annu,fimeshare NO. TIMESHARE PHASE the tarms ot said laim of &1116. Mortgage Racordad OLD COUNTRY RD APT Tlmeshare Unit 8204, week DefauW Balance $1,6 .00, ot Osteola CouW, Florida, lntee 1, Per Diem 81.41, vAcAnoN OWNERSHIPTYPE Li6n,charg8s and expansas ot 1/5/15 in OR Book 4717, Page 5 BELMONT, CA 94002, 49, Bi6nnial EVEN, Tim6shaP DefauW D 6 10127113 DAND including th6 b ach or detauW, DatauN B anc6 82,85o.12. CLAIM OF LIEN RECORDED the T ee and of lhe t sts 451 JOSE FRANCISCO DA fim ha Unk 14607, Waak lnterest 1/2, P6r Diem 8o.78, v. 19215 NE 108TH notite ot which was set torfh DetauW Date 10127113 HENRY BOOWPAGEPERDIEMCLAIM cteated by s d Cl m otLen. SILVA PINTO a DEBORA LIMA 18, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare DetauW Balanca $1,580.00, PL WALDO, FL 32594 4219, in a Notite ot DetauW and ROCA a MILDRED SOTO, OF LIEN AMOUNT 7016262195 Obligo s) shall have the right SILVA,AVPERIMETRALNORTE lnt t 1/2, P6r Diem 80.83, DetauW Date 10127113 KIM Tln share Unrf 11504, Weeh lnlent to Fo&lose p vidad 2005 MoNnREY AVE APT Ma elo J.M.S. Naves and to cu the d6tauN and any 254 AP 46 CARAPICUIBA sP, DatauW Balance $1,680.00, MATSEN AKA KIMBERLY JOY 19, Bianni ODD, Timeshare to the last known address ot 5A BRON NY 10457, Marise E Neves Rua Guapiara junior li holdar sh,have 06328 020 BRAZIL, Tlmasha DefauW Date 10127113 ROSIO MATSEN, 6105 N BEDFORD lnte st 112, Per Di6m $1.17, og s),(see Exhibrf A"),by fimesha Unh 19303, w k N-23 Apt-502 Rio De Janei,tha rightto daam ksint8Bt Unit 11105,Week 40, Trienni G D Z, 845 RUSSELL AVE CT KANSAS CITY, MO 64151, DefauW Balance $2,374.00, c,dlRegisterad Mail orby 14, Annu,fimesharelntere 20521-180 BRAZIL WTA 102 up to tha data the T 6a c, fimesha lnter t 113, p& 7F SANTA ROSA, CA 95403, Timesha Unit 7108, Week DetauW D e 1114/12 JOY publication by the undenign6d 1, Per Diem 8o.43, Datault 19 EVEN 112 5187T2342- 2347 iMu8s tha C8rtificat6 ot Sala Diem S2.4o. DatauW Balanca fim ha Unk 146o7, Week 51, Annual, fim6shar6 lnte HICKOX a GREGORY Twstee, will sell at public Balante .oo, DatauW Dala 84,545.35 $1.16; 9320760395 by pa ng the amounts dua as 86,228.75, Detau W Date 18, Biennial MN. Tlmesha 1, Per Di6m $2.00, DetauW WEST, 600 712 CHIEFTAIN aurtion to the highast bidder 10 1y16 CARMINA BRAVO Yve e Carter 2812 Rutger o linedabove.By:AMANDAL 6/1/16, Mortgaga Retoded lm 112, PBr Diam 8o.83, B anc6 84,o54.oo, DetauW STREET WOODSTOCK, tor lawhl money otthe Unhad LATORRE a JORGE HERNAN St Saint Louis, MO 63104 CHAPMAN,AuthorizadAg6nt 4117115 in OR Book 4765, DetauW Balance 81,68o.oo, Date 1114112 RONALD A ONTARIO N4T 1s1 CANADA, Stat6sotAm8rica, atth6 hont PASSEG TRANSVERSAL WTA 105 39 EVEN 112 WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Page 2105 EDGAR ANTONIO De uW Date 10127113 SANKEY B VERONICA D Tl sha Unrf 11703, week aps ot the Osceola County 23 97 54 APT 410 BOGOTA, 518712342- 2347 84,545.35 rRUSrEE'S SALE RIVERA CUERVO. CRA 89 A WMBERW LEADBEAnR, SANK 130 GREEN MANOR 43, Bi6nni ODD. Tl shara Cou hou58. 2 Courfhouse COLOMB COLOMBIA, $1.16 7015193175 Wilt d J File NO.: 27757.0104 87 78 BOGOTA, COLOMBIA 804 GROSVENOR AVENUE DR BUTUR, PA 16002,1n, Per Diem $1.23. Squa,KiNimm8e, FL34741, fim ha Unh 19806, Weeh Lewi and Cha owe J L6wis (DEunLMosER) fimeshaP Unit 170209, Week NNIPEG MANITOBA, R3M Tlm85ha Unit 7508, Week DetauW Balante $2,499 lrigh ,trtle andinter8 tinth6 39, Annu . fi ha,&a5t 3054 ngsbridge Av6 Apl 2J ACCOUNTl CONTRACT NO.l 46, Biennial ODD, fim6sha ON2 CANADA, Timashara Unit 47, Annu,fim6share lnt6rest De uW Dat6 11 4 12 nRRY p party shualedinthe County 1, Per Di&n $1.23, DetauN B nx, NY 1 WTA 108 17 OWNER(S) OBU OR(S) l lnterest 112, Per Diem $4.85, 14301, Waak 1, Biannial EVEN, 1, Per Di6m $1.61, DefauW SHIFFERLY,1921 OLD MILTON of Osc6ola, Florida, described Balance 82,493.oo, DetauW MN 112 518712342- 2347 ADDRESS BUILDING(S) DefauN Balance 812,5o4.52, fim ha lnle st 1/2, Par Balanc6 $3,261.00, DefauW ROAD CLINTON, sc 29325. as: Date 10117114 SHAUNA M. S4,545.35 $1.16 7022203315 WEEK ASSIGNED YEA Default Dat66/15l16, Mo gage Di&n So.83. DetauN Balante Date 10/27/13 Tlmeshara Unk 11702, Week (SEE HIBIT A) fime Shar6 cAsnuo. 17 N MAIN ST Roberf Slackl6b6ck Po OCCUPANCY TIMESHARU R6cord8d 214115 in OR Book 81.68o.oo, Default Dat6 (35601.0015) 41, Biennial EVEN, Tlmashare lnte6st(s) as detined in the PALMER, MA 01 9 1029, Box 625 Londond6W, NH UNDl DED INnREsT suln 4731, Page 49 1 7113 YANIRA FRANCO, F b aryZ,g,ZO18 lntar6st 112, Per Diem $0.83, Declar ion ot Covenants, TlmBsha Unh 19506, w68h 03053 WTA 2 31 w OLE 1 TVPE SEASOW USE BASIS (40839.0145) 12a SHASTA PL MORENO L162963 DetauW Balanc6 $1,680 Condkions and Rastrittions 36, Bienni ODD, fim6sha 518712342- 2347 83,794.6o INTERVAL CONTROL NO. F b a 2, g, 18 v CA 92557, Tlmesha DatauW Date 10n7113 tor Vacation Vlllage at Pa way, lm 1 2, Per Diem 81.o6, 81.25; 7018656435 Ronald UNDIVIDED INnREsT ID L162924 Unh 14505, w66h 23, Bienni TON DALAYA HAMILTON, a5 cod6din OMci R8colds D6tauW B anc6 82,141.85, Goldan1435N.15lhStCouncil NO. nMEsHARE PHASE ODD, Tlmesha lnterast NOTICE OF TRUS~'S 3107 HAWTHORNE DRIVE NE Book 1591, at Page 379, ot DetauW Dale 11 4112 CARLOS BluWs, IA 51501 WTA 208 43 VACATION O VNERSHIP TYPE 1 2, p& Diem $1.22, DerauW uu WASHINGTON, DC 20017, the Public RecodsotOsceola PADILL ALVIN DR ODD 1/2 518712342- 2347 CLAIM OF LIEN RECORDED NoncE OF TRusnE's B ance S2,474.oo, DetauW Vata on Vlllage At Parkway fi &ha Unrf 11703, Week Coun,norida (the Plan), as KILUEN, m 76542 6333, 84,2o5.16 $1.19; 9310772095 BOOWPAGEPERDIEMCL M SALE Date 11/4112 THE UNKNOWN Own A 8otia on, lnt a 44, Bienni MN, Tlmeshara amended hom time to im6. fimesha Unk 1,Weeh Burton Neswald Jr and Debra OFUENAMOUNT9348O16365 Vacation Vlllag At Pa y SPOUSE, HEIRS, DEVISEES, Floridanonp fitto o on lnte st 112, Per Diem $0.83, Tog8th6r wrfh the right to 3, Bianni MN, fimesha L N wald 23165 F zpatriGk Marcos A Dautelmoser and Owne A otia on, IM a GRANnEs, ASSIGNEES, On F6bwa 22, 2018 DetauW Balance $1,680.00, octupy, pursuant to the Plan, lnt&e 1n. Per Dam SO.83, Ave Port Cha oWa, FL Maye ing Colm6naras 3491 Florida non p rk topo on UENORS, CREDITORS, 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON DelauW Date 10/27113 AL IS Assignad Unrf Waek (SEE DetauW B ance $1,680.00, 33980 WTA 209 9 WHOLE 1 Gatlin Dr RocWedge, FL On Febwa 22, 2018 at TRusnEs, AND ALL OTHER MARDER LLP, 100 We EAsnRDAY, 112 SE 9TH HIBIT and Assigned Unh DetauW Data 10127113 518712342- 2347 $3,794.60 32955 WTA 103 36 ODD 112 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON PARnEs CLAIMING AN Cyp 5s C ek Road, Suita AVE BOYNTON BEACH, (SEE WHIBIT A), in Assignad MARTINA p PADILLA, 3539 81.25; 931 79025 Branda 51941659-66484,330.54$1.18; MARDER LLp. 100 We INnREsT BY, THROUGH, 700, Fo Lauderdale. FL FL 33435 5634, Timashare Year(SEEWHIBITA). s PEAK DR FAYmEvluE, s Waid 3 Ma et sl Uppr o 9005025805Ka Jaan Baptiste CypreN Creek Road, Su e UNDER OR AGAINST THE 33309, as Twstee pu uant to Unrf 12103, Week 6, Biennial 3001 Parkway Blvd NC 28306 9573. fim85har8 Athens, NY 12015 WTA 303 3491 Gatlin Dr, Rockledge, FL 700, Fort Laudadala, n EsTAn OF FAITHLEY MORRIS, that Appointment of T ee EVEN, Tlmeshare lnte st Kissimmee, FL 34747 erein Unit 19606, week 3, Biannial 2 WHOLE 1 518712342- 2347 32955 and She y Orilas 57 33309, as Twstee pursuant to DECEASED, 36 CORNELIA r6cord8d on O ober 09, 2017, 112, Per Diem $0.83, Detault wTlm8 Share Plan (Properfy) EVEN, TlnPshare lnterast $3,794.60 81.25 Aaron s Waid Eastwood Lana Vall6y Slream, that Appointmenl ot Twstee ST. APT. N3 BROOKLYN, in O.R. Book 5220 at Page B ante 81,680 DatauW Add ss") 112, Per Diem $0.83, Detault 3 Market St Uppr Athens, NY NY 11581 WTA1O8 500DD 112 Pcoded on Ottobar 09. 2017, NY 11221, Tlmeshare Unit 2281 ot the Public Recods ot D e 1 012711 3 REGINALD Said sale will be mada (without Balance 81,68o.oo, Detault 12015 WTA 303 2 WHOLE 1 Fixed 51941659-664 $4,229.46 in O.R. Booh 5221 at Pag6 14606, Weak 2, Biennial Osceola County, Florida. by OUVER. 697 AUBURN AVE covenants, or wa anty, exprass Date 10127 13 OSMEL HUNGH 5187/2342- 2347 $3,794.60 $1.19; 9000837105 Tomas 284 ot the Publit Records ot MN, Timashar6 lnterest reason ot a now continuing UNIT 113 DELRAY BEACH. FL or implied, regarding tha tille, HERNANDQ WA OSMEL 81.25; 8016381255 Chandra Ochoa Jr and Dabra L Ochoa Osceola Coun,Florida, by 1 2, Par Diam $0.83, Defaull default by Obligor (s), (See 3 4409. fimeshaTe Unrt poN8Nion or encumbrances) HUNG, 21500 sw 98 CT Y Holmes 3072 Bobolinh Dr 4002 Amber Rd Valrico, FL raason ot a now conlinuing Balance $1,680.00, Default Exhibit '.A") whose addreN 121o3, Week 6, Biennial EVEN, to satis the unpaid balance CUTUR BAY. FL N189 3722, Rex, GA 30273 WTA 306 25 33594 WTA 205 36 ODD 1/2 default by Obligor(5), (See Date 10/27/13 BARBARA J is (Sea Exhibit .'A"), in the Tlmeshare lnterest 1/2, Per ot each respertive Claim ot fimeshaR Unk 18204. Week ODD 112 518712342- 2347 51941659-664 84,2o5.56 $1 .19; Exhibit '.A") whose addPN HOWARD, 1646 STATE ROAD payment or performance of Diem 8o.83, DetauW Balance Len Recorded tog8th6r with 34, Biennial ODD, Tlmesha 84.229.46 $1.19; 9310670315 9008108705 Ella L Felton 315 is (See Exhibil wA"), in the 25 SOUTH LAFAYmE, IN tha obligations secured by 81 ,680.00, DefauW Date accwed interest in the amount lnterest 112, Per Diam $1.23, Julieta s Ospina and Nelson Slade St Williamston, NC 27892 payment or performante ot 47909, fimeshare Unit 14102, said Claim of Lien recorded 10/27/13 CHARLES L TRAMEL ot (See Exhibit A"), with Detault B ante $2,499.00, Ospina and Martha Ospina PO WTA 207 45 ODD 1/2 Fixed the obligations secu d by Week 46, Triennial A, Timesha on September 27, 2017 in a DEBORAH L TRAMEL 448 E interest acc ing al the rate DatauW Dale 1114112 TELWS Box 25755 Fort Lauderdala, FL 5194 659-664 84,215.11 $1.19: said Claim ot L6n retoded lnte st 1/3, Per Diem $0.84, O.R. Book 5213 at Page MAIN ST LIBE TN 37095 ot (See Exhibit "A") par day, MORALES,133OW54 STREET 33320 WTA 308 31 ODD 1/2 9346934455 Michael Hady on Seplember 27, 2017 in DetauW Balance 81,7o5.oo, 2136, ol the Public Records 2155, fimeshare Unit 12602, pursuant to the Tim6shar8 APT c 223 HIALEAH, FL 33012, 5187/2342- 2347 $4,131.14 and Claudan6 Hardy 4110 O.R. Booh 5213 at Page DefauW Date 1 1/4 12 BEVERLY ot Osceola Counly, Florida, Week 23, Triennial B, -|.imashara Plan, advances, it any, under TlmeshaR Unk 18204, Week $1.19; 7059792275 Angelo S Shady Ln Boynton Beath, 2097, ot the Publit Retolds A HICKS. 3072 PEMBERLY CT including tha b ach or defauW, lnta 1/3. Per Diem $0.84. the terms of said Claim ol 34, Biennial ODD, fimeshare M Damiano 2512 Devotion FL 33436 WTA 208 45 ODD ot Osceola County, Florid4 WEST LAFAYmE. IN 47906, notice ot which was set torth DetauW Balance $1,706.00, Len, chages and expenses of lntere 112, Per Diem $1.23, Ridge Drive Henderson, NV 112 5194/659-664 $4,229.46 intluding the br6ach or detauW, fim ha Unit 14102, Week in a Notice ot DefauW and DefauW Date 1 0127/1 3 the Twstee and ot the twsls DetauW Balance $2,499.00, 89052 WTA 404 27 WHOU $1.19; 9004940705 David M notice ot whith was set torfh 46, Triennial A, fimeshare lntant to Foreclose provided RAYMOND E MACDONALD, created by s d Claim ol Len. DetauW Date 1114 12 DENISE 1 All Season Float Waak/ Forfe and Magarat A Kee in a Notice ot D6tauW and lntere 113, Per Diem $0.84, to the last known add&s ol 308 SOUTHLAND DRVIDALIA, Obligo s) sh,have the right s FRANZESE a GENNARO Float Unit 518712342- 2347 Forfe 33 Janci Ct Metuchen, lntenl to Foraclose pDvid DetauW Balante 81,7o5.oo, Obligor(s), (See Exhibrf '.A',by GA 30474 7615, Tlmeshare to cure the detault and any FRANZESE. 68 HIWARD $3.694.60 $1.25; 9316131095 NJ 08840 WTA 403 45 ODD to the last known add N ot DetauW Date 11l4/12 BRENDA C8rtifi8d R8gi5t8r8d Mail or by Unk 12107, Week 40, Triennial junior Lienholdar shall have RD OLD BRIDGE, NJ 08857, Emran Alladin and Shareeza,112 Fixed 51 941659-664 Obligor(s), (See Ewhibk A . by J COOPER, 172 LAKE BREUE publication by the undersigned A, Timeshare lnterest 1/3, P6r tha right to redeam its interast fimesha Unrt 18803, Week Alladin 9850 NW 3rd St Pmbk $4,229.46 $1.19: 9329955375 CertifiedlRagiste d Mail orby CIRCULAKEMARY,FL32746, Trust68, will s6|| at public Diem $0.84, DefauW Balance up to the date tha Twstae 35, Bienni ODD, fimesha Pines. FL 33024 WTA 408 9 Aa n D Hap 11455 15&h publication by the undersign Tlm ha Unrt 15104, Week aurtion to the highest bidder $1 ,705.00, DetauW Data issuas the Certihtata of Sale lntere 1 2, Per Diem 8o.82, ODD 112 518712342- 2347 Street, Jamaita, NY 11434- T ee, will sell at publit 19, Annu,Timashare lmerest tor lawhl money of the Unked 1114112 STEVEN E KARASHIK by paying lhe amounts due DetauW B ance 81,665.oo, 84.215.23 $1.19: 9316573055 1113 WTA 502 27 ODD 112 aurfion to the highest bidder 1. Per Diem 82.oo, Detault States of America, at the honl a ANNA L KARASHIK, 43 as outlined in the praceding D6tauW Date 11l4l12 EARL Guillermo E Cassese and 5194 659-664 84,229.46 $1 .19: for lawhl money of lhe Unk B anc6 $4,054.00, Detault steps ot the Osceola Coun MAMANSCO RD RIDGEFIELD, paragraph. To cure tha datault w. GIUOTTE a MARILYN E Liliana De Cass8s6 H Yrigoyen 9329954095 Angelic Geddie Slales ot America. at the hom Date 1114112 CHRISTOPHER Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse CT 06877, fimernare Unk 6xpl ned in this Notice you Gluom, 1955 LINWOOD 1754 Buanos Airas, 01667 130 Saint Edwards St Apt eps ot the OK6ola CouW L RMRAaERlcAL RIVERA, Square, KiNimm8e, FL 34741, 11706, Week 3, Bienni mustPmktheamountyounow AVE COLUMBUS, OH 43207, ARGENTINA WTA 504 5 NEN 2c Brooklyn, NY 11201 WTA Courfhouse, 2 courmouse 135 CARDINAL WAY SAN all rigM, tkla and inte in tha EVEN, Tlmesha lnterest owe, as set forfh in Exhibit A", fimeshaR Unk 160107, Week 112 5187/2342- 2347 $4,543.91 503 9 ODD 1/2 51941659-664 Square, Kissimmea, FL 34741, ANTONIO, M78253, fimesha prop6rfy skuated in the Coun 1 2, Per Diem 8o.83. DalauN including the per diam amount 7, Annual, Tlmesha lnt6r8st $1.16; 7018606435 Shawn $4,229.46 81.19; 9229121395 all right, title and inte in me Un 18605, Waeh 44, Biennial ot Oscaola, Florida, describad B ance $1,680.00, DetauW tor each day tollowing the dat6 1, Per Diem $1.75, Detault Taylor and Yve e Taylor PO Brian K Smhh 197 Pla Ave properfy situalad in the CouW ODD, TlmeshaP lnterest as: Data 10127/13 CHARLES ot this notice through the data Bal $3,550.32, DetauW Box 1645 Diamond Springs, West Haven, CT 06516 and ot Osceola, Florida. described 112, P6t Diem $1.22, Default (SEE WHIBIT Al Time char6 DESORMEAUX, Po Box 61 paymenl is made. lf you choose Date 1114112 NATAUE ALCEE, CA 95619 WTA 505 43 ODD Yolanda A Chapman 5 Emily . as: Balance $2,474.00, Detault lnt8 5t(s) as definad in the MCFADDIN, TX 77973 0061, to cure the detauW set forfh in 207 w VALW RD HARKER 1/2 518T12342- 2347 $4,180.16 Stamlod, CT 06906-2546 WTA ESEE WHI8lT A) fime ShaR Data 1114112 ALEXANDER D6claration of Covenants, Tim85hare Unit 12102, Weak this Nolite,thetullamountdua HEIGHn, M 76548 1009, $1.19: 9318412075 Cesar A 508 39 EVEN 112 51941659-664 lnt6 st(s) as defined in the RAMOS, 20 GARDENIA Conditions and Restrictions 37, Biennial MN, Timeshare must be remi ed to: VACATION Tlmesha Unk 1302, Week He era and KaWy E Mayer 84,545.35 $1.16: 9004135 5 Declaration ol Covenants, AVE FORT STEWA GA forVacationVillageatParkway, lnterest 1/2, Per Diem $0.83, VILLAGE AT PARKWAY 2. Annual, fimasha lnterest Almiranle Soubl6 a 9534 Las Simone B Gib5on Jamai and Condrfions and Restrirfions 31315, fimeshare Unit 18805, as racorded in O cial Records Datault Balance $1,680.00, OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC 1. Per Diem $2.01, Detault Cond6s, CHILE WTA 510 7 Habib H Jamai 1824 J. Julianne tor Vacation Vlllage at p ay. w h 45. Biennial EVEN, Book 1591, at Page 379, of DetauW Date 10/27/13 EVELYN t/o Daily Management, lnt Balance $4,079.00, Detault WHOLE 1 5187/2342- 2347 Lane Unit F CharloWe, NC asreco ed in omcial Recods fim ha lnte sl 112. Per tha Publit Retods ofOsceola DESORMEAUX, 300 E ST APT AWn: Ownen Resolution D6pt Date 1 114 12 MITCHELL $3,794.60 $1.25; 9315360505 28208 WTB 113 18 ODD 1/2 Book 1591, at Page 379, ot Diem 8o.82, DefauW Balance Coun,Florida (lhe Plan). as 25A SNYDER, OK 73566 1498, 1775 Bonaventure Blvd Suita BLACKMON a TONI B Hen Ballestaros and Ma ene 5194/659-664 $4,229.46 $1 .19; the Public R6cords of O5 la S1 ,655.00, DetauW Date amended hom lime to time. Tlm85har8 Unk 12102, Week 1 104, Wes on, FL 33326. b6tor8 BLACKMON. 1025 EAST 93RD Leal De Ballesteros Calle 64 90013648o5 Tritia D Williams