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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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PAGE 24B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 choose to sign and send to Stat es. Please be advised L 163o78 1/2/201 3, 51 941474-479, W86k/Float Unit, 4000-19, 191 By: Suzan Vlz Season-Floal WeeklFloat Unrf, Saason-Float WeeMloat Un , the unde igned lwstee an thal in the event that your 84,129.7o, $2.04: Josa N ODD, 1/2/2013, 5200/1403- (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) B-1717, 3410DD, 11v2015. 5300-5353, 11EVEN, 11v2016. objertion torm, 8x8rci5ing your obligation is not brought current Castano O ego and Gladys 1408, $3,410.26, 81.68; Msta Deputy Cle 51 941480-483, S965.OO, 8O.48; 51941484-490, $1 ,662.84, right to object to lha usa ofth6 [lntluding the payant ot any TICE F DEFAULT AND E Osorio Otampo, Canara 72 D Conklin, 1609 6th Av6, Feb ary 8, 16, 18 Kar6n A Newh and Lau J $0.82; Jenniter Cleghom, 455 twstee foreclosura p cedura. t86s incu ed by Westgata in TENT TO FORECLOSE B N78B 85 Ap 1524, Medellin, Rotk Falls, IL 61071, 1 Value L 16289a fingling and Martha J fingling Sc enactady Ave Apt 4E, Upon the undenignad twst86's commencing this toraclosura WESTGAT? T WN cENnR COLOM8 112,Season- season-noat WaeMloat Unit. and momas D Vlngling, 39 B oklyn, NY 11203 Vanessa r8t8iptotyoursign8d obi6rfi n p '8N) wkhi" 'hirf' " Pursu"`'. . T8 Float WeeMloat Unh, B-1519, 4000-21A, 4 21B, VMN, Boland Driv6, Lackawanna, Cleghorn, 146 E 2&h St torm, the toPtlosure ot th6 days hom the fint data o t to Sert n 721.855, 27nvEN, 4/v2014, 51g41474- VEVEN, 11u2014, 5200/1403- NoncE OF DEFAULT nND NY 14218, 2 Floating, B-1816, B okly, NY 11226, 112 | lien with spert to th6 detauW publication, the und8 ign6d Florida Stat es, wEsTGAn 479, 82.638.75. $1.30: Mithael 14o8, S1,735.26, $0.86; Cesar INTEM TO FORECLOSE B-1818, 24 H0LE, 24/ Season-Float WeeklFloat Unit, specified in this notice sh,Tw ee shall pDc66d with T WN cENnR WNERS w Mc Clure and D6bra A Mc A Ca illo Zaha and Calharine wuTGAn TOWN CE WHOLE, 1/212013, 51941480- 5400-5426, 1610DD, 11v2015, be subject to the judicial the s e of thB PDpBrty as AssoclAnoN, INC. Clure, 742 SR 95, Loudonville, A Gilaberf Caim, Calla Monte FILL . 483. 88,869.o4. $4.37. 51 941484-490, $1 ,983.35, fo&losu procedu on . pDvided in &ion 721.855, me inawer refa ad to as OH 2, 1/2 noating, Caoba 913, Ubanization Punuant to S ion 721.855, F b a g,16,2O18 8o.98; Ea c rchbeg and You have the right lo cu your norida Sl rtas. in which casa, W8 gat6.), has rded a B-1615 3&EVEN, 11v2013, Residancial Mome co Sur, Florida Slat es, wEsTGAn L 163081 Kallia M Kirchbag, 95B Pow detauW in tha manner e torfh a undenigned Tw ee 5hall: Claim ot Len in Me amounl 51g4 4i4-47g, $2,769.10, Lma 0003>, PERU, 1 2 #| TOWN cENnR OWNERS Rd, Fraeport, ME 04032, inthisnotic8atanyti Bb8to (1) p vide you wrth an ot (s88 Mibh A,wrfh 81.37; Ped J Rodriguez and Season-Float WaaklFloat Unit, AssoclAnoN, INC. 112 Fixed, 54 -5464, 201 the undenigned twst66's s 6 notic6 of the s e, intluding t8r8 aKwlng atM8 tat8 of Ya5min,lende, Hc-02 Box 4000-22D, 18/0DD, 11v2015, Br8inaW6r r6ta ad to a5 NoncE OF DEFAULT AND EvENS3 /v2o14, 51941484- otyourtim85ha int .ltyou tha date, tim6 and lotation 88 Exhibk A"T p8r day. and 11570, San Garman, PR 00683, 5200/1403-1408, 81,165.14, "W85tgat8,has rd6d a INTENT TO FORECLOSE 490,11.08, 81.N: And s do notobj6 loWeus6otth8 t; (2) Recod the notice & d6d ln .R. B k (? 1nFloating,a-1616,44nvEN, $0.57; Jaima L Hinson, 385 Claim ot Lan in the um wEsrGAn TOWN CENTER V ladolid, 2923 MS6eway, h 68 to&osu pm6du,ol s e in Me Public Records Exhlblt A latPag8(S88Exhlbk 1 v2014, 5194 474-479, John5on Mill Rd, O nQon, ot (s Mibk A"), wM nu: . r1 Olnay,MD 20832, 1,n- you will not b6 subje to a otOs laCouW.florida;and A,ot the Public R od5 t S2,673.22, 81.32: Raymond ME 04474, 1 #| Season-Float in 6 s accwing al e r e ot Punuant lo Se ion 721.855, Float W oat Un,5500- dafiGi8ncy judgment even rf (3)Publish aGopyofthanotit8 sc8ola Countyl fl ndal and H GaboriauW, 35 Dodge Rd, wB6wnoat Unk, 4000-58A, (Sea Ewhibh A per day, and norida Statut6s, wEsTGAn 5534, 25 H0U, 1M015, the proce s hom th6 sal6 otsa two(2)tin s,onceeach th8 und6nlgn6d Twst88 as Edgecomb, ME 04M6, 112 4000-58B, 49nvEN, 49 ord6d in O.R. 8ook (s TOWN cENnR OWNERS 51941484-490, a,341.o8, ot your timesha int6r85t w k, for two (2) 5ucG8Niv8 appoint6d byW6 gat8lh y Floating, B-1620, 4 EN, EVEN, 11v2016, 520011403- Exhib A ,alPaga(SeeM k AssoclAnoN, INC. S2.14; Hany R Murdock and are insumci6nt lo ot a the waaks, in an OK8ola Counly tormally notm8s (s88 M k 11v2014, 5194 474-479, 1408, $200.66, So.1o; John L .A.), ottha Public Records of ina ar r6l8r d to as R6n86 B Murdock, 11M9 amounts sacu d by the li . newspaper, pDvidad such a A )thatduato yourtailu t S2,673.22, $1.32; Johnni6 J Addison, 23 Maxeva Ln w8, OK6ola Coun . hond4 and Wastgate,has rded a s Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL By: GREENSPOON MARDER. n6wspap& axi s at lhe li pay the annu ment(s) A,d aand g6w, L d 6 110 G,aanv lla sc 2g611-3057, thB u,dan gn6d Tw as Cl m ot en in the unt 60643, 1n #| Saason-Float uP T . ot publishing. lf you f,to du6 on (s88 Exhibk .A and Lat6yLan8,FortWaWonB ach, LydiaRA dison,3TwinSprings appointadbyW gate,h by ot (s66 Exhibh "A,wrfh W86Mloat Unh, 5 5545, EXHIBrr A" - NoncE OF re M6 datau as sel torth,auaun nt(sT M&8aR&| fl32547,1l2 noaling,B-1702, Dr, G envilla, sc 29605, 1 #| fom notm6s Ts Exhibh inte&t atc inq atthe rate ot 46/EVEN, 11212016, 51941484- DEFnuLT nND INnNr TO in Mis no c6 or take othar you are cuBt in de uW 361MN, 1 12013. 5194J474- s6ason-no Waeklflo Unh, A atdu6to yourl lu to (s66 Exhibrf A perday, and 49o,$1,438.68,$0.71; Ruby R FORECLOU: appDpri e a ion wrfh gard ot your obligalion5 to pay 479, S2,769.1o, S1.37; Neil c 4000-61A, 4 61B, 4nvEN, pay the annual Nm8nt(sT &orded in O.R. Book (Sae Walkar,594C WMillRd, ken, Ow8 5yobl o s), fim ha to this lowP man you ass sm8nts du8 lo w8 gal8 Mann and Daw M Mann,336O 4nvEN$ 1212016, 5200 1403- due on (Sae Mibit A and Exhibrf A ,atPage(SeeExhibit sc 29801 Ron d J CI6v6land lnterest, BuildinglUnh, w risk losing ow&5hip ot your on th8 tollowing de?tnb6d R Fo t GI6n Driv6, Cha ton, 1408, 43.94, $0.27; Chad,ass8ssm6nt(s) h er, A"), of th6 Public R6cords ot and Catona s Clevdand, 155 D6 uW D a, BooklPage ot tim6rna int& through th6 prop6rty loGat8d ln Osc la sc29414,1/2noating,B-1814, F Sal5bu and BernadaWa you a cuBtly in d6tauW Osc la County, Florida, and Missy Ln, #kan, sc 29801, Recoded Len, Rnount, p t to losuP pDt8du Coun,Florid (Se8 Mlbh VEVEN, 1 v2014, 5194 474- L Salsbu,107 E Pea St, ot your oblig ions to pay the und8nign6d Tw5t88 a5 112 All season-no WeeN Diem u : tablished in Sertion 721 .855, A") fim8 Shar8 lnl8r8s!(s) 479, 82,673.22, S1.32; N85h8|| Savannah, MO 64485, 1,Nm6nts due to We gate appoint6d by w8stgat6, ha by Floal Unh, 5600-5647, 2& Ho Br t e. 8117 Neville Fbrida Stat es. You may 86 Exhlbk "A acco lng Diqgsand Lonzo CorkJr,7951 S8a5on-Float WeeWFloat UnW, on th6 tollowing dascribed al torm no fies ( ee Exhibit ODD, 112n015, 51941484-490, Pl, Ft Washington, MD 20744- thoo58 to 5ign and send to the Tim6sharing Plan tor s ampball,Ch cago,IL6O652, 4000-63A, 4000-63B, 2310DD, p pe y locatad in Osceola A th du6to yourt luPto 82,444.72, S1.21; S V OR 4761, T 6sa S Cabot e tha und8nign6d t ee an th6 W8stgata Town C8nt&| 112 Floating, 8-1822, VEVEN, 23 0DD, 11v2013, 520011403- Coun,Florida: (s Exhibit pay th6 annual au ent(s) AKardi, 1507 9th St t, t 5723 Glen Ave, Lanham, MD obj6 ion torm, exawising your r6tord8dinth8 OMci Records 1n12013, 51 941474479, 1408, 83.745.82, $1.85; Eddie A Tlme Sha lme st(s) du6 on (s Exhibrf A and Babylon, NY 11704, Tlna Marie 20706, 112 Fixed Wa8Mix6d rightto obj8 toth6 use olthe Book 1564| at Page 1479| ot S2,769.1O,S1.37. D B 6Won, 482 Hom Lane, (S Mibk A.) actording,ment(s) the a er, Actaldi, 623 Sunrise HWY, ` Unit, 5100-5117, 4&EVEN, h 86 to closure pDcadura. the Public R6tods ofOsc6ola F g.16, 18 SouthPi sbug,TN3738O,1#| to lha fin 5haring Plan tor you al cu ant in delault West Babylon, NY 11704- 1/v2013, 52 11409-1414, Upon lhe undersigned tw 88'5 Coun,Florida (the Plan"). L 163062 Saason-Float Weeklflo Unh, the gat6 Tow Cent6r, ot your obligations to pay 6051. 112,Season-Float 83,7o1.o8, 81.83; Wallace c teiptolyoursignedobja ion Tog8th6r wM the right to 4000-65A, 4000 5B, 4000- &ordedintheOMcialRecords aM8ssm6nts du6 to Wa gate W68klFloat Unit, 6 14C, Gray,V and Angelina S Gray, torm, the to closure ot tha otcupy, punuant lo the Plan, 65c, 4000-65D, 43 H0U, 8ook 1564, Page 1479, ot on tha following dascribed real 3010DD, 1T2/2015, 51941484- 66 Ma in Ave, Hempstead, lien wrfh resp lo e d6fauW Unk(s) (s86 Mibh A,during NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 43 H0LE, 43 H0U, 431 th6 Public Records otOweola properfy locat6d in Osceola 490, $2,015.76, 8o.99; DanielJ NY 11550, 2 no ing, B-1215, specified in this notice shall Unh W6ah(s) (S6e Exhibk A,INTENT TO FORECLOSE WHOLE; 520011403-1408, County, Florida (Me Plan . Coun Florida: (s68 Exhibit Gariti and Kathlaen Garrfi, 7701 B-1217. 4 H0U, 4 H0LE, be subjert to We judicial during ANi9n8d Yea s)| (s88 WUTGhTE TOWN CENTER 86,5o5.84, 83.21: lmran T. Togath& wrfh tha right to A") lm6 Shara lnta st(s) w Hortense,Chicago,IL6O631, 1l2l2o13, 520011409-1414, fo&lo5u p duR on i hibrf A . 77 Westgate nu: . g Rais and Tazeen man, 26869 oGcupy, punuant to lha Plan, (Saa Exhibrf '.A ) according 2,Season-Float WaaMloat $8,947.04, $4.41: Rich6|I8 C You have the right to cure yo lvd Kiuimm86, FL 34747. Punuant to &ion 721.855, MonarGh Manor Ln, Kingwood, Unit(s) (Saa Exhibit A,during to tha Timasharing Plan for Unk, 6000-41A, 60 -41B, 47/ Mc Cray, 2605 29th St Ensley, datauW in tha mannar set torth Buildi me in wfime Sha Florida Stat es, WESTGATE TX 77339, 112 Floating, 4000- Unk Waek(sl (s68 Exhibh A,the Westg e Town Center, WHOLE, 47 H0LE, 11v2013, Birmingham, AL 35208, 1n #| in this nolic6 at any time befo Plan roP& ) Addr6ss"l. As TOWN CENTER OWNERS 77, 231EVEN, 1/u2013, during Assigned Yea s), (See r ordedinthe omcial Records 5194 484-490, $6,580.80, S8a5on-flo wee no Unk, tha undanignad t ee's sale a sult of tha afo m6ntion8d AssoclAnoN INC. 520011403-1408, $2,286.02, Exhibh A . 7700 W gate Book 1564, at Page 1479, ot $3.25; Mihe J Lorio and Toni B-1307, 41nvEN, 1TV2014. otyourtim6shar8int8 .ltyou d8lauN,W6 gat6 h6r8by el8ct m8r6inaW8r t& d lo as $1.13; Mamie Lee Schine and Bhd KiNimm,FL 34747, the Public Records ot OKaola G Lorio, 7714 Ba ng&, Baton 520011409-1414, $2 673.22, do notobjerflothe use otthe to sell tha p party punu WBstgat8"), has r8cord6d a Robe s khine aka Rob Building me in Tl Sha Coun,Florida (the an"). Rouge, LA7O817, 1 #| Saason- $1.32; norian o Puwarin, 312 t ea fo closu pDcedur8, to S8 lon 721.855, n nda Cl m ot LBn in the unt s Schin6 Sr, 6321 Longfellow Plan pD Add M"). As Tog6h& whh th6 right to hoat Wa6Mloat Unh, - Napl6s Ava s Unit B, Lehigh you will not be subj t to a Stat 6s. Plaasa ba advlsed ot (s Exhibh A,whh St, Riverdala, MD 20737, 1 a suW ot the ato a nad octupy. punuant to the Plan, 65A, 6000-65B, 17nvEN, 171 Acras, FL33974-2696, Simona defitiency judgment avan it tha? ln h8 8v8 that y ur int acc ing tha rate ot,Season-Float Weehlfloat d8 uW,W tg 6h&8by8|8cls Unk(sl[S Exhibit A ),dunng EVENB2 12n013, 51941484- M Purcann, 2809 5&h Meet th6 pm68ds hom the sale obllg lonlsnotbDughtcun8nt (See Exhibk A per day, and Unit, 5900-505A, 17 H0U, to sBl the PD punuan Unk Week(s) (See Exhibk A"), 490, .;V rie H Wast, Leh hAc s, FL33971, ot your tin&hare inteBt flncluding the payem ol any,o Bd n O.R. Book (SB6 112n016, 520011403-1408, to Sac on 721.855, florida during AMign8d Yea s), (See Marfin and D6smond L Poyser, 112 Floa ng, B-1410, 2& e insuMcient to o set me t66s incur d b? W tgat6 in Exhibrf A,Paga(SaeExhibh 82,398.4o, $1.18; Gwendo n Statutas. Pl be advi d Exhibh A . 7700 Westgate 279 NORTH BROADWAY EVEN, 11V2014, 5200114 - amounts secu d by We lien. comm8ntlng. thls ro&losur8 A,ot the Public R od5 ot Mc Keown and Karen E that in e event that your Bhd Ki5simm88, FL 34747, 8L Yonkan, NY 10701, 1414, 82,673.22, $1.32: Cr g By: GREENSPOON MARDER, proc8N) whhln lhlrty (3 ) OK8ola Coun,norida, and Mt Keown, 216 Cempbell obligation is not bDught cur nt Building me in "fime Share 1,Season-Float w68 R Fom 4642 Ridge Point UP,T 5ta8. dab5 hom th6 fim date ot th6 und8nign6d T stae as Ava, R6dlands, CA 92373, [lncluding the payant ot any Plan (Proparfy) Addr8N"l. As Float Unit, 6100-31A, 6100- Courf, Jack5onvill8, fl 32257, NIBrr A" - NoncE OF pu liGationl th6 undenig pointad byWe ate, h y 4 Floating, 6000-12A, 6000- fees incu 6d by W6 gal8 in a I85ult ot the ato m8ntion6d 31B, 32nvEN, 3VNEN, 1n Floating. B-1422, 40 DEFAULT AND INnNT TO T st86 shall p e,as notmes ( aa Exhibit 12B, 6000-12c, 6000-12D, commencing this to&losu datauw,weslgata h6r8byel8rfs 1/2/2o16, 51941484-490, MN, 11v2014. 5200114 - FORECLOSL the sale of the p dueto yourt lu lo 271WH0LE, 27 H0U, 271 prot s) wrfhin Mir (30) to sell tha lop8rty puNuant $1,215.68, $0.60: axand 1414, $2,673.22, 81.32; Devka own6 Vobligo 5). fimesha p ?id8d in S ion ?21.855| pay the annual ass6Nm8nt(s) WHOLE, 27 H0LE, 1 v2016, days hom the fir d e ot to Se ion 721.855, Florida Obiri Yeboah and Kate Owen M Robe s, 33 Au in Ln, lm,BuildingWn,week, Fl nda Sta!ut8sl ln whlch case dua on (Sae Exhibh A' and 520011 403-1408, $2,01 3.02, publication, the undanigned Stat 6s. Plaase ba advisad Laya, 101 Bulwar Road, Nashville, TN 37207, 112 DetauW Date. BooWPage ot th8 und8r5lgn6d Twst88 shall: all aN8Mm8nt(5) the a er, $0.99; Cha es A Bu oughs T ee shall prot d whh that in the avant that your London E111BU, uNlnD Floating, B-1510, VEVEN, Reto ed Lan, Amount, Per (1l Pr vid6 y u with wrm6n you ara cunant in datauW and Shi ey J Bunouqhs, 928 the sale ot the Propa y as oblig ion is not bDught tunant KINGDOM, 2 #| Saason-Float 1121201 4, 520011 409-1 414, Di6m Amount: notice ot tha sale, including ot your obl gations to pay ZBb Ln, G anv lla, N 27834, prov d6d n & on 721.855, [lncluding the paynant of any WeeklFloat Unit, 61 -41 $2,673.22, 81.32: Wllson LyneWe Quinones and Sultana th8 dat8| tim8 and,cat n aN8ssm8 s due to Westgate 1,Saason-Float Wee float FloridaSt es,inwhich,fees incunad by We gate in 6100-41B, 13 H0LE, 13 Ntihinyuka, 68707 66 Ave, Rosario, 1741 Pilgrim Ava. th8t8of; (2) R8cord th8 n tlc8 on the tollowing d6scrib8d rea Unit, 6100-12A, 610 12B, the undenigned Tw ee sh |: commencing this toreclosure WHOLE, 112/2016, 51941484- Wate liat. Ml 49098, 112 #| 3H, 8ronx, NY 10461, 112 ot sal8 in lh8 Public R8co property located in OK la 13 EN. 13nvEN, 11v2014, (1) Provida you wkh wriW6n proc6M) wrfhin thirty (30) 490, $2,467.40, 81.22: Joshua Season-Float Wee flo Unrf, #| S6ason-Float WeeMloat of Osceola CouW, Florida; CouW, Florida: (See Exhibk 52 1403-1408, $2,126.81,notit6 ot the s e, including days hom the fint date of D Grill, 89 INDIANWOOD B-1515, 291EVEN, 11v2014, Unrf. 4000-1 8c. 3&NEN, (3) Publish a t py t lh8 n tic8 A Tlme Share lnteBt(s) 81.O5;Howald Cosier. 4680 the date, ti and loc ion publication, the und6nign8d DRIVE, Moganville, NJ 07751, 5200/1 4o9-141 4, $2,673.22, 11v201 4, 520011 41 5-1 420, ot s a two (2) timesl once each (Sea Exhibh A accoding Monticello Ave Sta 18|. the ol: (2) R od the notice Twstee shall pDcaad with 112 Fixed, B-1502, 52nvEN, 81.32; Phoebe gozi and $1,611.74, $0.79; Mark E Smkh w68kl tor lwo (2l succ8Nive to lh6 Tlm haring Plan tor Wllliamsbug, VA 23188, 112 of sala in the Publit Recods the sale ot the Proparty as 1 12/201 6, 51 941484-490. Vlvienne Wgozi, 10 Pendle and Karen J Mc Daniel. 8700 w88ksl ln an K8 la C un the W8stgat6 Town Center, Value Season-Float Week ot O5c80la County, Florida; and provided in Section 721.855. $1,215.68, $0.60; B an M Cr8sc6nt, NoWingham NGNU, F nt Beach Rd Unrf 7309, nawspaparl p vlded suth a recorded in the omcial Recods noat Unit, B-1300, 4&EVEN, (3l Publish a copy ot the notice Florida Statutas, in which case, Wilmo h and Kally R Wilmouth, uNlnD KINGDOM Pamela Panama C Beach, FL 32407, n6wspap6r. 6xlsts lhe .tlme Book 1564, al Page 1479, or 1/U201 4, 520011 403-1 408, ot sale two (2) limes, once aach the undenigned T ee shall: 3198 Lansebleu Rd, Vllle PlaWe. Zawedde, Fl 2 Dawes Cou,112,Saason-Float WeeW t publlshlnq. lt y u tall t the Public R8cod5 ot Osceola 82,673.22, $1.32; Eduardo G weeh, for two (2) succ8Nive (1) PDvid6 you with wrmen LA 70586. 112 #| Saason-Float Cumb6 and Place, Bri ol noat Unk, 4000-26, 40/0DD, ?ur8 . h8 d6ault as s8t t h County, Florida (lhe Plan"). Azevedo, Rua Urimonduba, 1 1 1 waeks, in an Oscaola County notice ot the sale, including Wee Float Unk, B-1517, 171 R58 4u, uNlnD WNGDOM, 11v201 3, 520011 41 5-1 420, ln thls .notlc8 .or take othar Together wrfh the right to Apto 81 04530-080, BRAZIL, 2 newspaper, p vided such a the date, time and location ODD, 1/v2015. 51941484-490, 112 All Season-Float Weekl $3,357.88, $1.66: LoPnzo appDprlat8 artlon wlth Pgad occupy, punuant to the Plan, Floatinq, B-1312, B-1314, 381 nawspaper exi s at the time lh6 of: (2) Record tha notice $2,430.28, $1 .20. Float Unk, B-1610, VEVEN, J Lozano and Elizabeth p to thl5 ?or8closur8 ma 8rl you Un (s) (Saa Exhibh A"), during WHOL,381WH0LE, 11v2016, ot publishinq. lt you f,to or s e in the Publit Racords Feb ary g, 1&, 018 1 /v2o1 4, 520011409-1414, Pequano, 1956 Westview Dr, nsk loslng. wn6nhlP f y ur Unk eh(s) (Sea Exhibil A"), 520011 403-1 408, $3,265.26, cu the deauW as set fo h ot Osceola Coun,Florida; and L 163086 $2,673.22, 81.32; Hadat Abil8n6, N 79603, 1/2 All tlm8sha lnt8 through the during signed Yea s), (See 81.61; Kekh L Robinson and in this notice or take oth6r (3) Publish a copy ot the notiG8 Saaba an and Davi Ramotar, saason-noat WaaMloat Unit, t staa tor,suR pr Gadure Exhibk .A"l. 7700 Wes gate Diane RUN8||, 1552 Norfolk appropri e artion whh gard ofs etwo(2)times, onceeach 173 Came n Cr6scenl, Pointe 4000-32D, 481EVEN, 1/2/2016, e ablish6d ln S6ctlon 721 .855, Blvd Mimm88, FL 34747, Ave, Westchest&, IL 60154, o his to closu man&, you week, tor two (2) 5ucc8ssiv8 NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Claira, QC H8R5H3, CANADA, 520011 41 5-1 420, 81 ,023.20, Florida Stat?tas. Y u may Building &ein Tln Share 112 Floating, 8-1803, 5010DD, risk losing ow&ship ot your weeks, in an O5t80la County INnNT TO FORECLOSE 1/2 All S6ason-Float Week/ 8o.5o: Maria G Ga a and choos8 to ?lgn and s8nd to Plan (P ) Address"). As 1lv2o13, 520011403-1408, limesha int thDugh the newspaper, provided such a WESTGATE TOWN CENTER Float Unk, B-1616, 4VEVEN, Marfin Ga a, 1501 Finch Ln, the ?nd6nlgn6d ?t6e an a resuW ottha ator&n6ntion6d 83,41O.26,$1.68. tw lo closura pDt8du nawspaper exi s at th6 lime FIU: . TT 112 014, 5200 1 409-1414. Edinbug, M 78541. 1n,bl8,n ! rm. 8xarcl lng y ur datauW, W8 ga 6 h6 by elerts F b ary g, 16, 18 established in SB ion 721 .855. ot publishinq. lt you tail to Pu uant to S6ction 721.855, $2,673.22, $1.32; Paul c Season-Float WeeMloat Unh, nght to bl8rt to th8 us8 t th8 to sell hB Prop6rty punuanl L 163080 Florida Stat 85. You may ture the da ault as s& torth Florida Stat as, wEsTGAn Tyson and Vanessa A Ty5on. 4000-36, 3nvEN, 1/V2016, wst86 t Bl s? pr c8dur . lo Se ion 721.855. Flonda thoos6 to sign and s6nd to in this notice or take other TOWN CENTER OWNERS 88 Chu hill Ave Aylesbu 520011415-1420, $1 ,023.20, UP n th8 und8r?lgn8d hst s StatL 8s. Please be advis6d the und6nign8d t st68 an app priate arfion with regard ASSOCIATION, INC. HP21 8ER, uNlnD WNGDOM, $0.50: Lau s Miko, 17 s 2nd r8celpt ot your slgn8d obl8 lon that in tha 8vBnt that your IN THE L`IRCUIT objettion torm, 8x8rGising our to this toreclosu maWer, you (he inaWer Rt8 d to as 1 2 floa ing, B-1617, 281 Ave, Dover, NJ 07803-2931, 2 t rml .th8 t r8tl ulB t th8 obligalion is not bDught cu ent COURT OF THE right to objert to the use o he risk losing ownanhip ot your '.Wastgata ), has &orded a MN, 1/v2014, 520011409-,S6ason-Flo WaeMloat ll8n wkh r8sparf to tha data [lntluding the paymant ot any NINTH JUDICIAL tru e6 lor6closu pDt8du . timeshate inte st th ugh the Cl m ot Len in the unt 1414, S2,673.22, 81.32; Lee Unrf, 4 0-54A, 4 o-54B, 91 sp8tlfi ln thl5 n tlc8 ?h fe85 incunad by Westgata in CIRCUIT OF Upon tha und&signed t aa.s t ee to closu proc6dura of (See Mibrf A,wkh Ha and Lnh Tran Ha, 1100 WHOU, 9 H0LE, 11212016, b8 subl8rt to th8 ludltlal comn nting thi5 fo&losure FLORIDA, IN AND ipt ot your 5ign8d objertion e ablished in Sartion 721.855, int accwing the rat6 ol Dream Cre Rd, MissiMauga, 520011415-1420, 82,382.94, for8closur8 procadur6 only. pmawT Whin thi y (30T FOR OSCEOLA form. the to&lo5u ot the florida Statrtes. You may (See Mibk A") p6r day, and ON UV1N6, CANADA, 112 $1.18; Willie J Douglas, 14 You ha?8th8nghttocur8your days hom the fim dat6 of couw lien w h p toth6 dafauw thoose lo sign and send to recoded in O.R. Book (See Floating, B-1620, 34nvEN. Acom Avenue, Farmingvill6, d8ta?lt ln.the mannar sat t rth publication, th6 und8l gn8d VIL DIVISION sp6cifi8d in thi5 notica sh,the undenigned t st an Exhibk A,Page (See Exhibk 1/2/201 4, 520011409-1414, NY 11738, Daw Douglas, ln thls n tl?8 at any tlma b6f ra T 86 shall pmeed wkh Case No.: 2017 CA ba subja to the judici objertion form, exa ising our A,ot the Public R o s of $2,673.22, $1.32; momas 5 an St Unrf 5 Holbrook, th8 und8 lgn8d ?w 's s 8 the s e ot th6 PDp8r as 002938 MF fo&losu pDc8du only. rightto obj8 toth6 UE6 o lhe Osceola Coun,florida, and E Trimbur, 4200 Mkchell St NY 11741-1106, 112,ot yourtlm8shar8 lnt8r6st. lfyou p vided in &ion 721.855, STATE FARM BANK, F.S.B. You havatha right to cu your w ee to closu pDcadu . the undenignad T ee as Ap 2008, Philadalphia, PA Saason-Float Mloat Unk, do not oblact to tha us6 ofthe Florida Stat es, in which,Plaimm, de uW in the mann& set torm Upon he undanignad twrf86's appointed by Westga e, he by 19128-3541, Lauri6 B Trimbur, 4 62A, 1lODO, 1m2o15, t stee to tlosu p c8du,lhe undenignad Twrt66 sh l: vs. inthis notic6 atanytim6 beto c6iptotyoursign8d objartion tormal notifies (See Exhibk 40 N Washington Avenue, 520011 41 5-1420, $1 ,820.78, you will not b8 subl8 to ) Provide you whh wrman JOREL ANDRE, BERTHA the undenigned twstaa's sala torm, the foreclosu ot the wA") that due to your tailure to Bala Cywyd, PA 19O04, 1 2 $0.90; Guillermo Cabrejo d8fiti8nty judgment even . otice ot 6 sale, including ANDRE, 6 al. ot yourtimesha int8r6st. lt you lien w h respa to the derault pay the annual aN8 5ment(s) Floating, B-1802, 4nvEN, Teran and Delicia Munoz De th8 p c8 s hom th.6 s 6 lhe d e, ti and location Defendants. do not objert to the usa ot the specified in this notite 5hall dua on (See Ewhibit A and 11v201 4, 52 114 -1414. Cab jo, 14 Da Mayo 50 3Er f ? ur ?lmasha lnte hereor, (2) Record the notica NOTICE OF ACTION t ee fo closu pDcadur8, be subjerf to the judicial all ass8Nm8nt(s) thereaWar, &2.673.22, 81.32; Raynond Barrio, Luque, PARAGUAY, 2 are lnsuMcl8nt t Ws6t .the ot s e in the Public R8colds TO: JOREL ANDRE you will not b6 subject to a toreclosura procadura only. you are curRntly in datauW R G the Jr and Calhy,Season-float W68Mloat amounts s8curad by th8 |I8n. of Osceola County, Florida; and CURRENT RESIDENCE deficiency judgment even rf You havetha rightto cura our of your obligations to pay Ann Lavoie, Po Box 274, F,Unh, 4 0-78 4000-78B, 2/ By: GREENSp N MARDERl (3)Publish a copy ofthe notita UNKNOWN the pDc88ds hom the sale d6tauW in th6 mannar sat o h ass8Nm8nts due to Wastg e River, MA 02724, 1 2 flo ing, WHOU, 2/WH0LE, 11v2015, LL,T stee. ot s etwo (2) imas, onte each LAST KNOWN ADDRESS ot your timeshare int&e in this notica any time batore on the following dascribad B-1814, 4nvEN, 11v2014, 520011415-1420, 83,735.64, HIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF waak, tor two (2) suK8ssiv8 50 NW 124TH ST are insumcient to oW58t tha the undenigned huslee's s e pDp8rfy lotated in Oscaola 520011409-1414, $2,673.22, $1.84; P6dro J Diaz Landa and DEFAULT AND INTWT TO weeks, in an Ostaola Coun NORTH MIAMl,FL33168 amounts secuPd by the lien. ofyourti shareime st.lfyou County, Florida: (See Exhibrf $1.32; Carol Neeley, 989 Yasmin E Famandez, Calle FOREGLOSE: .newspap&. p vided suGh a sHERYLFERNANDuncMAN By: GREENSPOON MARDER, do notobj8rttolh6 usa orlha A Tl Share lnt8r6 (s) CommonweaWh Ava, Boston, Donatello, Panama, PANAMA, wn6 s)/ b!ig s,?imasha newspaper exists at tha tim6 CURRENT RESIDENCE u,Twstee. twstee to closu procedure, (See Exhibk A") accoding MA 02215, 1/2,Saason-Flo 2,Season-Float WeeklFloat lnte stl Bulldln nhl w88hl of publirninq. lt you tail to UNKNOWN WHIBrr A" - NoncE OF you will not be subjerf to a to the Tlmesharing Plan tor WeeMloat Unil, B-1815, 3& Unk. 5800-55A, 5800-55B, 381 DetauW Dal8| Book Pag6 ot cu Me daauW a5 set lorth LAST KNOWN ADDRESS DEFAULT AND INTENT TO deficiancy judgment 8v6n il tha We gate Town C8nt6r, EVEN, 11v2014, 520011409- WHOU,38 HOU,1l2l2O13, Recorded Lanl #nountl P8r in this notita or take othar 50NW124THST FORECLOSE: lhe proceeds hom the sale recordedintheOMcialRecords 1414, 82,673.22, 81.32; William 520 1415-1420. 87,1 18.76, Diem Amount a B and Ra, pDprial8 action wrfh regard NORTH MIAMl, FL 33168 Own6 sllObligo s), Tlm6sh ot your t neshare int8 5t Book 1564, at Page 1479, of Aponte and Awilda Martal 83.51; Elsa Gonzalaz. 7935 Claude e G this toretlosura ma er, you You a notifiad lh an a ion lnt&a,BuildingNnrf, W86k, ara insu cient to oWset the tha Public Racords ot Osceola Aponta, 65 Lexington Ave, Pipen C ak Sl Apt 211, GuerRrol 1 3326 Copus Christil risk losing ownenhip ot your to to close a morfgage on the De uN Dat6, BooklPage ot amounts secured by tha lien. County, Florida (tha Plan ). No alk, CT 06854, 112 V ue San Antonio, M 78251, 1 Houstonl M 77 15| 112 All timeshare intere through the tollowing property in Osceola Recorded Len, Amount, Per By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Together wkh tha right to season-noat W86Mloat Unk, #| S n-Float w6aklnoat Seas n-Fl at W88Ml Unrfl t stee fo losure procadure Counly, Florida: Diem Amount: U,T stee. occupy, punuant to th6 Plan, B-1821, 20nvEN, 11v2014, Unh, 590 410D, 27 H0U, 4000-85D, 30nvEN, 11v2013, established in &ion 721.855, LOT 7, BLOCK 1544, Ali BaNim8 and Saadia WHIBlr wA" - NOTICE OF Unit(s) (s Exhibk A"), during 520011 409-141 4, 82,673.22, 11v201 5, 520011 41 5-1420, 51941474479, $2,286.02, Florida StaM6s. You may POINCIANA, NEIGHBOR- Nahome, Po Box 1 663, DEFAULT AND INTENr TO Unit Week(s) (See Ewhibit A"), $1 .32. $3,100.02, $1.53; Loy L Grant, $1.13: Nao Ph8ng Yang and choose to sign and send to HOOD 2, VILLAGE 1, AC- Tahlaquah, OK 74465, 1 V ue FORECLOSE: during AMign8d Yea sl, (Sea Feb ary 8, 1&, 18 9564 NW 52nd Manor, Sunrise, M88 v Yangl. E4737 395th the undersigned twst6a an CORDING TO THE PLAT Saason-float WeeMloat Own8 5VObligor(s), Timasha Exhibh A"). 7700 We gate L 163085 FL N351, 1 All Season-Float Av8| M8n m nl8| wl 54751| 1 objection form, awercising your THEREOF AS RECORDED Unh, 400 28c, 40 -28D, lnte st, BuildingWnrf, Week, Blvd Nim,FL 34747, WeaMloat Unit, 6000-33A, Valu8 S8ason-Float W88Mloat rightto objertto tha us6 oflhe IN PLAT 800K 3, AT 4, 4nvEN, MN, 1/v2014, DetauW Date, BooklPage ot Building erein Tlme Sha 6000-33B, 48/MN, 481EVEN, Unkl 55 -5543| 36 H LEl t stee toreclosure pDc8du . PAGES 17-31, PUBLIC 5194 483, S2,649.25, R old8d Len, Amounl, Per Plan pDperty) Add N"l. As NOTICE OF DEFAULr AND 11v2014, 520011415-1420, 1/2/2013, 51941474-4?9| Upon the und8nign6d twstee's RECORDS OF OSCEOLA $1.31; Club Selert Resorfs, Diem Amounl: a suW ot the ator&n6ntion6d INTENT TO FORECLOSE $2,593.22, $1.28; Conrad A $8,171.28! $4. 3 F d8nch &eipt of your signad objaction COUN FLORIDA. 10923 S ate Highway 176, Yvonna M Tum 115 E Vlginia detauW, W85tg 8 he by & s wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR HamiWon, 507 Sandra w,D TaWlah and A 8W8 A c torm, e foreclosu ot tha commonW ownas163ANZIO Walnl Shade, MO 65771, 1 Ave,Hampton,VA23663-1619, to sell the PDpe y punuant nLE: . T6 MonDe, GA 3 56, 4 II aWiah, 17766 hmont lian w &parttotha dalauW DR,KISSIMMEE,FL34758has,Season-Float weekmoat Rosalind B ord, 115 EVlginia to Sertion 721.855, Florida Punuant to S6 ion 721.855, Season-Float weewnoat Unk, T8 ac8. Ga h bug. MD sp med in thi notice shall been filed againstyou and you Unk, 4 28C, 40 -28D, Ave, Hampton, VA 23663- Stat es. Please bB advis6d Florida Sl es, WESTGATE 610 42 6100-42B, 6100- 2 877| 1 noatlngl 56 ba subje to tha judicial are required lo se e a copy 4810DD, 4&0DD, 11V2015, 1619, 1 Value Saason-Float that in the evant that your TOWN cENnR OWNERS 42c, 6100-42D, 13 H0U, 5654. 43 H Ul 11212 13| tor losure pmedura only. of your wrm6n detenses, rf 5194J480-483, 82.469.86, Weeh/Float Unrt, 4000-22c, obligation is not brought cu ent AssoclAnoN, INC. 131WH0U, 13 H0U, 131 51941474479, $5|696.28| You have the righl to cu your any, to it on Jennrfer M. Sco $1.22; fim6sha Trade lns, 4 22D, 1nvEN, 1/EVEN, (including the payent ot any eRinaWer t to as WHOU, 11v2016, 520011415- $2.81 Jacq.uelin6 M Nlch I5| datauW in the manner set fo h ot KaN Shular, P.A plaintiW's uc, 10923 Stata Hwy 176, 1/21201 6, 51 94/484-490, teas incunad by W6 gat8 in Westg a"), has recorded a 1420, $3,265.26, $1 .61; Yvene 566 S Man St Apt D2 2| in this notice at any time bato aWorney, whose add ss is Walnut Shade, MO 65771, 1 81,215.68, $0.60; Cha es E comn ncing lhis toreclosu Cl m ot Len in the anount A W laca and Jacqueline C Cantral ?qua,NY 13 36| the undenigned twst68's sale P.o. Box 800, Tampa, Florida Fixed WeeMixed Unit, 5200- Math6ws and CaDl J Mathews, p ceu) within thirty (30) ol TSee Ewhibrf A"), with W lace, 8 Pleasant Hill Lane, 1/2 Fl atlngl 57 -5734| 2 1 ot your timeshare inte st. lf you 33601, (813l 229-0900, on or 5212, 491WH0LE, 41v2017, 1 17 Ha horn Lana, Centralia, daSs hom the fint dale of imere accwing at the rate ot Fort Lauderd 6, FL 33319, 1 EVENl 112/2 13| 5194 474- do not objert to tha use ot the beto March 13, 2016, (or 51 94/48 483, $2,531 .26, WA 98531,112,Season-float pu lication, the undenigned (See Exhibk A per day, and,season-noat WeehlFloat 479| $2!286. 2| 81.13: J s8ph twstee toreclosura g cadu,30 days IDm the fi t date 81.25: Je n E Patron and W68klFloatUnrf,4OOO-32C,42l T 66 sh l p ceed whh recordad in O.R. Book (See Unk, 6100-67c, 6100-67D, A Texelral 6 9 s h Chas you will not be su ject to a ot publication. whithaver is Richae T Branth, 6819 Mason ODD, 1 u2015, 51941484-490, th6 s a ot the PD as Exhibit A"), at gqa (Saa Exhibh 37nvEN, 3TnvEN, 11v2016, St, Wlchka, KS 67213, deficiency judgment evan it latarl and file th6 origin with Run Dnve, Rithmond, VA $1 ,991 .68, So.98; Jo& Acevedo pDvid6d in Se ion 721.855, A"), ot tha p llc Racords ot 5200/1415-1420, $1 ,240.64, Fl atingl 6 -54Al 6 -548| lhe pmeeds t m the sal6 th6 CI6rk ot this Cou ahh6r 23234, 1,season-noat and Rosa Pabon. 352 Avenida Florida Stat es, in which tase, Osceola Coun,Florida, and 8o.61; u Adoghe and Doris 33/ DDl 331 DDl 1/2/2 13| of your timeshar6 inte betora s6 ice on the Plaimiw's WeaMloat Unrf, 540 San Claudio Pmb 243, San the undenigned T 5t86 sh |: tha undenigned T stea as Adoghe, camon Gata E ata, 94/474-47g, 83,985.82| a insumtient to o set tha a omey or immediate 5464, 31 H0U, 11v2016, Juan, PR 926, 1 Floating, (1) Provide you wkh wrmen appoint8d by We g e, hereby Lekh, NIGERl 2 All S8a5on- .97: me Robart L Womach unts Bu d by the lien. therea er, othe ise, a default 51941,81 ,170.00. 4000-45A, 4000-45B, 24 EN, notic6 ot th6 sale, including formally notifias TSee Exhibk Float WeeklFloat Unit, B-1115, And Gabriele Womatk Lving By: GREENSPOON MARDER, will be enle d ag nst you 8o.58; fim haP T da lns, 24nvEN, 11212016, 51941484- the date, time and location '.A' lhat due to your tailu to B-1117, 37 H0U, 37/ Tw?t. and Gabn8|8 mat LL,Twstee. tor the Rliet d6manded in lha UC, 1O923 W. St Hwy 176, 490, S1,215.68. $0.60; Joshua theraof; (2) Record the nolice pay the annu aN8um8nt(s) WHOU, 11212016, 5200 1415- lndlvldual and as T and HIBIT A" - NoncE OF Complaint. W n Shade, MO 65771, 1 Bum6W and Sonia BumeW, ot sale in the Public Recods due on (See Exhibk A") and 1420, S3,o57.76. $1.51; Ma Rob8rf L W mackl lndlvldu DEFAULT AND INTENT TO lf you are a penon with a Flo ing, 5800-41A, 580 41B, 8413 13M Ave Lower Level, ot O5c80la Coun,Florida; and ,aN ent(s) th Wer, LawimoP, 2930 Yo St, and as Twstee and Sasha A. FORECLOSE: disability who naeds any 3510DD, 3510DD, 41212015, BDoklyn, NY 11228, 1/2 All (3) Publish a copy ot lhe notice you are cunantly in defauW Philadelphia, PA 19132, J6 my mackl 119 3 Crab Appl8 Owne sVObligorTs), fimeshare atcommodation in oder to 51 94/480-483, $2,433.59, Season-Float WeeMloat Unil, ot sala two (2l times, once each ot your obligations to pay LawimoR, 1504 w Segaant St,CypreN, TX 77429, 1 lnleP5t, Bu ldingWnk, We6k, parficipata n th s procaading, $1.20; Mario c Reyes and 4000-79, 31EVEN, 1/212013, waak, for two (2) successive aMeNments due to Westgate Philadelphia, PA 19132-3923, Floatingl B-11 7| 8-1 1 8| DefauW Date, Boo Paga ot you are antitled, at no cost to Lau ncita p Reyes, 420 51 941484-490, $2,286.02, w68hs, in an Osceola Coun on Me following described real 112 All Season-Float W86Mloat 34/0DD, 34/ DDl 11212 13| Recoded Lien. Amount, Par you, to th6 provision of c6rtain WildDse Ave, Beganfiald, $1.13; Wilder Bra