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Fern Park , Florida
February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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PAGE 22B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISN NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 201a 26 WHOU, 5200 1587-1592, 1037 Furth Rd V ley W am, W xed Un . EE-11, and Maria Pazo5 Calle 32A Rd NW Palm Bay, fl 32907, toBlow p tedu only. county,norid4and(3)Publish h y lo notmas you S6,37o.3o, 81.9a; 490226- NY 11581, 1 F ed 6hl 21 WHOU, 52 1691-696, 104 X3D Colonia P8nsion6s 1 Fixed, L-04, 30 WHOU, You hav6 th6 right to curB our a copy ottha notiG8 ofs e two th you hav6 d6tauW6d und6r 1510098330 Eme F S3per F ad Unh. |-12, 17 WHOU, S5,o25.25, S1.62; a M ICO, 1 Fix6d kl 52 1593-1597. $4,940 de uW inthe mannerset orth (2)times, once ead w k, tor th6 Nol6 and Mortgaga by 1360 LaxinQon Ava orfh 51871234a-2351, $6,371.08, 90021934 F nk H Barton Fixad Unrf, c-12, 43 WHOU, $1.62; 1228024-9017727 inthisnotiG8atanyti b8to two (2) 5ucc 5iv8 w,in t ling to make 18 payant Tonawanda, NY 14120, 1 $1.98; 510031-7012371320 and Carol A Barton 19747 520011M&1563, $4,892.17, Si Dn Awlmerand Samantha th6 undenigned twstee's sala an OsteolaCountynewspap&. due on (Se6 Exhibk A and Fixad W68 x6d Un,H-08, Ch6,Ambaliotis 29 Bay e Sla 6 Rort6 92 Susquahann4 81.62; 4963595-7022979410 J Wimer 1 Johns T6 at8 otyourtim6sha in t.ltyou pDvidad wch a newspaper,subs6qu8m pay6nts. You N WHOU, 52 1587-1592, Blvd Paabody, MA 01960 PA 18847, 112 Flxad Weahl David LM 233 North East B okW tGtB eld,CM7 donotobi8rttoth6us8otth8 6xistsa th8tim80fpubli5hing. cunent owa W tgate tha S5,348.11, S1.73; 491325- Lbia Aristizabal 25 71st St et Flxed Un,EE-12, 12 ODD, 25th Av6nu6 Pompano B6aGh, 4RQ uNlnD KINGDOM. 1,lnl to&losu p G8du,II you il to cu lh6 de uW unt ot (S86 Exhibit A.) 400912510 A Sh6rir 122 N15, Jackson Heights, NY 52001691-696, S5,457.26, FL 33062, 1 Fix6d Weekl Season-flo float Unrf, you will not be subjerf to a as s6t torth in is notice or whh ime actruing at Me BarflaW Priv a Owawa, ON 11370 Humberto Ari5tizab $1.52: 498 9 Nn400 Fixad Unh, 01, 41 WHOU, L-06, 11 WHOU, 5200 1593- deficiency judg Bnt avan it taka other app prial6 a ion e of (See Exhibrf A") per K1V2 CANAD 1 Fix6d and Chri ina Aristizab,Christina Mc Fa ane 5234 5200 1M8-1563, 84,9o5.71, 1597, 84,94o.o9, S1.62; the pDc88ds hom th6 sala wkh gad to this foB sura day,wrm gardtoth6tollo ng Wee xed Unh, H-12, 51 lndividually and as T s ot Rockbo ugh Trail Stone 81.62: 852212-9011555 0 48947 507420 Micha6| ot your tim65har8 inte st maW all sums due and r6 p p8rtylocat6dinOst6ola WHOLE, 52 11587-1592, the me Humb6rto Ari abal Mount n,GA3 3,1l2 Flxed, John p Guyak179 Mulholland AGoe and Judy L Goeb 381 a inwmcient to oWsat the owing undar th6 Not6 and County, Florida: (s68 Exhibit S6,371.o8, S1.98; 187943- And Cri ina Ari ab ving n-04, 36 ODD. 52 691- Dr, Wapw lopan, PA 18660- w Geoga St London.ON N6A amoums secu d by the li6n. Mo gaqe shall ba atcel6tat8d A fime sh lnt6r8st(s) 9M2080190 Dani Lee and T Dated th6 26th day of 696, g5,457.26, S1.52; 1232 and L5a M Guuah 180 3A9 c 1 Fixad w86k By: GREENSPOON MARDER, and wil b6co imm6diat8 (See Exhibh A")as d6finad in Wllma La6 N 7640 Us Highway O ob 2002 25 Woodland 4 645- 5600 Ralph Mulholland Dr Wapwallopan, Flx6d Unh, L-07, 42 WHOU, LL ,Tw 66. du6 and payable. Addkionally, the Declar ion ol Covenants, 12 EIMom, wl53121. 1 Fixed Bou vad Cente ach, ch 102-30 Av Du Boug PA 18660, 1 Fixed w 520011593-1597, $4,940.09, HIBIT NA" - NoncE OF as a suW ot the detauW, you CondrfionE and Restrirtions WeeW xed Unh. |-03, 19 NY 11720, 1 F ad kl Edmundston, NB E3V4G7 Fixed Unit, DO2, 21 WHOU, $1.62; 512889-7021716030 DEFAULT AND INnNT TO rish losing owanhip ot your tor Westgata Towars Norfh, WHOU, 52 11587-1592, Fixad Unh, |-12, 32 WHOU, C A, 1 2 Flxad w w 520011558-1563, S3,9o7.38, G6mini lnv6 m8m Partnen, FORECLOSE timesha inta st M ugh ha r o ed in OMcial R rds g4,94o.o9, S1.62 492682- 5187 34&2351, 811,125.27, Fwed Unh, nD7, 43 ODD, $1 .34; 496393-7950404190 lnt. A Florida Copor ion Ow6 s)IObligo s), Tlm6sha twst6e to closu pDc8du Booh 1823, at Pag6 414, ot 9146848230 Robart p Bolch S2.97; 5200 691 -696, $3,846.76, Mithaal A Go6 and Judy Po Box 1 9 cl6rmom. lnl&85t, Building-Unit, Wee 8stablish6dinS8rti0n721.856, the Public R6cods otOsceola JuliaGBolth19,MarineParade K: FORECLOSURE 27756. S1.18 558871-9105341260 L Goa 381 S nt Geo e FL 34713, 1 Fwed kl sign6d Ve DetauW Dal6, Florida Stat es. Any right County, Florida he Plan . Go e on G Y uth, WG Vacation Vlllas HOA(N Napoleon C Dagraca and St London, ON N6A 3 9 Flxad Unh, L-08, 3 WHOLE, BooklPage ot R6cod8d Li6n, you may haveto rein atethe Tog8M6r w th6 rigM to NR31 6DX ENGLAND, 1 Fixed KYLE.O783 NOS.Pub.KYLE. Naomi F6 eira and Maria E ?ANAD 1 Fixed w86kl 5200 1593-1597, S6,338.59, Amount, Per Di6m Amount mo gage a er aK8|8ration ocwpy, punuamto 6 Plan, W88 x6d Unh, |-05, 23 doc DaglataandJo8M F8 6 ta18 F 6d Unit, D-04, 19 WHOU, $1.98; 512956-747005807D Glen A Kagerize and Joanne will ba punuant to the terms Building(sWnrt(s) (See Mibh WHOL 52 11587-1592, F b aryg, 1&, 18 Dovar sl Pa uckat, Rl 02860, 520011558-1563, 84,94o.o9, Gilberf s. Kohlhofand ShaDn L K8qeriz6, 933 N 1 h St 1, ot the mortgage. You may A,during Unk k(s) (s $4.935.09, 81.62; 492661- L1 113 1 Fixed W Mixed Un,FF- 81 .62; 507957-9225582990 R. Kohlhot 7831 lan Ridge Readlng, PA 19604, 1 2 Fixed choose o sign and sand to Exhibh A,during signad 93708 0 L nard K 10, 26 WHOU, 5200 691-696, Magie Mill6r81OO7 Alaxand& Lane Olive B nth, MS 3,w86knh6d Un,T-04, 51 the undenigned t the Yea s), (See Mib .A .76 Lunnan and Mariann6 Dawson 84,989.42, S1.62; 419819- Chap6| Hill, NC 27517, 1 1 Flx6dW66 x8d Unrf.L-08, ODD, 1 2n013, 5194 491- enclosed obj ion torm, w o BDn n M&nori 113 M sh,St Ba e, ON NoncE OF TRusnE's 048 Hugh A Jamieson Fixed WeeMixad Unh, D-04, 7 WHOLE, 52 1593-1597, 496, 83,986.76, S1.97; Vlncent 8x6rcising your right to obj6 Highway,Ns ,FL34747, L4N4K7 c 1 Fix6d SAU and Katherina A Seiler 7310 29 WHOU, 520011558-1563, $6,371.08, 81.98; 508157- Santulli,326 PDsp8 AveApt to the use ot th6 h 66 Buildi n Tl Mare x6d Un,|-06, 44 wEsrGnTE vAcAnoN Miami Lakaway Hi 6ah, $4,940.09, S1.62; 503993- 702244N10 Palricia R& 4K, Hack8n5ack. NJ 07601, t lo5u pmedu . Upon Plan ) Add "). As WHOLE, 52 11587-1592, VILLU wl FL 33014, 1 Fix6d Weekl 7012588160 Pany Lee Wilson 1521ANonRoadNe822Miami 1 Flxed W88 x6d Unk, the und6 ign8d bu 86's a uWotM8ar on6d a,467.22, t1.51; 66449- 27756.0793 (COMERFORD) Flx6d Unh, Y-01, 37 WHOU, 10265 GandSBlvd N Apt 1114 Baach,FL33139,1 FlxedWea T-06, 3 H0U, 1n12014, B6iptotyoursign obj8rtion d8tauw, g 6h&Bbya s 9268952310 Yolanda Valv8d6 On Ma h 6, 2018 at 11:00 5200 691-696, a,98g.42, Saint Paten ug, FL 33702, 1 Fixed Unh, L-08, 31 WHOLE, 5194J491496, 84,989.42, rorm, th6 t low of Me to sell th6 p pu am and He or V v8ld8 34 2nd a.m GREENSPOON $1.62; 44293&9 4197900 Flxed W68Mix6d Unk, D-,52 11593-1597, g,94o S2.46; CaDl L Schumacher, Drfgag8 wrm spa lo th6 to &on 721.856, norida Av6nu6 p 6 n, NJ 07524, MARDER, LL,201 E. Pin6 LsaMJ6 8 7685NorthcDN 16 WHOU, 52 1155&1563, S1.62; 501241-957 10 106 Maverick Tr |, lnte achen, d6tauW specmed in this not e St rt . p be ad s 1 Flx8dW86 x6d Unit, |-09, Str68t, Suhe 500, O ando, DrUnk11O4Au in,M78757- $4,940 81.62; 310456- Wad Van Munay 232 s m FL 32148, 1 Fixed kl sh lbewbje to ajudici that in Me &rf your 31 WHOU, 5200 1587-1592, Florida 32801, as Twst68 1764, 112 Flwad Waekl xed 7022 10 Howad HamiWon John5 Rd W on, 2 2, F 6d Unh, u-,3 WH0U, fo lo5u pmedula on . oblig ionisnotbmgM a,94o.o9, 81.62; 166433- punuant to that Appoi nt Unrf, Y-04, 1 ODD, 52 1691- Blua Stona Cir Mabank, 1 FlxadW wad Unk,L-OB. 1 u2014, 5194J491496, You have rigM to cu flntluding e payBnt ot any 93z7486150 Rkzy G AmoDso ot T 86 codad on 696,S5,457.26,g1.52:561371- TX 75147, 1 Flx6d w86hl 41 WHOU. 52 11593-1587, t4.516.79, S2.23; Randy yourdatauWin 6 mann 5& te intun by g e in 9649 Ka ov Ave Skok[e, Nov6mb8r 9, 2017, in O.R. 90067989 R8n6 c p F 6d Unh, 06, 21 WHOU, S6,371.oB, t1.98 5076 MulDyandD 8MulDy.6 torfhin Wis notic6 anybm6 co ing i5 t low IL 60076, 1 Flxed Weekl Book 5236, at Page 2442, ot vlln Soto 115 41 52 1558-1563, 84,84o.og, 7 59030 G6n6 E Palrick c6dam8ightsRdw,NoMBay, b8to m6h 86'ss 8otyour pm8N) in irty (30) Fixed Unk, |-12, 15 WHOLE, th6 Publit R8cod5 otOK8ola Banto Co a Rita G&ia t1.62; 498277-74 6270 and lw L Pa rick 135 Gw6n ON,C AP1B8G3,1 Flxed tiaa int .ltyoudonot day hom Me fim dale ot 520011587-1592, $4,840.09, County, Florid by raason # ual COSTA RICA 112 Ka Gillandclaudenawakon Rd Marid,CT 451, 1 W w Unk, u-08, 101 obj8rttoth6us6otth6h publication. me unde ignad 81 .62; 210101- 256360 ot a now continuing d&auW FlxedS,Y-07, 3 ODD, 52 691- 311 E176 st1stnoorB nx, Flx W ed Unk. L,WHOLE, 11v2014, 5194 491- to lo5ul pDc u,you will T sh,pr whh lhe Ra a6| Pabon and Tais D6 ba Obligo sT, (Sae Exhibrf 696, ,457.26,S1.52;40421 NY 10457, 1 Fixed W6akl > WHOU, 52 1593-1597, 496, a,989.42. W.46; L68 not wbj to a d6fiGi8nGy sal6otth8Pro aspD d8d Pabon C le El PorfaGhu8lo, "), whos6 addl8u is (s Ra 6lsanvlc8m8 Fixed Unit, D,27 WHOU, a,945.35, t1.62; 508116 Ken JrandKa nKennedy, judgm6nt8v6nitth8 p s in Sartion T21.a56. florida R85 vllla ln,a u El Ewhlbrf A.),inth6payt ntor and Magd a Munguia 5200 1M&1563, S4,9o1.23, 8910059 0 Dorothy A 325 Oi eb&h Swaetbriar Ln, homth6sal6oryouFtim8 ha Sl rt 5, in whid tasa, e P6non, Mun Banrfa CaraGas, p8rformanG8 otthe obliga ons Gipa8to5. 145 Lo gs De Las 81.62; 830329- 1012 #nb zy 19209 Matimosh Dr N6w Castl6, DE 19720, 1n int8 ta insumci6mtoofis6t und igned Tw ee shall: (1) 01080 VENUUEL 1 Fixed s6Gu d by d Cl m ot Len Aguilas Cudad De Mexico, Mari n F Cox and William E climon Towrnip,Ml,1 Flxed W Mixed Un,u-09, the amount5 s6cu bd th6 PD d8youw 8nnotic8 W68kl w6d Unk. |-12, 36 &orded ln .R. Book 5200, M lco,1nF adw N xed Cox 7324 DonGast8r Dr Saint Fixed W wad Unk, L-,4&0DD, 1n12013, 5194 4g1- mortBapa.g GREENS OON ottha sala, includingthe d e, WHOU, 52 11587-1592, Page 691-696,ofthe Public Unh,Z- ,13 ODD,52O 691- LouiE, MO 631M, 1 Fixed 5 WHOU, 52 1593-1597. 4g6, S3,766.76, 81.86; Rub6n MAR R, Twst86. tim6 and locat n th&aor; (2) a,94O.O9, t1.62. R6cods ot OK8ola County, 6 .S5,d60.46.S1.52 W86 Fw8d Unit, D-07, 23 84,94O.O9, S1.62; 489862- Mun and Ro5ario Roman, Hl&r n"- NoncE OF R o M6 ndice of s e in K: FORECLOSURE 27756. norida, includinqthe b ch or K: FORECLOSURE 27756. WHOU, 52 1558-1563, 59230 Cha es M. 800 Po Av6, Staten lsland, DEF^ULT ^ND,TO the Public Records of OK6ola WG Vac ion Vll s HOA detauW,notiteo whithwas et WG Vac ion Vllla5 HOA W S3,6B1.61, S1.26 2 7- MontgoB and Maron A. NY 10310, 1 Fixed akl RECLOSE: County, Florida; and (3) Publish Bym6.O792WOS.Pub. BYRNE. torth in a Notit6 orDerauW and Comertord.O793 NOS.Pub. 9220408350 Huv6rtW Johnson Montgo 13501 Double Flxed Unh, u-12, 24 H0U, Owe s) Obligo s, Tlm6sh a copy ofthe noti ots e wo doc lm6m to For los6 pD d8d COMERFORD.doc 1825 Lacomb6Av8,Bronx,NY St,Rd Oc6an Springs, 1/v2013, 5194/491-496, lnt6,Buildin nh, w68 (2) timas, once 6ach w for F g, 1&, 18 to the la know add M or F g,1&, 18 10473-3631 and Clauda 6 v. MS 39565, 1 Fwed Waekl S6,431.24, $3.17; Stephan DetauW Date, BooklPag6 ot wo (2T suK8Niv8 w ks, in L163112 Ob go (Sa6 Exhibh A,by L1 114 John5on Gunth Av6 Fix6d Unh, L-09, 23 WHOU, H. Ping and Te L. Ping, R6cord8d Morfgaga, DatauW anOK6olaCountyn8wsp Ce m 6gi 8 d M,or by BDnx, NY 10469, 1 Fix6d 52 1593-1597, 84,94o 5636 Cavan CD sing St, Amount, p& Di6m Amount: pDvid6d such a n 5pap8r publitation by the und8nign6d W xed Unrf, D-08, 35 81 .62; 508145-543 09440 Banandorf, IA 52722, 1 Fixed Cinthia L Vllagut, Condomio axi s atthetime otpublishing. NoncE OF TRusnE's Twrtee,sall at publiG NoncE OF rRwnE's WHOU, 520011558-1563, PatriGiaAMalonayandAnthony We6Mix8d Unk, u-12, 501 La Hacienda 2 C le lt you tail to w the detauW uu aurtion to th6 highast bidder SAU $5,514.55, $1.51; 274080- J MonaGo 505 Whke Plains Rd WHOU, 11v2013, 51941491- 2 Av6b8n6, Santa Cwz, as s6 torth in th no ice or wEsrwn vAcAnoN for la ul mon6y ot the Unked wurGhn vAcAnoN 9351252220 Jam65 Fa and Apt3C EastGh6st NY1O7,496, $6,431.24, $3.17; Daniel BOUVIA, 112 #| s n-no take oth appDpn 6 art n LLM v St as ot Amerita, on lhe hont u ll Angela Fa 3058 Ha horne 1 Fix8dWB8klFw8d Unrf,L-09, E. Dolan, 1845 Ruth6rford W68klFloat Unrf, c-01, Nl wrfh gad to m toBlosu On M 6, 2018, at steps of tha Osc6ola County On Mard 6, 201a, at Dr AuRusta, GA 30906, 1 44 WHOU, 5200 1593-1597, Ave Unrf 520, Louisville, KY ODD, 4115 2016, 465y568, maWer,wm5 due and 11: am GREENSPOON Courfhouse, 2 Cou house 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON Fixad 8aMix6d Unk, D-12, S3,813.31, 81.29; 206558- 40205-1856 Du&da K. Dolan, $4,275.40, S4.26; Nkasha M owing under the Note and MARDER, 201 E. Pina Squal8, Kiuimm68, norida MARDER, L 201 E. Pine 22 WHOLE, 520011558-1563, 7022325010 Shawndriah 1400 Wlllow Ave Apl 2002, Gauthiar, 104 Johnson Rd Apt Mortgaga 5h,be accele Sl et, Su e 500, O ando, 34741, lright,trfleandint&e Stl88t, Suhe 5,O ando, 84,94o.o9, $1 .62. Graen 1600 s 1 h St Monroe. Louisvilla. KY 40204, 1 F ed 407, Chicopee, MA 01022- and will b o i iat&y florida 32801, as T stee in th6 pDp6rty skuat6d in th6 Florida 32801, as T staa K: FORECLOSURE 27756. LA 71202, 1 Fix6d Wae WaaMixed Unrf, v-02, 481 2115, 1 z All season-noal du6 and payabla. Addhiona , punuant o lhal Appointment Coun ot Ostaola, Florida, punuant to that Appointment WG Vatation Vlllas HOA (NJ) Flx6d Unh, L-11, 1 WHOLE. WHOU, 1/V2014, 51941491- WeeklFloat Unh, C-01, 401 as a uW,ofthe de uW, you ot Tw ee &oded on describad as:(S86 Exhibk A ) ot Twstee &odad on Guild.O79OWOS.Pub. GUILD. 520011593-1597, $4,940.09, 496, 84.989.42, $2.46; Rithad ODD, 10 21 2016. 4847 20, rish losing ow&ship ot your November 3, 2017 in O.R. Tlme Sha lnte (s) (Sea Novambar 9, 2017 in O.R. doc $1 .62; 507729-876051 2480 s Gill and Tonya M Gill, $2,891.76, 84.67; Richa J ti& int ugh Me Book 5234, at Page 2775, ot Exhibk .'A") actoding to tha Book 5236, Paga 2415, ot Febn g,16,2O18 JaGob Roskam and Ma L 105 B6|lvi8w Dr, Dealsville, LaboNi6 and CaD n M t rtee to&losu pmedure the Publit R ods of Osceola fim6 Sharing PlantorWastgata the Public Racords ol Osceola LI63115 Roskam 248 W K oo AL 36022-3107, 1T2 Fixed Labossia ,Box5O37,S L6on, 8stablish6dinS i0n721.856, County, norida, by raason Vacation Vlllas Xll, r6co ad in Coun,Florida, by reason Ave K amazoo, Ml 49 7, 1 WeeMixed Unrf, V-04, Nl MB, CANADA ROG2EO, 1,Florida StaM . Any rigM ot a now continuing dalauW omGial Recods Book 933, at ot a now cominuing detauW Fix6d WeeMixad Unk, L-12, ODD, 1 2n013, 51941491- Season-Float W Mbat Unk, you y have to n e the by Obligo s), (See Exhibk Page423,otthePublicRecords by Obligo s), (s Mibh NoncE OF TRusnE's 48 WHOU, 52 1593-1597, 496, S3,986.76, 81.97; GRH c-02, 3 H0U, 1 13 2015, mo gage aR& ac le ion A,whosa address is (Sea ot O5c80la County, florida A"), whose add N is (Se6 SALE 86,363.28, $1 .98. Developments lnc Chanc6 481W1T99, $8,470.93, 87.61: will be punuant to the t8mN Exhibk A,in the payment or (tha "Plan"). Together whh the Exhibit A"), in the payment or wEsrGAn vAcAnoN K: FORECLOSURE 27756. Courf, m6 M |. P.o. Box Latoya D BDW, Po Box 373, ot me mo gage. You may p6rformanc8 ot the obligations right to occupy, pursuant to parformanca ol tha obligations LLAS III WG Vatation Vlllas HOA (NJ) F-42683, Freeport, BAHAMAS, Abardean, MD 21001, 1 #| thoo58 to sign and send to secu d by said Cl m ot Len the Plan, Building(5) l Unit(s) sacured by s d Cl m otLan On Mard 6, 2018, at H6rnand8z.O791 NOS.Pub. 112 Fixed W xad Unrf, Season-Float W Mloat Unh, the und8nign6d tw ee the dedinO.R.Book5187,at l Unit W86k(s) l A5sign8d odedinO.R.Book5187,at 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON HERNANDU.doc v-07, 1 1 0DD, 11v2013, c-04, 1 WH0U, &20n016, antlo58d objertion form, Page 2348-2351 of lhe Public Yea s), (See Exhibrf A' . 7700 Page 2363-2368 of Ma Public MARDER. LLP, 201 E. Pine F b g, 16, 18 5194/491-496, 83,986.76, 475v1756, $4,583.64, S6.12: 8x&ci5ing your right to obje Recods ot OKeola Coun,W85tgat8 Blvd. KiNimm68, Recods ot OK8ola CouW, St et, Suk6 500, O ando, LI63116 S1.97; AdamsandD6nis8 Jo ckus J #len. 3864 Faulk to th6 use ot Me wstee Florida. including th6 breach or FL 34747 erein Tlme Sha florida, including he bRad or Florida 32801, as Twst68 L Adams. 877 Max Deen Drive, Blvd, Jackson, MS 39209- toraclo5u pDc8du . Upon de uW, notice olwhich was s& Plan (PDp8rty) Addreu S d detauW, notite otwhich was set punuant lo thal Appointmen Baxl6y, GA 31513, 1 Flxad 4933, Kimba y C #lan, 238 the undenigned hu ee's torthin a NoticeofDetaultand sale will be made (whhout tormin aNotice otDetauW and of Twstee recoded on NoncE OF DEFAULr AND W Mixed Unk, v-08, 441 Riverband Driva, Byram, MS 8ipt0ty0ursiqn6d0bj8tti0n r- ln ent to FoBlos8 pDvid8d cov8nam5,orwa anty,axp M lnlant to Fora osa pDvid8d November 9, 2017 in O.R. INTEN rO FORECLOSE WHOU, 11V2013, 51941491- 39272, 112,on-noat torm, tha to&ow ot the to the la know add ss ot or impli6d, ragading th6 trfla, to w6 la know add N of Book 5236, at Page 2451, ot wTGnn vhc^noN 496, $6,431.24, 83.17: Johnny Weeklfloat Unh, C-,3 mo gage wkh r6spart to the Obligo s), (See Exhibk A,by poss6Nion or 6ncumbran s) oblig (s E ibh .A,by the Public R8cod5 ot Osceola UAS w FILL 2n .0T C spo, 959 S6neca Av6 1R, MN, 611512016, 492012683, datauW specified in this notic6 certmedlReg te d M,or by to paythe unpaid Nm8nts c6rtm i Mail orby County, Florida, by 18a50n Punuam to &ion 721.855, Ridgewood,NY11385,1 Fixad $3,641.80,84.75;J8Mica Rios sh,be subjartto hejudicial publication bythe undanignad due in th6 amount ot (Se eublication bytha undanigned ot a now con nuing detauW norida Stat 85, wEsTGAn WaeklF ad Unk, v-09, 91 andJohnnyVagas,8OO3Valley toreclosure proc8dur6 on . Tw ee,sell al public Exhibk A,whh im,|| 5&| at publit by Obligo s). (See Exhib vAcAnoN VIUAS OWNERS WHOU, 1/v2014, 5194 491- Vlew Road, Northampton, PA You have tha right to cu aurtion to the highe bidder accwing al th6 rata ot (S6a au lon to th6 high6 bidder A,ose add N is (See AMoclAnoN, INC. 496, 83,817.21, $1.88; Louis 18067 Had R Oliva I and yourdafauW in ma mann6rset forlaw,DneyofWe Unh ExhibhwA p&day,punuantto rorlaw lmon oftha Unhad Exhibrt A,inthe payn6ntor 6 ina & t lo as C Blazek and Annie Maa Luz M Figu8Da, 221 E Court torth inthis notic6 atanytinP States ofAmerica, onthe ho the Tlm ha Plan, advanc,St es or rita, onthe honl p ormance otme obligations W6rtgat8,has ded a Blazak, 100 Ha ig BluW Road, St, lentown, PA 18109, 112 b8to lh6t st68'ss 6otyour eps ot th6 la CouW itany, undarthetem ots d 6ps ot 16 Ow la County satu d by said Claim ot Len Claim ot Len in tha amount Slidell, LA 70461, 1 Fixed All S8a5on-Floa kmoat tim8shar6int8 st.Wyoudonol Cou housa, 2 Courthouse Cl m ot Len, thages and Cour ous6. 2 CouMouse odedinO.R.Book52OO,at ot (See Exhibk A.l, whh WeeMixed Unit, w-04, 191 un ,c-o7,8nvEN,6l28no16, obj8 toth8us6otm8tw a8 Squa,Nimm8a, norida 8xp6na otth6T st88 and of Squa,uimm86, norida Paga 1593-1597 ot lhe Public inte aK ing atthe rat6 ot WHOU. 1/v2014, 5194/491- 451512225, S3,184.58, S3.o9; lo&losu pDt8du,you will 34741, lright,thleandint t thehstsc ated bys d Cl m 34741, lright,thlaandim6r8 R ords of Osceola CouW, (Sea Exhibk A p day, and 496, 84,974.98, $2.45; Arturo JaaneWe Gardn6r, 1070 not b6 wbjertto a daRci cy in the pD s uated in Me or Len. Obligo s) sh,have in M6 pD skuated in the Florida,includingthabreathor od6d in O.R. Book (See A A ang6|, 1 Anton Ct, N6w Lafay8W6 Av6, BDok n, NY judg ntaven itth6 pmeeds Coun ot OK8OI4 florida, h8righltocu th6d6tauWand Coun ot Oscaol4 norid4 d8lauN,notic8otwhichwas58t Ewhibh.A ,at qe(SaeEwhib c y, NY 10956, 1 Fixed Wae 11221, 112 All S n-Float homth6 sal6oryourtimesha d b6d as:(See Exhibrt A anyjuniorlianholder sh,have d6wri a5:(S Mibh A torthin a Notica otDafauN and A,ot tha p llc Recods ot Fixed Unit, w-10, 44 H0U, WeeMloat Unk, c-10, 461 int ar8insuMti8mtoo 6t Tl ShaR lnt& (s) (s86 Ma righttor8d66m hsint a fime Shala lnt (s) (Sae lntent to FoBlos8 provided Osc6ola Coun,Florida, and 1 v2014, 5194 491-496, ODD, 911 2013, 45071166, tha unts u d by Ma Mibh A acco ing to tha up to the date th6 T Exhibrf A") aKording to Me to th6 last known addr8N ot the unda igned Twrta6 a5 84,357.96, S2.15; Guillermo 88,1o6.45, S3.68; Juna E mortBaga. By: GREENSPOON fi Maring PlantorW gate iNu8s the Cartificate ot Sale fim6 sharinq PlantorW6stgat6 Obligo s), (s86 Exhibit A'.), by appoint6d by wastgata, h yh mols and Vlvian Rodriguez, Cash, 3 2 Park PlatB NW, MAR ER, LL ,T 68. Vac ion Vlllas v, &oded in by pa ngthe amou 5 dua a5 VaGation Vllas ll, Bod8d in C6rfifi egist6r6d Mail or by tormally notm6s ( ee Ex . b 434 267 Calle Siena Washington,DC 20001,112 #| NIBIT n" - NonN OF omc Recods Book 775, o linedabove.By:AMANDAL OMti R ords Book 684, at publ ation bylh6 und6nignad A.) that du6to yourtailur6to Mor6na, San Juan, PR 00926, Season-Floal W Mloat Unh, DEFhULT nND INnNT TO Page 2537, ot the Public CHAPMAN,Authorized Ag6m Pag678O,ofthaPublicR ords Twstae, will sall at public pay tha annual ass6ssm6nt(s) 112 Fixed W86 Fix8d Unit, c-12, 2&EVEN, &2512016, FORECLOW R6 rds ot Os la Coun,WHIBlr "A" - NoncE OF ot Osceola County, florida auclion to lha highe biddar due on (s86 Exhibk wA and w-11, 2210DD, 11v2013, 4649m9, 83,o18.44, S3.91; ow TsVobligo fi sh norida ha Plan . Together TRusnE's E ha Plan . Tog&her wkh tha tor lawhl money otthe United all aN sm8nl(s) lh8r8aW6r, 5194 491-496, S3,986.76, Antoine e Johnson and Donald lnt,Buildin nk, k, w h tha right to ocGupy, Owner(sTIObligor(s) Last right to occupy, punuanl to St esotAmerica,onthehont you are cuna in detauW 81.97; RiGhard G Reinel and Johnson, 15 Boston Rd Apt DatauW Dala, BooWPaga ot punuantto aPlan,Building(s) Mown AddBs; Tlm85ha the Plan, Building(s) l Unk(s) staps of the Osceola Coun of your obligations lo pay momas J Nelson and Susan 22, Bronx, NY 1,1 #| R o Mortgage, DetauW l Unk(sl l Unh Weak(s) l lnterest; Buildingl Unk; kl Unk Waeh(s) l si ad Courthouse, 2 Courfhou58 a558Nn nt5 duato Bgate J Nalson, 6907 O hard Av6, S n-Float W oat Un,unt.P8rDi6m unt: signed Year(s), (Sae Ewhibh Assignad Year, Claim of Len Yaa s),(S68 Exhibh A . 00 Squa,KiNimm68, Florida onth6following d crib6d al CI8v6land, OH 44129, 1 Flxed D-01, 24 H0U, &20n016, Da d L Eng6lb&ht, 11 A . 77 Wastgate Blvd. R6ord8d BooklPg eclaim ot W stg e Blvd. Nimm6a, 34741, lright,trfl6andinta st p p6rty loc ed in OK la WeeMixed Unh, w-11, 431 4847 26, S5,258.68. S7.34; Qu,Maadows St, Gill&e, Mim,FL 34747 m6 in Li6nAmount;P r em FL 34747 6 in s inth6 pDp8rty s uated inthe Coun . Florida: (s Exhibrf WHOU, 11v2013, 51941491- J6 y L BDW and T a WY 827169601, AnneWe M fime Share Plan (Properfy) 638583-9115070350 lan p Plan (PD ) Add M Said Coun ot OKaola, Florida, A") Tlma Sha lnt t(5) 496,g6,431.24,S3.17. A B w, 3 7 KimDd Dr, Rayolds. 1001 Ea Plaaa Add N.)Said s a will b6 Comerfo amd Donn6W A sale,ba made hort d8Krib6d as:(See Exhibk A") TSee Exhibrf A a5 d8fin6din F b a g,16, 18 Johnson C y. TN 37601, 1,D& Norte Drive, T8mp6, made (whhout covena s, or Comerford 133 Cuc Way cov8na s,orw ,6xp N fima Sh lnte (s) (S68 the D6tla lion ol Cov6nan,L1 O5T S n-Floal W Mloat Unk. 85281, 1,Season-Float wa an,8xp N or implied, Brighton, BN18GH UN ED or impli6d, ga ing tha trfle, Ewhibk .A") accoding to lhe Condrfions and R ri ion5 tor D-02, 43 H0LE, 1 21n016, W68klflo Unk, W-234, 9/ regarding the tkla, poN8ssion KINGDOM, 1 Fixad kl poN8Nion or anwmbranc ) fi BMari PlanforWastgate the W8 gat6 Vac ion vllla5 4761 271, $4,418.04, t6.71; WHOU, 712412016, 48131160, or ancumb ncas) to pay the Fixed Unrf,AA-11,35 WHOU, topayth8unp d m8nt5 Vat ion lllas lll, Bod8d lx, omcial Recods Book 882, NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Jose A Aguina and Loyda $5,121.92, S2.N; Wilbarf S unpaid aueuments due in lhe 5200 691-696, 84,988.21, due in th6 unt or (s68 in omci Racotds Book 763, a Page 27,ol tha Public INTENT TO FORECLOSE Agui e, 3423 Rocky Road, Wawoeand Su8|6yWawo8and amou ot (See Exhibrt Aw), $1.62; 619933-9 69000 Exhibrf A"), w h i 6 at Page 26N, of Me Public Retods ot Osc la CouW, wuTonn vncnnoN Columbus, OH 43223, 112 Shi ey D Wawo6 and Suli6ne whh interest accwing at lhe NancyKChDnister6545B6ggs atc ing Me te ot (s86 Recods ot Osceola Coun,norida (th6 Plan and,UM II nu: m Saa on-Flo Mloat Wawoa, Mahuma West Kaja L t6 ol (S86 Exhib A"T per TerCocoa,FL32927,1l2 Flx6d, Exhibrf A perday,punuamto florida (the Plan"). Togeth& amendment(s) Bto, rf any. Pu uam to S6 ion Un,DQ, 41 0DD, 7 5n016, 417, Curatao, NETHERLANDS day,punuanttoth6fim har8 AA-12, 25 EVEN, 52 1691- thefim ha Plan,advanc,wkh e rigM to oKupy, Tog&her wkh 6 righ to 721.856, Florida Statutes, 4761 272, 83,527.o2, a.48; ANnuEs, 112 ISaason-Float Plan, advancas, if any, under 696,$5,767.29,g1.45;561792- it any, und6rth6 t6nM ors d punuanttothaPlan,Building(s) occupy, punuant to tha Plan, lhe undBnign6d T 66 as Mild d Summelvill8, 4345 klfloat Unk, w-238, 171 the terms ot s d Claim ot 90056Q3000 Genovava Cl m ot Lan, dag6s and Unh(s) l Unk Week(s) l Building-Unk(sl (Sae Exhibk appoimed by WESTGATE Geogetow Dr, Wilson, NC ODD, 511012015, 473&11912, Lan, chag85 and expenses ot Acavedo Hc3 Box 8219 Moo 6xp6ns6s otthe T and ot ANgn8d Yea s), (See Mibk A,during Unk W h(s) (s68 vAcAnoN VILLAS, uc 27896, 1,Season-Float $7,349.48, 85.62: Sand H the Tw5t88 and ot the t sts PR 00676, 1 2 Fix6d, BB- th6t st at8dbys dCl m A . noo We gata Blvd. Exhibrf A,during ANign8d me inaRer ae ad to as WeeklFloat Unh, D-03, 50 Chri ie. 5876 Stevens Fo t tad by s d Claim ot Len. 02, 27 ODD$, /691 96, ot L6n. Obligo s) sh,hava Kis mm86, FL 34747 erein Yea s), (s86 Exhibrt A . 77 W6 gat8 ) h6 by formally WHOLE, 5 112016, 46531575, RdApt2, Columbia, MD 21045- Obligo 5T rnall hav6 the rigM $5,457.26, . ; 524084- th8rigMtocu th8d6lauWand Tlma Sha Plan pDperfyT stgat6 Bhd Nimm68, notifies you that you have $5,222.20,$6.43; Nancy A 3753, To E Griggs, 6424 to cu tha datauW and any 9006149600 B&inda G Le anyjuniorlienholdarrn lhave Add u Said s e will be FL 34747 me in Tlma Ma datauWad und6r the Nola and Williams, 2616 Abalone Blvd, Pound Apple Ct, Columbia, MD junior lienholdar shall have May and Teny Le May 1 3 the rigMtored m hsim6 mada (wkho covanants, or properfy) Address"). As a Mortgaga by t ling to make O ando, FL 32833 Juan A 21045, 1n #| Season-Float th6 rightto d66mrfsint8r6 NinaDrSpringfield,TN 37172, up to the date the Tw tea w ty, 8xpr8M or implied sult ot the ato mantioned th6 payment due on (S6a Quinon6s and Carm R W86k Float Unh, w-238, up to lha d 6 the Twstee 112 Flxed, BB-04, 39 ODD, iNu8s the Bmcat6 or S e regading the title, poM8Nion defauW. We gate he by elerfs Ewhibh "A") and all 5ub58qu8nt Quinones, 244 MaW6s6 Cir, 21 EVEN, 8 112016, 441y142, iNu8s the cerfmcale ot Sale 52001691 -696, $5,457.26, by paying the unts due as or 8nGumbrancas) lo pay the to sell tha Prop& punuant pay6nts. You Gu antly owe Fem Pa,FL 32730, 1 2 All $3,382.24, $4.24; Ma on by payin9 th8 amounts due a5 81.52; 20687-9137805410 ortlined abov6.By.AMANDAL unp d au8Mm8nts dua inthe to Sertion 721.855, Florida Wastgate the amount ot (S86 Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, Sheafe and Daria Bu e- o rflined abov6. By: AMANDA L william c Jack5on and L ie CHAPMAN, A horized Aqent amount of (S6a Exhibit A ), Statutes. Plaase b6 advi ad Exhibh "A") with intarast D-04, 43nvEN, 61y201 5, Shaafa, 464 s Belvoir Blvd, CHAPMAN. A horized Age A Tumer 3065 WlcMam Dr Nla "h - Nonc OF wrfh inte st acc ing at th6 that in the event that your acc ing th6 rat6 of (s68 418911367, $4,757.70, S2.95; CI8v6land, OH 44121, 112 #| HIB A" - NoncE OF Memphis, TN 38118, 1 Flx6d TRusnE's MU rata ot (Sae Exhibit wA ) p&r obligationis notbroughttu ant Exhibit A per day, wrth Jan6tHBmphill,1428C8darS,Season-Float WeehlFloat Unh, TRUSTU'S W6eM ad Unh, BB-04, Ownar(s) Obligor(s)ILast day,punuanttothefimeshare flncluding th6 payant ot any ga to the tollowing al Washin4on, DC 2 32, 1 #| w-238, 21 0DD, 7 2 2016, Own8r(s)IObligor(5)ILast 41 WHOU, 52001691-696, Know Add u; Tlmasha Plan, advancas, it a,und& taas inw ad by Wa gate in proparfy loGat8d in OsG8ola saason-no WeeMloal Unk, 4363 626, S3,1 .41, 83.32; Mow Add u; TlmeshaP $4,989.42, $1.62; 495063- lnt& ; Buildin Unk; w kl tha terms ot said laim of commanGing this for8Glosu Coun norida: (Sae Exhibil D-04, 441WH0LE, 9110 2013, #ice D Moo and moma5 lntar ; Buildingl Unit: 9003985000 Connie SmM AMign8d Ya ; Cl m ot Len Lan, chag85 and 8xp8n58s ot pDc8M) wrfhin thi y (30l wA") lme Sha lnte st(s) 440 1091, S13,171.26, 6.39; Moore, 1525 w 257th Apt 1, W86klAssign6d Ya Unp d 107 wild HeDn Vlllas ng unt;P Di6m lhe T ee and ot the t sts days hom the fint date ot (s68 Exhibh "A") acco ing Jam6sEL8 is,9O4 EHwy72, H rC y,CA9O71O, 1n | ment: Pe Diem Savannah, GA 31419, 1 Fixed, 509745-5260032070 Jamas c atad by said Claim ot Len. publication. the und8r5ign6d to the fimesharing Plan tor FredaritMow, MO 5, 1 2 n-Float W68Mbat Unrf, 15186-9148221030 B an G BB-06, 51 WHOU, s2oo 691- D Guild and Muriel A. M. Obligo s) shall have lh6 right Tw ee sh,pD with the Wa ate Vacation Vllla5 All S8a5on-float no w-335, 4110DD, v25no16, Kyle and Sha ean K Kyle 29 696, $4,989.42, $1 .62; 67 Guild Box 45, B 3 Stn to cura tha detaull and any lh6 s e ot th6 PDp8rfy as ll, r8cold8d in the omcial Unk. D-07, 18 MN, 7n012016, 48131163, $8,0w.60, a.o3; ng on St South Portland, 9009294800 AnneWe Mor es Main B ndon, MB R7A5Y3 junior lienholder shall have pDvided in Serfion 721.855, R8cod5 Book 684, at Page 4761 274, $3,468.50, $4.54: Enriqu6 Aco a and No B ME 041,1 Fixed WeeW OcasioCalleBD2-14UrbSanta CANAD 1 Flx6d Waahl lhe rigMtor8d68m hsinterest noridastatutes,inwhichcase, 780, ot th6 Public Retords KevinOMannSrandM in M Aco 4 193 SWthgraN Dr, Fwed Unrf, G-06, 3 WHOLE, Elenha Bayamon, PR 0 57, Flxed Unrf, C-,7 WHOU, up to tha data the T stee th6 undenigned T stee shall: ol Oweola CouW, horida Mann, 134 Church St, Hiram, Round Lake, IL 60073, 112 | 51 87n348-2351,$6,371 .08, 112 Fixed Wee xed Unh, 520011558-1563, 84,94o.o8, issu6s th6 Certificate ot Sale (1) p de you wkh wrm6n (the Plan.). Togetharwhh the GA 30141, 1 #| n-floa n-Float WeaMloat Un , S1.98; 508299-9920091350 BB-09, 23 ODD,52OOI691-696, $1.62; 951404-9 3599700 by paying the amounls due as notice ot the 5 8, including right to ocwpy, punuant to Weeklfloat Unrt, 10, 2v w-338, 2910DD, 4 17n016, Diana M Doach 50989 Highway $5,419.66, $1.52; 413275- Patricia B Sim5 7 LnGoln outlinad abova. By: AMANDA L. e d e, time and location th6 Plan, Building(5Wnit(sl WHOU, 112v2016, 4649 T85, 4679n256, a,2N.2O, a.7o: 27 Lot 17 Dav6nport, FL 33897, 9003482500 Giles F Rabideau Drive Philadelphia, PA 19119, CHAPMAN, A horiz6d Agent tha ot; (2) R6cod ha notit6 (See Exhibk A,during Unrt S7,189.41, S7.27; Anrfa Julio E H8mand6z and Zul6ma 1FlxadWeaMixedUnh,H-01, and Nanty D Rabideau 5017 1 Flxad W Mixed Unk, EXNIBIT AH - NoncE OF ot s e in the Public Recods W k(s) (Sea Exhibk A"), D Johnson, 1150 Claudia H8mand6z,221ONW34St t 35 WHOU, 518712348-2351, Sunset Dr Easle sc 2, c-02, 10 WHOLE, 5200 1558- TRusnE's MU otOsceolaCounty, norida;and during ANign8d Year(s), (S6e Spantar St, Jatkson lla. FL Apt2O1,Miami,FLN142 Maria 86,371.o8, S1.98: 505623- 112 Flx6d We6 Fix6d Unrf, 1563, $4,940.09, S1.62; Own8r(5)IObligot(sllLast (3l Publish a copy ot Wa notice Exhibh A . 7700 W6stgat6 322 Lonnane D Ba on,554Z L Rodriguez and Laonardo 7004078330 Ang6| L Sanchez BB-10, 44 ODD, 52001691- 19355-91658722 Zanaida Mown Add N; Tlm6sh ots 6two(2)tim8s,ont66ach Blvd KiNimm . FL 34747, Pinehill Ln, Jacksonville, FL T ayo, 704 Bu ing on s , 3222 Lorimar Ln Saint Cloud, 696, S5,457.26, $1.52; L Leb a On6 R8n Nanc8 Pl lnt6 st; Buildingl Unrf; Waekl wee for two (2) wK8Niv8 Buildi e in wTlm8 Sha 32244, 1n #| S n-float Opa Lock4 FL 33054, 1 2 All FL 34772, 1 Fix6d Weakl 382921-9002658500 Horaca Unrf 902 Pal ine, IL 60 7, Auigned Ye Cl m ot L&n weeks, in an Oscaola County Plan Dperty) Addr8M"). As WaaWFlo Unk. D-10, 27/ Season-float o Unh, Fix6d Unk, H-04, 33 WHOLE, D BDOkS Jr76 Ho Bhd 1 Flxed W6eM 8d Unrf, A Dunt;P8rDi8m newspap p ded such a a suW ot th6 ato me ionad MN. 611612016, 4762n117, w-339, 45nwN, 4J1T2015, 518712348-2351, S7,849.77. East Orange, NJ 07017 and c-05, 20 WHOU, 520011M& 512858-8980501190 Antonio newsp ewi s at e time detauN.w tg eherebyale s $3,748.86, $4.31; Hertor R 4679 2259, 87,o99.48, $5.34; S2.32; 491662-9860904490 Renae K B oks 40 Lake Dr. 1563, 84,94o.o9. S1.62: B H6mand8z and Maria L ot publishing. lf you t,to to sell the per punuant C8d8noandYazminCQuinteD, EdgarHL nandLliaO izDe Dana S6quaira, Jr 3 Saquaria W Way6, NJ 07470-5733, 30061-70232269 Bridg6 8 Hemandez 190 P6ppe ood CUR the detauW as s6t to h to S6 ion 721.856, Florida Em6 o Codoba, NLLA DEL LaRosa,Av8nidaFu8 aA8r6a Lane Buzzards Bay, MA 02532, 112 Fixed WaeklF ed Unk, Ca er 12713 River Mill Rd St H& ules, CA 94547, 1 in this notice or take other Statutas. 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