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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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PAGE 20B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 d,os6 d e ot DBf6ndants. FLORIDA. WERNER WAGNER, Honorabla Grant on Room s-201, S6minol6 as p6r Wa aW D68d filed GRANnEs, OR OTHER d6 h was JanuZ 29, 201T, NoncEoFFoREcLowRE has b86n fil6d ag nstyou and DK SED M oy coua Courfhou58, 301 Nor . in O.R. Book 761, Pages CLAIMANTS is p6nding in e i uh Courf NU you a ui d to file a copy CURRENTRESIDENCE 301 No h Park Park v Santord, FL 32771, 572. Public Racords ot LaEt Mow Add&s: Unknow tor SEMINOU Coun,Florida, NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN ofyourWen dat8nsa5,rfany, UNKNOWN Av6nu S8minol6 CouW, Florida at OK8ola CouW. Florida Cun nt Addl6ss: Unknown p bate Divi5ion, the add N punuant to an Ordar graming to on Sara Collins, Mk la LAST OWNADDREN Santod, norida 11: AM on tha 22b d day ot PD Add N: 1635 YOU ARE NonFIED lha an otwhichis3O1 N Pa Avenue Mot n to t Foreclosu Raymar L Pi& e, uc, V4DOVERWOODROAD 32771 Fabwary, 2018. the tollowing nound6r St 6, St. Cloud, arfion to fo close a mortgage Sanfod, FL n s S e dat6d Janua 2, 2018, 225 E.Robinson St Surfe1M, FERN PAR FL32T3O : R. Adanu d bad pD as sel fl34n1 on the rollowing pDp in and add ss6s ot 6 p6nonal 6nt8r8d in Ca58 No. 59-201z- O ando, FL 32801 and fil6th6 UNKNOWN SPOUSEOF (CIRCUIT OURTSEAL) torth in 5 d Fln Judgmant ot h 6n Rled ag n you OK6olaCounty,florida: RprBs8ntativa andth6 p6nonal CA- 85 ottha CirGuh Court original wkh the Cle ot the CAROLANN WAGNER Depu Clerk Fo&losu : anda r6qui dto aatopy LOT 19, MIU RUN UNIT p&ant ive's aWomey are ot the Eightaenlh Judicial above-styled Courf Min 30 CURRENTRESIDENCE F a g, 18 THE NORTH 1n OF THE ot your wriWen detena, rf,5, ACCORDING TO THE set toM below. Ci uh, in and tor Seminola days hom tha fint publication, UNKNOWN L 162814 WEST 1n OF LOT 4, to k on JOSE MARRERO, o MAP OR PLAT THEREOF AH c dhon otthe dacad6nt Coun,florida, whe n oth6rwis8 a Judgment may b6 LASTKNOWNADDRESS BLOCK W.F. LEA S E. bn&. Esq m6 Law AS RECORDED IN PLAT and oth6r ns having WWSFARGOBANK,NAisthe 6ntaradag n y0ut0rth8 li8t 224 DOVERWOOD ROAD SU8DIVISION, AC- omc6 ot ns&I6r 6 Webnar, BOOK 4, PAGE 102, OF cl ms or demands ag n Pl nt andJabirChatoo WA demandedintha Compl nt. FERN PARK, FL 32730 IN THE CIRCUIT CORDING TO THE PLAT P.A 860 N. Orange Avenue, THE PuBuc RECORDS decedent's 8 6 on whom a JabirM. chatoo;me Unknow WITNESS my hand and 5 You aranotmadthatan arfion COURT OF THE MEREOF AS RECORDED Suita 135, O ando, FL 32801 OF OSCEOLA couw. copy ofthis notic6 is qui d Spou58 JabirChatoo WA ot Mis Court this 16lh day ot totor6clos6 a morfgagB on Me EIGHnENTH IN PLAT BOOK 1, PAGE w hin 30 dBy5 hom th6 date FLORIDA to be & st fila thair JabirM.Chatoo;Tah&aChatoo Janua ,2O18. tollowing pDparfy in &nole JUDICIAL CIRCUIT 27, OF THE Pu8uc RE- ot the Rnt publication ot t s AIWA 2630 MIU RUN cl ms whh Mis court ON OR AIWA Tah&a Jabir Chatoo; GRANT MALOY County, norid OF FLORID IN AND CORDS OF SEMINOU notice and fil6 the original wrfh BLVD, KISSIMMEE, FL BUORE THE LAnR OF 3 me Unknow Spous6 CURK OF THE LOT 11, ENGUSH WOODS FOR SEMINOU couw, FLORIDA tha CI6rk of this Court ehher 34744 MOWS AmR THE nME Tahera Ch oo WA Tahera CIRCUIT COURT AND FIRST ADDmoN. AC- couw 1505 WAMS AN, b6to se te on Pl nti 's hasbaen fil6d againstyou and OF THE FIRST PuBLlcAnoN Jabir Cha oo; Gulamabbas COMPTROWR CORDING TO ME PLAT CIVIL Dl SION SANFORD, FL 32771 aWom6y or immediate you a ui to a a OFTHIS NoncE OR 30 DAYS JaWer: me Unknown Spouse B : R. Ad M THEREOF. AS RKORDED Ca58 No.: 2017 CA Any n cl minganim th6 a o e se a de u copy ot your wrmen def a AmRTHEDAnoFsE NcE Gul bas JaW6r, Any (CIRCUIT OURTSEAL) IN PLAT BOOK 17, PAGE 2127 in M6 wplu5 homthe 5 8, rf will b6 t ag nst you byM 27,2O18,on bartalli OFACOPYOFTHIS NOTICE and All Unknow Parties Depu Cle 45 OF THE PUBLIC RE- u.s. BANK NAn any, other an e p p&ty lor the liet d ded in th6 Law, Pl ntiW's aWomey, whose ON THEM. Cl ming by, mrough, Under F b ary2,g, O18 CORDS OF SEMINOU AssoclAnoN, NOT IN ITS own& as ot M6 date ot M6 compl m. add u is P.o. Box 23 8, #| oth6r kon ot lha and Ag n th6 Ha in Named L 162933 couw, noRIDA INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY BUT Ls Pendens mu file a cl m w you a p6non w a T P4 FLN623,andfila Fe det t and oth& ns lndividu Detendant(s) who commonly known a5 224 soLELYAsTRusnEFoR whhin 60 day aW6r the s e. disabil y who n68ds any oriqinal wrm this Court ehh r ha ng tl ms or demands a notKnownto be Dead or DOVERWOOD ROAD, FERN THE RMACTRUST, SERIES Datad in HillsboDugh atto dation in order to bao 58 it8 on p mm's ag n d6c8d8m's est a #ive, Whathar s d Unknow IN THE CIRCUIT PARK, FL 32730 has been 2016-CTT Counly, norid4this 26lh dayot participate in this p ceeding, a omey, or immediate wst file their cl ms wM th Parties may Claim an,e COURT OF THE fil6d ag n you and you a PlaintiW, Janua,2018. you are enthlad, no cost to th6r6a ar, om6 is8, a defauW court W HIN 3 MONTHS a Spou 65. Hein, Devi aes, EIGHTEEW qui d to s6 a a copy ot vs. AlbarfBli Law you, tolhe pDvi5ion oft n will ba 6 ag nst you AmR ME DAn OF THE G ntaas, or other Cl mant5; JUDICIAL CIRCU your wrm6n d6t s8s, rf any, UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, AnomeytorPlaintiw aNi5tant8. PI6as8 contact tor the liet d ded in the nRsT PuBucAnoN OF THIS fimawan Comwn Se ices OF FLORIDA IN AND to h on J6nnrf6t M. ko ot G ES,ASSIGNEES, P.o. Box 2302a the ADA Coodinator, Courf compl m orpethion. NoncE. Asmi ion, lnc.; T6nanl N1; FOR SEMINOLE Kau Muler, P.A, pl m s UENORS,CREDITORS, Tam a flM623 Admini ration,OK laCounty lf you are a p son wkh a ALL CL MS NOT FILED Tanantm;T8nantN3:T6nant 4 couw aWom6y, whos6 add N is TRUSTEESOFJACK (813 221-4743 CouMous6, 2 Courfhous6 di5abil y who needs any WITHIN THE nME PERIODS a tha Derendants, that G m CASE NO.: 59-2017- P.o. Bow 8,TamP4 florida w. HoLn, DECEASED, (813 221-9171 tawimil6 Squal8, Suk6 6300, actommodalion in od& lo SET FORTH IN FLORIDA Maloy, S inola Coun Clerk CA-002132 N6O1, (813) 229,on or JACQUELYN M.VONESH. eSe ice: e aw Ni . Florida 34741, par cipate in this pDc66ding, sTATuns sEcnoN 733.702 ot Court will s6|| to th6 higha WILMINGTON SAVINGS b&ore 30 day hom e fim ASKNOWNHEIROFJACK b8rt6| I40 742-2417, le 7 day you a enM d, at no co to WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. and be bidd6rtorcash at, lhe FUND socl FSB, DIBIA d 6 ot publiGation, and file w. HOLTZ, DECEASED, AH-16- T41 bato your sch6dul8d tourf you, to e pDvis n ot n NOTWITHSTANDING THE &inole Coun Courfhouse, CHRISTIANATRUST, NOT the original wkh the cl&k of SUSAN KAYE DENUNGER, lt you ara a pa n w a ap ance, or imm6diata assi anc6. Pl coma nME PERIODS SET FORTH Room s-201, 301 No h Pa INDIVIDUALLYBUTAS this Court ahher b&ol8 se ica AS KNOWN HEIR OFJACKW. di5abilrty who needs any upon &a ingthi5 not cation M6 ADA Coordin or, Courf ABOVE, ANY CL M FIUD AvBnu6, Santod, FL 32771, TRusnEFoRHILLDAu on he Pl mM'5 a omey HOLTZ,DECEASED, WAM actom Dd n in 0 6r to rfthalin b&o th8Kh ulad Admini tion,OK laCounty TWO (2) Y OR MORE beg ning at11:OO AM onlhe TRUST, or immadi &y Wa a F.HOLTZ,ASKNOWN partitipat in Mis pD ing, appa isl8Nthan7days; Courfhou,2 CouMousa AFnR THE DKEDENTS 27lhdayotFabwa ,2018,Ma PlaintiW, oth e, a d&auW,ba HEIRoFJAcKw.HoLn, you a t led, no to rf you a hearing or volce Squa,Su a , DAn OF DEATH ls BARRED. tol wing d8Krib8d pro a5 vs. 8nt6 d ag nst you tor e liet DECEASED, GEOFFREY you, to th6 pDviSion ot Gart n impai d, call 711. KiNimm,Florida 34741, ma d e ot 6 fim s&toMin5 dFln Judgn nt, DANNYALUN,et d ded in 18 Compl nt. HOLTZ, AS KNOWN HEIR OF assis&ce. PI8a58 comarf W NESS my hand and the (40 742-2417, atlaa 7 days publiGation ot thi5 Notite towk: Derendants. AMERICAN DlsABILmEs ACT JACK w. HOLTZ, DECEASED, the ADA Coordinator, Court saar ol this Court on Janua b8torB your sthaduled Gourf F6b a 2, 2018. LOT 21, STRATTON HILL NoncE OF nrnoN o11 0 PAUL HOLTZ. AS KNOWN Admin tion. 301 North Park 24, 2018. app8a nc6, or imm6diat6ly Penonal R6p 6: ACCORDING TO THE To Ma tollowing Det damlsT: Admini ivaOld No. 1 18 HEIROFJACKW. HoLn, Av u,&od. FL >2771, mando R ni z upon r6c8iving this notification nanda N. Wlse PLAT THEREOF, RE- ANY AND AU UNKNOWN W you are a wkh a . t8|6phon8 nu (40 665- cBk otWe Courf irth6tima bato the Kh8dul 2630 s Oak Avanue CORDED IN PLAT BOOK PARnEs CL MING BY, d ilrty who needs any Del dants. 4227,art7daybeto your (CIRCulTcouRTsEAV appea& isl 5than 7day; Santord, Florida32773 38, PAGE(S) 9 92, OF THROUGH, UNDER, AND aKo ation in od to NoncE OF AcnoN 5d6dul8darfap 8,0r By: Su v rf you a h g or vo B AWomey tor Pe n THE PUBLIC RECORDS AGAINST GWENDOLYN part ip in Mi5 pm ing, TO: PAULHOLTZ,ASKNOWN imm 6 upon ng i Depu Clerk imp d, c,711. R8pr 6ntativ8: OF SEMINOU couw, INGRAM AIWA GWENDOLYN you ar nthl d, at no tO lo HEIRoFJAcKw.HoLn, notmcalion rf IB ti b6o F g,1&,q 18 W NEN n hand and T8 Lnda SolaEh-R8 FLORIDA u. INGRAM WA you, to Me pDvision otG8rt n DECEASED the Kh6du is L162B98 otthis court onthis 31 norida Bar Number 616559 AND GWENDOLYN u. EDWARDS, ass anG6. Pl contart CURREWTRESIDENCE I8N an 7 day; rf you a day otJanualy, 2018. 871 Oula Rd SleC BEGIN AT THE SOUTH- WHETHER S D UNWOWN tha ADA Coordin or, Court UNKNOWN haaring imp d, t,711. mando Rarm& ORLANDO, FL32814 866 WEST CORNER OF LOT PA TIES MAY CL M AN Admini5 &ion, 301 Norfh Park LASTKNOWNADDRESS F b ry g, 18 INTHECIRCU cl kotm8ciKuh Te phona: (321l 804-2915 21, STRA7TON Hly INTEREST AS SPOUSES, Av nu,Santod, FL 32771, 207CARRIAGEHIUDR L 162875 COURT OF THE Court Fax: (am 419-6057 AS RECORDED IN PLAT HEIRS,DEVISEES,G ES, ta6phon8 numbar (40 665- CASSELBERRY, FL327O7 NINTH JUDICIAL 8y: Swan vlz E-M |: linda ls awy&.Gom BOOK 38, PAGE(S) 90- OR OTHER CLAl 4227 leart7daybato your and CIRCU INAND FOR (CIRCU COURTSEAV aonda E-M |: into8 92, PuBuc RECORDS YOU ARE NonhED that wh du d urt ,or 186W.PRESTWICKCT. OSCEOLA COUN Dapu Cla I5 awya G0m OF SEMINOU couw, an a ion t r F w . ' im" i '8 ?p " M"g'h" 'Am'R 'K'' 8 'FPAuL OSCEOLA ORIDA F ryg, 16, 2018 F a g, 18 FLORIOA RUN THENCE Mortgag on 6 followlng nolmc&Dn h tha bato UNKNOWNSPOUSEO SE NO.: 2017 DR L1631O8 L1 896 NORrH 65 DEGRUS N deKribedpDp&ty: Me sch6dul aP '8 i' H ' NTRESIDWCE COUNTY LEGALS ALBERT "' D' MINUTES 56 SECONDS LOTS 60, 61, 62, 63. 64, than 7 day; rfyou a CUR c. D WEST ALONG A WEST- REPLAT OF NWOOD haaring imp,t,711. UNKNOWN p&rtio IN THE CIRCU IN THE CIRCU ERLY nNsloN OF PARK, ACCORDING TO D ed: Jan 22, 2016. LAST KNOWN ADDREN vs. COURT OF THE COURTOFTHE THE SOWERLY LINE OF THE PLAT THEREOF AS CURKOFTHE 207 CARRIAGE HIU Dg7 THE CIRCU u M. ESPINO NINTH JUDIC L EIGHnENTH S D LOT 21 A DISTANCE RECORDED IN PLAT COURTAND CANELBER FL327 OURTOF u' CIRCUrr IN AND FOR JUDICIALCIRCU IN OF 10.81 FE% THENCE BOOK 3, PAGE 30, OF COM WR w. PRESTWICKC ' ' D FOR g 8m. OSCEOLA couw. AND FOR SEMINOU RUN NORTH 01 DEGREES THE PuBuc RECORDS Hono bla G m CASTU ROCK co ao1grf,on SCEO COUNTY D "'" N flORIDA couw, flORIDA 45 MINUTES 56 SEG OF SEMINOU couw, M oy,PnmoN FOR cMLArnoN GENERAL ONDS @T 110.15 FE FLORIDA 301 Park ' `a " 'med'h gon ihg 'D : ,O,T DR WQE w ' CASE NO.: JuRlsDlcnoN THENCE RUN s 88 ha5 filed ag n you d Av6nuB to to clo a m rt a aminol g GE OF N,D ENTOR R -201 7-CA 2664 DMSION DEGRUS 14 MINuns you a u to &e a Santord, florida tolb ng pDP ln F Casa No.: 2013 CA 02 SKONDS EAST 10. copy ot your wriW6n d l s,32771 Cou,nori cK CAR RE: THE K : . 'N'R R'U" ' BAN NA, 6 FEET TO THE NO rf any, to h on Mk Ray 8 R. M ' 'HIU UNIT N a, n 6r rf6 U, N "PINO Pl l IW. Fad&al Na on Morfgage WEST CORNER OF S D Pi8Ka, uc, Sara (CIRCU OURTS2 R G vs. ci ion, LOT 21; THENCE RUN Collin5. An n6y t p m, D WB 3, ACCORDING TO T,Add THE UNKNOWN HEIRS. Pl ntiW, sow 01 DNREES 45 whos add is 225 EaA F,18 PLAT THEREOF. A WARRENFHOPKAu gu ARE NonnED mat DENsEEs,GRANnEs, v5. MINuns 58 SECONDS Robinson w, Suha 155, `'6'8" ' RD'D 'N p D F W. . . ac on ror p ion tor ASSIGNEES,UENORS. Michela ClauNen, & WEST 114.26 FEET TO O ando, fl 32a01 w hin 15, PAG" 'gRDs o' o, g ' M 8 % rt 'RED ORS, TRusnu, Dat dants. THE POINT OF BEGIN- thi (30) days a ar the fim PuBuc R" cou NG & Mlnor Chlld n OROTH C MANTS NoncE OF FORECLOWRE NING. publGatlon of this NOliG6 in IN THE CIRCU SEMINOU,tB R d CL MING BY, THROUGH, MU Any n cl ming an the H8 aR6 florida J wi5h COURrOFTHE " R'DA. own as 207 INocN hNnNcw rf y ` d ' y ' al UNDER,ORAG#NST.PNGY NoncE ls HEREBV GWEN inte in tha wplus hom Newsand leth6 origin wM EIGHnwTH ' m D" E HIU Dg TO WARS:p D,d' 6 py tyour WRIG DECEASED,&. pu uantto an o graming th6 s,rf any, oM6rthanth6 th6 CI6rk ot lis Courf ahh r JUDIC L CIRCUIT CARRIA en def ses, rf any, to rt on D6&dam(s). Molion to Res& F ow pD ow asotth8dat6or beto sa it6 on Pl nrm's OFflORIDA, INAND CASSELBERRY, FL 32707 ou ou ARE on ,sso,h, g6h,gY RMR ESQUIRE, NoncE oF^cnoN S a d ed D 19, M8lisp6nd sw fileatlaim aWom6y or immediat FOR SEMINOU b66nRI6d n youandcopr,f % grf b n fi . ne s aWom6y, whose To:THEUNKNOWN HEIRS, 201T, t&ad in Ca No. w in6OdayaR& es e. th othe se a delau couw a qui to sa e w ag nA gB d ,ha, you 2 s 7457 oma Ave DWISEES,G ES, 2013CA 98 ot a ci AMERlcANDlsABlunEsAcT will be ant ag nrf you CML DMSION or your wrmen detan,B . 1, Wlnter Park, FL ASSIGNEES.UENORS, Courtot 6EigM nMJudit ot19 lor 1h6 li6 d andad in tha Ca5e No.: 5g2017- an ton J8nnit8r N s qui . 92, on or beto the 26lh cREDIToRs,TRusnEs. ci um in and tor ainol6 mini aO &No.1 18 Gomplaim. CA 43O . ' w ga' " "d 'w d&gg ? p' a' ? ? wa"' ' '8' a"d fi!6 R THERcL MnNTs County, norid4 in w you a a n whh a WITNEM n hand and D on 14n-k Po Box Tam on o orf on,oaWaM prfa" Waongln wkhthetlerkotthls CL MING BY, THROUGH, Fadaral Na ion Mo gag6 di abil y who naeds any otthisCou mi5 16th day ot u.s.BANKNAnoNAL N6O1, (813) s ,hB fin Rugg, w o ka Courf 2 Courthouse Squa,UNDER,ORAG NST, PEGGY Associ ion is the Plain W and accommod ion in oTd8r to Janua ,2O18. Assoc noN. NOT IN ITS bato 30 g,ta,o, and fio, g d ,s. P h6 2,Nuimm,FL WRIGHT.DECEASED Mich6le ClauNen aka Mich6|I6 participata in is pDte6ding, GRANT MALOY INDl DUAL cAPAcnv BUT dat6 ot. g kh h C,B,B d ando n y Ava p " be' ca on MKnowAdd N: Claussen;TallT Commun you a entitlad, at no co to Cla ottha Court and soLELYAsTRusnE FOR ' "g' 6 h&b6to s B ,bB, Ma 5 601 rf' "& r .lm iata Unknow Association, lnc.: Unknown you, to the provision ot tertain ComptDll6r THE RMAC TRUST, SERIES thls c Plaint 's a ahe i8 'h6 origin w h g.c &. "' `' '' d ' a '`"8m Add N: Unhnow Tenant n1 ala th6 Datandants, awi5 anGa. Plaasa conta B : R. Adams 2016-CTT on th n y ba ant agalnst ANYAND AU UNKNOWN that Grant M oy, S inol6 the ADA Coodinator, Courf (CIRCUIT OURTSEAL) Pl ntm, or immadi e thaw, b q Court a, 2 Courtho, u lorthe ietd ed in PARnEscL MING 8Y, CountyCl&kolCourtwill sellto Administra ion, 301 North Pa Depu cl6 vs. othe isa, .a defau ,h,ia, bB,o u mm,FL 347,| nt. THROUGH, UNDER, AND the highestand b biddartor Avenue, Santord, FL 32771, F b a 2,8,2O18 UNKNOWN H"R" DN""" 8"'8'6d ag '" ' ' mp'ai T ' i a,P6thion8 h s tg'a".c u cum8nt5 AG NSTTHE HEREIN cash at, tha &inola Coun telaphone numb (40 665- L162932 GRANnEs,AsslGNEEs, d8mand8d '" m unEs you t,to do so '. C,availab ' "`'`d'"g d8"' NAMEDINDIVIDUAL Courthous6, Room J2O1, 301 4227atlea 7 daysbeto your UENORS, CREDrrORS AND AMERICAN DIS,tau . k Court' `h8 "6'k '`h8 D"'NDANT(S)WHO ARE North Pa Avenue, Santold. FL scheduledcourfap ce, or TRusnEs OF CARMEN " 9 tr iva0rdarNo.10-1g y be enl&ed again you v Bw ,hasa d m'a. ` u may NOT KNOWNTO BEDEAD 32771, beginning at 11:00 AM immedi e upon B8ivingthis IN THE CIRCUIT V ENTIN, DECEASED. Adm a a p6non wkh th6 lief damand6d in th6 quest. Gum8nts upon ORAUVE, WHETHER SAID on the 20th day ot Febwa,notmtation rf the time beto COU T OF THE CHARUS vAuNnN, w. ili who n ds any tompl nt,tourtdow n,s o,You mus, hBBp ,hB C,B owNPARnEsMAY 2018, the following dewribed the scheduled appea nce is EIGHTEENTH KNOWN HEIR OF CARMEN commodation in o,dB, to . pi sB nc,ud,ng og B no,=a C urt Court,s oMca sPou INnREsTAs p perty as s& forth in s d leN than 7 days; it you a JUDICIAL CIRCUIT VAUNTIN, DECEASED, garti'ipa'e i" this pDc88ding a,lab,a' ,ha ,a g f ourGuatadd GRANnEjH"R'| DENSEES, Fin Judgment, to wrf: hearing imp rad, call 71 1 . OF FLORIDA, IN AND GLORIA vALENnN, KNOWN W . OR OTHER LOT 113, TAU TREES, Dated Mis 29lh day ot FOR SEMINOU HEIR OF CARMEN vAuNnNl y u a 8 '8dl. ' " ' '` ? Circuh Court.s oMca. You A d w '8 N "'6 "`"8"' CL#MANTS ACCORDING TO THE Janua,2018. COUNTY DKEASED, CARMEN y ul,the pr vlsl n tca g v 6w masa docum6n,s upon Cow pp onda SuP me LartMowAdd :Unknow PLAT THEREOF AS RE- BROCK a sco PLLC CIVIL Dl SION GONZAW, KNOWN HEIR assi ance. Please co urt mu kB6p Ma CB F rm,2g,5,v6d Fami Law cun8mAdd N:unknown CORDED IN PLAT BOOK AWomey for Plaintm Case No.: 2017 CA OF CARMEN VAUNTIN, e ADA Coordinator, . . . Futu p in YOU ARE NonFIED that an 39. PAGES 36. 37 AND 1501 N.W. 49 h Street. Suite 002709 DECEASED, MARIA Administration, 301 No h Pa o, ,h6 C uh Court,s o c6 a lawsuil will bB mailadtolhe a n to fo&los6 a mortgaga 38, OF THE PuBuc RE- 200 u.s. BANK NATIONAL RASPO C, KNOWN HEIR Avenue, Sanlold, FL 327 5, mado, ou,cu, mgd gn, oMcaon &oldat h8cl6rk.s on Me following pD in CORDS OF SEMINOU Ft. Lauderd e, FL 3N09 AssoclAnoN, NOT IN ITS OF CARMEN VALENTIN, talephona numbar (40 ou g may IB Notica ot c . WARNING. Rula 122B5 "a 'a C unty, Florida: couw, FLO DA Phone: (954) 618-6955, e . INDWIDUAL CAPACITY BUT DECEASED. ALMA VEGA, 4227atlea 7daysbator a o App ,orida Sup ma F,onda Fami Law Ru, s o T 15, IN 8L0CK 1511, Any n cl ming an 4729 SOLELY AS TRusnE FOR KNOWN HEIR OF CARMEN scheduled tourf appaa g i 2'g,5,ved Family Law PD adu,6 6qu s c6rta,n BOR OINCIANA NEIGH- inte in the suplus hom Fax:(954)61&6954 THE RMAC TRUST, SERIES vAuNnN, DKEASED, et al. immadiatelyupon .bB 5 ,h ,awsuh,u papan n a,rfom ,c, d,K,o5u,ACCO D,VILLAGE th6 s e, rf any, oth than the FLCou Dow b ckandscoW. 2016 Tr D8t6ndams. notmcation rf the a,an: a d od ,6d,o,ha dowm an in,orma,ion p,AT THEG O THE pDp8rtyowarasot h6da 6or tom PlaintiR, NoncE OF hcnoN the Kh8dul8d rf,om ' ma cla 's F u,6 to compl, can ,BsuW ri RECORDED IN ' pg' thelis p8nd8nsmustfil6a cl m Fredrickson, hq. vs. TO: UN OWN HEIRS, laN than 7 da ; T wMin 60 days a ar th6 sal6. Florida Bar No. 85427 UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, DENSEES, GRANnEs, hearing imp red, call 7,flW RNING: Rula 122,% nsl includi g dismiu BOOK 3, AT PAGES(S) 17 AMERICAN DlsABILlnEs ACT F b ary 9,2D16 GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES. ASSIGNEES. UWORS, D ad:January22 E . p g Fami Law Rulg, ri hng ot pl dlngs. THROUGH 31, INCLU- ot 1990 L 162914 LIENORS, CREDITORSAND CREDITORS AND TRusnEs CURK OF . . ed: January 22, 2018. SWE, OF THE PuBuc Administr ive Ord& No. 1o-18 TRusnEs OF wALnR w. OF CARMEN VAUNTIN, COURT AN E ' `" ' o, % ' u RECORDS OF OSCEOLA lf you a a panon wkh a WAGNER AIWA wALnR DECEASED COMPTR G,an ll d'K' wg . h c uh couw, FLORIDA disabili who n66ds any IN THE CIRCUIT WERNER WAGNER, LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: Honorabl . s and lnt lon. Courf WA 658 MILAN DRM actommodation in 0 6r to COURT OF THE DECEASED, LARYSA UNKNOWN . M orth Park sanrtions,' mp . 'a" ? (CIRCUl L: KISSIMMEE, FL 34758 parficip e in this pm ing, EIGHnENTH WAGNER WA LARISA You are notmed that an at lon ' anu6 or rihng o "`d' g dlsml OURT SEAL) has baen fil6d ag n you and you enth d, no co to JUDIC L CIRCUIT ORESHWN KNOWN HEIR to lor lose a mortqage on the tod, Florida Dat6d:Jan d'"g 1 RU Ja, D6pu Clatk you a qui d to s6 e a you, to tha pDvision ot G8rfain OF FLORIDA IN AND OF wALnR w. WAGNER ldlowl g pDp8rty ln Saminole 32771 gMA g'RAM . . ; b. ,g,16, o18 copy ot your wen dBtBns assistance. PI8as6 nta FOR SEMINOU AIWA wALnR WERNER Coun,Fb d HOUOW- B :R. C orthe Cikuh L1627N byMawh27, 2018, on#b6rt8|li the ADA Coo inator, Cou couw WAGNER, DEC@ED, LOT 174, Law, PlaintiW's aWomay, whose Administr ion, 301 North Pa GENERAL WAGNER, KNOWN HEIR OF BROOK PHASE ll, AC- (CIRCU ou eddt8M is P.o. Box 23028, Avenue, Sanfod. FL 32771, JuRlsDlcnoN wALnR w. WAGNER WA CORDING TO THE PLAT Depu cl (CIRCU" ' 2 THE CIRCUIT ampa, FL 33623, and file the talephon6 numbar (40 665- DWISION WALTER WERNER WAGNER, THEREOF AS RECORDED F g, 1 L,62B15 F b & a ' 830 "H' b q al whh this Court B h 4227 al least 7 days bato your CASE NO.: 59-2017- DECEASED, WINIFRED IN PLAT BOOK 36, PAGE 5 5a ic8 on Pl mM5 schaduled courfapp6aranc8, or CA-002132 STUFFLEBAM, KNOWN HEIR THROUGH7, INTHEP - ' ' 'L16 U ICIAL aWomey, or i iat&y immediately upon &eiving this WILMINGTON SAVINGS OF WALTER w. WAGNER uc RECORDS OF SE - AND FOR hereaW othe ise, a detauW notmcation rf the ime befo FUND socl FSB, D/BIA AIWA WALTER WERNER NOLE COUN FLORIDA IN THE CIRCUIT OSCEOLA couw, will ba anta d ag n you the 5ch8dul6d appaa nce is cHRlsnANATRusT, NOT WAGNER, DECEASED, common known as 3612 COURTOFTHE IN THE CIRCU ORIDA tor th6 liat denanded in M6 leN than 7 days; rf you a INDl DUAUYBUTAS RICHARD WAGNER, KNOWN 8lSCAYNE DR, wlNnR EIGHTEEN' CUIT IN F TH L IL AcnoN compl m or p6trtion. hearing impm d, c,711. TRusnE FOR HIUDALE HEIR OF WALTER w. WAGNER SPRINGS, FL 32708 ha5 been JUDICIA' MINOLE CIRCU `DICl .: lt yDu are a person whh a Dated this 29th day ot TRUST. AIWA WALTER WERNER fil6d ag nrt you and you are AND F R LORIDA oscEoi N AND FOR MF 'A- "N- di'abi' y wh n86ds any - Jan . 2018. Plaintm, WAGNER,DECEASED,CAROL qui to se e a copy of COUN TION FLORIDA ' `N CTBANK NA gccommodation in old& to BROCK a sco Puc vs. ANN WAGNER, KNOWN HEIR your wrman detans6s, rf any, CIVIL | articipate in this pDc88ding, A omay for Plai iW DANNY AUEN, at al. OF wALnR w. WAGNER to h on Jennrfer M. koW or CASE Ng ,4 sTEE ,OSE ASE NO . 20,7 CA vs PlaintiW, you a 6ntkl8d, at no cost to 1501 N.W. 49th Sl 6t, Suite Defandants. AIWA wALnR WERNER Kass Muler, P.A, pl nti 's 2 "'AAS TR,690Rg E UNKNOWN HEIRS, :, to lh6 p vision of cerfain 200 NoncE OF ncnoN WAGNER, DECEASED, anomey, whos8 add N . i' ""BAN N.g EGlsTER Plaint ' ' ENSEES, G EES ,hai5tanc8. Pleasa tontart Ft. Laud8rd 6, FL N3O9 To: REGINA L DIXON, 117 JEFFREY WAGNER, KNOWN P.o. Box 800, Tampa, nonda INTRUSTFO,ADA Coordinator, Courf Phon6: (954) 618-6955, a . LEON ST, ALTAMoNn HEIROFWALTERW.WAGNER M6O1, T&13) 229-,on or HOLDERSOFWAMU ASS -,ASSIGNEES, UENORS, Adminishation, Ostaola Coun 4729 SPRINGS, FL 32701 AIWA WALTER WERNER before 30 days tDm the finl BACKED cE TIFlcAns NY UNKNOWN PERSON(S, EDITORS, TRUSTEES, Courthous6, 2 Courthouse Faw: (954l 618-6954 usnR INGRAM JR 5440 WAGNER, DECEASED, at al. d e of publication, and file WAMU SERIES 2007-HE4 IN POSSESSION, COTHER CLAIMANTS Squa,Surf6 6300, FLCourtDow brockandsto . AMAZON ST, ORLANDO, FL Datendants. the original wkh the CI6rh of TRUS a"da" i hcnoN,D ING BY, THROUGH, KiNimm86, Florida 34741, com 32773 NOTICE OF AcnoN this Court ehhar befo se ice Pl nli,nc Now Ess,oN B, E,R AG NSTl CECIL (40 742-2417, at least 7 days Kara Fredrickson, Esq. UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS, on lha PlaintiW's a me? ' LVIAFOSTER WASYLVIA " IN Pos,NON. DECEASED, beto your stheduled tOU Florida Bar No. 85427 usnR INGRAM JR 5440 DEVISEES, GRANTEES, or imm8diat8ly 'h8 a e" FosnR eta 163 N' da, St et . . etendant(sT. peatance, or immediately Feb ary L g, 2018 AMAZON ST, ORLANDO, FL AS GNEES, LIENORS, oth&wisa, a d6tault wlll b D ,andan, R jCHEDULED s, C lo FL,477 daad a, To TH ncE OF hcnoN,&eiving this notification L162913 32773 CREDITORS AND TRUSTEES ent ag nst you forth6 Rlie . . time b6to he Kheduled r MELINDA JACKSON N/WA OF WALTER w. WAGNER demandad in Wa Complaint. NOTIC' SALE i i v,and i,n,6,e,b,| g NKNowN HEIRS, appea nce is lass than 7 days; MELINDA FULUR, 1 17 LEON AIWA WALTER WERNER AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT NoncE s HEREBY KNo,m ng, ga,ns, AN cRED,To RANnEs, it you ar6 haaring or voice IN THE CIRCUIT ST. ALTAMoNn SPRINGS, WAGNER, DECEASED of 1990,a,va O,dB, No,g GVEN Punu t lo an Ord hrough, under . ',ENORS. impai d, call 711. COURT OF THE FL 32701 CURREM RESIDENCE Admi:. a,6. a panon .wrfh a R scheduling ' '8" " POSSESS p'R' N(Sl,OR OTHER i TEEs, WITNESS my hand and the EIGHnEw JENNIFER MIUIGAN, 117 UNKNOWN ". il y who n6eds an, Sale datad Datamb6 e o hav,ng o,d,partias CLA,M,NG BY THR TS saal ot this court on this 2nd JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN LEON ST, ALTAMoNn LAST KNOWN ADDRESS d commodation in ordar to 2017, and ent&ed in CaC,w ghj ,k,a n, ' ha?e a"y UNDER,OR GAINS 'H' day ot Feb a,2018. AND FOR SEMINOLE SPRINGS, FL 32701 UNKNOWN arficipate in this pmaeding 2017CA 246 o, ,u ,c, p,o d6Kn,n ,hB ALGERNON DECEAS, ECIL Armando Ramir COUN FLORIDA JENNIFER J. RIVERA, 117 KARYN WAGNER, KNOWN,| Cla ot th6 Circuk GENERAL LEON ST, ALTAMoNn HEIR OF WALTER W.WAGNER you ara entkled, at no to ?o Courfot.the Eight Sami N OU ARE HE EBY tMown Add w: Court JURISDICTION SPRINGS, FL 32701 AIWA WALTER WERNER you.toM6pDvi'i " "erta'" " 'k '" a" da in wh. IED Ma an a ion Cu w" . By: Suzan Vlz DIVISION LAST KNOWN ADDRESS WAGNER, DECEASED aNistanc8. PI8a58 conta Coun,Flor as T s,aa ,n gs .gn,o Bvirt a, panons WALT Add N.Unknown (CIRCUIT COURT SEALT Case No.: 59-2012- STATED, CURRENT CURRENT RESIDENCE tha ADA Coordinator, Court Ckibank, N. s,a,ad Ho, dBsb B Bd on,h ,o,ow ng La wnGERNON Depu Clark CA- 85 RESIDENCE UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Administ lion, 301 No h Park tw tor . Asse,Bac d % d pa aN oi Lo, : own Add N: F b ary g, 16, 18 WEUS FARGO BANK, N YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an LAST KNOWN ADDRESS Avenu6, Santordl '` """ ' Wa WaMuS6ri s2O - North Lois 403 g AN nt AddreN: Unknown L163181 Pl ntm, artion to fo closura Mo gage 224 DOVERWOOD ROAD ,alaphona number I40 665- Ce ltlcat is ,h6 p,a n, W es gg a all GROVE p g ,o ALL UNKNOWN vs. covering lhe following real and FERN PARK, FL 32730 4227 at I8ast 7 day' be' '8 ' `' H'4 ' ?i "8'. ". a' a' ster the ' ' a" o,d UG 'N' B'| IN THE CIRCUIT Jabir Chatoo AIWA Jabir M. penon p perty described as UNKNOWN SPOUSEOF stheduledcourfappearance, or JamesE Chatoo; me Unknow Spouse folbws, to-w : KARYN WAGNER immedi e upon receivingthis E. Fo er a James,45,n h o, as, Pag6 NST HE ER, AND COURT OF THE Ot Jabir Chatoo WA Jabir M. LOTS 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, CURRENT RESIDENCE noM tion rf the time betore Sylvia Foster a .p o, k Bco,d DEF D ,ND, D REIN NINTH JUDICIAL Chatoo; Tahera Ch oo WA REPLAT OF WINWOOD UNKNOWN the Kheduled appearante is Foster,Unhnown Parfy p bli i,onda NOT DANT(S) ARE CUIT, IN AND FOR Tahe Jabir Chatoo: ma PARK, ACCORDING TO LAST KNOWN ADDRESS leu than 7 days: rf you are Juan Wi'liam'| '"k" W,no,e g ,h6, Cou n h n, OR WN TO BE DEAD F, EOLA COUN Unknown Spou5e OtTahera THE PLAT THEREOF AS 224 DOVERWOOD ROAD h6aring impaired, call 71 1. m nMa ClaBc sB i,Gu hB n ahh a, ,oc ,ad OWNp ER S D CIVl 'DA Chatoo AIWA Tahara Jabir RECORDED IN PLAT FERN PARK, FL 32730 D ed: Janua 22, 2018. are detendants, h . Dl SION Chatoo; Gulamabbas Ja 6r; BOOK 3, PAGE 30, OF CAROL ANN WAGNER, CURK OF THE County cl k ot th h h 40, p h haW ot L sPou INnR ' Cas6 N: 49-2009-CA- me Unknown Spouse Ot THE PUBLIC RECORDS KNOWN HEIR OF wALnR COURT AND Court wil' " ' ' cash . . E GRON PAR,HEIRS DEVISEES g, 23-MFQ-a Gulamabbas Ja er, 6t OF SEMINOLE COUN w. WAGNER AIWA WALTER COMPTROLLER and best bldd6r to,ION: 22