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February 9, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 9, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, FEBRUARY 9, 2018 PAGE TB newspaper exists at tha time Rua Maximiliano Demarchi Record the no ice or sale in Vlclor Espa a, 500 Eagle Llian Onah, No 18 Warehouse,the undanign6d t stee's enhip lnt8r6st in all Resi- defined in the Declaration ot publishing. lt you tail lo 350, Jardim Andrea Demarchi. the Publit Records of Orange Dr Apt 101. Ka . M 77449- Rd Apapa, Lagos, NIGERl 1 receipt ot your signad objertion dential Units numberad tor use in Eath yaar(s). me cure the etault as 58t to h Sao Bernardo Do Campo, Coun,Florida; and (3) Publish 7042 lrais Espa a. 595 Leahy,Season-Float Week/float form, the tor8clo5u ot the 501-506, 508-510, 512- Usage Right ot the vol is a in this notica ur taka olher BRAZIL 09820-400, 1/2 All acopyoflhe noticeot5aletwo,Ciwla East, Des Pl nes, IL Unit, 1800-1835, 44 H0LE, morfgage with Pspert to the 514, 516-522, 601-606, F!oating Use Righl. appropriate artion with regard Season-Float Wee Float Unit, (2) tin es, onte each week, tor 60016 Naguiby Huerta, 2606 5l'11201 4. 1 0698/27 4, detauW sp8cifi6d in this notite 608-610. 612-614. 616- COUNT x BRISTOL T. HINES to this foreclosure maWer, you 80-503, 43/0DD. 101812016. two (2) successiva weeks, in RaincPst Dr, Ka,N 77449, 818,322.3O, $10.88; Adebola shall be subjert to the judici 622. 701-706, 708-710, One (1) Vacation Owner- risk I05ing ownenhip ot your 10809/6344. $903.46, $O.OO: an Orange Coun newspaper, lsrael Huerta, 8427 Le ie St, Adeyemi and Adebowale toreclosure proceduP only. 712-714, 716-722, 801- ship lnterest ( vol having timesha interest through the Mario E Vlllag n Hernandez provided such a newspaper Houslon, M 77075-4725, 1 Adeyemi, 10 12 Athelslan Rd,You hava the right to ture 806, 808-810, 812-814, a 84,000/695,141,000 un- twstee foreclos re p cedure and Jessica Villagran Lujan exists at the time ot publishing. All S6ason-Float WeeMloat Flat 2, Margate Kent Ct92ba, your defauW in the manner set 816-822 and nona othar d vided tenant-in-common e ablishad in Sertion 721.855, and Mariana Vlllagran Lujan lf you fail to cure the default,L nit, 2600-2627, 49/WH0LE, ENGLAND, 1 All Season- torth in this notice at any time located in Building entitled fee simple hartional Own- Florida Stat es. You may and Ma G Lujan Hernandez, as set to h in th s notice or 81112015, 1 263/206,Float Week/Float Unit, 1800- bafore the tw ee's sale of your "Building 6, Phase Vl." ership lnte in all Resi- chose to sign and send to Miguel Angel D6 Quavedo take uther appropriate attion 81O,445.68, $6.96. 1845, 27/WH0LE, 9/6/2015, t mesha interest. lf you do not me vol d6scrib8d above dential Units numbered the undenignad twstee an 110, Fraccionamiento La with regad to thi5 to closura Fab a g, 16, 2018 1 076215856, $1 2,506.94, objecl to tha use ot the twstee ha5 a(n) Annual Ownarship 163-171, 173-177, 263- objerti n form, exercising your Favoma, C6laya Guanajuato maWer, all sums due and L163161 $10.36: Ronaldo Santos Cunha toreclosu p tedure. you will lnterest a5 d6scrib8d in the 271, 273-278, 363-371. right to obje to the use ot the Mx 38033. rn lco, 112 All owing under the Note and and Helena Cris ina Da Silva not ba subje o a deficiency Declaration and such Own- 373-378, 463-471, 473- twstee to closure p c8dur6. Season-float V eaMloat Unit, Morfgage shall be accelerated CLnha. Av Marques De Barana judgment even if the p ceeds enhip lnterest has been al- 478, 563-571, 573-578 Upon the undanignad twstae's 80-508, 3010DD, 10/19/2016, and will become immediat6ly NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 349 Bloco 2 1606, Bairo Centro, hom th6 sale of your timeshare located 84,000 Points as and none oth6r locat6d in Pceipt of your siqned objaction 10789181 12, 83,987.26, 86.37; due and payable. Addkion ly. INnNT TO FORECLOSE Nito e, 8RAZIL 24030 215, 1 inta st are insu cient to o set defined in the Declaration Building entitled Building form, the loracosu ol the widgi Ma elin, 560 Purdy as a suW ot the defauN, you WESTGATE LAKU,FILE:,Season-Float WeeklFloat the amounls secur by the tor us6 in Each yea s). me 4, Phas6 lv." lian wkh sp6rttoth8 detauW Ln Apt B3o2, Lake Worth, risk los ng owenhip ot your 01w Unit, 19O0-1915, 24 HOLE, morfgag6. By. GREENSPOON Usag6 Right ot the vol is a me vol described above spetified in this notic6 sh,FL 33461-1466, nina R timeshare intePst through the Punuant to Settion 7/1 01201 5, 1 063719003. MARDER, uP, T stee. Floating U58 Right. has a(n) Bi6nni Owner- be subi6 to the judicial Ward Shahid, 13705 twstee foreclosu p cedure,721.856, Florida Statutas, $1 3,359.43, $10.83: Maria EXHIBIT NAn - NoncE OF COUNT lll: SHARON ship lnt6r6st as d85crib foPclosure procedu only. Oak Dr. Tampa, FL 33613, 1 established in Section 721.856,lh6 undenigned T stee a5 Jo5y De Freitas, Rua Marina DEFAULT AND INTENT TO ROSENBORO and JAMU in the Declaration and such You have tha right to c re your All Season-Float Waa Float Florida Statutas. Any right appointed by wEsTGAn Crespi 232 Ap 14, Mooca, Sao FORECLOSE ROSENBORO Ownenhip lm&est has detault in the manner set torfh Unit, 80-602, 39/WH0LE, you may have lo instate tha LAKES, uc 8 ina 6r Paulo sp, BRAZIL 03112 090, Owne s)/Obligo sl, fimesha One (1) Vacation wner- bean allocat6d 168,000 in this notice at any time betora 1 101201 7, 201 7/1 00848, mortgaga aWer accal6ration rete ed to as Westgate") 1 All Season-Float Week/Float lnt ert, BuildingWnk, Week, ship lnt6rasl ( vol") having Points as defined in the the und6rsign8d t stea.s sale 84,159.49, $9.81; Loren L will be pursuant to tha t6rms hereby tormally notifi6s you Unit, 1900-1924, 431WH0LE, D6fauW Date, BooklPage ot a 52,500/804,860,000 un- Declaration tor u58 in Odd ot your limeshaP inta st. lf you Gonz az Gordillo and Julian A ot the mortgage. You may that you have defauWed under 4/1 5/201 4, 10709/341 1,Racold8d Morfgage, DefauN divid8d tanant-in-common yea s). me Usage Right ot do not objacl to the use ot the Velasquez Vagas, Ca era 7C choose to sign and send to he No e and Mortgage by $22,150.04, 813.o7; Johnny T Amount, P6r Diem nount: tee simpla lrartional Own- the vol is a Floating U5e twstee toreclosura p cadure, 138-71, Apa am6nto 204, the unde ign6d,st86 ha tailing o make the payment Nowon and Candite s Nowon, Alex Tak6shrfa and Flavia p e hip lnterest in all Resi- Right. you will not be subject to a Bogota, COLOMBIA 110121, enclosed objerfion torm, due on (See Mibit '.A' an 5463 Bluegrass Dr, Collega B Takashha, Rua Monsenhor dential Unrfs numbered COUNr xl: PmR WALCH deficiency judgment even if 1/2 #| S6ason-Floal w68h exercising your right to objec all subsequenl payment% Parh, GA 30349. 1,Season- lvo Zanlor6nzi 1759 Apt 609, 679-686, 688, 690-698, and BRENDA WALCH the p ceeds hom tha s e noat Unk. 9 104, 17/EVEN, to the use of he twstaa You cu ent ow.e Westgata Float WeeMloat Unit, 1900- cumiba. BRAZIL 81210 000, 779-786, 788, 790-798, Ona (1) Vacation Owner- or your tim8shar6 inl6rest 1 011 41201 6, 201 615891 24, toreclosure prot6du . Upon the amount of (See Exhibit 1937. 3 H0LE, 811712013, 1l2 Fixed WeeMlo Unrf, 879-886, 888, 890-898, ship lnlerest (.'VOl") having are insuMcient to oWset the $4,058.04, $6.75: on Douglas lhe undenigned t stee's A whh inteR acc ing at 10615l1362, 82o,291 .40, 80-206, 51nvEN, 9/2812016, 979-986, 988, 990-998, a 84,0001804,860,0 un- amounts s6cur8d by lhe lian. and Clara Douglas, 1 1 BaWiew &eipt ot your signed objerfion the e of (See Exhibrt A") $9.91: Yesenia p Rivera an 1045413308. 83.985.3o, 85.42; 1079-1086, 1088, 1090- divided tenant-in-common By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Blvd, BaWiew La Romain, torm, the toreclosure ot the per day, wkh gard to the lsmael Rivera, 301 E 2nd St lran Hi m Benhez, 4132 Fm 1098 and none cther lo- fa6 simple hartional Own- LLP T stee TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 1l2 All mortgage wkh respart to the tollowing real pDper located Unit 202. Hialeah, FL 33010, 813, Waxahachie, M 75165, c ed in Building entrfled ership lntarast i,R i- EXHIBIT Ah - NoncE OF Season-Float WeeMloat Unit, default specified in this no ite in Orange CouW, Florida: 1 #| Season-Floa Weeklfloat 1 2 #| n-noat k Building 5, Phase v. denti Unrts numbered DEFhULT AND INTENT TO 90-105, 310DD. 10 1012016, shall be subje to the judicial (S6a Exhibrf A Tlme Sha Unit, 19 1937, 34 H0U, noal Unk, 8 208, 32 MN, . me vol dascribed above 679-686, 688, 690-698. FORECLOSE 1087816968, $4,01 2.68, $6.24; foraclosure p c8dul8 only. lme st(s) (See Exhibk A 10115 2015, 1 079411 6, 6121 1201 6. 104541N1 o, has a(n) Bienni Ownar- n9-786, 788, 790-798, Owne sVObligo s), Tlm har6 Stephen W Silvar and Sandra You have the right to cure accolding to the fimesharing 81o,678.72, $9.58; Vlrtor H S4,N6.74, 84.54; J R ship lnt8r6st as daKribed 879-886, 8B8. 890-898, lnt8r85t, Bldgl Unit, Waekl G Silver, 2155 Essex Ln, yourdetauWinthe mannerset Plan for the Wa gata Lah85 Rive and Rosalinda Ramo5, Fish6r and Jay J FI5h in la Declaration and such 979-986, 988, 990-998, sign6d Ye DetauW Date, Morrirtown, TN 37814, 112 All torth inthis notic6 anytime |, recorded in tha OMcial 64 CaDlina Ava, Hempstead, 21 8urma Rd, No h Bewch, Ownenhip lnl& has 10T9-1086, 1088, 1 0- BooWPage, unt Of Len, Season-Float WaeMloat Unit, batora lhe twstae's sale ot your Records Book 5020, at Pag6 NY 11550, 1 All Season- ME 039,1/2 #| Season- bean allocated 105,000 1098 and none o her lo- Per Diam Amount 90-107, 4810DD, 1011012016, timeshara inte . lr you do not 327, of the Public R6co s ot Float Wa6Mloat Unrf, 1900- Float W6aMloat Unk, 8 Points as defined in the cated in Building anthled CARLOS A 823 DEVON 10323R210, 82,225.16, $2.58; objert to the use of the twstea Oranga Coun,norida (the 1953, 191WH0LE, 11132014, 404, 4&0DD, 9/16n016, Daclaration for use in odd "Building 5, Phase v." DR, S NT MARYS. GA Enrique A Rib6ra Mo no and fo closur6 protedu,you will Plan2. Tog6her wrfh the 1078618224, $15,342.42, 1046113447, $3,902.70, yaar(s). m6 sag6 Right of me vol d6Kribad above 31558, 1, 1-5728, 11v2013, Maria G S6nat6 Hurtado, not be subjert to a deficienty right to occupy, punuant lo $10.17; David Perez and Otelia S4.51; Fabio R Gold8n 6in tha vol is a Floating Use has a(nT Bi ni Ow&- 35 H0U, 201 7 78348, Barrio Magisterio Norfe, Uv 77 judgment 8v6n if th6 proc ds the Plan, Building(sWnh(s) R6y8s, 6778 NW 1 cl, Magate, and Eug6nia F Finkelstein, Right. ship lnte st as d6strib6d 84,48o.83, S2.21. Mz 12 Lote 32, Santa C z, homlhesaleotyourtimeshare (See Mibh A,during Unk FL 33063, 1 All Season- Caph Can a 1331, COUNT lv. ABDEWIZ in tha Detlaration and suth Feb a g, 1&, 18 BOLIVIA. 1n Fixed int ta insuMcienttoo et w88k(5) (Sae Mibrf A"), Float WeeMloat Unit, 1900- A5uncion, PARAGUAY Dina SADEO Own ship lnte st has L163O59 floal Unk, 90-401, 5VEVEN, the amounts aul8d by th6 during signed Y6a s), (Sae 1955, 12N H0U, 5132014, Yael Rosem&d schmenbauar One (1) Vacation Owner- been alloca ed 168, 0 1011912016, 20161164191, morfgag6. By: GREENSPOON Exhib A . 10. 0 Tu ey 1070913676, $17.1 16.58, and Damian Mawelo ship lm6r8 ( VOlwl hav- Points as defined in the 84,27o.85, 87.91; Nalalia s MARDER,L Tw ae. Lake Rd. O ando, FL 32819, $10.06; T ncko Lopez and Gold8nsl6in, G6n8r Sa os ing a 308,0001691 .998,000 Decla tion for use in Even NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Valanzuela, 162 BDadway, HIBIT A - NoncE OF Building mer n Tln Share Yanet Lopez, 121 Fe s Ave, 988, Asuntion, PARAGUAY, 1 undivided tenant-in-com- yea s). me Usage Right of INnNT TO FORECLOSE Pa uck&, Rl 02860-2204, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Plan plopert Addr8N"). As Wke Pl ns, NY 10603, 1 #| se -no weekmoat mon tee simple f rtional the vol is a Floating Us6 wEsTGAn LAKU nLL Ca os D Valanzuela, 38 Pa FORECLOSE: a &uW ofthe af tioned #| Season-Float weeklnoat Unrt, 8 501, 8 502, 3v Ownanhip lnt in all Right. .01 Straet Pawtuck6t, Pa ucket, Owne sTIObligo s), Tlmesha detauW,We gale h6 by el s Unit, 19 -1965, 29 H0U, MN, 1V0DD, 611712016, R idenli Unks num- COUNT wl: FANNIE Punuant to Sertion Rl 02860, 112 All Saason- lnte st, BuildingWnit, Weak, to,the PDp8rfy pu uant 4/1&2016, 1 9&2943, 1045413943, . $10,663.92, b8r6d 1179-1186, 1188, LUWS 721 .856, Florida Sla utas, Floal W68Mloat Unit, 90- Default Data, Boo Pag6 ot to Se ion 721.856, norida 84,48O.2O, $4.44; Courage $3.73; #do Ma ioWa and 119 1198, 1 279-1 286, One (1) Vatation Ower- th6 undenigned Tw ee as 501, 29nvEN, 10 1g/2016, Recorded Mortgag6, Detault Statrtes. Please be advised Aw orand RubyJAwmor,Po Xin na Ma io 4 25N w 1288, 1290-1298, 1379- ship lnt ( vol.) having appoint6d b wEsTGAn 20161143045, 83,531 .56, Amount, Par Diem Amount: that in the evant that your Box Ct 2108, Actra, GHANA, 76 St Apt 202, Hi eah, FL 1386, 1388, 139 1388, a 84,0001410,091, un- LAKES, U e inaR $5.54: Harold A Gil Citu6ntes, Bwca E Bu 6ss and Nancy oblig ionisnotb ughtcu ent 1 All Saason-Float Wea Flo NO16, 1 2,n-float 1481-1486, 1491-1496, divid6d tenant-in-amon tenad to as We gate"T 4510NaedleP mDr,NewPort L Bugass, 700 Kanilworth flncluding the payment ol any Unit, 1900-1965, 47 H0LE, W Mloat Unk, 8 506, 10/ 1583-1586, 1591-1594 tee simple tra ional Own- he by torm notmes you chey, FL34652, 1,Season- Ave Apt 720, Hamilton, ON. fe incu ed by W65tgat8 in 31271201 4, 1069812944, MN, 1 112015, 1o461l3239, and none other locat6d in enhip lnle st in,Resi- th you have detauWed under Flo W86Mloa Unk, 9 CANADA L8T4Y8, 1 2,com Pncing this for losure $1 8,277.40, 81 0.36; Kei h S3,892.2o, $1.87; Stanley R Building e itled Building dential Unrts nunber tha Note and Mo gage by 510, 29 H0LE, 10 11 2016. Season-Float W86Mloat Unk, p@8N) w hin Wirty (30l Whe and Mich8|6 Whit6, 102 Lewis and Yolanda p Lewis, 5, PhaseV." 731-746, 831-846, 933, f ling to mahe e paynent 1082011110, 85,631.64, $8.58; 900-928, 20nvEN, 1 v2013, days hom tha fim date of s M n St,Angola, NY 14006, 31 Tripp Tenace, Hampton, VA ma vol descnbed above 934, 937-942 and none du6 on (See Ewhibh A and BB A Cooper, 716 Zebu Pl, 1 025313926, S3,15o.46. publication. the undenigned 1 #| Season-Float W66klfloat 23666, 1n #| Season-Floa has a(n) Annu Ownenhip othar loc ed in Building all subs6qu8nt payems. Fort My6n, FL M913, 112 All 84.23; Joga A Rodriguaz and Tw ae sh,pD w h ha Unit, 21 -2134, 341WH0LE, w kmoat Unk, 80 02, 341 lnta st as describad in the entitlad Building 2, Phase You cu antly owe We gate Season-Float weewnoat Unit. quidamia Rodriquez, 207 s 8orth8PDp8rtya5pDvid8d 312812014, 107235200, MN, 9n3n015, 10505 2394, Daclaration and such Own- ||." the amount of (Se6 Exhibk 100-13B, 3110DD, 1011212016, NE 24th Te ace, ape Cor,in Sartion 721.856. honda S18,189.65, $10.16; Vlctor 87,4O9.45,S5.X;#inaAzzi Da enhip lnte st has baen al- ma vol d85crib8d above A"T wiW intere aKwing 20161434910, S2,181.o6, FL 33909 Ramon Ab u and Stat es, in which casa. tha L Rodriguez and Evalyn M W u,Rua dre Poente 12 locatad 308,000 Poims as has a(n) Bienni Ower- the rate ot (See Exhibrt A $3.M: Maiara M Malos De Maria R Ab u, 515 4th St. und ignad T ea sh |: (1) Diaz Rodriguez and Marta E Apto7O2,Porto ,8RAZIL dafined in the Detlaration ship lnt8Bt as destribed per day, wkh ragald to Me Sales, Rua Joge Simoes 156, Apt3 D, Union CiY,NJ 07087, Pro de you wM wrmen notice Vasquez, 20 Ave Sur 3A 5A 900N150,112,n-noat tor u5a in Each yea s). m6 in the Declaratio and suth following real pDp6r located Bonfim, SalvadDr Ba, BRAZIL 1/2,S6ason- loat w kl otlhe sala, including the dat6, cale Poniente No 19, Ba o W Mloat Unk,2& U5ag6 ght ofthe vol is a Own6rship lnt has in O nge Coun,Florida: 40415210, 1/2 All Season- noat Unit, 1500-1526, 461 time and location th&aot: (2) Santa Lucia, Santa Ana, EL ODD, 1wn015, 10715n938, floating Use Right. been allocatad 168, 0 (Sae Exhibk A") Tlme Sha Float Weaklhoat Unit, 100- ODD, 1121201 3, 1 0488149, Recold the notice ot s 6 in SALVADOR, 1 All S6ason- 86,897.6o, $6.01: Tanya s COUNT v. ZEN DA P. Points as defined in the lnterest(s) (See Exhibrt A") 15A, 231EVEN, 10111120|6, $4,66z.08, $5.83; Denise A the Public R8colds ot O nge Float WeeklFloat Unit, 2400- Martin and lison Hanry, QTAN and ROZEN G. Decla tion tor usa in Even according to the fimesharing 1o878l62o4, $2,699.06, $4.17; Fonsaca, Shin Qi 07 Coni 03 Coun,norida;andT3TPubliEh 2413, 34 H0LE, 3115/2014, 4870 O eans Ct Apl B, West DOLUNTE yaa s). me Usage gM ot Plan tor the We gate Lakes. Rodrigo B6rcocano Do Amaral Casa 06, Brasilia, BRAZIL acopyotthenoticeots etwo 10662/544, 815,O15.15, 87.62; Palm Beath, n N415, 1 2 All One [1) Vatation Owar- the vol is a hoating Use Bod8d in the OMcial and J8Nita Maia, Avenida 71515, 1 #| Saason-Float (2)times, once each week, ror my nenDeco aandMariba Saason-float weekmoat Unl ship lnt6r6 ( vol having Right. Recods Book 9580, Page Maginal 1455 Apto 32 Bloco WeehlFloatUnh, 1700-1714,81 two (2) succ8Miv8 waeks, in,De Costa, 2136 King Cross St, 80-606, 1110DD, 1111412016, a 168,0001626,821 ,ooo un- COUNT xlll: KAREN BOAN 608, ot the Publ R olds of 04, Bai o - Cidade Arison, WHOLE, 11V2013, 103041203, an Orange Coun newspaper, Christian ed, Vl 00820, 1 All 1 74, $3,453.71, 85.75; divided tenant-in-common One (1) Vaca on Owner- O nge CouW. Florida (the Parapicuiba, BRAZIL 06395 $7,850.76, g1O.16; C stal A p vided such a newspaper Season-Floal Weeh Float Unrt, Frank M Cotk ll, 117 tee simple tra ion Own- ship lnlar6 ( vol having Plan . Together w h le 010, 112 FlxedWeeklFlo Unit, Tumage and Cha 85 A Tum e exi s at the tima of publishing. 952, 24 H0LE, 3/812015, Ridget Dr, Calara, OK anhip lnterast in all Resi- a 84,0001441,210,000 un- right to occupy, punuant to 1 34 7/0>D, 10114J2016, Jr, 5169 Jon6Wa St, Mamp s, lt you f,to cu the defauW 1 0803 71 50, $14,166.57, 75181. Jeri D Cotk ll, 2412 dential Unrfs numbare divid6d tenant-in-co n the Plan, Building(sVUnh(s) 10866 6465. 82,72O.2O, $3.31 ; TN 38109, 1 #| Season- as set torm in Wis notica or $9.84. Shiloh Ln, Mesquha, M 101-106, 108-110, 201- tae simple hartion Own- (Sae Exhibh A,during Unk Lalasha Rowell, 5211 Roshni Float WeeMloat Unk, 170 take oth& appDpri a a ion F ary 9, 16, 18 75181, 112 #| Saason-Float 2,208-210, 212-214, e hip lnterest in,Resi- Waek(s) (S Exhib A,Tar, Mcl6ansvill8, NC 27301, 1741, 21 H0U, 11212013. w h regard to Mis roraclosu L163163 Mloat Unk, 9 101, 491 216-222, 301-306, 308- denti Units numbared during Ass ned Yea s), (Sea 112 #| season-noat Weekl 1o323l8112, $7,850.76, $8.44; ma &, l uM due and MN, 6/11/2016, 10571 5825, 310. 312-31q, 316-322, 131-144, 146, 231-246, Mibk wA . 10,0 Tu ey FloatUnh. 100-45C, 3&EVEN, Jimmy 86ltran Rolon, Rr5 Box owing undar me No e and S4,622.4O. 85.2a; Martha 401-406, 408-410, 412- N1-346 and none other Lake Rd, O ando, FL 32819, 10 1&2016, 10940 1267, 8190, Toa AWa, PR 009N, 1 Mortgage 5h,be acc6| at8d NoncE OF DEFAULT AND SingleQ, 13 Snake Rd Lot 414, 416-422 and none located in Building enthled Building e in fime Shara 82,347.6o, 84.38; H6n Rous6 All S8a5on-flo Weeklhoat and will becon immediate INTEM TO FORECLOSE 31. Lu on, NC 28358, other located in 8uilding Building 2. Phase ll." Pl ( Dpe yT Add M ). As andLo ainaORouse,5156Pat Unrf, 1700-1754, 171WH0U, due and payabla. Addrfional,STGATE NWS v nLE 112,n-noa &rtkled Building 6, Pha me vol d b abova a uw ot the or tioned Pl,W85tPalmB8ach, FL3mo7, 1/2l2013, 10293 1735. a5 a uW ot the d6fauW, you 2g .01N noal Unk. 9 1 . 1TnvEN, N." has a(n) Bi ni Ower- d6tault, W6 gata he by ele s 1l2 Fixed WeeMloatUnit, 100- $7,850.76, $9.75; S vador risk losing own6nhip ot your Pu uant to S ion 6 20 2016, 10440 4, S3,425.96, ma vol d8Krib8d above ship lnle as d bed to 5ell the p p&ty punuant 51B, 6nvEN, 1011512016, J Zaragoza Rios and Hilda tim6sha inte thDugh the 721.856. Florida Stat es, 83.69; Adriano Borfolin and has a(nT Annu Ownanhip in he D6cla tion and such to &ion 721.856, Florida 1O866 5O90, $2,591.96, 83.92; c Gonzal6z Marqu6z, 3639 t staa toBlo5u procedure the undenigned T st86 as Palricia om, Rua Nat 327 - lnt as d6scrib6d in the Owenhip lm ha Slatutes. Please be advised Ana L HernandezRamirez, 130 BDk8n BDugh Dr, Dum es. establishedinSettion721.856, appointad b WESTGATE Apto. 2003-Bloco B,Goiania. Dec ration and such Own- b86n locat6d 168, lhat in tha evant at your 37th St Apt 2, Union c y, NJ VA 22026, 112 All Season- Florida Statutes. Any right LAKES, LL 8 inaW6r BRAZIL 74815 705, 112 #| enhip lnterest has bean al- Poims as defined in the obligationis notblougM cunam 07087, 112 #| Season-Float Floal WeeMloat Unk, 170 you n y have to instata tha fened to as "W6s gat8") s6ason-noat Mloat Unh, located 168,000 Points as Declatation tor use in odd rlncluding he pay nt ot any W klfloat Unh, 1 54A, 27l 1764, 43lODD, 1 2 2013, mortgage aWer acc8|6ration hePby tormally not es you 90-301, 30 EN, 1v13n015, defined in the Detlaration yea s). me Usage Right ot t68s inw ed by We gate in ODD, 1011 1n016, 1101415290, 1 026218698, $4,700.30, will be pukuant to th6 tarms M you have d6fauW8d und& 10573 8563, 84,28o.88, S3.o4; tor usa in Each yaar(s ma the vol is a floating Usa tommencing i5 fo&losu t2.724.4O,S4.4O;GaryLSmith 85.99; L86 R Roussel and ot the mo gage. You may the Note and Mo gage by Ch eLAustinandLnwood Usag6 Rightotthe V,i a R ht. pDc8Nl wrmin irfy (30) and Lnda R Smrfh, 84 B ad T8r8saRouM8|,PO8ox121O, choose to sign and send to t ling to mahe the Pgy t J SmM, 7737 L6dan Ava, floating Use RigM. OUNT x ROBERTO days hom the fim d e ot A Rd, B hopville, sc Madisonville, LA 70447, 1 ma und6nign8d twrt Me due on (See Exhibrf w l d Jackson lle.FL322o8,1n,couNT :sANDRAMARnN OSPINA and FANN publication, tha und signed 29010, 1 1 2 #| S n-Float,S8a5on-Flo wnoal 8ncl058d obje ion rorm,wbsequent p ams. saason-noat float Unk, On6 (1) Vacalion Owner- BERMEO DE OSPINh T st sh ltp c88d whh the W86Mloa Unh, 10 53A, Unh, 2 0-2011, 16 H0U, ex&tising your right o obj You cu tly owe 6stgat8 302, 3&MN, 7 8n015, ship lnt T'.vol' having One (1) Vacation Ownar- sal8otth8PDpa yaspDvid 100-NC, 100-ND, 11nvEN, 1111&2013, 10263 838, to Me u e ot th6 tw 6e 6 noum of (See Exhibk 1 4249, S6,728.oo. S4.69; a 166,0001735,459,000 un- 5hip lme ( ol") having in semon 721.856, norida 47EvEN,25nvEN,1011512016. $23,827.67, 81O.8O; Rrth to&bsu pm6du . Upon -A w intere acGwing at Wllliam G M D6 Olivei and divid6d t6nant-in-comnDn a 84, 35,459. un- Statutas, in which,th6 1084714103, 86,o17.2o, Zerqua and Jose A Pe z, ha und&sign6d tr 's Me te ot (S66 Mib .A Celia Regina Gi lui5i, Rua tee simple ha ion Ow- divided t ant-in ommon undenigned Twrtea shall: (1) S9.29; Juan Francisco 1815 WoodbDok Dr, Samm,r eiptofprsiqnadobj ion per day, w h r6ga to the PDt8sm P6dr ra Da Frekas enhip lnt t in all Rasi- t68 s mple hac on Ow- Provideyou whh wrmen notic6 Arbelae and Lui5a Fernanda AL 36575, 1 All S n-Float lorm, the toretow of We followlng raal pDp8rfy located 372 Apt 91-F, Sao Paulo, d6nli Unks num enhip lm st in,R i- otthe 5 8,indudinglhe dat6, Gomez, Kilom6tlo 18 vla WeeklFlo Unit, 2300-2315, mortgag6 with sp6 to me in O nga Coun,Florida: BRAZIL ON12#2, 1n,901-906, 908-910, 912- denti Un s num time and,ion Wa ot; (2) Ce tos Cartago, Rese a Del 361WH0LE, 112812013, defauW sp8Gm6d in this notite (See Exhibrf wA") Tlm6 Sha -noat kmoat u7.h, 914, 916922, 1001-1006, 901-9,90&910, 912- R od th6 no c6 ot s e in Campast Apto 211, Peraira, 1 026312079, 822,767.52, shall b6 subj6rt to tha judici ln e stTsl (Saa Exhibit .A") 90-408, 45 0DD, 10n12015, 1 &1010, 1012-1014, 914, 916922, 1 1-1 , e Public ds ot o g6 COLOMBIA, 1,S8a5on- $9.48; Ma Dawa B RodrigL8z toreclowra procedu only. atcording to tha Timesharing 1 3548, $6,300.84, $4.67: 10161022, 1101-1104, 1 8-1010, 1012-1014, CouW, Florid4 and (3) Publish Flo WeaMloal Unk. 8 306, and Cha ie R Carino, 729 You hav6 th6 right to cure Plan tor the W8stRat6 Lak85 Susan E lrm6n, 3647 Larthmont 1106, 1108, 1109, 1112- 1016-1022, 1101-1104, a topy ot e noti ot s e two 80-308, 45 0DD, 20 MN, Nav o Way, Oxna,CA yourd6f uW in thamannars& v, Bord8d in t e omc al p ay, Toledo, OH 43613, 1114, 1117-1122, 1201- 1106, 1108, 1109, 1112- (2) m,6ach w tor 10114 2016, 1060115622, 93030, 1 #| n-float formin mis no G6 at anytime Records Book 9580, a Page 1,Saason-Float 1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, 1114, 1117-1122, 1201- two (2) suKeNiv6 weeks, in 85,341.42.88.16. w86hlnoa Unk. 23 befo thetw 'ss eotyour 608, otth6 Publit R6cods ot flo Unrt, 90-501, 90-502, 1212-1214, 1217-1222 1204, 1206, 1208, 12 , an O nge CouW new F b ary9,16, 18 2323, 19 H0LE, 114n013. ti rna inte st.ltyoudonot O nge CouW, Florida (the 35/0DD, 40nvEN, v6no16, and none othar lotat6d in 1212-1214, 1217-1222 pro d6d such a nawspap& L163164 10295 T656, S22,967.52. ob to the use ot etwstae Plan"). Tog&her whh the 10439R396, S8,5o5.64, 87.39; 8uilding 8mitl6d "Building and none other lotat6d in exists e lin of publishing. $9.54; Emasto o d to losu pr ure, you will right to octu y, pu uant to Dominic VDlant8 and San 6, Phase ." Building enlitled Building lt you t,to wre M6 datauW icia P6 z anto. 9605 notba subjartto a deficienty e Plan, uilding(s)Wnk(s) Juan a Gu6 9 N 49 h me vol daKrib6d above 6, Phas6 vl." as s& to h in lhis nolice or NoncE OF DEFAULr AND Langston Mill Rd, Cha on&, judg t6v8n rf 16 pm86ds (See Mibk A,during Unk t,MQB,M785O1.1,has a(nl Annu Ownanhip ma vol destrib6d abova take oW& appropri B artion INnNT TO FORECLOSE NC 28216, 1,n- homthes eotyourti&a U5) (s Exhibh A,-floal kmoalunrt. lme t as daKribad in the ha5 a(n) Bienni Ower- wkh ga to this foreclosu WUTGATE LAWS,FILE: Float WeeMloat Unh, 230 int a in rmciemto o & duri gk qned Yea s), (s68 90-505,27 H0U.111612016, Decla tion and suGh Own- ship lnte a5 d8Krib8d ma &,sums due and .0131 2333, 19 H0LE, 11V2013, the anDunk s u d by w6 M. . 10,000 Turkey 105 n725, S9,743.82, S8.3o: enhip lm has al- in he D laration and such owing under the Note and Punuant o Sa ion 10311 2499, $6,109.84, S5.1o: mortgaqe. By: GREENSPOON Laha Rd, O ando, FL 32819. C lo Saha and Ta loQ 166,000 Point5 a5 Ownenhip,has Mortgag6 shall be acc8|6ra 6d 721.856, Florida Statutes, Dallas L B tcher, 229 Spring MAR R,LL ,T ee. Building merein Tlme Sha Sahaggio.3O8 igan Place. dafined in ha Detla lion baen aUotat6d 168,000 and will become imm8diat6ly th6 undenigned T stea as Ln sw, Mableton, GA 30126- HIBIT Nn" - NoncE OF Plan (PD rfy) Addr8N"l. As Nim . fl 34759, 1,tor use in Each yea m6 Poims as defined in e due and payable. Additionally, appointed b WESTGATE 2457, Conni6 s Bratcher, 27 DEFnuLT nND INTENT TO a rasuW ot tha atoramantioned season-noat w66kmoal Unh, Usage ghlottha v,is a Decla tion tor use in Even as a PsuW ol the delauN, you LAKES, LL marainawar Co age Dr Apt 1203, Newnan. FORECLOSE: d6fault, w8stgat6 haraby el6 s 9 601, 90-601, 23 0DD, 341 noating Us6 Right. yea s). ma Usage Right ot risk losing ownenhip ot your t to as Westgate ) GA 30265, 1 All Season- owne sVobligo s), fimeshare to sall the ropeZ punuant EVEN, 711&2016, 1050012728, COUNT |: PArRICK r. the vol is a no ing Us6 timesha intwt through Me he by torm ly notifias you Float W86 Float Unk, 230 lnte st, BuildingWnit, to Section 721.8 6, Florida $6,569.47, S6.44; Raphael c WAWER and SONIA DUWS Right. t stee tor lo5ur6 procedu hat you have defaultad under 2335, 31 H0LE, 11212013, w86 DetauW Dat6, Book/ Statutes. Please be advised De Oliv ra and PriKila Da WALKER ALL wkhin Me Condo- e ablished in &ion 721.856. h6 Nol6 and Mortgage by 10311/T38, $7,850.76, $3.74; Paga ot R6cold6d Mortgage, that in tha 6v6nt that your o s Fonseca, Rua p hos One (1) Vaca ion Owner- minium Properfy submi ed norida Stat es. Any right failing to make th6 paym6nt Jimmy D Wathns and Cha oWe DetauW Amount, Per Diem obligation is not broughl cunant Da Silva 200 Ap o 1,Baino ship lnt8r6 t ("vol") having to the Tlm8shaT8 Plan ot you may haveto instatethe due on (See Mibh '.A and A W hns, 203 Mo s St, unt: Ab m K How6|| [lncluding the payment ot any - Jardim Guanabara, Rio a 154,0001626,821 ,ooo un- FAIRFIELD ORLANDO AT mortgage aWer accala ion,subsequent payents. Kings Mount n, NC 28086, 1 and aunda Howell, 816 tees incu 6d by Westgate in De Jan D, BRAZl 112,divided tanant-in-common BONNET CREEK RESO ,b6 punuant to the t6rms You cunant owe W85tgat8 All Saason-float Wee float Sumn& DrApt 14. FayeWevilla, commanting his toBlosuR n-noat Mlo Unit, tae simpl6 ha ional Own- A CONDOMINIUM ( m6 of Me rfgaga. You may the unt ot (See Exhibit Unk, 2300-2336, 46 HOU, NC 28303, 1,on- pro M) wkhin thirty (30T 9 609. 17 0DD. 4l1 2016, enhip lnte in,R85i- Resorf Faciliy). tog&h choose to sign and send to A") whh intere accwing al 3125 2014, 10328R207, flo ee Unh, 1500- daSs hom th6 fir data ot 10521 ,s4,685.40,a.82. dantial Units numb6 d whh all appurfenances th6 undanigned t stee the th6 rata ot (See Exhibk A $7,287.95, 83.o7; FloNi6 B 1N6, 20 H0U, &6 015, pu lication, the und6rsigned F b ary g, 1&, 18 101-106, 108-110, 201- the to, acco ing and enclosed obj ion torm, per day, wkh gad to lhe Allen, 703 Colqum Cir. #bany, 1 0412789, $10,669.12, Tw ee 5h,pDt88d wkh the L1 162 206, 208-210, 212-214, subjert to tha Decla - exe ising your right to obje following al p pe y located GA317O1 DBois Holm6s, 402 s 88.91; Jacqu&in6 Pagan and s a or tha Property a5 provided 216-222, 301-306, 308- tion ot Condominium tor to the use of the t ae in Orange CounY, Florida: Madison St, #bany, GA 31701, Pablo Gomez, 10 Union Ave. in Setlion 721.856, Fbrida 310, 312-314, 316-322, F m&d O ando at 8onne foraclosure pm6dur8. Upon TSee Exhibk A"l lme Sha 112 All Season-Float Waekl F-4, No alk, CT 851, 1 Statutes, in which tase, Me 401-406, 408-410, 412- Craek R o a Condo- the und8nign6d twstee's lntarast(s) (See Exhibit "A") Float Unk, 2400-2421, 161 All season-noat WeeMloat undanigned Twstee sh |: (1l IN THE CIRCUIT 414, 416422 and none minium. Bord6d on June ceipt ot your siqnad objection according to th6 fimesharing EVEN, 11212013, 1030319181, Unit, 1700-1712, 17 H0LE, Provida you whh wrm6n notica COURT OF THE oth locatad in Building 8, 2004 in omti Racods form, the to tosu ot th6 Plan for the W85tgat8 Lah85 $3,150.46, $5.23; AWila E 512512014, 1 R077, ot lhe 5al8, includinqthe date, NINTH JUDIC L e hled wBuilding 6, Pha58 Book 7475, Page 861, et mortgage wkh r6sp6 to th6 |, oded in Me O cial Szoradi, 8693 Bardmoor Blvd 816,179.55, $8.73; Michael F time and location t a ol; (2) CIRCU IN AND FOR ." seq, Public R8tord5 ot defauW specmed in Mis notice RaGords Book 5020, Paga #101, Seminole, FL 33777, Parillo and Laticia R Perillo, 751 Recod the no iG8 ot s a in ORANGE COUN me vol dewribed above Orange County. norid4 rn,be subjert to the judicia 327, of the Public R6cords of 1/2 All Season-Float Waakl Lyons Rd Apt 18107, Coconul the Public Recods of Oranga FLORIDA has a(n) Annual Ownanhip as he tofo or h&aaWer to&losu procedu on . O n2e CouW, florida (the Float Unit, 2 2424, 45/ Craek, FL 33063, 1 #| Season- County. Florida; and(3) Publish CASE NO. 201 7-CA- lnte as d6scrib6d in the ded (colle ive,the You hava lh6 right to cur6 Plan . Tog6th& whh the EVEN, 11V2013, 1031&4699, Float WeeklFloat Unh, 1700- a copy of tha notica of sale lwo 7353-0 Decla tion and suth Ow- Decla tion"). yourdetauWinthe mann& set rigM to oKupy, punuant to $3,150.46, $6.05; S aty L 1736, HOU, 3 7 2016, (2) timas, once each week, for WYNDHAM vAcAnoN enhip lntare has baen al- at Publit sala to the highesl forfh in this notice at any time the Plan, Building(sWnitTs) KraR and Michael G Kra,36 1 7 7465, $8,183.49, $8.03; two (2) sutc8Niv8 weeks, in RESORTS. INC FnvA loca ed 154,000 Points as and b6st bidder for cash befo lhehustee's s e otyour (s Mibrf A . during Unit RotkyC ek Road,Ta onville, T ill L Smrfh, 2410 NW 159lh an Oranga Coun na paper, F RFIELD RESO rS, definad in the D8Glaration starting at the hour ot 11:00 timesha in 6ra .ltyoudonot W68k(s) (See Exhibh wA T, NC 28681, 112 #| S6ason- T&, Opa-Locka, FL NO54, p vided such a n8w5pap8r INC FnvA FAIRFIELD tor use in Each y6a m6 o'clock a.m. on Mawh 7, 2018. objecttothe use otthet stee during Assiqned Yaar(s), (See flo WeeMloat Unh, 2400- 1 #| Season-floal Weekl exi s atthatim6 otpublishing. coMMuNmEs, INC. A Usag6 Rightof heV li5 a m858 to&lo5ur8 sales will toRclosu procedu,you will Exhib A". 10,000 Turkey 2425, 43nvEN, 11v2013. Float Unh, 17 1745, 50 lt you t,to cu the detauW DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN, floating Use Right. be held online M6 tollowing not ba subj to a deRciency Laka Rd, O ando, FL 32819, 10303R173, $3,150.46, 85.36; WHOLE, 1v6n013,1066N20, as set torfh in his notice or Pl ntm, COUN ||: MARIE JOSE web5ke: www.myorang6cl8 . judgment even rfthe proceeds Building me in "Tlma Sha Edwad Maloney and Judkh 817,9O3.85, 88.66; Maria taka other appropriate artion vs. LAHOUD r6aWoreclos6.tom. Pl f6r homthe s e otyourtim85ha Plan pDp8 y) Add ss ). As Maloney and Janine #len H6|8na To es and Maria lzilda with gad to this to&losu UUNAISYACAND 6 One (1) Vacation Own6r- to this w8bsh6 r compl&e inte are in5umci8nt to o et a sult ot the afo m6ntion8d and Chauntier Malon6y, 17 To,Rua Minas Ge s 428 maW all sums due and Detendants. ship lnt8Bt ( VOl") ha ng det ls. the amounts sacu d by the detauW, Westgata herabyelarts Charmian Avenue, Stanmora, Ap o 18A, Bai o Higi6nopolis, owing und8r th8 Not8 and NoncE OF SAU a 1 4,000 725,592,000 un- Any penon claiming an inte st mortgage. By: GREENSPO N to sell the PDp8 y pursuant ENGLAND HA7 1LL, 1 All Sao Paulo sp 01244-010, Morfgaqa sh,be acc&er ed NoncE ls HEREBY GMN divided tenanl-in- mmon in tha suplu5 hom the s 6, rf MARDER, u,Twstee. to Section 721.856, Florida Season-Float WeeMloat BRAZIL 0124 011, 1,and wil b6com8 immedi e that punuam to th6 Fln t simple ha ion Ow- any, othar than the pDp8rty Hlalr n - NoncE OF Statutes. PI6as8 ba advised Unit, 2400-2426, 35 H0LE, S8a5on-Float WeaMloat due and payabl6. Addhion ly, Judgment ot FoBlosu enhip lnt est in all Rasi- owar as ot e s 6 d e ol e DUAULT nND INTENT TO that in Me event that your 512412015, 1036915102, Unk, 1800-1813, 45 H0LE, as a sultotthe detauW, you t on Febwa 1, 2018 denti Unks numbe d lis pendens mu fil6 a cl m FORECLON: obligation is not brought cur nt $4,666.23, $2.63; Hen L 212&201 6, 1 0789/T783, risk losing ownership of your in th6 cause pending in the 501-506, 50&510, 512- wkhin 60 day5 aW& the s 6. owe sVobligo Tlmesha flncluding the payent ot any Freeman and De Ang8|85 $11,148.58, $7.49; Susan c timashar6 interast through the CircukCourt,in andtorOrange 514, 516-522, 601-606, Tara c. Ea y, E5q. lnt,Buildin nk, Wee lees intu ad by Westgate in p Freeman, 807 lbaria St Covin4on, 1120 StuWasant tw ee loreclosu pmedure County, Florida, Civil Case 608-610, 612-614, 616- Florida Bar NO173N5 DetauW D 6, Boo Paga of comnPncing this to closu Tr ler 8. FranWin, LA 70538. AvB. Tr&rfon, NJ 08618, 1 established in Sertion 721 .856, No.: 2017-CA- 735JD, the 622, 701-706, 708-710, Gasdick Stanton Ear,P.A. Recodad Morfgage, DetauW p c8M) wkhin lhi y (30) 1l2,Season-Float Weehl #| S n-Float WaaMloat florida Stat 6s. Any right omG8otTmanyMoo RuNell, 712-714, 716-722, 801- 1601 w. Colonial Dr. Rnoum, Per Diem unt: day hom the fim data of Float Unk, 240 2426, 49l Unh, 18 -1821, 47 H0U, you may haveto Pin at6th6 Orange County CI6rk otCourt 8 . 808-810, 812-814, O ando, F 32804 Ma o A Lma, 17g03 Oah publitation, the undanigned EVEN, 1n12013, 10303R184, 911712014, 1 76 236, mortgage aWer actela tion will s6|| e p p&ty shuated in 816-822 and nona othar Ph. (40 425-3121 Bayou Rd, Damon, TX 77430- T ee sh,proceed with the $3,150.46,$6.21;DanaD Kel,$15,652.61,S9.93;R ph Bravo will b6 punuant to tha terms s d counlydewnbedas: loc 6d in Building entitlad Fx (40 425-4105 96N, Bianca Lm4 9907 s e th8PDp8rfyaspDvid6d Po Box 1057, B dwin, LA and Corinna N Hemandez, ot the mortgag6. You may COUNT ll: wMaERLY ^ Building 6, Phase vl." E-m |: ts gs law.Gom Gamet F ls Drive, Rosharon, in ation 721.856, Florida 70514 Sandra M Washin4on, 278 Union s,J&say c,NJ choose to sign and ad to N OW ma vol d6Krib8d above AWomey for Pl ntiW M 77583, 112,S6ason- Statrtas, in which case, the 212 Patritk Dr, Schriav,07304-1514, 1 #| S n- a undenigned twrtee the One (1) Vata ion Ow&- has 4n) Annu Owanhip Punuam to Rule 2.516, Float W86Mloat Unk, 80- und6nign6d Twstae shall: (1) LA 70395, 1n #| S6ason- Float weekmo Unh, 18 - 6ncl0s6d objertion torm, rnip lnta (vol ha ng lm&e as d8scrib6d in the you a hB by notm6d the 307. 5 EN, 10 1u2016, PDvid8 you whh wrmen notice Float WeeMloat Unk, 240 1835, 39 H0U, 4113n014. 8x61 i5ing your right to obja a 84, 25,592, un- Daclaration and such Own- d ignal,add toF 10793R334, S3,596.46, $5.23; otthe s e, including tha date, 2433, 50nvEN, 1/v2013, 1067617467, S14,995.14. to the u58 ot ha twrt66 d d t am-in-com 6nhip lm& has - the aWomay : k ga w. Cassio armo and Ma i Brmo, time and location th6r8of; (2T 10303R169, $3,150.46, $6.21; $8.04; Sunday A Onah and to&losu pDc u . Upon t npl6 h n Ow-,6d 154, Poims tom.