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February 8, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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February 8, 1980

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Paoe 4, HERITAGE, Florida Jewish News, February 6, 1980 Editor's Desk By Oene Starn, W.ditor & Publisher Here's Your Chance To Tell Us What You Want It's not as easy as you might think, putting out this newspaper each week. One of the more difficult tasks is finding the subject matter for this column. So today, I thought rd make my job easier and ask you to help me out. What would YOU like to see in HERITAGE? Now, keep in mind that we do have some limitations. After all, we are a paper for Jewish people, primarily about Jewish interests that you can't find anywhere else. It's really because we're a Jewish paper that, instead of being able to field a large editorial staff to come get the news from you, we must rely on you largely to come to us. It has to work differ- ently for us, for many reasons, and that's why I'm coming to you. We try to cover as much of the local news as we can, and even do some digging for off-beat stories about interesting people. Even here, though, we're limited because of the size of our staff and the little time we have to get.all the " information necessary. Maybe you can give us a hand here, by letting us know about some of the interesting people you've met that others would like to hear about. Then there are special features. From the comments we get when we miss one now and then, we know that "Scene Around" is popular. But our writers can only write about the people they hear from. So you have to let them know who is having a celebration, a simcha, or has had some unusual happening, or whatever. Give us a call, or drop Us a line. Business news? Sure, but tell us about it. Do you want more book reviews, theatre reviews, movie reviews? What are your feelings about the coverage we give to the synagogues, the Federation, the organ. izations, the JCC, and all. Too much? Too little? We've got some great ideas for a strip cartoon with some Jewish characters, but we can't find anyone with the talents to put it on paper. Or even an editorial cartoonist to satire some of the local happenings. Where's the talent? Oh yes, we've thought about an "Action-Line or Advise Column," and we'll start it as soon as we get the time, the personnel (oh yes, and the money) to support it. We've even got the title: "Tsouris Line." What do you think? How many out there would like to see a Jewish stamp-collecting column? Or chess? Or coin-collect- ing? Or Rummy-Q and Mahj? Is there anybody who would like to see more news for singles? For seniors? Or just for us middle-aged schleppers ? What about more about our Jewish religion? Maybe even a Yiddish piece, or even some Hebrew? We're always trying to upgrade the paper so that there is something in it for everyone. But you are the everyone we're tailing about. We don't know it all here at HERITAGE. We try, but some- times just trying isn't enough. We need to know what you want. We want you to like this paper, because we work at it... just for you. So, here's your chance to help us. Israeli Journalist Tells Florida Women... it's Tim e ,to WAKE UP! by TINKER SALE HERITAGE Staff Lrael television producer and veteran journalist Israel Amitai told a small group of Jewish women last week that "you better wake up and do some- thing dunng what is becom- ing a critical time for Jewish history "because nobody else will." Amiti traced a swingaway from support of Israel by both the news media and govern- ments themselves by several of Israel's former, traditional friends. "Holland has a long and honorable tradition of helping Jews," Amitai said. "The story of Ann Frank is only one in a long line of such help. Today Holland is pressing us very hard to talk to and negotiate with the PLO, and for a Pales- tinian state." Denmark, he said, in which the king had walked through the streets with the yellow "Jude" star on his arm in support of "his" Jews during the war, "now doesn't have one good word for Israel. Neither does Norway, or England." Of France, Amitai said that there "is not an alley in the world in which France has not prostituted itself for the Arabs, for oil. They have sold atomic components to the Arabs in the alleyways of the world." Amitai commented that most of the world's major press has turned away from Israel. Siding with the Arabs, often unjustly, he said, the Israel AmitaL television pro- ducat of more than 1,000 films, author, lecturer and journalLst, is a native Israeli. He served in the Haganah dncthe age of 15. in desh Agency regiments in WVII and in the War of Inde- pendence. He is convicted an expeJt in public affairs and mass communications, having been editor of one of Israel's most important dailies, Davar, a journalist and author of what critics call "a proilc and impressive output." A frequent wodd- traveler, Amltai speaks six languages and has lectured in most of the world's Jewish communiUes. press "has gradually come to tell us constantly how wrong we are." He cited the example of the sudden, world media event over Israel's intention to expel West Bank Mayor Shaka for alleged terrorist sym- pathies. "There were 75 muslims beheaded about that time and nobody paid the slightest at- tention. There is little about the bloodshed in Ireland, or the Muslim world. But if Israel tries to expel an Arab, every major paper in the world shouts about it." Speaking of the peace process, Amitai said that most Israelis chase the dream and hope of peace far more than they grumble about inflation. Giving back the Sinai, he said, is taking an enormous risk, placing every home within range of potential enemy guns, "like a policeman tak- ing off his bullet proof vest." Yet, Amitai, said repeatedly, "it must be done to give peace a chance and we did it. llingr' "It is hard to make you understand," he stressed, "for peace we have a heart of joy, yet we are very, very scared." Amitai offered what he called an "extreme example" of how ordinary Israelis face the infla- tion and the future. He told of friends of his who, like every- body else, agreed that limiting one's family is important. "Now," he said, "they have talked it over and decided to have a 'spare' child, so that if anything should happen to the other two, they have a 'spare,' a third child." "What can you do here? Let me tell you simply three things. You who are so comfortable here in Florida, and I have no wish to insult you, here's what you can do." First, he felt people should take time to become actively interested in political affairs, as intelligent observers, making sure the government knows how its people feel. Second, he urged people to support Israel, "the only stable democracy in the mid-easL" Third, Amitai told the group, "Most probably, for the last 2,000 years the Jews have given the wodd too much. It is terrible to say, but it is true. We have given scientists, medical miracles, great musidans, great artists and philosophers, the Einstein and Salks, writers. "We gave and we gave and never asked anything in return. We contributed endlessly to well-being. "Now we should say '!eave us alone. Stop persecuting us, pick on somebody else for a change r' "Go home," Amitai said, "and look in the mirror. Ask yourself, 'Am I fulfilling my commitment to Israel, to. Jews7 "If you can say "yes,' that's good. If you answer 'there are other years, there's always next Purim,' you. better wake up. You better wake up and do something, because nobody else will." A few woed00 about... Each week we get mail from many readers with some artide or story they across from another publication share with others. Most of them are Here at HERITAGE, we receive a great enjoyment and enlightenment from We would like nothing better than to for all to see. But we are governed by of factors that just doesn't make it thatl Before we can reprint something source, we must know where it oric first printed it), who wrote it, when, and not it is protected from reprint by a With this information, we can written permission from the author or reprint it in our publication. We must also determine if the articlel already received such widespread a goodly number of our readers seen it. And we must decide if the article enough, and still timely enough to precedence over some other local or item that would be more interesting to readers. How all of this is not meant to from sending us these articles--no, coming--but also please send us all tion you can about which publication appeared in, the issue date, who wrote I And our sincere thanks to those already sent us material, we truly Editor Rehing 55,000 Jewish readers each week in and Pinellas editions. Published by Hedtage Jewish News, Inc., 207 O'Brien Road, Fern Second-class postage paid at Fern Park, mailing offices. SubscdptionS: $11.00 per calendar year to ($1.00 more to te rest of the U.S.) and thereafter. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 742, Fern Park, GENE STARN, Editor and Publl" EDITORIAL: Managing Editor. Tinker Barbara Coenson-Roth; Correspondent, Joe Belier; Contributors, Linda Amon, Ellie Moss, Anita Tritt. PRODLICTION: Elaine Starn, ADVERTISING: (Orlando), Gary Winder; Solar. TAll NATIONAL. ADVERTISING REPRESEN Jacobs Organization, New York City. For ADVERTISING RATES and PHONES: Orlando (305) 834-8787 or Members of Jewish Telegraphic American Jewish Press