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January 26, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 26, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 26, 2018 PAGE 11B FIWO and MARLENE DE Notica ot DetauN and lntent to May3O, 2014: O.R. Book 10751 FL Tota Due: $9,526.61 as ot admini rative, aN8ssman and Mortgage r6coldad on July tor administrative puposas: 11433; Mo gage retodad on MELO REIS DOS SANTOS, Fo closa sent via Certifiadl at Pag6 3685 Public Racods ot August 2, 2017, inta st 83.9o ownenhip pupos85 by 3500 16, 2015; O.R. Book 10951 208 in StaySky Vacation Club July 27, 2016; lnstwment No. Notice ot DatauN and lntent to Regi M Upublication to: O ng6 County. FL Total Due: per diam and Aw8Nm8nls StaySky Points. at Pag6 8900 Publit Records Tw ( Twst' evidanced tor 20160386516 Public Retods Foreclos6 sent via Certifiedl 446 4th Ave, Moline, IL 61265- S23,489.46 as of Juna 15, in the amount ot 81,866.65: MARGARITA GERENA ot Orange County, FL Tot admini5trativ8, ass8Nm8nt and ot Orange County, FL. Tot Registe d Mai publication 1112; Morfgaga recoded on 2017, inte st $9.82 per di6m: describad as: A timesha UBRON, Notice ot Delau Dua: $12,583.64 as ol Augu owanhip puposas by 2500 Du6: 813,579.75 as ot Augu to: Rua Silvio Daige 165 Apto August 29, 2016; ln wment described as: One (1) Vacation e ate as defined by Sarfion and lntam to For6closa sant 2, 2017, inta rt S5.25 per staSZ Points. 2, 2017, ima $5.78 p 8 Jadim T6 ba, Guawja, No. 20160454157 Public Ownanhip lnte st ("vol' 721.05, Florida St kas, via C8rfifi 8gi &6d M U diem and s in DE Rl KMUSEandNIAMILKA di6m and um8nt5 in sP 1 1440-550 BRAZIL; Reco s ot O nge Coun,having a 128,000 626,821,000 more lly described as: a publication to: Po Box the amount ot $1, .00; BAKER, Notite of DetauW tha unt ot 81,846.19; Mortgage&odadonJanua FL Total Due: $11,195.52 undivid6d lntere in units StaySky inter6st (numbe d 1631, YABUCO PR 00767; d85crib8d as: A li& and lntent lo FoBlos6 s6nl d scribed as: A tim6shar8 12, 2016; lnA ment No. as ot June 16, 2017, inte 101-106, 108-110, 201-206, tor administr ive puposes: Mo gage Bord8d on Janua astate as d6hnad by &ion via certmedlRegiste d MaiU est e as defined by &ion 2016 19348 Public R6cords $4.58 per diem; d6Kribad a5: zo8-210, 212-214, 216-222, 2129) in StaySky Vacation Club 13, 2016; lnstwm6nt No. 721.05, Florida StatLrf6s, publication to: 2204 HERO DR, 721 .05, florida Slahrfa . of Orange Coun,FL. Tot On6 (1l Vacation Ow6nhip 301-306, 308-310, 312-314, T F Twst 6vidanc8d for 20160o2o856 Public R6cords more hlly d8wrib6d a5: a GRETNA, LA 7O053; Mo gag6 more hll d6Krib as: a Due:$12,851.51 a5ofJun816, lme st (vol having a 316-322, 401-406, 408-410, administrativ8,aNaNmantand of O ange CounV, FL. Tol StayShy in 6 (num r8told6d on Saptembar 15, StaySky int (numbered 2017, int S5.19 par diem; 52,500 735,459,0 undividad 412414, 416-422 located in ow6nhip pupos by 2500 Due: S1o,154.67 as ot August for admini5t tiv8 pupos6s: 2014; O.R. Book 10804 at tot admini rative puposes: d8scrib6d as:On6(1)Vacation lme in unrfs 901-9 BUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; StaySWPoints. 2, 2017, im6 83.99 par 1650)in StaysWva ion Club Pag6 5592 Public Recods ol 2909)in StayShyVacalion Club Owenhip lm6 st (vol 908-910, 912-914, 916-922, ANNUAUallocatad 128,000 RANDAU A WUAN and di and m6nts in T ( 6 d8n d tor O ngeCouW,FLTotalDue: T ( w evid cad tor having a 64,0001545,430,000 1001-1006, 1 8-1010, 1012- Poin s as defin6d in the DEBRA A. KIL N, Notice ot Ma um ot S1,745.o5; adminimative, tand S5,384.O9a ofAugu 2,2O1T, adminis iva,a5s smantand und ided lnterest in unhs 1014, 1016-1022, 1101-1104, Decla tion tor use in EACH D8 uWandlnt6nttoFo&los8 d cribed a5: A timesh owBnhip pu by NOO im t2.25 p diem and owekhip puposes by 3 1301, 1302, 1303, 1304, 1308, 1106, 1108, 1109, 1112-1114, y6a s). sent via c8rtm 6girt 6rt 8 as d6fin8d by semon staysWPoint5. in th6 unt aysWPoints. 1309, 1312, 1313. 1314, 1318, 1117-1122, 1201-1204, 1206, KAREN PARHIZl, Notica Mai publication to: 6317 MUD 721.05, norida St rt6s. LESLIE GRANADOS and ot S1,318.93; d rnbad as: A GUIUERMO NRDQA 1319,1320,1321,1322,1401, 1208, 12,1212-1214,1217- ot DetauW and lm6nt to MIU RD, BRWRTON, NY more hl d Krib8d as: a UODEGARIO G S, tim6sha 6 as d6fin8d GARANTO and DENNYS 1402, 1403, 1404, 1408, 1409, 1222 locat6d in BUILDING Fo close sent via Certifiedl 13029; Morfgag6 Bo 8d on NayS int6 (numb&ad NotiGa ofDetauW andlm tto by S6rtion 721.05, honda snLLA MARnNQ FRANCO. 1412, 1413, 1414. 1418. 1419, 6. PHASE N": BIENNIAU R i a d M Upublit ion lo: March 19, 2015: O.R. 8ook for a ministrativ6 pupo e5: Fo&los6 s6nt via 6dl St rtes, mo hlly destrib d Notice or DatauW and 1Q20, 1421, 1422, 1501. 1503. located 105, 0 Poim a5 8 Hillsd e Dr, Richadson, 10891 Pag6 3108 Public 2489)in StaySkyVacation Club R6gi ta d M publiGa on a : a StaySW inte lntant lo Fo&ose sanl via 1504, 1508. 15 . 1512, 1513, dafinad in the D,ion lor M 75081-5231: Mo gage R6cods ot O ng6 CouW, T ( n t 6vid6nt8d tor to:34OO WEST PRINCETOWN (numb6 d tor administ tiv6 am egirt M U 1514, 1518. 1519, 1520. 1521, useinODDyea s). &oded on May 30, 2014; FL TotalDue:S5,1O8.2Oasor administrativa, antand AVE, MCAWN, M 78504: pupo : 1036) in stay W blic ion to: CARR 74 15WloGal8din BUILDING 6, KARLADEMOURAGOU O.R. Book 10751 at Page Augu 2,2017, int6 S2.1o owanhip puposes by 2500 Morfgag6 Td on Ocl Vacation Club Twst ("T ) 2-165, BARRANQUILLA PHASE ";ANNUAUallocated Notit6 otDafauW dlntentto 4055 Public Retords ot par diem and m ts s aysZPoints. 1, 2015; O.R. 1 at evidanced tor administr ive, ATLANnco, COLOMBIA; 64, Poi sasd8fin8din I8 ForBclos6 s6nt via amedl Oranga Coun,FL Total in tha amounl or S1,274.64; KWAD NE WNTARA Paga 8031 Public R 5 ot aN8um8nt and owenhip Mo gaga dad onJanuaty D6clar ion tor u5e in EACH Regi M publicalionto: Due:S8,9O3.44 as otJune15, described as: A ti rnare BLUFORD, Notice ot D6 uW Orange Counly, FL Tot Due: pupos6s by 2000 StaySky 13, 2016; ln wmant No. yaa s) . Rua C6sar La as 902, Ba a 2017, inte $3.37 par diem; e ate as d6fin8d by S6clion and lntem o Foreclose at $7,642.87a otAugurt2.2017, Poims. 20160020826 Public R ods HERrZ GOMU FERNANDES Da fijuGa, Rio De Janei,RJ described as: On6 (1) Vac ion 721.05, florida Stat 6s, via am eg t& d ime W.2o p di6m and LUCIANNE PAQ-ACMDO ot O nga County, FL Tot EIRA and DANIEW 22793-329 BRAZl Mortgaga Ownenhip lnta ("vol' mora hl dasGribad as: a MaiUpublitation lo: 2929 AueN nts in Me um and Wl DER Dua: $16,536.45 as ot Augu DAMASCENO FERNANDES &ord6d on Seplembar having a 64,0001450,489,000 StaySky ime st lnumb&ad OUN CHURCH GLOVE ot S565.93; d bed : A MORALES-RODRIGUEZ, 2, 2017, int t7.16 p EIR Notice of DetauW and 13, 2016; ln ment No. undivided lnte st in units tor administrative puposes: RD, ROBERTA, GA 31078; timesha e ate as defined Noti otDetauWandlntantto di6m and Nn m5 in lntent to For6clos8 sent via 201 2524 Publit R6cords 431446, 531-546, 631-646 1109)inStaySkyVatationClub Mo gaga r8tod6d on July by S6 ion 721.05. Florida FOr8tlO58 a via certmadl the m or 81,o61.26; c6rtm ist8 d MaiU ot O ge County, FL Total locatad in BUILDING 2, T ( wst 6vid6nt6d tor 27. 2016; ln wm6nt No. Statutes, mo h,d crib6d Ragi &ad M publicationto: d6Kribed a5: A ti &ha publicat nto: Rua Dos Amigos Du6: ,495.36 as otJun6 16, PHASE ll"; BIENNIAUallocatad administ tiv8, Nm8ntand 20160386512 Public Records as: a StaySW inte Po Box 715, Boqu8Dn, PR 85tat8 as d6fin8d by S6clion 100 Apt6O1-,Forfalez CE 2017, im $4.72 perdiem: 128, Points as definad in owenhip puposes by 15 ot Or e County, FL. Tot (numbe d tor adminirt tiv6 00622; Mortgaga r8cod6d on 721.05, Florida Slatrtes, 60822-168 BRAZl Mortgaga des bad as: One (1) Vatation the Declar ion torus6 in ODD StaySky Points. Due:,47.28 as ot August pupos6s: 2110) in StayS Augu 10, 2016; lnstwm6nt mo hlly d8Krib6d as: a &o on Fabwa 2, 2016; Owanhip lrrt ( vol yaar(s). ROBERT F. NEWKIRK and 2, 2017, ima 83.66 pe Vacation Club Twst (Tw No. 20160412389 Public SlaySky int6 rt (numb ln wmant No. 20160055557 having a 52,5 n35,459, #|, wMin lha Condomin m VERONICA R. N KIRK, diam and menb in 8vid8nc6d for adminirtrat e, R rds ot Oran a Coun,tor admini tive puposas: Public Reco s ol Orange undivided lnl in unrfs PD submM6d to tha Noti ofDatauW andlntentto the amoum ot $1,626.50; aN6Mm8 and ow&rnip FLTd Due:S18, 24.39a5ot 2498)inWaySWVacalionClub Cou FL Total Due: 901-906, 908-910, 912-914, timesha Plan ot FAIRFIELD FoBlos8 sent via C tifiedl d8Krib8d as: A tim ha pupos6s by 2 SlaysW Augu 2,2o17.inter tS7.83 Tw (T a d6nt tor S12, .69 as ot Jun6 16, 916-922, 1001-1 6, 100& ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK Regi &ad M Upublication to: 6 at8 as d6fin6d by sernon Poi 5. p& di and ASS8M tS admi 6,aN 5 tand 2017, int6r85| $5.22 per diem; 1010, 1012-1014, 1016-1022, RESO A CONDOMINIUM 6610 HARREW HIGHWAY, 721.05, florida sl 85, cHRlsnNA MONTGOMERV in lh6 unt ot $1,061.26; owenhip puposas by 5 0 d8Krib8d as: Ona (1)VaG ion 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, 1109, ( me Resort Fatil ),togather GARLAND, NC 28441; mo hl d6Kribad as: a and UE MONTGOME d cribed as: A ti sha SlaySWPoints. Owenhip lm&a ('vol"l 1112-1114, 1117-1122, 1201- wkh allappurtenanc8sth6r8to, Mortgaga cord6d on August StayS int (numbe d Notice otDetauW and lm&rtto ast a as dafinad by S6rfion CAROL J MCINTOSH and havin dg 64, 0 725,592,000 1204, 1206, 1208, 12,1212- acco ing and su to the 27, 2015; O.R. Book 10974 at for a ministrative puposes: ForaGlos8 s6nt via c8rtm6dl 721.05, florida St uta5, STAVROS L MCINTOSH, undiv lnta unh 1214, 1217-1w2 bcalad in Daclaraion ot Condominium Page 2302 Public R6tords ot 2918)in StaySWVacationClub Rei5t8 d MaiUpublic ion to: mo lly destribed as: a Nolice otDetauW andlm&rfto 501-5,50&510, 512-514, BUILDING 6, PHASE "; torF m&d O ando atBonnet o g6 County, FL Tot Due: T ( 6vdenGed lor 10 10RANGEC0UWR0AD StaySky int t (numba d Foreclose s t via Bfie 516522, 601-6,608-610, BIENNIAUal 105, c k R6sort a Condominium" $7,76B.03asotAugu 2,2017, admini tiva,aM 8mand 463 B, LAKE PAN oFmEE, tor admini tiv6 pupoEa : Regi a d M Upu ic ion lo: 612-614, 616622, 701-706, Points d6fin8d in 18 God8d on Juna 8, 2004 in int S3.2o d n and owenhip pupos by 2100 FL MN8; Mo gag6 d6d 293 inStaySkyVatationClub ROBINSON RD HNHBURY 70&710, 712-714. 716-722, D6cl& ion for usa in ODD omci R s Book 7475, s s in 18 t slSWPoink. on April 30, 2015: O.R. B k T rt l .) vidanced toF PAR NASSAU, BAHAMAS; 1-8,80&810, 812-814, y s). Page 1, & s,Public ofS1,67O.24;d Mb as:A so H c. BAWR and 1088a al Paga 6981 Public adm i al e, an and Mo gag6 Bold6d on 816-822locatedin.BUILDING JORGE ARAYA REYES and R s ot O ng6 County, ti& e as d6fin6d JOHNNY c. nRRW Notic6 Ratold5 o 6 C nty. oB pu s s by 5 0 Nov 5,2015;0.R. Book 6. PHASE vl": ANNUAU ALMA INES G S horida, as h toro or by Sartion 721.05. norida or D raM end lnt,to FLTot D :,7.60 ot StaySkyPo . 11 8 p 413 Pu ic ,d &4, 0 Poims as MoNnNEGRo, No c ol h aRaram6nd8d(coll6 iv8,as, mo,bad F 5 & a c& m6dl Augu 2.2o17,rm t2.48 VANESSAD U MSONand R ds ot ge Coun , d6Rn6d la Da aration ror D6tauWandlnt ttoFo&o58 M Daclaralion . Baing ha as: a S aySW im R6gi &8d M Upub ca ion p6r di&n and B WINSTON w WAMSON, FLTot Du6: 11.726.85asor us6 [n EACH ea s). s6m via c pDPWconvay6d (numb6 d tor adminirfra v6 to: 1 30 BAHAMA DR, ln h unt ot t7u.34; Not ot uWandlnt rfto Augu 2,2O17,int 5.1O USA MICH UE JOHNSON M publiQ lo:O 15O toMortgagorby rd6d pupoE8s: 2138 ln aySW CUTUR BAY, FL N189; dascribad as: A ti& F lo s t a c w6dl p di n and 5 and ROWYN JOHNSON Mt, 6 D& D6p M r im iata p or o th6 Vaca on Club w rTw Mort pBord6d onAuSu 6st 8 asdefinad by on Rag &ed M Upublication in Wa amoum ot t952.w: SH^BY. Noti of De uW Lagar M i4 San Jo5a,S nh&aot. 6vidan t admin ba ive, 7,21 :O.R. Book1O86 721.05, Florida St Ln,to: 6518 GRAYS AVENUE, d8Kribad as: A,B and lm6nt to Fo osa s rf Jo COSTA RIC Mo gage o onrn lhav MeriqMto t and ow ip Pag PublicReco sot mo lly d bad as: a PHILADELPHl PA 19142; a 6 as d6fin by S8Gbon via am Regi & d M U rdad on sam&nb wre de uW danylunior puposas by 2 SlaySW gaC n .FLT Due: StayS inla rt u Mortgaga old6donAu2ust 721.05, norida Stalrt , publitat nto:16777SloneOak 13, 2016; ln wm t No. li holder sh,hav6 the rigM Poink. t9.346.98asot gu 2,2O17, tor a miniw 6 pupos6s: 11, 2014; O.R. Booh 10 88 mo hlly dasGrib6d as: a Pkwy Apt 3N. San rfonio, 201 2n7 Publit R ords to im up to RAUL SOSA SANCHQ and im M.91 p d and 1429)inSlaySWV Club atPag65293PublitR o s aySS t (nu M 7825&4146: Mo gage ot Orange CouW, FL Tot M8d 8th6W iMu8 th8 YANELA TRIANA GON,s in 6 unt Twst ( w 6vid tor of o g6 Coun . FL Tot r a mini va pup : &ordad on D6&b8r 2, Dua:S11,272.54asotJuna16, certmcataots abypayingthe Notica otDetauW and ln entto ot t679.37; d bed as: A adminkb ive, aand Due: a,221.39 a5 ot Augu 2 5)in StaySkyVac nClub 2015; O.R. Book 11020 2017,int 84.64 p6rdi8m: anDuntsdu6asoutlin6dinth8 FOr8tlOS6 sent via c& madl tin rnaa 6 ala as dafined owe ip pupo5 by 15 2, 2017, ime S1.76 p& T rt rTwrt avd t for Page 9362 Publ RaGods ot d6Krib8d as: On6 (1) Vacation pB8dinqparagraphs. Ragirtar6d M publ n by &ion 721.05, florida StaySky Poims. d m and m8nt5 ln the admini ive,a and O ga Coun,FL Tot Du6: Own6nhip lma ( vol J . ; b.2, 18 to: 3010 NW 20TH ST APT 2, St ules, D hl d8Krib6d DIANA w JIMENQ wotto.o3;d bedas: ow6nhip pup by t1o,937. as ot June 16, having a 52,5 35,459,0 L162654 MIAMl, FL N142; Mo gage a5: a StaySky inta st CHOR Notica ot D tauW Atim ha a at6 as deRned S aySWPoi 5. 2017, int t4.62 pardiam; undi ded lnt in unhs r old6donF8bwa 17,2O16; (numb6 d tor admini r ive and lntent to Fo os6 by Se ion 721.05, Florida GRECY ISABEL CORTES d8Krib8d : On6(1)Vacation 901-906, 90&910, 912-914, ln5t m8nt No. 201 2 2 pupo 6s: 1748) in StaySky via C6rtifi 8g t&8d M U St utes, mor6 hlly d6strib8d CA AL, No ite ot De uW Owenhip lme ( ol 916-922. 1 1-1,1008- NoncE oFTRumE's Publit R8tolds ot O nga Vacation Club T (.T gublication to: 13021 D u as: a StaySky int6r8 and lment to Fo&lose sem having 64, 1M4,257,0 1010, 1012-1014, 1016-1022, MU County, FL Tot Due: 6vid8nt8d tor admin hat e, d Lot 502, AusnN. TX (numbe d tor adminlst tive via Cartifi agi MaiU undi d lme in unh5147, 1101-1104, 11,1108, 1109, NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, S9,159.86asot gu 2,2O17, aM s& and ow6nhip 78754; Morfgage &0 6d on pupoB: 1019) in StaySky publitation to: AVENIDA 146, 15 152, 154-162, 247- 1112-1114, 1117-1122. 1201- that Gasdich Stanton,int S3.93 per d and pupo58s by 25 S aySW Ju 6, 2016: lnsbum t No. VaQion Club Twst (wT st") JAIME GUZMAN 04824 252, 254-262, 347-352, 354- 1204,1206.1208.12 ,1212- P.A, 1601 W. Coloni Dr Ass6Nm8 5 in th6 unt Poims. 2016 Public Rato s 6vid cad tor admini ra iv6, DEPTO 1601 ENTOS SUR 362,447-452,454-462located 1214, 1217-1222 located in O ando F 328O4,asT stea ol S883.41: d cribed as: A AMANDA JUNE CALDWEU ot O ge CoMty, FL Tot t and owenhip ll, ANTOFAGASTA 2 , in BUILDING 3, PHASE lll"; BUILDING 6, PHASE N"; intheAppoimmant Gordadat timashar6 6stat8 as definad and STUART CR G WEST Dua: $15,747.40 as otAugurt pupoB by 1500 StaySW CHIU; Morfgaga old8d on BIENNIAU loGatad 128,000 BIENNIAUalloGat8d 105,000 lnstwmamNo.2o17oo45878of by Sartion 721.05, florida CALDWELL Noti ot DetauN 2, 2017, int rt S6.59 p t Po t5. Janua 13, 2016; lnrt m t Points as defined in the Points as d6fin8d in the tha Public R6cords orOrange St as, mo hl d6Krib8d and lm6nt to Fo&lose s t diem and t5 in GUIUERMO RODRIGUQ No. 2016 20897 Public D8 al ion tor use in EVEN Detl ation for usa in ODD Coun,Florida, will sell at a5: a StaySky inte via Cert agi t&ed MaiU the amou or S1,919.46; cAaRER Notice ot DetauW Retords ot Oran Coun . yea s). b6a ) . public Au ion to the highest (numb6 d for adminirtrahve Rublication to: 16 H ON d8stribBd as: A ti&a and lnl6nt to Fo&lose & FL Tot Dua: t8.3 3.49 a5 ol RAMON NONATO JUARU EDRO EU BARRETO bidderot u.s. hnd5, in cash pupoB: 2553l in SlaySW RRACE REDRW, estate as d6fin6d by S6ction via c&tm8 R8gi ar6d M U August 2, 2017, int g3.7o JARAMIUO and SARAY SEL CORTQ and CTORIA or aifiad nds on,on VaGation Club Tw (T CORNWAU TR15 2HS, 721.05, norida staut,publication to: 1201 KINC p6r di6m and as CARMEN MENDOZA LAM8lZ, IWES BARRIOS, Notice ot Febw a 22,2018 at9:O5,e d8nc6d tor admini5bativ8, WGLAND;Morfgag6recod8d mo hlly describad as: a AVENUE, LAKELAND, FL in tha amount ol S879.N; Notic6otDafauwandlm6ntto D8tauwandlm ttoFo&bs6 G k Stanton ,P.A, nt and &ship on April 13, 2016; ln5t m6nl StaySW inte rt (nu M8O3; Mortgage &oldad dascribad as: A tin shara For8clo58 at via Ca ifiedl s t via Bm iAa d 1 1 W.Coloni Dr O ando, puposes by 25 Sla No. 20160164530 Publit for ad ni ve puposes: on S6pt8mb6r 10, 2015; O.R. 8 at6 as d8Rn6d by &ion R6gist6 d MaiUpublication to: MaiUpubl ation to: BD8 C le fl 32804 rigM. tkl6 and Poi s. R6 lds ot O ng6 Coun,2848)inSt SkvVacationClub Book1O981atPage688Public 721.05. Florida Sl es, Calle w Road Casa 46c25, N jo, CaDlina. PR 8J inl& inth6 pDp8rfi8sli 8d ROBERT MCCORMIGK and FL T Dua: ,318.2O as ol T [ w tor R rdsotO ng6County,FL D hl d6Knb a5: a Panama c,PANAMA; M34; Mortgag6 d6d on b&ow Orang6Coun ,Florida ALUSON MCCORWm Augu 2, 2017, inl rt S3.88 adminiw iva. tand Tot Du6: t1o,817.85 as ot S aySW im art (nu Mortgag6 &od6d on April June23,2O15;O.R.Book1 tor @tinuing nonpayn6nt Notic6 otDB uNandlmarfto par di and low&A pu by 41 rt 2,201T, t t4. for adminiW e pup : 16, 2013; O.R. Book 10554 at at Page 2z88 Publit R6tord5 of th pariodic payank dua For8tb56 sam via c in m ot 1,708.40; staysWPoint5. p& di n and 24 linS@ShyV Club Paga 6830 Publit Ratods of ot O nge County, FL Td und&themo gagasdestnbed Regist MaiVpubl ion d Mb8d as: A tim6sha JAMES MOZEW, Noli ot in 18 oum ol S915.T3; Tw ( w 6 d c tor Orang6 County, FL Tot Dua: Dua: S9,12o.68 as otJune 16, b6low,a5tollow5: to: 12 STRATHCARRON eA a a9 dafin6d by on D8tauWandlnt8nttoF bs6 rib : A taa admini he, tand t1o,o21.n as ot Juna 16, 2017,im& S3.6T p8Fdiam; DAGMARENIDDIAZORTIZand DRIVE. PAISL sconAND: 721.05. norida St&rt85, s8nt via cartm gisl e as dannad by samon ow8Rh pu by 2 2017, int a.2o per diem; d b6d as:On6(1) G ion BASIUO CASTRO SANTOS, Morfqag6 &oldad on May mo hl d6Kribad as: a M llpublitalion to: N CAMP T21.O5, florida Sl ut,WPoints. d das:One(1)Vacation oBip lm vol Not otDatauWandlnlentto 22, 015; O.R. 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JENNIFER WNG, FL Tot Dua: S8,288.1o as ot 1 3lin kyVacationClub No. 2016032 Publ pupos6s: 1792l in StaySW and lnt&rf to Fo& s6 s6nt 84g852, 854-860, 949, 950, 346 located in BUILDING 2, No taotDetauW andlntentto Augu 2, 201T. inte M.26 T ( aviden d for Retods ot O nge County, Vatation Club Twst T rt") via certm egi &ad Mai 9#956, 959, 960 loG 8d PHASEll ;BIENNIAU loc 6d Fo bs6 s6m via c6rtm6dl p di and ts adm irt a.aN tand FLTot Du :t11.799.15asot evid ced tor admini r iv6, publitat n to: JARDINES in BUILDING 3, PHASE lllh; 105,000 Poi s as defined in Regirt& d Mai publiG ionto: in the unt ot .17; ow6nh pupos by 2500 Augu 2,2017, int t4.97 aN nt and ow ip DE ToMoNnN BLOQUE BIENNIAUallocat6d 105,000 tha D6cl iontorus6 EVEN D4AnANncsHoREscHRlsT d wribed a5: A ti ha staysWP ms. p6r diem and Ass6Mm6ms puposes Q 2 0 StaySky 17 CASA 32 nGucl, Points as deRned in Me y8a 5). CHURCH, BAR8ADOS, WEST a e as defined by Sert n JESSICA L PASCUAL and in Ma um ot S1,a58.31: Point5. nGucl HONDURAS; D6cl tion tor us6 in EVEN DILSON CARLOS DE p#VA, INDIES; Mortgag& racoded 721.05, Florida Stat 6s, GINA,LLACRES, Notite of dasGribad as: A ti a GIWAN CHUNG, Notite ot Mortgag6 on May y s). Nolice otDetauW andlntemto on July 10, 2015; O.R. Book mo lly described as: a D6fauW dlnt8nttoForatlose 8st 6 a5 d6fin8d by &on De uW andlm6nttoFo bs8 4, 2016; lnsbum rt No. ORLANDO CARCAMO and For6clos8 sent via certm 10948 Page 88 9 Public StaySky inla (numb a C6rf 8dlRegist8r8d 721.05, horida StalLh,sent via carfm agist 20160224605 Publ R rds MARGARITA MEM8RENO, Regi &ad M publ n R o s of O nga County, tor adminihative puposes: MaiUpubhcation to: 99 OAK mo tully daKrib8d as: a Mail publication to: 4450 ot Orang6 Coun,FL Td Notice ot D6tauN and lntentto lo: R Ca 6lo D6 173 FL.Tot& Du6:$17,672.96as ot 2055)in StaySkyVacation Club STRE BAYONNE, NJ 07002; StayS inte (nu PORTOFINO WAY APT 201, Due: t17,5go. as ot Auqu Fo bse at via c6 madl Apt 701, Belo Horizionte, MG August2,2o17,im& t87.34 Tw (Twst 8vid8nc6d tor Mo gaga oded on March for a mini rativ6 puposas: WEST PALM BEACH, FL 25, 2017, int rt S .44 R8gi5t& d M Upublitation BRAZIL Mo gaga rded per d m and sa5M8nt5 administ 8,asaM&tand 3, 2015; O.R. Book 10882 at 2833)inSlaySkyVacationClub 33409: Mortgage co 6d par diam and As t5 to: 130 h St Apt 1L, on August 27, 2013: O.R. in tha um ot S1, 7.62; owenhip pupo5as by Page Public R ods of Twst ( w5t 8 d6nc8d lor on July 24, 2015; O.R. Booh in the unt or t964.49; Yonken, NY 10701-7424; Book 10625 Page M22 dascrib as: A timashare waysyPoints. Oranga County, FL To Du6: administra iv,m6ntand 10856 at Pa 8O9 Public d6s b6d as: A ti Bsha Mo gage coded on April Public R6cords ot Or ga a9tata as d8fin6d by S6 ion CHARI SE NICOU THOMAS, a,766.96 otAugu 2,2O17, owna hig pupos6s by 3 R8cod5 ot ge CouW, e ate as dafined by &ion 26, 2016; lnstwment No. Coun,FL. Total Due: 721.05, Florida Stat 85, Notic6 ot DetauW and lntent to ilrt& t2. par diam and staysW oin . FL Tot Due: $17,668.78 as ot 721 .05, norida Slat es, 20160209505 Public R6cords $17,766.50 aE ot Juna 15, mo 1ul d b d as: a Fo&lose sem via c tm6dl s in the amount AUJANDRO LOZANO and Augu 2,2o17,inte t7.57 more hl daKribed as: a ot Orange County, FL. Tot 2017, intere 87.4o par diem; StayS inte lnumb8 d R8gist8r8d M Upublication to: ot S1,413.62; d crib6d as: A ALMA DEUA LOZANO, p6r di and AW6N& SlayShy im (numb6r8d Due: S9,o61.1o as of Jun6 16, described as: One (1) Vacation tor a ministrativ8 pupos8s: 61 LOCHVl DRIVE, BEAR. timashare a at6 as definad Notica ot DerauW and lntent to in he unt ot 82,251.51: tor admini tiva pupos : 2017, interast $3.45 p8rdi6m; Ownenhip lma (vol 1768)inStaySkyVacation Club DE 19701; Morfgage rded by S6 ion 721.05, florida ForBclos8 sent a c&rmedl d8Krib8d as: A timashara 2525)in Sla VacationClub described as: Ona (1) Vatation having a 166, R20,709,5 T st ( T st ) evidancad tor on August 13, 2015; O.R. Book Statut85, mo lly d8scrib6d Regi ated MaiUpublic ion lo: esl e as defined by Sertion Tw ( w evidencad 1or Owenhip lnt&es (WOl undivided lnt6 st in,admini tive, ass8Nm6nt and 10967 Pag6 1389 Public as: a StaySky inter6st 1118 MIRACLE DR, CONROE, 721.05, florida Statutes, administr ive, aM6Mm8nt and having a 52,5001691,998,000 R6sidential Unks located in ownarship puposes by 5500 Retods ot Orange CouW, (numb&ed tor admini rative TX 77301; Mortgaga recodad more hlly described as: a ownanhip puposas by 5000 undivided ln e st in unrfs BUILDING 1.; ANNUAU staSW Points. FL Total Du6: S14,85o.28 as ot puposes: 1448) in StaySW on Augu 20, 2015; O.R. Booh StaySky inte st (numbered StaySky Po ts. 1179-1186, 1188, 1190-1198, located 166.000 Points as DA UNE WE MUIA August 2, 2017, int $5.44 Vacation Club Twst ( T st") 10970 at Page 5829 Public tor administrativa puposes: A timesha a ata as defined 1279-1286, 1288, 1290-1298, defined in lh6 Declara ion tor and JUAN JUARU, Notice per diem and Ass8Nmenls 8vid6nc8d tor administralive, Racords of O nge County, 1 784) in StaySky Vacation Club by Se ion 721.05, Florida 1379-1386, 1388, 1390-1398, use in EACH yea s). ot DerauW and lntent to in the amount ot 81,894.74; aNeNm8nt and ownenhip FL Total Due: $9,550.04 as of Twst ( T st") evidencad tor Statutes and a Tw5t which 1481-1486, 1491-1496, 1583- MARCELO DE SOUSA Foreclose sent via Ce ifi6d/ described as: A timeshare puposes by 1500 StaySky August 2. 2017. intera 84.O1 administrative, aNessm6nt and was created punuant to and 1586, 1591-1594 located in SANTOS, Nolice ot Detault R8gis eRd Mai publication estate as definad by Sertion Poi s. per diem and ANessments ownenhip puposes by 5000 hrther deKrib8d ha certain '.BUILDING 5, PHASE v"; and lntent to Foreclose sent to: 5035 NW 188TH STREET, 721 .05, Florida Stat e5. CONNIE GARLAND, Notice in the amounl ot 8894.46; StaySky Points. StaySky Vaca ion Club T st BIENNIAUallotat6d 105,000 via Ca ifiedlRegistered M |/ MIAMI GARDENS, FL 33055; more hlly described as: a of Detault and lntent to described as: A timeshare HAROLD ZACHARIAH HALL, Ag ement ( Tw Agr ment"l Points as defined in lhe publicalion lo: Rua Conde De Mortgage reco ed on staysW interest (numbared Foreclosa sent via Certified/ estate as defined by Settion No ice of Default and lnlent to dated June, 12, 2014, 6x8c 8d Declaration for use in ODD Bonfin 831, Bloca A Apto 501, September 17, 2015; O.R. Book for administraliva puposes: Registered MaiUpublication to: 721 .05, Florida StatLrf8s, Foreclose sent via Certitiad/ by and among FNTC America yea s). Rio D6 Janeiro, RJ 20530-000 10984 at Page 2325 Public 2042) in StaySky Vacation Club 5608 QUARTERPATH GATE, more fully described as: a Registered Maillpublication to: Holding Coporation, as the DANIEL MENDU HERRERA BRAZIL; Morfgage retorded on Records of Orange Coun,Trust (.'Twst") evidenced tor VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23455; StaySky inlerest (numbered 17117 108 Ave, Jamaica, NY twstee of the Twst, StaySky