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January 25, 2019     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 25, 2019

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NERrrAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 25, 2019 PAGE 3TB Plaintm, whoseadd ss Tw Company, a5T 88 tor Volusia Coun,norida, 4630WoodlandCopoBa ad: Court A CL M W HIN 60 DAYS aY PERSO 30 days hom tha fim dete ot Woodland Coporale Bhd rF momHon Loan whe n JPMogan Chase Bhd Ste1OO Admini ion, 125 E. ge AmRTHEsAu. DISh8| public ion) and filethe ori a Suke 1,Tampa, n 33614, Twrt2 -1,Au&-Backed Bank, N ion Association, Tampa,FL33614 Ave W6. 300. Dayona Bead, REQUESTS FOR lt you a e p8Ron wkh withth8cl8 ofthisGou 8 er on or betoR Febwa 28, ce mc&8s,a852 6-1 Plaim and A n w. Panons Telephone: T813) 880- FL 32114: (386) 25T 096. ACCOMMODATIONSBY a dlsabll who naads any b&o se ice on PlaintMs 2019 and file e original wrm Pl mm, a AaDn Panons aR M.6O32 H ring or voit6 imp d, PERSONSW HDISABIL IES eGGommo ebn ln o er to a orney or immediate a er the Cla ot this Cou ermer -vs.- dalandantls), |, Cle ol Court, Fax: (813) 880- pl c,1 (B ) 955-8770. lt you B a p8Ron whh a partlcipate ln thls pDt dlng, se ice; otherwlse, a dafauW b o se ica on Plaint s DouglasZim rman;Erin Lau E. Roth, will sQl to the ForEm ISe ite On : submmed this Janua 22, disabil y who needs any you a antWled, atno costto will ba ente d againrt you a o mey or immediate W 5h a Erin Zimmerman: highe and best bidder tor SFGTampaS8 lc8 2019. atcommodatlon in oder to you, to Me p vision ot ca aln tor tha lief d6mand8d in the th&BaW6r, oth6 ise a de uW Unknow Spous6 otDouglas cash AT WWW.VOLUSIA. For all other inquiries: ikop By Phyllis Ha ey, Esqui . participate in this pDG88dlng, assiAant6. Please conta complaintorp&rfion. will be enteRd again you mmerman;Unknow Parties REALFORECLOSE.COM at Ha ey Law omces, P.A you a entrtled, at no co to Court Adminirtration at Suke me Court has a hori in lor the liet damanded in the in PoN8Nion n1, lt living. and 11:00 A.M. on Feb a 28, Punuant to the Falr Debt 18981 US Highway 441, N345 you, to tha pDvision ot tertain 300, Courthou Annex, 125 E. this suit to ent& a judgn nt or Complaint Unknown Partias tl ming 2019, the tollowing described Collertions Prartites A,you Mt Dora, FL 32757 aNi c8. Please contart Orange Ave Daylona 8each, det in the Plaint s int REQUM FOR by, thDugh, under and again p pe y as set forth in said a advisad that this omta may 321.766.6024 Cou Admini aion at Surfe FL 32114; Tal.: 38 257-6096, which will be binding upon you. nccoMMoDATloNs the above named De ndant(s) Final Judg nt, to-wil: be dlemed a dabt collertor and pha ey ha aylawo 300,Cour ouseAnnex,125 E. leart T dgyE beto your DATED: Janua 10, 2019. BY PERSONS WrrH who a not known to be dead LOT 33, REPLAT OF any nformation obtain6d mey J n. S; F b. 1, 1g O nge Ave Da ona Beach, sch8dul8dtourtapp8&raM8,or LAURA E. ROTH DIMalLmEs or alive, wheMer 5aid Unknown 2ND ADDITION SPRING be u.Bd tor that pueose. L175 6 FL 32114; T&.: 386257-6096, lmmediaa upon ingthis As Cle ofd e Cou lf you a a penon wrth Partiesmayclaimaninte GARDEN HEIGHTS, AC- 17-3|6139 FCO1 c G at lea 7 day bab your notmGation w Me me beto By: Ca y Annunziala a disabil y who needs any asSpouse,Hein,Devisees, CORDING TO THE PLAT Jan.!S; F b. 1, 1g sch8du dcourfap anc6,or the aPpaa n i5 B9s than T (CIRCU COURTSEAL) accommodation in ordar to Grantees,orOtherCl mants; THEREOF, AS RECORDED L 174954 IN THE CIRCU i iee upon ngMis days; . you areh g orvol Depu Cle participate in this pr ing, Unknown Partias in Poss8Mion IN PLAT BOOK 27, PAGE CWIL COURT OF notmta on rf Me ti bato im |,call 711.THESE ARE J nuary18,U, 19 you a 6ntkl8d. no cost to #2, Hllving,and allUnknown 122, PUBLIC RECORDS THE SEVEW e ap isless len 7 N T COURT INFoRMAnoN L17 you, to Me pDvision of ce ain Parfies claiming by, th ugh, OF VOLUS couw, IN THE CIRCU JUDIC L CIRCU days: rfyou h8arin2orvoic8 NUMBERS. assi ance. Plaase contarf underand ag n the abova FLORIDA COURT OF THE OF FLORID IN lnp ,c&I711.TH SEARE wnNEN n hand Bnd saal Courf Administ tion at Surt6 n Defendanl(s) who ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN SEVENTH JUDK L AND FOR VOLUS NOT COURT INFoRMAnoN ot ls urf on Mis 8 day ot IN THE CIRCU 300, CourthouseAnnex, 125 E. notknowto be dead or INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS CIRCUIT IN AND FOR couw NUMBERS. January, zo19. COURT FOR oranqe Ave Da ona B6ach, e,whether Unknown FROM THE SAU, IF ANY. VOLUSIA couw, Cl L DMSION D : J uary 11, zo19. LAURA E. ROTH VOLUS couw, FL 3 114; Tel.: 386-257,Pa esnayclaiman ime OTHER THAN THE PROPERrV FLORIDA CaseNo.2O1311238 l M & A DeL n CURK OF THE FLORIDA at lea 7 days beto your asSpousa,Hein,Devi,OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF CASE NO. 2017 CIDL Md 8H6A,Esqui CIRCUIT COURT PRoBAn DINSION sGh8dul8d cou app n,or G m86s, or het Cl mants THE LIS PENDENS MUST FIU 31921 clcl D s n 01 a B No.: T B : Ce y Annunzi a File No.: 2018 12603 imn die&yupon ivingthis De&dam(s). A CLAIM W HIN 60 DAYS Da lnaBeachR u.s. 8ANK NAnoNAL auin Ds, p o, (CIRCU OURTS U PRDL notmGaion rf the ti B b6oR NoncE OF uu AFTER THE SALE. Asso;i ion, lnt a nonda AMoc noN, AS TRusnE. Boy&, PA pu c IN RE: ESTATE OF tha aPp nGe is,s m T NoncE ls HEREBY GNEN .Pukuant to Fla. R. Jud. non-pDMcopo tion, SWCESSOR IN INnREsT 2N s. O e Ave Sle. 9 J.nuW I8, 2s, lg KENNETH SCHOENEBERG days; . youa hearingorvoice punuam to o & r6sd8duling Admin. 2.51 b)(1N,Plalntms Plaint,TO BANK OFAMERICA, O ando. n 32801- L1748O8 Dec8as6d. imp d,c I711.MESEARE &losu sale or Final Gouns8| he by des nates b v. NATIONAL AMoc noN AS 855-287#40 NoncE ro CREDrrORS NOT COURT INFoRMAnoN Judga,emeadinCivilCase p enail Bdd ss r Me EsTAnoFLEoN P. TRumEAs SUCCENOR BY 855-28T-0211 Fac m[B me adminim lon ot the NUM8ERS. No. 2018-11V5-CIDL ot the pu ses ot email se as: TOUCHON,LUCILLE MERGER TO LASAUE BANK E- al: &ic op s IN THE CIRCU e ate ot Kanneth kho 8b6g, wnNEN n hand and se Ci kCourf otthe7 Judicial SF Tam&aSe ice logs.tom. TOUCHON, EsTAn OF NAnoNAL AMoc#noN, qpwblaw. m COURT OF THE daceased, whose data ot otthis Court onthe 14th day or Ci ukinand rVolusiaCounty, SHAPIR,FISHMAN a PATRICK HUFF. EsTAn AS TRusnE FOR E- |: daleongqpwblaw. SEVENTH JUDICIAL death was Augu 20, 2018, Janua,2019. Florid4 whe in D8 rtKh6 GACH ,UP OF FREDRICK W#NTAND cERnFlcAnHoLDERs OF m CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR is pending in the Ci urt Court Laura E. Roth Bank Na on Twrt Conpany, Awomays rPl ntm MYRNA BROWN-WIA BEAR STEARNS ASSET J nw 18, 25, 1g VOLUS COUN for Volusia Coun,Florida. Ci uk and Coun as T tor F nt Hon 4630Woodland Copor B rf living, and any and all 8ACKED sEcuRmEs L 1748z5 FLORIDA PDbat8 Division, me add Cou s Loan Tw 2 -1, Asset- 8lvd Ste1 Unknown Pa ies claiming,UC, ANET-BACKED CASE NO.: 2018- ot wh h is 101 N. #ebama B : Shawnee SmM Back certmca,Se es Tampa,FL33614 by, th ugh, under. or cERTIFlcAns, SERIES 32015-clcl Av8nu6, Del d, Florida w724. (CIRCUIT OURTSEAL) 2006-1, Pl ntm and Douglas T8|8phon6: (813) 880-8888 again the h8r6in-n 2005-HE6 IN THE CIRCUIT MID AMERICA MORTGAGE, m6 n and add y85 ot Depu Cle a d&endant(s), M.5122 individual Defendants who. Plain W, COURTOFTHE INC. the pe on p ta ve and Jan. u; Feb. 1, 1g |,Cl kofCourf, Lau E. Roth, Fax:(813T88O- a not alive, wh8M6r s d vs. SMW JUDIC L PlalntlR, the nal p e's L174938 will sell to the highest and ForEmailSe iceOn : Unknown Partles may claim BETH K. CAUFFMAN WA CIRCUrr IN AND FOR -vs- aWomey set for b&ow. be bidder for ca5h AT www. SFGTampaSe ica an intare as spou58s, h&n, 8ETH KOONrZ CAUFFMAN UOLUSIA COUN UNKNOWN HEIRS,wedkon ofthe VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. For all oth6r inquirias: apaya devisees, grantees, penon& AIWA BETH CAUFFMAN noRIDA BENEFICIARIES, DMSEES, and o & p s ha ng IN THE CIRCU COMa 11: AM.on Febwa rep sent&lvas, or as other AND UNKNOWN nNANTy CINL AcnoN ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, cl ms or d6gds ag n COURT FOR 26, 2019, e tollowing Punuanl to the Fair D6bt .tlaimank, OWNERS. CASE NO.: 2018 CREDrrORS, TRUSTEES. AU d edem's e on whom a VOLUS# couw, dewbed pD as s& rfh Collartions Prarflces Act, you Dafendants. D&endank. 11919 CIDL OTHERS WHO MAY C M copy of thi5 nob is ui FLORIDA in said Fin Judgm t, to-w : a advis6d that this o ce may NOTICE OF SAU NoncE OF SALE BANK OF N YORK ANINTEREsTINTHEEsTAn to ba &ed fi MaiF PRoBAn DIVISION LOT 3. SILVER RIDGE ba d a debt collertor and NOTICE ls HEREBY Not ls h&eby giB, MWONTRUSTCOMP OF wALnR L. CLOSSON cl # wkh is court ON OR File No.: 2019-1 18- SUBDMSION-UNrr NO. any in tlon obtained n y GIVEN punuant to an IN pu to Fln& Judg tot N.AAsTRumEFoR wAwALnRuEcLossoN BEFORE THE LAnR OF 3 PRDL 1, ACCORDING TO THE be used lor thBl pupose. REM nNAL JUDGMENT oBlo brPl&m &rt& MoRT GEANm III NWA wALnR CLOSSON MOWS AFnR THE nME Division 10 PLAT THEREOF, AS RE- 18-313494 FCO1 CHE OF FORECLOSURE AS TO in thls cau5a on O ob& 14. GEMENTSERIESl III NWA wALnR UE OF THE FIRST Pu8ucAnoN IN RE: EsTAn OF CORDED IN MAP BOOK Jan. ; F.b. 1, 1g couNTIAGAINsTEsTAnoF 2014. the Cl uW Court ot TRUST, CLOSSON; ET AL OF THIS NoncE OR 30 DAYS JAY G. SHORT 25, PAGE 87, OF THE L1749N LEONP.TOUCHON LUCIW V w Cou, L&ut& PBn R, ant(sL AmR THE DAn OF SE CE D sed. PuBuc RKORDS OF TOUCHON and asto COUNT E. M, c of e Ci uW vs. NoncEo ncnoN OF A COPY OF THIS NoncE NoncE TO CREDrrORS vows couw, FLOR- III - ESTATE OF FREDRICK Court, will sal e p THEuNmowNHEIRs, TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS, ON THEM. me adminlrt tion ot Me IDA IN THE CIRCU W#NTANDMYR 8ROWN- s & Vol B CoW, DENSEES.G WS, BENEFICIARIES, DE SEES,othar kOR of me e e of JAY G. SHO ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN COURTOFTHE W d Jan&8.2O19 n desd as: GNUS, UENORS, AS GNEES, UENORS, d ent and om oM d8c8as8d,whos8dat6of,EST IN THE WRPLUS SMW JUDICIAL and ent&ed in 2017 31921 LO 18, DELTONA CREDrrORS, TRusnEs, cRED oRs,TRumEs,ALL havlng cB # or ds wasAp I13, p ding FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, CIRCU INANDFOR clcl otme C uk Court ol e w DS, p@E |, AC- OR OTHER cL MANn OTHERSWHOMAYCLAIMAN agelnA d em's a a in the Ci uh Court r volus oTHERnQTHE PROPERTY VOLUS couw, Seventh Jud i& Clak in and CORDING TO THE PLAT CL MING BY. THROWH, INnREsT IN THE ESTATE OF mu file meir ms wWh this County, Florida, PDb 6 owNERAsoFTHEDAnoF FLORIDA for Volwia Coun,fl . THEREOF AS RKORD- UNDER, ORAG NST wALnR L. CLOSSON AIWA court WITHIN 3 MOWS Di slon, the add ss ot which THE us PENDENS MUST FIU CIVIL DIVISION wh6 h Dayona 8 Gh ED IN MAP BOOK 38, ROMULUS D. BRINKW, JR WALTER UE CLONON III AFTER THE DAn OF THE is1O1 No #a Av6nue A C M W HIN 60 DAYS Case : 2017-10662- Regency i ion, lnc a PAGES 130 AND 131. OF DECEASED, & &, WA wALnR CLOSSON III FIRST PUBUCATION OF THIS DeBd, no da 32724. me A THESAU. CIDL florida non-p M pora on ME PuBuc RECORDS De&dant(s). WAWALTER LEE CLOSSON NOTICE. nan s and add s es of e Pu ant to na R. Jud. DIVISION: 1 is the plaintm and EsTAn OF OF VOLUS couw, NoncE OF ^MON B Known Add ss: ALL CLAIMS NOT nuD n& B es and Ad n. 2.516D)I1),Pl nlms BankotA &ca,NA SBM f LEON P.TOUCHON LUCILU FLORIDA. To: THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, 312 YORKETOWN DRIVE WITHIN THE nME PERIODS the na se es. unsel h&aby de gnales s BACHon Loans&icing, TOUCHON and EsTAn andtom Dn owas:313O DE SEES,G ES, DAYTONA BEACH, FL32119 SET FORTH IN FLO DA anomey a 58| torm below. p &nail d br the LP FKAcoum w e Hon OF FREDRICK W NT AND LOBLOUY ST, DELTON n ANIGNEES,UENORS, You a notified ot an artion STAMES sEcnoN 7M.702 ,kon otth6 d 6nt pu B ot &,& e as: 5S8 lcing,LP MYR BROWN-W NT a 32725; including tha bullding, cREDrroRs,TRusnEs, to oBlo&8 a morfgeg on the wlu 8E FOREVER BARRED. and oWe p ons having SF Tam&aSe ice Plaintm, defe ants. m6 Cle of lhis appurtenances, and R u s oRoTHERcLAIMANn tollowing pDp8r ln Volu la NOTW HSTANDING THE claims or demands ag n SHAPIR ,FlsHMANa -vs.- counshall sell to Me higheA loc&ad thereln, al publlt CLAIMINGBY,THROUGH, Cou : TIME PERIODS SET FORTH d ent's estate on whom a GACH ,LLP Ronald Huguenin; V8Dn a and rtbidd8rtorca5h,onlin6 sale, to tha highest and bart UNDER,ORAGAINST LO 321, GEORGETOWNE ABOVE, ANY CL M FIUD topy ot this noti is qui d AnomeystorPl nt Huguenin; Unknown Parties at .volu5ia. a &lo58. bidd,rcash, online . ROMULUS D. BRINKW.JR UNrr v, ACCORDING TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE to b6 ad mu fi M r 4630WoodlandCopo e in Possassion 1, lf llvlng, and tom tt public sale on Feb a volusia. aWoBlos8.tom, on DECEASED TO THE MAP OR PLAT AFTER THE DECEDENTS tlaims w this cou ON OR Blvd Ste1,Unknown Parties claimlng 13, 019 at 11:00a.m. Ma FEBRUARY 21, 2019 a 11:00 LaAMowAdd M:Unknown THEREOF AS RECORD- DATE OF DEATH ls BARRED. BEFORE THE LAnR OF 3 Tampa,FLN614 by, th ugh, under and ag nst lollo ing described pDp6rty A.M. CuatAdd ss: Unknown ED IN PLAT BOOK 40, me date ot fim public&Dn MOWS AmR THE nME Telephona:(813) 8888 M6 abova namad Datendant(s) as se o hin said docu m, Any penons cl ming an ANYANOAUUNKNOWN PAGUS) 4, OF THE PuB- ot this No ce is January 18. OF THE FIRST PU8LICATION M.5122 who a not known to b6 dead in aKodanc8wiM Chapter45. imere in Me suplus hom PARnEscLAIMING aY, uc RECORDS OF VOLU- 2019. OF THIS NOTIGE OR 30 DAYS Faw: (813)880-8800 or alive, whether said Unknown Florida Stat es, to wk: the sale. rf any, oth an the THROUGH.UNDER.AND s couw, FLORIDA. Penon Rep ve: AFTER THE DAn OF SERVICE ForEmail Se ice On : Parties may clalm an lnt6 COUNT |- 14 Unk k[s), pDp own6rasot 8d&6ot AG NSTTHE HEREIN PD Add u: 312 J Kenne Mda& OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE SFGTampaSe i as Spouse, Hein, Devisaes, and Unrf Numbe s) 901 of thelispendensmu fileacl m NAMED INDMDUAL Yo owne Drive. Da ona Schoenabeg ON THEM. For,o er inquines: apaye G meas, or h& Cleimants; Da ona Baach Reg cy w hin 60 da R8rth6 s e. DEFENDANT(S) WHO ARE B ch, FL 32119 Kann6 h Micha& All other c dNon ot the logs. m Unknow Partlas in PoM8ssion Condominium c ed Jennrfer M. w NOT KNOWN TO BE DEAD mis artion was inA Stho6n8b decadent and other penons Punua to tha F r Debl m,ltl ing,and lunknown punua to and undar nl (813) Q9- x5294 ORAUVE, WHFrHER S D in 18 Ci uh Court, s6vamh 2 8w.B in on Driv6 having claims or damands Collartions Prartices A,you Parties cl ming by,MDugh, the D6tlar&ion ol Condo- Kau MuB, P.A. UNKNOWN PARnEs MAY Juditial Ci uh in and forVolusle DeWona, Florida 32T25 ' against d8t8d8nt'5 ertate a advisedthatMiso cen y underandagainstmeabove minium r Da ona 8 15 N. nondaAva. CL M AN INnREsTAs coMy, flo da; Ca88 No. A orney rP&son mu file Meir cl ms W this badee adebt ll orand named D&endamls)who R8g8nty Condominium, T a, FL N6O2-2613 SPOUSES, HEIRS. DEVISEU, 2018- 2015-clcl; and is s led Rap entat e: cou WITHIN 3 MONTHS any inlorm& on o ned may a notk wntobedeador du o ad ln Me blic F bsu aw. G U, OROTHER MID AMERICA MORTGAGE, M kA. Skipp6r AmER THE OATE OF THE bau d rthat pose whethersaid Unknown R olds or lu B CouW, m CL# INC. vs. UNKNOWN HEIRS, Ma A.Skipp r,Esqui FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS 17-310681 FCO1 WNI Parties n y tl m an int6 Ftorid& ln omci R ld J 1&,1 ~Know. Unb ow 8ENmc RIEs, DEVISEES, Fb da BarNum 1 NoncE. J n. a; F b. 1, 1g as Spouse, Hain, Devisees, Book 4150, Page 1146, L1T4892 h&Add :Un ow ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, 41&2 Edgaw ar Qh . . . ALL CLAIMS NOT FIUD L17493O G m68s, orOth&Claimants as he aWer YOU ARE NonnED an CREDfrORS, TRusnEs, ALL ORLANDO. FL32BO4 W HIN THE TIME PERIODS an s). DeclaBbn and [||] Dn to se & Drtgag8 OTHERSWHO MAYCLAIMAN Telephona: (40 57B-54 SET FORTH IN FLORIDA NoncE OF NU the PBt, du 6d in IN THE CIRCU on lh6 bl winR plo in INTEREST IN THE ESTATE OF Fax:(4O 578-5407 sTATuns sEcnoN 7N.T IN THE CIRCU NoncE ls HEREBY Public R ods ol Volus COURT OF THE VolusiB County, onda: wALnR L. CLOSSON AIWA E-Mall: ma matkskip w. wlu BE FORMR BARRED. COURT OF THE GWEN pu uant to otd6r Coun,Flo da in SWEW JUDIC#L UN B. BUILDING 1, AT wALnR LEE CLOSSON III Gom NOTW HSTANDING THE SMW JUDICIAL Rsch8duling to bsu s&e Ra s 8ook 4143, CIRCU INAND FOR 180 MAGNOL WOODS WA wALnR CLOSSON III Janu ry18,U, 1g nME PERIODS SET FORTH CIRCU INAND FOR or Fin Judgmem, eme d in Page 2213, as T8 aR VOLUS couw, COURT OF EDGEwAnR AIWA wALnR LEE CLOSSON; L17 ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FIUD VOLUSIA couw, c il Case No. 2017-10662- amended. lnkial OKupan- FLORIDA CONDOMINIUM APARr- GEORGE H. CATLEDGE, AS TWO (2) s OR MORE FLORIDA CIDL ot the Ci uh Cou ot Gy Yea 1997, Flo ing UnW CASE NO.: 2018 MENTS OF DELTONA, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AmR THE DECEDENTS CML DMSION the Tth Judici Cikuh in and w88kl9) 14. 31129 clcl FLORID A CONDOMINI- OF THE EsTAn OF WALTER RnlNBownnE LIEN,INC. DAn OF DEATH ls BARRED. Case w: 2018-10999- for Volusia Coun,no da, COUNT III- Unh Waek WILMINGTON SAVINGS UM ACCORDING TO THE L. CLONON WA WALTER Sh dan W PMB me da e of fim public ion CIDL wh6 in Bank of Am c&. N.A. 451o ln UnN Number 1 5 FUND socl FSB, DOING DEcLARAnoN OF CON- LEE CLOSSON III AIWA u1 ot this Notice is Janua 25, OIVISION: 1 yBw BAC Home Loans ol Da ona Beach Regen- BUSINESS AS cHR nANA DOMINIUM RECORDED WALTER CLOSSON III AIWA Nol wood, FL 3 w 2019. JPMogan Chasa Bank. &icing, LP FKA Count wide cy Condominium c ated TRUST, NOT IN s IN OFFIC L RECORDS WALTER UE CLOSSON Penonal Rep at ives: Nat n AMo alion Ho P Loans Se icing, LP, punue to and under nl INDIVIDUAL CAPACl BUT BOOK 2276, PAGES 243 (&ed 1u472018); TINA NoncE OFMU CATHERINE A. FRANK Pl nt . Plaim and Ronald Huguanin the Decla tion ot Condo- SOLUY AS TRusnE FOR THROUGH 336, INCLU- MARIE ALCAIDE AIWA nNA Ralnbow mle Len, lnc. will 784 Wooping Crane -vs.- a defendant(s), |, Cla or minlum tor Dayona B6ath BCAT 2015-14B SNE, OF THE PUBLIC M. ALC DE AIWA nNA sell al Publit Sele & Aumon Court AaDn w. Pakons a AaDn Cou,Laura E. Roth, will sall R6g8ncy Condominium. Pl miR, RECORDS OF VOLUS ALC DE (Se ed 1v11n018); the bllowing v8h I6s to s Sanbrd, FL 32771 p ns; J8Nica A. Pakons to the highest and ba bidder du torded ln the Public N. couw. FLORID AND wl LEE CLONON li6n pu uantto Chapt6r713.T8 ALAN H. SHORT a Jeyica p ns: lor cash AT WWW.VOLUSIA. Recods ot Volusie Coun,EDWARD R. OWOWSKl. ANY AMENDMW (&ed 1u11n018); MOISES ot the norida St es on 5073 Lncoln Road Un ow Spouse of n w. REALFORECLOSE.COM at Florida, in O tlBl R8toFd DeQdants. THERETO, TOGETHER ALCATHE WA MOINS Febwa 14.2O19at1OA.M. Ontario, NY 14519-9120 p ns MaAaD Parsons; 11:00A.M. onApril 4, 2019, the Book 4150, & Page 1146, NoncE OF MU W H AU APPuRn- REYJOEL ALC DE, A .hurnoN u OCCUR AWomey br P8Ron Unknown Parties in Poss8Nion following describad p per as as the a er an&d NoncE ls GWEN al, in NANCES THERETO, IN- MINOR CHILD, BY AND WHERE UCH VEHKL Rep sentatives: n1, lt living, and all Unknown setlo h ln said Final Judgmenl, (tha Declaration and fl a ante wrm Me Fln& CLUDING AN UNDMDED THROWH HIS MOTHER EL ls LOMTED. HEATHER c. 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