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January 25, 2019     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 25, 2019

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HERITAGE FLoRIDn JEWISH NEWS, JANUAR 5, 19 ? PAGE 1TB gtoo py,pu uam Su h,NV121T5,4 ,44,13g A o 15 vl cl ob lon torm. L1T 5Ta : JOELLA B n o Q ot i & t, to e Plan, Buildlng-Unit(s) 19,0DD,1n,F w v h 291 040 B L ex t ng your rigM to obj 4T Caphol N . B OR N in R (SEE HIBIT .A,durinR Unk, 2011-2017, t6,443.45, 60,3, WHOU, 1. to M6 us6 ot th bu S, MD 20T43, T,T44, MARD . Tw . B k a1. Paga 4528. Unh W k(s) (SEE HIB S1.62, 201 30223; TONYA Saa5ohfloat Unh, t su pD du . Upon ncE FDunuLrnND 1B. DD,1n.Fw wed QHIB n"-NoncEoF in a Public of A,durin2 Assignad Y6a s) c BLACKWW 1603 Slarrfo 201J2017, M,249.T6, 2.72, a und ign6d h .5 NnNTTo FORECL E Unk, 2015-2017. N,1 DU^ULT D,TO CouW, a, and - (SEE IBIT A 6 in way D8G&Ur, GA 3 2, 201 20; JACWUNE ptotyou n6doO ion wohrE ullnLL t1.62, 201& 578 ; FORECL E any an&d s &eot. nn Sha an Dparty) 400, 443, 40, MN, 112, G PEREl CALMON Rua torm, a to osu ot 16 n . CARDO E AUONSO Ow6 s) Add Bui ing KHEDUU 1.: Cont Add N"). k a BuW ot Fix d W M ad Unh,2O12- Ca 6 B co 139 o li w toth8d6 uW Pu uam to &i MARIELA RAMIRQ 12280 Unk Year TS UndMdad No Obl o,Obl or Notite Me alo ntionad datauW, 2017, S6,258.13, S2.4o, 1502 vlla v,B IL 6d in this notica shall T21.855| da Sl&ula,c Q w k Ln Jach nville. lnt nTSPhas6Yaan Add,Lagal D cription soci ion h y 8|8rf5 to 20180430223; NASON L 80. 6,3, WHOLE, 1, #| ba subjerf to the judici m8 ?ndangn d T a5 n32258,T .766,5o,oDD, D inquem Anmnt p mem v : SA'4525'39'B, s6|| the PD punuant BLACKWEU 116 Vlna Ln S6a h noat noat t lowl u on . lm8d by wEsTGAn 1n, nxed W kl xad Unh, COLR8Glnb ANGU SOTO, 7509 to Sa ion 721.855, Florida moma on, GA 30286 Unk, 2015-2017, S5,249.76, You hav6 Me rigM to GU ES OWNERS 2017, S8,9 .19, S1.62, NORMA J GUAY WON GAWNETA CT TAMP FL Slatutes. Plea a b advis6d 2332, 4,443, 4o, EN, S2.72, 201 520: DAYSE yourda uW the mann& sat Ass IAn Nl INC. 201& 5T8 ;HAR00NAU J GUAY 139 Cor Springs 33615-2466 uNlnD sTAns, th&inlh66v6mthatth6d6bt 1 2, FixBd W M ad Un,MAR GOMES DOMINGUES fo in is not alanyt ma 8l lnaW a to MAUREENAU15 Sand&5 Rd Crt NE CaQa,AB TW3W9 Un k: 39, Un : 4525, owadtothe Association is not 2012-2017, S6,258.13, S2.4o, DA SILVA Av da B&ra Rio batol8 I8tw 'ssal8otyour .Asmi ion h y torm Ed son,NJO8817,T ,747,N, CANAD 700, 754, 39, MN, F u c Annual. paid wrmin thir -Rve (35) days 20180430223; CHELSEE 651 - Apto 1101 Mad a a inte rt.ltyoudonot notm !S8a Mibh A m MN, 1n, Flxad W x6d 1n, Flx6d xed Unk. J &18,U, 1g a er t6ipt ot tha Notic6, R WEITLAUF a PAUL E R . BRAZIL 80, 507, obja toth8us8ot 6tw 86 u a ln d6 uW du8t y ur Un,2014-2017, t4,597.62, 2012-2017, S6,479.62, 82.4o, L 174a23 the undanigned T stea WEITLAUF JR Po Box 585 11, WHOU, 1,S n- foratbsu pmadu you ll ilu topay (s)du6 W.4O,2O18D3578 ;PAMELA 201 0522; JAYNITA G shall pDca8d whh th6 sale Duv |,WA98O19,6OO,624,21, float Mb Un,2015- nolbe subjerflo a 6fi 8ncy r(s86Exhibk.A punuamto zB 1208 Ridg6vi6w JOHNSON 5T11 Fod Rd ot the Rop& a5 providad EVEN, 1n, Flx6d W wad 2017, t4,265.o8, $2.21, judgm6 evan hth6 proc68ds 8 mi ion' s qov ing w Novato, CA g4g47-,N Mount Vamon, IN 47620, FoBlow HOA 85636LR19- in in S ion 721.855, Florida Unrf, 2014-2017, S3,996.55, 201 20: GIOVANNI hom m6 sale otyourti& docu &ts ov6ming 13,13N, 1g, WHOU, 1 1600, 1653, 3g. EVEN, 1n, HOA Notita of DatauW and Slat es, the undanlgned g2.O8,2O18O43O223;BING LU CALD DOMINGUES DA int& a inwmciem to D cum8ms and y u n w Fw6d W ix6d Unit, 2013 Flx6d WeeW xed Unk. 2012- lnt&rf to Fo&os6, arding Tw ea shall: (1) p vida you 17721 Rarm an Ln Edmond, SILVA A ida Bai a o oRs&thaa Dunts s6w d by owe ialion (See Exhlbh 2017, tg,53o.1o, t4.o2, 2018- 2017, a,956.18, S2.4o, ti a im (s) ownad wh wrman nolit6 ottha sala, OK 73012-6544, 500,562,31, 651 - Apto 1101 Mad ana the lien. &: GREENSPOON A which um iMlud65 03578 ;RUSSELL ZBRANAK 20180430522; snPHEN by h6 Obligo s) on Schedula including lhB dat6, time and WHOU, 1, F ad W w d R rfe, 10 1 BRAZIL MARDER. T . im6,late t8 5, and 0 6r 68 B HamiWon Driva Novato, E BLICHARSKI MEIHWA .1. Lah hor6 R6s6 a loGation th&aor, (2) Raco Unrf, 2015-2017, S6,o4o.39, 80, 507, 11, WHOU, 1, #| IBIT n" - NoncE OF ch 8s. Addrti " i"' CA 94849, 13,1353, 18, LIN B cHRlsnNA LIN 221 Condominium, locatad in ma notita ots a intha Public $3.14, 201 0v3; STAC hnoat oat DEF^ULT AND IN ENr ro c ntlnu85t acc 8 8t a WHOLE, 1, F ad W xed Kansington Rd Gad6n c y, O ng6 Coun,Florida, R s ot ORANGE Coun,L LU 15108 hmmh Pa e Unk, 2015-2017. S4.265.o8, FORECLOSE ot(S Exhibh A day.A Unh, 2013-2017, Sg,53o.1o, NY1153O,7 ,745,49,ODD, as d8Krib8d punuant horida: and (3) Publish a Dr Edmond. OK 73013, 5,S2.21, 201 20; cuso Own& sT Add Building 6n tor th8 ato um a.o2, 2018-0357800; JAMES 1n, Fiwed W Mixad Unh, th6 Daclar ion fe ed lo copy ot the notice ot sale 562, 31, WHOU, 1, Flx6d HAYASHIDA B MARlsnNA Unh Week Y TS Undi ded asb n &o ag n a M ESp Yasuni 349 Y 2015-2017, S3,1o6.o3, S1.62, bBow of said county, as two (2) ti s, once each WaeMixed Unk, 2015- HAYASHIDA Avenida Jose lnteR nTSPhas6Y8an ?,wing,pD,c 6d Av6 El lnca aurfo, ECUADOR, 201 0522; FRANCES M nded. Lakesho Resa e weak, tor two (2) sutcaNiv8 2017, S6,o4o.3g. S3.14, Bonrfat 1N1 Apt 42B D&inquent un p Diam ln RA ?E C u"tyl " "da: 1200, 1254, 12, EVEN, 112, OATES D mchork Lodga Hotel Condominium ANociation, w68ks, in an ORANGE Coun 20180430223; Campina 13091-140, COLReclnlo (See Mlbk A (SEE HIB Flxad WaaM x6d Unrt. 2014- AuWbaaAchnashaan,222HU lnc a Florida not-tor-profit n8w5pap8r, provid6d such a January 1a, s, 18 BRAZIL 1,13, ODD, 1 2, DERRICK GREY 210 Yale AvB A Tlm8Sha lnt& ( )(S?E 201T, W,996.55, 82.o8, 2018- SCOTLAND, 16 ,' 1662, 2, coporation did causa a Claim n8w5pap8r exi at tha tim6 L174896,n-flo weekmoat New Hav6n, CT 06515, 300, HIBIT A? as d8fin8d ln 03578 ; DOREEN WALDEN WHOLE, 1, Flx6d W68hl x8d otL6ntob8 tord8dinpublic ot publishing. 11 you tail to Unk, 2015-2017, 82,o53.o8, 364B, 18, MN, 112, Valua m8 la tl n t C v8n tsl 421 Mo s Avenue N6wark, Unk, 2014-2017, S6,1o1.49, Bo s ot said coun . Obligor cu M6 d&auW as set torfh S1.o6, 201 0520; ROMAN S8a5on-Float WeeWfloat Un,C ndhl ns and R n,ns NJ 07103-2569, 700, 716, 40, $3.19, 20180430522; JILYN is liabla r payem in hll of in this notice or take other NoncE OF DEFAULT hND NAUMOWICZ 7011 Cape 2014-2017, 83,996.55, $2.08, l r W8 gat6 Lak6sl '|| mcla' MN, 1l2, Flx6d Waa Fixad s GANADEN 27, RuKomb8 amounts as shown in th6 li6n appDpri 6 a ion wkh gard INnNT TO FORECLOSE Harbor DriveApt p Wilmin on, 2018-0357809; TWANDA Recods Book,at Page Unk, 2014-2017, $4,841.99, Way Feltham, TW14 9NY plus tO S: and is p s6ntly to this to losu maWer, you wuTG^n uws v nLL NC 28411, 80, 206, 5, ODD, 112, GREY419Wh leyAvaSte3O9 3118, ot the Public Recods S1.71, 201&0357800; ENGLAND, 1400, 1434, 31, in dafauW ot obligation to pay. risk losing ownership ot your T saason-no klhoat New Haven, CT 06511-3019, f rang8 C un,n rida h8 MYRENE ALCANTRA a ODD, 112, Fixad WeaW xed Tw 68 is condurting a non- tim ha inta st Dugh the Punuant to Serfion Un,2015-2017, 82,719.2O, 300, 364B, 18, EVEN, 112, wPlan',and all an&dm6nt!s) ARLEEN PACIFICO 525-Avenue Unrt, 2013-2017, 84,251.13, juditial loreclosu punua bu 86 to&losu pDc8du 721.855, Florida Stat 85, $1.40, 20180430520; JOSE Value Season-FloatWeeMloat tha ?,rf any. T gathar wrth A Flr 2 Bayonna, NJ 07002, $1 .40, 20180430522; lo Florida St ute 721.855. abli5h8d in S ion 721 .855, th6 und6nign6d T as G TORRES MARRERO Unrf, 2014-2017, $3,996.55, the rl9ht t Ku yl. pun?am 1200, 1224, 20, WHOLE, SIMMER PRoPERnEs, L L me Obligormu pay all sums norida Stallrt . You may appointed by wEsTGAn CallB 30 M 5 Urb Santa $2.08, 201B-0357B0g. to the Plan, Bulldlng-Unlt(s) 1, Fixed WaaM x6d Unil, c a GREGO Y s SIMMER, no later than 30 days hom thoose to sign and send to LAKES OWNERS Juanha Bayamon, PR 00956, RICHARD s DUFF a CARRI (S?E HIBIT A,during 2014-2017, 86,69o.46, $3.49, PRESIDENT 1366T w Eaton the fim date ot public ion th6 undenign t stee the AMoclAnoN, INC. 90, 1,38, ODD, 112,| DUFF 4203 Tolowa Shaat Unh W k(s) (?EE HIBIT 2018-0357800; D RICCARDO Hwy Grand Ladga, Ml 48837, by contarfing T 5t88 or the 8ncl0s6d objertion torm, e inaRer te ed to as Saason-Float W Mloat San Diago, CA g2117, 300, A,dunng sl n Y8a ?) PAIGE 3200 us Highway 27 1600, 1655, 49, EVEN, 112, T ee will p tead with the exe i5ing your right to objert AMociation ha by tormally Unk, 201J2017. S2,4o1.55, 329B, 48, WHOLE, 1, Value - ?SEE HIBIT A). 6 ln s Ste 20 Sebring, FL 33870- Fixad W88 Fix6d Unh, 201 saB ot ma lim ha int6 lo the us6 ot the t 68 notifies (Sea Exhibk A thal 81.24, 201 0520; JUAN G Season-FloatWeeklFloalUn,Tlme ha Plan pDp8rtyT 5470,700,753,27,WH0LE, 1, 2017, $8,465.62, 82.4o, at sud d a, time and location IO tlOSU pDc8du . Upon you a in dBtauW du6to your BARRETO JOAUSDIAZCall6 2015-2017, a,797.68, $2.35, Add N). As. a suW f Flxed w66knix6d Unit, 2014- 20180430522; LAURENCE a5 Tw ee will include in lha the undenigned wstee's railurato pay aN8 t(s)du8 ch 4027 San Antonio, PR 2018-0357809; NORBE TO th8 al ntl n8d d8tault 2017, S7,7o3.65, 84.o2, 2018- ERNEST TOWNS 2805 # Notica ofSale. me T 86 is: iptotyoursignadobjerfion tor(SeeExhibk A")punuantto 0 90, 80, 503, 32, ODD, 112, D GELUZ a SHARON L s cl,n h8 by 8|8rfs t 578 ; ADRIAN M ROQUE Highway 14 E Selma, AL Flm An&can T la lnsu nce torm, 18 toBlosu ot th6 the Assotiation' s qoveming #| S n-Float WeeMloat GELUZ 302 Gunning Bedtord s8|' 'h p p8 y pun' "' a KATHERINE CASTRO 18165 36703, 1100, 1152, 15, Company, 400 Rampart Blvd, li6n wkh sp6rf to the delauW docum nts ( oveming Unrf, 2015-2017, $2,719.20, Dr Dover, DE 19904, 300, t S8rtl n 721.855| Fl nda sw 29lh St t P8mbDk8 EVEN, 1n, Fixed Wa6 x6d Su 6 290, Las Vegas, NV, sp8cm6d in this notice shall DoGum6 s") and you now S1.4o, 20180430520; MARILYN 343A, 17, ODD, 112, Value Stat 8s. PI8as8 b8 advls6d Pines, n 33029, 700, 743, 21, Unrf, 201 2017, S8,465.62, 89145, 02) 304-75 . Each be subjart to the judicial owe Auociation (s Exhibk,GONZALU a GERARDO E Season-Float W86Mloat Unit, that lnthe 8v8ntt at.W8.d8bt MN, 112, Fixed WeaklFixad 82.4o, 201 0522; HARRY obligor notic6 add u, and foBlosu proc6du only. '.A"T which a Dunt includa oRnz Haci6nda Conto ia 2015-2017, S2,6g3.g1 $140 owed toth6,lon ls not Unh, 2014-2017, $4,597.62, B LA VAN 8049 Laka T ti ha int& d ription You hava th6 right to tu inla,late t8aE, and other 11060 Calla Miramalinda 201 8-0357809; AR O pad within thirfy-fiv6 (35) day5 S2.4o, 2018-03578 ; JAMIE Ln lndianapolis, IN 46217, a as li 6d on kh8dul6 1". yourd6tauW inthe mann6rs6t chages. Addhional int8 5t Santa I5ab&. PR 00757, MINISTRIES LIFE NING aW8r B8ipt . t th8 N tic6| HOWMAN 1236 Elm Rd 1600, 1664, 7, MN, 1n, Lag D ription: lnUn (Sea rorm inthi5 notica atanytima con lnu6sto aK 6 th6 6 1,45, ODD, 1n, Floating, cENnR, INC. 4340 Allan the undenlgned Tw ee Tallah,FL 32304, 700. Fixad klFixed Unk, 2012- kh8dul6 1.L8g D rip on b8to thatw 68'5 5al6 otyour of (s86 Exhibh wA par day. A 2015-2017, 82, 3.o8, S1 Genoa Rd Unit 112 Pasadana, shall pD wkh th8 .5a'8 747, 31, MN, 1 2, Flx6d 2017, $6,479.62, S2.4o, Variables), Unh Week(s) (See tim6sha int6r t.lfyoudonot lian tor tha ato said amount 201 0520; JUSCEUNO A TX 77504, 300, 339B, 19, t .th8 p p8rfy as p vl 6d W68Mix6d Unrt, 2014-2017, 20180430522; PHYWS LA khadula.1"Lag D tription obj totha use otthetw ee ha5 been recoded against tha TOMAS Rua T6nant8 #tid6s EVEN, 1n, Value Season-Float ln ln S6 ' n '2'.855| "da S3,762.71, S1.97, 2018- VAN 119 s Park Ridg6 Rd Variab )inLak8sho R858 8 toBlow pDtadu,you will tollowing pDp6rty lotat6d Dua 6 Da Souza 303 - Apt. Wea Flo Unit, 2012-2017, Sl ut85. the und lgn6d 578 : CHRIS,HOUEMAN Apt 6 Bloominglon, IN 4740& condominium,acco ingtom6 not be subjert to a deficiency in ORANGE couny, florida: 102 Bai o Duqu6 D6 Caxias $5,526.87, $2.08, 2018- Tw |: l!l p vld8 y u 1238 Elm Rd TallahaNe8, FL 3182, 16,1&64, 7, MN, D la ion ot Condominium judg Bnt8v8n itthe p ceed (See ExhibhwA T(S E HIBIT Cuiaba, 78043 263 BRAZIL 0357809; JAMES FRANKUN wM wnW8n n llc8 t!h8 s al 32304-93,700, 747, 31, 112, Flx6d WeehlFwed Unh, th& t, as orded in OMti hom the sala ot your timesha A")fimeSha lnte (s)(SEE 90 a 90, 110 a 501, 1 a 41, BURCHFIELD 5715 Elridge lnclu lng th8 dat8| tlm8 and MN, 1 2, Flxed WeehlFixed 2012-2017, S6,479.62, S2.4o, R o s Book 9741 Page inta a insumcient to HIBIT "A") a5 defined in EVEN a ODD, 1,S6ason- Road Knoxvilla, TN 37918, 300,catl n th8 ti .(2) R8c d Unh, 2014-2017, 83,762.71, 201 80430522; ROBERT A 2312 in the Public R ods oWs& the amounts s6cur8d by tha Declara ion ot Cov6nanls, Float WeeWhoat Unh a All 365c, 47, ODD, 112, All Saason- th8n tlc8 ts alnlha Publlt S1.97, 2018-0357800; NIGEL WIUOUGHBY MARY L ot O nge Coun,Florida, th6 lian. By: GREENSPOON Conditions and Re rirfions Saason-Float WeeMloat Unk, Floa WeeklFlo Unit, 2015- Rec ds t RANG' c `",cuRns Po 8ox sb52431 WIUOUGHBY 1625 Eart and any amendments M&aof. MARDER, Twstae. ror W8stgat6 Lakas, V, O tial 2015-2017, S5,249.76. 82.72, 2017, $2,693.91, $1.40, 2018- n nda and (3). Publlsh a Nassau, BAHAMAS, 1 400, Slate Road 16 Monon, IN SCHEDUU 1 : Con a EXNIBlr A" - NoncE OF Records Book 9580, at Page 20180430520; ANA PAULA 0357809; LAURI DOBBINS 20 c py f 8 n tlca f sale 1425, 11, ODD, 112, Fixad 47959, 1100, 1155, 11, MN, No Obligon, obliaor Notica DEFAULT nND INnNr TO 608, otthe Public R6cords ot DE ANDRADE GALLAN Rua Evera DrYaphank,NY1198O, lw (2) tlmesl nc8 8ach WeeMixed Unk, 2013-2017, 112, Flxed Mixed Unh, Add u, Legal 6stripti0n FORECLOSE ora q Coun,Florida (tha Tanenta Alcides Duarfe De 3,338A, 36, EVEN, 112, Valu6 waakl t r tw T2) wtc8Nlve a,251.13, S1 .40, 201& 2008-2017, 81o,575.44, S2.4o, variabl6s; LR 2214.42.B, Owe sT Addr8M Building "Pla,and all amandment(s) Souza 303 - Apt. 102 Bai o Saason-Float Waa hoat Unk, waeks, in an ORANGE CouW 03578 ; 201 0522; VAN p TA 326 TAB M. JOHNSON, 7904 Unit week Year TS Undividad thereto, it any. Tog&h6r wkh Duqu6 De Caxias Cuiaba, 2014-2017, $3,996.55, $2.08, n8wspaperl p vd8d such a January18,V, 1g Dacatur Dr Summ6 ill8. SC JAB,CT, NomNGHAM, lnt8r8stS8asonTSPhasaY6ars the right to occupy, pursuant BRAZIL 90 a 90, 11o a 501, 2018-0357809; GREGORY newspaper exi s at Me tin L1749OO 29486-5346, 1400, 1436, 9, MD 21236-38N uNlnD Dalinquen #nount PBr Diam to the Plan, Building-Unil(s) 1 a 41, MN B ODD, 1, All DOBBINS 324 CaNa Loop of publishing. lf you lail o WHOU, 1, Flxed W68 x8d sTAns, Unk Week: 42, Unk: COL Rec lnfo (SEE WHIBIT "A"), during S6ason-Float W Mloat Unit HoWsville, NY 1 1742-2622, ture e detault as s6t forth Unk, 2012-2017, 89,872.68, 2214, F quancy: Annual; ` KAREN E M LEE 252 Caitlyn Unit w88k(5) (SEE WHIBIT a,S6ason-FloatW68Mloat 300, 338A, 36, EVEN, 112, in this .n lit8 . ' ` 8 'h NoncE OF DEFAULT AND $3.49, 20180430522: DUY K LR 2214 42 B, AUCIA |. Dr Hampton, GA 30228- "A"), durinR Assigned Yea sl Unk, 2015-2017, S5,249.76, Value Season-FloatWeeklFloat appDpn e a,n wM Rgald INnNT TO FORECLOSE TRAN 16542 Sabot Ln Apt JOHNSON, 7904 JAB,CT, 6018, 600, 648, 16, ODD, - (SEE w IBIT A"). (he in 82.72, 20180430520; Unit, 2014-2017, $3,996.55 to this fo&losu maWer. you wEsTGnTE UKN II nLE: 4 Huntingln Bch, CA 92647- NomNGHAM, MD 21236- 1/2, Fixed Wa8hlFixBd Unit, "Time Shar6 Plan pDR6r ) GERARDO GARCIA a NUV S2.o8, 2018-035780g; JEAN nsk losing owenhip ot your 2T . 1 4498, 14,1436, 9, WHOU, 38N uNmD sTAns, 2013-2017, $4,910.65, 81.62, Addrass"l. As a Bu or GARCIAAvPrincipalD6Puablo FARRAR 12 To 16, High St al timashaR int8 Wr ugh th6 Punuam to Sertion 1, Flx6d W xed Unh, Unk Waek: 42, Unk: 2214, 20180430223; BILLY LEE the ator8m6ntion8d detault, Nuevo Conj Residencial ASua No ich, NR14 6AH ENGLAND, t st r r,wR pr c8du 721.855, Florida Statut6s, 2012-2017, S9,872.68, $3.49, F qu cy: Annual. 6429 Kings Way Riverdale, A55ociation he by elerts to Cla Casa No A9 Calle 1 an 3 a 300,356AB357B,24 a llrn8dlns,n 721.8wl 16 undekigned Twstee a5 20180430522; CHRISTOPHER J&nu 18,U, 1g GA 30296, 600, 648, 16, sell the PDp6rfy pursuant Crirfobal, VENUUELA, 100, 24, WHOLE a WHOU, 2,Flonda Stat rt . Y u may appoimed by WESTGATE w MC DANIEL LISA c MC L174839 ODD, 112, Fixed WeeMixed to Sa ion 721.855, Florida 41, ODD, 112, #| Season- S6ason-Float W66Mloat Unh, choosa o sign and ad to LAWS OWNERS DANIEL 143 Paddock Dr Unit, 2013-2017, $4,910.65, Statutas. Plaase ba advised Float W68Mloat Unk, 2015- 2015-2017, S7,169.71, S3.74, the und igned w ee 6 ANoc noN. INC. v&5 |I85. KY 40383. 1 . $1.62, 20180430223: ROBERT lhat in th6 av6nt that th6 debt 2017, S2,218.76, S1.15, 2018-0357809: RICHARD A 8ncl b i n t & naR& rat to as 1614, 45, MN, 1n, Flx6d FoBlosu HOA 85697-IM17- v MACDONALD B JENNIE ow6dtoth6 Associ ionis not 20180430520; LOREN E FARRAR 12 To 16, H Rh St Bt 6x6 ising your right to obi . ation h&aby lormal W xed Unrt, 2 - HOA Notica ot D6 uW and L MACDONALD 1901 Rad paidwhhinthirty-Rv (35)day5 ZURAFF a USA M ZURAFF No ich.NR146AHE GLAND, h8 u t Ma tw a6 no S ls68 hibrt -A that 2017. S1o,4o5.46, S2.4o. lntent to FoBlo a, a ing Oak Dr Mansfield, OH 44904, aWer B8ipt ot M6 Notite, 5N9 Grin 5 Rd Polh c y, FL 3 a300.356Aa357B.24 b w pm6du . 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