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January 25, 2019     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 25, 2019

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PAGE 14B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 25, 2019 2018-0351591; JACQUELIN NoncE OF TRusnE's 191 Baino Joana D'A Lagoa Wee Float Unit, $6,785.18, Floating, $1,961.74, $0.96, G ve, IL 60517, 14, 235, 16, ' E Rd Sertion 1 Chung Li, ODD, All Saason-Float Weekl A BUTTON 1680 Ea Linda SALE Santa - Minas Ge s. 33400- $3.34, 2018-199346; 20180199338; ODD. Floaling. 32022 T WAN, 14. 119, 20, Flo Unrf, $5,894.68, $2.90. Lane Chandl6r, AZ 85225, WESTGATE LAKU II 000 8RAZIL, 1400. 1433, 4, Janu ry18,U, 19 Janua 18, 2s, 1g $4,402.49. $2.17, 2018- ODD, 1l2, Value Season-Float 2018-0199746; NICOUNA 1500, 1563, 15. EVEN, 112, 2T . 16 (VACATIONS, WHOLE, 1. Fixed Wee Fixed L 174869 L17487O 199347; BUFORD D WeeMloat Unrf. S1,852.27, s ANDERSON 506 Madison F 6d WeeklF ed Unk, 2016- LLC) UnW, $6,690.46, $3.29. 2018- SHEFFIELD 41 NW 195th $0.91, 20180102221; Building London, SE1 OEE 2017, $2,473.69, $1.30, 2018- On 21612019 at 11:00 AM, 357801 ; St iami Gardens, FL uo55, CAROLYN p BOWLA 9 Essex ENGLAND, 8, 111, 48, ODD. 0351591; KIRKE p SIWERS GREENSPOON MARDER, January 18,2s, 19 NoncE OF TRusnE's NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 14, 128, 28, EVEN, Rd Unh B Nantucket, MA Value on-Float Week/ 909 Pat c Ave Eve W, WA LLP, 201 E. Pine StPet, Suke L174866 NU WE All n-Flo W68 Flo 02554, 14, 122, 16, ODD, Float Unrf. $5,894.68. $2.90. 98201-4146, 900, 935. 9, 500. O ando, Florida 32801, WESTGATE BLUE TREE WESTGATE BLUE TREE Unk, 86,785.18, 1T2, Value n-Float 2018-0199746; MONIQUE MC WHOLE, 1, Fixed WeeM ed as Tw ee punuant to T RUORT,RUORT,$3.34, 2018-199347; TASHINA WeaMloat Unk, S1,852.27, CARTHY 3807 HaborView Dr Unk, 2016-2017, S4,324 96, Appoi ment of Tw NoncE OF TRUSTU'S T. (FARNOUD) N T. (FORD) M MOORE 3849 NW 202nd $0.91, 2018010w21; MARK Jacksonville,FL322O8,8, 117, $2.2T, 2018-0351591; KAREN &old8d on 08 7n018, uu On ov15 2o19 11:00 AM, On ov15no19 11:00 AM, sl Miami Gadens, FL 330M- A ROBINSON a NURISHA A 10, EVEN,Season-Float J MASTRONARDI 8 G ndon under Document lnsbu Pnt wuTGnTE BLUE TREE GREENSPOON MARDER, GREENSPOON MARDER, 1431.14. 128, 28, EVEN, GRIFFITH 4118 NW 8&h Ave Wee Float Unh, $6,919.19, Ava Cortland, NY13O45,9OO, no. 201804 9 of Me RESORr,L 201 E. Pine sl &, Suhe uP, 201 E. Pine St 6, Surfe All Season-Floa Wee Floal Apt 205 Cotal Springs, FL S3.41, 2018-0199746; SON 938, 13, EVEN. 112, F ed Public Raco s ot ORANGE . ylRm 5,O ando, norida 32801, 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Unk, $6,785.18, NO65, 14, 122, 17, ODD, 112, TORIBIO 1666 sw 6 h Dr W xed Unk, 2012-2017, County, norid& by t n On ov15 2o19 11: AM, as T ee punuam to thal as T ee pursuant to that $3.34,2018-199347;JEFFREY V ue n-Flo& w kl Pompano Baath,FL3 ,8, S6,479.62, S2.4o, 2018- ot a now continuing defauW GREENSPOON MARDER, Appointment ot T aa Appointment of Tw ee w ALUN B MAUREEN ALLEN noat Un,S2,o54.75, t1.o1, 108,47,EVEN, IS n-Float 0351591; JAMES,EDIALE by Obligo s), (s86 Exhibrf L 201 E. Pine t,Suke rded on 0&21n018, Bo 8d on 0&2112018, 232 Falling c k Dr vance, 20180102W1:FRED p MIWR W lo Unh, .n6.54, 16611 G &t Oaks GI6n "A"), whose addr6ss is (See 5,O ando. Fbrida 32801, und Docu Pnt lnst m&rt under Dotument lnrtw Bnt NC 2T0 . 14. 110, 25, ODD, 102 Lori Lana Hallanda,FL S3.34, 2018-0199746; Drive Hourton, TX 77083, Exhibh"A"),inthepaymenlor as T punuark to that no. 20180496812 of Ma no. 201804 9 ot a,n-no& Mb N .14,125.16,oDD,1n, ANDREW STARCZEWSKI 236 1,1814, 5, WHOLE, 1,performance olthe oblig&ions Appoi nt of Tw Publ R6cords ot ORANGE Publit Reco s ot ORANGE Un,S1, 2. 7, So.96. 201& V ue season-hoa NW15th Ave Cape Coral. FL Sea n-Flo no Unh, 58cu d by5aid ClaimofL6n rded on 0&21n018, County, Fbrida, by n CouW, Florida, by ason 199347; snPHEN CLARK float Unk, t4,212.43. 82.o7, N993, 17, 211, 41, EVEN, 2015-2017, g5,g32.o8, $3.10, &o ln O cial R ods und& DocuB lnsbuB ot a now continuing w of a now @tinulng de uW a MALA CLARK BDok n 201801 221; FIOR D MU# Value S n-float w 2018-0351591 ; ANTHONIA 8ooklS Exhibrt A ,a Page no. 201804 of tha by Obligo s), (s Exhib by Obligo s), Exhibk House8,Priv e Road Enfia . a SERGIO D LORENZO 273 Float Unrf, g&,T85.18, S3.34, E OKOHUE 3519 B on (SeeExhibrf A ,otthePubl Publ of ORANGE .A . who add N is (s68 .A,whose addBs is (s EN12EHENGLAND,5,2O4.41, Bennen Av6 4F N6w York, 2018-0199746; MICHELLE lsland Dr&,M77494-6774, Records of ORANGE Coun,Coun,noridQ by n Exhibk.A,in e pay m or MibN.A,inthe paymentor WHOU, v ue Season-Fbal NY 1 40, 14, 128, 29, ODD, STARCZ SKl 622 sw 52nd 18,1814, 5. WHOU, 1, #| Fbrida,includinqMeb or ot a now con nuing de uW p&roB8otMe obliga ons p8rbrmant8ofth8obligaion5 W Mloat Un,2015-01- 112,n-no Waa St Cap6 Corel, FL M914- n-F WMb Un,d8 uW,notiG8o whichwasB by Obligo 5). (s Mibh by Cl m otLen secu d by d Claim ofUen 02, S3,849.o3, S1.89, 2018- Floa Unrt, S5,699.57, S2.81, 6518,17,211,41,EVEN,Value 2015-201T, t5,932.o8, S3.1o, forthinaNoticeotDe&Wand .A,whos6 add is (s in O cial R olds ld8d in o cia Records 199347;RuBENR0DRIGuaa 20180102u1; BOBIE M n-Floe klFloat 2018 51591; HOWARD F lm6nt to FoBlo58 pDvd8d Exhibk A,in ep B or Book(seeExhibrf.A ,&Paqa Book eeExhibh A ,atPage ERIKA RODRIGUU 119-1050 WALSH 170T0 m& Rd Unk, S6,785.18, W.34, 2018- HAWARD 1 Glisas to lhe le know a w pe ottheobligat ns IS86ExhibW A ,ofM6Publt bs66 hib wA .otth8Pu lt Shawnm Rd M i 2. Jack5onvil,FL 32218, 14. 0199746;J0HNMACD0NALD MillRd MoumAi,MD 217T1, ot Obllgo s), (Sea Mibk secu by s d Claim ot Li6n R olds ot ORANGE Coun,o s ol ORANGE CounV, ON UH3V1 CANAD 1, 214, 39, ODD, 1n, v a LAURA MAC DONALD 137 2600, 2638, 31, WHOU, 1, A,by 8rtlfi8dlR6g t8r8d r8cord6d in omc,R lds Flo ,includiqtheb achor Flo deincludi M8b aGhor 101,10,0DD -Fba saason-no kmo North Rd e Pl&ins, NY Fixed W Mixed Unh, 2016- Mall or by publ al n by the Book(s Exhibrt.A ,alPaqe d&&uW,noticeo wh w s& d uW,notice whichwass& W Mbal Unk. S3,o23.39, Unh, S4, .o8, t1.9T, 1 03. 14, 107, 16, , 2017, a.324.96, S2.2T. 2018- undenlgned T e,will sell (s Mibk .A,of I6 Pub to in a Noli otDe uW and to in a Notice ofDe uW and S1.49.2o18-198347; 201801 v1: KENNETH E v ua n-noatw oat 0351591; atpubliceu ionto leh he R olds ot ORANGE Coun,lntent to Fo&b pDvd8d lntent to F sa pDvd8d hnwry18,v,m BRAW a KARW MASSAY Unk, 86,315.94, S3.11, 2018- Janua 18, 1 biddertorlaw,Dn8yotth8 norida,lnduding eb or to the B ow add to Me la ow add s5 L174871 BRANK 822 Qwood 0199746;LARRYJHUBBARD L174833 UnhadS atesotAn&c&inthe de uW,not eotwhichwas ot Obl o (Sea Exhib of Obligo ), (s68 Exhib c Apt 27 Kiui,FL MARGO T HUBBARD 1412 bbby otSuka,ofCap torminaNoti of Nand -A,by m egi e d A,by e me Re9iAe d 34T43, 1T, 211, 43, ODD, 1 2, Mills w Dolomha, AL 35 1, Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine lme to F o pDv Mail or by publK ion by Me M,or by publica on by the NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S V ue season-Floe Wee 11, 110, 1, ODD. Floating, NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND,O ando, Fl 32 1, to Me la ow add ss unde igned Tw 86, will sell unde igned Tw ee, wlll s6|| ULE Float Un,M,611.5o. t2.76, 2 9-01-02, t4,989.28, 82.4 , INnNr TO FORECLOSE all right. tk and im in of obl (s Mibrt atpublicaurf ntotheh heA & publlcaurtiontothehigha WUTGATE BLUE TREE 20180102w1; NAOMI o 20|8-0199746; GABRIEL wMGnrEuKEswFILE: Ma p perty sWualed in Me A,by m R iA&ad bidd& r law,money ot the blddar for lawhl money of th6 RE,THOMAS 69T5 Ma r Ter a MARIBEL ESPIET 21 . Coun ot ORANGE, norid4 Mail or by publ n by Me UnrfadStat ofAm8riGa,inth8 Unlt8dSl esofAm8rica,inth6 T. (RIVER Lau |, MD2O7O7-5214,8,Z15, RWERA Po Box 352 Naguabo, Punuant to S ion described as: ISEE HIB undanigned T ee, will sell lobby ofSurte 500, ofCaprt lobby ofhWe 500, of c On ov15no19 11:00 AM, 30,0DD, 1n,n-Float PR T18, 11, 113.46, EVEN, 721.8u, Florida utes, .A Tlme Sha,e (s) publicaurflontoMeh Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine Pl a Building 1, 201 E. ine GREENSPOON MARDER, W bal Unh. t1,899.98, V ue n-Fb W Mloal Me undenigned T Aae as (SEEWHIB A' asdefinedin bidd& torlaw lmoney of e St 6, O ando, Fl 32801, all Sl 6t, O ando. n 32801,uP, 201 E. Pine St &, Surte So.83. 2018010v21; ROBIN Unk, S6.6 .68. S3.25, 2018- appoint8d by WESTGATE the D6claration ot Covenank, Unrt8d 8sol MainM8 right. t le and inte in the right, tkle and int in the 500, o . Fbrida 32801, c THOMAS 908 E 36th 0199746; JORGE A GUZMAN LAKES OWNERS Condkions and R6 riclions lobby othrte 5 . otCap pD shua in I8Coun pD&8l shual8d .M8CouW as Twrtee pukuant to Mat St BaWi D . MD 21218- 5 Ga en Drive O ando, ASSOC TION, INC. rorWe g e Lakas, ||, omti Plm Bui ing 1, 201 E. p e ot GE,norid& d cribed ot RANGE,Fbrid4 destribed Appo h t of Twrt 2101. 8. 215, 30, ODD, 1 2, FL 32812, 14. 10T, 22, EVEN, inaWer f& d to as Ratolds Book ,al Page Sbe&, O ando, n 32801. all as: EE HIB A fime as: (SEE HIB A Tima rded on 2112018, #| n-Float,Season-Float WeeMloat iation h6 by torm 3118. of th6 Public R olds right. la and im6 rt in Fe Sha lnte rt(s) a ording Sha lnte A(s) accolding under Docu &t lnrt n nt Float Unk, $1,899.98, So.83, Un,$6,775.74, $3.34, 2018- notm ISee Ekhib A th ofO nge County, Fbrida he pD&&Vs ualedinM8Coun to e Tln Sharing p n for to tha nme Sharing Plan tor no. 20180496774 of the 201801 221; PATRICIA L 0199746; JOSE L NIEVES B you a in detauW dueto your Plan,and,an&d&s) of RANGE,Florida,d6s We g e 8lue Tr Resort, a We g&e Blue T e Resort, a Public Recods of ORANGE SM H 16 Rangs N Cobbs LOURDES J GONZALU 168 ilu topay Nm8m(s)du8 We to, rf any. TogetB w as: ISU HIB A TNn8 fin rna Reso Bod in fi sha Resort toded in Coun . Florida. by ason Hill Rd Wa ick, WKO9 County St New Bedlord, MA r(See Exhibh.A punuamto Me right to octupy, punuant Sha lme (s) atcolding the O cialRecordsBook67O3, theOWicialRecords Book67O3, ot a now tontinuing d&auN BERMUDA, 8, 220, 12, ODD, 02740, 14, 208, z9, ODD, M6 iation' s qoveming to Me Plan, Building-Unms) to Me Time Sharing Plan tor Page 2603, of the Public at Page 260>, of the Public b Obligo s). (s Exhibrt 112, #| Season-Float w86kl All S n-Float W klFloat docu ts ( oveming (SEE HIB A ,during Unrf Wertgate Blue T e Reso,a R ords of O ng6 Coun,R6Gods ot oranqe Coun,',whose add M is (See Float Un . S1.975.o9. $0.97, Unrf, S5,785.55, S2.85, 2018- DOtU B S and you now Week(s) (SEE HIB A,Tlmesha Resort ded in Florida (the Plan . Tog&her Flo da (the Plan . TogeMer Exhibk A,inthe paynentor 20180102v1; 0199T46; FELIX,RIVERA 6 owe Association (See Ewhibrf during gned Year(s) - (SEE theomtialRetods8ook67o3, wkh Me right to oKupy, wkh tha right to ocwpy, performance of e obligations J nua 1&25, 1g MAR# M CINTRON Rr 5 Box A") which amount includes WHIBIT "A' . wEsTGAn at Page 2603, ol the Publit punuam to the Plan, Unh(s) puRuant to the Plan, Unk(5) secu d by said Cl m ofLen L174872 4999 Pmb 174 Bay n, PR inte,late fees, and olher LAKES 10000 Tu ey Lake R ods ot oranqe Coun,(SEE HIBIT A"),during Unk (SEE HIBIT.A .during Unrf ded in O tial Recods 00956. 14, 140, 9, WHOU, chages. Add nal intetest Road Orlando, FL 32819 s d Florida he Plan . Tog&B k(SEE HIBIT A .during k(SEE HIB A ,durinR Book(Se6 Exhibrt A,Page #| Season-Float WeeMloat co inuesto accwea t erate sale will be made (wrfho wkh the right to oKupy, Awigned Year (SEE WHIB A5sign8d Y (SEE HIB (See Exhib A . of lhe Public NoncE OF TRWE'S Unh, $7.208.20, S3.55, 2018- of(Sea Ewhibk Aw) perday. A covena s,orwa anty.8xp N punuam to Me Plan. Unk(s) .A . WESTGATE BLUE TREE A . wEsTGAn BLUE TREE R8colds of ORANGE Coun,SAU 0199746; MARVIN CLARK lien lor the ato said amount or implied. ga ing th6 t le, ISEE HIB A,during Unh RESORT 12007 CYPRESS RESORT 1200T CYPRESS Florida,intludinq eb ach or WESTGATE BLUE TREE a RUTH CLARK 738 old has been &orded again the posseNion or enwmb nces) Week(SEE HIB A ,during RUN ROAD ORLANDO. RUN ROAD ORLANDO, defauW, noticeo whichwas set RESORT,RiR6 Range Rd p&al, MS tollowing Ral pDp8r located topayth8unpaidass8Mn nts ANigned Year (SEE HIBIT FL 32836 Said sal6 will be FL 32836 Said sale will be fo hin a Notice ofDetauW and T. (MICHELLE L 39465, 17, 202, 30. EVEN, in ORANGE Coun,Florida: due in the amount ot (s A . WESTGATE BLUE TREE made (w ho covenants, or made (wrthout covenan s, or lnten to Foreclose pDvid8d nsTQ All Season-Float WeaklFloat (See Exhibh A (SEE HIBIT Ewhibrf A w h inte st RESORT 1200T CVPREN wa an,8xp 5s or implied, wa anty, exp ss or implied, to the la known add M On ov15l2o19 at 11:00 AM, Un,$6,701.25, $3.30, 2018- A TlmeSharaln e (s)(SEE acc ing at the rate ot (See RUN ROAD ORLANDO, alding lhe trfla, posseNion gaTding tha trfle, posseNion ot Obligor(s), (See Exhibrf GREENSPOON MARDER, 0199746; BOBBY A HORNE HI8 A as defined in Exhib A perday,punuantto FL 32836 Said sale will be or encumbrances) to pay lhe or encumbrancesl to pay the A"). by am8dlR8gi 6 d L 201 E. Pine St &, Su e 795 #Qar Av6 Ormond tha Declaration of Covenants, the TlmeshaR Plan, advances, mad6 (wkhort cov8nants, or unpaid ass8wm8nts du8 in th8 unpaid ass6Nm8nts due in the Mail or by publica on by the 5,O ando, Florida 32801, Beach, FL 32174, 11, 113, Condrfions and Restrirtions if any, undertha terms ot said war nty, 8xp N or implied, un ol ISee Exhib A,amount of (See Exhibh A,undenigned T stee, will sell as Tw punuanl to that 18, ODD, Value Season-Flo torWartg e Lakes. IV, O cial Claim ot Lien, cha as aRd regading Ma thle. poss8wion wrm imere accwing a Me wkh inte actwing at the publ aurfionlothehighe Appoin nt ot Tw ee W Mloal Unrf. S5,64O.55, Racods Book 6849, a Page axpenses ofth8T 5t88 andot or enwmbrantesT lo pay e r e of (See Exhibk A per te ot ISea Ewhibrf .A p& bidder rlaw lmoney otlhe Bord8d on 0&07 2018, S2.78, 2018-0199746; 3167, of lhe Public Recods thetw 5c at8dbysaidClaim unp d ass8N nts du8in 8 day, pursuantto MeTl share day, punuanttotheTlmesha unrfedstalesolA Pnca,in he und6r Document lnrtwment BRIDGrm E GRANT 9500 otOrange CouW, Florida ha ofLen.Obligo s)shallhavethe nt d (See Exhibk A,Plan. advana, rf any. und Plan, advances, rf any, under lobby ot Suh6 5,of Caprtal no. 20180468938 of the Fe her Grass Ln Forf Worth, Plan"). and,amendmentls) rigMtocu MedefauWandany wrm inte rf aK ing at e the temw of said Cl m of the terms ol said Cl m of Plaza Building 1. 201 E. Pine Publit Recolds ot ORANGE TX 76177-2505, 14, 128, g, th &o, rf any. Together wkh juniorlienholdei shall have Me e ot (Sea Exhib .A p Len.chages and expenses of L6n, chages and expenses of St &, O ando, Fl 32801, all Coun,Florida, by ason EVEN, All Season-Float w86kl the right to oKupy, pursuant rightto deem ks inte tup day.punuamto 8finasha the Tru ea and ot the tw s the Tw ea and of the twsts rigM, tkle and int8R in the of a now continuing detauW Float Un,$6,785.18, $3.34, to the Plan, Building-Unk(s) to the d e the Tw ee iuues Plan. advances, rf a under cRat8d by s d Claim ot Len. c ated by said Cl m ot Lien. pD&8rfy shuat8dinth6 Coun by Obligor(s), (s Exhibk 2018-0199746;ANT0lNmEG (SEE HIB A,during thecertmc eotsalebypaying Me t of sald,m of Obligo s) shall have the rigM Obligo s) shall have the right of RANGE,Florida.d8Knb8d A . whose add ss i5 (See EDWARDS 3301 Cal&a T Apt Unrt Week(s) (SEE WHIB the amounts due as ortlined Lien.chages and expenses of lo w the detauW and any to cure the default and any as: (SEE HIB A") Time ExhibrtwA"), in the pay&tor 3301Fo Worth,M76177,14, A,during Assigned Yea s) above. By: GREENSPOON the T stee and of the twk junior lienholder shall have the junior lienholder shall have the Sha lnta (s) aKoding perfom nce of the oblig&ions 128, 9, EVEN. All Season-Float - (SEE WHIBIT A . me in MARDER,LLP, T stee. c ated by said Claim otLen. rightto deam rts inte stup rightto deem rf5 inle up to the Tl Sharing Plan for Bu by s d Claim otLen Wee flo& Unrf, $6,785.18, in Sha Plan (PDp8rfy) EXHIBrr "A" - NOTICE OF Obligo s) shall have e right to the date the Tturfee iMu8s lo the d e tha Trurtae iNu8s W gate Blue T e Resorf, a &old8d in O cial R d5 S3.34, 201&0199746; D TER Add ss . As a suW ot TRUSTEE'S snLE to w me d&auW and any th8c8rtmcat8ots 6bypaying th6c8rtmc 6ofs ebypaying fi&a Resort rded in Book(S88Exhibk A,Pag6 R GRANT 12495 14&h Rd the aforementioned d&auN, Owne s) Add u Building junlorlienholderrn,havethe e ums due as oW ed Me amounts due as ortlined theO cialRacodsBook67O3, bs Exhibh .A,of 6 Public N p&m B d Gardens, FL Associ n he by ele s to Unrt Week Year TS Undivided rigMto sime rt up above. By: GREENSPOON above. By: GREENSPOON Page 2603, of e Public olds of ORANGE Coun,33418, 14, 128, 9, EV LN, | sall the PDp8rfy pursuant lntere Season TS Phase to 6 date e T i MARDER,L Tw . MARDER, LLP, Tru ee. R o s ot O n e County. Florida, includingthe b ad or Season-Float WeeMloat to Sartion 721.855, Florida AmountPerDiemCOLRaclnfo theB eotMbypa ng IBrr ^" - NoncE OF QHIB ^ - NoncE OF Florida (the Plan . Togemer detauW,noticeotwhichwassel Un,S6,785.18, g3.34, 2018- Stat as. Please ba advlsad MEMORABU vA noNs, We ums due a ou in6d TRUSTEE'S ShLE TRUSTEE'S SAU whh the right o ocwpy, toMin a No ceotD&auWand 0199746: EUJAH BRUMFIELD mat in the eve thatthe debt uc A FLORIDA above. By: GREENSPOO Ow&{sT Add 8uilding Owne s)Add ssBuilding Unk puRuam to the Plan, Unhls) lntent to FoBlos8 pDvid8d,| I45T3 N o ConnorRd Apt owed lo e ANoc tion is not coRPoRAnoN Po 8ox MARDER, Tw . Unk w k V r TS Und ided k Yaa SeasonAmoum Per (SEE HIB A . during Unrf to the lart known add ss 1331 INing,m T5 2-3738.8, pad w in thir -five I35) days 138039 Cl&mon,FL 34713. HIBrr n" - NoncE OF,e rt Season AnDunt p& DiemCOL Reclnfo Waek(SEE HIBIT A ,during ot ObligoE), (See Mibk 204,12,MN,AllSeason-Floet a er receipt of tne Notite, TOO, 736, 15, ODD, 112, F ed TRumE's MLE Diem COL R lnlo EUSABETH BROOM FORD A signed Year (SEE HIB A,by ertme Regi &ad Waa & Un,S6,919.19, me und signed TwA86 WeeklFixed Unk, $4,910.65, OwBs)Add s9Bui ingUn MOHEY A FARHDUD N 14 3022 w Trapano o Drive .'A . wEsTGAn BLUE TREE Mail or by publical n by e W.41,2O18D199746; shall pD w the sale S2.42, 2018-357801; LUZ W86kY8ar n untP& w 274 Maadi Cai,Anlhem,AZ85O66,14,11O,25, RESORT 12 7 CYPREN und&sign Tw ee, will sell J nw I8, ,ZDl of Ma Prop6r as pDvid8d MALDONADO Calle Cetllio Di6mCOLR lrrfo EGYPT, 14, 339, 8, WHOLE, EVEN, #| Saason-Fbal Weekl RUN ROAD ORLANDO. al publit aurfionto la higB L 174873 in in &ion 721.855, Florida Aco aEdmcioRomancaratas, RICHARD L HIRST B KEEM A 1, Floatin S4.643.o1, S2.38, noat Unh, $5,385.8T, S2.65, FL 32836 s d s e,be bidd&tollaw,ey ot Me StatWes, tha undersigned 01060 VENUUELA, 1400, TAYLOR 35A PD Road 20180199 8; CATHERINE M 2018-199347; EMMANUEL da (w o tovenants. or Un 8dS t6sotAm Oin 8 T aa shall: (1T p vide you 1444, 35, WHOLE, 1, hxed Longw d Hudd8Rfi8ld, HD3 SHARPUS 69 oume Rd DAVID FORD 3009 w Vla D6 ww,axp or implied, lobby ot Suke 5,ofcapka NoncE oFTRumE's with wrmen nohca otthe sale, W68M ed Unh, $8,212.76. 4UY uNmD KINGDOM, Bi d&e soumport, PR8 4EJ PedD M uel Phoenix, AZ galding me t le, poueNion Plaza Bu[ldlng 1. 201 E. 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IPOKE) Racods of ORANGE County, VENUUELA, 1400, 1444. 199346;MAR LVAZQUQ $2.17,20180199M8;CLAUDIA 199347; TRENAY Y PARKER whh inte A acc ing at the ol RA GE,Floridad8Krib8d On 0211512019 at 11:00 AM, Florida: and (3T Publish a 35, WHOLE, 1, Fixed kl B CARLOS H HERDDU MUNOZ 1036 k nton St 601 Mason Run Pine Hill, NJ rate o (See Exhibrt A per as: (SEE HIB A Tlme GREENSPOON MARDER, topy ot me notice ot sale F ed Unh, S8,212.76, S4.O5, 12514 B tie Pla T 4 AuD ,CO8OO11,14,128,43, 08021-6856,11,116,8,NEN. day.punuan toth6Tlmesha Share,e s sT actoding LLP, 201 E. Pine St &, Suke two (2) tim,onc6 each 201 8-357801 ; BRENDA J FL N625, 16, 101. 38, NEN, WHOU, 1, Floating, S5,999.63,Season-Float W68Mloat Plan, advantes. rf any, under to the fime Sharing Plan tor 500, O ando, Florida 32801, week, tor two (2) suctess e GOTTUEB 8801 Hunting T V&ue Season-F Mlo S2.95, 20180199338; CYNDE Unit, $2,774.74, S1.36, 201& the tam of said Cl m of We g e Blu6 T Resort, a as T ee punuant to that weeks, in an ORANGE County lndianapolis, IN 46217, 700, Unk, a,o88.81, $2.00, 2018- L GAns a DOUGLAS A 199m7; 8RUCE L COOPER Lien,chagasandaxpensesof fi she Resort rded in Appointment of Tw stee newspaper, provided such a 731,36,0DD,1/2,FixedWaek1 199346; MONIKA DELUGA HARTIEY 5501 Palomino 18 La caKaa Clementon, NJ the Twrtee and of Me hrts theomcialReco s8ook67o3, rded on 08107 201 8, newspaper exiw at the tima F ad Unrf. $3.106.03, S1.53, 265 G v8StApt34 El ab&h, Dr NW buquerque, NM 080214902.11.116,8,EVEN. c aled by said Claim ofLien. at Page 2603. of the Public und& Dotument ln wment of publishing. lf you il to 2018-35T801; SOLANGE G NJ O72O8-1652. 8. 215. 37, 87120, 8. 215. 20, NEN. 1 2 Season-Float WeeMloat Obligo s) shall have the right R ods ot O nge Coun . no. 201804 2 of the cure the defauW as set torth ALVARADO p a Solange G WHOU, Floa n9, S6,356.1 . Floating, $2,962.25, 81.46, Unit, $2,774.74, S1.36, 2018- to cu the d6tauW and any florida he Plan . Tog her Public R8colds of ORANGE in this notice or take other Alvarado Ciudadela Guayaquil $3.13, 201 8-199346; 201 80199338; ARrHUR T 19934T; PARAG KANIT R junior li6nhold8r shall have the wkh the right lo occupy, County, Florida, by r6ason appDpriat8 action wkh regard Mz 4 Vllla 20 Guayaquil, KENNETH R EVANS13O9Ann SAWYER a ROSELLA c Po Box 238 Blounhille. TN rightto redeem s inteP up punuam to le Plan, Unk(sl ot a now continuing detauW lo this foreclosure maWer, you ECUADOR, 1400. 1443, 12. Street WilminQon, NC 28401, SAWYER 2028 sw 15Rh Te 37617, 14, 101, 11, ODD, to the d e the Tw ee iNues TSEE HIB A,during Unrf by Obli9or(sl, (See ExhibN risk losing ownenhip of your WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee Fixed 8, 218, 14, WHOU. Fixed PembDk8 Pines. FL MO27. #| Season-Float WeeklFloat the certmcate ot Sala by paying Week (SEE HIBIT A,during "A',whose address is (See tim8shar6 inteP through th6 Un,88.326.76. $4.10, 2018- Week/Flo Unk, 84.976.15, 8, 313, 26, ODD. 112, Fixed Unk, $3.119.39, 81.53, 2018- the amounts due as oLklin8d Assigned Y6ar (SEE HIBIT Exhibrt "A,in tha payment or t rfee foreclosure p cedu 357801: MARY ANN POWELL 82.45, 2018-199346; CHU WeeWFlo Un,82.o18.9o, 199347; QUEEN E WEBSTER above. By: GREENSPOON wA"l. WESTGATE BLUE TREE performance otthe obligations e ablished in Sertion 721 .855, 869 She ood Dr. Fo est FANG HUANG 320 s 44th $0.99, 20180199338; ERICK J 12513 Safari Lane Rive iew, MARDER, LLP, T stee. RESORT 12007 CYPRESS secured by said Claim of Lien Florida Stat es. You may c y, AR 72N5, 1200. 1262, StRet Philadelphia, PA 19104, MANZO a INGRID J MANZO FL 335T9, 5, 103, 10, WHOLE, EXHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF RUN ROAD ORLANDO, recoded in O cial Recods choose to sign and send to 13, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed Wee 11. 21T, 28, WHOLE, Floating, 1334 Sie a Cirtla Kissimmee, All Season-Floal WeeWFloal TRUSTEE'S SALE FL 32836 Said sale will be Book (See Exhibk A"). at Page the undenigned lwstee the Fixed Unk, $3 996.55. $1.97. $7,024.42, $3.46, 201 8- FL 34744, 11, 208. 21. ODD, Un,$2,814.38, 81.38, 2018- Owne s) Add ss Building mada (wrfho tovenants, or (See Exhibit A,of the Public enclosed obje ion form, 2018-357801; MAURICE M 199346; DANIEL c YELDER 1/2, Flo ing, $3,037.39, 199347: Emidsouth lnc Unk Week Vear TS Undivided wa anty, 8xp N or implied, Recods of ORANGE Coun . exercising your righl to objert BETHEA 6 Whrfe Te aca 7020 E Nevada St Dehok. Ml 81.49, 20180199338; CATHY a Missouri Coporation a lnterast Season Amount Per gading the tkle. poN8Nion Florida, including the breach or lo the use of the trustee Newark. NJ 7108. 700, 711, 50, 48234, 16, 104, 12, WHOU. ROBERTSON 204 Myrtle LARRY A WATSON, SIGNING Diem COL Rec lnto or eMumbrances) to pay Me detauW,notita otwhich was set to closuP protedure. Upon ODD, 112, Fixed WeeklFixed All S n-F at WeeMloat GDve Dr. Donaldsonville. LA MEMBER 215 Gage Dr LOUIS G RIVERA B DELFINA unpaid aN8ssm8nts due inthe forth in a Notice ofDetault and lhe undersigned trustee's Unrf. 84,957.72, $2.44. 2018- Unh. S7.2o8.2o. $3.55, 2018- 70346. 1. 108, 44. ODD. 1 2. Ste J Ste 250 Hollister, MO R FERGUSON, 603 G ne Dr amount of (Sea Ewhibrt A,lntent to Fo close p vided receipt of your signed objection 357801; REINALDO DE JESUS 199346; Y RA PADILLA Floa ng, 82,018.90, $0.99, 65672, 8, 103, 18, ODD, WMimm88. FL 34759, 1. 104. wkh inte aK ing the to the last known add ss brm, the toBlosure of the aFRANcEsLozANoaJosEA GELIGA 825-201 p m Rd 20180199338: CHARLES Value Season-Float Weekl 12,WH0U,1,AllSeason-Float te ot (See Exhibh A per of Obligo s), (See Exhibk lien wkh spert to tha defauW ORTIZ a FRANCES DE JESUS Sprinl,N7738 3171, 16,101, M CHEU a MARION Flo Unk, $4,422.88, $2.18, WeeklFloat Unk, S2,723.54, day, punuanttoth8TlmeshaR A,by CarfifiedlRegiste d specmed in this notice shall 10 Hac enda Las Cannelrfas 41, EVEN, Floaling, S5.399.12, M CHEU 914 sl Vlncent 2018-199347; ELIZABETH M $1.34, 20180102221; AMERICA Plan, advancas. i anL, under Mail or by publication by the be 5ubj8 to the judici Bayamon, PR 00956, 1400, $2.66, 2018-199346; EDWIN St Donaldsonville, LA RUZ 650 sw 63 Miami, FL LEBRON 9468 Wind8 R the terms ot said laim of undersigned Twstae, will sell to&losu prot8duR only. 1424, 25. WHOU, 1, Fixed GEUGA 340 E 105th St Apt 70346. 1. 108. 44, ODDBO1/2, 33144, 11, 110, 37, EVEN, Lake Dr Apt 302 Rive iew, en, chagas and 8xp8n58s ot at public au ion to the highest You have tha righl to cure W Mixed Unh, $8,326.76, 2A New Yo,NY 1 29- Floating, $2,018.90, .99, Value Saason-Floal Weah FL 33578-2N5, 1, 104, 12, the T and ot the t s biddet tor lawhl money of the your detauW in the manner set $4.10, 2018-357801 ; ANTONIO 5079, 16, 101. 41. EVEN, 20180199338; STEVEN,Floa Unrf, $1,699.52, $0.83, WHOU. 1 Season-Flo c ated by said Claim ot Len. Unrfed States ot An rica. in the forfh in this notice any time COSTEIRA a VANIA MARIA Floating, $5,399.12, S2.66, HYAMS B MARSHA H HYAMS 2018-199347; LUCY VALIDO WeeMloat Unrt, S2,723.54. Obligo s) shall have the right lobby of Su e 500, of Cap al beto thet ee's sale otyour GIROTTO 428 Hol wood Ave 2018-199346; CHARLENE 2525BatdeldrSI6ABDoklyn, 4441 sw 28th St Hollywood. 81.34.201801O2221:LUANNl to cu 6 d6 uW and any Plaza Building 1. 201 E. Pine timesha interesl. lt you do nol Hillside, NJ 07205, 1400, 1433, A WILUAMS 71 Faneuil St NY 11235, 11, 205, 47, EVEN, FL 33023, 11, 202, 1, ODD, RNERA 50 E 191St St Apt 1P junior lienholder sh,have the St &, O ando, Fl 32801, all objerttotha use ofMet stee 3, EVEN, 112,FixedW F ed Windsor, CT 095, 16, 303, 112, Fb ing. 82.774.74, $1.36, Value Se on-Float WeeklFloat B nx, NY 10468-4580, 1, 104, rigMto deem ks int&a up right, t le and inte in Me for6closu procedu,you will UnW, $3,982.93, $1.96, 2018- 16, ODD. Fb ing. $1.962.77, 20160199338; VEALA ANN Unrt, $1,863.65, So.91, 2018- 12.WH0LE, 1,AllSeason-Float to M6 date the T ee iswes pD&6r sku in Me County not be subjert to a deficiency 357801;RE0LAP LAURY22O7 $0.96, 2018-199346; MICHAEL COOK 1024 Willson Dr. Des 199347; ICYUNE M MURRAY WeeklFloat Unrt. $2.723.54, thecerfmceteofsalebypaying of RANGE, Florida.dascribed judgmenteven rfthe proceeds MclaughlinAveApt3SanJose, A BAnGNANl 1413 R Pl nes, IL 016. 14, 140, 39, 11204 Me ck BILau Won, NY $1.34, 2018010w21; he a Dunts due as o lined as: (SEE HIBIT wA fime homthe sale otyourtimeshare CA 95122-3521. 700. T14, 4. May St Saint gurtine, FL WEN, 1n,F aling.S5,386.04. 11433-3951, 14, 104, 22, ODD, MICHELLE s HALLAM 3, Mile above. &: GREENSPOON Share lnl6 (s) according inte a insumcient to EVEN, 112, F ed W M ed 32 2, 16, 101, 43. MN, g2.65. 201 1 N8; SONYA,Season-Floal WeeWflo End Place lnv6rn8M. lvaH MARDER,LLP,Tw ee. to the Time Sharing Plan for oWsat the amoun secured by Unh, a,646.5O, $2.29, 2018- Floating. $4 088.81, 82.01, Y COOK 5050 s Lake Shore Unrf, $4,402.49. $2.17, 2018- SCOTLAND, 1, 106, 11, HIBIT n - NoncE OF W8Agat6 Blue Tree Resorf, a Me lien. By: GREENSPOON 357801; MICHAEL F LAURY 2018-199346; JOAN M D Chicago, IL 60615-3282, 199347; LYNNmE J TAIT WHOLE, 1, All S6ason-Float TRUSrEE'S SALE Timeshare Resort Rcoded in MARDER, LLP, Tw ee. 3404 Cuasta Dr w 104 San CRISTERNAMENDOZA Mision 14, 140, 39, EVEN, 112, 3615 Turning Wind Ln Wi er WeaklFloat Un,82,973.54, Owne s)Add u Building Unrt theomcialRecodsBook67o3, HIBrr "h" - NoncE OF Jose, CA 95148, 700, 714, 4, San Antonio 105 Residenci& Flo&ing, 85.386.o4, 82.65, Gaden, FL 34787, 14, 104, 22, $1.46, 20180102221; ALEH WeekYearSeasonAmountPar at Page 2603, ol th6 Public DEFAULT AND INTENT TO NEN, 112, Fixed WeeMixed 3 Misiones Durango, 34209 20180199N8; OLGA c CRUZ ODD, All Season-Floal Weekl A KUBLITSKI 115 s R eigh DiemCOLR lnto Recods ol Orange Coun , FORECLOSE Unk, $4,646.50, $2.29, 2018- M ICO, 8, 313, 18, WHOU, Po Box Fort Lee, VA 23801- Flo Unk, $4,402.49, 82.17, Ave Apt 4c Atlantic c y, NJ STEPHANIE MICHE L nsTA Florida he Plan . Tog&her Owe s) Add N Building 357801; JANET B GRANT Floaling, $3,849.03, $1.89, 0712, 14, 202, 18, WHOLE, 2018-199m7; KENNETH w 08401, 1, 108, 23, WHOU, 75 Orion way Sewell, NJ whh We right to oKupy, UnitWeek Yearn Undivided 16373 NW 20 Pemb ke 2018-1 6; FRANKIE MC 1, flo&ing. 84,838.47, $2.38, DUDW a KATHERINE M 1 S8a5on-Flo Wee 0 -1951,8, 103,43.0DD. punuant to Me Plan, Unk(s) lnte stSeasonTS PhaseYean Pines, FL 33028, 1200, 1242, GLYRE PARRY a THARILYN Y 20160199338; DIPESH s DUDW 368 Slale c k Rd Flo Unk, $2.973.54, $1.46, V ue s8a5on-no w (SEE HIB A ,during Unrf Delinquant Amount Per Diem 10, WHOLE, 1, Fixed w86 PARRY Sti k& Drive 10 St PAREKH2655DogwoodT6rNE Campbellsville, KY 42718, 17. 20180102221; KAREN A noat Unk, S5,212.49, S2.57. W k(SEE HIBIT A ,during COL Rec lnfo Fixed Unk. 85.227.34, 82.57. Johns E e. ST MAARTEN. 8DoMav8n, GA 30319-3241, 202, 47, NEN. All Season- WAUACE 44, Ma s Squa 201&0199 46; RUSSELL ANign8d Yegr (SEE WHIBIT FRANKJ KUDZAL & DARLENE 2018-357801; GUILURMO 5, 107, 41, WHOE F ing, 1, 108, 14, EVEN, 1n, Fhed flo W Mlo Unrf, NorfhR t G vasand, RuPERTa DEBORAH RUPERT A WESTGATE BLUE TREE D KUDZAL 23 Ga School E BELURA a TRINIDAD 83,849.o3. t1. . 201& W Mlo Unh, S5,o25.92, 01-02,86,785.18,S3.34, DA117HU ENGLAND, 11, 9 Mansion Cir Piadmont. sc RE ORT 12007 CYPRESS Rd Prtnam, CT 260, 300 B SANDOVAL DE BEWRA 1 346; DARIN A M CHEU t2.47, 20180199338; 2018-199347; MARICELA 202, 16, ODD, 112, V ue 29673,8.212,38,0DD,Value RUN ROAD ORLANDO. 3 ,a334B,37a37,wH0LE Res Norma Ph-1 l Av6nida JACQUEUNE T M CHEU BARBARA E COWARO 209 REYES 122 E 103 St Apt 1 Season-Float WeeMloat Season-Float W68Mloat FL 32836 Said sae will be a WHOLE, 2, V ue Season- Ros Wo Urbanizac n Lomas 274 Ja nda Ave NW Palm Che erRoadSuWon Co field, New Yo,NY1OO29, 11, 116, Un,$4,096.14, 82.O2, Unk. S5,894.68, S2.9O, 2018- de (wkho covenanls, or Flo Wee Flo Unrt, 2016- Del Este Valentia. 02003 Bay, FL 32 7, 14, N6, 25, ENGLAND, 16, 107, 17, 35, ODD, Value Season-Fbat 20180102221; BERNARD 0199746; JASON M HURLA wa anty, ewp ss or implied, 2017. S5,2o7.78, $2.72, 2018- WNUUELA, 1200, 1236, 51, ODD, no&ing, 83.o39.39, WHOLE, 1, Valua Season-Float WeeklFloat Unrt, $4,283.49, WIMES B ANDREA D WIMES a KENDRA D HURLA 209 NE r8galding the thle, poaion 0351592;JEFFREYAPEREIRA WHOLE, 1, F ed W Flxed $1.49, 2018-199346; RODNEY Waa Flo Unk, $5,999.63, $2.11, 2018-199347; RON 44 Bay V w Ter Newbugh, Bridgeport Ct Blue Springs, or encumbrances) to pay lhe a MARILISA p PEREIRA 2005 Un,$7,703.65, S3.79, 2018- F ABRAM 9937 El ko Ave S2.95,2o18o199338; EUGENE A FI7Z JR a DENISE R FITZ NY 12550. 14. 104. 1, ODD. MO 64014, 16, 306, 1, ODD, unp d 5sn ntsdueinth8 Bauer Dr Hou on, N 77080, 357801; EVGUENI ROUSSOV Baton Rouge, LA 70811-7830. E OKONKWO a JOY o 401 MtValley Rd Byhewood, 1/2, Value Season-flo Value n-Flo Mloat unt of (See Exhibrf A , 300, 41, EVEN, 112, Value 220 High Ridge Rd Dingmans 14, 208, 17, EVEN, Floating, OKONKWO 28B Shadawes sc 29016-,5, 101, 17, W float Unh, $5,699.57, Unk, $5,785.55, S2.85. 2018- wrm int6 st aKwing at Me Season- Float WeaklFloat Unit, Fer,PA 18328, 700, 724, 3, 84,O88.81 . S2.o1. 2018- Roed London, SE1 46SL EVEN, Value S n-floal 82.81. 20180102221 : XIA 0199746;TAWANA MOORE 24 r e ot (Sae Exhibrf A") per 2014-2017, $3,996.55, $2.08, WHOLE, 1, Fixed WeeM ed 199346; WNDRA A ARAQUE GREAT BR N, 14, 336, 28. WeeMloal Unh. $2,260.79, CHEN B UQ NG SUN 16 King Ave bany, NY 12206- day,pursuanttothefimeshare 2018-0351592; ERNEST ELIE Un 8T,7O3.65, $3.79, 201& 3213 p Ave Key We,WHOU,1,Floaling,$3,734.85, 81.11, 2018-199347; KAREN Jimbell Mosman Park, 12 1733, 11, 104, 39, EVEN, V ue Plan, advances, rf anL, under 425 NW 145th St Miami, FL 357801; MYRNA L sANnAGo FL 33040, 11, 116, 1, ODD, t1.84, 20180199338: LISA ANNE KELLY 715 Hudson AUSTRAL,14, 107, 24, Saason-Float WaeMlo the terms of said laim of 33168, 300, 37, WEN, 112, Hc 6 Box 7 Caguas, Floating, $4,283.49, $2.11, ANN DAY 212 10 h Ave s River Rd Mechanitville, NY ODD, 1n, All Season-Flo Unk, $7,4 .91, S3.65, 2018- Len, chages and expanses ot Value Season-FloatWaeMloat PR 00725, 12,1254, 22, 2018-1 ; JUANDALYNN Apt 703 Minneapolis, MN 12118, 11, 116, 41, ODD, WeeMloat Unrf, $1,924.03, 0199746; CALVIN A HUNTER the Trustee and of the twrts Unrf. 2016-2017, $2,504.13, ODD. 1/2, Fixad Wae xed A WASHINGTON PO Box 434 55415-1374. 17. 107, 20, Value Season-Float WeeklFloat $0.94. 20180102221; Lot 47 57-59 Beane Rd c ated by s d Claim ot Lien. $1.31, 2018-0351592; NANCY Unk, 84,292.36. $2.16, 201& Yemassee, sc 29945, 14, ODD, 1l2, Value Season-Float Unit, $3,023.39, $1.49, 2018- ARMANDO ECHEVARRIA B King on, JAMAICA, 11, 110, Obligo s) shall have the right JPIERRELOUIS42OOlnve a 357801; MARIA DE FAnMA 241, 43, WHOU, floating, WeeWFloat Unk, $1,095.18, 199347; AUCE v ALFONSO a JUANA SUARU ESTRADA 19. EVEN, Value Season-Float to cure the dafauW and any BL Laudemill, FL 33319-4134, MounNHo KASSIS Rua 85,834.56. $2.87, 201 8- $0.54. 20180199338; JANEL 1623 Hawthorne Pl Port Saint Panamericana Sur KilomatD WeeMloat Unrf, $6,06T.80, unior lienholder shall have e 300, 37, EVEN. 112, Valua Coronel Benjamin Pinto ves, 199346; GLORIA A COLBERT ALBERnoN 1190 N 177 w Lucie, FL 33414, 14, 119, 1, 33 M lsalas De San P8dD $2.99, 2018-0199746: MARY rightto deem ks inte up Sea5on-Float WeeklFlo Unrf, 191 Baino Joana D'Arc Lagoa 608 3rd St Augusta, GA Angola, IN467O3, 14, 229. 22, WHOLE, Value Season-Floa Casa G9-Lurin Lima, 12 R GREEN PO Box 36 Pineville. to the date the Twstee iNu8S 2016-2017, $2,504.13, $1.31, Santa - Minas Gerais, 33400- 30901-2570, 14, 241. 43, WHOLE, 1,Season-Float WeeMloal Unk, 86,983.7o, PERU, 14, 110. 1. WHOU, sc 29468, 8, 313, 22, ODD, the certmcate ot s 6 by paying 2018-0351592; 000 BRAZIL, 14,14N, 4, WHOLE. Floating. 85.834.56, WeeWFlo Unrf, $5,999.63, 83.44, 2018-199347; UNITEL 1, V ue Season-Flo Week/,S son-Fbat WeBMloat lhe amounts due as outlined Janualy 18, u, 1g WHOLE, 1. F ad WeaM ed $2.87, 2018-199346; KEISHA $2.95, 20180199M8; STEVE COMMUNICATIONS, INC A Flo Unk, $6,312.32, S3.11, Unk, $5,894.68. $2.90, 2018- above. By: GREENSPOON L174834 Unrf, $6,690.46, $3.29, 2018- v BAUENTINE Po Bow 1012 K NG a DONNA p NG 69 Ball ILLINOIS CORPORATION B 20180102221: ADAM M 0199746; NACOL T SMITH MARDER,LLP,T ee. 357801; NADIM KANIS Rua NewUano,LA71461,16,1O4, Pond Road New F meld, CT PAUL MALUN, PRESIDENT nRvoRT a MEI YUN su 1546 M ilda Cir PinevilB, HIBlr A" - NOTICE OF Coronel Benjamin Pimo ves. 41, EVEN, Value n-ho 06812, 14, 208, 50, ODD, 1n, 6009Northg eCourt Downers TERVORT 329 Chung Shan SC 2 -3224, 8. 313. 22. TRUSTEE'S SALE